Washington is Arranging Support of the Dollar-Paul Craig Roberts

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says new Trade deals with the EU and Asia are meant to backstop the dollar.  Dr. Roberts contends, “Washington is arranging that many countries have a stake in supporting the dollar.  That frees them from the consequences of the printing press for now and a number of years.”  It may already be working as Roberts points to the recent plight of NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  He says, “Snowden tells the whole world the Americans are listening in on your every communication.  You have no privacy whatsoever from the Americans and, yet, nobody will step forward and give him asylum. . . . They’d rather have American money than defend the guy who brings them the truth.”  Not every country thinks the U.S. will be successful in saving the dollar.  Dr. Roberts points out, “China is importing a tremendous amount of gold.  They seem to not have much confidence in the longevity of American plans.”  Even so, a dollar crash might be pushed back.  Dr. Roberts contends, “They can put that off for a long time if these various schemes work.”  And if they don’t work?  Roberts says, “Well, there’s going to be a big blowup.  I think there will be a big blowup anyhow.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  

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  1. Johann

    The Austrians on the street are outraged. The You Tube film “the Obama Deception” has been translated into German and among the youth it has gone viral. What will happen is anyone guess.

  2. Rishabh Dave

    All of this advocacy for Snowden is misplaced. Simply put, Snowden is a criminal fugitive at large and will be killed or caught. The damage he has done to the security of the United States was comprehensive and will not stand. Regimens are now in place to prevent his departure from Russia, but even if he manages to get airborne, dont be surprised when our airforce shoots a plane down carrying one Eric Snowden.

    • Greg

      Rishabh Dave,
      So you don’t care about “Due process” of the Constitution? Just shoot down the plane Snowden is riding on and kill everyone? No jury, no trial, no due process. Just kill anyone who speaks out against the unconstitutional acts of and out-of-control government? No discussion? What Snowden released (for the most part) has already been released. Check out USA Today and the stories they have done with past NSA leakers:http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/06/16/snowden-whistleblower-nsa-officials-roundtable/2428809/
      By the way “Rishabh Dave” no more anonymous incendiary comments from you with out providing a verifiable real name. You are going to have to man-up and own your words here from now on. No exceptions.

      • Rishabh Dave

        “incendiary comments” ##################################################################### This is Greg Hunter I have blocked out the rest of this comment.

        • Greg

          Rishabh Dave,
          I am requiring a real verifiable name for you to post your comments. You are going to have to man-up and own your words.

          • George

            What a poor sport

          • rrr


          • Rishabh Dave

            It looks like Greggy fears me.

            • Greg

              Rishabh Dave,
              It is you who are fearful of owning your words. Man-up and give a verifiable real name and you may post comments here. What are YOU afraid of?

    • B michael

      Rishabh ,
      do you work for the cia? they use such horrible methods…
      The information he ‘disclosed’ has been known to people who are awake and out of the matrix for a decade or more. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 Section 222 obligates telecommunications companies to spy for the government. OLD NEWS really !
      How’s this grab you :CIA Chief Petraeus : We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher..
      Snowden is a small distraction in this theatrical production we call politics, all pre-determined outcomes for a hundred years.

  3. Derrick Michael Reid

    Paul Craig Roberts is a true American Patriot. Hear Hear!!!
    Greg Hunter is a true American Patriot. Hear Hear!!!

    Re: Ending Bullion Suppression and Socialism in the USA


    I am pounding the payment, on the web, looking for anyone who would like to be a world class hero, and financially help an in-place team, as the financier, to take down JPM in the bullion pace. I am looking for 500K$ to do just that, with a 2m$ return in about one year to the financier, to end bullion paper price suppression and free honest real money thereby stopping the con that is the FRN.

    Do you want to stop the spread of socialism and all those who pander it? If so, do you know who, where, how and by whom to strike at the heart totalitarian socialism for immediate concrete results? If not, then I am your attack dog, who is seeking to do the same. Totalitarians enslave the people as tax mules or state dependents, by income taxes and printable paper money. Income tax changes are not politically feasible at this time. Printable paper money is vulnerable if the alternative real gold and silver money is freed from price manipulation. Real money use forces balance budgets and that is the route to stopping corrupting socialism and totalitarianism. I can end real money price manipulation and just need and am asking for a little help.

    Sincerely, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD
    USA Attack Plan B on TBTF TBTJ Greedster
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Saturday, July 06, 2013 5:23:12 AM
    Attack Plain A was developed during May and June 2013. Now, Attack Plan B has been rapidly developed mostly as a funding alternative.




    After the light bulb went off 4/29/13, of an understanding how to take down the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss in the USA, and to liberate the people, eight weeks were spent drafting up that attack plan, attack plan A. The first two weeks of July 2013 were to be used for and are presently being used to publicize attack plan A, in the hopes that someone with means would step up and fund a very robust assault on the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss who unduly influences and corrupts the US Government whilst enabling the enslavement of the people while the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss officers live like kings. That funding effort continues. However, another plan, attack plan B, has been quickly developed, and very rapidly so, as merely a downsizing of attack plan A.

    First is required an understanding of Attack Plan A as compared to Attack Plan B.

    Attack Plan A is a robust assault on the TBTJ TBTF Greedster Mob Boss JPM. Plan A requires 6m$ in funding and includes many diversionary trial court tactics, including misdirections, MOPE public rallies, Chief Judge assignment motion, En Banc five man judge review motion, multiple summary judgment motions, expedited discovery motions, in dept six plaintiff assault, extensive hiring of GOLD notable as nine trial experts, and a six man attorney litigation team of four law firms. A 157 page single lined spaced detailed attack plan was developed and has been confidentially distributed to some extent and transmitted to the preferred financier. The proposed action would be brought in a gun totting state, for simple tort claims, with a preliminary injunction motion, where morality is the central issue under the equitable jurisdiction of the district court, so as to shut down the TBTF TBTJ Greedster JPM Mob Boss in the bullion space. The attack team comprises six plaintiffs, six attorneys and nine high profile gold notable experts, for a total of a 21 man team with an expected six month time duration from funding to enjoin the TBTF TBTJ Greedster mob boss in the gold and silver bullion space.

    Attack B is merely a downsizing of attack plan A. Hence, Attack plan B was rapidly developed in only a couple of days. Attack plan B does not include use the misdirections, MOPE public rallies, Chief Judge assignment motion, En Banc five man judge review motion, multiple summary judgment motions, expedited discovery motions, an in-depth six man plaintiff assault, extensive hiring of GOLD notables as nine experts, and a six man attorney litigation team over four law firms.

    Rather, downsized attack plan B uses only one plaintiff, only one litigator, yours truly, only one local counsel in a gun toting conservative state, and just three experts who are already close associates of the plaintiff and who are already in regular contact with the plaintiff. Thus, attack plan B, is only six man team, but is still brought in a gun toting state, along a narrow front of simple tort claims, with a preliminary injunction motion. URL based judicial notice will be more heavily relied upon, for enhanced cost effective judicial prosecution, so that, in attack B, there is still the same time horizon of six months from funding. Attack plan B is a viable option to attack plan A, particularly where funding is of issue, and attack plan B is estimated to cost 500K$, which is 1/12 of attack plan A. Under attack plan B, the one plaintiff, the three experts and the one litigator have already been selected and are totally on board, leaving only the selection of only one local counsel in the selected gun toting state district for bringing essentially the same legal action in a federal district court there.

    Both Attack A and Attack plan B have the very same primary, secondary and tertiary objectives.

    Primary Objectives are to enjoin the TBTF TBTJ Greedster mob boss JPM, so that bullion gold and silver bullion are liberated from the paper price manipulations on the Comex, so as to stop irreparable harm by the greedster mob boss in the bullion space.

    Secondary Objectives, flowing naturally from primary objectives, are the destruction of the fraudulent irredeemable US FRN paper money as the US paper currency of the FED bank, under the current fiat paper monetary ponzie scheme of the current leftist totalitarian socialistic US Government that are used to enslave the American people as tax mules and state dependents.

    Tertiary Objectives, flowing naturally from the secondary objectives, are the destruction of the GOLD CARTEL of 15 TBTF TBTJ greedster banks profiting off of the bullion price manipulation, and the destruction of World Central Bank fiat currency paper printing, so as to force the World Central Banks to stop printing and passing fraudulent fiat currency notes, but rather to have all nations use exclusively Gold and Silver honest real money as the medium of exchange, so as to force all governments to live within their means so as to stop robbing the people through monetary inflationary paper money printing, which robs all paper currency note holders every day that then concentrates power in the governments who enable totalitarian control over the people, so as to free peoples worldwide from socialistic totalitarian enslavement as government tax mules and state dependents.

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    President Ronald Reagan Clip: “Tear Down This Wall”
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    USA Should Rally to Libertarian-Green Banner
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Saturday, July 06, 2013 2:43:49 PM
    My fellow Americans, I stand as a candidate of the unformed Libertarian-Green political party for the US Presidency in 2016, standing currently alone, undaunted but absolutely determined, as duty calls upon all patriots to stand stall at this time. There are so many of my countrymen disenchanted with current political stalemate gripping the country into stagnate and corrosive ruination. The Libertarian-Green offers solutions for all of you.

    To the Tea Partiers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the tax burden upon your shoulders increases year by year, without let up, so as to enslave you under concentrated totalitarian DC rule as its tax mules. I seek to abolish the current tax code that is currently based upon income.

    To the Wall Street Occupiers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the Wall Street Banksters’ and Greedsters’ tentacles reach far to pervasively corrupt governmental functions. I seek to destroy the TBTF TBTJ Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters.

    To the Libertarians, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as governmental oppression of your freedom and liberties increases year by year. I seek to dramatically down size the federal government to restore our founding father freedoms from government.

    To the Green Peacers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment as our society over consumes natural resources of mother earth. I seek to install a pay-and-forget consumption sales tax where consumption is penalized and not rewarded, to conserve the resources of mother earth of this great nation.

    To the Democrats, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment of the rightist agenda while being trapped for the rest of your lives, as are fifty million of my countrymen, now living in indignity and shame, on government hand outs. I seek to unleash our innate greed and charity duality in all of us for an economic explosion, thereby offering jobs to anyone willing to work and live proud again.

    To the Republicans, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment with the leftist agenda ruining the country in totalitarianism, but merely being a slow drag thereon and failing to offer restoration of our founding father Republic, you are effectively a rightist partner to totalitarianism enslaving DC rule. I seek to restore the Republic with social services again vested in the many states as the states so choose.

    To the Spiritualist, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, but you can live in faith with tolerance, as Jesus has taught me to do as being apparently part of his live long plan bringing me here this day, and you can live and keep your faith in tolerance of nonspiritualists who only seek inherent freedom and liberty without condemnation.

    To the Nonspiritualists, I feel you pain, I sense your disillusionment, as you feel condemned by the spiritualists, but through your respect of spiritualists who live with innate tolerance, you can live your lives as you deem fit in freedom and liberty.

    To the NRA, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with violent crimes or traditional hunting, but only the last ditch defense of freedom against totalitarian centralized control and imprisonment of the people.

    To the Bugs, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the FRN is a con by the totalitarians in control used to enslave the people under fiat dishonest currency that anit worth a continental. I seek to restore Gold and Silver honest real money as the nation’s only legal tender.

    To all Americans, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the national debt weighs heavy upon your shoulders. I seek to eliminate the national debt and prevent government from enslaving by debt your children and grand children in perpetuity.

    I kindly ask all Libertarians, Green Peacers, Wall Street Occupiers, Republicans, Democrats, Spiritualists and Nonspiritualists, and NRA members, Bugs, and all Americans, to rally to the new libertarian-Green Banner of inherent State Rights and liberty, to restore the Republic and our freedoms from government, to conserve mother earth resources, to destroy totalitarian concentration of political power in DC enslaving us all as tax mules or state dependents, to unleash economic growth so all can live in dignity, to destroy corrupt undue influences upon our great USA Government, to live in faith with tolerance, to live in liberty with respect, to possess lawful guns as the last defense to totalitarian imprisonment, to eliminate fiat money and the national debt, so that we all may live in freedom again, together as one, without destructive conflict, as our founding fathers sought for this great nation.

    Hear Hear

    Problems: Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, and More-Government, To-Much-Government, and Way-To-Much Government.
    Solutions: Abolish all Federal Social Programs, Federal Pay-and-Forget Sales Tax Exclusivity, State In-Rem Property Tax Exclusivity, Real Gold and Silver Coinage Money Exclusivity, Pay Off All Federal and State Present and Future Obligations with 100T FRNs, State Social Safety Nets, Out Law Federal and State Bonds, Out Law Federal and State Debt, Out Law Federal and State Fiscal Deficits, Abolish Paper Money, Abolish Federal Reserve Notes, Redeem FRNs at more than $1,000,000.00 per gold ounce, Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, Reward Productivity, Penalize Unproductivity, Free the People From Government, and Restore the Republic.
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    2016 Presidential Bid, Hat in the Ring
    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Thursday, July 04, 2013 10:46:05 AM
    Happy Freedom Day America.

    My fellow Americans, I will stand for the presidency of the USA in 2016. I will not campaign. I will accept campaign contributions. I will not spend 300 million to buy your votes or your love or your friendship, but would accept your votes if willingly given. I will be brutally honest with you then and now. It makes no difference in my mind if you are a left handed fool or a right handed fool, you are still a fool. My fellow Americans, you have been had by two totalitarian political parties, as there is effectively no choice in the election booth, as there is a slight difference between them, as there is no significant difference, in my mind, between the devil and the devil’s helper. The biggest tragedy is the legal bench which has sold you all out to those totalitarian political parties, through plenary totalitarian rule, so as to concentrate socialistic totalitarian power in DC.

    If invited onto a major news show, and given plenty of time to address the public, I would do so only for purpose of enhancing the education of the people, but will not go to any news show for just a couple of minutes to squeak out some talking points, just to catch your ears. My heart is libertarian-green and is based in a love for freedom and conservation of mother earth. I will institute very drastic political and fiscal changes of federal government, solving the big problems facing the country today, so as to right the ship of state, so as to restore the Republic, with freedom for all, with long lasting prosperity for all, unleashing personal freedom and our innate greed and charity for maximum standards of living, in freedom and conservation.

    When the Attorney General of the USA says effectively that the Wall Street Lawyers, Banksters and Greedsters are to TBTF and TBTJ, the private sector must rise up, to save the government and its people, from undue criminal influences corrupting governmental functions and its people. I am a private citizen, and will answer that call of duty, and would serve, without pay, if asked to do so by the American electorate in 2016.


    2016 Presidential Bid, My 5 hats are in the ring, as one must be true to ones self, always.
    Hail to the Chief

    Posted by Derrick Michael Reid on Friday, July 05, 2013 8:26:07 PM

    As long we are having fun fun fun, lets let it all hang out, I mean you can make this sutff up.

    In connection with TARP, the Paulson gang raped the US Government, and came onto the executive, GW Bush, who was purportedly forced into TARP to save the Banksters and Greedsters of the Financial system.

    The Government does not want the FRN reserve currency to fail, so as to continue the inflationary robbing of the US people so as to sustain Government Military leverage and Totalitarian control over the people by the US Government through IRS income taxes and paper money printing.

    The Government in effect controls the FED having available gold hoards for Governmental use.

    Bill Murphy of GATA hits a dead end regarding Fort Knot gold hoard, as it is a national secret and gold stores are not disclosed.

    Reid fingers China as the secret buyer of Gold bullion April fools 2009 on bloomberg with Ernie Low.
    The FED accommodates JPM with ZIRP policy so that JPM can borrow money free at US taxpayer expense to then be able to sell bullion naked short on the Comex.

    James G Rickards says that there is no manipulation, and hence, some unknown client of JPM must have gold hoards available to sustain the so called naked short position allegedly using hedged clie