We Are All Trapped-Alasdair Macleod

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  

Finance and economic expert Alasdair Macleod sees a fragile global economy with many ways to crash.  Macleod starts in Europe with the euro currency, “We are looking at a currency which, at any moment, triggered by Greece or triggered by a butterfly in the jungle, could begin to unravel.  I actually think the lack of any history behind the euro is probably the worst thing that it has.  People can go off the euro incredibly quickly. . . . That is one area where it could happen. . . . Look what’s going on in Japan.  They are printing money, and its hyperinflation.  It is monetary hyperinflation which, at some stage, is going to be price hyperinflation.  It’s only a matter of time. . . .  I can’t find what’s good in the world.  China is going to try to tackle a credit bubble.  I have never known a government to tackle a credit bubble and succeed in managing it. . . . That is an accident waiting to happen.  Coming back to America, last year, the Federal Reserve laid out how it was going to raise interest rates.  That’s a complete joke.  They can’t do it.  We are all trapped, and it’s not going to take very much to change the valuations in the markets, and the effect on the gold price could happen at the same time, and it could be very, very dramatic.”

On the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Macleod says, “The reason this bank is being set up is twofold.  First, China . . . wants to build the largest internal market the world has ever seen.  It will run roughly from the Genghis Kahn’s Straits of Bering to the gates of Jerusalem.  We are talking over half of the world’s population once India joins in this. . . . From America’s point of view, she is losing a huge sphere of influence. . . . We then come over to Europe and you got NATO.  The importance of the AIIB is that NATO’s members’ commercial logic is driving policy a lot more than political logic.  So, even though they are all members of NATO, they are all deserting the ship as far as America is concerned by signing up to join the AIIB.  So, what we have is this new bank which is specifically set up to finance huge infrastructure projects in Asia, and we could be talking about upwards of $25 trillion worth of infrastructure spending.  This is enormous. . . . This is happening outside the control of America, and that is what is upsetting America.”   Will this undermine the U.S. dollar?  Macleod, who is also the top researcher for GoldMoney.com, contends, “Yes, in a sense, but it is part of multiple processes which, actually, collectively undermine the dollar.  This is just the latest in a chain of things that has been planned for an awful long time.”

In terms of the prices of gold, Macleod says, “The whole thing is mispriced.  We’ve been emptying our vaults, and the whole thing is going over to China. . . . The sentiment in the West for gold is so negative, but this is not unusual.  We see this in all markets.  Look at the reverse of it.  We had the dotcom bubble back in 2000.  The prices of the tech companies were absolutely ridiculous. That is a valuation extreme.  I reckon, in the case of gold, we have the opposite valuation extreme, and it coincides with valuation extremes of super optimism in bond yields and stock markets and high end property and all the rest of it.”

When will the Chinese make their next big move?   Macleod says, “Their style is not to go in and disrupt markets.  They act very, very quietly.  You would hardly know they are there.  This is certainly how they have handled their acquisition of gold.  I don’t think they would want to be blamed for destabilizing western capital markets.  What could happen is if we set a chain of events going that would lead to our own demise, then the Chinese would protect themselves.  There is so little gold left in western vaults now . . .  anything that changes the really sunny outlook for bonds equities and all the rest of it . . . and for people to realize that people don’t have any gold, that could drive the price sharply higher because there is not enough gold for us to buy.  The stocks are very, very low, and anybody who comes into the market is going to have to bid it up to get it.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-one-One with Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney.com.

(There is much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview: Alasdair Macleod has his own website called FinanceandEconomics.org.  The site is free, and Mr. Macleod is constantly writing and posting fresh articles.

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  1. mac

    High intellect here. I like Macleod. The Scots don’t mess around, even if they live in England.
    The grabber point he made: the paper stocks and bonds have inflated alot, but aren’t even included in the CPI. Either are Art works and collectables, diamonds, etc. and stuff that has zoomed so high in price. Not in CPI. When these inflated equities topple, then “real” stuff like Gold will roar! When the money “moves” from these bubbles then “real” will be in the limelight – i.e. Gold.

  2. Margie

    Greg, what a GREAT interview that was! I really enjoyed getting a British non-mainstream perspective on what is happening. Your guest gave us a thorough tour and some very good insights into the geo-financial issues that have been and are currently playing out. He also gave sensible viewpoints on various outcomes and when they could happen.

    Thank you again for a great interview. I’m kind of hoping you can find more guests from other countries. The world is so intertwined and connected, it makes sense to hear viewpoints from elsewhere too. It would be wonderful to get someone equally good from Germany, from South America, from Australia, from China, Japan and yes, even Russia!! 😉

  3. Brian Stemmerman

    Best interview yet Greg, thank you.

  4. allen ols


    I don’t know what to think, He seems to be overly optimistic to some degree, I just don’t know what to think, the situation to me is more dire than he says. tks. al

    • JC

      LOL Cracking up.. Keep them coming.

      • allen ols


  5. James Brown

    As usual you give us great guests. My name is James Brown, I am running for President of the United States in 2016. Help me get my campaign going. I have a “Go Fund Me” set up. Interview me on your program. My call is “Peace and Freedom” I am inspired by Ron Paul , Gerald Celente, and you. Rebuild America. God Bless You. (949) 4112-9516

  6. don

    Listening to Alasdair and his statements of China planning decades in advance (like some super genius criminal) reminds me of others who said the same about the Japanese who were going to take over the world…where’s Japan now…going down the tubes. China’s internal contradictions, huge bubbles and crushing demographics will lead them to the same outcome. As to assertion that countries start wars when their economies are bad is not true at all. Germany, Japan and Italy started WW2 well after they dug themselves out of the depression…in fact their strong economies made is easier for them to go to war. WW1 did not start because of bad economies either. European economies were in fact strong before the war. And how does Alasdair know how much gold there is and who has it. He’s speculating at best. Greg, you should challenge these guys a little more.

  7. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Thank you Greg Alastair Macleod is a seriously sane contributor!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rev.

  8. allen ols


    Jonathan Cahn’s speech b 4 senators ant 2013 inaugural prayer breakfast. MUST LISTEN!!!


    • allen ols





      Federal Reserve insists that we are in a “low inflation” environment, the government’s own numbers show that the price of ground beef has been on an unprecedented run over the past six years. In early 2009, the average price of a pound of ground beef was hovering near 2 dollars. In February, it hit a brand new all-time record high of $4.238 per pound. Even just 12 months ago, the price of ground beef was sitting at $3.555 per pound. So we are talking about a huge increase.

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I suspect the Chinese (and Russians) are engineering events witch will serve as excuse for ditching the US$ as reserve currency.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • allen ols

      Do you notice anything strange about this map? All of the names from Asia you would expect to see are on the list, but there are others that are (were) shockers. Two weeks ago we heard Britain had applied for charter member status. This was followed by president Obama’s very harsh words the next day …which was then followed by Germany, France and Italy making their application. This is all old news, I know. Let me ask you again, is there something else quite strange about this map?

      Until I saw this, I did not know that Qatar, Jordan, Oman, our old Gulf War friends Kuwait AND the biggie, Saudi Arabia have all applied for membership. Our allies in Europe was bad enough and certainly a slap on Uncle Sam’s kisser, but Saudi Arabia? This is like dropping an F-bomb at a Sunday afternoon social! Aren’t they the absolute cornerstone of the “petrodollar”? Where has this news been in our mainstream media? Is it important news? Just a little, or just irrelevant? BILL HOLTER MILES FRANKLIN

    • allen ols




      • allen ols


        i remember hearing about something on this a while back, and it seems everyone would be up in arms if it is true. the part about a russian plane flying by and doing something to shut down the ageis system, seemed far fetched.

    • Silence is Golden

      The sight of the mighty USS Theodore Roosevelt anchored off the UK coast is disturbing. It is akin to the golfer hitting his ball into the sand trap…only to then discover he has no SW to make a recovery…the bag only carries a 1 Wood. Impotent and defenceless is not what the mightiest naval force in the world should be seen to be…but on first impression ….the writing is on the wall.
      The note that 27 Officers from the USS Donald Cook put in for reassignment/retirement after the incident last year in which the Aegis Destroyer was completely disabled….is very telling indeed.
      The “New” technology being employed by the Russians ( & French) is ….
      I cannot fathom why Obama would reject such advanced technology and yet he did just that. Blatant incompetence and arrogance which typifies the ship of fools.

    • Jerry

      Allen I saw that. The Russians have perfected EMP weaponry on not only planes, but stealth submarines. I understand they have mobile EMP firing platforms as well. This was they’re response to the Star War Program.

      • goldbug

        Honestly, I hope all nations have emp technology capabilities as this is about the only thing that will keep us from destroying ourselves.

  10. David S.

    Greg: Great interview! Really enjoyed listening to Alasdair Macleod and getting his views on current developments. Also, kudos to you on your interviewing style. You lay up a question and then you allow your guests to speak without interruption. I come away better informed and more objective in my own thinking. Thank you for taking a lead in this type of journalism.

  11. jc davis

    BOOM, BAM! ZAP. Batman and Robin beating up on the criminals.
    Greg I think this is the best interview to date. Every point of the world changes were covered, The answers I could not agree with more. Thank you so much.
    Allen Ols said yesterday the dollar is like a rotted , dead tooth. The pain pills are not working anymore. In September the Dentist will walk in and the tooth will be pulled.
    I hope to see Alasdair Macleod back next month.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC.

    • goldbug

      I agree jc. This guy seemed eminently logical in everything he had to say.

  12. Dave Smith, India

    Thank you, Greg for your response to my email and for your program. Maybe sometime I will be able to contribute.

    I just finished watching Mr. MacLeod’s interview. One question you always ask your guests is if they anticipate something happening soon that could push us all over the edge.

    Maybe your audience wants to hear the answer (because they are sitting in the living room), but just like there are two views on health (and therefore sickness), nutritional prevention or surgery after the fact, so each of your guests seems to be on the prevention side of the economic collapse, at least when it comes to personal economics, but your question implies when will those sitting in the living room need to go see the doctor?

    At the moment, I am preparing for the eventual sales I anticipate in my business (and the collapse of the dollar) by getting my infrastructure of website, accountants, sales people, etc. in place for when that happens. Your question suggests that maybe China or Greece is setting things up to collapse the West, when in actuality, anybody with half a brain has seen it coming for decades, so maybe China is just getting their ducks in a row for whenever it happens (like my business website). No one can put a date on when the great ‘re-pricing’ happens, but the smart money will be ready for it, have ’taken their vitamins’, and be in good health so they can weather the epidemic.

    From the American perspective, someone is always trying to hurt us because they all know we are smarter than everyone else. But from the others’ perspective, America has done it to themselves and like all mental patients who blame someone else, America has painted themselves into this corner and everyone is sitting back and getting ready for Uncle Sam to finally crack up and move ’to the home’, so they can get on with living.

    So it is a Western question to ask, “Do you see it happening in September of 2015?” because if it does happen then, we Americans will finally ‘get surgery or take a pill’?

    I don’t see China as necessarily undermining the US (though that could very well be, or at least exacerbating the situation as they anticipate the collapse). I just see them as realizing the neighborhood big brother is actually mentally incompetent and therefore China needs to grow up and be ready to care for themselves.

    Dave Smith

  13. Dwain

    Great interview.
    It appears the AIIB is not good for the dollar. Doesn’t this mean nations will stop buying US debt? I wonder how this abandonment specifically effects US deficit spending ability to keep our socialist economy viable? Won’t the fed have to ramp up debt monetization? I don’t see how they justify monetization at this juncture.

    I don’t think US goverbank sociopaths will take this laying down. They are backed into a corner. Will they lash out with a catastrophic Hegelian false flag event that starts WW3? Will they initiate something at home that redirects blame for economic calamity and justifies martial law?

    In either case, what happens to the 10s of millions of US socialist jobs? Can the goverbank continue deficit spending and going into debt to fund socialist sectors? How will the consumption side of the economy fare if not?

  14. Rumplestiltskin

    This is what happens, when our government is too focused on maintaining its hegemony instead of an altruistic engagement of the world. To maintain a hegemony you have to use your military to bludgeon the world into submission.

    Well guess what my friends, the world is sick and tired of our egotistical position where we believe we have the right to rule. As the rest of the world gathers their senses, our government continue to blather BS in dire hope of continuing to be taken seriously.

    It is becoming quite obviously transparent to the world that the United States is run by liars of the first order who have no intention of stopping its hegemonic direction. Now our Congress has voted to send military aid to the phoney Ukraine government. The sickness of those perverts running our government needs a good military vaccine, (coup). Because if it is not stopped the world will land hundreds of NUCs on our doorstep.

    • paul

      Not only that … those people who don’t want to hold gold or silver coins (that can be bartered between individuals for food, water, etc. in an emergency) … and want to only hold (under their mattresses) “paper money” (that they took out of their bank accounts to protect from being robbed by the bankers) … could be setting themselves up for trouble with the government … because slowly and systematically in a series of incremental steps … all over the planet … governments are starting to place restrictions on the use of fiat cash … supposedly for “security reasons.”

      Starting in September “fiat cash transactions” of more than 1,000 euros will be banned in France … prohibiting  French residents from making “cash payments or withdrawals” greater than 1,000 euros in a single month (or else be reported to the anti-fraud/money laundering agency Tracfin). Italy has already banned fiat cash transactions (deposits and withdrawals) of more than 1,000 euros and Spain currently has a limit of 2,500 euros … over here in America we also have very strict reporting requirements … for example, if you regularly deposit or withdraw large amounts of fiat cash ($4000 to $10,000) you are now subject to a “suspicious activity report” … approximately 1.6 million suspicious activity reports are submitted to the federal government each year … and although we don’t have “outright bans just yet” … it looks like it could be coming soon.

      The government wants to make the holding of fiat cash a “suspicious activity” all by itself … and police in America have been given the legal right to stop your car and seize any cash you are carrying … even if you are not committing anything wrong … seems citizens we are now being trained to avoid using or even carry cash … on the grounds that this is being done to thwart criminals, terrorists, drug runners, money launderers and tax evaders … when in actuality the government really wants you to make all your transactions in ways that make it easier for them to track.

      The nice thing about gold and silver is … it never passes by a bank teller window for them to even make out a suspicious activity report … as it is “private” metal not public money (however cops now have the right to seize your coins too … if they can find it … even though it is not even considered money by the government!

      Now if they can seize your “private” metal …why can’t they can seize your “private” car… or seize your “private” wood (like your house for instance) … this is the reason our Founding Father’s created the Constitution (to prevent unwarranted search and seizures) … but the Neocons (God bless their greedy souls) are in search of “infinite power and wealth” … so they are now arrogantly and not so subtly stripping away our Constitutional Rights one at a time! … isn’t it strange how “suspicious criminal and terrorist activity” by drug running and money laundering banks is overlooked by the government? … why aren’t these banks being seized? … unless the government in a sly way is planning to use this” new seizure power” to actually go after the criminal banks and take away their ill gotten trillions (to balance the Federal Budget) … and then later on after all the bankers are put in FEMA camps … restore our Constitutional Rights?

    • 'the farmer from NZ'


      You are dead right!
      The rest of the world is sick and tired, or dead, from being bludgeoned by Washington.
      Their vicious hegemony is the most extreme and monumental example in the history of mankind.
      This will end very badly for millions of American citizens.

      I repeat what I posted 02/24/2015

      ‘Yes Washington, go for it.
      Keep up your ludicrous notion of exceptionalism.
      Carry on too with your murderous global rampage.
      Continue your patronage of chaos and terror and perpetual war.
      Keep killing, you are good at it.
      Finance this monolithic industry by thieving from future generations and the world at large.
      Focus also on stealing from the poor and the uneducated.
      Just keep doing all of this until the situation improves.’


  15. NC Gal


    Thank you for having this guest on and for the questions you asked, which (for me, at least) illuminated the landscape in such a way that I had a much broader view of what is going on than I did before. It’s clear that any number of things COULD happen, and only time will reveal which ones actually do. Very worthwhile!

  16. ANON

    Greg, just got exposed to writer Pepe Escobar and WOW. Have you ever heard of him? I discoveered him thru one of my precious metals newsletters. OMG – check out these vids if you have not seen them already:

    1. Pepe Escobar on ISIS and on MH17


    Oil, Conspiracy & the Middle East Cold War with Pepe Escobar


    – Bette

    • allen ols

      PEPE is the nuts. watch him all the time, Jim Willie quotes him often!!

  17. peter

    Dear Greg,

    Recently I’ve asked this question: ” What is wrong with the USA ?”
    – your Banking system is broke;
    – the Fed is playing with fire;
    – your Justice system is not backing the ordinary people;
    – more then 50 million US people are on food stamps;
    – 98 million Americans are without work;
    – Janet Yellen is talking…..?;
    – there is panic in the world markets.

    Is this the modern US economy?



    • Diane Ryan

      Agreed Peter. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? You could also add that the USA abandoned God.

      • Art Barnes

        Yes, and replaced it with the false god of political correctness.

  18. Jerry

    Greg, great interview! I thoroughly enjoyed Alasdair Macleod.
    Greg, the reason gold prices are low is because the Central Banks want it low, so they can build up their ledgers to protect their assets and payoff the Chinese. Its just that simple.

    Anyone who is holding paper right now (any kind of paper) instead of hard assets is an idiot. George Soros took his money out of Stocks and bought Gold. Warren Buffet did the same thing and bought a train company . Like rats fleeing from a sinking ship they’re all running for cover. That should tell you something.

    Greg, September is coming, and so is a call by the Chinese. When that happens, all the money printing in world, all the false promises, all the market manipulations, and all of the false reporting can’t hide the truth, that America is bankrupt. God bless. Jerry.

  19. PeterB

    Excellent Greg….intelligent analysis without the crazy conspiracys.

  20. Jerry

    Here it comes folks. The Saudi’s are preparing for war.

    • JC

      Jerry I was going to post this. Then I said Jerry will post it. When the switch is turned on in China the dollars will be everywhere coming back home. No one person will want them inside the USA because business will not be able to trade with it. What do you think?

      • Jerry

        Its all planned. The American people are like sheep being led to slaughter. If we don’t blow ourselves up first, the Chinese will own everything.

  21. paul

    When the Neocons took over the World Chess Game was just about won by the US … we had the entire world in Check … but they found that a world “without enemies” was a world that severely limited their profits …  their greed welled up … and with supreme arrogance they set out to “create the enemies they needed” to make big money …  they figured what better enemy could there be then an “undefined enemy” like a terrorist … they could then start wars against these terrorists for private profit … so the towers were knocked down … a few countries invaded … but it still didn’t produce the trillions in profits that having “a real defined enemy” would produce … for how could they justify to the American people spending trillions of dollars building new aircraft carriers, space based hypersonic weapons, etc. against a few bearded terrorists with an Ak47’s? … so they are back making Russia the enemy again … Russia doesn’t like it and has decided “to take on” the greedy Neocons (who in actuality are simply a bunch of bungling greedy idiots) who don’t deserve the power to rule the world … Russia is a skilled player on the World Chess board … and is now using “our pawns” Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc, etc. as a strategic block as they position and align their powerful Chinese piece in position to control half the board … Russia by aligning with China has created a “symbiotic economic and military entity” which is more then an just an alliance between two separate nations … the two nations have actually “joined together” the way separate states in the US join together to form “a Union” … thus it might be more appropriate to look upon Russia and China as a single nation called “Ruchina”

    As economic and military integration forge Russia and China into “One Nation” … it is now moving to set up a strategic and formidable power block using the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to build as Macleod says “the largest internal market the world has ever seen … that will run roughly from the Genghis Kahn’s Straits of Bering to the gates of Jerusalem” … the Neocons are going to lose a huge sphere of influence as NATO members begin to desert America and sign up to join the AIIB … and this will have enormous consequences for the US dollar … Ruchina’s strategy is to transfer strategic power on world chess board into its own hands … with Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, etc,, etc. becoming economic allies of “Ruchina” … and soon the greedy, power hungry and “likely insane” US Neocons … who don’t know anything about playing chess … will have totally isolated their King … for easy destruction and a Checkmate!

    • Buster Bondi

      Paul, Id like to add, if we can only get Victoria N0land to keep her trap shut and her nose out the worlds you know what, we might gain some sanity, out this insane world, being created under our very own nose’s!

      P.S. Get ready for ->, Net-Neuter Reality!

    • Jerry

      if I didn’t know better, I would swear you’ve read their playbook. Just remember ‘The City” has its fingers in just about every global bank pie, including China’s.

    • susan

      I learned something new today. Anyone who is anti Israel is an antichrist. Read Daniel 7 & 8.

      • Emeth

        Sure –
        In Rom.11:25-29, Paul tells us not to be ignorant of God’s purposes with Israel, for God always keeps his promises.
        1.John.4:3 & 2.John.1:7 both tell us that many ‘antichrists’ existed in the days of the Apostles, and that the word describes someone who does not believe or teach that Jesus came in the same flesh, i.e. the same weak nature that we all share (Heb.2:9-18, 4:15). That’s quite a challenge to some theological schools of thought.

  22. Jallen

    Really enjoyed your interview with Alastair. I think Alastair was giving answers to your questions if you read between the lines. His answers were classical Von Mises, mal investment due to central bank monetary policies. Can anyone doubt the sun is setting on American monetary dominance after listening to your interview with Alastair! Our leaders have wandered from the Bibical principles of our forefathers and the nation will now pay the price. As Jesus said, the love of money is the root of all evil.
    Money can be used as a tool or a weapon and with that said live by the sword die by the sword. Please have Alastair on again.

  23. Larry

    Two pieces of advice for anyone in the west.

    1) Get a copy of “The Hundred Year Marathon – China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower”

    2) Learn Chinese

    • JC


    • Beulah Bondi

      And Larry, Jim Rogers confirms your statement, as far as we all better start learning Chinese.

      Greg, time to bring Roger’s back, the yellow peril is ah periling. Were all Chi-Coms now, just more Com as yet. We sold them our Missile targeting tech for political favors, so now they can take out our cities as far as Detroit and like you say, everything’s on sale, especially the gold and when gold’s price go’s Kablooie, the whole dis United States will go cheap, hey they got all the dollars and we certainly have no sense!

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Larry I think it is a bit more complex than that.

  24. Cryptic Little Sister

    You cannot have the sort of hyperinflation that this man is talking about–not with a large monetary base and very little automatic indexing.

    The debt monetization can and most likely will go on for at least several more years perhaps even another decade.

    • Jerry

      Cryptic Little Sister.
      Yawn………..I’ve heard that B.S. before. Go tell that to the Chinese, the BRICS and while you’re at it, all of our former partners who just left the EU. Evidently they don’t have as much faith in the press as you do.

      • allen ols


        the little sister is a troll, avoid these people!!

        • Desert Rose

          That’s what I thought…..re Yemen, well, what arms the US ships over there won’t be used on us here!

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Jerry, you haven’t addressed my point.

        If three lemmings jumped off a cliff, would that make you inclined to do so?

        • Jerry

          Cryptic Little Sister.
          Wow man that’s deep. The only ones I see jumping off cliffs are the sheep being fed BS by the MSM, government employee’s and recipients, and oh yes, paid trolls.

  25. Al Hall

    Greg: Remember: Lindsey Williams said years ago- “CHINA IS THE BIG ONE, KEEP YOUR EYE ON CHINA”. The NWO elite’s told him this!
    This man is saying the same.

    • allen ols



  26. Orion

    That’s one heckuva big cup of coffee you have there, Greg!
    You might appreciate the following dialogue from the 1964 James Bond movie, “Goldfinger”. In this scene, Bond and “M” are getting a briefing on gold from the head of the Bank of England, Col Smithers:

    Col. Smithers:
    “We here at the Bank of England, Mr. Bond, are the official depositor of gold bullion, just as Ft. Knox, Kentucky is for the United States. We know of course the amounts we each hold; we know the amounts deposited in other banks and we can estimate the amounts being held for industrial purposes. >>>You know, this enables the two governments to establish respectively the true value of the dollar and the pound. <<< Constantly, we are vitally concerned with unauthorized leakages".
    "I take it you mean smuggling".
    Col Smithers:

    Obviously, everyone still understood that gold was money back in 1964. How does one know what the true value of the dollar and pound are today? Cheers.

  27. Don

    Greg, thanks for having Mr. Macleod on wrap up. He brings a wise fundamental approach to the multi-complex world of economics. I’ve always enjoyed listening to interviews he’s done. Seems our quest for timing a collapse continues to be up in the air. But you did a great job in the questions, and as things move ahead at some point because of your site, people will be glad they’ve stayed abreast with the information we get here. Thanks again friend

  28. Don

    For any of your listeners that are Christian. John Paul Jackson, of streams ministry, who recently passed away, has you tube videos about coming world conditions that the Lord reviled to him, called the Perfect Storm. Many of the things he saw, like the middle east nations falling to radical Islam, a financial collapse in America starting in Europe, along with many other things are spoken of. Though I’m not the type of person who puts a lot of weight on someones visions or dreams, or maybe prophecy. It seems to be going that way. So if any are interested, view The Perfect Storm by John Paul Jackson, on you tube.

  29. vincent_g


    This gives you an idea of what is the Ukraine game all about.

    The world is just a big chess board and we are pawns along with everyone else.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ahhhh and thus the NSA spying on Germany!!! Thank you.

    • Vincent

      Wow! Great link!

  30. Paul from Indiana

    As of yet, no one has pulled the pin on the grenade, much less thrown it. That could be coming soon, but as of yet, it hasn’t happened. There is a reason or reasons for that. I’m not privy to those reasons. It could be as simple that no one wants a grenade going off near them. There are many scenarios presented on this forum, both by Greg’s guests and the commenters themselves. Sooner or later, all of these scenarios conclude with America’s downfall, humbling, punishment, death, destruction and whatever else. The British Pound Sterling ruled the financial roost for more than a century. The American Dollar has had its run. What’s next? The Renminbi/Yuan or some other creation? I’ll say this: whatever comes, change is assured, but it’s likely but not necessarily cataclysmic. What is/will be definitely cataclysmic is an event or course of events that takes America out of the world calculus. Even in our corrupt and weakened state, the world needs the USA. Without her, the world as we know it careens totally out of control. Be careful for what you wish. Best always. PM

    • susan

      paul from indiana, you are so right on!!!!

  31. Gene-o-Vanelli


    I agree with everyone here, great interview!
    I have not commented at all in a while, but I have not missed a show since I found your site almost a year ago. Please keep up the good work while you are still able to get the message out.

    I did want to ask your viewers for some of their thoughts… I know that there is no way to know when the sky is falling, and I know that most headlines on the MSM is propaganda; But, when things go bad…. how bad will they really go????
    I know from many facets, 2007/2008 was bad…. but over all…. not too bad. Granted a lot of people lost a lot… jobs, houses, savings, etc. But it was not total anarchy in the streets. How bad will it really get when the ‘Next’ one hits??

    I would also really like to know what some of your guests have done to prepare? Besides the normal ‘buy gold and silver’…. we understand that having some PM on hand is a way to protect your buying power in the long run…. BUT, if things go as bad as some people think…. what will your guests personally do?? Do that have a SHTF plan?? and if so… what is it?

    Also…. I had a thought…. in battle, communication is key…. so if things are about to go south, I have a feeling that the Gov would take down the anything and everything from the internet to cellular service. To me that is a sign that it is time to GET OUT OF DODGE (code word: GOOD) So if that happens, I suggest people that are prepared, put what ever plans you have, into action. But that’s just my 2 cents.

    Best regards, and keep up the great work!

    • Don

      Try to be as self sufficient as possible, have food and water stored, medicines, first aid, move assets out of paper, into tangibles, home protection, or protection, if you have a skill as a service during tough times would help. If in a big city, get out, if you can. Don’t keep much cash in bank accounts, rural area’s with acreage, or farm so you can raise meat and garden, canning food is good skill. A place with water well is good. Pay off debt, or sell, to get out of debt, get to know neighbors, a barter system may arise for a while, I remember when young, people would trade what they had for what they need. Or even barter for labor if they needed help. Trade pig, chickens, canned goods, eggs, all stables, sugar, coffee, flour, and so forth. Bic lighters may be good barter item, along with 22 shells if you can get them. Farming ground can be broken up for garden crops, say a five ac. track broke up into garden crops for leasers. Wood could come in demand for heating, if electric or gas is shut off. A DIY solar system, if electric goes down. A small dog for anti-intrusion may be good. Focus on basic needs not elaborate.

      • allen ols



        • Laura

          Great comments. But, what if you are old, like me? Not physically able to do these things? I live in a city. Sell now and move to country? Stock up on things. Then what? Hard to believe it will ever get THAT bad. But if it does, what could an old woman ever do?

  32. Mark


    Another solid interview with a credible guest. I’ve seen Alasdair several times on the Keiser Report (RT) and he never fails to impress. Based on interviews with Dave Morgan, Rob Kirby and others it looks like this fall will be the real starting point of the expected downturn in the global economy.
    I still hope you can bring back old guests like Jim Sinclair and Mike Maloney to get their updated views on gold/silver and when the expected collapse will commence. Keep the quality guests coming and many more will bookmark this site!


  33. dchayden

    Greg, this interview was very well done ! I can appreciate the hidden and complex art of knowing how to handle, and interview, the many different personality types ( sometimes very strongly opinionated) that you have on your show. These Highly educated guests with varying degrees of experience, and background expertise, can be quite intimidating, and interviews can easily go south on someone who lacks a certain skill set ( I have seen this many times.) Yet, time and time again, you create a smooth atmosphere with your guests, you know when to challenge them, and when to pull back. You pull off great interviews Greg Hunter ! I can appreciate just how difficult that really is. Good job to you sir, and thank you !!

  34. Mike from the North

    Nothing happens by chance.
    Everything happens by design.
    YES…. we can question who designed what we see happening….

    Mike Maloney says we are going to see the largest transfer of wealth ever…

    Anyone that still believes that the risk of being in the markets today is justified might want to re-think that position.

    I go with Richard Russell… Peace of mind is a valuable thing.

    Do what you can to remove all THIRD party risks in your life.

    When you have done that….send your Banker a Get Well Soon Card.

  35. BruceM

    Great interview Gregg. Thank you.

  36. dee garmon

    Much better than the Eton scams writing for The Economist.
    I am looking forward to a follow-up interview next month.

  37. Celeste

    Thank you Greg… Your site walks the razor’s edge just enough that I am able to share great interviews with my “main stream” friends and family members, many who doubt a change in business as usual in the USA is even possible.
    Jim Willie questions the claim that the presentation of AIIB as a funding bank for the building of Asian infrastructure is simply a presentable facade. The actual cost of building enormous facilities, roads, bridges etc, would cost barely a fraction of the $25 trillion. Details of the real power that AIIB will wield in world finance would be great information to learn from a future guest on USA Watchdog!

  38. andy

    Great interview Greg with Alasdair Macleod, very refreshing and informative to hear a perspective from outside the USA

  39. Gene-o-Vanelli

    Found this little tidbit interesting…..

    Education Collapse perhaps???

    • Johnny Apple Seed

      Well we subsidize the farmers to secure our food supply, but do we really need so many college edjumacated to keep our elite professional professors in clover. Talk about keeping the military industrial complex going and big affordable pharma /care biting our arse’s, when will it all end? When? When king dollar com’s back home to roost? And boy will they roost! The dis United States is no longer a free market economy, it’s not even a market economy let alone a free one. It’s a crony, who you know and who you, b*** economy! This is what’s the matter, a matter of time, give it time, then we will all be in the fields pulling up what we’ve planted. Don’t forget when heading for the fields, Slip-Slop-Slap, give everybody a howdy Neighbor, happy harvest! Look at all them white people! They wont be as white after summer!


  40. John

    Very educational interview from a well spoken lad. Hopefully, we will hear more from Alasdair Macleod in future interviews.

    Great job as usual, Greg. You keep us well informed and constantly thinking, thank you.

    “It is a lang road that’s no goat a turnin.”

  41. Karen

    Now here is a high caliber guest! Mr. Macleod is one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.
    Also, this is the first time I went back and listened to an interview a second time. I simply cannot state enough how much I appreciate his no-hype, honest, intellectual viewpoint and insights. Now this is what I come to USA Watchdog for!
    Thank you Mr. Macleod for your time and sharing your knowledge, and thank you Greg for booking him on your show.

  42. Stonewall

    Great Interview Greg. Your guest lays out current situation in a factual,
    easy to understand, comprehensive way. My take away is the ball is already
    rolling down the hill gaining speed and there isn’t a thing anyone can do to
    stop it before it hits the bottom. It’s shameful the vast majority of the population
    haven’t a clue what is coming at us like a runaway freight train. No wonder
    Grandma Yellen looks like she just peed her panties.

  43. Jennifer

    Hi Greg:
    What will happen if the banks and government default on their obligations and file for bankruptcy? What will happen to everyone else debt? Do we default along with them and the whole country just start off fresh? Seems so unrealistic?

  44. Cathy

    Excellent, in-depth interview with Mr. Macleod.

  45. Silence is Golden

    Anyone have any thoughts on this…..I am posting it again.

    Without any disrespect to the families, friends and loved ones of those that perished…..
    A GERMAN plane crashes in FRANCE !!!
    First we had Malaysian Air over Ukraine …now we have GermanWings over France.
    Just putting it out there.

    AND NOW we have this….


    Is this another case of Rogue Pilot (doesn’t look like pilot error or plane malfunction)….OR …Retribution……??? If so who is it aimed at and WHY ???
    The German and French connection seems awfully suspicious.

    • Silence is Golden

      Are the French paying the price for using Iranian technology….which the US initially rejected…and now are making up lost time by making cosy relations with Iran ?


      • Greg Hunter

        The French are the ones pushing for a better deal with Iran–go figure. Crazy world we are living in.

    • 'the farmer from NZ'


      You forgot to mention MH370 which ‘disappeared’ in the Indian ocean last year.
      Re the crash of the Malaysian plane in the Ukraine. Well there is absolutely no mystery on this one. It was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets under the orders of the neo-nazi Govt that was installed by Washington. Even more shameful than the murderous act itself, was the fact that Washington along with the vast majority of the presstitute media of the western world, tried to blame the whole incident on Putin.

      Just a thought but is Germany and France being sent a macabre message by TPTB?
      Interesting timing wouldn’t you say that both France and Germany announced that they are joining the AIIB this month.
      This flood of traditional lapdog followers of US policy signing up to AIIB represents a monumental setback to US hegemony. TPTB do not normally let these sort of events unfold without some sort of violent retribution.

      Best regards to you SIG

      • Silence is Golden

        Col, Good to see you back.
        It is IMO…that these events are not coincidences. Call me conspiracy theorist…but remember….conspiracies are borne out of the actions of the Central Planners….aka secretive planning and deliberate action.
        On those grounds …my theory is that they are conspiring against those that breakaway from LT alliances.
        Best to you

  46. Terry

    Very good!

  47. Coalburner

    Saudi bombing Yemen. We are suppliers for both sides. The crash is averted for another month???? Till they run out of countries. McCain and Graham are beating the drums!

  48. Silence is Golden

    This was outstanding for a number of reasons least of which is that Alasdair calls a spade a spade and in this day and age that is a rarity. Simply and succinctly he responded (in depth) to all questions raised….and then some. I look for a number of key markers when someone speaks to ascertain integrity (his voice pattern for one – consistent all the way through)….I can categorically say that I couldn’t fault him in anyway shape or form. Overriding everything it is clear that Alasdair has a message and he wants his listeners to hear it. For me one stand out characteristic is that he DOES NOT HAVE AN AGENDA.
    Why have you waited so long to have him on ?
    I like his take on why UK moving over to side with AIIB….all about the wealth and involvement in building some $25TLN of infrastructure. You really don’t need a PhD in Economics to figure that out (no disrespect for his comment).
    I also like his take on China and the fact that they (PBOC) may indeed have 20000 T of Gold. I did a quick back of envelope calc. some time last year and that coincidently is the same number I came up with. Funny how that is in complete contrast with their last official stated hoard of 1054T of Gold in 2009.

    We can surmise correctly through Alasdair’s comments that the US is doing everything it shouldn’t be….and none of what it should be. Building bridges (metaphorically or literally) with Sth. America and Canada and Russia is what it should be focussed on. Alasdair quite correctly states that China will not allow the US to be part of the AIIB or the SCO and for very good reason. The US will be shut out of 50% of the world’s population within the next 2-5 years. That spells DISASTER my friend….especially when you consider Europe and the Middle East now demonstrate that they are finding alliance with Russia and China is more important. The BULLY has left the building.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am looking for new people all the time. I thought his take on the AIIB was the best of anyone I have heard. Another point is Macleod’s assertion that things are so fragile, a crash could happen at anytime. I think this is what all the gyrations in the stock market are all about.

  49. aka_ces

    Alasdair Macleod, ever-genially conveying causes for consternation. Great interview, Greg !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AKA.

  50. Matt


    That is the best explanation of our interest rate dilemma I have ever heard. I had to watch it three times, but I think I got it. Alasdair is one smart man. Thanks.

  51. Paul

    Greg, a fantastic guest! Alistar demonstrates a strong grasp of global markets. His remarks underscore the dark clouds forming in the markets and I agree asset repricing will soon follow. You may know Bo Polny of Gold 20/20. He did a presentation yesterday at the Hong Kong Metals Conference on his cycle work. You can go to his website to see his predictions but briefly: 1) gold/silver BULL market breakout starting NOW into summer. 2) US$ TOP arrived March 15/15. Continued weakness into end of April with BREATHTAKING crash BEFORE summer. And 3) DEVASTING world stock market crash starting in SEPT ending in 2016. He maybe someone you might consider as a future guest. Keep the great work Greg! God Bless. Paul

  52. Chip

    Great interview with a VERY bright guy! Would like to hear more from this guest Greg. His European perspective is awesome… Chip

  53. PingPong

    Great interview, nice to get the European perspective.

  54. Collateral Damage

    Flight that crashed in the French Alps…

    How many places in the MSM will report that the locked, secured, terrorist-proofed door contributed to the death of those people?

    I think that if anyone is expecting to hear this truth uttered, and a subsequent honest debate about the true effectiveness of the secure door, they will be woefully disappointed.


  55. Dan

    Hi Greg:

    Great interview with Alasdair MacLeod – thanks much!

  56. Len Penzo

    What a terrific interview, Greg! Alasdair is on my short list of most-respected sources when it comes to the gold market and macroeconomic analysis. I hope he becomes a frequent guest on USAWatchdog.

  57. 'the farmer from NZ'


    Congratulations on a wonderful interview with Alasdair.
    I regard him as one of the most astute, genuine and forthright financial commentators in the world today. Whats more he is humble, extremely well spoken and just a thoroughly nice gentleman. Isn’t it a tragedy we don’t have people of this calibre and intellect running our nations instead the encumberant bunch of moronic psychopaths that we are curremtly lumbered with.

    Greg you continue to do great work my friend!
    Have a great weekend.

  58. Michael Peak

    Another outstanding interview, Greg. At the rate you are booking quality guests, it won’t be long before you have no time to speak to us little folks! LOL! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  59. Jeffrey English

    Great guest Greg. Next time you have Alistair on please ask him more questions about general investment strategies turbulent times. I hope you can phrase the question to elicit a response that takes into account a global scope. ie Gold how and where? Land what kind and where? Other hard assets of what type and where? Strategic equity positions of what industries indexed in which markets etc. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work.

  60. ANON

    Have you seen this?

    What about the Senate? Travel Schedules Suggest Iran Deal May be done Sunday via Breitbart http://bit.ly/1D3sqQ4

    BTW, Obama in 2009 Said Iran’s Underground Nuke Facility ‘Inconsistent With a Peaceful Program’ http://bit.ly/1F0v06X

  61. Squinty

    Mr. Macleod said regarding Japan, that their monetary inflation will eventually lead to hyper-inflation. . . Its just a matter of time.
    By that logic I assume that hyper-inflation is just a matter of time for the U. S. as well.
    I propose that tangible assets are the logical place to store wealth. Perhaps starting with a food and water storage plan. Then stock up on supplies one uses on a regular basis. and items to use for barter.
    Start stacking some precious metal. Not everyone can afford gold, but silver is dirt cheap now!
    If the SHTH moment never happens. I can always eat my extra food and the downside risk on PM is minimal

  62. Squinty

    forgot to mention thanks for the great and informative interview

  63. mushroom

    Ideal guest. Knows a lot and presents it well with no hidden sales pitches or emotion pandering.


  64. Jason

    Looks like he was mistaken about the not US joining the AIIB, as they have now joined.

    • Vincent

      The US has not joined, Australia and South Korea are the latest to join according to recent reports…
      On another note:
      AIIB is a big check on US influence, and with a big push higher for gold and silver looming, I see this year being the absolute last year for many to get a meaningful position in PM’s… There’s really nothing to debate anymore.. Not owning precious metals is the equivalent to not owning a computer or cell phone at this point, you are not doing yourself any favors..
      I’m amazed that people cannot see how cheap metals are relative to stocks.. It’s sad that such simple metrics are completely lost and discounted by people who really do just want to be the same as everyone else. It really does exhibit how many people, in America particularly, just don’t seem to feel comfortable having an individualist mentality, or a desire for a life that should by all rights be tailored to who they really want to be.. Grown people are like high schoolers just trying to fit in. I’m sorry to say that there will likely be a massive full ship of dumbfounded people sinking and complaining together, yet happy someone will be standing next to them as the ship sinks, that’s just as dumb as them..
      This interview was probably the best of the year. I have linked it to many of my friends and family and it has definitely helped convey some great points of discussion that I could never truly reach before without seeing their eyes rolling to the back of their heads..
      The run on the dollar will most definitely be starting without warning. Taper talks, and rate increases are honestly not credible at this point, and even an idiot can see that.. I guess the hardest part is just believing it, because that would mean you arguably have to admit the dollar will inevitably run out of road, just like the euro, and all other fiat currency’s that couldn’t stand the test of time, time that is equally controlled by people who really just don’t have the best timing on crucial information.. The infowar is real, and will always be never ending..

  65. Brian Howard

    Thank you Greg for this stupendous interview. Alasdair is one of the few that one should take very seriously. he’s the real deal and speaks with the obvious authority of someone who has researched issues to the ‘n’th degree. Please have him back at least as frequently as other guests. I was riveted to the screen as he spoke, as I am with only one or two of your other guests. That’s not to put the other guests down – more to say that Alasdair is in a class of his own with very few others.

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