Weekly News Wrap-up 5.23.14

 4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

We go overseas for the top stories, and they involve China, Russia and Iran.  First, China and Russia and the oil and natural gas deal that excludes the dollar, in a deal worth $400 billion over the next 30 years.  Please take note, this deal excludes the U.S. dollar.  If this doesn’t signal the beginning of the end of the petro dollar, then I don’t know what does.  Meanwhile, half the U.S. Senate is more worried about the Washington Redskins football team changing its name.  We have to have some of the dumbest leaders on the planet.  The end of oil trade in dollars is big trouble and will guarantee big inflation in the U.S.

Then, it was also reported that Russia is working on a deal in Iran to build eight nuclear power plants.  I thought there were negotiations going on with the West trying to curtail Iran’s nuclear power program.  Iran has long contended it was for the peaceful production of energy, and Iran has significant deposits of uranium.  The West says it is afraid of Iran getting material to build nuclear weapons.  I don’t see how this is going to get resolved.  I think it is pretty clear that Iran is NOT going to curtail its program.  So, either the West totally backs down and accepts Iran’s nuclear program or there is going to be some sort of war.  I am not advocating war, but I just don’t see another set of options.

Also, this week, there is news that Russia test fired an inter-continental ballistic missile.  It’s being reported the Russian military is testing a new “combat payload.”  The missiles are reportedly “hypersonic” and can carry up to “10 warheads.”  There are members of Congress who say the Russians have violated strategic arms reduction treaties, including one signed as recently as 2010.

Back here in the U.S., another scandal for the Obama Administration and, this time, it’s veterans who have died while waiting for medical treatment.  It has been revealed the Veterans Administration falsified waiting times to make it look like veterans were receiving lifesaving care.  In reality, dozens and dozens of vets died waiting for care.  The President says is this is “dishonorable and disgraceful,” but this has been an ongoing problem that the President promised to fix when he first ran for President in 2008!  The day after he said this, one of his top priorities was a campaign fundraising stop, not a trip to a VA hospital.  Please keep in mind, the VA is government-run health care–just like Obama Care. 

In another Obama Administration scandal, the Democrats have decided to join the House committee investigating Benghazi where four Americans were murdered by al-Qaeda related terrorists.  Nancy Pelosi says she can’t trust the Republicans to be fair.  I say, isn’t the truth fair?  What happened before, during and after the attack and why.  The White House is still withholding documents.  If the President and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t do anything wrong, then just release all the documents and let’s be done with it.  I still say this could crater Hillary Clinton’s shot at the White House in 2016.

Harvard Law School Professor David Barrron, who helped craft the legal justification for the drone murder program, is one step closer to becoming a federal appeals court judge.  Barron, also a former Justice Department official, was nominated to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by the Obama Administration; and, this week, the Senate voted along party lines to allow his nomination to go forward.  Even liberal Democrat Ron Wyden voted ‘yes’ to the man who gave legal cover to what some say is totally unconstitutional.  Thousands have been killed, including four Americans, abroad.  There are no charges, no trial and zero due process that is afforded in the U.S. Constitution.  The drone murder program even targeted and killed a 16 year-old boy in Yemen, whose father was also targeted and killed in a separate attack.  By the way, more than a hundred kids have been killed in collateral damage.  Now, that’s how you win hearts and minds.

Finally, another week, another big bank is fined for criminal activity.  It was reported, this week, that Credit Suisse was fined $2.6 billion for helping wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes.  The Justice Department boasted this was the largest fine ever paid in a criminal tax case.  Please note, it was a “criminal” case according to the Justice Department.  Didn’t Attorney General Eric Holder recently say that no bank was “too big to jail”?  This is what really gets me.  The bank is responsible for paying the fine and not the top officers of the company.  That means shareholders are being penalized for the so-called criminal activity, and no top bank official has yet to go to jail for what the Justice Department repeatedly calls crime.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. skilaki

    Hello Greg,

    Regarding the Russia/China deal, when can we begin to see its effects on the dollar? Will that happen soon or when Russia begins deliveries to China? If this is going to have such a negative effect on the dollar, shouldn’t there have been more press about it? This sounds like this should be a very big deal.

    Thanks in advance. Great blog!

    • brian

      More press about it? From who? Sorry but tmz and the msm wouldn’t have the first clue about any of this let alone what it all means. I’m astonished that you would think the “press” would care about anything other than “the voice”

      • Tin hat

        The deal will have no effect on the dollar until another nations follow suit. When more and more countries conduct their trades fearlessly outside the dollar, that is when we will see its effects.

    • Jerry

      What press? We don’t have a press. The banking cabal owns the corporate media, and they would never allow this information to get out to the sheeple.

  2. 86daily

    The best guess as to what happen in Bengasi, on the internet, Monograph, is that they wanted to have the Ambassador captured so that they could later have a prisoner exchange for the Blind Sheik that has been in jail since he was accused of the twin tower failed attack. If 9/11 was fake then this Blind Sheik was made the scape goat on the first attack. That would enable them to turn a wrong against the Egyptians people and look as Obama was a great negotiator for the reelection.
    I know this sounds horrible but that is what kind of people we have in our gov’t.
    I’m told that the word government actually means govern the mind.
    Lot’s of Love

    • Galaxy 500

      Not only does s this sound horrible, it sounds like the typical unsubstantiated tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory that keeps me coming back for comedic value alone. Dude, I have it on good authority it was the Nazi aliens from Jupiter.

  3. allen ols


    Jim Willie;

    In this MUST LISTEN interview with Paul Sandhu, the Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie discusses why the yuan is destined to replace the US dollar as reserve currency, and why the quickly growing Russian/Chinese alliance will DESTROY the US dollar.
    Willie digs into the recent string of bankster deaths, his thoughts on the implications of the London silver fix ending in August, & the Fed money laundering funds through Belgium in order to prevent a collapse in T-bonds due to Russian liquidation.
    Willie states that due Chinese & Russian liquidation, US Treasury bonds have gone NO-BID, and that a dollar-collapse looms!
    Grab several cups of coffee as the Golden Jackass is at the top of his game throughout the entire 80 minute interview below:

    • smaulgld

      Thanks Allen. I am about 30 minutes into it- definitely worth the time

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Jim is hardly an uninterested party. Isn’t he going to set up so deal in Asia dealing Gold for Yuan? If so, doesn’t that taint his view point?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      What a thoroughly fascinating interview – this is JW at his best.

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Question: Did the peak of common sense and non-hypocrisy, the US Congress (it is sarcasm) ratified that treaty in 2010?
    I don’t think so. And Russians don’t either, because they are waiting for the US Congress. So that test was legal. 🙂
    About the “war on terror”, well drone attacks are war with terror.
    About the big banks they are the elites of criminals and elite of the organized crime.

    Your thoughts.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      And that treaty was a real deal for the Russian and suicide for the US. All in accordance to Obama’s big plan to destroy America. thank God they didn’t ratify

    • Galaxy 500

      I have a solution. Since Obama’s administration says its ok to kill Americans without trial, lets use the drones to punish all the big bankers that are doing crimes and just paying a fine. Wouldn’t that be great television?
      Maybe they would stop the fraud if Obama started dropping Hellfire missiles on them and their children like he did Anwar Alkali (spelling? ?) and his 16 yr old son. Wouldn’t that be grand? I know it’ll never happen. If Obama started droning evil doers he’d have to do himself and Holder.

  5. Dasha

    Hi Greg
    I’m an Aussie living in Britain about to return to Australia. I watch your shows religiously and I am captivated as global events unfold. I know things are most relevant to US viewers, but I imagine you have a lot of international followers. And the reason we follow the events happening in the US is that they affect the rest of the world. When you talk to John Williams and others about US dollar collapse and hyperinflation, it would be nice to include what those events might have on other countries, particularly other western countries who follow the exact same centralised debt based economies as the US (UK, Australia and Canada). I imagine the UK at least is balanced precariously on the same house of cards as the US?
    Otherwise, great show!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dasha for your feedback and support.

  6. Doug

    Hi Greg;

    I wore the uniform of the U.S. Army as an officer for 13 years. I swore an oath three times to ‘support, protect and preserve’ our constitution. I don’t recognize this country any more. Our government has run amuk. We arm terrorists, support neo nazi’s in the Ukraine and overthrow the democratically elected government, we use drones to murder our own citizens with no due process, and we even sanction the torture of prisoners. But it’s considered ‘ok’ if they are rendered off the U.S. to Cuba or other bases for the torture as long as it isn’t done here in the States.


    I never thought I would live to see the day where the Russians appear more righteous than we are. Color me ashamed……

    • Galaxy 500

      As am I . Well said sir

      • e sutton

        A sad day indeed.

  7. Mrpm

    Greg and all-

    I wish Obama would “get lost” already. After all he’s on such a roll why would he want to break his track record of broken campaign promises; closing Gitmo, you can keep your Dr. and healthplan ect.., so why would he possibly keep his promise of quality VA care? The VA and now OBAMACARE healthcare system is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do: death panels and long wait lists.

    Not sure if you can, but I think getting JIM SINCLAIR’S take on the ending of LONDON SILVER FIX would make for a great interview. I’m really wondering how this will impact the price after August.

    Interesting NENNER interview this week!! It seems to fit in nicely with his call on the GOLD bottom in July, or just a coincidence (although I’m sure he still has his insiders in Goldman Sachs) .

    Thanks Greg for all you do!! have a great weekend

    • Sandman

      Guys – I just started reading this website. What a breath of fresh air to find people of similar mind set here. Reading Yahoo comments is enough to make a person crazy. Seriously, that is where the sheep graze. Good looking out Greg and I can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Mrpm

    Want to see what OBAMACARE will look like? look no further than the VA healthcare system

  9. Mrpm

    More info on the ending of the LONDON GOLD FIX

    I’d still like to hear what Jim Sinclair has to say about it.

  10. Mrpm

    CORRECTION: SILVER, not GOLD FIX (at least not yet)

    More info on the ending of the LONDON SILVER FIX

    I’d still like to hear what Jim Sinclair has to say about it.

  11. Marcus West

    You always have a very entertaiining weekly wrap I enjoy these very much makes the friday at work seem much better.

    Here is another story on the halt of the US dollar


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marcus.

  12. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg
    How long has Corporate America actually owned our Government. I think long before General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket” after the first world war and the revolving door between corporate boards and Government has been spinning around the same length of time. We did not mind because a father could support a whole family pretty well for a little while and we saw ourselves much better off than most in our world. Now we are really being shown to quote George Carlin “They have a club and we aren’t in it”. The need for us as a base is no longer necessary hence drones and jailing and killing Americans without trial. The Tea Party seems to be on it’s way to Terrorist Group status and I wonder what groups will follow. Here is a great video by Chris Hedges who some may consider a liberal (truth is truth right) but sounds more conservative than most conservatives these days.
    Like you he still practices true journalism and right now we need you guys on both sides of the isle really bad. Keep informing Greg and thanks.

  13. Jerry

    Greg. Great weekly wrap-up. One of your best.
    Look, forget about what Nancy Pelosi says. She’s had the skin stretched so tight on her face, its cut off the blood supply to her brain. She’s the poster child, for the dumbed down voter, and has nothing, nothing, of value to say about anything. Remember this ? “We need to ah…. pass the bill so we can see what is in it. Dah…..

    As far as changing the Redskins name. Take it from one who has native American heritage. If they really cared, they’d shut down the reservations, and give the land back to the American tribes. Yea right. Like that’s going to happen. Its just the latest liberal feel good moment of the month, and nothing more. Since they care so much about peoples feelings, maybe they should shut down the abortion clinics, and save the pain inflicted on innocent children. What a load of bull.

    Greg, its ignorance like this that has doomed this nation to destruction. We are no longer deserving of our freedom. Id bet if you asked the average American voter what memorial day was about, they wouldn’t have a clue. Its a disgrace what we are doing to our veterans. We think so much of their sacrifice, we put them on a waiting list to die.
    Meanwhile the Russians are observing our weakness. Assessing it. Measuring it. And according to my sources, in the not to far distant future testing it.

    The Russians and Chinese, are expanding in every market in the world, while we are retracting back to economic levels not seen since Jimmy Carter’s administration. It should be apparent by now that the dollars days are numbered. If China’s recent refusal to receive payment in dollars from Afghanistan banks doesn’t constitute a run on the dollar, I don’t know what does?

    Have a good weekend Greg. And if you see a veteran, thank him for your freedom. And those of you who are ministers. Have them stand in your service Sunday and recognize them. We owe that to them.

  14. Ugly

    Greg, you asked ‘do we have the World’s Dumbest Leaders?’. That would be a good poll question.

    Does the USA have the World’s Dumbest Leaders?:
    A. Yes
    B. Mucho Yes
    C. Absolutely Yes
    D. A&B, but not C
    E. B&C, but not A.
    F. What is the USA?

    • Jerry