Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.30.14

4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is sounding like there are not any negotiations to curtail that country’s nuclear program.  Khamenei said Jihad is “endless” and the “battle will only end when the society can get rid of . . .  America.”  Khamenei also says continued enrichment of uranium and Iran’s ballistic missile program are not up for negotiation.  What have I been telling you about the curtailment of Iran’s nuclear program?  There is no curtailment.  The only questions now are:  will one side back down; and, if not, when will war start?  On top of that, one of Iran’s top generals is predicting the collapse of the U.S. empire is near. 

I don’t know if the empire is collapsing anytime soon, but GDP in the U.S. sure did.  It was revised down to a negative 1% in the first quarter.  It came in at a paltry .1% weeks ago, and a couple of my guests predicted it would be, in fact, revised to a negative number.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and economist John Williams at Shadowstats.com both predicted it would be negative in the first quarter and that it will be negative in the second quarter, as well.  I think I’ll go with Roberts and Williams for a negative second quarter GDP.  You want other signs the economy is rolling over?  Look no further than housing.  Mortgage originations and home sales are tanking.  According to Fed data, mortgage loan originations are down by more than $200 billion in the last 6 months alone.  Yes, I know we are hitting all-time highs in the stock market, but I think the Fed is panicked and is propping up the market at all costs.  How do I know?  There was a 1% decline in GDP and no sell-off?  Come on, we don’t have fundamentals anymore, just manipulation.  

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was interview by NBC’s Brian Williams this week.  In a nutshell, Snowden said he exposed the NSA spying because of big violations of the U.S. Constitution.  Secretary of State John Kerry called Snowden a “coward” and a “traitor.”  Kerry also said Snowden should “man up and come back to the United States.”  Kerry used Daniel Ellsberg of “Pentagon Papers” as an example of someone who used “the court system of America and made their case.”  Ellsberg called Kerry’s comments “despicable,” and if Snowden did return, we would not hear from Snowden “for the rest of his life.”  Ellsberg is referring to the gutting of the due process guaranteed in the Constitution.  The NDAA allows for the government to detain anyone indefinitely without charge or trial.  Back in Ellsberg’s day, there was due process, but that was the early 1970’s.  Does anyone think there would be a trial when the government can just call a whistleblower a terrorist and legally lock them away forever?  

I wish John Kerry would get this upset when big banks launder money for countries on the State Department terror list.  In the latest “fine and no jail time” world we live in, the Justice Department is going to fine BNP Paribas Bank $10 billion for doing business with Sudan and Iran.  These countries are considered State Sponsors of Terrorism–in short, terrorists.  Isn’t that treason?  Shouldn’t that involve criminal charges and jail time?  Didn’t Attorney General Eric Holder just say “No bank is too big to jail”?  What does a banker have to do to be criminally prosecuted?  Snowden is a traitor for disclosing we were tapping the phones of our allies and spying on all Americans?  Laundering money for terror countries just gets a fine that is paid for by shareholders?  How stupid or scared is the national press?  Why don’t these so-called reporters ask this question next time Jay Carney is in the White House Briefing Room?  Don’t hold your breath; our national media is a disgusting bunch of sell-outs. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Ugly

    And to think, Americans will probably vote the same. And then, here we go for another two years….I don’t believe we will last two more years if status quo continues the reins….

    • lastmanstanding

      Hi Brother. So many are so close to waking up. They just can’t get out of the right/left bs.
      Some are preparing like many, but some just think that we can vote our way out.

      Lots of people are close to getting it…will they get it in time?

      • Charles H.


        There is a difference between coming up to the door, and going through it. I don’t think most people CAN make it through the threshold. But like some of us – helping even a few to make it over is worth the effort: but not as enablers. People have to self-motivate and actuate.

      • Ugly

        Lastman. Aloha from Idaho. A fellow Big Sky neighbor. No, I don’t feel that most people are starting to see bad days in America. My guess is that less than 5% of households have 1-2 months of stored foods. If this stuff keeps up, which it will, food could double in price in next two years. It will be very, very difficult for the non-prepper, and just very difficult for the prepper. But at least we are trying; good luck and save some Moose Drool….

        • allen ols

          ugly,jerry, LM, g5, JC, and others;


          (NaturalNews) A new report issued by the World Bank (1) warns that food prices are skyrocketing globally, with wheat up 18 percent and corn up 12 percent this quarter. Ukraine, one of the largest wheat exporters in the world, has suffered a 73 percent increase in domestic wheat costs. Argentina has seen wheat prices skyrocket 70 percent.

          According to the World Bank, these price increases have been caused primarily by three factors: 1) Sharply higher demand for food in China, 2) U.S. drought conditions that hammered wheat production, and 3) unrest in Ukraine due to the near state of war with Russia.

          Rising food prices lead to food riots

          According to the World Bank, rising food prices have caused 51 food riots in 37 countries since 2007. These include Tunisia, South Africa, Cameroon and India, among other nations.

          “Food price shocks can both spark and exacerbate conflict and political instability,” warns the report.

          A World Bank blog entry by Senior Economist Jose Cuesta entitled “No Food, No Peace” (2) warns that “It is quite likely that we will experience more food riots in the foreseeable future… food price shocks have repeatedly led to spontaneous — typically urban — sociopolitical instability.” CLICK ON SITE AND READ MORE…..

          • Ugly

            Folks need to get going on food storage, garden, knowledge of wild foods, and know a farmer or two so that you can purchase food directly. I buy all sweet corn locally and then freeze it. 80% of my hamburger is bought from a small farmer too….

            We have taken food for granted in the land of plenty. But when those prices double in next year or two, panic will set in for those that have absolutely no idea where food comes from. When the Sheep line up at Wally World, I will line up at a farmers place….

          • JC Davis

            Allen Ols . I have been studying survivor foods for some time now. Having a investment in foods will tame the wildest beast. People are never more desperate then when hungry or thirsty. Tree bark and mill worms really taste good after 3 days on a empty stomach. There is a wild dog at my bug out that comes to visit every time I go there. He knows he will be fead.

    • allen ols


      The Jackass sees the Belgium Bulge as a repeat of history, and an unfolding of events toward the development and construction of the Eurasian Trade Zone. A key element of the trade zone will be the integration of Frankfurt Germany as a RMB trading hub. Refer to the Chinese Yuan currency, aka Renminbi. Dozens of significant deals of size are in the works, in progress. The nation of Germany has 3000 firms doing business in Russia. The nation of Germany stands alongside Japan as the biggest foreign commercial partners in China. Anticipate Frankfurt to take on the financial hub role as partners to Russia & China, not London. A second clearing house exists, whose presence indicates much bigger German role in Eurasian Trade Zone matters. In addition to EuroClear there is the German ClearStream. The German investment bankers are not only spearheading the internationalization of the RMB but also moving fast on it. The nation of Germany will be a major conduit for technology transfer. These are two large clearing houses (EuroClear & ClearStream) that can also be custodial chambers. Many more developments are in progress toward the Eurasian Trade Zone, the role of Germany teaming with Turkey in a key role that will take the flatfooted West totally off guard.

      KEEP PREPPEN; alos kirby makes point, false flag, so does PCR, and others. Note in gregs wrapup, Iran neuking up, Israel has made it clear, no neuks in iran, sooooooo, I would expect an attack by Israel to Iran.

      • Jerry

        That’s exactly what I’m hearing from my source to, other than he believes there will be a faceoff in Europe between NATO and Russia before the 15th of July. He thinks this will be the straw that breaks the dollars back, and that the Russians are making plans. I wish we had some real reporting, so we’d know for sure what’s going on.

      • Ugly

        AlOls….no doubt that wealth is being confiscated here and sent somewhere else. It is interesting to note that an estimated of all owned wealth in the USA is somewhere around 40 to 50 trillion. What people don’t realize, even with title and deeds, that wealth and ownership is being printed away and purchased thru phony T-Bills that don’t exist. Confiscation is happening now and will continue….better stock now what can do and afford….

  2. mark

    Hi Greg,
    thanks again for your dedication to reporting events of significance in their proper context and providing a forum where your guests and those who comment can fill in the details of the precarious nature of the situation in which we find ourselves. I would like to address this comment to not only you Greg, but to Ugly, Allen Ols, Jerry ,SMAULGLD,Galaxy500, CalGirl, Art Barnes, Armando,GeoT, JCDavis,Felicia, Ann Elliot, Mike, Brian, Eyes Wide Shut,lastmanstanding, Harry,not Larry, not Jerry, Eddie Laidler,Mohammad, and if there is anyone I missed who is a regular poster, my apologies.
    First thank you for your consistent contributions of thought provoking commentary on Greg’s site. It truly makes the experience of coming here more than just about Greg or his guests– good as that is in and of itself. However, I wonder if my dilemma is the same as any of you out there who have been following the reporting of these events for the past 5,10 or more years waiting for, as a neighbor of mine used to say, ” the other shoe to drop”. In the mean time, while I have prepared at what I would consider an initial level, I am somewhat stuck as I am reaching the point where I have to join with others who are likeminded as I am in a heavily populated place, but am basically by myself though I am surrounded and interact with people both where I live and work pretty much on a daily basis. My wife went home to be with the Lord over ten years ago and we did not have any children, so I am basically alone with respect to my living situation. My challenge is that I do not seem to find opportunity to relate to anyone here in this major metro area in the same way and with the exchange of ideas as occurs at this site. At some point I would like to move to a more suitable situation in light of what is coming, but I don’t know anyone in a personal way that I can “team up with” to actually put in to practice what I know should have been done with respect to gardening etc. to get through the difficult times just ahead. Basically I am afraid I will be stuck here having let all my options run out with some stored food and metals but with a ravenous population out of control in a very dangerous situation. I would say that the main thing that keeps me here is my consistent employment and the many good relations I have with co-workers and friends, but we are all spread out and have our busy lives and to my knowledge no one is even taking any of these things seriously– there is too much else going on just trying to keep up with job and family commitments. Thank you all for your kind and generous support and prayers. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with you all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for the kind words and for starting the discussion. You will receive a lot of feed back on this.

      • mark

        thank you Greg. I am reminded of Doug Casey of Casey Research who you had on not too long back when he mentioned we are in a similar situation as those who were in Russia in 1917, Germany 1933, China 1949, Cuba 1958, and Viet Nam 1975. From what I understand he is part of a community of ex-pats somewhere in South America, a move which I think about but find very hard to actually make because of so many unknown factors. Even though I believe it is going to get bad here based on many examples from history, we are witnessing as you and others have pointed out, a deterioration of circumstances that is on a scale which is historically unprecedented. So even here history can provide insight, but even the most prepared may still find the depth and duration of challenge from so many converging crises to be beyond one’s ability to comprehend and effectively manage (much less plan for). As a believer in Christ,the soon appearing of our Lord and His faithfulness is the bedrock and foundation upon which we may place all of our hopes, but still, it can truly be overwhelming when considering the soon-to-descend-in-full-force consequences of all the years of lawless activity and traitorous policy crafted and enacted by those whose only objective in holding office of public trust is the advancement of their own personal gain at the expense of the legacy of freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

    • smaulgld

      I would have my important assets out of the house in a secure location that you can reach and an alternative place to stay (which could be where you interact with like minded people). This way if there is trouble where you live, you can leave. Best to keep a good job and stay put but have a plan if things go south.

      • mark

        thank you SMAULGLD.

        • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

          Peace and strength to you Mark. Over here in the UK I still have to struggle to get anyone (my wife half agrees!) to comprehend how dire everything’s becoming. Rightly in one way she tells me to simply trust in the Lord, but then again I feel that a simplistic faith isn’t what faith is supposed to be about!
          But of course in the final scheme of things we are told to be anxious for nothing!
          Thanks Greg as always.

          • mark

            Hi Andrew,
            Thank you. I am reminded of Peter’s exhortation in his first letter where we read: ” In like manner, younger men, be subject to elders; and all of you gird yourselves with humility toward one another, because God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Therefore be humbled under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you in due time, casting all of your anxiety upon Him because it matters to Him concerning you. Be sober; watch. Your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking someone to devour. Him withstand, being firm in your faith, knowing that the same sufferings are being accomplished among your brotherhood in the world.” (1Peter 5:5-9)

    • allen ols


      I would go on sites like, Survivalblog.com, preppersrecon.com, and email them, also i saw a site once of likeminded preppers locater, I think it was called. can u reveal where you are located? also email patriotnurse.com, and ask ; as she flies all over and has many contacts, as well as contacts that can research 4 u as well. hang in there, I usually pray and wait, and usually answer comes swiftly. “from the days of John the baptist, until now, JESUS SAID, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force”, google this script, look for sermon by Charles Spergon”

      • mark

        thank you Allen Ols

      • mark

        Allen, I am in Phoenix metro area.

        • allen ols

          Pheonix u say;

          run, dont walk to the nearest exit, get to area with large bodies of water, good soil, sell out, buy a camper, move.
          I am from tenn. downside is 100 miloes from 2 neuk plants, but lots of forest, lakes, hide outs.

          • mark

            thank you Allen.

      • Diane R

        Mark, I second allen ols’ advice. Survival Blog is awesome. I too lived without a spouse and close to a major metro area. This page really helped me to reassess that situation: http://survivalblog.com/retreatareas/

        Like allen says, follow what you believe God wants. As for me, I am now surrounded by young Christian families who homeschool their children. I think helping them is the reason He led me here (Pacific Northwest).

        Mark, you ‘get it’. That is a huge leap forward. I honestly think God opens the eyes and ears of the few who ‘get it’. And we know from Scriptures that God loves to use His ‘remnants’. Best wishes.

        • mark

          thank you Diane.

    • Jerry

      First let me say, you are not alone in your situation. I think most people who come post here are dealing with some of the same issues you are, with the exception of the loss of your wife (I’m sorry about that).
      Second- Consider yourself fortunate, because what is about to befall us has never happened before in recorded history. That’s why most people find it hard to believe, as do I, but the numbers simply do not lie when you apply them. I am realist. And so are you, if you come here.
      Third- What to do? A few years ago I volunteered to go in and help do the cleanup after the Joplin Tornado. What I found when I ventured outside my normal circle of friends and family, is there are a lot of other people that believe what we do, because they have seen the realties of life up close and personal . Not at a computer desk. There out there if you want to find them. I might suggest volunteering your time somewhere. That’s where you find real Americans. Besides the best way to avoid depression and fear is to stay busy. The other alternative. Sell everything. Buy a Harley . And hit the road. That’s my plan B.

      • mark

        thank you Jerry.

    • Felicia

      Mark, what I would recommend is to ask God what He wants you to do…stay or move? ….if the answer is stay…then I ‘d ask Him to send allies and to show you what He really wants you to…you might be theorganizer needed to help in the times ahead but no matter what trust that He will direct you to do what He needs done. But if He says move…then ask Him where, when, how?..and to give you the connections you need to make the move. From my personal experience…God has THE best and most amazing plans , I am always in awe of how He has worked things out. Talk about having a heavenly LinkedIn network! God’s resources are mindboggling. Remember..ASK…Ask..Seek..Knock…

      • mark

        thank you Felicia

    • Ugly

      It sounds like you want to get involve in something. My suggestion would be to do some homework on CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area and in other areas. A CSA is a small farm where supporters pay a monthly fee to get produce from a farm that has many stuff grown organically or sustainably. They also have events where members may have a cookout or a field day or whatever. Most CSA have around 100-250 members, so plenty of people to meet that are likeminded about food quality. Most CSA have farms 3-20 acres in size, thus you and many others are paying them to grow you some food but you can be involved as a volunteer. Good luck….

      • mark

        thank you Ugly

        • Calgirl

          If you can web search for a ham radio club in your area I am pretty sure you will find a bunch of like-minded individuals and a lot of information. Ham, or CB radio may be the only way to get local and country info if the SHTF. You might also be interested in a small ham receiver also. Another web search for survival clubs in your area may also be your entry into a local group. Hope this helps….

          • mark

            thank you Calgirl.

    • lastmanstanding

      Mark, you are at “the fork in the road”…I know what is coming, I don’t know what to do, I am uncertain/afraid and I need/want to do the right thing. FOR ME.

      As difficult as this is, you must choose the scariest path. I left everything once and moved thousands of miles to a place where I didn’t know a single sole. I did have a job though. I took minimal items in my personal vehicle, a very small savings and one helluva zest to live and thrive…I have been blessed for the most part…life is not meant to be easy all the time.

      I am recommending that to you. There are lots of good people out there and they will accept you once they see who you are…only thing is that you may not have much time.

      Have faith in the Lord and get your ass moving. Large populations will not be safe places to be…hell, no place will be safe to be.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • mark

        thank you lastmanstanding.

      • Anne Elliott

        I agree with LMS, Mark. You are really freed up to move and I would hate to be in the desert if the electricity went down and the water pumps stopped working. If were you, I would move some where more sustainable, even if I was renting for a while. Ask the Lord where to go, get the best job possible in that area, and get the heck outta there!!! Who knows? Maybe your move for these reasons will be a wake-up call to your friends….

        • mark

          thank you Anne.

    • JC Davis

      Mark. I say plan to prepare, Yet be open to change each day to discover the peace of God direction. (Cure) for all fear, and depression is cast every thought and cares on Jesus. The road is not easy but its the best. 70 years is only a thought to eternity.

      • mark

        Thank you JC, amen and amen

    • Eddie Laidler

      Hi Mark. While we all try and imagine how the future may play out we really don’t know the finer points.
      I think there are some logical things anyone can do to be prepared.
      It’s possible we all could be sheltering in place due to outside forces or need to escape the high density population centers.
      Either way logic says there are some things we will need.

      Make friends of like mind and try to stay fit.
      Don’t despair and don’t worry because it doesn’t help.
      Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and get your Carry Permit.
      I won’t talk about weapons ! Never do anymore.
      When you get your Carry permit you will meet some people.
      At the gun range you will meet some people. Go to the range again.
      Have a Go Bag ready in case you need to move and it also centralizes super important things.
      Go to a gun show or two.
      Practice not being a victim. Attitude and awareness. Victims give off and odor that attracts predators.
      Do you like camping or hiking? If you do you already have some experience.
      Keep sturdy shoes and clothing around.
      Let’s be honest. We live in a complex society and a world full of stuff.
      I am sheltering in place in the suburbs if anything very bad happens.
      I have a family of 6 to take care of and 3 locations of a family business where the freezers will need to be protected and I will most likely be giving the local police support.
      That’s why we feed the police for free 24/7…….. Fries with that?
      You may be surprised how much the local police will need it’s own citizens to protect the community.
      Keep your faith in your religion .
      God bless and you won’t be alone.
      We all are equal once you pull away the socioeconomics and other bullshit.

      • mark

        Thank You Eddie.

  3. Cry Me A Ruble

    Snowden = bad guy while money laundering bankers = no problem can be summed up in one word ………AGENDA!!!!

  4. JC Davis

    Greg, It has been a great week of interviews, and comments. I have several people I think of as true American hero’s. Off the top of my head Ron Paul, Edward Snowden, and of course Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for putting me with them, but they are far more important than me.

      • JC Davis

        Greg They get pats on the back, and some despise the truth they speak. All three of you have not sacrificed your principals for gain, or fame. A rare quality in this greedy for gain world.

    • Cry Me A Ruble

      By “Agenda” I mean a Progressive agenda. I think this documentary link will fully explain what the Liberal/Progressive agenda have done to our Republic in the past 100 years. That link is:http://vimeo.com/63749370

  5. Mike Soon Over

    Excellent job Greg, You know, I think were all going to miss you once the collapse finely comes around. Everyone will be shut down. no real news just a ocean of nothingness with violence and mayhem. Have you seen or heard of Directive 3025.18? If so could you add on to it. The potential of military force against Americans.

  6. bob

    your news wraps are top notch. straight and to the point. ( people, try and find this journalism anywhere else.) kerry and everybody else are trying everything they can to cover there tracks. this is starting to be mind games. they play on the intelligence and conditioning of the the people. give lawyers a chance they will spin, twist, lie or do whatever it takes to convince you of their motives. look at the tv. that why they call it the boob toob.
    now my question is why do we put karen hudes in the crazy house for example, when you here our gov’t not want to go after the laundering, drug control which they are a big part of, create war to keep the petro dollar going, create kaos and disorder with anything they see or touch. it sounds like this is all unraveling. and yet instead of fighting this now we will wake up when we are hungry and can’t feed our heads with crap or can’t get a hand out that we think we are owed because we live here.

  7. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    You are to be congratulated.
    You have treated us to a great line up of guest interviews this week.
    These people are indeed big hitters that need to be heard!

    This ‘man’ Kerry urgently needs to be removed from office. What an unbelievable hypocrite he is in accusing anybody of violating the US constitution. His delusional blundering and arrogant incompetence even manages at times to eclipse Obama’s behavior. This is all causing irreparable damage to the US both diplomatically and financially and on a massive scale. These people are war criminals that wreck death and mayhem globally. What started out as a debate in the Ukraine on whether or not they should join the EU has been turned into a civil war with bloodshed and atrocities escalating on a daily basis. It is my view that much of this escalation has been caused directly by the arrogant meddling of the US.

    The US has the best politicians and MSM that ‘money can buy’ and as a consequence the system no longer even remotely resembles any sort of democracy. Because of an almost continual diet of misinformation and propaganda fed to them, the US population is duped into giving these hypocritical lunatics a free hand and even manages to re-elect them.
    What a truly sad and disgraceful situation.

    PS – US If you get rid of Kerry PLEASE don’t promote the lunatic Victoria. Some of her comments are almost as bazaar as Kerry’s at times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Coming from outside the country, your comment tells me the leaders around the globe must think the same as you. I cannot believe the incompetence. These guys in the Obama Administration are making the Bush Administration look good, and that is very sad.

    • Dwain

      This would make a great book “Radical Egalitarian Liberalism”. Rise of the corrupt dependent ignorant majority.

  8. George Silver

    You talk about Iran and Sudan as “State Sponsored Terrorists”. I’m not saying you are wrong but first of all what is your source of information (propaganda) and how do you know they really said this.

    Secondly you never mention the biggest “State Sponsored Terrorist” organisation the World has ever seen………. the good old USA. The only country that has dropped nuclear bombs on innocent families. The country that finances the overthrow of other countries.

    Just remember in a war-lord country like Sudan who do think smashed the economy so that the only game in town is piracy.

    When did Iran attack the USA? The USA attacked Iran using it’s best pal Sadam Hussein.

    We all have sympathy for the average American but even this is wearing thin because who is it that elects these blood thirsty morons in Washington.

    • Greg Hunter

      The point is Iran is considered a State Sponsor of Terrorism by John Kerry’s State Department and bankers who lauder money for them are not charged. Thank you for adding your perspective.

    • Galaxy 500

      Mr Silver
      You wrote,”The only country that has dropped nuclear bombs on innocent families.”
      I am calling you out for this BS. Yes, we nuked the japs twice and saved a million US service members. Did innocent civilians die? No, they supported the war. We should have kept Okinawa as spoils of war. How many innocent people died in Pearl Harbor? I am proud Truman made the hard decision to save our boys. Its one thing to disparage the current bunch of government misanthropes but your analysis and position on the US bombing Japan is intellectually dishonest and cowardly.
      As far as some of the rest of your comments, I am ashamed that we destablized the elected government of the Ukraine during the Olympics. Only a moron (Mr Obama, this is you) would think that the Russians would give up their only warm water port because of a few fascist demonstrators that Obama is funding. WHAT were they thinking? What was the end game? WWIII ?And Obama flew Al Qaeda from prisons in Iraq to Libya. What was the objective? Momar had turned to the west and given up his nuclear and chem weapons ambitions. I bet others dont make the mistake of trusting us in the future.

      • Calgirl

        I have read, long ago, that we knew the Japanese were advising the Emperor to succumb to the inevitable. Would it not have been more “humane” to detonate a bomb on some wayward, inhabited island to demonstrate our lethal power, rather than killing millions? Not to mention a SECOND bomb? Then, do some urgent diplomacy?

        • Calgirl

          meant “wayward, UNinhabited island”

        • Galaxy 500

          I dont think it makes sense during war. Did they drop bombs on an uninhabited island near Pearl Harbor? Sorry, but war is not nice. We could have won in Iraq and Afghanistan but we made feel good rules of engagement.
          No offense but I find your suggestion laughable nieve. We only had two bombs and I have never read any reliable accounts other than die to the last Japanese. They armed the civilians. MacArthur wanted to be the hero even if it cost a few hundred thousand American lives. If its all the same to you, I’ll always be of the side of killing our enemies. It makes sure they dont kill you in the future.

    • smaulgld

      The point Greg is making is the U.S. considers these countries to be sponsoring terrorists, YET when banks doing business in the US are accused of dealing with them, do no have their charters suspended, their executives arrested, they are just fined.
      I believe they using the state sponsored terrorist accusations as a cover to extract fines that will weaken non U.S global banks capital positions so that US banks gain more dominance .

  9. guy

    Comment on voting.Its all electronic and the outcome is pre determined.We do not matter.Greg, great weekly wrap.You are now completely awake.The us press are not real, its a kanard.People need to look at our food system, including water and our air.The health of our citizens is going backwards, and obama care is just like the failed veterans admin this is what is coming for all of us As they make us sick we will go on lists to die.We are staring in to the eyes of the real traitors, you talk about them everyday.Its time to stand up and non comply, withhold your consent, start speaking out we h
    the people have the law behind us.Start in our town meetings, neighbors friends family Get self sufficient, start preparing ,its time.Try to get nullification laws in your states, these traitors are trying to get the states to change the constitution,ie 35 state rule, they have there traitors in most states all ready.Massachusetts one of the original colonys is no longer.They disolved the counties in 1998 ,no peoples sheriff,now a state function, ITS ONLY TRADITION TO VOTE FOR SHERIFF, SOUND FAMILIAR.The constitution you know that document has the sheriff ie the peoples law officer the head of the militia, the peoples protector No one knows what they did .I was going to run for sheriff, ha ha what a joke.This has been going on for a long long time.Thanks again for speaking out and starting to call a rat a rat

  10. Jerry

    Greg there is another underlying source of why the economy continues to contract and go negative that never gets reported. Granted the loss of revenue from unemployment is the main culprit, but the baby boomers retiring, and leaving the work force is another. The number one complaint I hear from the businesses I service is that they cannot find anybody who wants to show up for work. This generation would rather sit on their ass and play X box than do anything that is productive. Not what you want when you have 125 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities to pay for. Is it any wonder the Fed is forced to print money? When you couple these two factors together, there will never, ever, be any recovery.

    Greg I did something during the Carter administration that I can’t see kids doing today. I was so desperate to find work, to feed my family, that one day I loaded up my tools in my pickup truck and drove around town looking for a building site. When I finally found one I walked up to the contractor and volunteered to work a whole day for free. I told him at the end of the day he could either hire me, or tell me to get my tools and leave. No questions asked. I only had to do this one time before I was hired and got a job. Do think people would do this today? Whenever things would get bad, my mom and dad would always say ” get off your ass, quit complaining, and do something”. Somehow our nation has turned into a country of cry baby’s and lost its work ethic, and I think this speaks more about our demise than anything. Just my opinion.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good story man. If people get desperate they will work–or fight. I hope it’s work.

    • Mohammad


      You summed up the culprit of the disease, you diagnosed it right and your parents put the treatment to the disease that few wants to take, I had to travel across the pond here to have a better support of my family, my kids… well …. they do not even help with cleaning the yard. This generation is brain washed with the electronics and it is so much peer pressure that i found my self losing the war, yes i confiscated all their gadgets and they are in my explorer now but am losing this battle, one day they will forget how to write, and am dreading the day that the “pen” will be found only in the museums, we are living weird times indeed.

      • Galaxy 500

        I agree with your observations 100%. My children dont understand life nor do they believe in God. I feel that I have failed …they are redeemable but its up to them, they are driving their own lives

    • Galaxy 500

      I have meet a lot of people over the last seven years that are retirement age but are so concerned about their financial future that they are not retiring. And these are high paying jobs that younger workers would fill but unless the current job holders quit or get fired, they cant move up. And I dont blame them for continuing to work. With the current financial crisis on the horizon, only a fool would leave a good job for retirement.

      • Jerry

        Funny you should mention that. I can’t tell you how many of my sons friends who have been to college and have a degree are back living with their parents. Different generation alright. I would have slept in my car before I moved back in with my parents.

        • Galaxy 500

          Damn right…I love my parents but sleeping under a bridge was preferable to moving back home. It was a admissions of failure.

          • Chris

            Comments like yours make my blood boil. Galaxy500, tell me the truth, have you ever lived on the street? I doubt it from your comment. I know what it feels like to live on the street. I lived it for three years. 1974-1977. Skid Row, Los Angeles. And not because I was a drug addict or an alcoholic. I just couldn’t catch a break. It took me close to three years to get back on my feet. Sure I did odd jobs during those years. But I didn’t make enough to rent an apartment and feed myself. Most of the time I had to choose one or the other. I know how it feels to sell my plasma for money; I know how it feels to sleep under a staircase and praying to God to help me get through the night. If you’re telling me you rather live like that, well you are one strange individual. I had no other choice since I didn’t get along with my parents. But you bet if I had a great relationship with them I would’ve lived with them until I got back on my feet.

          • Galaxy 500

            Chris Dude sorry I made your blood boil. Glad you made it off of skid row. As far as your arrival there not being your fault, I dont know you well enough to absolve you of blame. There have been days in my life where I didnt have two quarters in my pocket for a pack of crackers. Before you assume I have had such a sheltered life, I suggest you ask. And at no point did I go home to my parents or let them know how hard things were.

          • Galaxy 500

            And I love my parents and have a good relationship with them. My father passed in Jan and I still reflect on the lessons he taught me. At no point would I burden them with problems of my own making. So yes I will take bridge but more likely I’d just camp in the woods

          • Chris

            Galaxy500, I have nothing against anybody. I am pretty you’ve had your ups and downs just like everybody else. But I’ve lived the street life and the last thing I would tell somebody who is going through a hard time is to go live on the street or under a bridge. But that is just me. I have a daughter who is currently living with me, after losing her job with a Fortune500 company late last year. The minute she told me I told her to pack her bags and come back home until she gets back on her feet. She’s been applying to every job that she can. She worked during the Christmas holidays for Wal-Mart, but that was just temporary. She had an interview last month with a great company but didn’t get the job. It’s hard out there. Harder than what we experienced in the late ’70s. Now, as a father I would not feel right knowing that my daughter is struggling and not giving two hoots about it. That’s just me. Others don’t care if their child is struggling, and I’ve seen that first hand. Anyhow Galaxy, I have no ill will towards you. In fact I’ve learned a great deal from your comments here on this site. And this is coming from a guy who made his living speculating on the market after getting off the streets.

          • Galaxy 500

            my daughter recently married. I am a little younger than you. If she needed to she’s welcome to come back for a short time. I have to admit that the last three administrations have done their best to destroy our children’s future. I have spent a reasonable amount of time in my youth camping. Its all fun and games until you run out of toilet paper or ammo or the worst…coffee. Ever put egg shells in the coffee pot on an open fire? …damn…rambling again
            The point I am trying to make is that my daughter is welcome ( while my son is not and likely never will be…he’s not beyond redemption but you have to ask for it and he never will). I feel the politicians sold us and our children down the river so some CEO’S could add an extra dime to the EPS so he could get a bigger bonus and all it cost them was a political contribution.
            Good luck to you sir today, and all future days granted you. I hope your daughter finds a job. Mine is leaving the country in mid July and if they have children they will have Swiss citizenship. I am actually happy to see her go….sounds dumb doesn’t it. The Swiss will not hqve the riots and crime that we will have here and her new husband has finished his military training and has a military assault rifle and a few thousand rounds of ammo in his certified safe. Weapons make for a polite society.

    • smaulgld

      Jerry –
      Your story is inspiring. Had a similar conversation with a friend today who has a 20 something nephew who sits on the couch while his dad is at work who calls him at work when he needs something (batteries for the remote, cash etc).

      Teenagers don’t have jobs , kids don’t work their way through college. They are convinced that their overpriced “education” entitles them to a good job that doesn’t involve real labor. Food stamps and staying at home AND on your parent’s health care plans are options. Since most millennials are similarly situated not working, living at home getting food stamps holds no stigma.
      I don’t wholly blame the millennials, I blame QE for a good part of the whole mess- It entrenched losers and locked out an entire generation of people from economic advancement. http://smaulgld.com/millennials-not-part-of-the-club-yet/

      • Galaxy 500

        My daughter’s college was 90 grand and she earned 70 grand in scholarships that reduced it. Unless you go to a community college, I dont know how you can earn enough to work and go to school. When I started school in the mid to late 70s, college was cheap. But with the govt loans for any degree, prices skyrocketed and you get degrees like womens study (what I did my first time at school) and other silly degrees that dont translate into a job. Any time the govt attempts to promote something, it distorts the market. We have a trillion dollars plus of college debt.
        Just look at housing. Before the housing bubble, people that could not quality to rent from an intelligent owner could buy a house. Insanity plain and simple. Government driven demand to sell houses to the poor by Barney Frank’s, et al . Now what could go wrong with selling homes to people with bad credit history ?

      • Calgirl

        I remember, back in the ’50’s picking cotton for some spending money. The bags for the cotton were at least 10 feet long and 2 feet wide, as I remember. The bags had a strap which you placed over your shoulder to drag it along as you picked the cotton from bowl shaped, pointed and lethal to the hands thingies that the cotton grew within,,,,….and within an hour an inexperienced picker has lost a liter of blood! After a full, backbreaking day, you had earned a big 75 cents! Then, at 16 I got a job as a checker at Acme Food Market. Back then you actually had to know the price of everything….no scanners or sticky price tags on everything. And, unlike today, my school had actually taught me how to make change….today the cash registers at the local fast food joint have pictures on the keys rather than numbers!!!!! Just sayin”…….

        • Galaxy 500

          I cut sugar cane…ok, for one day…snap. I was 12 & 6′ tall. You didnt need to xray me…just hold me up to strong light. I was so sore I couldnt more my arms. I got a paper route…evening paper…and made a lot more money for less work.

    • Diane R

      Amen Jerry. Great example of what men use to do. Sadly the only tools that most of today’s pathetic young males have are cell phones.

    • Anne Elliott

      I know of two brothers – 17 and 15 who are complete opposites; the 17 year old started up a fence-painting business with a friend for summer work and works for Chik-fila the rest of the time while not in High School. He is saving his money for college, and has actually saved more even than his parents, in just a few years! His 15 year old brother, however, has a group of skateboarder friends who have been caught skipping school to smoke weed. He wants to drop out of school completely, and says he is learning “nothing”. Don’t give up on the youth today; there are still hard workers out there, but just maybe not as many have been raised with expectations of greatness as before. I agree with you about one thing, tho, that one 17 year old is not going to be able to fund all the U.S.’s liabilities by himself…

    • Chris

      Jerry, to some extent I agree with your comment. On the other hand I sympathise with the Millennials. You wrote that this country has 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities. I ask you this: why should Millennials pay this debt? It is not even their debt. It’s like having your neighbour come over and tell you to pay his credit card bill. Would you do it? Hell no. I remember the 1970s very well, and let me tell you Jerry we had much more opportunities available to us than what these kids have today. Offshoring wasn’t an issue and there were a lot less people in the workforce. I am tired of our generation putting down the Millennials. Boomers have to face the fact that they dropped the ball and doomed their children and grandchildren. We (including myself) let our government run crazy and didn’t do anything. The other day I apologized to my children for dropping the ball. They forgave me and told me that from here on out we will be by each others side no matter what. If they have to live with me in order to get by, so be it. I don’t care. They are my children and I will help them till my dying day. And they will help me as much as they can. Stop with this generational hate. This is what the government wants. They want us to be down each others throats while they’re busy syphoning whatever remaining wealth this country has. God Bless. Remember, help your fellow man.

      • Jerry

        I disagree with you entirely. I have been working since I was 1o years old delivering newspapers and many other jobs that’s kids today wouldn’t soil their hands with. I grew up with the understanding that the government didn’t owe me a damn thing, and if I wanted something, I had to get off my ass and go get it. That used to be the American way of thinking. Not anymore. Its what’s in it for me. The entitlement mentality that this country has embraced in history will be identified as its undoing. That’ my point Chris.

        • Chris


          I agree with your point. I started working at 9 cutting grass, so we both started making our pocket money around the same age. But the entitlement can be found in every generation, not just in the Millennials. That being said, I have several young people working for me doing odd jobs around my house. At first it was hard getting them to do the work properly but after guiding them just a little bit and showing them some respect, they’ve been busting tail for me. Maybe their attitude stinks because their elders attitude towards them stinks? Just a thought.

      • Galaxy 500

        I disagree that I doomed my children. One doomed himself and the others got a food chance for survival with two BS degrees and a minor in German. Oh our children are doomed but I didnt vote for these morons ( disclaimer;: I hate McCain so I voted for Obama the 2008…I really didnt think he could win and if he did how bad could he be…yes, no fool like an old fool). The problem is that the low information voter, the communist/socialist, and the welfare crack head’s vote all count the same as mine…so do the 81 dead people that voted and the thousand or so that voted in NC and at least one other state.
        So my actions voting didnt doom them…maybe I did by having children with my first wife doomed them. I cant take that back. But I showed them how to work hard and sacrifice for the things you want instead of over extending yourself.
        But in the end…I guess it doesn’t matter. Second American revolution anyone?

  11. Mitch Bupp

    You hit the nail on the head … Yes they are a bunch of disgusting sellouts ……

    the MSM has become part of the cover up; a player in the game for power and the not-so mighty dollar ….

  12. Eddie Laidler

    Silver is at $18.87 an ounce at the time of this post.
    I consider this a steal.
    I tell people “anyone can buy silver”.
    Once you buy it and hold it you will experience the feeling of holding wealth in your hand because you are holding real money.
    I buy minted coins that are IRA approved and trusted.
    Think of how many times you waste 20.00 or could switch your hobby to buying silver.
    Buy only 1 and you will see what I mean.
    I carry one silver coin in my pocket during the day and it is a conversation starter and it is what my grandfather did when we were children.
    Please educate yourself about metals and the security they can provide over the long term.
    It is never too late.
    If you belong to a credit union with great loan rates you would be wise to take $5000.00 and buy silver . I believe you will end up with $$20,000.00 in value .
    That is an unbeatable return.
    Please google, What is money

    • smaulgld

      a 1964 silver quarter bought about a gallon of gas in 1964.
      Today that silver quarter is worth about $3.50 and will still buy you a gallon of gas.
      a 1965 non silver quarter is worth 25 cents and will buy you a small piece of candy coated bubble gum at a supermarket.
      Sure you can make more money playing the stock market. But the choice of holding cash or silver is a no brainer

      • Eddie Laidler

        It’s about the diversification.
        Cash is nice to have to transact with despite it’s devaluation.
        Silver and gold is the storehouse of value.
        You will need them both as your coin analogy proves.

      • Galaxy 500

        Making money in the market is great…right up until the market tanks, your brokerage becomes insolvent or the manipulation of the market goes against.

      • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

        I have on my computer desk, a small leather pouch of $14.00 of pre 1965 coins. 10 oz of silver, They are 90% silver.

        If I took them to a bank, they would give me $14 dollars, if I took them to the local coin shop, them would give me about $190 dollars.

        It took me a little bit to wake up and understand, but I now am wide awake. If any of you that read this wake up, I have done my job

        Kevin, in West Washington St.

  13. Mohammad


    I agree with most o what you say but, and always there is but:

    All wars now are fought with PROXY.
    No direct involvement that can incriminate the country involved.
    There are two factions of Alqaeda fighting in Syria now on behalf of the sponsors.
    The faction that Russia is supporting through Iran called ISIS.
    The faction that is supported by US funneled from Libya through Turkey .
    Same goes now in Ukraine there are a lot of paramilitary militias fighting on behalf of the sponsors.
    Same in Mexico with the so called war on drugs which is nothing more than a proxy war between US/Russia .
    So the money supporting terri is really money supporting proxies.
    Again no justifications just observation.
    So sad of a reality but this is what it is.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective my friend.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Doc
      Happy Friday
      you wrote,”Same in Mexico with the so called war on drugs which is nothing more than a proxy war between US/Russia .” Interesting, what do you have in the way of evidence?

      • Mohammad


        It is the same thumb print seen in Syria, exactly the same with different names (bodies thrown in the trash containers without heads, mass killing, all the crap.. youtube is there for you to watch, you can compare it with the youtube videos from Syria).
        It takes you a fraction of a second to know it … if you lived a second in Syrian’s civil war.

      • Galaxy 500

        just because the drug cartels are using brutality inhuman tactics doesn’t make it a proxy war. Russia has its own drug and alcohol problem. I was looking for evidence. One serial killer coping the acts of another doesn’t link them. You know me, I need proof not a seven degrees of separation type analysis. If a space capsule lands with a monkey inside I will think its a test instead of a project of super intelligent monkey people. If the monkey talks to me, then I’ll reevaluate.
        Thank you for the response .

  14. smaulgld

    Greg your show does not pay enough attention to the weather-that is where the secret to understanding the economy lies. 🙂

    • Galaxy 500

      From what I see its not so much the weather but the whether…whether or not they are going to manipulate the commodities and financial markets.

    • Jerry

      Yep its the weather.

    • Galaxy 500

      Just curious, how much of a factor do you think the weather is in a market where supply and demand are nearly irrelevant due to the extent of fraud and massive manipulation in the markets.

  15. brian

    yeah and the fines paid by these banks are paid by expanding the money supply, in other words, the big joke is that anyone holding FRN’s pays the fines…not the goddamned banks. You know the level of open criminality we are at here is at a point of total instability, I mean its so bad the only thing holding this together is the fact that most people see the sham but refuse to acknowledge it, as soon as even a small tiny little percentage of people do anything to effectively acknowledge the crimes going on here the hammer drops and we either go into a war, a police state or likely both. Isn’t it obvious by now?

  16. Galaxy 500

    I dont see the Israelites holding back on Iran much longer; they can’t afford to. If Iran gets a nuke, they wouldn’t need much of a delivery system. They could smuggle it to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Or they could smuggle it across the Mexican borders and nukes us anywhere they wish. If the latter happens, the entire Obama administration should be tried for treason and then executed as it is Obama’s incompetence that will make it possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are going to wake up one morning and wished you filled up your cars the night before.

      • allen ols


        REF; G5

        NOT ONLY filled up, but stored up several barrels of gas/diesel, with a PRI-G OR D stabilizer.

      • Galaxy 500

        Yes, and spent all the money in your bank account for goods it it will be too late

    • Dwain

      If the latter happens, It will give Obama what he craves. Total control through martial law.

      • Galaxy 500

        I disagree. Oh Obama may go for it but in a time of serve emergency, do you honestly think anybody will get behind the incompetent bastard? It will be a time that leadership is required and Obama is demonstrably incompetent. If he tried to take over, there would be civil war.

      • jc

        Dwain, your right. Obama will be waiting on msm to tell him what’s happened. The cover pic for this wrap up says it all.

  17. Oregon Patriot


    Thanks for calling it like it is at the end. I just hope “they” don’t start seeing you and your site as a “threat to national security” and your site (and God forbid you) end up with a black hood and a trip to never never land in the dark of the night. Scary and “interesting” times we live in. Keep calling a spade a spade and God bless your work and your family!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you OP for the blessings and comment. I can’t see how I am a threat. This is so obvious you cannot miss it and the MSM (especially the White House Press Corp) should be ashamed.

      • Andrew de Berry (Rev)

        Nor need you be afraid Greg. If God is for you WHO can be against you!! lol.

  18. Michigan Lake

    Greg, the USG said the GDP would be up 3% by now and yet it’s down 1%. As the economy goes so goes the country.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding that fact Michigan Lake.

    • Dwain

      Our fiat money based counterproductive economy is a sham. Therefore GDP is a sham.
      Consider that 65 million US jobs out of 137 million total are based in government, health care and education. Where does that money come from? Corporate feudalism (retail), leisure and hospitality (hedonics), law (corruption), insurance (plunder) and finance (primarily based on above) make up another 32 million. Manufacturing is only 8.9 % of all jobs. This upside down perversion is possible due to the toilet paper dollars world reserve currency status, allowing the US to print and go into unprecedented debt. When the dollar collapses, so goes the sham economy. Gold will not do anyone much good in such and environment. You can’t eat gold. To me silver would be better since there is more of it.

      But how do you support 90 million plus jobs on PMs?

      • Ugly

        When the dollar collapses and things cost lets say 8 times as much within just 4 years from now, what are you going to do? Life won’t drop to zero and there may be food available. It may look like $250 for one bushel of wheat. Or that same bushel may be 1 US Silver round that you purchased for $20 back in 2014. You see, in 2018 a bushel of wheat may be $250 in devalued USD, or it could be 1 silver round because an ounce of silver may be $250. So you buy silver as a hedge, not because you might try to eat it. You are hedging that silver will retain its value or go up as the dollar goes down….

      • Ugly

        Dwain. On Gold….

        It has a proven history of over 4000 years. Here are probably the top lists of proven history for holding wealth….

        1. Gold
        2. Other PMs such as silver, bronze, copper, iron, aluminum, lead, etc.
        3. Food
        4. Water
        5. Land
        6. Energy such as coal, oil, wood, and fuel….

        Remember, he who has the gold also sets the rules. Also, people with gold also have access to food….

    • Galaxy 500

      M Lake,
      Its not down one…its down four. Plus three minus a negative one equal four

  19. Larry

    Greg, I really like your wrap-up . I have maintained for a very long time we could not continue to go down the path we are on as a country. It is all coming home to roost and the piper must be paid. The banksters will not prevail in the end. We may even bring back the guillotine for those who deserve it the most.

    • allen ols


      the G Jackass has inside info, that some fema camps have 2 story ovens, complete w/gillitiones. side note my missionary friends, clark and grant s. from europe, were in usa, and told of an Italian buddie working in the northwest, i guessed seattle, not sure, but he wandered at lunch time into an off limits warehouse full of gillitines. He called my friends, clark and grant and told of the event, was very fearful at the sight of them and quit the next day went back to Italy. true story.

      • Galaxy 500

        I have never seen any reasonable verifiable evidence of the guillotine or the ovens.
        Greg have you?

        • Greg Hunter

          I have not but I think there is some truth to the FEMA camps.

  20. Pierre

    Hi Greg,

    I have been watching your reports for quite some time and I love your work. I have an itch though.

    I just finished reading David Stockman’s «The Great Deformation». A very insight full read. You learn that the first steps towards crony capitalism were the FED, FDR, Nixon, Reaganomics, etc.

    We know that President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and that he was awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.” You said yourself today that he was the father of reaganomics.

    Reaganomics was a complete disaster. Just an other step towards today’s crony capitalism. Dr. Roberts was part of it. Can you explain to me why all the credence everyone has about Dr. Roberts ? Did he have a revelation ? A born again moment ? Was he against Regeanomics from the start or did he change his mind since ? Is David Stockman wrong ? What’s the story here ? Just what am I missing ? I would very much like to understand !

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply do not know. That was 30 years ago. What is going to today makes what the Reagan Administration look like kindergarten. If I waited to interview someone without sin, we’d all be looking at a blank screen.

    • Ugly

      You said Reaganomics was a complete disaster.

      That is a dumb statement. FDR and Reagan were the only two true eras where America prospered until true economy and work. Do you really think that the 2008-2014 era has been better than Reagan?

  21. klfoo123

    Hi, Greg.
    Have you heard of this
    DTCC Fraud Cover-up In Progress!
    by Bix Weir
    I’ve been ranting for a long, long time about the DTCC and how it is the hub of criminal activity in our Free Markets. The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation provides clearing, settlement and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments and over-the-counter derivatives. Basically it is the MOTHER SHIP of all documentation repositories throughout the entire spectrum of financial transactions…and it is where evil lurks in the shadows. Massive “Failures to Deliver”, massive fractional reserve stock certificate fraud, facilitator of High Frequency Trading, phoney certificates and MASSIVE AMOUNTS of duplicate share certificates. Did you know that when you buy a stock your brokerage firm doesn’t even purchase anything on your behalf? It just goes into their pool of IOU’s to be netted out at some future date that never actually comes!!
    Proof of massive banking fraud lies in the DTCC archives…and it is now being PURGED!

    Stock Certificates Feared Damaged by Sandy

    Trillions of dollars worth of stock certificates and other paper securities that were stored in a vault in lower Manhattan may have suffered water damage from Superstorm Sandy.
    The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., an industry-run clearing house for Wall Street, said the contents of its vault “are likely damaged,” after its building at 55 Water Street “sustained significant water damage” from the storm that battered New York City’s financial district earlier this week.
    The vault contains certificates registered to Cede & Co., a subsidiary of DTCC, as well as “custody certificates” in sealed envelopes that belong to clients.

    The DTCC provides “custody and asset servicing” for more than 3.6 million securities worth an estimated $36.5 trillion, according to its website. This is the Mother of All Bankster cover-ups in progress and nobody is allowed inside (or under water!)

    Bix Weir was recently interviewed by History Channel 2 for THREE HOURS as part of their new documentary style series America’s Book of Secrets. The information Bix shared with them on camera was to be aired in the episode titled America’s Book of Secrets: Secret Underground. What Bix said on camera was so shocking, after the interview the entire crew told him that they were going to pull all funds out of their bank accounts.
    But when Book of Secrets: Secret Underground aired, Bix had been cut from the show — Not one word Bix shared with them was allowed to be broadcast. But you can know it all right now… Find out the shocking secrets the History Channel could NOT broadcast.”

    • Galaxy 500

      Was watching History Channel’s WWII special. There were so many historical errors that were obvious to me I stopped watching as I didn’t trust it as a source of correct information

  22. Solomon


    A great week of guests with truthful and powerful messages. Thank you. I sincerely appriciate your efforts, passions, and work. Kindly keep doggedly bluddering onward to express and and tell the truth in these evil directed times.

    Best regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Solomon.

  23. Charles H.


    I don’t know where you found this Greg Hunter guy – but he is turning out to be one of your best guests! No market fundamentals; no accountability in government; and a Fifth Estate with an NSA earplug feed. Worthless; priceless: outrageous!! Good job.
    Keep a weather eye on Fukashima (Hanford) and European dissatisfaction (UKIP, etc.)… so much falling apart, from so many sides. And. yes, Mr. Hunter – you may not rub shoulders with bankers and politicians: but you are head and shoulders above your peers in Journalism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H. I guess “this Greg Hunter guy” has a job for another week. I appreciate your support.

  24. Vanelli56

    I am wondering… if main stream media is really controlled by the government, banksters, etc… why did they give Snowden a platform on NBC? Then all of a sudden the NSA declassifies an email that Snowden sent questioning the legality of the data collections, that the NSA denied existed before…. why now? I am wondering what the play is by the gov/feds/NSA in the near future. The only thing I can think of is a very scary scenario… i.e. The NSA ‘prevents’ a terrorist attack… and claims the data they collected helped them prevent it… when it was the NSA that planned it the whole time…. possibly a world wide attack but they conveniently are only able to stop the ‘attack’ on US soil, while some US allies get bombed. Which in turn will lead us all into a continued ‘War on Terror’.
    Just thinking out loud… I really hope nothing like this happens…. but the truth is stranger than fiction.
    Be safe everyone, and God Bless.

    • jc

      vanelli 56 I think MSM always tries to be seen as reporting ( all the story ) around election time. After the election it is back to distortion and distractions.

  25. Larry


    Sounds like another false flag operation to me. Its beginning to look like their are few real operations and many false flag because of the distorted minds of the banksters and central planners. They have to make it look like someone else did it inorder to achieve what they consider to be their objective.

  26. HTC

    Hi Greg, just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website in January and have been checking it daily since then. I love the interviews and I find the comments to be equally as informative. Jerry’s post about a NATO interaction with Russia between June and July I believe is very telling. I actually did a google search for anything resembling this and came to a website called thecommonsenseshow.com 2 days ago that said the time was right for a NATO intervention between the end of May up until the 8th of June. I checked the website again today to reread the article and the article has been removed, I proceeded to check the main page and the whole site seems to have been taken down, struck me as kind of odd. However, I believe that this entire collapse of the U.S system is mandatory to bring about the world powers that we see listed in end time biblical prophecy. Jesus is at the door and the party is about to begin! I say let it come, I’m ready to go home.

  27. Bruce E.

    when are you going to have Catherine Austin Fitts on again? I love her prognostications, viewpoints and wisdom she seems to have such a good background on my way the government works. I really enjoy your programs when you have her on she always sees things differently the most of your other guests and I like her contrasting opinions. Thanks Greg keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bruce E.
      Monday she’ll be on.

  28. HTC

    Yes, Jerry that is the same page I looked at 2 days ago. It’s still telling me that the webpage can’t be found, maybe it’s just me? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that the information you posted is very exciting, we see new developments on a daily basis and every week seems to be a little bit closer to the end, I’m just ready for it to get here already! It seems to me like this process is now becoming increasingly visible to the public and I believe that the powers that be are working on a very short time table to have these, I believe, planned events take place before the common man becomes aware of this dire situation. This thing is about to explode and when it does, as Greg has stated, we will wake up one morning and our world will be forever changed!

    • Jerry

      Like I said , I find it hard to believe myself. The fact is our fate is in the hands of the Chinese. They will collapse the system when they are ready, and according to my source they will launch their new exchange platform from Shanghai and Berlin on the 15th of July signaling the beginning of the global reset. But a lot can happen between now and then. Stay tuned. I am fearful for my family, and my country.

  29. 357Sig


    I extend my sincerest appreciation for the excellent job you do here in these most troubled times for our country.

    You are a true patriot in the spirit of our founders.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say that Sig!

    • Galaxy 500

      Hope you have an extra 40cal bbl . 357Sig is hard to come by. The good news is the DHS purchased a few billion rds of 40

  30. allen ols


    “Ron Paul saw to it that the audit took place. And they found two different loans… $23 Trillion – and it was to the directors and owners and the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve itself. And it’s not exactly a joke, It’s a tragic commentary. They gave $23 TRILLION DOLLARS to the various families so they could buy up the world’s assets when they crashed the system. And here’s the sickening part. There’s a rules of engagement concept for Satanic systems, I do not use that word loosely, SATANIC SYSTEMS. It’s warn your victim and invite him to volunteer for the sacrifice.” — Jim Willie

    • Ugly

      The point of recovery has long past. Nobody is fixing it. It is obvious that the printing is to prop up the elite and when they are done ‘saving’ the dollar, they will let it loose on the general public with all it’s debts, deflations, hyperinflations, and Weimar type republics. It will be sick times. That is why I am getting my dollar stuff down, slowly but surely….

    • lastmanstanding

      Al, it will be the ugliest event in centuries. We will win. Some of us won’t make it.

      We have to or there will be no hope for our kids and grandkids.

    • Jerry

      Thanks Allen.
      This theft has been going on for quite some time.

  31. Jeff

    Greg I used to buy into the Iran bad/US good BS. How does that fit into what happened in Afganistan, Libia, Iraq, Eqypt, Syria, Ukraine, ect, ect, ect. (too tired to check spelling). We are more corrupt than all these put together. We are the ones who have made lives miserable by getting into other countries business that is none of our business. The Iranian general is obviously more informed than 90% of our citizens……. Going after state sponsored terrorist ? Then I guess we need to throw our whole gov in jail because WE sponsor (back) more terrorist than anyone. We aid, finance, supply weapons, intelligence, and training to these terrorists with our tax dollars at the same time they treat us like criminals (again, our tax dollars) taking our freedom (and guns) away….. Eric Holder ??? The most worthless scumbag (except for Nobama) we’ve ever had. No banker, finance, or market prosecutions in 4 yrs. Just citizens on the conservative side. You know, gun toting, constitutional loving terrorists………

  32. Jeff

    Jerry The “window for war” site seems to be pulled again.

  33. Galaxy 500

    News from the hinterlands
    The director of the Veterans Affairs Montana Health Care System plans to resign after 16 months on the job, saying she wants to spend more time with her family, officials said Thursday.

    Christine Gregory, who was appointed in February 2013 to oversee the system that provides health care services for Montana veterans, will step down at the end of June, VA officials said in a statement.

    “Her decision to retire is a personal one motivated by a desire to spend time with her husband, children and grandchildren some 1,200 miles away,” the statement said.

    When I worked in corp America, anytime someone left the company to spend more time with their family, well lets just say hats corp speak for “resign or get fired”. Unless the person is terminally ill which I only saw once in twelve years and hundreds of people leaving.

  34. Galaxy 500

    Not since Neville Chamberlain, has a man been so misguided and incompetent …that is until Obama and his homies hit Washington. Appeasement and talk doesn’t get you anything but DEAD. Ask the Roman Empire. They tried to buy friends and appease their enemies. And in the end, they were sacked and put to the sword. Just like we are going to be. I hope that we can bring Obama, his administration, Congress and the bankers to justice before we go.
    You know, the world isnt a community. Its a damn site more complex. May be Obama would be good as a community leader….hahaha….sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Obama is so incompetent he couldnt run a lemonade stand and you know, a child that has run a lemonade stand has more experience in business than Obama. God help us please.
    Obama gave five killers for this Birddog (yes I misspelled) chap which now that he has been returned should be tried for leaving his post without orders. He should be court marshalled at minimum. I think execution is appropriate as he deserted his post during a time of war. And we put others at risk for this piece of shiite.
    Greg, how much more mismanagement can the military survive. If Obama’s ridiculous rules of engagement didnt kill our heros, his incompetent leadership and the moron he put in charge of the VA will when they get home and need treatment. I keep hearing Shinseki is a hero…my thanks for your service in Vietnam Mr Shinseki…you should be tried and executed for you ineptitude at the VA for the last six years.

  35. Galaxy 500

    I am mad as hell. Obama has just made a target of every citizen that travels abroad. Once again, Obama has failed to do his duty. What will it take for the Republicans to grow a set and impeach the criminal Obama and his minions?
    Now they are talking about NOT repealing Obamacare, just fixing it. A bunch of gutless conniving crocks. You cant fix a 2,000 page bill. Its too complex to fix. It would take 30,000 pages to fix and then they would still miss something. The only sane option is to repeal Obamacare and if they want to, pass a three pager to have state pools to cover the uninsured and make it illegal for preexisting conditions.
    Obama is making Jimmy Carter look like a man’s man. If Obama cured cancer and perfected cold fusion, he would still be viewed as the worst President ever. Hell, he’s making Mussolini look good…but then even Mussolini had an achievement. ..he made the trains run on time. Obama doesn’t have a single achievement. Unless you are measuring the destruction of our country! On that topic, he’s making good headway.

  36. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    Another great Friday wrap-up. I love the way you present your thoughts as if you’re talking to the MSM and calling them out. (i.e. Oh REALLY? The economy’s improving?)
    Pierre’s comment about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and his involvement in Reaganomics peaked my interest so I took a look. The ’80s were a time of incredible prosperity in America so I wanted to see what Reaganomics was about, whether negative or positive. Here’s an excellent link which describes Reaganomics briefly. The comments also shed more light on the subject. All in all, most felt Reaganomics lifted the economy incredibly and that the debt was incurred due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  37. Rodster

    I’ve said it many times that the US wants war and the world needs a global war to distract the masses from the coming global collapse. This is all playing out as Dr. Roberts has feared and don’t rule out a nuclear conflict.

    Each day we read about the US instigating and threatening countries. It had the unmitigated gall to call out China that it was destabilizing the region. That’s rich, the US accusing another country of meddling and destabilizing another country and region.

    You can’t make this stuff up folks. The entire world is going bats**t crazy !

  38. Marc

    Greg, I look forward each week to hear what you have to say about the news that is simply ignored. You do a wonderful job. Please know that so many people depend on your reporting to sort out the truth. Marc

    • Greg Hunter

      Than you for your comment and support.

  39. Mohammad


    Those are the times that the whole world should fear Israel when she is so stressed and coiled.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think Israel should fear Hamas and the PA, after all those are the folks whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel. Lets be fair here. Lots is sin to go around.

      • Galaxy 500

        It amazes me that Kerry thinks that the Israelites should be forced into a feel good treaty with a group of terrorists whose sole goal is the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews. I dont know who would think thats a rational action except the terrorists , Obama, Hillary, and Kerry…all haters of Jews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Kerry should have been scolding the PA for re-joining with Hamas whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel. There is no-way to get a deal now.

  40. Galaxy 500

    And this is what we released 5 high level terrorists for?
    He deserted his post and went to the enemy…he should be tried for treason.

  41. jc Davis

    Greg. If you will. Please ask K. Fitts about FATCA.

  42. CJ

    Let’s remember the ONLY country to use nuclear weapons has been the US. Case in point, why should any country trust the US…especially Iran since the Israeli government is foaming at the mouth to make another Iraq out of Iran.

    • Greg Hunter

      The only country that looks like its “foaming at the mouth” is Iran. There are supposed to be negotiations going on, and Iran is clearly signaling the negotiations are not only over, but it has stated it wants “Jihad” until America is dead. These are dangerous words for all. If you want to hate Jews and Americans, please comment some place else.

  43. Missoura Boy

    You make me proud to be a Missour “a” boy since the honest comments you say is what I have been saying over and over and not listened to. Keep up what you are saying since truth is the only thing that survives!!!!!!!!! Honesty is an “after the caca hits the banyo incident” truth to the majority, and will be acknowledged as reality only when we all of a suddenly “realize the truth” as a past obviousness. We willllllll survive but only with a majority much poorer than the rest of the world. Then we will cosmetically revive with a military that is next to none and an oil economy from Alaska that will keep the U.S. sustainable for the nest 200 years. Life is a Hollywood production and maybe it is meant to be that way. Thanks from someone who is enjoying our current life and is keeping an eye on the future life and very much appreciate you honesty!!!!!!. GB….Missoura Boy

    • Greg Hunter

      Missoura Boy,
      Thank you for your comment and support. Gota love the “Show ME” state!!

  44. NetRanger

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for being a journalist we can trust! I appreciate all the others, but, your professional appearance really fooled me. I’ve been watching and reading your stuff for about a year. At first I could not believe that I could trust you because your appearance is as polished as any of the MSM outlets. Compliments on that, if nothing else. When I started checking your facts, I found that you weren’t BSing me. I head as many people over here as I can. I wish I could get people to listen to you like they listen the the hogwash channels of the MSM liars! Good luck. Godspeed.


    • Greg Hunter

      Wow!! NetRanger, what a nice thing to say. Thank you for the support and promotion.

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