Weekly News Wrap-Up-Greg Hunter 11.18.16

1aabbBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (WNW 261)

The mainstream media (MSM) is in full panic mode as it realizes it is becoming irrelevant. Now there is a so-called list of “fake news” sites out and Breitbart.com and InfoWars.com are on the list.  That is an outrageous claim considering President Elect Trump has called Alex Jones at InfoWars.com to thank him for the coverage.  It is preposterous to think Trump would call a “fake news” site to thank them.  Also, Steve Bannon, who used to run Breitbart, is being tapped by Trump to be his top advisor.  The MSM is losing power to the alternative news.  So, it is attacking legit sites like InfoWars.com and Breitbart.com that called the election correctly and fairly to try and discredit them with false narratives and charges of racism and anti-Semitism.  Top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, says the MSM is on its way out and alternative media is on the rise.  It is that simple.  Celente will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release” and will give a preview of top trends for 2017.

Obama is making his last trip abroad as President of the United States. While out of the country, he is pushing the New World Order agenda to the very end.  The headlines from Greece read “Obama Urges Nations Not to give in to Isolationist Impulses.”  Another one reads “Obama Warns against ‘a crude sort of nationalism’ taking root in the U.S.”  This is the polar opposite of the results of the landslide election where Donald Trump won with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

The 10-year Treasury is signaling trouble in the debt market. Since July, the interest rate on the 10-year has shot up nearly 1%.  It doesn’t seem like much, but the percentage of increase is more 59% in less than four months. Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says this could be the beginning of a bond market meltdown caused by spiking rates if rates don’t stop rising soon.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:


I said Hillary Clinton won only 6 states.  That is wrong.  She won 17 states in the 2016 election.  I meant to say she won only 6 highly contested states.

Gerald Celente will be the guest on the “Early Sunday Release.” He will give his top trends for the MSM, the markets and gold for 2017.


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  1. DLC

    Greg, great, great wrap-up. This is right up there with a Noory or Wells interview. I enjoy commentators who are fast on their feet and fired up. You do sound like you’re headed for speech therapy at times. I jumble my words too when I get as flustered. Obama always talks like a smoothy but he is such a hustler. You are the real deal.

    Looking forward to the Celente interview. No fakery there either.

    I avoid newspapers and TV. I will catch Lou Dobbs and the new Tucker Carlson slot on Google, but even then it depends on who they interview.

    Alex Jones gets me laughing when he goes into orbit. Some try to make him out as a kook. I think that, like you, he has some great guests. I like Matt Bracken even though he spooks me with his take on events. Steve Pieczenik is another one. Alex has a good reporting staff also.

    I’m off to listen to Bill Holter on CTM — a man I look forward to hearing as a result of his appearances here at USAW. Out of all the sites I visit, you have the best pool of guests. It helps to better understand the why of things.

    Keep reading those rags — so we don’t need to.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DLC.

      • Oracle 911

        Greg the MSM will be reduced into a fact source and interest group outlet . Which means the public opinion formation will be on the shoulders of alt media. That means you will have a political role and the size and the number of the official news outlet will be reduced.

        On other news, for Soros and Zuckerberg were issued death threats. The first allegedly died from heart attack the other was marked dead alongside with other Hillary supporter on Facebook, the excuse was was “an error in programing”. This means the interest group behind Trump did its home work. Because if you know how they work it is easy recognize they doing, the 1st warning is in privacy in a friendly manner, the 2nd is public one and there is no 3rd one. Contrary to that the neocons kill first and demands things later.
        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Oracle 911

          I think Soros didn’t understand the warning:

          I just wonder how many of them will be suicided or dealt by other means.

          • Paul ...

            When Soros comes to the US to visit Hillary next week he should be immediately arrested by the FBI for fomenting racial division or “color revolution” in America!!!

            • Frederick

              Youre right he should be but something tells me he will NEVER be as he is part of that elite “club” George Carlin warned us about If Trump went after Soros and his Hildabeast minion then I would believe he is serious about that swamp draining job he talked about Just think of that “swampgas” yuck

      • Sean

        Brietbart news infowars Stratford and Alex Jones are all fake news operations and fronts for Mossad Greg you know that !! They are all Israeli controlled and operat out of Austin Texas Greg don’t be shy admit it . Please Greg post this be honest with everyone

        • Greg Hunter

          The only thing I know to be true is you are a Jew hating paid troll will zero credibility.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Why stop there Greg, call it a ‘Global Holiday’!

    Have a nice weekend 😀

  3. anthony givens

    thanks for the true it’s about time somebody came out and said the right things
    i really believe the security and the power grid is in very much trouble right now so i hope one day you would talk more about it thank you again

  4. NH Watcher

    Obama is signaling to the Elite that he is willing to stay put and continue their agenda in a state of martial law, as seems increasingly necessary. Obama went rogue in his first term, and the Elite grew disenchanted with him quickly, so this last world tour is his signaling to the Elite that he will continue to do their bidding, if he is allowed to stay. He is so desperate to stay, remember, that he even said earlier that his family would stay in DC after January 2017 so that his daughter could finish high school … ironically, that is three to four more years … very convenient.

    LW has long stated that Trump is not a member of the Elite, and the Elite can definitely not afford another President going rogue. Yes, God is in control, not the Elite, but the Elite believe that they are gods, following Lucifer’s deception. And God has a timeline which must be fulfilled too.

    The day of reckoning is fast approaching … first and foremost, get your spiritual house in order. In the end, everything else can be taken away from you.

    • Paul ...

      To bring the elite down … Trump must cut off their funding … this can be easily accomplished by telling Russia “they have our permission” to burn down all the poppy fields in Afghanistan!!!

      • Bob Conolly

        Trump will not be starving the elite and bringing them to justice.

        Trump will not be ‘Making America Great Again’…….

        He will be beholden to the money changers as his only recourse to funds will be via even more debt.

        The following link is to Daryl Robert Schoon and his latest thoughts on where a Trump presidency will lead the USA and the rest of the world. Because Trump will be piling on the debt nothing is going to change. The usual suspects will be in control as per usual.

        Perhaps you need to interview this man Greg……..he delivers a stark warning without all the B.S…….


  5. Ausie Clive

    Another great WNW Greg. Although you didn’t mention it, I was wondering if Trump has phoned you as well. If not, I’m sure he is grateful for your support. Keep that phone handy, he will call you soon.
    Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be scrubbing-up quite so well these days. She looks tired and worn down, wearing very little make-up – nothing like the image of health during her last debate and prior to election day. You know, when they used a soft gold filter to give her that ‘glow’. Nothing like the blue filter and dim lights they are using now.
    So what is their subliminal message here?
    Easy – how could anyone convict this poor old woman, who has just had her life-long dreams dashed.
    However, if you want to quash the Soros & MSM (et al) attempts to cultivate civil unrest in the US, then the FBI or the NYPD must release irrefutable proof of her many crimes. And they must do this before Trump takes office so that he can not be accused of being spiteful and vengeful.
    If the American people are shown the evidence of her crimes now, even the ardent Hillary supporters will sigh with relief and it will go a long way towards defusing any demonstrations planned for Trumps inauguration.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ausie Clive,
      No, Trump has not phoned me but I am trying hard as I can to get an interview.

      • Laura

        Father God, I come before you in the name of Jesus. Open the door of opportunity for Greg Hunter to interview Trump! Give Greg favor! In the name of Jesus.Amem

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Laura,
          I reached out two times before the election and will do so again but not now. He’s got to be totally busy. Thank you for yoiur support and prayers.

        • JC Davis


      • Anthony Australia

        Super Duper!

      • JC Davis

        I would say let me try a connection, but we remember how that last connection with Ron Paul turned out. He don’t even talk to me anymore. People are funny.

  6. ED1

    Nicely done, Greg!!! You are da man! I look so forward to your WNW every week and this was perhaps one of your best yet.

    I too am glad to see some of the MSM losing viewers/business. However, I will maintain that they will always have their base-layer, liberal, minion, snowflakes that believe everything the MSM states as fact. Often times people are afraid of venturing away from their common beliefs, or are simply too blockheaded to change.

    I do have one concern, however. That would be the fact that Obama gave away the internet. My concern is that down the road this may lead to censuring, considering some sites are already under attack. I would hate to see most ALT sites become unavailable.

    I was shocked (although I should not have been) to see that the MSM that I viewed covered Obama’s trip to Greece but not one peep of the protests about him being there. The only way I found out was on Zero Hedge. It appears the MSM refuses to change their business model of bias propaganda.

    FWIW I recently purchased a new computer and I have been unable to figure out how to change the home page from MSNBC that came with it. Today I plan on going to town so I will be stopping by Office Depot for advice on changing it so different site. I’m doing my best not to give those liberal, lying, biased, companies one iota of business, even if it’s a click of a mouse or by use of a T.V. remote.

    Thank you for all your had work and may the Lord God continue to bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      As I have been saying the layoffs in 2017 will be stunning and I think I am a little late on that call. Many will get the boot from the MSM before the end of the year.

      • ED1

        Greg, you were absolutely correct on that one. It is somewhat mean of me to say this but as far as I’m concerned every employee of any news organization that took part in spreading all the false news needs to be handed their walking papers.

        • Greg Hunter

          I understand where you are coming from. The MSM betrayed and misinformed America for the NWO elite.

  7. Doug

    Here’s s list of actual fake news sites: NBC, fox, cbs, abc, cnn, washington compost, ny not with the times, newspeak magazine, slime, not time, magazine,

  8. Chip

    Celebrating the end of a nightmare. Sorry Greg, had to fix that subtitle for you… Chip

  9. Peter

    Great wrap up – I believe all critically thinking people see through the fake news except of course the “educated” and “self-righteous” zombies. My friend wants to make a customized t-shirt with this slogan; “I’m a democrat – I care more than you do.”

    It’s so frustrating to see the idiotic stories coming out in the legacy fake news industry and even more infuriating that people actually believe this dribble.

    True story – a friend gave my wife’s parents a gift subscription to the Newark Star Ledger (another lefty propaganda rag) – after they were done with it I used it to clean my car windows and then noticed that I had multiple tiny splinters in my hand! I suppose the only real use for this landfill material is to start a fire or maybe for composting although the worms might refuse to eat it.

  10. Chip

    Great WNW Greg! Can’t wait for Celente and the early Sunday release… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Celente predicted that trump would win in May 2016 and doubled down in July. He was correct and he previews a few of his 2017 trends on the media, markets and gold. Thank you for your support.

      • JC Davis

        Greg this will be a hit interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          Hope so JC! Celente spends a lot of time on the media and the sweeping change in public perception coming.


          • Russ McMeans

            I’m so looking forward to our Gerald this weekend. He’s our NY hero, like Michael Savage! Rooting for the little guy and the Eddies that went to task in WWII to killed and beat down the liberal progressive Nazis.
            Thank you Greg for the Sterling news wrap up. ( I sent this wwnd link out to friends and my tiny Facebook sites)

            • JC Davis

              Russ I like the fact that you do the smart thing in keeping your list on facebook small. So do I. Even the ones I know are selective. We live in evil times with evil minded folks of deception.

  11. Jerry

    I no longer watch the main stream media. Having grown up in Columbia Mo. down the street from the School of Journalism School, I can guarantee you that the vast majority of journalist have been indoctrinated by Marxist principles since the day they could crawl. During the sixties, many antiestablishment rallies were held on campus by these same department heads. The funny part is that these same people are the ones that want bigger government today. Go figure? Today you have to be a Republican to be against big government. Folks Greg is the only one left in the MSM that has any resemblance of telling the truth. Enjoy his work!

    Are you worn out waiting for the economic shoe to drop? Well according to Janet Yellen the wait is almost over.http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed-idUSKBN13C1FL

    Like Jeff Foxworthy used to say. There’s your sign. What does “really soon” mean? When Trump takes office? In December? Who knows? But should that happen, that snowflake moment could set off an economic avalanche, the likes the world has never seen. Stay tuned to Greg site for updates.

    • Charles H

      Thanks, Jerry. Your good work here is much appreciated.

    • Russ McMeans

      The anti establishment liberal progs became the establishment….. it pays well.

  12. Tommy

    I don’t believe anything the MSM says. I mean anything. I don’t believe anything this administration says. Now we will have any oddball saying or scribbling some racist thing be front page “news”. And like you said, there is just as much of a chance that it will be a staged event by the liberal rabble. And what could be worse is what they don’t report. It is funny how the liberals are analyzing their demise but in the end they come to the conclusion that all of us are just stupid. If nothing else comes from this election at least most Americans have seen the light of truth shined on the total corruption and dishonesty of the 4th estate which Michael Savage has appropriately renamed the 5th column.

  13. Robert Lykens

    The current and upcoming riots/protests by the left are nothing more than a ploy to legitimize public, violent tactics.
    These tactics will be necessary when they come after Christians, as predicted in Matthew 24:9,10.

”9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
    10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.”

Satan is desensitizing society to shocking public violence. When Christians are dragged out of their homes and lynched it will seem “legitimate”.

    • DBCooper

      RL/CH/AJ … Thank you all for your kind and educational/insightful responses to my post the other day. Having positive dialog is so much more enjoyable than the back biting and name calling that seems to be common.
      Greg, your logo had us both laughing out loud !! I would have it as a bumper sticker … even at the risk of having my car keyed!! I do not (as a rule) display bumper stickers but there are a couple that are worthy of putting out there : ‘An Armed Society is a Polite Society!’ ; ‘Don’t Californicate Idaho’ ; and … ‘Celebrate the end of an Error!! January 20, 2017 !!’ Thanks again to you Greg and all of your civilized posters!
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • DBCooper

        PS … Don’t forget the other one … ‘Shoot Your TV’ !! DB

    • Russ McMeans

      Dear Robert; I suspect you’re right. I had that discussion earlier today with a friend. I’m out in the California Sierra Nevada Mtns. and I’m thinking of moving to somewhere less blue and more remote. I need to be with my own kind.

      • Robert Lykens

        Russ, I think you’d like the southeast, especially if you get in the mountains of Tennessee or North Carolina. All four seasons make impressive showings and are absolutely beautiful. Kentucky is another gorgeous state. You can be as remote as you want along the TN/NC border.
        I’m an old Appalachian boy from way back.
        Also, with the taking of the Kentucky state legislature this election, Democrats are extinct in the south.

  14. Robert Lykens

    ‘Break the Cross!’ Muhammad Commands It


    • WD


      This is the true nature of islam….I wish I could make people see it!!

  15. Ken Russell

    Thanks Greg, the professor also listed ZeroHedge and Drudge as well. Google, FaceBook, Twitter et al look like they’re stopping anything except the MSM echo chamber to help snowflakes cry a little softer.

  16. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Our prayers have been answered, Hillary lost!
    Lets us now pray to the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Christians in the name of Jesus Christ, that George Soros will be stopped from spreading his EVIL in this world.
    This generation of vile DEMOCRAT LIBERALS and PROGRESSIVES will find out what is important when America is hit with a Depression and they look for their next meal, woe unto you for the time is near! Depressions teach people what is really important in a hurry!!!
    Obummer’s legacy will be ‘The worst President America has had to date”.
    What do you expect from a disciple of Saul Alinsky!!!
    Watcdogs, read about THE MARK OF THE BEAST in the book of Revelation, King James Version, the technology is available to incorporate it now.
    The Bankers are in the process of eliminating cash!!!
    Do your homework.


      Amen brother

    • JC Davis

      Your so right Jellen. If people don’t speak the truth the rock will. Cant stop those things to come. Think of the lyrics, https://youtu.be/5PzR3eiWwSw

  17. Russ

    Thanks Greg, the whole “fake news” thing is really rich considering the BS we’ve been getting lately from the MSM — opinion pieces on the front page and polling data that was so much fantasy. It’s tough to run a propaganda campaign when there are other folks out there with real news sources who can go direct to the people.

    As for the USA Today dugout photo, The white supremacists typically spell America with a “K” as in AMERIKA. So yeah, the USA Today photographer could have painted it for all we know. Not saying he did, just saying that any idiot could have done it. Front page above the fold and they have no idea who actually painted that garbage.

    Looking forward to hearing Gerald Celente’s analysis.

    • Russ

      Here’s a little piece from my go-to “fake” news site, ZeroHedge — “Snowden To The World: Stop Letting Facebook Control Your News”

      I am almost at the point of wanting Snowden pardoned not because I don’t think he committed treason but simply because of the public service he has provided. If he were tried, he would probably be found guilty of much that he’s been accused; then again, a jury just might nullify.

      That last part is just opinion, the first part is true and fake, sorta like Schrödinger’s cat 😉

      • Greg Hunter

        I don’t think Snowden committed treason either, Hillary is another case altogether.

  18. Charles Ulmer


    When you are up to your asshole in alligators (neocons) it is hard to remember your first objective was to “Drain the Swamp”…

  19. dchayden

    Great wrap up Greg !! Here is your George Soros 60 minutes ( old school) interview that you have been wishing for !! Watch it while it lasts…no doubt it will disappear soon!
    Be warned…the Narcissism and psychopathy is strong in this one !!



  20. Amaguila2009


    It is expected for MSM to go looking for those alternative media sites who made a difference in this election cycle. This is because now they realize InfoWars, Breitbart, USA Watchdog, and other dedicated news sites are legitimate.

    Now we have to stop participating in the media brainwash by removing them in our households.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words and support!!

      • Robert G

        Greg You do realize info wars doesn’t believe we landed a man on the moon, or that it believes Sandy Hook slaughter of 20 some children was fake. Many conspiracies are on that site. It’s a fear site he makes a lot of money selling fear ,gloom and doom. Now Alt right media is the way to go. I saw them edit many videos and produce out right lies. Trump would have never got a start if it wasn’t for MSM pushing his birther stuff and free (4 billion ) worth of free coverage as the latest news fade of the first 10 months or more. That’s all you saw on all the stations was Trump, Trump, Trump. Radio interviews you name it. Good or bad it was all free. Then they realized they made a mistake and started to question and expose him. Can you imagine what Wikileaks would have found in Trumps campaign emails. I think the MSM beat up on the Hill pretty good, she got all kinds of negative coverage.

  21. WK Swanson

    No doubt many of these professors and their followers on the left know exactly what they are doing in try to undermine the American constitutional system of government, but many of them are what Stalin referred to as “useful idiots”. They get caught up in the false-narrative/Trojan Horses of global-warming, social justice warrior, gender-identity politics, and a panoply of other distractions fed to them by Soros, et. al. What so many of these “idiots” do not realize is that they will ultimately be sacrificed on the altar of “progress” if their puppet masters ever succeed.

    Thanks for your consistent exposure of these people.

  22. Benjamin Frank

    Good morning Greg, Your headline might also read “End of the Obama Terror” or “Tyranny is packing it’s bags” “The Swamp has sprung a leak”!
    Hey Berry “You’re fired”!
    Love to read your comments and enjoy your guests! When I’m feeling a little fearful I remember what you are always say,”Fear Not”! Take care .God bless you and your Readers and Happy thanksgiving to you,your family and your Readers and guests!


      Benjamin, I’m 80 percent libertarian and 20 conservative and the point is this. I believe the crazy Marxist Left would love to claim a carbon tax on us all, truly a commie’s wet dream. However, I’m 98 percent sure there’s something to global warming. Understand no amount of money can fix it, not even 100 trillion. This is why I’m sure there’s something to this. I leave in SE Michigan and only last week did all the leaves from the oaks finally drop, that’s unheard of for mid November. Besides that last February 28 2016, it hit 71 degrees here and 80 on east coast. Today November 18, 71 degrees. Since Sept 1, every day has been 5 to 20 degrees above average in Michigan and the Midwest, plains, SW, and east coast. Alaska has been 5 to 20 degrees above normal also. I understand it could just be a cycle, but it’s been like this since 1998 and even before. We do have something strange happening all over the globe, as I check temperatures monthly. Lastly, were at 16 straight months one month being hotter then the last. As I said, I’m 98 percent sure something bad is happening to the planet. Greg has had on Dane Wigington at geoengineering.org. I truly believe the man is 100 percent legit, and he’s no crazy commie nut job.

      • Chip

        Michael, it’s called “weather” and solar cycles. The system is too complex to model. This is why when climate “scientists” develop a model based only on temps in relation to CO2 you know it is fake, phony, and politically motivated. Study the warming and cooling periods in history. They had NOTHING to do with mans impact. And CO2 sure does not as it is a required plant nutrient in the photosynthesis equation. Greenhouses pump CO2 into the greenhouse to increase plant production, that is a FACT. Don’t be duped by the MSM and their straw man argument against CO2 emissions… Chip

  23. Linda L.

    Love the art work!, what a holiday that will be IF he doesn’t plan on blowing us up before his departure. Guess the New York Times didn’t understand who many of their readers were. It was the “nationalists” and patriots as Obama rudely refers to who are dropping the Times and similar NOT news reporting agencies by the droves. Did the left really believe that all these illegally imported immigrants, many who don’t read/speak English, and are busy collecting tax paid benefits, cell phones, back packs etc. care to sit around reading the New York Times over coffee and bagels? Did they really believe that these folks would change this election because of what the New York Times had to say via osmosis? This just proves to me that the American Spirit/Nationalism is still alive and well or the New York Times etc. would be doing much better. Thank you for your information and God Bless America!

  24. Bob

    One of your best wrap-ups ever Greg !
    This whole fake news list is a joke – the ‘people’ have already figured out who is fake and who is not. The fake news report itself is FAKE NEWS !! What the report did was give me a list of sites I didn’t know existed to have a look at.
    Greg, you need to be congratulated profusely for the accurate and amazing reporting you did through this whole election cycle. It must have been so frustrating for you to be screaming the truth and wondering if people were awake and listening ! Your USA Watchdog is one of the very best sites to get an accurate handle on what is actually happening. What I experienced through this cycle was a realization that CNN is totally corrupt and I don’t watch ABC, CBS or NBC anymore – at all period ! I do watch USA Watchdog, Trends Research ( Mt Gerald Celente ) , Zero Hedge, Info Wars, RT and Brietbart. I used as my bench mark – WikiKeaks that no one to date has refuted the accuracy of th content. MSM buried WikiLeaks or yapped more about the ‘Russisn’ source – ridiculous !
    As it turns out it was alternative media that kept us properly informed . The Americsn people responded to the ‘truth’ and elected Trump ! Will Trump do a good job ? That is to be seen and he needs the chance to show what he will do. I further have every confidence that if Trump goes off the rails the alternative media will hold his feet to the fire as well.
    All this to say Thank You Greg Hunter for all of your wonderful work. Tens of thousands of people listened to your sound reports and responded witn their ballots. Keep up the good work sir, I for one will be tuning in !
    Can I suggest that for a humorous report one day when the dust settles that you have Lionel from Lionel Media on as a guest. He is great !
    Here is a sample: http://youtu.be/XvUYe1SPnt0

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct this Lionel dude is very interesting and good!! I like him!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Bob: ditto that! Thank you for being my ‘alt fingers’ and typing out all these ecolades to Greg. My hands are damaged from work so I can’t type/write much.

  25. David

    In all the coverage over the past weeks, the one issue that has gnawed at me is the term “safe spaces” on school campuses, as well as watching school-age children (unable to vote) walking out of class to demonstrate against Trump.

    When I was a child in school, if you acted out, you got the “board”… usually three whacks. Some of those boards had holes to reduce air resistance as the board zeroed in on your ass. Safe spaces? What safe spaces? There were consequences… and you knew it! Today, we coddle kids too much.

    Many years ago, my son, entering 6th grade, handed me one of many forms that parents sign at the beginning of every school year. Regarding one form, he proudly stated that my signature would ensure that no one in the school could use corporal punishment. He was right. I promptly signed the form and then told him, “I’m going to call your principal in the morning and tell her that if you ever act out to call me immediately. Then, I leave work and travel to the principal’s office and personally spank you in front of your principal.” Guess what? I never went to the principal’s office.

  26. flattop

    01.20.17. America gets released from the prison of stupidity.

  27. Ricky

    Love the logo at the top of the page. I need that as a bumper sticker. I will definitely be celebrating the day Obama is out of office.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too Ricky!

      • JC Davis

        ME THREE GREG !. Today I was told I should take OBAMACARE , I said hell no I will not take anything that violates my religion of honesty. Altho it is free for me as would be disability(SSI) I want to take care of myself because I have lost all hope in government, and health no care. The chumps can shove it. Obama was the worst at the worst time for me.

  28. Brad Skiles

    Great reality check, Greg. You are a voice of truth.

    In Indiana, we didn’t plan this “Protection at Conception” bill because of Trump, but his election, VP Pence pick, and their view of the not-so-Supreme Court … is very encouraging. Maybe God has something planned. There are six other states currently proposing bill similar to Indiana’s … bills which would end the slaughter of babies.

    Our bill:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brad. Very interesting video as abortion does, in fact, equal murder.

  29. Jay T

    Hello Greg, Another informative video. I sent a respectable email to Mellisa Zimdar. If the readers are interested here is her email address. I would suggest a tasteful comment to her failure as a source of Academic description of what constitutes propaganda news.
    [email protected]

  30. Si Turner

    Hello Greg, thank you, your wrap-ups are entertaining and informative. It is great to see sites like yours on the ascendent, especially now that the veil has been well and truly ripped away from the disgraceful mainstream media. The sooner MSM is consigned to the rubbish bin of history the better off we’ll all be!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Si. The MSM continues to destroy itself with the false narratives and outright lies. I feel sorry for the rank and file who are led by NWO Marxists.

      • Robert G

        Greg, Look what people go to for the truth. http://wpo.st/WzYF2 People believed this stuff because they never fact checked. Just believed the lies. That’s scary. The MSM may have their problems but believing the far right sources, Breitbart, Infowars, and others that have had their share of conspiracies, lies, or passed on lies is the answer? Maybe people just don’t care about the truth anymore.

  31. andyb

    The neoliberalism default position against all enemies is “RACISM”. Many of us are getting quite tired of it, Probably a big reason middle America told Hillary to shove it. There is a purposeful effort in this country to foment division to engender a new civil war or some such; the creation of chaos has always been an elite meme, specifically in the history of the Red Shield. Unfortunately, this is not recognized by the snowflakes; a good example of how low the education in the US has fallen, and the general absence in the population of critical thinking. All according to plan. First there was the unionization of teachers and then the indoctrination of cultural Marxism in teaching curricula, and now the attack on free speech. It was enough for the Social Justice Warriors to eliminate Civics, shop and mechanical classes in high school. You wonder how the children of America are going to survive in the real world. But that’s what Big Government is all about, isn’t it. /sarc

  32. Greg Hunter

    Mr. Miller,
    It is clear that the Left (communist/socialist NWO class, that’s you) will blame the huge debt explosion that built up under the Obama Administration on Trump. If a “juvenile” commenter would go back and look at what the Project VERITAS” caught on video with top PAID DNC operatives, you would know that voter and election fraud is a big component of the Dem strategy. It always has been. Here’s a link from the real news site InfoWars.com that talks about 3 million illegal aliens that voted in the 2016 election: report-three-million-votes-in-presidential-election-cast-by-illegal-aliens Another set of facts were exposed in 2012 with Pew Research. Pew Research said 24 million voter registrations were “inaccurate” and “invalid.” It also mentions millions of dead people still voting, and there are registrations in multiple states. http://www.pewtrusts.org/~/media/legacy/uploadedfiles/pcs_assets/2012/pewupgradingvoterregistrationpdf.pdf So why don’t you stop telling the Lefty lie that there is “no voter or election fraud.” Run along and pick up your check from George Soros and to a protest. You lost you little cry baby snowflake, and “We the People” won despite the dirty tricks and propaganda mainstream (dying) media collusion with your lying cheating godless party.


      NICE SMASH DOWN – SMAKE DOWN ON MILLER SNOWFLAKE….. My biggest smile of the day.

      • Fidoe

        Their hot out the Trump kick arse meetin!

    • Robert Lykens

      Greg, I like you more every time I come here.

      • Greg Hunter

        I like you too Robert.

  33. Da Yooper

    The MSM is projecting big time & I expect most folks will be able to see through their BS. And no we do not need for them to be the arbitrator of what is the truth.
    Personally I can not trust the MSM ever again. They are as corrupt as the clintons .

    Love your passion & enthusiasm that you bring to what you do….Keep up the good work Greg & dont feel bad I am sure their overlooking USA Watchdog was an over site ……lol

  34. Jerry

    More evidence piling up that the paradigm shift is getting ready to take place.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ve talked about it for months. In truth, its already happened. The American people just haven’t been told yet.

    • Jerry

      Boy was I wrong on this one. China moving to a digital system by years end.

      It now appears the banks are sealing the exits before they collapse the system. How else can you explain this sudden rush to digital currency? First India, then Australia, and most recently CITI bank here in the U.S. My guess is the liquidity in the system is beginning to seize up so much that they have to have total control over whatever is left in it. In short, you and the money you have in your bank account may be soon parting ways, or alt the very least how much of it the bank will actually let you have.

    • Tin foil hat

      You are onto something.The dollar is on fire right now! That should be a good thing for the dollar, right? I mean, the dollar is up and everything’s great in the US, from the stock market to the GDP. Up good, down bad, is that how it works? And why is the dollar rising when our trade deficit is still above $40B per month?

      Currency strength—a propensity to constantly rise—has always been the dollar’s curse. It’s why we print, to keep it from going up, because if we didn’t, it would just go up up and away, all the way up to currency heaven. It is a characteristic of being the reserve currency, and it is a vicious circle that drives the dollar’s exchange rate and our trade deficit up.

      The Triffen dilemma is a ghost in the Ponzi dream. The dream end when we can’t print anymore and the dollar goes to currency heaven. China is offering Trump a way out.

      • Jerry

        Tin Foil Hat.
        Something is clearly going on. My niece just got back from China and she said that she had a hard time exchanging paper currency. They are refusing to take dollars. She said she had to use her credit cards to get home with. With China going digital, it sends up a red flag.

  35. Diane D.

    The globalists and their lap dogs have been flushed out into the open thanks to sites like USAWatchdog. Thank you Greg for being a true patriot.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane for your support and comments!

      • Gina M Mancarella

        So Greg – ‘Fess up already. Your wife voted for Hillary, didn’t she!
        Oh yes she did!

        Your friend,


        • Greg Hunter

          No Gina,
          Like me, she would never vote for a treasonous criminal with a global charity fraud. I can’t believe the Dems cheated Sanders to put up a candidate like her.

        • Diane


          Here’s what happened Gina.

        • Donna from AR

          Hey Gina, wow Hillary in the White House…..NOT!!!!!!!!

        • JC Davis

          Gina I am sure a hard days work would fix you. Please consider getting a JOB !

        • JC Davis

          Gia that is just RUDE even for a liberal.

          • OutLookingIn

            I cannot believe that ANYONE who acknowledges this proven “Troll” gives this vile filled entity credibility!
            Please. Please, whenever this slime ball raises their bent mind – just ignore it. DO NOT give it any credibility. Months and months of crap postings from this ultra left monster is enough already!

            • JC Davis

              I do my best.. Evil brings out the worst in me sometimes. I am only human, and That woman Greg made me do it.

  36. Hatemail

    Racial Nationalist Party of America
    This organization is located in Lockport, NY.

    The picture you displayed was located in Wellsville, NY, just 80 miles to the southeast. There may be a legitimate connection.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then again, there may not, and nobody knows who did this. The USA Today published that photo for propaganda reasons. That was the point. A juvenile spray paint on the back of some obscure dugout in NY does not make a national trend as the USA Today propaganda rag reported. I thank you for your support and comment though!!

  37. Doug C

    It is the same all the time. The left/”Progressives” always PROJECT their own behaviour onto their enemies. They (the left/progressives) are the ones Protesting/rioting and using defamitory language. “Rape Milania”, that is completely discusting. They are hipocrits and the SnowFlake Generation will be a lost Generation because they have been brain washed to never think for themselves, have “safe” spaces, and get “triggered” if they don’t like someone elses thoughts. Very pathetic, but the people with power (NWO) will do what ever they can to control people. The left doesn’t realize that they are “Slaves” to the NWO without knowing it.
    Thank God enough people still have critical thinking abilities to Vote for Trump. Let’s hope he can actually clean things up somewhat.
    Take Care Gregg and keep up the great work.
    By the way, the Dollar index is up to $101.40, up from around .96c a couple weeks ago. Countries are selling US Bonds, so more dollars need to be produced to buy them (US Fed?).

  38. James Sullivan

    Hi Greg. It must surely be a sign of the times, when we give thanks the president elect will at least ‘not drag us into a nuclear war’ …meanwhile acknowledging the financial crisis will will not be solved other than by complete systemic failure and the ensueing chaos. This is surely the bonfire of our vanities…..
    The hubris of the elite knows no moral bounds, and one flawed politician will not have the leverage to solve this mess. Store food, stack and load …..and look to the well being of your neighbors. Thanks for your great work.

  39. heritage

    If you want to make America great again you will need real money.

  40. eddiemd

    “Election rigged in favor of Trump”

    You should get back on your medications if you still believe that. That statement gives you no credibility.

    • Galaxy 500

      Doc, lithium or thorazine for out snowflake

  41. Jan

    Greg, I immediately noticed that the source of the fake news list you held up was an
    “assistant professor”, meaning entry-level rank. After several years at the rank of assistant professor, professors are expected to earn the rank of associate professor. From there, associate professors can go on to achieve the rank of full professor, but this step is usually optional. They advance in rank through publications in peer-reviewed, reputable journals plus other significant contributions to their academic fields, such as awards. Assistant professors who don’t earn the rank of associate professor are usually dismissed (fired).

    With this in mind, I found an article written by Chelsea Schilling at wnd.com about Assistant Professor Zimdars. Guess how long she’s held her teaching position? Only 15 months! She also “received her doctorate in communication and media studies just last year.” Her degree cost her “$60,000”! If she doesn’t achieve the rank of associate professor, guess what her chances are of finding another job!

    I couldn’t help but notice the contrast to my husband, [a full professor in Mech. Engr.] who obtained his PhD at Purdue University with NO DEBT because he spent part of his time as a “teaching assistant” handling undergraduate lab courses, which also gave him valuable experience when applying for a university faculty position.

    Schilling adds: “Zimdars has not responded to WND’s request for clarification on her expertise or criteria for deciding which news sources to include on her list.” No surprise there! Yet isn’t this USA Today and every other source should have done before publishing Zimdars’ list? Ask her why her list has credibility?

    Schilling then ended her article by listing journalists who have been exposed on wikileaks for colluding with the DNC and Clinton campaign and generating dubious “news” stories! Of course, none of them were at Breitbart or Infowars!
    So much for Assistant Professor Zimbars!
    See Schilling’s article:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jan!!

    • Chip

      Hi Jan, I’m an ’82 Purdue engineering grad. Go Boilers! Chip

  42. Paul ...

    All the MSM asses that have been making a living “spewing shit on the American people” should buy themselves some lip stick, a wig and a mini dress and begin hanging out on street corners in the lower Manhattan (in the Village) and begin to put their asses to real work earning a living being the presstitutes they really are!!!

  43. Southern Girl

    Love, love, love your take on everything…making a donation today. Keep us informed like you always do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Southern Girl!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      It’s not a donation but rather an investment 😀

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Yes, I agree with comments above: 1: A HOLIDAY 2: Trump should have called 3: Trump should give you and interview! 4: Trump can never claim you are ‘low energy’ ! lol Thank you so much for your energy and pursuit of the truth !
    That said…appears one more might qualify for the Clinton dead pool list- one named
    Monica Peterson
    So I hope after this reprieve by Trump getting elected…and that he- will- take office…that he has the his new AG Sessions not let the murders of DNC staffers and others go unanswered nor the email situation and Clinton Foundation tentacles! We can hope…but one thing at a time….so first Trump gets to his swearing in ALIVE !
    Then… we might have a chance to unravel the web of corruption and deceit …and into what the NYPD has on the pedophile ring too ! The truth likely will be painful for our nation to deal with…but it is required to re-establish a clean slate and trust.


    Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on this woman’s organization:
    One of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Laura off the hook:
    And the attorney who represented Laura Silsby? A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:
    Even more disturbing, we uncovered an email in Wikileaks where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children:
    Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

  45. beLIEve

    Critically Acclaimed Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe Releases an ACTUAL “FAKE NEWS” List

    Breaking News By Amy Moreno November 18, 2016

    Melissa Zimdars who created the FAKE “Fake News” list is a looney feminist professor
    who hates Donald Trump.

    Melissa Zimdars, Creator of the FAKE “Fake News” List


    SOUR GRAPES…..I am assuming Zanders was a KILLary supporter.

  46. Charles H

    Mr. Miller,

    There ARE strong ideological differences in America. The Conservative Right lost, mainly through tolerance, a span of political history to the Liberal Left. The result has been nothing short of disastrous economically and socially, as Obama threw the rudder completely to the left on the USS America, and held it there. The Right has been quite civil and tolerant, waiting for the proper opportunity to make changes. It came, we won, and the opportunity now is to return America to a more central posture or position. What is really disturbing is the immature, intolerant, uncivil, hateful, and pretty much downright rotten behavior of the Liberal Left. For eight years you have had your political/ideological way – is it impossible to accept that now others of a different persuasion should now have their way? It is like nobody but those like you matter. The fact is: there are a LOT of people not like you – and they DO matter. Despite the claims and all the words: the intolerance is on the side of the Liberal Left; and therefore the attendant hypocrisy. The”ignorant, arrogant, and just plain stupid people” – is the one you see in the mirror, and your ilk. You couldn’t state it plainer if your said it yourself! Oppps! You did!

  47. beLIEve

    Love the wrap up….reference ………GUN CONTROL.


    The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.

    The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

    The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

    The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.

    Attorney General Wickersham advised President Taft, “the Organized Militia (the National Guard) can not be employed for offensive warfare outside the limits of the United States.”


  48. RTW

    I think Congress’ s first act should be to declare November 20th as a National holiday to celebrate our new found independence from the tyranny we’ve suffered through for the last 8 years. It will serve as a stark reminder what can happen when we get too lazy, to get out and vote, partly because we put a dodering old fool and then a milktoast candidate up against a guy who had nothing going for him other than he was a politically corrected, blank slate, with just the right complexion.

  49. Bill

    GREG: Very interesting that our Pres Elect having a sit down with the morman dude. Is this a peace pipe smoke, or what.???

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump is a deal ,maker and he needs all the help he can muster getting his deals done for America. He is not going to get everything he wants but he will get much done. He has already gotten Ford to stay and not go to Mexico. He’s not even in office yet.

    • MCasey

      Bill…..Trump’s first priority is to ensure he has 8 years to complete his changes. So if those individuals, who fought against him in this election, have an “investment” of sorts in his administration, then they will protect and even fight for that “investment” when Trump runs in 2020 (and not fight against him). You know the adage: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Trump is brilliant, has a heart for the America people and a love for America……he’s a horrible “white nationalist” who fights globalism and gives Obama sleepless nights.

  50. Steven R

    Mr Miller is following t the liberal communist play book and is simply gearing up for the “lets blame Trump” for all of the economic messes that will only begin to be reported by the msm (liberal propaganda) once he takes office. Their plan of attack will be to blame Trump for everything and it will be relentless and vicious. Attacks of racism, incompetence, meanness, and other vile attacks will be daily and on going once he takes office.

  51. OutLookingIn

    Mr. Miller,

    Enlightenment occurs with education.

    May I respectfully submit Sir, that this has not come to fruition in your case.
    Unfortunately, you seem too concentrated and narrow within your small comfort zone, to be able to completely grasp reality as a whole. As a matter of discussion with you, this would be an exercise in futility and would prove to be an insurmountable amount of cognitive dissonance in your makeup.
    Your ad hominem attack upon President – elect Trump without first gauging his performance as the countries newly elected leader, proves your lack of critical thought. Please notice the phrase “newly elected leader” key word being ELECTED.

  52. Larry Galearis

    Hi Greg,

    Nice rant!
    I was thinking about what the elites will do about Hillary. If the pursue the Clinton Foundation as a fraudulent charity, there will be a trial of the century circus around it. A lot of crooked connections will be exposed to the public and the shadow government may be exposed to some extent. So a pardon, before the charges are laid would be considered. I was told, perhaps incorrectly that in the US, a criminal can be pardoned without charges – in order to avoid the charges. In a sense FBI Comey already started that process with the email scandal whitewash. And she probably would be charged with treason – which raises the huge question of how a criminal of that stature, and with all that pending during her attempt on the presidency, could the United States government choose such a creature for a candidate?

  53. Mike R

    There’s going to be a LOT of rhetoric out there, whereby people will warn of protectionism and ‘tit-for-tat’ trade wars. These are being espoused by the globalists, and mostly ONLY the elite, richest of the globalists, for the continued exploitation of all workers, serfs, peasants, or ‘deplorables.’ People like Obama, Soros, the Clintons are going to be leading that disaster, and you’ll see all sorts of propaganda going forward that is higher pitched and more frequent than ever before. These people will not go away easily. Many country’s citizens are backlashing against this meme, so its very wrong for these globalists to say we in America are ‘isolationists.’

    I only point this out, because the election of Trump is a big, big catalyst for people to rise up, and the Powers that be, are more scared and concerned than ever before, that they have lost their chances to control all of us. We all have to reject this sick notion, that country’s should be ‘borderless’ and that ‘free trade’ is somehow ‘good’. What these globalists do, is they warp the definition of language, and what they mean by ‘free trade’ is THEIR FREEDOM to stomp all over you, and oppress you, and drive down your standard of living, so that they can retain theirs. This is no different than when Rome tried to conquer everything on the planet, and ‘control it.’ But this time it is not one country trying to do it, not the US trying to do it, but the spread out globalists who are elite, rich, and powerful. They only hold those positions, by taking from all of us, pilfering via financial weapons, debt issuance, skimming off of every dollar and earned dime.
    People – don’t ever back down from these monsters of globalism. They are wrong, and we will kick their arses. Its this sort of baloney I’m talking about, that we need to fight tooth and nail against…..http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-17/hillary-attack-dog-david-brock-plotting-billionaire-donors-kick-trumps-ass

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      I don’t think you grasp the power of the Presidency. These guys better be careful. They don’t have the rule of law, the FBI and the Justice Department behind them and that’s just for starters.

      • Mike R

        The globalists, connected to the UN, and the deep state are the areas of concern Greg. There are a lot of large moneyed interest’s, that can control the banking system, and thereby reduce any President’s power. I think Jerry’s comments and articles about digital currency, and China forming a separate system outside of SWIFT, are indicative of some nasty things to come for us here in the US.

  54. ED1

    Greg, your new American holiday pic is awesome! I only hope and continue to pray the DJT is sworn into office. Lord knows there are enough evil forces against him.

    My prospective on all these the protests are two fold. One is Soros and the oligarchy are trying to create as much civil unrest as possible by use of their minion liberals. A few days ago I saw a youtube video of busses lined up for five city blocks in Chicago. They were bumper to bumper on both sides of the streets. As reported on ZH, something like 60% of the protesters that were arrested came from out of state and 40% of them did not vote.

    It’s to my thinking that the second aspect and intentions by Soros and the oligarchy is to attempt to draw in protesters from the pro Trump crowd to cause as much civil unrest as possible, thus adding fuel to the fire. This may just be enough to stop Trump from taking office. I hope I am wrong on this but my gut is telling me I am correct and I hope the Trump fans do not fall for their evil intentions. One thing is for sure (and I’ve said this all along if Trump wins the election, which I did not believe was going to happen) when this economy tanks the liberals will no doubt blame Trump for it. We are in for some interesting times in the very near future. Considering how the liberal college kids have reacted to the Donald winning the election, how are they going to handle it if/when the economy were to really shut down in a massive way? I’m not sure if there will be enough of their so called “safe places” for them to run to. May be a good time to invest into the tissue business. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      I just thought it was appropriate since Obama is trashing America overseas–again with the “Crude sort of nationalism” appraisal of the United States. I guess it was “crude” to reject all his horrible and in many cases unconstitutional policies in a blowout election. What an un-American weasel to trash the county abroad!!!

    • JC Davis

      Ed 1 that’s was so good. Rest assured trump will take office. Draw in protesters you say? There will always be protesters in a democratic Republic.. It will fade. Few thought Trump would win.
      How are they going to handle it if/when the economy were to really shut down in a massive way?
      Better then Hillary would.

      • JC Davis

        Ed 1 just think if we the awake ones forget the past , how asleep the protestors must be.

  55. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg for the mention. I am a HUGE Greg Hunter fan!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are my friend and one smart guy. I lean on you a lot for weekly analysis of the markets. Thank you.

  56. Jack

    Very entertaining, while factual. Why watch Fox, MSNBC, NPR, etc. ad nauseum, when you can watch Greg and get the real skinny with a great “schtick”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jack. I work on the Wrap-Up all week long.

      • JC Davis

        I look forward for the wrap up more then the interviews.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you JC. I work on the WNW all week long.

  57. SharkBit

    Dear Greg, You are a true patriot. A badge of courage to be on the MSM “fake-news” list. I am donating to your site (finally) in hopes that you can one day get there . Keep up the great work Greg! I enjoy your reporting ethics and honesty immensely.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the donation and the kind words!!

  58. Robert Lykens

    My son has this one:
    “Every time you vote Democrat, God kills a kitten”.

    • Robert Lykens

      Sorry, this is for DBCooper, posted in the wrong box DB.

      • JC Davis

        LOL Love it !

      • DBCooper

        RL, Sorry friend, I must be a little slow on the uptake!! … just a simple farmer !! Sooo … I guess you must explain … ‘Kills a Kitten’?? DB.

        • Robert Lykens

          Just a dig at the left.

  59. al

    The radical “main stream” media… RADICAL! Please Greg, if they call real news sites fake then slap this reverse psy-ops brand back to them. When you say Main Stream, please use the word RADICAL in front of it because that’s what they are.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Al!!

    • JC Davis

      Bingo Al. Today standing in a long line I started three different rumors about why the line was so long. As I was leaving I herd one of my rumors. LOL word of mouth travels faster then truth un media.

  60. Tad


    Another feel good story to which Barry is likely linked–perhaps worthy of a few hundred thousand.

    Being labeled the worst US president probably doesn’t bother him. He will cash in after his regime ends. Talk about your deplorable presidents.

  61. JC Davis

    Miller. Why hate us? Don’t Love overcome hate ? You come here to post against America, and our election process. Sure it is not perfect, but it is the longest running Republic in history. Those that don’t like a republic don’t like snow on Christmas.
    Rigged ? some yes, but Trump beat the establishment / Oligarchy. Now that goes without question.
    Otherwise you should be our president. We will see.

  62. Greg Hunter

    It is going to be hard to pin 8 years of uncontrolled debt accumulation, fraud and money printing on a new guy in office. This too will backfire.

    • WD


      I believe Martin A is right about this, we have been drifting to this good vs evil battle since the 1960’s….This generation of spoiled brats knows only that they are entitled to everything.

  63. Charles Turner

    It wouldn’t matter if Obama gave Hillary Clinton a blanket pardon, because he couldn’t do it for Bill, Chelsea, Chelsea’s husband, Huma the maid who printed and read classified documents and many more etc, etc. Others could be prosecuted and by implication Hillary would be found guilty by the general public

    I am reminded of ‘The accused’ staring Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis.

  64. Sayonara

    Great WNW. The MSM are nothing but a bunch of lying fraudulent criminals. I am very entertained that they can only make false claims of racism against us “deplorables.”
    The MSM and their elitist goons need to be “brought to justice.” The first goon that needs to be brought to justice is George Soros. And if I were the newly sworn in President on January 20, 2017, my first act as President would be shoot a cruise missile up George Soro’s ass and blow his ass to kingdom come as an national security measure. It is time that the left is proverbially crushed killed and destroyed with absolute and extreme ideological prejudice period for what they have to the middle and lower classes of our society. I am outraged by the wicked and tyrannical left and all I can say “NO MAS!”

  65. Steve Sullivan

    Greg, as a Merrimack College alum I was appalled at the ” Fake News” article by M Zimdars. She didn’t even attend Merrimack College. I still live a few miles from the school. Just want you to know that I forwarded a link to your Friday wrap-up to Zimdars and her boss. LOL. The college is not going to comment on her article :-). I’m making a contribution to USA Watchdog today and I want to thank you for all that you do in broadcasting the truth. I also made a contribution to Julian Assange last week as well. Thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is !! I am a weekly visitor to your website and will always be. Thank You. Steve S

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!!

  66. JC Davis

    Gal 500 To finish the Wednesday comments
    I am saying Greed is measured in two ways.
    1 to get all for me
    2 Needs can be separated by gains. Think in reverse. The money can change how you see the world, and in rare cases changes how we view God..
    If power corrupts why is money any less?( No ) Money corrupts absolutely because the world operates by it. The more you own, the more you maintain ,Ins , taxes ect.. Yet the cycle keeps going on for what ? A false hope in gain outside of real hope in God.
    I hope I explained this right.

    • Galaxy 500

      JC, Your first supposition that power corrupt and total power corrupts totally is just a tired cliche and isn’t based on fact or a study. It is based on a quote by John Dalberg-Acton.
      Anytime you say that something “always corrupts” you are wrong. Stereotypes are based on reality but exceptions are always implicit. I know good people, some that are worth tens of millions and if you met them in public, they are down to earth, you never guess they had money, a lot of money. Yes, they have nice houses and cars but they worked damn hard for everything have.
      Sure, power corrupts some, I can even agree that most are effected by heady effects of power but I do not agree that power corrupts everyone, nor do I believe money does so. That would mean that there are no moral people. I don’t buy that.
      “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”
      John Dalberg-Acton, First Baron Acton
      Just remember JC, that the only one holding absolute power is God.

      • JC Davis

        G 500 your right. Ha, but not all the way. LOL The only one holding absolute power is God. Agree !
        For every- Every rich one there is a line of people he, or she walked on to get the ( power money gives). Not saying they cant repent and be good with God. I will say too many think they can do what they want and come to God later. It don’t work that way. God said I will draw men to me. He will not draw those that close him out. I have seen money destroy rich, and poor alike. Always is indeed a big word seeing we are only human. Love from Tenn.

  67. WD


    You mentioned Cliff High told you the democratic party will cease to exist, did he expand upon that at all…it seems to be growing in strength.


  68. Galaxy 500

    So, all the media in the tank for Hillary. The voter fraud by Democrats .
    Hillary will be in jail.by the end of the first quarter. Pay for play, National Security/ Espionage Act charges, Charity fraud
    I can’t wait. Even if Trump makes some missteps, he an honest man. Hillary would have robbed us blind.
    You poor deluded child. How are things so in Momma’s basements.

  69. C romana

    Yes Greg, the comments from Obama of “crude nationalism” was a dig at Trump and all who voted for him. And, if the economy tanks, the dumbed down will blame him. I hope that he will get the protection he will need.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” God the Father is in complete control. God’s will was done on election day despite the dirty tricks, MSM propaganda and election and voter fraud. It’s going to be hard to blame trump when national debt was doubled before Obama left office.

    • Galaxy 500

      Those that voted for a criminal may think that but I don’t buy that the rest of us will. Just my 2 centavos

  70. Elderlearner

    Good comments in the wrap up. One big thing worries me with the interest rate rise that I didn’t hear you comment on… the interest we pay on our outstanding debt (trillions) goes up as well and your recent guest Clif High predicted that inflation will go up and the DOW could reach 100,000 next year. IF this comes around all bets are off that our economy would survive for all these 94 million people that articles claim are not working in our country. But who is one to believe anymore? However I do appreciate you giving us different views on possible outcomes from different guests. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Galaxy 500

      If the DOW goes to 100K in our lifetime, your dollars will be worth much less, like 80%-90% less.
      The current valuation of the DOW is based on fantasy and is propped up by cheap money for stock buybacks and dividends, not by earnings.
      Whose predictions do you believe? I’d advise to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I have never met anyone that could reliable predict what was going to happen. While one can use what High does for shorter predictions, there is no correlation between what the net is saying today and what happens a year or more from now, and even months ahead is pushing. If you exaime Hugh’s long term predictions for accuracy, you will see it is poor, monkeys on a typewriter poor.
      That being said, I think that you could use his system for certain short term strategies.
      Hillary hasn’t disappeared yet and the Demoncrats aren’t going to either. I mean sleep, Dude, we still have a NAZI party.

    • Galaxy 500

      A buddy sent me an email. He was bored so he was razing the moslems and other Jews haters at the Hill.
      Here is some of the standard moslem fare (below). You can not reason with these people. The only option is, with the help of God executed by Free Christian men and Patriots, to wipe these bastards from the face of the Earth and burn 99.99999999% of all the Corans, keeping only historical ones, like Thomas Jefferson’s.
      Nathan abu Nevada
      an hour ago
      The God of Abraham and Jesus are both Muslims.

      Have you ever found it curious that you allowed your self to taught your religion by Jews who do not even believe in Jesus?

      The Twelve Tribes of Israel were wiped out by God for being evil and became the Pashtuns and Shi-ite Muslims. The very same Peoples you hate and you wish to slaughter for the Khazars money today.

      The anti-Christ or the Human Number who took the 666 Star of David for trade and barter (the Khazar suprematists) are the Beast who utilize your hands to build the kingdom of the Devil.

      For over a century the Khazar Jews who were the Bolsheviks and NAZI’s have utilized Christians as facilities with lies about the time line of the history of the twelve Tribes of Israel, to make themselves the “Jews” and a special people above others. They are not special once you see through all the lies you have been programmed to believe about the history of the Bible.

      You Zio-Wahabbi Terrorists are starving over 400,000 Children to death in Yemen with an embargo of food and medicine. [The “you” who he is referring to is my friend]

  71. Dan

    Hi Greg,
    Want to sign up but am not interested in disclosing all my personal information to google, which is none of their business.
    So, how can you and I do business?
    Something that has worked for me, and bypasses paypal, which is more corporate control, is where I can just email you the money.
    I create an email transfer at my bank, you receive it on your end, and you get paid.
    Simple, and no control freaks in the mix.
    Love your show Greg. Let’s do business.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have one sponsor on the site and they p[ay by check every month. What kind of busness do you want to do? Go to the contact page and send me an email at “info”

  72. Charles Turner

    Greg, I think the truth reporting alternative media needs to come together and fight back with TRUTH FACTS, so a list of alternative media sites with key achievements, is readily available for all. As a start this could include:

    * News that they broke before it became main stream.
    * News that they ran that was sneered at by mainstream and later confirmed as fact.
    * Real news that has been hidden from the main stream press.
    * Investigate reporting and opinions that were derided by the main stream that later provided to be true, ”Hillary will not be president’, ‘Iran, there is no deal’ etc
    * News on the last presidential election polls.
    * Reporting that questions whether there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or raised concerns about Benghazi way before the main steam accepted there was a different narrative.
    * Reporting that highlighted miscarriages of justice and made it mainstream.
    …. this is just a starter.

    Each site could reach out to its audiences and ask them to remind the owners of real news stories that they read first and what impact it had on them.

    Each alternative news website then need to feature on their website a fact page that highlights their achievements in reporting the REAL NEWS and their commitment to reporting REAL NEWS.

    The world has changed. Alternative media was gaining traction and gaining audiences. Now there are those that are planning to destroy it by propaganda and removing income through advertising. The next very short step will be for google to remove these sites from its search engine rankings, so it doesn’t show up when someone searches for it. It takes google 2 minutes to apply a manual penalty so a site doesnt show in the first 100 of the search results. this could bankcrupt some site owners who really on advertising to fund their real news reporting.

    I live in the UK and the television news is reporting the fake news on a continuous cycle. If ii wasnt well informed the soundbites that are coming back from the main stream televisions are: fake news got Trump in power. Trump is dangerous and Europe needs to worry about an aggressive Russia. There are good people in the USA ( OBama, etc) that are trying to educate Trump and TRUTH will prevail. Obama is on a subtle propaganda mission.

    This may be the final nail in the mainstream media coffin, because for the first time they are highlighting a lot of news services that have not been known by the masses. .

  73. Russ McMeans

    Where did you come from?… Mr. Miller. you sound like my college educated ‘friends’… my mind goes to the book of Psalms and the word ‘fool’ Google that one one if you dare!

  74. Chip

    Miller, personal attacks, brilliant! When you have no substance revert to personal attacks, works like a charm doesn’t it? sarc/ Chip

  75. Robert E. Salt

    One of my favorite guests is Catherine Austin Fitts. She had a government job in housing with 6,000 people reporting to her. A control file is kept on important people in government with embarrassing information that would destroy a career. Catherine was squeaky clean without so much as a parking ticket. She lost her job and was forced into debt fighting false charges in court. She was addressing an audience of a hundred people explaining how corruption kept the dollar and the stock market strong. Without corruption all the bubbles would burst and pensions, 401k’s and other investments would fail. She then asked her audience, “Knowing this, if there was a ‘red button’ you could push to stop corruption in its tracks, how many of you would push it?” Out of a hundred people, only one man raised his hand. Wealthy celebrities may not approve of the candidates they support, but they feel a need to protect their investments.

    • 8Ball

      Living in virtual reality… that is where most of America resides nowadays.

      The alternative is too threatening.

  76. Robert Lykens

    With the entire MSM promoting Hillary, with Donna Brazile feeding her the debate questions, even with her SecState title, Hillary still had to have 3 million illegals voting for her to “win” (not) the popular vote.
    Doesn’t say much in her favor, does it?

  77. Mike R

    Here is a great post by Ron Paul, showing the truly FAKE news outlets. (of course the MSM). Its also awesome how he spells out their collusions with Clintons, and mentions their other previous deceits, of how they were complicit in lies to the public. Specific journalists are exposed and outed too.


    This should be an in-direct boost for USA Watchdog. Hopefully this goes viral.

  78. Mimi

    Great and accurate summation! We are such fans of yours!
    Let’s all DROP the *political correctness* when talking about ILLEGAL **ALIENS** AND NOT CALL THEM IMMIGRANTS ANYMORE! They are NOT immigrants–they are *aliens* in our country as EVERY immigrant is until they receive *document* papers or citizenship papers. The left wanted *undocumented workers*–wrong–they were still ILLEGAL ALIENS and calling them ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS make them sound more legitimate but they aren’t–they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and should be called such!
    Thanks for letting me vent but I’m so sick of this garbage as several of my close family members have lost their livelihoods in the construction trades because of ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  79. NC Gal


    Great WNW, as usual. Regarding the graphic proclaiming a new holiday on January 20, 2017, in view of Obama’s performance on his foreign tour (pushing the globalist agenda and denigrating “nationalism” here), I am getting the feeling that something is going to happen that will act as an excuse to invoke martial law before Trump can be sworn in, and Obama would continue in office and continue his service to the elites.

    It is not just about the message that voters sent regarding “the establishment” when they voted for Trump. There is the matter of Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050. There is a schedule to be met and these 5 years from the initiation Agenda 2030 on September 25, 2015 to 2020 are crucial ones. The technologies that will enable them to control everything are just emerging and being adopted right now. “Smart cities,” “self-driving cars,” AI in the cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things, censorship and surveillance — all play a role and big players (such as Google) are pushing the envelope to bring these technologies to maturity as quickly as possible. The Second Industrial Revolution is already under way at this time, and the elites are not going to let Trump delay their plans if they can stop him.

    Anything can be used as an excuse to invoke martial law. The clock is ticking and Obama concludes his foreign tour tomorrow. I do not underestimate the elite OR Obama. I will be surprised if Trump takes office or if he does, if he isn’t assassinated. However, that could be very messy, and I think an excuse to declare martial law would be easier to create and more manageable.

    Time will tell, but I do think that image about Obama’s last day is premature, sorry to say.

    • Greg Hunter

      NC Gal,
      O really showed his true feelings and allegiance. Outrageous and the MSM says nothing.

  80. Bruce Maclean

    Canada’s national media outlet, CBC, is now in total disarray. The CBC vomits anti-Trump rhetoric daily: pathetically trying to convince Canadians that they, the CBC, is a valid news source. They are “digging their own grave.”

  81. Mike R

    Clif is now saying in his Alta reports that next year will be a doozy:
    1) Banks closing on a regular basis (meaning permanently)
    2) Banks just foreclosing on notes, so they can get their loaned money back. And not just bc people are missing payments, but bc they NEED the money (calling their notes back)
    3) massive deflationary event
    4) Interest rates rising, and sounds like more rapidly
    5) a lot of actual riots bc of these (immoral) foreclosures, like there were in 1930’s.

    hear more here,…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW3Ucpds-Zk
    (seems hyper-extreme to me, but I’ll let others be their own judge)

  82. coalburner

    The leftists got their clock cleaned but the way they are tripling down is a very clear message. We have to redraw representatives districts while we have them. We have to see people like Soros arrested and make him dissappoear into nothing. We need to see Bloomberg get the same. We need to make sure the Fakenews outfits go out of business. They are trying to keep brainwashing the kids in schools for 20 to 40 years from now. We must some how cripple the UN and the World Government “wanna be’s” for generations to come. Even if we can do that this battle will have to be fought again 80 years from now. When the next Fourth Turning comes.

  83. coalburner

    It was said above that the Nightmare is over. It is over for now, but temporarly. Like fighting to be free of Islamic dominance, the commie, leftist, progressive evil will never be over. It must be fought forever on this earth. The Founding Fathers warned that every generation would have to resist evil and we almost waited too long. We must carry through for eight years strongly setting them back as far as possible. We must teach our grandchildren that in the face of long odds they must resist lowlife humans, and the hapless sheep, they are legion!

  84. coalburner

    NC GAl is right to worry. c We are not to step one yet. Everyone needs to stay calm and give the enemy no reason for martial law. That may be why Soros continues to pay rioters. IT has not worked thus far. I think Trump is smarter than they think. When he takes power he move swiftly to neutralize the enemies power for his own self preservation. Flynn is a good choice and so are others he is picking. They are tough and not going to cower like the sheep surrounding O. The elites, commies, and NWO will be facing a formidable foe by the time inaugration comes. I am happy they are still crying and in shock, gives Trump more time to build his power.

  85. Robert

    I think what we have here might be a fake professor. If she is a REAL professor, then she just discredited her entire profession. I didn’t see any other professors call her out on this. Please direct me to the professors that did. Bottom line: No need to send your kids to college, folks, unless you want them to learn to live a pretend alternate reality.

  86. joe

    I used to listen to Infowars all the time when it was in Rochester, N.Y. and would have voted for Ron Paul but this Trump thing I didn’t get. Greg Palast, an award winning investigative journalist who used to be a guest on Alex Jones insists the election was fixed in favor of Trumpy. Do you have any opinion on the man?

    • Greg Hunter

      Billions of $ were spent on Hillary. I don’t see how that was fixed for Trump. Also, everybody MSM, Dems and Republican elite were trashing Trump. Rigged how??

      • joe

        Get him on or check out the website for the hell of it.

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