World Getting Ready for War-Warren Pollock

4By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock warns, “The world is getting ready for war.” Pollock says the signs are everywhere, including the recent and very public missile launch off the coast of California. Pollock explains, “They are firing them in the direction of China. What is so amazing is the ocean is a vast place. They could have chosen anywhere to launch these missiles from and, instead, they launched them right next to a metropolitan area. So, really, they are sending a message to the people in the United States. More so than that, they are sending a message to the people in China. It’s definitely not directed at Russia. What the government wants you to see is the U.S. is this big powerful military strength type of country. It is in control of the world, and the reserve currency is worth something. We are a strong military power and, really, on a conventional sense, the emperor has no clothing. This use of a last resort weapon, the demonstration of it, is really a sign of impotence.”

Pollock says the global economy is the key to the timing of war. The global economy is in a tailspin, and Pollock says, “War starts when China’s economy implodes. . . . The economy in China is coming to a halt. It’s in deflation. It’s in a depression. All the capital that has been pouring into China has been misallocated. It’s similar to the 1920’s in the United States. The onset of the boom-time and the follow-on depression. . . . People in China want to get out of China. They want their assets out of China. . . They see this is going to be a full blown deflation where debt is going to go bad.   People’s commitments are not going to be honored, and they might try to delay . . . bide for time and try the old formula first.”

Pollock says China might be pressuring the Fed to raise interest rates even though the economy is sinking. Why? Pollock explains, “If the U.S. dollar gets stronger, that allows us to buy more Chinese goods.   First, the Chinese are going to call their friends in Washington and tell them to strengthen that dollar. . . . This will just make the pile of bad U.S. dollar assets bigger and bigger and will make the crash bigger and bigger.”

Pollock says that the U.S. will go into the biggest financial depression in the history of the world. Pollock says, “Unlike we have ever seen, and it’s possible war is going to be the resetting mechanism. Let’s look at it from the perspective of China. Their economy goes bad and guess what? They are going to say the Japanese are evil. The Americans are evil. . . . Japan sees this war coming. Russia sees this war coming. To some extent, some generals in the U. S. see this war coming. They are stockpiling bullets. They have their heads in their asses in the Pentagon.”

How does gold do in the coming depression and World War scenario? Pollock says, “I wouldn’t sell my gold for anything because it’s going to survive through this crisis. It’s going to survive through deflation. It’s going to survive through hyperinflation. It’s going to survive through war, assuming that you do.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with macro analyst and deep thinker Warren Pollock.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Warren Pollock also says, “The China economic crash is due to fraud and can only be (temporarily) revived with more fraud.” As far as the economy here in the U.S., Pollock says, “We already crashed and, since 2008, everything that has been done is just propping it all up.” Pollock has many accomplishments in his long career. He was a pioneer of high frequency trading and built the largest private Wall Street trading system around the turn of this century. He is also an expert on cyber security and, in particular, to trading platforms. Pollock is on record, years ahead of time, predicting the housing bust in 2008 and the QE (money printing) that followed. Pollock has just written a new paper that covers war and many other topics that were not covered in this interview. Pollock also updated this report to include information and analysis about attacks in Paris and Beirut. It is more than 140 pages long, and if you would like to buy this newsletter-style research, you can do so by clicking here. The cost is $10.

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  1. Dennis

    Sribd states that W?E. Pollock’s report is not available. Is there another way of getting it? Perhaps through your website or his? Thanks for a great interview.


  2. matt

    Well it looks like the Yuan will be voted on to be included in the IMF’S basket of currencies.

  3. Sandy Beach

    Thanks for Warren’s interview, Greg.
    Yuan will be in the IMF basket very soon. BTW, the Karen Hudes videos on You Tube are astounding. Listen to them all for the whole picture. There is already war all over; trouble for the US is, we don’t make our war materials here anymore. When they run out of stuff to fight with, they have to buy them from other countries.

    • brian

      There is no shortage of war materials on any of the sides of this war. That is because wars are funded by lies and carried out by the hapless souls who choose to believe those lies to their own discredit and animate themselves upon those lies to their own dire detriment.

      • RTW

        You are exactly right. Look no further than Bush/Cheney invading Iraq. Who was making a gazillion dollars off of that little skirmish? Directly it was Halliburton, indirectly it was Cheney, who undoubtedly tossed a little of the lucre his buddies way. That’s only after they pulled off the greatest perpetration of a crime in 2001 in order to begin their profiteering. They can only be refered to as human beings because their DNA dictates it. That’s where the resemblance ends.

  4. eddiemd

    I disagree in regards to the stockpiling of ammunition by federal agencies. I believe that private mercenary groups such as DynCorp, MPRI, Triple Canopy, Blackwater/Xe et al, will do the dirty work for the feds. These agencies are basically staffed by ex-mil special ops, .mil electronic/computer experts, and retired high level .mil officers. The stockpiled ammo will be distributed to these gangsters.
    The internal war within the USA will be for what resources remain. Farmland with reliable water supply, access to energy such as wind/solar, defendable terrain, and temperate climate will be valued.
    All bets are off if the country is hit by an EMP event.
    Certain areas will be written off completely: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York, Boston, Washington DC. I see a retreat inland to areas with water. Water runoff from the Rockies, great lakes, Sierras, Cascades, etc.
    Acts of God such as earthquakes or volcanic disturbance in California or Yellowstone would wreck the country.

  5. Mike Callahan

    The world economy, as a whole, is a fraud. The United States and its fraudulent monetary policies for the past 70 years have made it so.

    • Greg Hunter

      When Glass Steagall ended with the Graham Bliley Leach act, the fraud went into high gear and regulation nearly stopped.

    • brian

      Mike looking back, over those 70 years and more, was there truly ever a crossroads where this course we are on could have really been changed? We are in free fall and our course cannot be altered.

  6. mark branham

    I began my own wake-up call in 2004. I began to understand just recently that what I think I know is merely a reflection of what is actually happening. So now what? Not only am I STILL in the dark, after listening to Warren I’m not sure I’ll ever break thru to the light.

    Must do more.

  7. Ugamugg

    Greg, I’ve been a steadfast supporter/reader of your site for about 1 year now, and love the articles + your insights. I’m also a Canadian, which by most US standards means we’re the crazy relative living in the attic.

    Is it time to go to the secluded cottage and weather the storm ? Because of almost 12 months use of your site I have tried to prepare & protect my family from the brewing storm but it just never seems to be enough.

    I make a better than average living and I keep only minimal $$$ in the bank. I have a few months food supply but that will go quick.

    Any thoughts ? Do you think it is really going to get to the 1929 desperation levels and people will being going ‘Mad Max’ to survive ?

  8. Cleveland Randolph

    Warren Pollock’s latest report unavailable in Scribd

  9. Benjamin F

    Capitalism. Ever since I was a little kid listening for deer on the roof on Christmas eve, I have been hearing that capitalism is the best system and all other systems such as socialism, communism, fascism, kingdoms are inferior and to be feared.
    I graduated from a “state school” with a degree in economics in 2008. I got a job as a teller. I didn’t have a clue why the market (casino?) had crashed or why it seemed that nobody had any money. I didn’t even know what the Federal Reserve was or why it was created, it was never mentioned in my economic classes.
    My first point is, the fact that there is a private central bank issuing Federal Reserve Notes as loans for debt obligation, and we use these loans (and the debt obligations) as currency, is significant. People used to trade dollars which were backed by gold at $20/ounce as currency.
    My second point has to do with tax brackets. Now perhaps banks should be nationalized and taxes done away with all together, but until that happens there will be taxes. Not to advocate communism but there are flaws (decisions to be made) in capitalism. Consider a person who has $1 billion dollars invested at 5%. They will earn $50 million a year pretax. What should their tax rate be? 39% or 90%?
    Finally, how do banks today make money? Interest from loans. High tuition cost and high housing prices are great for banks! Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not sure about this but it seems that banks can borrow $1 million from the federal reserve at 0.25% and create $19 million in “new money” loans to the public through the workings of fractional reserve banking laws. If they loan that money at 4%, they will earn $760,000 (19,000000 X 0.04) in interest minus borrowing cost of $2500 (1,000,000 X .0025). Subtract unpaid loans and then add value of repossessed assets and you have a nice business model that has nothing to do with Capitalism!

    • Freebreezer

      Ben – the last flicker of capitalism on the national scene went dark in 2008 with the phony bank bailouts. True capitilism still exist on the local level – i.e. the best plumber gets the job; the best grocer gets your business, etc.. The ruling oligarchy at the federal level is more acin to pure facism … state determined who survives … GM, Goldmansuck, JP morgan, GE, Monsanto are but a few examples.

  10. country codger

    Hi Greg,
    Kudos to Warren and to you. Top notch interview. I concur with Warren in that I believe America will no longer be a political entity sometime in the 2020’s, i.e. 2022 or 2023. If Jonathon Cahn had presented the truth about the sabbatical year he would have warned America but then he used the wrong year. (The Shemitah is not about finances as he portrays it.) Spring (March or April) 2016 is the true sabbatical year and the war cycle begins immediately afterward.

    I still say you would enjoy hearing from Dr. Steve Puetz.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. David

    Good interview Greg. Thank you for the early, early Sunday release.

    I wonder if we read too much into missile tests off the west coast. The most recent involved missiles that have been around a long time and I’m not sure that Russia, China, et. al. need reminding of our capability. Also, a missile test off our own coast is less provocative, especially since we didn’t provide forewarning of a test.

    Cyber warfare is the weapon of the future. One does not need money, sophisticated technology, infrastructure with world-wide reach (e.g., military), or a degree in physics to become a tangible threat and cause real disruption.

  12. Frank

    I try to get Warrens Skript, but it just doesnt seem to work.
    I download the skript app for that.
    But it finds nothing.
    Very annoying, For wath to pay … its nothing there?!

  13. F Humboldt

    Greg, all these guests are bright, but none have peaceful, constructive solutions to the problems they are analysing. The people who have proposed for years real solutions that do not involve collapse, austerity and war, need to be heard as well: two names that come to mind are Webster Tarpley, PhD and Helga Zepp-Larouche.
    They are not easy to get on, but if you can manage you will be amazed by the alternatives that have been prepared.
    Best wishes

  14. john duffy

    Charlie Johnson a modern day prophet was interviewed by terd ferguson recently
    Interestingly, before the Paris attacks happened, he predicted that starting by the end of nov this year, that due to the abandonment of God by western civilization, life is about to change for us. He has also predicted that Obama will not finish his term and there will be no elections in 2016.

  15. Paul

    The “balloon headed” loony tune neocons that started wars and destroyed countries that “dared” to move away from the dollar (like Iraq, Libia, etc.) think it will be just as easy to destroy Russia and China that are “currently daring” to move away from the US dollar … well they better wise up because these countries are “nuclear powers” … from the looks of the recent false flag in France … France is declaring war on ISIS (really Syria and Russia) and its NATO allies will join France under its treaty obligations to put boots on the ground in Syria … if a stop is not put to this madness … this is the beginning of World War III … and it will be a nuclear war generated by a CIA terrorist organization attacking its own … this would be like the KZB attacking Moscow as an excuse to launch a nuclear war against the West! … if the mindless masses in America go along with this charade not only will their sons and daughters be killed on the battlefield but their homes and families on American soil will likely be toast once those Russian and Chinese ICBM’s start falling here … where are all the “reasonable minds” of this world … why are they allowing “a small group of people” to start a war that will incinerate all of mankind??

    • Paul

      This sounds more reasonable and quells my concerns somewhat … Holland said he “would meet soon with President Obama and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia in an effort to settle on “a united campaign” to wipe out the Islamic State” … !

  16. CLB

    Pretty dire stuff, or just another wild guess as to what’s to come? Based on the % of accurate predictions, I wouldn’t worry so much. China, IMF, SDR, AIIB, Comex, U.S.Dollar, these are topics of interest, there will be lots of money to be made off what coming, that’s what I’m preparing for. In all, these are just opinions, as is mine. Enjoy the weekend, lots to be excited and appreciative for.

  17. oneno

    Don’t have a scribd account, don’t want a scribd account. How to get the book?

  18. aries

    Unless u find another hitler floating around with supremacy feelings towards the rest of the world, there wont be any war, but, there are already many wars right now, so , again my own prediction, all theater and no war, unless its against the taxpayer which i am already in the trenches for years, slowdown in china only helps us poor folks here, so we can manufacture something localy. my 2 shillings

  19. Southern Girl


    Yesterday you sent me to this link
    While I was there I saw an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on

    Nov.5th 2015 he is talking about the terrorists attack in France over the Charlie Hebdo.
    When I listened from the 7 minute mark I was flabbergasted. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is explaining the reasoning behind what could be called a false flag. My point is that what happened in Paris yesterday could be a continuation of what Washington is trying to do.

    Point 1-French voted with the Palestinians different from the US/Israeli position. The British abstained….
    Point 2- The President of France announced that the economic sanctions against Russia must end….Dr. Roberts talks about the Charlie Hebdo terrorist threat was to cower the French and bring them back under the thumb of Washington…The effect of the shooting is to undermine what was a growing European sympathy for the Palestinians.
    Point 3-Also there was a growing opposition to the new war that Washington is ginning up in the ME against the Islamic State….Europeans have had enough of this… and they have large populations of Muslims and they are becoming radicalized by the incessant bombing and killing of Muslims in the ME…. Washington needs cover so if it goes and acts on it’s own if faces charges that it is committing war crimes, but if it has accomplices they can all say that it was necessary to do and see we all agree that this is necessary for NATO operation…

    He also mentions about the signs of a false flag…like the PASSPORT being found. Same thing as 9-11 all over again. Another observation that the group playing the concert were American and somehow they all made it out. Who was targeted…young people….how do you illicit empathy… kill young people.

    • frederick

      Great info Southern girl thank you and I wouldn’t discount anything today

    • Paul

      False flag? … make your own call … an ISIS terrorist leaves his passport for rapid identification as to who commited the crime (just like on 9-11) … then there is the “really bazzar” French photo of the death scene … notice how the bodies were dragged into position for the photo shoot … so I ask a simple question … do terrorists kill their victims and then drag them through pools of blood so the authorities can later release a “good picture” of the insane act? …

  20. JC Davis

    Greg this was great. My first listen had so many observations I lost track on what to comment about. Fire interview. W P is not lying about anything. He truly believes everything he is saying. He got a bit caught on the nuke questions. He is one smart guy to put all the pieces of a massive puzzle together… He has forgotten more then most will ever know.

    • JC Davis

      The economy is like a earthquake it may happen 1/2 way around the world and not effect you until a year latter when you need there goods. Something broke in September. Great statement from Bill Holter.
      To the na sayers Hold on to your paper money, let the smart people use the real money.

      • JC Davis

        Their. Later. The garage corrects me.
        Also The garage believes the two missile launches was a message to China North Korea, and Russia and the USA. Most important was a crew/ ship systems check.

        • Jack

          The U.S. has been launching missiles off the coast of Southern California for decades- nothing new there.

          • JC Davis

            Jack I don’t recall a time when a airport was closed to test a missile. I may be wrong.

  21. Paul

    Warren Pollock … disagrees with John Williams about a hyperinflation coming … yet assumes the US dollar will be kept strong to help the Chinese sell their goods … but then says we will go to war with China? … so we will be helping the people we will be going to war with? … besides even if the US wanted to keep the US dollar strong it has to print trillions to balance its own budget which dilutes the value of the dollar … so to keep the US dollar strong while it prints trillions it must tell its Japanese and EU banker friends to print trillions so that on a relative basis the US dollar looks strong against other inflated currencies … but keep in mind “all the currencies” are being deflated in value which means prices of goods and services will rise (inflation) … then he says the Chinese will try to reflate their economy by building more “ghost cities” … what will that do to the price of copper and steel and all the other materials that must be used to build these “ghost cities”? … so we will have inflation of world wide currencies and inflation of material prices … he admits the price of meat and a Big Mac have already risen … and then says that we will have “deflation” where the dollar will be worth more? … on the assumption that debts will go bad … if debts go bad people will have even more money in their pocket as they won’t have to pay their loan bills … so to summarize 1) the world will be printing fiat to keep the dollar “relatively” strong in comparison … 2) material prices like copper, etc. will increase along with meat and a Big Mac … 3) debts will no longer be paid on charge cards and other loans putting more money in peoples pockets … and this is going to lead to lower prices (deflation)? … doesn’t make sense to me?? … but he does advocate owning gold … so he will be correct about that … I still don’t see how he can say the US will be trying to help China by strengthening the US dollar for them and then in the same breath say we will be going to war with China? … typically you don’t try to help the enemy you are at war with!

  22. eddiemd

    Attempted soccer game bombing in Paris may be a prelude to a similar type of false flag attack planned here in the USA. Thanksgiving day would seem to be an obvious choice for muslim jihadis to attack the USA.
    Noted that Obama and Putin were seen at the G20 in conference with a translator and national security advisor Susan Rice present. I imagine that someone had a bug or wire to record. Kept the conversation to minimal involvement.
    Recent intel updates shows no carrier task forces in the Med or Persian Gulf. Two noted nearby China. The French are sending the De Gualle to be sacrificed nearby to Syria. Send in Legion paras…
    The Russian stealth unmanned tac nuke sub could pay a visit to Virginia Beach. It makes sense. San Diego makes for another good target. How many carriers are there at the base now?
    Any scheduled or unscheduled space launches in the near future? China, USA, Russia, France?
    Anything new out of Pakistan in regards to sending nukes to Saudi?

  23. Shawn G.

    Great interview – Warren mentions reserve county in the beginning of the interview… What is your take on “China welcomes IMF backing to make yuan world reserve currency”

    What will be the impact of this on the USA, the dollar, and gold?

  24. David

    Thanks for having Warren Pollock on again.
    He really knows how to connect all the geo economic
    dots. The Russians launched two I.C.B.M.’s from the
    White Sea on Saturday. Looks like everybody wants
    to show off. I hope and prey for all mankind to find a
    non violent solution to our differences.
    Unfortunately the psychopaths with their fingers on
    the trigger will most likely not opt for the non violent

  25. Old Dog

    Mr. Pollock laid down a heavy hint: The Internet will become worse than its own spy network, keeping data on our activity.
    I hope the next time you tinterview him that you will pursue that topic deeper. Sounds like something we really need to know.

  26. Angelo

    I am unable to purchase this newsletter from Mr. Pollock. Please provide another link. Thanks Greg.

  27. Arizona

    Greg,you guys got something WAY bigger then money to worry about now,Oboozo has sold america down the crapper,NO ONE IS GOING TO LIFT A FINGER TO STOP IT,when the GIANT asteroid hits in the altantic ocean,the war will begin,and we have 11 armies waiting with 20,000,000 foreign troops ,HERE IN AMERICA ,they will over run this country and the BLOODBATH will begin,GET READY MY FRIEND,get close to the LORD,you’ll be glad you did…….WHEN they leave,america will have been looted for EVERYTHING we have,then they’ll nuke the USA into dirt……

    • Occasnltrlvr

      So, Obama accepted a favor or bribe in exchange for allowing a giant asteroid to crash into the Atlantic ocean?

      You wouldn’t happen to have a link for this, would you?

    • Paul

      Actually when that giant asteroid hits in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of France and England it will create a Tsunami wave 3 miles high … that will wash over the western European coast line and a “back scatter” Tsunami will wash over the Eastern coast line of the US … the elite don’t want to talk about what is on its way “to hit our Solar System” (a swarm of asteroids and meteors just like those that pock marked our moon the last time it came around) … so the elite want to keep things top secret … as they know real estate prices will drop along the European and American coast lines as people would all want to sell their homes and run to higher ground before the big waves hit … Nemesis (our binary brown dwarf star) has now arrived on the outskirts our Solar System … when we begin see the waters on Earth “turn red” from the iron oxide cloud that surrounds Nemesis you will know the end is near … there are three(3) planets circling around this brown dwarf star Nemesis two of which have moons (one is called Nibiru … and as this little “Nemesis centered” Solar System enters our “Sun centered” Solar System all hell will break loose in terms of Earth changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc., etc.) … the food supply necessary to survive (if you live through the Tsunami’s and tectonic calamities) will likely have to last 7 years!

      • Paul

        Try to guess what the totally evil elite snakes have planned for humanity … by putting aluminium chem-trails into Earth’s atmosphere … want to know what happens when the iron oxide from Nemesis begins to hit the aluminium in Earth’s atmosphere? … see the answer here:

      • oneno

        Our Sun’s binary twin is one light year away. The asteroid you mentioned is called the “red meteor” will hit either 2029 or 2036 as per the Meier Contact Report. See here. No need to worry about Nibiru! The Last event we had was during the Moses event with the “comet” Venus. The Noah event took place some 100,000 years ago and his name was actually Noahkednesser. Just look at an image of the Eskimo Nebula to see the boundary of the proton wind nebular region – This is about the distance to Pluto in our Solar System. Visit James McCanney’s site and listen to his weekly audio broadcasts to get a non-NASA version of Cosmology.

      • Freebreezer

        Pleeeeeese … With all the amerature astronoimist out there at least one of them would have spotted a brown star at the edge of our solar system. If these ameratures can spot a comet, diameters around 10 miles, out past saturn there is no way they are going to miss a brown star with a diameter twice as big as jupitor (145,000 mi plus) at the edge of solar system.

    • James Chase

      No asteroid is scheduled to strike the earth. No army of any size can stand up to the US Military in in set piece battle, period. The US in fact, right now, is the only bright spot in world economy. In a possible coming conflict the majority of blood spilled will be other than American blood as it is now and has been back to before even WW 1. I am former US Army, Navy, Marine and Federal employee. Yes, the world is preparing for war as several different weaker nations heads are swelling and may need a beat down by the USA and Allies. The rest of this is just foreign propaganda and trash talk from the ignorant among us. The US has been meeting with it’s friends and contracted Allies asking, insisting that they increase their defense spending to prepare. But that said the US out guns all enemy countries combined. The US is the only capable military and larger than the next 9 combined. So in that vane no sweat. Relax. Take a chill pill people. We got this. Obama being an enemy within is just too chicken to deploy.

      • Paul

        James … with your moral attitude … the lives of others (not American) mean little to you … “to chicken to deploy” or perhaps “to smart to realize we will also die” when those nuclear subs and bombers off the American coast line release a hail of nuclear tipped warheads and cruse missiles onto American soil where “your family” and our children live!

      • Jeff L

        “the majority of blood spilled will be other than American blood as it is now and has been back to before even WW 1” ….. Got that right James. That’s all we know how to do. Blow the crap out of INNOCENT (90%) people. What do you care ? Does immoral and UNCONSTITUTIONAL mean anything to you ? We have bombed the hell out of dozens of countries (for no constitutional reason, but then you probably don’t know the constitution)). So after bombing anyone who looks the wrong way we have put ourselves in insurmountable debt. Debt that will end your glorious war endeavors. Debt that will end this once great country…… Good job.

  28. robert

    That guy is brilliant. He is generous. I would like to think tank with him one day. Philophosize… if you will.

    Thank you.


  29. David B.

    Smacks of a false flag event.

    I can understand the reluctance of your guests to commit to a gold price uptick.
    Regardless, the global money printing and/or monetizing won’t stop anytime soon.
    It makes too much sense to be heavily-weighted toward precious metals, whether many of us survive the system collapse or not.

  30. Art Barnes

    Greg, Obama’s religion of peace moved to the varsity field. But please don’t worry Obama will still have his Ramadan dinners in the White house. Our President I’m sure ask the French President to show restraint and told him it was probably all contained to this one single event, not related to the last attack earlier this year or so many others. Maybe counseling, disability, & community service would benefit those who live to murder infidels. Also, I’m sure our President has ISIS all contained as he said the day before the attack in Paris, thank God we have a President who understands this work place violence, its so nice to know our leaders have risen to the top under the Peter Principal. God Bless the French, they are going to need the blessing as Paris is thick with the Islamic Jihadist and their community supporters in their “no-goes” areas. What is amazing that Americans don’t know is that there are many, many, Muslims supporters of ISIS around the county is just not time for them to come out of the closet yet, they need to continue to suck the life blood of the infidels for a while longer before they reveal themselves as Jihad minded good Muslims.

  31. Occasnltrlvr

    Mr. Hunter, I believe that Mr. Pollock did answer your question about the use of nuclear weapons in a war, thusly: about gold, at approximately 34:55, he said it would be liquid, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      (Sorry, approximately 29:55.)

  32. aps

    The first casualty of war is the truth.

    Greg, Russia test fired a missile from the White Sea (Arkangel) to Kamkatcha Peninsula (Pacific Coast of Russia). This happened on 11/14/2015. Usually they fire them from Arkangel to Kamkatcha BUT this is also very close to China. Message to us or to the Chinese?

  33. mushoom

    interesting presentation. however the rambling “facts” and disorganized timelines make it difficult for me to put it all together

  34. Tom G

    I don’t think China is in any danger of collapse. That’s western propaganda. They do have over-capacity and will need to re-direct capital. China can indeed become a consumer society and the transition has already begun. They need to introduce a social security type system for retirees but one that’s fully funded and more modest that the systems in the west. This would reduce the perceived need to save 50% of income. Predicting the future is difficult and perhaps impossible in most circumstances – too many moving parts. I think the proof of America’s deep problems is its fomenting constant war and making financial attacks on the rising nations. Some things are predictable when the numbers get so large. For example, America gave away its manufacturing base and that’s why there’s 95 million people of working age who’ve given up looking. This, in fact, was predicted perfectly and emotionally 20 years ago by billionaire Sir James Goldsmith in this 1994 video with Charlie Rose. He warned that GATT when send all our manufacturing to China. Amazingly accurate.

    Also, the US has $20 trillion (20,000 billion) in public debt. It’s actually much higher. It’s an unfolding disaster and the cause behind our wars and statistical lies. If you’re looking for a collapse, look around your at your neighbors and cities.

    • Jerry

      I agree Tom. China has the gold not us. Makes you wonder where Warren gets his information.

  35. Ivan

    It’s funny how Warren thinks that the whole world is thinking the same way as US. “They will do what US is doing”. How do you know? It is not nice to excuse US for what it is doing to the rest of the world by believing the others are like you.

  36. Donna

    Powerful interview.God only knows whats coming.Thank you Greg,and Mr Pollock

  37. Gary

    Great interview Greg of course I remember the last interview he wasnt a silver fan.would like you to interview hal lindsey to see where were at according to the bible we need a spiritual view of whats happening thanks. Greg

    • gregd

      Great Idea Gary. Hal Lindsey would be an excellent guest to call on. He wrote the “late Great Planet Earth” and he is a expert on the bible. Also, have you looked at Ann Barnhardt’s site lately? ” Cut the Crap: The problem is islam, and it has to be exterminated. Period. ” She don’t pull punches either.

      • Jeff L

        Respectfully, Hal is a pre-triber. I read the book years ago and now realize he’s wrong. We’re here for the first 3 1/2 years. Ignore what the Bible says at your own detriment.

        • aussie jeff

          Thumbs up jeffl
          Matthew 24:29,30is very clear as to when.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            You have been a tad quiet re the rugby world cup.
            I thought the ABs went pretty darn well!
            Your thoughts…. TeHe!

  38. Beano McReano

    The SUPPOSED debt could be another clue. If it is true only a phony war can take care of the phony problem. If it was to be a real war all the leaders of the world would be taken out instead.

  39. Oldpol

    Hi Greg and Warren, What just happened here. I’m not sure…This interview seemed very”disjointed”. Confusing flow through entire discussion. Need for a “take two” possibly?
    Greg, please do not post this comment as it is a critique of the content presentation rather then a reply to the topic. I can understand how putting up these videos are no easy task. Lots of work I’m sure. It’s just the way it hit me.
    Thanks for what you do here!

  40. Mark Brander

    The Lord has been warning for years that Obama would help the Globalists start WW3

    Read His many warnings about what is coming at

  41. Faith

    This is the second time I have seen this guy interviewed. I didn’t understand his first interview and I didn’t understand this interview either. I was basically unable to follow Mr. Pollock’s thought processes. He was all over the place. A few of the points Mr. Pollack made were obvious and I agreed with such as why the US launched a missile test, at night, off the coast of southern California. As far as war coming, well, anyone with a brain knows that war is coming. With regard to gold, either you think gold has been a way to store wealth for 6,000 years and will continue to retain its value or you don’t.

    When Mr. Pollock said that the US, Russia, India and Iran would line up against China and Pakistan I almost fell out of my chair! I can’t even wrap my head around that as a possibility. What is Mr. Pollock’s source for this idea? I don’t see any recent evidence to support this type of thinking. None. I had looked at the free sample that was provided by Mr. Pollock after the last interview and chose not to buy it. Taking 80 pages of unusable material and adding 60 more pages may make the information more usable or less usable.

    At this point I will be saving my money and not buying Mr. Pollock’s newsletter.

    As far as talking about a nuke being launched off shore from a cargo ship I don’t find that concept to be a huge revelation. Many people in the alternate media have discussed this idea for at least the past 10 years. As to his getting the boot from CNBC my guess is it is due to Mr. Pollock’s rambling and failing to get to the point.

    Perhaps I am just too stupid to understand Mr. Pollock’s genius. That may very well be the case.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Faith..I echo your thoughts…maybe I’m stupid too!

      • Faith

        Greetings Colin! Thanks for your support. Good to know I am not the only one! Hehe! 🙂

    • frederick

      @faith İ felt the same way when he mentioned those VERY unlikely alliances but who knows maybe we are all being fed the same story which is fictional Remember when obama was caught talking to Medvedev about having more “flexibility” after the election What was that? İm not sure anyone truly knows where this insanity is headed As Greg always says “fear not” and enjoy one day at a time Frederick

      • Faith

        Frederic, I agree! I am shaking my head after the pics of Putin and Obama at the G20 having a public chat. I am an outsider left picking up scraps up information and trying to assemble a coherent picture. I grew up doing those large tabletop puzzles. My family would keep one going for days and weeks at a time and we would each do what we could to put it together on long winter nights. Skill stays with me to this day. I love puzzles!

    • Jerry

      Faith. You’re much smarter than you think. You get it. We didn’t loan China 2 Trillion dollars. China loaned that to us. But Warren Pollock thinks we are stronger than they are? Go figure. China has gold. We have nothing but Janet Yellen yapping her pie hole every month.

      • Faith

        Hey Jerry! Thanks! Oh my gosh, I don’t know. By the way, I love your links! I saw on zerohedge that China was added to the SDR basket. Looks like they are right on track! Silver is still affordable at less than $15 an ounce. I am still stacking.

        • Jeff L

          Jerry gets it…… Now why does everyone keep saying China is being added to the SDR basket this year ? My understanding is they will vote on it but it goes into effect NEXT YEAR (November 2016). Am I missing something ?

  42. Jeff L

    I cringe every time someone harps about China’s financial conditions. Like the pot calling the kettle black. In absolute economic numbers we far surpass in every aspect vs them. Their fraud is great but ours has been going on a lot longer and is beyond comparison. Mal-investment here because of zirp and derivitives is going to take out the world economies. China’s bubble will greatly add to the problem but the at least have assets to back up their debt. Assets like gold, oil, base metals, mines, productive manufacturing capabilities, and lastly all those ghost cities……. We have no manufacturing capabilities, all our oil and mining Co’s going broke, unsold (reported sold) cars lined up, lots of bombs and bombers but lots of debt from an endless war. $Trillions of debt lost forever thru needless war. Decades of debt ($200+Trillion) accumulated…………. I think it’s blind bias to focus on China……Furthermore, all one has to do is look where the money is going. It’s flowing out of the dollar and seeking Yuan. Follow the gold.

    • Charles H

      Jeff L,

      Apart from a ‘race to the bottom’ in currency war, which the US has obligated by it’s exportation of debt: you are entirely correct. China is in a MUCH better position than is generally being portrayed.

  43. Murphy

    End of the month Yuan joins SDR basket. Dollar could fall below 68 overnight. The party is over.

  44. Jerry

    Lets just recap what has happened just since Friday.
    – France has been attacked by ISIS.
    – The G20 is meeting in Turkey.
    – The IMF has given the RMB Reserve Currency Status.

    The approval has already been granted by Christine Lagarde, They will have a formal signing ceremony November 30th. Greg those that don’t think this will not have an immediate impact on the dollar will be sadly mistaken. The Bank of International Settlements (who the IMF takes their orders from) has been under the assumption for quite some time that the dollar has been responsible for pulling down most of the worlds emerging economies. Once they open this door, you will see a mass exodus from the dollar.

    I’m sorry but Warren Pollock is wrong on this one, and John Williams is right. The Federal Reserve will not be able to stem the tide of dollars that will be washing up on our shores soon. In addition the Dry Baltic Index crashing shows a clear indication that money is beginning to seize up in the system. Retail sales for the holidays are also projected to be at all time lows. Real Market principles are beginning to override market manipulation. In short the western banking cabal is beginning to lose control of the markets.

    People who don’t think that this process couldn’t happen overnight, do not understand the principles of high frequency trading. A simple key stroke could crash the entire system at anytime. Lets not forget that the Chinese have spent billions of dollars developing two super computers for this purpose. The explosions in Tianjin were meant by the western cabal to be a message of intimidation to the Chinese that they had better back off from using these systems. But guess what? As you have pointed out Greg, they hold the winning hand with our debt. And that doesn’t even begin to address what impact such a move would have on the derivative markets should they decide to do a unilateral dump of our treasuries with the rest of the BRIC Alliance.

    O.K. this is the part where I get the flack from the “nothing has happened” crowd. Greg I think anybody who has an ounce of sense knows we are living in a debt bubble that has been sustained because of QE. The question I have for you is, how long can the Federal Reserve Bank continue to print money (QE) if no one is buying our Bonds?
    Before you answer , you need to know that according to a report last week put out by China daily that the PBOC cannot keep up with orders for Yuan Bonds by foreign investors.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Hi Jerry 🙂

      Let us say, for example, Belize, today, holds reserves exclusively in USD (assuming they have any, which may be a generous assumption).

      What, pray tell, might have prevented them from exchanging their USD for RMB yesterday, last month, or last year? The IMF has no jurisdiction to mandate what is held as reserves, and the PBoC would exchange RMB for USD.

      Of course, if the reserves are held in USD-denominated debt obligations, then what would prevent Belize would be the dearth of RMB-denominated bonds, which has been, is, and will continue to be in the process of being rectified, as you’ve pointed out.

      I do hope that you are not holding your breath for that “immediate impact.”

      • Jerry

        I hope you’re not betting that there won’t be an impact. If you do then you’re going against what Bill Holter and Jim Willie have been saying for months. The data says something else. Do you want to discuss the Money Velocity index, or the Baltic Dry index? Maybe you would like to share your information on how you have arrived at your hypothesis.
        I’m open minded.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          I have never said nor implied that there will be no effects, but I am adamant that they will not be as sudden as many seem to believe.

          So many folk mix not just apples with oranges, but throw in asparagus, walnuts, and even veal. Things are tightly interrelated, and it’s very easy to throw things all in together as if they are all affected the same way by the changes taking place. For examples:

          Some folks confuse the pricing of gold with the value of currencies relative to one another.
          Some folks confuse the SDR basket with currency reserves.
          Some folks confuse the use of currency for trade with the use of currency-related instruments for investments and leverage.

          In absolute terms (not purchasing-power parity), the US economy still towers above any other, and the use of the USD in the monetary system still towers above other currencies. I have, for years, followed developments such as Yuan trading hubs, the AIIB, the SCO, CIPS, the SGE, the developing Silk Road and Belt, the SDR, etc., etc. And, the status-quo is unsustainable.

          But, I have been trying to make two points, which are easily lost:

          First, when discussing change, or collapse, or crash, or reset, or any such thing, it is very important to be specific. It is common for folks to just, simplistically, throw everything in the handbasket on its way to Hell, with no differentiation. I just don’t see it that way. Things get tossed into that handbasket at different times and for different reasons.

          Second, barring a nefarious, supra-national, one-world, unified system, nobody intends to trigger a world-wide monetary system collapse. No one can afford the ensuing chaos. Hence, although change is happening and inevitable, there’s more cooperation than conflict in trying to bring about change. The Chinese aren’t going to, knowingly or intentionally, “pull the rug out from under” the West. Thirty-thousand tonnes though they may have, they cannot afford to. There is far too much and too deep of inter-relationship for anyone to come out of a huge, intentional, sudden change unscathed. Rickards may be right about the impending snowflake, but nobody’s going to knowingly or intentionally BE that snowflake.

          The transactional system set up in the East is to reduce the political leverage of sanctions by the West.

          Just an FYI, I have a small position in Yuan.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Agreed Jerry
      I can’t believe what I hear when the Western press continually drone on about how little world trade as a percentage is done in RMB and therefore what a minion the Yuan is in the big scheme of things.

      What they are effectively saying is that the Chinese don’t have enough debt or that they are not sufficiently bankrupt for them to fill up the banking system with bonds. Of course the US has trillions of dollars of debt in the form of bonds. This moronic narrative is calling this debt an asset and equating indebtedness with financial strength!

      Well guess what! From what I hear, and just for starters, one trillion dollars worth of RMB bonds will soon enter the global banking system. This entry will mean the displacement of existing bonds and it doesn’t take much grey matter to deduce that most of this displacement will be in the form of US bonds.


      • Occasnltrlvr

        “This entry will mean the displacement of existing bonds… .”

        Perhaps, but I would not be so bold as to make this assumption, especially in the midst of a hot currency war.

      • Jerry

        Agreed Colin.
        For months I have said something was going to happen before the G20 meeting in November and it did. At the time I thought it was in the derivative markets, and it was. While the Paris shootings took the headlines behind closed doors the global financial institutions were dealing with another impending problem. Glencore defaulting causing the derivative market in the ECB to begin to unwind.

        I am often reminded that these things happen in pairs. Either by design or rotten luck. The last time, was the Boston Bombing happening at the same time the Banks were smashing the PM markets. The NWO loves diversion. Here look at this shiny bubble. Never mind that hatchet I have in my hand. I’ll post more later. Thank you for your comments.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          I didn’t see a default…not to say there may not be one coming.

    • Silence is Golden

      I dont know what all the fuss is about.
      The RMB joining the SDR basket is nothing more than confetti mixing with more confetti.
      The kind of stuff that gets thrown around very liberally…without thought or conscience.
      I happen to be on your side when it comes to the USD demise …but until the US is left penniless and destitute the USD will remain. They will fight till the bitter end and the US citizens will suffer interminably.
      The RMB is not the solution. The monetary system will require a reversion to one which has a solid and valuable foundation. The RMB will not be backed by Gold…..The whole system will be. Then the matter of taking away the priviledge of controlling the money supply from the clutches of the Central Bankers will need to be dealt with. Isn’t it odd that China, as a Communist Nation…with its STATE Run and Owned PBOC … being groomed as the heir to the throne. What does that imply for our so called free democracies going forward? We all want a solution….but we best be careful what we wish for.

      • Jerry


        What else do you have? We’ll see how much 13% out of the gate will mean to dollar when the gun sounds on the 30th.

        • Jeff L

          Jerry I asked in an earlier post….. are they (IMF) only voting on the China inclusion that will not be implemented till next fall ?

      • Charles H


        IF gold will back the whole system – won’t those who hold the most gold be the most in-charge and powerful? Many sources say that the USA doesn’t have much (if any meaningful) gold reserves. There hasn’t been an inspection of inventory in the US in decades. What happens if the Russians and China show the world theirs – but the US refuses to do the same?
        The scenario could be a partially-backed Yuan; with a schedule of adjustment to a fixed percentage of extant fiat. Again, it could go any which way. My feelings are that China and Russia are being disciplined and responsible, with a view to the future; while the US is flailing about trying to stay king-of-the-hill.

      • Silence is Golden

        Jerry and Charles,
        I feel that you both have missed the point I was making.
        China (& the RMB) may be the Heirs to the throne…..but do we really want a Communist Nation as the Rulers of the Monetary System with the RMB = more of the same paper…just with different ink ????
        Gold will not back the RMB. I stand by that comment.
        Gold does not re-enter the Monetary system through currency….it will be done through trade settlement.
        I fully appreciate that China may have a material amount of Gold but so too does the ECB and the Vatican.
        On another matter related….China lacks transparency… for a Nation that desires to own the privilege…it announces that it has circa 1800 T of Gold !!! Why the opaque narrative ????
        Evidence (or lack of it) suggest the US is impotent when it will be forced to sit at the table with no bargaining chips (NO GOLD).
        Jerry…..take note of the word “Inevitable” inserted into that article(underlined). It rhymes with Ultimately used in the same paragraph.
        Got anything else ???
        Do you honestly believe that a 13 % weighting will have a instantaneous deleterious effect on the USD……markets are factoring information into the equation in milliseconds every single day. No one will wait to react to that event when it unfolds. It just means the US Fed will have to reduce the money supply of USD / Debt… counter the expected “loss” (sic) in demand. Do you have first hand knowledge of what the CB’s are planning with regard their respective RESERVES ???? Take China for example…..Yes we know they are unwinding their USD positions in UST/USD…..but do they then replace them with RMB ????
        Are the other CB’s re-balancing their reserves to allow for the RMB inclusion in the SDR ….if so to what extent ??? What of Gold in that equation as well. Surely Gold must enter the SDR basket if we are to have any semblance of a fair monetary system.

        • Charles H


          Thanks for the reply. Ok – so Gold won’t back the RMB or enter the Monetary System through currency. Will the trade settlement be the vehicle for regulation of Fiat? My point is that – something must function as the determinant of value in relation to Fiat; otherwise what stops any nation from just printing or key-stroking ‘money’ out of thin air, and skewing the field.
          China certainly is not being transparent – as the time to put all the cards on the table is not arrived, yet.

          • Silence is Golden

            I have reminded Jerry and a few others to be careful what you wish for (China’s ascendancy).
            Indeed what WILL Gold be priced in…surely not RMB….given (PBOC) and their profligate ways would not resolve the issue with the current flawed system…merely transfer it.
            Something tangible like Gold must be used as backing for the potential Electronic price tag that will be ascribed to it (both go hand in hand). This ultimately may be the domain of the NWO…which defines and controls the financial and monetary system and therefore determines what Gold is worth in terms of price (not measured in fiat currency).
            China in my view is a stepping stone …to bring about a fairer system. That system will then evolve into a one that removes the need to trade in fiat. Fiat still retains use in domestic transactions, but eventually that will become defunct as well….ultimately leading to a credit based electronic system.

            • Charles H


              You really are one of the best – and thanks for the reply, again. It is not my wish a communist country should gain the ascendant position in the world. Neither should I assume that it is your wish that an electronic tally should be the fare of commerce; though it is coming.
              I think some problems may transfer over to China, but in the main – they will handle issues more honestly in order to gain traction in the developing world.
              I do not trust electronic media: it is too prone to hacking and abuse. How can anyone prove the trail of wealth if it disappears? Or is deliberately prevented, deleted, or stolen?
              China is indeed a transition; and bodes ill of the NWO being totalitarian.
              I try to think ahead, to formulate logical conclusions. I cannot say technology is OF the devil; but I certainly believe that technology is one of the greatest TOOLS of the devil. I fear it will be used to enslave mankind. I think to be gine before it is all in-place.

    • frederick

      @Jerry and I read on zero hedge that another chemical factory in China has exploded in flames Interesting times we are living in Dangerous but interesting frederick

      • Jerry

        Indeed Frederick. It makes you wonder how desperate the western cabal really is. Our lives are in the hands of these psychopaths.

  45. Jerry

    Greg, I can’t confirm the validity of this information, but I thought your readers might find it interesting. Paris attacks a “False Flag”.

    I’m like everybody else. I sometimes find it hard to believe that twisted sociopathic oligarchs run our government, and then I remind myself that the same day the Boston Bombing was going on, Gold was being smashed to smithereens. Life is just full of all kinds of little ironies and coincidences isn’t it?

    The Paris attacks just happen to be on the same day that China was granted Reserve Currency Status, and the G20 conducted opening ceremonies. (Twilight Zone Theme)

    • Keith

      Here is another good review of all of the ‘coincidences’ about the Paris attack – i.e. Jewish owners sold the Bataclan theater 2 months ago, EMTs, police, other first responders were conducting a “multi-sight” drill at the same time of the attacks, CIA chief Brennan met with France’s security minister the day before the attack, first responder military style troops were on the scene(s) within 5 minutes, although all of the gear they wear takes at least 10-15 minutes to put on, ‘magical’ pristine passports from the bombers that blew themselves up, etc. etc. Do your own research people.

      • JMiller

        Keith ,

        Just some thoughts. I read several sources that said the EMTs, police, other first responders were conducting a “multi-sight” drill in the morning of the attacks.

        Some others say it was at the time of the attacks. If the drills were at the time of the attacks then that may explain why the first responder military style troops were on the scene(s) within 5 minutes with all their gear on. Also the first bomb went off at the stadium at 9:20 followed by shootings at two restaurants at 9:25 that killed 15 people . Shortly after this time they would have been on the alert on dressed for it.

        Also concerning the second YouTube video, this link below shows how these tweets before the attack very well could have and probably did happen.

        Was not impress with the rest of the second video. Some things said were not true. Not going to get into that. Some are saying that no one got killed. The attacks were staged. That all or most of the “victims” were crisis actors which means that hundreds of police and medical personnel would have to be in on it. That is nonsense. There were residents and tourist who witnessed the attacks. I believe all the people were killed or wounded by terrorist. I do believe however that they may have had help in carrying out these murderous acts by some people in government. Also concerning the Paris hotel bomb threat where the German soccer team was staying that happened Friday morning. This could have been done so that security would be increased at the soccer game that night for the purpose of having a reduction of security at other areas that the terrorist planned on attacking. Not sure what your thoughts are but I would not mind hearing them.

  46. Silence is Golden

    The realities of all that Warren talks about are worrisome. Some of it is incongruent but nevertheless very concerning because there is no mention of an alternative path.
    We are facing a very uncertain future …..however we have certainty of one that does have elements of War, Loss of Liberties and Rights & the increased activity of the Unelected Leaders in pursuit of their ultimate agenda.
    Speaking of which…
    Paris 11/13 is case in point of the insidious nature of the warped mentality of those that desire to bring about greater suffering on a much wider scale and platform. To consider the actions of the ISIS /ISIL/IS one must also consider who were the creators of the beast. Once again we are witness to the power behind the scenes/curtains…..look to those who fund /arm this group. When all is said and done the MSM will play their part in pushing the true agenda of the Elite and diguise the FACT that it is the CIA and the Pentagon behind this evil. France has retaliated to support the words of the French President, by attacking the same group that Russia has, in Syria. Is France the easy target because of the scale of the Muslim population in France. How well trained and armed were the perpetrators. How much intel did they have. Did the authorities know in advance of an impending attack. Why with the all the increased activity post Charlie Hebdo, did the internal/european/ cia security forces not detect any increased terrorist activity. Questions yet to be answered. I can think of one solution. It will be imbedded into the psyche…for the good of all. There will be more collateral damage (I dont like to put it into that context…but that is what it is). I am sad for the loss of innocent lives.

    • Charles H


      The focus of origin for ISIS/ISIL/IS as being CIA/Pentagon has a glimmer of truth – in that training, funding, and the like did come from that quarter. But the real comparison and scope are something different. How long has the Islamic religion been around, compared to the CIA? Islam has been around way longer than even the technology currently available for war these days. Being somewhat forced out of medieval circumstances by a technologically emerging world – it has been a game of catch-up. Disingenuous America only was a tool, like the Kalishnikov. China has history back thousands of years; but now takes prominence – despite the systematic working of Western global financial dominance.
      The rise if Islamic State is a symptom of a greater scheme, and no longer bears any control from the West, which referring to it’s origin implies. It helps that the world’s most powerful politician sympathizes and supports such empowerment. No. The nations of the Western World are being turned aside; and simple, foolish vise is allowing the demise of culture from the inside. Science is the second, godless, Tower of Babel; and mankind is getting the world it wants. One World, One Government – it is all foretold.
      It is a hard pill to swallow – but the rise of others in the world is not so much the issue as is our own demise because of (spiritual) corruption.

      • Silence is Golden

        Thank you Charles.
        The Rise of Islam and the Rise of Islamic State are two different concepts….however they are related.
        IS… is the manifestation of the CIA. Its motives were explicit. Its consequences (displacement) were “Intended”. The Islamisation of Europe has with it a myriad of undesirables…not least of which is those that seek to initiate a retribution against others who are of similar background/culture and religion, through their acts of violence.
        The creators are masters of disguise and ambiguity. Agendas are pushed through the devious interpretations of religious beliefs which are then forced onto a people, who desire to seek revenge. This act forces all who follow the same religion (but under different interpretations) to be engulfed by and unavoidably categorised under, the same name.
        I do not believe the west is afraid of the rise of Islam…it is more the case of the west doing its best to undermine itself …intentionally. Yes we are seeing the manifestation of a One World Government….but first we must see the next great War unfold….evolve….then devour the remaining vestiges of Christianity. The fundamentalists, the extremists, the Nihilists have been left to flourish. They have, through inaction of the West …infiltrated every western society. Sleeper cells in major cities waiting to strike and cause simultaneous systemic failure. Disguised as a multiculturalism policy…..we have introduced a virus knowingly.
        Recent events are in my mind the furthering of the agenda and providing the Green light to attack. Sadly this is just the beginning.

    • Paul

      Sig … The elite survive by profiting from the loss of innocent lives … and they use Neo-con Generals to do their dealing in death and destruction so as to “profit from conflict” … do these Generals working to garner profits for the elites by killing innocents by the hundreds of thousands think they are smarter then the Generals who worked for Napoleon and Hitler? … who all “miscalculated” attacking the Russians?? … in their crazy brains they think “this time will be different” because they plan to due “a preemptive nuclear first strike” … they are insane morally deficient Machiavellian’s … only loony tunes can think they could portray to the American people that murder and destruction is in the interest of bringing peace to the world … when it is clear to us American’s that their “forever wars” is simply an excuse to make profits on the dead bodies of women and children!

  47. glen

    a wholly predictable retaliation from the allies for which the attacked would have been well prepared in advance,
    as in VN massive air power cannot and will not ensure victory,
    NS time has arrived.
    only massive infusions of boots on the ground can realign the current status quo,
    taking territory and holding it still remains the defining aspect of engagement.
    the aggressors now own the citadel.

  48. Keith

    I bought and read Warren’s October/November observations/analysis. Some interesting points. But his comments regarding 9/11 being done by Saudi hijackers, and his attempts to provide dismissive disinformation on those presenting facts about the incident (Rebekah Roth et. al) REALLY detract from the believability of his otherwise interesting analyses.

    • sk

      What one says about 9/11 is the acid test of one’s intelligence and/or integrity. You do not want a geopolitical/financial advisor who lacks EITHER or maybe even BOTH.

      • frederick

        I totally agree with that sk

  49. Luis Chavez Romo

    Dear Greg,
    Great work, you are a real option for true news.
    But, I still miss Jim Willie. He is such a great source of valid information.
    USAWatchdog is not the same without Jim.
    Luis Chavez

  50. Jack

    Greg, what really scares me is that I am from a family of doctors, nurses and highly educated professional people. I have told them about some of the insane ideas being floated, like economist William Buiter’s proposal to abolish cash and charge -6% interest on depositor’s bank accounts. When I talk about such things, they look at me like I just escaped from a mental hospital. This country is ripe for plans such as Buiter’s to become reality. Nobody is paying attention. Thanks for all you do in your efforts to get guests on your site to educate and inform. We need to spread the word and not let America be taken over by sociopaths.

    • Diane D

      Jack, I have been unable to wake up loved ones. Why is it so difficult? Well, for starters they first have to accept the reality that the country they think they live in, simply no longer exists.

      Another real possibility exists. We often refer to them as ‘blind’. But maybe, just maybe, they have been ‘blinded’… Sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish between cause and effect.

      • Paul

        Diane … America may have been blinded by lack of information from the MSM … but most American’s have instincts to do good not evil … so even though bind and bound in economic chains to an evil elite Fed temple … like Samson of the Bible … we can still bring them down … even at the cost of our own economic lives! … unless we own God’s gold!

        • Jeff L

          People operate in survival mode that won’t allow them view the truth.

  51. Aurele

    Launch of a US “show case” missile off the coast is something we’d expect from a country like North Korea. As usual Greg, great interview !

  52. Mike

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but the news articles that I remember about the government stockpiling ammunition were referring to .40 caliber pistol ammo. Generally speaking this is not the type of ammunition that you would use to fight a war with.

    • Paul

      Good call Mike … I guess Pollock does not realize wars are not fought with pistols! … and that building 7 didn’t get hit with a Saudi plane!

  53. Mr.Lee

    Russia and Iran allied with the US against China……perhaps, but a little unforeseeable given the current state of events.

    ICBMs are also redundant tools of war. In order for a strategic nuclear strike to succeed, the launching country must ensure its own survival from a counter strike. In order for that to take place, a fist strike capability needs to be in place. This is currently not the case. Now a tactical nuclear war is more likely due to the short ranges and short response time…that I can see.

    • frederick

      @Mr Lee İm sorry but in my opinion even discussing such things is a form of insanity God help us ALL if anyone thinks they can win a thermonuclear war and precipitates one by a socalled “first strike” dangerous talk frederick

      • Paul

        These “nuclear first strike” loony tunes “conveniently forget” that Russian and Chinese nuclear subs can easily retaliate … but those $$$ signs of profit from starting a war clouds their thinking!

    • Blt

      No, 40 cal ammo is what the civilian population would need if anything really goes down. Hence, the Gubmint will buy all they can bc they can afford it and as of this moment I pretty much cannot. These cats ain’t stupid

      • Paul

        Your right Bit … the “more logical” reason for them buying is to keep the ammo out of the hands of the public so they can more easily put down the injured animal (Americans)!

  54. Androgynous Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    Great show. As someone who watches almost every episode, I gotta tell you it’s great that Warren is becoming a regular. The guy seems almost like a savant.

    I wonder what Warren would have to say about this recent Russian Nuclear submarine test? It was sent from the west coast of Russia to the East, 7500 miles.

    Also, Venezuela selling its gold. They’re even further gone than Greece is, methinks. I would guess Warren probably has them as a “basketcase” country. There are also rumors that they are selling more than they are letting on (shocker). It was a non-MSM source, goldbug site. Can’t find it, but here’s the MSM link to the official selling:

    Requests. Where is Greg Mannarino? Also Paul Craig Roberts has been writing some fire this weekend. I’m wondering how the market will react to Paris this week and France’s aggressive response. The futures are already looking bad according to Zero Hedge.

    I am broke as a joke but am considering purchasing this presentation. I wonder if Warren wouldn’t sell a lot more at a $1-$5 price point. In this day and age $10 is a lot. I can have a used hardcover book delivered to my door step for $4-6 on Amazon. Warren is selling a presentation that he updated for $10, of which the previous iteration people complained about. I mean I’ll admit that his lineup of teams in WW3 is fascinating. More fascinating to me is the Hadoop bitcoin internet stuff. I can tell that he’s for real just having skimmed the wikipedia page where they mention all the companies running this software (I saw Facebook and it was all I needed to know).

    All that sounds totally crazy and informative. I just think it would be a no-brainer for me at $3 or less, $4-5 probably, and above that I start to wonder. Especially for a “newsletter.”

    Maybe people aren’t as poor as me. I don’t know.

    In closing, thanks again for another great interview.

  55. Paul

    The French have just launched a massive air strike on the ISIS capital …
    Tomorrow I expect France to use the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Article 5 … which essentially states that an attack on one member of NATO is an attack on all members … and thus sets in motion a coordinated NATO military attack on ISIS … which gets all of NATO into Syria … which can then easily lead to attacks on Assad’s troops … resulting in a NATO confrontation with Russia … and the start of WWIII just as the Neo-cons have been planning all along.

    • john duffy

      Interesting that France along with US have funded ISIS in order to get Assad and now declare war on them. Coincidence they now have excuse to go into Syria? What about Russia. Does Nato want to start a world war.

  56. dave roselle

    Hi Greg.IMO he gave his opinion with no support.

  57. Dan


    While I agree with some of Pollock’s assertions (such as the weakening of the US economy & military), I must say that he was quite weak in this interview with many other assertions – especially those with regards to China. Let’ me break some of them down.

    Firstly, I must mention that I have been living and working in China since 2008 and have travelled extensively around the nation; so I have a firsthand view about the reality here (unlike what is being spread in the Western media which I can assure you is often far from the truth). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rosy here but for the most part it’s a lot better than how it is portrayed overseas.

    A quote from the interview: “The Chinese economy is in deflation, depression.” What? Is he confusing China with Japan? Where is he getting his facts? What are the signs of deflation? I really don’t see deflation here. As for a depression, yes things are slowing down a bit but not to the extent he is asserting.

    Another quote: “You’re not gonna be able o get the Chinese to become consumers any time soon.”; “They’re not gonna be a consumer economy.” What??? I can assure you that these statements cannot be further from the truth. If he could see just how much the Chinese spend, especially in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities here (where the majority of the masses live), I’m sure he would retract such an unfounded statement. One simple example: the automobile market here is insanely high. This is not to mention that as tourists when traveling abroad, the Chinese spend more than any other nation group. Just last Wednesday (11/11 Singles Day) saw the biggest online shopping day in the world ever. So this assertion that China is not becoming a Consumer Economy but one that may be reverting back to an Export-led model is bit wacky to say the least.

    Moreover, he mentions that China could have an ambition to become a “Military Industrial Complex” and that quote: “war starts when the Chinese economy implodes” is also quite ridiculous. He makes it sound like China is going to start a war if the economy tanks. First, it won’t tank. I’ve heard China’s going to have a “hard landing” for the past five years. China won’t. A “soft-landing”, perhaps. The banks here have a Reserve Requirement Ratio of nearly 18% (as opposed to 1-2% in the West). Plus the coffers of the Central Gov’t here are extremely huge; so when the next crisis hits they will have a lot of bullets to inject in the system so to speak. And they have lost of infrastructure projects (e.g., One belt, One Road initiative) to help with economic development and employment).

    Also regarding the “war” scenario, I think Mr. Pollock needs to do a bit more research about the Chinese. First, although the average Chinese still has animosity towards Japan in general, a similar sentiment towards Americans, as Pollock suggests is developing, couldn’t be further from the truth. Chinese here actually view American people in high regard and they are not even that judgmental of U.S. Foreign Policy. Next, he needs to brush up on his world history. China is not an aggressive nation; when has it invaded or attacked other countries? Also in September, President Xi announced he would be cutting military personnel by 300,000. Yes one could argue that China is being “territorial” in the South China Sea, but the fact remains that it is not instigating conflict (unlike what the US is trying to achieve in this region). Also look at the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands situation. Did China attack Japan when they appropriated them and nationalized a couple of years ago? No. A little common sense please.

    Mr. Pollock makes references in the interview about China’s ghost cities, ghost railways, and ghost damns. I know about the existence of ghost cities because I have seen them first-hand. But I have never seen or hear of ghost railways or damns. Is this fact or was he just speculating? During Spring Festival here in China there are over 1 billion transports via the train network (absolutely packed by the way). Do you really think China would build ghost rail networks? Absurd.

    Regarding the assertion that China is “telling Washington to increase the value of the dollar” is also quite preposterous. Firstly, there is nothing clearer to me as a foreigner living here that China really dislikes foreign nations to meddle in their internal affairs. So, do you really think they would tell Washington what to do? That’s not China’s style. They use more indirect, sneakier, means, not overt ones. Look at how they how they have been acquiring gold in the last 5 years. They do it in a more covert manner. Also, I really don’t see how China truly benefits with a stronger dollar. I mean does a strong dollar really make Americans buy more Chinese crap goods in Wal-Mart? Get real.

    I’m sorry to be so critical or Mr. Pollock and I’m sure I’m gonna get some heat from some of my comments above. But the patrons of are smart people; and I think they are entitled to more sound arguments and solid facts from guest. Maybe he has some facts that he didn’t mention that were in his report. If so, he could have stated a few of them. Lastly, opinions and speculation are fine; but they need to be substantiated in a sounder manner.

    – Respectfully

    • PingPong

      Dan, you just hit that one out of the park. Nothing like a little common sense perspective from someone who lives in China. Mr. Pollock has a few interesting things to say but some of his theories are just strange, you called him out and nailed him on a few great points. Well done.

    • WEPollock

      Per capita (PPP purchasing power, consumption) is the main metric to use. There are many rich Chinese people but per capita the PPP is extremely low. Well below the top 50 nations. WELL BELOW. The sum of many small items can be large; hence the large visible physical growth.

      However, much of the physical growth has been misallocated as is the case with any boom. This misallocation is all across the Brick’s not just china. There is even more misallocation in China from both public policy and massive amounts of debt (massive).

      The Chinese boom was born on the back of exports to the US, the acceptance of US IOU’s, labor deflation and arbitrage (from China to the US), and the movement of raw materials (from Brazil Australia Canada US-scrap etc; to China, and then ultimately back to the places of origin; some of which boomed as well).

      The idea that China will enjoy “the consumerist American dream” which has been promised is an impossibility. In the US we have .8 cars per capita; in China there is .1 cars per capita. The concept is “Absolute demand per capita.” China will not bridge that gap.

      (Command elements in China are speaking to the party line that it will; “We will continue to increase household consumption and make sure that greater internal demand could serve as a new power to drive economic growth,” Premier Li Keqiang)

      The automobile issue I mentioned in this presentation also speaks to physical limits of consumption directly. There are global and local physical limits to consumption; both of which have been surpassed. I speak to a concept called the end of the Anthropocene; this is evidenced in PCB and Mercury historically-laden waterways in NY.

      China has been importing pollution and exporting goods and labor value deflation. Chinese labor in manufacturing has no value per-capita value; we are seeing spikes up in the Chinese service economy which has local value since it cannot be arbitraged. Service jobs are not going to be high paying.

    • Jerry

      you won’t get any heat from me. A spade is a spade. Thumbs up on all comments.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      You will get no heat from me Dan

    • Dan

      On a lighter yet slightly related note here’s an interesting article about China’s super rich buying lingerie made from gold (in “poor” Gansu province):

      Solid support: Chinese department store unveils luxury gold BRA for the super rich costing £310,000

      If this ain’t proof that China is becoming a consumer market, then I don’t know what is.

      Enjoy the photos!

  58. Richard Mchenry

    I m thinking an EMP attacking our grid is more likely than a nuke,man made or natural.It would render the country pretty much powerless long enough that our adversaries could come into our borders and begin the reset of currency and bring with it the NWO. The scenario s are endless…let’s see ..guns for food..walk this way we have everything you need at our FEMA camps.. oh and look how good we are we can even help you with keeping track of your personal info by placing it on a chip and attaching it to your hand, in exchange you get to return to peace and security in your cities, No doubt things could go any number of ways wrong very quickly,so do something meaningful today and make a difference .

    • Jerry

      EMP attack is almost a certainty. The NWO has to take down communications of any combatants still inside the U.S. before the tanks can roll in. It would provide the perfect platform to wipe out computerized debt as well.

      • Calgirl

        Good point. Also, maybe needing to be able to take down communications across America is why they have done NOTHING to protect our grid, despite being warned year after year.

      • brian

        If the power grid goes down what happens to all the spent nuclear fuel rod storage sites?

        • Jerry

          Brian. KA-BOOM!

        • Charles H

          Power plants retain production direct from turbines. Diesel backup in place. I’m not sure how much damage can be done to interfere in keeping cooling pumps going.

          • Occasnltrlvr

            And…when there’s no gasoline to drive to work, then…

        • JC Davis

          Brian I would think a nuclear plant would be hardened against EMP and Gama burst.

    • Jeff L

      EMP is obvious because this country has too much to offer (food for one) to be destroyed. Nuclear bombs would make it useless.

  59. Paul

    In 1993-1994 and again in 2006 … before he became U.S. Secretary of Defense … Ashton Carter advocated attacking North Korea … so in recent months the US has gotten together with South Korea and signed a military agreement that now “heightens the risk of conflict on the Korean Peninsula” … the new US and South Korea “military operations plan” is named OPLAN 5015 … most of the details of the plan remain under wraps … but what has been revealed is that OPLAN 5015 calls for “a preemptive strike” on North Korea … taking out its strategic military targets and also “decapitation raids” to kill all the North Korean leaders … supposedly in the mind’s of the Neo-cons this action will make North Korea wave the white flag and give up … but only a fat head can’t see the possibility that China will come to the aid of its North Korean ally … so is this Neo-con plan “designed” to put the US in direct conflict with China? … sounds exactly like what the Neo-con’s would do to start war in Asia with China … and along with a war in Syria against Russia … they probably plan to take out the two remaining nations bold enough “to reject the US dollar” after Iraq and Libya were demolished!

  60. Scott


    Doug Casey (also a USA Watchdog guest) recommends bank accounts outside of the U.S. Hong Kong is one he recommends, and I’m considering that at this time.

    But if Pollack is correct, any money I set aside in HK will go “poof.”

    What to do? I have savings in the US but don’t feel good about keeping it here – even PMs – and also in Korea (Seoul). But I worry about the future there, too?

    Is Casey’s recommendation sound?

    • James Hastings

      IF…..I can’t get on a plane?
      IF….my bank stole my deposits?
      IF….foreign banks steal my deposits?

      What will keep me solvent till things settle down?

      What did history teach us?
      1) The immigrants to America prior to the 1800’s paid in Gold & Silver for passage.
      2) The old west was developed on the Gold & Silver rushes.
      3) The Jews used gold, silver and diamonds to flee in 1940.
      4) We did well until the dollar was taken off the Gold standard.
      5) Why have we fought so many recent wars….because someone wanted to sell oil for Gold.


      • Scott

        Well, asked and answered. You make excellent points, and I sure appreciate your time and thoughtfulness/insights in reply, thanks friend.

        (sorry about the duplicate post, below, Greg. I clicked the wrong reply button – then figured out this is the right one)

  61. Ross

    Really good interview but I doubt it will be another 4 yrs before a collapse happens.

    I think hyperinflation was more likely during the Great Depression because a lot of workers were paid in cash. Cash is created by our Govts debt free. Now with credit cards nearly all our money is created as debt so this money is continually exiting the system stopping wage/salary increases, hence keeping a lid on inflation. There is however inflation in property and the share market. Only when people sell to OS buyers is inflation in the consumer economy realised. eg China buying Australian property.
    There is evidence that the USA has already used small nukes in Iraq. They certainly have used Depleted Uranium weapons. Russia has said it has over 2000 mini nukes and is prepared to use them. So it is only a matter of degree.

    Perhaps they’ll all agree to a limited nuke war, thus enslave their people , reset their economies and kill a few billion people.

    • Scott

      Well, asked and answered. You make excellent points, and I sure appreciate your time and thoughtfulness/insights in reply, thanks friend.

  62. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Thank you for a very thought provoking interview.

    Just little old me in the antipodes, but some of Warrens theories sound quite bazaar from my perspective. His speculation that Russia and Iran will join in an alliance with the US, Japan and India sounds very odd indeed. My personal view is that a China-India-Russia coalition is far more likely and is utterly logical to help them emerge from the shadows of US hegemony.

    I notice too that Warren is still strung up on his own personal interpretation of China’s “manifest destiny” in which he assumes that they will try to claim significant parts of Russia as their rightful territory. This totally contradicts my understanding of the geopolitics in that area. I know that Russia and China signed a treaty in July 2008, which officially ended all outstanding territorial disputes between these two countries:
    To the contrary what I see and hear very clearly, is that these two countries are being brought ever closer together by the menacing threat of US global hegemony and aggression.

    I note that both Russia and China appear to have the good sense to focus on the fact that they have a common border of over 4000km and that with their highly complementary resources, there are enormous benefits and wealth to be gained if they can peacefully co-exist and trade bilaterally together.

    In my view neither of these country’s foreign policy is shaped by a military/industrial lobby or imperialism, but by a common-sense realization that conflict would be mutually disastrous and could easily lead to total destruction of both their civilizations.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Col. I try to keep it different and informative.

    • WEPollock

      You have the right to believe whatever you want;

      The terror attack in Paris, a downed Russian jet; this sort of activity moves Russia closer to the US. (what you are hearing on the news is irrelevant, you are being manipulated.)

      As to Iran.. there is a war between Shia and Sunni… look at a map. Which side is the terror coming from and where?

      As to India moving away from the US, with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia moving away from the US towards China.

      Here are a few on topic links;
      China, Pakistan Vow to Enhance Parliamentary Exchanges
      NDTV-10 hours ago
      Beijing: China and Pakistan today vowed to strengthen parliamentary exchanges to promote development of their strategic partnership.
      Story image for china and pakistan from Times of India
      Top Chinese general vows support for Pakistan economic zone
      Times of India-Nov 14, 2015
      The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an ambitious $46 billion project giving Beijing greater access to the Middle East, Africa and Europe …
      All in Pakistan are for China
      International-Pakistan Observer-Nov 15, 2015
      Explore in depth (39 more articles)
      Story image for china and pakistan from ValueWalk
      China building biggest airport of Pakistan at Gwadar
      ValueWalk-Nov 13, 2015
      In a landmark deal, Pakistan has handed thousands of acres of land over to China in order to build a special economic zone in Gwadar.
      Chinese officer starts mission to Pakistan and India
      International-ecns-Nov 12, 2015
      Explore in depth (215 more articles)
      Story image for china and pakistan from The Diplomat
      Groundhog Day: China-Pakistan JF-17 Fighter Has its First Buyer
      The Diplomat-Nov 13, 2015
      China and Pakistan may finally have their first customer for the jointly developed Pakistan Aeronautical Complex/Chengdu Aircraft Industry …
      China-Pakistan JF-17 fighter finds new buyer
      Pakistan Today-Nov 12, 2015
      Explore in depth (31 more articles)
      Story image for china and pakistan from The Express Tribune
      Pakistan needs better ties with US, says Qazi
      The Express Tribune-2 hours ago
      Opines killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan was lowest point in history of … “Now we have an opportunity in the form of China-Pakistan …
      1st CPEC Media forum to be held on Nov. 17th
      International-International News Network-Nov 15, 2015
      Explore in depth (24 more articles)
      China-Pakistan air travel
      The Express Tribune-13 hours ago
      It would also be in the fitness of things if PIA offered a service that would simultaneously link China, Pakistan and Europe. In this way, people …
      Story image for china and pakistan from Daily Pakistan
      CPEC equally beneficial to both China and Pakistan
      Daily Pakistan-Nov 12, 2015
      General Fan Changlong said China and Pakistan are the best iron brothers, good friends and strategic partners. “We share the tradition of …
      Chinese Military delegation calls on COAS Gen Raheel Sharif
      International-Geo News, Pakistan-Nov 12, 2015
      Explore in depth (267 more articles)
      Story image for china and pakistan from Washington Post
      From the mountains to the sea: A Chinese vision, a Pakistani corridor
      Washington Post-Oct 23, 2015
      CHINA’S BACK YARD | Part of an occasional series. KHUNJERAB PASS, Pakistan — Up here on what is often referred to as the world’s …
      Story image for china and pakistan from IBNLive
      China, Pakistan to jointly export upgraded jet fighter
      IBNLive-Nov 9, 2015
      Beijing: China and Pakistan will jointly export an upgraded version of the JF-17 multi-role fighter jet co-produced by the two countries since …
      Story image for china and pakistan from Popular Mechanics
      Pakistan’s First Fighter Plane Has a Mystery Buyer
      Popular Mechanics-8 hours ago
      ​The JF-17 “Thunder” multi-role fighter, the first fighter plane manufactured in Pakistan, finally has a buyer. According to China Daily, …
      U.S. Accuses China Of Stealing Its Jet Design
      ValueWalk-11 hours ago
      Explore in depth (3 more articles)

      • WEPollock


        You have the right to believe whatever you want; If the majority of people are chanting the same thing; it is most likely a belive in error.

        The terror attack in Paris, a downed Russian jet; this sort of activity moves Russia closer to the US.

        As to Iran.. there is a war between Shia and Sunni… look at a map. Which side is the terror coming from and where?

        As to India moving TOWARS the US, with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia MOVING AWAY from the US towards China.

        Here are a few on topic links;
        China, Pakistan Vow to Enhance Parliamentary Exchanges
        NDTV-10 hours ago
        Beijing: China and Pakistan today vowed to strengthen parliamentary exchanges to promote development of their strategic partnership.
        Story image for china and pakistan from Times of India
        Top Chinese general vows support for Pakistan economic zone
        Times of India-Nov 14, 2015
        The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is an ambitious $46 billion project giving Beijing greater access to the Middle East, Africa and Europe …
        All in Pakistan are for China
        International-Pakistan Observer-Nov 15, 2015
        Explore in depth (39 more articles)
        Story image for china and pakistan from ValueWalk
        China building biggest airport of Pakistan at Gwadar
        ValueWalk-Nov 13, 2015
        In a landmark deal, Pakistan has handed thousands of acres of land over to China in order to build a special economic zone in Gwadar.
        Chinese officer starts mission to Pakistan and India
        International-ecns-Nov 12, 2015
        Explore in depth (215 more articles)
        Story image for china and pakistan from The Diplomat
        Groundhog Day: China-Pakistan JF-17 Fighter Has its First Buyer
        The Diplomat-Nov 13, 2015
        China and Pakistan may finally have their first customer for the jointly developed Pakistan Aeronautical Complex/Chengdu Aircraft Industry …
        China-Pakistan JF-17 fighter finds new buyer
        Pakistan Today-Nov 12, 2015
        Explore in depth (31 more articles)
        Story image for china and pakistan from The Express Tribune
        Pakistan needs better ties with US, says Qazi
        The Express Tribune-2 hours ago
        Opines killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan was lowest point in history of … “Now we have an opportunity in the form of China-Pakistan …
        1st CPEC Media forum to be held on Nov. 17th
        International-International News Network-Nov 15, 2015
        Explore in depth (24 more articles)
        China-Pakistan air travel
        The Express Tribune-13 hours ago
        It would also be in the fitness of things if PIA offered a service that would simultaneously link China, Pakistan and Europe. In this way, people …
        Story image for china and pakistan from Daily Pakistan
        CPEC equally beneficial to both China and Pakistan
        Daily Pakistan-Nov 12, 2015
        General Fan Changlong said China and Pakistan are the best iron brothers, good friends and strategic partners. “We share the tradition of …
        Chinese Military delegation calls on COAS Gen Raheel Sharif
        International-Geo News, Pakistan-Nov 12, 2015
        Explore in depth (267 more articles)
        Story image for china and pakistan from Washington Post
        From the mountains to the sea: A Chinese vision, a Pakistani corridor
        Washington Post-Oct 23, 2015
        CHINA’S BACK YARD | Part of an occasional series. KHUNJERAB PASS, Pakistan — Up here on what is often referred to as the world’s …
        Story image for china and pakistan from IBNLive
        China, Pakistan to jointly export upgraded jet fighter
        IBNLive-Nov 9, 2015
        Beijing: China and Pakistan will jointly export an upgraded version of the JF-17 multi-role fighter jet co-produced by the two countries since …
        Story image for china and pakistan from Popular Mechanics
        Pakistan’s First Fighter Plane Has a Mystery Buyer
        Popular Mechanics-8 hours ago
        ​The JF-17 “Thunder” multi-role fighter, the first fighter plane manufactured in Pakistan, finally has a buyer. According to China Daily, …
        U.S. Accuses China Of Stealing Its Jet Design
        ValueWalk-11 hours ago
        Explore in depth (3 more articles)

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          At least I agree with you on one thing, and I will quote you in your very own words;

          “You have the right to believe whatever you want.”

          Yes I do, and this is only one insignificant opinion from far away in the south seas. With all due respect, I think you are extremely confused in your perception of global geopolitics and likely developing alliances. To me, and once again just the way I read it, but the vast majority of your post actually appears to bolster my argument.


          • brian

            Colin, sometimes we let hope cloud things too much. Many people look for some semblance of order, some reason for why things happen. I think when it comes to what is going on in the world, what people do, there is no rhyme or reason. It is obvious that people have no purpose; probably because they forfeited it, maybe because they never had one. Its just pure chaos and all the attendant violence, discord and misery. Welcome to a world with no God. Cheers!

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Colin, do you have any close, candid, Chinese friends? Ask them about Russia.

    • Oldpol

      Hi Col, Just a little side note on the topic of “Russia and China settle longstanding territorial disputes.”
      People, IMHO, that have the power of controlling an entire nation do not think like you or I.
      Historic example:
      Some informative maps to the side of the page.
      At the end of the article:
      One will see China is still not 100% satisfied with the situation. Plus the leaders of this nation seem to put out as little information as possible. (Censoring)
      Please believe me, I’m not bashing your statement. It’s only the fact that none of us can predict the future. If we could we’d have “the goose that laid the golden egg’ status”. 😉
      One good thing about Warren’s work is he does his best to set a trajectory. There is no better way at this point in time. For myself, I applaud him for doing so.
      As Mark Twain wrote, History does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme.
      Thanks for Your Time, Oldpol

  63. Ugamugg

    Why are my comments not showing up please ?

  64. ED

    Greg, I’ve been lurking in the shadows for few weeks now and I must say that I really enjoy this site. Tons of great information. Well done sir. I commend you and all your guests that contribute to your program.

    Without doubt Mr. Pollock is a very astute individual with some very interesting points of view. I’ve watched this interview and/or parts within, several times now taking notes and trying to pry out everything I can from it.

    However, one aspect that leaves me scratching my head is Mr. Pollock’s statements on the powers to be stock piling ammo (not to be confused with bullets that are not loaded ammo). To the best of my knowledge the type of ammo that is being stock piled by several internal government agencies is hollow point rounds of ammo. Hollow point ammo is strictly against the rules of war but legal for internal police work, etc.

    In addition, hollow point ammo is far more expensive than hard ball ammo (full metal Jacket, non expanding bullets) that is approved for war. Yet the “Official” word is all those billions of rounds of hollow point ammo is for “Target practice” by the NSA, DHS, etc.

    Therefore, it leaves little doubt what so ever that those billions of rounds of hollow point ammo is to used internally instead of externally, as Mr.Pollock contends. In short, it’s to my belief those hollow point rounds are intended to used on us (Joe Public) whenever something catastrophic occurs, such as a total melt down of our economic system most of us know is near.

    A sincere Thank you to you and Mr. Pollock on all of your hard work.


    • Paul

      Ed … why doesn’t the UN get all the countries of the world to agree to use only “rubber bullets” and make all metal bullets strictly against the “rules of war” … if they did this we will have fewer casualties among enlisted men and no lead and depleted uranium contaminating Earth’s environment … we should issue metal bullets to all the Generals who can be placed in a big stadium to fight their wars among themselves!

  65. Mike M

    The cockroaches the cockroaches! Russia teaming up with the US to take on China. In 2020 we will be in the thick of it.

    Does anyone really take this guy seriously? I can understand why CNBC banned him what I don’t understand is why anyone would have him on or interview him to begin with.

    Get PCR or Stockman back on at least they have legitimate credentials and experience which is sorely lacking with some of these other guests like Pollock.

    • frederick

      @Mike M CNBC banned him didn’t realize that? Agree that he has some unorthodox theories for sure and I do trust Stockman and PC Roberts more certainly frederick

  66. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Greg, As Faith says maybe it’s Warren Pollock’s ‘genius’ that lost me here. Russia aligning herself with the U.S. versus China – Hmnnnn! 2020 when it all unravels, like we’ve got 4-5 years more of being jerked around by the western banks. Small calibre bullets getting to be saved for a major war later on – hallo! Sorry but of your many excellent contributors this guy well and truly lost me! Best, A

  67. Jerry

    Have you heard of a “Sucker Punch” ?
    Now that the IMF has accepted the RMB as Reserve Currency, here is what is coming next. The Shanghai Gold Fix is coming before the end of 2015, and with it the reign of the dollar. The RMB was just the set up jab. Here comes the “Sucker Punch”.

    Sleepy, drugged out, government supported, egotistical, aborted baby selling Americans will never know what hit them once gold is re-priced on the Shanghai Exchange. Do you want to know the real reason why two first class Chinese Destroyers carrying cruise missiles could sail unabated into an American harbor in Florida? Answer: Because they could. No one was going to try and stop them. America has been sold out. Lock. Stock. And Barrel.

  68. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Fellow Citizens, We need not be concerned about the coming great war as to who will be the victor. As the worlds only great superpower, we shall prevail. However, unlike previous wars conducted primarily on foreign soil, we do expect spillover of fighting to occur within our own boundaries, which is something that hasn’t occurred to any significant degree since the revolutionary war and unfortunately casualties including civilians will be high. We are expecting attacks on all our major ports of which some will unavoidably succeed, but we have also targeted the enemies ports and vulnerable hard targets. Needless to say, their leaderships are being satellite tracked hourly so that we may execute surgical strikes on leadership targets wherever feasible. Unfortunately, the current executive leadership in Washington lacks the courage and resolve to be proactive and will not allow us the courtesy of permitting a first strike initiative. The enemies of freedom will undoubtedly strike before Obama leaves office, because once we reinstall a Republican president sympathetic to the warnings presented by our Jewish Conservative thinktanks, they know we will hit them with overwhelming firepower within hours of a new president taking office. Considering the hurdles we face, let us all do our part to defend the homeland to our best ability and visit hellfire and death to our enemies in our supreme mission to conquer the world so that liberty, freedom and democracy shall once again reign. God Bless You All, and God Bless the United States of America.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I daresay, you are getting better and better! I laughed for maybe 30 full seconds – thanks!

    • eddiemd

      Hilarious post.

      I thought it was some kind of political speech made by a brainwashed troll. Oh, it was.
      Wake up, airman. Stop drinking the Kool-ade.

    • brian

      Airman Treadway, with brave, selfless, albeit somewhat intrepid souls like you screaming across the sky in defense of this glorious and indefatigable nation of laudable honor and greatness I do not waiver in my pride and find myself securely founded upon the bedrock of magnificence that is this indispensable nation! It is the precious few like you who stand as the great Don Quixote’s of our time, leading all of us Sancho Panza’s on in the most vainglorious of pursuits that stand to give great credit to mankind.

      Carry on my friend and Vaya con Dios!

    • Paul

      USAF … are you trying to use reverse psychology to get people to think? … you should be careful as you may well be “encouraging” the Neo-cons with your words of war and blindsiding these Neo-con loony tunes to the reality of nuclear submarines with nuclear tipped ICBM’s that “can’t be taken out” in a preemptive nuclear first strike!

    • sk

      And God bless all our precious bodily fluids. You forgot the most important thing, Dr. Strangelove! LOL

    • oneno

      Airman, your dual citizen terrorists are right here in the USA. See post below on JOSHUA RYNE GOLDBERG

    • tim

      Mr Airforce man,
      Who exactly are these enemies of freedom? WTF is the Patriot act? What’s all this gov spying on our internet and cell phone activity? Which companies sent a ton of their manufacturing jobs over to China? Which country is currently allowing a shitload of gold to head to China? Which country is currently allowing a shitload of silver to head to India? Which country bombed the shit out of Iraq for no reason (besides oil trade)? And how about 911? Oh yeah, the US can spy on anyone in the world at given moment and send a cruise missile on their lap at any given moment but they can’t detect a major terrorist attack. Are you that stupid Mr. Airforce man? Anyone who examines this evidence and thinks that China and the US are at each other’s throats needs their head examined. What you say Airforce man?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Have you ever considered lobbying for a job at the Pentagon.
      You and Ash would probably get along like….
      ….well a house on fire!

  69. Dave

    It seems as though Warren Pollock’s method of futuristic predictions dances around
    allot. In this reader’s estimate , Warren falls in the category of all the rest of the gurus
    laying their futurama pieces on the table. It was particularly entertaining watching Warren skirt the subject of Jade Helm and his past takes on the out come regarding it’s
    maneuvers. Even you , Greg mentioned of how you were unsure of such an outcome. And nothing did take place with the results of Jade Helm after all.
    I’m sure that all of your guests have the best intentions with all of their expertise. But none have crystal balls.
    It seems that collectively all of the future calling “experts” have hit the target from time to time. Greg , you do a good job of sifting the truth from each one of your guests.
    It’s satisfying to watch you professionally carry such a responsibility.
    Now get an uber , 1 %’r on one of your shows and that should produce some real fireworks !

  70. karl

    This interview makes hardly any sense.
    For 1 it is not China starting a war when its economy implodes its The Us.
    Ww3 has already begun and its quite clear the Us is against Russia.
    I see zero chance of them being on the same side.
    Russia is aligned with Assad for its pipelines
    with China and Iran and Saudi , quatar , us and most of europe are on the other.
    As Putin recognizes the islamic problem and Obama is part of the problem again no way will they align.
    I can see India joining Russia and if Germany gets rid of Merkel then I think Germany will join Russia and Chinese.
    As for Pakistan. They support islamic terrorism and have no oil so they imho will just be isolated.
    As for China not being consumers again he is talking out of his arse. China is even more materialistic than the West. Just about everyone in Chinese cities WILL have an Iphone

    • WEPollock

      Do you think that recent terror events could realign the rhetoric?

      Assume everything you know is incorrect. Look at things from different perspectives. Revaluate. Do that contiuoulsy.

  71. karl

    Apologies realized my statement us also confusing.
    Russia, China Iran and Assad are on same side against The Us, Saudis and much of Europe

  72. sam speetzigue

    Wrong. At the end of WWII people could NOT prove ownership to land via paper deeds. I was stationed in Germany and my German landlord told me the local courthouse was bombed flat, homes were destroyed and almost NO ONE had any paper proving title to land. He tried to claim his father’s farm, but failed.

  73. Larry

    Hey Greg,

    Compare the Lavi to the Chinese J-10… maybe it got exported after all?

    • Occasnltrlvr


  74. CAK

    From Politico this morning, Monday, November 16, 2015:
    NDAA LIKELY TO GET SIGNED INTO LAW THIS WEEK: The National Defense Authorization Act should make its way to the president’s desk this week, where he’s expected to sign it into law. The bill passed the Senate last week, but the House had to make technical corrections to the measure before it could be sent back to Obama. The White House has said the president is opposed to the restrictions on transferring Guantanamo detainees, but will sign it anyway.

  75. Jerry

    GridEx Three scheduled for November 18th.

    In case you’re wondering what Gridex is, it is our government practicing on taking the grid down, to create a counter measures……supposedly. The question is, for what? EMP attack? Cyber attack? Who knows? But if the Government is preparing for a grid takedown, maybe that’s a hint of things to come.

    • Faith

      Oh thanks for another good link! I have been reading about EMPs for quite some time and am fascinated. The fragility of all of these interconnected systems goes unnoticed by most people. The main thing that bothered me after Fukishima was when I learned that most US nuclear reactors only store enough diesel on site to keep the back-up generators running for 7 days. (The back-up generators on Fukishima were flooded and this caused at least one critical failure, in the chain of events after the tsunami, at the reactors on Fukishima). That boggles my mind. So if there were a serious disaster and things were shut down, completely, this single fact means that up to 400 nuclear reactors (the number of nuclear reactors in the US) could end up melting down, inside the US, after 7 days because sufficient diesel fuel had not been stored, on site, in advance, to keep the back-up generators running. After observing Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the Fukishima tsunami I hope this oversight has been corrected. A large diesel fuel storage tank for the back-up generators at a nuclear power plant is cheap insurance.

      • Jerry

        There is a reason the elites are going underground. Most likely to wait out the nuclear fallout from a meltdown. It is true that the backup generators run on diesel, but an EMP would most likely fry their circuitry as well. Either way its not good.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Minor, but important detail. I think (anyone please chime in and correct me here) that seven days would be long enough for a complete, cold shut-down, and then there would be no meltdown.

        The spent fuel rods, on the other hand… .

  76. Janet

    Regarding Dan’s comments about China not being an agressor nation!!! Ever heard of Korea?? What about Vietnam Nam??? What about Tibet??? Give me a break!!

  77. don

    Are you serious Warren? We fired the missile at China? We always test missiles in the Pacific in the manner demonstrated recently. Whether from a sub or from Vandenburg. We never test ICBMs in the Atlantic or in any other way. Don’t make stuff up to make a point.

    • WEPollock

      Do we usually test them right next to major US cities?

      That is the main critical thinking point.

  78. Occasnltrlvr

    Concerning inclusion of the RMB in the SDR, it will not happen any time soon.

    “If the Executive Board decides to include the RMB in the SDR basket, the new basket of currencies would take effect on October 1, 2016.”

    Great change IS happening, and the mighty USD is being pulled from its zenith. However, even though I enjoy listening to him, and believe he has great insights, don’t succumb to “the Jim Willie effect.” Barring an actual declared war first, the world’s monetary system will not change overnight.

    • JMiller

      Thanks for the info. And I agree with your comments at the end.

  79. Diane D

    My heart goes out to those in France who lost loved ones or whose loved ones were critically injured.

    That said, keep your eyes on greater evils. Terrorists, like the mafia, gangs etc. murder in ones, tens and possibly hundreds. But governments throughout history have murdered THEIR OWN in millions. They always start with disarming their people.

    ‘Death Chart’:

  80. Calgirl

    video: world collapse explained in 3 minutes

    • Southern Girl


      Thanks for the laugh after watching the video.

  81. Calgirl

    Was incident in Paris real or false flag?

    “We Were Prepared”: Counter-Terrorism Emergency Exercise on “Multi-Site Attacks” Took Place On Same Day As Paris Terrorist Attacks

    French Security Left Blind During Paris Attacks

    The False Flag Link: Syrian Passport “Found” Next To Suicide Bomber Was “Definitely A Forgery”

    “Expect the worst ahead, including greater police state erosion of fundamental freedoms, endless wars of aggression, likely escalating, perhaps new ones initiated, more mass slaughter and destruction, greater numbers of refugees desperate to find safe havens – now likely shunned by Europe.
    There was nothing ordinary about Friday’s Paris attacks. False flags are planned for a reason. Expect nothing good following what happened.”

    • frederick

      Calgirl you can get some great evaluation of that situation from Morris herman His site is 108 morris 108 Cheers frederick

    • Mary Casey

      Passports are so resilient, they should start constructing airplanes and buildings out of passport paper!

  82. eddlielaidler

    I understand the need to make money. I understand the desire to profit from expertise and knowledge. What I don’t understand is the attempt to profit from information that was freely given to Mr. Pollock. If I understand the cryptic comments he made….There is something taking place with the internet that will compromise and or cause us great harm. It is unethical to sell this knowledge IMO. To use this as a teaser to enrich ones self is disgraceful. IF I HAVE THIS RIGHT. Maybe I am missing something. How would Pollock respond to this?

    • WEPollock

      “There is something taking place with the internet that will compromise and or cause you and your family great harm. ”

      Yes, there is a change that recently occurred “in the way the internet works” which will cause you and your family great harm. The folks I talked with, over lunch a year ago (and who I have known for 30 years), exploit tradable data within the context of artificially intelligent systems. The change that recently occurred was discussed with them, nor have they made the connection that the same technology could be misused on a larger scale.

      The same technologies are being used (and given to you and accepted by you ” freely”) and with your consent -> I can assure you that is where the exploitation is.

      • WEPollock


        “There is something taking place with the internet that will compromise and or cause you and your family great harm. ”

        Yes, there is a change that recently occurred “in the way the internet works” which will cause you and your family great harm. The folks I talked with, over lunch a year ago (and who I have known for 30 years), exploit tradable data within the context of artificially intelligent systems. The change that recently occurred was NOT discussed with them, nor have they made the connection that the same technology could be misused on a larger scale.

        The same technologies are being used (and given to you and accepted by you ” freely”) and with your consent -> I can assure you that is where the exploitation is.

  83. Eric Dubin

    Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski: The “Intellectual” Godfather Of Furthering The Development Of Terrorism Used As A Tool

    • Paul

      Being dubbed an “intellectual” does not mean the person is intelligent” … someone may be smart (but if they have “no moral values” … and simply use their smarts in a Machiavellian way) automatically qualifies them as being “a loony tune” in my book!

  84. Jerry

    Another reason to take the RMB seriously.

    I have been reading the BRIC news for quite some time. The American people really have no clue how much the rest of the world hate the dominance of the dollar in economic circles outside the United States. The conservative estimate for transition from Dollar to Yuan is about 13% of the current market. I think it could be higher. Much higher, and much sooner than most pundits think. My advice. Follow Baron’s lead. Have a China strategy and be ready to get out of the way.

  85. Coalburner

    Calm down everybody! As much as I appreciate Pollock, this was a little too disjointed. I would need to see his whole paper or see one of you review it and tell us. Jerry is making a lot of sense as usual but there is no telling what props the magicians will pull out of their bags next.
    But back up on the nuclear pissing contest. These leaders are all together right now and I just do not see an N exchange between the big boys and girls. Pollock as much agrees. He said that could come from some dirty little country that could maybe get a few off the ground. Maybe so! I don’t have to know anything to know we are on our way to disabling everything they have before it leaves the atmosphere the first time. They would eat their own bombs.
    As for China pushing to save its country, they are civilized and all business they do not want to die any faster than we do. I think Pollock is onto something about our big grand Navy being outdated and we know it. As for lots of cheap airplanes he may be right. Bullets, we can buy a thousand rounds of 5.56 online cheaper than ever in thirty seconds shipped right to the door.

  86. James Hastings

    Enjoyed it.

    Nuclear weapons on cargo ships… Airliners….thats probably our down fall. An airliner from a foreign country, flying at maximum altitude, over the sweet spot in America, will make it a bad century. Stock up on matches…

    You can’t effectively shield against an EMP attack. (Altitude is necessary). The electronic pulse, fries electronics. (It’s like Microwaving food….just technology) Low cost…maximum damage, recoverable resources in effected area. Damage will be less as distance increases. But……..the power grid is DOWN, in large portions of America. Distribution , manufacturing, petroleum refining, social services, government services and communication, fail in the target area. New York and Washington DC are prime targets. The displacement of the effected population only aggravates the situation. THEY FLEE to your state. The money collapses, the federal government fails. Panic spreads. Government dependents pour into the streets. Law enforcement contracts and vaporizes. So…store some essentials, to get you through 60 days. Then, you just need to be able, to mentally deal with the hangover. Disease will spread, scavengers will multiply, flies and insects will increase and…..the smell will decrease after 30 days. Store can foods, dry goods (rice, oat meals, wheat flour, potato products, powder milk and what nots) map water sources, prepare your shelter……uhhh…store brass and related products.

    Ask your Doctor for a proscription for a years supply of medicine.
    Think through what it will take, to feed yourself, with water sources available, for 60 days. After that, you’ll be up to speed…..or Jesus have set foot on the Mt of Olives…..(Zechariah 14:4)

    Dang, this is going to be exciting.

    • aries

      last time i checked the power grid is analog, take a good look at your pole, or at the booster station or power station, after sitting through hurricanes and tornados, please stop the bs with the emp crap.

  87. Terry

    The problems the USA faces are obvious and simple.

  88. Bill Solomon

    I’ve been unemployed ever since I graduated college 3 years ago and I cant even get a job at McDonalds because they say I am overqualified to work there so I’ve decided to enlist in the United States Regular Army, and I’m gonna be shipping out December 26th. A lot of the stuff that I’ve been going through recently with my mother’s death and my financial hardships and my inability to take care of myself — those three main problems are all gonna plain and simple, just gonna be solved by my enlistment in the military. This guy says that war is coming and I understand that war may be dangerous, but what options do I have? The way I see it, the only option I have is to make life even worse for the enemies of our country and so I have decided to hold them and traitors like Eric Snowden responsible for what has happened to me. If I can help make life better here in the US by killing some Chinese or Muslims or Russians, I might as well have fun while doing it. I’ve always been intrigued by war portrayed in the movies and in video games so I hope to learn first hand what its like to fire a high powered military rifle through the skull of my enemy and watch it shatter into a million pieces with blood and brain tissue flying everywhere. It sure will be better than being homeless on the street corner begging for food and water and certainly more entertaining.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for your service to the country. I am sorry for your loss.

    • jim g

      Another delusional, uninformed and ignorant American.

      Sure, go ahead and join the military and you too can get to invade another non-threatening defenseless country and become a big time war hero.

      As a former Vietnam vet I have nothing but disdain for what the US military has become and the fact people still support it, never mind are willing to join.

      Also, I have a high degree of respect for Eric Snowden and anyone else willing to put their life on the line to expose what your ruthless leaders have done and are continuing to do but you seem quite willing to obey their every illegal command and order.

      I don’t expect Greg Hunter to post this, not with his “Thank you Bill for your service to the country.” That is nothing but an asinine statement made by someone who shows they are as clueless as the rest of the dumb downed sheeple. I just wonder if you will still be saying “fear not” once you know you are in a fight for you very life. I hoping we don’t have to wait long to find out.

      • Charles H

        jim g,

        I too am a Vietnam Vet – Navy, so never ‘in country’ – nevertheless did my time Honorably. NO WAY I’d be in the military now. Homosexuals and women? Sorry folks – we are a laughingstock.
        That being said – you might lighten-up a bit. Just a bit, mind you. When it all comes apart: each person must face reality according to their own gifts and preparation Most people have NO IDEA what war was, or what’s coming. Many will catch-up quickly in knowing what you know

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Eric Snowden is a patriot of the highest caliber. Dude, are you on drugs?

    • country codger

      Hello Bill,
      I hope that your comments are a really bad attempt at a joke but in case they are not you need to realize that you do not get unlimited lives, or indestructible armor or unlimited bullets in a real war, as opposed to a video game. What happens when the head that gets shot is your best buddy and it is his brains that explode and land all over you? If you think killing is fun you are probably somewhere between 18 and 30. When you are 60+ and you relive each and every one of the lives you took, it is another matter. If you are intrigued by war watch a stupid Rambo movie but don’t even imagine that it mirrors real life.
      I fought in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos as well as the Mid-east. If you really feel like you have just written about, please get a desk job so you don’t get some of your buddies killed. Stupidity may save you but it won’t save your buddies and if you don’t fight for them, why fight?
      Been there, done that, rode the ride and have the T-shirt.


    • CAK

      Bill, my sympathies too for all that you have endured. As a college graduate, though, someone who has (I presume) spent plenty of time thinking and learning theories, arguments, etc., I would hope you recognize the differences between killing in the movies or a video game, versus killing an actual person. There are always civilian casualties in war. It may be easy for you to kill a terrorist and not split hairs, but what is the ricochet of your bullet kills an innocent child, and your commander tells us to simply “move on.” How will you process that? All I am saying is, you’re not going to experience pure safety in the military, as admirable as your service will be. You are going to have to draw upon your faith and “inner” resources to be able to look at the tragedy of the innocent and have some semblance of peace.

    • eddiemd

      Get some grief counseling.
      Don’t join the army. Your three main problems may not be solved by joining the military. They may get worse.
      Join the peace corps for 2 years and do something constructive.
      If you do join the military, join the coast guard and get into a medical/dental skill. Make sure you get education benefits so you have options on the other end of your enlistment.
      You still have time to change your decision.

    • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

      You have made a wise choice because when you join the United States Armed forces, you are joining a family and you can remain in the family indefinitely and make a lifetime of contributions for a lifetime of benefits, plus as you said, watching your enemies skull explode into dust is fun. I relish every opportunity I have to I drop a bomb and always look forward to watching the videos of my munitions drops afterward. Again, welcome to the brotherhood and thank you for serving with us. Also, you mentioned Snowden and he is like the new Bin Laden. Rest assured that one day we will get him and wipe the smug look off the faces of those considering treason against our country.

    • George Eklund

      Hi Bill,
      I just want to commend you and all the young men who are stepping up for service to bring greatness back to America. My brothers and I fought in the Vietnam war and our efforts weren’t really appreciated, but so much has happened to our country since then to wake us up as a nation and make us realize how many enemies we have out there preparing in secret to destroy us and our way of life. The enemies of freedom and democracy seem to never sleep it appears that no matter Sadaams, Osamas, and Khadaffi’s we kill, some others spring up without end. Our next offensive needs to be bolder than ever to take out all the bad guys in the middle east permanently once and for all. If only Syria was a little further away from Israel, then we could nuke them without fear of poisoning our friends in Israel, but it would do my heart good to see us drop a thousand bunker busters on those mothers and shower the region with hellfire. Lets us hope for bravery and unyielding courage and faith and pray for overwhelming victory and destruction of the enemy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

      • sk

        WWJD=What Would Jesus Do? George Ecklund, WWJB? Whom Would Jesus Bomb?

    • Charles H


      I hope you go for a Commission, as an Officer having a Degree – otherwise, get ready to be a true peon. Good luck and stay safe.

    • Paul

      Bill … instead of murdering people to make money the way the elite do … why don’t you simply apply for welfare and let the bankers print up the extra money for you to to live … since you seem to be a Machiavellian why not choose the lesser of two evils and not blow the brains out of people you don’t even know!

    • sk

      I’ll assume that you are for real and not Airman Treadway under an alias. I’ve thought about your dilemma a lot, since I see it around me also. You are young, healthy, and educated. What about joining forces with one or more friends, getting a few acres (borrow? help from parents?), and starting an intensive little farm, with sales at the farmers’ market? Not a luxurious life, for sure, (might have to make like Abraham Lincoln and live in a lean-to the first year!), but you will keep your freedom, your soul will be your own, and there will be chlorophyll on your hands instead of blood. The Hmong at my local farmers’ market live off one acre of intensively cultivated land.

    • tim

      Let me guess Bill. You got a degree in Sociology or better yet Physical Trainer or even better Psychology and you took out student loans every year for that awesome degree. There are people out there saying that a college degree is a waste of money…bullshit! It’s only a waste if you get a worthless degree. If your degree is computer science I have a hard time believing you would be unemployed.
      Another word of advice, you might want to figure out who your real enemies are.

    • Benjamin F

      Don’t buy a +$2000 car, don’t go on no $1000 vacations. If you can save $500/month and enough more to find a job after 4 years, with 20k and a stateside job, you can buy a house in the country no prob. The Ladies will love ya. I feel no sympathy toward you.

  89. Gina Mancarella

    The world is a troubled place right now. That is precisely why we need Hillary to restore an age of gentility in our country. Obama is failing us with inaction at this point and the whole country is behaving like a plantation. We need a person who really cares about our country and is ready to make hard choices to make that happen. Lets all get behind Hillary and stand up for her so that peace and prosperity are restored.

    • Greg Hunter

      You comments are turning into entertainment.

      • diane s.

        Maybe Gina IS Hillary

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.
          Hillary would be the ultimate troll.

      • frederick

        @Greg But you said just the other day that Gina was banned What happened?

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not ban “Gina.” I banned Cryptic Little Sister (CLS).

          • Dan

            May I ask why? I always enjoyed her comments!

            • Greg Hunter


          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Pleeeeeeeeeese….. don’t ban Gina…she’s a hoot!

          • frederick

            Right excuse me Greg

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Donald Trump has a much better chance of restoring an age of gentility in the US than Hillary the Grifter. Are you on drugs, girl?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      “Knock, knock.”

      “Who’s there?”


    • Southern Girl


      Thought you were gone from this site…but everybody needs a laugh. I say we get behind Hitlary and shove her into the prison cell…then we will have peace.

    • Paul

      Gina … I bet Hillary would really like it if you to contributed to the Clinton Foundation … a small sum of one million dollars might buy you “one favor” to make things happen … so stand up … open your wallet and put your money where your mouth is … really get behind Hillary to make things happen!

    • Jerry


    • Sayonara

      Your are very correct that the world is troubled place right. The world is a troubled place because your beloved Hillary and her ilk’s policies have allowed the most barbaric monsters the world hasn’t seen (with the exception of Pol Pot) since the Nazis to be unleashed to spill the blood of innocent across the globe. You are a very sick and intellectually perverted woman.
      Sorry Greg, I do not find these people entertaining when the lunatics and the policies that they support are resulting in thousands of innocent people being slaughtered.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      “The world is a troubled place right now”…
      …precisely because of people in the mould of the Hilderbeast!
      You do great service for the world.
      You remind us to focus on just how evil this woman really is.
      Keep up your good work!

    • brian

      Good to see that Airman Treadwells alter ego is back…

  90. r.j

    I have to agree with Dan on his personal boots on the ground assessment of the chinese economy . It is in agreement of the views of Dr. Stephen Leeb , who i have a lot of respect for, and he has a very good handle on what is really going on in China. One thing i do know is that the chinese are loving these lower commodity prices and are picking up assets at bargain basement prices.Whether true or not, rumour has it that they are understating their GDP numbers to achieve this goal.

  91. Linda louin

    Hi Greg:
    I got somewhat lost in this interview. Either MR Pollock was leaving too much for conjecture, or there was too much information that he was trying to share, in the time allowed to cover it completely, or maybe it was me (will have to think about it for awhile). I’d like to hear what Greg Mannarino thinks about recent developments, as I seem to have an easier time following his train of thought/logic. As always, I thank you for your time.

  92. karl

    You are a disgrace

  93. George Eklund

    Hi Bill,
    I just want to commend you and all the young men who are stepping up for service to bring greatness back to America. My brothers and I fought in the Vietnam war and our efforts weren’t really appreciated, but so much has happened to our country since then to wake us up as a nation and make us realize how many enemies we have out there preparing in secret to destroy us and our way of life. The enemies of freedom and democracy seem to never sleep it appears that no matter Sadaams, Osamas, and Khadaffi’s we kill, some others spring up without end. Our next offensive needs to be bolder than ever to take out all the bad guys in the middle east permanently once and for all. If only Syria was a little further away from Israel, then we could nuke them without fear of poisoning our friends in Israel, but it would do my heart good to see us drop a thousand bunker busters on those mothers and shower the region with hellfire. Lets us hope for bravery and unyielding courage and faith and pray for overwhelming victory and destruction of the enemy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    • sk

      I think Jesus would tell you to take a flying leap….

  94. Mike Gleason

    After dithering a day or two I purchased Mr. Pollock’s “newsletter” for 10 dollars. My expectation was to be disappointed. The 140 page document is every bit as disjointed as his interviews. It is a slide show, a power point presentation for a lecture without any narrative, just a series of disconnected ideas with no focus. Some of the ideas were interesting but incomplete. I felt like I was floating in a cloud. The only thing I learned was I will not buy another one.

    • Greg Hunter

      You can apply for a refund.

  95. Brian

    Could you please consider interviewing a Christian man named James Wesley Rawles?
    To get a understanding from where he is coming from look at his website I believe he brings a good world view with a Biblical filter so that his comments align more from where I think you are coming from in not only preparing people financially, but with a eternal view which is of the greater importance.

    Thanks again for you USA Watchdog and your balance with the issues in there perilous times.

  96. Don Burman

    Greg did you see the sweet KC Royals 1 oz Proof commemorative that put out? Thanks for the great job you do Greg you are a big blessing to many who are trying to understand the new Matrix that we live in. Keep up the great work friend!

    • Greg Hunter

      Did know it was out. Thank you.

  97. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Ditto Linda re Greg Mannarino. The guy keeps to his script.

  98. oneno

    Journalist chiming-in on the real source of terrorism in the world. See video here.

    The FBI is also crying foul in this goldberg_criminal_complaint.

    That last link is being deflected – try getting the PDF using different Browsers and asking friends in other countries to access that site for the PDF.

  99. oneno

    Joshua Ryne Goldberg’s Kansas City plot is reported here

    Search Middle District of Florida Court Case No: 3:15-mj-1170-J-JRK

    This is FBI William J. Berry, Jr., SPecial Agent filing the case against JOSHUA RYNE GOLDBERG in the Middle District of Florida.

  100. Jerry

    For those that missed it, here is the revised NDAA Bill.

  101. Mary Casey

    A large majority of Russia’s military strikes in Syria have not been aimed at the Islamic State [ISIS]….and have instead targeted the moderate Syrian opposition, the US State Department said on Wednesday. “Greater than 90% of the strikes that we’ve seen them take to date have not been against Isil or al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists,” said spokesman John Kirby.

    LONDON — British and U.S. officials said Wednesday they have information suggesting the Russian jetliner that crashed in the Egyptian desert may have been brought down by a bomb……..Intercepted communications played a role in the tentative conclusion that the Islamic State group’s Sinai affiliate planted an explosive device on the plane, said a U.S. official briefed on the matter. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss intelligence matters publicly.

    [11/17/15] The Russian air force just pulled off one of the biggest and most complex heavy bomber missions in modern history—sending no fewer than 25 Backfire, Bear, and Blackjack bombers on a coordinated, long-range air raid against alleged ISIS forces in Syria.

    mmm…….? AND THEN THERE’S PARIS…..

    • Mary Casey–punish-those-who-bombed-Russian-jet.html?isap=1&nav=5016

      “The plane crash and the Paris attacks clearly have raised Russia’s determination to fight IS, although Western concerns remain that its airstrikes also are hitting rebels who oppose Syrian President Bashar Assad but are not affiliated with radical groups.

      President Barack Obama said the U.S. would “very much want to see” Russia shift its military focus in Syria to targeting the Islamic State and will be “in discussions with Moscow, Mr. Putin, to see if that will continue.”

      “We’re going to wait and see whether in fact Russia does end up devoting more attention to targets that are ISIL targets and if it does so that’s something we welcome,” Obama said Wednesday while traveling in the Philippines.”

  102. r.j

    bill george and treadway you guys should get a room

  103. steven starr

    Pollock is a smart guy with many interesting ideas and comments, but I have to disagree when he says that the coming war is likely to be a “land war” with the US and Russia teaming up against China. Sorry, that makes no sense given the strategic alliance that Russia and China have formed as a result of decades of intense US pressure against Russia and the movement of US forces to surround China, as well as US economic initiatives to isolate both Russia and China. This has *caused* their alliance. Does it seem likely that suddenly the neocons will want to be friends with Putin and vice versa? Does it look like we are moving in that direction?

    All sides are modernizing their nuclear forces and I find it hard to believe that if a large war began, everyone would just decide it is in their best interest not to use them; this would certainly preclude any sort of large land war. Russia is hardly in need of land, it is giving it away to encourage settlement in its vast expanses, so I guess the invasion would be from China? Russia has a military standard operating procedure of “nuclear de-escalation” (look it up on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists), which says that it will use nuclear weapons in the face of any massive conventional attack it cannot stop. While this doctrine was written with NATO in mind (after NATO attacked Serbia), it would certainly apply to China as well. With two oceans surrounding the US, I don’t think we are anticipating a large land invasion here.

    I would also note that the US military can buy all the bullets it wants to, so why bother to have domestic agencies stockpile them? Doesn’t it make more sense that such stockpiles are in anticipation of a civil war rather than a world war?

    All that said, I enjoyed the interview, like all the others you post here. Thanks for your work

  104. WEPollock

    Today, Turkey shot down a Russian plane; Russia claims (correctly) that Turkey is supporting Islamic factions in Syria (I am not going to call it ISIS it is Sunni). This is the kind of event that is going to move Turkey away from Nato and Russia towards the US.

    I also want to point to the Pakistani-Chinese joint production of a fighter aircraft; and recent talks on military cooperation. This moves Pakistan away from NATO and closer to China.

    What seemed totally improbable may soon become common knowledge.

    • Diane D

      The first thing I thought of today was this interview.

      ISIS was created by the CIA and other evil doers. I realize that Vladimir Putin is former KGB. That said, he is the only world leader seriously making war against ISIS. Maybe the Neocons will get another war sooner than they realize.

    • WD

      Turkey is NATO supported by the US….This puts Russia further away from US/NATO.

      Listen to some of the press conferences

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