World Headed for a Meat Grinder-Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s

Rob Kirby gives what he calls “proprietary macroeconomic research” to people around the world with billions of dollars to manage.  What are his connected sources telling him?  Kirby says, “People whose opinions I respect the most tell me that the world is headed for a meat grinder, and that is putting very bluntly.  This does not make me happy to say this, but we are headed for some very, very difficult times.  The people that are in charge of and are maintaining the status quo of dishonest commerce in our world today are extremely committed to the program.  I have referenced them before; they are the globalists.  These people have contempt for humanity.  These people, as a group, believe the world’s population needs to be reduced from its current roughly 7 billion to around 500 million people.  They refer to that as a sustainable model for the earth going forward.  I don’t share that view . . . but this is the path they have decided to take us down.”

On the wars and rumors of wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, Kirby says, “The whole talk about Israel and Iran is a side show.  What is going on in Ukraine, I view to be another side show. . . . The underlying root problem is that our financial system is failing, and history tells us when the financial system tanks, governments take us to war.  That’s why we are on a war footing, and that’s why we are hearing this rhetoric and inflamed talks about how we need war, and war is imminent and how war is going to be unavoidable.  It’s an age old thing, when the financial system craps, the elites take us to war.  End of story.”

It is looking like a much wider war breaks out this year. Kirby contends, “The reason for that is the financial system is showing signs of severe stress and severe weakness.  The money printing around the world has accelerated and gone into a warp drive or warp speed of money and credit creation.  We got the European Central bank talking about their own QE program.  We’ve got Japan printing money like blazes.  And listen, I think it was David Stockman that said there was over 2 trillion dollars of sovereign debt in the euro system trading at negative interest rates.  This is not sustainable.  This is why we have the burners turned up in the march to war.  The system is showing severe signs of systemic stress.  You can’t have 2 trillion dollars of sovereign trading at negative interest rates for a long time and have it be sustainable.”

Kirby goes on to say, “It all boils back to the money.  And it all boils back to the notion we don’t have honest money because when you have honest money, these excesses don’t occur.  Things cleanse themselves, and that is the virtue and the merit of the old relic, the gold standard, because it is honest commerce.  When you have honest commerce, generally people are peaceful and get along with each other on a fair basis.  Equal value for equal value for exchange of goods, not one country with the God given right to print money to buy the world’s output  with freshly created out of thin air fiat money.  It’s dishonest commerce.  Dishonest commerce is at the root of all the problems we are facing in the world.”

So, what do we get first, war or collapse?  Kirby predicts, “My gut tells me they are going to incite or create the basis for a war, and then, they will blame the crackup on the war.  You look at the math that is involved with fiat money and compounding interest.  The life cycle of that system shows that money is created in its early life that is slow and gradual upward to the right.  At some point, it inflects and it grows vertically.  We are on the vertical part of the curve now.  Things that go straight up are not sustainable. . . . what we will experience at some point, and I believe this is a mathematical certainty.  We will have a crackup–boom.  There will be a hyperinflation, and that outcome is guaranteed.  It’s a sealed fate.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

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Rob Kirby has some free information on his home page at  He also sells research that is delivered on average at least every other week for $145 a year.  If you want to buy Mr. Kirby’s research, please click here.  


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  1. Margie

    Greg and Rob – I’m actually getting really really anxious, I am hoping we have at least another 3 months before this “Cracking action” takes place. I know no one can predict the exact time. I just pray a lot, that does at least handle a bit of the anxiety. I also agree with Rob that these people in control are on the dark side and hope that the “cracking” Rob speaks of, will do a cleaning action on them so that humanity can heal again (what’s left of humanity, that is). We live on such a beautiful planet and it really hurts that through greed and evil we have destroyed what God gifted us with. I would like to be part of the repair action afterwards.

    Thank you Greg and Rob!

    • Al Hall

      Margie: My post is way down the page! From my insider friend two days ago! This says it all- and in 30+ yrs. he has never been wrong- one of the world “elite’s” tell him what’s coming- it is now this year. see this and below!
      * The New World Order will be brought in, in its entirety and it should be starting this year (2015) at Sept-Oct timeframe when they (Illuminati) pull off this economic collapse.
      * Near future – banks crash/collapse, watch the financial derivatives market. This will be the event that triggers the collapse of America.
      * 5 TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have at least US$40 trillion dollars in derivatives. (It is a lot more than that.)
      * FDIC is not able to make good all the trillions of bank deposits when banks fail. Congress passed law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks.
      * Everything is now in place for the Illuminati Elites to collapse America and the New World Order will step right in.
      * The Illuminati Elites are NOT God.
      * Violence in Washington. Fist fights in Congress, Senate, House .. by politicians.
      * A series of massive bankruptcies will take effect.
      * Interest rates will be rising. Financial derivatives collapse. When the dust settles precious metals will be all that remains of value. Paper assets will collapse.
      * Sept-Oct 2015 timeframe – most critical period.
      * Buy physical gold and silver. It may dip a bit initially because of deflation but it will reverse quickly and rise exponentially.
      * Only physical gold/silver will remain as money not fiat currencies.
      * Deflation – apart from food prices (and physical gold/silver), other asset prices will deflate ie. price collapse/fall. Food prices will rise ie. inflate!
      * Oil price collapse is Obama’s revenge on Russia/Putin for humiliating Obama. Illuminati elites told Lindsey Williams: they are not involved.
      * Obama made a deal with Saudi Arabia to smash oil price, resulting in Russian Ruble collapse 50+%.
      * Illuminati elites very angry/unhappy with Obama.
      * New Elites – refer to the younger elites who are taking over and not the older elites in their 70s/80s.
      * They have plans to create a new (corrupted) version of the Bible.
      * They want a new US Constitution by Executive Order.
      * New leaders, new churches, new health care, culture … New World Order takeover!
      * “Devil’s Messiah” – defined as the Elites perverting everything in the Bible. New perverted meanings…
      * Shemitah – 7 year biblical debt cycle will assert itself in 2015. Read Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book.
      * VP Joe Biden’s (he is one of them, an elite) New World Order speech.
      * Elites positive that : “There’s going to be divine intervention!”
      * “Divine Intervention” – by this the Illuminati Elites mean the coming of the Anti-Christ!
      * Blood Moons Cycles, Shemitah, Jewish/biblical holidays … and major world events.
      * Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant largely means Israel. Illuminati plan: destruction of Israel.

      • Mohammad

        Oh my ….
        Your resource got it all messed up, or he is intentionally messing things up.
        Israel is destroying this country to emerge as a super power on the ruins of the current ones.
        When will you guys way up and understand who is screwing you up?
        I looked at the speech and i found a herd of cattle clapping and following the weasel Netanyahu to the slaughter house (war with Iran).
        At lead you guys should appreciate the presence of a president who understands the evil game of Netanyahu and not falling in it like his predecessor Bush son.
        WAKE UP GUYS, OPEN YOUR EYES. You are being used and abused by Israel that is sucking your blood and money in wars that are not yours.
        Enough of the war drum beat, it is truly deafening.


        • Don

          Mr. Mohammad, I know you think your right, but being deceived is just that. The Christian Christ, is historically Jesus of the bible. He was born of a virgin, with no human father, and rose from the dead. All of this is historic fact, recorded by the historians of his day. Noun of this is true of your God. Though you believe he is a prophet and was a good man. Jesus said there is noun good but God. That puts me and you in the same boat when it comes to sin. We both need forgiveness. My question to you is, if we both have an inescapable sin nature, then how could a Holy God except a sinful person. The answer is, GOD WHO IS RICH IN MERCY, , BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE INWHICH HE LOVED US. EVEN WHEN WE WERE DEAD IN TRESSPASSES, MADE US ALIVE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST, BY GRACE YOU ARE SAVED, AND RAISED US UP TOGETHER AND MADE US SIT TOGETHER IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES IN CHRIST JESUS. THAT IN THE AGES TO COME HE MIGHT SHOW THE EXCEEDING RICHES OF HIS GRACE IN HIS KINDNESS TOWARD US IN CHRIST JESUS.FOR BY GRACE ARE YOU SAVED THROUGH FAITH AND THAT NOT OF YOURSELVES, IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD. You see my friend it took some one outside of the human race to die in our steed, because all men had sin, just like you and I. Jesus was God who was born of a virgin, that die a terrible dead, a sacrificial death for you and I. So we could stand and be just before a Holy God.

          • Mohammad


            I will stay away from that sensitive area for one reason only, not the lack of knowledge nor the sound belief and the clear vision in the heart, but rather for respecting Greg’s site and what he likes to be written on his blog, he gives us leeway sometimes but we should not push it.
            I do respect where you are coming from though, Allah ordered me in Quran to respect christians and jews, and i will follow that.


            • Don

              I also respect Greg’s site, but if you seek to instruct others in spiritual truth, such as eschatology then you should be willing to here the other side of your views. I only meant good for both of us. If you noticed I put both of us in the same boat. Truth requires an examination of ourselves. When Christ walked the face of the earth the religious leaders sought to kill him, because of the truth he proclaimed. I as a believer in Christ only seek to bring truth in which all men are called on by God to believe his testimony. Dear friend those truths will stand, but it is our responsibility to believe them. It will determine our destiny.

              • Mohammad


                Let me cut to the chase.
                If it happened in our time and two powerful individuals that can do the things no other human can do are facing up.
                One is complete beautiful full of light claims he is Jesus.
                The other one is one eyed ugly dark also claims he is Jesus.
                Which one will you line up with?
                I said whom side i will be on earlier, whom side will YOU be on?
                I think the answer to that question cuts the crap and reveals the truth.


        • Lora

          Netanyahu is not a ‘Weasel” as you say. On the contrary, he’s a man of integrity and great fortitude. Netanyahu is attempting to protect his people/Nation of Israel. It’s a fact that the Iranian Leadership has stated it’s desire/goal to BLOW ISRAEL OFF THE FACE OF THE MAP. So lets put this into perspective. Say your neighbor tells you that he plans to blow you and your family up, in what is suppose to be the sanctity of your home. You discover that as a past time, this trouble maker of a neighbor also makes pipe bombs as a hobby in his garage. What do you do? I rest my case.

          • Mohammad

            He will take you to war and he will sit at home popping champagne with his dears while your kids are at war with Iran, and not a single Israeli soldier will go to the front line.
            Isn’t it what happened in Iraq,
            While you or your relatives went there to fight his war, how many israeli soldiers fought with you in Iraq?

            Oh I forgot ……
            They fired at your navy carrier and killed US sailors…Oops , memory lapse…Sorry.



      • JMiller


        Congress DID NOT pass a law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks. Derivative contracts are not FDIC insured. Only customer deposit accounts (checking, savings, Cd’s etc…) that are under the insured amount are covered. The recent change in the law, which I believe you are referring to, undoes part of the Dodd-Frank Act which now allows banks to once again trade risky financial derivatives in banks that are FDIC insured. That does not mean that the derivatives are now insured just because they trade in an FDIC insured institution. FDIC insured banks also offer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc… None of these are insured either. Because the TBTF banks have risky derivatives “under their roof”, it pretty much guarantees that uninsured depositors and bondholders would take a big hair-cut (bail-in) if there is massive derivative losses. Also there could be some kind of tax-payer bailout.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is the “swap pushout rule.” Please, this is clearly a taxpayer funded future bailout for the banks. Here is one of many stories with multiple explaining links.

          • JMiller


            I think you misunderstand. I do not disagree with you. I do believe that there will VERY VERY LIKELY be a future bail-out and a bail-in of the banks but since I am not God or have a crystal ball, I can’t say with 100% certainty that there will be a future guaranteed taxpayer funded bailout which is why I simply used the word “COULD”. Others who have been warning about derivatives and POSSIBLE future bail-outs and bail-ins have also done the same as me. Michael Snyder for example says, “Taxpayers POTENTIALLY Liable For Trillions In Derivatives Losses”.

            I have learned a lot over the last month which is why I am getting as much as I can out of the banking system and am increasing my “emergency preparedness”.

            You and I are not that far apart my friend.

      • Desert Rose

        Obama makes no decisions….he’s a puppet. The “elites” figured they scripted everything, but they do not control the Chinese or Russians. The idea that we can do nothing is FALSE. Americans can change the game by pulling all $ out of big banks, stop buying Walmart products, or any other corporate trash, turn off the TVs, stop watching entertainment. And get connected with A Higher Power.

        They want us to feel helpless, but we are not if we engage our own wills.

      • Alarmed

        Mr Hall,
        Your list is very interesting.
        In all honesty, I am not certain where I stand with Mr. Williams. I have a problem with his information delivery. If he is going to give information, he should deliver what he promises instead of dragging it out. To me, he always sounds like a door to door salesman.

        Whether “they” have plans to make a corrupted Bible is irrelevant. These “bibles,” and there are many, have been in circulation for a long time. It is a rather heated topic.
        Matthew 24:24 says,
        For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders: insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceive the very elect.”
        As far as the “elites” perverting everything in the Bible, that has already been done.
        If one compares, the “music,” television, the way the general population clothes themselves and talks, books, and other media that is prevalent today compared to the 1950’s, the steep slide down into the abyss is obvious.
        The video clip of Kissinger announcing that Obama will usher in the New World Order was seen by many. We have been “warned.”
        Whether the average person wishes to believe it or not, it is a battle between God and Satan.
        “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
        –Joshua 24:15 (KJV)

    • brian

      There is no need to be anxious (although a little righteous indignation could be good) if God is with you, and trust me God is present and here for anyone at anytime and is not going anywhere……as I am sure you already know.

  2. Klemens

    It is translated from german to english with a computer – program, so it is not perfect english:
    The mother of the Coptic Martyr Essam Badar describes how her son , who was martyred in Libya had to bring . She said: ” Two days ago I dreamed of my son Essam. He told me that he would let me bring a “cross” that I should always carry with me. I woke up and comforted the evening of the following day was Father Stephen, to visit us. As soon as he sat down , he took a cross from his pocket. He handed me there and told me literally : Let the cross always be with you ! Then I cried , and when the present asked me why I was crying , I told them I am not worthy that I have a son who is now living as a saint in heaven with Christ. All praised the Lord and asked the martyrs of Libya about to appeal to all persecuted prayers to the Lord.

  3. A R M A G E D D O N ?

    from 3/2/ to 3/3/15 On USAWatchdog

    Art Barnes 03/02/2015 •
    Greg, the Government must control the internet in order to continue their Pravda type spin on our economy & all the rest of the news, that my friend we may both live to see in the very near future.


    Mike 03/03/2015 •

    YES….they must be preparing to shut our voices down soon.
    You will know the time is upon us when they begin to silence voices like Greg and others.
    The truth for them must remain hidden.
    I fully anticipate a takeover of the internet soon.
    Sounds like a conspiracy theory but when you apply common sense it is the next step.

    You guy’s aren’t far off the mark but the next step must first be, RT must come down!

    Kerry says US falling behind in media strategy, asks for more money to counter RT

    Funny how not too long ago I saw somewhere Victoria Nuland laughing about how insignificant RT is and shame on a reporter for quoting them or something?

    Found it, Looks like Victories Lips r still sinking ships, of state!

    ‘Tiny audience’: Victoria Nuland downplays RT’s threat to US media. . .
    From 1/27 15

    We should ban icky Vicky from opening that hole in her face, her big mouth.
    So in a little over a month RT’s gone from insignificant tiny audience to media threat.
    Where’s Brian Williams when you need him!

  4. Rory Christensen

    Greg, a massive thankyou to having Rob Kirby on he is simply fantastic and doesn’t sugar coat the dire situation.

  5. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Some Keynesian minded “economists” (Keynesian’s are the shame of the economy) are crackheads:
    BTW: China, Russia and India getting their gold.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  6. allen ols


    Debt Jubilee ; or War. Profound!

    Depopulation to 500 million seems right. The elites have milked us dry.

    Its all being orchestrated but dont forget the scriptures, as the Lord Jesus Christ has the final say.

    Love Rob kirby. tks

    • Jeff B

      I agree. Rob Kirby is excellent. He explanation is terrific. Always enjoy his commentary.

  7. Bill From NC

    One question that has never, to my knowledge, been asked of the experts you or anyone else has interviewed is “What SPECIFICALLY are YOU doing to prepare for the collapse/war/riots that YOU say are inevitable?” Have they liquidated all or most of their portfolios/retirement funds that they say are going to zero? Have they purchased a “safe house” have they stockpiled food? Do they have a network of like minded people they are working with — What? It would be nice for the average Joe to know how seriously your interviewees take this challenge and how seriously they are preparing. I realize this may not be something many want made public but it is something the public/your public would greatly benefit from. IE.. Does Greg Mannarino only have a house in Las Vegas or does he own many acres of self sustainable property somewhere? Is he planning to go off the grid and grow his own food, and gather his own necessities? How does he plan to defend his wealth, property and life? What is it that will tell him it is time to cash out and “Head for the hills” and where are those hills ?. Not specific locations but in what country, or state would we find them after the SHTF? Same questions for every one of your interviewees. I’ve got a small nest egg and some plans/activities completed and in progress to prepare. They have nest eggs many many times larger than mine. So what are they doing that might be different from what I am doing? or – better said, What should I be doing differently or what am I not doing that I might consider doing. Knowing what the “Big Guys” or the “Guys in the know” are doing would be extremely useful information to either make me change my direction or feel comfortable that I am doing the right things to prepare.

    Love your work and greatly appreciate your candor and insight.

    • Tommy

      That’s what I am always wondering. Many say get out of stocks, bonds, all paper assets. Money isn’t safe in the bank. You can’t turn everything into PM’s. And if you did is the garbage collector or grocery store going to take metal for your bill? The thing is, if the system breaks down that much, we will be on our own in complete chaos. There won’t be trash collection, grocery stores or much of anything else. Having a pile of coins or bars won’t be much solace.

      • Mohammad

        Thank you tommy, you wise up to the gold/silver tune that we had been hit with since 2008, but a core position won’t hurt.


    • susan

      Bill, you are right! I am trying to do my best to prepare, but really would like to know what the “experts” are doing!!!!

  8. Ross

    I always enjoy Rob Kirby and his candid honesty. Many people have stopped listening to our warnings of a huge collapse because 7 yrs have almost passed since the GFC.

    Most of our leaders are invertebrates of the lowest order and inspire no confidence in combating a total collapse scenario. Here in Australia we have stopped refining our own fuel. Most of it comes from Singapore and we only have 2 weeks supply in reserve. New laws protect our intelligence agencies from prosecution even if they break the law.

    Does anyone have some good news ?

    I wish there were some positive

  9. Cameron

    Mr Kirby is seemingly a collapse alarmist despite the many truths he offers (and I know that is a very unpopular view here).

    First he was saying back in early January 2015 that the financial system was going to collapse because oil prices had halved and 500 billion in oil related corporate bonds would default. Well we are still waiting for that.

    Then he suggested in February the world would go into some kind of major financial crisis because the Greeks would exit the Euro for its own currency and probably also leave the European Union . The latter is fanciful to say the least (no Greece will not leave the EU and never said they would). Further, there is now every indication that Greece will not be dropping the Euro because such an event would quite obviously be total suicide for their economy right now and in any event the Government of course wants to stay with the Euro. The reality is that the ECB, in QE mode, could monetise the entire Greek international debt if they were of a mind to.

    Now if I read your report correctly Mr Kirby is suggesting the “financial collapse” is going to see the elites take us to war. Last time I checked we we already running wars on a number of fronts but in any event if the entire western financial system implodes as suggested by Mr Kirby how does he believe any western Government is going to fund or run a major war amongst such domestic and international ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL chaos. They will be flat out dealing with overwhelming domestic issues as well as just trying to keep some semblance of Government running. Does anyone here actually understand what a financial collapse would look like because it would be nothing like the 2008/2009 fiasco. Who may I ask will they be entering into a major war with (funny how this is never mentioned) ? What will be the benefits to be gained by entering into such a major war with such unnamed countries and sacrificing billions in military hardware and many, many thousands of military personnel all in the midst of domestic economic, financial and social chaos and run by nearly insolvent governments?

    We are all well aware of the economic climate, private and public debt escalation, large scale QEs, close to zero or negative interest rate policies and low levels of economic growth. However predicting a massive financial implosion, a completely worthless US dollar (think about that for a moment), as some of these people do endlessly with their “collapse” narrative, is way out there. Indeed if these people really believed there own rhetoric they would be cutting and running right now and you certainly would not find them sitting in their plush air conditioned offices or driving their Mercedes to and from their McMansions, whilst quietly offering us their predictions of imminent financial and economic disaster. As I write this I wonder where all the pundits are who 3 years ago were predicting the “collapse” (yes that was the term they used) of the US dollar well by now. I am still waiting and it does not look like “collapsing” any time soon.

    I am sorry but I am getting tired of all these predictions of total economic collapse and imminent world disaster from these people and the lack of evidence and substance to stack up their alarmist claims. Talk is cheap and everyone has an opinion. The fact is they have no idea if there will be a serious major economic/financial disaster and are unable to comprehend all of the enormously complicated intricacies and variables present in both the economy and the entire financial system. They are not god and are thus totally unable to accurately predict the future just like they did not predict where the oil price would be today or where the USD index would be sitting right now.

    Indeed if they really could predict the future they would be trading on it and be billionaires by now and most likely would not be talking to Mr. Hunter about their predictions.. What they do is called guessing, not to put too fine a point on it.

    Nonetheless you have a great web site Greg and I have been a follower for many years now. We all do like the variety of opinion you offer to your readers even though I do find some of it over the top on occasions albeit never from you. I find your own comments are always well founded, measured and sensible.

    • West Tejas

      @Cameron : I agree with a lot of what you say. We all realize at some point the piper must be paid for all this debt and money printing but just want *correct predictions* and not the proverbial red lights flashing and alarm bells.
      While I’m sure locating large amounts of gold at $1,400 or even $1,600 oz is difficult in this market, my input is if gold really enters a default situation they would allow the markets to quickly ramp the price back up to $2,000 or $2,500 oz plus ease some of the mining regulations which would create a boom for the miners and gold would flood the market place within 6 to 12 months. Then after a year or two when their coffers are full again they could drop it back down to $1,500 for a couple more years, etc. I think Catherine Austin Fitts is correct that this will be a slow burn.
      The next time the miners ramp I plan to watch gold output very closely. When it starts spiking upwards and plateauing is the time to consider exiting before all these banks and countries refill their reserves and then the price tanks back down to $1,400 or $1,500 again. I think gold will be cyclical unless it gets revalued or pegged to currencies and we all know that’s the last thing the banks want.

  10. Alf Cranston

    Corruption Will End!

    “Hope in the LORD and keep his way . . . When the wicked ones are cut off, you will see it.”—PSALM 37:34.

    DO YOU, like many people, fear that corruption is inevitable and will never be completely eliminated? If so, that fear is understandable. Throughout history, humans have tried every conceivable form of government. Yet, they have never succeeded in permanently eliminating corruption. Is there any hope that a time will come when all people will deal honestly with one another?
    Happily, the Bible’s answer is yes! It tells us that God will soon take action to rid our earth of corruption. How will he do so? By means of his Kingdom, a heavenly government that will completely transform our earth. This is the same Kingdom that Jesus taught his followers to pray for. In what is sometimes called the Lord’s Prayer or the Our Father, Jesus said: “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth.”—Matthew 6:10, King James Version.
    Concerning the Ruler of that Kingdom, Jesus Christ, the Bible foretells: “He will deliver the poor one crying for help, also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper. He will feel sorry for the lowly one and the poor one, and the souls of the poor ones he will save. From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul.” (Psalm 72:12-14) Note that Jesus has empathy for those who are victims of corruption, and he will do something about oppression! Is that not comforting?
    In the hands of that compassionate and powerful Ruler, God’s Kingdom will rid our earth of corruption. How?
    At present, we must all battle sinful tendencies, which incline us to act selfishly. (Romans 7:21-23) Still, there are good people who want to do what is right. They exercise faith in the ransoming value of Jesus’ shed blood, and they can receive forgiveness of their sins. * (1 John 1:7, 9) Such people stand to benefit from God’s greatest act of love, as we read at John 3:16: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.”
    For faithful people, God will do something truly marvelous. In the coming new world, he will eventually remove all traces of sin, progressively raising faithful mankind to perfection and a righteous standing. (Isaiah 26:9; 2 Peter 3:13) Never again will the influence of sin cause anyone to act corruptly. Under the rule of God’s Kingdom, faithful humans “will be set free from enslavement to corruption.”—Romans 8:20-22.

    Sadly, many today intentionally victimize others. They take advantage of the lowly and the poor, and they influence others to act corruptly as well. The Bible admonishes such individuals: “Let the wicked man leave his way, and the harmful man his thoughts.” If such corrupt individuals do repent, the Bible promises that God “will forgive in a large way.”—Isaiah 55:7.
    However, God will have no choice but to remove those who stubbornly refuse to change their ways. By means of God’s Kingdom, the Bible’s promise will come true: “Hope in Jehovah and keep his way . . . When the wicked ones are cut off, you will see it.” * (Psalm 37:34) With the incorrigibly wicked gone, faithful worshippers of God will no longer be victims of corruption.
    Foremost among hardened sinners is Satan the Devil. How thankful we can be that God will soon restrict Satan, preventing him from influencing humans. Eventually, God will destroy Satan completely. Never again will that wicked monster be able to influence people to act corruptly.
    Granted, the idea that God will do away with all causes of corruption may seem to be mere wishful thinking. You may wonder, ‘Does God really have the means to bring about such changes? If so, why hasn’t he done it already?’ Those are good questions, and the Bible provides satisfying answers. Examine for yourself what the Bible teaches about the near future, when all corruption will be gone forever.

    • Jeff L

      Alf says….” Happily, the Bible’s answer is yes! It tells us that God will soon take action to rid our earth of corruption ” …………..I call BS and (forgive my straightforwardness) total crap believing and using the word “soon” to give false hope to anyone……….. We haven’t even started the 1st inning of total crap described in the Bible…… You are promoting a snake oil religion/belief. A belief only Satan could be proud of……… This is how he will make weak christians give up, listening to your “happy” scenario……. There’s NOTHING “happy” about the first 8 chapters of Revelations…….nuf said.

    • aussie jeff

      Alf Cranston…..

      IF your going to post………..make sure you put what book or magazine you copied and pasted from…..I think that would be fair don’t you?
      While I’m all for putting bible views and quotes up on this website[thanks to Greg for allowing it] maybe some of your own personal views would also be of interest.

      • Greg Hunter

        And while we are at it let me add please do not post entire articles a few lines and a link would be better. Thank you both.

  11. Klemens

    I think that will be a very good book:
    **Pre-order Special Offer – The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” against Humanity

  12. OzFan

    Rob Kirby is epic as always.

    Always love hearing his thoughts and wisdom.

    He’s part Rickards, Willie and Pento all rolled into one.

    Hang in Rob.

  13. david brownallen

    Gotta love Kirby: In your face, brief, very much to the point.

  14. Jerry

    Greg. There’s not much I can add to what Rob Kirby has already said. He is in my opinion THE top expert in world economics today. I hope your readers are taking his advice seriously, and taking this time to prepare as quickly as they can. Time is of the essence.
    In my opinion the only real discussion is WHEN? As much as I hate conspiracy theories I keep going back to the Four Star Generals warning that was given a year ago. This man laid out a timeline to my source that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. At the time I wasn’t sure he was telling the truth, but I can see now that his predictions are starting to come true. This is his timeline.
    – 2015 the United States economy would bottom bounce by market manipulation through most of 2015 and then collapse.
    – 2016 Marshal law would be declared. All hell would break loose with drone attacks on American citizens and DHS roundups being conducted with the support from black water and other covert groups. He also said that biological warfare would conducted in several major cities killing millions of people.
    – 2017 NATO forces would be brought in to restore order, and that the United States as a country would become part of the North American Union and cease t exist as a nation. We would go to a one world currency system of some type that according to him has already been set up.

    This man was genuinely scared. Scared enough that he came to my source to seek relocation outside the United States and change his identity after he and his family were threatened and had their financial funds cut off by the government. They came after this man with a vengeance after he refused to sign a legal document stating that he would be willing to fire upon American citizens. By the time he got home he had his credit cards cancelled and all of his financial funds frozen. It was only from help from family members that this man was able to get enough money to get out while he could.

    Do I believe this story? I don’t know what to think, but it sure seems strange to me that over 200 high ranking officers have been purged from the military. That much is TRUE. If he is telling the truth, life as we know it is about to change.

    Thank you Greg, for having the courage to have Rob Kirby on. He’s telling the truth.

    • Jerry

      Just about the time I’m second guessing myself wondering if the NWO objective of having a North American Union inside the United States is all conspiracy theory B.S., along comes this information from Mark Levine. I beginning to think the General was right.

      • Jerry

        More information that the General might be right.
        It doesn’t take much to connect the dots here people. 223 armor piercing rounds will go through half inch plate steel. I’m assuming DHS and their counterparts want to roll their 2700 armored assault vehicles into American neighborhoods without being turned into Swiss cheese. I’m not sure why that would be a concern when they clearly have the upper hand with drones? I never thought in my life that I would ever discuss a subject like this in America. Scary stuff.

        • wd


          Going to purchase a Springfield Scout this week…308 caliber.

          “The time has arrived…but we will prevail, the best made plans pf mice and men” These people reek of desperation as well. The clock is ticking,they are going to try and start WWIII and all of these other “plans” If they pick that fight with Russia- US will LOOSE and we need that to happen I am sorry to say!!!

      • NC Gal


        In listening to that Mark Levine interview, I was reminded of the process Hitler followed in removing all that opposed his plans. With rare exception (Porsche was an exception because of his usefulness to the Reich), people who were educated, opinionated, and who spoke openly in opposition to the way things were headed were the first to be eliminated.

        I have been aware for a long time that massive depopulation is part of the elite’s agenda, and that the goal is to end up with a very small population of easily controlled and servile serfs, presided over by a handful of elites that will control everything else. The seeding and cultivation of these immigrant communities, complete with their elders (who are key in perpetuating their cultural values), totally fits with such an agenda. This would also be accompanied by the elimination of everyone else except those who would be helpful to the elites in running their world. People like those who read and post here would be high on the list for elimination.

        The timeline you offer makes sense to me, but only for ONE of the timelines that will split off from this shared reality. I personally don’t expect to witness it, but since this information came to you the way it did, I suspect this IS something that you will experience on your timeline. That’s just the way it works.

        The model of multiple timelines reconciles a lot of data that would otherwise appear to be in conflict. I think it’s ALL going to happen, but each scenario will be unique to a given timeline. Only those who are on that specific timeline will experience that specific scenario. They are all leading to different experiences and outcomes, but overall, it will be a horrific transition, and many people will perish along the way.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Let’s get this one straight once and for all: we have MARSHAL law in the country right now. There is a branch of law enforcement called U.S. Marshalship. This is a FEDERAL officership with arrest authority, appointed to the various judicial districts to carry out court orders and enforce federal laws. (A sheriff has the same responsibilities in LOCAL districts.) What we DON’T have NOW but are anticipating is MARTIAL law, which is temporary (we hope) rule by military authority over the civilian population. MARTIAL law is not necessarily the same MILITARY law. It is rule by military authority, whether by governmental decree or revolution/coup (pronounced “koo”). We are living with marshal law; let’s hope we don’t face martial law. Best always. PM

  15. Matt Jaymes

    Always a treat to hear from Rob Kirby. Not sure I agree with the elites wanting to take the population down to 500 million or so, after all: the more people on the planet, the more slaves to do the bidding of the masters, also more customers to buy the crap they sell. Just MVHO, I certainly could be wrong. Here’s a ping for Jim Sinclair. BTW: for my money MSM died a very ignoble death, alternative media, specifically “the Dawg” is the place to be to get real, honest, & thoughtful insight. Well done.

  16. Jane

    Greg H, you are a God-send. Thank you so much for the quality of the people you interview, really timely and good information here from Greg Kirby.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jane. Please prepare and at the very least sore some food and water. It is very cheap insurance.

      • aussie jeff

        One thing I have added to my prep inventory, is whisky,I try and buy one bottle every week,my thinking go’s like this.
        It will only get better with age,unlike some of my prepping items that have needed careful storage to extend it’s life span.
        Secondly I think it’s bartering value will go through the roof once stocks have been depleted in stores.
        Thirdly………speaking from a strictly medicinal point of view it will be front and centre in the first aid cabinet 🙂

        • JC Davis

          Aussie Jeff. I tried to stock up on whisky. I don’t keep long. About a week.

          • JC Davis

            It don’t keep long. I last forever..LOL

  17. Wim

    Hi Greg, thank you VERY MUCH for the interview. I saw mister Kirby some times before, as I loved to meet him again, liked the deeper clarification on derivatives. ‘Hyperinflation’ is in the cards, he said. I think so too, am expecting a sudden Collapse for years now. On the other side of the coin I hope an gradual implosion will be arranged, somehow, if possible, as it’s A Grand Computer Game. I don’t exclude good forces are trying all they can. A gradual implosion, feeling their wallet and living standards, making people aware of what they forgot, to contemplate idealistic things like an Honest money system, JFK got executed after signing executive order 11110, making silver money again, as the conspiracy never got unraveled, the reason for it, and so on, and so on. Me, the old Indian & Co, are communistic in the way we would like everyone on a globe to have shelter, food, and water, no matter what. From there an Honest capitalistic system. The most creative one may have the most financial resources on a Globe, as we would like to see the comeback of JC becoming the richest one of all somewhere in time, after he maybe can monetize the whole thing along many ways. The comeback of JC will have trainloads toys for boys, but the huge amount of money which is on the planned agenda will be used to found an Institution, making money, investing money in weak areas, and so on, and so on, and so on. Growing basic capital of that Institution, growing investments, and give away things like water factories in Africa, and so on, and so on.
    Providing water factories in Africa, as the list is endless.

    From the financial perspective we can know it’s not the time to buy a house, as Central Banks keep real estate reflated. Logic seems to dictate real estate after the crash, slow or sudden, will be re priced, as we desperately need very affordable(cheap) roofs over our heads, as it’s just shelter. Wigwams are practically free, a house is the place to be, as cheap as possible. The other perspectives are personal.

    ‘War, collapse/collapse, war, which will be first?’ you said Greg. The more The Grand Game has control of all kind of things, the more difficult predictions will be, as there is seemingly a new kid on the block, the comeback of JC, something, or somehow. The more control The Grand Game has, the more at times normal expectations, leading to correct predictions, will be of the tables at some rare, but crucial moments. I live outside reality, I have a general picture, but in the dark about how it all really sticks together, and what real leverage The Grand Game is producing.

    ‘We are heading for a meat grinder’, he said. Mankind is behaving as a meat grinder for a long time already, inefficient, divided, power obsessed, lies, and so on, and so on, we could rant on, till eternity on that one, marine voiced, or singing a song to keep it more pleasant. The drumbeats on all kind of fronts are ramping up, but I hope/think/feel/and so on, it won’t be so Bad as many understandably prognosticate/predict/and so on, and so on. A Dalmation co orchestrated 911 being 3.800 dead, and not 20.000, it was done marine style. The group, as they are more evil than in this one world’s imagination, far beyond I guarantee, quite a Thriller, wanting to reduce the global population. As far my intelligences goes, they won’t be successful, as I suspect they still do think so, I reckon they are in for a very big surprise. In 2008, I warned the networks that they still don’t know ALL the Bad guys, it’s beyond your every imagination what evil forces there are. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  18. Paul

    Greg, if a crack up of the financial markets or debt jubilee is possible, then why would it be a high risk to buy/finance a primary home ? I always heard that debt is your friend in an inflationary environment. Please share your thoughts. Thanks