2015 Forecast-Manipulation, Depression and War-Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente Trends Journal

Gerald Celente Trends Journal

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Trends researcher Gerald Celente predicts one of his top trends in 2015 will be manipulation–of everything.  Celente explains, “It’s the grand manipulation of the markets and the news, and it just keeps spreading.  There is manipulation of the gold markets, and we know there is manipulation in the Forex market; we are not making this up.  We are talking about $5.3 trillion a day.  The markets are rigged.  Kramer came out and said the stock market was rigged.  We know that the LIBOR market is rigged.  That’s the interest rate market. . . . This is not a conspiracy theory.  Banks have been fined for “misdeeds.”  Misdeeds?  They are rigging the show and no heads roll.  The whole market, the news, the information is all one rigged game.” 

Celente goes on to say, “In our business, trend forecasting is based on the understanding that current events form future trends.  So, we take the information we have and analyze it and see how it will play out and what the implications will be.  It’s becoming more and more difficult because we’re getting phony information continually.  So, whether it has to do with geopolitics, economics or whatever it is, they are cooking the books and spinning lies.  So, it is harder and harder to see where some of these things are going. . . . We don’t have capitalism any more.  The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism, and when you are looking at the rigging of the game, it’s called bankism. . . . This thing should have collapsed a long time ago, but they keep making up new rules and a new game.  This is nothing more than a central bank confidence game, and you can tie it all back to bankism.”

How long can it go on?  Celente says, “All it takes is a shock wave to end the game.  You don’t know where it’s going to come from, but the stage is being set for a shock wave. . . . On one end, they can keep the interest rates low.  On another end, they can even invent another quantitative easing (money printing) scheme.  But on the bigger end, you have volatility in the world commodity markets and geopolitics that could end this scam in a second. . . . All the pieces keep adding up into a very serious economic and geopolitical game changer for 2015.”

On war, Celente says, “It’s getting so easy to take the people to war. . . . Hatred is very easy to build between and among nations.  So, I believe as these economic house of cards continue to collapse, they will get the people’s mind off it in a snap by getting us into more war.  As I say, when all else fails, they take you to war because you can see the path.  Go back to the crash of 1929:  recession, depression, currency war, trade war then world war.  Sound familiar?”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, as he gives his 2015 forecast.

(There is much more in the video interview.)


After the Interview: 

The Trends Journal recently put on an in-depth 5 ½ hour conference in their New York headquarters of the top trends coming in 2015.  The cost to see the presentation is $50 for non-subscribers of the Trends Journal and $25 for subscribers.  Click here to get the in-depth 2015 Trends forecast video conference.

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  1. Smaulgld

    Astounding that people scoff at the notion that the gold and silver markets are manipulated when there is evidence of it and that central banks openly manipulate interest rates, too big to fail banks have been caught rigging LIBOR, JP Morgan has paid tens of billions of dollars to settle fraud charges, but somehow the gold and silver markets are not manupulated.

    Sift through GATA’s manipulation docs here: http://www.gata.org/node/14617

    The silver supply demand dynamic has been in deficit for over two years, yet the price falls! https://smaulgld.com/silver-supply-demand/

    Prices longer take their cue from supply and demand but rather on what, as Greg says, central banks want them to be.

    • Orion

      I too am amazed that so many people ignore what is going on in the economy. I think it basically comes to this: People don’t want to know the truth because it scares them. They don’t want to be made to think for themselves and would rather be spoon-fed and rocked to sleep by the main stream media saying the economy is fine and all is well. If they believed that the markets were rigged it would require them to plan and act accordingly and so they turn their backs on the truth instead. Don’t confuse them with the facts! Of course, they also have to ridicule the facts to make it seem that they are on the correct course and have chosen wisely. Even Greg mentioned some time ago that his own family are uncomfortable listening to the interviews on his website. My wife is the same way. Supply and demand law no longer applies in the world of rigged markets. As Gerald mentioned, things have gone far beyond what rational experts would have believed possible. We are attempting to navigate in uncharted, increasingly dangerous waters with every passing day. Where and when will it end? Anybody’s guess, so good luck. This was one of Gerald’s more coherent and relevant interviews. Thanks Greg. Cheers.

      • pessimist

        Actually, the “people” in this country are just plain stupid. It is a sad fact that I became aware of during my 1990’s graduate school years as a teaching assistant. Most all of the undergraduate students felt “entitled” to above average grades just for showing up to class and expected to be spoon fed their education …. these same students are now what drives the US economic engine or lack thereof. They vote based on what the corrupt mass media propaganda spoon feeds them now and act accordingly, unable to think for themselves. It is just sad to watch this once great nation harvested of its wealth, liberty, and future by evil corporate fascists who perverted capitalism into slavery for the masses.

        • paul

          I agree completely!!

        • Russ McMeans

          Don’t worry, Pess of TX!
          Calitopia has the answer and Jerry Brown is gonna sign it!……. Yes it’s true…. Preregistration for 16 year olds to vote! Time to seek wisdom from the goats! So grab yer coat and seek a bloke to drink with!

      • VShook

        Everything is able to be manipulated because it is human nature to believe the label put on anything, whether it be a product or our economy. Add to that the manipulators’ focus on “progress” (in this case, an economic recovery) combined with the fact that people in general are programmed to look the other way when confronted by uncomfortable facts, and you have all you need to know about why we are where we are. In my opinion the key to change is when people are forced to no longer look the other way. That will only happen when costs rise past their tolerance level. That is happening now with ObamaCare, as the average middle class family will see increases of $1,000 per month in health insurance premiums for 2015 (WSJ letter to the editor 12/19/2014). This will ultimately change their focus from economic “progress” (recovery) to one of self-preservation, meaning reduced spending. Once their spending is reduced significantly as will have to occur, we will see that the Emperor of Government Statistics has no clothes. Bottom line (for me) is that escalating monetary stress put on the average American family will be the catalyst for change. The question is, in what direction the change will lead us.

        • Jeff L

          ” The question is, in what direction the change will lead us ” ………… The people (sheeple) will look to the gov for even more help. Quite ironic but that’s exactly the elite’s plan…….. How can this happen in America ? We are surrounded by morons.

          • lastmanstanding

            If 10% of the citizenry that wants to be free stands up for our Constitutional Rights, gub doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of shoving anything else down our throats.

            In fact, it only took III% the last time…and the blood of our founders still runs deep in the USA.

            One of the III%. lms.

        • JMiller


          You state that because of ObamaCare, that the average middle class family will see increases of $1,000 per month in health insurance premiums for 2015 based on a WSJ letter to the editor on 12/19/2014 . That can’t be correct. Currently the average annual family premium is $16,834, with the average employee only paying $4,823 of that. I find it hard to believe that the average premium is going up 60% next year. That $1000 a month increase may be for the average family premium for those not going through the ACA Marketplace or getting employer sponsored group health insurance.

          • Jeff L

            Even if it’s 1/2 that ($1000) it’s still obscene…… Yea, you can keep your insurance if you want (liar) IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT…………. How do you all feel living in the Matrix where EVERYTHING is a lie. Our leaders, the gov, the markets………and EVERY word that comes out of their mouths……. Does it really matter whether it goes up $1000 or $500 ? In case you didn’t know, any ACA benefits (subsidies) are nothing more than MORE DEBT, meaning, you’re STILL paying for it………. No apologies for the caps…..WAKE UP !

        • Russ McMeans

          The s#$#storm is coming, and it’s actually been here for awhile. I’m living it: no insurance, no contractors license, not paying income tax, not paying the state of Ca. But heck, I have my health and some grocery money!

    • Anne Elliott

      Let’s be honest… Bread and circuses are the only things that matter nowadays. The blue pill is so much more palatable, and the reality for most is that the stock market is “booming” and people are paying less for gas… Everything’s great and maybe things really will get better…! (Sarcasm intended.)

      • allen ols


        The vinyard of the saker asked Larchmonter445 to write a white paper on Chinas relationship with Russia. here is the link, and below that is the FIRST PAGE, of the white paper. GREG, it is lengthy, pls indulge me. BE SURE TO CLICK THE SGT LINK FIRST, THEN PROCEED. al


        Vineyard of the Saker WHITE PAPER2014: Russia-China ResistanceThe DOUBLE HELIX: CHINA-RUSSIA—Larchmonter 445

        Vladimir Putin said it clearly: “Russia and China will have a significant effect on the entire system of international relations. The relationship will be a significant factor in world politics and will affect the contemporary architecture of international relations . . .”And to state precisely what this relationship means in geopolitical sea change, President Putin continued: “Russia and China have never had such trusting relations in the military field as they do now. Military exercises have been in joint war games at sea and ground both in Russia and China.” (1)The mega trade deals we have seen this year and military exercises are more than normal cross-border trade or cooperative events between neighbors or partners. (2)The ‘relationship’ is affecting the global order. The two nations are forming a resistance front against destabilization and the weapons of chaos of a unipolar system.Russia and China are working together to stabilize international trade, diplomacy and military balances; yet, ironically, this is disruptive. Russia and China are sovereign nation resistance fighters against the Hegemon. The Hegemon is the unipolar Empire of the United States.This context of geopolitical strategies is paramount to bear in mind. The Hegemon is threatening to contain both Russia and China economically with exclusionary trade agreements (TPP and TTIP) that leave China and Russia out ormarginalized as second tier members, while each is bordered militarily with nuclear weapons on missiles of the trade partners, Hegemon’s allies and vassals. (This is the so-called missile defense shield of the West.)These hegemonic trade agreements will shut out China and Russia from further integration with the two groups. Limits for growth, suppression of development due to monopoly of intellectual properties, oppressive clean energy and pollution control regimes, limits on construction and sale or purchase and use of certain commodities will slow infrastructure projects, not only within both nations, but constrict each nation from contracting for projects in other nations (their own partners that are emerging or developing nations). Thus, the Hegemon has the strategic intention to limit the elimination of poverty in the world, and control trade everywhere on the globe. The unipolar world will …….go to next page on sgt link. al

        • allen ols

          also, video of argentian collapse full length. al


        • allen ols

          ….about half way through, an excerpt…..

          Custer found that it was not just Lakota Sioux he faced. He faced Arapaho, Arikara, Cheyenne, Crow, Santee and seven bands of Lakota (Blackfeet, Brule, Hunkpapa, Oglala, Minniconju, Sans Arc and Two Kettle). This was an object lesson. Historically, on the plains of America, Native Americans had done the same as China and Russia. Their error was not to do it much sooner and everywhere long before they were overwhelmed by the invading immigrants. China and Russia have acted in timely fashion.Dragon-BearChina-Russia have become impossible to defeat militarily, impregnable to sanctions and economic destabilization, and have created a unique partnership. China and Russia are co-venturers into a new international architecture built on sovereign states’ responsiveness to each nation’s own people. (39)Looking across the Black Sea from Romania or across Ukraine from Poland, Lithuania or Germany, or from across the Atlantic like Canada or the United States, you see the Bear-Dragon. Likewise, looking across the Pacific or the East China Sea or South China Sea at China you will see the Dragon-Bear. The Hegemon and its vassals will understand that attacking one is an attack on both. The Double Helix cannot be undone. Russia and China are the founders of the Eurasian Economic Marketplace of 3.5 billion (half the world). It has a thirty-yearinitial mission. And during those thirty years they will have built the New Silk Road, the Maritime Silk Road, the Eurasian Economic Belt, and lifted Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Stans of Central Asia, Mongolia, the Southeast Asian nations and probably, fixed parts of Ukraine, and parts of Eastern Europe, some…….cont’d

          • Jeff L

            I agree with the present China-Russia alliance…….. But it is still feasible China is using Russia and waiting for the US to weaken Russia to step in as the SOLITARY world leader…… Yes, they have Russia’s back as it suits them today economically and militarily. But they go way back and the past is not lost on China. Ultimately, China will act for it’s own benefit.

        • lastmanstanding

          Read it all this morn Al.

          If the Chins and the Russians are going to share nicely in an economic way, the USA as we know it is finished.

          All those at the top care about is making more money at our expense. There is no way for the USA to return to its former status until we get rid of all of the dual citizens that are placed in control of our country by the big banks and corps. It is all about profit.

        • Desert Rose

          I read this- all of it- it was GREAT. Thanks for posting this link!
          This article actually brings a feeling of sanity. America feels insane: definition of insanity- doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. A few regional comments: here in the southwest where I live, the illegals have left. There is no work for them. They don’t stay without wages. Also, the stores weren’t busy here. We have tourism, but it was very muted.
          Changes are here and increasing. I am grateful to this site and others that have shown me what is happening, so I am not a victim. While preparation varies for each of us, I at least feel the truth now. Like this article said, 2014 was actually a good year.
          Thank you, everyone, for all your posts and links!

  2. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. Gerald Celente certainly makes some very valid points about market manipulation. I mean, how long could the banking cartel keep this dollar Ponzi scheme going if they were operating under normal market conditions?
    According to the Bank of International Settlements, by the shear fact that some many foreign banks are rushing to dollar for safety, is a sign the system is beginning to break apart.
    In turn, if China begins dumping US treasury bonds back into the market in order to buy Rubles , you’re going to see mass panic in the bond market. There is no way the western banking cabal can avoid this reality, no matter how much fraud they try to gin up in the markets. Plus we have haven’t even seen the backlash yet of the collapsing oil markets. Strap yourself in Greg. Its about to get bumpy.

    • Jerry

      Greg, this is the big news for the week.
      Whenever China steps around the world bank, and the U.S. world reserve currency to do a direct currency agreement with Russia, it should literally make you hair stand up. Why? Because it sends a direct message to the rest of the emerging nations, that the dollar is no longer needed to do trade. Am I wrong here Greg? What am I not seeing?

      And just as Gerald said, the western banking cabal threw Europe under the bus just to get at Russia, and with them us. There is no way we can support the European banks when they start falling.

      • Greg Hunter


        It seems the pace is getting frantic with the global powers. When did you ever hear of this sort of thing happening?? Thank you for the comments and links!


        • Jerry

          More on the Chinese currency deal with Russia. Evidently this is not setting well with the IMF and world bank.
          Greg check out the photo of Christine Laguarde. Its priceless.

          • Silence is Golden

            Uptight ? 🙂

        • Jerry

          Right on cue. Just as the Russian economy is about to collapse, the oil industry has a miraculous recovery thanks to a mysterious oil fire in Libya. Hmmm.

          Tell me the system isn’t rigged and manipulated by the western banking cartel? But the problem is that the cartel cut their nose off to spite their face. The damage is done. What do you think will happen to the European Banks when Russia begins defaulting on their loans? Oh I know. Go ask the Chinese to extend credit to them. Fat chance. They’re going to the IMF to ask for bailouts from American Banks. Wake up people we’ve been set up. Check out the last piece of legislation that Congress signed before the Christmas break.

        • Jerry

          O.K. boys and girls. Here it is. The beginning of the end of the dollar.
          The skeptics said China couldn’t replace the dollar with the Yuan as world reserve currency. Well what do you have to say now? Looks like to me they’re doing it. The bigger question is how long before the other BRIC nations jump on board.

          • Silence is Golden

            Not many people are aware of the fact that the US has made an unofficial agreement with the IMF to release the USD from world reserve currency status. That fact alone tells you that they are holding this scheme of arrangement together by mere threads. China also is part of this agreement in that the world is rebalancing the power (Gold)… implying assisting China.
            I suspect that the BRICS cannot develop a deep system to sustain a world without the USD fast enough and therefore to trigger emergency resolutions (to facilitate the IMF to stand in) would need to come from a “Black Swan” event. A trigger that forces a ready made solution to be forced onto the world. I must admit though that the IMF solution is not fool-proof nor is it (like the BRICS system) sufficiently developed. I favour the fiat currency reset option and Gold being revalued at the $8-10K / oz mark. Maybe we get all three in due course.

            • pessimist

              Obviously, TPTB or the bankster cartel or whoever it is that weilds the global monetary/economic power are more powerful than anyone expected …. consequently, nobody really knows what their plans are or what real value gold/silver/oil or any other commodity will have in the future. We may very well just find ourselves struggling to survive without any care what value anything has other than clean water, food, shelter, and security. So the only realistic approach to preparing for the unknown world approaching us is to be self-reliant with water, food, shelter, and security.

              • Jerry

                You are so right. The paradigm shift will totally change all the rules.

              • allen ols


                that was a very profound optimistic conclusion.

      • Jeff L

        ” There is no way we can support the European banks when they start falling. ” We can definitely support them IF they continue to follow us in lockstep (to their detriment). What’s another $Trillion ? We sent $17 Trillion last time (’08)…….. That is how we control countries. That is how the EU controls their countries. Money talks……….. It also enslaves.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Great comment!
        Happy new year to you.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Just my opinion but I don’t think you are missing anything.
        I think you clearly visualize the coming collapse and I just wish more people could see this coming and prepare themselves accordingly.
        I think that given that most of this charade can be prolonged by the FED with their unlimited power to clandestinely print the reserve currency of the world to infinity thus prolonging the inevitable collapse.
        Trouble is the longer it is prolonged the bigger the mess.
        Maybe it will end with a bang and a whimper!
        Cheers Jerry

        • Jerry

          They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Its all out in the open if you look.

          • Silence is Golden

            MO = operating in plain sight.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. I thought of your postings when I saw this interview about china becoming a world currency. Hope you enjoy it. http://rt.com/shows/crosstalk/215095-china-emerging-world-dollar/

      • Jerry

        Thanks JC. It just keeps getting interesting.

      • Aurele

        Great interview Greg and thanks for the link JC (good viewing) !

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        I saw this interview on RT and I too thought it was excellent.
        I know that some Watchdog commentors regard this channel as just a propaganda outlet for the Russian Government.
        I say nothing could be further from the truth.
        RT interviews a huge range of experts on geopolitical and financial experts from all over the world and many of them have also been interviewed by Greg on Watchdog. You would be amazed how many of those interviewed are in fact US academics.
        IMHO RT is the ‘go to’ geopolitical/financial TV channel of the globe and by quite a wide margin. If you prefer not to listen to mainstream dribble and misinformation then I would suggest tuning into Al Jazeera as well.
        Have a happy new year JC

    • VShook

      I believe that if the “dumping” of US Treasuries by China ever occurs we will never know of it. It will be covered over by currency swaps, etc. Also, I don’t think China would ever crash the value of its currency reserves or significantly damage its US market for most of the goods it produces. In the end, it comes down to money (= power), nothing else. However, behind the scenes I believe that interactions between all the major players in the world are probably nothing short of bloody. Remember when it came out that John Connally, Secretary of the Treasury under Nixon, infamously told the other countries of the world that the US dollar was our currency but it was their problem? It still is, in so many ways.

    • john duffy

      What you say is so true. We are at a point now where everybody has had access to the truth and has made the decision to accept it, as unpleasant as the truth is, or to retreat into their own little world. Unfortunately we are in the minority.

    • mohammad


      I maintain the believe that China is an ally rather than a foe despite all gloomy tension you see between China and US.
      First of all, the decision to move factories from US to China and NOT TO ANY OTHER COUNTRY, not INDIA, not other countries….is a hint…!
      Second, selling the gold by US to CHINA at a discount price is another hint..! please keep in mind that those sales are end to end sale not like us going to a dealer and buying gold, so it is CENTRAL BANK TO CENTRAL BANK, and the rest of the tonnage China is acquiring through the shady agents is under the APPROVAL and OK seal of US .
      So here are two big hints and clues that US is collaborating with China, even though they are throwing every where and at every corner that they are foes.
      I believe the polar bear is going to get the surprise of lifetime from the dragon when push comes to shove.
      Just my 2 cents.

      • mohammad

        Oh i forgot to add:
        CHINA is buying out Russia…!!!!!
        And the mystery seller is…….FEDERAL RESERVE…!!!!

        • mohammad

          I meant the “mystery buyer”
          please if you put the word “buyer” instead of the word “seller”

      • Jerry

        I tend to bally back in forth on who is really in control? I think your point is valid. China and the United States may very well have the same banking masters ( The City of London Corp) but one thing is for sure, the plan is in motion right now to take down the current system. But don’t be fooled by American hubris thinking we are not replaceable. Everything has a price. America has nothing but debt to offer. If you were a financier who would you want to do business with, someone who has a lot of debt like the U.S. or a new emerging business giant like China?

        • mohammad


          Once i was walking with my son in the park, and asked him (he is a senior in high school now) why do you think is the reason behind moving all of US manufacturing to China?
          He said:
          Dad, US does not have time to waste on conventional industry, they must be busy with something more advanced.

          To reflect on his point and am not sure where he’s got the idea from, i remembered right away what CAF was saying about the black budget, 3d printing, 6 FAA approved launching pad sites in US for INTERSTELLAR COMMERCE with the necessary MILITARY that will protect the rights of colonization of planets in the nearby …. etc…!

          Yes, we moved traditional industry to the (Ally…????) China and we are busy with the untraditional industry that will shock the world. Some pain on the way there from the financial reset but nonetheless will emerge leaner meaner.

          And no ….am not smoking something…Nor my beloved son … 🙂


      • Silence is Golden

        Last time I checked …China was buying out the WORLD’S trophy assets.
        Very acute eyesight and observations.
        I tend to agree with the essence of your comment because essentially China is being assisted in its desires to have a more meaningful participation in World affairs. China has the power to destroy the US in a blink of an eye viz-a-viz 3TLN USD/UST. Therefore the US is playing lapdog.

        • mohammad

          Happy new year to you and every one on the forum.

  3. paul

    Mr. Celente’s Trend Forecasts deal with a multitude of important issues like inflation, deflation, war, peace, economic bad times, economic good times, etc. … he does a good job of keeping us pointed in the proper direction but as he says manipulation is becoming more prevalent in all markets so forecasting gets a lot tougher. Mr. Celente always made clear he buys gold (not to trade) but to keep”!

    Mr. Celente has learned over the years what the world is now just beginning to realize … that “fiat” is the money of men … but gold (and silver) is the money of GOD!

    When God created the 100 or so elements in his universe … all his elements being “money” as they have great intrinsic worth … he allocated various amounts of “his money” to our planet (some elements being rarer then others) … over the centuries man has come to use the rarer elements of God (like gold and silver) as our own money. But unlike the bankers who create paper fiat continuously … God does not “produce” more gold each year on planet Earth … miners simply “find” what God originally put here to begin with … and currently find about 2000 tons of God’s gold each year!

    At the current mining rate it will take an entire lifetime (about 100 years) to find 200,000 tons more gold … add this 200,000 tons of gold to what man has already found over the past centuries (50,000 tons) and we get a grand total of a quarter million tons of gold (or 8 billion ounces of God’s money).

    This means that in 100 years there will be enough above ground gold mined to give every person on Earth “one ounce” of God’s money (assuming only 8 billion people are alive 100 years from now) which is probably likely because the Cabal wants a thermonuclear war that can kill off billions of people at one time … even if the Cabal succeeds in reducing Earth’s population down to 4 billion people … the result will be every person alive 100 years from will get about two ounces of gold each.

    However, the way China, Russia, India, etc. are buying up tons of gold right now “with both hands” … I think a lot of people on Earth are not going to get their fair share of gold!! … If you are like me and wondering why countries like China, Russia, India, etc want to accumulate so much of God’s money … a simple “back of the envelope” calculation can be made that will show you exactly why they are buying gold so fervently.

    Lets simply add up all man’s fiat paper money in the world (as this can be daunting task) lets make things more simple and just burn up all the foreign fiat paper currencies in the world assuming only US dollars exist in the world.

    Now let’s add up all the fiat US dollars in the world (again this can be a daunting task) … so to make things even more simple lets throw all the existing US dollars in the world into the ocean … so that there is absolutely “zero” fiat dollars in the world to add up (can’t get any simpler then that).

    Now things are real easy … we simply have to add up all the US dollars that are printed up each year “to balance the budget” … conservatively the Fed prints up about one trillion dollars each year to run the US government … so it’s very easy to calculate just how many US fiat paper dollars will exist in the world 100 years from now. The total comes to $100 trillion fiat US dollars in 100 years … and since we already know 8 billion ounces of above ground gold will exist in the world 100 years from now … we have a very simple equation to work with:

    Just put all the US fiat ($100 trillion paper dollars) on one side of the equation … and put all God’s money on Earth (8 billion ounces of gold) on the other side of the equation and what do we get?

    Well dividing 8,000,000,000 ounces of God’s gold into the Fed’s $100,000,000,000,000 trillion fiat dollars gives us … $12,500 fiat dollars per ounce of gold!!!

    With gold currently selling for about $1,250 per ounce … the above calculation shows God’s money is going to rise in terms of fiat by an order of magnitude over the next century. Or stated another way … over the next 100 years God’s money (gold) will give you 10 times the fiat money you put into it right now!

    This averages to roughly 10% interest on your original fiat money “each year” for the next 100 years! … is it any wonder China, Russia, India, etc. are converting their fiat dollars hand over fist into gold (and unlike “fiat interest” gold is not taxed by government each year)!

    Some very astute people like Mr. Jim Sinclair are projecting $50,000 fiat dollars per ounce for gold … likely because he is “not assuming” it will take 100 years for the US fiat dollar money supply to get to $100 trillion dollars. Remember, my calculation above is extremely-extremely conservative (as all existing foreign fiat money was burned and all the existing US fiat dollars thrown into the ocean) … so to say there will only be $100 trillion fiat US dollars in the world 100 years from now is almost laughable (but at least it provides a simple analysis of the ongoing trend) … in reality there is “hardly any doubt” to men of reason that well over $300 trillion fiat US dollars already exists in the world RIGHT NOW!!! … and we don’t have to wait 100 years to get there!!

    So “fear not”my friends … God’s gold “is very very rare indeed” and the trend of its value “in terms of fiat paper dollars” is without question going to explode upward !! … Don’t let yourself fall into the Cabal trap (idolizing the Fed’s fiat paper without question) … those who kneel at the alter of the Fed are worshiping a false god!!

    • OzFan

      Powerful reply Paul. I like it.

      Fiat money (without gold backing) is such trash and futile rubbish. A hoax. A massive lie.

      It’s 100% anti-God and as such, is doomed to failure.

      • paul

        Thank you OzFan!

    • whatdoiiknow

      Paul, can you enlighten us with the verses in the Bible that back up your post?

      • whatdoiiknow

        1 Timothy 6:7-10
        For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

        Hebrews 13:5
        Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have.

        Mark 8:36
        For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?

        1 Timothy 6:9-11
        But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.

        • whatdoiiknow

          There are two types of currency in circulation. US Notes, and Federal Reserve Notes.

          Lawful Money = United States Notes; Not “Federal Reserve Notes”

          Title 12 USC §411 :



          “Federal reserve notes, to be issued at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for the purpose of making advances to Federal reserve banks through the Federal reserve agents as hereinafter set forth and for no other purpose, are authorized. The said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal reserve banks and for all taxes, customs, and other public dues. They shall be redeemed in lawful money on demand at the Treasury Department of the United States, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, or at any Federal Reserve bank. “

          This proves that “Lawful Money” and “Legal Tender” are not the same.


          Gold and Silver are specie.

          However Tally sticks worked for 700 years without Gold.

          There is only one President in history that has ever paid off the national debt. Andrew Jackson. How did he do it? He took back control of our own currency. He stopped the bank. Debt stopped accumulating, and we were able to pay all outstanding debts before his term ended.

        • paul

          Thanks for the Biblical back-up WDIK …

    • pessimist

      Pffft! Pure nonsense!

      I follow no formal religion but it is my understanding that the Judeo-Christian faith warns many times over of worshiping such idolatry as “money gods”. That is the whole problem with the Judeo-Christian faith …. a complete disconnect and disregard of the earth and it’s finite resources, a faith that encourages mankind to rape, pillage, and dominate and subjugate the land and then calling it prosperity. It is more often a faith of hipocracy simultaneously proclaiming benevolence and intolerance which leads to the never ending conflict known as the Middle-East.

      Seriously, “God’s money” … that is total rubbish!

      • paul

        Your words … “disregard of the earth and it’s finite resources” … “rape, pillage, dominate and subjugate” … “never ending conflict” … all sounds exactly like what I’m talking about??? …

        And you even buy gold and silver just like me!!

      • Charles H.


        I can fully identify with your frustration concerning how mankind is treating the earth so badly. I cannot agree with your linking those who hold the Judeo-Christian ethic, and those who: “encourage(s) mankind to rape, pillage and dominate and subjugate the land and call(ing) it prosperity.” You draw this direct association in your comment: but give no proof or evidence that this is true. This kind of assertion belies only a cursory and light understanding of what you directly criticize.
        IF you go back to the Old Testament of the Bible – you find the explicit directions of allowing the land to ‘rest’, every seventh(?) year. This is the modern foundation for “Crop Rotation” so that the depletion of soils is not accomplished. And if Land Conservation is primary: then pollution or poisoning of the same is contrary and illogical.
        And you might consider that America has long ago ceased being a Judeo-Christian Ethic nation. To make such a Blanket statement against an historical identity makes as much sense as blaming the Amish for the Love Canal Superfund Waste-site.

        AS to gold being – “God’s money” – well, that may be a stretch in terminology. That The LORD God commissioned the Ark of the Covenant to be covered with pure, fine gold; and the pieces for use in the Tabernacle to be made of pure gold: IS an endorsement to it’s rare and precious value. Whether gold as money preceded or followed this is irrelevant – being the same substance (gold), (and Tabernacle sockets of silver) became universally accepted as treasure. So gold and silver DO have a direct tie back to God through the Temple and Tabernacle in history.

        And I would ask you not to trample upon the sensitivities of the many posters here which use Biblical references, in evidence of their beliefs and convictions – by calling such expression: “religious rubbish.”
        Besides – the Golden Calf is a symbol and type of idol; but not the only one. It is “the love of money” which is the root of all evil: not money itself. Anything which takes the primary place in man’s heart away from that of God – is an idol. Intangibles such as pride, or ambition can be idols also.
        If I were you – I would look to the unhealthy marriage of Science, Industry, and government for the spoilage of both earth and mankind.

        As to the unending conflict known as the Middle-East: that is a familial blood-feud between two families – Israel and Ishmael, sons of Abraham. Israel had documented history thousands of years and up through the Temple, then destroyed. Christianity went a few more hundred years before the Ishmaelite felt the need for the Koran as a religious/governmental charter which plagiarized on both the Jew and Christian in an attempt to supersede both. If you, Sir, are resolved to lay blame at the feet of anyone: it behooves you to at least state something in evidence for the broad and malicious labels (rubbish) you cast at others.
        And – not to discourage you: but just because you don’t follow any formal religion, which (for you) excludes religious considerations from the realm of Politics – others do not. So if you were to purely solve all political questions apart from religious ones, ON YOUR PART: you would STILL have to solve the religious ones: because they form a part other’s considerations which are equally valid as your own.

        • paul

          Charles … Yes, I may stretch the words of the Lord a bit to make a point and I may equate the elements created by God to being real money … but as you say … both Jews and Christians universally accepted gold and silver as treasure! Can’t speak for others but I believe “treasure” is money. Thanks for your helpful comments.

    • pessimist

      What’s with all this religious rubbish? Don’t we have enough political dogma to wade through already?

      • Emeth

        It is amusing to hear you criticize the Bible’s teaching, while claiming to be some form of free and independent spirit.
        No one is truly free (Jn.8:31-36) … everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, is simply the product of some form of acquired wisdom.
        Even using philosophical naturalism or some other form of logical reasoning, we all end up only speaking within the limits of our sensual feelings. In other words, the source of our knowledge & wisdom will be limited by our experience. That is why many quote the Bible … they believe it reveals a higher form of wisdom, one that comes from God. Will any accept this … some will and some won’t, and here is why …. (Rom.8:7).

        • paul

          Emeth … each of us is bound by our own personal knowledge and experience … and our wisdom is limited by such … we continually strive to gain a broader perspective by integrating the teachings of those who lived before us and took the time to write it down … be it in a Bible or Torah or other Religious and/or scientific texts. Knowledge is never the exclusive property of a single individual … it is a compilation of the thinking of many men of wisdom over the centuries. Thanks for your input!

          • Emeth

            Hi Paul, I beg to differ.
            I freely admit that what you are suggesting is the ruling construct, which Western cultures inherited from the teachings of the Greek philosophers. The modern scientific method is an outgrowth from their general approach.
            However, what the Bible claims is to hold within it are the words of God himself, which are of a different order of magnitude altogether. God does not see or view things from our perspective, which is limited. God is timeless and greater than his creation. To be prudent with space I will not post all the references, save these two – Isaiah.55:8-9 & Prov.2:1-6.

        • pessimist

          This is Greg Hunter. You are done here. Don’t come back.

          • Emeth

            Ha! Ha! pessimist – but you are by name more pessimistic than Greg. Thanks for the debate.

    • jmt2006

      ‘With gold currently selling for about $1,250 per ounce … the above calculation shows God’s money is going to rise in terms of fiat by an order of magnitude over the next century. Or stated another way … over the next 100 years God’s money (gold) will give you 10 times the fiat money you put into it right now! ‘

      Gold will thus appreciate at about 2.3% per a year.

      ‘This averages to roughly 10% interest on your original fiat money “each year” for the next 100 years! … is it any wonder China, Russia, India, etc. are converting their fiat dollars hand over fist into gold (and unlike “fiat interest” gold is not taxed by government each year)!’

      No, if you got 10% per a year, after 100 years your money would grow 13,780 fold.

  4. JC Davis

    Greg. Always enjoy Gerald Celente . So the dollar game continues unless something triggers a collapse, or we go to war, but it is hard to say when. Sounds a lot like last year.

    • Art Barnes

      J C, exactly like the last 5 years. However, as I have said, and I think G. Celente is saying, it will go on until it doesn’t; simple as that. One thing is certain; Main Street & average Jane and Joe will have to take the blow for the elite, always been that way, always will be that way – until He comes back.

      • Silence is Golden

        Loss of Confidence is what it will take.

      • Jeff L

        Everyone’s made doomsday forecasts that didn’t materialize. So much so that we’ve all given up the scenario, or at least think the US still controls everything…………I believe what’s happening is only because it is being allowed……….. 2015 forecast……… The hammer falls in the first month. Meaning gold up/market down.

        • JC Davis

          Jeff L . I tend to agree. I think by the end of feb things will start to snowball. 600,000 Chinese celebrated the 18 trillion roll over. The whole country watched on TV. This will surely put pressure on Chinese leaders to make a drastic change.

  5. paul

    You know Greg …
    Just like Moses … Celente, you, me and millions of other People have come to realize and see that a large group of Cabal Bankers, Industrialists, Militarists and Governments are dancing around a Worldwide Economic Barn Fire … throwing ever more fiat into their Wild Fire making the sparks and flames go much higher … they happily dance, bow and worship before the Alter of a “FIAT CALF”!

    How many times do we have to smash God’s Commandments down before them?

    How is it that men so easily turn to worshiping “false gods” … How is it that men so easily turn a blind eye to the Moral Commandments of God?

    The Worldwide Banking Cabal continues its song and dance proclaiming “Fiat is Money” and that the gold of God is but “a worthless relic”! …

    The Worldwide Industrialists dance and sing praises to the same “FIAT CALF” … to the point of Polluting God’s Good Earth … Altering and Mutating the Genetic Codes of all God’s species! …

    The Worldwide Military’s run around saluting the “FIAT CALF” singing out and proclaiming “What Good Are All Our Thermonuclear Weapons If We Can’t Use Them”! . To This GOD Says: “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”!

    Worldwide … Governments now pass laws to bail-in money from our private bank accounts to make paper offerings to the “FIAT CALF”!   …

    The MSN reporters in the crazed crowd … talk up how “really great” the Barn Fire is … they say the tall “Flames Don’t Burn” … “All is Well” … “There is No Inflation, There is No Unemployment, the Economy is Recovering, etc., etc!. …
    To This GOD Says: “THOU SHALL NOT LIE”!

    A day of punishment for all the “evil men” ruling this World fast approaches … these evil men will be forced to Wander in an Economic Fiat Desert of their own making for 40 years or more … when these evil men pass away … a new more moral generation will rise … “Men Who Can See with Universal Eyes” the “True Promise of God” … these men will “see” God’s “Beautiful Blue World” floating among his Stars of Heaven … its Clear Blue Oceans and Sky of White Swirling Clouds, its Lands lush in Green Vegetation, with the Birds, Bees and all various Animal Species living in Harmony … they will see the entire world as a Land of Love and Caring given as a birthright to mankind by God the Creator of All Things… a Blessed piece of Land floating among the Stars … where All Men of Good Will Abide by God’s Moral Teachings.

    When our good Earth was created by God and given to man and his seed by the Creator of All Things … man’s Everlasting Moral Duty and Covenant with this Truly Loving God was to keep this small but unique world (this small speck of Land in the entire Universe) … a truly Holy dwelling place … something God could be proud of … and say of his creation “I did well”! … “It is good”!! … I don’t have to tear it all down and start over!!!

    • Wahabie

      Bravo Paul,

      Short sweet, succint, if we can keep prospective, we truly can as Greg say’s, FEAR NOT!

      • paul

        Thanks Wahabie!

    • Aaron

      You said,
      “The Worldwide Military’s run around saluting the “FIAT CALF” .”
      And the alternative –
      Would it be better to run around saluting the “GOLDEN CALF”
      The irony of loose thinking.

      • paul

        You must look beyond the “Moses and Fiat Calf imagery” I used to make a point my friend … what I am trying to show is the sociopathic behavior of most of today’s banker(s), industrialist(s), military(s), government(s), reporter(s), etc., etc.  who worship paper money to such a degree that their greed makes them lose their very souls … they forget the very meaning of what is right and wrong … their behavior is completely contrary to what they were taught as children by their parents and priests.

        Some believe the military is going to save us all from the evil banking Cabal, etc. … but remember … incredible cruelty is the military’s business (not love, peace and morality) … moral limitations is not the military’s cup of tea … don’t they currently use drones to drop bombs on women and children to kill their intended target? … what makes you so sure they won’t one day use nuclear bombs to destroy an entire city to kill one single terrorist?

        Years ago even the Mafia had a Code of Ethics (no women … no children) … today there are no moral limitations … everything goes!!!

    • pessimist

      More bunk and hipocracy!

      • paul

        You’ve stated … “currencies will adjust accordingly and the true value of physical commodities” will then be actualized … that’s not bunk and hypocrisy … I say the same thing in my own way!!

        • JC Davis

          Paul it is worth noting every time Jesus spoke of faithfulness he gave a parable of how one handles there money. As Gallaxy500 said many have stopped dealing in stocks because of moral conviction. I myself being one of them. As I have said many times influence is greater then authority. Honest money will over take a dishonest one. China is proving this. Thanks for your comments.

          • paul

            Thanks JC!

      • Banjo Pat


        —————————◄ 2 Peter 3:3 ►____________________

        International Standard Version of the Bible;
        First of all you must understand this: In the last days mockers will come and, following their own desires, will ridicule us. . .

        Unfortunately the “Good news” isn’t all good news for everyone and the “pessimist” is surely one and living up to his moniker! Thank you ever so much for putting such a wonderful and faith strengthening spin on the future of mankind, may the God of heaven and earth preserve you thru the turmoil ahead and on into that promised new world, where righteousness is to dwell!

        • paul

          Thank you pat!

      • Paul from Indiana

        I generally avoid trying to make corrections on this site, as I make mistakes, too, but I have been trying to understand what “hipocracy” is. I even looked it up to no avail. Perhaps you mean “hypocrisy”, the state of pretending to be what one is not? Best always. PM

        • paul

          Yes … I saw that also … figured pessimist made a typing error!

    • susan

      I like what you say, Paul.

      • paul

        Thank you susan!

  6. Outlookingin

    Someone once said that, telling the truth in a time of fraud and corruption is considered an act of rebellion. Only when those that are corrupt and are committing the fraud, write the unjust laws against the truth tellers.

    The recent strength of the US dollar is unjustified by the global economic fundamentals, causing countless currencies to sit at or near multi-year lows. Leading to tremendous economic and political pressures. Creating social bonfires that burn simultaneously around the world.

    On August 15, 1971 the US dollar to gold ratio stood at 8:1 Today, if we take the monetary base (AMBNS) versus price of US Treasury gold at $1,200.00:1 the current ratio sits at 57:1 Or one once of gold worth $68,400.00 to cover the amount dollars created. To say nothing of the amount of debt or future commitments.

    • Jeff L

      ” Someone once said that, telling the truth in a time of fraud and corruption is considered an act of rebellion “………….. I believe George Orwell (the book 1984)……. It is remarkable how descriptive of our times it is…….” rebellion ” …. we call it terrorism now

  7. allen ols

    GREG Celente on deflation.
    Let’s talk about another trend, one dealing with inflation and deflation.
    You foresee a deflationary trend in 2015, correct?

    Gerald Celente: I’ve never been a proponent that the printing of the dollar was going to cause inflation because it ties into the other trends that we’re looking at, and that is price wars. You’re seeing the prices of oil and natural gas continue to decline. They took big hits in 2014. It’s more of a supply issue and a demand issue – too much supply and lowering demand. It’s not only in oil; it’s in corn, it’s in copper. You can buy a ton of rebar, reinforcement rod, cheaper in China than you can a ton of cabbage. But if you are Russian and you have a ruble it’s going to cost you twice as much to buy. That’s not because the price has gone up; in fact, the price went down. It’s your currency was devalued. That’s what I see more of – not supply and demand inflation but currency devaluation inflation. You could not have a clearer picture than being a Russian right now. If you were being paid in Rubles and you lived in the States or in Canada, you just saw half your income decline. But the price of the product hasn’t gone up that much. Product prices have gone down in some areas but you’re paying double. It’s a deflation of pricing but it’s an inflation of cost because of declining incomes and declining currencies. Daily Bell: Is some of this price deflation artificial, for instance Saudi Arabian oil? Are there other situations like that? Gerald Celente: I don’t see it as artificial. I really don’t. As I said, when you look at commodity prices, a lot of them are at five-year lows because of demand. If the Americans and the Europeans don’t buy a lot of things, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh – all of these cheap-labor countries, they’re not making things. If they’re not making things, then Canada, India, Chile, Brazil – natural resource countries aren’t selling to them because they’re not using up as much product, so they’re selling less. That’s driving down the price of commodities because of demand. So I don’t look at the low oil prices being manipulated by the Saudis. Do the Saudis want to keep prices low to push out the competition? They said they do. Is that a realistic avenue to take? I don’t know, but I do know that Rio Tinto in Australia keeps producing more and more iron ore and selling it to get rid of the marginal players that are their competitors. Will it work in the long term? I doubt it. I think it will hurt everybody. So I don’t see what the Saudis are doing as a conspiracy. I think it’s ill-advised strategy. – See more at: http://thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35950/Anthony-Wile-Gerald-Celente-Threatening-Western-Freedoms-With-Trans-PacificAtlantic-Treaties/#sthash.l7pEar6f.dpuf

    • Emeth

      RE: Inflation vs Deflation.
      Bill Holter correctly said that – “… inflation is defined as an increasing money supply and deflation a declining money supply. The “prices” of goods and services going up or down are merely the result. We have been brainwashed over the years to believe “inflation” is the CPI or rising prices, it is not. Please go to a dictionary for the real definition, our current definition has been badly bastardized.”
      Firstly, I would add that prices going up and down can be due to more factors than we generally acknowledge and more than Bill states above.
      Secondly, the ‘money supply’ is itself a rather vague term, as the money created has to get to the real market to have any effect, and I doubt what has been created has reached the market in the conventual-needed way.
      Thirdly, what we are witnessing is asset price speculation and not the genuine economic activity needed to create real ‘national’ wealth or even inflation.
      On this I would love to see Greg interview; Michael Hudson, Steve Keen, and Nicole Foss.

    • Jeff L

      ” But if you are Russian and you have a ruble it’s going to cost you twice as much to buy “……………. Not true. Most of the Russian oil co’s expenses are within their country and paid with Rubles (savings). They sell their oil worldwide in other currencies (dollar, euro) and pocket the difference (more profit). They aren’t hurting like our (US) oil producers are…….. Sure Russian oil producers miss $100 oil but not nearly the level our US producers do.

      • Silence is Golden

        Congratulations. You are awake (as opposed to the financial illiterate).
        Whether Russian Oil is sold in Ruble or USD doesn’t make any difference for them. A USD sale at say $55/Barrel with a conversion using a 50% depreciated Ruble, gives them an equivalent to what was achieved at $110/barrel.
        This is the problem with the MSM and those that are believing the constant BS that comes out of their mouths.

    • pessimist

      It is all “realtive” to the USD global reserve currency. When the USD is no longer accepted as a global reserve currency, the numerical values of all the other currencies will adjust accordingly and the true value of physical commodities will adjust according to the laws of supply and demand, no longer manipulated by central planners.

      • VShook

        Our real problem here is that what you speak of, should it ever happen, will/may take many lifetimes. Also, as part of this process, a new global “currency” reserve would be incrementally developed to replace the dollar. The entire process, as controlled by the central bankers and their political allies in all countries, would continue the existing system — just under a new name, but for the benefit of the same cartel members. The more things would change, the more they would stay the same. How’s that for pessimism ?

        • Emeth

          VShook – agreed, this is the most likely scenario.
          There is no way that the powers that be will allow a global currency to be fixed to some singular asset such as gold. This is just nonsense and as silly as saying that this will happen because gold has been money for 6,000 years, or even using some quasi religious argument saying it is God’s money.
          The next global currency, if the USD falls, will be some sort of SDR backed token. I doubt that many of the readers here even understand how a reserve currency works. Practically, an SDR backed fiat means that the value of participants money/currencies will be set against the value of SDRs, and used as a means of exchange for trade and loans.

          • paul

            Hmm?? …Aren’t these SDR’s also backed by GOLD!!!

          • pessimist

            That may very well be true but the transition nonetheless will not be smooth.

            • Jeff L

              The point is they’re backed by gold……… Is it an accident the whole world (except loser west) is buying all the gold available ? The fact that so many here want to argue whether gold is money while ALL the smart money (CB’s, Countries, and Billionaire’s) are buying should give you pause…………… The ego is more powerful than common sense.

              • paul

                Right Jeff … SDR’s are backed by gold along with fiat … so the powers that be who believe fiat is money also consider gold to be money … and where does this gold money originate? … from God!

  8. Bob

    This was one of “your” best interviews. I was very upset with you the last time Celente came on because I didn’t think you treated him fairly. Haven’t watched many of your interviews since. You were the model of grace this time. Thanks. Keep up the good work. I’m now back to watching. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just try to fair Bob.

  9. Jeff L

    Sinclair is using todays mined gold amount ( you can’t figure something you don’t have) divided by today’s fiat amount………. $12,500 and beyond could happen tomorrow and easily 2015……… All it takes is an awakening (or something else)…….. Remember the tulip bubble ? Look where prices went for a worthless flower.

  10. Silence is Golden

    GC always provides very thought provoking material.
    Undoubtedly we are caught in a fantasy world running parallel with the real one and we will all end up paying the price for the misguided actions of TPTB.
    In essence Gerald is correct in his summation…”getting harder to see where we are going” …metrics and data points are opaque…so there is no clear guidance. What is missing in the process is the ability to look beyond the normal indicators. Using intuition or perhaps imagination to truly see what the motives are and why it is being constructed in the fashion that it is.
    I can see some trends which Gerald didn’t touch on, which I believe are behind the madness of the circus in which we live.

    The Dollar is not quite dead yet. There is still another 2-3 quarters of incremental rise left (against other fiat currencies) before it falls away inexplicably.
    The effects of Inflation are being kept at bay…or at least we are led to believe that is the case. The year ahead will see an unravelling of prices as the Dollar hits its high and then retraces dramatically.

    Gold is part of that equation too. 2015 will see a dramatic statement made by the Chinese with regard their Gold hoard. It will be astonishing to say the least and it will demonstrate that they have achieved their quota (6 years to achieve). Gold is the key to indicating the effects of inflation. We will see a the GREEN light finally flashing and Inflation across the board will be unleashed. Deflation will be felt in the emerging countries whilst the Dollar seeks its high.

    The Equity market is simply the refuge for the oppressed investors and for looting of the mum and dad sheeple. Nothing more.

    2015 will be the year of the recognition (perhaps) of the GREAT WEALTH TRANSFER. The policies to date and the ones yet to be enacted are for the LOOTING of the public wealth. The Bankers, Government and Big Business want the wealth of the middle class and they will ensure there exists the necessary platform and policies to achieve their desires. Not only that, the US will continue to reap its harvest from the rest of the World too.
    Consider ZIRP = destroys savings and assists incorrect capital allocation/investment.
    Algorithms, Derivatives, Futures obfuscate price discovery = destroys investors.
    Bail Ins/Outs/ Confiscation – destroys remaining public wealth.
    The Age of Entitlement MUST come to an end (governments are bankrupt). This will be the year that it will become more than evident that Governments will fail to fulfil the promise to provide ongoing welfare and support in the manner in which we have been accustomed to.
    Economies will be in tatters from the actions of all Western Governments and those in the East will suffer from the side effects of the monetary madness.

    Connecting the dots bring us to a place where the monetary system has failed. Large populations are scrambling for existence and food with a heavy reliance on a non-existent and impotent Government. It would suggest that there is significant room for error and possible retribution leading to War. I suspect though that Wars are expensive and the most assured way to destabilise and cripple an enemy has taken a new less destructive path.
    What we are left with is Billions of Souls searching for solutions. Here we have the Elites with their plan to provide the remedy. What that looks like one shudders to think. It will in my mind support the notion that the Bankers and their Governments will continue to want and direct it all in much the same way but with greater concentration of power. The masses will be left with little/no choice.

    We ride into the storm that will be seen to be the manifestation of a Greater Global Totalitarian State.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG for the comment and analysis.

    • David

      GC always provides very thought provoking material.
      Undoubtedly we are caught in a fantasy world running parallel with the real one and we will all end up paying the price for the misguided actions of TPTB.
      In essence Gerald is correct in his summation…”getting harder to see where we are going” …metrics and data points are opaque…so there is no clear guidance. What is missing in the process is the ability to look beyond the normal indicators. Using intuition or perhaps imagination to truly see what the motives are and why it is being constructed in the fashion that it is.
      I can see some trends which Gerald didn’t touch on, which I believe are behind the madness of the circus in which we live.

      I think many who follow the topics covered on this website & interviews can see some trends not covered in this brief trends forecast [as compared to the entire five hours discourse].

      If I had a lot more “preps” [gold, silver, lead, etc], and lived in a lower population area, with a large fenced in garden, etc., I would still have trouble feeling at ease with what I think is coming. It may not unravel in 2015, but the cracks will become more apparent.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Awesome comment. I couldn’t agree more.
      Happy new year to you my friend.

  11. allen ols


    see the picture glass steagle, and there is speaker beaner.


    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Two very historically important photos.
      Yes, and in the 1933 photo there is at least a modicum of intelligence in the room.
      In the 1999 photo all I can see is a group of morons standing around grinning.
      Oh thats right – one of the morons is seated!
      This turned out to be 2nd greatest gift ever given to the AAC.
      Sad indeed!

      • Banjo Pat

        And Col to think some say he was the first black president, the man that sold our missile guidance system to the Chi-Coms, so now they can target every single city in North America, just to pay back his largest illegal contributor the one who stole the company who developed the technology and paid to make him president! I sure would be mad as sheol, “Hell, ” if I was a black man, for Bill Clinton to be even considered to be human!

        • Banjo Pat

          And to think Clinton feels he made it up to us by bombing the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing a newly wed couple, what a sham and to think how much more blood could be on his hands if we go to war! Remember him on TV after the bombing apologizing to the Chinese, repeated millions of times, “I’M So SORRY”, somber face and all, like all his other lies, LOL!

  12. mike

    The most scary fact is that although the world is controlled by crooks and or sociopaths less than 1 percent of the regular populous like us realize that the world is on the precipice of chaos.

    The love of Power and Greed will either lead us to an economic calamity, war or social revolution in the very near future.

    Very unsettling reality.

    • David


      It will lead to economic calamity and massive social “unrest” at a minimum. Perhaps also wars, although they may be currency wars, cyber wars, and massive disruption of the internet as a means of conducting life as we have come to know it. That would be better than nuclear war.

  13. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    What a great interview.
    As you said, Gerald weaves together an explicit explanation of how dire the finances and geopolitics of the world really are. Whats more he does it in an informed, colorful and entertaining way.
    In relation to what Gerald covered today and, for what it is worth, I will put forward some questions and try to answer some of them:
    #1 Why has capitalism in the US been replaced by a blend of fascism/bankism/oligarchism?
    I believe that the root cause of this problem can be traced back to the outrageous ownership structure of the FED.
    #2 Why is it such a shocking structure?
    Because the ownership is a private banking cabal that is also intertwined with the global military industrial establishment.
    I will call the FED and this group the AAC [Anglo American Cabal].
    #3 Why do I place so much emphasis on the FED’s role in all of this?
    Because the FED has been the central bank for the reserve currency of the world since WW2. Having this status the FED can print up endless amounts of money and hand it out to whoever they like worldwide.
    This testimony highlights the fact that the FED is completely out of control and it’s reckless behavior affects the whole world not just the US.
    Furthermore their actions in printing all this money has ‘limited’ the inflationary effects of QE domestically and exported much of the damage to the remainder of the world.
    #4 Why is there no oversight on the FED?
    #5 Previous point WRONG WRONG WRONG!
    There ‘is’ oversight by the ‘Federal Reserve Inspector General’.
    See how onto it she isn’t in this testimony before congress in 2009
    #6 Why has this ludicrous model persisted for over 100 years?
    Because the vast majority of the people of the world aren’t aware of it or won’t accept that it could possibly be true because it is so astonishingly ridiculous. Or if they are informed they are simply too frightened to speak out about it because they fear for their lives and or careers.
    #7 Why has this situation not been addressed by the democratic process?
    Because democracy in the US no longer exists. The US and much of the western world gets the ‘best politicians that money can buy’. Democracy has been rendered impossible now, partly because of computerized vote counting. Technology has made it easy and virtually untraceable if you have the right network to rig any election. Read the below link and you could conclude that it is now a complete waste of time and energy setting foot in any polling booth in the US and much of the western world!
    By the way the other reason that democracy no longer exists in the likes of the US is that 90% plus of the mainstream media is owned and orchestrated by the AAC. They have the best reporters too……… that money can buy.
    #8 What is the definition of terrorism?
    ‘The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.’ – Oxford dictionaries.
    #9 Is the AAC a terrorist organisation?
    #10 What is universally the most effective way to fight any terrorist organization?
    #11 Where does the majority of the funding trace back to that in essence supports the terrorist activities of the AAC?
    #12 What needs to happen then?
    Completely dissolve the FED and form a new US central bank that has no ownership by private banks or companies.
    Remember what Gerald said;
    ” If all else fails they will take us to war”
    PS Greg – My apologies for such a long rant.
    You know by now what I an like if anybody happens to mentions da FED.

  14. Anne Elliott

    Talking about scripted news shows… Here in central Illinois my two local tv stations were “delivering the news” this past Fall by doing a live call in during the news signing people up for Obamacare! First one station did it, then a week or so later. the other one did it too! It was like a government run 1/2 hour Jerry Lewis telethon! No joke!!

  15. pantsupdontloot

    Gerald can’t read yesterday’s newspaper and tell you what happened before sunrise. He has never made one forecast that came true. Why do you waste your time with this guy. There are old foghorn leghorn cartoons on youtube that have more reality in them than his predictions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not true–and his predictions are documented on his website.

    • Chip

      you don’t know what you are talking about pantsup….

  16. gregd

    Greg ,
    I can understand why some people who haven’t followed GC for a while don’t like him . He seems angry, short tempered and a little smart ass like. But once you get to know him you’ll appreciate him. I would say he’s fed up. He has zero respect for what the government is doing. And for me that explains his attitude. But I for one, just love him. He is great. I like how he talks and how he doesn’t sugar coat anything. There is nothing ambiguous with this guy. Most importantly, he has a batting average no one can touch. He only gives you the info, then he tells you to” think for yourself”. Perfect.
    As for this website. There is no other place you can go to get more great information and insight than USAWatchdog. Serious info that could save lives. I tell everyone about this place. The best guests and the best interviewer. Thanks for waking me up.
    God bless you all.

  17. Occasnl Trvlr

    “My little USAWatchdog Enterprise”

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    If you believe your enterprise is little, you are measuring with the wrong yardstick.

  18. Jim H

    Thanks Greg and Gerald. Of course it’s rigged, at least since the S & L scandal. Then there’s Enron where what the powers that be learned further deregulation along with not doing any real investigation or jailing those caught is the new norm. Then I have to go to RT to investigate thishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPIsjH25GHo. Will it just go through? Will we stop it. When it’s this rigged there does not have to be a war or collapse. We will just have digital money, Fewer banks and fewer governments making things much more manageable and transparent for the few and a total blur for everyone else.

  19. rezo

    Hi Greg ,as I have said before I am an Aussie living in Thailand and I trade in resources.On my post last week I said I was asked to look for gold to supply to a client in Singapore.
    I can tell you now that to date I have been able to locate 450 tons and am currently working on the documentation to supply.
    I can tell you now that this is a very small portion of what is being sought .
    He has told me they want to buy 5000 tons this is not a misprint.
    I asked who would want such ammount he said .Chinese Bank’s .
    I guarantee this is genuine. So much in fact I sent an email to Rob Kirby to see if he could assist .He has not yet responded probably thinks it’s a scam and has discarded it .
    I am now looking in Laos and Myanmar. The point is some very large players are stocking up and they are in a hurry to do it , I am in contact several times a day with their agent .I will keep you updated on how it goes.
    Bottom line for the gold sceptics is that these guys obviously don’t have the same opinion

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the info!!!

    • lastmanstanding

      Rezo…what are they willing to pay?

      • rezo

        Last man standing. Still working on the Docs at this stage but it would appear they are looking for spot price which is normal at this point .It’s wether the seller is willing to accept spot .I will update as it unfolds. I should imagine the final price will be according to available supply.And of course the purity and age and test results

  20. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year. Nice interview with GC but it seems like someone already mentioned, you could have played the same from last year for the most part. They win -Who knows how long they can keep it going and fooling the majority of morons among us. I’ve seen Obama’s approval rating has actually been improving. Despite all the poor economic data in the past couple weeks on mortgage apps, home sales, orders,etc….GDP is at 5%-SO all is GREAT!!!! It’s complete Bu!!$&*t and people swallow it. And how ridiculous is it to see all these blowhards on TV actually debating and dissecting the words from the FED: “patient” “considerable” ? It’s f$%&*ing insulting to anyone with any degree of intelligence.

  21. CrazyCanuck

    I couldn’t have summed it up better. What I am trying to gleam now from my readings and Greg’s interviews are the ‘signposts’ the informed should be looking for that indicate we are getting closer and closer to the precipice. Mind you, that is the slow, chaotic route courtesy of massive bankster interventions. The other route of course is the out of nowhere ‘black swan’ thunderclap. Hope for the best prepare for the likelihoods I guess.

  22. dee garmon

    Thanks for having him again. It seems as though we shall finally manage to have the
    third and final war. Afterwards, the earth will be left to Keith Richards and cock roaches.

    • Mike


      Yes a thunder clap out of nowhere may be what happens in an effort to turn the tide here. However such a distraction would only be temporary.

      For those that have failed to address the problems in the past there is no longer any way to hide the mistakes.

      We have reached the point of no return. The debt wall ia about to overcome us all.

      Only a reset possibly a likely wipe out of all debts along with a new start with a asset backed fiat currency might be able to correct this now.

      In any event the jig is up.

      That being said…they will continue to try and fool us into believing that fiat is better than precious metals.

      Watch gold take a major hit before the close of 2014.

  23. brian

    The more obvious it becomes how corrupt, immoral and rigged our economy and our “government” are the more incumbent it is upon us to withdraw any support we give, to the point that we force the hand of the corrupt to show itself for what it truly is as it then sweeps in to seize what we will not give…..and then my friends it will be very clear to us what we need to do next.

  24. pessimist

    The PM prices continue to go down and yet I’m still able to buy silver and/or gold eagles … when the supply is gone, then the prognosticators have something to prognosticate about. Until then, they speculate no better than you or I.

  25. john duffy

    Not too promising for 2015. Another possible guest for your show!

  26. Keith

    Good interview Greg. I really like Gerald’s presentation style and his ability to tie everything together from fiat fraud to war. Sadly, I think he is right on and we are headed for world war and martial law, and economic shipwreck for most. What strikes me as pathetic about our leadership is the total arrogance that we can achieve victory simply with an ‘assumed’ military superiority in some ways. Number one, I’m not so sure that is the case, and number two, I am sure our military bureaucracy and political/military disfunction couldn’t defeat Iraq or even 10,000 Afghanis with AK-47s with 3 trillion dollars over 10 years. What makes us think we can defeat Russia and/or China, especially when we are in debt up to the skies? Pure lunacy, these Dr. Strangelove military and banksters geniuses.

  27. Luis

    I listed for about ten minutes and could not take it anymore. I just don’t agree with Celente. To use an expression Greg has used in the past… “this is too stupid to be stupid”. If you want the whole truth and not just half truths, listen to Karen Hudes. It’s not the “banksters”, it’s the Jesuits and the Vatican. They are the real powerhouse on this planet. I also believe they are the beast power spoken of in the book of Revelation. You can read a free online Bible prophecy book at reg6.com which will explain what the Vatican is up to (it’s a quick read… takes only a couple of hours to go through it).

    • Greg Hunter

      You are in the minority here my friend, but thank you for your comment.

    • Silence is Golden

      It is true that the self interest of the Banksters have brought us to this place…BUT …we tend to overlook the POWERFUL interests of the Vatican and its curse on humanity. A Pagan religion developed under the same principles as Banking.
      Ancient Rome lives on although it is not ruled through the Caesar, but the Pope. Papal Rome strives for world domination as do the Merchants of Venice (International Bankers) and the Aristocracy of Europe. Papal Rome has made agreement with the Bankers to allow them to provide the money solution for the NWO.
      The Russian Bear is the one that can (AND WILL) become the thorn in the side. It will destroy the alliance and there will be defection on both sides East and West and within the Beast itself.

      • pessimist

        I don’t know for certain that the major religious leaders are in charge of the global bankster cartel, but it makes no difference because both of their methods (dogmatic doctrines or financial bondage) are unsustainable in the long run.

        • Silence is Golden

          Actually they are mortal enemies.

        • Silence is Golden

          Define “Long Run”….because they have (collectively) had full control for the better part of 1300 years.

    • sk

      Good grief! When all else fails, blame the Jesuits. This is beyond ridiculous

  28. Sylvia

    Thanks for bringing all of those very informative guests to us over the past year. Enclosed is a small donation, along with my wish to you for a very Happy New Year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sylvia for your kind words and support!!

  29. Gregory Mannarino

    What the vast majority of people are missing is this: all of these central bank created capital misallocation distortions MUST “balance out” at one point in time. And when that happens well, you fill in the blanks…………………………….

    • Bob

      Mr. Mannarino,
      I really appreciate and agree with your opinions. I’d like to know how you would respond to the following:

      “I didn’t think it could go on for this long, and, boy was I wrong!”.

    • whatdoiknow


      Thanks for standing up. You are a good Italian.

      My name ends in a vowel too, also half crazy Irish.

      Sorry about your father, I lost mine a year and 1/2 ago.

      Deflation is nature, but it is rigged for sure.


      Be well.

      I admire your guts.

      Your father will always be proud of you.

  30. Joe Lindell

    Whatdoiiknow: You are right on with the Scriptures you’ve quoted. I sincerely
    hope you are a Christian and not a denomination. 1Corinthians
    Chapter 1 & 3. Joe

    • pessimist

      And to think that some come here only to insult non-Christians? Who would allow such a thing?

      Let’s try and stay on topic shall we?

      We have a systemic collapse approaching. Let’s set aside religion and politics to help the ignorant prepare for survival in this life rather than hope in some other life.

      • Charles H.


        The time to start worrying about getting caught in a fire: is before the fire starts. The whole purpose of Christianity is to keep people out of the eternal fires of Hell. Not only do you rally directly against “religion”; but now in the face of opposition – you are willing to sacrifice POLITICS AND RELIGION to draw commenters here away from expression on this venue?
        You come here – dance around insult and insinuation; don’t make any gesture of apology or reconciliation toward those who are “religious”; yet continue to press the point of KEEPING OFF sharing Scripture. What’s the playbook? – just keep chipping away, until some measure of manipulation or movement is sensed? Or is it just raw obnoxiousness to come here and harpoon those on the spiritually live side of the coin?

        Don’t you know that a Spiritual War has been going on since the Garden of Eden, when Satan tempted Eve by saying: “Yea, hath God said…” Apart from the Person and work of God the Son, Jesus Christ: no greater attack against God has been than against His Holy Word. Sound familiar? Are you really intellectually unaware of which spiritual side you are acting on?

        Discarding and discounting the resurrection and forty-day ministry of Jesus Christ the Lord before His bodily ascension; seen of over five-hundred at one time; and the reality of Pentecost, when God the Holy Spirit took to reigns of earthly ministry: there is more than a “hope in some other life” – there is God-borne confirmation of resurrection to Eternal Life. True Faith is experimental; but you won’t leap. Like the Pharisees of old – you won’t enter in yourself; and you prevent those who would enter in, from entering in.
        Christianity is not insulting non-believers with it’s message: they are doing on a spiritual plane, by commission – what Greg Hunter does on an earthly, political, economic plane. Funny how you sing praises for one, and condemn or wish to deny the other.

        (Again, Greg – feel perfectly free to amend or remove any of my comments. The amount of insidious “probing” on your site will be a constant battle. No one, or any nation or people have ever abandoned God’s Word to their benefit.)

        • paul

          Well said Charles … those who claim the right to freedom of speech and thought … should allow to others the freedom of religious speech and thought … some non-believers can’t imagine the possibility of resurrection (but science today can take the DNA code and resurrect the exact life form) … some can’t believe a judgement day will come … however in a few years a DNA data bank will exist for each and every person on Earth … then in future when a person dies “someone” will make a judgement on how that person lived their life … if they were basically good … resurrection to a new life will be granted … if they were basically just totally evil and bad … their DNA code will be thrown into the fire … and that person will never live again.
          Such is the message the Lord was trying to teach to us in the Holy Bible!

          • paul

            Also … the reason it is very important for all of us to take a stand against “evil” now … the way Greg, you and I and others do here at WatchDog … is because we don’t want that “someone” in the future making judgement on “whether we live again or die forever” to be someone from Goldman Saks!

            If the power of resurrection is left to “evil men” … just imagine what the world will be like … such men will probably be selling the right to a new life the same way the Church used to sell indulgences to gain the right to heaven and everlasting life!

  31. Anni

    I loved drudge’s main report today “world safest,richest,healthiest in history” I couldn’t tell if he was being saracastic or ironic in the face of the comments here.

  32. Edward Ulysses Cate

    “. . . his top trends in 2015 will be manipulation–of everything.”
    Well, that’s easy enough because all markets are already manipulated in order for banksters to take profits on OTC derivatives, which allow bets on just about everything. Once the banksters (Snakes In Suits) got Brooksley Born out of the way (6/1/1999) to keep their game unregulated, the gate was wide open. My only wonder is why does so many play such a crooked game? The only way for the 99% to win is not to play. Follow Atlantic City if you want to know how to shut down “casinos.”
    (Hint: Just don’t show up.)
    One more thing: It’s okay to call it “bankism”, but the term “Imperialism of Capital” from the 1889 book The Great Red Dragon seems more descriptive, simply because banks are nothing but fronts, or agents, of the real Money Power.

  33. Steven

    I remember hearing a few years ago a comment about Celente ‘He’s nice to listen to but he was wrong about gold and silver going up.’ I forget the actual occurrence but it left me careful. In 2014 Celente predicted interest rates in March would go up, eventually leading to gold and silver going up. That hasn’t and effects many of us.

    In a sense Celente sees trends but his new answer is ‘who can say what they will do’ and ‘who thought they would come up with QU 4. ‘ In other words he has nothing definite to say anymore than any thinking person has. I still enjoy listening to him but take it with a grain.

    The same was true of Bob Chapman who passed away. He was so sure Gold/silver would go up he advised people to buy it on credit and to buy the stocks. Many lost a lost. He prided himself on living in the country in Mexico and on keeping 1000 rounds of ammo. Later he became deathly ill, his caretaker robbed him blind, his daughter shipped him to Florida and he died there. He tried, was a purist, but like Celente, can mislead. I lost some money listening to him too. Sad, some of us are taken in by this kind of person. The ideologies sound true, but often disappoint. On the other hand is the status quo which also strangulates, so it is hard to navigate. Not judging here, just observing.

    As per you Bible Thumpers, I read a study a number of years ago saying ‘born again’ believers had a higher divorce rate (over 53%) than secularist. These were Baptists and such, born in the blood, and on and on. Because you insist that the Bible is the infallible inerrant word of God doesn’t make it true. Personally I trust many of the founders of this country, who for the most part didn’t believe in Cristology but still had a place for God. America seems more about seeking to me, a la Thoreau, or for that matter our dollar, ‘One man under God’ not one man under a book, or bible thumping.
    The evangelical paradigm is just 250 years old. That’s nothing in the scheme of things.
    Okay, ho ho ho, happy holidays, no hard feelings, and keep on.

    • Greg Hunter

      “As per you Bible Thumpers. . .” Don’t come here and insult people. I don’t appreciate the characterization that only serves to try to give you some sort of superior intellect when in fact you do not have one.

      • Steven

        Many evangelicals use the term themselves. It was taken from one of the first evangelicals. The travelling preachers referred to themselves as Bible thumpers all the time. It was not an insult.

        re questioning Celente…I listened to your interview with him regarding Israel and their supposedly conspiracy with the US. You questioned him on that. Questioning doesn’t imply disrespect.
        But have it your way.

        Btw, if you are into conspiracies and prophesies, you might check out Joseph Atwill, who wrote a book called “Caesar’s Messiah.”
        Basically, his thesis is that the Roman’s wrote the New Testament to undermine the Jewish rebellion. Somewhat well thought out but just an opinion. He ties in the families of those days with today. I don’t think differing point of views means less or more intelligence. You can take or leave what I say, but at least I have the guts to put it out there. Okay, happy trails.

        • Greg Hunter

          So let me get this straight, you were using the term “Bible thumper” in a positive connotation? It did not seem that way to me. Hey, I can write a book too, but that doesn’t make what I say in it true.

      • pessimist

        There are two edges to that sword and yet you do not seem to mind the bible thumpers characterizing some sort of superior intellect here when in fact you they do not have one.

        • Greg Hunter

          You want to argue with me? Then Man-up and use a verifiable name. I never inferred I had a superior intellect.

          • pessimist

            I do not wish to argue with you Greg.

            I believe that we both (as well as most of those commenting here, including the religious proselytizers) seek the same goal — which is to inform the readers and visitors of YOUR site that a very dark storm approaches our near future that will devastate and harm a great many people’s lives regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, or political views.

            You seem offended by those of us who refuse to accept Christian interpretations/opinions of what our future holds. You accused Steven of coming here to insult people with superior intellect when he only stated his opinion of their opinions. Who is right? …. more importantly who cares? — as the solution to the dark storm is not answered by religious (or political) opinions but instead by solutions that lie in understanding factual events that you and your guests report on and realistic preparedness we all discuss.

            As for a verifiable name, is that required of all commenting here or only those of us who disagree with religious/political opinions? You may call me Roberto if you wish and you can email me to verify it. However, I don’t understand why the unbelievers must verify their full identity while the believers can hide behind their beliefs. If I am banned/censored because of my opinions, then so be it but I am not SPAM.

            – roberto

            • Greg Hunter

              You said, “You seem offended by those of us who refuse to accept Christian interpretations/opinions of what our future holds.” No, I am offended when someone minimizes me by insulting my religion or the Bible while using an anonymous name. Be respectful and you will get the same in return.

        • Bob

          Hey Pessimist,
          Christians don’t claim to have a superior intellect. They just subscribe to a worldview that is intellectually superior to anything else. Look into it. From my vantage point, good, reformed Presbyterian theology really does address all of life’s questions.

    • Jeff L

      ” Celente was wrong about gold and silver going up ” …………… Yes like almost all precious metal prognosticators……. Even Sinclair, who I respect, correctly forecasted +$1600 but missed the downside. You might say he didn’t “miss it” but he certainly promoted the idea of higher prices. One of the guy’s he talked up charges upwards of $20K for his services (Poney) and last I heard, he also predicted $2000 by year end. Bottom line, we’re in a manipulated market and that too will change. People forget we always come back to reality ( that is what Mannarino is saying in a previous post)…… But the gold story is anything but over and like anything else “timing is everything”. If you bought at $1800 you’re more likely to be negative on it. If you bought between $250 and $600 you’re happy…………… To sum it up, we are right now sitting at the equivalent opportunity as 1999 (price wise)…… If you missed it then you have another chance.

    • blamb61


      Read the lyrics to Handle’s Messiah (taken from Isaih) and tell me they didn’t know about Christmas many years before his comming. Adam and eve were Christian and knew of his future comming.

      • blamb61

        Chris not Christmas and sorry for misspelling. I’m on a phone trying to type this in.

  34. Tom

    Great to see Gerald back on your show Greg! Thank you! One of the best interviews I have seen as of yet.

    • Steven

      One more thing Greg. Gerald is a Catholic. Abraham Lincoln never wanted the popery in America. He wrote about. But one thing. Catholics also don’t accept the Bible as the infallible inerrant word of God. You should be able to hear this without judging me one way or another. Otherwise you are not better than the authorities you rail against.

      • Greg Hunter

        I was raised Catholic and you are misinforming my audience here on Catholicism and the Bible. The Catholic doctrine is based on the birth, death and resurrection of Christ stated in the Bible. There may be bad Popes from time to time, but that doctrine has a consistent history that has lasted more than 2,000 years. By the way, I am not “judging” you I am telling you how I feel. I really don’t see how an anonymous commenter can be insulted. As a matter of fact, unless you provide a verifiable name this will be your last comment.

        • Celia

          I enjoy your interviews here, but God exalts His Word above His name in His perserved Word, and the catholic faith gives “man” (aka-pope/priests) equal authority to the Lord.
          Coming from a long line of Irish catholics, trust me, I was devastated to learn that the catholic church is the mother of harlots as described in Revelations (see Daniel 7 and 11 Thes. 2 and so many other Scriptures that identifies the “mother church” clearly). I encourage people to check the real scriptures via the majority text (as opposed to the gnostic/catholic fakes that have sprung up in the last 100 years) the KJV. These counterfeit bibles have destroyed most churches via confusion. God has sent a famine in this land just like in Amos as a result of man’s rebeliion. Be enlightened with truth.
          Below is a wonderful web site by a former catholic priest who really goes into things with a heart for catholics stuck in bondage and to enlighten those with ears to listen.
          Blessings to truth seekers everywhere.

          • Greg Hunter

            Reading the Bible is also a way to get to the truth.

            • Celia

              The Bible describes the catholic church exactly on point. God only preserved His Word in the majority text, not fake catholic Bibles.

              • Greg Hunter

                When I was Catholic they used the King James Version.

            • Steven

              No hard feelings Greg, but I’m not going to put my last name on your web. I’m out there enough and want to limit exposure. Gave you my web and that has pertinent info.
              Per Catholocism, was married to a bright Catholic who went to the schools for 12 years. Yes they understand the story but differ greatly from fundamentalists. Am I a scholar of the university. No just read a lot. Celente, other people you have on, many got their names by being in the system for long periods of time. Roberts included. I didn’t. I stayed out and tried not to sell out. That should be respected. I am no kid. Even yourself worked relaying the systems info on commercial TV.
              As per truth, you can look at a leaf and find god.
              As per a book by Atwill, yes anyone can write a book. But because one doesn’t have a PHD given by the ‘system’ doesn’t mean there is not a grain of truth in it. You have to search out of the sytem to really find it. Most university science is deeply flawed.
              Alrite, I credit you for looking and considering and doing something, and you don’t know me from Adam, but if you did if nothing else you probably would respect me or me efforts. take care

              • Greg Hunter

                All I ask is for you to be respectful and you will be treated in the same way. If you do that we are good.

        • allen ols

          hey steven thanks for your view,

          I like the scripture, and hope others continue to share. cuz…
          “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God,, and without faith it is impossible to please God”
          I see your an non believer, and u must understand that christian faith is only for believers, and those born again, so u must indulge us believers, we like each other. tks. al

          • Steven

            Allan, I believe in God, I just don’t think I have to go through a Christ to do so. You’ll just have to respect that. I also can appreciate various writings and scripture without seeing them as totally inspired. I knew a Jewish lady who was married to a Catholic man who said ‘He thinks to get to God you have to go through Christ. I go directly to God.’ It’s an old dialogue Allen and we’re not going to solve it here. For me tho, I respect when people say things as they understand them and don’t parrot something else. But you know, that’s what this earth is about, it’s a chance to test and find and search and discover. take care

        • Luis

          Wow Greg, when i pointed out the other day that the Jesuits and the Vatican are the real powerhouse on this planet, i didn’t realize you were raised a Catholic. Please understand, I do believe many of God’s dear children are in the Catholic faith… I just take umbrage with it’s unbiblical doctrines. I’m of the opinion before Christ returns God will call all of his people out of all of the churches (Rev. 18:4), and that ultimately Christ’s beautiful prayer to the Father in John 17 will come true… He will have one body of believers, ready for His second coming. Have a blessed new year, and thank you for your public service!

          • Greg Hunter

            I am no longer Catholic but still very much Christian. That said, there are lots of good Catholics out there, the Pope is a different story for me. Greg

            • Luis

              My sentiments exactly! God bless.

  35. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I want to thank you for bringing back Mr. Celente. His courage is one of a kind.

    Since the New Year is upon us, I wish you good health and tenacity to stay on your well appreciated true information course. You are very much appreciated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro for your kind words and support.

      • allen ols

        I am where i am today b cause of b chapman, and celente. they inspired me to find shtf site economic collapse site and survival blog.c om, and then to the liberty mill, on to USAWATCHDOG, AND the jackass, bill holter, mannarino, kirby, casey, pcr and many more. thankyou for having celente

        • JC Davis

          Alex Jones the end game got me searching. Gerald Celente called the bankers money junkies in the end game documentary.

  36. Sayonara

    Great interview with GC. I appreciate his transparency in stating that his trend forecasting has become much more difficult due to the quality and reliability of information he has to work with as it is intentionally wrong and/or deceptive. We have reached the point of “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” with the MSM and BLS and once that sinks in with the average citizen, then we will see the events that all of your very intelligent and enlightened guests have been predicting. Like most of your outstanding guests such as GC, I thought the economic implosion should have already occurred. Hang on to your hats and Fear Not as 2015 is set to be a wild ride.

  37. Coal Burner

    Paul, Mohammad, Jerry, and Silence. My computer has been sick and I have been across the country driving since I checked in last. Loved your discussion on Gerald’s little talk. I have to tell you guys things looked super slow on the road except in non income tax states. That new chain around my neck looks really good, not a jewelry guy till the other day. Made in China, heirloom. So I am in, no matter who is in cahoots. Chuckle!! It only clashes with black steel. Hope you read that Article on the City of London on Silver Doctors site while I was gone. It was a History Lesson of Beauty. China is not the only Dragon in the world. The pictures from City Of London tell a lot. Like you all and Gerald says , “take them to war” or take war to them. Happy New Year and Heaven Help us All!

    • Silence is Golden

      No didn’t see the article on the City of London. Do you have a link ?
      I can tell you one thing though…those writers over at SD come over here to find material for their posts. That is a fact. I have seen it on a few others websites and even in some recent books that I have read.
      I have been mentioning the COL in my posts for some time and it finally got noticed.
      The history of settlement, industrialisation, Wars and economic expansion are not accidents. So many important facts are hidden from every day people…..in how the world really functions. I have so much literature on this that it has taken me half a decade to acquire and decipher. Once you understand the mechanics behind the politics and countries and of course their masters intentions, you are capable of standing back and seeing the bigger picture. We as humans have a tendency (as well as being easily distracted) to get mired in the detail and tend to miss the forest for the trees. I have spent many long hours (outside of work) to pursue this interest (more like an obsession). Sad thing is …I am still learning….perhaps it will take a lifetime.
      Very best for the coming year.

  38. Coal Burner

    One more thing! Did you see that photo of the President talking to Prince William? Wow, the young Prince had a calm smile! It was a profile photo of Obama but you could see the hatred lurking behind his jaw. Fierce hatred of all that little cracker stood for, White, Colonial, and possibly Puppet-masters message boy. Yes, The City of London has outsmarted us, in a multitude of ways. They even had to send that 100 tonnes of gold to the Dutch to keep their mouths shut about who shot down the Malaysian Airliner in the Ukraine. We are broke; we carried(protected) them since WWII and if necessary China will for the next half millennium. No wonder Obama is miserable, the money is gone that he wanted to “resdestribute”. I really believe that the big 500 year cycle is rolling over and “shiney helmets” are coming to change a new world.

    • Silence is Golden

      I think Obama is frustrated.
      He has learned a lot from his experience. He probably didn’t fully appreciate how “controlled” the US really is.
      I would say that Obama cannot wait ANOTHER 2 years to hand over the reigns. He has been given his orders as has the FED. “Keep it all together, follow the SOP, until we give the word”. 😉

      • Jeff L

        “He has been given his orders” …..Nobody tells him what to do, he’s an arrogant *ss…………….. “I think Obama is frustrated.” ……… You give him WAY too much credit……….. He’s a certifiable, psycho idiot. Anything else is giving him too much credit.

        • Silence is Golden

          I do not suffer fools …least of all the CIC.
          I do not give credit to puppets either.
          True his arrogance precedes all…but his is still frustrated because he had so many falsely constructed ideologies which did (COULD) not come to fruition.

  39. Coal Burner

    Greg, I believe hackers are on that long web address that Tony posted about the White Dragons and the plane crash. Hijacking type malware.

    • diane

      Interesting comment Coal Burner.

    • JC Davis

      C B it really had nothing of interest. Kinda strange.

  40. Matt

    “Nation shall rise against nation” Kingdom against kingdom”

  41. JC Davis

    Paul from CA. Your request is easily found on the internet.
    I like Gerald Celente because he stands for what he believes, Right or wrong he brings a good view point. Many critics that don’t post there name. I find the commenters on this site to be more valuable with there information, and opinions then all the guest speakers. Just my opinion.

    • Paul from CA

      I suggest all go to the site you recommend. There is not one mention of 2014 predictions. I can only assume they were all wrong.

  42. diane

    If the world economies collapse?
    Will the U.S. default on all our debt and abandon the rest of the world in order to save ourselves?

    • Silence is Golden

      The World Economies are already collapsing.
      Southern Europe and US are in a depression. Asia is slowing down. Resource rich countries are experiencing reduced GDP. Deflationary pressures are getting the upper hand.

      The US has already defaulted on its debts (printing money) and its domestic and international policies demonstrate that it has its own self-interest at heart.

      I am sorry that you cannot see these points as being true.

      This site’s commenters and Greg’s guests have talked about this no-end.
      What is it that you are missing ?
      Moreover…WHY …if you are a regular visitor to this site.

      • Jeff L

        SIG You need to re-read Diane’s question. You miss read and she doesn’t deserve your reply…………………….. Diane Difficult question. As SIG states we are in an ongoing default as we print to cover our payments…… We should also see more “visible” defaults which would devalue our currency over night (imho)…………….To your question….. It would be great to “save ourselves” but we are too intertwined in the world. As we devalue our currency ( even to the point you suggest abandoning the world) other currencies will simply “adjust” accordingly. There is no free lunch so we will probably feel like they abandoned us in the end.

        • Silence is Golden

          The question posed is indicative of how complex this world is and how with so much information being fed to us that we can still not find the answers.
          My response was not meant to offend. I am still saddened by the question (which I don’t believe was disingenuous).

  43. we the people

    maybe some of what PCR’s says in his latest article will be predictions that play out in 2015…read article at this link ..http://m.strategic-culture.org/news/2014/12/29/washington-has-shaped-2015-to-be-a-year-of-conflict-the-conflict-could-be-intense.html

  44. DiscoProJoe

    An awesome interview to finish the year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe.

  45. Troy

    Great interview. Mahalo!

    Happy new year?!?;)

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy New Year Troy!

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