2016 Predictions-Economic Collapse Caused by Fraud & Debt-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial writer Bill Holter says all the talk of the so-called “recovery” and reaching “escape velocity is imminent” have been total lies. Holter explains, “We have heard the word ‘recovery’ for seven years . . . we’ve never gotten to the expansion phase. They keep talking about ‘escape velocity,’ and we have never gotten there in seven years. Now, the Fed has raised interest rates just before Christmas. This is the first time ever the Fed has raised rates right before Christmas, and they raised rates into a weak economy where credit is already tight. The only time they have done that is 1937, and we know how that worked out.”

One of Holter’s 2016 predictions is for a market crash—a big one. “Holter contends, “I think you are going to see a closure of the system. Walmart shelves will be cleared out in a couple of days. This is like a hurricane, and it will last for a while. This is not going to be something that will last a few days and be done and gone. . . This is going to take a fair amount of time to clean up. . . . If you live in the cities, well, good luck. It’s going to be complete mayhem. I can’t imagine living in a city with what’s coming. It could come for a big reason or a small reason. The background behind it is there is too much debt in a fraudulent system. It’s going to collapse.”

Holter’s business partner, renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair, has written a long article called “Be Prepared.” Long articles from Mr. Sinclair are rare. Why post this now? Holter says, “Sinclair said it was ‘necessary.’ He believes it could be any day. The unwind could be any day, and once this thing begins to unwind, it will take such a short period to unwind into closure of banks, closure of ATM’s and your credit cards, that you need to be prepared ahead of time.”

(You can get the “Be Prepared” article here.)

On gold, Holter says, “You just have to ask yourself the question. If someone counterfeited a billion shares of IBM stock and sold that into the market, what would happen to the price? It would crash. That’s what they’ve done with gold. It’s the same thing. It’s fraud. They have counterfeited gold with paper.”

The bond market is full of debt that will never be paid back. It’s one of the biggest frauds of all, and Holter says, “Go back to 1995 and our debt in the U.S began to move up like a hockey stick. Somewhere in the mid to late 1990’s was the point of no return. We didn’t really have any hope of paying it back. In 2008, it was ridiculous, and at this point, it is beyond ridiculous. They can’t pay back the $19 trillion much less the $200 trillion, which is what the real number is when you include Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Medicare, loan guarantees and etcetera.” In closing, Holter says, “This is going to be a complete financial collapse. You are going to see some deflation, but it’s not going to be deflation against dollars. It will be deflation against gold.” Meaning, the value of everything will devalue against gold.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert Bill Holter from JSMineset.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Holter adds, “2016 is going to be a very sad year.” There is free information on JSMineset.com. The article “Be Prepared” can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Sam Hill

    It’s time for yet another edition, the New Year’s edition of…


    (posted by Sam Hill himself.)

    I posted this a week ago, but if any of you missed it this interview is more than well worth your time. This interview is with retired US Army Colonel (a real one) Lawrence Wilkerson who outlines the systemic and pervasive corruption of the Military Industrial Political complex..


    Two predictions for 2016…

    1. No Chinese Gold Price Fix before late Fall. (Sorry Jer, your timing is off on this one, and not for the first time, either.)

    2. I’m getting a strong sense that there will be a Black Swan event out of Spain or Italy this year that will touch off cascading defaults and a collapse scenario. And it all could start from one individual in Spain. A Spaniard in the Works, so to speak.

    Stay tuned for the next edition of…


    • Macray

      Excellent post over at ZH Sam! And thanks for a real Colonel!
      Need to go with Jerry on the Chinese Gold Price Fix prediction. He has a very
      respectful track record.

    • Tad

      Give it a rest, Sam!

    • Jerry

      For you Sammy.
      Not my prediction. Theirs.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would never get into a “sourcing” fight with you, especially on gold the yuan and China.

      • Sam Hill

        Hey Jerry – Do you have any other sources for this date besides the India Times? One source doesn’t necessarily make for a correct forecast, but it could.
        When it happens it will be bad for the dollar, but good for the planet.
        Best to you and Happy New Year.


    • Collateral Damage

      Talk about more horrible news for the New Year guys!

      Take a read of this article:


      What was it that we just learned from Paul Craig Roberts – that over ~50 percent of 24 year-olds are still living with their parents. Not because they are not getting college eductions, they are, they just get out of college (with loads of debt) and then can’t find jobs in their field as it is. Instead they are working two part-time jobs of less than ~28 hours a week (so that the employer doesn’t have to pay health care).

      It is clear that the purpose of this type of action is to drive this country to third world status.

      We really have to wonder who is pushing the agenda to make this happen.

      They are driving future generations of Americans into Collateral Damage status.



      • Faith

        CD:: I read that article. Very sad. This president, and his administration, is doing everything within his power to destory the US. How can anyone allow their child to go into debt to obtain a college education that will be worthless in their own country? This is beyond insanity it is psycopathy.

    • Gary

      Bill Holter had commented in his November video that if the fed raised interest rates that the derivatives would cause a financial collapse in couple of days or shortly thereafter. My question is why did the derivatives not collapse after the interest rate increase? Happy New Year Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think you are talking in terms of “yet” as in not collapsed yet. Puerto Rico will not make a bond payment on Monday and will be in default. This is $71 billion in debt. You think other countries and municipalities in financial trouble will stiff bond holders? Think dominoes.

  2. Harry

    Mr Gold is now Mr “the sky is falling”…actually he has been saying the same for a number of years, since the gold prediction he had made blew up. Many have suffered from his advice Now he wants us to get out of the system. Ok, good idea.

    • Shantel

      Are you serious?! Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it wont happen! The writing is ALL OVER the walls of Washington, London, the EU, and of course emerging markets. But yes go ahead and ignore his warnings since it is taking several years for something that was formed over many many years to go bust. Cant wait to see how you fair in this horrible system!

      • Bill Holter

        it is obvious!

        • Tony P

          Bill –
          Like I said over at ZH – Except for statements on the most basic fundamentals, you, Sinclair, Butler, etc… have been DEAD WRONG for the last 4 years about many things – have the decency to admit it or you’re nothing more than any other coin shop shill. Bad time is still WRONG timing. Or are you as narcissistic as the psychopaths in DC and on Wall St. that you can’t have any empathy for the people who have lost big $$$ on Sinclair’s advice?

          • Vince Shook

            Well said, Tony P.

          • Winston Churchill

            Many years ago I had a business bankruptcy.
            To this day, it totally amazed me how long the creditors took to finally get to their “f—it” moment.!8 months at least beyond the point I would have pulled the plug.
            Everyone is going to lose a lot when this goes down.I’m in no hurry to relive the experiences
            when I found myself in the wrong places ,at the wrong times as a young man.
            Be careful what you wish for, but living with your head up your butt from normalcy bias will get you killed.This paradigm is ending,just cannot tell you exactly when.

    • Scott Miller

      Sam Hill is getting a strong sense, not a weak sense, not a bold sense, not a sensible sense, but instead a STRONG sense.

      Look out folks!

    • steve

      Yep another gold promoter, the only person I have found in over a decade in the gold market that has useful information is Armstrong, the rest are just hopeless ( beyond hopeless)

      • Bill Holter

        yes, “useful” information like “gold was devalued” in 1934. A total rewriting of history! It was not a slip, he even tried to rationalize and explain it!

    • Bill Holter

      is the math and logic wrong? …or just postponed by the use of derivatives “pricing” markets? When credit fails, I wonder what you will say?

      • Keith

        Hi my name is Keith,from Ohio I would like to order some silver,I don’t have a lot of money but I really want some silver,I was hoping you help me or lead me in that way.thanks by the way I love wacthing Bill holter talk ps keep up the good work thanks

  3. Dan

    Hi guys,

    Always enjoy Bill Holter’s honest assessments. I think his take on the geopolitical “180” that Kerry and the U.S. have demonstrated vis-à-vis Putin and Russia is massively significant. Paul Craig Roberts also commented on this underlining and pointing out the funny way in which neo-con Victoria Nuland was ostracized during this meeting (I saw the video and her uncomfortable facial expressions were absolutely priceless!). I think this sends a strong message to her group of insane neo-cons that war is not so easily at their reach. And Bill is right in that they can now only likely resort to a major False-Flag operation (as was similarly pointed out by PCR). Like he said, when the sh*t hits the fan, the banksters and elites will have to cast the blame somewhere; otherwise they are toast and will have nowhere to hide.

    On an interesting note, I came across this very enlightening financial article entitled “Comment 4 grandes multinationales contrôlent le MONDE !!!!” (which translates to “How 4 large multinationals control the world!!!!). Although the article is in French, you can easily make out the main gist of it (or use Google Translate). It’s basically saying that the 4 gigantic financial management firms of Vanguard Group, State Street, Fidelity, and Black Rock control assets well north of $12 Trillion (2014 figures – current figures would be higher), compared to Total World GDP of $78 Trillion. That’s only 4 firms controlling 15% of the world’s wealth. In addition, these big 4 have majority ownership in the largest and most powerful American corporations – see the article for a list of the major ones –absolutely incredible!

    We always ask who owns the Fed? And we always come up with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et al. (i.e., the big banks). But WHO OWNS THESE LARGEST US BANKS? Well, the majority shareholders are the four multinational firms mentioned above (and one could then ask: who owns these big 4 multinationals?).

    Hence, one could ask: who is really behind the scenes and pulling the strings?

    Here is the link to the article and a couple of other related articles to which it points to:

    – Comment 4 grandes multinationales contrôlent le MONDE !!!!

    – Thinking Humanity – The Large Families that Rule The World

    – in French: http://vahineblog.over-blog.com/2014/04/les-grandes-familles-qui-gouvernent-le-monde.html

    I think the world will start to wake up in 2016. The Fed, banksters, MNCs, and Elites will not get away so easily with what they think they can pull off. We are watching you! There will be blowback consequences to your actions.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • 8Ball

      PTBarnum: “Never underestimate…”

    • Bill Holter

      thanks much Dan!

    • BRF

      Kerry and the Obama admin did another 180 as soon as Kerry got home and are back on the Assad must go wagon so Kerry obviously only speaks for himself and not the neo cons back home. The question is why the Russians even bother to have meetings with Kerry if he “Kerrys” no weight in negotiations? Why not dial up the CFR and speak to those that run the outfit?

      • Collateral Damage


        Please post a like documenting the second 180 that was made when Kerry came back home. I would like to see the original reference.

        Thanks so much!


    • Collateral Damage

      Dan you wrote,

      “Paul Craig Roberts also commented on this underlining and pointing out the funny way in which neo-con Victoria Nuland was ostracized during this meeting (I saw the video and her uncomfortable facial expressions were absolutely priceless!).”

      Any chance you could post a link for that video?



    • frederick

      great to hear about Victoria Nudelmann feeling uncomfortable She will be receiving a lot more bad Karma shortly I imagine after all the death and destruction her and her ilk have wrought on the people of Ukraine

    • Mark Maples

      I don’t comment much but do want to weigh in. You have far more knowledge on this subject than I do. However, a quick Google search a nd I see you have predicted the end of our economic system in 2014, 2015, and now 2016. You say “they” have delayed said collapse by “derivatives pricing markets” How do you know another delay won’t happen that you cant see, like the previous delays you haven’t seen? Since history is the best predictor of the future, I would guess another “delay” will take place.

  4. Allen Starr

    I changed my ISP here in Russia three months ago and couldn’t access your site and a few others until now. What a pleasure to be able to drop in and get a listen to Greg Mannarino, Paul Craig Roberts, and Bill Holter. We’ve done about everything we can do to prepare for the coming disaster except buy an AK-47 which will be needed at the Dacha to protect all that we grow. I’m quite sure I can kiss my Social Security checks good-bye when this hits but I’ve got enough Rubles drawing interest at 18% now and at 11% starting next month to survive on. We have enough potatoes, beets, carrots, cabbages, canned pickles and tomatoes, and seed potatoes in the root cellar in the garage to survive on. Our Dacha is pretty good sized and we get two tons of potatoes every year plus onions, beets, carrots, cabbages, pumpkins, strawberries, and many other things. You can also fish and the forest is loaded with mushrooms. We could possibly survive a nuclear war along with our Russian friends at the Dacha. Sanctions on Russia are a joke. These so called Russian experts saying the Russian economy is dying are idiots. My costs have gone up by 10% maybe since the sanctions but we were getting increases every year anyway. I just bought some apples from Argentina the other day and the price wasn’t out of line. I’ve also bought apples from Russian areas this year as well as Horma from Azerbaijan. The Russian people laugh at the sanctions and so do I as Russia is doing much more for itself since the sanctions. Much more farming going on which is good for Russia also. The people here are tough and no country is going to invade Russia without eventually getting their butts kicked. A lot of the resources are here in Siberia and most people wouldn’t survive the first winter here.