2016 Predictions-Economic Collapse Caused by Fraud & Debt-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Financial writer Bill Holter says all the talk of the so-called “recovery” and reaching “escape velocity is imminent” have been total lies. Holter explains, “We have heard the word ‘recovery’ for seven years . . . we’ve never gotten to the expansion phase. They keep talking about ‘escape velocity,’ and we have never gotten there in seven years. Now, the Fed has raised interest rates just before Christmas. This is the first time ever the Fed has raised rates right before Christmas, and they raised rates into a weak economy where credit is already tight. The only time they have done that is 1937, and we know how that worked out.”

One of Holter’s 2016 predictions is for a market crash—a big one. “Holter contends, “I think you are going to see a closure of the system. Walmart shelves will be cleared out in a couple of days. This is like a hurricane, and it will last for a while. This is not going to be something that will last a few days and be done and gone. . . This is going to take a fair amount of time to clean up. . . . If you live in the cities, well, good luck. It’s going to be complete mayhem. I can’t imagine living in a city with what’s coming. It could come for a big reason or a small reason. The background behind it is there is too much debt in a fraudulent system. It’s going to collapse.”

Holter’s business partner, renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair, has written a long article called “Be Prepared.” Long articles from Mr. Sinclair are rare. Why post this now? Holter says, “Sinclair said it was ‘necessary.’ He believes it could be any day. The unwind could be any day, and once this thing begins to unwind, it will take such a short period to unwind into closure of banks, closure of ATM’s and your credit cards, that you need to be prepared ahead of time.”

(You can get the “Be Prepared” article here.)

On gold, Holter says, “You just have to ask yourself the question. If someone counterfeited a billion shares of IBM stock and sold that into the market, what would happen to the price? It would crash. That’s what they’ve done with gold. It’s the same thing. It’s fraud. They have counterfeited gold with paper.”

The bond market is full of debt that will never be paid back. It’s one of the biggest frauds of all, and Holter says, “Go back to 1995 and our debt in the U.S began to move up like a hockey stick. Somewhere in the mid to late 1990’s was the point of no return. We didn’t really have any hope of paying it back. In 2008, it was ridiculous, and at this point, it is beyond ridiculous. They can’t pay back the $19 trillion much less the $200 trillion, which is what the real number is when you include Social Security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Medicare, loan guarantees and etcetera.” In closing, Holter says, “This is going to be a complete financial collapse. You are going to see some deflation, but it’s not going to be deflation against dollars. It will be deflation against gold.” Meaning, the value of everything will devalue against gold.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert Bill Holter from JSMineset.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Holter adds, “2016 is going to be a very sad year.” There is free information on JSMineset.com. The article “Be Prepared” can be found by clicking here.

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  1. Sam Hill

    It’s time for yet another edition, the New Year’s edition of…


    (posted by Sam Hill himself.)

    I posted this a week ago, but if any of you missed it this interview is more than well worth your time. This interview is with retired US Army Colonel (a real one) Lawrence Wilkerson who outlines the systemic and pervasive corruption of the Military Industrial Political complex..


    Two predictions for 2016…

    1. No Chinese Gold Price Fix before late Fall. (Sorry Jer, your timing is off on this one, and not for the first time, either.)

    2. I’m getting a strong sense that there will be a Black Swan event out of Spain or Italy this year that will touch off cascading defaults and a collapse scenario. And it all could start from one individual in Spain. A Spaniard in the Works, so to speak.

    Stay tuned for the next edition of…


    • Macray

      Excellent post over at ZH Sam! And thanks for a real Colonel!
      Need to go with Jerry on the Chinese Gold Price Fix prediction. He has a very
      respectful track record.

    • Tad

      Give it a rest, Sam!

    • Jerry

      For you Sammy.
      Not my prediction. Theirs.

      • Greg Hunter

        I would never get into a “sourcing” fight with you, especially on gold the yuan and China.

      • Sam Hill

        Hey Jerry – Do you have any other sources for this date besides the India Times? One source doesn’t necessarily make for a correct forecast, but it could.
        When it happens it will be bad for the dollar, but good for the planet.
        Best to you and Happy New Year.


    • Collateral Damage

      Talk about more horrible news for the New Year guys!

      Take a read of this article:


      What was it that we just learned from Paul Craig Roberts – that over ~50 percent of 24 year-olds are still living with their parents. Not because they are not getting college eductions, they are, they just get out of college (with loads of debt) and then can’t find jobs in their field as it is. Instead they are working two part-time jobs of less than ~28 hours a week (so that the employer doesn’t have to pay health care).

      It is clear that the purpose of this type of action is to drive this country to third world status.

      We really have to wonder who is pushing the agenda to make this happen.

      They are driving future generations of Americans into Collateral Damage status.



      • Faith

        CD:: I read that article. Very sad. This president, and his administration, is doing everything within his power to destory the US. How can anyone allow their child to go into debt to obtain a college education that will be worthless in their own country? This is beyond insanity it is psycopathy.

    • Gary

      Bill Holter had commented in his November video that if the fed raised interest rates that the derivatives would cause a financial collapse in couple of days or shortly thereafter. My question is why did the derivatives not collapse after the interest rate increase? Happy New Year Greg!

      • Greg Hunter

        I think you are talking in terms of “yet” as in not collapsed yet. Puerto Rico will not make a bond payment on Monday and will be in default. This is $71 billion in debt. You think other countries and municipalities in financial trouble will stiff bond holders? Think dominoes.

  2. Harry

    Mr Gold is now Mr “the sky is falling”…actually he has been saying the same for a number of years, since the gold prediction he had made blew up. Many have suffered from his advice Now he wants us to get out of the system. Ok, good idea.

    • Shantel

      Are you serious?! Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it wont happen! The writing is ALL OVER the walls of Washington, London, the EU, and of course emerging markets. But yes go ahead and ignore his warnings since it is taking several years for something that was formed over many many years to go bust. Cant wait to see how you fair in this horrible system!

      • Bill Holter

        it is obvious!

        • Tony P

          Bill –
          Like I said over at ZH – Except for statements on the most basic fundamentals, you, Sinclair, Butler, etc… have been DEAD WRONG for the last 4 years about many things – have the decency to admit it or you’re nothing more than any other coin shop shill. Bad time is still WRONG timing. Or are you as narcissistic as the psychopaths in DC and on Wall St. that you can’t have any empathy for the people who have lost big $$$ on Sinclair’s advice?

          • Vince Shook

            Well said, Tony P.

          • Winston Churchill

            Many years ago I had a business bankruptcy.
            To this day, it totally amazed me how long the creditors took to finally get to their “f—it” moment.!8 months at least beyond the point I would have pulled the plug.
            Everyone is going to lose a lot when this goes down.I’m in no hurry to relive the experiences
            when I found myself in the wrong places ,at the wrong times as a young man.
            Be careful what you wish for, but living with your head up your butt from normalcy bias will get you killed.This paradigm is ending,just cannot tell you exactly when.

    • Scott Miller

      Sam Hill is getting a strong sense, not a weak sense, not a bold sense, not a sensible sense, but instead a STRONG sense.

      Look out folks!

    • steve

      Yep another gold promoter, the only person I have found in over a decade in the gold market that has useful information is Armstrong, the rest are just hopeless ( beyond hopeless)

      • Bill Holter

        yes, “useful” information like “gold was devalued” in 1934. A total rewriting of history! It was not a slip, he even tried to rationalize and explain it!

    • Bill Holter

      is the math and logic wrong? …or just postponed by the use of derivatives “pricing” markets? When credit fails, I wonder what you will say?

      • Keith

        Hi my name is Keith,from Ohio I would like to order some silver,I don’t have a lot of money but I really want some silver,I was hoping you help me or lead me in that way.thanks by the way I love wacthing Bill holter talk ps keep up the good work thanks

  3. Dan

    Hi guys,

    Always enjoy Bill Holter’s honest assessments. I think his take on the geopolitical “180” that Kerry and the U.S. have demonstrated vis-à-vis Putin and Russia is massively significant. Paul Craig Roberts also commented on this underlining and pointing out the funny way in which neo-con Victoria Nuland was ostracized during this meeting (I saw the video and her uncomfortable facial expressions were absolutely priceless!). I think this sends a strong message to her group of insane neo-cons that war is not so easily at their reach. And Bill is right in that they can now only likely resort to a major False-Flag operation (as was similarly pointed out by PCR). Like he said, when the sh*t hits the fan, the banksters and elites will have to cast the blame somewhere; otherwise they are toast and will have nowhere to hide.

    On an interesting note, I came across this very enlightening financial article entitled “Comment 4 grandes multinationales contrôlent le MONDE !!!!” (which translates to “How 4 large multinationals control the world!!!!). Although the article is in French, you can easily make out the main gist of it (or use Google Translate). It’s basically saying that the 4 gigantic financial management firms of Vanguard Group, State Street, Fidelity, and Black Rock control assets well north of $12 Trillion (2014 figures – current figures would be higher), compared to Total World GDP of $78 Trillion. That’s only 4 firms controlling 15% of the world’s wealth. In addition, these big 4 have majority ownership in the largest and most powerful American corporations – see the article for a list of the major ones –absolutely incredible!

    We always ask who owns the Fed? And we always come up with JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et al. (i.e., the big banks). But WHO OWNS THESE LARGEST US BANKS? Well, the majority shareholders are the four multinational firms mentioned above (and one could then ask: who owns these big 4 multinationals?).

    Hence, one could ask: who is really behind the scenes and pulling the strings?

    Here is the link to the article and a couple of other related articles to which it points to:

    – Comment 4 grandes multinationales contrôlent le MONDE !!!!

    – Thinking Humanity – The Large Families that Rule The World

    – in French: http://vahineblog.over-blog.com/2014/04/les-grandes-familles-qui-gouvernent-le-monde.html

    I think the world will start to wake up in 2016. The Fed, banksters, MNCs, and Elites will not get away so easily with what they think they can pull off. We are watching you! There will be blowback consequences to your actions.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • 8Ball

      PTBarnum: “Never underestimate…”

    • Bill Holter

      thanks much Dan!

    • BRF

      Kerry and the Obama admin did another 180 as soon as Kerry got home and are back on the Assad must go wagon so Kerry obviously only speaks for himself and not the neo cons back home. The question is why the Russians even bother to have meetings with Kerry if he “Kerrys” no weight in negotiations? Why not dial up the CFR and speak to those that run the outfit?

      • Collateral Damage


        Please post a like documenting the second 180 that was made when Kerry came back home. I would like to see the original reference.

        Thanks so much!


    • Collateral Damage

      Dan you wrote,

      “Paul Craig Roberts also commented on this underlining and pointing out the funny way in which neo-con Victoria Nuland was ostracized during this meeting (I saw the video and her uncomfortable facial expressions were absolutely priceless!).”

      Any chance you could post a link for that video?



    • frederick

      great to hear about Victoria Nudelmann feeling uncomfortable She will be receiving a lot more bad Karma shortly I imagine after all the death and destruction her and her ilk have wrought on the people of Ukraine

    • Mark Maples

      I don’t comment much but do want to weigh in. You have far more knowledge on this subject than I do. However, a quick Google search a nd I see you have predicted the end of our economic system in 2014, 2015, and now 2016. You say “they” have delayed said collapse by “derivatives pricing markets” How do you know another delay won’t happen that you cant see, like the previous delays you haven’t seen? Since history is the best predictor of the future, I would guess another “delay” will take place.

  4. Allen Starr

    I changed my ISP here in Russia three months ago and couldn’t access your site and a few others until now. What a pleasure to be able to drop in and get a listen to Greg Mannarino, Paul Craig Roberts, and Bill Holter. We’ve done about everything we can do to prepare for the coming disaster except buy an AK-47 which will be needed at the Dacha to protect all that we grow. I’m quite sure I can kiss my Social Security checks good-bye when this hits but I’ve got enough Rubles drawing interest at 18% now and at 11% starting next month to survive on. We have enough potatoes, beets, carrots, cabbages, canned pickles and tomatoes, and seed potatoes in the root cellar in the garage to survive on. Our Dacha is pretty good sized and we get two tons of potatoes every year plus onions, beets, carrots, cabbages, pumpkins, strawberries, and many other things. You can also fish and the forest is loaded with mushrooms. We could possibly survive a nuclear war along with our Russian friends at the Dacha. Sanctions on Russia are a joke. These so called Russian experts saying the Russian economy is dying are idiots. My costs have gone up by 10% maybe since the sanctions but we were getting increases every year anyway. I just bought some apples from Argentina the other day and the price wasn’t out of line. I’ve also bought apples from Russian areas this year as well as Horma from Azerbaijan. The Russian people laugh at the sanctions and so do I as Russia is doing much more for itself since the sanctions. Much more farming going on which is good for Russia also. The people here are tough and no country is going to invade Russia without eventually getting their butts kicked. A lot of the resources are here in Siberia and most people wouldn’t survive the first winter here.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a two way street and the radicals get there views from the Quran http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/023-violence.htm Politcal Islam has a long violent history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo

    • frederick

      I have a story about the insanity of anyone contemplating invading Russia I was 16 in 1969 and my father sent me to work on my uncles farm in West Germany on the border with the east He was in the german army and in 1942 he spent the winter outside Moscow in a hut he and 4 other soldiers had built to survive the winter. He told me then not to ever consider invading Russia He knew first hand what you could expect from such an insane thing He lost a hand there and still worked the farm 16 hours a day he told me this upstairs in the barn where he had hidden a veriteable arsenal of WW2 era rifles pistols and machine guns I will never forget his advice

      • Faith

        Cold is cold. Some people can deal with it, some cannot. I did a bit of guard duty on the old Reforger exercise in the (former) West Germany. I can’t tell you how fast I dumped a pair of jump boots for a good pair of engineer’s boots that were insulated! Frostbite is no joke. Neither is hypothermia. I have had hypothermia. Got it in July in a place where I was outside in the wrong clothes. A front blew in and my jeans got wet. Throw in wind and rain and you get the picture. After driving to the ferry and then a few hours more of driving I was home. It took me about three days to get warm along with several soaks in a tub of hot water as hot as I could stand it. It took me about three months to realize I had had hypothermia and didn’t even know it at the time.

    • Bill Holter

      “the people here are tough” …yes they are because you have been through the ringer so many times! Hang in there, you have the right idea being prepared!

    • Faith

      AS: I am seriously impressed! You have two tons of potatoes? That is a LOT of work!

      I don’t know if you are familiar with this site but I very much enjoy reading Sitreps by Auslander. It looks like Auslander is living in Crimea. Very interesting point of view. He writes at: www dot thesaker dot IS

      That site and this site are my new favorites: http://www.gatesofvienna.net

  5. Faith

    I really like Mr. Holter. I saw his interview over on http://www.JSmineset.com a few days ago. I didn’t realize that the owner of that site rarely posted any long articles on that site so thanks for the insight on that Mr. Hunter! I did read the list on being prepared. Excellent advice. I have had preps like that for a while but will probably sort through everything and fill in. I always keep cash on hand though I probably need to get smaller bills and change the next time I go to the bank. Silver is still affordable at $14 an ounce. When times are tough I can see where that cheap silver bullion will be worth a lot more than a $20 FRN. When? No idea. I don’t have a crystal ball and glad to hear Mr. Holter say he doesn’t have one either. Tells me Mr. Holter is an honest man.

    • Bill Holter

      Thank you! we came in to the world with only one thing, “our word” …we will all leave the world with only one thing. Our word …or our broken word. Nothing else matters in my opinion.

      • Faith

        Mr. Holter, that is how I was raised as well. Thank you for saying hello! I appreciate your work and the site!

  6. Steve L.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Greg! May you be blessed and prosper in 2016!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve L. You too my friend!!

  7. red

    So people get the collateral concept. Most corps and .govs are totally insolvent in other words they have borrowed so much money they have NO CAPACITY TO BORROW MORE WITHOUT CREATING EXTREME SYSTEMIC RISK. How ever those people whom have been prudent are not in debt and have saved in for instance GOLD or SILVER , if they were to have their savings revalued to reflect the extreme insolvency of the system i.e $20,000 gold $1500 silver they would then have the capacity to reinvest and reboot the system. But it would mean all those whose billions in notional debt wealth would have to take a massive write down in their personal wealth. Which is why they will eventually have to be knuckle dragged to the table and forced to allow the reset before there is total collapse.

    • Bill Holter


      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Bill for coming on and answering questions. You brought a few trolls out this time which means you are over-the-target in my book.

        • red

          Hi Greg, Bill is one of my heroes in terms of investment, i hope he doesn’t think i’m trolling, but you’ve got some real dirt tailing in on this thread. Both of you are just great… and Jim Sinclair absolute legend..

          • Greg Hunter

            I try to let people talk and sometimes that gets messy. Thank you for your comment and support.

            • frederick

              greg Its very hard for us to restrain ourselves when people attack people like Dr Roberts with lies and deception like those 2 socalled colonels I think people like that need to be strongly rebuked but that is just my opinion

  8. Jim

    Why is Holter making more predictions?

    He said we would have a crash by Halloween , Sinclair said we wouldn’t get through September

    Can we stop with the predictions they obviously can’t predict

    • Gator

      Holter has been doing this for years. He simply moves the time frame up. Another Bo Polny when it comes to predictions.

      • Bill Holter

        really? I think my very first interview was Sept.-Oct. of last year. I do confess however, this entire charade should have gone upside down in late 20008 like I said in the interview.

        • Jim

          Really Bill, you think your last interview with Greg was a year ago?

          Try last month!

          Here’s the link:


          Listen, I appreciate you sharing your views, and I agree it’s hard to fathom the system not crashing

          But you can stop with predicting when it will happen?

          Your most recent prognostication was wrong, which you have nothing to say for or even acknowledge, and then you make another prediction?

          then you deny being on here within a year yet you were, it was Nov. 4/2015?

          stop saying when, you simply don’t know

          otherwise, thank you for your other insights they are appreciated sincerely

          • Jim

            My bad, you said your First interview not your last

            My apologies

            However, the sentiment has not changed, nobody can predict and to keep doing so is foolish

            otherwise thank you for enlightening

    • Scott Miller

      First, this is already EXTREME. Making it more extreme is redundant.
      Second, don’t be foolish about debt. There shall be a lot more. Much, much more.
      Wait until the Panic.

      • Bill Holter

        …AND THEN there will be less debt.

        • Scott Miller

          As if LESS debt is something to look forward to…

          Make no mistake about Mr. Holler, and his prediction about what happens after this economic collapse happens,

          You will be wishing we still had more debt.

          Holster sugarcoats the scenario. The truth is uglier than he says.

          • red

            I agree 100% in fact what we need is a totalitarian world system where a tiny .01 % of the population, let’s say corporates, politicians, bankers and bureaucrats’ sit back and parasite off the debt burden on the rest of humanity in perpetuity …..ummmm oh wait ??

    • Doug

      The manipulation is historic. The things that Sinclair, Holter and many other guests on this site would already have happened in a truly free market system with real price discovery. The date of the collapse is immaterial. There is a slow motion collapse going on around the world right now. Can you not see it?

      Your either going to be ready or your not going to be ready. For people that wait until they are convinced it will be too late as the people in Greece and Cyprus found out. They went to bed on a Friday night and everything was fine and then the banks didn’t open on Monday and the ATM’s didn’t work. If you can’t see by now the systemic stress in the financial/economic systems in the entire world then you never will. When that day comes I don’t think you’ll be mocking the predictions that were not totally correct.

      • steve

        the manipulation in the pms is bs-it is used by the promoters each time as an excuse ,they are as usual wrong, the mkt is way to small to be of any consequence

        • Greg Hunter

          You are an idiot and do not know what you are talking about. Please post with a real name if you are going to post fake facts.

          • Doug Krause

            Hello Greg,
            There was a good post on the last thread on name calling…just saying.
            The date setting is really ramping up with your guests but I have come to believe things will definitely collapse whether slow or fast who knows, everyone can make a guess and some might be right.
            Get prepared the best you know how to and just live,love,laugh and enjoy life cause I think the people pulling the strings can make this last a lot longer than the experts realize. When the cruise missiles start flying we could be getting close ….have a blessed New Years Cheers Doug

        • Bill Holter

          yes Steve, you are definitely an idiot if you cannot see manipulation as market after market has already been admitted to by the big banks. …BUT gold and silver are THE ONLY markets never manipulated???

      • Bill Holter

        exactly Doug.

    • Kevin Price

      And Greg Mannarino said all would crash in October or November of 2014. And he couldn’t be more serious and sure of himself. No one talks about that any more. That passed too and yet some try to brag that he called the top of the market. Big deal. Once in years. He predicts it will go up, but could go down !!!!!!!!! Not hard to be right saying that for years. I could tell you the market is going to go up OR down every day for a year and be right half of the time.

      • Bill Holter

        …your eyes are wide shut.

      • Nick

        Here are some more pieces to add to the jigsaw.



        The Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, was correct with his assertion that: “”There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

        The major correction, which should have occurred in 2008, was delayed by almost unlimited QE to prevent certain dodgy “too big to fail” banks from biting the dust. Strangely, a lot of people out there still seem to believe that everything will be alright, in spite of some rather worrying writing on the wall. QE does not solve any problems, but more likely fans the flames. Debt levels remain extremely high: the interest rate hike by the Fed will hit some countries, businesses, and individuals very hard indeed.

        The huge financial bubble will burst sooner rather than later: expect a replay of 1929, but far worse. There are too many cumulative factors that constitute manifest signs of a new global economic depression in the making.

        Good luck to all in 2016
        Keep preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

    • Kerry

      I don’t think the date is the important part of this. It is a preparedness mindset. Here on the Gulf Coast we don’t NOT prepare for hurricanes because the NWS can’t give you a date when the next Cat 5 will hit. But that doesn’t matter, because we know, eventually, it will happen. So we prepare every hurricane season whether we know a storm is coming or not. So PREPARE! What harm will it do to be prepared? At least when the storm comes, you won’t be fighting people for a smashed loaf of bread at the store, that is if you can even get in the store. After the last hurricane and evacuation, we were on the way home going south and for a hundred miles there were no stores open, no power, and police guarding the Walmarts and grocery stores so no one would try to get in and take food. How would you like to deal with that if you were hungry?

      • Bill Holter

        no longer “if” but when.

    • steve

      now your getting it

    • Tad

      Agreed. It’s about promoting someone or something.

      That said, no one posting here doubts a collapse is near.

      Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter believe it’s close. If you read David Stcokman, you may be left thinking this is 2-5 years away.

    • Bill Holter

      because I am an idiot, please do not follow my work and contact our editor for a full refund of you paid subscription since my crystal ball is obviously foggy.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Jim,
        This is a funny joke because the JSMineset.com site it totally free.

  9. dchayden

    One of James Corbett’s best documentaries to date ! Worth the watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE

  10. BetterChetter

    As a major reset is to happen, wouldn’t it show in ‘shorts’ of the market (as in airplane stocks before 9/11), since an elite few will know and get in front of this stock move ?
    WHERE WOULD THAT FINANCIAL DATA COME FROM – what type of chart or whose service lists this info, so that those of us, preparing, can be even better prepared?

  11. CLB

    Wash, rinse, repeat, like a broken record. Collapse, martial law, bank accounts confiscated, war, famine, debt, fraud, ect…… 20xx ? How about what’s actually happening, China, Yuan, Gold, Comex,Reserve Satus, IMF, BRICS, PETRO Dollar, even Karen Hudes covers these topic that are actually taking place. Thanks Gregg, but does anyone have a new thought???

    • Mohammad

      I wish if Greg interviews Karen Hudes one more time.


    • 8Ball

      The drumbeat has become incessant… has it not?

    • Gator


  12. Dave

    ” The world’s been run on a credit card for the last 30 to 40 years and we’ve run our limit / maybe two weeks for cash ot be any good “.

    Is this an indication that silver will be automatically be understood for it’s true value , finally ? Say , $ 500.00 for starters ?

  13. Jerry

    Its hard to argue with Bill. He’s right on just about every point. While I agree with him that the economic collapse will most likely be worldwide effecting all currencies, I still don’t think that will prevent the BRICS from trying to save themselves by breaking from the dollar sooner than later. Here’s more proof.

    Did you notice that trading was suspended until late March? I speculate its one of three things. Take your pick.
    1. They want to pair the Yuan with the Gold Price Fix on April 1. 2016
    2. They couldn’t keep up with orders.
    3. There was trouble in the system.

    The bottom line: The western cabal is rattling its sabre for war with Russia, ISIS, China and anybody else they view as a threat to its corrupt debt based system. But that will be to no avail. China is preparing to pull the economic plug on their war machine.
    Tough talk doesn’t win wars, and soldiers don’t fight for free.

    • Jerry

      This is why the BRIC nations had to build a new economic exchange system from the bottom up. The central banks are getting ready to burn the old one.

      In November, a year ago the G20 passed a resolution stating that money being held in a U.S. bank account was not considered real money. A few weeks later in December our Congress put the American tax payer on the hook for over 70 Trillion dollars in ECB derivative debt. Why?

      You and I my friends, are about to take the fall for the bankers derivative debt once again. Only this time it won’t just be Lehman Brothers, it will be the entire world economic system. The bankers? They will waive goodbye as they jet off to their new digs and their new replacement system that has been so graciously developed by the Chinese. I mean did you really think the price of gold was being smashed just to serve the interest of the western banking cabal? No, that was the price of admission for them to be part of the NWO with Jade at the Helm. The Gold Price Reset is coming 04/01/2016. As SIG has said. April fools my friends.

      • Jerry

        For those that missed it, here’s the bill that our senate passed a little over a year ago that put us on the hook for the ECB derivative debt.

        Read this and you’ll understand why I have no faith in the Federal Government, its politicians, or the ridiculous dog and pony show we call elections. ITS ALL A SHAM.

      • Brewmaster

        But the question, Jerry, is will the price be reset higher or lower?

        • Jerry

          The Gold Price Fix will reset gold prices back to the normal free market price before the manipulation started in 2012.
          That is why the central banks and the Chinese have been filling their vaults. They win again. We lose again. The system is rigged by the banks.

    • Bill Holter

      “breaking from the dollar” will break the dollar…

      • Jerry

        Precisely Bill.
        They kill two birds with one stone. Collapse the dollar and remake the U.S. at the same time. Mission accomplished. FYI United Nation troops are already on base close to where I live. Five just drowned in flooding three days ago.

  14. Ralph

    Bill Holter is one of the best, i like seeing his work , thanks.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you much Ralph!

      • Tad

        I enjoy you writing also. But awaiting this crisis is testing my patience–among other things.

        • Faith

          Tad, it is not going to be a party and will not be something to celebrate. This means you have more time to prepare. Take advantage of that time. I know I am!

  15. Albert merolla

    Having been born in Argentina (as any third world country) I used to blame the US for our own woes. Having seen first hand the decline of the US I no longer hold that view. Your people have been swindled like the rest of the us. Middle classes around the world have disappeared and work is hard to come by, salaries have not risen for decades.i don’t knowwhois responsibke…

    • Sam Hill

      Who’s responsible? The banking cartel behind the Federal Reserve is a good place to start.

      “Give me control of the nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”

      – Nathan Rothschild

    • Bill Holter

      please read “Confessions of an economic hitman” …you were correct with your first thoughts!

  16. CrazyCanuck

    Atta boy Bill. Just when the hyperbole ( look out for 2015 ! The collapse/financial implosion is imminent — for sure by the latter part of the year ! ) of many commentators in our Cassandra blog-verse were softening, Bill steps up and stands pat.
    It just seems the ability of TPTB to MUDDLE THROUGH carries the day, day in and day out. Well, as our prognosticators like to say ” until they can’t ” .

  17. al

    I always look forward to every interview. On this interview your last question really opened my eyes to recent events. Only on USAWatchdog.com BRILLIANT REPORTING!
    It’s a good thing you don’t work for the lame-stream media or your hard hitting questions would have gotten you fired or even killed, have you seen what’s going on with good reporters now a days here and abroad? I’d like to hear more about that at some point.

    Happy New Year Greg! Thanks for keeping us awake!

    • Bill Holter

      ” until they can’t ”

  18. Russ McMeans

    Thanks for another great guest interview Greg!
    Excellent website. Take care of yourself as we enter another exciting new year! Beware of people with nasty colds, flues, floodwaters, breaking tree branches in high winds, tornados of course. Also the IRS, banksters looking to collect . . .

  19. Willard Ferch

    As Jefferson said, the banks can be more dangerous than standing armies, and to really catalyze the concoction, throw in a corrupt government and greedy, incompetent politicians. The “Great Evil” established itself with LBJ and has progressed in spite of a couple of ethical, moral presidents. Its final thrust was to engineer the election of its man, and with the aid of its cohorts in government and banking, finish things off. Bill Holter has painted the picture of the final act, and it would seem he’s right on. When even the Supreme Court has been compromised, we know the its plan is completed.
    Great going, Greg. I never miss an interview or an update! Fiddlin

    • Bill Holter

      …and this was AFTER JFK was offed.

    • Brewmaster

      Willard, I think it started long before LBJ. Probably more like Roosevelt during the depression and probably before that. Bring back old hickory, leaving out the atrocities to the natives.

  20. Southern Girl


    Thanks for having Bill Holter on again. Love the man…love his delivery. I have been planning, storing, stocking, canning…since 2010. Just hope I can make it to January to get my first SS check. Am planning to take that money and save it as cash.

    I went the site for the things Jim Sinclair wrote and have pretty much done most of it. I am however very thankful for his point on keep paper copies…well I keep paper copies monthly for my bank and credit card…BUT I have not made copies of my legal home ownership…..will take care of that today. It could be a false flag or whatever but we will not have access to our ATM’s, banking and checking accounts, and lock boxes located inside the banks. I have a portable small safe that I keep copies of important things. Will have to make one of the deed to my house.

    Also, John Paul Jackson said that in the future we must prove that we made our car, house, etc. payments…so he said to make sure we have paper copies say from the bank statement showing payments made. Most of us have direct deposit and bills automatically drafted from our accounts….these are what he says we need to keep. You sure as heck don’t want the bank coming back at you saying, “We did not receive your last three months of house payments.” If they take all the banks down all the records will probably be wiped out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Holter and Sinclair are a powerful team with experience and connections. Happy New Year!!

      • Stu

        Sinclair and Holter are also connected with Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp (TRX) which is trading today at a historic low 0f 0.26 cents. No gold and running out of capital.

        From accounts, a gold stock in a sector that attracted many gullible people in recent years. Yahoo finance message board for TRX https://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=trx

    • Bill Holter

      Thank you, I tell it like I see it Southern Girl, all we have is our word and self integrity. If I am wrong, I am wrong, but you will ALWAYS hear what I truly believe.

    • Time invent

      Hi, there thanks for your feedback on keeping receipts and mortgage deeds it never crossed my mind that could be very likely to happen .I would like to add that having a safe box in the bank is better then don’t have one at all. But when the banks collapse if you have Gold or Silver in the safe security box in any banks it will be difficult to retrieve or access your stuff for months . All the banks will go to bank Holiday and it can take months to access you stuff.I would preferred an interdependent safe security box Gold or silver bullion that you could still access at any time .Far away from the city as possible to avoid riots .

  21. Southern Girl

    Also, have stocked up on liquor, but reading Jim Sinclair’s notes I guess I need to go and buy a lot of small bottles to use for barter.

    • Buck

      I met someone recently with the same idea, but his plan was to buy or make a still. That way he’d have an income stream. He also said .22 ammo would serve as currency.

      • Faith

        Buck: I was thinking about learning a new hobby: making small batches of beer. There is an excellent book called “Alcohol can be a Gas” which has been out long enough you can find used copies. It is possible to make about 60 gallons of ethanol a day from various food and agricultural products that are not fit for human consumption. This is not the type of alcohol you drink but it is good enough to mix with gas.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, There’s a difference in making beer and making spirits… here on the homestead we do both and once again part of your preps need to be the ingredients to do it and those things will not be available when the fecal matter hits the oscillator. See The Joy of Brewing. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

          • Faith

            DB: Thanks for the reference! I am always willing to learn something new.

      • dbcooper

        Buck, EtAl … Bear in mind that you will need the ingredients for the making of your product i.e.: sugar/ potatoes etc. DB.

  22. Diane D.

    Another awesome interview with Bill Holter. Thank you Greg.

    Every interview with Bill has that precious ‘ring of truth’. He passes my ‘Godfather test’, meaning that I would trust him to care for our children if something happened to us. Trust me, it is a short list.

    “They have counterfeited gold with paper.” Bill Holter has the rare ability to distill complicated matters into words we can all understand. Gotta love it!

    I pray that parents especially heed his warning, “I can’t imagine living in a city with what’s coming.” and take action. MOVE! The ‘Be Prepared’’ plan was good. The only point I’d add is if you live in an area where citizens cannot be armed, take your loved ones and MOVE! America does not need more gun owners, it needs more armed citizens. Trust me, the bad guys WILL be armed.

    • Kerry

      May I suggest Texas?

      • Bill Holter

        God bless Texas! Open carry as of Jan 1’st!

        • Greg Hunter

          I bet that will cut down on the terror attacks.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Diane, I try my best.

  23. Mohammad


    You laid the facts so elegantly and so simply it cold not get any better.
    Thanks for the humble demeanor you have that makes your words reach its destination.


    The war is going to escalate, Kerry Obama do not want war, but there is the big huge elephant in the room that no body wants to talk about, who will KICK THE TABLE and that is Netanyahu.

    He is been in his position for the longest term amongst all the prime ministers served for a very good reason, THE NUKE PROGRAM OF IRAN.

    We will never understand middle east geopolitics which is the center of the whole world politics without understanding Netanyahu and what he represent.

    I still remember vividly when he stood in UN with a cartoon of a bomb with a red line on the top saying it is almost complete and we need to diffuse, he wanted so bad Obama to be dragged into a war with Iran and it is not a secret that there is no love lost between the two.

    What your radar missed Greg is the last meeting Erdogan had with the saudi king on Dec 29th:


    Please keep in mind that Erdogan is the complete opposite from the Saudi king, the first is Muslim Brotherhood and the latter is Wahhabi and both you can consider enemies, but yet they met together for a very good reason.

    Also missed form your radar the Israeli Turkish relation ship coming back to intimacy:


    Also the new alliance that Saudi Arabia is forming out of more that 35 Islamic country to oppose Russia on Dec 15th:


    That alliance will never form without the approval of Israel.

    I think and believe OBAMA does not want a war, but Netanyahu will drag him into it.
    Netanyahu will be the one who will kick the table not US under Obama’s leadership.


    • Anne Elliott

      Mohammad – you talk like Obama and Kerry actually have a voice or choice in the matter of going to war. I agree with PCR – the neocons are all throughout the system, and have their own independent agenda, separate from anyone with the title of President. Get in the way of their agenda, and they bring out the skeletons in the closet about you, shoot the heart attack medicine darts to kill you, or just force the situation through false flags to turn as they want it to. All the political players on the TV are just actors playing their part of the show. They get to live and retire well only if they do as they are told.

      • Mohammad

        No Anne,

        That what they want you to believe, that is their game they profess to get to your psyche and make you feel helpless.
        Remember there are always good people out there, i believe the president is among them, he is not a war monger, I know there are good people out there in the government that do not want wars.
        Very tough times, i understand this fact, but prayers are the answer. Prayers do miracles, because with the prayer you are connecting with the ultimate power that the so called “the powers that be” do not stand a chance with as long as you are connected to that ultimate power, that is the key and that is the answer.
        Darkness is WEAK so WEAK that only it takes one candle, just one small candle to kill all the darkness.


        • sk

          Yes. They want you to feel helpless. Very astute, Mohammad.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you, some can see it plain as day and others believe we are complete idiots. That’s what makes horse races!

  24. Matthias

    Regarding the question if they will start a big war to cover everything up I’d like to point out that there is not only the issue of massive financial fraud but also the issue of 9/11 still around.

    As most people in the alternative media have already figured out 9/11 was a controlled demolition and therefore a false flag event. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth for example have just started a project with the university of Alaska Fairbanks to counter the “official Building 7 collapse animation” whose underlying data is still classified with an open and transparent computer evaluation of the WTC 7 collapse. For more information see http://www.wtc7evaluation.org )

    Now to quote a statement that is accounted to Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”

    Meaning: Most people will not care if the government lies to them as long as you keep the show running. But if things come to a halt people will demand answers. And since the issue of 9/11 is still around not only the financial but also the political elites cannot allow the show to come to a halt, therefore I think they are indeed planing a big war to cover everything up.

    I know it is scary because it includes the possibility of nuclear warfare as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pointed out in the last interview, but all indicators still point towards it.

    • Bill Holter

      yes, I believe a truth bomb is coming.

      • sk

        The truth shall set you free.

  25. David


    Another great interview from Bill Holter conducted by you. We have been experiencing a so called recovery for the past seven long years. Did we all forgot the difference between a recession and a depression or did the MSM reinvent the meaning? I’m afraid we have been circling the toilet for the past 7 years!

    • Bill Holter

      thank you David.

  26. FEDup

    Hi All – longtime lurker, first time commentor 🙂

    First let me start by saying that I like Bill Holter. While I don’t always agree with his final analysis, I find he asks the right questions, and his logic is sound.

    I’ve been watching all that has unfolded over the past year, and I find the commentary frustrating – both from the experts, and in the reaction to the experts because I know that NO ONE can predict when this house of cards falls. EVERYONE is invested in seeing this continue forward – whether they are actively investing/speculating or not. Those out there who are still asleep do not want to believe things are that bad and willfully indulge in denial. This aids the government and criminals on wall street by allowing them to morph and change the rules to hide the fraud and ridiculous risk taking.

    While I agree with Bill that things are coming to a head, no one can say that 2016 is the year anymore than when they said 2015 was the year. Denial is very powerful. I also disagree that a cover story is needed by TPTB. They didn’t need one last time. It failed, main street got screwed, and none of the criminals in congress or wall street were punished. In fact, they got paid! If this thing came down tomorrow, the public would be told ‘too bad, so sad’, and they may hear a bunch of wind bagging on how things will be changed, but I think we’d see the same thing as before. Wars and false flags are risks – If I’m them, why take those risks when history shows I don’t need to?

    I think this will go on until it doesn’t. When that happens is anyone’s guess, but I do agree that it will happen – its just a matter of when.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Fedup, not a bad thing to agree to disagree as long as logic is not compromised.

  27. Rock

    Great interview. I always love to hear from Bill.
    Bill, could you explain a little what you mean by “deflation against gold, not the dollar”?
    Thank you.

    • Bill Holter

      My pleasure, the dollar is a derivatives of Treasury bonds which cannot in any way pay off in current terms or values because there are simply TOO MANY OUTSTANDING. The cost of goods will explode in the amount of dollars required to make purchase and will take far less “grams” of gold to be procured. This is because one is real money that takes real capital to produce and the other can be created for free. If something can be created for free, “what is it really worth”?

  28. dee garmon

    It is always nice to drink deeply from his wise words, thanks for having him again.

    • Bill Holter

      thank you Dee!

  29. NC Ga;


    Thank you SO MUCH for having Bill Holter on again, and thank you, Bill, for being willing to share your thoughts with all of us here. tThank you, too, for all of the articles you write, which I read faithfully.

    I agree with Bill that a very large false flag event is likely, one that will dwarf 9/11. It HAS to be massive, in order to be “shocking” enough to create the desired effect. That also fits with what Paul Craig Roberts said earlier this week. Given the overall patterns that are observable in the propaganda and items like Senator Coons’ call for an extra tax to fund the “war” against ISIS (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-29/democratic-senator-calls-extra-tax-fund-war-against-isis), I expect this event will be blamed on ISIS, not Russia or China, and will lead to greater controls on the general populace (that’s us).

    I am grateful that Putin does not want war and so far has skillfully outflanked the US attempts to take us to war. A massive false flag event (probably involving many different sites in rapid succession) on US soil would certainly have ripples all around the world, which is already increasingly unstable. It could be the factor that causes the systemic collapse Bill (and others) is describing. 2016 is looking to be quite a year for the history books, and I can’t think it will a happy one, so it doesn’t seem appropriate to wish you all a Happy New Year, but I do wish you well, nonetheless.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks much NC Gal (you spelled your own name wrong)?

  30. Coal Burner

    Greg and Bill, Happy New Year!
    I hope they can keep it at a slow downard grind. I am certain Obama doesn’t want war. And as I said before we do not want one with him in charge. I would say to Mohammad who I think is extremely knowledgable about the ME that Netanyahu knows he does not want Obama running a bigger War or any war in the ME. I say we may have at least a year that they will keep this swamp floating(new President). Second, we are not going to war with Russia because alliances are changing and we may want them. It is logical to me, it is going to be free coutnries against Islam and they will all be radical. Anyonefrom a muslim countrywill tell yu they cannot leave anyone alone, that is why we will not go against Russia. Any survivors will be overpowered by the religion from …… Maybe, Kerry actually tried to open an alliance with Russia. We dont fear Russia at all, Obama, milk toast that he is, knows that the worst we would do is a draw meaning we are all dead. If either side saw a loss coming it would made a draw by suicide. Just set them off, no matter where and we all die. Something that moron Wolfiwitz never understood.

    • Bill Holter

      a healthy and SAFE New Year to you!

    • Mohammad


      I know Netanyahu and his psyche more than any one of you, trust my instinct on this.

      He is pitting US against Russia, Obama is astute and smart enough to not fall in the trap.

      He pushed for it the best he could during Obama’s previous years and failed.

      He tried to reach for the congress that passes laws without reading it, almost succeeded but when Obama explained to that congress what they do not know they backed off.

      England was astute enough to refrain, they prevented the PM from engaging in a war that may spark something they will choke on and cannot swallow.

      I can tell you right now, Netanyahu is hell bent on a war. My fear is their German top of the art subs they purchased to stage a false flag in the gulf or in ME. They did it before, am not making things up and they harmed one of our ships as a false flag to drag our feet into something we did not want.

      If Netanyahu cannot pull a false flag with those subs he will get the none other than JEB BUSH in to start the wars after a major false flag that will be under the watch of Jeb the way they did 9/11 under the watch of his bro.

      I will have more peaceful nights under Trump, despite the rhetorics.
      Let me repeat it again:
      I am more safe with TRUMP in charge than JEB in charge.


  31. NC Gal

    Bill Holter’s “Fact or Fiction?” article can be found at http://blog.milesfranklin.com/fact-or-fiction.

  32. Anne Elliott

    You’ve got to love a truth speaker like Bill. He speaks what he knows and believes, and says it in a way that’s understandable to the average Joe. That is a rare commodity these days! Thanks for having him on, Greg!

    And thanks for letting us know about Jim Sinclair’s post too. Knowing that such a well-connected “man of few words” has issued such an article makes the hair on my neck stand up. Buckle up, people; we’re going to be in for a rough ride when this all unravels…

    • Anne Elliott

      Speaking of unravelling- Catherine Austin Fitts recently commented that the state of Illinois was about to go through a great ticky transition and restructuring of debts, much like Detroit did. Illinois has tremendous obligations in pension and entitlement obligations. Last year republican Gov. Rauner added to the pension debt by allowing democrat Rahm Emmanuel to get rid of the Chicago Teacher pension obligations, and give it to the State to pay (and who says they’re not all in “cahoots” together!!). Then Governor Rauner did not sign off on the spending bill that was given to him by the Illinois legislature, and so since July 1, 2015 there has been very few payments made to vendors and certain other State programs. Not even electric bills for Illinois state buildings are being paid, and one down state electric company actually turned off the power to a state agency for failure to pay their bills. Apparently the State of Illinois is considered to be a deadbeat debtor by them!
      Then, democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan (daughter of IL House Speaker Michael Madigan) went to the courts requesting for the State to renig on some of its pension obligations to current and future State Retirees, but so far has been unsuccessful. She cited “emergency need and the right for the State to protect itself financially.” So even democrats won’t protect the unions that donate to them – they just are puppets to do whatever is told to them!
      What I’m wondering, is if Illinois might be a test – if they can end up reniggjng on part or all of their pensions and other mandated-by-law obligations by the courts, it would pave the way for a Federal default of the same obligations as well. Maybe this will end up being a black swan event, because word is that Illinois will run out of all revenues by the end of this March – just in time for a distraction from the Chinese!

      • Faith

        Anne, thanks for the news. There was a video a few weeks ago, the Pete Santelli show, and they were talking to union folks that had had their pensions cut by 50% because of bad investments in the union pension fund. A lot of people were hurt by those cuts. Of course nothing in the MSM or financial media about that. Another little thing that I stumbled onto by accident.

      • Bill Holter

        Illinois is only a precursor…

    • Bill Holter

      I try to tell it like I see it because I graduated fro “UMCV” the University of My Cousin Vinny!

  33. tulip

    The new 9/11 Film.

    RE-THINK 9/11
    The Evidence May Surprise You.

    A 3-Part Film and Discussion Series

    This new historic documentary, entitled September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor,
    was made by the award-winning Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco —
    called “The Ken Burns of Italy”.

    In five hours of film, Mazzucco depicts the perspectives and arguments
    of both those who believe the conventional story and those who do not.

    Come with an open mind and dare to re-examine the national event that
    radically changed the course of our country.
    Learn why many now are calling for a new investigation.

    • Bill Holter

      there is zero argument on this topic.

    • frederick

      Thank you Tulip and yes we are calling foir justice for the 3000 Americans murdered in the most horrible way that day and their loved ones I truly believe that we owe them that God bless and Happy 2016 May the new year bring some truth about what happened that day

  34. Laura

    Thanks for having Bill on… I’ve been waiting patiently to hear him on again. Wow! The end is very eye-opening, thanks for pressing in. Puerto Rico’s debt was mentioned and I remembered seeing this article. Take a look for yourself: 5 Triggers


    • JMiller

      Seen the article a few days ago. It has a number of false statements.

      “In Europe, starting on January 1, 2016, new laws go into effect, eliminating all protections for bank depositors”. This is false. Nothing has changed for covered (insured) deposits. It has to do with deposits over 100,000 euros which are uninsured.


      “More than 10,000 Italian depositors had their savings ‘bailed in’ [expropriated] in the collapse of four banks this month”. This is false. They were not depositors but bondholders (investors). They lost money because they bought bonds of the bank.

  35. Pvt. Mushroom

    Another interesting interview. Thanx.

    I learned a long time ago that economic changes, much more often than not, do not happen in lockstep with presented “facts” – no matter how logical the “facts” may seem or who presented them.

    Unfortunately I’ll just have to prepare for the worst, enjoy life as best I can, and wait and see what happens.

  36. Beano McReano

    They base and print money on economic action. Well, that is they are suppose too. The debt is the excess printing probably representing their euphoria at your ignorance.

  37. Mike

    Greg, another good interview. Some thoughts-
    I don’t think it matters if the western vaults run out of gold. The manipulation will not stop, because they use paper gold to suppress the price. The manipulation will not stop until the criminals are prosecuted, which will be never.
    I think Kerry went to Moscow to buy time to regroup and work on a new Syrian strategy, not to eat crow, although I could be wrong. If Kerry is so intimidated by Moscow, the US would have ordered the Kiev government to stop attacking Donbass. Also, the US is sending a ship, the USS Harry Truman, to the waters off of Syria to allegedly strike ISIS. More likely, they will be hitting the Syrian army.
    http://news.usni.org/2015/12/30/video-uss-harry-s-truman-launches-anti-isis-strikes-from-after-2-month-carrier-gap If I was Putin, I would never trust anything that the US or NATO says.
    Predicting the timing of a “collapse” is pointless, the game is rigged.

    • Bill Holter

      “I don’t think it matters if the western vaults run out of gold”. Really? You are either well over .08 or smoking a serious left hander!

      • Mike

        Sorry, gave up the booze years ago. And what is smoking a left hander?My point was that the gold price is manipulated thru paper contracts, so they will still be able to manipulate it if they run out of physical. What’s wrong with my logic? And didn’t you predict a “collapse” on this very show for 2015? Guess that’s strike one for you.

  38. Brewmaster

    Japan is at least a decade ahead of us as we travel down the debt road. Why is a debt implosion imminent? Sure, things could snowball at any time, but also we could muddle through as we have been for many years. Holter and Sinclair have created a lot of broken hearts and pocket books over the past 5 years predicting the imminent reset. A couple years ago I was one of them, until I stopped following the doom and gloom and started digging myself out of the hole that I had gotten into.

    • Bill Holter

      We are ALL travelling the very same Titanic as one goes down …we all go down. It is called “globalization”.

      • Faith

        I agree Mr. Holter. The phrase “order out of chaos” scares me. The new world order has one goal: for them to be in control and for everyone else to obey. I have never been one to concede to authority. Quite frankly I cannot abide people that think they have authority over me. My mind is free and shall remain free, until my last breath. Globalization will benefit one small group of people, the .01 %. It is time to refuse to work for them, to choose to work for yourself. I wish all of the LEOs and former SMs refused to be hired guns. Furthermore, I am advising young people to not go into military service. Do not join. Veterans are being discarded like used rags and when they come for guns, they will confiscate our guns first because they know how we were trained. The oath I took didn’t have an expiration date either.

    • frederick

      Brewmaster Japan is totally different than the US as their own people own most of their debt that’s not true about the US We also have the reserve currency at least for now

    • Vince Shook

      I am there with you Brewmaster. A lot of us are.

  39. Brewmaster

    The credit limit will never be reached as long as the borrower holds the keys to the printing press. The turnpoint is when the CONfidence is lost. So far, it has only been lost by a fraction of a percent of people.

    • Bill Holter

      there is no credit limit? …which is why foreigners no longer purchase our debt…

      • Brewmaster

        Correct, there is no credit limit. The limit is how much the Fed can print, and there is no limit to this. We don’t need to sell debt if we have the option of monetizing it.

  40. tulip

    well, puerto rico just defaulted…–it unbelievable how tptb keep it going….commodities, oil….. etc….not to mention debt…. the media is the walking dead(but well paid)

  41. Vince Shook

    The British pound has survived as a “currency” (I use that word lightly) for well over 300 years. With dramatic sinking confidence in a fiat currency being the ONLY reason one finally collapses, the ONLY question to seek an answer to is “When does that confidence in fiat break?” If we (the dollar) follow the British pound’s decline example, we may have at least a couple hundred years to go using our dollar. And that is without considering all the efforts of our modern day manipulators (the Fed, the Plunge Protection Team, etc.). There is a lot of ruin in the currency of a militarily powerful country such as the United States of America, especially one supported in most aspects by its many western allies around the world. Even if some third world, communist countries are trying to change things financially, that ship turns ever so slowly. Thus, I would caution against listening to those who profit from such “economic/currency collapse” or “dramatic change” rhetoric. The extremes in life rarely happen. As I have stated here before, the Fed et al can and will remain monetarily manipulative longer than any of us can remain defensively solvent (via getting out of the system, overhoarding of PM’s, etc.). That is not a statement to be misconstrued as being against prudent preparation for some of life’s mishaps, big or small. It is meant to instill some balance of thought, as “over preparation” (an extreme) can be as hazardous to your health, your standard of living and your family finances as is under preparation.

    Here is a link to a quick and easy to read article about the life lengths of other fiat currencies. I think some of you will find it interesting and useful, as we all continue to trade ideas and thoughts as to how best serve and protect our families and our country in trying times.

    • Bill Holter

      …after a “change” or three.

  42. Peter

    Great information and I agree with much of what Bill said, although gold has only declined in price recently. I believe the US economy is being manipulated by the fed to appear stronger than reality and I wish it would correct sooner more than later, so that
    US voters would understand the trouble we are in. I found this website
    by googling for a more realistic view on the US economy. I know as many here that things are getting financially worse, not better in the US!

    • Bill Holter

      it’s called “life support”.

  43. tim

    Maybe I’ve missed the answer to it but I still haven’t seen anyone clearly explain how current debt (like a mortgage) is affected by this reset. Does the debt get revalued or does the dollar value of the debt stay the same? Is it prudent to get a loan for say farm land if you have the gold to back up the loan?

    • Bill Holter

      you will not get off Scott free, it will be readjusted to whatever new currency comes forth.

  44. Sayonara

    Bill Holter is a very smart guy who is on the same page as all the other sharp and informed guests. Everyone with an in-depth understanding knows that the current economic system is on the threshold of collapse. The only issue that cannot be forseen is WHEN. I like most others are not good at the prediction of WHEN. That being said, I will venture to speculate and state that the “black swan” event will be the 2016 Presidential election. Sometime between now and September, an event will occur that results in the curtailment of the 2016 Presidential election that will trigger economic implosion. What that event will be and exactly when, I have know idea. Does anyone care to speculate?

    • Bill Holter

      Like I said, it is no longer “if”, ONLY “WHEN”. I am the first to admit I do not have a crystal ball with a timeline but I do know the “ending”.

      • Sayonara

        Greatly appreciate your intellectual honesty and your candidness with conveying your work. I always look forward to your interviews on USAWD.
        Be well!

  45. aries

    Yes i agree with him if all was a normal world, but, it is not and all debt can be erased the same way it was created, push of a button, so why go to war when if all agree we just hit delete.

    • Greg Hunter

      Because debt is an asset to many for example pensions that have bonds and they all do. You think people will be angry when their “assets” go poof?

      • aries

        Thanks Greg, I am not talking about people, little people dont matter, I am talking about countries and the games they can play with electronic debt or asset. Thats all, besides, what can the little people do about it, nothing, like always in the past.

  46. Luke

    Something better go down fast before January is up, my patience is wearing thin, I’ve suffered alot in the past 4 years, My marriage has been ruined and I’ve lost my peace of mind, I bought the “barbarous relic” for peace of mind and well being instead its been disastrous.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not a trade. It is an insurance and financial survival policy. Your life is “ruined” because you have the wrong frame of mind. The price is immaterial, and it you don’t know what that means, you do not know enough to be investing in precious metals. The “disaster” is of your own making.

    • Vince Shook

      Hi Luke:
      My wishes for a better 2016 — and my condolences for you and your family’s suffering. I have seen several families ruined in just this regard. I wonder if such knowledge ever keeps the people preaching the end of fiat currencies here and elsewhere up at night? I think not because they continue preaching the same thing, the same way with the same time frames (always moved back). That is commentary on their mindset, morality and ethics. God Bless.

  47. BRF

    China and Russia are betting PMs will be re monetized and the world’s power elites want a world system based on the Chinese model of tyranny of the masses and crony capitalism for the elites. Ergo I have 10% of my net worth in PMs as a hedge while the other 90% is real estate, where if worst comes to worst we can grow enough vegetables to get through a year till next harvest which can be augmented by taking a few deer, grouse and migrator ducks and geese and there are plenty of trout and kokanee in the lake. Two apple, a plum, peach and cherry tree are on the property and produce well every year. The forest is filled with berries for foraging. This would not be a piece of cake but survival would be at least feasible. We have enough firearms and ammunition of differing applications for use in any situation needed other than an outright siege by hostiles but I have little fear of that scenario in this small town setting where we all know one another pretty much and mutual assistance is common to some degree already. Good luck if and when another Great Depression hits….does anyone know if raising chickens for eggs and the pot is cost effective over feed costs?

    • Faith

      BRF: the hardest part about chickens is cleaning up and the sound of roosters at dawn. The cost of chicken feed is minimal. Chickens will eat about anything and there are chicken tractors where you can move chickens around a large pasture. Chickens, rabbits, pigeons and quail are all fairly easy to raise for meat. Vegetables require a lot of water. Do you have a year-round spring or a well and can you access that well without electricity? I did an organic farm internship on a small farm that had two acres under production. The biggest part of growing vegetables is how much water they take to grow! I live in a place where water is readily available and where there is significant natural rainfall. However there are methods you can use to raise crops, such as one corn plant, one bean plant, and one squash which was used in the desert southwest by the native population. I am a big fan of soaker hoses for raising vegetables for yourself. They are not as viable on a commercial scale. Find out what goes wild in your area. In my area grapevines and filbert nuts will go wild and keep producing untended.

  48. Cry Me a Ruble

    I still stand with Bill Holter as I did a few weeks ago on this John Kerry situation with Putin and the Chinese. How Turkey and Erdogan told the USA to pound sand. There was a notable difference, yes, one of demure in Kerry after the meeting. I said Holter got it spot on and he did. This was a “black flag” as he said. If for one reason only. There was a changing of the guard that happened that was hardly noticed in this
    techno-entertainment obsessed world we live in. The world has a new “puppet master” and is no longer the United States. Those strings are now in someone else’s hand. Therein is the “black flag” The new puppeteer will not be pulling strings for our benefit anymore, most likely on the contrary and rather quickly.

  49. gregd

    Wonderful job, very professional interview. I wish more people watched and listened. But a question or two.
    Nearly everyone you have interviewed has said to buy PM’s. But I’m wondering is there a sweet spot? I’m about 1/3 PM’s and 2/3 cash. I have guns / ammo and water and a few months of food. Not much more room to store more food. I hesitate to buy more PM’s because so many people including Rick Ackerman is saying its going much lower. C.A. Fitts has been very hesitant to call for a collapse up to now. Any word from her lately?
    As for Bill Holter , he’s a top guy. No question about it, in my opinion. I find him to be an honest an ethical man. He’s trying to help.
    Anyone who faults him for his predictions of the timing,(and anyone else’s) please consider this. There is no formula or model to calculate what’s coming. Its not like an asteroid that you can find where it’s at, and then figure out the speed and the trajectory and all the other stuff, like the pull from other objects and planets.

  50. Coal Burner

    Hi Allan Starr;
    Thanks for the report. We love to hear from the people. Informed Americans know the Sanctions are stupid. We think a whole lot like you do. We will survive the lunatics..

  51. helot

    This was ‘hands down’ the best comment thread I’ve read here at usawatchdog. Thanks for providing the forum.

    Luke’s comment and Greg’s response to it probably covers more people than we know.

    RE: “you have the wrong frame of mind” – that – while a bit harsh, is correct, yet it’s difficult to maintain the right frame of mind while things go contrary to how many experts said it would all go down. Jim Rogers, the worlds worst market timer, saying to buy gold at $1500 per ounce, comes to mind. However; it is so true, “The “disaster” is of your own making.” but at the same time, isn’t it helped along and made worse by the turtles at the top who are manipulating everything?

    RE: “does anyone know if raising chickens for eggs and the pot is cost effective over feed costs?”

    I remember stories from old farmers who lived through the last Great Depression, they slaughtered the chickens because the feed was too expensive to justify having the chickens. Got a cheep or free Winter feed source?

    RE: “my net worth in PMs as a hedge while the other 90% is real estate”

    I hope that’s paid off and you can pay your tax bill. Reading TheHousingBubbleBlog I see that real estate is heading down,… way down. (Now there’s an interview: Ben Jones, the creator of the HBB, he saw the last crash well ahead of time) The farmers during the Dust Bowl who lost their property due to not being able to pay their taxes is another lesson to learn from.

    Anyway, please pardon the use of a nic, the last time I attached my real name to some controversial subjects on my local “newspaper” website I had some guys stop by in the night who threw a cinder-block through the windshield of my car and hopped inside the unlocked truck and kicked the snot out of the dashboard. …An internet comment ain’t worth going through that again.

    Ya, “You think people will be angry when their “assets” go poof?” Quiet riot, it won’t be.

  52. Keyboard Kommando

    NYMEX is the parent company of the COMEX, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for gold contracts to be settled in oil. The US Navy controls the Persian Gulf. If you don’t understand the Petro-Dollar system, I can’t help you. The elites are going to go to WWIII to maintain Dollar Hegemony. The Dollar isn’t so much about legal tender, it’s more about limitless power.

    • Brewmaster

      KK, this comment is ridiculous. Gold contracts will NEVER be settled in oil. They may be settled in cash though.

  53. Da Yooper

    Question for Bill Holter

    Does it matter who wins the US presidential election next year in being able to deal with what is coming? If so which candidate would be best at dealing with this ?

  54. Chief

    Bill and Greg,

    Here’s my 2 cents. In my opinion the PM’s are going to be a dead duck until the stock market crashes and/or money velocity comes alive which I think by the way will both happen about the same time. When those two things do happen a lot of the money that bails out of equities (like rats from a burning building) will jump into hard assets like PMs and finally overcome the fat fingered shorts that have been crushing us for the last 5 years or so. But until then, the PM markets will be about as exciting as watching paint dry.

  55. r.j

    greg and bill, it appears to me that the number of negative comments on gold is growing.capitulation is a good contrarian indicator.i don’t know if i will live to see the benefits of holding gold and silver,perhaps that may be a good thing.but my children may see that day,and it is comforting to know that i have given them the means to survive and perhaps prosper. happy new year to all

    • Greg Hunter

      Not having physical as portfolio insurance is like driving a vehicle without car insurance. You may be right on the capitulation.

    • Kathy L

      R.j, why do you go out of your way to use incorrect grammar (no caps). Most modern computers, phones, tablets etc. have auto caps. No offence, please don’t take offence, I was just wondering.

      • Kathy L

        Also throwing in random .’s is confusing

        • Kathy L

          At least they look random to me

      • Kevin Price

        You need to learn how to spell “offense” before you criticize someones grammar.

  56. Jan Siks

    Greg and Bill, You both have done a wonderful job. That said and reading through all the comments, I think that the larger picture is being missed….or at least not brought to the fore front. That is that the UN agenda calls for much of what we are experiencing and/or will shortly experience. All this bickering as to whether pm’s are an investment or insurance…or ‘when’ the SWHTF…gets us off the track (watching the UN agenda) …and thus we slowly are being taken over. How will the UN destroy 80 to 90% of the world population? Think Fukashima, GMO foods, gun control, nuclear bombs, viruses, ethnic violence fueled by political rhetoric, ever more firearm laws/rules.
    I’ve watched the different thinking in the pm world for years. Armstrong in one direction and Sinclair in the other….they are coming from a different outlook and neither are wrong. Don’t you think with all the ancient coin collections that Armstrong has purchased that he’s not protected some what from a currency devaluation/collapse? Sinclair simple knows that physical pm’s are where he will put his bet on financial survival. Some of the stories coming out of Russia as to those that fled the Bolsheviks where they pulled the gold brick from the fireplace wall and thus were able to start over in a new country….their descendants can’t be convinced that holding some insurance in gold is worthless. The points that some of you complainers don’t seem to understand is 1) gold as a short term investment isn’t realistic. 2) To be worried about the future is healthy and thankfully we still have some time to prepare (be happy you have some gold and don’t watch the price…the price in USD is the lie!!)
    I’m a gold miner and could be complaining about the price slide since 2011 but am still happy that in USD the price is over 1000. Someone said to boil a frog you must start warming the pot slowly….this pot we’re in is warming slowly but getting hotter by the month…be thankful they give you a little more time to prepare.

  57. Mike Mc

    In defense of Greg’s guests and others like them:

    My message for those sarcastically criticizing the predictions made by folks like Mr. Holter, and others like Willie, Celente, Mannarino, Sinclair etc. is … GET OVER YOURSELF.

    There is an infantile desire by people to want to be coddled and told what, how and when to do things so they can feel safe, secure and in control. It’s the “when” part they are not happy with. People demand the “when” and folks like Holter answer the question to the best of their human understanding. Perhaps they shouldn’t answer the “when” question but the whining masses clamor for it like a child wanting the candy bar in the checkout aisle. The reality is NO ONE can give you a high probability “when”. They are not deities, only men.

    At least these guys stand public in the arena of ideas and don’t hide behind an internet pseudonym trolling sites with comments in a vain attempt to fill their empty lives.

    Listen or don’t listen to them. That’s your prerogative. My advice is to take from them what you find helpful to your individual situation, learn, grow and help others. If you are going to spend your time banging away like a smarmy keyboard warrior, you should rethink your energies. They would be better spent asking questions to better understand the “why” of the subject matter.

    As for me, I’m grateful for forums like this and the guests who put themselves out there. There is a reconciliation coming. As they say better to be 5 years early than 5 minutes late. In reality, once it is triggered, none of us will have done, or could have done enough. So get over the “when” and get your head around the “why” and action.

    Thanks Greg for all you do

  58. JSmith

    Bill Holter provides a compelling point of view on the global economy and a lot of personal leadership. That is exemplary. The only concern is that Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair may be wrong. The reason is that deflationary forces are taking hold, and the markets will likely fall hard over the next few years. So far, gold and silver are falling right along with other commodities, and people who followed their advice have lost a lot of money. If the Fed does not reverse itself and they may not — then the dollar should stay relatively strong. The exodus will not occur anytime soon.

    Gold is money only because people ultimately believe it to be so. The majority of the world does not at this point. Thus, the construct of Gold as money is just that — a historical idea.

    If the Fed does not go to QE4 then the dollar may stay strong for quite some time. Those who bought large quantities of insurance “will have lost.” That is what Stockman infers, Dent saids, and others believe.

    It just does not appear that they (Holter-Sinclair) have a “lock” on the inevitably of Gold’s rise.

    Great show regardless.

  59. Willis Moore IV


    After viewing your recent interview with Bill Holter, the topic arose about why the United States did a complete 180 in foreign policy over the position we had with Assad, after John Kerry made visit, and conceded to the position of Russia and Syria.

    If one had been a fly on the wall to hear exactly what was so important that could have diverted our policy toward war with Russia, would be the most significant question to be answered, and to date is unknown.

    I offer a possible item not previously discussed in forum, and volunteer this information for your own record. Specifically, the Russians allegedly “leaked by mistake” they have developed a nuclear torpedo that can create a giant tsunami more than 1000 feet tall, designed to create so much radiation that every living thing will be killed in its wake – including those that try to survive the attack by hiding in underground shelters. The “robotic mini-submarine” would have a range of up to 10,000 kilometers, and would be able to evade all existing U.S. detection systems.

    Additionally, a warhead up to 100 megatons would produce a tsunami up to 1,650 ft high, wiping out all living things up to 930 miles deep into U.S. Territory and affected coastline. To make the matter more serious, the nuclear payload would be equipped with colbalt-59 an extremely radioactive product when decaying into cobalt-60, renders a half-life longer than 5 years in all areas affected by detonation and flooding.

    Currently, the Pentagon has no defense for this, and it is been termed a “game-changer” with U.S. – Russia relations.

    If interested, I can send you more information, but here is a few links:


    Please update at your earliest convenience if you have any questions or concerns regarding the provided information. Hope this helps in your future work and interview dialogue.

    W. Moore

  60. Kathy L

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for doing what you do. Much, much appreciated.
    You could be sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee, watching tv all day, but no. You are going out of your way to educate people. You try and be a advocate for the truth.

    You succeed.

    God bless,

  61. Jeannette

    even though also following seasons and holidays.

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