Trump Immunity, Protecting Vote Fraud, Economy Skidding

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 631 2.26.24)

President Trump’s so-called immunity case is in front of the Suprem Court.  Who knows how it will turn out, but the first day of argument did not go well for the Biden Administration lawyers.  The High Court is not going to dismiss the case, and likely some sort of immunity will be decided upon.  At the very least, this case will delay other Trump cases in New York, Florida and Georgia until after the 2024 November Election, and that would be a big win in and of itself.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs just vetoed a bill that would “require proof of residency for voting.”  All I can say is Hobbs and other Democrats in power are clearly protecting the voter fraud.  With an 8% actual approval rating for President Biden, the swamp knows they will be forced to cheat and cheat big.  My questions are:  Can they cheat enough to pull it off again?  Can they find enough people to help them cheat when the very people that helped them in 2020 are now struggling to survive?  It’s not going to get better before election day.

You know the economy is in trouble when the CEO of one of the biggest banks in the world starts sounding the alarm about “higher interest rates and higher inflation.”  A few months ago, Jamie Dimon praised Donald Trump’s economic policies at the World Economic Forum.  People were shocked!!   Today, Dimon is preparing his bank for higher interest rates caused by massive government spending, a skidding GDP and spiking inflation.  It appears many would like Trump back in office to fix and run the economy.  Maybe we can defeat the Deep State cheaters and get our wish.  I pray Jehovah please help us in the name of Christ Jesus.

There is much more in the 52-minute newscast.

There is more in an 8-minute video to explain how easy it is to ride out any terror attack or extreme storm. You can get more information at or

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.26.24.

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(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec.  This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it.  In addition, try different browsers.  Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them.  Finally, clear your cache and that might help too.    All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

After the Wrap-Up: 

The Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts, will be back to talk about your food and your property rights.  This is a huge topic given the fact the World Economic Forum wants you to eat bugs and own nothing.

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  1. Sam Peckinridge

    Nigel Farage On: Freedom of Speech, Donald Trump, Argentina and Cancelation
    Nomad Capitalist

  2. Saved by Grace

    Brother Greg, thank you!,

    Lord, we pray for Donald J. Trump. Protect him and his loved ones. We pray for his attackers -“may their path be dark and slippery, with the angel of the LORD pursuing them”

    In Jesus Christ name we pray Amen amen

    And remember you are Loved

    • Tom C.


  3. Galaxy 500

    Saw the WNW added. No video. Thanks Greg. I will be back at 6AM

    • Greg Hunter

      The video is uploading and processing on Rumble as I write this.

      • Galaxy 500

        Having issues sleeping. But I am back for my Weekly News show

        • sam

          “Having issues sleeping”………because you “must be part of one of the many CIA mind control programs”……..or like jumping on a guy when the crowd is beating him up…LOL

    • CMW

      Greg do you know of a reliable source to buy the FJB silver coin?

      • Greg Hunter

        Somebody sent it to me as a gift.

      • Galaxy 500

        If you find out, I’d be a buyer.

  4. sam

    How Come?….For several weeks now, “sam” has put out there on USAWATCHDOG.COM…. Mr Greg Hunters Channel…..that, (without Mr.Hunters Permission) Mr. Greg Hunter be Considered for a Position on President Trumps Press Secretary….and the second or third time I posted a message about it….NOT ONE (0) of Mr. Greg Hunters so-called “Loyal Readers” OR “Watchdogers”(what a Joke)….responded Positively?…….in fact the ATTACKS came in “Fast and Furious”….so fast it caught me by surprise…as I thought that because Mr. Greg Hunter is a Professional Journalist of the Highest Integrity, with YEARS of Provable Success . and as such is HIGHLY QUALIFIED for a Position in President Trumps Cabinet….so All you Pseudo Intellects who like to Post Acres of self Important Paragraphs of (who knows-who reads it-and-Who Cares)…Logorrhea, and Mr. Greg Hunter actually Publishes, that is to his Credit is more Proof of his Charitable Kindness……so…..C’Mon all you , Amazing Intellectuals out there, Ignore Me. and then Marvel at How Bright and Successful Mr Greg Hunter will be at the “podium”….”takin hits for “The Don”..

    • Scott


      While Greg would be an excellent candidate for press secretary, Greg is likely doing what he has been called to do by God – that being USAWatchdog. He doesn’t need the fame or fortune, he genuine cares about America, understands our role as Christians and I believe God gave him this vision to express that using this platform. .

    • L.

      I had not commented much here over the years but I am a loyal reader and I totally agree that Greg Hunter would be one of the best, and more likely the best press secretary in the history of our country and for Trump!

      • Ken Yu

        Greg would probably quit his first day on the job when he is told as White House Press Secretary to defend Trumps promotion of the new Pfizer m-RNA Vaccine. I can’t see Greg abandoning his moral code to tell us that the new m-RNA vaccine is safe and will effectively stop all the turbo cancers caused by Pfizer’s previous Covid Kill Shot!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Not before I told everybody NOT to take it!!

        • Galaxy 500

          Why do you people want to tar Trump with the vax Shiite. Had had a good contract written and was betrayed.
          Trump won’t be pushing any more kill shots. When was the last time that Trump said anyone should take this Shiite?
          Trump defending the vax or apologizing isn’t gonna happen now.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi Sam,
      I know Greg. IF you knew Mr. Hunter, you would not be pushing this drivel. Yes, Greg could do the job. No doubt. Greg is his own man. As press secretary, he’d be someone else’s. He couldn’t continue with USA Watchdog. So he would have to either close it or sell it.
      I don’t know you Sam. I almost wonder if your agenda is to take USA Watchdog off the playing field.
      You and your motives seems suspect

  5. sam

    Journalism is in Mr Greg Hunters DNA, his Blood…and just like Noah, he is clean from the wicked world, that is why Our Heavenly Father gave him the assignment …Mr, Greg Hunter is Clean from this SWAMP and that is why President Trump give him that assignment of Press Secretary.

    • Ray

      Trump has given Hunter no assignment!!!
      It’s all in your head…….those three or four remaining neurons that still somehow mange to touch together in your limited brain are short circuiting, right here in front of us all.
      Fair Dinkum…….what planet are you on?
      Methinks it’s planet Suck Up……suck up to the owner of this website, in an inane attempt to curry favour, whilst you slither throughout the comment section, and snipe away at this community……such is your history here.
      Greg Hunter is a man of UNSHAKEABLE TRUTH……..and that is how it should remain.
      Any White House Press Secretary is a spokesperson for The Death Star…..A FILTHY LIAR that runs cover for the filth of the US Government.
      Greg Hunter WOULD NEVER BE THAT…..
      Wake up son…… are embarrassing yourself with your continuous idiocy.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Ray, Thank you. Best always. PM

        • Ray

          Brother Paul,
          I am blessed to have your thanks and best wishes.
          Same from me to you mate….always 😎
          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

          • sam

            04/26/2024 •

            Journalism is in Mr Greg Hunters DNA, his Blood…and just like Noah, he is clean from the wicked world, that is why Our Heavenly Father gave him the assignment …Mr, Greg Hunter is Clean from this SWAMP and that is why President Trump……………………SHOULD……………………. give him that assignment of Press Secretary.

            you are a total Idiot….on mistake and you LYING BUGGER make it look like a total “conspiracy”….you are a :human cockroach” scurrying around like the real thing.

            • Ray

              “sam” in his spirited yet laughable rebuttal to my comment wrote the following:
              “on mistake and you LYING BUGGER make it look like a total “conspiracy” “
              I think you were trying to write “One mistake”, but seeing how you possess all the written expression skills of a 4 year old, you forgot to put the letter “e” on the end of your word.
              What consistent mirth you offer up here at this site, as people around the world laugh at your unintelligible sentences and rants of spiteful gibberish.

              Fair Dinkum…….if brains were dynamite you wouldn’t have enough to blow your ears off!!!

              Goat 🐐🐐🐐

              Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Galaxy 500

        Sam must be part of one of the many CIA mind control programs… LOL.
        How are things in the World down under?
        How much is :
        1 gallon or 3.8 l of petrol
        1 gallon of milk (or educate me on the packaging)
        1lb butter (500 grams)
        Dozen eggs
        Forgive my curiosity.
        Every two weeks I go to the grocery and I am witnessing bot the rise in cost and the decline in packaging.
        Hope all is well down there

        • Ray

          Hi Galaxy,
          Thanks for chiming in mate.
          Your curiosity needs no forgiveness!
          Please see my replies to your questions below:

          Sam must be part of one of the many CIA mind control programs… LOL.

          I have had enough of this Imbo…..he has given me endless, snide back handers for months and months whenever I make comments here.
          From now on, I will be onto him like a seagull on a hot chip. Fair Dinkum…..he lives in La La Land and is a rude bastard as well. It’s time people stood up and told him, “We’re looking for wood……pull your head in”.

          How are things in the World down under?

          Australia is morphing into a true Idiocracy. That said, I do see more and more people sniffing the wind and starting to understand that things just aren’t right.
          If I had to summarise into a single sentence, I would say that the “social contract” between the government and the governed is breaking down at a fast rate of knots.
          The so called “cost of living crisis” is bighting hard for many.
          Our government and media, like most in the West, are more concerned about keeping people away from the truth than actually confronting it…….this will no doubt end in tears for everyone.
          I again point to “the truth” being analogous to a fart in the bathtub……’s impossible to keep it from rising! There is one possible way to do it though… can instantly “drain the bath tub” of all the water, so that the fart bubble never rises to the top: This option would be analogous of TPTB kicking the table over and letting the nukes fly.
          I give it at least a 50% chance of happening sometime between now and the US Presidential Selection later this year…….that’s if the US doesn’t tear itself apart before hand.

          How much is :
          1 gallon or 3.8 l of petrol:

          Petrol is about $2.00 (AUD) per litre, so $7.60 (AUD) per gallon…..approx $4.95 USD per gallon.

          1 gallon of milk (or educate me on the packaging)

          Our milk is mainly sold in 1 litre and 2 litre cartons. I usually buy the 2 litre carton (Milk is my FAVOURITE drink!)
          1 litre of full cream milk is $1.60 (AUD), so a gallon would be about $6.08 (AUD), so roughly $3.95 USD per gallon.

          1lb butter (500 grams)…….
          Salted Butter 500 grams is $6.90 (AUD), so about $4.49 USD

          Dozen eggs

          Most people over here won’t purchase “caged hen eggs”…..myself included. The preference is for “free ranging hen eggs”, where the bird is not stuck in a cage all its life.
          A dozen of these eggs (total weight 700 grams) is $5.60 (AUD), so about $3.65 USD. Caged eggs are about 15% cheaper.

          One of the biggest problems over here is the cost of housing (everyone needs somewhere to live……otherwise, you join the ever growing ranks of the homeless).
          In my estimation, the crux of the problem began here around 30 years ago, where people were encouraged to borrow money and purchase an “investment property”.
          The idea seemed simple enough……go into debt, buy a property, then stand on the back of some poor rental tenant as he pays off the bulk of your mortgage for you (our government has a real cancer on its hands here called “Negative Gearing”, where tax breaks are given for those who deliberately lose money on the investment…….look it up……fair dinkum, what a palava!)
          So people IN THEIR MILLIONS did this across Australia, took out ever more debt whilst interest rates were kept artificially low. It worked for a while, but now……


          The cheap credit is gone, interest rates are up, and those who own the “investment properties” are now raising rents sky high on tenants……..tenants who have their own cost of living pressures to deal with as well.

          It’s an utter shambles mate. It is said that the “Big Four” Australian banks are technically insolvent, and that comes as no surprise to me.

          Sadly, it will only get worse.

          I’m sure similar is happening in your neck of the woods.

          Take care Galaxy…….always a frosty beer and warm welcome waiting here for you mate.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

          • Galaxy 500

            Whole Milk $3.39 gallon
            Butter the store brand 3.99/lbs
            Free range eggs from my neighbor $6.00 per doz
            From store is $5 but my neighbor will be here next year LOL
            Last week in CA, unleaded averaged $5.00 gallon
            And $3.59 near my home in NC.
            Housing, food, gas… the things I need to live are increasing weekly. I own my home and got a deal when I bought. I could not afford it if I had to buy it today. In the area I live, hard to find any vacancies if you are looking to rent. Some landlords due to increases in maintenance, taxes and insurance have gone to 6 months lease at 1 price or you can do 12 at a higher price.
            Your government sounds like mine. Corrupt politicians, thieves and pedos… they are the same group.
            People that don’t have cash on hand are going to have a ride awakening when the banks close and their card doesn’t work.
            Stay safe my friend and if you make up here, as long as you don’t mind a big dog, you got a place to stay.
            I am offering advice that I myself have a problem following. My Daddy told me to ignore ignorance. When I can do it, it serves me well.

      • Blanch Cranston

        Your reply to Sam, I give it a Dinky Die Ray old son! He hates Aussie’s!
        “Big Mistake!” [Not Sam] John Mearsheimer vs Piers Morgan 2 hrs ago
        What say you Ray? Touchy Subject, personally I fear a nuclear winter.
        Winter’s bad enough alone, lol!

        • Ray

          Hi Blanch,
          Hope all is well with you and yours, and my thanks for your support regarding my reply to “sam”.
          Thanks for the link to that discussion as well.
          I would say that Mearsheimer comfortably defeated Morgan in their debate.
          Yes……it is a touchy subject indeed.
          For me……and I am not trying to convince anyone, it’s just how I see things, there are no “white hats” in any of this.
          Violence begets violence……history teaches us that.
          The die is cast.
          I think we will see what has been foretold in Revelations come to pass on this sick, sad & sorrowful Earth fairly soon.
          It really is true……the teachings of Jesus Christ are THE only answer to our myriad of problems.

          As a sinner, I ask for His forgiveness & His guidance every day.

          My best wishes be with you as we sail headlong into this tempest.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

      • sam

        I only “snipe at Stupidity…and you seem to be the biggest target all…..using my writing style with all the periods…….is a sign of a DEEP Personal Loathing of oneself…..and if you deny that you didn;t STEAL my writing Style with the Periods…..there is a Record of it that will Prove you are a plagiarist, and NO better than the…… Affirmative Action Clowns down at the Ivy League Schools

        • Ray

          Me “stealing your writing style”!!!
          That is THE BIGGEST laugh I have had in 10 years!
          Fair Dinkum…….me looking to emulate your writing style would be tantamount to Vincent Van Gough deciding to ditch his style of painting, and adapt that of a knuckle dragging Neanderthal cave painter!!!
          You can’t even spell Sam!
          You can’t even write your own name beginning with a capital letter!!
          You are unable to punctuate sentences……it’s utter dribble.
          I know 6 year old children who command superior written expression levels than yours.

          You are a bitter and snide man. I suggest you buy yourself a mirror and take a good long gaze into it……that will do you good.

          I have been here from the very start with Greg Hunter, and in that time, I have had the privilege of exchanging thoughts and ideas with people all across the world.
          You turn up at the site like an over night garden mushroom and start launching into people left, right and centre.
          You’ll find your welcome here will wear pretty thin if you keep it up.
          From what has been written above by other long term Watchdoggers, I suspect more people are going to come out and let you know moving forward.

          One of the great Aussie sayings applies to you.
          I have said it before, I will say it again and I will keep saying it:

          “We’re looking for wood. Pull your head in”.

          Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

          • Greg Hunter

            Ray and Sam,

            Please no more of this. I like you both and we have bigger things to talk about.

            Peace Brothers!!!

            Brother Greg

            • Ray

              Well said Captain……well said.
              I will keep my side of that bargain……as long as old mate Sam will do the same as we move forward.
              If he starts up again with back handers directed toward me in your comments section, I’ll be bringing it to your attention.
              I wish him well, and am willing to start afresh, as there is probably some common ground that he and I share.


              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

          • Galaxy 500

            It is easy to see you are not “stealing “ Sammy’s writing style. First of all, your writing is coherent and cohesive.
            As in you, Ray, are literate. 😉
            Ray, you can’t fight with Stupid. Arguing with Stupid will bring you down to their level and they are a lot more experienced at “stupid” than us normal humans.
            Gonna grill a steak here in a few and have a pair of Leffee Blonde Belgian Trappist ales.
            Head on over.

            • Ray

              I’m booking my flight now mate!
              Make mine medium rare, drizzle a good glug of olive oil over her, and season her up with a good lash of salt.
              Those beers sound splendid. 😎🍻
              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

    • Freedom-4-All


      We may appreciate your efforts, but I will support this action when Mr Hunter decides he is interested. What he does for us is SOOO important and needed and he may not feel that change would be positive. If he wants to pursue your idea., many of us will support him. But I, for one, do not plan on pushing him until I see he is on board and pushing it himself.

      Don Conrad

      • Galaxy 500

        I agree. Greg has lived in NYC and Sunny Florida, but I don’t think he has any interest in upending his life. He would have to abandon the Watchdog. I don’t see that happening. While I have no doubt he would be great, I think this is merely some fever dream Sam is having.

      • sam

        All I wanted to do is get President Trumps Attention to the brilliance of Mr Greg Hunter….its not up to me you “SMALL MINDED” AUSSIE AHOLES….If given an Invitation by the Administration….It will be Mr Greg Hunters Choice…not some insepid watchdoggers…who come on here and spew stupid Australian Gibberish.

  6. Marcus S

    Just wanna say , the New York construction worker who was asked Thursday what message he wants to send Joe Biden is very reflective of the real data polls . THAT’S THE AMERICAN SPIRIT !

  7. Felix Lietner

    IF it BLEEDS it LEADS……
    Russia ‘Wipes Out’ Ukraine’s UAV Centre; Kyiv ‘Losses Nearly 300 Drones And 500 Soldiers ‘Hindustan Times 60,851 views Apr 25, 2024
    Russian forces delivered a major blow to the Ukrainian Army amid intense fighting. Russian troops destroyed a giant drone production workshop of the Ukrainian army. The destruction would impact Kyiv, which has been carrying out a series of drone strikes. The Russian attack is being seen as revenge for Ukraine’s UAV “provocations.” According to the Russian Defence Ministry, 299 Ukrainian UAVs were smashed. Ukraine’s Army also “suffered heavy casualties” while facing a Russian blitz.

  8. deerflyguy

    Biden’s 8% approval rating isn’t being questioned because the swamp doesn’t want any discussion that even mentions such a low number! Right now, the only people who are hearing that number are mostly anti-Biden voters, so nothing is lost. A discussion that shows everyone – Biden supporters and detractors included – can only cost them more voters than they have already lost, as when people are told the real truth, they might believe that going to the polls to vote for Biden is a futile effort at best.

    • Greg Hunter

      In agree “Guy”!!

  9. Peter James Ferraro

    Greg please try to interview David Hunter, also now would be a good time to get Ted Butler back on.
    Thanks for the good work.

  10. Bob Piper

    China Attacks Biden After U.S. Deploys Deadly Missiles In Philippines; ‘Will Hurt Everyone…’ | Hindustan Times 2,641 views Apr 26, 2024
    China has reacted strongly after the United States deployed intermediate-range missiles in the South China Sea during the ongoing military exercise with the Philippines. Chinese defence ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said on April 25 that Beijing will take all effective measures to prevent the US from ‘messing up’ the South China Sea.

    Pro. John Mearsheimer: Who/What Caused the War in Ukraine?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 99,669 views 15 hours ago
    Pro. John Mearsheimer: Who/What Caused the War in Ukraine?

  11. Shirl

    Riveting & Brilliant, Thanx Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thans Shirl!

  12. Robert J. Gargasz

    Greg : the Cleveland Commercial Office Buildings are a canary in the coal mine. The economy is being destroyed! The BP Office tower and many commercial structures are now being offered for sale for 1/2 of former values! The crash in value is upon us. It is not safe in Cleveland/Lorain/Elyria Ohio SSMA. Police and fire employees have been funded with pandemic (scam-Democrat money). Biden is taking over the Ohio National Guard! ( turning it over to space command)

    DeWine and the uniparty in Ohio are selling out Ohioans.

    Troubling in River City. Barges released to jeapordize infrastructure, like New York, Baltimore, Mississippi River infrastructure. We are under attack and they are killing our supply chains. A great purge is required. Live Free or die! Victory or death. May God Bless you.

    Lost my brother, brother-in-law to the consequences of those damn mRNA bio weapon shots. Damn the CCP and the uni-party traitors!

  13. TJ Keil

    Hi Greg, no matter what I try, Your videos have not loaded for many weeks now.
    I miss watching your interviews.


    • Greg Hunter

      Try this: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like

      Link to USAW homepage

      Home page on Rumble:

  14. Dale Buss

    Sharri Nails it: If it Bleeds it Leads and the Right to do so! Struth1
    ‘Madness’: Sharri Markson blasts government’s ‘extreme overreach’ amid battle with X
    Sky News Australia 7.1K views 12 hours ago

  15. Rod Strute

    No ONE is ready for what’s coming with food prices, it’s going to be bad | Redacted
    153K views 1 day ago

    Putin Ups Russia’s Drone Game; ‘Floating’ Kamikazes, ‘Bridge Killers’ To Wreak Havoc In Ukraine 9,200 views 51 minutes ago

  16. Felix Lietner

    Australian people should be able to ‘say what they want’: Matt Canavan
    Sky News Australia 21,656 views Apr 22, 2024
    Nationals Senator Matt Canavan says he backs the Australian people being “able to say what they want”.
    Billionaire Elon Musk has mocked Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s social media crackdown hours after his platform was again ordered to remove graphic content.
    Mr Canavan told Sky News Australia that the government should not try to “police” Australian people’s speech.
    “What the Prime Minister’s trying to do here is to use a violent stabbing, a terrible incident in Western Sydney.
    “To say somehow he now needs to govern power to tell you what you can say.”

  17. Mark in OKC

    Sign of the economic times… 1,000 stores closing…
    Dollar stores are going BANKRUPT!!!

    • Galaxy 500

      It’s it amazing. In the short time that Beijing Biden has been the puppet in charge, the dollar has lost so much intrinsic value that you can not run a store that sells stuff for a buck. Those stores that had prospered for decades and served as a place the poor could stretch their meager earnings.
      All gone in 3 years due to Biden.
      In 2019, gas was everywhere in the US at an average $2.60 and today $3.67 average/gallon down from a previous record high of $5/gallon. In those same years the corrupt Biden puppet regime destroyed a billion dollars in high paying union jobs (Keystone Pipeline). He stopped drilling and raised oil leases on federal lands so high as to be stop drilling. Everything these corrupt POS do is to steal the savings of the middle class and to make sure the poor to lower middle class struggle everyday to maintain their current standard of living. And they are not succeeding.
      Under Trump every American prospered and had money left over. Trump stopped the invasion of illegals that destroy the working class.
      And yet people, even ones posting on this site spout childish nonsense that they can vote Trump, can vote for the lesser of two evils. Trump isn’t perfect but he is by far the moral and honorable man in the White House since Regan.
      If you are this F’ing stupid, you deserve what you get. More than likely, these people posting this demonic nonsense are actually paid trolls seeking to keep Ol’ Uncle Joe in the White House. Because that is what not voting or not voting Trump gets you.
      Some twit said “could vote for either side. I don’t have a dog in this fight “
      We are fighting for the Republic! How the F#€k if you live in America can you have that stupid ignorant position? Do you shop and buy groceries, gas, pay for electricity and water?
      The only way you don’t have a dog in this fight is if you are in a foreign land.
      I am shocked when I see some state the above. All I can think is the person want another 4 years of Biden destroying the Republic, our God Given rights and the value of our currency.

  18. Don W.

    This is a huge topic given the fact the World Economic Forum wants you to eat bugs and own nothing.
    When you mention the above, you are right on, but so many people do NOT understand and we ALL need to know about them as they are the ones that are in control of the puppet that is in the White House. They are after a ONE WORLD GOV. and we are headed that way.

  19. Jim R

    Thanks Greg! Excellent WNW as always! God bless!

  20. jane howard

    Greg. The ‘Trump Immunity’ podcast is the best, most cogent, impassioned, truth telling episode you have ever done. Right on with the facts, the real story behind the curtain & a great delivery. Kudos to you for your excellent journalism.

  21. Thomas Malthaus

    Maybe she can address the recent stories about mRNA in milk and cocoa?

  22. tinfoil

    When you first held the paper up, I saw “negative 8%,” so…

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s 8%.

      • tinfoil

        Yes, and the linked image was a joke based on my initial misperception. Guess it was only funny to me. Sorry.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thought you were giving me crap. My bad. Now, it is funny.
          repost it.

          • tinfoil

            I could’ve communicated better, no worries, friend.

            • Galaxy 500

              Now that is Funny!
              And likely true

  23. White German Shepherd

    Tucker Carlson would be a better press secretary.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

  24. Led Skeletor

    Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff’s Car Was Robbed in San Fransicko

    Satirically GOOD! (I resort to Schadenfreude) But I bet Adam Schiff still didn’t get the message, fools like ‘shehe/those/it’ only get the message when ‘they/them/thoseselves’ are on life support and their inheritors start fighting over a wasted mans scraps.

    Now If we only could get the remainder of the thieves to agree to only rob the CAPOs that run the world from their inner city ivory towers; and leave us common peasant peons alone. I’m not promoting violence, just peace for the common man.

    Why the common man robs or assaults the common man… just like in wars, why does the common man of one nation kill the common man of another nation? They should wage war on the greedy non-elected multinational organizations that demand (You’ll Own Nothing and be Happy, take your 7th jab and be a good little boy) the enslavement of others by endless wars.

    Send $100 billion to end once-and-for-all the upper non-elected powers!! AND LEAVE US COMMON MAN TO BE FREE. But there will still be taxation, can’t win them all, we all must pretend that someone must pay for the free shit the others get.

    Ain’t it a shame those that us that pay for it all through our blood, sweat and tears are the ones that get absolutely nothing.

  25. Lora

    Thank you Greg
    2024 is the last stand! We need to pray in this late hour for the American Republic, that if it’s God’s will to save this Country, Trump remains protected, is miraculously elected and is able to surround himself with true patriots, exposing/indicting all of the despicable traitors.
    What a feat that will be with the entire Congress, with exception of a few, complete rogue turncoats. All this seems so impossible to achieve, but God can do anything.

  26. Dennis
    Hey Greg, here we go, New Mexico, governor caught on tape, talking about drug smuggling and making lots of money. You have to mention this on your next podcast or do a emergency broadcast and get this information out to your listeners. Thanks, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Dennis, for posting this.

  27. Randy Hitt

    Great points Greg, it’s going to take a much bigger ‘”greatest election fraud operation of all time ” for Biden to be able to repeat his 2020 coup. Everything is different this time not the least of which is the fact that Biden was polling 5 points above Trump this same date in 2020, and Trump is polling 1 point ahead. Trump got 16,000,000 more votes in ’20 than he did in ’16, this time he’s going to get another 10,000,000 new legal votes so I don’t see any path back for Biden, there’s no way they can manufacture then sneak 40,000,000 fake Biden votes into the count after election day, with the whole world watching,no way.

  28. Sally

    No one is talking about the banks failing any more..Why? I took most of my money out…..and then..nothing…was all the talk just to get people to buy gold or silver? To help only a certain segment of the people who could afford buying ??

    • Stacia Gnosis

      there was a bank failure this weekend, Republic Bank of Philadelphia

      and there is warning clearing houses are about to fail. And Clif High’s data is saying there is going to be problems with stocks mismatch at clearing houses. Accdg to Reuters: Regulators must equip themselves with tools such as “bail-in” bonds to deal quickly with a failed clearing house for stocks, bonds or derivatives without having to call on taxpayers for cash, the G20’s risk watchdog said on Thursday.

      Clif High’s recent audioblog said May is big financial problems month.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is a big deal, and it came out of nowhere ON A FRIDAY. Thanks for pointing this out!! Failing banks are like roaches. There is never just on roach.

  29. Susan R

    Thank you Greg for this extremely sober report. You are a lens to interpret for us the current events and give background relevant for understanding. It sure does sound like end times yet I don’t see it around me yet. I have listened for ever to you and have been getting ready all along, and I hear you loud and clear about being one of the elect. I give my deepest gratitude, you are number one for me. May you and yours be the elect.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan.

  30. Naomi Zentmyer

    I am a Christian first, not a Zionist nor a Christian Zionist. The proportion of the killing in Gaza is way beyond what was allowed to happen by the breaching of the border in October.
    Netanyahu was questioned about the most obvious lack of security and he suggested that he’d look into it after t he war. No one is buying this.
    Do you know that there are young Isralies that do not support this, that there are Christians in Gaza, Koptic Christians….
    I have always been a supporter of Jewish return and t he state of Israel, but this is not justice.
    “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall inherit the Kingdom”

    I listened to an interview of a Israeli man in who has lived long in the state of Israel and there now, he said that he simply cannot do this, cannot support this. He said has anyone thought about what happens after? What this is going to do going forward for the Israelies?

    I listen to a Jewish man in the US raging about the land that is now being sold in Gaza to investors…….Kushner. He said there is going to be huge blowback on this and on our heads.
    Jewish Zionism and Christian Zionism has a hideous face.

    Greg, I appreciate your work and the platform that you have and have given to many who are very well informed and who are on team Humanity. But this in good conciouness and prayer and research I cannot do.
    Thank you once again,

    • Greg Hunter

      So, you are good with using women and children as human shields? Is that what young Israelis do not support? Why do you ignore using women and children as human shields and cannon fodder for a global PR campaign? This IS a military strategy!! Are you that stupid or do you just believe what you want to believe? Ignoring this military strategy is demonic. I don’t trust any of the reporting on this especially with no sourcing.

      • Farmer Johnny

        Greg, are you ignoring the precision of the IDF’s weapons? They could easily remove the Hamas players without the genocide. Christians have died it the iDF strikes as well. This is not WW2, the IDF can zap anyone they want on an individual level. They are killing thousands indiscriminately. Did you see the aid worker video? They were hit 3 different times with amazing precision.. wow

        • Greg Hunter

          You are a liar or you have no idea what you are taking about. Nothing is that precise all the time. Hamas could fix the problem by not conducting war operations (as a strategy) from a densely populated areas. Hamas uses women and children as human shields and the dead in a PR campaign for dumbasses like you. There is lots of room in Gaza to conduct war. Check it out on Google maps.


          • Farmer Johnny

            With all due respect Mr. Hunter, you are wrong on this one. (This is Greg Hunter. I am not “wrong.” YOU ARE!!! I have facts and you don’t like them. So, you say I am “wrong” because you do not like the objectivity or the facts.” Oh, and by the way, the thumbs up on Rumble show 653 to only 31 thumbs down. I suspect most of the thumbs down are paid trolls like you. I said the people will be with me on this, and I was right!!! Another fact!!!… Now go away and pray for your demonic terrorists called Hamas–they need it. )

    • Perry

      Israel must get rid of the terrorists whether they are Hamas or “Palestinians” (no such country). All they know how to do is kill, behead or rape unless others convert. They are full of HATE. We love Israel and support her right or wrong.

    • Lora

      War is war and the innocent always get caught in the cross fire. But everyone conveniently forgets that this is not a war that Israel started, but Israel must end it AFTER ridding Gaza of Hamas, who hide under the skirts of women, bury themselves under schools, hospitals and private homes like the gutless, inhuman, murderous rats that they’ve clearly demonstrated to be on October 7th.
      It is absurd that America and the world powers are turning their backs on Israel due to the civilian deaths in Gaza.
      BUT NOT ONE WORD of concern is really uttered regarding all the hundreds of thousands in deaths of men, women and children occurring in Ukraine, in a war there that would have been OVER LONG AGO if the traitorous Obama/Biden Regime were not financing this proxy war with BILLIONS of unaccounted, American, tax paid dollars in payoffs, money laundering and other nefarious activities, with little funding going towards the actual war efforts ) and little to none towards our own American borders.
      This Ukraine war goes on and on without peace efforts, and no end in site, resulting in massive killing sprees and destruction of much of Ukraine (but this killing of innocents seems to be ok…,no riots or demonstrations over this here in the US!
      This fomenting antisemitism of Israel, due to a genuine lack of understanding seems to be ok with the mainstream media, too many American Civilians like you, kids in colleges, along with our turncoat, incompetent Congress, who no longer follow the will of its Citizens.
      This obvious conflict of interest, with the hypocrisy by the world powers against Israel, demonstrates that they do not care at all about the loss of life anywhere unless it fits their globalist, political agendas.

    • Edd

      Please listen. You can Not believe something you see in a video just like you cannot believe everything you read.Its never been more clear that today’s world is run by true evil. People will do or say just about anything for a couple dollars. Find REAL Christian conservative news outlets along with what you currently see and compare,use logic,and Pray for wisdom. Then you will start to realize what’s actually happening in Israel and the world.
      Thanks Greg , I’ve missed Ms.Fitts. She’s been my favorite of your regulars for 10 yrs.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am Christian. YWHW commanded thru the prophet to King Saul to wipe these people out.
      You can not reason with these people. You can not make peace with them.
      They do not wear uniforms. They are trained from an early age to hate and that killing Jews will cause their Satanic deity to bless them with little boys if they martyr themselves.
      If these people were in Canada coming into the USA doing these horrible things to Americans for 60-70 years , we would exterminate them down to the last man woman and child. Don’t think we wouldn’t.

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, one rather suspected some of this =
    My question is…are such led protests really protected ‘ freedom of speech.’ ?
    One does have the ‘right to protest’.and have Constitutional right of freedom of speech..but if one is only/just spewing hate and discord and being PAID…to cause havoc, chaos, disruption and one takes money and does so…are those not then just crimes commited a the guise/ruse akid to political terrorism?
    Can not people whose lives are being threatened, disrupted sue those shown to have taken money civilly for damaged …including kept from their rights they paid for to go to those universities…blocked roads causing missed flights, lost work, not then sue them and Soros if it can be shown he did pay them to do so?

    Secondly, would be interesting to hear from those that might know…We hear that Biden is being run by Obama or part of ‘that regime’ in the background? So, as private citizens what authority do they even have ANY ability to be doing so? They are un-elected, and NOT in an official office or capacity designated ‘advisors’ to the President. So, it would appear they have NO presidential immunity and should be called to testify by Congress as to their involvement in such, as to just who ‘they’ are representing or possibly being agents for, or working possibly as lobbyist types if they are under employment by any private intel, defense, corporations or law firms?
    Clearly, we all know just what ‘that’ revolving door system is = a huge part of the swamp that thru the multi-national corporations hopes to run world politics and control of world resources and industry. And IT is not just a U.S.A. thing, just so the world knows as the spider-web of pay to play and ‘the octopus’ of the banking cabal and their Central bank systems, including the BRIC+ are part of the ruse used against the masses to retain ‘their’ surveillance, power, and control over ALL in the world they deem ‘they’ claim rule over. Yes, even the stock and bond markets are segmented…and once people view them ALL as one big market, like the mega-banks do, then people will get a better picture of who and what is occurring, as the next market opening is just responding to what the last markets daily activity and closing did. So do watch the flow of money into and out of stock, PM, bonds and ‘their’ nations GDP etc…but a wider view of those ‘indicators’ show a more true flow of currency and investment flows…by those at the head of such agency decisions of say, Bilderberg, UN, Tri-literalist, Royal Families, and ‘grand puppets’ of other smaller nations where Dams and Canals and production and industrial centers are built as ‘they’ participate in those as they squash, or put their own nations people out of work to make better profits for themselves and ‘their’ family and friends investments at the expense of selling out many ‘deplorables’ and smaller businesses in their own countries. FOR THE GREATER GOOD, of course! Time to re-think Empires, and the elite and wealthy behind them, even the older ones…does anyone think all their eons old wealth was squandered and spent… or are ‘they’ still part of the world cabal attempting to rule and run things behind the scenes of ‘their’ city-state banking matrix.? Which of ‘those alliances’ generated and combine ‘their power and wealth’ to overwhelm ‘adversaries’ for new and more territorial control and capture of resources? Has anything changed other than the form and puppetry of their matrix? Yes, Kings and Emperors protected those that ‘ordained; them! EACH as their steps up their side of the ARCH of which the ‘keystone’ is wealth that provides/feeds their ability to retain control and that power over the masses. ALL but for those times that God and the Sun and the universe have their cyclical say and disrupt even ‘their’ plans of manifest destiny and repeals ‘their’ mandate from heaven via ice-ages, mud floods, great eruptions or earthquakes and magnetic reversals.
    Those are the real RE-SETS that throw the world back into dark times and erased history, and near missing remembrances. Those are the days of the long calendar…many many times older that when Jesus Christ came to walk the earth a mere 2000 years ago to re-mind us of the proper course and purpose we are here…and how to achieve those goals…as mere mortals whose lives are but a few footsteps of immense span of time as we hand off the baton of HIS message and how to advance a grand civilization better achieving the goal of perfection and love.
    Has to be some here that has a ‘legal’ or more scholarly view so would love to know the difference between Constitutional freedom of speech and PAID FOR political unrest and torts and damages to peaceful lawabiding citizens as well as the intentional sequester of their right of free travcl and their property which is, when not willing to leave their private property, ie cars, trucks, businesses, homes is but a form of being held hostage or kidnapped !

  32. Alan V. Mizeras

    your link in the emails I receive does not work. I have commeted via your contact but no response. This has gone on for several weeks. Is there an explanation or is it the deep state making access more difficult??

    • Greg Hunter

      Try this and let me know if it works. The links are there. You are being blocked by evil Big Tech. They don’t want you to see the videos.

      (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. Finally, clear your cache and that might help too. All the above is a way Big Tech tries to censor people like


  33. Robert

    You are correct, for the good of Israel there needs to be an immediate, independent investigation of Oct 7.
    The longer they wait the more it looks like the ‘plan’ rather than an ‘intel failure’.
    The more it looks like ‘the plan’ the more it looks like war crimes and genocide.

  34. Stephen Ryals

    I think both sides are purely insane, I will not vote.. This way I have no dog in the fight.
    So, yall can be miserable. Its an illusion of choice of sociopathic scumbags.

    Its the vax stupid warp speed, not a mistake, CA FITS told u. On your show.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have more of a discussion on this on Saturday.

      • Galaxy 500

        Hi Greg,
        I look forward to the Saturday Evening Post.

    • Shiloh1

      I get your point. I never understood what Sgt. York had against the Kaiser. Brits stirring boiling pots and drawing lines on maps for 50o years. To them, Ukraine thing is merely a continuation of the Crimean War. In the Middle East, they were the ones who concocted the Balfour Declaration in middle of WWI, April 1917. US jumped in a few weeks later.

    • Galaxy 500

      Damn, evil Stephen. Not voting is a vote for the continuation of the current. No dog in this fight?
      Do you live in the USA?
      It was hard to be civil in response to such a childish and feckless position.

  35. Russell Holmes

    Powell is, of course, part of the cartel and if the market starts crashing he may cut interest rates in order to help President Briben win (or actually just make it so Briben has to steal fewer votes). He wouldn’t cut much, a half a point at the most, but people are so stupid they’d buy, buy, buy.

    I thought, BTW, that yesterday when the DOW was down almost $700 the crash was here. The government numbers (lies) were horrible but mainly the quarterly growth of 1.6% on an annual basis means the economy would grow $400 billion BUT the Federal Government cartel alone (not counting states and cities) spent $600 billion MORE than the revenue they took in just in that same period (the last quarter). So we are in a recession and the same is true for 2024 as if the Feds hadn’t spent (stolen) the $2.5 trillion over revenue taken in the economy would have gone down 5%.

  36. Jay B. Wells

    Friday Live — Democrat Lawfare Backfires! Trump Trials INCREASING His Popularity, While Dementia Joe Literally Collapses
    The American Journal: Biden Kicks Off Great Reset Via War On Coal Power

  37. J.B.Wells

    Saturday Repeat too;
    Democrat Lawfare Backfires! Trump Trials INCREASING His Popularity, While Dementia Joe Literally Collapses
    The American Journal: Biden Kicks Off Great Reset Via War On Coal Powe

  38. Joseph

    When Hamas uses women and children as a shield Israel has a choice.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, you are a stupid idiot that admits using women and children as a shield is OK as a war strategy? You are a demonic dumbass!!! Don’t come back.

    • Galaxy 500

      Israel only has one choice, wipe Hamas and their enablers from the planet earth. Women and children helper rape and murder the Jews being held prisoner.

  39. A. Truman

    I found this Bible verse today and thought it really fits with our world situation…

    Dan. 11:36-37: 36 “Then the king will do as he pleases, and he will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; and he will prosper until the indignation is finished, for that which is decreed will be done. 37 He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.
    NASB 1995

  40. Marie Joy

    Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors
    Please become involved in your town’s voting process, asap.
    “By November, it’s going to get really bad”. Greg Hunter, Minute 15:35
    It has to get really bad by November so they can cancel the election.
    Stated online, “20% of MAGA will not vote”. Prove him wrong. VOTE
    Grow inside, outside, windowsill, attic, basement, etc, etc, etc.
    Seedling heat mats raise germination rates.
    My parents had chickens in the kitchen. Open your mind.

  41. Jerry

    Any updates from viewers on the Deagel Report about a 70% reduction in US population?

  42. I Dig Au

    A weekly dose of truth in a world built on lies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “AU”!!

  43. Galaxy 500

    Great broadcast Greg
    You report what others seek to keep hidden.
    Thank you for what you do. You are surely the hardest working Journalist (big J) in America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

  44. Sarah

    Gerald Celente has come out in opposition to the Israeli genocide of Palestinians…so I guess he’s no longer welcome at USAWD…?

    • Greg Hunter

      Gerald just has to be honest and say the genocide is caused by Hamas conduction a military strategy in a densely populated area. Again, this is a well reported strategy. Hamas uses women and children as human shields, and the dead are used in a global PR campaign. Hamas had no problem doing this on October 7th when they murdered hundreds innocent unarmed people. These are facts. Now, the Rafah civilians are going to be evacuated: This should make the pro Hamas terror backers very happy. This way, Hamas can take on the IDF without fear of killing civilians and they can try to kill all the Jews they want.

      You have to be objective and report all the facts not just the fact that fit your narrative.


      • Gorgianna Pattinski

        Greg, I don’t think Gerald disagrees with you. But if a terrorist was hiding in his house, with his wife and kids in it. He wouldn’t lob a grenade in it, unless maybe it was somebody else’s family. . . .
        This is Greg Hunter and I have deleted the rest of this stupid terrorist excusing post. NOT THE SAME THING “GP”. THIS IS A LONG-USED HAMAS WAR STRATEGY–PERIOD!!!! THIS IS A FACT!!! Stop making bull shit excuses for this sort of demonic military strategy!!!!!! If Hamas wanted to stop the “genocide” (they are causing) Hamas would get out in front of their women and children and take on the IDF. The Hamas terrorist cowards had no problem with getting out in front of their densely populated cities on October 7th, 2023 when they attacked unarmed Jews. Hey, NO Palestinian women and children were injured or killed on October 7th!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that???????


    • sam

      jerry celente is a COWARDLY self Proclaimed Draft Dodger……… un-American as one can get

  45. Randy

    Greg >Greg>> You should Know the Fox is watching the hen house!! Who went to JAIL?? Crime has been over the Top and you keep saying >They will go to Jail!! MMM!! NO! America is not in Prophecy Future!!> Something to think about! But Israel Is!!>> Something to think about AGAIN!>>Enjoy

    • Galaxy 500

      I disagree with you understand of the Word. What point would it have been to mention another continent when they thought they knew the entire world. Why muddy the message?
      Galaxy 500

  46. Randy

    A> Greg do you know Bible prophecy future?> GodJesus say they will not be destroyed no matter what the world wants!>> They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit. I will firmly plant them in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land that I have given them,” says the LORD your God. Enjoy PS> if you have a few brain cells you will know what that means.

  47. Randy

    Not at all. It sounds frightening. In effect, the third seal judgment of Rev. 6:5-7 says it will take everything the average person can earn in a day to purchase enough wheat flour to make a large loaf of bread. (A loaf of bread is roughly enough food for one person for one day.) That means all other expenses, including the cost of feeding anyone else they may be responsible for will go unpaid. Some expert observers believe this could be due to the combination of hyper-inflation and extreme food shortages. Among them are those who say the world could be in the run up to this time of extreme hardship even now. We aRE SEEING THE START OF THIS!!> lUV BIBLE PROPHECY FUTURE!

  48. Kirstin Stein

    You’re awesome, Greg, praise Jah!

  49. wayne hardin


    If a group of people came in my house and robbed me and raped or killed my wife.
    And run into the hospital or school or church of maybe somebody house .
    Would it be OK or right for me to blow up and kill everybody there to get the devils.
    Just a thought .

    Wayne Hardin

    • Greg Hunter

      So, if the monsters who killed your family run to their community and hide behind women and children as a war strategy you cannot go after them?? You cannot be this stupid!!!!! It is demonic and evil ignore a war strategy that uses your own women and children as human shields and dead bodies to use as a global PR campaign. You are backing demonic terrorists. “Just a thought” you moron!!!!!
      Please do not comment again.

    • Galaxy 500

      Well Wayne,
      Sure it’s Ok to raze the hospital or mosque to the foundations. Everyone in Gaza is a terrorist. The children are filled with hate of Jews from birth. Don’t worry they hate Christian as well, to be honest, they hate everyone but moslems and then they hate moslems as well if they aren’t the right flavor of moslem. No one in Gaza is a non combatant.
      Just a thought

  50. yolanda burl

    Elon Musk BATTLES Australia Over Censorship Demands!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 135K views 12 hours ago

  51. Paper Tiger

    Larry Johnson Briefing of the UNSC: Deciphering the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage. Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    66,979 views Apr 26, 2024
    Speaking at the United Nations Security Council; Larry Johnson, a seasoned veteran of the CIA and State Department, as he dissects the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage. With stakes higher than ever in global politics, Johnson brings his expertise in intelligence, counter-terrorism, and financial investigations to bear on this politically charged quandary. As we navigate the murky waters of international relations, his insights offer clarity on the necessity of a comprehensive and transparent probe led by the United Nations Security Council, drawing upon the legacy of President Truman’s pursuit of peace.
    In a narrative that is as riveting as it is enlightening, Johnson stitches together the logistical and strategic threads behind the Nord Stream attack. His call for an unspoiled evidence chain and his expertise in financial forensics underscore the importance of untangling this complex web to maintain the delicate balance of international relations. By scrutinizing the response of NATO countries and paralleling historical events like the Pan Am 103 bombing, our discussion elevates the conversation surrounding global security dynamics and the quest for truth in an age of uncertainty. Join us for a session that not only enlightens but also imparts the gravity of leadership in the face of adversity.

  52. Tom Ryan

    It’s so disappointing to hear your Zionist talking points, (This is Greg Hunter and your demonic fact-less terror backing points are much worse and really evil.)

  53. Mike & Ronald Johnson

    “ARMAGEDDON”​—what does this Bible name signify? Well If your new to, back when I found, I remember Greg talking about Armageddon and a future middle east conflict back in 2014. Now it seems were here and according to what I’ve been told on these pages and today, it’s all the talk now even beyond these pages. Are we on the brink of nuclear war, were already in a world of war. What they call it after its over, well have to wait and see. It looks like it could be WW3 so far, if you ask me!
    How to Survive if it goes nuclear _ A.I. Predicts World War 3

    8 “Come, behold the works of the LORD God,
    [d]What desolations he hath made in the earth.
    9 He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth;
    He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder;
    He burneth the chariots in the fire.”​—Psalm 46:8, 9.

    The above words of the inspired psalmist agree with the heartfelt desire of people throughout the ages. Really, who has not longed for the day when war will be no more? As much as we would like to see it, however, the end of war has, so far, eluded all human efforts. Not only is war still very much with us but it also has become so destructive and deadly that for the first time in human history the continuation of civilization, and even life itself, is threatened.
    In view of the grave danger looming ahead, we cannot help but ask: Why have human efforts to prevent war been such miserable failures? Is war really inevitable? Indeed, why are wars fought in the first place? Money? Power? Coverups? I could go on and on.
    It’s a tough $64 Billion dollar Burisma, Biden Administration Question and holdup of the Ukrainian people and the American tax payer?

  54. H. Strangways

    Why France is Preparing for War
    Task & Purpose 3.9M views 1 month ago

  55. F. Cooper

    Chinese, Russian and Iranian Leaders are Unrealistic | Paul Craig Roberts Dialogue Works 11,329 views Apr 27, 2024 Interviews
    Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy.
    President Reagan appointed Dr. Roberts Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and he was confirmed in office by the U.S. Senate. From 1975 to 1978, Dr. Roberts served on the congressional staff where he drafted the Kemp-Roth bill and played a leading role in developing bipartisan support for a supply-side economic policy. After leaving the Treasury, he served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Commerce.
    Dr. Roberts has held academic appointments at Virginia Tech, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, Stanford University where he was Senior Research Fellow in the Hoover Institution, George Mason University where he had a joint appointment as professor of economics and professor of business administration, and Georgetown University where he held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy in the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
    He has contributed chapters to numerous books and has published many articles in journals of scholarship, including the Journal of Political Economy, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of Law and Economics, Studies in Banking and Finance, Journal of Monetary Economics, Public Choice, Classica et Mediaevalia, Ethics, Slavic Review, Soviet Studies, Cardoza Law Review, Rivista de Political Economica, and Zeitschrift fur Wirtschafspolitik. He has entries in the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Economics and the New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance.
    He has contributed to Commentary, The Public Interest, The National Interest, Policy Review, National Review, The Independent Review, Harper’s, the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Fortune, London Times, The Financial Times, TLS, The Spectator, The International Economy, Il Sole 24 Ore, Le Figaro, Liberation, and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. He has testified before committees of Congress on 30 occasions.

  56. Geena Gador

    Hi Greg: Here is a handy website:

    They have compiled data on 102 clinical trials proving ivermectin’s consistent effectiveness in treating covid-19.

  57. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg. Outstanding WNW. Looking forward to CAF on Saturday Night Post. CAF exposes with deep state financial scams and is close to Whitney Webb. Came across this from WW on the carbon credit scam / debt enslavement/ surveillance coup –

    Would like to hear CAF’s take on it.

    Thank you.

  58. Jeff

    Hey Greg, like always you do a great job! People today hate the facts and use feelings. They need to understand what value means.. How many times on a hot mic from our elect saying how stupid we are,when they think the mic is off!?? … But like you say at the end, worry not God’s will at work here.

  59. P Hester

    Well done Mr. Hunter.
    Another on point, no nonsense Weekly Wrap Up. I don’t know how you do it week in and out. Very much looking forward to the C.A. Fitts interview. Keep up the great work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “P”!! Fireworks with this on at the halfway mark.

  60. Edd

    Hey Greg, I know it’s to late to bring this up to C.A.F. but I just read it and wow, so I wanted to share. The title of the article doesn’t do justice to the information in it.

  61. Leslie

    Greg, I hope you say that the biggest “religious
    Figure” to push the poison was the pope. The majority of people who bullied me to my face about not taking it were catholics and left wingers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pope = Evil and I am a former Catholic but still on team Jesus.

  62. Bill

    The Cloward Pliven strategy in action.

  63. Lady Au Stackers United

    Confined Animal Feeding Operations = extreme cruelty.
    Be more cognizant and aware of where your animal protein came from and the suffering the animal endured before it’s dead cooked carcass becomes food on your plate. Think about that animal protein you are about to eat who was once a sentient being just like you, who cried before slaughter on the kill floor along with thousand others on a daily basis, millions nationwide. Before you pray and give thanks for the animal you are about to eat, dear Christians, think about not what you are about to eat but rather who endured tremendous suffering, pain, and crying. Big animal Agriculture is extremely powerful in DC. Support small farms. Support personal backyard farmers if you are not Vegan or Vegetarian.

    • Galaxy 500

      What a load of hooey!
      Chickens, cowed, sheep, pigs etc are not sentient…
      You wrote“Think about that animal protein you are about to eat who was once a sentient being just like you…”
      Just because you people were able to change the word from thinking/reasoning beings to “feeling/sensing beings doesn’t matter to me.

  64. Lady Au Stackers United

    Just take another shot!
    Ohh yeah! I’ve taken 2 Moderna shots and a Booster, she said. I’m so proud of myself that I did the right thing, she said. What! You didn’t take the vaccine, she said. Well, you need to stay away from me because you haven’t been vaccinated, she said. I’ve taken 3 shots and I had COVID infection at least 4 times, but I’m protected from getting a severe case of infection due to getting the shots, she said. Several months later: I’m still sick with this chronic cough and my doctor tells me it’s not COVID this time but we need to run diagnostics to figure this out, she said.

    Stay tuned for the rest of the story in future posts.

    These real life happenings in my personal circle of friends and family is kinda like a dumbed-down version of a T.V. prime time cartoon show. They don’t like hearing the truth. When a family member got sick with COVID after a flight return from Japan, I asked if she had taken the ivermectin tablets I gifted her and my brother via mail. Answer: silence. I sent a link of a recent USAWD video interview of Dr Eads. Answer/reply: nothing, silence. It’s as if they are demonstrating cognitive dissonance. Deep down in their hearts, they know but can’t admit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your friends and family who took the CV19 injections need treatment. (So do the unvaxed) Some people you cannot help. Hang in there and keep reporting on this story please.

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