Bigger War, Bigger Fraud and Bigger CV19 Death Toll

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 616 for 1/12/24)

This is the year of bigger, and in this case, bigger is NOT better.  There is a bigger war brewing in the Middle East – much bigger.  Some say this is the beginning of WWIII.  There is no end in sight for the conflicts all over the region.  You have a hot war in Gaza.  Hezbollah is ready to ramp it up in Lebanon on Israel’s Northern border, and the US and UK both opened up big attacks on the Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen.  Meanwhile, Iran was busy taking an oil tanker by force near the Strait of Hormuz.   You have conflict on the biggest choke points for oil tankers and shipping at the Red Sea and the Persin Gulf.  Is there a big economy-killing oil spike coming?  If this keeps going, and it will, the answer is yes.

It’s hard to believe the fraud being conducted to keep Donald Trump from running for his old job in 2024 could get any bigger, but it has.  The Georgia DA, Fani Willis, prosecuting the Trump Rico case is in hot water for sending her boyfriend to the White House just before the Trump indictment for RICO charges.  Marjorie Taylor Green is seeking criminal referrals for all involved.  Even if Willis could get a conviction on her case, there are many avenues for it all to fall apart on appeal.  Colluding with the Biden White House to jail a political opponent is a huge “get out of jail free” card.  Somebody other than Trump may go to jail for what President 45 calls election interference.  It’s hard to disagree when you have fraud in your face that is this big.

Bigger numbers of those who “died suddenly” and so-called “medical emergencies” because of the CV19 bioweapon vax are soaring, according to NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller (MCM).  Of course, the deaths and disabilities are caused by the CV19 bioweapon vax, but the Lying Legacy Media is trying to cover up and gaslight the public into thinking it’s not really a problem.  But it is a problem, a huge problem, and it is getting worse.  With more than 700 million CV19 injections that have “intentionally toxic” ingredients, it is only going to get worse and become a much bigger death toll and disability.  This is why MCM is asking for all the help you can give him to help document this historic tragedy and murder program.  (You can donate to MCM’s “Died Suddenly Project” by clicking here.) He wants to get the truth out that the demonic population-reducing globalists want to keep hidden.

There is much more in the 57-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 1.12.24.

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After the Interview: 

Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  We escaped 2023 without a major economic fall, but 2024 will offer no escape from huge economic problems even if it is an election year.  Yes, bigger economic problems are coming too.  Hemke will explain in detail.

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  1. Justin Smidge

    praying for Clif High. His Jan 11th audio blog has quite likely purchased for himself a ticket to hell. It is amazing how imprudent he is. The book of Revelation is happening and the Marian apparitions prophecies are happening; so, now is not the time to be throwing profanity at God and committing other acts of sacrilege.

    does he ever go back and review his own predictions. There are lots of things he said earlier on in 2023 which were supposed to have happened by December that year. They did not. He should know better than to trust his own thinking like it is ironclad.

    and he has the gall to publicly attack his newage colleague jsnip4 for trusting his own dreams when making trading decisions. Clif said that dreams are unreliable and not amenable to objective standard. Yet of his NDEs Clif is absolutely sure they are valid impressions of what awaits everyone else, not just him, in the afterlife . . . which he screams hasn’t Jesus, heaven or hell.

    this is the sin of pride. And it is eating Clif High alive.

    • Paul from Indiana

      “One pill makes you taller, and one pill makes you small, and the ones that Mother gives you don’t do anything at all. Go ask Alice, when she’s 10 feet tall…”

      –White Rabbit by Grace Slick, 1967

      • Taddie

        a great reminder – with the info we have now

      • George Burwash

        I asked Alice, got reply from Grace Slick!
        I saw her in concert, Pine Knob ski resort circa, 70’s?
        In Michigan, near Detroit.

    • Randy Best

      I don’t believe that Clif High has every statsd he was a man of God.

    • Patty

      I totally agree with you. Cliff is a bright man in many areas but here the devil has misled him and trapped him into committing the sin of Pride. Praying for him too…

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Lots and lots of denunciations of Clif High appearing in USAW of late, yet so far, no one has provided any links to his alleged outrageous blasphemy. Makes me wonder – is there a campaign to discredit Clif’s anti-establishment prognostications?

      • markp

        Clif has a channel called Aether Pirates of the Matterium. Google it, and subscribe, then you can listen to what he says. I’ve listened to some of his talks; he posts a couple, perhaps 3 to 4, per week. He basically says God is an evil space alien from a group called the Elohim, who have perverted humanity and have nefarious plans for us. Anyone who believes in God, Christ the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit is deluded by the lies of the Elohim. That would include me. Anyway, have a listen and tell me what you think.

        • Patty

          I used o listen to him quite often until the day he said
          us humans were created by space aliens. That was it.
          Praying for him….

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi markp and thanks for your considered response. I subscribed many months ago to Clif’s substack and listen now and again. [Truth is I often ignore my PC for weeks on end and refuse to use a mobile]. I guess I am a pragmatist in that I can readily agree with much of what Clif says even though I reject 99.99% of his space alien beliefs. I have not personally heard Clif describe God as a space alien – let alone an evil one. He does not believe in any organised religion but he expresses a belief in the benevolence of the universe.

          If ‘we the people’ set our face against anyone and everyone whose beliefs do not mesh 100% with our own, we will NEVER coalesce into a credible force . . .

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Dr. Dalgleish, co-author of a new book ‘The Death Of Science’, interviewed by Dr Campbell —

  3. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

  4. N.W.D.

    The Dangers of Wireless Radiation and How to Protect Yourself

    The BRICS bloc, a beacon of emerging global influence, is charting a course to disrupt the current economic status quo, spearheading a movement to dethrone the US Dollar’s dominance in the global economy. This bold strategy, rooted in the quest for economic equilibrium, heralds a new era in the international financial landscape.

    • Lamar Powers

      Thanks, NWD, for posting that Epoch Times interview with Peter Sullivan about the perils of EMF wireless radiation. I met Peter a few years ago and actually drove him to the airport after he spoke. One thing the interview did not cover was the link between environmental illness due to lyme/tick disease or mold exposure and EMF hypersensitivity. Thee are a few docs and EMF experts who are on top of this:

      • N.W.D.

        Wow, thanks fir that boots on the ground reporting Lamar! has a lot of, in the know folks watching and contributing. Like yourself Lam
        Lamar and all the wonderful timely guest contributors @ The Ritz of informative. motivating and encouraging websites and you are part, of putting on the USAWatchdog Ritz! Super-duper!
        Greg, An above average, but still typical real life American Journalistic HOSTISE WITH THE MOSTISE owner & operator of!
        Truth is a novel idea in today’s world filled with lies and shadow governments and they’re controlled media propaganda agent fake journalists.
        Greg has people’s ear, to the chagrin of some of the most power-hungry war mongering sadists in the lands of both end times Biblical north and south! So, help me God he controls the narrative more than them, or than anybody else for that matter. Because he controls and gives voice to the people. You can fool some of, but you can never fool all of, or all of the time! Thanks Lamar, a tribute to a namesake?

      • PersonaNonGrata

        I clicked the link. Landing page has an image of a padlock with following text message:
        “Country Blocked
        Access to this page is forbidden”

        Every time something like this occurs it confirms my conviction that crypto currencies are highly vulnerable . . .

        • Louis Saint Croix

          Try a VPN, bypassing your country restrictions…
          A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and private connection between your device and the internet. It encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, making it difficult for anyone to intercept or track your online activity. VPNs are used for a variety of reasons, including:

          Privacy: VPNs hide your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity or identify your location.
          Security: VPNs provide an additional layer of security when you’re using public Wi-Fi networks or other unsecured networks.
          Access: VPNs can be used to bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming services, allowing you to access content that might not be available in your region.
          Anonymity: VPNs can help protect your anonymity online by masking your IP address and making it difficult for anyone to trace your online activity back to you.
          If you’re interested in learning more about VPNs, you can check out the following resources:

          How-To Geek provides a comprehensive guide to VPNs, including how they work, what they’re used for, and how to choose one.
          Norton explains what a VPN is and how it works, as well as the benefits of using a VPN.
          AVG provides a detailed guide to VPNs, including how they work, what they’re used for, and how to choose one.
          Microsoft 365 explains what a VPN is and how it can help protect your privacy and security online.
          Kaspersky provides an overview of VPNs, including how they work and what they’re used for.
          OPERA browser provides a free VPN.
          Our intell unintelligent real government, “without the representation” we fought fer in the revolutionary war for independence from Great Britain and is trying to make it illegal, the very independence our
          forefathers won for us, through much sacrifice. Night of Decision:
 [VPN Can get you through!]

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Forgot to mention, country in question is the UK.

  5. sam

    Why o Why are people calling the INVADERS……Immigrants?….they are NOT migrants, they are NOT here to integrate or adjust to OUR American Culture, the Culture that we are losing….They are here to INVADE…we are on the edge of Collapse…and we are worried about nit picking what Jesus would do?….I am worried sick!

    • Lesley

      Immigrants come here to work for the most part.

      The Mexican country is corrupt the top down
      The average person there cannot work a fair day for a fair price.

      • sam

        Lesly…..they are NOT immigrants…..they are INVADERS!

      • RTW

        For years people came here from Mexico to work in the fields and orchards. When the crops were harvested they took their money and went back home to spend it. The big difference between then and now is that back then they did it legally. Bottom line is that crops have nothing to do with what’s going on here.

    • sam

      OK OK….who’s gonna Pick the Lettuce?……do they need 25,000,000 farm workers?…

    • Old but not tired

      You are not alone. Americans are doing nothing to stop th invasion but helping in every possible way. .

      They are working hand in hand with the Mongol horde to destroy America— during WW2, Mexico was allied with the Germans to invade…They want it all back to Mexican territory no matter at what cost. The US Census today categorized White Hispanics meaning Whites that mixed with Latinos at over 75% vs. non-White Hispanics. Nothing resembling the Puritan and Founders…

      Alexis Carrel, the Nobel Prize recipient of human organ transplant wrote extensively how races whose sexual organs over rides self control are destructive to themselves, retards society, and civilization.
      Those with moral superiority will never breed with criminals, but those corrupt judges, border control agents, police, and tax paying employees will do everything to help the INVADERS replace all the jobs in America including Hawaii.

      My neighbors that are White Hispanic with AngloSaxon surname parks cars in front of other houses despite parking spaces in front of their house (they’re renters). They have no concept of personal space and consideration for others. It’s no surprise they adore the Mongol horde (Vietnamese, Thai, Koreans; Japs, and Chinese) because they have similar “mentality”of rudeness and invasion. They are also pretentious and wear Palestinian flags to virtue signal but they could care less.. The other White Hispanic family one block away adopted a Black child and tells everyone we should “love everyone like Christ.” They ignore God’s actions of punishing the wicked and cast out Satan and a third of heaven.

      They are remitting money made under the table to funnel criminal activities and more illegals from Central and S. America. It’s a vicious cycle hitch in 5 years will make USA resemble a communist country, eg Venezuela.

      Nearly all states are being infected by this invasion and the law abiding people are being shafted. Maybe the clot shots is God’s reckoning?
      We are seeing the perversion and hedonistic blood over taking Western civilization and the world.

      I thank God everyday for being old and having seen a beautiful world with some sense of morals and order before Kissinger and his ilk sold off everything to the commies. Never give in to wickedness or those that want to corrupt the soul.

      • Jacob Goldstein

        During the European invasion of America over 13 million African people from West African also arrived. They helped to build America and contributed with the work of picking cotton and tobacco and kindly doing most of the back breaking agricultural work of farming. Doing plantation work and living in a shack and did not complain about there lot. Some of the them where slaves until 1865 when Lincoln decided to end slavery. With the population of over 47 million coloured African -Americans in other occupations all over America plus many serving prison sentences for crimes . The agricultural farms and plantations need field hands and pickers . The new arrivals should be housed in shacks and forced to get picking the crops. Doing this will end the illegal immigration into America. Also don’t give them any financial support until they have done 25 years plantation work.

        • William Wilberforce

          How nice of you to forget about the Africans in Africa. Africans had slaves of their own. Slavery was a common practice before the Europeans came along. In fact, “Mansa Musa travelled to Mecca with a caravan of 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves… ”
          The Hispanic/Latinos invasion is part of a global unrestricted warfare strategy– working hand in hand with the Mongol horde and if you don’t read or write Chinese, they think they are far a superior race than you. The fentanyl crisis is not by accident.
          The tribes or native Americans fought against their invaders whereas modern Americans today will just keep welcoming them in and breeding with them. Even Alexander the Great fought against the invading Persians. See the difference.

          • Jacob Goldstein

            In the peaceful loving nation of Israel where I live we don’t have an mass immigration problem. Great men like prime minister Netanyahu would stop them at the border and get our IDF and air force to deal with the problem. Sadly America has weak politicians and too many liberal woke congressmen and senators . Things will get worse before the election and many more millions will cross the border. War with Hezbollah is coming and hopefully we will prevail and destroy these invaders from Lebanon.

        • Roy madison

          Ditto justin, “uncle cliff ” will spend time in hell for his blasphemy. God will not be mocked. His “datasets” for the future are interesting. However his timetable is mostly off . I like cliff In some ways , however his recent ranting against God, Christ , and and “the Abraham if religions is off the chart. I enjoyed Greg’s interviews of Cliff in the past , however, Greg!! Don’t have Cliff on again he will piss the he’ll out of you.

  6. Justn Observer

    Greg, a time of FRAUDS being revealed for sure…least of which included the wars over oil, energy, de-population via lab products by Gangster Science, a non-violent/real insurrection? called ‘fundamental transformation = silent WRM -Marxist coup?
    On the climate and wars to control energy and fossil fuel since Baku to Venezuela, to the oil off the coast of Vietnam, to the middle east and other places across the world =
    INTERVIEW of PH’D Willie Soon by Tucker Carlson =

    INTERVIEW BY OPPENHEIMER RANCH PROJECT WITH PH’D WILLIE SOON ABOUT HIS INTERVIEW WITH TUCKER CARLSON who was almost instantly attacked and ‘delisted by ACADEMIA after Carlson interview =

    OF COURSE, MAYBE TRUCKER CARLSON too young when the truth about fossil fuel was exposed by JFK’s advisor, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty about the time of JFK murder and his books, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson [1] (born May 16, 1969) =

    Col. Fletcher Prouty was JFK’s DOD ADVISOR TRANSFERED TO NEW ZEALAND JUST DAYS BEFORE JFK MURDER (the guy Keith Sutherland plays as Mr. X in the movie about JFK assassination) =
    JFK (4/7) Movie CLIP – A Meeting with X (1991) HD
    One might also read the book by Prouty , THE SECRET TEAM =
    Of course, its speculation but JFK was considering ending the oil depletion allowance subsidity…and returning the U.S. from FRN’S to silber which would have ended the ‘planned’ petro dollar scam. and then there is the speculative George de Mohrenschildt and George Mitchell connection as well?

  7. tim mcgraw

    What are we fighting for? Are we even fighting? What’s the goal?
    I see all these videos and articles about what is wrong. Some even post solutions like the Preppers or the Libertarians.
    I have seen NO leadership on this issue. Oh, some say “freedom”. Some say “peace” (not many). Does anyone dare say “prosperity”?
    The Born Again Christians just talk about the Rapture. What kind of goal is that?
    It sounds like an own goal to me. “Let’s all just die and go to Heaven.”
    It reminds me of the Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima committing suicide. The General told them NOT to commit suicide but to fight.
    But it was a lost cause. What is our cause?
    What are we fighting for?

  8. tim mcgraw

    I’ll be more specific. American males don’t want to get married and aren’t. Many young males and females still live in their parents’ homes. Real wages for workers are flat or decreasing while the rich get richer.
    Americans pay taxes, fees, and fines that take over half of their income.
    The government runs our lives.
    So what are we fighting for?
    Do you think your vote will change things? LOL!
    Do you want to fight or not?
    2024 is the year of change. It’s a war.
    I’ll be dead soon, anyway. I don’t care.
    Do you?

    • sam

      can’t wait…….because I DO CARE for my Country Culture and America the Great!…….It.s the sub optimal that “Don’t Care”!…..I finally know the kind that Don’t Care….It’s ME, ME, ME,….MY, MY, MY, and I, I, I,………most of the time……..and some are Draft Dodgers!

    • sam

      I’ll be dead soon, anyway. I don’t care.Do you?
      NO…..and goodby.

    • sam

      “So what are we fighting for?”
      We are NOT fighting….YOU are not fighting……The U.S. MILITARY is FIGHTING……AND…When they think us Patriotic Americans (Not the Leftist Commies!)….(Not the Draft Dodgers)…..had enough…..they WILL STEP IN…only Fools and Cowards want to Give UP and die a slow Communist Death!

      • tim mcgraw

        sam: Did you go to City Council meetings to protest the lockdowns, masks, forced vaccinations? Did you go to School Board meetings to protest school closures? Did you at least write letters to the bureaucrats destroying our liberty?
        Did you?
        The US Military is a bad joke. They haven’t “won” a war since 1945.
        How many “bad guys” did you kill while in the US Military?
        Or are you talking about the video games you play in your Mommy’s basement?
        You are a chicken hawk.

      • Earth Angel

        ..”When they think Patriotic Americans have had enough?!’ “They WILL STEP IN?” Really?..So WHEN will THAT be?! Do they not think we’ve had enough YET?- I’m sorry to say this but I think the US military have been used for a LONG TIME as a simply a force for globalist goons running the show to loot and plunder whatever resources THEY need or want for their OWN goals and desires in whatever parts of the world they are found. If the US military were REALLY going to do something about this- wouldn’t they have done it BY NOW?! How much WORSE do they need it to get, I wonder?! We as individuals should NEVER give up. We must ALL defend OUR FREEDOMS and those of ALL people of the world. But I just don’t think we’re going to see the US military riding in on a white horse and rescue us all. Sad to say, currently I just see a ‘wag the dog’ situation with no end in sight. Hope something changes for the better : (

        • Earth Angel

          As to the numbers of Dem’s switching to the Repub. party- it IS possible they are doing so with intent to mess with primary numbers in the Repub. party; thereby interfering with the Repub. presidential nominee. Dem’s. have been NOTORIOUS for doing this in the past. However the huge numbers switching from Dem. to Repub. may suggest the populace is TRULY pissed at the blatent crimes that have been perpetrated by their party. (not denying that BOTH parties have partaken of high crimes & misdemeanors by the way) Just putting out food for thought to keep eyes covering all the bases. Hopefully the populations are truly WAKING UP & taking action for SELF- PRESERVATION.

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      I am a Christian and rapture is not even in the Bible. Jesus said HE told us ALL THINGS! Satan arrives first (6th Seal, 6th Vial, 6th Trump). See II Thessalonians :2 . The ‘Great Apostacy ‘ will occure when GOD sends a strong delusion that they may believe a LIE.. Don’t fall for the rapture theory ore you will be deceived.

      • sam

        Michael Lee Shirey… are So Right……Rapture is a SCAM…I am a Member of Shepherds Chapel,,,

      • Roger Dat

        yep. That’s why he said those days had to be shortened for sake of the elect. I.e., the elect is on earth experiencing the tribulation with everyone else.

        the Great Delusion is the space aliens narrative now being pushed by the newage, the LGBT and the traitors hidden within all the denominations.

    • Randy Best

      Sadly, you are 100% correct. And the standard of living will continue to decline.

      • tim mcgraw

        Randy Best: Americans are in for a shock. The standard of living will decline rapidly as you point out. The suicide rate is rising rapidly. It isn’t as high yet as it was during the Great Depression, but it is getting there. The poor and the elderly will suffer greatly.

    • Born_In_A_Barn,Fran

      Tim. I Care, plenty. You are a light to this forum. Yes, a light wave. Keep fighting friend. I’m in same circumstance. Pure nonsense to the perpetrators of the insane dark wave of demonizing the true God of our Faith. Hopscotch. We can do this revolution peacefully.

  9. Shane Crosby

    You are such a Blessing.Thanks for all you do.

  10. RK


    You mentioned, “Bigger numbers of those who “died suddenly” and so-called “medical emergencies” because of the CV19 bioweapon vax are soaring..”

    Well, you can add another victim to that. My brothers business partner who run a successful gym together, has turbo stage 4 brain cancer, spinal cancer, is wheel chair bound, blind and now has been moved to hospice care. Only a few months of being completely healthy and free from any ailments. Almost like a switch was flipped.

    He was the epitome of health and fitness with a zest for life. Now, he has days to live, with young children growing up without a father, and a wife about to lose her husband. It’s heartbreaking and makes my blood boil. Yes, he received the poison bio weapon shots…

    I pray those who have taken the shots the world over get better, and we can stop seeing healthy people with families and young children keel over dead. I know it’ll only get worse based on precedents…2024 being an election year, what other evil poison swill will they both simultaneously create and attempt to cure?….

    • Jo

      Likewise situation here. My next door neighbors daughter lost twins—2 weeks apart. Normal births, weights & delivery. Two weeks later, her healthy 54 yr old mother collapses & dies suddenly. They got all their gene therapy shots btw, and recent boosters. A tragedy for their family….a tragedy for us all.

      • Sharon

        Speaking of gene therapy shots, there was a ZeroHedge article recently – The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA.
        WOW! What happened to the previous 7 mRNA shots? They didn’t work? It’s so obvious they want all of us DEAD! When are people going to see the insanity of this murderous plan when evil Bill Gates publicly stated 2020 will be the Decade of Vaccines!??
        A real tragedy it is, however all was planned years in advance.

    • Tin foil hat

      I’m sorry to hear that.

      Did he receive the poison shots within the last 3-6 months?

      I already lost my sister who developed cancer 3 months after the vaccination in 2021. I wonder if my brother and his family would be okay, they got the first booster in July 2022. Btw, he lost his 58 y/o brother in-law 4 months later – heart attack.

    • Cosmo

      It was a rarity in our small Church here in ‘fly-over country’ to have one funeral a month several years ago. Now there is a funeral every week – sometimes two in one week. It IS like someone flipped a switch. Our Prayer Warriors receive several requests every day from people of all ages who were hale and healthy and then all of a sudden are in stage 4 cancer. Coincidence? No. Coincidence is what the mind tells itself when it cannot accept the truth.

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, a very in-depth interview about the surveillance of people and total lack of privacy rights that people ‘thnk’ they have…and disappeared in 1970 that needs a new law to rectify and undue what the courts did. = ie, gave the government the ability to track, surveil, and gather information collected by ‘private’ companies about you to the government without a search warrant. The real amount of information of a person, most have no idea all they are collecting and what it is being used for possibly against you? and what State legislators and Federal legislator opposed to the invasion of privacy and the surveilance might try to do to get laws to stop or take back or control one’s own information collected. @ 1:38:00 =
    StosselTV, John Stossel interviews Edward Snowden =
    Consider, what are your devices hearing and seeing that you might not be aware of? Do you have a smart TV in your bedroom, your laptop open on a desk- where? and of course, your phone and the pictures in your phone as well as ALL information you share travels with you everywhere. All stored in private servers, and in records of private companies who consider THAT information theirs to share or sell without the need of a warrant!

  12. John D

    If you want to know about the organizations, purposes and methods that will lead to the destruction of America and indeed all countries read the Book of Ether (in the Book of Mormon). A secret combination will proliferate among the wicked of the world in the latter days whose goal is described in, (Ether 8:25) For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it (secret combination) up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning.

  13. Justn Observer

    Greg, ON TREASURY BUBBLE AND DE-DOLLARAZATION AND SHIFT FROM U.S. DOLLAR RESERVE CURRENCY TO GOLD? by BRIC+ is more a play to end the unbacked FRN/Petrodollar/fossil fuel control scam…to get back to a more even/fair trade of commodities?
    Explains a lot if proves true =
    Jim Willie: part 1, The Corporate and Treasury Bond Bubbles Are Bursting
    Treasury Bond bubble default? =

    China taking control of LBMA, Comex likely to shut down soon?
    Jim Willie:part 2, Gold Is Replacing Treasuries as Store of Value NOW

  14. Jeff

    A member of my church just had their son rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. He suddenly couldn’t walk and they had to to remove blood clots from both legs and both lungs. I’m surprised he’s alive today to be honest. Of course when I asked about the vaccine it wasn’t received well I guess they aren’t aware of revelation 18

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Jeff. We all need to know what is actually going on and the Lying Legacy Media is NOT going to do it.

  15. Graham Leadbeatter

    The Democrats are bleeding supporters left right and center. Blacks, Jews and even Latinos are turning against them in large numbers.

  16. Gordon

    Gregs’ political cartoons say soooooo much with just a picture!
    I Love them!

  17. Thomas Wigand

    “Very soon they will have to choose on the one hand between economic and financial collapse or internal upheaval, and on the other a war which could have no other object,”
    – Winston Churchill, “The Gathering Storm”

  18. Schmedley

    Why are you quoting scripture from the “New Imaginary Version” aren’t you concerned with the truth. Stick with the “King James Version” and you’ll be much closer to the true “Word Of God”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I checked both KJV and NIV I thought it NIV read better and meant the exct same think. The KJV is my go-to Bible of choice, by the way.

      • Mike

        Hi Greg
        I prefer the KJV also. I just recently saw the elite just had a meeting on their next virus X. How we need God to send down lightening on these devil worshipers . love your show. One of few truth tellers who are right to the point. I hope ALL prepare. God bless you my brother. Mike

        • Katy Bar

          The Globalists are planning the release of Disease X right out in the open “which will kill of 20 times as many people as their Covid Kill Shot did” – yet people stay silent about this worldwide genocide (yet scream holy murder about a few Gaza women and children being killed) – so when are we going to bring charges against Pfizer and the other evil drug companies before the World Court “for their genocide against all peoples of the world”??? – Sadly it seems it is way more acceptable to be anti-Semitic then being labeled anti-Eugenic!!!

          • PersonaNonGrata

            “ yet scream holy murder about a few Gaza women and children being killed”
            23,000 dead, half of whom are children, and no end in sight. Do your antecedents include Joseph Stalin? (!!!)

            • Greg Hunter

              HAMAS IS TO BLAME FOR THIS GENOCIDE BECAUSE OF THE WAY IT CONDUCTs WAR OPERATIONS UNDER AND IN HOSPITALS AND HIGH-DENSITY CIVILIAN AREAS. Please admit this. This is a fact. If Hamas wats to save lives it should get out of the cities and meet the IDF head on not fight like rats in tunnels.

              • L. SaintCroix

                Graig, it’s what criminals do. They take people hostage, especially ones loved ones. Or use populations in hostage situations, like you point out in Gaza. It happens every day.
                The decision must be made and throughout history, it usually ends in tragedy for both sides.
                Like in this short clip, the hostage didn’t didn’t just stand by passively!
                Things would have turned out much better if Gazans would have taken heed to warnings, to exercise the better part of valor and flee the scene of Gaza for life and limb!
                Hamas didn’t have enough men to hold all Gazans hostage. ⚰

  19. John L.

    Greg, you have to get Bo on the phone. Where’s his promised crash?

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny predicted a major crash in the 1st quarter. Looks like he is right on target.

    • Randy Best

      He was certainly wrong about December, that is for sure.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not totally. SOFR signaled a big coming liquidity problem on 12/28/24. Polny always said big trouble coming in 1st quarter of 2024. That said, he missed on December call but what is coming is so big it will not make a big difference.

  20. jol

    Today, Marjory Taylor Green is giving her 2nd story on video for all to see about the poison covid 19 shots and what they have done to people. You can sign up on her site to see this video.
    Thank you, Greg for all you do for us.

  21. Dr. Liz

    Dr. Michael Yeadon is a hero. He is NOT an MD. Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD was formerly the Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer of Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D. He holds joint Honours in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a PhD in Pharmacology.

    He believes respiratory virus do NOT exist. No virus isolated. Don’t believe me. Do your own research.

    Mark Crispin Miller is another hero.

    Nass is dead wrong stating the kill shots helped somewhat initially. McCollough dead wrong when stated if no symptoms from the vax after 1 year, one is safe. These are kill shots intended to depopulate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Liz. I stand corrected. Dr. Yeadon is not an MD. He lays out his credentials here:
      Thank you.

    • Peter

      Dr. Liz – total agreement with you about the virology scam, it’s the most difficult topic to bring up because all of us have been conditioned to believe the “germ” theory which represents the perfect terrorist – invisible and everywhere. And a new one can be fabricated anytime, anywhere. Anyone who truly opens his/her mind and researches the methodology used to identify these “deadly viruses” will quickly see the deception. Sadly, many resort to ad hominem attacks rather than confront this disturbing truth.

      Thankfully, Dr. Yeadon has bravely confronted this and agrees with the others (Drs Cowans, Baileys, Kaufman, Lanka, etc.) who are continually challenging the virologists and healthcare industry to produce just one properly constructed scientific paper confirming their virus assertions, which, of course, is never produced. It’s truly exasperating. As long as the truth remains hidden, the demons can continue to spread fear and exercise control of the masses.

  22. Mark in OKC

    So I guess Bill Gates did not misspoke about controlling the population with vaccinations.

    …that’s headed up to about 9 billion,” Gates said. “Now, if we do a really great job on NEW VACCINES, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15%.” (emphasis added [capitalization])

    • Paul

      Bill Gates and his English and Swiss overlords
      Need to be euthanized

  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for an enlightening take on the week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!

  24. Pat McGee

    Don’t apologize for running a few minutes longer than usual. Some of us wait all week to hear what you have to say.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pat!

  25. Julia

    Hello Greg, here in Indianapolis Jim Irsay owner of the Indianapolis Colts is in the hospital with a severe respiratory disease. Mr Irsay pushed the COVID shot and publicly reprimanded Players who did not take the shot. It is a shame because Mr Irsay is a great guy who does many charitable things for people in the state of Indiana.
    Thanks for all you do. It can’t be easy.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Julia, for the reporting and for NOT taking the shots!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Julia: Folks in Baltimore, Maryland still hate Mr. Irsay for taking the team to Indianapolis (under cover of night). I doubt if any tears are being shed for Irsay in the bars of Baltimore.

  26. Bennet Cecil

    Even after our current inflation, the USD is too strong and will be devalued by a massive war.
    Lincoln made the debt 41 times higher from $65 million to $2,700 million ($2.7 billion).
    The debt rose 9 times higher with military spending during WWI from $3 billion to $27 billion.
    WWII pushed the debt 6 times higher, from 42 billion to $269 billion.
    War is the quickest and most profitable way for the central bankers to confiscate assets.
    Smart people own real assets like food, water, real estate, silver and gold. Paper financial assets will be wiped out.


    Wait till the first airliner goes down due to DEI.

  28. Mark in OKC

    One of the best climate change interviews that I’ve ever seen.

    Tucker: This Is What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Climate Agenda [VIDEO]


    Mark in OKC

  29. stanley skrzypek

    When is the U.S. Military going to “step In” and STOP the INVASION….do Tribunals to Execute the TRAITORS to “OUR” Country?

    • tim mcgraw

      stanley skrzypek: Do you wish to live under a military dictatorship? After the Civil War, the Union troops ruled the southern states under martial law with an iron fist. You must be a Yankee.

  30. Ron Rachar

    Young, Angry, and Trumpy
    Story by Evan Solomon • 20h
    Let’s start with the Top Risk of the year, the US vs. itself. There was a small skirmish last night in the B-league, silver-medal debate between Republican candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis on CNN that was high on personal insult and low on political consequence. Meanwhile on Fox … he was back for Season 2! Donald Trump held a live town hall, ignoring the other candidates who stand little chance against him. It is Trump’s show now, and Fox is back on board. Here we go!

  31. sam

    SPANK the Fanni

  32. sam

    there can be NO denying that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION….Played a BIG PART in the Prosecution of President Trump!

  33. stanley skrzypek

    You are Perfectly Right…Mr. Greg Hunter…….DeSantis screwed up Royally…..keeping his Mouth Shut when they did a Home Invasion at President Trumps Home.


    Like the shirt

  35. Vince

    How do you destroy a country? Have the Chinese infiltrate the health industry and force the military to take the death shot.

  36. David Anthony

    Hey Greg….What does it do to the Brain….Can You say Mad Cow Disease, C.J.D. Alzheimer’s,,, Parkinson’s,,, Dementia……Stroke do to inflammation… Your brain looking like Swiss cheese … A DOD Patent bioweopon. And everyone that has been jabbed are not only factories of this bioweapon they are spreaders even when they’re dead..

  37. Hiro Shima Nagasaki

    Top U.S. Military Expert Echoes Putin; ‘Sending Aid Pointless, Ukraine Won’t Win’
    Hindustan Times 46K views 1 day ago
    A top U.S. Army Veteran said that sending additional aid to Ukraine would be “pointless”. He said that more aid to Kyiv would only prolong the war with Russia. The veteran predicted that even with more aid, Ukraine would fail to show a positive outcome.

  38. Lars C

    All wars are bankers wars. Usually it is US, UK or Israel that are behind the wars. It has been so for at least 100 years

  39. Lars E Christian

    All wars are bankers Wars, it has been so for several hundred years, And it is usually US, UK, Spain that’s behind it. Recently it has mainly been US and Israel.
    Check out the documentary series – Banks World Order – it is spot on

  40. YourIn the ArmyNow!

    Strictly Personal – War Department official training film (US Army Pictorial Service, 1945) National Library of Medicine US national health authority
    Learn how experts define health sources in a journal of the National Academy of Medicine. 354K views 79 years ago

    “The Women Telling the Good News”

    The psalmist said: “The women telling the good news are a large army.” (Ps. 68:11) In the days of Israel women joyfully proclaimed the good news of theocratic victories by song and dance. Today, within God’s Christian congregation, we have a “large army” of women who are proclaiming the good news of the victorious kingdom by their preaching and their fine conduct as Christians.

    • The Healer

      The Psalmist most certainly did NOT translate Ps. 68:11 thus, “The women telling the good news are a large army.” This is changing of the verse which in the God-breathed KJV reads, “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”

      Readers of the Word are warned in II Tim. 3 – 4, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

      Readers of the Word are also most solemnly warned in Deut. 4:2, “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.”

      Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing who come onto these boards spreading error intentionally or unintentionally.

      • Conway Twatter

        Reply to fake Healer

        Modern Translations
        New International Version
        The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng:

        New Living Translation
        The Lord gives the word, and a great army brings the good news.

        English Standard Version
        The Lord gives the word; the women who announce the news are a great host:

        Berean Study Bible
        The Lord gives the command; a great company of women proclaim it:

        New American Standard Bible
        The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim good news are a great army:

        NASB 1995
        The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host:

        NASB 1977
        The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host:

        Amplified Bible
        The Lord gives the command [to take Canaan]; The women who proclaim the good news are a great host (army);

        Christian Standard Bible
        The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news:

        Holman Christian Standard Bible
        The Lord gave the command; a great company of women brought the good news:”

        Contemporary English Version
        You gave the command, LORD, and a chorus of women told what had happened:

        Good News Translation
        The Lord gave the command, and many women carried the news:

        GOD’S WORD® Translation
        The Lord gives instructions. The women who announce the good news are a large army.

        International Standard Version
        The Lord issues a command. Numerous are the women who announce the news:

        NET Bible
        The Lord speaks; many, many women spread the good news.

      • faith Zumwalt

        ◄ Psalm 68:11 ►
        Classic Translations
        American Standard Version
        The Lord giveth the word: The women that publish the tidings are a great host.

        English Revised Version
        The Lord giveth the word: the women that publish the tidings are a great host.

        Early Modern
        Geneva Bible of 1587
        The Lorde gaue matter to the women to tell of the great armie.

        Literal Translations
        Literal Standard Version
        The Lord gives the saying, “” The female proclaimers [are] a numerous host.

        Young’s Literal Translation
        The Lord doth give the saying, The female proclaimers are a numerous host.

        Smith’s Literal Translation
        Jehovah will give the word: to those announcing good news a great army.

        Translations from Aramaic
        Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
        LORD JEHOVAH will give the word of the Gospel in great power!

        OT Translations
        JPS Tanakh 1917
        The Lord giveth the word; The women that proclaim the tidings are a great host.
        Apparently, Healer. Your right with Jehovah!

  41. Suzette Lawrence

    Hi Greg, great interview with Dr. Nass. WHO led by a dangerous man. To add to the list of people that have left the Democratic Party, Bobby Kennedy and Jeffery Sachs! Thanks for another WNW.

  42. Trouble InDa Campus

    $1Billion U.S. Military Aid for Ukraine Missing? ‘Embarrassed’ Pentagon Speaks Out | Hindustan Times 12,847 views Jan 12, 2024
    A Pentagon watchdog report has made shocking claims about the U.S. military aid sent to Ukraine. The report revealed that $1 billion of military aid to Ukraine could not be accounted for. The watchdog’s findings raise doubts about the U.S. ability to ensure its weapons aren’t stolen. This comes amid allegations that a portion of the Ukraine aid had either been stolen or looted.

    U.S. ‘Disappoints’ Zelensky; Military Aid to Ukraine ‘Stopped’ As Putin’s War Intensifies/Hindustan Times 18,429 views Jan 12, 2024
    The White House has confirmed that U.S. military aid to Ukraine has now stopped. The U.S.’ aid has stopped due to differences between Congress & the Biden administration. This comes at the time when a debate is underway in the U.S. Congress on whether to continue aiding Kyiv financially & militarily. The last aid to Ukraine, worth $250 million, was issued by the U.S. president in late December.

  43. Jeffrobbins

    Greg, your site is awesome, I especially enjoy reading the comments. I have a story yet to unfold.- i had a phone call with my county commissioner yesterday about this and he didn’t know very much, but promised to look into it. This starts with a map- WUI. Think of this as a fire version of a flood map. The USGS has a nation wide map for Wildland Urban Interface and here in Washington state, a state version is to be implemented and code-fied. When you read the literature, it is not supposed to be a wildfire risk map, but instead a management tool to mitigate wildfire risk. It looks to me to be a reason to raise insurance premiums sky high here in the west. It doesn’t take much to see the connection to all the climate change talk- like a religion. I began to look into this because i heard about Oregon state wanting to create an actual Wildfire Risk Map for the whole state. What most don’t know is that if you can’t get insurance on your home the bank wont finance it- they could accelerate the loan due. And with the increase in payouts in the insurance industry, they want to be well compensated for any risk, or take none. Like i told my commissioner, i don’t want to build a house and find out in a couple of years that it is uninsurable, or maybe i need 50k to change the roof and siding. And the best part is that this can all be done from satellite images and drones- so there is a low cost to create misery or blackmail on the people. When the WEF said we would own nothing, i keep asking how in the world would ‘they’ get people off their land? I can see a path forward here. Anyone in the western US (Canada too?) should look into this- and make some phone calls. This is the very embodiment of a black swan. The odd part is that some of the fuel for these wildfires could be mitigated by grazing sheep and cattle and of coarse proper forest management. Any talk about clearing out the Pine Bark Beetles?- nope.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Jeff, for the reporting.

    • tim mcgraw

      Jeffrobbins: The insurance problem is now endemic in northern California. Unless you can pay cash and self-insure (or don’t care to insure) your home, you have to move out. Homes in the wooded hills are having trouble selling. They can’t get fire insurance. I suppose some landowners will use RVs or trailers on the land but I can see that being outlawed soon for one reason or another. In Paradise, CA they outlawed RVs and trailers on the lots destroyed in the wildfire.
      Politicians in California are out of control. They want people out of the hills and to move to the cities where the hill people, who tend to be Libertarian or conservative, can be controlled.

  44. Trouble

    U.S. ‘Disappoints’ Zelensky; Military Aid to Ukraine ‘Stopped’ As Putin’s War Intensifies

  45. USAi

    if there really is “the plan” of the white hats, then it would only be logical that an economic/financial/markets crash has to happen on Biden’s watch, i.e., now. Because nothing gets people’s attention like 401ks losing cabin pressure ….. Trump (and Bo Polny and jsnip4) warning things are going to “die suddenly”.

    December 20 -2023

    January 09-2024

  46. Under the Radar?

    The $64,000-dollar hidden question? Is Lloyd just a BIG sock puppet?
    Watch: INCOHERENT Biden AVOIDS Ceasefire Question, Lloyd Austin Story BAFFLES Media: Rising/The Hill 79K views 2 days ago WASHINGTON
    Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the ongoing tensions in the Middle East amidst Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization.

    • Katy Bar

      Obviously this turbo cancer of Lloyd Austin’s prostate had nothing to do with the jab – just like the fast acting throat cancers, pancreatic cancers, etc., etc., etc. that are now rapidly reducing the vaccinated population had nothing to do with the jab (that Bill Gates gleefully said would help reduce the population by 15%)!! – but 15% is not enough for those in charge of the world eugenics program so they are preparing to bring out another bio-weapon called “Decease X” which should cause 20 Times More Fatalities then the Covid bio-weapon – so everyone without a brain should run and get the latest vaccine (now promoted with big signs outside your local supermarket) and give your life for the Globalists Population Reduction Agenda!!!

  47. John Maskell

    Great reporting Greg !

  48. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Never ………apologize for the length of your Friday wrap up or any interview you do. Take your time to do what you do best. Keep us informed & take you time & cover all your bases.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “D Y” for supporting USAW!!!

  49. Shiloh1

    Raul Ilargi Meijer in Automatic Earth blog post today, comment section –

    Tucker Carlson just now:
    “Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a Ukrainian prison, where he was being held for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments. Gonzalo Lira was an American citizen, but the Biden administration clearly supported his imprisonment and torture. Several weeks ago we spoke to his father, who predicted his son would be killed.”

  50. Jeffrobbins

    30 something trillion is a picnic. If i remember correctly, Dr. Skidmoore said he estimated about 90 trillion in churn in the treasury/ bond market.

  51. Paul from Indiana

    Brother Tim, please try to be a little philosophical about this, before you go nuts. I understand your sadness, disappointment, your anger, and your disillusion; believe me: I do understand, because I suffer similarly. These things run in cycles. We, you and I, and our generation (I’m 71) came in just prior to the high-water mark of the USA, and as we hit adulthood, the downside became our path. It’s our turn in the drum, and it’s not a personal failing on your part. Don’t quit, and don’t stop doing things which you CAN control. Once you throw in the towel, it will truly and really get ugly. I appreciate you and your participation here more than you know. Best always. PM

    • Lynda S

      Mr Paul, and Mr Tim—The context you both bring to the table is immeasurable. It will take the brains and the brawn of ALL loving Americans of ALL ages to right this ship—even if just for today—in this conversation; in this moment that we would agree is a gift.

      This CV goober-nonsense as well as the war against the younger generation put a split in our family. A cut so deep I can hardly breathe at times. For Christ to be formed in me the crushing has commenced. Hopefully it will produce oil that is useful when needed.

      Our collective, large disappointment, sadness, and at times apathy can be explained as a normal part of processing this hell on earth. BUT, if we could see just how much we have to contribute to all who will listen—whether an honest rant, a cleaver joke, or a smile with a little baby—these contributions matter to the well beings of our soul, and especially to the Most High.

      You two young men have not only the wisdom of years, but the heart of a warrior. These two combined in such a way, lifted to strike at the right time in our history are PURPOSEFUL and MEANINGFUL and NEEDFUL.

      When you take the req. inventory, you’ll see that you’re both miracles. Please never forget that 🙂

      Kindly, Lynda

      • Greg Hunter

        Thanks Lynda!

  52. Clay Lane

    Cold ST PETERSBURG Friday Night with Neil Macdonald (-18C). LIVE
    Baklykov. Live / Russia NOW 497 watching now LIVE!
    Started streaming 23 minutes ago: Niel Sounds Like Sean Connery
    A Scott: The Real old McDonald!

  53. Slim Shady Ln.

    “Epstein Had Tapes of Clinton, Prince Andrew & Richard Branson!” – Epstein Victim/The Jimmy Dore Show 80,381 views 22 hours ago

  54. Linda

    I’ve always supported Israel and I still support it’s right to exist. I read “The Diary of Ann Frank” in the 7th grade and it truly affected me. Plus, I knew many Jewish people in the small southern town where I grew up. I never heard a disparaging word spoken about any Jew in my family or by anyone else. However, I am starting to wonder if Israel may have gone off the rails, just as the U.S. has done. I love the United States of America, but I am not happy with the warmongering and bullying that has become the go-to first tactic. I worry that Israel has become a mere puppet of the U.S. and I am not so sure about Netanyahu’s methods/approach. I am starting to doubt a lot of things.

    • Lynda S

      I second that, Linda!

  55. Vernon L.

    Epstein Island Girl Asset Squealed?
    Fox News Says Taylor Swift Is a Government Psyop!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 11,258 1 hour ago

  56. Alex

    Probably your best ever , Greg .
    Thank you

  57. Marie Joy

    I have just heard several reasons to have a very deep, waterproof, well stocked, self contained, underground bunker. Your property’s water table is important. IF I could, I would build a bunker through my basement but I cannot because my water table is too high.
    Get ready for war. Kinetic, guerilla, financial, all kinds of war.
    Hide your preps.
    VOTE, no matter how many obstacles they put in your way.
    This summer, WHO will force shots and more.
    I think poison will be sprayed.
    Like minded people need to come together, out in the sticks.
    Gas masks. HAZMAT suits.
    Paranoid people will live longer. MO
    My paranoia has saved me a few times.
    We all need to be in better shape. for nuclear info and products. Years ago, I did business with this compay and had no problems. They were above board.
    republicans are as bad as democrats but they fake it better.
    The turtle is anti Trump.
    At what point will Americans get angry? AT WHAT POINT?
    I wonder if doctors will pay for this. They are paid big bucks to push bioweapons.
    THEY want it to go faster.
    Pay attention to the worldwide population, especially in western countries.
    Governments never punish themselves for the genocides/democides they commit. In fact, they do everything in their power to escape punishment, even commit many more murders to escape punishment.
    WE, all of us, and the people we love, are in horrible danger.
    FORTIFY your home.

    • Rocky Mtn Stevie

      Marie Joy,
      I always find your name, under “comments” on most interesting web sites I read. You seem way ahead of the crowd in your preps. You mentioned here that the water table is too high for an underground bunker. Then you mentioned having a basement. If it’s dry then you have everything you need. A basement is plenty deep and what you really need to do is make it “vanish” somehow. Hide the stairs, hide the above-ground windows if it has any. Buy yourself a “Rad-Meter” in case we have a war with a nuclear enemy. Watch the meter and if the rad elevation never increases, you probably will never need to go “underground”. If that’s the case living inside the house should serve you very well. Also hide your supplies below so the “neighbors” don’t know what you have. Stay safe and keep smiling! 🙂

  58. Susan R

    Zerohedge:”Federal border agents evicted from Eagle Pass park as Texas has had enough” This excited me also. We the people can change things. It is sooo heartwarming when politics aside, we “see” what is really happening to our country. Hearst said they are dumping a huge number of electric cars, while our oil reserves are very low and production was almost shut down. This too will come to pass. We are seeing the first infection of resistance.

  59. Johnson's Johnson

    The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
    John 10:10

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome IT.
    John 1:1-5

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.
    John 3:16-21

  60. April T. Showers

    Jim Jordan: This is the heart of the Hunter Biden scandal
    Fox News 78,593 views Jan 12, 2024
    Reps. Jim Jordan, James Comer and Jason Smith break down the Hunter Biden charges on ‘Hannity.’ WOW!
    IRS Whistleblower’s Vindicated! Sweetheart deal Exposé of David Wise scandal!

    David C. Weiss
    His Attack Dog
    Alex Soros’s
    This is not normal, and I can’t believe what I’m seeing; Alina Habba
    This is Alex Soros Barry Obomber’s Hope and Change!
    Let’s Hope? Not! 🖇

  61. April

    Oop’s Sorry. Here’s the real skinny.
    Alex Soros’s
    This is not normal, and I can’t believe what I’m seeing; Alina Habba
    This is Alex Soros Barry Obomber’s Hope and Change!
    Let’s Hope? Not! 🖇

  62. stephen

    My opinion on whats about to happen.
    As the Covid vaccine death rate jumps higher, the lying main stream media will be covering it up by spewing another big lie. This new “pandemic” will be Chronic Wasting Disease jumping from animals to humans. The number of on line articles on CWD has increased remarkably in the last few months. Laying the ground work for this next big lie.

  63. Bill

    Did you say at 19:34 you took the shot???

    • Greg Hunter

      Not no, Hell no.

  64. Salty D

    73 strikes, 5 kills, cost per Kill, MILLIONS!

  65. Grifters “R” Us

    How is anyone still falling for the Qanon BS about Trump, White Hats, and their Super Secret Plan to take down the “Deep State”???

    I wonder how good a laugh Trump and his buddies the Clintons, Bidens, and Obamas have at your expense when they’re all hanging out together on Epstein Island…?

    • Honor Blackmoore

      Trump’s never been to Epstein’s Island.
      He caught a couple of trips down to Maralago on Ep’s Jet, when his Boing 727 Dreamliner was being worked on. Thats all.
      But I’m sure Donald and Melanja were being filmed when taking a pee on board, for later blackmail purposes!
      By the way RFK Jr. also was in use of his jet and he’s squeaky clean!
      What needs to be done Grif, is congress must demand the CIA and CIAwannabe/FBI release all tapes, disc’s hard driv’s, all media be released. But we’ll never see it. because the Mossad got stuff on the intell agency’s all over the world, including our CIA and CIAwannabe/FBI
      Oop’s Grifton,
      Trump says he was never on Epstein’s plane or ‘stupid island’
      Story by Lauren Irwin • 3 days ago
      President Trump denounced reports of his association with Jeffrey Epstein on Tuesday, arguing he had never been on the convicted sex trafficker’s plane or “stupid island” after images of the two made by artificial intelligence (AI) surfaced online.

      “This is what the Democrats do to their Republican Opponent, who is leading them, by a lot, in the Polls. This is A.I., and it is very dangerous for our Country!” Trump posted on his Truth Social site. “I was never on Epstein’s Plane, or at his ‘stupid’ Island. Strong Laws ought to be developed against A.I. It will be a big and very dangerous problem in the future!”
      The former president included screenshots from an article by The Daily Mail that details actor Mark Ruffalo apologizing for posting the AI photos of the former president and Epstein on his plane.

    • H.Blackmoore

      Oop’s again,
      Trump says he was never on Epstein’s plane or ‘stupid island’ Story by Lauren Irwin • 3d

  66. Tommy

    Off with their heads and for greater public benefit have a televised BSdnc, China News Network (CNN) and the rest including Faux News (Fox) that must televise while We The People offer uncensored commentary of taking back the country from the Election Thieves and Marxist Tools 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  67. skip Havely


    THANK YOU for continuing the fight to get accurate information out to the public. You have overcome so many challenges the past few years in your fight to uncover so much evil and corruption. Please keep up the Weekly Updates and Interviews. God bless you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Skip. I will certainly try to do this.

  68. Jackie Pollock

    Greg, your statement : “How can you put lipstick on that pig and get it to Oink in a beautiful way?” just made me laugh out loud while you were talking about the Democrats and their maneuverings. Great news wrap-up on all our awful situations going on here and everywhere. Thank you!
    -Jackie from Texas

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jackie! 🙂

  69. kay

    On a sad note….Tucker just tweeted that Gonzalo Lira has died.

  70. Randy Avera

    Gonzalo Lira has passed in a Ukrainian prison…

  71. Robert Dziok

    Clif High I recall has said when he says Universe he means Creator GOD. He does not make money off what he posts that I am aware. No sponsors. No donations. No paid subscriptions. Interviews for free. How many can make that claim? He’s not money driven. So why does he do it? To help others! Dreams are not NDE’s so can have different views on what each are including one being valid and the other not so. Sorry you don’t agree with him. Such is life and free speech.. Don’t recall him saying everything he said is ironclad. Don’t see why his differing is some kind of a sin. He has a right to a sense of dignity, self respect and pride in what he offers to help people as best he can with what he has come to know and see without monetary gain of any type. He interviews other sites but has not been on Greg’s for quite some time. Wish he would be.

    • Peggy N

      Clif High is like a Ukrainian dude in a foxhole yammering on how he don’t need Jesus.

      • Robert Dziok

        I’m a veteran of the Vietnam War Era. The correct saying is “No Atheists in a Foxhole”. Clif High has stated by Universe he means Creator GOD. As such he is not an Atheist. What he posts and interviews has no monetary gain and is only to help people. He is not money driven and of good heart and intentions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Clif thinks Jesus is a space alien. He is misleading people. Yes, I think Clif is very smart and a good person, but we are in total disagreement on Jesus. End of story.

    • Robert Dziok

      This was meant to be a reply to Justin Smidge comment at top of comments. Error on my part posting.

  72. Joel

    Hey Greg
    Did you hear Gonzalo Lira died in a Ukrainian prison? US did not help even though he was a US citizen.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very sad about this. Lira was one of the few good and accurate sources to tell us what was going on in Ukraine. Lira pointed out the Ukraine Army was NEVER beating Russia. The truth got him killed. May God/YHWH and Jesus bless his soul!!!

    • Glen Foster

      Reply to Joel,
      Thats why the only war correspondents, are only on the Russian side? If the Russkies were losing maybe they’d be killing the war correspondents too?
      Ukraine Frontline January 2024 w/ American Journalist Patrick Lancaster SHOCKING UPDATE
      Reporterfy Media & Travel 26,924 views Jan 7, 2024,
      The war continues in Ukraine, and we have another huge update for you. We go to the frontline of the SMO or War in Ukraine. Patrick Lancatser gives us an update on the ground.

      Understanding the Russia Ukraine War: Insights from American Journalist Patrick Lancaster

      One man pushing his narrative, the end time president?
      Ben Domenech comments on Nikki Haley’s surge in the polls and updates on the Trump campaign
      Hugh Hewitt 428 views 20 hours ago
      Good take on the Trump supporting baby boomers and the different take of their progeny. Like Hugh, a lawyer who learned as a lawyer, all’s fair in war, politics and lying. He’s right up there with the millennials. Real Believers don’t give up their souls for the company store.

  73. john beasley

    Please do a report on Gonzala Lira, the US and Ukrainian government killed him in Ukraine prison.

  74. Eli

    Thank you, Greg, always an informative
    (and sobering) show.

  75. EDDY

    My Brother Greg if You believe in The LORD Space is a Science Fiction …AI is Duping Everyone lol There is No War Okay …Iron Dome is an info Blocker

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess you have been in space?

  76. Todd

    We need to return to Christ or all is lost. We need God in our education. Until we realize God gave us freedom. The devil gave us tyranny! The founders gave us a very limited federal government. They had the bible in there homes. Let us return to Jesus. Jesus is Truth and Love! We need Jesus!

    • Lynda S

      Hi, Todd! I agree with you wholeheartedly and would like to add that it is He who calls and it is He who qualifies and it is He who RAISES His beloved children (even the prodigals).

      The beautiful thing about agape love: it gives without expecting a return. He paid a HIGH price for us, He gave ALL of His life for us, and it is succinctly and sincerely up to each heart to agree with His work, accept His work and love into our heart; or not.

      He gently nudges. He reminds us directly, but lovingly. He is responsible to FINISH the work He began in us, the Author and Finisher of our faith. I’ve grown to trust Him more with each deep cut and disappointment knowing it is ALL for my deliverance.

      Some in our circle here in NW WA, would rather chase the world, party, pretend this whole charade is a real-life, honest happening. That there is no war, no division, and on and on under their illusions. BUT it does seem that the LORD, He is good, and He does know what He is doing.

      I’ve learned to pray more, talk less to the ones that are lost, but smile more in their presence and prepare more for them so that when I’m gone there is a trail of love made especially for them.

      We WILL see a great harvest of souls, and it seems to begin with us. Wise virgins who do all that is possible to trim our lamps and bring forth the oil that comes only from trials and hard times. WE choose to allow the crushing and oil to come forth for use when needed. It is WE who agree with Him and pray for His will that all will come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus. WE can trust Him with this mess; He will guide us each moment to know how to right this ship (a special work for only our hands and heart to do). It will be Him that does it thru His beloved bride and He will be the only one to get the glory for His deliverance 🙂

  77. Robert

    Thank you Greg for all you do and another great report.
    Is Hamas committing the genocide or the ‘synagogue of satan’?
    Surely the wicked will fall into their own nets. Time will tell.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hamas is responsible for many civilian deaths because of the way they conducted their battle operations from civilian centers. This is a fact the Jew haters will not recognize.

      • Robert

        I do recognize that Hamas is responsible for many civilian deaths.
        I also recognize that many of the policies and actions of the Israeli Government are not in the best interests of Israel or the Jewish people.
        This is spinning out of control and we should be taking every opportunity to defuse the situation. Pray for peace.

        • Greg Hunter

          How do you have peace with a group (Hamas) that puts in their charter to “Kill all Jews” as a goal. They take tax money from US and other countries to brainwash their children to hate and kill Jews when they grow up. Can you imagine what the press would do to Israel if Jews were brainwashing their children to hate and plan on killing Palestinians??????????? Can you????? Why does Hamas and Palestinians get a pass on this sort of violence & hate?????????

          • Robert

            Peace may not be possible, war is big business.
            I don’t need to imagine, just observe.
            Neither side should get a pass on the violence and hate.
            I appreciate you, your show and your guests.
            Thank you, R.

          • RTW

            That’s a good question. Defending hamas is like defending Jeffery Dahlmer by saying he did what he did because he was just hungry.

  78. William Simonton

    Japan ruled Taiwan for about 70 years. The last Chinese dynasty Ching (originally ethnic Manchurian &Korean) invaded around 1644 chasing the previous Ming dynasty prince fleeing to Taiwan. Previously was a separate Kingdom. US backing DDP independence party will give Communist China CCP an excuse to invade. Backing the Kuo Min Tang Republic of China will keep status quo and peace.

  79. H.R. Holm

    So a bunch of US/UK airstrikes were launched against the Sand People of Yemen (i.e., the Houthis), and despite their number, reportedly only a few were killed, not much for the reported extensiveness of the attacks. Joe Biden is likely imitating the same approach as his Democrat predecessor LBJ did in the Vietnam conflict—-incrementalism. Which did not exactly work, and made the N.Viets say little more than ‘ouch’. Not until the heavy-hitting B-52 raids on Hanoi in Dec. 1972, ordered by Richard Nixon, did the North Viets agree to a final peace deal. Nixon used Teddy Roosevelt’s big stick indeed, but was no longer around 2-1/2 years later when the communists broke the peace deal entirely. Who wants to bet that Biden will *not* pull a Nixon in Sand-People land accordingly?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Here in the U.K., MSM television adverts every day for months and months (years?) pleading for money for children in Yemen affected by military conflict. At the same time, the U.K. government has been sending armaments to Saudi in support of Saudi attacks on Yemen. Is this the definition of hypocrisy? WTF!!!

  80. PersonaNonGrata

    ” . . . these shots, they’re murders. Folks, they’re murders. These are murders . . . ”

    Never a truer word! If accurately reported by the dying legacy media, this evil mass murder would eclipse ALL other news stories, however horrific. On a personal level, I now find it impossible to take seriously any ‘news’ stories of murders when the elephant in the room is being totally ignored! And all the fuss and media attention paid to the investigative efforts of the police, AGs and ‘justice system’ to find and prosecute the perpetrators of individual murders falls on my deaf ears. Get off your butts – investigate and prosecute those responsible for the mass MURDER of innocents!!!

  81. tim mcgraw

    Greg: Voting doesn’t count for us. Voting counts for the Deep State. Voting legitimizes their power as “consent of the people.” That is BS. As I’ve pointed out before “None of the Above” beat both Trump and Biden in the 2020 election. Millions of Americans, like me, can’t stand either one of the old rich East Coast geezers (Trump and Biden). I wouldn’t want to be in a room with either one of them.
    I predict that if the election in November is between Trump and Biden (which I strongly doubt), record numbers of Americans will NOT vote.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

      • tim mcgraw

        Okay Greg: If it is Biden vs. Trump (which I doubt) I’ll bet you $20 that more eligible voters don’t vote in 2024 than didn’t vote in 2020.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are on. The only thing is you cannot count the fake votes that Biden got in 2020 and it was NOT 81 million.

  82. tim mcgraw

    Greg says that he hates both parties (Republican and Democrat) but he supports voting. Why? The lesser of two evils is still evil.
    Trump supported Fauci and Birx. He supported, and still does, the poisonous Covid jabs.
    Trump doesn’t support liberty. He doesn’t support free markets or sound currency.
    Biden and the Democrats are beyond bad.
    But again, the lesser of two evils is still evil.
    Americans’ support of the US Military is eroding and for good reason. It is a corrupt, murderous, inefficient, Woke, institution. And it is very expensive and dangerous to our liberty.
    And then there are the Bible Quoters on this site who support Israel, war, and death.
    Maybe the people on this site should start singing “Onward Christian Soldiers” at the end of every program.
    Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Do you think He would support the US Military?
    I don’t understand the people on this site.

    • Greg Hunter

      You got to be kidding Tim. You think this is a little less evil??? Don’t expect to get your pension if this stays on the path it is going. You better vote like your life depends on it because it does.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I don’t have a pension and I expect Social Security to go bust in a year or two.

        • Greg Hunter

          Tim, actually they are in the process of killing people off with the CV19 bioweapon shots, so, that may last longer than you think.

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg: I posit that people will be out of work and not paying into the SS system. It’s all inflow and outgo. Sure, kill the outgo (seniors) but if the inflow goes down faster than outgo, well, bankruptcy.

  83. tim mcgraw

    The Moral Obligation of Civil Disobedience Reverend John Naugle

    Martin Luther King Jr.’s comments in his Letters from a Birmingham Jail about his frustration with moderate whites remind me of the Biblical story about Laodicea:

    “In contrast to the other six churches, the Laodicean church has nothing to commend it. Jesus begins the message with condemnation: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” (Revelation 3:15-17). Jesus emphasizes their “lukewarm,” apathetic nature three times. As a result of their ambivalence to spiritual things, Jesus would have nothing to do with them. He would “spit them out,” as the people of Laodicea would spit out the tepid water that flowed from the underground aqueducts to their city. With their apathy came a spiritual blindness; they claimed to be rich, blessed, and self-sufficient. Perhaps they were rich in material things. But, spiritually, the Laodiceans were in a wretched, pitiful condition, made all the worse in that they could not see their need. This was a church filled with self-deceived hypocrites.”

    From Bible Questions Answered.

    I see a lot of Laodiceans on this site.

  84. Bad Reporting!

    Greg you didn’t mention South Africa accusing Israel of genocide, why is that?

    • Greg Hunter

      Because it’s total bull crap. Also, you have Blacks in SA murdering White SA farmers right and left. The hierocracy is off the charts. So, I call bull crap on SA and their black on white crimes against humanity.

  85. Zach Masterson

    Top Doctor Says IVERMECTIN Helping Patients Overcome Damage Caused by COVID Jabs
    by Ethan Huff | January 13th 2024
    Dr. Mary Talley Bowden: ‘Let’s call for the shots to be pulled off the market’
    The launch of Operation Warp Speed in late-2020 brought with it in the years following a serious and seemingly inexplicable public health crisis that Dr. Mary Talley Bowden of BREATHEmd says is seeing relief with the help of ivermectin.
    Dr. Bowden recently spoke with The Gateway Pundit‘s “Beyond the Headlines” host Ivory Hecker about what she is seeing within her own practice, which is both horrifying in terms of the health issues she is seeing, and promising in terms of how she says ivermectin is helping.

  86. Don Ho Howe

    MSNBC’s Softball Dr. Jill Interview, Trump’s Dominant Town Hall, and Don Lemon’s Return, w/ Ruthless
    Megyn Kelly 126,033 views Premiered Jan 11, 2024
    Megyn Kelly is joined by Josh Holmes, Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook, the hosts of the “Ruthless” podcast, to discuss Trump’s strong performance at the Fox News town hall, boring CNN debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, Chris Christie dropping out of the race, Trump’s charm and charisma during the Fox town hall, his untrue statements about his COVID response, Trump going on offense on an issue he might be vulnerable about, the Fox News “surrender” to Trump, Trump’s smart abortion messaging, Nikki Haley’s saying “” so much during the debate, DeSantis calling Haley a liberal, new polls showing the possibility that Haley could beat Trump in New Hampshire, Dr. Jill Biden’s comments about Hunter Biden, the softball questions from Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC, her and Joe Scarborough’s hypocritical coverage of Trump over the years, Don Lemon’s return to the media, his lies and hate for half the country, Mehdi Hasan’s MSNBC exit, John Fetterman sounding more conservative, some top Democrats saying Donald Trump incited an “erection,” and more.

  87. Jody Spearmon

    Shock Claim: Spike Protein REPLACES Sperm in Vaxxed Men
    by Adan Salazar
    January 12th 2024, 1:30 pm
    German pathologist discusses how he found significant spike protein contamination in male reproductive organs of men who died after Covid-19 injection.
    ‘If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from a person, from a man who has been vaccinated,’ says Dr. Arne Burkhardt.

  88. Prof. Caliginous J. Craic, ASCAP

    Our greatest conservatives aren’t running for office. Again not anyone conservative to vote for. The conservatives I’d like to see run just love talking on the microphone on their yourube video shows.

    I don’t blame conservatives for not serving.

    It is impossible to right this ship built upon $34 trilly and the only way to smooth sail is to borrow and spend trillions additional each year, each and every debt dollar just another coffin in the nail.

    AND you can’t make any cuts or even suggest a freeze in spending without being accused of stealing food out of the mouths of our six figure obese welfare takers.

    This entire system is out of control and nosediving into the ground, can not be saved, only prolong the agony.

    America 2.0
    This entire system ends soon and hopefully the conservatives will come out and fight for America 2.0 … no more free shit for anyone, company or any country, and no taxation of the wage earning citizens.
    If you earn it… keep it.
    If earning is beneath you… you deserve nothing and be happy.

  89. Nat Baumgarner

    U.S. Journalist Gonzalo Lira DIES In Ukrainian Prison!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 5,976 30 minutes ago

    No better than the Russian narrative they try to portray, they themselves are even worse! Real loser’s, losing a loser’s war, taking under the table fake fiat P0nzi scam dollars. They better spend their ill-gotten gains as fast as they can. Because when the American dollar collapses, no more Mr. nice American taxpayer. It’s not nice fooling the American Sheeple!

    Realism is Hugely Missing | Paul Craig Roberts
    Dialogue works 9,761 7 hours ago

  90. Tom Crown

    The two-horned beast is the seventh world power, the Anglo-American world power, and it caused the nations of earth to form the “image to the wild beast,” the League of Nations and later the United Nations, and it made great claims as to what these international political organizations would accomplish in the way of establishing world peace. Since these claims were never fulfilled, this two-horned beast that appeared lamblike but actually spoke for the dragon was proved to be a false prophet, and from then on Revelation speaks of it as “the false prophet,” at Re 16:13, Re 19:20 and Re 20:10.
    The unclean inspired expressions that come from the mouths of the dragon Satan and his visible agencies, the wild beast and the false prophet, “are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armagedón.” (Rev. 16:14, 16, NW) The likeness of these expressions to frogs shows their uncleanness in God’s eyes, just as the frog was unclean for his people Israel. They are the unclean mouthing’s of Satan through his visible organizations, the wild beast and the false prophet. Frogs are small, but they make a resounding noise nonetheless, and proclaim things that put the nations against God.
    On this point the “the New Heavens and a New Earth” “The inspired expressions from Satan the Dragon and through his visible organizations, the wild beast and the false prophet, are unclean in God’s sight like slimy frogs. With big mouths they croak swelling words of peace and security. They produce signs such as the League of Nations and the United Nations and regional treaty organizations and ideological blocks. But where they really are leading the ‘kings’ (the rulers) of the entire inhabited earth is to the greatest war of all times, not a mere World War III with hypersonic missiles, loaded with nuclear tipped hydrogen glide bombs, but a universal war involving heaven and earth, the invisible and the visible. It is ‘the war of the great day of God the Almighty’! This will spell a mournful defeat and disaster for Christendom and the rest of this demon-worshiping world.”

  91. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those with weekend time for viewing, a movie, SHOT DEAD, about side effects and deaths caused =

    • Jerry

      I just watched this movie, it’s terribly sad. It makes me angry to think how this could and in fact is still happening!!!

  92. Erick

    Parallel Construction: How to Discover the Government’s Undisclosed Sources of Evidence [webinar]

    Proves the UK government spies on american internet trafficking through using the FBI UK govt and harris corp , geo group bi incorporated its all about money. During covid in the UK the british government went around arresting people who spoke out online. China does the same thing and its not just biden, TRUMP was doing this as well tech that has no master but is used against its tax paying citizens. Politicians use this against the people who do not fit the narrative.

  93. Erick

    It did not post but this is through the Investigatory powers act of 2016 in the UK see the Harris Corp now L3 harris supplies the tech. If you look into it the EU union/court says this goes against civil rights. America is not free why many have gotten out over the years. During covid what i learned is the same mentality my grandfather witnessed in Stalag 7A. The prisoners prison the population. He escaped but could only trust one other man. So much is coming but society if they want to shut you up they will raid your house. Be careful locally it happened to some really good men who spoke out online how homeland got into their place they said they were into kids tarnished their names in the paper had the community hate them and proven all a lie but no one reads court documents just what ever is printed. The same thing could happen to you Greg even bill still anyone with a voice to get you in a corner. We live in the times of the Viet Cong look at what they did to their educated people same is going on in government today and the military. Ft. Bragg for years and their little psychological operations unit. It is a very real thing. What is scary is the DHS are in charge of these bio testing facilities.

    • Thomas Crown

      Prepare Now to Survive Armageddon
      IN VIEW of world conditions and the fulfillment of Bible prophecies, it is urgent that no time be lost in making plans for survival. But plans for surviving what?
      Plans for surviving a nuclear holocaust?
      ​Will God allow them, not—that will never come,
      ​—that would offer you no opportunity for survival if it did come, and
      ​—that you might not even want to survive, since it would hold no promise of a better life afterward.
      But preparations for surviving Armageddon, a conflict
      ​—that is sure to come,
      —that offers you opportunity for survival if you act promptly and
      ​—that you should want to survive because it holds promise of a better life afterward.
      Since Armageddon is the time and place for God’s action against his opposers, he is the one to determine the requirements for survival. Note what some of them are:
      “Before there comes upon you the day of Jehovah’s anger, seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger.”​—Zephaniah 2:2, 3.
      Yes, “God” by studying his Word, the Bible, by yourself and with others. Get acquainted with God. Gain his friendship by meeting the requirements he sets down for those who will be his friends and by refraining from doing the things that merit his displeasure. (Contrast Psalm 15 with Galatians 5:19-21.) “Seek righteousness” by replacing imperfect human standards of acceptable conduct with the Creator’s perfect standards. “Seek meekness” by being humble enough to accept divine direction.
      In “the great and fear-inspiring day of Jehovah . . . it must occur that everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will get away safe.”​—Joel 2:31, 32.
      We can call “on the name of Jehovah / Yahweh” by knowing it, respecting it and totally relying on the God who bears it. Six thousand years of human experience should have taught us that humans or human agencies can never ensure protection or salvation. Psalm 146:3 warns: “Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.”
      “Go, my people, enter into your interior rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourself for but a moment until the denunciation passes over.”​—Isaiah 26:20.
      The commands “go,” “enter,” “shut” and “hide” show that action is required. All of God’s instructions​—as he progressively reveals them to us—​must be followed closely, thus allowing him to maneuver us into the place of safety that he himself has prepared. “For he will hide me in his covert in the day of calamity,” said King David. “He will conceal me in the secret place of his tent.”​—Psalm 27:5.
      This certainly does not mean withdrawing from society and making survival plans of our own initiative as did one American “survival group” several years ago. Their survival preparations are clearly not the kind that will ensure protection at Armageddon. For example, they purchased membership in a secret mountain hideaway for $12,500 plus annual dues of $300. Jehovah, however, puts no price tag on Armageddon survival, nor does he charge rent for being concealed “in the secret place of his tent.”
      The battle of Armageddon will clear the way for the restoration of righteous conditions on the earth. Both man and his environment will, under the direction of God’s Messianic Kingdom through Christ Jesus, progressively be brought back to the perfect, sinless condition God purposed at the beginning. (Revelation 21:1-5; Genesis 1:28) Millions of the dead will be resurrected and given an opportunity to conform their life to God’s requirements. Happily, this will even include many of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic-bomb victims. (Acts 24:15) Would you enjoy welcoming them back to a world where nuclear war​—in fact war of every kind—​will be unknown?​—Psalm 46:9.
      If you would enjoy living in such a world, we encourage you to learn more about the requirements for Armageddon survival. God’s ready to assist you in learning about these from your own Bible. Prepare now, so that you, too, can live forever in Paradise on earth Erick.

  94. Diana

    Thank you Greg for your dedication to the truth.

  95. Born_In_A_Barn,Fran

    Simply No Comparison. I hear, see, perceive Genuine, genuine intelligence, humility combined with Wisdom and Courage. We independents have a candidate. Hear this man – check out the videos under ‘Policies’. Tell us where you find fault….

    • Greg Hunter

      RFK Jr is a democrat in reality, and not an independent. He endorsed Hillary and wants gun control.

  96. greg d

    This may explain how the big red wave was stopped.

  97. Led Skeletor

    A.I. is total bullshit and 99.999% of the people that believe it is real are being had.

    The latest so called AI produced George Carlin special done by Dudsy is total bullshit, it is a HUMAN celebrity impersonator that is using autotune software. It doesn’t even sound close to old George.

    Computer generated “anything” INCLUDING THIS SO CALLED A.I. only can do what it is programmed to do! Nothing more, nothing creative. Can NOT produce anything original, it ALL has to be included in its programming. AI is a glorified META indexing system, it just is better at accessing and analyzing data than the older META software.

    Good thing billions are being pissed away on A.I., THE VAPORWARE OF THE 2020’s/

  98. Chris

    Thank you Greg. I always appreciate your reports. You are one of the few sources I trust for truthful information about what is happening in the world. Bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chris!!

  99. Robert Dziok

    Best check out RRN ( to find out what is happening to the Deep State, etc.

  100. Steve jones

    Mathew 24 tells it all. Especially verse 21-22. Also Revelation 18 Babylon the great (empire of false religion ) will fall. Big Biz and Gov will destroy her. Proof. Revelation 17;17. It his world no matter what we like or dislike. Then Jesus will make his return.

  101. Anti-Atomist


    Italian researchers found 36 animal venoms in the blood, urine, and feces of COVID-19 patients, including 20 synthetic snake venoms and toxic, deadly venoms synthetically made from the venoms of eight ocean snails and one Crown-of-thorns starfish. Conotoxins are from sea snail venoms, which are more toxic than snake venoms to humans. “Researchers have identified what may be the key molecular mechanism responsible for COVID-19 mortality – an enzyme related to neurotoxins found in rattlesnake venom: Phospholipase A2” These weaponized venoms , toxins, and enzymes, such as zinc metallioproteinase from the Chinese King Cobra, dissolve the zinc in you blood, then they tear apart the cells and tissues inside your body.

    Dr. ‘Bryan Ardis’ “I Was Wrong About Snake Venom” | The Dr. ‘Jane Ruby’ Show

    So, take extra zinc, D3 (5,000 to 10,000 IU), E, bentonite clay, aloe vera juice, fulvic acid, humic acid, activated charcoal, bee propolis, a well known healer of wounds, fresh cilantro, chlorella, and/or Marine Phytoplankton, for chelating heavy metals and imparting healing factors.

    If Mr. G. Hunter is no longer Vatican-controlled opposition with an outdated profile picture deliberately leading the flock astray, then he should interview Dr. Bryan Ardis, whose father-in-law was murdered in the hospital with a bullshit protocol, similar to Fauci’s 53% deadly Gilead Remdesivir Trimethylsilyl cyanide protocol as the ONLY hospital treatment for COVID-19 from 2021 to 2022!

    Gilead is a city of evildoers, tracked with blood.
    Hosea 6:8 ESV

  102. Anti-Atomist

    This explains blood clots, heart problems, and brain fog…

    The synthetic animal venoms use your own cells, yeast, and the e coli bacteria in your gut to propigate themselves inside your body….

    Thank you, Italian researchers and Dr. Ardis!

    Contrary to popular medical delusion, the human body needs and produces cholesterol to repair damaged cells and tissues. Thus, organic ghee, eggs, and bacon should be eaten every day after you’ve been bitten by a demonic thorny starfish, nasty Octagon snails, and the deadly Fizur polytoxin snake!

    Hemp seeds contain all of the fatty acids in the correct proportions that are need by the brain to function. Avocados, avocado oil, coconuts, and coconut oil are also excellent sources of healthy fats that improve brain and gut function. You also need glutathione from milk thistle seeds to optimize liver function. Triphala is the most prescribed, incredible antimicrobial herbal combination in Ayurveda that is high in vitamin C, cleans the blood, balances gut Ph, detoxifies the liver & gallbladder, relaxed bile ducts, and may prevent and reverse DNA damage and mutagenesis that causes cancer, while you sleep.

    He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD.
    Deuteronomy 8:3


    Where it comes to talking about the shots, you’re a bloody ONE MAN SHOW!
    So exhilarating, so truthful— you say EVERYTHING we audience members desperately want to say!!!
    On almost every issue, you “sing the music of [my] soul.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Loren! I’ll keep singing.

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