2018 Predictions & Beyond – Almost All Positive – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Internet data mining expert Clif High says he’s “heartened by the positive nature of the information” he’s received in his latest report. Clif High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information to predict future trends and events.  One of many big predictions Clif High made several months ago involved sexual misconduct would be revealed, especially in the mainstream media.  So, are the sexual misconduct revelations over?  Clif High says, “No, the part we saw in 2017 was kind of like the titles.  We’ve got the main feature coming up in 2018 and in 2019.  The volume of words involved in this scandal is going to quadruple or larger.  It will take a couple of years to lay out.  It will also involve a third or more of Congress, many of whom will elect to not continue in order to sidestep or try to sidestep legal issues as a result of their past behavior. . . . The data sets seem to indicate that some of the people taking hits now are doing so because they know there are far worse crimes they could be accused of, and so they are happy to get out of town, or get out of Dodge on just this little charge so to speak.”

So, does President Trump win the so-called “Fake News” war? In a word, Clif High says, “Yes. . . .  It’s been kosher for the media to lie because they have been given some level of protection with their propaganda act.  The data is suggesting that somebody is going to find a legal way to sue what we call the mainstream media for, I guess you could say, consumer fraud.”

Clif High says there is good news coming, but not just for 2018, many years after. Clif High explains, “There is a really interesting set of data that’s been building for some time, and we have had this big flush of long term data, which is why I decided to do this report that is going out five years.  I named it the “Soaring Twenties,” even though we are not into the 2020’s. . . . Our 2020’s, to some extent, are replicating the kind of language in the newspapers and limited news reels they had at the time of the 1920’s.  Only instead of being “The Roaring Twenties,” we’re going to have a “Soaring Twenties” because it’s a combination of an economic boom and a technological boom that are feeding off each other.  This positive feedback is being sparked around the language of the (Trump) tax redo.  It’s not a reform, it’s a total redo. . . .The money coming back is going to create a resurgence.  A new kind of American is going to be rising out of this resurgence.  We are going to be in a new great generation forming, not the Millennials, but the ones that are behind them.”

Clif High also talks about a coming “bond debacle,” soaring gold and silver prices in 2018 . . . the future of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, legal actions taken against the bad actors in government and the “Deep State.” Clif High also predicts some “fantastic levels of business failures.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High of HalfPastHuman.com.

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After the Interview:

There is some free information, analysis and videos on HalfPastHuman.com. If you would like to buy Clif High’s latest report, just go to the home page of HalfPastHuman.com and scroll down until you see the report titled “Soaring Twenties.” (Only a small part of the report was covered in the interview.)

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  1. Chris

    I am interested to see how Generation Z is going to turn out. I don’t think they are going to be like Gen Y, GenX, or the boomers at all.

    • Ray

      Gen Z will turn out EXACTLY as planned……
      Dumbed down
      Celebrity obsessed
      Left vs Right fighting each other, never unifying
      Having ZERO idea of the concepts surrounding money……all neatly enslaved, and happily so, unto their beloved Block Chains.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Paul ...

      Many people don’t think Trump can ever clean the Congressional swamp as there are just “too many evil creatures to contend with” … they are mistaken … Trump is going to use their evil against them … all the dirty deeds the evil creatures did against the American people because they were blackmailed into doing it … can now be turned and used against them by Trump (to make them resign their positions) … with all the dirty deeds Congress has done Trump can probably have these guys out in just a few months time!! … as Clif High says: “things are looking very positive for our future”!!

      • UBU

        You just described Baby Boomers

  2. Jodyp

    Space travel?! Flying cars?! Now we’ve got to worry about people texting and crashing from overhead. Been hearing this crap since the 60’s.The last big space program was firing a large rocket with a glider strapped to it.Good grief Charlie Brown!

    • Robert

      I hope they’re a little more conservative and reasonable than the current crop who think anybody who doesn’t believe as they do are guilty of hate speech and should be silenced by any means. The left went too far to the left. I use to identify on that side but theyve made being white and American a crime.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … space travel and flying cars is very near … the message of Christmas [that the anti-(Semitic/Christian) Luciferian neocons want to destroy by be-headings or nailing to the Cross] is that God the Father “had faith in us” as humans [he believed we humans would have the courage and intelligence to abide by and listen to “the words of peace” brought to us through his Son Jesus] … and thus he did so two thousand years ago … and by us “really believing in Jesus” (his words and actions) we humans as a specie would not die off [like the thousands of other species that die off each year] … but by believing and acting on the words of Jesus … our human specie would survive … and have everlasting life in the Heaven God the Father created for us as our home … but we must respect “all life” (especially the women and children of our own specie) … abiding by the words and actions of God the Father’s Son Jesus Christ …Trump will soon take our human specie to other planets in the Universe and thus “we will” live forever … and begin meeting and interacting with “other space brothers” who also intelligently avoided nuclear extinction by their evil warmongers, pedophiles and child molesters!

      • Jodyp


        • Robert

          Jody, I pushed the wrong reply key. My comment was meant for a response to a comment above yours. Sorry

          • Jodyp

            Robert,I understood that from your latter post. My confusion was with Paul’s .Happy New Year!

    • Macray

      “Now we’ve got to worry about people texting and crashing from overhead”.
      You made me laugh Jodyp! Thank You!!!

  3. dave

    Hi Greg – Belated Merry Christmas – This message shows up when trying to connect to the Clif High video.

    Ooops! 🙁

    Failed to find video url

    Thank you for the great work you do and Have a happy new year.

  4. brian

    If any of these cryptos are going to find wide spread use there is going to have to be a major change in the way they are bought, sold and exchanged, because the current exchanges are totally swamped and unusable due to the relatively insignificant number of people now trying to get involved; any more traffic will only further degrade the current system.

    Until the infrastructure is adequate there will be no real market or use for these things and price movements will continue to be totally random as only an abysmally tiny fraction of the market can actually function at any given moment.

    • Paul ...

      You clearly explained the Achilles heel of crypto Brian!

    • FC

      Block Chain is our future………our future imprisonment.
      They obviously couldn’t call it ball and chain technology.
      The popularity of crypto’s has having to do with a loss of confidence in Fiat, but everything to do with greed.

      • gregd

        Yes, the solution for the loss of confidence in fiat is a virtual digital fiat.

      • Paul ...

        It is amazing what people will put up with when their “greed genes turn on” FC … unprecedented volatility, hackers robbing their wallets, the SEC and IRS breathing down their necks, etc., etc. … and they are not turned off by Bitcoins sky high price either?? … it is simply “blind greed” that has them ignoring silver (that is 99.9% cheaper then Bitcoin) and is now about to enter its seasonally best month of the year (January)!! … one would think “with greed being their motivation” they would be jumping with both feet into silver (as it can rise 30 to 50 times its present price while Bitcoin only goes 10 times higher) … they are obviously not cold and calculating individuals who can reason rationally … tempted by “instant” get rich quick schemes like Lotto (where loss of their entire investment is of little concern to them … all they know is “they must be in it” to win big and it does not matter if they lose everything! … the fact that silver is at a multi-century low (on an inflation adjusted basis) makes losing by buying some silver now almost impossible … and as Clif High has stated it has greater upside potential then Bitcoin (without all the negatives)!!

  5. Adam Burkhardt

    I didn’t see where Cliff was asked if his latest newsletter included specific crypto products for consideration to purchase?….that is the hardest part….which ones to own?…I don’t want to get stuck in a repeat of the tech bust.
    Adam, KY

    • Paul ...

      Adam … why not just buy silver that is already busted and at the bottom?

      • Frederick

        Paul Good advice Metals look poised to take off Happy 2018 to you brother

    • AntiEstablishment

      On the homepage of halfpasthuman, you scroll down a bit and find “Due diligence for Cryptospace”

      There you would find good advice on which crypto’s to avoid.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Awesome Greg, many thanks mate!

    I know people who are using their redraw mortgage accounts to buy bitcoin. I told them my views on this……………..

    ”Bitcoin = $#!^coin” (Pardon the French)

  7. Sharon Rogers

    Brilliant interview Greg and hope you had a great Xmas.

  8. Kim

    Great way to end 2017! Thank you very much for a positive and interesting interview! FEAR NOT!! God bless!

  9. ross

    Last year Cliff had some really dire predictions about our economies but now has changed tac. He has not explained how the debt , derivative or the bond market problems will be resolved. Bitcoin in particular has big issues of speed and stability to be able to be used as money. It also rewards initial buyers the best while late comers outlay the most money for the greatest risk. Bitcoin in the past has lost 80% of its value. Cryptos are condensing money into fewer hands and this is not good for the functioning of an economy. Our debt based fiat system has created this crisis of bubbles and poverty. Currently cryptos are like a speculative casino.
    I note that Ripple the bankers coin 0f 38 billion coins is taking off and perhaps this one way they plan to dominate the market.
    The other really big issue is AI and Robotics which is reducing jobs and thus putting the general populace in a weaker position to be part of this new technological revolution.
    Clif in my opinion is glossing over some enormous problems that are not easily resolved.

    • boris chikvashvili

      Cliff, lied therefore it is hard to believe anything he says.
      1) Bitcoin is not detectable, by government ( changed it later)
      2) Bitcoin is not stoppable without stopping entire internet
      Wrong on both. Now, that shows that he can speak about things that he knows nothing about( that is a dangerous man).
      Dear Greg, you are welcome to bring people, but bashing mainstream media for promoting people who can advance your site, instead of giving your readers, truth, may be afflicting you too. Just food for thouthgt

      • boris chikvashvili

        Now to the body of the interview.
        As a pioneering computer specialist from CMU( mecca of AI and Robotics now, and best computer science school then), i learned one thing. GIGO. is the major problem of society. Until computers finally master AI( learn themselves) Garbage In Garbage Out law will persist. In that sense, one wonders where does Cliffs info come from. We already know how his info was skewed before by “IROINOUS SOURCES”. That is before even we start contemplating, are we “humans, not half humans(:-” really psychic ? And Is Cliffs, way of analyzing things valid( beyond data fed to him being bogus or even deliberately skewed) . As stated above by others and myself multiple times, he changes things too fast and too drastically to be believable. Now he is on bandwagon of Armstrong, the Dow 50000, And Bond collapse and , FED fed BS, Crypto is going to 100000. Why not, USA DEBT will be wiped out instantly with all the taxes collected. I published this theory more than a year ago.
        For me it is a theory, I do not trust anyone, and especially someone whose methods are opaque. I read stock market charts and have predictions to prove that even CRYPTO is predictable by my cycle methods( Armstroing uses something similar, but different). So, Dear Friends. I believe that CLIFF is high IQ man, but he is suspect due to the opaque methods he uses and frequent change of data and/or conclusions and he is likely FED by FEDs to steer the things where it needs to go. USA needs to be saved and running it all to the sky is the only way. 20 Trillion from stocks bubble, 20 Trillion from Bond Bubble 10-20Trillion from Bitcoin and you are there, almost wipe out official debt of USA and major part of another 100 Trillion un stated liabilities to Social Security Net?
        Do you think, Someobody has interest to feed him the info he is now “GETTING”?
        Good Luck. I myself do not mind the results, just warning you when panic sets USA maybe debt free, but you will be POOR

        • boris chikvashvili

          I am not surprised , these things are going all the time
          My Russian Connections Are Exactly Zero Since I left
          (long time ago). But these things are a standard procedure, I hear and assume.
          After all , it does not take genius to do these things. It just takes people who want to do it.
          My own security defense work( done for JP Morgan among others) is dealing exactly with this area of Cyber warfare . Where humans are the problem, not the technology. Installing firewalls DOES NOTHING, if you have a disgruntled and/or not so careful employees.
          I have addressed this at the most basic level, of Operating System interception and analysis of actions, as the UNIX/LINUX and WINDOWS most used Operating systems cannot tell what happened , if the user is OK. But that is exactly how the systems are broken. USER looks OK!(:-

          • Donald

            “Where humans are the problem, not the technology. Installing firewalls DOES NOTHING,”

            That’s exactly right on. Some years ago while doing a short term contract for a company I was shocked at what I saw – When someone entered the office area through a doorway requiring a security ID to unlock, a second person came in right after without having to show whether or not he had a security ID. There was no way of telling if that person was an employee or not. At that time small devices were available on the market that could be inserted on a keyboard cable that would capture several weeks work of keystrokes. Its easy to figure out where this goes.

            Computer security in a business environment is made possible by not connecting to the internet, disabling USB ports, and limiting one person at a time through secure passageways. If one has really top secret info, then the staff should never have any direct access to the computer equipment – all they should have is a screen and a keyboard.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ross, yes, there are major retardants. But Clif High concludes that an overall positive period is coming. That implies, at least to me, that the positives will outweigh the negatives. High may not prove to be correct; we could get the much-anticipated collapse, war, or any other dreadful development. If the next years bring dynamic and positive times, why complain? The old saying still applies: prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. Best always. PM

  10. Flattop

    GREG: A question:
    At the risk of displaying my ignorance, I do not understand what Clif said about PMs. Do I begin liquidating, stand pat, convert it to bitcoin, or keep buying??

    • Robert

      That’s what I was thinking too. Now everything is ok, the past issues moved to the “never mind” stack.

    • jim c

      Flattop, I own some crypto`s , but way more PM`s. In my opinion , PM`s are zero risk and high reward possibility, I think crypto`s are still too much risk but with high reward. So were do you think you should put your money.

    • DavidC

      Flattop (and Greg),
      My feeling as well.

      I understood what he was saying about Silver but not about Gold.

      Even if the Bitcoin versus Gold argiument is on the side of Bitcoin, then why do Russia and Chine continue to build their Gold reserves? Combine that also with the China Yuan-Oil-Gold linkages coming into play. I think there’s aomething going on there and there must be a reason. Neither Russia nor China are stupid.


      • Roger

        Yes David. And quoting Joel Skousen a week ago, “when the internet
        suddenly goes down in the next war, how will you retrieve your value and convert Bitcoins back to anything tangible?” And guess who we will be at war with?

    • daniel turner

      He said gold 1/4 bitcoin price. which would put it lots higher than now. I don’t see his wonderful new age in just a couple years with a bond market crash as it would take stocks with it as Greg M. says and it could take a couple years or so just to bottom out. Much higher interest rates will not help a debt based economy.

    • Margie

      Cliff predicted that 3 oz. of gold will buy 1 bit coin “soon” (possibly starting in Feb). At present it takes about 11 ounces of gold.
      Therefore, I would wait until either gold rises to $4800 OR bitcoin FALLS to $4,000.

  11. Jeannette Rowden

    Another great interview with Clif High. It looks like 2018 will be an amazing year on many fronts.
    I am also excited for what appears to be a great future for my grandchildren. They will be just behind the millennial “snowflake” generation, and perhaps will have very prosperous and interesting lives.

    • FC

      I afraid we Baby Boomers lived through the greatest times………… I see nothing positive in future in regards to our freedom and Liberty.

  12. Mark

    FBI profiler Jim Fitzgerald – linguistic pioneer.
    UNABOMBER manhunt


  13. This Sceptred Isle

    Clif mentioned the evolution of money from heavy precious metals to paper to digital.
    In the modern world many things are sacrificed on the alter of convenience. If I drive a car instead of walk, I become less active and fit. If I use Sat nav my hippocampus shrivels up and I become less efficient at remembering how to get somewhere independently. If I always eat fast food, because I don’t have the time or inclination to cook a proper meal I will be nutritionally deficient.
    Moral of the story: Just because something is convenient we shouldn’t necessarily do it without being aware of the consequences. The move towards digital currencies is fraught with dangers that your viewers are all too aware of.

    • Russ McMeans

      TSI: a most beautiful assessment of the situation indeed. Thanks a million for your comment… in old fashioned bullion of course. No need for electricity and a LCD screen made in South Korea!

    • Paul from Indiana

      TSI: people will invent/find/accept their own local currencies/exchanges if the digital deal and its concomitant control turn out to be too burdensome, non-inclusive, and yes, inefficient. Best always. PM

  14. Glen

    As much as I like Clif, I also know that his predictions are just for fun. There for a few years his predictions were for the most part wrong. The precious metals predictions are particularly inaccurate. Always. So, if you take his predictions for what they are, which is pure fun and games, then enjoy them. Clif’s predictions have zero predictive value and lots of entertainment value. Definitely no monetary value either. Thanx for the good fun Clif. And, happy new Year!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Glen, Clif’s studies are still in their relative infancy. Think of his conclusions more as possibilities than outright predictions. I think the guy has earned enough credibility for his offerings to be considered and pondered. And yes, his personality and style are definite value-adds, no question. Best always. PM

    • This sceptred isle

      If clif’s predictions came true I would be a millionaire by now…

    • Justn Observer

      Can’t ‘predict’ the obvious levels of manipulation and efforts to suppress their value… in a free market prices might seek fair value…

  15. Neil

    Great questions. Great answers. Great Christmas / New Years present ! Two of my favourites together again. Much to think about here for me.

  16. Jennifer Ohman

    Greetings Greg,
    Fun interview with Clifff High, as always. Thank you for that. It’s always a treat!!
    The question I have is, did Cliff by chance mention to you, off air, how high gold could go at that time when gold would be considered precious, like diamonds?
    And does he believe that Bitcoin will be around long term, as part of the blockchain? In other words, does he think bitcoin will ever become legal tender, become regulated or will it eventually be replaced by some kind of crypos issued eventually by the Fed, and therefore go toward zero?
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Kind Regards,
    Jennifer Ohman

  17. Tad

    I think you covered almost all questions except whether Iran invades the US next year.

    No questions asked.

    • Sharon Rogers

      If history is anything to go by then I would say….not a snowball’s chance in hell!
      Cheers from the Antipodes

      • Greg Hunter

        Dr. Paul leaves out Iran’s support of Hamas and Hezbollah constantly attacking Israel from the North and the South. What would Dr. Paul say if Israel was funding terror and war on the borders of Iran???

        • James P

          They do Greg. The US, Israel , and SA all back and fund ISIS.

          • Greg Hunter

            They did and I said it many times. Since Trump took office, looks like ISIS is finished. You have to also concede Iran is on the border of Israel and constantly planning attacks for decades. The Supreme Leader wrote a book about how to destroy Israel:https://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/ Are you against this too??

          • Frederick

            James you took the words right out of my mouth sir

          • Tad

            One could probably make a case for Al Qaeda offshoots receiving US-Israel support in Syria.

            One day when people read or re-read the Balfour Declaration, they’ll see the root cause the past 70 years’ violence.

            • Greg Hunter

              Israel belongs to the Jews and the Bible says so. So sorry you are Godless and lost. The root cause of 70 years of violence is radical Islam!

      • Tad


        I agree Sharon. I was trying to make a point about questioning US military involvement, globally, and few raise a fuss.

        Is there a pressing need to invade Iran? I mean other than it has been a Pentagon plan for decades. Bassar al-Assad didn’t invite US troops into Syria.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is an opinion piece and the writer leaves out the glaring fact that Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas on the borders of Israel. That is one big thing to leave out when you are pushing the false narrative that Iran has “never attacked anybody.” It is however, correct that the US should leave Syria but so should Iran. Iran has a plan to wipe out Israel and the Supreme Leader wrote a book on how to do it: https://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/

          • Tad

            Iran was invited to Syria, the US was not. that knowledge comes from being Godless, or i spend too much time away from MSM-Israel-oriented news. But your right, that nexus probably doesn’t exist.

            For those who will at least consider another side or the other side, I would suggest Phil Giraldi at The Unz Review or http://www.ifamericansknew.org.

            So are you to say that Biblical history shouldn’t include Arab or Arab Christian claims on East Jerusalem? The Koran is more of a meaningless document than the Bible.

            I’m not here to give Iran a free pass. Only the US gets that.

            If one is to consider hostilities, the history pre-dates the 1979 revolution. Mossadegh was overthrown in 1953 via the CIA. I believe it’s true, but I suppose you’ll instruct me on whose propaganda to believe.

            Things happen, and sometimes they never stop over time.

            I’m just an idiot who would like to prevent the war to end civilization.

            • Greg Hunter

              If Iran was “invited” to Syria to start a war with Israel then u are OK with that?? I am not. Let’s talk about today and not 1953. All those people are dead now.

              • Tad

                Interesting mode of obfuscation, Greg. Again you neglected answering the question of why the US is in Syria–against the Syrian will. If Iran wanted an Israeli war, wouldn’t they have moved in by sea and air? With Russia as a partner, wouldn’t the Russians have engaged the Israel air force over Israel-or yes- perhaps Syria?

                Yes, I know a lot of people have died since 1953 if you’re an Iranian. More than a few have succumbed in Palestine since 1948.

                Wow, I almost left Syrians and 1967 and beyond.

                Actually, I agree with Mr. Trump to deny foreign aid to Israel and other nations. Pull out of this sham Middle East peace process, and let the parties negotiate it for themselves.

                It won’t happen, but what an original thought.

                Wars aside, have you given any thought to having John Perkins on? He wrote “Confessions of an Economic Hitman.”

                At the book’s core, is how the US destroys other nations-economically and politically.

                Perhaps you can answer the questions of how and why Israel annexed the Golan Heights to satisfy the Syrian

                • Greg Hunter

                  It’s not that simple Tad. I have has Perkins on. He was good. and Israel did not annex the Golan Heights. It won the territory in battle AFYER the Syrians and many other Arab nations attacked. You attack someone to wipe them out and you do not get your attack platforms back.

        • AJ

          Greg – when citing the bible, you might want to consider that there are many versions of the bible. I wonder what people knew in 1800s, 1900s to change what was there for a couple of thousands of years.
          As Mohamed said in one post the battle of Damascus (my paraphrasing – Armaggedon) will decide the winner … Jesus will be there with the winner. Don’t fall for the false profets … my two cents for your consideration.

  18. Jerry

    Are you ready for 2018? The globalist are.

    The past two years I have been posting a variety of articles all pointing to a major global shift. My intention was not to fear monger, but to let people know of a new reality that is fast approaching. In 2008 I had a major awakening when one of my clients (who employed over 100 people) told me he was closing his business. When I asked him why, he told ,me he could not compete with Chinese manufacturing. This was a rude awakening for me, because his company has been in business for over fifty years. On by one I have watched manufacturing in my town being slowly swallowed up by Chinese factory’s. The Donald was right about NAFTA. It was nothing more than a globalist Trojan horse to destroy American industry inside an economic bill.
    I provided proof of this the day I posted the link to “The Working Group” . There is no way Hank Paulsen and Timothy Geithner would be involved in a Yuan trading hub in New York City unless there was something in it for them. You can choose to believe whatever you want, but I know first hand from doing business for the last 3o years to always follow the money. In this case it was a 3 trillion dollar bride by the Chinese in 2008 when they bailed out Goldman Sachs. Why did they do it? You can figure it out if you connect the dots and the links I’ve provided you. Just know this. The Silk Road project was constructed for one purpose. A retail replacement plan for us.

  19. Jeff B

    Hi Greg,

    I think Cliff is very smart and, he has interesting comments, but he is clearly in the bitcoin camp. He seems more oriented that way every time he gets on. I think gold/silver have their place in the world and as an investment. It’s funny now how nobody seems to care about debt or deficits. Suddenly, we solved all the issues out there. Apparently, the business cycle is also a mute point. I still believe that no investment grows to the sky. Too many people are jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon which means it won’t end well eventually. Maybe they are right about bitcoin or maybe it tanks. It’s hard for me to believe that a computer based asset is going to be forever considered more rare as each day goes by and won’t be watered down some way. Jeff

    • Russ McMeans

      Jeff; when things go bad it’s all about food, shelter and the clothing on your back. Puerto Rico is an excellent example in real time. Obviously bit coin would not be useful either. Owning 2×6 lumber and corrugated tin would be ideal. Also a generator. Besides that and food would be gold and silver at roughly 3rd place. At least you could buy your way out of troubles if someone is willing to trade with you. Bit coin has no audience in this scenario unfortunately.

      • Jeff B

        I agree with you to totally. I am a gold and silver man. I don’t believe in bitcoin. Regarding band aids, bullets and beans-again I agree. Just so you know. Jeff

    • Paul ...

      Right Jeff … and why take a chance with Bitcoin (and all its volatility) when out of Clif’s own mouth silver is the greater potential investment!!

    • This sceptred isle

      Agreed. Cliff is a tech guy and will be biased in favour of bitcoin. Beware the curse of the pioneer. Think Sinclair, Amiga etc.

  20. Rick Porter

    Cliff never answered you when you asked him if there would be a stock market crash in 2018. He walked around it and said everything else .

    • Tad

      I’m concerned about his comment that gold is a “rock.” I don’t know if that’s the impression the US government wants to transmit, but it isn’t working. Not if the wealthy are paying high premiums for every scrap ounce. There may be a crypto-currency, either global based or US- centric, but not before a potential sixth extinction threat.

      The latter may delayed with what every site member believes will be as hyperinflation.

      A crash will probably happen, but the drop is relative: five percent, twenty percent or more? The way the market has been ginned up lately, I wouldn’t necessarily see a dip below one percent, until or if a crisis with Russia or North Korea becomes apparent.

      • Frederick

        Tad with the reputation the govt shills have for protecting the little guy I’d have to conclude whatever they say is the opposite of the truth

    • Try Hard

      Because he has no clue. He has made one good prediction about the Bitcoin price but flopped on so many others. I have been hearing him say that Silver would be $600 for the last 2-3 years.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not true “Try.” Clif High has made other big predictions on USAW.”

  21. Jeff B

    One additional request Greg-I think Clif needs to disclose how much of an investor in Bitcoin he is like the financial people do on CNBC etc when they are talking about stocks. Clif could be talking his own book which I don’t blame him, but he needs to disclose it. I feel that he is heavily influenced by the opportunity that he sees in Bitcoin. One interesting point to consider- if the economy is really heating up that much, then there will be more velocity of money in our system which will result in higher rates of inflation. This is what will drive the PMs. I don’t buy Bix Weir’s Grand Canyon theory. Jeff

    • Corleone

      Is not “soaring gold and silver prices” the other way to say “stronger devaluation of FRN” ?

    • Mike R

      He IS most certainly talking his own book. If he doesn’t own any Bitcoin now or didn’t previously own and sell off a bunch of it when it hit near $19000, then he wouldn’t be as calm as his demeanor is showing. Clif talked up Bitcoin more than anyone on the internet out there if you followed him any amount over the years like I have. I followed him long before he was here on Greg’s show, and there is likely a post or two I did, suggesting to Greg he should have Clif on. (more for the entertainment value than anything else). Bitcoin has no more underlying value than ANY other crypto-currency, and keep in mind, hundreds if not thousands more can be issued at any time. Further any government can issue it’s own crypto, using the exact same ‘blockchain’ technology which is nothing more than mathematical computations. Further, Bitcoin can’t be used in outerspace any more than you can use a credit card, and the credit card transaction is 50,000 times faster, and far less costly, and far far less energy consumption.

      People – Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, pure and simple. You are being sucked into the concept that is no different than the hype and Ponzi that Tulips were back in the 1700’s. Gold won’t be at $4000 or $5000 by February either, because if that is happening, the dollar will have cratered by more than 50%, which means hyper-inflation, which also means the US as we know it would be going Kapoof, as interest rates would be literally, and nearly parabolically skyrocketing in an attempt to keep the dollar from collapsing. Use some common sense people. Lots of stuff in the financial system would be literally breaking, including the stock market, if gold was trading a ‘third of Bitcoin’ and if Bitcoin was still around $13,000. While Bitcoin may still be bouncing around $13k in Feb of 2018, that is sort of non-call, and like saying the Dow will be trading around 25,000 or around 22,000. Oh, and if the dollar was collapsing like that, and interest rates rising, the interest payments on our $20 trillion and counting, would be more than doubling and tripling, and our deficits would be so untenable in such a short period of time, that US treasuries would sell off so fiercely, that the interest rates would be in a vicious upward death spiral, way worse than anything we saw back in the early 1980’s.

      Keep in mind – nothing lives in a vacuum, and none of these financial things operate in any sort of vacuum, and they are ALL inter-connected, so its not hard at all to deduce if what is happening is making sense, or what MIGHT happen, passes the smell test. Nothing Clif said about Bitcoin, Gold, or silver, passes any sort of smell test and I’d be more than skeptical and not read much into any of the other generalities about takedowns of the media predators or congress people, bc those are already happening, and sprinkles of it will occur here and there, now that people appear to be more emboldened to speak up, and their stories are more readily believed now than they ever were in the past.

      • Greg Hunter

        You can only talk “your own book” if you have a book of business and manage investments. Clif High does not manage money. He does data mining and this is what he’s come up with. You can take the information for what it’s worth (and you can disagree) but you cannot infer Clif is some sort of shyster–He’s not.

      • Justn Observer

        Jeff, BTC is the gateway….brand = most known and of the first people are aware of …. once people purchase BIT-COINS on an exchange…they ‘learn’ of other coins and tokens that can be ‘traded’, invested into, used to purchase from various entities across borders or used as ‘block chained’ contracts for delivery of commodities etc…
        Consider – bit-coin as a stored value that can be converted into a ‘speculative contract’ , converted into a transfer payment, or a value held that can be loaned the use of, like interest or held in escrow as say a rent deposit…for a specific period of time…
        They ARE already being used…traded against on the NYSE via – GBTC, PRELF, BITCF and others…they also are now recognized in the tax code -form 1032 in the new tax code just passed…and being adopted for payments via TRON coins by Alibaba and Bit-coin by
        AND VERITASEUM has launched it ‘contract’ blockchain…beta and should go live mid- January….
        Everyone on here listening to the naysayers… SHOULD BE studying and preparing for what IS GOING to be the new payment system…de-void of banker manipulation of inflation and deflation via their printing and restricting the money flow as ‘punishment’ for not being in ‘their’ system…and their picking the winners and losers of who and what technology will or will not be allowed that might threaten ‘their’ monopolies !
        Levitation technology: https://youtu.be/OO_EoqnabQ8
        Rodin Coil: https://youtu.be/pFC6unmgYFI

  22. Robert Dotson

    Wonderful, Greg and Clif. THANKS for your interview!

  23. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    I might add that Bitcoin and blockchain are not in competition with gold, as every pundit seems to suggest, including Cliff High. This is what their creators and investors would like us to believe. Bitcoin and Blockchain are in competition with FIAT currency! Not gold! Gold has NO competitors as it is KING of wealth preservation!
    Gold IS a store of wealth and is PRIVATE with no counterparts risk. It always has been and it always will be. Bitcoin and blockchain CANNOT change its gold’s nature, and therefore its value.
    The market is in a daze right now and as it has gone WooWoo over cryptos, but it will come to its senses, in time. And gold will seek and find its value at much higher levels.
    Jennifer Ohman

  24. Jak

    Catherine Austin Fitts recommended Watchdoggers to check out Bitcoin- the Op on Solari.com. There is a short video above the article where she mentions the suggestion that Social Security numbers may be put on the blockchain, along with cryptocurrencies as well as talk of universal basic income. This is all about control and as she says the pieces are being put into place for “the mark of the beast.” This is serious and scary analysis.

    • JC Davis

      Jak. I agree with C.A.F.

  25. Robert

    Greg, somehow on the previous 2 replies, I pushed the reply key to the wrong comment. It should be to the comment above, otherwise they don’t make sense. Can you move them to the appropriate place? Is that possible? (This is Greg Hunter. One thing I cannot do is change who you are replying to. I can only delete them.)

  26. susan

    I love listening to Clif. He really is informative and gives one a lot to think about. He is accurate about many things. Don’t just focus on Bitcoin. Listen to everything he says. Thank you Greg! I pray you have a blessed new year.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Susan!

  27. Tim McGraw

    Bitcoin is NOT money. Cryptocurrencies are no more money than Federal Reserve Debt Notes. At 27 minutes or so into the video Clif High goes into his usual pro cryptocurrency speech because this is his business model.
    Silver and Gold are money.
    If the powers that be do outlaw true cash (paper certificates backed by gold and silver, not notes of debt), gold, and silver; well, maybe folks will use whiskey as money like they did back in the day.

  28. Joh

    Reading through the comments above and having listened to many clif high interviews in the past I am quite aware that clif talks his own book. Clif throws out predictions which range for a 50/50 Shot like the cryptos along with long shots which never come to pass. The Last interview with clif I watch a month or so ago he was talking as if his program predict pre crime with silver being bought up this coming February by politically immune entities whom would in normal circumstances be arrested… I find such a prediction to be a blatant fantasy at best BUT if that one is pulled off I may start to have faith in clif again. Clif is an entertaining person to listen to however I prefer Greg sticks to professional market analysis whom have true proven market insight.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s the only person doing this kind of Internet data mining. I try to put on many views to avoid being an echo chamber. Clif High has been correct on multiple occasions and yes, he’s been wrong some to. Clif would be the first to tell you he’s not 100% but you do have to give him some credit for some very good calls too.

  29. Mango

    I guess his end of the world prediction for late 2017 we can ignore now and go back to buying bitcons. For predictive and comedic value, I skip his web site and go to the YouTube’s of George Carlin.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should just skip all of the content on USAW and just go total comedy. It’s a free site and you are free to leave.

    • Frederick

      George Carlin’s comedy had more truth in it than anything else Great patriot May he Rest in peace

  30. Tim McGraw

    Okay at around 42: minutes Clif talks about a change in society how “we” become more optimistic and hopeful. Well who the hell is this “We” that Clif talks about? The country (USA) is divided 50/47/3 ( the three our us lonely Libertarians).

    Sometimes I think Clif is totally full of horse manure. Like when he says the sun is just a huge copper disc that throws off energy from friction as it travels through space. (You can look that up.)

    Will Clif talk about the nuclear weapons? The cooling of the sun? The bacterias that are now resistant to anti-biotics? These things WILL Kill us.

  31. Tim McGraw

    At 45:00 Clif says that the economic system will collapse and folks will filter up through the debris and what… embrace crypto currencies? He’s nuts!
    Are they embracing crypto currencies today in Puerto Rico which still doesn’t have power after the devastating hurricane? OF COURSE NOT! The power is off.
    Gold and silver are money. And they have barely anything in common with a rock on Yak.

  32. Mike M

    When are you going to interview the gypsy who reads tea leaves? Make enough predictions and you will get some things right now and then and that’s all this.

    Forget about predictions into 2020 – you are not going to make it that far. Not a prediction – a fact.

  33. Paul ...

    I think it is pretty obvious to most Watchdogger’s that the creators of bitcoin crypto currencies (the NSA, etc.) in coordination with world banksters are “incentivizing” the people’s of planet Earth (with easy cash) to get them to use a “New Digital Poison Money” to replace the current “Paper Fiat Toxic Money” the banksters have palmed off on us … so they can achieve “Greater Control” over their enslavement of the human race … the same technique Monsanto uses (to get farmers incentivized to spray new poisons on the foods we eat!! … https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/12/26/dicamba-herbicide-use.aspx … to defeat these evil people it is up to every one of us to reject their poison by taking control of our greed instincts for “greenbacks” … a difficult thing to do … just ask a drug addict or alcoholic how hard it is to control their cravings for heroin or alcohol … to know how hard it is to resist the “Hillary like” cravings for greenbacks!!

    • Paul ...

      So lets summarize what Clif High just told us … it is not that everyone should be jumping into bitcoin (because it is going to go up 10 times from about $10,000 to $100,000 with a lot of up and down volatility) … the important and very exciting point he makes is that silver (which is unlike gold because of its industrial use and “scarcity”) is going to go up to $600 to $1000 dollars per ounce from about the $20 dollar level right now … that is 30 to 50 times your money … so what would you rather own? … something that is going to go up 10 times? … or something that is going to go up 30 to 50 times (likely without all the volatility of bitcoin and the fact that bitcoin is really not “something” you can physically hold in your hand and know “for sure” you really unconditionally own it outside some bureaucrat in government trying to get control of it)??

      • Paul ...

        And remember … the Coinbase exchange “limits how much money you can pull out of your account after you sell your crypto and convert the proceeds back to fiat paper” (US dollars or some other fiat paper currency you so desire)! … therefore in the event of a crash (or some sudden, sharp de-valuation in bitcoins) … your ability to act fast and sell your coins might be hampered or could be all but impossible to get out of (which could give some people a heart attack) … unlike physical silver coins which are right there safely in your hands at all times (with no worry about “third party limits” on how much you can sell or barter)!! … with silver there is no heart stressing emotional roller coaster ride or the need to “check your i-phone constantly” to see how your crypto is doing!!!

  34. Ray

    I need to be careful here, because my first instinct is to lash out at Clif, and in some respects, to Greg. But, as they are both people I respect, this is difficult, but I will try to keep some semblance of respect, to which both men are deserving.
    This, for me, was such a disappointing video on a number of levels.
    Firstly, I note that both Greg and Clif have spent many years teaching us about “real value” vs “fiat”. It is sad to see such learned men fall into this trap, where people are told that so called “crypto currencies” actually have any real value……they have ZERO value, except for the value that Sheeple are told they have. That is an indisputable FACT, and I am happy to come on to USAWATCHDOG and debate this with Clif, or any other person who believes crypto’s are a real store of wealth, any time.
    The current state of play with crypto currencies is a banker’s absolute dream………no need for actual physical allocation of physical financial capital (they offer simply a digital token), whose “value”can be financially inflated (via any means to an already totally dumber down population), and then divided infinitely!!!! EASY, EASY, FAAARRRRRRR TOOOO EASY.
    Secondly, and perhaps more worrying, is the complete ignorance of people like Clif, who go around saying that Bitcoin et al are “decentralised” and “private”……what an UTTER DELUSION. They say that crypto takes control off and away from “others” and that it is “peer to peer”. There is no such thing as peer to peer. There is peer #1…..peer#2…..the exchange off the crypto…..and the ISP that facilitates such a transaction……FOUR PARTIES IN ANY ONE TRANSACTION…..NEVER ANY FEWER.
    If Bitcoin is indeed “peer-to-peer”, where no others can get in the way of commerce, why is it that in this video, at around the 48:30 mark, Clif says that people can have”their wallets will be seized”?
    You see……as I have outlined…….there is no peer-to peer……there is ALWAYS “The Controllers”……and they will always be whoever has control over the internet.
    Oh…….I have also heard Clif say that crypto could operate even if the internet were down.
    Yeah right Clif!!!!! Internet is down, and you want to buy some eggs from my hens???
    You turn up with a handwritten, 47 letter code and say, “trust me….this ineligible sequence of numbers and letters really does hold value”. Sorry mate…..the guy holding an ounce of silver just purchased the eggs…..go elsewhere son”.
    Moreover, Clif and others speak of the”miracle of The Blockchain”…..this all encompassing ledger of how transactions have been made, visible to all so that everything is “above board”.
    I have been researching Bitcoin etc for some time across the web……NEVER have I seen this hallowed ledger. NEVER.
    So here is my challenge to Clif and others who believe Humanity will be saved from The Evil Banksters via the efficacy of The Blockchain…….show me the entire blockchain for all Bitcoin purchases around the world that were made on, say, 1st December 2017.
    All of it……from a ping pong ball to a Ferrari……show me the distributed ledger.
    I have no proof, but I reckon it CANNOT be produced…….BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST.
    It is a made up thing……conjured up and SAID TO EXIST, just like the gold in Fort Knox is said to exist……like “America is good for it’s debts and will pay them all back” is said to exist…….like “The War On Terror” is said to exist, but are all…..ALL….complete fabrications, so that some controller of the fabrication can make money…..such is the current state of Humanity.
    Moreover, I have always thought (and still do) Clif and, indeed Greg, to be on the side of Humanity.
    Any global currencies that work via internet will be under control of those who OWN the internet……and I don’t see them as church going folk so much. The exact opposite.
    What of “The Beast System” spoken of in The Bible…..can we please see some interviews surrounding that topic here? Seems to me that crypto currencies are a very close fit to a system where “all must buy and sell” only if they use the beast system. (Again, I am happy to come on and speak up for Humanity regarding this).
    Finally……what of Clif’s Half Past Human Logo?
    What is represented by what looks to be some sort of bird-of-prey having in it’s mouth a ball, which looks to me very much like a representation of a planet? Hmmmmm…???
    An entirely captured planet Clif?
    I am happy to be a human…..Half Past Human sure to me sounds like “time is almost up, Humans”.
    Hey…..Clif…….no thanks mate.
    Time IS UP on those that would DIGITALLY CORAL my species and pick them off, like a crow picks off a bone in the field.
    I do hope you are on Humanities side sir……because the Proprietor of this website sure is, and he is reminded here, respectfully, that we expect only guests who have the interests of Humanity, and HONESTY, in mind.
    With Respect,
    Canberra, Australia

    • Yankee Doodle on Google

      Good on ya Raygun! Yer ah true blue, fair dinkum, drinkin, ridgy didge, dinky die humane humanoid! Don’t let yer undie’s down unda, bunch up on ya bud!
      Who need’s em anyway’s? It’s summer, what a bummer! We could be freezin our arse’s off, up north, way up north. . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Y5B5o7VzI

      • Ray

        Blessings on you mate.
        Real Australians……Real Americans…..Real Earthlings never look to subjugate their one and only planet , or the people they SHARE it with.
        Our hour is approaching mate, it’s almost here……..soon we will sweep away the bastards that control us, and usher in our species’ actual birthright.
        Paris 1789 was just an entree.
        I stand with you sir.

    • Anthony Australia

      Rock on Ray!

      • Ray

        Keep throwin out the left jab mate.
        Hit ’em with that nice right cross as you keep prosecuting TRUTH.
        Don’t EVER, EVER let these bastards……traitors to there own species, off the hook.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Ray and “Fear Not” because the NWO is not that tough. Happy New Year!!

          • Ray

            Well said Greg.
            I will be trying to incorporate more “fear not” attitude into my life in 2018.
            Happy New Year to you, your family and all here at USAWATCHDOG…….the internet’s BEST outpost for freedom of speech

            • tim

              Hope all is well with you and your fellow mates down south now that we are going into 6 years since this discourse occurred considering was has transacted in that time. Best to you!

  35. Russ McMeans

    Dear Greg; I question this guy but love him and respect him at the same time. Your interviews are really excellent and provocative. I’m in love with Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage,& Laura Ingraham, but there’s some serious competition here…. the Great Catherine is probably my very favorite. I’m at a loss for words. Just thank you for now. !

  36. Robert Peter Bailey

    I have only good things to say about Cliff and his P L system of revealing through his Data sets ! It is like having a techy Crystal ball and seeing in to the Future !
    Being a Christian, which is still not a global crime as yet ? I have no faith in any mad made crystal balls ! In saying this, though God Himself unique divine qualities says of Himself, that only He can really show just what is coming in the future to humankind and to this world! Otherwise He would not be God !
    He says of himself, I am He that declares The End from the Beginning, and who is like unto Me ? Paraphrase version !
    Why then do we all not go to His Data Sets and see what He has said already just what really is coming down the Pike, we can do this, and find out All of Hus Truth about the future ! This is what I have been doing for the last 38 years ! But the results the can come from the non- believers on planet earth, who need a New Birth of mind cleaning by divine power can see and understand and also instruct the billions on planet earth just what’s seen through His Eyes and just what is in His Mind !
    It’s all in Hus very special Data sets called The Holy Scriptures, only by itself Scripture interpreting Scripture, can humankind see what He wants us to see and know and understand ! This has been my new life experiences !

  37. Robert Peter Bailey

    Sorry for the words Hus should be His and
    mad should be man made ! I have fat finger problems and writing this info on my IPhone in the dark with bad eye glasses on my bed in the early hours of Wednesday morning ! Sorry about this !

  38. All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump

    Why We Faught And Fight Today National Socialisum

    “My motto is; Destroy
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    National Socialism will
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    it was only just beginning!

    EXCLUSIVE: US left wing groups travelled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals

    Bestselling author Edward Klein’s latest book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump
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    It reveals the FBI sent a task force to Germany to report on radical groups that planned to protest President Trump’s attendance at this year’s G20 Summit
    The investigation determined that U.S.-backed anarchist/radical groups had traveled to Germany and took part in the violence
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    They always come close but never win https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExgdllKpQ9A&list=PL2k_hHwjXBkqYIyPaHU4UNX3I8m8jAWis

  39. allen ols

    pfi; thankyou for the nice Christmas papers/pics of your family, very nice.

    view this;

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, I’m trying to stay sane in an insane world. Best to you and JC for 2018. Best always. PM

  40. Doug


    Great interview as always. For the record, I want to believe Cliff’s predictions…who wouldn’t? A little bit of unrest and then utopia for the foreseeable future. The old system is done away with along the the criminal ruling class getting their just reward. The seizure of the assets of the George Soro’s type people of the world, ect. Gold and especially silver take off and silver becomes to valuable to use as a monetary instrument and all of us stackers holding the metals will become inconceivably rich in the process. Crypto currencies taking off and those that get in early also become wealthy beyond belief [at least some of the crypto’s and Cliff didn’t say anything except about Bitcoin].

    And yet, I believe the scriptures that evil men wax worse and worse. There are one of two options as I see it. Either we are in the general timeframe of the culmination of all things and the return of Jesus Christ….or we are not.

    If we are in the general timeframe spoken of in the scriptures the utopia that Cliff is talking about is a pipe dream fantasy. I want Cliff to be right…I really do! Who wouldn’t? But if we are in the time period of the scriptures that I believe us to be in then very little of what Cliff is prophesying is going to come to pass. Indeed if we were in the old testament period he would be labeled as a false prophet which you really can’t apply to him because I believe him to be atheist or agnostic.

    Yes, he has had some predictions come to pass and a lot of failures as well. And I note that he has never claimed to be spiritual or a prophet but he is just applying his world view to how he reads the data sets. Interesting times ahead for sure. And I hope nobody seeing this interview or those like it are going to run up huge credit card bills or mortgage their homes to try to strike it rich in the crypto space.

    If past history is accurate this mania too will fade and will take down most of the speculators in a huge implosion as it has before and will leave most people holding the bag as it did with the housing implosion, dot com crash and crashes before that. I have speculated in some crypto but no more than I could afford to lose and I would never divest myself of the real biblical money that has held value for thousands of years.

    Blessings to all in the new year, get/stay close to the savior and keep on keeping on. Interesting times for sure!

  41. JC Davis

    With bitcoin being valued, created, bought, and controlled with cash it would be reasonable to see the fluctuation is caused by inflation, and deflation we currently have in unfair markets. It would not be unreasonable to assume those that control the dollar control everything, and everyone who use it.
    If Cliff is right it just means greed has taken a whole new level.

  42. Tad


    I’m not one to quote scripture, but for true believers, here’s one.

    • Yankee Doodle on Google

      Tad are you trying to make jack ass’s out of us with that scripture?

  43. jim c

    Cliff is talking like crypo`s are here to save the day. There is no way possible it is that easy. What about the debt. the over priced stock market, our lawless government, and the extreme amount of over printed money. Bitcoin WILL NOT fix all of those things.

  44. Robert E. Salt

    It’s getting to the point where 1% of the population has 90% of the wealth. If the other 99% reject the established currencies and set up currencies of their own (cryptos), then the 1% and their followers are screwed. Which group is more productive, the 1% or the 99%? Cryptos empower the individual. Don’t expect the 1% to take this lying down. I’m surprised that the self-destructive NWO has gotten as far as it has. They double-cross everyone including each other.

  45. Uma

    As Clif buys Bix Grand Canyon stuff, one knows how much worth his stuff is.
    Nothing! Period!

  46. andyb

    All should consider the agenda of the Red Shield before automatically buying the bitcoin story. Aside from depopulation, and global wars, total control (or totalitarian) structures automatically dictate an eventual cashless society. Bitcoin is perhaps the ultimate way, outside of total bank bail-ins, that will lead to a total control. Not enough for Obamacare, Facebook, or Twitter that essentially control all other facets of our lives; the Red Shield wants it all. The illiquidity of Bitcoin should bother everyone.

    In addition, scarcity, from an historical perspective, has proven to be a value metric. Billions of bitcoins can be mined, although peak electrical power might prove to be a detriment. The PMs, on the other hand, are fast disappearing from the planet. The incidence of major discoveries is long past and the grams/ton mined has fallen off the cliff in just the past decade. We are long past peak gold and silver, and Clif is correct on his prognosis for silver; principally because of scarcity but also due to the overwhelmingly disproportionate Gold/Silver Ratio of 75-80, given that these metals are found and mined in a 7-9 ratio. So you have to think that either gold is way, way overvalued or that silver is the bargain of a lifetime.

  47. Mohammad


    Since your previous interviews with Salinas i laid out this scenario FREE on your blog years back when Salinas joked about digital currency and said it is not like eating steak (referring to gold standard)
    It does not take data mining which mr. Cliff is using to realize that the mastermind behind crypto is the FEDS.
    I said before it is their genius demonic way of pulling all the liquidity they put in the system by inventing this method of medium for the new monetary system that the blue print of which is been put in place long time ago.
    It only takes a good brain and a sound logic to see that and to see the link between the rise of the Phoenix bird (digital currency) from the burning ashes (bonds representing sovereignty) .
    Who is destroying bonds is destroying sovereignty.
    Here, it is crucial on behalf of human race to realize this:
    Yes you can gamble in the crypto and make 1000% on well picked cherries like mr cliff suggested when you are running from the bonds … BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THIS: YOU ARE WEARING WILLINGLY THE SHACKLES OF SLAVERY AND YOU ARE PUTTING IT WILLINGLY ON YOUR KIDS AND GRANDKIDS HANDS SO LIVE WITH THE MORAL BURDEN OF YOUR 1000% profit they threw to you as a bait and live the consequences for your ULTIMATE STUPIDITY.


    • Greg Hunter

      I think physical silver is the deal of the century. By any metric it’s cheap.

      • Mohammad


        Gold is wearing the beard of bitcoin.
        Jim Sinclair was correct all along.
        at a snap of the finger when they decide it will be announced and that will be the shock to all those who claim they know analysis and we will realize it was gold who moved all along under our noses without noticing.
        the jumps in bitcoin matched the angels (magnet numbers Jim Sinclair was posting) perfectly.
        it is the mother of all surprises Greg, I sense it i do not have a proof of it but i know it is gold who is moving into the new monetary system and moving at the heart of it masquerading as BITCOIN.


        • Larry

          I think you just confirmed a correlation
          that has been going off in my head like
          a bell, nonstop.

  48. AJ Ferrara

    You spent so much time congratulating Cliff on his crypto call but none in calling him out on his silver call from last January, where he stated silver would explode in Feb/March 2017. Now he’s moved the same prediction of $100, and onto $600 into 2018. Meanwhile, we’re still sitting under $17. Entertaining interview with Cliff as usual, but bad job on you for not taking him to task on his misses.. and on Cliff for not admitting the big error along with his more accurate prediction. Plus, a very nebulous call on gold.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif has said on numerous occasions that he’s “the world’s worst in calling the silver price.” Clif High has also said he has “had “an increasing silver price in his data sets for years.” He admitting the error. What do you want, and you paid nothing for the information. You’re welcome!!!!

  49. Lauren

    Cliff states that as we go faster, we need faster currency exchange. I’m not sure I understand how cryptocurrencies will do this in that their main problem is glacial transaction speed and that is the main limitation. I would like to hear more about this.

    • Justn Observer

      Then you are un-aware of #hashgraph and Lite-coin ?

  50. BobT


    Awesome interview. Thanks and blessings.

  51. Mohammad

    DIDN’T I SAY TO GREG MANNERINO IT WILL HIT 50000 when it was melting down to 11000 on your last Weekly Wrap ?


  52. Wayne Swanson

    Cliff is an interesting guy, and a really great BS-er. He’s sort of like a combination Oracle of Delphi, astrologer, and your favorite wacky uncle -fun to listen to, but not necessarily providing actionable intelligence. His analysis and predictions are like what some bright guy said of Sigmund Freud -“He’s not right, he’s not even wrong.” Meaning that he makes so many predictions about so many things, that you can’t possibly disprove him. Me, I’ll stick with tea leaves.

  53. Mohammad


    The way Clif described the trend of Bitcoin and the corrections reminds me exactly with what jim sinclair was describing the gold bull market and corrections will bw a while back before he went in the shadows, he even said it will hit 50000, THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE I GOT MY NUMBER when i replied to Greg Mannarino.

    Think about it Greg for a second and i think we got this bitcoin solved:
    Jim Sinclair is right and accurate on gold.
    Clif High is right and accurate also on crypto.
    So how to reconcile the two?
    Crypto (including bitcoin) is going to be backed by GOLD.
    so you are in reality seeing the BULL MARKET OF GOLD MANIFESTED IN THE CRYPTO BULL MARKET.
    Problem solved.


    • Mohammad

      This a movement in the gold price, and what Jim Sinclair said many times over and over, MANAGEMENT OR PERSPECTIVE ECONOMICS, So it is smoke and mirror of crypto movement masking the real gold movement, the rest are left to believe that gold is still priced at 1200+ when it is 13000$ an ounce of gold (current bitcoin price).
      This is how i understand the violent shakes of the bull to get the weak hands off gold …errr … bitcoin.

      here i cracked it for you Greg, First on your blog.


      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Mohammad for your comment and analysis!! I have always said you cannot go wrong with physical gold and silver as a core asset. Right now it looks like very cheap disaster insurance.

      • Silence is Golden

        Interesting perspective.
        Your thesis implies btc to achieve $50k and then is backed by gold ?
        You also make an inference that btc itself has no real value and that it relies on gold to support any price it achieves.
        JS magnets theory ….used to project future gold prices…..is based on US debt projections. That is how he predicted back in 2001.. gold to reach $1900 by 2011.
        Gold price doesn’t get reset to support digital alternative to settlement.
        Gold is the ultimate currency. It doesn’t Play support act.
        It’s value ….in a free market ….will be determined by supply and demand….and loss of confidence in the fiat monetary system. The suppression of its price is necessary given the uncontrolled issue of debt across the globe.
        Btc is nothing more than a greed and fear trade. It is speculation of the highest order.
        Gold will find its way back into the monetary system by necessity.
        BTC will never enter the monetary system.
        Q: In any event ….Who makes the decision to back Btc with Gold…?
        If this were to occur you would first need to see the destruction of the paper market (futures).
        If successful in achieving that feat…then gold…of its own volition…..would fly.
        Just bringing some logic and reasoning to the table here.
        There are many more points about this topic which I haven’t covered..
        …lending more support to a future less Btc.
        FWIW…..Here is my theory.
        How to destroy wealth and debt simultaneously? ???
        Play the greater fool theory game with BTC…..then watch it implode.
        The Phoenix will rise from the ashes thereafter.
        Seems more plausible ??

  54. Alannon

    What about a Crypto Fund in the 401k?

  55. Agent P

    A time of great ‘peace’, followed by a shattering of peace.

    This is my reading of events as they are currently playing out.

    What it really is, is a time for God’s word to be spread far & wide before the window closes on this chapter of humanity. And this opinion coming from an non church-goer no less… It is simply clear to see when you observe events playing out in near harmony with scripture.

    Clif High – as smart as he is or appears to be, obviously does not subscribe to a Biblical worldview and he has made that clear in past interviews. He tends to see things more from an ‘Eastern’ perspective – or ‘Universe’ as he calls it. Fair enough.

    In my observations over periods of time, only the clear cut ‘Right & Wrong’ perspective of the Trinity has stood the test of time, and of man and his creations (various governments, advancements, war, strife, blindness of greed, etc.), and still rung true.

    In closing: Caution yourself of becoming too optimistic from the prognostications of other men – Mr. High or anyone else. Do not be lured astray from preparing.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Agent P. I put on a lot of views and your points are also valid.

  56. Sharon Rogers

    Greg, WDers

    I patiently observed and waited, curious to see any comment on Haley’s recent disgraceful behavior….and yet not so much as a whisper regarding this moronic warmongering liar on WD….interesting….no actually more like flat-out alarming. PCR called her out big time and yet the silence on WD is almost deafening…WTF!

    This cynical pathological liar asserts that ‘Bonono’, a country which doesn’t even exist, must have been a victim of Russia meddling in their recent elections because that’s just what Russia does. Talk about the extreme example of sickening hypocritical Russiaphobia!!

    As much of a shocker as Samantha Power was in this UN “diplomatic” position, by comparison, Trump’s appointee Haley makes her predecessor look like Mother Teresa.

    IMHO This creature should be immediately sacked by Trump if he is to retain any thread of diplomatic credibility whatsoever.


    • Sharon Rogers

      Greg, Wders
      If the above is not one the saddest examples of the degeneration of a once great Empire, the below Gallup poll result perhaps even caps this. Notice too that even McCain appears on the list.


    • Greg Hunter

      You hate Israel and that just about sums it all up.

      • Sharon Rogers

        What an incredibly childish response…the above post has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel….furthermore I do not “hate Israel” nor any other country for that matter….the way your mind works is at times a complete mystery to me. I am far from sure how it is possible for any mature adult to hate a country.

        My post is about the Russia-phobic comments of Trumps appointed US rep on the UN council. Her behavior should be an acute embarrassment to the entire Western world, not just the US [another country which incidentally I do not hate].

        Do you even read my posts before you shoot from the hip like some sort demented GI Joe!

        • Greg Hunter

          Oh No “col” you don’t hate Israel, (sarcasm) you are just for the people that throw gay people off of roof tops. You are for the people that fire rockets from hospitals and schools so they get a big body count when counter attacks begin. Then, when someone complains, you are for the people who take them out into the street and execute them. (Hamas 2014) Calling somebody a “moron” because you do not agree with their views is character assignation. You are an atheist and hate GOD. I read you posts and I disagree, and now comes the part where you call me a moron???

  57. Robert Dziok

    I wonder what my wife would say if I told if I told her I was going to pay some $13k for a computer “ledger entry” backed by NOTHING with no REAL security (look into quantum computing and elsewhere for this fact) and all the makings of Ponzi/Pyramid schemes that some “Crypto Techie” claims via slick crypto techie jargon and “Predictive Linguistics” will hit $100k next year and that nobody even knows who “created”?
    Forget the FACT the East (e.g. Russia,China, Indis, Asia, etc.) is accumulating MASSIVE amounts of Gold/Silver as much as possible. They are just “rocks” and not “Space Age” like Cryptos. Crypto Techies should be advising these countries of the “error of their ways” and to dump those gold/silver “rocks” for ledger entry “cryptos” backed by air. I’m sure these countries would be interested in their enlightened “wisdom” and “predictive linguistics”.
    Forget the FACT the East is setting up parallel platforms for trade/payment/banking that are outside the Wests control and immune to sanctions. AIIB, CIPS, BRICS, SCO, OBOR, etc.
    Forget the FACT countries are well into stopping use of the US dollar. Venesuela just quit use of the US dollar. Russia/China now do bilateral trade in their own currencies. Turkey/Iran recently agreed to trade in their own currencies and not the US dollar. Pakistan just agreed to trade payment to China in yuan and not US dollars.
    Forget the FACT BRICS are starting to set up their own gold trading platform dealing only in physical gold and not “paper” gold that the West uses to suppress/manipulate the price of physical gold /silver. China is starting now to issue oil futures in yuan redeemable in gold.
    Forget the FACT cryptos can be readily regulated/outlawed. Coinbase has just been forced via the IRS to turn over all their records, Think your going to hide profits or money laundering via cryptos from government/IRS?
    Forget the FACT the “RESET” is long overdue to occur WE have the “Roaring Twenties” coming our way according to the guest. The World is tired of US printing of tens of TRILLIONS of US dollars to prop it up and dilute their own reserve savings as well as create numerous untold problems for them.
    Forget the FACT the World is SICK of US wars ( Iraq , Lybia, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.) to prop up use of the US dollar via Proxies like ISIS. That’s right, the CIA created ISIS for use as a proxy force in the Middle East and now the Pentagon fights ISIS, So the Pentagon is essentially at war with the CIA. How’s that for for foreign policy? Thank you Nobel “Peace” prize award recepiant Obama who never even did anything to earn it as he was just elected at the time. Iraq wanted euros for oil payment. Ghadaffi wanted a gold backed Dinar for all of Africa. How did that work out for them and their countries after the US/West set out to put an end to it? Both gave up nuclear arms aspirations to appease the West? Wonder now why North Korea and Iran have no intention of doing the same?
    The “petrodollar” is in decline now. It was a slick scheme set up in the early 70’s by Nixon/Kissenger to have Middle East payment for oil in US Dollars ( US Treasury Bond DEBT) as a result of US DEFAULT on paying promised gold in return for US Dollars as once agreed upon after World War II. In return Saudi Arabia got US Strongarm protection. Now Russia/China do their bilateral oil trade in their own currencies. China is working towards having oil payment with Saudi Arabia.
    The bottom line is that the US Dollar as world reserve currency is in rapid decline as well as the petrodollar. Both have been grossly misused/mismanaged and countries of the the World are taking action to turn against them now for their own preservation and well being. The US is essentially on the outside looking in with regard to the MASSIVE TRILLIONS in trade/construction of the Eurasian One Belt One Road project. Really think this will result in the “Roaring Twenties” for the US? Best to prepare as best as possible with various physical and spiritual essentials to weather the storm. The long ‘overdue “RESET” will come sooner rather than latter. Cryptos won’t even be around in a power/Internet outage or long term removal.
    The Big Players acquire as much gold/silver as well as other REAL commodities while the SHEEP are distracted to chase air via cryptos like Bitcoin. Buyer beware as the saying goes. Working Americans have it hard enough to make ends meet nowadays let alone have thousands to speculate on “Hot Air” cryptos tauted by some crypto techies they know little if anything about.

    • Mike R

      Robert, you are onto something there. Predictive linquistics has no filter, and who is to say it is not subject to the same group think that leads the lemmings off the cliff ? The linquistics are decidedly different than a year ago when Cliff was on, and all the bad stuff somehow got erased, and everything any good was somehow based on findings in the Antarctic to eventually overcome the bad stuff that was going to happen the next 4 to 5 years out. Guess that all got erased ?

      • FC

        No filter, you mean publications like Slate, Huffington, and The New Yorker could be part of his data mining………………that would explain a lot of things why he calls gold a rock when in fact it’s a metal.

      • Diane

        Mike R
        Do you think a consumption tax and complete abolition of income tax would make sense.
        Martin Armstrong commented he thinks it would.
        Some good posts on here today.

    • sk

      Thank you. I hope thewatchdoggers parse each and every word and then take each and every word to heart. In time, I think, they might just build you a monument.

    • Chip

      Greg, you should interview Robert! Robert that was one of the finest and most on point rants I’ve seen in a good long time. I read it twice, once out loud to my wife… Chip

    • JC Davis

      Oh that was good.
      I am looking to build a rock garden if anyone has some gold rocks to give away. I only need about 100 lbs or so..LOL

  58. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg,
    Next time you speak with Cliff tell him, Ross said humans have no access to space, and all “space” programs, like NASA, are TOTALLY fake. NASA functions ONLY to control your understanding of our universe, and to make stealing money really easy. Every statement made by NASA about our universe is a lie. All photos are edited, with the bulk of the “pictures” shown by NASA actually being artist renditions. 50 years after 6 perfect moon landings, and even more absurd the corresponding number of perfect moon launches and subsequent docking with a return rocket using 1960s computer technology, no other company, or country, has even made an effort to get to he moon. Poeple, get a clue!

  59. Mike R

    Here is what people need to understand about Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin is just one application of Blockchain, and a rather awkward one.

    It’s not AT ALL unique, meaning that other competing “cryptocurrencies” can be established just as easily. It’s not fiat, meaning that no country requires it to be used as legal tender. But beyond anything else, its INEFFICIENCY (meaning actual energy consumption and not just the computing power required to execute a single transaction) is so mind-bogglingly enormous, that the continued operation of the Bitcoin network could plausibly contribute to global warming.

    Be careful to distinguish Blockchain from Bitcoin. The Blockchain algorithm will likely though become a useful component of validating transactions, tracking supply chain movements, and all sorts of other applications, but Bitcoin itself is likely to become the same thing to cryptocurrencies as Visicalc was to spreadsheets, or if you’re younger, what MySpace was to social networking. Anyone remember “My Space” ?

    Bitcoin essentially uses a decentralized network of computers (anyone can join) that “listen” for transactions that are broadcast over the network. Each computer can accept and attempt to validate any “block” of transactions, which is done by discovering a particular “hash” for those transactions. The hash is a long string of ones and zeros corresponding to the input, and has to satisfy the current level of “difficulty” (specifically, a certain number of leading zeros). The difficulty is set so that only one block of transactions is validated every 10 minutes or so, across the entire network. (inconceivably SLOW and its laughable to think that will EVER be used for a currency or retail transactions). (So that is where Clif was hugely wrong and mis-leading talking about speed and how fast things are today where we need Bitcoin, or Blockchain. No only do we NOT need it, it actually slows commerce down to worse than a snails pace. We could bring back horse and carriages if people actually think Blockchain or Bitcoin will work for transacting. The very concept and design prevents scaling and prevents SPeed, in order to ensure the INTEGRITY of any given transaction, which is known as the electronic “ledger). Think about that people.

    Also, The maximum size of a Bitcoin transaction block is 1MB, which is about 2000 transactions. That’s the total number of Bitcoin transactions that can be processed worldwide in any 10-minute interval. OH.MY.GAWD, as Chandler’s girl friend Janice would say on Friends. That’s utterly STUPID ! And worse that speed really can’t be increased by more computing power, as power consumption would go up exponentially, and by its very design it HAS to be distributed across every Bitcoin owners’s node, so the more people who own it, and more nodes added, it thus gets slower. Visa alone can do more than 56,000 transactions per second.

    Making the above even more clumsy for transacting, when you’re trying to validate a block of transactions, an extra transaction is included which designates a “reward” to your own account if you’re successful. Whoever discovers a hash that validates their block gets a reward, in Bitcoin. That’s what “mining” means. The validated block is added to the Blockchain – essentially a running ledger of every transaction ever made. The header for the next block has to contain the hash of the previously validated block (which is what creates the block “chain”).

    But here’s the thing. Every time a block is validated, a single node in the network gets a reward, and everyone else’s computing time is completely wasted. Those required computations already absorb the same amount of energy as the entire country of Denmark. Or choose a country like Ireland, or any one of more than 150 other countries. Simply that power consumption for such a tiny vessel of transactions, is mind boggingly stupid. I say stupid because who would design any currency to consume more power in one transaction, than the power needed to light up entire countries.

    Folks this will NEVER get to those percentages of early adopters (say 13%) because of not only the slowness, but also because of energy consumption. Governments will be forced to stop it all, just to keep utilities from going under financially, or running out of power before it ever gets to 13% of the people on the planet from using it. So you can take those wet dreams of $100,000 or $1,000,000 on price of Bitcoin, on your pillow at night for counting what you will never have to use to put you to sleep.

    So ultimately, the Bitcoin features a combination of breathtaking inefficiency and HIGHLY constrained scalability. The system already features a rather steep cost per transaction, and hardly any of those transactions are for the purchase of goods and services. I’ve regularly observed that the value of a currency is essentially the present value of the stream of “services” that the currency can be expected to deliver over time, either by serving as a means of payment or as a store of value. That depends greatly on the willingness of other individuals to hold it and accept it into the indefinite future. My sense is that, as with all speculative bubbles, buyers are conflating “rising price” with “store of value.” Meanwhile, there’s little evidence to suggest that Bitcoin will ever be an efficient means of payment for ordinary goods and services. So if its not that, then what’s its use for ? Same can be said for all the other crypto’s. So its HUGELY speculative as to what those real and valuable uses that Clif talks about will come forth. Its really not that innovative if you ask me, and will be one of the 21st centuries biggest laughers of a dead end. Good on Clif I guess if it was able to spot an emerging mania and hype so easily, and make some money off it by owning, and then simultaneously hyping his own ‘book.’

    As we all know, episodes of speculation can persist for some time, so there may be some speculative profit potential still in Bitcoin yet. Looking over the very long-term, it may also be worth something in the future, because value is always ascribed to things that have some combination of scarcity and usefulness. To the extent that Bitcoin is assured to have a limited supply, and is undoubtedly being used for money-laundering already, I doubt that the future value of Bitcoin will be identically zero, assuming governments refrain from any regulatory effort. There will likely be numerous alternative cryptocurrencies launched in the future, each one constructed to first enrich its originator with a large number of units, and then released in the hope that it will catch on. In evaluating these alternatives, efficiency and scalability will be worth considering.

    Thus far no crypto is either efficient or scalable. Math can’t solve that. So mathematically, crypto’s are for all intents a TOTAL dead end. We already have a massive world wide power crisis, without anyone acknowledging that more than 1/3rd of the world’s inhabitants have exactly ZERO power. And go ask the people in Puerto Rico how they are doing with so many people who have lost power for just a few short months, with very little likelihood of it being restored anytime soon, which would cost by low estimates $95 billion to repair their grid.

    Use some common sense please, people.

    • J Marty

      You make the statement about Bitcoin ” It’s not fiat, meaning that no country requires it to be used as legal tender.” Yet in a previous post you state just the opposite, “Bitcoin will be purely a 2017 short lived fad. Probably the shortest time period ever for a fiat ‘currency.’ And it is truly fiat, as people are only ascribing a ‘value’ to it, because someone says it has value.” Well what is it? Is Bitcoin a fiat currency or not?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Good points!

    • Mohammad

      Mike R,

      I was reading your post with ultimate interest and i was asking my self , How can you not see it? how smart person like you can not see it?
      And who said Bitcoin is meant for transaction between average people like me and you?
      Let me throw an example to get you where you missed.
      Thank of the dollar5/10/20/100 bills for you and me (The coming fed coin, god know what its name will be)
      And the treasury bills denominated in billions of dollars in one single sheet pf pretty painted paper that the central banks/countries transact with (Bitcoin)
      So in essence what you laid out in your argument (absolutely correct) as an inefficiency is meant to be so simply because few bitcoins are meant to be mined or issued for the elites, and if we know that the elites HOARDED gold already out of the hands of the public by smashing its price over decades then we can easily conclude that bitcoin is GOLD, there is no chance of a snow ball in hell that NOTHING CAN SELL FOR 18000$ if no gold was behind. can’t you see it? is it so darn close to the eyes that it is blurry and cannot be seen, why then do you think China and Russia did not ban bitcoin? why US did not jump on bitcoin and mashed it , because NSA is unable to crack its code? hell no they had it ass handed to them long time ago, or may be because it is our wonderful feds next vehicle for large transactions???
      Think about it

      I love your posts and the last one was so educational it was the best i read about crypto.
      Happy new year


    • FC

      Very informative piece……… Unfortunately the majority of the population have Common Core Sense.

  60. Julia

    Great interview. Truthfully, I hope these seizure of property/ money happens and can be used to reimburse people hurt by these people.
    Regarding the monitors on children’s movies, when I was a child I remember hearing there was a office of Religion which had pastors and priests reviewing the movies which were being made. Sounds like we are moving back to those days. Does anyone remember the Loretta Young Show? She would actually carry her bible on stage for the opening monologue. Going to be an interesting couple of years!


  61. Laura Snyder

    When Cliff High predicts such great financial success regarding fiat money , bitcoins (the tulip bulb mania fiat coin), & high stock market, as being solid indicators, it does not sound credible. Every where we go, we see small stores & large chain stores closing continually all around from town to town. I try to shop locally to support them, but that does not prevent the on-going downward trends & eventual closings. I am always reminded of my fathers experience in 1929 through 1930’s. People could not sell their products because others did not have any money.

    Can you cover the national truckers strike at some point?

    Can you cover the Mississippi continually drying up in massive sections

    Would you include dutchsinse.com on your links The man is a genius with 80% spot on accuracy on his weekly worldwide earthquake predictions. He has saved many lives. with his predictions.

    I enjoy your professionally prepared shows, even if the guest is not informing me of the meat I am looking to hear. Your performance always offers skills & pointers for our learning & entertainment I like the heads up email reminders.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laura,
      I try to put on lots of views. First interview of 2018 is with former Fed insider Danielle Di Martino Booth and it is pretty much of a warning of very bad things to come. It’s a 180 from this Interview.

      • Anthony Australia


  62. Mike R

    P.S. Pre-paying Property Taxes ! DON”T DO IT !
    I knew these people who rushed to pre-pay were total fools. IRS confirmed it today. They can only be deducted during the year they were ASSESSED, and paid. So 2018 prop taxes aren’t assessed yet in most locales, so don’t pay it. Assessment usually doesn’t come until April or May.

    Save your money, and remember, DONT EVER PAY taxes early, and make sure you keep as much of your money as long as you can, meaning if you are getting refunds, you are sending TOO MUCH every pay check.

    PPS. The corporations who are ‘reveling’ in the 20% tax rate, were in many cases already paying effective rates WELL BELOW 20%. What they don’t know yet unless they read the entire bill is how many of their loop holes were closed. Thus they will be ‘lucky’ they aren’t paying more than 20%, because most will be paying very near that.

    • Dave

      Many localities bill 2017 taxes in December 2017. These CAN be paid in two installments in 2018, usually May and September. But, if you pay in December 2017 when payment is “due”, you get the 2017 deduction, where as if you wait until just before the delinquent dates in 2018, you may not get to deduct.

  63. Sparky Jones

    Can someone point me to where Clif called out the sexual misconduct drama BEFORE it happened? I can find where he called out gold going through the roof (thanks for that wonderful tip).

    • Greg Hunter

      Here Clif talks about sex trafficking and the MSM: https://usawatchdog.com/the-deep-state-is-dying-clif-high/

    • Markp

      Sparky, I kept some notes on a Clif High interview, the notes are dated 30/10/2016 but I’m not sure at what site I saw the interview. At that time Clif said his analysis indicates ” … gold goes no offer, silver not to be found”; “Gold at $125k per oz, to back the SDRs to be created ..”; “silver $10k per oz, a strategic metal with very high value, may be illegal to trade silver …”. These were Clif’s quotes to the best of my note taking. Please note: at that time – 30/10/2016. Perhaps his most recent analyses show different outcomes as at now.

  64. Mike R

    Also, the tax reform will be the catalyst for a fairly swift and deep inversion of the yield curve.
    The Fed in fact, can’t possibly raise the yield curve fast enough, which is ironic, as in years past when there was no QE, and no fantastical debt load, the Fed would have immediately lowered rates to respond to the pending recession. No can do this time around. And it needs to really RAISE rates into the forthcoming recession, which is going to make the recession a real ball buster. I dont know where clif comes up with his stuff, but the real life consequences of this ‘tax reform’ are going to be anything but positive in the longer term, and maybe even really unexpectedly painful in the nearer term. Stocks are so OVER valued, as are bonds, that we are truly between a piece of granite and kryptonite for the US economy. The Fed was walking a tightrope as it was, and this tax ‘reform’ just sent some 100 mph head winds to the Fed who is balancing on that thin rope thousands of feet above Wallstreet.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are right as rain here. The bond market is going to blow sky high when interest rates shoot upward. Will the central banks be able to control the surge in rates?? We will see in 2018.

  65. Mike R

    The one word you’ll will possibly hear more often than the name Trump next year, will be “liquidity” or rather lack thereof. Massive problems will develop worldwide, as a result of US tax reform, and il-liquidity is going to be a MAJOR part of those problems.

  66. Tad


    Another fine piece by Steve St. Angelo. I see at least two crimes: contaminated water tables and shale producers who are operating on fumes or who have largely defaulted.

  67. Virginia M Conway

    Once again you are the best of the best. I check into your site often so I may have an honest perspective.
    Cliff High right or wrong I personally will run with his assumptions. Why believe in the worst ?……….when the best makes you feel so good !………feelings are contagious…..and that is capable of changing outcomes.
    Hope is an inactive active .
    is anyone watching OANN NEWS CHANNEL ?….it’s good

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Virginia! Happy New Year!!

  68. gregd

    Let us all remember that it was our desire to print money because the Politicians were too weak and scared to raise taxes on all the excessive spending. Not just here in the U.S. but across the world. And we the people allowed it because we were too lazy and tired. And also there were too many people trusting the EVIL media who in fact lied outright and by omission.

  69. Skeptic

    People who have listened to Cliff for a decade or more know his revelations are hit and miss. He is a very intelligent person and can logically predict a lot of stuff based on pure logic alone (just like you do). I actually love listening to him and have learned some stuff from him. However, never think his predictions are even 70% accurate. Greg, I listened to his original prediction on Hillary Clinton disappearing, and the way he originally identified it was that she was missing period, not missing for 12/24 hours. So I wouldn’t tote that as an accurate prediction like you do.. Also, light bulbs are there to prevent air from burning out the element, not to just reflect light. Drill a small hole in your light bulb and see how long it lasts. Like i said, he’s a very smart guy, but not all knowing.

  70. Tim McGraw

    Wow! Look at all of these thoughtful long written responses to your interview with Clif High. Greg, you should be very proud of yourself and your hard work that has made your website such a success. Well done!
    I’ve been watching a lot of Stefan Molyneux videos lately. He’s really steppe up his game in the past year vs. Alex Jones who is losing his game imo. Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell remain my heroes of course. They are rock solid, but Lew has had back problems lately. Health is wealth.
    I like Xmas. It is the birth of Christ; the Prince of Peace.
    We do have a chance to go to the Light.
    We can get there one day at a time.
    It is up to us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim!!

  71. H. Craig Bradley


    Greg, here is MY prediction for Bitcoin in 2018:

    Within the next 12 Months, we will see Bitcoin soar to new heights, only to then be seen crashing back down again, possibly as low as $ 1,200. Oh, what a fall it will be. This will cause all the forecasters and talking heads to go into overtime mode, to say the least.

    The Croupier says: Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

  72. Yankee Doodle on Google

    Mr. President,
    I wouldn’t worry about this country, if I were you. We got this thing licked!
    Where else in the world can a plain guy like me talk things over with the head man.
    Good luck to you, sir!

  73. Neil Armstrong

    Ride a rocket into space. Then fall back with the boosters that took you there.

  74. Linda L.

    Cliff seems to say that the dark forces behind the Federal Reserve (and their endless supply of paper currency) cannot control the cryptos. What if event/s are created by these people to cause massive fear and those who hold cryptos now unknowingly sell off to those who created the mass hysteria, who would then own the majority/control of cryptos created outside their system. And at this time of confusion and unrest, the Federal Reserve/crony bankers introduce their own version of a regulated type of crypto system, which they’ll say will be trust worthy and free from the issues that caused the events. Isn’t this possible or am I way off base?

  75. Frank N Beanz

    I didn’t bother watching the video. A booming economy in 2018? What kind of weed is this guy smoking? He ignores the massive municipal, state and federal deficits and the increasingly desperate measures governments around the world (especially the U.S.) are taking to deal with the coming crises. He also ignores the massive asset bubbles in bonds, equities and real estate. This guy should go apply at the circus. I heard they need a good clown.

  76. Mike R

    Well here come the regulators…

    Bitcoin ‘doesn’t pass the smell test,’ says Massachusetts securities regulator
    “There is no product here. This is entirely speculation. That’s already been proven by the high gyrations of the value. It’s also subject to manipulation, because no one can explain it, no one can control it,” Galvin says on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

    7 Reasons Bitcoin IS (may be) a scam…

    Bitcoin drops 11% as South Korea moves to regulate cryptocurrency trading

  77. Al Unfrankin

    Roy Moore alleges voter fraud, files challenge to election defeat
    by ALEX JOHNSON DEC 28 2017, 7:33 AM ET
    Roy Moore’s campaign launched a last-minute court battle late Wednesday to block his loss in Alabama’s special Senate election from becoming official.

    Roy Moore’s Last Gasp?

    ||||||||||||THE UN-CIVIL WAR CONTINUES||||||||||||||

    Judge Roy Moore election complaint December 27, 2017, To Delay Certification Until Full V0ter Fraud Investigation Is Conducted, Three national Election Integrity experts: election fraud occurred
    Posted on December 28, 2017 | 7 Comments

    Alabama Secretary Of State Launches Voter Fraud Investigation Based On Man’s Off-The-Cuff Comment

    “If you want to mock our Christian values, come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.”


    Lest we forget;
    Report: Evidence of Detroit Voter Fraud, Too Many

  78. Tom

    Worst guest ever. I will sell him some $5000 gold calls that expire in 2 months. $600 silver in 2018? Not. Maybe we can get into the 20’s though.

  79. Ron

    In a previous video Clif says that we might all freeze to death. Nobody seems to have noticed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJcbP2-48P8
    Grand Solar Minimum is a fact, will happen, and has already started.

  80. Don

    Dear Greg, its been a while my friend, but when I seen Cliff High as your guest, I couldn’t resist. His data mining skills and programs for it, are amazing to say the least. He is probably one of the most interesting guess you have. Before I give a little two cents, I want to praise you and your efforts to continue to bring truth and Christian reasoning to your site. Its refreshing as always. As I listened, and his revelation unfolded, concerning the downfall of the bad guys and the NWO crowd and global government would not materialize logic, I wondered what you must be thinking at the time. I do see his logic and reasoning, but according to the Holy Bible, which has never failed, a government of the later days will play out, which is geographically includes western and eastern mediterranean countries, the old Roman empire, which controls global economic and political powers, of at least the west. The US, or Russia, may not be part of this power but taken literally looks to me like it is. The book of Revelations, and Daniel, as well as Ezekiel, show end time wars being played out as you know between Russia and Islamic nations, as well as China, so I can’t be to hard about the exact extent of the global government range of power. Anyhow, it appears Mr. High’s logistics do not consider these things, though I do enjoy listening to his data logistics. Well, just wanted to say high to an old friend, and tell you, keep up the good work, and I enjoyed your guest. Farewell and I sincerely say God bless, and may his best be yours.

  81. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Awesome! I told my wife that this was going to be a long interview and then when it ended I had to check the time once again. It felt like a 20 minute interview. It was riveting. Great work, sir.
    As I have said before with Mark Taylor and Pastor Cahn, I would like to believe what they say but scripture tells me otherwise, especially as we get closer to 2020. But I pray they are right and I am wrong. Who wants to be right about war in America? Keep up the great work.

  82. The Guy in the Cellar

    Sounds good, however, it seems like Clif High is just doing “Sentiment Analysis” of the conversations buzzing around the internet at this time. An IBM Watson analysis on the news buzzing the internet at this time will give similar results. Of course, there is lots of positive spin in the MSM right now, how the Dow is at record highs, and how Bitcoin is amazing, and how the unemployment rate is low etc, etc, etc… but what about the stories that are being suppressed in the news? How about the IMF preparing for economic crisis banking? What about the Petro Yuan? What about the powderkeg on the Korean Peninsula that could be triggered at any time? As any history book would show, what was the rhetoric being said just before the Crash of 1929? What did Herbert Hoover tell people at the time? That poverty has been eliminated, that we will have unending economic prosperity. Then comes the crash, and the subsequent Great Depression that followed, which then climaxed at World War 2. Then after the smoke cleared from WW2, then, and only then, did the economy improve. The World Economic Forum in Davos is not so optimistic, neither is Billionaire Peter Thiel, or Jimmy Rodgers. It’s nice to think that things will get better, but I’m very pessimistic about the near future. However, I do believe the world economy will be in recovery by 2030. Not 2020.

  83. H. Craig Bradley



    Gov. Jerry Brown signed this into law in 2017. Its now the law of the State of Calif, if you can believe it. If you follow Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s messages, this is not a good Harbinger. Be ready for Judgement ( Big Earthquake or more drought and fires ?)

    SB1322: Legalizing Child Prostitution. This law bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution. Now that is nuts. I understand the idea of trying to not punish the victim, but certainly granting judges discretion is better than legalizing and therefor “green-lighting” behavior that is so harmful to the individual child.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s nuts and pure evil. Thank you for this information.

    • JMiller

      From what I read this law does not legalize child prostitution. This law will treat minors, many who are coerced into prostitution, as victims instead of criminals. They will be taken and put into a safe environment and not in jail.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Its a loophole. If a kid gets detained by the police, all he needs to do is say he was “coerced” into prostitution and he gets a “get out of jail free” card. Pedophilia is now legal in California. The State’s Pols must be enjoying their newfound immunity. The State of California is asking for it. Maybe Kim Ung Jung will get a “Lucky Strike” some day on the West Coast.

        • JMiller

          It might be a loop hole for a few but the fact is most minors are coerced into prostitution. Sometimes even by their parents.

  84. X

    Greg where can I find the video of you and Clif entitled “2018 Predictions & Beyond – Almost All Positive – Clif High” ? Don’t tell me you’ve lost it. Where is it?

    • Greg Hunter

      YouTube took it down when they cancelled my channel for telling people not to get vaxed.

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