2020 Election Biggest Crime & Cover-Up Ever – Mike Lindell

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has spent $17 million of his own money documenting and uncovering what he calls nationwide election fraud that happened in the November 3, 2020 election. This does not count all the money he has lost being kicked out of national chains selling his products. Lindell says, “I don’t care how much money it costs because if we don’t get the election fraud stopped, I won’t have a business anyway.” In Lindell’s ongoing attempt to shine a light on the fraud is his upcoming “Cyber Symposium.” There’s a lot on the line, and Lindell explains, “This has been the biggest cover-up in history for the biggest crime ever. How did they disguise it? Let’s just look at Wisconsin and Michigan. All those mail-in votes went to Biden. That’s a lie. The mail-in votes were counted on the morning of the 3rd. They were the first votes counted. . . . In Pennsylvania . . . they added 700,000 to the mail-in votes. We checked with the U.S. Post office over there, and none of them went through the Post Office. They were able to manipulate all this with the machines and the computers. We are going to show all of that. It’s a miracle that they got this to me. We have all the data, and not just some. I have done this for months going over all this with lawyers and cyber experts.”

Lindell goes on to say, “Some of the biggest cyber-attacks came in California, Washington State and Oregon. . . . Everyone says they are solid blue, they are solid blue. No, that’s not true. There are massive votes there that you can just flip, and you can make it look like Biden won by such a huge amount, then why even bother to audit. There is no way they cheated by 6 million votes. Yes, they did because you can use machines. The real totals are going to come in, and its 80 million votes for Trump to around 68 million for Biden. The cheating was in every state. . . . The media, who attacks me every day, is going to go away. They should just start doing journalism again. This is the biggest story in the world. We have been attacked by a foreign country—China. Even my Democrat friends say there is something wrong, and this is not what they voted for. . . . There were domestic people helping them. . . . There were bad actors here helping China. They did not do this alone. You need to melt these machines down and turn them into prison bars because we are going to need to put a lot of people behind bars. These are traitors and people who committed treason who helped China attack our country.”

Lindell, who was a long time FOX News favorite, found out recently FOX would not allow advertising to promote his Cyber Symposium. Lindell now says, “Shame on FOX. . . . FOX was the only station that denied advertising for the Cyber Symposium next week. I’ve got to be one of their biggest advertisers, and they denied this ad. It’s just a directional ad to the symposium for everyone to watch it on FrankSpeech.com on the 10th, 11th and 12th of August, and they denied that. I have pulled all my ads from My Pillow. I am done with them. This is $50 million in ads per year. . . . Fox is destroying our country by keeping silent. It’s going to cost My Pillow maybe $1 million a week in sales. . . . I said that they should become a weather channel, but I have changed my mind because I would not trust them to report an oncoming storm. I would not trust them to report the news. So, shame on FOX, they are worse than any other channel.”

In closing, Lindell says, “The big lie is ‘The Big Lie.’ Everyone needs to tell everyone to watch this and tune into FrankSpeech.com next week.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mike Lindell.

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After the Interview:

Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium” on the 2020 Election is next week on August 10, 11 and 12.

(Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com get $0 compensation from Lindell or MyPillow.com. Some of the money from sales, no doubt, goes to continue the election fraud exposure hosted on Lindell’s social media platform called FrankSpeech.com. Lindell is funding all of this effort out of his own pocket, which now stands at $17 million for Lindell to fight the election fraud from November of 2020.)

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  1. St. Clare Seeds

    I live in WI and I truly believe it is a solid conservative state. A week before the election I drove a 72 mile drive to Wausau, WI, I counted 75 Trump signs and 5 Biden signs. The street I live on there are 13 houses, 10 Trump signs and 1 Biden sign. There are still 4 Trump signs up today on my street.

    4 Years ago when Gov Scott Walker was “voted” out and Evers was sworn in, there was a ballot dump in the middle of the night out of Milwaukee county(same as what happened to President Trump), just enough for Gov Walker to lose.

    Wisconsin is not a swing state, it is a strong conservative state. But with election fraud and the MSM talking heads, they just want people to think it is a swing state.

    Thank you for all your work Mike Lindell! God be with you!


    • Paul

      I was a recount observer for Milwaukee county. Basically we had a recount where no one was allowed to see the ballots.

      • Bill

        Sounds like a Democrat Rule!

      • Paul ...

        What if the American people turn on their computers August 10th and all they see is a blank screen (while holding one of Mike Lindell’s very soft towels to their ear) … https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.gkD0wQ5tBlN3rgHyshzqzQHaJO%26pid%3DApi%26h%3D160&f=1 … what if we are never allowed to see Mike Lindell’s “Election Fraud Symposium” (the way we were blocked and not allowed to observe the vote counting on election night 2020) … what if on August 10th Bribe’n declares a total grid lock-down until after all the mail-in-ballots come in for the 2022 election … and the traitorous “commie” Demon-rats “ask their buddy China” to shut down the world-wide internet by launching an EMF pulse high in the atmosphere? … what will our Military do?? … stand down again like on 9-11???

        • Paul ...

          Let’s see now … how many Trillions have we the American people spent on our Military (to defend our Republic from all enemies) … but all they seen to do is stand down?? … boy …that was money well spent!! … and how come Putin has a Military just as capable as ours “at one tenth the cost” … and after the American people provided all these many Trillions of dollars to the Military … the Military is then ordered to be demonically capable of shooting the American people with lead!! … https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-executive-order-military-citizens/ … if we Americans happen to get a bit routy refusing to be injected with Big Pharma’s deadly experimental “Clot Shot”!!

          • Paul ...

            It is only a conspiracy theory that “US Military drone strikes” against domestic terrorists “on American soil” is to be flagged as a bad thing … the fact that it results in additional American Civilian casualties (like say at Wedding Parties) is just a tragic but unavoidable consequence of the use of deadly force in the proper exercise of the Deep State’s inherent right to self-defense … and with mind control technology (and graphine oxide) now inserted into the American people with the “jab” … the Deep State can read the thoughts of Americans “even before they commit any act of terrorism against the Deep State” and can thus “take them out preemptively with 5G” and thus save a lot of money (as drones are very expensive) … this is why “taking the Jab” is considered by the Deep State more a “National Security Issue” then something very beneficial to peoples Health (like creating clots throughout the body and brain along with paralysis, heart attacks, cancer, etc., etc.) which helps maintain Social Security!!

      • Logical Thinker

        We need to do more than just repair this election. We need to do more than just move to the country. We NEED to restructure America into 4 new ‘Republics’ ours being a very enlarged all white Confederate States Of America 2.0


    • Eric Malecki

      That’s Exactly Right John!!! I was up for that too I believe 1:30-2am in the morning.
      Absolute garbage!! Like you said, Walker was up by I think 60 -70 thousand votes or could be in the 100 thousand since our county is pretty big with Milwaukee County the last few to come in. They kept showing the polling places counting them up and then they put them on a “Flash Drive”. One person picked it up, they drove him downtown where they make it official and Look At That…..Plug It In and Evers Wins!!! What was it like close to 100,000 votes I believe too he won by. I still don’t believe it!! Absolute Fraud!!! Anyone can easily switch a Flash Drive when no one sees it!! The hardest thing to see was Scott Walker was going to have a recount and Fight it and within a few days backed out. Why? No idea? Who knows? Was he Threaten? Family Threaten? Dirt on him or family? Protecting them? Or Did He See The Bigger Picture? Anything is Possible!!!
      All I know is I Still Believe is was Fraud and The Same Thing Happened To Trump So You Know I’m Going To Believe it was Fraud Too and Stolen From Both Walker and Trump!!

      Keep doing what your doing Mike Lindell!!! Your doing a phenomenal job with everything!! Thanks for the pillow again!! Nice and firm, soft and warm!! I do have to say I need 1 pillow warm and 1 pillow cold so I also got a Columbia ice fiber pillow.
      Remember God Brings people together for a Reason!! I recommend people get a pillow for the Upcoming Storm!! Some people might have a hard time sleeping once they find out the Truth, or If Events take place or If God shows his Hand!!!
      I definitely Recommend MyPillow or Columbia Ice Fiber Pillows

      Keep doing what your doing Greg Hunter!!! My dad watches and listens to you and I watch and listen to Bo Polny!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Eric!

        • Brooklyn


          Please get this out to your readers…..time is of the essence.

          I will agree, that we all need to do our own research, but Mike Adams names many of the Pioneers and Doctors that most of us are all familiar with.


          Please review this as if your life, and the lives of many of our family and friends depended on it….

          Please pray for the discovery of an antidote….soon!

          Laus Deo,


          • AndrewB

            Hi Brooklyn
            Thanks for the link. The embedded Stew Peters interview is dynamite. The question remains – with the mass of evidence already revealed, how come the Covid vax campaign is able to continue?!

            • Paul ...

              AB … It is all about nothing, death and final happiness … in spite of the spike protein bio-weapon “killing people” … many millions of ordinary doctors, nurses and health care workers are in favor of administering the kill shots to achieve the eugenicists depopulation goals … they want it to continue … “until there is nothing” (except a few eugenicist psychopaths left on earth) … then they will be very “happy”!!

        • Bob

          Greg my question is why or how do you and Mike not remember who was the guy who said this March 2021

          Trump takes credit for ‘China virus’ vaccine: ‘I hope everyone remembers! “I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all,”…”I hope everyone remembers!”

          Donald Trump proudly announces Operation Warp Speed (OWS)—a partnership between the Departments of Health and Human Services (Alex Azar) and the Defense Department.

          Wake Up both parties are the same evil….

          • Bill

            Bob, Greg has already acknowleged those points a couple of times. Greg has already said, that Trump should know by now, that the vaccines are experimental. However, Trump hasn’t acknowledged those points in the last 8 months.

          • Paul ...

            Trump “knew there were alternative therapies” like Ivermectin and Vit D … and was likely reminding the Globalist Eugenicist Cabal … “that if it wasn’t for him” … Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma and the rest of the Eugenicist Cabal “wouldn’t be injecting their Clot Shot into Americans at all” … effectively telling the Cabal … “lay off and leave me alone” … but … where was the decency and morality in the man who claims to have good DNA? … such that he would “sacrifice our lives” to the eugenisists ?? … perhaps he justified Warp Speed in his own mind because after all he wasn’t being paid to work for the people !!

      • Logical Thinker

        Here’s the hidden news. There’s more hidden than revealed!


    • Southern Girl

      St. Clare Seeds,
      My Trump signs are still out in my front yard. I found out Trump is my 6th cousin on my Dad’s side. Keeping the signs out until he is back in office. Some of my older signs crumbled but I will just keep replacing them.

    • The Southern Voice

      Either we all begin SOLUTION conversations … or we’re mentally ill. Keep doing the same things over and over and down goes The Titanic … or –


    • OneDude

      God bless Mike Lindell

  2. Daniel

    It is already popular opinion except for the mask wearers that the election was a fraud that is not the question today…. Greenville county Pickens county South Carolina election fraud how do these idiots get elected…… My question is what are you going to do about it what are you going to do about it unravel the future for us tell us how this is going to unravel…… How will the oligarch spring world war 3 to our door and kill us even more than they already have

    • Mg

      All we can do is try to survive and pray there are some good times left in the world but remember we are not of this earth and we still have a paradise to go up to .

    • aj

      you have to support all audit efforts! these audits need to be completed a year from now, before the 2022 midterms

  3. LoneStarHog

    Mike Lindell is proof that God is in charge. He has a plan for everyone. It is obvious that His plan for Mike was recovery from the pits to sit along side of The Founders. History will remember you, Mike, as we remember and cherish our Founders. May God bless and keep you safe. Salute, Patriot!

    • Donna t

      AMEN!!! Very few brave enough and have enough money to take on the deep state.
      Amazing man and you are right HISTORY WILL REMEMBER MR LINDELL as a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!

      • Bill

        Like Mike Lindell said, if he does nothing, then he won’t have a business!
        So, he might as Well, do something! I agree with him.

    • technologist.live

      It’s proof that taking action is the ONLY way out. If god is driving move over I say, and let my dog drive for awhile, how could it be worse? If praying and doing nothing is your answer, it means you have no answers. Pray for strength to.act, then act. Jesus acted. Write letters, call representatives, pay tax in return for forensic audits. No audits no taxes. For instance, claim 10 exemptions so there is less withholding so you will always write a check to the gov not expect one from the gov. Then simply don’t pay. Stop complying with idiocy. Act man …

  4. Searcher

    This site along with Realrawnews.com CLAIM a lot of deep state scum have already been executed at Gitmo!!? What say YOU Greg … is it true or is it “BS?”


    • Greg Hunter

      There are zero sources to back these claims up.

    • Al

      when the time comes, fake news networks will be brought to see the light, people will be replaced and every media outlet will televise the hangings.
      Rumors don’t do it.
      FULL TRANSPARENCY along with Justice and Accountability will prevail. Pray

    • Bill

      I don’t believe it, because I can still see Chucky Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Eric Swalwell, and Mit Romney still Moving around!

      • Robert Dziok

        Ever hear of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), Deep Fake videos, “Doubles” and Mask Technology (That Bush senior even admitted he could not detect in a meeting upon close exam 30 years ago someone in that meeting had on)?

        • Bill

          If that is true, when I saw Adam Schiff shake someone’s hand about 2 days ago, then the other person’s hand should went right through Adam Schiff’s hand and arm, while on Camera.

          • Robert Dziok

            And what of what else I said? What you mention did happen to Biden (or whoever it is) and you can track it down on Youtube or wherever it is and discussed. Approaching the microphone his hand went through it and ended on the other side

    • Linda


    • Paul Anthony

      Ive seen this too as well …as on you tube … Seems to be BUNK – I have seen no real evidence of any of that stuff – no matter how much I wish it true and Belive me I WISH it was true But its just not .. Keep praying and supporting Milke keep supporting Trump never give up hope always Look up to God! we will not tire out fighting evil before they tire out because God on our side. God so loved the world he Gave up his Only Son. Remember that !

    • Robert Dziok

      NO Military Tribunal officer or defense lawyer has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in ANY RRN articles. These are career high level military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to continue if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN gets hundreds of thousands of views. The recent one on Gates apprehension got some 620,000 views in less than a week. RRN (Michael Baxter) has stated multiple times his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and others are Military. He has stated multiple times he stands by his articles and sources. His character, integrity and credentials are established by his articles and his own comments to. It is not his character to falsely say such. MB has stated he reports information that is given to him. That is all he does and yes that can change (e.g. Trump return date). As with Q (Military Intelligence operation/group) information is brought out in a somewhat indirect way with multiple purposes. That is how Military intelligence choose to operate for various reasons including National Security. That is not how Greg’s USAWatchdog format/platform works. Greg requires people to interview, names, documents to point at etc. That is quite admirable and to be respected. Little to no room left to question authenticity by his approach and format/platform. The format/approach of RRN and Q are not something Greg would ever accept/want for USAWatchdog (not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth and apologize if it seems that way) and that is admirable and ok. However, we are now in a time of fluid military operations, Insurrection Act and “Irregular War” in full force as seen via RNN etc. Moves and Countermoves. The Military and Military Intelligence work by THEIR means and times accordingly. Notice by their means with all that RRN reports going on there is no Civil War. Who would go up against the Military in control? Think that was not by design decades ago (“The Plan”)?. Think that would be the case if President Trump were now in the White House and this was being done by the Military? Who do you think the corrupt MSM would point to? Really think President Trump is not involved behind the scenes? Q – “The Military is the only way”. Q – “Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!”. BardsFM noted in a podcast he knew from very credible military contact with high up DOD contacts RRN is true and also Military was looking for such a platform as RRN to get info out. Q’s purpose of some 5000 posts while Trump was in the White House seems to have ended and Military Intelligence is getting info out of another type and another way as it seems clear we are now in “The Storm”. Seems interesting and a smart move that all of the courageous and dedicated work, research. etc of Mike Lindell on China etc 2020 election theft/fraud is coming out this week prior to a MILITARY decision the time is right for President Trump to return to the White House (Which according to RRN the Military has secured since his January departure for his return).

      • Rich

        How long are you going to hang onto the Q Psyop?

        I get tired of you Q psyop holding on to a fantasy, while patriots are in jail and mandated vaccines are on the horizon.

        and not a single deepstate person arrested or even close to it.

        you Q psyop people will be holding out on the fantasy while your own house is burning down.

        Wake up!

        • Robert Dziok

          By the way, what is your contribution to stand up to what is going on beside just complain? Maybe you can join the Military and show them how it’s done.

  5. Eric M.

    China did not hack our elections, China was aligned with the Bad Actors in our Country who wanted to subvert the will of the People and our Constitution.

    Someone or something had to calculate votes, in real-time, and tell China how many votes to change. And I would bet dollars to doughnuts China was given the passwords to easily access the machines whose votes were changed.

    • Bill

      Bill Clinton traded USA missile technology in 1995 to China for Re-Election funds. Nothing happened to Bill Clinton.

    • Robert Dziok

      Psyop? Maybe in your alternate reality. “Not a single Deep State person arrested or even close”? Best check out RealRawNews.com for a Reality check and maybe you will Wake up.

  6. Bob James

    Lawyer Sidney Powell has documented much election fraud on her website. She is truly an American heroine.

  7. jorma

    Packet capturing actually works. I accidentally discovered my ex-wife having affairs with it when I was prototyping these primitive technologies back in the day. The data is highly fragmented, needs to be clear-text/unencrypted, a lot of noise, but you capture a perspicuous portrait of the traffic nonetheless. What a great Saturday Evening Post. Only thing missing is a Rockwell cover.

    • technologist.live

      Wireshark makes this trivial. It’s a free program. Even a novice can use it. It’s what all the so-called experts will be using too.

  8. Johan

    what is the enemy planning against his event next week. or is the fed gov so captured by the enemy, they can just ignore what is shown and stay in power. I guess we are heading for a setting right the election, or heading towards civil war.

    • Paula Davis

      Interesting that Military Exercises happening nationwide same time as Mike’s reveal…sounds more like martial law to keep riots from destroying what is left of this great country. Pray.

  9. John Williams

    Great interview Greg, as usual.

    I think the one thing that we should all allow to really sink in is what Mike said about the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections – they will be a fraudfest, worthless, unless the theft of the 2020 election is decisively dealt with, and soon.

    Time is ticking. I hope things move along and I hope the members of the Supreme Court are tuned in to this. The corruption has never been worse but I hope Mike is correct, 9-0 to reverse the election.

    Mike didnt have much to say about the down ballot outcomes. I hope the symposium takes those into account as well.

  10. James A Driscoll

    We have the greatest respect for Mike Lindell and you Greg for covering this. God will preserve the USA because we have a great God and because you have provided us the information we need to know what’s going on in the world unlike the MSM. I pray every day that God will move with his strong right arm and sweep aside the usurpers and corrupt Democrats and RHINOs and restore our Republic. God bless America.

  11. Vincent johnson

    Go Mike , expose these crooks and traitors

  12. Dr. Joseph

    Wow what a great American we have in Mike Lindell. He has sacrificed it all for every voter in the whole world , God bless him and Greg Hunter…

  13. Diana Brown

    Love the man Lindell. Appreciate his dedication and love of country. Cant wait to see the details on west coast, ie: CA, OR and WA. When that story is known, it will be biblical. Thank you Greg. Thank you Mr. Lindell and thank you all, the good people of this United States for caring and watching and becoming activated.

  14. Charles

    I have an advanced degree in statistics. I can tell you there is no way a candidate who couldn’t draw 50 people to a rally can beat a candidate who draw over 20,000 to every rally.


      Hi Diana,

      My name is Diana too. Please pray for California that Larry Elders win. We have been under bondage for decades but I know God is going to deliver us because he has a plan for America and his chosen and California is part of that plan.

    • Bill

      Only one way! If he cheats!

  15. Dave

    Amazing interview. Mike Lindell has to be one of the most impressive super-patriots in the world. When the agencies of government refuse to look at such a massive crime against the people and system of government of America, and a provate person has to spend his wealth to unlock the cheating and criminality, it just points up how far the organs of government have been corrupted.
    Most of the mainstream media has absolutely failed in their duty to investigate and report, another symptom of a failing system.
    God bless you Mike, just a pity that you had to face this challenge to democracy and fairness virtually on your own, and it is incredible you had to face attacks for just trying to get at the truth.

    • technologist.live

      There’s an easy way to get everyone to act in unison … Secret society. And you already know which free society it is …

  16. Matt Jaymes

    If there is a conservative/Christian university somewhere in America, they should sanction and accredit “The Gregory Hunter School of Professional Journalism,” with you has the Dean of the college, Greg.

    Mike Lindell is a hero and patriot.



    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt!

  17. Jakob1944

    All of this is for naught if we don’t act harshly on it….

  18. Paul ...

    How should we react to China interfering in our sovereign election? … if we follow “their example” (when foreign powers interfere in their sovereign waters) we could have a major war on our hands (by next week) when the truth comes out!!
    PS: Wonder if Stan thinks gold will continue to go down in a major war between the US and China over their interference in our election process (where China “if attacked” will likely dump all the US dollars they are holding)??

    • Stan

      Paul: Yes, Gold would drop under those conditions.

      • Paul ...

        So now Stan … you are going to deny that war is extremely bullish for gold? … look back to 1913 when a dollar was worth 100 cents … from 1913 to the present the US has engaged in 16 military conflicts and our dollar is now worth 2 cents (50 times lower) … and a one ounce $20 dollar gold coin in 1913 is today worth $1760 (88 times higher) … therefore “wars” accounted for gold going “38 times higher” then what the Fed did to the currency over that same time period!! [Quod Erat Demonstrandum]

        • Paul ...

          Remember Stan what happened on 9-11 when the Pentagon was hit with a missile and it look like we would be going to war? … Gold prices immediately leaped from $215.50 an ounce to $287 dollars per ounce … before all markets were shut down!!

        • Stan

          Paul: Do you sell Gold for a living?

          • Paul ...

            No Stan … I do not sell gold for a living … do you sell dollars for a living??

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Will you deny the economic principle of “Supply and Demand”? … have you noticed how the “Supply of Gold” … from “the gold producing nations” like Canada and Australia which have been shut down by the new plandemic of vaccinated people who are dropping like flies and South Africa shut down by strikes and riots has diminished gold supply?? … while at the same time “Demand for Gold” has been increasing from Central Banks around the world??? … “less” Supply and “more” Demand Stan … is a prescription for “higher gold prices” (not lower gold prices)!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Demand for Gold is dwindling

        • Paul ...

          Stan … The precious metals have unfortunately been manipulated downward by you bankers over this weekend (when the markets were closed) to purposely break some chart resistance levels … and of-course prices will always move lower on such a break … before we gold-bugs begin buying bargains … and get the precious metals markets moving up again … this is not an uncommon experience … for we who ride the precious metal Bull (in this fiat paper Rodeo show) “expect to get some ups and downs” … to win in this fiat paper arena … all we must do is hang on … tough to do when the Bull is bouncing up and down … but we are experienced riders in this fiat paper Rodeo show you bankers put on the road in 1913 … right now … you bankers “are determined to get out of your gold and silver short positions at a profit” … before the Basel III rules kick in at year end … but then you guys will be buying gold “just like me” (as a Tier 1 asset to counterbalance all your many fraudulent fiat paper contracts)!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Gold is crashing again today. This is only the beginning.

        • Paul ...

          Yes Stan … the beginning of a very nice buying opportunity … to average down our core position in precious metals (real money) … using your banker buddies “un-precious fiat confetti paper” … now graciously being provided “some additional artificial value” with which to buy even more “real money”!!

        • Paul ...

          Good … Come to Papa!! … I want more cheap!!!

        • Rachel.M.

          Yes, the crashing gold price shows how desperately those banking crooksters are panicking!
          It must be really dire for them if they are resorting to these measure so they can panick buy physical gold to at a cheaper price to hide their phoney cover-ups in their global ponzi-derivatives scam to the tune of about $512 billion USD.
          Buy more physical!

          • Greg Hunter

            I agree Rachel. Only paper was sold and nothing else. The Senate just passed another$1.2 trillion in spending. The reaction by rich people is not “I got to sell my gold”!!!!!

    • Bill

      Interferring is a “Act of WAR”

  19. Dale

    Sorry, I’m at the end! People KNOW the election was a fraud!!
    But no one is doing anything about it. All talk is forgotten the next Day.

  20. Al

    FINALLY! A NEW PERSON! Mike Lindell is a HERO!
    Thank you for having this Giant on your show.

    We all know Trump won, but if we didn’t go through this the election cartel would go on and on and on undetected.
    I remember when they started using these systems and I said “the elections are over”, and I was right. Now we all know and there is proof coming.

    God Bless these people!

  21. Lisa Stahl

    Two of my favorite Patriots! Mike Lindell & Greg Hunter!! YES!! Thank You for your clear, strong voices and ACTION! God Bless & God Speed.

  22. Robert K

    Great interview as always, you’re knocking it out of the park! You may want to try to reach out to Mike as a sponsor. It would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  23. Branko Stojanovski

    ,Everything China has on us, has been given to them by the cabal( zionist, masons, jesuits) They control China. China is a good servant, hoping to replace USA in the New World Order.

  24. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Greg Hunter the Ultimate Patriot
    I agree Mike is a Patriot
    Just a side note I have bought many of his Products – his Towels are by far the best I have ever owned – Pillows are Phenomenal too. I just ordered his sheets I’m sure they will be excellent.
    Looking forward to seeing the proof on the election fraud – I watched Greg on Election night and when I went to bed I was sure President Trump Won. China 🇨🇳 is the Enemy of the World

  25. Robin

    I’m in Portsmouth, NEW Hampshire.Patriots all over our State know our votes were stolen. I can’t wait for this information to be released!

  26. Fred Daake

    The entire scam from impeachment to election fraud had to take a lot of cooperation to make it work. It is a wonder why none of the top brass of this massive conspiracy has become a whistle blower.

  27. Kay

    I am in South Florida. I still see Trump signs and flags up everywhere. Never in my lifetime do I remember the person who supposedly lost still has the hearts of the people many months after the election. This is a D area too.

  28. Jim Miller

    Democrats caught on video claiming that widespread election fraud exists.
    I pray that Mike Lindell gets the fair hearing that all Americans deserve to hear. Truth shall set us free from tyranny. Free at last?

  29. Anne

    I’m in California and we are not solid blue. Space force will reveal this in the end,oh

  30. Lord Nasdaq

    God bless USAWatchdog.com and Mike Lindell!
    Mike is a man of statistics and God.
    As I said after stolen victory in 2020, brother Greg, we the people have to sign up, train, and become election members in 2022. It’s time to stand up for your rights regardless your party or the independent voters of local communities in the Triad.

  31. andyb

    Lindell’s hope is that Scotus will take the case. I’m not so sure
    My sinking feeling is they all have been bribed or blackmailed

    • The Seer

      Lindell can file at the World Court since it is an act of war.

  32. John Mills

    Just for the record … Dominion Voting had their Head Office at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto , Ontario, Canada (right in the heart of Chinatown).
    (3 days) after the election they split town and were gone out of the office !

  33. Jerry5

    This is how the globalist will counter Mike Lindell’s information.

    The globalist are never going to release us from the new world order they have planned. Let’s say Mike is right and Trump gets put back in office. Who’s going to support him if he does? Ah…nobody. It will send this country into a full blown civil war as the Democrats and their Chinese handlers will never accept it. I wish there was a different outcome, but the Chinese takeover has been planned for a very long time just like Event 201 was. As a refresher I will post the link to “ The Working Group “. It shows just how deep the betrayal is in this country.

    • Mark Alan

      Australia, Canada and the EU are all doing this now. Or they are trying. There is mass protests all over. People are not putting up with this any longer world wide.

      • Paul ...

        What is the size of all the full-time law enforcement Police Officers/employees in the entire US (about one million people) … What is the size of all the full-time Military in the entire US (one and a half million people) … What is the size of the UN Military (70,000 people) … What is the size of all the Chinese Military Forces (three million people) … What is the size of the Canadian Military (73,000 people) … what if the Globalist eugenicists got every one of them on the streets of America … they would total “less then six(6) million people” verses 340 Million “armed” Americans … who do you think would win in any battle by the eugenicist Globalists to subject Americans to dictatorial “commie” rule?? … notice how the Demon “commie” rats just got rid of Cuomo (on mostly fake sex abuse charges) “before we indicted him” for the murder of thousands of people in Nursing Homes … which would have been very embarrassing to the Global Communist Demon-ratic Party!!!

    • Brooklyn


      Your comments are always “worth reading” as you stay on target of the conversation that our leader Greg gives us. But, in this case, I agree with Mike Lindell and know that Biden will be gone, soon…..but definitely before the end of 2021. I also appreciate your post that having Trump back as POTUS will be a difficult reality for many, but most will come around quicker than you think

      Remember our friend Clif High from mid-July, well he has PJT returning at not 80-90, but at 100%. Keep in mind, this is the same Clif High who predicted bitcoin to reach a high of $64,000 and then fall by 50%….

      I’m only the messenger here….;)

      • Jerry5

        I’m only reporting what I’m seeing. The reality is we’re in phase #2 of lockstep.

        I wanted to believe that Donald Trump was going to save this country. In fact I showed documentation on Greg’s site he was planning to take down the deep state and send them to Gitmo for trial. Then in January 2020 I saw him on stage with Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum in Davos and I realized that was never going to happen. Lucifer has put together a conglomerate of corporations and country’s through the United Nations that the world has never seen before. This isn’t about politics. It’s about survival. The
        Q nonsense is just that. Nonsense. Millions of people have died, while we were told to get our popcorn and enjoy the show. What show? Lockdowns and mandatory injections? If Trump has a plan what is it? Put a globalist like Anthony Fauci in charge? Oops. He already did that. So far I haven’t heard him say one word about being wrong
        about the vaccines, have you? Meanwhile the VAERS report is up to 12,500. My advice? Get ready for lockdown #2.

      • Brooklyn


        The actual link to Clif High’s prediction of Biden out and Trump’s return at 100% came from The True Reporter based in part on Greg Hunter’s interview with Clif.
        But, nonetheless, your “leaked” piece on Biden’s lockdown is exactly what Clif High is predicting to force people into the streets to set up a massive J6 false flag. Interesting times ahead. Pray! Plan! Prepare!

    • Tim

      Hi Jerry,

      The jab might change the current equation in the conservatives favor if Cliff High is right about the inoculations. However, it will not be easy for us for at least the next two to three years.

    • Tony

      All of Toronto and the greater Toronto area is China town . Have you ever stop to think it was the Deep State and your country that was behind this fraud ? Had Trump been elected maybe this world would be closer to normal then allowing it to be taken over by all the socialist governments

      • Christopher Schulz

        It might behoove folks. I think, if they knew that Naproxen blocks SARS all strains.

  34. L.C.

    Glad to see Mike Lindell was wearing a crucifix on his lapel. I am praying for him, his symposium, and our right to vote restored. . .one man, one vote.
    As for the crooks,
    V e n g e a n c e i s m i n e s a y s t h e L o r d.
    ~~Romans 12:19

    A R M A G E D D O N
    10-11-12 A u g u s t 2 0 2 1

  35. Jerry5

    Addendum to my last post.

  36. Dr. John H

    What will happen in the upcoming November elections? Will the Dems be able to rig voting in all the states so that only Dems are elected?

  37. Kim

    This cyber symposium will be huge as the truth has been coming out. I wouldn’t put it past the Deep State to be responsible for a total communication blackout.

  38. Dan

    I live in Canada, and many of us know the election was stolen, and yes many people are still asleep at the wheel and believe the lies on TV. If this is not corrected the world is lost. I shut my TV off over 20 years ago, and heard the lies as far back as the magic bullet story that killed JFK. It is sad that so many people can not think and refuse to think in life.

  39. Scott

    The early vote counting is not universally true, at least for Brown County Wisconsin. A family member was in charge of the Trump campaign office. He said that they had counted all of their votes and were on the verge of transmitting the results. At the last second several boxes of ballots were delivered all of which were marked only in the presidential race all for Biden, a total of some 86K. He did everything he could to try to convince officials that this was fraud but they would not hear of it they counted the ballots and submitted them

  40. James P Paradise

    One election night I went to bed sure that President Trump won, when I check the results the next morning Biden was the “winner,” I didn’t believe it then and don’t believe it now. The election was a fraud and so is Biden. God Bless President Trump, we need him restored to the White House!

    • Tag

      Me too. Biden couldn’t win a gold fish at the county fair and we all knew this.

  41. Shirley Thompson

    Thank you Greg for allowing Lindell to get his Symposium out. People really do need to pay attention to the materials presented and discussed. We then need to organize and FORCE change. Sitting back and expecting others, or the SCOTUS, or politicians to make significant change does little more than usher in the complete downfall of America. Another guest you need to interview is Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. As a US Senate candidate in 2020 challenging Sen Warren getting close and considered a viable candidate to unseat her was suddenly censored a few short months before election. As an MIT trained scientist, like Lindell, spent his own money investigating how the machine was able to censor him and steal his chances at a legitimate challenge to Sen Warren. He’s currently in Fed court and likely to win. In the process has uncovered Who, How and Why of the election fraud perpetratated against him. Stew Peters interviewed him this past week and it is riveting. Consider giving him some time…

  42. Doug

    Thank God for Mike Lindell ! Mike chose the right staff and was fully committed to save our country. Even prior to the installation ofJoe Biden China has been attacking the US with se of the virus. This is the perfect opportunity to right the wrong that has been done in our nation. One heck of an American hero!! Our Supreme Court should have a simple job following a review of the overwhelming evidence; reinstate President Donald Trump!

  43. Marjet Bedi

    Love the man, he is a true patriot. As a spokes person to present the evidence he is way too emotional and will be thrown off by the opposition. Step back Mike and let the cyber guys do the talking.

    • Jr

      God Bless ML but he is the worst spokesperson for explaining anything I’ve ever heard and Dr David Martin is the best I ever heard – split the “symposiun in half and include the fake jab with Dr Martin and perhaps you can save this PR disaster -call it fake election/fake injection ’21

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll have to disagree. I think you are in the minority, but thanks for your comment. Love the “Fake election/Fake injection 21!!!

        • Jr

          I love the guy & admire him and what he’s doing but he’s not a tv master of ceremonies – the stops starts hesitations add up and people will not stay with it long unless more cogent speakers do the “presentation” which they wont -I just see another failed attempt and then it’s yesterdays news – I hope I’m wrong

  44. R Thomas

    I sure love the Patriots, Mike Lindel and Greg Hunter. These guys tell the truth at great expense.
    I fear that truth may not be enough because so many have been bought off.
    When countries can print all the money necessary to bribe the people into silence we’re in trouble.
    If there’s no response to this colossal effort by Lindel and others, then only pain will awaken a sleeping nation to action.
    I am fearful that so many criminals have been brought into power, that only extreme force can remove them.
    If the force of a constitution has been lost. If laws are meaningless, if a free press and free expression are gone , where does that leave us?

    That’s why I continue to listen to Greg , because he reminds me to ” fear not “

  45. warplover

    The elephant in the room is: what is the connection between China and Dominion?

  46. Jeff Johnson

    I do not believe Biden even got 68 million votes without fraud….Who is that stupid to vote for that idiot?

    • Paul ...

      Jeff … Who would have thought 50% of the American people would have allowed an unlabeled unknown experimental “jab” to be injected right into their bodies?? … or that 80% of the “Kosher Jews” would have allowed Bibi to get away with doing such a thing to them??? … I guess … the remaining world population of the un-vaxed … will help to make the remaining human population a bit smarter (once all the dumb clucks are exterminated by Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma)!!

      • Paul ...

        When you consider why? … why in God’s name would Trump do Warp Speed?? … when he knew “Ivermectine worked against the virus” (and therefore an emergency order “to Jab people at Warp Speed” didn’t have to be issued??? … perhaps … no it could’nt be?? … would he actually be in favor of getting rid of all the “Dumb Clucks” in the world??? … no it just can’t be … he wouldn’t … even if … all those Dumb Clucks don’t have “as good DNA” as he does!! … https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-eugenics_n_57ec4cc2e4b024a52d2cc7f9

  47. Ritchie

    My 50TRillion call ten years ago, and the Dow 100k and SP 30k don’t seem to far fetched. The economy, is the stock market, is the debt.
    In a few years we’ll only have 50 million full time workers giving 300 million moochers a free ride.

  48. Paul D Anders

    Do not hold your breath.
    The Supreme Court is also compromised.
    Either the Military steps in or were done for…

    • Tag

      Military is WOKE. don’t count on them to do the right thing. And that is VERY SAD!

  49. Gabtriel Valdés

    Thank you Gregg. I do not expect you to post this commentary and I don’t blame you. It’s intended for your oyes mainly and not for those that post here..
    Unfortunately the US is doomed, so far the people keep being totally unaware of the (yoo) – (ish) question. You Americans let them in and take control of everything in the government: media, education, the issuing of money, the bar, culture, etc; and they have subverted and corrupted everything and now they wield such power that no one dares to pronounce their name. They are the ones behind the globalist neocon agenda, for a one world government, through their new world order and their deep state. They see themselves apart, as the chosen ones, racially superior and against the rest of humankind.

    • technologist.live

      Who wrote the book … Who wrote the book … Of love …

      Still, you must realize they are the tool, not the hand that guides the tool. Lust for money …

      When Americans stop paying all tax is about the only thing we can do, because it WILL hit at the local level first, and we need that.

      • Clare+Doll

        Paying taxes … but it was never about the money. It could have always been printed and probably was when they needed. It WAS and IS about INFORMATION. That’s it. Knowledge about you and how you spend and think. Paper can’t be used against them. But information can be used against you. You sign your John Hancock to it as truth every single year of your adult working life!

  50. Tom Wigand

    Dear Greg:

    As I mentioned in the Weekly Wrap Up comments, WE ALL need to help spread the word about the Cyber Symposium and the results, for the media is going to do its best to suppress information about it (as much as possible), and attempt to discredit that results if they can’t. WE ALL must work diligently to end-run their conspiracy of silence and deceit and awaken our fellow citizens.

    ALSO THIS COULD BE BIG: on Bannon’s War Room they revealed a John Podesta / Center for American Progress audio from 2017 that (amongst other things) speaks to the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines. On air they opined that this may have provided the playbook for the “Transition Integrity Project” and the 2020 election steal.

    Only about 9 minutes, it’s a MUST WATCH: https://rumble.com/vku3az-biden-linked-group-demanding-robust-audit.html

  51. Bobby G

    I don’t often buy pillows and bedding, but whenever I do from now on, I will be buying from Mike. If you are reading this, remember, this guy is a REAL PATRIOT, and deserves your support.

    • Tag

      I bought 2 of his pillows the night I read Kohls had ditched him. Since I have bought the sheets, towels and just tonight 2 Pr., one for a Christmas gift, of his slippers. It is very hard today but ditch the china stuff and buy American. Time to send a clear message we don’t need China, in anyway.

  52. Caroline

    Thank you Greg, thank you Mike. I have been buying My Pillow products and giving them away to others to help support the company and projects. God Bless you both and keep up the Patriotism, I stand behind you!

  53. Bill

    Mike Lindell is a Great Patriot. I hope, Gerald Celente is wrong, that most people won’t care about Mike Lindell’s many efforts.

  54. Marcman

    And how dose this change the forced vaccination. Bit late for the Trump team, to save millions of lives that have taken the jab.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I see what you did there.

  55. Sam Morgan

    ‘Dark’ powers are watching. They’re desperate to keep a lid on the growing
    consensus with likely voters that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Recent polling indicates we are close to critical mass.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if a government actor (Fed or State) attempted to interrupt or intervene in Mike Lindell’s “Cyber Symposium”.
    Example: The “packets” Mike talked about could be construed by the current Occupant (Garland) of the In-Justice Dept. as Illegal, Stolen, or even Secret and federal agents would swoop down to ‘seize evidence’. Garland has already shown his hand with threats toward the Arizona audit. So what would Mike be Charged with? Election Interference.

    Perilous times we live in – Information War now. So, be of Good Cheer and Keep up the good work. God Wins.

    Thank you Greg for a great interview.

  56. Mark

    God bless Mike Lindell bought another My Pillow I don’t even need!

    Praying for him and you Greg, but especially our country.

  57. David Gordon Dunne

    Mike Lindell is a true American hero and so is Greg. Just remember this as Mike said at the end of this interview, “If we fail at this, I will have no company” and the Communists will then roll over us like we are little roaches. Here is a big conservative group that has sprung up to take our country back so look into and God Bless Mike, Greg, all of you and all Patriots. The way things are now, I may never be able to get back to America now living in LOCKDOWN Thailand. I pray deeply 3 hours everyday while I workout, one of my only luxeries here but the Leo Beer is quite good too at the end of the day. http://friendsoftheoriginalconstitution.org/

    • george

      hola i am here in thailand too want to go to canada but being 74 dont feel a could come back to my wife of 26 years nobody i talk to here has a clue of what happened in that election just a hate for trump i ask what he did that you hate they cant say something has happened to the minds of a lot of people good luck george

  58. Karen Luce

    My two favorites!!! Greg Hunter and
    Mike Lindell !!!

  59. Daniel

    Hello Greg

    Doctor Shiva Ayyadurai a graduate from MIT in Massachusetts elaborating on the silencing on his lawsuit hearing on August 4, 2021 in Massachusetts, and I would suggest that he would be a excellent guest on your platform on your show Greg……..

    Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Defendants NOW Demand SILENCING Dr.SHIVA’s First Amendment Lawsuit. Hearing Tomorrow. Aug 3, 2021 by Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD


    you-tube channel


    Here is the article and website & interview request links




    Have a good day

    • AndrewB

      Hi Daniel,
      Wow! Thanks for the links. I have just watched Senate candidate, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai (naturalized US citizen having immigrated from India age 7) explaining his case in defence of the First Amendment – freedom of speech. Having come up with devastating documentary evidence in support of his claim, the defence is now asking for the case to be sealed. Think about this. TPTB requesting a case about unconstitutional domestic surveillance and censorship being sealed – kept secret!!! They simply do not care anymore what they do or what ‘we the people’ think of them.
      The world has truly been turned upside down.

  60. Rachel.M.

    Awesome Greg!
    Thank goodness this is being exposed because it would end up being Chinese election fraud all over the entire world. The government should give this guy his money back. He is a hero!

  61. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    You are right on the money. The election fraud is huge, it is local, State and Federal. Who benefits from election fraud? The voters do not benefit from election fraud.

  62. Randy Best

    Has the direction of the country changed since Ginsburg’s death? So far, No. Bo Bolny should not use this as a milestone. It looks like a nothing burger.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. You remember this and are talking about it.

  63. Reinder Wassenaar

    Mike should really make sure that the evil elite does not cancel the entire internet just before he wants to do his 72 hour marathon about the election fraud.
    But all the crimes and fraud NEEDS to be made clear to the ENTIRE world and all the criminals, culprits and frauds deserve to HANG for the crimes and their treason. We need to clean this entire world from the extremely deep corruption and constant theft of EVERYTHING (our money, our rights, our freedom, etc.) by the “powers that be”.

    God Bless you both Greg and Mike and god speed ahead with all the positive changes.

  64. Randy Best

    The Americian people could have tremendous power if they are united. Unfortunately the populace is dumbed down. As Rob Kirby states, they only care about being fed and entertained. Nothing has change since Rome.

  65. Boswell

    The Post Office images all mail, see “Informed Delivery”…
    They have images of ALL mailed ballots that went through their machines.
    Subpoena that data!

    • Occasnltrvlr


  66. Ron

    The May 2021 London UK Mayor election used Smartmatic machines too. If anyone who has gained the relevant experience and expertise in auditing the US election could spend a while looking for similar irregularities, they might find something.

  67. Rev+Andrew+de+Berry

    Greg you and Mike and a great many more in the U.S. are my kind of Christians: Fearless and constant: Thank you. I wish we had more like you here in the UK. Maybe we do but as of yet I’ve not come across them. ‘Release the Kraken’!! Blessings, Andrew

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew for your blessings & support!

  68. Loretta Lyons

    Trump and the patriots needed the [DS] to commit the crime, the patriots caught them in the act. Now the people are rallying together to show fraud, fraud vitiates everything. Military Intelligence and No Such Agency are the key, they have captured the foreign and domestic collusion in the Presidential election, Trump caught them all. Trump and the patriots are the stone that has the strength to push the truth out to the rest of the people, both together is the keystone. Everything we are witnessing revolves around the Presidential Election of 2020, when fraud is shown to the public the current government will be incapacitated. Devolution.

    • Rich

      You state “Trump and the patriots needed the [DS] to commit the crime”

      Like there were no crimes from the DS in 2016 when Trump took office that could not have been prosecuted??

      Just wait on the Durham report that will save the USA?

      This country is not rallying around anything – the father of lies has divided this country –

      I respect Mike Lindell for what he is doing – the only people that hear what he has to say is the choir he is preaching to.

      Lindell presented evidence to Trump and DNI Radcliffe had proof – Trump sat on it.

      Trump is no savior – this is a battle for each person’s soul – get right with Jesus Christ. Do not take the Vaccine!!

      • Jr

        Amen brother!! (trust sessions)

  69. Justn Observer

    Greg, Good interview for sure…can’t wait to watch his presentation….GAME CHANGER…and will be as HUGE as this report =

    IF this has been a fraud….and you or family , friends died, suffered serious side-effects ….How can the PHARMA companies and doctors administering those shots NOT be held liable?
    IF this has been a fraud….and you or family , friends died, suffered serious side-effects ….How can the PHARMA companies and doctors administering those shots NOT be held liable? Can/will the people finally STAND UP?


    Intelligence analyst David E. Martin has been checking the patent files concerning SARS-CoV2. He took the reported gene sequence of the novel coronavirus, and compared it against the patent records available as of Spring 2020, and found over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel corona virus was a fallacy. There was no novel coronavirus. There are countless modifications of coronavirus going back to 1999, but it hasn’t been “novel” for over two decades.

    WIPO World International Property Organization. Speakers: David E. Martin, PhD. Dr. David Martin is the founding CEO of M∙CAM Inc. M∙CAM is the international leader in intellectual property-based financial risk management. From auditing patent quality for governments and patent offices, to providing state-of-the-art actuarial risk management systems and solutions to the largest banks and insurance companies, M∙CAM has established a global standard in patent quality and commercial validity assessment and management. https://www.wipo.int/meetings/en/2006/scp_of_ge_06/speakers/martin.html

    This is a multiple-warhead bombshell: Intelligence analyst David E. Martin has been checking the patent files concerning SARS-CoV2 and found out … damn, listen to the guy yourself. If this turns out to be true there can be no more doubt about what the hell is going on. The German Corona Inquiry Committee has been formed in July 2020 and heard almost 150 scientists, experts, researchers, witnesses and victims in 60 five-hour sessions. (https://corona-ausschuss.de/en/) This video is a collection of the English-only sections of the hearing. The hearing with David E. Martin can be watched completely at https://odysee.com/@Corona-Ausschuss:…

    Again, please watch entire report on JAB FRAUD ? =
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihjNDf32_Ac 1 hr 20 minutes

  70. Chip

    Vaccines kill. And the vaccinated are now spreading the bioweopen to others.
    Bill Gates, rockafellos, bidens,etc. hang those traitors when found guilty

  71. Note from Nevada


    See if yo can book David Collum , Cornell Professor for a interview, he was smoking on another podcast I listened to last week. Covid, vaccinations, the great reset ,January 6th farce on and on. It was profane, he may have to clean it up a bit for your viewers.

  72. Jerry5

    This is where I get confused. Read 33:15 from the transcript from Donald Trumps rally in Phoenix.

    He recommends that everyone get the jab? I guess he hasn’t been following the recent autopsy’s showing the explosions of spike proteins killing people. No in fact he’s proud of the vaccines. So it’s come down to this.
    1. Either he’s totally ignorant and has no clue of the global plan.
    2. He’s part of the global plan.
    Meanwhile I have three friends who just died from taking the vaccine.
    Please forgive me. I don’t feel like breaking out the Donald Trump Pom Pom’s.

    My last thought. Is having Donald Trump being reinstated part of a plan to trigger a civil war, causing the United Nations to put troops on American soil? Just asking? According to David Goldberg Trump was put in office so the deep state could data mine information on threats to the state.

    • Dave

      It’s a mystery. A PSA just released on conservative Cumulus radio stations has both Trump and Hannity encouraging people to get the vaccination.

      As to Trump, he is being ill-advised at the least. Gorka says he and others were effectively forced out of the Administration by some insiders who are not Trumpists. Think of Kellyanne Conway (Gorka has no good to say about her). Conway who was featured on Hannity, Levin and other conservative talk radio hosts. But for one at the national level. Michael Savage who called Conway the barfly and believed that she was orchestrating a lot of the leaks from the Administration. Savage was at an early post Trump election event and Bolton (“the walrus”) was hanging around the buffet table. Savage told Trump not to bring the walrus on board but Trump eventually did and gave him a high national security post. The rest is history.

      Gorka says to this day Trump is surrounded by people giving him bad advice. Doesn’t Trump see this? Who knows but I think in any case that Ivanka and Kushner are the front door through which anyone who gets access to Trump have to go.

      Kushner pushed Trump to do 2 things. More support for Israel and tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporations. Ironically those corporation turned on him. Repeal Obamacare? Not so much. By Trump and the GOP allowing Obamacare to stand they have facilitated the move to a one-payer system – which Trump actually supports. IMO neither Kushner nor Ivanka are fully on board with the agenda.

      There are a lot of questions about Trump. There are several possible explanations. One thing I think is true is that Trump has surrounded himself with bad advisors and sometimes even advisors who are out to stop him.

      Speaking of Dr. Michael Savage, he’d be a great guest for Greg’s program. He can tell you a lot about what went on in conservative talk radio over the past 20 years. How a certain brother of a famous host controls a lot of the advertising on programs and directed it against hosts who stepped out of the box as Savage did. When all of conservative media was championing the Iraqi wars, Savage was condemning them.

      • Jerry5

        Did I mention that our government got a patent for the coronavirus in 2007 ?https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/6b/c3/21/a62eb55a0e678c/US7220852.pdf

        That’s how deep the corruption goes. Then you have Donald Trump partnering up with the Gates Foundation and GAVI that helped develop the vaccine. You tell me who’s fooling who? By the way whatever happened to Jeffrey Epstein? Did you see a body?

        • Paul ...

          J5 … I think it is obvious to all that Jeffery Epstein “faked his suicide to avoid prosecution” … it worked out so well for Jeffery (all the cameras went dead and the guards fell asleep) … that I bet his good buddy Bill Gates will be doing the same thing (along with Fauci) as we close in on those two murderers!!

      • Paul ...

        There is a very old and wise saying “That Birds of a Feather Flock Together” … consider all “the bird brains” Trump always surrounded himself … all were out to “Flock” the American people (from that nice lady Hillary all the way to that other psychopath Fauci) … https://twt-thumbs.washtimes.com/media/image/2021/04/15/Virus_Outbreak_Congress_51732.jpg-5b3b3_c0-152-3635-2271_s885x516.jpg?750ff7c6928534536ab9430be91abf1ad223e153 … who wants the untested Killer Clot Shot injected into every man, woman and child … ignoring all the adult deaths from the Jab and the recent death of a little 13-year-old Michigan boy (who died in his sleep three days after receiving his second Pfizer jab … Fauci instead states with confidence: “The Untested Experimental Jab which is not a vaccine is completely utterly in-arguably and irrefutably safe and effective for all Americans to put into their bodies (just ignore the cancer, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, paralyzation, organ failure and sterilization side effects it produces)”!!

    • technologist.live

      EO 13887 … Says it all.

      Now some will say he has to play along to move along Do you believe?

      No, he has been a part of it from the start to identify those who are now under attack, direct attack, to remove their resources to fight back. His supporters …

      He played his part well. When the masses need a leader we will provide one …

      The masses need to act on their own … One by one … Wake up to that fact.

  73. A+Jones

    Greg: First of all the interview with Paul Craig Roberts was one of the best ever. I wanted to see how many views he was getting so I went over to Rumble and his interview was not listed on the play list. Then a few hours later I checked again and he was listed with over 41,000 views which is really high given the length of time from its posting. I checked a few hours later and the interview was gone again. What gives? I have told you before but Paul Craig Roberts was my college professor in a class on Soviet economics. His demeanor has never changed in 55 years. He always says what he thinks and he thinks with an open mind.

    • Greg Hunter

      What gives? I don’t know. Big Tech is always playing games to shadow ban. Always go to the website: https://usawatchdog.com/

  74. Kc

    Greg and Mike, is there a possibility that anyone who still has a mockingbird social media account could simultaneously stream Mike’s Election Fraud Symposium in real time with Mike’s approval to get those Billions of views. If Mike could come up with a way to organize an army of streamers that would make the demons of this fraud shriek, quake and the humans involved my just dirty their pants or skirts.

  75. Mark Shepard

    Thank you so much for this report and all the others that you do. You are a great American. Mike Lindell will go down in history as a great patriot!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for all your support!

  76. Linda

    Greg, if electronic evidence is not considered good enough for the Supreme Court, then we CANNOT use electronic voting machines. If we have no right to see the machines and have to just accept a printout without question, we cannot accept electronic means of voting. If the Supremes aren’t savvy enough to “get it”, we cannot accept electronic voting apparatuses.

  77. Daniel C Goodacre

    Greg, As an IT Engineer, It’s all in the Routing Tables on the Maricopa County Routers that will show Internet traffic to where all and any outgoing And incoming network IP Addresses… This will show the Dominion Systems Were internet connected and where they were talking to!

  78. James Cooper Barrett

    I am beyond awe struck at the shear number of Americans who had to be involved in the treason of this election fraud. ALL of them need to hang!

  79. eddiemd

    CCP/PLA 350,000 “students” inside the USA have exploited all computer systems via access on the campuses. The infrastructure of the USA has been compromised for years including the military systems.

    We have been talking about this for a long time here at the USAWD site.


    They just need the word from HQ to start the collapse.

    What will the young people do when their iPhones shut down? Or adults for that matter? We are almost there. Worldwide.

  80. Fatima+message

    Great Greg!
    I’m afraid. Mike has these commies with their backs against the wall.
    Huge turmoil coming. China will go to war to fight this. West coast in danger!
    Civil war everywhere!

    • Paula Davis

      Fr. Chris Alar homily this AM from National Shrine, MD (youtube) concerning St. Teresa Benedicta’s life & how she prepared for persecution. The message was inspiring with hope that I too will be spiritually prepared to withstand the persecution soon coming for not consenting to be vaxxed. Pray for us St. Teresa Benedicta

  81. eddiemd

    They are coming for the children. As predicted.

    More propaganda.


    This is typically enterovirus season. The question is whether they are calling enterovirus “coronavirus”. Perhaps.


    Add in the fact that enterovirus epidemics typically have come from Central America.



    Read the comments on the following. Unaccompanied minors and I would say adults coming across the border.



    Most likely enterovirus infections being called coronavirus delta variants. The doctors need to start screening for enterovirus. Basically do their jobs.

  82. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Mike Lindell has every reason to decry FOX for refusing to carry advertising for his upcoming live event and you are continually calling-out tucker Carlson for his failure by omission to face up to the voting fraud scandal, etc., and you have a point. And yet – and yet, I am deeply concerned that ‘we the people’ are self-sabotaging when we take issue with each other over emphasis or points of disagreement far outweighed by the bigger picture. TPTB are extremely well organised and totally unified in their evil intent. ‘We the people’ lack the levers of power and need to bind together in strength if we are to defeat them. That said, ‘Team Tucker Carlson’ has just published, ‘Moderna And Pfizer Lost The Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy And Safety’. A telling paragraph within the piece reads as follows: “There is no one left within the control group (who got the placebo – sic) . . . . . . . to give an adequate comparison of the outcomes for vaxxed-vs-non-vaxxed. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!!! This is nuts.”

  83. Nick Reynolds

    I appreciate all this man has done, and of course, Trump won. That was in our face cheating to show they can do it and get away with it. But don’t go blaming the Chinese. If that narrative fails they’ll pick some other scapegoat, such as the Jews, or the Vatican, or the Freemasons, etc., etc., etc. The list is long. But nothing happens in America that is not approved by numerous billionaires and our single over-riding multi-trillionaire, Rockefeller. Know your enemy, or you will surely lose.

  84. Nick Reynolds

    I appreciate all this man has done, and, of course, Trump won. That was in our face cheating to show they could do it and get away with it. But don’t go blaming the Chinese. If that narrative fails, they’ll pick another scapegoat such as the Jews, or the Vatican, or the Freemasons, etc., etc., etc., The list is long. Nothing happens in America without the approval of numerous billionaires here and over-riding them all, our lone multi-trillionaire, Rockefeller. Know your enemy, or you will surely lose.

  85. Dave

    The problem is that the government from legislators to the courts to the FBI and military are compromised. They won’t step in. Seb Gorka has Boris Epstein and Jenna Ellis on his show weekly. Ellis is involved in the Arizona effort. All believe there was massive election fraud but none believe the SCOTUS will take any case related to the fraud. The SCOTUS is compromised including Kavanaugh and ACB. TPTB can threaten them and their families financially or even physically is they dare to take up the case. Gorka says the GOP in Arizona is too compromised to recall Mark Kelley or decertify the electors. The GOP governor is part of the Deep State and is working against the Arizona effort. Much like the Georgia governor and Secretary of State. Both Republicans. h

    Gorka says SCOTUS will at best refer this to Congress. The only solution being impeachment which Congress will not do. Even if they did Harris would step in. Or, after her, Pelosi. The courts and the Congress are not going to put Trump back into office. Gorka gets upset that too many expect this and when it doesn’t happen they will sit out the 2022 elections.

    As to 2022, recount or not, the Dems are setting up to steal it. Either by the DOJ blocking states like Arizona from implementing their election reform laws or through a crisis like Covid next summer with Biden or Harris declaring a state of emergency which gives them almost total power. In that scenario they would federalize the national elections.

    I listen to the Gorka podcasts but not other talk radio. Hannity and Levin and Rush were/are part of controlled conservative media. Apparently Levin refuses to talk about the election fraud. Gorka talks about Mike’s effort. he got a call last week asking why other conservative radio hosts are not promoting Mike’s 8/10 event. Gorkas said all he can speak for is himself and he is promoting it. Does anyone know if it is getting any play on Hannity, Levin or Bongino and the others?

    I applaud Mike’s effort but feel he is a bit naïve in putting faith in the SCOTUS. It’s a shock, but virtually all the institutions are corrupted. No, it’s not just the top 1% of the FBI that is compromised, it’s compromised from top to bottom. Former congressman Chavitz recently joined others in acknowledging that and calling for a complete overhaul of the FBI. This is why, as Gorka keeps noting, we are not seeing any whistleblowers from the FBI coming forward and calling out the corruption. All they want is their lucrative pension after 20 years or so.

  86. Mark

    Lindell should receive the Medal of Honor, he is a real American Hero.
    I pray the crooks are all jailed.
    Do you see the hand of God working in this as I do ?

  87. Keith

    Wouldn’t they need to reverse all EO’s and other legislation that’s been passed since 1/21?

  88. Steve Starr

    My sincere thanks to Mike Lindell! Thank you and God bless you.
    (and you, too, Greg 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, Which country sounds more ‘AMERICAN’, has more traditional moral, and family, and Christian views? The U.S. or Hungary?


    • AndrewB

      Hi Justn Observer and many thanks for the link. Brilliant interview by Tucker Carlson with Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. I lived in Hungary for a year and maintain a keen interest in developments there. Very interesting to hear that people from Western Europe, who had holiday homes in Hungary, are moving there permanently as they try to escape the illiberal Liberal policies dominating the countries of their birth.

      • AndrewB

        Perhaps, most interesting thing Hungary’s Prime Minister has to say in the interview is about the policy of allowing unfettered mass immigration currently affecting Europe and the US. He reveals the name of this (NWO – sic) policy, “The Post-Christian ‘NEW SOCIETY'”. Explains a lot!

  90. Carol Hudak

    Without a doubt, Trump won. However, several things concern me:
    1. After Trump’s election win, at a White House party, he signaled out
    Hillary Clinton for applause. (HUH!!??)
    2. Sidney Powell, Rudy G., etc. went way out on limbs after the election
    fraud, to support Trump. But, where was Trump???? It has always
    seemed to me that he walked on-stage for 4 years, played his part, then
    walked off-stage when the fraudulent election gave us pedophile Biden.
    Where was the normally outspoken Trump fighting for the election he
    won??????? Very out of character for him.
    3. “Operation Warp-Speed” was Trump planning to send the military to
    to our homes to jab us with the non- approved, non-vaccine!!!
    Could Trump be no more than “controlled opposition”. . . the other side
    of the same coin? I have always wondered . . . . . . .

    • MC

      There are two issues here. 1). is vax development and its distribution. 2). the marketing/recommending of the vax.

      Every time one of us raises the 2nd issue, then comes the reply which is an equivocation by way of collapsing these issues, the latter into the former. And then what is done is give the Clif High explanation that WarpSpeed was a tactical move in order to prevent the years long lockdowns they had planned, which would have resulted in significantly more mayhem and the vax anyway. . . . I.e., the 2nd issue gets eclipsed by the 1st and therewith ignored.

      Okay, but we are no longer asking about why Trump did WarpSpeed. Instead, we are asking why he is the foremost vax salesman in the world. Probably there is NO righteous reason why Trump should be writing memos and giving interviews promoting the vax, even recently as this month.

      Allegedly Trump has an IQ of 156. And there is no doubt that he is very social media saavy. However, we keep hearing the excuse from some that Trump was duped about the vax. . . . Excusemoi!! It’s August and many people with an IQ of 75 are refusing the vax because they figured it out, but somehow Trump could not and cannot yet figure it out. The self-effacing Greg Hunter himself tells us in many introductions to interviews that he is not smart, but the guest is. Okay, so if a guy like Hunter could figure it out months ago, then what is Trump’s problem?

      • Paul ...

        MC … Say the Supreme Cohort’s put Trump back in as President after the election fraud is proven by Mike in a day or two … all we are going to get is … an “Even More Fierce Promoter” : of the **Killer Clot Shots**!!

        • Paul ...

          In 2020 there were wolves in the US and Israeli hen houses setting up the chickens for slaughter “at Warp Speed” (luckily they have been kicked out) … but if the Supreme Cohorts put Trump back in our hen house … should we all move to Israel? … I don’t recommend it … as “a new wolf” is also back in their hen house … with jaws jabbing at the few remaining chickens who refuse to be killed … but like chickens without a head they are now being primed for an attack on Iran … “thinking a good war will bring safety to the Jewish People” (as the wolves in America think also) … seems the domestic wolves in Israel are essentially trying to exterminate every Jew at “Warp Warp Speed” … they know Iran (is backed by both Russia and China) … they know there will be many casualties … Iran “will not be” an easy push over … but of course wolves do what they love to do … kill chickens!!

  91. Trinacria

    I pray that Mike Lindell receives and abundance of blessings – great man. Thanks for keeping him in the forefront.
    In the previous podcast I posted my question on the inoculation vis a vis what would happen in Israel, a highly inoculated country with a relatively small space and population, if the predictions of inoculation deaths and injury come true in the next two years. As we all know, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. I am quite concerned. I was hoping that the fine folks who follow this site would share some thoughts on this. Thank you.

    • MC

      Lindell should be telling Trump to stop recommending the vax because it is destroying or killing people. Otherwise, we don’t want Trump back. Do we want a guy who believes the vax is safe and effective as President? We already have that in Biden.

      • Trinacria

        MC – I believe that Trump went with the vax as he viewed it necessary for political survival – that does not make me happy. On the other hand, for the most part the European globalists and CCP do not like him, so that tells me he is doing some things right to upset these rats. We need a true and honest no nonsense, kick butt person in there who will send the marxists running for cover.

    • Xie Hang Ten

      Maybe it’s a form of the so called RAPTURE.
      DEATH BY VAX. REMINDS ME of the preacher who asked his flock. How many would like to go to heaven? Then went backstage and returned with a Tommy gun. How many would like to go now? He asked pointing, the machine gun! Everybody ran, every man, woman and child for himself.
      Some believe only 144,000 will only be raptured, as found in Revelation.
      As for me? Give me land lots of land under starry sky’s above. Don’t fence me in!

      • Trinacria

        Hang Ten, thank you but I am honestly looking for a little more insight. As a Roman Catholic (traditional) I don’t believe in the rapture in the literal sense, and to focus on that is really not productive. If what Greg and Clif High and others report about this inoculation, we could be facing a world wide Jonestown / Kool Aid event. So, how best to prepare and what happens to Israel, if this is indeed going to happen, will affect us all. As my parents always said: help yourself and God will help you. As St. Therese said, we are His arms, legs, heart etc. on this earth.

        • Paul ...

          T … The Bible predicted that in the “End Times” … the lives of may people would be lost (the “Jab” is now doing its dirty work killing all those who were vaccinated) … and that such and attack would be on the Nations of God (Israel and the US) … who could have imagined or even thought in their wildest dreams that such an attack would come “from within” … done by Netanyahu to the Jews … and “Warp Speed” Trump to the American people ???

  92. James Foster

    Greg, the Supreme Court has been bought. They will not help.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is force on the “We the People” side.

  93. Jon

    This is an attack on democracy world wide from north america to europe and Australia. Democracy has only existed approximately 200 years. Every other system has been authoritarianism in mostly feudalism form. This is not an accident as it is desired by the old ruling lords and monarch families attempting to destroy democracy and place the populous back into serfdom. The feudal lords have thousands of year in history of successfully dividing the people for a means of control.

  94. Marie+Joy

    They are pushing their agenda very, very hard. Kinetic and guerilla are the only ways out.

    • Paul ...

      We can use asymmetric warfare against the Demon-rat “commies” by – BOYCOTTING – all the corporations they are using to take over our Constitutional Republic, deny us our God given liberties and murder us with their “Clot Jab”!!

    • Jerry5

      It will come with grid down. The CCP are getting ready to make their move. It could be weeks away after lockdown #2 begins.

      • susan

        Does that mean we won’t be able to celebrate Christmas this year? I know that sounds trivial and it is, but nothing has been said about the end of the year. I’d like to have a clue’

        • Jerry5

          Everything is fluid on a day to day basis. Biden is supposed to announce lockdown #2 sometime before the end of August. Mandatory vaccinations are planned to go into effect by October 1. The globalist goal is herd immunity by December 31. Any of these dates could change as events happen so I would suggest having Christmas now. I haven’t taken my tree down since the pandemic started and probably won’t. Everyday is gift. Enjoy it while you can.

          • Rodster

            They can announce mandatory vaccinations and the people who see thru this charade will still not comply. It will come to civil unrest as Martin Armstrong has repeatedly predicted.

        • Marie+Joy

          Susan, IF you can, buy your presents, NOW, and hide them, well.

  95. Mike

    Great talk with Mike! Finally got off my backside and ordered a pillow and covers. Will do a lot of Christmas shopping there. Thanks, Greg! Keep on hammering!

  96. Justn Observer

    Greg, Trump’s doctor takes Israel Health minister and politicians to school on their mis-steps using vaccines=

    • Paul ...

      And said nothing to Trump??

  97. Marie+Joy

    roypotterqa, on YouTube, says DOJ will use our discussions to implement a false flag against conservatives.

  98. George (Bill) Heuschele

    I wonder if the bad guys have a plan to throw a monkey wrench into the delivery of the show. Just thinking. Mr. O was sure dancing his ass off. Must have been feeling happy.

    God bless you both.

  99. AndrewB

    Doubts about Trump are creeping in – mostly as a result of his continuing support for the killer ‘vaccine’. Nevertheless, how odd we humans are. Trump extolling the possible benefits of disinfectant, heat, and UV light was met with outright derision – even though the medicinal use of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (a disinfectant) has been known for years, heat kills infections (that’s why the body produces a fever – elevated temperature – to kill infection), and UV light is well known to kill bacteria and viruses. Contrast this mocking reaction to the rush to be injected with an experimental, unapproved, witches brew of gene altering mRNA, toxic spike protein (think CJD prion), nano lipid particles, graphene oxide and Ethelene Glycol (antifreeze)! Nothing to ridicule here!!!

  100. Not So Free

    Mike Adams is also going to live stream the Cyber Symposium on brighteon.tv.
    So we have another source to follow it.

    • Patrick Stoneking

      Thank you I was just asking about how we who don’t have cell phones can watch it.

  101. John n Marzigliano

    It comes out on the 12th?
    Fema is taking down the internet on the 11th.
    Report on that

  102. Charles

    Mike Lindell hit a nerve. The only reason the Ds and the propogandists masquerading as journalist are knocking Mike before his presentation is that they fear what he has uncovered.

  103. Henry Ford

    I can’t wait to see what Mr. Lindell recommends to replace the current crooked machines.

    Also, yes, shame on Fox news. They recently edited out President Trumps comments on the 2020 election fraud on Dan Bongino’s “Unfiltered” show. They need to rename the show “Filtered”, or better yet, Dan Bongino needs to withdraw from the show and tell Fox news to pound sand.



    • Paul ...

      If Mike Lindell proves his case … lets deman a New Election … where we can vote for someone who is against the “Jab” (and doesn’t want to Warp Speed an untested clot killer upon the American people)!!

  105. Bible Reader

    This is a longer and more detailed interview than the one with Stew Peters. Highlights: Bio-weapon ingredients in the Covid “vaccines;” fraud committed by Pfizer in their studies and ignored by the government (before 34 minutes).


    BOMBSHELL: Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Covid Injections are Poisonous Bioweapons

    Aug 4, 2021

    The Alex Jones Show

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman of https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/ guest hosts The Alex Jones Show with Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst who confirms that the ingredients in the COVID inoculation are poison.

  106. john

    This is huge! If the military doesn’t immediately step in the moment this data drops and is authenticated because our election was stollen by a foreign country and a foreign operative was installed, then they are also in bed with China and we are in big trouble.

  107. Jack Worthington

    I know joe and the ho and nancy and chuckie are hate mongering, immoral, commie/socialist Democrat parasites that are just plain criminals but I want to see the evidence that is sufficient that no judge can deny that the 2020 election was corrupted by those scoundrels to the point that the election was stolen from Trump

  108. Marie+Joy

    Do NOT go for overt action. You may end up in prison with other protesters.

  109. Marcman

    Trump is part of the elites fall back plane, in all war games you must install a fall back to blame, they might change their tact and say it was Trump who forced opperation warp speed before it was ready, you can get an tt one thing from all this confusion, They have an out this is an of world order to kill mankind, and if you succeed you have a place on our new world order, controlled by off worlders.

  110. DUGTRUX

    While I admire your dedication to uncover this humongous fraud. My biggest fear is “they got away with it”.
    Soon it will be water under the bridge. The American people seem to have short memorys. Rightfully so, we have been bombarded with the constant distraction of disease, economic hardship. and uncertainty of our own future.
    Pretty hard to worry about petty things like having your country stolen out from under you, when you dont know how your going to buy groceries or pay rent.
    Think this was an accident ? the covid thing? Not a chance. This was planned in totality, financial, psychological. with all the key elements lined up. AND THEY DONE A NUMBER ON US. Much like 9-11, people realized the truth , but the truth is so in your face horrible no one can comprehend . Normalcy biased . Just easier to say “NO ONE WOULD DO THAT” WELL SOMEONE DID.

  111. Ted Cronan

    Where’s Mike Lindell? He disappears from Fox News, Newsmax begins manhunt | REPORT /103,389 views Aug 6, 2021 Newsmax TV
    Newsmax correspondent Mike Carter interviews Americans about Mike Lindell’s advertisements being pulled from Fox News while NewsMax’s continues to air the advertisements – Via Newsmax’s ‘National Report.’

    Joe Biden ‘doesn’t even know the population of the country he’s president of’
    220,357 viewsAug 7, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Get ready for ‘apocalyptic doomsday-laden headlines’ from the IPCC report
    80,809 views Aug 8, 2021

    ‘Greenies’ are perpetrating ‘a con’ against themselves: Bernardi
    106,112 views Aug 6, 2021 Sky News Australia

    ‘Great Reset’ will ‘dramatically increase power of government’
    131,227 views Aug 6, 2021 Sky News Australia

    ‘Black on Asian’ crime is now a symptom of ‘white supremacy’
    20,650 viewsAug 8, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Bill Gates’ CNN interview on Epstein friendship ‘opens the book’ to other ‘salacious gossip’ /151,929 viewsAug 5, 2021 Sky News Australia

    Governments’ COVID ‘scaremongering’ has allowed ‘fear to win over truth’: Alan Jones
    292,944 views Jul 19, 2021 Sky News Australia /DON’T MISS THIS ONE!;

    5,264 views Streamed live on Aug 6, 2021 The Common Sense Show

    • Greg Hunter

      Cut way down on the links.

      • Ted

        Copy Greg,
        And here’s just two, to boot!
        China expert warns against doing business in the region
        112,585 views Aug 6, 2021 Fox Business
        Jonathan D.T. Ward, founder of Atlas Organization and author of ‘China’s Vision of Victory,’ argues that people should now know that the Chinese tech sector is ‘quite a danger’ for US. to be involved in.
        GREAT Britain bankrolled the the US. back in the day;
        The US. has, and still is bankrolling China!
        Believe it or not? Believe it! SEE IT BELOW:
        They, our [Deep State actor’s,] bankrolled the covid-19 [cold virus] too. As Trump used to say, in CHINA!

        Mark Levin predicts a ‘Tea Party’ rise coming
        500,045 views Aug 7, 2021
        We need a party that’s for America, not politicians looking to get rich selling out our town and country.

  112. William J. Greene


    I went to FrankSpeech.Com and in order to gain access to this site, you (apparently) are required to provided your Email Address AND your cellphone Number.

    Email Address……yeah, I provide that sometimes; but, I don’t provide my cellphone number to anybody.

    I won’t be watching only because they are asking for my cellphone number.


    God Bless Mike Lindell!! A truly Great American!!

  113. Jerry5

    I’ve listened to Cliff Highs recent information about what’s about to happen in the coming weeks. When I see this:

    it’s a lot to believe that Donald Trump is using the pandemic and the vaccine scam to smoke out the globalist in a military operation. I realize I’m not an expert like Cliff, but surely there had to be a better plan than throwing several million people under the bus to entrap a group of global psychopaths? When I see military operations being carried out on American soil ( practice landings on American highways and mock American city’s being used for gorilla war training ) it says something else. I am praying Cliff is right, because if he’s not, a lot people have put their lives in jeopardy.

    As for me, I’m preparing to hunker down for a “ long dark winter”
    and pray for Devine deliverance. One of my favorite passages of scripture refers to the night of the Passover when Moses told the people to stay in their homes and pray after they marked their doors with lambs blood ( which represented the blood of Jesus Christ through the atonement ). Many did not understand refunding to do it, and perished when the destroying angle came to their home? We are up to our necks in a spiritual war that can only be won by being spiritually ready. Are you? I’m not the one you have to convince.

    • Paul ...

      They stated”: “Today was our opportunity to put into practice what we’ve been training and practicing for … to engage in Agile Combat as part of exercise Northern Strike … to give us the opportunity to train for what we think tomorrows war would be like” … so … they are training for a future war …. on American soil??
      PS: We now have them out-numbered 50 to 1 (even with Warp Speed “killing off half of us” we will still out-number Globalist forces by about 25 to 1) … so even if it takes ten good men to take out one Globalist combat soldier … we still “win the war” against the eugenicists!!

  114. Patrick Stoneking

    Is there a way for us that have an email but no cell phone to get into frank speak to here this upcoming event.

  115. Jerry5

    I have been holding this piece of information for a long time.

    According to my sources the Chinese CCP have sleeper cells all over this country holding student visas. If Mike Lindell and Cliff High are right, you will see the proverbial poop hit the fan should the Trump alliance decide to remove their puppet in chief. There is a reason Chinese forces are in Canada and why this general bought land in Texas. FYI the CCP don’t pay their generals enough money to buy 200 square mikes of land. It’s a military operation for a forward base, to attack military installations in Texas. Stay tuned. Things are about to get interesting.

  116. Justn Observer


  117. Jerry5

    This is how the deep state is playing it.

    Trump reinstatement conspiracy? That’s how they’re playing it. Tying it to violence. Is there any doubt they’re going to rig what Mike is trying to do with some sort of false flag. My advice. Stay calm. Get prepared.

    • Dave

      In California there is already concern about fraud in the recall elections. Even before that there was a liberal election law policy. Absentee voting for everyone if they want it. The bigger issue is that the GOP is not lunching any street level campaign. Meanwhile the Dems have organized a massive get out the vote effort. Goal i to knock on every voter’s door before the election. I’ve been visited once by anti-recall advocate already.

      The other issue is Virginia where the Dems are pouring money in for the off-year election. Huge grassroots effort by the progressives on the ground but little by the GOP. The national party (McConnel) seems uninterested. Both Virginia and California are being used as test cases by the Democrats to refine their plans for 2022, See what works in these campaigns and what doesn’t.

      Meanwhile some in the GOP are talking a compromise amnesty bill because, if we don’t, the Dems will produce a worse bill through reconciliation. The GOP keeps giving the Dems more and more. This is why in part that there is little excitement on the ground among conservative in Virginia or California. In Virginia the GOP candidate is giving left a bit to get the northern Virginia (DC suburb) vote. He has nuanced his gun position and won’t embrace a full on gun rights position a la NRA. The reason poll show a tie is not so much support for McAuliffe but disappointment with the GOP candidate who looks like a typical RINO.

  118. Seymour Clearly

    Emergency Broadcast: 4:00 pm eastern 8/9/2016
    ‘Liberal Elites are Laughing at Us!’ As undercurrents of civil war build and world humanity stands at the brink and Obomber’s 60th Birthday Party, party’s on!

  119. Anna

    I am begging you to report on the “Infrastructure bill” – 2600 pages and has Law re: Cornea scans in cars and federal gender identity!!!!!! Please report on it!

    • Bill

      I see the Infrastructure Bill passed the Senate Today. We have 19 GOP Senators to thank for that. The Radio commentator said, the GOP Senators saw everyone else getting paid. So, the 19 GOP decided to get paid too!

    • Bill

      Yes, Greg. I would like to hear a breakdown of the Infrastructure Bill Too! Thank you

      • Jr

        according to J Prather it legalizes all the illegals

        • Bill

          Not good. Democrats made 15 million illegals into citizens in 1985(?)

  120. Charles

    The leftists will have activists wearing Trump gear start trouble in Dem controlled cities.

  121. Marie+Joy

    WE should expect things will get much worse, from here.

  122. Marie+Joy

    See Stew Peters on Rumble.
    We’re in real trouble.

  123. MC

    Trump keeps writing memos praising the safe & effective vax. Now we get this from Republican Gov of TN. It would appear he just signed an executive order for compulsory internment camps.

    Isaias 8:12 sometimes even the prophet Isaiah gets it wrong, at least insofar as this passage is instead applied to our current situation where so many conspiracy theories are turning out to be conspiracy facts (true) again and again. This is why it is good to have some common sense and also knowledge of the tradition. Otherwise people naively follow prophets and do stupid things like obey Trump’s recommendation for the vax because they were persuaded Trump is anointed.

  124. Dushane Belgravich

    Rumble — Boca Raton, FL – As Governor Ron DeSantis is under attack by the lying and criminally-complicit ‘media’, embellished stories are naturally going to surface, but FLAT OUT LIES are being told by “Boca News Now”, and ‘journalist’ Andrew Colton, who said that there were so many bodies hitting the floor that the hospital had to bring in refrigerator trucks to store all of the dead.

    • Bobby

      Absolutely, the Lies against Gov. DeSantis are increasing at an exponential rate by the coast to coast, worthless establishment media goons, who, for all anyone knows work for people who are owned by China. .

  125. Jerry5

    Well Greg,
    It looks like conspiracy theory has once again become fact. Do you remember how everyone laughed at the idea of FEMA camps?
    Well the CDC has a different take for those that refuse the jab.

    • Paul ...

      J5 … Well well well … look what it has come down to … the CDC now wants to shield the public (the un-vaccinated politicians and Globalists) from the “infectious Jabbed individuals” (that are shedding dangerous virus mutations) … seems like a good idea to these Nazi “commie” Globalists that all the “Jabbed individuals” should be sent to established green zones” (i.e. like barbwire enclosed FEMA Canps) with designated latrines/bathing and shower facilities, etc. (to accommodate these high-risk infectious individuals) and where guillotines and hydrogen cyanide are stored … just in case!!

      • Jerry5

        It looks like they’ve achieved herd immunity.

        I had to listen to one of my friends the other day wrangle on for over twenty minutes about how people who didn’t take the jab are not only traitors to our country, but are not Christian. Yes we’ve achieved herd immunity, because all of these people are SHEEP being led to the slaughter. Meanwhile the Chinese are circling like vultures ready to pounce on a dead rotting carcass. It makes perfect sense why Biden is president. He’s not only Obama’s puppet , he’s a poster child for the
        walking dead.

  126. Robert K


    https://lindelltv.com/ is down. Shocking…

    I was watching the website with the countdown to the live 25 states of the first day no problem, and then ” The media could no be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported”…

    I had NO issue whatsoever, and now I cannot watch anything…. Thanks big brother…

  127. Robert K

    Lindell’s site is NOT working.

    He is being SILENCED!

  128. tsuki

    I am getting an error message as I try to download the Cyber Syposium. It reads –The media could not be loaded, either becauser of server or network fail, or because the format is not supported.

    I have restarted my computer. Nothing. Lindelltv was working last night.

    Please let Mr. Lindell know. He did not have an email address.

    Thank you–tsuki

  129. Dave

    The GOP has totally capitulated with the infrastructure bill which includes amnesty and everything from mandates equity (affirmative action) to a new tax on miles driven. The GOP Senators are saying it is only a trial effort. Yeah right. Controlled conservative media is mostly in on it. Saying we need to get the RINOS out but knowing that won’t happen. They have been playing this game forever – they are part of the Deep State.

    Notice how Schumer was able to hold up Trump nominees for 18 moths. McConnell has gotten most of Biden’s nominees through – by not putting up roadblocks.

    Seb Borka is irate over the GOP and especially the Senate. Callers saying they won’t vote GOP in 2022. He is telling them they have to vote but admits the GOP is dissing its base and is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2022 elections. Virginia is a harbinger. It’s looking like the Democrats will win the governorship and retain control of the legislature. Not because their agenda is popular but because rank and file GOP voters may sit the election out. It doesn’t help that the GOP nominee Younkin is moving left and especially so on gun control..

    The Democrats will win in 2022 because of fraud and because, as in Georgia last year, many Republicans will sit out the elections. Truth be told, the progressives have won. Just as the GOP did not repeal Obamacare, they won’t take away paid for child care and free college which are part of Bernie Sander’s reconciliation budget bill. In 2022 the Dems are daring the GOP to run against those things. Sadly, people vote for their economic self-interest and many, even though they are somewhat conservatives, will not vote for anyone who is going to take away those benefits.

    After the reconciliation bill is passed and Trump’s tax bill reversed, the only things Trump will have to show for his 4 years are project Warp Speed and the vaccines and the Abraham accords.

  130. Evan

    It’s Wednesday morning.
    Frankspeech.com is blocked on my Apple desktop.
    Mikelindelltv is being allowed.

  131. Robert K

    I knew something nefarious was taking place this morning. Several confirmed cyber attacks, because his site was working appropriately and then right at 10EST, blacked out and networks were down…Yeah, B.S.!

    Lindell is on fire! Not surprising other networks were sued by dominion this morning. This is all part of their fear mongering to stop covering the TRUTH. Evil will stop at nothing to keep this quiet. I’m sure they will continue to attack coverage and find ways to keep this suppressed, spin the narrative, gaslight Lindell and others and the MSM and politicians will continue their bullshit since 2020 to keep control and spread lies.

    I will be praying positive change comes out of this. God bless you Lindell!

  132. Robert F


    Thanks Greg,

    I apologize for the negative comments.

    Mike lindell TV is airing the Symposium as of now, its been great so far.

    God Bless

  133. Robert F

    I hope everyone is watching LINDELL TV right now, the election FRAUD is being exposed big time.


  134. Bobby

    Mike Lindell is a wonderful guy and a decent gentleman of the kind that hardly exists any longer. He produces products at a reasonable price in the U.S. and creates jobs for people here, putting the lie to the idea that companies can only be profitable in China. BULL!! Just because the U.S has traitors for representatives and people who couldn’t care less about this country, does not degrade Mike it lifts him up by contrast with these “Americans”

  135. Bible Reader


    Injured by the COVID shot? These are the ‘real treatments’
    The John-Henry Westen Show Published August 2, 2021

    Rumble — Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD is on a mission to spread medical truth about COVID-19, the jab, and early treatments. She points out that people who’ve experienced vaccine injuries should “not suffer in silence.”

    2:15 – 3:57
    “…I’ve actually been very much involved in treating my own patients with the complications of the vaccine…

    “The vaccines are experimental. They are gene therapy agents. They trick the mRNA –and the DNA vaccines– trick your body into making the spike protein that then triggers an antibody response.

    “However, the spike protein that the vaccines are triggering your body to make are the same spike proteins that were around the –spikey things– that were around the Coronavirus… Those spikey things are what cause inflammation and blood clotting in your body.

    “…And so the complications that were seeing medically from the vaccines, many of them are exactly the same kinds of complications that we saw with Covid when people did not get early treatment. So we are using many of the same medications, and supplements, and immune boosters to treat the complications of the vaccines; that we have used all last year — and I was treating Covid patients, outpatients, at home, all last year beginning in March, and so it works….”

  136. Robert Dziok

    On Monday in a heated phone conversation (transcript said to be available) Marine Corps General David H Berger rebuked Secretary of Defense Austin on Austin edict requiring all military take the Covid-19 (China virus) “jab”.

    Gen. Berger: “No mandatory vaccinations for my Marines”.

    Gen. Berger to Austin: “In case you haven’t heard, Biden’s not in charge of the military, and neither are you.”. So much for “Buyden” being “Commander-In-Chief”. WOW!!! The Military is in control for sure!

  137. Paul ...

    Here is some good news: … The Taliban took over a few more Provincial Capitals … https://assets.zerohedge.com/s3fs-public/styles/inline_image_mobile/public/inline-images/ajmapafghan.png?itok=O1pRlVA9 … now (after 20 years of fighting the US drug Cabal) they are finally getting into a position where they can begin burning down all the opium fields!!

  138. Ted

    Lindsey’s Logic: Sen. Graham Says “You Need to Get Vaccinated” Because He Took The Shot & Still Got Covid. What da monkey?
    by Kelen McBreen August 10th 2021
    Establishment politician pushes experimental shot that failed to protect him

    • Paul ...

      Good riddance to the dumb cluck and all the other Warp Speed quake quake quakers!!

  139. John

    Could you get someone on to talk about the huge amounts of Chinese produced fentanyl putting cia out of the afghanistan opium buisness? After 19 years they willingly walked away after spending trillions and how many american and afghan lives. I haven’t heard an explanation yet. Have you?

  140. Dave

    The reconciliation bill passed – including statehood for DC which would give the Democrats 2 more Senators in 2022. And a broad amnesty that would allow several million legalized illegals to vote in the 2022 elections. Hannity and Levin will decry what happened yet they have their beloved GOP to thank for it. Both refused to support a conservative challenging Graham in last year’s GOP SC primary. Because only Graham could keep the seat in the GOP’s hands.

    Maybe folks will wake up to controlled conservative media and the fact they were and are part of the Deep State. Remember, all these guys supported Trump’s proposed 2 trillion infrastructure bill and had no problem with Trump/the GOP producing the biggest defects to date at the time. The late Limbaugh said of deficits then that they don’t matter. That all his life he heard they did but it hadn’t made a difference.

    Like it or not, Biden’s will be the most transformative presidency since FDR. The Dems are getting massive changes enacted in just 6 months while Trump and the GOP controlled House/Senate did did squat in two years.

    The mantra from controlled conservative media today is how could Grahame and others been so foolish as to believe Manchin and others. They still don’t get it – the GOP is part of the Deep State and to have talk show hosts shouting at callers who say they won’t vote for the GOP in 2022 is rich. The Senate’s GOP action on infrastructure has killed their chance of making gains in 2022 and the fault is not with the base but with, in part, controlled conservative media. BTW, Hannity and Levin and others have served their purpose for the Deep State – it looks like Biden is sset to re-establish the Fairness Doctrine which will essentially end “conservative ” talk radio. .

    Where to go now? IMO the progressives have taken permanent control of the Federal government. The GOP will likely never be a viable national party again. The only option is localism and autonomy. Resistance to coming edicts from the government. Including on gun control. Machin is ready to vote against the filibuster as many suspected he would. That will come after reconciliation and with it a bill to essentially gut the second amendment rights to own guns. The courts? If Manchin goes along with ending the filibuster the SCOT/US will be packed and will bless radical bills coming out of Congress including severe restrictions on the right to own guns.

  141. Paula Davis

    clif _high

    Wooplosion coming mid-august BIT CHUTE

    Advice from Clif U won’t want to miss!

  142. Rodney

    Who benefits if CHINA wins…. yes the usual the Khazarian Cabal of the rothschilds and other creatures of Hell.
    They have been making CHINA their global plan to control the populations of the world all broken up into Regions of different useful slaves, all others will be CULLED as is happening now wit CONVID Injections..

  143. Jeff

    In 2016 right before the election, Trump said you’re going to see the biggest election fraud, basically saying he’s going to loose to Hilary through election fraud. Well guess what? He won! Gee, no problem there, no one yelling fraud. Fast forward to 2020, same statement, but because of his constant tweets, mis-handling the Covid response (Feb. ‘it’s a hoax, it will go away real soon, etc) he loss. Oh, but now it’s Fraud, right, but not 2016? Problem was he talked so much trash that it was an embarrassment to him to then lose. I’m sorry if I don’t go along with this crap but as far as I see it, Trump lost to himself. To keep stirring the pot leading up to Jan. 6th riot at the capital lays at his feet, impeached or not. What should really concern any conservative are the spinless Republicans that didn’t stand up and say enough is enough. Now we’re stuck with the Democrats and their idiotic ideas. What we really need is a 3rd major party.

  144. Cindy

    Has anyone tested out the Frank Speech website? They got some good content on there. Personally, I watch Diamond and Silk on there and a few articles from Frank Thoughts.


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