$21 Trillion Missing Biggest Story on Planet – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says you may not be hearing much about it from the globalist controlled propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM), but the “$21 trillion in ‘missing’ U.S. federal money is still the biggest story on the planet.” Kirby contends, “It’s the biggest story ever because it explains so much of what is going on in our financial reality. . . . Lots of people in my circles talk about there being a lack of collateral, which is a lack of government bonds in the marketplace. They refer to that as a lack of collateral; yet, we see equity markets making new highs. We see Bitcoin making new highs. We’ve even seen the sleepy precious metals market get some legs and make moves upward in recent months. . . . There is no shortage of money anywhere globally, and that’s because of the $21 trillion in ‘dark money’ being fed into the system while the unwanted U.S. debt is being purchased and memory holed. . . . It’s paradoxical, but you have a lack of collateral and too many dollars.”

Kirby says, “Nobody wants to believe what is happening” with trillions of extra printed dollars sloshing around the planet, but that does not mean this will not end badly. Kirby is predicting big inflation, and even hyperinflation is coming as a result of all the digital fiat cash. Kirby says, “In a financial sense, people are going to be screwed worse than they understand. Most people cannot believe these most heinous financial crimes against humanity have already happened. . . . At some point, I see a dramatic reduction in the living standard coming to everybody in the Western world. Let’s just say it will be all countries that have their boat tied to the U.S. dollar because the dollar is being rejected now. We are seeing evidence of it with the rejection of U.S. government debt and reduced participation of U.S. government debt auctions.”

Kirby lays out what is coming and says, “When the dollars start coming home, there will be inflation. We have seen the rejection of U.S. debt, but the dollars are being recycled into other things like Bitcoin and equities. There is going to come a point where the dollars are going to come home to America, and people are going to start demanding real stuff. . . . I can envision a day when there might be a domestic dollar and an international dollar, and there might be two values assigned to the domestic and international dollar. Whether this happens or not, the purchasing power of the dollar is going to be diminished as the story about the “missing” $21 trillion gains traction around the world.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby, founder of KirbyAnalytics.com.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. BetterChetter

    Great to read of his envisioning two dollars, one domestic & one international. As the US is now split with at least two media stories, I’ve also envisioned two price markets for precious metals – the real numbers, and the naked short numbers.

    People asleep will be hit the hardest, while those expanding their minds via media like USAWD, so thank you Greg for being a man of integrity, truth, and compassion for your fellow men and women.

    • Russ McMeans

      USAWATCHDOG.COM will be my 3rd website listed on my my custom 24” x 20” big bumper sticker on my camper/AT &T style utility truck cap on my white pick up truck. Starting with Drudge Report/Zero Hedge. Then some other websites, then a list of radio personalities including Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reily Laura Ingraham and Billy Cunningham. It will be
      a really nice educational statement to all. Maybe Dennis Prager too? It’s big enough to accommodate it. Thank you Greg for the Reno Nevada Style website. “ the biggest little website in the world “.

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks for having Mr. Kirby on, Greg. He always has valuable and interesting insights.

      I took a day to think what he said and have concluded that he is probably wrong about the future price of gold/silver. BetterChetter says it eloquently: the real numbers and the naked short numbers. What we must ponder, however, is what this means in real life.

      The real numbers will come about by a gold backed Yuan and probably a gold backed Ruble. Why would China and Russia have been accumulating so much gold if this was not their economic end-game? They are just waiting for the right time… i.e. the US to fall under the weight of its own hubris. They don’t want to be blamed for America’s stupidity in managing the global economy. Would you? So when we talk about the USD going to ZERO, it won’t happen in the paper (aka debt) market. It will happen in the real market.

      What does this mean?

      It means that 1) Central Banks around the word (except those who have accumulated gold) will have lost credibility. Good Buy Toilet paper money and the toilet paper PHDs that universities, in their arrogance, produced to manage that money, 2) The Fed (and by extension its boss, the Military Industrial Complex/Deep State) will have suffered a death blow. That’s potentially very scary. 3) The Fed will no longer be able to dump naked shorts on the market. Everybody will laugh at them, and rightfully so. 4) Financial markets will be in utter chaos as assets get repriced. 5) All real assets in the USA will be repriced to this new gold standard currency, which probably means a 90% drop in current (fictitious) value of most products in the US. 6) The US government will likely be forced to prevent the repatriation of dollars lest the country become the new Zimbabwe, which, if you think about it for a second, could in fact be a hidden declaration of war. What are you going to do? Tell the whole international community “Tough Luck! You guys were idiots to trust us in the first place”. I don’t think foreign governments are going to like that. The USA may find itself very alone in this Brave New World, having been “found out” as the greatest fraudster the world has ever known. If Germany and China are doing joint military exercises, it seems that this outcome is inevitable.

      This may be why Trump is adamant about hammering out a hard deal with China. With everything about to be repriced, international trade is toast, globalization is toast. He knows it. Everybody knows it. So it’s time to strengthen the country for the upcoming period of chaos. The day of the USD being King is coming to an end. What we as Americans will have to pay for a BMW will be astronomical. We’re not going to like it. We will all be forced to live in the real world again of hard work and honest pay.

      What does all this mean practically speaking? You probably need to own your gold/silver outside the US. If there is no gold at Fort Knox, the US will likely have to play catch-up, with Shanghai and Moscow now the new financial centers. Do you think the Treasury will allow everyone to own gold? Do you think they will buy it from you for $100,000 per ounce? Hmmm! Risky questions at a very risky time in history.

  2. Rodster

    For our DB friend: “Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day”


    • Jerry

      Good catch Rodster!
      The transition to a new banking exchange system is happening real time at Deutsche Bank. Western investors are pulling their money out, and the PBOC is putting their money in. Only in a new identity that China is creating to capture the ECB. There is a reason Christine Lagarde resigned from the IMF. She’s been building relationships with the Chinese for years, and like a good socialist she wants to help head this project up. But guess what? The Chinese don’t want the derivatives, so guess where the payments are coming from once the defaults start? Hint. It won’t be from our buddy Stan.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Rob Kirby is a brave and honest man.

    Could you imagine what the world would be like if USW was on major network and these guests a voice to the world masses.

    Never stop what you are doing Greg, slowly but surely the people are waking up and questioning the official baloney narrative. You have a heart bigger than the ocean, I can see it in your eyes.

    On another note, we have been ripped off far more than the 21 Trillion, how else would the Rothschild family be worth 500 Trillion otherwise.

  4. Mark James

    Great Interview. So happy Rob Kirby is recovering and thriving!! I pray for you and your guests. Great information. Thank you!! 🙂

    • regaleagle

      Wow Greg……what a fantastic interview and just clear as a bell. Your questions were well-timed and right on cue with the flow of information……just a grand slam out of the park with Mr. Kirby. This site HAS to be one of the very top echelon sites for real news around the globe now, Greg. Can you imagine what it could be if it were a daily show??? Thanks so much and may God continue to protect and bless you.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you “Eagle”!!

  5. pickster

    It was truly good to see Mr. Kirby looking good. Thank you, Greg!

  6. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. There is likely more than twenty one trillion USD that has been created and parked, not including what is stolen from the people everyday in property and assets by the same thieves.

  7. Frederick

    This morning they are saying that Epstein violated girls while serving his time working at home This just shows the arrogance of this human refuse and how obviously coopted our country truly is Carlin was spot on when he said the Justice system was for “ just us” wasn’t he? I’m just wondering when the regular people are going to say “ enough is enough”

  8. Derek Sinclair

    Great to see Rob looking so fit. Great interview.

  9. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You and Rob both asked about the establishment media ignoring stories like the missing 21 trillion dollars. It’s called censorship. Tyrants don’t censor lies. They censor the truth.
    “…the truth shall set you free…”
    John 8; 32

  10. Painless Jones

    I wish you would’ve asked Kirby why people around the world keep buying US equities and debt in dollars if they are aware of the $21T missing? Still best looking shirt in dirty laundry and ~$14 T in foreign debts bearing negative % rates? Also, an update on what govt’s / central banks stockpiling gold since he claims to be a facilitator of lg. amounts purchased.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why? Come now. You understand basic math, right?
      The real question is how can you protect yourself

    • therevolutionwas

      I don’t think the twenty one trillion matters that much. It’s fiat, fake, paper money. And it might just be ‘on the books’ missing. If the money is not circulating it won’t do much harm. If it is not printed fiat and not being used, I can’t see how it will make a big difference.

  11. Jerry

    Rob is right. The dollar is being rejected.

    The transition away from the dollar has been happening inside our banking system since 2008. The Chinese told Hank Paulsen then when we borrowed 1.3 trillion dollars to avoid the subprime mortgage meltdown, that they would give the United States seven years to get its financial house in order, or risk loosing its reserve currency status. Well that didn’t happen. Instead we had several more rounds of QE and market manipulation.

    As I have said. The Chinese have been buying gold for a reason. Rob would probably agree that the reset will envolve going back to the gold standard in some form or another. In my mind the default on Deutsche banks credit swaps will most likely be the trigger. Even in a bankruptcy somebody has to still eat the debt. The Chinese are apparently preparing to cut Deutsche Bank in half, and create a bad bank black hole to flush the derivative debt down, while creating a good bank Asian marketing arm to trade with. In that event, Rob is right. The dollars tied to those derivatives will come home to roost, while the Chinese set up shop with gold backed Yuan. Oh and gold, can you imagine where the price index will go? With the Fed out of the way, it will be stunning.

    • Galaxy 500

      For 7-10 years you have been saying how when China does this or that they would replace America as the go to currency. I said then that was a poorly constructed argument based on just the Communist part of China. The Shanghai Exchange was going to crash Chicago Commodities Exchange. And yet China in a matter of a decade has 40 Trillion more debt that they admit to. They are at the crossroads of Xi being replaced.
      I believe China has been at war with America the entire time and they are winning. Their plan has a serious flaw. If America is not buying their Shiite, their entire economy collapses. They are too large for the rest of the world to absorb their production.

      • uncommon sense

        You are guilty of coming up with your own poorly constructed arguments. You still live in la la land regarding 9/11. You believe that the hijacker’s passport was thrown out of the cockpit on the point of impact and survived intact. You believe building 7 collapsed due to internal fires caused by falling debris. You believe fairy stories rather than believe a predominantly white establishment would sacrifice its own people. Always easier to blame the foreigners isn’t it?

        • Frederick

          Anyone who still believes the official story of 911 cannot be very bright and have NO common sense

        • Galaxy 500

          I certainly don’t buy into the theory that somehow Building 7 was a controlled demolition set up ahead of time. Forgive me if I believe in facts over all the big conspiracy theories hatched to keep people like you distracted. You can’t keep big secret. We couldn’t even keep our nuclear secrets safe and yet people believe in the infallible and all powerful group running things.
          To each his own Sense. Yes I believe a group of American hating moslems crashed jets into WTC because of facts. Call me old fashioned like that.
          There are even cretins who believe SandyHook was staged. Alex Jones could have won in court if that was a fact because the truth is the ultimate defense against slander and libel. Some people want to believe anything and isn’t America a great place because here we don’t have to believe

          • Frederick

            Well I have a Bachelors Of Architecture and 30 years experience as a builder and it’s VERY obvious to me that building 7 was “ pulled” as Silverstein admitted And it certainly wasn’t done by Muslims You’re living in la la land bubba

      • Jerry

        Galaxy 500,
        I hope you are right, but what does America have to market? President Trump may claim they’ve switched the plan around with China, but I’m not buying it. Everywhere I look is “made in China “. While it’s true they need us ( until the Silk Road Project is finished) we need them as well.

        • Jerry

          Galaxy 500,
          One more thing. I’m always way ahead of the curve. I was wearing jeans with holes thirty years ago. Now they are a fashion statement.

          • Galaxy 500

            And a broken analog clock is right twice a day so there is hope for both of us.

  12. francis m reps

    Brilliant man and necessary guest you have on your program Mr.Hunter. This aspect of your program is a great service to many concerned people. The book ; “When Money Fails” by Adam Ferguson { written in the sixties } is a look into the future for the US dollar. Thank you both for this informative interview.

    • sk

      “When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson (two s’s!!!) That’s so you can find it at the library…

  13. paul ...

    What Rob seems to be saying is that: because there is already an infinite amount of dollars in the world … that has been created “legally” by the Fed (QE, etc.) and “illegally created” by other crooks (the unaccounted $21 trillion +) … there is “a lack of collateral in the world” as these infinite dollars are being used to buy up bonds, stocks and bitcoin … Rob says hardly any of these infinite dollars is going to go into gold right now (which is exactly why gold is still a bargain) … the rising price of stocks and bitcoin as infinite dollars flow into them obviously makes them “less and less valuable” as pieces of collateral anyone would want to own (because it takes more and more worthless dollars to buy them) … that is why China, Russia, India and many other gold buyers are using their infinite paper debt dollars created by the banksters to buy “gold collateral” (which is still cheap because it is being artificially held down by the crooks to make their debt paper seem valuable) … but remember it is gold’s very cheapness that makes it “a more valuable piece of collateral for people to accumulate” compared to stocks, bonds, bitcoin, tulip bulbs and cabbage patch dolls which have “already risen” to reflect the worthlessness of the infinite amount of paper the crooks have so far created … the crooks “gold manipulation game” is designed to make people “feel like” their dollars are valuable (because they can buy an ounce of gold with only 1,400 of them) this won’t last long … because more and more people in the world are now realizing the US dollar is simply “Monopoly Money” … so get it straight in your minds people that those stocks, bitcoins, etc. you think of as collateral … will have “no collateral value” … because it can only be turned into worthless “infinite monopoly money” when sold … unlike gold that “IS MONEY ALREADY” (gold is real money without any liability or need to be exchanged into infinite monopoly money) … monopoly money will soon have almost zero ability to purchase real goods and services … and we will see it by rising prices “for everything” (beginning in 2020 according to Armstrong’s economic models)!!

    • paul ...

      A “New Paradigm” Is Coming … where people will need to take action to protect themselves from having to accept (inflated to near zero) monopoly money for their stocks and bitcoin (that they thought was collateral) … gold (and silver) are the “true collateral” as they don’t need to be sold “for fake bankster money” … it “is money” in and of itself … therefore gold and silver do not need to be exchanged for bankster paper IOU’s … doing so only changes real money into “fake money”!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-17/ray-dalio-warns-new-paradigm-coming-buy-gold-sell-stocks

  14. Montana Guy

    Just follow the money. More specifically the money-lending Rothschild banking family.
    They have been running the world for over a century; and this country going back to at least 1860s in funding both the North and the South. Who did Trump sell his soul to for rescues from bankruptcy? Why did Trump promise to ‘Drain the Swamp’ and then immediately fill his administration with Swamp Creatures? Yes the Rothschilds and globalists have the perfect controlled scapegoat in place for their ‘global economic reset’ and our loss of liberty.

    • susan

      MG, go back and relisten to this interview. Mr. Kirby explains.

  15. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    Bottom line the wall street bankers & the US government are corrupt beyond words .

    “we have regulators that dont regulate ” with a corrupt government why would they?

    • paul ...

      Include in the corrupt category the “War” Contractors … who use the word “Defense” Contractors to throw us off (as to what they really are) … when you have “War Contractors” lobbying and controlling key positions in Government … the result will be “Continuous Non-Stop Wars” … to break this non-stop continuous “War Cycle” humanity is now forced “to die with” … we must begin to break-up the “War Contractors” into smaller and smaller pieces … this will not only increase the competition (and begin to put some of these “War Contractors” out of business) … but the increased competition between the War Contractors will bring down the cost of our Nation’s “War Budget” to levels similar to what say Russia spends to develop its advanced and very capable weapons!! … and also … just like we have term limits for elected officials … there should be limits imposed upon the “War Contractors” giving bribes to US Government military procurement officers … (like for instance giving Government procurement officers “sweet heart jobs” with the War Contractors after they retire from the US Government) … we should begin imposing fines on the War Contractors (like say one billion dollars for each retired Government official they hire) … and additionally (based upon the number of US procurement officials they hire after retirement even in subsidiary companies having nothing to do with weapons of war) … lower their probability of getting future weapons contracts with the US Government in the future!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-18/defense-contractors-are-tightening-their-grip-our-government

  16. timothy james

    Rumsfield said we’re missing $2.3 trillion and we went to war with Afghanistan. What will we do about $21 trillion?

    • Frederick

      And that (((missing ))) money had absolutely nothing to do with Afghanistan did it now

      • paul ...

        And with all the money “they can just steal” … why is there any need for wars any longer to make money??? … besides wouldn’t God more easily forgive “stealing” then bombing and “murdering women and children”??? … how about we allow the Military Industrial Complex to steal $21 Trillion every year if they agree to close down all their weapons manufacturing plants, stop their continuous non-stop wars and agree to stop all the drug and human organ trafficking … right now they are doing both “stealing our money” and “going to war” … perhaps Trump can get us “a better deal”!!!

  17. Jeff Drew

    On 9/10/01, Rumsfeld made the pronouncement that $2.3 trillion was “missing”…next day…well, you know.

    • Matt

      Yeah, false flag and the perps are still at large.

  18. Dave

    Greg, next time you have Dr. Skidmore or another finance type on (Mannarino, Pento) please ask them to explain the mechanism used to get the $21 trillion into the system.

    I’m not debating that it happened, just have yet to hear anyone explain how the Treasury could quietly sell $21T in bonds (and to whom) to get the money into the system.

    How could it have been done?

    • Uncommon Sense

      Is it necessary for them to disclose which entity purchased the bonds? Financial transparency isn’t their forte.

    • uncommon sense

      My understanding is that Kirby is suggesting that much of the 21 T is sitting waiting to be deployed. There is no way to tell how much has been used (if this theory is correct). It may be that only a small amount of the dollars have been deployed so far.

    • Galaxy 500

      It was over a 20 year period and likely it went int the ether…
      What do I mean? There have been extensive losses manipulating the market. Some of this is government bureaucrats not having the inclination or ability to find their mistakes, the former as much as the latter.
      If the government was required to keep good books like the rest of us we wouldn’t be in this mess

  19. paul ...

    You know … the neocon crooks have finally shot themselves in the foot … by simply stealing an additional 21 trillion dollars for themselves … it makes people realize that we don’t need to have wars anymore (to provide all the money the neocons so desperately need) … why should US taxpayers flush nearly $5.9 trillion of their hard-earned money down the war toilet to provide a good life for neocon crooks who can simply print up an un-audited $21 trillion for themselves … whenever they need it … so why did the neocons additionally need to kill 7,000 American soldiers and upwards of 244,000 foreign civilians in unending wars since 9-11? … if there is no need for wars to generate the cash the neocon crooks need … why kill people and send hundreds of thousands of people as refugees flooding into Europe and elsewhere straining our welfare systems?? … the latest survey shows that two-thirds of post 9/11 veterans now think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan “weren’t worth fighting” … especially if they can get their money ($21 trillion dollars) by other means … why do we have to go an kill other people so the neocons can make money?? … these neocons wanting continual war when they can get their money “by other means” is insane … and how much more additional money do these neocons need?? … do they really need to sell drugs and human organs when they can simply print up the money?? … yet they rape, kill and abort our kids because just being “a straight pedophile” is not good enough for their sick and demented minds … they actually have Georgia Guide Stones explicitly stating they want to kill off 90% of the human race (because 90% of the people on Earth are not as immoral as they are) and they need to get rid of them all … as it may make them look bad in the eyes of God (most probably to cover their ass just in case they may be wrong in their belief that there is no God)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-16/what-was-it-all-veterans-have-finally-turned-americas-endless-wars

    • paul ...

      We should be using God the Father’s guide-stones (the 10 Commandments) against these immoral evil neocon pedophile greedy war monsters … and lock them away for life (in a prison they can never get out of) … this is not without precedent … as God the Father removed evil from Heaven a few years back … when he sent “a pretty big bunch” of immortal immoral ones (one third of Heavens population) … “To Hell” for Life … belief in God … means we should be following in God’s footsteps … so lets moving and remove the evil ones from our world!!

      • paul ...

        Now … this is what I’m talking about … finally … under Trump we are beginning to lock up the evil drug cartel leaders … it’s evil people like El Chapo and the neocon bankers who launder all the Mexican drug money (and who don’t believe in God) that want to kill off 90% of the human race … because having good moral people around will make the immoral banksters and neocons look bad in the eyes of God (thus they figure killing everyone will cover their ass just in case God exists)!! … https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/17/el-chapo-sentence-life-prison-mexican-drug-lord-trial

        • paul ...

          Sounds crazy right? … these people are crazy!!!

  20. Robert Kefauver

    I’ve heard..

    SSP…Secert Space Program. Solar Warden and other Black projects and Break off Societies.
    Oh… The Clintons and friends…. Definitely not the the VA

  21. Freebrezer

    My Question is – What makes Kirby imply that the US is the only country with a central bank doing black opps Money printing? My guess is that the EU saw this and said gees what an awful, horrible, WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS idea and ‘Why Not’?!!! The Chinese? They are showered in fairy dust and pet Unicorns after dinner and would never, ever, ever think about cheating and would never, ever print up dark money in the Trillions! Nope, Nada not the Chinese. The Brits with all their secret societies .. nope not them too? I bet all the central banks around the world do this … They all are corrupt, fraudulent, rotten, deceitful, astucious etc … it is just that a very smart person, CAF, happen to catch the US in the Act … be calm it has all been rectified! The US agencies do not need to show their books anymore.

  22. Allin


    Back in 2012 Lord James of Blackheath presented information on Feb. 16th 2012 in the House of Lords of $15 Trillion being transferred in 2009. The only thing coming out about this speech are the sounds of crickets.

    Here is that presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLrHOgy0tRo

    Thanks for all you do, and looking forward to your next report.

    • Galaxy 500

      Have you got anything based on facts?

      • Frederick

        Facts? You mean like from the Bible right?

        • Greg Hunter

          Hey Frederick,
          Careful. . . You know you can’t say a damn thing about Islam. Muslims and Koran.

  23. Jodyp

    I’ve always liked Rob, but his knowledge seems limited to what the ‘big fish’ are doing. The majority, the ‘minnows’, struggle to pull a few hundred bucks together in an emergency. PM’s and especially cryptos are as foreign to them as brunch at the Royal Palace.

    • Matt

      Great point. It’s kinda like how people use the stock market as an indicator of the health of the economy when small businesses make up the vast majority of the economy.

  24. R Lee

    Another great interview, Greg. Very interesting to hear the different views between guests like Armstrong and Kirby, and all the others you interview. I enjoy reading the comments section too. Here is my take on all this, for what it’s worth. Folks come to this site to get information from some very credible sources. Unfortunately, there is disagreement among them about exactly what will happen in the financial realm and when. Problem is, folks are looking for the SOLUTION and hoping one of the guests has got IT ALL. Reality is, while these guests are all trustworthy, accomplished professionals, with valid assessments….we are living in such unprecedented times (financially) with unheard of “tricks” from our government and TPTB that no one can accurately predict exact the how and when of this mess correcting! The past experiences of fiscal responsibility simply don’t apply when you have things like quantitative easing, negative interest rates, FASB, missing 21 trillion, manipulated markets, etc. Unheard of shenanigans! On top of that you have the radical socialists winning over the next generation. So what is one to do? This is where we have the responsibility to use that God given thing between our shoulders to “think and plan” what is best for me and mine in this uncertain climate! My thesis is simply this….one foot in and one foot out. Half your assets in traditional things like the stock market, retirement funds, savings, job, etc. The other half in precious metals, debt free property or business, bitcoin (if you are so inclined), PB and protection, cash outside the system, stockpiled food, etc. You chose the percentages, just not all in on either one…That way you are hedged both ways and can likely survive what is to come, without losing everything. I think its the best we can do until things begin to escalate. Just my $.02 worth. Keep up the good work Greg!

  25. Gina M Mancarella

    The future is in Facebook Block-chain Face Blocko Blocko currency. I plan to get as much as possible at the Initial Public Offering !

    • paul ...

      Blocko is for block heads who don’t know what pump and dump means!!

    • Jerry

      WTF are you talking about? People are leaving the Facebook matrix in droves. I’ll will be one of them soon. I’ve had it with Zuckerberg and his globalist ass clowns.

      • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

        Why “soon”?
        Do it now, immediately if not sooner.

    • Frederick

      Sure Gina Trust a Crypto issued by Suckerberg and Co That’s brilliant

    • Galaxy 500

      Yeah for you

    • Justn Observer

      Go girl go…appears you will enjoy using the Facebook Libra crypto with your communist buddies..? Zuckerberg will feel at home in a country that has no concern about privacy of information, tracking your every purchase or thought…can see how Marxists in the U.S. feel so at home with such…

  26. iwitness02

    It’s a dirty shame that the love of money is greater than the love of life. We have people who will lie, steal and kill to get money. Until this basic problem is solved, we will never have peace and good will among men. Nor will we see prosperity for all. There is enough of everything, for everyone, on this earth. But the resources are withheld so that the few benefit, at the expense of the many, and the few are happy with this arrangement.
    Present arrangements are instructional, but wisdom doesn’t pay the bills.
    We are still stuck under Satan’s thumb, unless you have joined him.
    Just speaking in broad general terms. A brief overview of the world.
    On a more encouraging note, Bob is sure looking robust and well.

    • iwitness02

      Oops. Rob is sure looking robust and well.
      I have a friend whose name is Bob Kirby.
      Guess I got mixed up.

    • Montana Guy

      iwitness02, yes indeed.
      Christ’s message immediately preceding His triumphant entry into Jerusalem was ‘Occupy till I come’ Luke 19:13 (Greek translation: take care of business) This is our job until He returns.
      His parable was to take 1 pound of silver and turn it into 10 pounds which of course meant to spread the message of the cross. It is done with Bibles, not bombs or gold or silver.
      It appears today that Satan is in control, as are the evil money-lenders and ‘select’ elite. They are winning battles but they will not win the war. While Biblical prophecy seems to be playing out before our eyes, we could be generations away. His time is not for us to know. We must occupy….

      • iwitness02

        Montana Guy,
        Since we got to see Israel become a nation again, I have held on to the hope that we would be part of that generation that our Lord speaks about, saying:
        “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.” Matthew 24: 34
        At the end of the day, concerning prophecy, all we can do is cling to our fond hopes.
        Whatever will be, will be.

      • Galaxy 500

        Dude, there was evil before money. So you want socialism where somebody is forced into slavery because he has skills and someone else either can’t or won’t work? Satan’ s lies are what you are spreading?
        Money isn’t the root of all evil

      • Galaxy 500

        Did you miss the part of the Bible where Jesus said that all authority over heaven and earth was given to him by the Father? Jesus has not ceded control of the world to Satan.
        Evil has gained power because we let it

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, there was evil before money. So you want socialism where somebody is forced into slavery because he has skills and someone else either can’t or won’t work? Satan’ s lies are what you are spreading?
      Money isn’t the root of all evil

      • iwitness02

        Dude, are we talking about the same thing?
        Seems like you are reading a lot into my comment above.
        My basic premise, is that there are evil people on this earth, and as long is that is the case, we are going to have problems.

  27. R. Patrick

    This 21T in stolen dollars are printed or digital representations? This may explain why the markets have soared and bonds have yet to go to ZERO. Piece meal, the notes are used to suspend the collapse that should have happened long ago? Lord help us!

  28. H. Craig Bradley

    Good to Know !

    Most certainly we have inflation, albeit a relatively low or tolerable 3%-5%/year or so. The government will probably never allow for zero percent inflation, only zero percent interest rates. Beyond that, it is an absolute certainty that California will have another earthquake. The only question is how strong. The only question regarding inflation is how much, not if. We already have some inflation as it is. Just stating the obvious.

    • Montana Guy

      Yes H. Craig Bradley and even worse if you use John Williams’ Shadow Stats calculation based on 1980 methodology. It shows inflation at 10%. I think that is more realistic for those with limited means mainly purchasing basic necessities.


  29. Donald

    For anyone who is interested, there are some important flaws in Rob Kirby’s reasoning. The same people who have created many of problems seen in the US, who are promoting division in the US, who sent a massive amount of US jobs and technology overseas, are the same ones that are working to befriend China, promote Islam, demonize Russia, and even demonize the US with respect to other countries, and on and on. The brain of this cabal resides in England. This cabal is responsible for the French Revolution, for making the US Civil War as bad as it was, for the pillaging of South Africa’s wealth, for pillaging of India, for pillaging of China, WWI, and on and on and on. Its been there for several centuries now and has introduced corruption of every sort. It is the reason Russia was not allowed membership with NATO. Their control and influence is massive. You can see it every day in the news. They are not only against the US, but the Western world as well. Think – what sets the Western world apart from the rest of the world….

    • Chip

      Donald, I think you are right. I’ve often thought that the problem lies with age old banking interests in the UK… Chip

    • Keith wilson

      Not many people know this but the Rothschild banking dynasty was also responsible for the 1917- 1920 Iranian famine. In which 10 million Iranians perished. During the summer months the cabal bankers purchased all the grain in Iraq plus all donkeys,mules. Which where the only available transport in those times for moving grain from Iraq into Iran.The famine began in late 1917 and within 2 years 10 million Iranians had perished. This sent a message to the Arabs not to question the creation of Palestine and mess with the British government which was controlled by the Rothschild banking family.

      • Donald

        Now you know why the Iranians hate Israel, Britain and America so much. The common denominator in all of this is a particular people that have been the drivers of the greatest evil this world has experienced for several centuries. Russia suffered dearly at their hands. They are also the drivers of globalism. Look who heads Google and Facebook. Look who runs Hollywood. Look who just a few days ago got arrested. They are part of the biggest crime organization in history. Tens of millions of Indians were also starved to death by the British power brokers (note that most people in Britain have no clue as to what the wealthy in their nation have done to other nations). There is also China, and on and on and on. Why do you suppose China is so determined to fleece the West??? This would all be in mainstream history, but it has purposefully been omitted with false information put in place of truth.

      • Galaxy 500

        Oh, it was the evil Jews that caused the famine. And Iraq would have just give their Persian brothers the grain…

    • Galaxy 500

      And for people interested there are plenty of flaws in your reasoning

      • Donald

        “And for people interested there are plenty of flaws in your reasoning”

        LOL….. just watch the news in the coming weeks and months… see who is going to be brought to justice, not only in the US but elsewhere….

  30. Ranger

    They’ve stolen far more than the $2.1 Trillion Dollars missing aka stolen from the Pentagon on September 10, 2001, and the $21 Trillion missing now. Much less we forget that the Federal Reserve stole $16 Trillion Dollars in 2008 and GAVE it to the European Banks.
    They have stolen every ounce of Gold out of Fort Knox. Thus, why not even the President can see what the hell is in there anymore.
    Despite the outcry of the people, there will never be anyone to account for the unbelievable theft and scam perpetrated upon this nation.

    The USA today is a paper tiger that rules by biting anyone that doesn’t comply. The day that the Worlds Reserve Currency status goes to China, I hope to be camped out in the middle of nowhere, far away from any city.

    Sadly, this nation is far far too corrupted and criminalized to ever correct it with the courts. The only way to correct the problem, is the very thing that nobody wishes to happen here on our soil. Thus, we collapse.

  31. The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    1:57 EDT Wednesday:
    Deutsche Bank stock sinking
    Gold up big
    Silver up, almost at $16/oz

    • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

      …sure glad I didn’t listen to bad advice.

      • Galaxy 500

        What was the bad advice? Please help the rest of us

  32. andyb

    That the MSM is an enabler of the Deep State is a given and well established. It is no news that financial crimes of magnitude do not see the light of day. But the sin of omission is also prevalent. Where is the warning of the coming crisis in our food supply? The US farm belt has been devastated by floods with a vastly diminished growing season (if at all in some places). European food production has also been impacted by weather events. Then there’s China with the swine flu and other issues that will greatly decrease food exports. So are we heading into a perfect storm with diminished food supplies, cost push inflation and a currency reset or crash at the same time?

    Meanwhile in the MSM…………crickets

  33. uncommon sense

    Great guy. We are on a good run of interviews.

  34. Justn Observer

    Moving along from the links below, the real time soap opera of connections linking
    involvements of leaders throughout the WORLD of their ‘financial crimes’ of the WORLD deep state puppets for their elitist NWO con-troll-ers!
    This link shows the whole Congress servers were compromised along with many of them…some choosing to ‘retire’, resign or not run for office in many of the states much of the subject matter is occurring? From turning their heads to ignoring what is in their districts, suppressing prosecution, involvements, bribes or heading up some of the plans to traffic the DOG and nuclear material, tech etc. for pay to play profits and campaign support NOT just by the U.S. but by many of their fellow ‘selected’ elected leaders and Bilderberger ‘buds’ and even wealthy connected Hollywood type?
    One could agree in the tenor of Mr. Kirby’s statements…but it is hardly unique to the U.S. since the WORLD banks of many regions of the world are willing players and participants of the wider world scams to steal the resources out from under ‘their’ citizens within ‘their’ borders’ regions.
    That they feign disbelief about the ‘missing’ $21 T is laughable. They all have been doing the pump and dump…and the currency game – together! Buying up the companies, lands, resources to share among ‘their’ club members that met, laugh, and party at the many meeting/parties/planning groups throughout the world. Likely man where all the $100 million yachts congregate?
    TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
    Jeff Epstein’s B Inc put Saudi Intel (mostly as CFO path to CEO exec level recruiting) into major financial centers. (Genius Plan Of Ehud Barak and Khashoggi/Bin Laden Group/Carlyle Group).
    Roots of the Tree?= Good intentions gone bad or just part of the wider plan?
    All might not have been blue-lighted – but of those now embarrassed to even have run in that circle MAY BE party to the investing (pay to players) in the financial and resources scams?=
    As GW recently commented – ‘Ancient Secret = good time move servers is when the power goes out !’ lol hmmmm NYC? who’s district is that in?
    Recap = almost as important as the ‘missing’ 21T, the total compromise of House server, and that that was never admitted made public and still ignored by MSM…BUT we are fed the trials of low level drug dealers like El Chapo…while the ‘real’ trials go unattended by MSM journalists = ‘pausible deniability’ they did not report because they didn’t know? and so were not there? lol Still no plane overhead, we are still on Hannity watch – ‘over the target?’ really? Someone at Fox News might tell Bryan LLenas to go to the Flynn trials = more important than and already convicted drug prisoner? lol
    Flynn court proceedings today, kickbacks went to Woosley? =
    getting closer to Schumer and Weiner and who controls them?

    In the end they just might get to OWN the world…having bought everything with what amounts to being worthless – un-backed toilet paper?

  35. tim ziegler

    Rob Kirby is intelligent and extremely knowledgeable. When he speaks you know you are hearing the truth!
    Thank you Greg.

  36. H. Craig Bradley


    The precise definition of words is how we communicate ideas or facts. “Collateral” has a common definition: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/collateral

    In traditional terms, a secured loan is secured by real property or even a whole business. Banks are conservative and don’t like to loan money without recourse. U.S. Bankers demand collateral for you and I. Now, investment bankers are a “horse of a different color”, as they like to leverage their bets to get higher returns, albeit at greater risk. Once upon a time, prior to 1971, you could not use U.S. Treasuries or debt as collateral in a loan or for margin ( according to economist Martin A. Armstrong). That all changed.

    Not liking constraints in the casino, investment bankers got the rules changed for their benefit to allow the use of debt instruments as “collateral” for leveraged bets or stock speculation (derivatives). This redefinition took away the stability in the financial system, since much of the debt in recent decades is bad debt in that it will probably default eventually. Little of it, including U.S. Treasuries will ever be fully repaid.

    Nobody pays attention to history because government debt is unsecured, while private or corporate debt is collateralized by the business or its assets themselves. Creditors have recourse with private debt, but little or none with government debt. If the government has a partial default, you are just out-of-luck (SOL). Everyone must just tighten-up their belts accordingly.

    Of course, you and I have limits in that the Casino (The House) may refuse to extent credit or give chips beyond a certain point, no matter how famous the client or guest may be ( The Sands Casino once denied the late Frank Sinatra additional credit or chips). He did not take it well and reportedly threw a chair through the front window in anger. Government debt is directly tied to the markets since its used by institutional investors as collateral. If public confidence is ever lost in government paper then the markets and everyday investors are the ones who will pay for it and suffer the most.

  37. Jack

    Rob Kirby is compulsive listening. No doubt there is new fiat debt based crypto planned. Perhaps FB Libra is the test case. There are already moves against Libra,so it may not happen. If the internet is the highway for cryptos, they can shut them down anytime they want. India has hinted at this already. Alasdair Macleod thinks a huge buyer probably the People’s Bank of China is manipulating prices of silver down and buying the real thing for their industry.Alasdair thinks there will be a serious currency crisis within the next two years.

  38. RAFO

    I don’t personally believe the missing 21 Trillion is actually missing at all… it has been spent “off the books” on all kinds of dark (i.e. out of public oversight) projects… everything from the secret space program, to underground bases, to tunnels that crisscross the U.S., etc. etc. It has gone into the pockets of a few chosen contractors with tight lips. If it’s sloshing around the planet, as stated, it’s because these entities have laundered it all over the globe.

    • Jack

      I think Rob Kirby is right. They have stored much of this money to plug derivative, debt holes and possible bank failures. This crisis has gone on beyond anyone’s expectation.

  39. corey sherman

    I recommend everyone read the white paper for libra. They are based out of Geneva Switzerland.Facebook is just a partner. They plan on using govt backed securities,fiat currencies to keep the coin at a stable price. With master card and visa on board ,it looks like this possibly could be our new currency. I am currently trying to find out exactly whos behind this. I think this will be a real game changer in years to come. They are slated for release next year.

  40. Stan

    I shorted a huge amount of Gold at the close today. This is how you make money folks. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you high? Au spot is around $1,425 per ounce and it was down .50 cents today.

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow Stan! You da man. You are going to make a small fortune … out of a big one

  41. Stephen Way

    It is only 21 trillion dollars, what’s to worry about ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t worry, be happy? I am hearing that song in my head now.

    • Galaxy 500

      You seem to understand that paper assets are impaired but that is where you are betting your future? Non Sequitar

  42. Sandra Miami

    Greg, many people you interview ( Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter, Rob Kirby, Cathy Fitts etc.) say that there is a 300:1 ratio of paper gold to physical gold on the COMEX and that the COMEX will default because of this? I’m not sure I understand? I was told that if a owner of a futures contract makes a 5% deposit on the contract and if he wants to take delivery of the physical, he would have to pay the full value of the contract before taking delivery, meaning send the other 95%. Since no one really pays the other 95%, why does it even matter what the ratio is at the COMEX, if the owner of the paper would have to come up with the other 95% before he takes delivery? I don’t understand why the ratio even matters?

    Sandra Miami

    • Greg Hunter

      Essentially there are 300 claims on each and every ounce of gold at COIMEX. What could go wrong??

      • Galaxy 500

        What happens when 2 or 3 people demand delivery of those same ounces? I know I would be angry if I thought I had bought it and they gave it to a buddy

        • uncommon sense

          settle in cash. that is what they have been doing and it is in the small print that they are allowed to do it.

      • Sandy Miami

        Yes I understand that, but the people with the claims have to produce the funds for the FULL value of the contracts BEFORE the claim is valid, so until the holders make good on the claim, the 300:1 ratio is a mute point. I believe the COMEX has a long list of refiners to source gold from, IF anyone chooses to take delivery and deposits the FULL VALUE of the contract in order to take delivery. It’s the same thing if you call your local coin dealer and order 100 gold coins. He will probably NOT have it in stock at the moment, but you would have to pay full value of the transaction BEFORE the coins arrive. Could you verify with one of your “experts” on how the delivery process works at the COMEX? I’d like to know if I’m on the right track or not? Thank you kindly.

        • Greg Hunter

          “I believe the COMEX has a long list of refiners to source gold from. . .” What you believe is not a fact. Bill Holter is a bonified gold expert and he would be the best to answer that question.

    • Donald

      “the COMEX will default”

      The COMEX can never default. Its simply a clearing house. Traders can default, but not the COMEX. However, if a big COMEX trader does default, what does that do to the viability and credibility of the COMEX as a clearing house? It will greatly harm it, and you can be sure many will work hard to bypass just as Asian trade has already done so particularly with gold. The days of the ongoing COMEX scam are running out….

  43. Mike r

    If there were an extra $21 trillion ‘sloshing around’, wouldn’t at least some of that already been put into gold or gold funds ? gold is only up marginally. It would not take $21 trillion, if it were all put into gold, to drive the price north of $10000.

    Even part of that amount could have easily propped up Doochebag Bank.

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows but don’t you find it odd the President came out and said we need a “Space Force”?? Maybe we have one already?? Who knows FASAB Rule 56 makes it all a national security secret. That cash is out there in some form though.

    • Galaxy 500

      This was over a period of decades, likely a lot was lost in trades manipulating the market. Contrary to what some believe, this isn’t a big pile of money someone is holding. Most of it has been spent not stock piled.

  44. Arrowflinger

    The $21 trillion was single entry bookkeeping in violation of the basic principle of double entry accounting. That is what an accounting “plug” is! When one considers the $6 trillion in US Treasury Primary Dealers Failures to Deliver US TREASURIES in the weeks and months following Lehman Brothers, which was much the same activity, then a $21 trillion plug is not implausible at all!

    What Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore have done used to be a basic audit first step. They tried to run a trial balance which could not balance, then asked why.

    Patrick Henry wrote “The liberties of the people are not secure, nor ever will be, when the transactions of their rulers can be concealed from them.”

    In this case what is concealed does not exist and it is a calamitous black hole.

    When did having Off Balance Sheet or OFF BALANCE ANYTHING, become normal?

  45. paul ...

    Hey Stan … good thing many here don’t listen to your investment advice … you said to sell gold on Monday … well look what is happening to it … https://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au24hr3day.html … and silver … https://www.kitco.com/charts/livesilver.html … as I said gold is going to close the gap at 1500 to 1550 before any “little reaction” sets in … and then it will shoot up to exceed it’s old highs … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/gold10year140619.jpg

    • paul ...

      As for the crypto addicts … be warned … although a select few can still get rich and make money by using pump and dump techniques … it is getting more and more difficult to pump … as the value of many altcoins has fallen dramatically for the poor pigeons that bought them (with price drops ranging between 90 to an eye-watering 99 percent for many coins) … the price of Bitcoin fell around 80 percent from its high down to about $4,000 … then rallied to above $13,000 … but is now falling back again and “struggling” to keep its upward momentum … what will kill Bitcoin dead? … one day Trump will simply declare crypto to be “illegal money” (linking crypto to the criminals who use it in their drug and human trafficking operations) … the same way he is currently destroying Deep State operatives (like Epstein) by linking such operatives to illegal pedophile, drug and human trafficking operations!!

      • Justn Observer

        yes…noticed on Trader view…struggling to stay in the 10k range for over a month UP from 3K in January… least it’s not following DB and some others shorting of gold-eh…
        Not sure one should go long grains…since how does one sell what might not be there ship? or is that like PM ? Everyone can hold a claim but likely end up with an empty plate?

        • Galaxy 500

          It’s a thinly trade item. Easy to manipulate like penny stocks. And what good will it be if there is an issue and the government turns off the internet.
          Give me something physical I can hold.

    • Stan

      The week is far from over. The crash is almost here

      • Greg Hunter

        You do realize gold was up $18 bucks today. Billionaire investor/money manager Ray Dalio is telling people to buy gold too!!

        • stan

          Dalio was telling you to buy Gold years ago at 1800+

          • Greg Hunter

            Yes Stan but Dalio can afford to hold his trade because he holds physical. Can you hold yours?

        • Jodyp

          Even though our buddy Stan is just an MDB wannabe, in these times I wouldn’t bet on anything being a sure thing.

      • Anthony Australia

        Skol is that you?

    • Arrowflinger

      If they are plugging accounts that is exactly what they are doing.

      And that is damned insane, hence the severity of this matter.

  46. Coalburner

    He showed his thinking ability better than I have seen. Very good stuff to chew on.

  47. Anthony Australia

    Now this is a Nugget! Go Perth Mint and Go NYSE


    • Arrowflinger

      Greg, I read and watched hour posts with Fitts and Skidmore and understand full well the mutiplicity of entries they reviewed and coukd not explain. I am an auditor with 3 decades of major company experience.

      I used “single entry” correctly. Single entry as in one-sided entry….done many times. Accounting basics are double-entry bookkeeping, not one-sided single entries. A “plug” means sticking in an undocumented number to force a balancing of books. If there were legit balancing entries as required the government would not have “plugged” fake entries to balance to the funds expended.

      “Single entry” is the illegitimate method used, not the number of transactions faked.

      • Galaxy 500

        I have seen what you speak of at the county level when they couldn’t wouldn’t take the time and effort to figure out where the error was.

  48. Bill B

    Mr Kirby speaks of 21 trillion being siloed. What is the difference between 21 trillion already printed, or just printing it as you need it as everyone is now doing

  49. susan

    Mr. Kirby is a man we must listen to. I am so glad his health is better. We are blessed to hear his views.

  50. SilverHawk

    Trump is only in charge of his image, not policy. JFK had to learn the hard way. The Federal Reserve Note is in it’s last days, and I’m just waiting for that Sunday night announcement. Watch for the next “DOW Futures are down 1,200 in overnight trading”.
    The Rothschild’s don’t have 10 Trillion Pounds in “ones and zeros” in someone’s computer, that relies on electricity for them to exist in the Bank of England. They have 10T in physical GOLD, in their basement vault. I don’t have X dollars in ones and zeros, it’s ALL in physical silver at the bottom of the lake in my backyard. Just keep stacking, cause you’re gonna need it soon. OK, time to play with numbers. My favorite part of my posts…
    The US Debt Clock today jumped silver up to $724, and gold to $5932. Where they should be mathematically. 8.2 ratio. (LOL 92:1 what a joke) At those true prices, a $250,000 house should be going for 345 oz. of silver or 42 oz. of gold. 345 ounces of silver today costs $5,520, not $250,000. The same in gold would cost you $57,724 in today’s money. What did I hear about someone saying that in Venezuela, you could buy 3 months worth of food with one ounce of silver? $724? Sounds right. Greenspan said we’re next. Remember that. And if there really is $21T missing, then the debt clock should say Dollar to Silver Ratio $1,448. – – – What’s in your vault?

    • Galaxy 500

      your Ratios for Siler to gold aren’t based on reality

  51. Anthony Australia

    Lies and mores lies, to me the layman, they are either all clueless or extremely deceptive.

    March 21

    The U.S. economy isn’t likely to slip into recession anytime soon, and there is no reason for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, former Fed Chair Janet Yellen said.

    Speaking to an investor conference in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday, Yellen said that while Fed officials had marked down their economic growth forecasts to a median of 2.1 percent for 2019, “that’s not a recession. A slowdown is something that was long expected.”

  52. Montana Guy

    My head hurts. We are told that the ‘national debt’ is $X Trillion. But to whom is this money owed and what has been surrendered as collateral? My answers to both questions are ‘I don’t know’. I don’t even know how many zeros are in a trillion.

    However, I do know that the federal government SAYS it owns significant gold reserves. Ha ha. Maybe. Maybe not. Also it THINKS it owns much of the land here in the West; 85% of Nevada, 61% of Idaho and 29% of my beloved Montana for starters.
    Holy Batman! Haven’t the globalists’ UN been preaching that they plan to de-populate rural areas? Silly me. Like FedGov says, we Montanans are all just a bunch of conspiracy nuts.

    Here I am worrying about being FedGov’s ‘collateral damage’ when I am actually their ‘collateral’. I feel safer now…. I love Big Brother.

  53. Russ McMeans

    Rob Kirby for some reason seems a lot more trustworthy then many others out there. I’m being vague but I suspect that most agree. God bless him.

  54. Antonius Aquinas


    This is an important and very readable book that should be widely distributed.



  55. Galaxy 500

    So does anyone believe that the French, Belgiucs and Germans like America? Get our Shiite out of NATO and move it to our Buddies in Poland, Romania and Hungry

    • paul ...

      Crazy world … soon Russia will be aligned with all the NATO countries and the US will be aligned with all the Warsaw Pact countries!!

      • paul ...

        Then Russia could change its name to the United States of Russia (USR) and the US can change its name to the United Socialist States of America (USSA)!!

    • Frederick

      Sadly Hungary is NOT “ our buddies “ and the Poles like us mostly because they hate the Russians so much Anti American sentiment is rising quickly even in Poland I’m leaving for Warsaw on the 31st

      • Galaxy 500

        How is Hungary less our buddy that France? Hungary suffered under Communist and they will fight to keep it from coming back

        • Frederick

          I didn’t say theyare less our buddies than France I said they are not “ our buddies” and I stand by that statement Sadly the US is not seen in a very favorable light anywhere in the world much anymore We’ve been bullying everyone and it’s definitely not appreciated much from my experience

  56. Galaxy 500

    Interesting take on things. Keep up the diversity of opinion.
    People act like there is someone, some group that has this money in their sock or mattress. It isn’t. It also isn’t in any bank.

  57. al


    Rob is great but he is WRONG about the Internet. It’s a modern communication system. Shut it off and you shut off all communications and commerce.
    If they could shut it down due to Bitcoin, then they would be shooting themselves in the heart, not the foot. Banking is over. All financial transactions die.

  58. Frederick

    Amazing Polly has done some great work putting the pieces Giz-lane thing together By the way he was just denied bail

  59. Jonathan O'Quinn

    Please remember, the $21T was just from TWO Federal departments, before the 1947 Nat’l Security Act was invoked and all further auditing was halted… just IMAGINE what the ACTUAL number is, if ALL Federal departments were to show their books… $50T? $100T?
    Who knows?

    The actual figure is much, MUCH higher than $21T, friends.



    • paul ...

      And the $50,000 dollar price of gold (as calculated by Bill Holter) is just based upon the normal “admitted” debt the US Government has on its books … if we throw in the $21 trillion Fitt’s found … plus the $50 or $100 Trillion in missing money we can imagine all the other Federal Agencies lost (that they are now protected from revealing) … one ounce of gold could be worth 4 to 5 times $50,000 … so anyone owning four(4) ounces of gold right now … could already be a millionaire … without knowing it!!

  60. Justn Observer

    FLYNN COURT UPDATE …possible wrist slap….seal to cover it all up … huge fight to try and show they ‘were not’ doing analysis of Trump. Defense may go for summary judgement and stop there to keep the ‘inner workings’ covered up? Seems both sides would be losers if it goes forward…more KEYHOLEing of the full picture of who and what was really going on…
    Architecture of Crossfire Hurricane to get Trump goes wrong now CIA AND DIA pointing finger at each other? lol Woosley vs. Flynn, loser will then blame who? Brennan/Clapper/Obama? lol

    • Justn Observer

      Second Flynn criminal case covers up key testimony and events =
      ‘Key evidence and testimony have been omitted from Tuesday’s Mike Flynn case.
      And the Judge, court reporter, defense attorneys, and prosecutors are all in on it.
      Flynn is a retired general from the Army who specialized in intelligence.
      His only defense in this case may be to argue the opposite.
      Flynn resigned a cabinet position as National Security Adviser to President Donald J. Trump.
      This is day three of the criminal trial in Alexandria, Virginia Federal District Court.
      Flynn was supposed to testify for the prosecution.
      Then the defense.
      It is never if the Judge dismisses the case because the Prosecution fails to prove its case.
      “Mike Flynn has something to say and he is going to tell it”, said Rob Kelner, the first of many waves of attorneys.

      Kelner’s statement, however, has been omitted from Tuesday’s court transcript.
      The omission means it never was said.
      Even though everyone in the courtroom heard it including the Judge.
      And because the courtroom was packed with attorneys and staff.
      Easy to cover up because only one person from the public, George Webb Sweigart, was there.
      And his statements should be ignored too because he is a “conspiracy theorist”.
      Anything else missing in the transcript?
      Like a mention of the Muslim Brotherhood?

      Or the Judge reversing himself by allowing testimony about kickbacks to be discussed because he “wanted to hear it”?
      Or Kelner, representing the law firm of Covington & Burling, saying that he was proud of being a “never Trumper”.
      Were those things were omitted from the transcript too?
      Who noticed? ‘
      TEASER ABOVE…you have to read the rest … total sham of a hearing/trial? LOL

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, interesting = x fox Eric Bolling report on Robinson arrest,
    Tommy Robinson: ‘Britain Has Fallen’ the U.S. is Next I America with Eric Bolling
    Sentenced for ‘reporting’ about ‘alleged’ Muslim pedophiles grooming and raping children case as that is seen as a ‘breach of peace’ ?
    So guess you are not ‘allowed’ to report on something unless THE STATE says you can?
    Where is freedom of the press, freedom of speech….it is gone in UK and being eroded here in the U.S. as it seems….if you say, speak what is not tolerated…as Tucker Carlson points out, ” YOUR A RACIST!”
    It appears…like the trials George Webb is covering…trials and courts are now where truth goes to die or be covered up and facts sealed….

  62. Al Johnson

    It’s good to see Rob back on the show.
    He looks well and I’m glad to see him health again.

  63. Diane

    You better read this one.

    • Frederick

      He won’t read it because he’s just trolling Precious Metals on here for somebody

  64. Ken Weberg

    Greg I really like Rob but why doesn’t he ever make remarks about Trudough and the crap in his own country. Just a ???? Worth asking

    • Greg Hunter

      He told me off camera he does not like him and calls him what many other Canadians call him and that is “True-Dope.”

  65. Marcia Armstrong

    So good to see Rob in good health!

  66. Galaxy 500

    Everyone should be concerned that America’s real debt isn’t 21 Trillion or even 42 Trillion. It’s closer to 200 Trillion and that is over 3 times the entire planet’s GDP. Where is most of the debt? Hidden in Social Security and Medicaid where hundreds of millions of Americans have paid money into their entire live.
    Don’t count on seeing much of that

  67. tim mcgraw

    My family lived through 50% inflation in the 1970’s in Seattle. That was “borderline” hyper-inflation. Well, it was enough to blow up my young family; divorce, child support payments, poverty; all followed.
    End the Fed! Bring back sound money!
    To hell with all of them!
    At least it is 107F in DC and the bureaucrats are sweating off their genitals.

    • Frederick

      Probably not They are all living and working in well air conditioned spaces at our expense Remember Budgets don’t matter for them just us little people

      • tim mcgraw

        LOL! Thanks for the reply Frederick.

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