$60,000 Gold May Be Laughably Low-Bill Holter

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Recent Bloomberg analysis says if China backed its currency with gold, the price would need to be 50 times higher than it is today.  According to Bloomberg, that would be a gold price of around $64,000 per ounce, which is much more than gold expert Jim Sinclair predicted a few years ago.  Financial writer Bill Holter weighs in, “That was a few years ago, before some of the QE, and Jim has said that $50,000 gold may turn out to be laughably low. . . . I think it is very curious that Bloomberg would run this because Bloomberg is as mainstream Wall Street as you are going to get. . . . It would be my guess that Bloomberg has some type of information that China is going to announce their holdings.  I can show you that China has 10,000 tons of gold.  That’s pretty easy to do.  I use the figure of 10,000 tons, and oddly enough, that is the figure that Bloomberg used.”

So, what does the mean to the U.S.?  Holter says, “After they make an announcement that they have all this gold, people are going to say, wait a minute, where did they get all that gold? . . . It’s come from Western vaults, the biggest Western vault is the U.S.  So, the market place will make a judgment between the yuan and the dollar. . . . This is definitely a scheduled event in the fall, and the speculation has been that the Chinese may announce prior to that in order to give the IMF time to evaluate the data.  From my point of view, the Chinese may make that announcement to give it a push.  The dollar versus the yuan is going to depreciate greatly.  You could see a 20% to 30% move in the dollar (downward.)  The yuan is going to strengthen.”

Would the U.S. be forced to do an audit to verify its 8,000 tons of gold if China reveals theirs?  Holter says, “The market place will say do an audit or we will keep selling the dollar.  You very well could see an implosion.  I have said for many years now that there is going to be an implosion.  You are going to go to bed Friday night in a world that resembles the current reality, and you wake up Monday morning and everything has changed.  You will be locked into your position.  Markets are closed. . . .  Think about the brokers or banks that have a huge amount of derivatives. . . . The top two banks in the world alone have $150 trillion in derivatives.  The amount of collateral they need to post to keep the game going overnight could be in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Where are they going to get that from?  The Fed will not be able to put out this fire.”

Another fire, tensions brewing between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea.  Holter says, “There are a lot of unknowns.  The only thing you do know is if it gets started, it’s really, really bad.  You are talking about nuclear nations.  It’s not just U.S. weakness being projected here, it is Chinese strength. . . . If we get into a shooting war, what are the odds it would not go nuclear?  Whoever is losing will push the button.”

Why is there not a lot of mainstream media press on this crisis?  Holter thinks, “The press is not covering anything in the South China Sea because it shows weakness of the U.S.   We are also not getting much in the mainstream press of Russia China joint activity.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold expert Bill Holter, now of JSMineset.com. 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Bill is a prolific writer, and in the future, you will be seeing his financial analysis on JSMineset.com.  You can find archives of Mr. Holter’s analysis and writing on MilesFranklin.com.

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  1. James R

    Thats impossible for Gold to go that high (relative to todays currency value)… Gold is a Hedge against political instability and thats all. It pretty much auto-corrects with inflation. As has been said before, “if 1 oz of Gold bought you a suit in 1965, then and once of gold will buy you a suit in 2015.” Thats what its supposed to do. Its not there to make people rich, though it did go up significantly after the 2008 Crash due to a lack of trust in the Govt as well as the political instability which was later watered down by printing more money.

    • Tom Whitaker

      Who’s to say that a suit won’t cost 64k when hyperinflation strikes.

    • brian

      As you say, gold will not really move anywhere, overprinted currencies will just lose value against it…..or some really drastic measures will be taken by those who print that currency, the kind of measures which put a lot of nice innocent people in ditches.

    • Tyson

      All that is true under a system that is not manipulated where every 100 paper ounces of gold sold there is one ounce of physical to support the sale. If the markets were not manipulated gold may find its true value at $50,000. All to the degree of market forces, but the market forces are suppressed at best, eliminated at the worst.

    • Ed Martin

      Not so much how high gold as how low the dollar.
      3 years ago i purchased a 100 Trillion Zimbabwam currency (yes with a T) currency for $5.
      I kept it as a reminder that all paper money throughout past history has descended to zero.
      “Smoke ’em while you got ’em.”

    • paul

      James … if the powers that be want to “re-stock” their gold reserves in “physical” form at Fort Knox and pay back Germany its gold … they will probably go along with a re-set of the gold price to higher levels … to make it “cost effective” to mine the “in-ground reserves” the US has in the Grand Canyon! … so I don’t think what your paying to buy a suit in 2015 is going to have anything to do with limiting how high gold will go this year!

    • LindaB

      Actually, James, it is quite possible for gold to go that high. Your comment reflects that you have an understanding of gold’s value, but not of the currency (fed. reserve note). You are correct when you say that gold holds the same value in your suit analogy, but miss the mark completely when you fail to take into consideration that what we trade for the gold is being completely devalued, for the same suit in dollar terms is much higher today. A $64,000/oz price (or higher even) will be necessary to account for the MASSIVE leverage that exists around the world. Gold did not go lower as a result of money printing, but rather of MASSIVE manipulation in the gold market. If it were not manipulated, then the money printing would have the opposite effect of sending the gold price higher. Add to that the tension in the South China Sea and your comment about political instability (nuclear detonation) would seem to present a case FOR such a high gold price, not against it.

    • Agent P

      “Thats impossible for Gold to go that high…”

      Which is precisely why those with your mindset are going to be caught completely flat-footed when it does.

    • OutLookingIn

      JR –
      You hit two nails at once, then confuse the end result!
      “auto-corrects with inflation” here you speak of “price” inflation.
      “watered down by printing more money” here you speak of “monetary” inflation.
      So, there are your “two nails”. Now connect the dots. If you “inflate” the supply of currency by printing, then you have many more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, therefore the price of those goods goes up. The gold price rises.
      On August 15 1971 Nixon cut loose the US dollar form gold. Take the monetary base (AMBNS) versus the price of US Treasuries, you end up with a ratio of US dollars to an ounce of gold. In 1971 that ratio was 8:1 The current US dollar to gold ratio is 57:1 resulting in a gold value of $68,400.00 per ounce! Fairly close to the Bloomberg article and the Holter/Sinclair figure. Impossible? Not really.

    • Charles H.

      James R,

      The problem is money-printing: conjuring wealth out of thin air. Either you just take tens, or hundreds, or thousands of your paper ‘currency’, and trade in commerce – as the money supply grows and grows: or you tie that money supply to something tangible, verifiable – and you have a stable basis for monetary value. Give me your credit card and an unlimited line with it: that seems good to you? Something has to tie everything down. Gold has been the historical standard. Going off the standard has created havoc. Going back to a standard is only reason. And to cover the amount of currency ‘out-there’ – gold will be worth WAY more, to cover all the abuse of printing.

    • FRudmin

      Why does Greg presume that China is committing aggression by protecting those islands? From China’s perspective, those have always been their islands, and they are protecting them from US aggression. Why does Greg not raise the same question about the US seizing Diego Garcia islands and evicting the entire native population? That was raw aggression, as well as cultural genocide. China endured 150 years of foreign powers attacking them and seizing territory. China has now recovered to its historically normal status, and no longer will suffer foreign powers seizing their territory. Look at a map, and ask which nation is closest to the South China Sea islands? US or China? The two nations that have legitimate reasons to challenge China are Vietnam and the Philippines. If the US were a peaceful nation, rather than an aggressor nation, then it would be neutral and would offer to mediate between China, Vietnam, and the Philippines on those islands. But everyone knows that the US has its military everywhere on the planet, and considers all seas to be under US control. We should go home and keep our military forces inside our own national boundaries, and devote the resources we waste on war and weapons, devote that to developing our own human and physical infrastructure.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are missing the point and that is this could touch of nuclear war.

      • Diane D

        FRudmin , I agree. America is committing the greatest crime of international law, the Crime of Aggression.

        How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America now has a generation that knows of nothing but war. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

        • don

          Diane. Watching people jump out of buildings on 9/11 made my blood boil. Apparently you have none. We didn’t start this, Radical Islam did. It’s the Russians under the mad cap Putin who are the aggressors in Europe…Georgia, Ukraine, the Baltic states. Obama was fool enough to think he could deal with him with his silly reset button…how did Russia respond? With aggression. But I’ll ask a very simple question…if America did not exist…would Radical Islam become peaceful, would Putin stop his desires to reform the old USSR, would China sit back and count their gold? Of course not. If anything they would be even more aggressive. Wake up.

          • MIke Gleason

            You’re wrong, dead wrong. Our government was behind 9/11. 9/11 was a false flag attack. The US created an excuse to wage war anywhere and on anyone. You need to wake up.

    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

      James R
      I never say ‘never’ anymore.
      Nor do I use the word impossible.

      • Allen starr

        I thought I’d better check in from Russia. The tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants are all planted in the greenhouse. Cabbage, carrots, onions, dill, parsley, and garlic are planted outside. We have 320 potato plants planted and the wife will put in the last 1,000 today and tomorrow. Russian women have got to be Russia’s greatest asset. I really screwed up my back and the doctor says I’m going to be out of action for the next 3 weeks. Good thing I was able to get all the other heavy work done earlier this year. The other disaster this year was that 300 of our strawberry plants died this winter. We were going to have to replace 200 after this year anyway. Good thing we had 550 to start with and will recover by next year.
        The nuclear war over Ukraine hasn’t started yet so we’re still alive here. The US, NATO, and EU are really taking a PR beating over Ukraine now as The lunatic US and Kiev governments are being exposed for the thieves and murderers they really are. US, NATO, and EU sanctions against Russia have totally backfired and enraged the Russian people against the US government. That trust has been totally lost like the people of the Donbass can never trust the Kiev government again either. Most of the rest of the world is turning against the US also. If anyone would like to see pictures of a Russian Dacha, send me an e-mail address and I’ll send some pictures from last year.

    • aussie jeff

      Bill Holter said……………………… that the markets will make a judgement on the yuan verses the dollar in the fall?

      He sure has that right ……………..how about September 2015.
      Urge you all to click on link below.


    • Bill Holter

      is it possible for the dollar to go to zero? If so, it is possible for acup of coffee to go infinity in dollar terms.

  2. Jon

    Hi Greg, greetings and thanks for the great work.
    A question here from The Netherlands. Last week a video from the “Peter Peterson 2015 Fiscal Summit” was posted on you-tube. In this video Richard W. Fisher, Alan Greenspan, and Lawrence B. Lindsey are talking about the future for the United States. Mr. Greenspan is saying the U.S. is broke and the solution is not going to be pretty. And at around 45 min into the interview Mr. Lindsey says “This is how it always ends, this is the endgame”. There are more unbelievable statements in this video like the moment they are talking about “an economic hit of 8 on the scale of 10”, but the video only has had 153 views so far . I mean should it not have a million plus views?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is good Jon. Thank you for posting the link.

    • David

      Jon: Thank you for sharing this link. Great view.

    • southern girl

      Thanks for the link. What they are talking about after the endgame is education, or the lack thereof. Someone else Greg’s site is also an educator. How can I put this into a few sentences? America has lost it’s morale compass. I was educated in Catholic schools as my Dad was transferred in the Air Force all over the world. When there was no Catholic schools we went to public, but this was 50 years or so ago. I volunteer at my local Catholic school to help in the cafeteria, cooking for the funerals, etc. What is see in this school is the same I saw 50 years ago. I see a home away from home. The whole mindset is around God and what is pleasing to Him. This parish is one extended family (community). Everything is to raise money for the church, parish, school, etc. These people understand what is important in life. God first everything else is after that. I taught in public schools for 28 years. I know what I am talking about. Our society has lost the family and family values. I had students who told me they were living with their real-half stepmom. HUH??? Those students I taught were as lost as a goose. They couldn’t even speak correctly even as seniors.
      My nephew just graduated from up northeast. It took him 5 years and now he is in debt $35,000. What kind of a job is he going to get? Gerald Celente said years ago that college was a Ponzi scheme and he is right. In the video they are talking about not being able to find truck drivers. They also agree that putting more money into public education is worthless. Common core is Communism and that has been adopted by almost every state. People in college cannot even do critical thinking with out holding onto their binky (IPhone). I am a realist in that the students at my parish in the pre-K (3 and 4 years old) through 8th grade will succeed and surpass those in high school and college now.

      • Evan J

        Jon, thanks for the link. Very enlightening and when I viewed it earlier today there were only 506 views. I’m guessing the other 353 views from when you viewed it are mostly from fellow WDs. I’m the other educator to which Southern Girl refers, and I posted a long comment in March on the state of education that was a victim of technical difficulties that Greg’s site had when he had Mr. Pollard on. Mr. Greenspan’s comment that the next generation coming up does not have the same level of skills or abilities (read, critical thinking skills, which lead to innovation, which leads to prosperity) as the previous one us exactly right. Education is watered down to the point of absurdity. I have taught from Gr. 1 all the way to university (uni first, younger students later) and a few years ago I thought I would do an experiment. I tried teaching Gr. 3 students logic – hypothetical syllogisms in this case I’m recalling, based on the Corduroy Bear stories. Guess what? They got it. They were making complex inferences, more so than senior high school students in a lot of cases. They didn’t use fancy names, but they could THINK and they could reason, they could connect the dots of apparently disparate concepts. Conclusion?? Nothing wrong with the kids; lots wrong with the system. And, perhaps more importantly, reasoning made these kids HAPPY – it is part of what we humans are supposed to do – it is an essential part of actualizing our potential and hence an essential element of our well being! I was actually surprised to hear central bankers in this interview talking about the “horrific” state of the education system. Nothing will change long term until this is addressed. I can say one thing with certainty and that is (in general) degrees do not mean what they used to in terms of the ability to think, and in this I include thinking outside the box, and the ability to problem solve. Is it any wonder almost everyone is handcuffed in finding solutions at this critical juncture in the history of this continent? The tragedy is that the kids can do it if they’re taught well, and all that talent is being wasted by a broken system – not the teachers, the system.

        Greg, thanks for having Bill Holter on. He’s one of the best of the good guys.

      • Bill Holter

        unfortunately Cal girl, we have lost the blessings of God.

        • don

          Speak for yourself, Bill. God and I get along fine.

          • John

            I think he meant as a country not necessarily as individuals.

            As a nation we have tossed God. We have turned our backs on the blessings…taken them for granted. Those blessings have now been withdrawn by God. We are left to fight evil on our own and we all know how that is going to end.


            Just saying….

      • Alarmed

        “I am a realist in that the students at my parish in the pre-K (3 and 4 years old) through 8th grade will succeed and surpass those in high school and college now.”
        I understand your frustration, but the worldly lifestyle, mores, attitude, and group think “attacks” every family in the US. Just because it is a religious institution, does not mean that the students will not be worldly.
        A lot depends on the parents lifestyle, friends, entertainment, mores, values, etc. The statistics for kids leaving what many people would consider solid churches/church members/parents is very high.
        When we got rid of our TV twelve years ago, I knew that if those who control the media want me to know something, I will know about it by default, even if I am not interested. This has held true even with internet use, and I highly doubt it is going to get better. Couple this with neighborhood kids that the average kid comes in contact with who hold a worldly view and lifestyle, it is a major battle for kids minds and hearts to Love God or the world.

        • Pondering

          Amen. The youth are the ultimate prize sought for. May God save us from the onslaught.

      • Gene

        Dear Southern,

        Glad to hear you’ve kept the Faith. For me, the Church, especially the sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist, is essential to prepare for the imminent tribulation. In my view, it is imperative to be prepared to enter eternity at any moment.

        And iPhone as a “binky”: LOL!

    • paul

      Jon … did you notice Greenspan said the big problem is entitlements … but because of the nature of politics … politicians will never overtly allow a cut in entitlements … but they can “inflate them away” by using China as a scapegoat … the question then becomes by how much will the politicians be willing to inflate these mandatory entitlement benefits away? … they could begin the process when China announces how much gold it has this September … by claiming the US has “10 percent less gold” stored then China … thus dropping the value of the US dollar by 10 percent … and accordingly dropping the value of all US entitlement programs by 10 percent in real terms!

    • Chip

      Wow! What a great summit. Excellent to have three smart guys tell it like it is. 58 minutes well spent. If you really want to understand where we are at monetarily and fiscally (between a rock and a hard place) watch this. And the reason nothing can or will ever be done about it is because there is no political will to get it done. The dumbest of the dumb are running the country at all levels of government and they only pander to the people keeping them in power. Imagine going out on the campaign trail with the message in this video and trying to win the bottom 70% vote. That is why there will be no real progress or solution until we crash through the problem…

    • Alarmed

      It is an interesting summit, but I have difficulty in taking advice from the very people who have caused the problems that we have since 1913. In politics, nothing happens by accident.

      • jonq

        @Alarmed…My sentiments exactly. I wasted an hour listening to these three. Greenspan didn’t have much to say, as expected, but the other two. Sure America can fix its problems within a few decades except that’s not the agenda. Google Reece committee and Norman Dodd from way back to the 1950’s. As James Corbett points out: it’s one thing to move slave labor to China, but quite the other to move western R&D there too.

        I’m not going to say PM’s won’t protect you as that is my strategy. But only because I can’t come to any different conclusion while staying a citizen of the USA…

    • Karen

      Jon, Thank you for that link! You are right, this is mind blowing and only 588 views. Every American (and non-American) should be viewing this. These are the “big wigs” saying we are in trouble. How much more do people need to wake up!
      And of course, much thanks to Bill Holter and Greg for sharing their knowledge and time to help us all prepare.

    • Silas Marner

      I beg to differ. You should first qualify what you are talking about. Paper Gold probably can’t go too high since it is redeemable for… nothing. The LBMA, themselves, state the paper to physical Gold ratio is about 112:1. Since Gold is NOT a commodity – and its price arbitrary – there really is not limit on the value of physical Gold. If it goes up 100 fold – it doesn’t effect the marketplace at all. It is not used extensively in anything in Industry. You might want to consider if the paper gold market continues its decline – eventually you won’t be able to buy physical gold and then it can become the wealth reserve asset it was destined to be. Gold is essentially the hole-card for the CBs, Sovereigns and ultra-weathly – hence, why they hold it. These bobos talk about how Greece can’t ever pay their debt (Martenson) – they own 164 tonnes of Gold – at 80,000 Euros an ounce – their debt IS payable with some left over. Ditto for US… smart people hold it as a wealth reserve – no counter-party risk – but the masses still hold paper… gee, who do you think is going to get screwed in this coming paradigm shift, or inevitable HI?

      • Bill Holter

        yes Silas, correct.

    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

      Jon, great link. I watched the whole thing. I think most on this blog understand the debt issue, but what really was interesting was the concern these three men had over the educational preparation and workforce preparedness of the upcoming generations, and the drag that will have on the economy. (Toward the end of the video.) Our problems are so much more than financial. The generations just after mine are prepared to be serfs. (And possibly including mine!)

    • diane s.

      Thanks,Jon…..good stuff

    • Colin-'the farmer from NZ"


      What a very interesting interview by the delightfully attractive Betty Liu.
      However the last time I looked she worked for none other than Bloomberg television. In our wildest dreams was she ever going to ask these clowns any difficult questions or challenge them on some of their moronic statements?

      I could be here all night but here are just a few of the unbelievable bloopers and utter nonsense that Greenspan should have been taken to task on:

      #1 [27:50] “The Fed can’t control interest rates”.
      Last time I checked the Fed only had two mandates. Firstly to control interest rates and prices, and secondly to maximise employment.
      OK so AG now tells us that apparently the FED can’t control interest rates. Well they most definitely can’t control unemployment because the real rate is 25%, which incidentally is the same figure it reached at the height of the great depression.
      So WTF can they do then!….[scuse my French]
      Oh…… that’s right I remember now……. thieve from main street and hand it all out on a plate to the TBTF banks………and who are they…..ummmm….. oh that’s right isn’t that themselves!

      #2 [37:00] Criticizing the Chinese state council which “essentially said to the banks, don’t foreclose on loans” and then he goes on to say that “savings have to flow into real physical investment and the extent that this investment is highly productive is the extent to how the standard of living will rise”.
      How monumentally hypocritical is this comment!

      #3 [39:04] “The exchange rate tells us that everyone else is doing worse than we are”…….. REALLY!

      #4 [41:00] “China can create whatever GDP it likes…….” This blooper to me is absolutely astonishing.
      Again this moron reinforces that his personal view is that money should be handed out to private banks like in the US model where these ‘loans’ are given to them by the very central bank that they themselves own.

      Fisher was not a whole lot better and his face is totally smeared with thick gravy to the stage that it is severely affecting his vision. He walks the walk and tells amusing little anecdotal stories but really he is just there to grab some more limelight and to cover his backside and take the opportunity to offer lame excuses that deflect any attention from his part in this economic train wreck.
      The only thing I liked about his contribution was that he quoted words from a song by my absolute lifetime hero ‘Van the Man’. Otherwise he would have been well advised to not even bother getting out of bed that day.

      I agree, these are “unbelievable statements”.
      But then again are they really that unbelievable.
      Are they saying anything that many of us on WD don’t already know?
      One thing I do know for certain is that these two creatures are either moronic or habitual liars because quite frankly you cannot work for the Fed for any reasonable period of time without possessing at least one of these necessary qualifications.
      I also know that this is the kind of dribble that you would expect ex Fed employees to come up with when they try to give the impression that under their tenure they weren’t a contributor to the chaos that is the US economy.
      These clowns should have been publicly stripped naked and then tarred and feathered for even daring to turn up at this Fiscal summit meeting!
      Damn, I just remembered our incumbent PM down here in lil old NZ used to work for….. you guessed it….the FED!

      Sorry to make such a long post Greg.
      This seems to happen when somebody mentions…. the FED!


    • woody188

      I can verify they are not able to find truck drivers. My sister works for a trucking company and they have trucks sitting idle because they don’t have anyone to drive them. My father says they are paying drivers $90,000/yr. to start to ship fracking products from SE Ohio and they can’t find enough drivers that can pass the drug test!

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I think, if the US harassment of China in South China Sea or in other places, then they will just reveal their gold reserves sooner. Just that, and the Anglo-Saxon empire will go down. (Side note according some sources London city is the head and US is the muscle. Not to mention the fact, the US empire is build upon the British empire remnants and according British plans.) For this kind of move are at least 2 reasons:
    1st Nobody want be blamed for the collapse of the financial system. But if it can be blamed on the objective circumstances although it is engineered event, then the Chinese or anyone from BRICS will do it out of sheer desperation, after “some” preparations of course.
    2nd Hit on the wallet for the US “elites” cause more pain then sinking ships. Sounds like a cynicism but sadly it is true.

    Well in the stake is the survival of the mankind, because the neocons are pushing for a great war aka WW3, which will go nuclear.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Bill Holter

      a very dangerous time we live in.

  4. Jim G

    It looks more and more everyday that 2015 will be the year of reckoning. It is just a question of what will be the trigger that puts the end of the USA in motion.

    In addition to Jade Helm 15, we’ve got other military activity throughout the country with no logical reason why any of it is taking place. Clearly, the official explanation it is for training the troops for overseas deployment is pure BS. Everyone with a half a brain knows the real enemy are the inhabitants of where they are conducting these operations. In other words, the enemy is YOU.

    On the other hand, maybe either by design or chance, an internal take down does not happen because of an external conflict between China and/or Russia.

    Everyday there are more reports and articles appearing suggesting China and Russia have had enough of the Great Satan and will tolerate it no longer. Either country knows it has the capacity to take out the US – and together it would be like Germany and Russia invading Poland in 1939.

    I also believe the leaders of both other countries are much smarter than the nitwits pulling the strings on the other side. Because of this I doubt they will entertain a nuclear conflict or allow the US to launch a first strike. Why engage and chance it when there are other means to achieve a victory and get rid of the world’s biggest bully once and for all.

    Look for this to be a cyber war where the power goes off, communications are cut and the elite head to their underground bunkers while the masses fend for themselves with the majority perishing before it all ends.

    As I have said many times before, you have had your last presidential election and within 5 years or less there will not be a USA. Get out and get far away while you can. This is not a storm many of you will be able to ride out and a few weeks or even months of rations, is not going to do it.

    • Bill Holter

      you are probably correct in what you say.

  5. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Thanks Jon – I like the illustration from the 2015 conference of two glasses, one containing water and the other whiskey (near end c 56 mins) …such is the nature of delusion that once adopted it carries on right to the end. An economic hit of 8 on the Richter scale equates to economic disaster.
    Thanks as always to Greg and Bill H.

  6. Ross

    The price of gold all depends Greg on the inflation rate. Perhaps we should be measuring the gold price on the cost of a beer or hamburger.eg

    • Bill Holter

      no, gold’s price does NOT depend on the inflation rate. You will soon understand this.

  7. Irene

    Hi Greg,

    I enjoy all the good interviews here. I follow your website now for 4 months and always look forward for the next interview. Sometimes it’s hard not to become fearful, as you say. But better well-informed fearfullthan uninformed ignorant to what is happening all around. Thank you and take care.

    • Bill Holter

      do the best you can do to prepare.

  8. red

    If china is hoarding gold, the only reason I can see they would
    be doing that is for war (feeding Armies).
    So the second half of this interview made
    more sense to me. I agree I think china is up to funny business
    I’ve had this feeling they have had more to do with fiddling
    metal markets than is realised. I mean if your enemy continues shooting
    themselves in their feet you don’t stop them do you. Pretty scary interview actually
    Greg but gets you thinking.

    • Bill Holter

      China is hoarding gold because it is money.

  9. paul

    Bill … according to Bloomberg … for China to create an exchange rate of one ounce of gold for every $64,000 … China would need about 10,000 metric tons of gold. What if the US then comes out with the statement that it also has 10,000 metric tons of gold “stored” (not at Fort Knox) but at the Grand Canyon … would that keep the US dollar stable??

    The question I’m really asking is can’t the US just lie about its gold holdings? … So even if China declares it has 30,000 metric tons of gold the US can simply say … so what … we have a similar amount “stored” in our Grand Canyon mines???

    I can’t see how the US Fed (charged with maintaining the strength of the US dollar) can ever admit the US has no gold? … If they admitted such a thing … the US dollar would collapse in value as you say … but my guess is … they are simply going to lie about “stored” US gold holdings … to keep the dollar strong.

    Now if the US wanted to push the US currency down “just a little bit” so as to improve the sale of our goods in world markets and get our economy going … they could “adjust” the amount of gold they say they have “stored” … simply “make up a number” to fit what they want … perhaps they can say we have 10 percent less gold “stored” then China has (to back our US dollar) … and thus … “allow” a 10% increase in the value of the Yuan (relative to the US dollar) … this will only spike gold up by 10 percent to about $1320 which should be “manageable” for the gold shorts.

    I believe there is going to be a big incentive for the Fed to lie about our “stored” gold holdings to protect the big banks “short positions” in gold … as “protecting the big banks” is a Fed’s mandate!

    • paul

      If the Fed allows the dollar to drop about 10 percent we could see the US dollar index back down in the high 70’s in September.

    • Bill Holter

      no, the U.S. cannot just simply lie. Math, logic and common sense will look at the golden pie and understand China’s hoard came principally from Western vaults.

      • Freebreezer

        Bill and/or Greg
        How much gold (delivered to china) do you believe came from the looted gold that Japan obtained during war II and was then subsequently turned over to the War department (aka CIA) for personnel pardons? I have looked in to this number and it is all over the map. It varies from hundreds to thousands of tons. And, I wonder if China has insisted (who knows how, and what pressures they applied) on repatriating this stolen gold?

  10. Kivi2004

    Dear Greg,

    I love your work, your guests are a great source of information. Will you try and get Mr. Sinclair on again? So many things has happened since he last come on your show.

    Thanks so much for your efforts in keeping this a must visit site week after week after week.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Kivi I will and hope he comes back soon.

    • Bill Holter

      soon the Fed will have no say in the matter.

      • Confused

        The Fed has a say on where Mr. Sinclair is permitted to give interviews? I am a bit confused with that one.

  11. Jerry

    Greg & Bill,
    What we are witnessing is the birth of a totally new economic system being orchestrated by the Chinese and their backers, the City of London Corporation. I now realize after connecting the Financial Stability Board letter to the G20 in February, with the request by the Chinese to have SDR drawing rights , that Chinese are planning on replacing the IMF with a totally new system anchored by the AIIB by the G20 meeting in November of this year. Based on the content of the FSB letter, I believe that the Chinese are planning on using the Greek default, and the subsequent derivative explosion as a catalyst to take down the IMF and set up their new gold backed exchange system.

    I have been watching this video clip since 2013. Though the timing was off, the content is unbelievably accurate. Its worth a second look for those who want to know how we got here, and where we are going.

  12. JC Davis

    Bill. Its a crazy thought, but a site with the name Bill Holtergeist would be striking.
    It would seem to have a negative feed back. A poltergeist moves things around, makes a lot of noise, and trips people.
    Just my crazy thought of the day.
    Bill of all the folks I listen too you put things into the clearest picture of ALL.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks JC.

  13. David B.

    China has the gold, the US doesn’t. Is that enough power to build the islands.

    Why fight a physical war, when a cyber war by China , Russia, etc. can destroy our infrastructure.

    Grab the popcorn!

    • Bill Holter


  14. southern girl

    I am not sure anyone really knows how much gold will be worth against any of the failed fiat currencies. I think the future will be nothing like what we have now. I agree with what Bill Holter said when we go to bed on Friday and wake up the following Monday everything will have changed. Our target date is September 13th. We are still checking our stash to see what we need to buy before that date.
    Where we live in the south we have experienced a lot and I mean a lot of rain. We learned to garden about 5 years ago. We planted seeds for our tomatoes, peppers, etc. inside our house at the end of January. We put most of the garden in April. No sun and a lot of rain and the tomatoes and other plants cannot grow as fast. When there is not food at the grocery stores due to whatever, flooding, tornadoes, etc. you still have to eat. We are still buying a lot of food. We still dehydrate whether it is meat or vegetables. You cannot go wrong with stocking up. We also have extra water and ways to purify water. I think after this year we are going to plant more seeds earlier in the winter and start them near the window that has sun all winter. I think people are going to have to find ways around the usual in order to take care of our families. We also keep our seeds in the freezer so they can last longer.

    • aussie jeff

      Great preparation SG,…………..Siberian tomatoe seeds will be a good addition to your preps,they will set fruit in temps as low as 46F.
      Recently I have had to move back to the city due to my mother passing,am now organising NZ Giant rabbits x with Giant Flemish for a protein source,rabbits are quiet,clean and are in season for breeding 12 months of the year.
      Will have a litter anywhere in the range from 8 upwards everytime you breed them and and will weigh clean on the table at 12 weeks old ready to cook at about 3.5 pounds each.Have costed it out$ 2.50 per rabbit.
      Going down this path may not be for everyone,however have posted it to throw around ideas which may help at some point in time.

  15. Art Barnes

    Greg, China is emerging, US is declining. Reset currency with super inflation or war, its one or the other, watch & see, its coming. Great guess Bill Holter, he has it figured out, its all about China, their gold & their agenda(s). Notice that China is not militarily stretched around the globe in one skirmish or another. Notice that the US is overextended. The reserve currency status is being switched as we speak, its going east as this point in time without a fight, but we shall see if that will continue, I’m betting on war 3 to 2 but with this President maybe that is a bad bet. As Mr. Holter outlined, go to bed on Friday night and by Monday morning we have a new reality, with the President speaking from a secured location.

    • Bill Holter


  16. NC Gal

    Thank you, Greg and Bill, for an outstanding discussion that really lays things out in terms I can understand and relate to. When Greg referred to a DHS insider who says something is coming, I looked for and found the most recent report given to Doug Hagmann at canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/60129. This was given around 1 year after the first report at http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7305.

    This all fits with my own “inside” information and inklings, both in terms of the planned economic collapse, and where the elites are taking the world in their quest for total control. I also had noticed the provocative actions on the part of US surveillance flights in the South China Sea, and it boggles the mind to register just how much effort, money, and energy is being expended to try to manage situations everywhere EXCEPT at home, which once again confirms my flash of insight in the summer of 1998 when the IMF pressured the US to bail out Brazil– that the US would be bled dry as a cash cow and then taken down entirely.

    I have loved this country with all my heart, and it has been a source of real pain to see what has been done to her over the years since JFK was murdered. (I now realize that I was naive in my youth and did not realize how the elites were playing both sides even then.) Nonetheless, I take some measure of comfort that the great denouement is about to occur and “every eye shall see” the result.

    • Bill Holter

      it’s not the country we grew up in, that’s for sure.

  17. NC Gal

    That first link should have been http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/7305.

  18. NC Gal

    Sorry, I pasted in the wrong link from the clipboard. The correct link for that latest DHS insider interview is http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/60129.

  19. West Tejas

    I think a realistic call for gold would be in the $2,000 to $3,500 range. Even if you went back hundreds of years, gold never had the buying power of what $10,000 or $50,000 would get you today.

    I’ll leave the detailed research to someone else but if you went back to the 1920’s a decent house would cost around 100 to 120 oz of gold. Today that house in a good neighborhood is probably $300,000 to $400,000. Sure you can find some extremes in both directions but average single family house prices remain well under $300,000.

    In valuing gold I think they really need to look at historic perspectives versus these crazy moon shots. I think gold is a solid investment and significantly undervalued but it’s not undervalued by 40X like this person claims.

    • Ignatius J. Reilly

      Productivity gains has masked a great deal of the inflation over the last century. So comparing the cost of a home back then vs now is less meaningful.

      Also, the financial system in the 1920’s was already breaking away from gold due mainly to the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913. So by the end 1920’s the monetary system was so divorced from gold and filled with speculative excess that the Great Depression ensued. By 1934, FDR severed domestic convertibility and revalued gold in order to save the banks insolvent on their gold-backed dollar loans.

      So it is very difficult to say what is the true value of gold. Is it 1.2k? 2k? 3k? 50k? Who really knows because gold has been divorced from money for so long.

    • Len Penzo

      You’re ignoring productivity and efficiency gains over the last hundred years. That alone means, absent the manipulation to suppress its price, gold should be able to buy a lot more home, or more suits — or almost anything else — than it does today.

    • Bill Holter

      if you “go back hundreds of years ago” …there was no such currency called the dollar so how can you make that statement? This is not about gold “going up”, it is about the dollar “going down” an elevator shaft.

      • John Mackenzie

        Actually the “Thaler” (Dollar) was used as Silver coinage for 400+ years Bill. Let’s not confuse “Money & Currency” – to be clear, factually on account the “Dollar” has been around for quite some time. It’s role has changed dramatically.

  20. John Mackenzie

    Bill Holter has been promoting these absurd forecasts for years, Harvey Organ’s wild ass proclamation should have taught those foolish enough to consider it – the Precious Metals Complex is filled with Charlatans, Promoters and Self-Interested Parties.

    • markp

      John Mackenzie, would you care to back up your comment with documented facts, rather than just an opinion? I am prepared to look at all views but you need to support yours with something more than just an opinion.

      • John Mackenzie

        Conversely, you could actually spend time doing the work yourself.

      • John Mackenzie

        Why don’t you simply replay the Harvey Organ interview Greg did and provide commentary as to your appreciation for such sage forecasting. Contributions come in all forms, perhaps you should consider those who may not agree have cause from effect and not correlation.

    • Bill Holter

      and the flaws in my logic are where exactly?

      • John Mackenzie

        Logic? You must be joking Bill… believe you missed the mark altogether.

        • Charles H.

          J Mac – Really? Only unfounded criticism – then deflection? Either stop acting like a troll and write-out arguments; or go away – because it only amounts to baiting through disingenuous pot shots. You do know this forum was given for “contributions and discussions”: not naked tear-downs. You do know what “contributions” means, don’t you?

          • John Mackenzie

            Well, there’s the “Troll” assertion again…. amazing as when the dogma is challenged, Bill has been dead ass wrong on the forecast front FOR A VERY LONG TIME – you do the work, he knows it, you do not.

            Perhaps your mind cannot recall the September call from another USAWD guest – Harvey Organ. Harvey and Bill were promoting this absurd thesis … $200 Silver & $4,000 and $10,000 Gold…. idiocy.

            Jim Sinclair’s $50,000 has now been upped to $64,000? Sounds more like a lottery than a market for anything…

            Jim Sinclair – another giant (self proclaimed) in the Gold Community, a man who’s TanRange (TRX) has traded down from $9,10 to $0.27 and today managed to climb back to $0.32… I know… naked shorts…. rigged markets… yada yada…

            And we’re discussing “Logic” – you must be joking.

            There is nothing at all logical about any of this. Bill, you will discover your new arrangement a disaster with Jim shortly. Best of luck you’re going to need it.

            • Charles H.

              Look, John – it is easy for someone to sweep away all arguments with the retort: “naked shorts… rigged markets… yada yada…” But face the facts, Dukes – All the Markets ARE rigged. So, LOGICALLY – how can anyone explain what the Market results ARE: when there is absolutely no honest price discovery???

              And for the matter of Bill Holter being wrong for a long time: there is a whole crowd, of which many are not even Americans- who agree PMs have been going south, diametrically opposed to fundamentals FOR YEARS. And just WHY is this? Is it not to protect a Financial System, whose principle agency is the US Dollar? The FED and the US Govt , BIS, Major Banks – wage war on gold: what outcome do you expect?

              Jim Sinclair has forty years in Finance, helping the Fed handle the Silver Hoard the Hunt Bros weren’t allowed to accumulate. Have you been around that long; or how deep is your portfolio, anyway? You indict yourself when you take pot-shots at people of Jim Sinclair’s calibre.

              A true Believer in the Market and skeptic of PM’s (“idiocy”) – fine: but your criticisms of people are out-of-line. It is your language and expressive posturing that places you close to, or actually interpreted – as a troll. You are not being nice; and there’s no tone of conciliatory meeting here. Everything is veiled ridicule.

              Finally – IF a new paradigm emerges from all the ‘fear porn’ of disastrous predictions going around – actually realizes: Bill and Jim will be safe in Tanzania – while you sit in the dark of disbelief. And ‘luck’ won’t enter into anything.

              • John Mackenzie

                So now we are to face the facts – ie. markets are rigged – say it ain’t so Chuck: http://adserver.financialsense.com/Experts/roundtable/2004/0626.html

                As for “expectations” mine have been aligned with the trend not some idiot forecast based upon “Facts” – which clearly do not matter to those rigging the landscape, not merely markets.

                Jim Sinclair is a carnie, nothing more. An egocentric little man with a very large opinion of himself and little to back it up other than “Stories” of grandeur which are on balance, false. As for Jim’s Caliber…. You should seek out TRX Shareholders and listen to their side of the saga prior to gobbling up Jim’s Gospel, unless you prefer to remains a CIGA Sheep.

                TRX will be out of CASH soon, they’re down to under $250,000K dwindling quickly. Again $9.10 to $0.27 is not performance it’s a disaster. Puck your excuse – market rigging, naked shorting, throw a dart… it matters not one iota. Price has told you – Failure, finally getting production into gear on a very small scale is not going to save Tan Range nor Mr. Gold.

                My criticisms are on target and factual. Your interpretative skills label me a troll…. so be it. It’s your issue. As for Billy & Jimmy’s great adventure – it will be over shortly, Sinclair will screw Bill horribly, time is all and it won’t be long.

                Your “Logic” is as flawed as your allegiance to this cancer within the Precious Metals Complex.

                • Greg Hunter

                  If your “criticisms are on target and factual” then, please leave out the nasty, mean spirited, name calling such as “carnie” and “egocentric little man.” This devalues your argument and commentary on this site. It also makes you look like a pompous jerk in my humble opinion.

  21. Gertie

    Does Money Make The World Go Round & Round?

    It sure does, greasing the skids and palms of business and commerce. Yet some people view the vice of gambling as just another way to do business or just an innocent diversion, not just to make easy money, while others see it as a dangerous vice, leading the world into bankruptcy and eventual totalitarianism. Mob rule_ and we always get the government we deserve, “in the end,” right?

    Yes many people view gambling as harmless fun and as a way to do business, as long as it is practiced legally. Some forms of legalized gambling, such as government-sponsored lotteries, the elimination of the Glass-Steagall banking reform act of 1933, generate revenue for programs that benefit the public and supposedly shore up the banks. Well the banks did not get shored but sheared, right up the wazoo and since nobody seems to know the how or why of it all, its time to consult the manual, the, “Good Book.” They didn’t call it that fer nothing!

    The Bible makes no significant mention of gambling or for that matter Glass-Steagell. Yet, it does offer a number of guiding principles that reveal how God feels about gambling.

    The basic nature of gambling—winning money at the expense of others—is at odds with the Bible’s warning to “guard against every sort of greed.” (Luke 12:15) Gambling is, in fact, fueled by greed. Gaming institutions and traitors advertise big jackpots and early retirement, while downplaying the poor odds of winning, because they know that dreams of wealth prompt players to wager large amounts at the casinos and broke-ridges. Rather than helping a person guard against greed, gambling promotes the desire for easy money.

    Gambling is based on an inherently selfish goal: winning money that other players have lost. However, the Bible encourages a person to “keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person.” (1 Corinthians 10:24) And one of the Ten Commandments states: “You must not desire . . . anything that belongs to your fellow man.” (Exodus 20:17) When a gambler sets his heart on winning, he is, in essence, hoping that others will lose their money in order for him to profit.

    The Bible also cautions against viewing luck as a mystic force that might bestow blessings. In ancient Israel, there were some who lacked faith in God and began “setting a table for the god of Good Luck.” Was such devotion to “the god of Good Luck” acceptable to God? No, he said to them: “You kept doing what was bad in my eyes, and you chose what displeased me.”—Isaiah 65:11, 12.

    True, in some parts of the world, funds from legalized gambling are used to pay for education, economic development, and other public programs. But the use of those funds does not change how they were obtained—through activities that openly encourage greed and selfishness and that promote the idea of getting something for nothing.

    “You must not desire . . . anything that belongs to your fellow man.”—Exodus 20:17.

    The Bible warns that “those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge men [and nations] into destruction and ruin.” (1 Timothy 6:9) Gambling is rooted in greed, and greed is so corrosive that the Bible lists “greediness” among several behaviors that should be strongly avoided.—Ephesians 5:3.

    With its focus on easy wealth, gambling nurtures a love of money—something that the Bible identifies as “a root of all sorts of injurious things.” The desire for money can easily become an overpowering influence in a person’s [or nations] life, leading to intense anxiety and damaging one’s [or nations] faith in God. Figuratively speaking, the Bible describes those ensnared by the love of money as having “stabbed themselves all over with many pains.”—1 Timothy 6:10.

    Greediness breeds discontent, leaving people [or nations] unsatisfied with their financial status and robbing them of their happiness. “A lover of silver [or better yet fiat] will never be satisfied with silver, nor a lover of wealth with income.”—Ecclesiastes 5:10.

    Millions lured into gambling have found themselves ensnared by a vicious gambling addiction. The problem is widespread, with millions of gambling addicts in the United States alone, according to estimates.

    One proverb states: “An inheritance obtained first by greed will not be a blessing in the end.” (Proverbs 20:21) Problem gambling has plunged addicts into debt or even bankruptcy and has cost many of them jobs, marriages, and friendships. Applying the Bible’s guiding principles can help a person avoid the negative effects that gambling can have on life and happiness.

    “Those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and harmful desires that plunge men into destruction and ruin.”—1 Timothy 6:9.

    Yes money makes the world go round, yet greed & gambling on a massive scale has just about gummed up the works;

    Will The World Soon Stop Spinning? THAT IS THE QUESTION

    AND _ B I L L _ H O L T E R _ I S _D A _ M A N !


    S T A Y _ T U N E D _ !

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Gertie for the kind words.

    • John Mackenzie

      Fair enough Greg, I will make my points without the insults.

  22. Smaulgld

    China is the world’s largest gold producer and largest gold producer in the world

    At an average of 400 tons mined each year that they don’t export you can add 2400 tons to their 2009 1000 tons.

  23. CrazyCanuck

    Hold it. Am I mistaken or is Jim Sinclair not saying that the Chinese want to “join” the big boys financial club, not bring it down? I believe I have also read ( likely Zero Hedge) that the US with its veto power has come out and said basically “nope, not gonna happen” to China’s push for a much greater presence in the SDR basket come this fall. So will China really pull the plug, decouple from their dollar peg, watch their yuan jump and them sit back while all their exports become too expensive ?

    Interesting times.

    • Bill Holter

      join, compete with and obtain new customers who will truly settle trade.

    • RichM

      To CrazyCanuck…..
      I have often thought that as well… that China will not allow their yuan to go too high because it would effect their exports. Then, I starting thinking about where these exports would go and who could afford them… well China itself is nearly 1/4 of the world population. They have built all of these modern but nearly empty ghost cities that the MSM claims is due ONLY to a new construction bubble? I think there is much more to it. I think it is well planned. Remember too, these cities and China’s infra-structure (this so called new-construction bubble) was built much by using their US dollar holdings. Who will move into these cities when all of the sudden China is the new world reserve currency and world banking/financial center. Not only foreigners but their own new middle class they are creating….. Over 1.3 billion of them. It reminds me of the era of prosperity in the USA after WWII. They have positioned themselves perfectly. If the US tanked and couldn’t afford their exports because the yuan is too high, other countries would soon step up or PERHAPS…. China would stop making cheap plastic stuff altogether as certainly even their own new middle class will not want to buy such crap as Americans have been duped into buying. That and the rest of the world will tend to “follow the buck” and increase trade with China or perhaps start producing to export to the new wealthy Chinese citizens. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be painful to lose the initial exports… but really, if you were China what would you rather do. Have most of your population in poverty producing crap, or have them upwardly mobile and a happier people who can afford to support a certain part of their own economy as well as other foreigners besides the USA. In fact, they are probably counting on a significant number of Americans who have means investing or re-locating into their high rent districts and soon to be far superior technology sectors. It breaks my heart but to me it is evident… Oh and one more thing… perhaps the Chinese will all but annex the USA and become our new bosses and landlords. They have certainly already bought out our politicians.

  24. Dennis Downing

    Hi Greg, great interview as always. I was just thinking, besides getting food and essentials wouldn’t it also be wise to buy some Chinese currency if you can? Since our savings and cd accounts have literally been stolen, interest wise?

    • Greg Hunter

      I’d double down on food and water and remember the dollar will work really good for a short period I don’t know it short means 3 weeks or 6 months but a short time.

      • Bill Holter

        I agree Greg.

  25. Al Hall

    $60,000 gold may means, at gold 20x silver = silver at $3000/oz. I’m ready!!
    But, I don’t like what will come with this??
    People had better remember the corrupt government members, banksters, and other elite’s that have caused this collapse. It’s not you neighbors- go after the cause.
    Bill is no top of this! As is the latest from Lindsey Williams:
    Summary of Pastor Lindsey Williams’ latest Info – The New Elite 2015:

    * Imminent danger

    * The New World Order will be brought in, in its entirety and it should be starting this year (2015) at Sept-Oct time frame when they (Illuminati) pull off this economic collapse.
    * Near future – banks crash/collapse, watch the financial derivatives market. This will be the event that triggers the collapse of America.
    * 5 TBTF (Too Big To Fail) banks have at least US$40 trillion dollars in derivatives. (It is a lot more than that.)
    * FDIC is not able to make good all the trillions of bank deposits when banks fail. Congress passed law for FDIC to cover financial derivative losses of the banks.
    * Everything is now in place for the Illuminati Elites to collapse America and the New World Order will step right in.
    * The Illuminati Elites are NOT God.
    * Violence in Washington. Fist fights in Congress, Senate, House .. by politicians.
    * A series of massive bankruptcies will take effect.
    * Interest rates will be rising. Financial derivatives collapse. When the dust settles precious metals will be all that remains of value. Paper assets will collapse.
    * Sept-Oct 2015 timeframe – most critical period.
    * Buy physical gold and silver. It may dip a bit initially because of deflation but it will reverse quickly and rise exponentially.
    * Only physical gold/silver will remain as money not fiat currencies.
    * Deflation – apart from food prices (and physical gold/silver), other asset prices will deflate ie. price collapse/fall. Food prices will rise ie. inflate!
    * Oil price collapse is Obama’s revenge on Russia/Putin for humiliating Obama. Illuminati elites told Lindsey Williams: they are not involved.
    * Obama made a deal with Saudi Arabia to smash oil price, resulting in Russian Ruble collapse 50+%.
    * Illuminati elites very angry/unhappy with Obama.
    * New Elites – refer to the younger elites who are taking over and not the older elites in their 70s/80s.
    * They have plans to create a new (corrupted) version of the Bible.
    * They want a new US Constitution by Executive Order.
    * New leaders, new churches, new health care, culture … New World Order takeover!
    * “Devil’s Messiah” – defined as the Elites perverting everything in the Bible. New perverted meanings…
    * Shemitah – 7 year biblical debt cycle will assert itself in 2015. Read Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbinger book.
    * VP Joe Biden’s (he is one of them, an elite) New World Order speech at Air Force Acad..
    * Elites positive that : “There’s going to be divine intervention!”
    * “Divine Intervention” – by this the Illuminati Elites mean the coming of the Anti-Christ!
    * Blood Moons Cycles, Shemitah, Jewish/biblical holidays … and major world events.
    * Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS. ISIL means Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Levant largely means Israel. Illuminati plan: destruction of Israel.

    • Diane D

      Pastor Lindsey Williams, my Bible says it is not for you to know.

      • Al Hall

        Diane- what Lindsey says is told to him by one of the elite’s. He has never been wrong, except when the elite’s had to change their time table.
        This was when Putin got involved in our take down of Syria. This is resulted in the CIA, MI6 , and Mossad creating ISIS. We control ISIS and supply them.

    • Bill Holter

      $60,000 gold will be a very ugly event.

      • Al Hall

        Bill: thanks for all you interest in comments. You may want to know? But Lindsey was told many years ago that the middle east would erupt in wars. He listed them in order of them actually happening. Syria has been a problem. Important in this is that Saudi Arabia (SA) is now bombing Yemen. I believe this will result in a back lash as 4 million
        Yemenis works are in SA. At anytime they will wage war against SA from within. I expect the oil fields to be blown up. Lindsey was told to things- 1. that when you see SA attacked the collapse is very near. And 2. The elite’s want oil at $150-200 per barrel when collapse happens.
        The USA is sitting on 800 years worth of found oil now but being held off the markets. My CIA contact told me this.

        Like your comments>

  26. Doug

    Love Bill’s commentary Greg. He is a great guest. Hard to argue against him…facts are stubborn things.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Doug.

  27. Larry Carter

    Greg, good job and I look forward to many more interviews with Bill Holter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too Larry. Thank you.

  28. Casey

    Even if it is kind of exciting to think about gold at $60,000 it still seems that were we to see that actually happen it would have to be as part of a teotwawki situation in which I want no part. Then again tptb don’t care what I want, so bring it on. Fascinating interview, Greg, thanks.

    • Bill Holter


  29. john

    Gold is linked to the external debt of the USA, which it seeks to balance

    So a very high price is already cooked in. Without even thinking about how much gold China has.

    • Bill Holter


  30. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview with Mr. Holter as always. All of the naysayers that scoff at the analysis of the Mr. Holter’s of the world will rue the day it all comes crashing down. Everyone knows that the Federal Reserve is out of bullets and will not be able to stop the downward spiral. All they have been doing since 2009 is putting off the inevitable and by doing so the crash will be worse than it should have been had they let the market correct itself.

    I would like to see if you could get Peter Schiff on in the near future to get his take on everything. I know he was beside himself when it was announced that the government was going to doubly seasonally adjust the GDP numbers to make things look better than they really are. I am sure that John Williams has something to say about this nonsense as well.

    Keep up the good work Greg.


    • Bill Holter

      thanks Tom, that day is coming.

  31. RB

    Sorry Greg I don’t buy Bill Holter’s predictions.

    He is a broken record, a fear mongerer who is obsessed with gold and is paid to promote it.

    It would be good if you would interview more independent thinkers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then you should go long Treasuries and stocks and the USD.

      • RB

        Not really.

        I think I am better off clearing debts and investing in a self sustaining farm in a small community with like minded Christian folks who eschew mammon or don’t put it at the top of the agenda.

        My point about more independent experts stands. I question the judgment of people promoting PM or financial products from which which they make money from. Moreover, some of these people repeatedly make wild claims and predictions.

        It’s important for people to hear alternate views. Buying PM is not necessarily the best or only solution.

        • Greg Hunter

          And I don’t think anyone is saying that here but gold is a barometer and following the money is a way to tell what is going on. You need everything to get through what is coming.

        • RichM

          Bill Holter has said many times to pay off debt, store food, and get into hard assets. He is a proponent of acquiring farm-able land if you can, food storage, water, protection… etc… physical gold and other PM’s as well. Gold is just a lot easier to monetize (it always has been) than a barrel of oil or a fruitcake. For sure get food and water first though and if you can afford PM’s, get them.

      • Jerry

        Why don’t you contact Rick Ackerman. I’m sure he’d have a deal for you.

        • Sam Hill

          Ackerman could still be right. The dollar may be taking a breather before resuming its skyward trajectory. Everything’s upside down now. Black is white, and white is black.

          • dill mann


            RA was one of the best guest I have seen here, he had some interesting things to say…a lot here didn’t like it. But I am reading the books he suggested and am very much the wiser.


        • dill mann


          Ackerman has said all along the farmers will be the ones to survive this. You have to remember he is an options player, like Mannarino they ride the waves of the movement of a certain product/commodity/ stock etc without owning it.

          He said that WHEN (not if)collapse happens it will be horrible.

          You keep taking shots at him for things that he has predicted. ( btw the dollar is starting to move up again).

          I have just finished the book the coming deflation and it is very much spot on. ( Makes Ackerman look very credible)

          I do own a good amount of silver, but my next purchase will be more bullets.

          At this point I wished I owned farmland and firearms(ammunition) than anything else.

          I think you are still upset that Ackerman gave you a good spanking with his spot on replies to your statements last time…

          P.S. There are a lot of credible people saying gold will hedge lower…. ( And yes I do love gold, just saying what others are predicting)…

    • Mike from the North

      I agree Greg. If this poster thinks Bill is full of it then so be it.

      Look around carefully and you will see many developments that support Bill’s point of view.

      The East is setting up their own financial network that will provide all the necessary independence they might deem to be required.

      Meanwhile the West is in decline and running out of financial can kicking options.

    • Bill Holter

      Really RB? Paid to promote what exactly? Common sense and logic? I don’t work for anyone right now and have written exactly the same logic since early 2007 when I retired from the brokerage business. The system is bankrupt, gold is money, nothing else, …what part of this do you not understand and what part do say is a paid promotion? Not everyone is a whore for sale, I cannot be bought for any amount. Was I not right in 2007-08 or did you not read my work? Has anything been actually fixed since then? OK RB, time to go back into your troll cave and attack someone else who does not use logic and common sense …or, maybe that is why you attack me, because I use logic? I will respond to everyone else tomorrow but RB “deserved” an immediate response. I thank everyone for their comments!

    • Charles H.

      “Broken”?; “fear”?; “obsessed”??? Whatever… next.

  32. Rizo

    As to the Bloomberg speculation on what China is up to re: Gold. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-05-20/chinese-gold-standard-
    They know something’s up but I think what these pundits, including Holter, have to get out of their head is the notion of equivalence/ standard/conversion (x amount of RMB = y amount of gold). What I can tell is is what is on the way is what I call “reserve infrastructure affiliation”: “1.5 trillion RMB are affiliated with 30,000 tons of gold” not unlike the way a country is affiliated with a whole set of economic resources (forest, work skills etc).

    • Bill Holter

      30,000 tons is a “lot” of gold …more than anyone else has currently?

      • Rizo

        But the point is that the Chinese state does not want to be hemmed in by any equivalences (such as a gold standard) so that they can control the money supply as they see fit. This is the transition step. They will revisit the matter in due time once conditions become clearer (in our transition toward a post US dollar hegemony).

  33. Don

    64k per ounce of gold would mean $800+ for silver?

    I’m not scared of the new Triple Axis powers of China, Russia and Iran. Two of those three are economic jokes at best, and even more so militarily. China has improved their military but they are more land locked than Russia, and are surrounded by countries that are not friendly…Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Australia, Singapore, etc. As to the South China Sea, Obama will never go to war over them under any circumstances so conflict between now and 2017 is zero probability. After 2017 it will be too late to do anything as China will be firmly entranched. So the issue is overblown.

    • Bill Holter

      …and the “West” collectively is not a financial joke?

      • don

        Well, we have big economic challenges, that’s for sure. But I would not trade places with Russia or Iran, if I lived in the West. You might. And I sure would not want to live in the non-democratic China. But that’s just me.

    • RichM

      Unfortunately, all US warships (except for maybe subs) are highly vulnerable and most analysts agree, that with ONYX and Sandstorm missile technology they would not stand a chance. Russia decided that they cannot compete in an over-all arms race with the USA, so they developed a few key technologies which are years in advance… including the ONYX systems. This basically means there is no naval superiority if there was a war and so far has probably deterred some conflicts with the US knowing their ships are sitting ducks. Also, remember all those cold war/arms race tanks Russia had? Well, they still have most of them as they are in storage.

  34. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    Mr. Holter makes the valid point that, once the war starts, “whoever is losing will push the button.” But there is reason to believe nuclear weapons will be used at the very beginning of the war.

    An article in “Strategic Studies Quarterly”, Spring, 2013 (available at http://www.au.af.mil/au/ssq/digital/pdf/spring_13/lieber.pdf) reveals that US strategists believe even the large Russian nuclear arsenal can be destroyed “in a disarming strike”, due to the “revolution in accuracy and sensors”. Perhaps Russian and Chinese strategists hold the same views. Whichever government decides to start the war will likely lead with a massive nuclear strike, expecting that it will be able to destroy its opponent’s nuclear arsenal.

    The demonstrable hubris of both the US government and the Chinese government almost certainly will result in nuclear war very soon.

    So, immediate spiritual preparation is essential. In particular, anyone who is a member of an apostolic church (namely, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.) should resort to the sacrament of confession as soon as possible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff man!!

    • Bill Holter

      very ugly no matter how it goes down.

    • don

      You’re faith in Russian military prowess is misguided. Most of their hardware is fairly worthless. Their subs are always catching on fire. Their ships are rotting from rust. Their new tank broke down on May day and had to be towed. Yeah, they put on a brave front but for the most part it’s all BS.

      • Gene

        So, how did you come to imagine that you have an intimate knowledge of the Russian military? Have you been to Russia and somehow gained access to their military facilities? Or do you rely on a presumed accuracy and completeness of reports from the mainstream media in the US? If so, don’t you realize it is little more than a propaganda tool of the US government?

        And don’t you realize that, if the Russian military is inferior, as you seem to believe, they are more likely to launch a full -scale nuclear attack as soon as the war starts?

        Better get to confession as soon as you can!

    • Mark

      And who will ingest this nuclear contamination?
      The phrase “War is Hell” is exactly what it says.

  35. Don

    Dear Greg I have a hard time thinking of such high prices for gold. Of coarse if hyper-inflation was to happen as in some of the more extreme regions in history, I suppose it could. I personally, think if gold enters the monetary system again, the monetary monkey’s would probably use a percentage backing, and not 100%. I’m sure Mr. Holter, and Mr. Sinclair knows much more about the subject than I. I’ve been looking at what evidence I can find on planet x, because I discern something in the spirit that I just can’t put my finger on. The theory would answer questions as to time, and recent events, for such things as marshal law, military police force, fema camps, the weather patterns, the final stage of economic system, possible nuclear aggression, and possibly the spiritual boat rocking that’s going on with myself and others I know. Would like to hear others thoughts on planet x, if any. There’s always a lot of junk on the internet, so I continue to pray. This is something that would point to the 7 yr. tribulation period, and the described astronomical signs in the scriptures. You did another good job, as always, and as always, know fear, perfect love cast out fear, for fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. Lord bless

    • Greg Hunter

      I have said many times “We have been taught to believe that debt (FRN’s) is money and debt (bonds) are an asset. We are going to find out neither have ever really been true.” Think of a world where trillions of dollars of collateral goes–poof.

      • Don

        Good reminder, thanks.

    • Bill Holter

      Greg is correct Don.

    • Pete

      Don… Even though I’ve been trying to understand all the reasons for the economic collapse starting from 2007, I would of never given a second thought about planet x until a month ago upon further reading the evidence about it online. While some people who report on it seem kooky, recent events both natural (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions especially) and man-made (as you mention) on this planet are really beginning to make this theory appear more feasible.

  36. Colin-'the farmer from NZ"

    Greg and Bill

    Another great WD interview.

    I really appreciate listening to Bill as I feel he has a very balanced grasp of the global geopolitical situation and how the US’s role is seen by the world at large in this highly complex system.

    Just my personal view but I see the gold holdings as even more one sided than the experts do. My reason for saying this is that the FED has been playing a game where no one really knows what their hand is and they have been bluffing since 1953. Why 1953…because that was the last time they were audited…..that’s 62 years ago! We also know that the Fed are habitual and consummate liars and that they constantly churn out gross misinformation to the masses. So why on earth would anybody in in their right mind believe they have an inventory of some 8000 tons of gold!

    Picture an international poker game being played out in the wee small hours of the morning and just before dawn. There are a number of western countries seated at the table but they have folded and they remain seated only to see who wins this one last hand. The last two players are the US and China.
    This one poker hand is the longest hand to be played in the history of mankind. The US is about to be asked to show its hand because it has no more chips with which to play. The other players at the table took a long time but they finally came to the realization that US had been cheating all along. All their chips were counterfeit that they had manufactured themselves and clandestinely brought them to the card table hidden in their big black coat pockets. The Chinese don’t call out the US on their cheating because they know full well that they are inherently violent, armed to the teeth and absolutely thrive on bloodshed. Instead they sit there quietly and stone cold sober with a huge pile of legitimate chips. Why would they insight violence. They know that they have won anyway and in spite of the monumental cheating of the opposition. In their hand they hold a straight flush and now hardly bother hide their grin. The hand may not be ace high but it is a straight flush nevertheless. The US cowers at the table and is extremely agitated and so nervous they can barely hold onto their cards. They have become heavily intoxicated with strong whiskey during the game in a vain attempt to escape this inevitable and dreadful reality. Now they have broken out into a nervous cold sweat because they know that their hand is a no pair hand. They have finally come to the realization that it would be so utterly humiliating for a show of hands that it really leaves only one response…….



    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Col.

    • MarmotManor

      The greatest strategy of war is to win without fighting. Sun Tzu

      Sorry it’s a paraphrase I know, and the Middle Kingdom know this from milliniums .

      Gold at $60,000 – 100,000 not a problem, and not because it sounds good.

      1934 Roosevelt set $35 usd to each ounce held. If and I say if, the U.S. Still has 8,000 tons the amount of currency printed since then is almost $70,000 per ounce held.

      The reserve currency can no longer be held to the leadership of any single country.

      Chinese don’t want sole reserve currency. Elite don’t want it,.

      They want all the worlds currencies tied to the new world reserve currency.

      I think Jim is correct, about the reset.

      New world currency will be a digital currency like Bitcoin but established by the new world central bank backed by yuan, U.S. $ yen, pound and euro. And gold. So go beyond the SDR concept, and think about an international internet currency. Sure the US $ will still exist in the U.S. And other currencies in other countries. But think of the trillions flowing over the Internet, which is the future.

      But this currency will be backed by gold.

      And why is gold useful? Because gold is the only honest currency

      Look at the euro as the model for the creation of a world currency, and the next couple a hundred years

      And war? Why?

      With gold being reset massively higher, suddenly the USA bonds will be backed by gold.

      So no default. And China gets paid in full.

      That’s what I’ve made of the plan which is breath taking, in the levers pulled into place to ensure that everybody only has one exit strategy which will be a world reserve currency and stabilisation of the financial system

      They will be backed by gold

    • Bill Holter

      a very long bluff indeed.

  37. Tom

    something big is afoot, or so it would seem. that gold is a big part of this mystery also seems quite likely. there’s been talk of a revaluation or a reset for quite a while now. the natural question would be against what? PMs, specifically gold, is the most obvious answer.

    • Bill Holter


  38. James Hastings

    Yep. Gold rises as the dollar becomes worthless. But who wants to exchange Gold for a paper. If the dollar is trash…everything…but gold & Silver will be litter on the roads. But what good is Gold & Silver…if you can’t buy what you need. Nobody will be shipping. Stores will close. Oops, survival of the fittest, or blessed. This should be interesting times.

    • Bill Holter

      this describes gold going “no offer”.

  39. Kreditanstalt

    One small point: the South China Sea dispute is not “us” against “them”: it’s “the government over there” against “the government in power here”. That’s all.

    “WE” are serfs.

  40. Meatdawg

    Greg, thanks for another great interview, but I have one question. IF GOLD CAN GO TO 60k $ AN OZ. WHAT CAN SILVER REALISTICALLY GO TO AND WHAT TIME FRAME ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE ? AND WHAT TIME FRAME ARE WE TAKING ABOUT HERE ? Thanks, and keep up the great work ! I’m a po’ boy and I can only afford silver which I’m trying to buy as much as possible with my meager funds.

    • Bill Holter

      silver “can go” back to the historical 15-1ratio or lower from the current 70+ to 1 ratio.

  41. Agent P

    China would not be making the moves they’re making without being ‘underwritten’ by equipment & personnel from Russia. Done.

    These two nations know what the score is, vis-a-vis the Wolfowitz Doctrine/Project for a new American Century, and they’re aggressively planning and implementing their countermeasures Right Now – chief of which is, Alliance – with a capital ‘A’.

    There is no doubt in my mind that S-400 missile batteries and other sophisticated, up-to-date Russian weaponry are operational right now in strategic areas of China’s coastline and various other key sites. And do not think for (1) minute that the Pentagram hasn’t war-gamed this scenario 50 different ways ’til Sunday either. There are no illusions on either side. What there is, is patience and measure on one side, and the arrogance of a perceived ‘birthright’ to global hegemony on the other. The latter of course being what would precipitate a geopolitical/humanitarian disaster if absent to check itself in time.

    • Bill Holter

      “China would not be making the moves they’re making without being ‘underwritten’ by equipment & personnel from Russia.” …and vice versa.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for coming on to answer questions. Very few guests do this and I love it!!!

        • Bill Holter

          10-4 Greg, I believe if readers/watchers spend the time to comment, it is my duty to at least respond and is my pleasure to do it.

          • Greg Hunter

            A big thank you from us all.

          • dill mann


            From my view, it looks like Russia and China are just biding their time and that they are in the “drivers seat”…any comment to this?


          • Charles H.


            You are stand-up guy – head and shoulders above most the Interviewees that are featured here. Greg is correct to to be appreciative. I certainly am.

      • don

        Russian hardware sucks…they have to give the stuff away.

  42. Todd

    Greg, what does 60,000$ gold really mean? It really means our currency is being destroyed. It is the worst of inflation. Fiat money is totally based on con/fidence), yes this is just a con game. Yes we use to have real money that had real value and wese been conned!!! When gold goes to 60,000$ (and it will) , gold will hold it’s value, just the same as a gallon of gas, but fiat money will rapidly return to its intrinsic value,( toilet paper.) The real problem is this whole system works on gasoline. If gasoline goes to even 100$ per gallon we got BIG PROBLEMS. Remember all commodities will go way up in hyperinflation. Food and water will become very valuable. We will instantly realize we have been living in a false economy. This was created by government intervention. We use to have a government called a republic, which created true wealth. USA use to mean highest wages, best quality and lowest prices. We created half of the worlds food, etc. All this came about because we were rooted in God. God bless you. Food storage is now critical!!!Elul 29 (September 29) is very close. Prepare for the great and dreadful day of the Lord. If we stand will God and only serve Him we will have eternal life. Thanks for all you do Greg, you are a voice in the wilderness.

  43. Perry

    In the video, Mr. Holter states, “China wants to join the IMF.” Um, China is already a member of the IMF – in fact an original member, ever since 1945.

    What I think Mr. Holter MEANT to say is that China has formally asked the IMF to include its currency, the yuan, into the special drawing rights (SDR) basket of currencies.

    Special Drawing Rights for the yuan would give China more liquidity and greater access into global markets for foreign direct investment and foreign exchange, as well as benefits for its domestic economy as it goes “up the value chain” and develops a larger middle class of its own — predicted to grow to 1 billion people by 2030.

    The SDR basket currently contains U.S. dollars (41.9%), Euros (37.4%), British Pound Sterling (11.3%) and Japanese yen (9.4%).

  44. Jay

    Regarding today’s headlines, AG goes after FIFA! Maybe they will try to get Martha Stewart again, BUT THE BANKERS ARE UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going tom talk a little bit about this in the Wrap-Up. Very good point.

  45. True

    Thanks for having Bill Holter on again. Something is definitely up. I think Bill and your other guests who are predicting some sort of event, potentially in Sept/Oct, are on to something. From Canada, there have been military exercises in communities which have not seen them before. My family’s house was being buzzed by low flying military choppers over a couple of days and nights late last month, and special ops military were doing exercises at local arenas and curling clubs. Very very bizarre. I used to live near a Canadian military base for years and never saw anything like this before. See this local newspaper link for this recent exercise:

    Interesting too is the name of this exercise, Vital Archer 15. This name was used before in the US in 2005. See Federation of American Scientists site http://fas.org/sgp/news/secrecy/2005/01/012605.html There were also reports of this in the Washington Post. Military exercises not only in the US (Jade Helm and others) but also in Canada, and re-using mission names…

    64K gold? Makes sense in more ways than one. Heads up people.

  46. Emanuel

    This place sounds like a Paranoid Schizophrenia Club. Doom and Gloom at every turn on almost every comment. I think most of you want the system to crash… you are just waiting for that moment and then what? You think it will be fun and games? If you people really thought it was possible, you would be saying “I hope and pray it never happens” because it will be UGLY! I think people are jumping on the Wagon at this point.

    The US Government is not so stupid as to let these things you people say on here happen.

    • Mike from the North

      What we want is honesty brought back into our financial system.
      With honesty we can begin to try and repair the serious damage done.

      In my view the damage is beyond repair. The repair must begin with a new honest system.

      There is no getting away from the repercussions of the damage done.

      We do not want a crash….we want honesty and the rule of law and mother nature to return.

    • aussie jeff

      Emanuel……………….sorry but i think the U.S government is beyond stupid, their desperate.

    • MarmotManor

      Emmanuel I have a business. Do you think i want this to happen. I’m in Australia, and studied economics not that long after Nixon closed the gold window.

      Economics 101 at university. You print the currency, you debase the currency. USA has been debasing the reserve currency for most of the last century. It’s now worth 4c of the $ from 100 years ago. Have they done a good job or have you been lied to?

      Do we want this to happen? No. Is it going to happen? Yes.

      Choice! understand the issues and protect yourself and your family. What will happen will happen. Some of us will limit our personal damage. Others may even massively profit from it, because you can be sure that some of the “elite / decision makers at the highest levels/ whatever you want to call them” will use this to set themselves and their families up for the next couple of centuries.

      And because those at the highest levels have so much to profit in power and finance, they would be using plenty of internet trolls to ridicule anybody who gets close to the truth. And behind them come a dozen gullible trolls who take up the slack and get on the band wagon.

      It’s simple look at the numbers, and look at the economics. From there it is simple

  47. FC

    Hi Greg, I’m a person who has strongly believed for a number years that we are headed for a reset, not only with the Monetary System, but also socially, as we carry out the Elite’s Quest of depopulation by ridding the planet of the frail and weak under the name of our survival.

    War will be waged, but not between countries, but between ourselves, as everyday people who believed in the system, will turn to violence for their own and for their family’s survival.

    Unfortunately my family and friends believe I’m an idiot to think this way, so it’s been a couple of years that I haven’t mention anything to them, but that hasn’t stop me from prepping under stealth for the upcoming main attraction.

    Admittedly, I feel like a closet prepper, only being able to go onto websites like WD and others to find out what’s really going on out there and I must say, Greg, you have the most informative and politest bloggers of any forum I have ever visited, looking forward to your next interview and viewer comments.

  48. SReiser

    A great interview and Bill provides a compelling view about how the demise of the dollar could begin. Also, $60,000 per ounce gold is mathematically possible, whether we actually get that high we will have to see.

    My concern centers on Bill’s view that the COMEX is blatantly manipulated. Yes — it definitely looks that way based upon last week’s COT report and Monday’s crushing of gold and silver.

    The core question for Bill is that there are over 60 significant gold miners in the industry and a smaller number of silver miners. If the manipulation is so blatant and leading to loss of profits, loss of employment, loss of equity, and reduced sales of a valuable asset (i.e., money) — why don’t these miners simply band together and go see the CFTC and notify the press? Think of it as roughly analogous to a March on Washington — wouldn’t someone notice that?

    Great interview and appropriate public warnings overall — would like to know.

  49. MarmotManor

    Just re watched the interview.

    The issues of the Ukraine and South China Sea are a smoke screen to cover this reset.

    Expect a whole bunch of scary provocations .

    To pull this magic trick they – the elite – want you looking away from what they are doing. They want you fearful, and then like a massive storm, this new world reserve currency will be swung into place, and restore hope as if by some magic trick it is miraculously revealed, and it clears the air.

    USA v Russia and China in a war. USA troops invading China or Russia? Ain’t going to happen

    China Russian troops invading USA – ain’t going to happen.

    Expect a lot of fear but it’s purpose is for the population to be looking for somebody to save them and the world

    On the sudden devaluation of the usa$ currency. One suggestion is for the worlds currencies to also be reset each other to eliminate the currency wars,. They will have a trading range of a maximum of just 20%

    • aussie jeff

      My fear is that this miraculous reset you talk of will also bring about the beginning of the “One world government”
      Religion will be outlawed,and to bring the masses to heel and denounce God and Christ they won’t be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the “Beast”[new world order] those fema camps will be full of christians who won’t deny Christ as their saviour.
      Dark Days are ahead, now is the time not only to prepare as best you can but also to align ourselves with our Creator,our only REAL HOPE is in HIM!

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Jeff.

      • Charles H.

        Aussie jeff,

        I wonder the same thing – but get a sinking feeling that getting to that OWG won’t be immediate, but painfully drawn-out. China will resist a digital currency, after amassing a solid and verifiable base for it’s paper. Perhaps the Banksters will convince them by allowing the Chinese to ‘be in charge’ of the whole , new cyber-system; then later corrupt them from the inside with universal graft and untold wealth! My worry is that posturing for war (wars and rumors of wars) will get really wobbly.
        And like the german Concentration Camps – one line from New Arrivals went straight to the gas – Christians at FEMA Camps will go straight to the guillotine. The time for Saving Faith – is now.

  50. Mike from the North

    To the unwise what is about to go down will be viewed as a total surprise.

    In fact I would venture to say that the truth is beyond the level of belief of many.

    Most today cannot believe that the system is corrupted as much as we suggest.

    It is much easier to dismiss us than to accept what we describe.

    There are people that make things happen. There are people that watch things happen. Unfortunately, there is a large group of people who will wonder what happened.

    It is my belief that the level of change in the world that will occur once the reset occurs will cause chaos and strife for many.

    To be unprepared is to plan for failure.

    To be aware is to give oneself at least the possibility of struggling through the turmoil.

    Hug someone you love today.

    • aussie jeff

      Nice post Mike!!

  51. dee garmon

    Thanks for the wonderful interview.
    Bring him back again real soon please!

  52. Randy

    I think his prediction is Laughably High!

    • FC

      It certainly is laughably high if we are still paying $3 a gallon for gas, but it’s not, if we’re paying $103 a gallon.

      • MarmotManor

        There has been such massive manipulation of the gold price since the 1970’s that it is truly breathtaking. Supposedly gold has been this useless relic. In the late 90’s the LBMA released their daily turnover figures which totally stunned the market. The Saudis have been taking a mix of US$ and gold. Consequently the massive tonnage that was being shifted.

        The Saudis matched the price of oil to gold. You wanted low oil prices then you keep gold prices low. If gold rises then oil rises. Read the writings of Another and FOA. Gold is the cornerstone to the oil market, but where do you hear that?

        If the Chinese have 30,000 tons, the Saudis have 25,000 tons. Of course the official figures are totally ridiculous .

        Let’s do some quick numbers. Total tonnage 120,000 tons.

        China 30,000 tons
        Saudis 25,000 tons
        USA 8,000 tons
        Europe 12,000 tons.

        That totals 75,000 tons out of 120,000 tons . Add the other countries and the market is extremely tight. Yet it gets beaten down daily in the paper market.

        So the oil manipulation, the printing of money, the fact that Europe and USA are broke, 700T in derivatives, ridiculous cpi figures and we get a few people who still don’t get it. And then those who profit from keeping it hidden

        For those who laugh about some of these figures, we will wake up one day as this unravels and gold will go no bid

    • markp

      Laughably high? – how so, please give detailed explanation as to why. Thanks, looking forward to your expose.

  53. Billy

    The bible calls it the times of the genitiles, the last 200 years US and Britain have been the dominant powers now the genitiles are rising, China, Russia, India, Germany and the EU, and the middle east like Iran.
    The world is about to get a lot different.

  54. william shettle

    what i can`t figure is why has gold performed so badly for almost 5 years now and shares even worse. If there was the slightest hint that gold was going to back china currency , it would have been moving by now. I would like to see a comment on this. all this QE should have pushed gold higher but it has fooled alot of people.

    • Randy

      It’s because the markets are ALL controlled by computerized trading programs and certain parameters are fed into them in order to get certain results. Ever hear of high frequency trading before? I highly suggest that you do some study of the subject, and then ask your question to yourself.


  55. WT

    Greg, your interviews are tortuous to listen to. Ask simple questions and let your guests run. We know what you think. We want to know what they think….give them a chance w/o all the interruptions.

  56. Andrew

    I’m often following Gregs blogs,

    what I find a little bit irritating is, that its all apocalypse like predictions.
    60,000$ Gold – c’mon. It’s not even worth about thinking about such an event, because it will never happen. Only in an inflation like event, but then Golds buying power stays the way it is too.

    Gold has been going up and down during Inflation and Deflation like Periods – check the history. Predicting a high Gold price NOW when rates are so low they basically can’t sink much lower is just strange…

    Guess what happens when the rates go up in 1 year or 2 years. ; ) Gold will tank.

    I’d like to hear more neutral voices here…

    • Greg Hunter

      There is at the very least $16 trillion liquid dollar assets held outside the country. You must grasp the enormity of the situation.

  57. Manuel

    I have to believe that TPTB are fully aware of the dire economic condition of the USA and its Dollar. What I wonder is, while they are publicly shunning GOLD, if they are secretly acquiring more of it like other countries as a hedge from the ultimate collapse of the US Dollar? Clearly, acquiring PM’s is the most sane approach given the global deflation/hyperinflation scenario that is unfolding. So, do you think the USA (and/or TPTB) are also secretly acquiring more gold (than the reported 8000 tons it allegedly has) to bolster its hedge from the ultimate collapse of the dollar? And that they are secretly acquiring it so that it does not send out an alarm for those holding paper assets, thereby accelerating a collapse? Any thoughts? Could that explain why JP Morgan is acquiring its hoard of silver — to be also used by TPTB once a commodity backed Dollar is issued? Appreciate thoughts on this.

  58. Lucky Cogito

    Hi Will, easy, if you were the maker of your own currency and people around you would believe in its value, you could print and use it to go short on gold, turn around and buy physical while letting the short do the work.(like keeping people away from it) When you would have enough gold accumulated compared to the others, you would be king as u could now back your currency with gold and set a fix price for exemple.
    All im saying can be resumed like this “HE who owns the gold, rules the world.”
    So buy silver first its much cheaper, then gold if u have extra. hide it and protect it and of course this after water food shelter etc.. all the best to you. We are dealing with a math certainty. It is NOT possible for the actual system to continue. IMPOSSIBLE.

  59. Cassandra Williams

    Not much is going to happen to the US Dollar …. maybe Holter is blind – if he hasnt noticed, the US Dollar hasnt been backed by Gold for nearly 40 years.

  60. mac

    …talking money and gold ok, but what the heck is this young man doing pontificating on nuclear war?…really, they can fight w/o nukes, and have and will!

    Stay on Money and Gold. Santa gets lost in politics and wars, too.

  61. Anderson

    Regarding the Spratly Islands ‘issue’ (that has incidentally been going on for at least 30 years) there’s one simple question that is not being asked – what the hell has it got to do with the US?
    The days of US empire are over – the only folk that do not understand this are the extremists running the US government.
    The country with a history of invading sovereign states, wonton destruction and wholesale slaughter of populations (indeed many many more than the jewish populations eradicated by the German National Socialists) is the US.
    The Chinese have no history of using nuclear weapons on other nations.
    China has a history of using trade as the antidote to conflict – the US takes the opposite approach.
    When the current world paradigm changes, and make no mistake – it will change, the US people (as well as its vassal states such as Australia) will look forward to massive reparations: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Lybia, Irag, Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc…
    The ones responsible wil of course suffer no ill effects – it will be the ordinary peopl who bear the burden of 70 years of failed hegmony.
    The ‘conflict’ the US is now attempting to gin up in the South China Sea will not eventuate.
    For one simple reason – the Chinese own the US, it can dump half their stach of soon-to-be-worthless treasury bonds in one big fat lump.
    The next move is to use the remaining other half to revalue gold and silver – easy just enter bids at say US$100,000.
    Game over without a single shot fired.
    Let’s keep some perspective though Greg when it comes to fear-mongering about the Chinese. You’re just repeating establishment propaganda otherwise.
    Your country (and mine – Australia) is the problem and has been since the end of WWII although it has taken us many years to understand how they have manipulated, concealed and contorted the truth for the benefit of a tiny group of monied interests who now own your government (and who are on the way to owning ours also).

    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S. has multiple treaties with countries in the region.

  62. Randy

    Here’s what you need to keep in mind, that the ASKING PRICE of “dollars” for gold may be up in the nose bleed section, but WHO in their right mind will be willing to take the “dollars” be they actual stacks of fiat paper currency, or merely some electronic bookkeeping entries in a computer in exchange for the gold? As soon as it becomes too obvious that the perceived purchasing power of the fiat paper currency is on the wane, and it is not likely to ever return, and that that is the reason for the high cost of PM, the game will be over. For a while anyway. Until the idiots get conned into believing that the NEXT fiat paper currency or system of electronic bookkeeping entries will be a safe way to preserve their wealth, and then it will start all over again!! We’ve had these scams running since who knows when, and the idiots keep on falling for them!! It seems like they deserve to get ripped off for being so damn stupid all the time.
    Once gold goes past say 2000, maybe 2,500 USD per ounce, I have a gut feeling that reality will start to set in, and then how far and fast it rises is anybody’s guess. Eventually though, enough people are going to figure out how big of a scam all of this is and will want to get out of it like right YESTERDAY, if not even sooner!! At that point, no amount of promised “dollars” will even buy you a loaf of bread anymore because nobody will take them in payment of anything at all. Those left with no viable medium of exchange will have to resort to some form of crime to eat and you can guess the rest.


  63. Sons of Light

    I believe these comments about what is happening in the world are mostly true. It is however true that one way to control people is true fear. This website is driven by promoting fear. If gold were valued at $60,000 what moron would buy it? Gold will be valued at what the public market can withstand. If the world were to collapse today what value is gold? Can you live in it? Can you eat it? No. Put your treasures where your heart is. Not in gold but in God. If you love him, he will give you more than what you can possibly contain. Do the birds worry about their needs? Your Father loves you infinitely more and will provide his children with more than they need. Ignore the fears of this world. Fear not; for if the Lord is with you who will be against you?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sons of Light,
      You say ” If gold were valued at $60,000 what moron would buy it?” The better question to ask is “If gold were valued at $60,000 what would the UDS buy?

  64. Robertteno

    From Martin Armstrong, he thinks Holter is ignorant

    Those who are screaming gold will now go to $64,000 an ounce because this will some strange way make the yuan a gold backed currency, only demonstrate how ignorant they are when it comes to international finance.

    It was during the 19th century when the Silver Democrats tried to fix the silver at 16:1 relative to gold seriously over pricing it relative to where it traded in Europe. That resulted in silver being attracted to the USA and gold fleeing the country. This is why the USA entered a 26 year depression and ended up virtually bankrupt when J.P. Morgan had to arrange for a gold loan in 1896 to save the country. Here is the English magazine Puck showing America drowning in silver by their stupid attempt to overvalue silver relative to gold because the miners paid off the Democrats just as the bankers do today.

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