800,000 Lives Could Have Been Saved with Ivermectin and HCQ – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

In October, Dr. Pierre Kory, a world renowned pulmonary and critical care Covid expert, warned, “The suppression of early treatment in this country is one of the most historically calamitous actions, and history will not be kind here.”  Sadly, Dr. Kory was right and explains, “If you look at us now, we are over 900,000 deaths, and a huge proportion could have been saved.   If you look at Dr. Peter McCullough’s protocol, it was published in August of 2020.  He argued for combination therapy protocols . . . a combination of Ivermectin (IVM) and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).  We know the vast majority, 85% to 90% of the hospitalizations and deaths, would have been prevented.  You apply that to, let’s say, 800,000 excess deaths, and you are talking about a massive humanitarian crisis that resulted from the suppression of early effective repurposed drug treatments.” (IVR & HCQ)

Dr. Kory goes on to say, “We are in a war of information.  They call us ‘misinformation-ists.’  They are ‘disinformation-ists.’  They are actually employing disinformation.  They want everyone to be convinced that Ivermectin is a horse dewormer, and only uncredible people would take it for a viral syndrome.  They have never shown it is an anti-viral, and it’s been shown for 10 years to work on a number of viruses. . . . So much of the medical establishment and doctors have been propagandized to have bizarre behaviors.  They are still pushing vaccines because they have been told lies.  They are still attacking Ivermectin based on lies and wrong information.  It’s the same thing with Hydroxychloroquine.”

When it comes to the so-called vaccines, Dr. Kory says it all should have come to a grinding halt with all the deaths from the inoculations very early on.  Dr. Kory explains, “The stopping point for an experimental intervention, therapy or vaccine, that stopping point was exceeded within weeks of the rollout.  The scale of what we are talking about now is almost indescribable.  The traditional stopping point with deaths associated, that was exceeded in January of 2021, and the agencies (FDA & CDC) ignored it.  The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data just kept climbing and climbing and climbing.  I can’t even keep up.  Last I checked, there were over 24,000 death reports in VAERS.”

Dr. Kory goes on to talk about the unvaxed and vaxed patients he is treating.  Dr. Kory talks about the deaths and injuries from the vaccines and thinks they will keep climbing as he predicted at the beginning of 2022.  Dr. Kory will also tell you how you can help yourself no matter if you are vaxed or unvaxed.

Dr. Kory tells people to go to the FLCCC Alliance website and get information for treating Covid19 and vax injuries for free.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top Pulmonary and Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.  (There is much more in the 1 hour & 15 min. interview.)

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After the Interview:

All the information is free on the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance website.

If you want to follow Dr. Kory on his Substack, click here.

Dr. Kory has a new book coming out in June about his battle to save people from CV19 in this age of medical disinformation.  The book is called “The War on Ivermectin.”  Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015, and yet it was villainized and discredited by the medical community when used for treating Covid.

If you want to donate to the FLCCC Alliance click here.  The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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  1. Rodster

    And yet Tony Fauci who I refuse to acknowledge or call a “Doctor” has continued to push the death injections. He’s now calling for a 4th Booster shot, followed by yearly shots. OK, so i’m not a doctor but commonsense tells me that if a drug did not solve the problem the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time, why in the heck would you want to tell people to take a 4th jab followed by yearly jabs?

    It’s like Martin Armstrong has said, the Gov’t will never, ever admit their mistakes. Tony Fauci should be on Death Row with the people he has directly and indirectly mudered. That doesn’t even include the cruel animal experiments he funded.

    • mtman2

      Just NATUROPATHIC inclusion of quality supplements, diet + herbs is HUGE…!
      Just if the Rockerfeller Allopathic Globalist control of Big Pharma/media actually cared about peoples health and lives…!
      HOWEVER “The Love of money” takes precident over lives…!

      • IIG

        The love of money by the committee of 300 Elite “commies” (who strictly follow the communist manifesto where everything is for them and nothing for us) – have been appointing our US President’s and our Secretary of State’s for many decades now – and through their Royal Institute in London, their Council on Foreign Relations and their Club of Rome have been pushing an agenda to completely destroy the American middle class (by not only crippling our industrial, energy and agricultural infrastructure – but by “jabbing” us with deadly viruses to reduce our population) who have been accumulating their own private wealth (which is “anathema” to these greedy evil bastards who want everything for themselves) – this “Committee of 300” consider all humans a curse to be totally exterminated from the Earth which these psychopaths think is totally owned by them!!

        • Earth Angel

          Excellent summary of our situation IIG – Now, I’d say it’s HIGH TIME we PUSH BACK!

    • Valerie

      I totally agree with everything you said!

    • Tim Bo

      Hard to call all of the crystal clear destruction of EVERYTHING a “mistake.” It’s been very willful and deliberate. They do exactly as their father instructs them….kill, steal, destroy.

    • John Birch

      RED ALERT !!! RED ALERT !!! I have been a Bible prophecy student for 42 years and I just read this very important word posted at 444 Prophecy News: “Russia is following the elites plan and Europe falls to Russia. The U.S. will be attacked with tsunamis, earthquakes and bombs as Russia and China attack from northern and southern borders and both coasts to overtake the country. It will be like a swarm of locusts!” https://444prophecynews.com/red-alert-once-europe-falls-prophecies-for-mystery-babylon-u-s-will-soon-follow-handmaid-of-the-most-high/ For those who have ears to hear, let them hear!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • IIG

        Hear This!! – Hear This!!! – Deep State Globalist eugenicists may be preparing to assassinate Biden (and blame it on Russia) to get the nuclear missiles flying – to “exterminate humanity” – as their evil plans to do it with a deadly virus – now seems to be failing!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/alex-jones-full-show-sunday-3-20-22_lQsemRwjkXueG1P.html

      • Beverly

        John Birch,
        I am also a John Bircher and besides these prophesies being in the Bible, there is another place these same prophesies have been given to in our own day(1900-1948). And, they are coming true just like he said.

    • CJ

      I’m trying to locate the protocol for people that have been vaccinated to mitigate the spike protein effect can anyone help thank you

      dosage and frequency would be very helpful.

  2. Marie Joy

    There are a million of them and almost 8 Billion of us and we still haven’t figured out how to win. They’re winning because they are batshit crazy. We need to learn how to be crazy enough to defeat a bunch of murderous lunatics.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marie,
      Totally agree. ‘We the people’ need to fight fire with fire.

      • IIG

        Here is Lara Logan (a true journalist) firing salvos at the Command and Control Propaganda (CCP) outlets of the New World Order who are a bunch of “Commie/Nazi” Nation Killers – https://ugetube.com/watch/lara-logan-blows-the-lid-off-ukraine_rlOPG11aVUoAySr.html – we need to blast and continue to blast the evil Globalists with unrelenting salvos upon salvos of truth upon truth – that totally decimates their fake news propaganda outlets like CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, etc., etc., etc. !!!

    • Hoakin Guzman


      • Marie Joy

        Hoakin, God helps those who help themselves.

    • Brooklyn

      Marie + Joy, (I preferred the +…;)

      An interesting paradigm you present of “them being bat-shit-crazy” and our need to learn how to become crazy too (in so many words).
      Truth is, as a 60’s through the 80’s ghetto cop, people would ask why they (the bad guys) respected us back then, but not now. The simple answer is they knew we could not “legally” shoot them, but what if……?? They thought that it was us, who were “bat-shit-crazy” and that we just might “accidentally” shoot one of them..???
      That fear of this crazy cop accidentally shooting one of them earned us their “respect..” And, honestly, leveled the playing field so that we could do our “bat-shit-crazy-job…AND get to go home at the end of our tour.
      Fear is a great motivator! Unfortunately, our side are the ones now living in that same fear created by our bat-shit-crazy politicians.
      Me? “I’m still crazy, after all these years..” – Paul Simmon
      BRING IT!

  3. Dave Scrimshaw

    I was in insurance back in the 90’s. We all know that our economy is like a milking stool – three legs. The places where cash is located are banks, insurance companies and wall street. Knock out one of those legs and – catastrophe. They are fulfilling the GA guidestones AND knocking out the economy at the same time. This is a SOROS-esque planned disaster.

    • Curtis Carr

      Well, we had the torch and the public didn’t like it. Trump in my opinion was the only lunatic brave enough to take on the murderous bunch. Most Americans will whine and complain all the way to the grave.

  4. Dave Scrimshaw

    This interview explains why it is called “the beast system”.

    • James j

      The only problem is that trump is a narcisstic, ignorant, bumbling failure at government.
      We need someone with experience, Free from the control of the oligarchs ….and the usa system of politics hasn’t created one of those in 40 years or more.
      God help us all. Get out of the cities, learn to grow food and be prepared to defend yourself and your family.

  5. Dave Scrimshaw

    Deagle forecast for 2025 is 100 million. That’s a ~ 70% drop.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I love this guy as he speaks the truth but almosst impossible to organize as they control
      all now.

  6. Ray

    Anyone know where I can buy a good, second hand Guillotine?
    Will pay sellers named price, no quibbling, for a unit in sound working order.
    Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

    • Johnny Cool


      Guillotines are nothing to joke about!
      Remember when Alice lost his head?


      • Ray

        You never cease to please J!!!!
        Take care Champion

    • Anthony Australia

      Ray Mate, better to fight back with something that frightens the Corporations!

      Great effort here….


      • Ray

        Love it Anth!!!!
        Of course…….those kinds of operations will be rendered illegal soon……unless the owner and working staff are all “fully up to date” with their vaccines.
        Stuff ‘em…….
        Let’s you and me build one of those fabulous farm co-ops, and we’ll also have 3 shiny new guillotines installed for good measure.
        Take Care Brother,
        Ray, Canberra, Vaxxed Out Nation

  7. Elias Andrinopoulos

    One positive from the One American’s of the country raising the red flag 🚩 on the spike in injury and death is the stalwart, headstrong nature of those companies. Usually, their pugilistic tendencies are used against us. Insurance companies are a different breed. These people are not cowed by accusations and threats. They’re used to fighting, and they’ve got the numbers and data to back all this up.

    Thank you Greg for all that you do, and thank you Dr. Kory!

    • IIG

      Will Big Pharma now buy off and bribe all the Insurance Companies?? – Big Pharma could offer them a piece of the action – I guess we will all soon find out – hopefully the moral character of the men running these Insurance Companies is not simply dependent “upon the bottom line”!!

  8. john

    I have heard, but have not verified, that RINO Marco Rubio has introduced a bill to make it illegal to buy drugs, such as ivermectin, from foreign overseas pharmacies. Another big pharma bribed politician. This country, run by these compromised politicians, is in such severe jeopardy. May Lord Jesus have mercy on our country.

    • Bob

      John, I live in Florida and am constantly being bombarded by Rubio for campaign contributions. I’d love to find the article you’re talking about so I can actually reply to his campaign managers, etc. to stuff it in their azzes.

      • IIG

        Rubio is “a slim-ball shill” for the Deep State – at a recent hearing he asked “un-elected” Victoria Nuland (who has been running the foreign affairs of our Nation and overthrowing governments for decades): “Isn’t it true that Russia [who went into the Ukraine to destroy the 28 US Bio-weapon laboratories because they feared the deadly viruses would be released by US psychopaths] will now take the deadly Bio-weapons the US created and releases them upon the world”?? – Nuland replied: “Yes – that is exactly what Russia will do” – both of these Globalist shills are preparing the American public for a Deep State “false flag bio-weapon release by the US” (that will be blamed on Russia)!!

        • Johnny Cool


          What about…

          The Largest Humanitarian Crisis That No One Discusses…


          • IIG

            Your right – The “commies” in the Deep State want us all to wave the Ukrainian flag and save the Nazi’s over there – and yet we fail to see a Yemeni flag or any virtue signaling for the poor people being killed in Yemen – and we are yet to see any virtue signaling for the worlds babies – first they were killed in the womb at 3 months – then it went to 6 months – then it went to 9 months and now Nazi doctors can kill babies up to 28 days after birth – but this is nothing compared to what our war mongering psychopathic Nazi politicians like Romney can do “kill our children at the age of 18” to fight the Russians – 100,000 US troops are now headed to the Ukrainian war zone to get “nuclear” WWIII started – so the psycho eugenicist Nazi’s can finally kill people “at any age”!!!

        • Tin foil hat

          In America the New World Order means borders don’t matter and civilians shouldn’t have guns.
          In the Ukraine the NWO means borders matter and an armed citizenry is a good thing.
          And Western liberals just nod their heads in agreement with these blatant double standards.

  9. Tar Heel

    Another perfect day. Carolina heading to the Sweet 16 and Greg’s Great interview – we’re 8-8 so far in family with the protocol from Frontline Docs. We also do the food grade peroxide with the nebulizer.

    • Mark Maples

      As a native Californian and life long USC Trojans fan, please stop another UCLA Final 4 run

      Last year was bad enough, don’t need them going in back to back years!


  10. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, thank you for being dedicated to allowing real experts to tell the truth.

    It is beyond the pale and heartbreaking to know that the US medical industry was willing to murder so many people, along with big pharma, in order to make money.

    What happened to ethics? I have a degree in philosophy and was trained to think in a critical manner. It makes me sick to realize that so many people have stopped thinking in a critical manner and simply obey the messages they hear in the legacy media.

    I will never trust doctors, again, in my lifetime. I am 58 years old.

    God bless you, Mr. Hunter.

    • Brooklyn


      As the song once said, “…and it’s been going on for ten thousand years…”

      Nothing that is happening today has not been done before. What we are now witness to is simply – OUR TURN..!

      Hopefully, you have made preparations. Si Visa Pacem, Para Bellum…

  11. david wilson

    Fantastic Interview with an amazing real doctor. There are not many real doctors out there any more. If the doctor you are seeing recommends that you and your family take all the injections you have to ask yourself, is he/she really a “doctor” or just a paid and bought off whore of the pharmacy industry.
    I stopped seeing my family doctor two years ago when he insisted I take the injections. I dont know if he is an idiot or a whore. All I know is he lost my trust.

  12. Sylvia in WA

    Thanks so much for your excellent interview with Dr. Kory.
    My questions are now answered. I want to wish him well and thank him for all his efforts, May he keep up the good work.

  13. jan luse

    Fantastic interview, Dr. Kory is the real deal and a real hero.

  14. barsoom43

    Just read that a bill in New Hampshire has been introduced to make Ivermectin OTC.. you know.. like in India.. 😉

  15. Jerry

    It’s not over. It’s halftime for the globalist.

    Just remember that “ M “ in the mRNA stands for messaging.
    Programming humanity through the vaccines has been the center piece of the NWO plan every since Hilary Clinton burped out of her mouth “ that it takes a village to raise a child “. The central planners are planning a technocratic future in which you and I no longer have a voice, serve a purpose, or have a life.

    There’s only one way this is going to end, and the globalist know it. That’s why they’re dusting off the war playbook with Ukraine as a diversion. The moment the masses figure out that they’ve been played all He## is going to break loose. The sad part is Greg, that the globalist are being played by Lucifer. The moment he no longer needs them, he will cast them aside as well. Make no mistake. This biological warfare has spiritual roots. It’s much more complicated than most people can imagine. Ivermectin is important, But so is having the protection of the Holy Ghost. Pray.

    • SOD

      Of course, it’s not over! The pandemic can only take them so far, just like Felix the Cat they have a number of tricks still in the Magic Bag to help propel us to their vaunted NWO. War, famine and the death of the US Dollar (gotta promote the necessity of a fully monitorable digital money system you know). Stolen elections have consequences, I’m sure the fake 81 million voters are loving the show so far!! Relax Jerry, the last few spins around the proverbial drain will be epic. SOD

    • Stan

      Jerry: You should work for Alex Jones

  16. Monica Caplan

    As I’m watching this video here in Baltimore, guess what just popped up on television (my husband has it on…WBAL-TV)? An ad for the “booster”! Today is March 19, 2022.

  17. Tabitha Sloan

    Wish you would post my comments. They never go through!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the only comment you made this evening. What do you want to say?

      • Tabitha Sloan

        Greg, I’ve tried multiple times over the years, and my posts never go through. This is the first one I’ve ever seen. Hopefully they’ll post in the future!

        • Greg Hunter

          Ms. Sloan,
          It depends on what you are writing. Gen 12:3 is in play here.

  18. Steve Bice

    One of the best quotes I saw from the Zerohedge forum:

    “If I gave my dog three rabies shots in a year, and he still got rabies, I’d have a lot of questions.”

    This puts it in perspective. A large percentage of our population is full on delusional…and is now part of a propaganda-driven vaccine cult. Cult members trade rationality for acceptance in the group…and reject any and all who are not members. They will “drink the poison” because their leader(s) tell them it’s the right thing to do.

    Poison it is…and many will suffer for it…

    • Self Exiled

      Sorry to ask a personal question like this but it is due to a previous post on another interview. Do you have blond hair with blue eyes and green highlights? It would calm my heart if it were so. A yes or no will do. Salamat.

      • Steve Bice

        Not me…but may your heart be calm nonetheless…

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Jim Jones and his cool aid was a test to see and now we know it passed with flying colors. I think it will take Jesus coming back now as I am expecting the Anti-Christ anyday now as so many will be deceived by him. Remember, the AC makes himself known as the Christ and comes first then Jesus will follow that up so beware. The AC will come as a savior to people, will perform great miricles and people will fall for him sadly.

  19. Scott

    We as Americans have to get this “Black Cloud” away from hanging over our heads. It’s a disruptive authoritarian genetic pathogen that is 100% exploitable. Otherwise, they will continue to reduce populations with this pathogen platform and others. It will become an enigma that leads to further authoritarian actions taken against us. We need to bond together to shed this from our lives. Otherwise, we will continue to spin our wheels with illness and never get to the really important things that we need to address with our economy, lives, etc.

  20. ken e weberg


  21. sung choe

    “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” Eventually all will know the truth as the reality of what these shots are becomes self evident, and thank you and Dr. Kory, (and the many others), for continuing to speak the truth to the propagandist’s lies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Sung Choe, for the enlightenment about the truth.

  22. paul lilliott

    God bless you both for your courage! We have a medical system and a corporate system that are utterly sick and diseased. We have a population totally brainwashed over 90 years. We can only hope that when this Fourth Turning ends, we will have re-evaluated and made major shifts to all. Meanwhile, even though converts are made slowly, we honor those willing to speak out regardless of the hideous fascistic threats now being made against them. Things ARE shifting – notice how much more informed the US truckers are than their Canadian brethren. The longer it takes us to wake up and learn and adapt, the longer this nightmare will continue.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul!

    • Won Witness

      Paul, your so right about the people’s convoy in DC being more informed than the canadian truckers but I would say we learned a lot more about klaus shwabs controled lackeys (Trudeu, macaron, etc.) and their wef (world economic forum’s) financial warfare on the people’s freedoms in Canada and the world.
      The freedom loving people’s support for the U.S. Freedom convoy at so many bridges across america’s “flyover country” can only be read as america’s heartland is good and god loving as so many of these true patriots spend hours in the cold just to cheer on the convoy I had the privelidge to talk to many of them and these people will kneel to god and none other and in so seeing such love of country and god tears of joy would well up and I can say I felt my heart move much closer to god for that experience.
      But in DC,
      So many foul mouthed people flipping the bird, yelling f u !
      demon possessed ? many unable to talk or think clearly, hate in their souls
      I feel like God is separating the grain from the chaff we the people are being moved, either to the light or the darkness. May God bless protect those who proclaim god’s gift of freedom from evil though God’s grace.
      sincerly, Won Witness ( traveled with convoy from Ca. to Missouri)

  23. John Wade

    This Doc will be known as a hero when the world wakes up and realizes what fools they’ve been, listening to the corrupt pharma, main stream media, and caved in to social media and government pressures to conform. Hopefully, in the post crash world, people will start standing up and saying we aren’t going to take it anymore and live for the truth instead of the fluffy cat and cuddle-bunny videos put out by the propagandists.
    My hope is that people get physically, morally, and spiritually stronger so we can rebuild what has been destroyed by the globalists and socialists. We need a real medical system, not a bunch of independent medical LLC’s, that don’t talk to each other, and each making up treatments depending on what info. big pharma says is good.
    We need more Docs like Kory, a Lot more.

  24. oneno

    DR. CARRIE MADEJ is warning against monoclonal antibodies while Dr. Peter McCullough is in support of monoclonal antibodies???

    DR. CARRIE MADEJ is warning against monoclonal antibodies because they induce cancer.

    See DR. CARRIE MADEJ podcast starting from the 5:15 – 9:26 mark:

    1. human source <- nobody knows what these are
    2. aborted fetal cells – the HEK line – kidney cell kine – 293 living babies that were aborted alive taken to a cold lab where they were killed. They make those cell lines cancerous so they never stop dividing. They don't want to tell you they are putting cancer cells into you so instead they say "imortalized" and "cloned".
    3. human and mouse genome pushed together and the mouse then produces a human antibody. This is called a "chimeria".

    All genetic material taken in by the human body is incorporated into the genome – called epigenetics – so you are taking in a genome from a mouse and the cancerous cell line.

    This human-mouse antibody with trade name "volosimune". Within 1 – 3 years there is an alergic reaction with cancer spread all over the body with organs fused together..

  25. alfy

    reasoning is not found among most doctors. toss in moral cowardice. and we have a large number of doctors injecting death into folks.

  26. Fred Daake

    Charles Hugh Smith just published an interesting article on the misguided “death care” system. It is NOT the doctors and nurses who are making all the money. Well worth reading.

    SHORT ARTICLE – How Health Care Became Sick Care Charles Hugh Smith:

    • Major Payne

      Or how Marcus Welby, MD became Makeus Sickby, MD.

  27. tinker

    Hi Greg,
    I live in Phoenix, Arizona area and have a friend that goes to Los Algodones, Mexico across the Yuma border to get Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine sold over the counter (no RX). It’s a lot cheaper, $5 per box of 4 – 6mg Ivermectin tablets.

  28. Gary

    Hi. Greg, ALL these people ,Dr.s, nurses, politicians,pharma employees and hospital administrators new ,know or should know,that these VACCINES ARE killing and damaging people. They ARE getting paid off by the pharma industry and they are ALL MURDERERS and have to be tried and convicted and HANGED.They have ,and continue to commit MURDER .There is NO excuse for what they have DONE and CONTINUE to DO.EXECUTE these MURDERING BASTARDS.

  29. tim mcgraw

    Yeah, “vaccines”, masks, lockdowns… millions dead, record profits for Big Pharma and power for bureaucrats, is all fun and games until;

    The Big Money Life Insurance companies start going out of business do to death and injury claims.

    Suddenly, life insurance policies are cancelled if you got the jabs? Is that in the future? Medical care plans are cancelled if you got the jabs? Is that the future? Of course the government employees who got the jabs will just fade away saving city, county, state, and federal bureaucrats a ton of money in pension money that no longer has to be paid out.

    It’s always about the money.


    • IIG

      Could it be?? – That Trump saw no way out to save the American people – except to sacrifice a few million lives and sign the Emergency Authorization Act and support the “Clot Shot” – so as to kill off all the evil city, county, state and federal bureaucrats in Congress (and those now in the White House) as a fool-proof way to build America back better and make it Great Again (just as Trump wanted)??? – or am I “making excuses again” for Trump (who still supports the “jab”)????

  30. Virginia

    Greg, Thank you for having Dr. Kory. You always have a star-studded array of guests on your show. And I am forever grateful. With everything going on in this world, I have been concerned that the injections will take a back seat in the public eye while the shots are still mandated.
    The amount of corruption in our government, corporations, media is extreme. Subtle changes are taking place right before our eyes, which have a considerable impact on our future. The Democrat’s playbook of (look here not there) is being played well.
    God bless us all.

    • Rupert BondStooly

      Yes Virginie,
      3.8$BillionBiejingBiden says desperate Russia__ don’t use chemical weapons or it’s curtains!
      We know what that means! White helmeted moderate Syrian Muslim rebels, that we denied McCain & Grahams request for handheld stinger missile man-pads in, now these such same must be in Ukraine ready to launch a false flag chemical attack against the pro-Assad Syrian freedom fighter’s fer mother Russia in Ukraine. If this war wasn’t so fake, it would be funny, Virtually! ZOOM WAR’S?

    • RupertBondStooly

      Yes Virginia,
      3.8$BillionBiejingBiden says desperate Russia__ don’t use chemical weapons or it’s curtains!
      We know what that means! White helmeted moderate Syrian Muslim rebels, that we denied McCain & Grahams request for handheld stinger missile man-pads in, now these such same must be in Ukraine ready to launch a false flag chemical attack against the pro-Assad Syrian freedom fighter’s fer mother Russia in Ukraine. If this war wasn’t so fake, it would be funny, Virtually! ZOOM WAR’S?

  31. Bruce Stebbing

    The so called western nations have been wrong on the treatment of covid, and many other things. In Asia, many hospitals have been using Ivermectin, since covid started. I bought Ivermectin at the pharmacies here in Asia, since it works. My friend had covid and after 3 days in the hospital, using Ivermectin capsules , he was cured. Asia is far ahead of America and Europe. The establishment lied to us, for years , to push their vacs and make themselves rich. Follow the money ass usual. Many deaths could have been prevented, but maybe the plan is to reduce the population…..to prevent overpopulation…..???

  32. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Kory.
    Here in the UK,I was silly enough to be a research pharmacist here and got booted for daring to do the research and that was over twenty years ago, pharmacy is plagued with lawyers worldwide. When a new medicine is launched and undergraduates are having to sign documents just to have a tutorial on this new medicine, it is time to walk away from these clowns and their pharmacist handlers.
    Interesting that Mr Armstrong and Mr Nenner also warned of a collapse of big pharma,retired executives will be worrying about their juicy pensions.If I were they I would be more concerned about having to hire expensive lawyers to protect myself from the coming onslaught of litigation and that’s the civilized route.Continued suppression and it gets nasty.

  33. Johnny Cool

    January 05, 2022, Excerpt from THE AGE OF DESOLATION site…

    I reached the conclusion that The Physician of The Great Disease lived in Belgium sometime after 2004 while I was writing my first book, The Age of Desolation. At that point in time there was no talk of a Great Reset. However, the Gold Bugs have been worried about something similar for decades.

    Notice how Nostradamus introduced a Doctor into the equation. In Ian Wilson’s biography of Nostradamus, Nostradamus, The Man Behind The Prophecies, he conclusively proves that Nostradamus was a Doctor and not just an apothecary. Since Nostradamus was renowned for dealing with the plague, the designation in his poem, The Physician of The Great Disease, is enough to invoke images of a Great Disease like The Plague.

    The fifty-eight Sixains deal strictly with the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic equation during The Apocalypse.

  34. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg and thanks for a great interview with Dr Pierre Kory.
    You’re shocked that the age of consent to take a ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ is being lowered to just 12 years in California. Here in the U.K. the government lowered the age of consent to 12 many months ago – nationwide! That’s why they have teams of ‘vaccinators’ visiting U.K. schools to inoculate all the kids. The pressure to comply is overwhelming for many. This is pure evil!

  35. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Not wishing to be awkward or argumentative – just genuinely curious. How do we know that anyone ‘died from Covid-19’? The virus has never been isolated from a sick human. Related to this, how do we know that anyone suffered from ‘Omicron’, or any other so-called variant? How can anyone test for a variant when even the ‘original’ virus has never been isolated? Is it possible that the people ‘presenting with Covid’ and the ‘Covid deaths’ are the result of an enhanced strain of influenza virus. The precedent being the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed more people than WWI. If there is any merit in my supposition, then the good news is that HCQ, zinc, vitamin D, and Ivermectin in combination cure influenza. Interested to learn what the medically qualified commentators make of this . . .

  36. Jerry

    Why does this news bother me?

    Here we go again. Does anyone know what genetic modifications have been made to these mosquitos?
    “ jeopardy music playing”

    • Robert Dotson, MD

      Jerry… Bill Gates (one of the chief architects of the on-going War on Humanity) is deeply involved in this. bet on it.
      Living in FL really gives me pause…

    • Coal Burner

      My bet is they are steril males supossedly to reduce popu;ations af a certain nasty mosquito species. Like maybe Zika carriers or Dengue carriers, or something else bad. I think nervous because of that line in Jurassic Park. “Life Finds a Way” ! I hope not. But sooner or later it will backfire!

  37. Ed Pool

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    Oops! We couldn’t Found this Page
    Please check your URL or use the search engine form below

    Did this go thru?

  38. Neville

    Champagne Reporting at its absolute Finest. Thank you Greg & Dr. Pierre Kory
    My one and only contribution to the subject is that NEVER EVER get yourself
    vaccinated ,inoculated or injected for any reason whatsoever, especially when
    what is being injected into your body contains, aluminum , mercury , graphene
    oxide ,fetus remains etc etc >
    You have spent thousands on trying to keep yourselves fit and healthy and bingo
    that crap which the scumbag fauci and others of his satanic ilk are pushing…
    sticks you out of the game or impairs your health for whats left of your life.
    Health is more precious than anything else in your life with the exception
    for your Love for Our LORD GOD CREATOR.
    If you have ignored the above and want to relent and more over ask Our
    FATHER IN HEAVEN to get you back to good health.
    then carefully make a note of what Dr. Pierre Kory has recommended.


  39. ron martin

    You, Dr Kory, Dr Malone and so many others have and should continue to sound the alarm of the toxicity of the gene therapy shots. All of you have saved lives. But, keep in mind that decades of prosperity, propaganda and brain-washing of mankind have evolved the majority into automatons trained to accept the government’s lies and refuse to listen to truth. This includes doctors, hospital workers, pharmacists and most others who profit from the fear of covid. This tragedy will not subside since all of the future deaths will be from cancer, heart, pulmonary diseases and non-covid related causes that most will not associate with the shots. The damage has been done and we await the next attacks on an unsuspecting public that will decimate the population.

  40. Self Exiled

    Observations: In the early 1950’s in South Dakota, I use to lay on the top of haystacks as a little boy and watch geese fly over all day and hear them at night lying in bed. There would be V formations from horizon to horizon. Now today I saw 2 V formations only: 65 years later. Also, in 1997 or maybe 1998 I watched people looking up at the sky in the work parking lot and went out to see what the attraction was, chem trails as we know now, and the sky was crisscrossed with them. I still see 5 to 10 a day now.



    The last 8 t0 10 years in the Philippians I have seen no such jet trails, still blue skies. Their problem is they follow the covid procedures so completely it’s hard to do anything there: even enter if you are unvaccinated. In the Birungi that I live in, the last inoculation round we had 5 people die within 2 weeks all over 60. That was approximately in a block and a half square area. I have not received any information that it raised any alarms. The lack of communication on this issue is unnatural. I have been more vocal about it in SD and the vaccinated are eager to take me on with scoffing and remarks that they know of no one suffering any sickness, and it appears there are very few. I have heard of two cases of heart problems and know of only one case of Auto Immune Deficiency Disorder. But then nothing ever changes in SD. Same ol same ol. One more observation on the Philippians: When I purchased a house on one of the islands, about 8 years ago I also purchased a bug zapper and had to empty and clean it every day. When I left, I only needed to clean it once every two weeks or so.

    • tim mcgraw

      Self Exiled: Thank you for your comment. I lived on Bluff Road outside of Vermillion, South Dakota in ’71 and ’72. It was a big old farmhouse. No running water. We did have electrticity. I’d go bird hunting a lot. Lots of pheasants and quail. I wonder if they are there now?
      The Phillippines are strange. Never been there. Why does the word “Filipino” start wtih an “F” but the country starts with “Ph”? Only air guns are allowed for the population to use. They have strong air guns. Well, that’s what my driver told me. He was a missionary in PI. Thanks for the comment.

      • Self Exiled

        I have seen these guns used in the community I live in. Seem to be very effective. No foreigners are allowed to own guns. I have seen citizens in Manila open carry and as I understand legal if you have permits for firearm and ammo. Also knew a lady who deposited funds for an attorney, and she had the permits and training to boot; did not open carry. The first person to ask me if I wanted to purchase a handgun was an off-duty police officer who appeared to be high. I asked him if he had a nine in his pocket or a 45. He was somewhat taken back/cautious at first. Thats when he wanted to know if I wanted to buy a gun. Told him no, foreigners can’t own guns. I noticed my Filipino friend watched him carefully when he stared to talk to me. I suspect he would have showed up at my door a few months later to collect peso or make an arrest. I went to USD 67 t0 68 then transferred west river BHSC then. Why the F in Filipino? ???? They take lots of short cuts in there language also. English back where I live is also a version that takes awhile to catch on to. Walk into a market or grocery store, ask for a lettuce: shrugs, say leetoose and they know. Hot: no; it is hooot [long o] out, yep. I have never had anybody be mean to me their or rude. They still respect old people.

  41. Dusty Dude

    Excellent interview Greg. Dr Kory is the real deal.
    This reminds me to take my weekly horse dewormer. I take enough for a 200 lb animal. Been doing it for months. Feel great. No vax but I’m in contact with those that have….
    Also just a reminder to everyone that it might be a good idea to have some insurance in the form of food insurance and wealth insurance. Stock 3 to 6 months of food and a minimum and put some of your assets into physical metals. Metals that you can hold in your hand not the paper stuff….
    I saw a post the other day from a farmer who farms 1800 acres. Last year his fertilizer cost were just over $200,000 this year they’re looking at $800,000 and not sure they can get it. Food will become more scarce. Canned goods last forever as will beans and rice…

  42. Michele

    I am retired nurse 65 in great health w/ no underlying issues. NOT vaxxed.
    Hydroxy chloroquine Ivermectin and zithromax saved my life and kept me out of the hospital.
    The symptoms come on so quickly and severely unless you have theses meds on hand you are in danger of a terrible outcome.
    The hallmark of excellent physicians is consideration of data yes. But instinct is what makes the difference between life and death.
    Dr. Kory is one of the physicians that used his instincts and heeded the Divine spark. God bless you Greg for having him and God bless Dr. Kory and his like minded colleagues❤ history will show who the true healers were in this mass extermination attempt.my the light of the Holy Spirit shine upon each and every one of you.

  43. Tommy

    It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.

  44. Michele

    There will be a great purge of the morally bereft.

  45. Valerie

    Many thanks to Dr. Kory! What an important, and life saving interview! I got some horse paste in 2021 to have on hand just in case I got sick. Now, you can’t buy it. It has disappeared from the shelves! I guess people who have horses must now get it from a large animal veterinarian.
    It makes me sick that they are going after the kids now, trying to force them to be CV jabbed in order to go to school in some states. I also heard that the government wants to add it to the childhood vaccine schedule – which already has too many vaccines, as the number has tripled since 1980.
    We are most certainly living in a Twilight Zone of propaganda, disinformation, and censorship!!!!! Dr. Kory is one of the truth tellers trying to help people in this dark and dangerous time! May God bless and protect him! May God bless and protect you too, Greg!
    God help us all!

    • Earth Angel

      Yes, and speaking of the childhood vax schedule- even WITHOUT the addition of death jabs- just look at the shocking rate of autism in children today. 50 years ago when I was a child in school autism was virtually UNHEARD of. But then we only had 2 or 3 different vax’s ; MMR, a Tetanus, maybe a Polio and not even every year for all of them; as well as I can recall. All the jabs they’re giving kids today is ridiculous and sadly many parents of newborn healthy babies never make the connection when they suddenly become ill after being vaxxed and then the lying medical/pharmaceutical industry denies & covers up the tracks of any wrongdoing on their part. The damage done is impossible to quantify at this point. What a wicked world we are living in. So sad.

  46. al

    Excellent interview Greg, you’re a treasure.

    I had my Nephew visit me last week. He works for big pharma and he was forced to take all his jabs in order to keep working there. He has 3 beautiful kids and a Wife who adores him. He knew better but took all the jabs because he “had to keep working”. He said this with a sad face. Up to that point I have not told him I didn’t get any jabs neither did my Wife.
    He then continued the conversation saying “did you know that natural immunity is close to 30 times stronger than the vaccine?”
    At that point I voiced out and said “I have natural immunity, so does my Wife, which is why we have not taken one jab and we’re not dead, we’re not wheezing and we have not gone to the Doctor in over a year because there were no complications”. I was ready to say more but he turned away in anger and left the conversation. I said nothing else.

    Mind you Greg, my Wife and I are both in our 60s.
    My Nephew is a highly trained medical analyst.

    This is just one story out of so many you have had in the past.

    Thanks again Greg for your insight and professionalism

  47. Paul

    History is a set of lies Agreed upon

    The fact that our minds are problem-solving machines says a lot about the nature of life.

    Good interview, the good doctor had the courage to break from the ama. American medical association. Hard to do.

    4 of my 5 sisters are medical doctors and they are on board with the ama and big pharma.
    Only two of us nine kids resisted the inoculation amongst their never ceasing barrage of insults.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Charles H.

      I went to my dentist and told her of my hard battle with Covid – so she asked whether
      I was ‘vaccinated’ or not. I said sure I wasn’t, and her retort was: ‘that’s why you had a hard time; if you had been vexed you have had it easy!’ I left it at that.

  48. Alfy

    I wish one of the experts intervied would give us the percent of the american population recieved one jab, two jabs, three or more jabs. (to keep in mind, the folks behind these jabs want to killl off 95% of us)

    so far we have 50% recieved one jab. and a much lower percent recieved two, and still lower percent three.

    I’m left to my own guess work at this point- 50% one jab, 25% two jabs, 10% three jabs.
    I’m also left to my own guesswork on percent dead in 5 years (2026) from recieving jabs. I’m guessing 10% dead from one jab, 25% dead from two jabs, and 50% dead from three jabs.

    if my guesswork is at all in the ballpark, then we are looking at around
    10% three jabs: 33 million x 0.50 = 16 million
    15% two jabs: 50 million x 0.25 = 12 million
    25% one jab: 80 million x 0.10 = 8 million
    total of 36 million americans dead.
    perhaps looking at another 72 million who will be lifetime disabled.

    Now I suffer from watching and worry about all my dear loved ones who had their good natures used against them, and took jabs.

    We are probably looking at much grief, loss, and rightous anger. I’m old as the hills, can’t do much more than simply gieve, but I suspect those who are younger (especialy men who lost loved ones, or themselves were posioned but still firm in body) are going to be hunting and extracting an insane form of vengence on those who did this evil.

    36 million dead and another 72 million profoundly disabled. I pray my guess is far above what will come, and I worry my guess is far under the mark. I wish experts would step up and shed light on what we should expect. I think that would be of help our nation and her people to be more ready for what is probably coming.

  49. stewart

    it is really sad, i am sure that dr. kory’s heart is in the right place, but there are no viruses never have been never will be.
    get the book one the most thorough on the subject ‘”the in visible rainbow” by arthur firstenbrag,
    stop calling them vaccines they are weaponized injections
    look at heavy 5g usage around the world makee the connection to the uptrend in deaths and heavy 5g implement usage.
    one more thing you cannot have more than 100% of anything, but you can have many folds of things such as 10 fold or 1500 fold, and yes it matters.

  50. Robert Dotson, MD

    Greg… One of your best interviews ever. Thanks for having Dr, Kory on again. He really is a remarkable man. Like many here, more than half my family is vaxxed up – including mother-in-law, Army Capt, Fire/Paramedic, Nurse, researcher for a pharma company, bank employee, etc. – and they continue believing the narrative without a second thought. Of course, crazy uncle is ignored. Sadly, they are all starting on the grand kids now! Very frustrating.
    At the end of the day, there is nothing one can do to break them out of the mass hypnosis. As I have said many times,, the only thing that seems to get people’s attention is MAJOR trauma – death or disability of close friends and family. Sadly, it is just a matter of time now.
    This is the result of replacing faith in a Living God – a Divine Entity – with the idols of “science” (which is anti-science), allopathic medicine (dedicated to creating and maintaining disease), and “government” (committed to robbing the peasants of freedom, blood and treasure – always).
    Thanks for all you do to get the Truth out!

    • Charles H.

      Great comment, Doctor.

    • Tim

      Hi Robert,

      You are right on. Unfortunately the major trauma will happen. The only question is when this will happen.

      Take care

  51. Jennifer

    Great interview Greg,
    Everyone should share this one with friends and family and everyone that they know!

  52. Cheryl

    Dr. Kory, the straight talk doctor. Refreshing. On the topic of information war against human health… he makes passing comments about two powerful weapons, conventional peer review and RCT methodology. Both are potent weapons for censoring the truth. Especially RCT, the golden calf we have come to worship as the gold standard in health research. There are far superior methods for assessing health outcomes but they require more that common knowledge of a t-test. As many of these alternative truth speakers are showing us, dis-intermediating the old institutions will bring us back to health.

  53. Pam

    What amazes me, it’s two years into this and we are still right where we were in 2020, where it all began………….Are we really that stupid?
    The excrement keeps building up and we poor pathetic souls think it’s a tiptoe through the tulips………….Thank you Dr. Kory for a moment of fresh air……….

  54. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for bringing us Dr. Kory. It is most helpful to get the updated real information in support of sustaining good health. At this point, in terms of what I see in relation to this continuing discussion, I find that it is not useful to have discussion with those that chose to get the inoculation. They are still in the camp of continuing the path of mainstream media and mainstream conventional medicine. My prediction is that until or unless they fall ill with horrifying residual effect of these inoculations will they be open to and willing to recognize the lie that continues to kill them.

  55. Sean

    Tollovid is said to be 4x more effective 3cl proteaser then ivermectin. Tollovid is derived from chinese root that goes by a few names – gromwell root, muraski, zi cao

    • Greg Hunter

      Where is the science? A ton of science has been done on Ivermectin and it is proven by more than 100 peer-reviewed studies to back that up.

  56. Dick Jones

    Does anyone know anything about blood transfusions from jabbed to unjabbed? Are purebloods encouraged to start a personal blood account or something?

  57. Paul

    Hopefully by now,
    People understand that EXISTING governments aren’t for we the people, rather we the chosen. Evident in every institution.
    So serious opposition must be applied in your power to do so.

    Struggle is better than giving up.. when you struggle you sense that you are alive but when you give up the aim of your life diminishes and so do you..

    Wish all well, except our oppressors.

    Paul from arkansas

    • IIG

      Hopefully people now understand that Nazi Fascist Commie Neocons are in control of our governments – and have been doing “regime changes around the world to install queers and tranny’s into positions of power” (who obviously will more easily take orders to exterminate and blur the relationships between men and women – to destroy the family and religion – and to more easily promote the Globalists eugenics goals to kill all the children to stop procreation of the species as they exterminate humanity with their “jab”!!

  58. Ken

    Has anyone heard of pets like dogs or cats getting sick from being around their humans who have had the Vax ?

    • Myn

      Yes I have. Clif H said he also experienced this.
      I personally know of a medium size dog vomiting alot sleeping with a vaxed person. It’s been over a year and the vomiting has just gone away but in the beginning, it was weekly.

    • IIG

      The idiot morons who took the Story Time “jab” – because it was “mandated” (by out of the closet perverted queer, lesbian and transgender psychopaths placed into government positions of power) – are now about to find out these same insane psycho pedophile child molesting and murdering stooges (now aborting children for the good of the planet) – are getting ready to mandate that “you must now kill your pet dogs and cats (for the good of the planet) – the Globalists have put pedophile queers and tranny’s in as heads of governments around the world and now their “most demented queer” (Zelinsky) is about to start World War III for the Globalists – so they can do “a Regime Change in Russia” (and replace Putin with a queer or tranny they can more easily control)!!

  59. Ronald Dalton

    Hey Greg can you give us an update on Robert Kirby thank you sir

    • Greg Hunter

      Rob is breathing more and more on his own but still in medically induced coma. He is slowly getting better, and I stress slowly.

      • Tabitha Sloan

        Greg, what happened to Rob? He’s my favorite!!!

      • Steven

        Rob has been lucky to thus far survive the hospital kill zone…

        • Greg Hunter

          I just heard he is off the ventilator and starting to wake up for the medically induced coma. Looks like he getting a little better every day.

  60. Kathy

    Thank you and Dr. Kory, Greg. Great enlightening info. Appreciate your dedication to truth and also that of your guests!

  61. Justn Observer

    Greg, Thanks again, as always another inspiring, knowledgeable interview and great guest.
    Moving forward….

    Select this url, copy it and then paste it on all your social media.

    Peace, safety, and good health to all here …we ARE in this together whether we like of choose to be! Many blessings, He is for us, we only have to choose to be with Him…Keep the faith!

  62. oneno

    Dr. Cole holds-up tube containing 12-inch rubbery string pulled from a vein:


    In 10-months of 2021 all cause mortality in 18 – 40 US military members up 1100% – genocide reported by an insurer.


    Depopulation: ShenZen – before and after


  63. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg, I’m glad that you’re not falling for the Ukraine BS. The American truckers convoy is in Washington DC now. Have you heard anything about them on TV? Maybe the Ukraine lies are simply a distraction from the truckers.
    Thank you also for having Dr. Kory on again. Once or twice I thought I was coming down with something, and I took the horse paste and a little cannabis. I believe that also cures the covid. The next morning, whatever it was was gone. I did that twice and became convinced. The horse paste works, at least for me. Recently a friend took a vacation in Mexico. She went into a drug store and bought a bunch of the human style Ivermectin pills. Very cheap. No prescription needed. Just walked in and loaded up. Coming back, no problems with customs. I was thinking this might become like the good old days where we brought back cannabis from Mexico, but we had to be careful and inventive at the US border. That whole illegal grass thing was probably at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies, too. There’s an opportunity here, Greg, for the “mules” to ride again.
    The reason Ivermectin, and HCQ, will NEVER be officially recognized is that it would take away the Emergency Use Authorization for the “kill-shots”. One of the three requirements for obtaining an EUA is that there be no alternative therapies. Both HCQ and Ivermectin fit the bill. You’re not going to convince the people who in their arrogance and hatred for Trump and his supporters, foolishly took the jab. They’ll just get angry. I’ve experienced it too. There’re brainwashed or have “mass formation psychosis,” whatever you want to call it. It’s really just refusing to believe what they don’t want to be true. Following Pied Piper Fauci rather than their own minds and science. Great interview, Greg. Thank you.

  64. Hottub

    Awesome, awesome interview Greg! You are a SAINT for doing what you do!

    I’ve listened to and read both Dr. Kory and Dr. Robert Malone for close to a year now. I refuse these experimental gene therapy shots and for good reason. I will say this: I did contract omicron about a month ago. Was very, very tired and stayed in bed for three days before recovering completely. I believe my daily regime of of Vitamin D3 and B1, along with Zinc, Quercetin, Magnesium and Calcium, which I’ve been doing for 3 + years now helped immensely. Nice to see my regime was verified on FLCCC.NET. Plus eating a non-processed food diet of chicken, fish, and steamed fresh vegetables is very important.

    The only question I have these days is this: Where have all the critical thinkers gone? Seems like many are addicted to being told what to do by the mainstream media (newspapers, radio, TV, etc). I’d say government public schooling hasn’t helped one bit. you know, smart enough to do the jobs but dumb enough not to know what’s going on.

    Thanks again for what you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Hot.”

  65. Frank Stiles

    Great interview with Dr. Kory, Greg! We should all adopt the sentiment: Whether vaxxed or Pureblood, Blue or Red, if you’re “awake”, you’re always welcome”.

  66. Self Exiled

    Went into Ukraine on his own. Hire this guy Greg, expand.


    There is more activity than where I’m at now.

  67. FreeBirdJohn

    Hey Greg,
    Does Dr Kory have any knowledge or experience with using ChlorineDioxide (MMS) for treating vax injury or CV?

    • Greg Hunter

      It never came up.

  68. oneno

    Putin is a NWO Klaus Shwab stooge as per Corbett Report 416 the same as Justin Trudeau.

    Evidence: Joint Statement on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, Putin went to the NWO school, but I think Putin is off the reservation by miles.

      • Dan

        Putin left it 10 years ago. I think he was there just to see what was inside. As the mafia saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Putin is fighting the NWO now in Ukraine, taking out the biolabs and the human tracking pedophiles. I killed my TV 25 years ago, and stopped listening to their lies 50 years ago. I knew the magic bullet JFK bullet story was a lie in 1964, so the lies never stop. Now if you could just get the sheep to kill that TV it would free them.

      • Coal Burner

        I believe that is how Putin knows their game and does not want to be a party to it. So they hate him same as us.

  69. Linda

    Greg, I have sent this to my daughter, who is a medical professional ( a physician assistant). I think she has ruled the booster out, thank God. But, I suppose I am trying to reach her on another level. She will not talk much about any of this, so I don’t know much about what she thinks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s my take on what you said about your daughter. Your daughter has ruled out the “booster” because she is already having trouble. She won’t tell you, but she knows she is sick in some way. Your daughter can help herself dramatically if she takes a 3 to 5 day 2 x dose of Ivermectin. (9mgs per 100 pounds is a standard dose.) This will be an anti-inflammatory and bind to the spike proteins she is making like crazy and safely remove them from her body. She must have a build up of “Spike” and that’s why 3 to 5 days at first treatment according to Dr. Kory. This is NOT a cure. It is a treatment. Then, she should (as Dr. Kory says) to take Ivermectin twice a week until further notice (That’s the standard 9mgs per 100 pound dose.) Who knows when this vax/inoculation/bio-weapon stops making spike proteins which may peter out in months, years or never. (There is so much we do not know about the Vax.)

  70. George Prica

    I am the only doctor in our 500 provider healthcare system writing for Ivermectin. I was promised 5 months ago that I could continue my prescribing it after I produced studies defending my treatment of ambulatory Covid-19. Since then, the FDA has gone all out in threatening hospitals, pharmacies, state health boards and insurance companies to end this practice. I am now finding my employer creating a case to be rid of me by stacking multiple false anonymous complaints against me without admitting that it has all to do with Ivermectin prescribing.

    Dr. Korey is a true hero!

  71. Paul

    After this interview I thought it would be informative to us lay people what the Hippocrates oath reads
    link below:


    Unfortunately, the doctors thought it was hypocrite oath

    Paul from arkansas

  72. Jerry

    Major False Flag Alert. The rumor mill is ripe with news that the NWO is going to use a Russian Dagger

    To assassinate Biden and trigger a war between Russia and NATO.
    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I have a personal source in Europe that has told me there is a lot of military hardware being positioned strategically all over Europe. A few months ago two tank battalions were loaded on ships in California destined somewhere? Once again I don’t know for sure this is true, but ever since 9/11 I don’t discount anything?
    History has a way of repeating itself, and false flags are the NWO mode of operation to control events.

    • Coal Burner

      Well, that is one way to get rid of a senile old crook. But it wouldn’t make me want WAR with Putin. The Warrior class families would thank him!

    • Lester Flat

      Makes sense Jerry. Putin being one of the earliest of the George Soros /Clause Schwab young leaders. They have felt Putin double crossed them not long after he took control of Russia and have been trying to undermine him ever since and now are especially angry and upset, because he’s actually gotten ahead of them, cutting them off at the pass in Ukraine, instituting the global reset on Russia, China, Saudi Aramco terms!
      The Soros/Hillary/Schwab/Morell/Brennan/Obama gang can kill two birds with one stone[Dagger hypersonic missile]. Knock off Biden, [he’s got to go before the mid-terms anyways, because they would loose the US. fer sure, if he stuck around] and then gain back mother Russia in the turmoil of the assassination and the ensuing hyper wag the doggy WWIII of Ukraine and all eastern Europe !
      Shades of 1914 Sarajevo!
      Trouble On The Campus!
      This new video of AOC is ‘terrifying’: Charlie Hurt
      1,056,938 views Mar 20, 2022


      Jerry03/20/2022 •
      Major False Flag Alert. The rumor mill is ripe with news that the NWO is going to use a Russian Dagger
      To assassinate Biden and trigger a war between Russia and NATO.

    • Jerry

      Update 03/21/2022 4:00 A.M.

      Dovetail this information with my last post, and figure it out for yourself. The Russians are clearly worried about retaliation for a reason. Dog and pony show? Maybe. But …..Sunday they fired a dagger hypersonic missile into a Ukrainian fortification that was rumored to have American mercenaries in it.

  73. Catherine Cronin

    Can anyone tell me WHY these COVID’s cause hair to shed? Is incredibly obvious to me that their BIOWEAPON had a disease that affected hormonal balance. Anyone have thoughts about this weird symptom ?

    • Steve Bice

      It has long been my assumption that the symptoms are so varied because the spike protein causes micro-clotting throughout the body. Wherever the endothelial damage occurs is where damage manifests. There may be other mechanisms in play that we do not yet understand, but systemic micro-clotting can explain the unpredictable and widespread damage to the body.

    • IIG

      Internal parasites cause malnutrition which can lead to vitamin deficiencies and hence hair loss – before the Covid “tapeworm like” parasites multiply in the veins of the body to the point where they actually Clot and Stop blood flow “killing the host” – they will stop the body from absorbing essential nutrients “causing dry hair, brittle hair and hair loss” – the use of ginger, apple cider vinegar, onions, garlic and Ivermectin should be used to kill these internal parasites “before” they kill the host!!

    • Joanna

      It’s not “COVID” that’s causing hair loss.
      It’s EMF poisoning!!
      5G is a weapon!
      COVID is the symptoms of 5G (EMF) exposure.
      Remdesivir is the kill shot in the hospitals.
      This was our Nazi moment and I could count on one hand how many Dr’s/Nurses spoke out in the beginning! They’re either “not good at their jobs (most definitely) or complicit (some are just pure evil). What an absolute shame!

      What was left of the greatest generation were murdered in cold blood.

    • Vic L

      My 66 year old healthy wife spent five days in the hospital this past August because this damn bioweapon attacked her lungs. We are both unvaxed. Only through the Grace of God did she survive. Afterwards, one of the side effects of this attack was a substantial loss of hair on her head. Every time she showered, she would lose globs of hair which I would clean from the drain guard because she was still recovering from her illness. It was bizarre to say the least. Since we are all adults here, I will tell you that I asked her if she was also losing hair from her private areas and she said no. It was only from her head. We don’t understand any of this. Thankfully, the loss of head hair has stopped and she appears to be back to normal. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!!

  74. Paul

    One more comment:
    The “ruling class”:
    Often referred to as the “levers of power”
    Let’s reword this to the
    “Levers of people” for strategies forward for actual change

    I wish you all well, except our oppressors

    Resistance from arkansas

    • IIG

      In the Globalist “inner circles” they are known as the “Committee of 300” – they have for a very long time installed all our US Presidents (and they always determine who the President appoints as Secretary of State)!!!

      • IIG

        These Globalists have their henchmen within the US (like Victoria Nuland, etc., etc.) use the mantle of patriotism to hide their objectives – they wrap themselves in the American flag “to get people to trust them” in their leadership roles – which they know is essential to advancing the Globalists objectives of endless wars and “jab’s” (to further population reduction) – “un-elected” Nuland working for the Globalists is clandestinely appointed over and over again through many administrations – and her tactics are always the same – demonize the opponent “to justify war and regime change” – even when the facts are total bullshit (i.e. simply accuse your opponents of imaginary weapons of mass destruction and of doing exactly what you yourself are doing)!!

      • IIG

        And to find out who rules the Committee of 300 – one simply has to look in the Bible for the answer – https://ugetube.com/watch/the-global-elites-have-begun-a-hot-war-against-us-mp4_2uZpWPvU5gCQ8qQ.html

  75. Marcman

    It seems to me the Ukrainian narrative is braking the Central Banksters, the bio lab’s been dismantled will open the doors for the world to heal. The big Pharmaceuticals are a big part of Narcotics trafficking and big chash flow for the CB fraud calling it self medicine.
    Putin has cut the head of the hidden snake, like all snakes when their heads are removed, it will slither around before life is drained.

    • IIG

      There are hundreds of other “US bio-weapon snakes” that need to be be-headed all around the world – but to speak of such things – will have Romney come after you as being a traitor – so – first order of business is for us to remove Romney (the snake protector) from office forever – and then – get on with the business of removing Satan’s bio-weapon curse from our world – which means also putting Big Pharma out of business!!
      Note: Anyone still holding Big Pharma stocks in their IRA’s should get out now (before they are sued into bankruptcy by an enraged public dying from their “jabs”)!!!

  76. Paul

    LTC Hal Moore is talking about the brave men who died over the course of battle in the Ia Drang Valley just days and hours prior to this interview. Imagine the gut-wrenching feelings going through a battle-tested leader like him at the moment he’s talking about his troopers.

    And so – This is why we fight here and now for free and fair elections and don’t give a damn whether you worthless, crony, comfortable, money-hungry, sellout politicians – who never picked up a rifle or put on a pair of boots a day in your lives – like it or not.

    Your lack of character to do the right thing is an insult to every single serviceman and woman this country has ever sacrificed for the brand of freedom.
    And even though you smirk and laugh now – you will regret it in your gut one day for being cowards. And it will eat at your very existence. And I hope it does. Because you deserve to have your own self-preserving cowardice eat at your consciences.

    That’s what cowardice does. It eats at a man. Until there’s nothing left of you. Because even if nobody else knows. You know. And all you’ll have left when you look back at your bank accounts and your false legacies will be what is heaped up on top of anything else you may count as an accomplishment – the cowardly act you committed when you didn’t have the guts to stand up and do the right thing when it really counted. And somebody else had to pick up the guidon or the torch and run towards the fight in your place. Because you were too damn scared to do the right thing.

    I’m going to tell you what I and many others like me will do. I am going to dedicate however much longer it takes to win and at the same time, defeat whoever stands in the way of freedom again in this country. I don’t care about money or fame or glory. I care about winning. And when motives are oriented in the direction of victory without reception, that my friends in elected office – is a very very powerful force to be reckoned with. You have energized the wrong group of Americans. We have no motive other than to win. And we will win. Mark my words. We will win.

    Resistance from arkansas

    • Nick Reynolds

      Good luck! My hat is off to you. Sun Tzu wrote that to defeat any opponent, first make yourself invulnerable, then wait, and watch for your opponent to make a mistake. Know yourself and know your enemy, and you need not fear a hundred battles.

      • Paul

        Nick thanks for reply,
        I have sun tsu book. It has been in my library for 30 years and has been applied to my businesses. Practically know it verbatim. I also know the math of numbers, (applied to people) of doubling each time (awakening).
        This passage was written by a army captain last week link below:

        I hope part of Greg’s mission statement
        Besides information is to effect change, make strategy and create action. Otherwise I am on the wrong platform in this time of history.
        I have listened to for Greg 6 years, and commented for 2 months. Perception of demographics here is retired or close and very few have any fighting spirit left.
        It’s all left on Greg’s and guest shoulders.

        Wish all well, except our oppressors

        Resistance from arkansas

        • IIG

          We better begin to use our Sun-Tsu fighting abilities “for more then just election integrity” – but to take out the evil Fascist “Commie” Neocons now doing their “regime change operation in Russia” – while Soro’s is preparing us for “a regime change” in China – this is sure to bring nuclear WWIII upon the entire world “by early next year” (according to Martin Armstrong and his Socrates computer program)!!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/leading-economist-warns-nuclear-war-is-part-2-of-the-great-reset_9kPLwdOk6wMWKHi.html

  77. Randall

    This should have stopped all the mRNA jabs right then and there, but sadly, how much more of this are we going to endure? https://openvaers.com/covid-data/covid-reports/2152560. It is especially bad when children are involved.

  78. James Barrett

    I trust no doctor, any where for any reason ever again. I will never have an injection of any kind ever again. As far as I am concerned all doctors and nurses who went along with this mask BS and the clot shots are murderers.

    • Hottub

      Agreed 1000%.

  79. SkeptiSchism

    You know how democrats love the open border to let in future voters? I’m beginning to think this covid and ‘vaccine’ (experimental gene modification) it to create sick people that will be dependent on medicine, i.e. socialized medicine. More future voters, who’s gonna vote against cutting off life dependent drugs?

    • SkeptiSchism

      Sorry I meant vote for cutting off life dependent drugs?

  80. Paul

    My previous post was from:
    James Tesauro, a former Army Captain

    And I believe and will follow his words

    Resistance from arkansas

  81. Mike West

    Awesome Greg…..as usual

  82. ken

    The doctor seems adamant about helping people and is clearly confused as to why the medical system seems to not care.

    Instead of using people with MD and PhD attached try using a person that looks for clues like a detective in a police force. What would he find? With all the clues it is obvious the injection is killer.

    Secondly, watching how the government is pushing so hard to get these shots into every living thing he would state it is premeditated.

    Thirdly, since all the data shows without a doubt that the injections are deadly, giving it to someone would be homicide, no different than giving a person a known poison.

    As for the alleged disease,,, there is no proof that any Sars (1 or 2) exists. If you were to ask a guest how they know for sure the disease exists you would probably lose that guest. They believe everything the CDC and WHO say. The petri dish isolation method is a joke. And the most damning thing is the same people we know lying to us about everything else,,, for some unexplained reason we believe them when they say they have properly isolated the virus.

    A good interview for sure…. Be nice if that doctor -or any doctor- can find a cure for the injection but if they did, like Ivermectim, I guarantee you the treatment would be forbidden by government…

  83. Jeff robbins

    I bought some of the 1.87% horse paste from the internet. Very affordable. Not sure why it isn’t over counter any way. I also have a liquid for sprains, strains, and infections ‘Super Green’. It’s for animals too and it works. I’ve been taking the paste, about a half dose twice a week, mixing it with jam on my morning toast. Sounds like i need to stock up a bit more. Strange times we’re in, sure does look like the west -us- is in for some comeuppance.

  84. Mark Sansone

    SPJ Code of Ethics

  85. Joanna

    There is no virus.
    Anyone peddling the narrative of a mystical “virus” is just the other arm of propaganda.
    They knew they wouldn’t fully get away with what they did so they made sure they had people on the other side to push the therapeutics only. Ever notice no one is talking about the fact that they’ve NEVER isolated a virus.
    Conventional Dr’s don’t understand healthcare. How could they? They were taught the inversion of healthcare in the Rockefeller/Carnegie schools. I don’t give Dr’s that believe in a “virus” the time of day! They don’t understand who we really are and how our bodies work!

    “177 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever”


    Follow Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Andrew Kaufman for really answers!
    Stefan Lanka couldn’t isolate a “virus”

  86. Victor Showman Shokan

    #KlausSchwab #TheGreatReset #WEF
    The Great Reset: This Is How He Does It
    806,535 views Mar 20, 2022 Russell Brand
    WEF’s Young Global Leaders program has the world’s most important leaders & tech CEOs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page of Google & the founder of Wikipedia. This was explained by Nick Corbishley, who is the author of Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom.

  87. Roger Crowell

    The Hunter Biden laptop story shows Joe is ‘compromised’
    198,843 views Mar 20, 2022 Sky News Australia
    The New York Post’s columnist Miranda Devine says the real take-away from the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is the serious claims the US president has been “compromised” by the money and gifts given to his son by Ukrainian and Chinese interests.
    Among photos of Hunter indulging in illegal drugs, there was potentially criminating information about payment and gifts given to him by foreign interests.
    There were indications in the emails that Joe Biden may have also received some of the money and gifts, although this has not been independently verified.
    Despite the Post’s story having significant public interest ahead of the 2020 election, all the major media outlets dismissed the story and social media giants banned it from being published.
    If they fooled you before and still refuse to admit they’re liar’s, why believe them now and in future, from the reset from hell?

  88. Lawrence Baker

    Transparency is the Truth. People that keep secrets about the true facts, are lying to you with criminal contempt for the Truth”

  89. Klaus Meyer

    Chris Hedges: Waltzing To Armageddon
    BY TYLER DURDEN MAR 19, 2022
    Authored by Chris Hedges via ConsortiumNews.com,
    The Dr. Strangeloves, like zombies rising from the mass graves they created around the globe, are once again stoking new campaigns of industrial mass slaughter.
    Well Meet Again In The End>…….SINGING THIS SONG!

    • Mandrake Sibly

      Klaus, what could go wrong sir?

      5,001 views Jul 18, 2016
      WHAT COULD GO WRONG?????????
      Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb with audio descriptions by Stanley Kubrick.

  90. Julie A Cohick

    Greg & Dr.Kory, I have been put in Twitter 7 day jail twice in less than 3 weeks. Both of the jail time was because I posted how good or agreed with someone on how good Ivermectin worked in saving lives. They probably also did not like the fact that I added to the headline that 1000’s & 1000’s are dying needlessly because Dr.’s & hospitals are not being allowed to update the Medical protocol treatment for COVID.

  91. Debbie Francis

    Mr. Greg Hunter and Dr. Pierre Kory,
    You both are heroes! Your courage will be celebrated in the centuries to come. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Debbie Francis

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, Has MSM and FOX gotten this bad at reporting war zones?


  93. Self Exiled

    Kinda sums things up.

    Waltzing To Armageddon


  94. Self Exiled

    And guess what comes along latter: and guess what else: An eventual vaccine using this method will likely involve multiple doses given over weeks to years. The new normal.



  95. Sam Morgan

    Wow! Great and informative interview.
    Ivermectin has an “unparalleled safety profile”!!
    So, we have proof that the public health authorities are LIARS.
    Why? Money…or Power? Both?

    • Nostradamus

      It Takes a Village of Bureaucrats to Implement Medical Despotism

      AMA = American Mafia Association
      CDC = Center for Death and Corruption
      FDA = Fraud and Death Association
      HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services
      MD = Moral Deficiency
      NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

    • Warren B.

      They have no Souls.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Self Exiled,
      Many thanks for the links. Very informative! This info underscores what I have been banging on about ad nauseam – the real enemies of ‘we the people’ are the dynastic central banking families. Federal income tax was introduced the year after the passing of the Federal Reserve Act. The purpose – to pay the interest on the debt ‘owed’ to the Fed in respect of loans to the government (corrupt politicians) created from nothing!!! You are highlighting a totally corrupt dynasty based on usury. Creating currency out of nothing and lending it at interest is the age old ‘art’ of Babylonian Money Magik. ‘We the people’ are all debt slaves. Even if we have managed to keep our financial affairs in order, we are each personally accountable for repayment of our respective country’s national debt to the central banking cabal. In the case of the US, that’s circa $65,000 for every man, woman, and child. Alarmingly, every newborn is instantly burdened with their share of the national debt!!! The perception is that the national debt is someone else’s problem, but the people of Greece know differently. When Greece could not pay the interest on their national debt, pensions were significantly reduced or even cancelled, the retirement age was increased, social security payments were reduced, national assets such as docks, airports, water and electricity utilities, were sold off to creditors at ‘fire sale’ prices, and respectable young mothers resorted to prostitution in order to put food on the table for their children!

  96. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    You’re busy, but I wonder if you know / could find out what’s happened to Clif High. Last time I heard him on was several weeks ago. This day and age I worry for all truth tellers so any news would be welcome.

    • Myn

      Clif is on bitchute. He has a few videos out recently

  97. Justin Castro

    2 of the most powerful interviews, back-to-back, that I’ve ever heard. And I will back up Dr. Kory and Dr. Skidmore’s statements with some local observations without revealing too many details to protect certain individuals.
    Our local long term care facility made it through 2 years of the China virus without a SINGLE death by meticulously following good old fashion infection control protocols that any decent medical school teaches. These seniors survived 2 clot shots and then another booster. Not enough. The provincial mandate said they now need a fourth booster. And that’s when they started dying in droves. They had so many “unexplained” deaths that their top medical advisor believed that there was a killer nurse loose on the units.
    We stand at a pivotal moment in history and you, Greg, are playing a key role. Keep up the fantastic work.

  98. Bible Reader

    A good interview, Greg & Dr. Kory!

    News briefs:

    Dr. Zelenko has a treatment for the vaxxed. It’s called Z-DTox.

    There were some news articles last week that said Tannic Acid can block the Covid virus’ spike protein.


    The CDC clown-show:



    Clueless CDC Admits They Never Suspected Waning Vaccines
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Fact Checked
    March 21, 2022
    Download PDF


    March 3, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky answered questions at Washington University, revealing she learned of the Pfizer shot efficacy data from CNN, which was a republished press release from the pharmaceutical company

    Walensky was unaware that the virus may mutate, or that the vaccine would not be effective against mutations, which was a question a financial analyst was astute enough to ask Pfizer

    Many of the talking points from the CDC originated from the same company that did President Biden’s polling in the 2020 election, which indicates that at least some of the “science” driving public health policy came from Impact Research, who are the “proud pollsters for President Joe Biden”

    Walensky admits that half the country doesn’t believe what she’s saying and that she’s been warned not to predict what’s happening next. She predicts the coronavirus will kill people every year and we’ll learn to live with it and masks will be here for a while since she hasn’t had a cold “in a really long time”

  99. Linda

    I just saw a strange commercial on the History Channel the other night. It was giving symptoms of deep vein thrombosis and telling people if they’re experiencing those to go to the ER right away. I thought it was odd to see that without it being related to selling a medication and I suspect it was perhaps to “normalize” these adverse effects of blood clots from the vaccine. Has anyone else seen this or similar ads? I know they are trying to run campaigns to normalize adverse effects in other countries. I’m in California.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Linda,
      Yes. Here in the UK there are constant TV ads that ‘normalise ‘CV19 vaccine’ injuries. For example, ads showing trauma from shingles and an ad from The British Heart Foundation that depicts a young female athlete falling prone on a playing field. That’s normal, right?! Thought shaping. George Orwell’s dystopian vision is upon us. He worked for British Intelligence during WWII. Was the novel ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ a warning, or a playbook? If ‘we the people’ are to avoid the “boot stamping on a human face forever” we need to fight back while we still have means to do so.

  100. Scott G

    Great interview Greg. I listened 2 or 3 times.

  101. Paul

    You do a good service here suggesting ways of safeguarding people’s hard earned money, everyday things for preparing and helping against medical tyranny and
    Further political folly.

    People must avoid the pitfall of in-action
    “Paralysis by analysis “

    As a smart website moderator I am sure your aware of:
    The disturbing trend within the freedom movement, which is the propensity for people to show far much more interest talking about the problem rather than talking about solutions. Other websites, Over the years , have noticed a consistent much lower readership on articles and guests having to do with solutions and strategies.

    I happen to be one of the ones in solution category.

    Best regards
    Resistance from arkansas

  102. Paul

    Keep in mind that the millennial generation is about 10 years away from becoming the dominant cultural force in this country, and those precious snowflakes are like another species. The majority of them long for collectivism, and they work diligently to stifle dissent in colleges and public schools. The great danger is that in ten to fifteen years many of the people within conservative movements might be too old to effectively fight back, and while we deal with economic disaster it will be millennials steeped in cultural Marxism that are elevated as part of the globalist solution.

    Whatever we end up doing, I believe we have about 10 years before hitting the point of no return (with ample crisis and struggle from now until then). After this, we will either have the globalists in prison or in the ground, or, we will have a massive economic reset and a new world order. The choice is up to us, even though some people don’t want to accept it.

    Resistance from arkansas

  103. Saved by Grace

    Greg, thanks for all your efforts they will not return void.

    Same Jesus Christ is LORD.
    New Church family, Brave Church is the best on-line church family, FACT.



  104. Saved by Grace

    Mr. Greg Hunter, also I heard some good news two (2) Thursday’s ago, March 10 AD2022. ” Russia cured covid 19 ”

    Covid is cured now it’s Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia

    The other Good News is the Gospel.



  105. PersonaNonGrata

    Ukraine – discussion between Gerald Celente and Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

  106. mtman2

    Dear Greg:
    Thanks for your “fair + balanced” connects to info needed…!
    Regarding the casting aspersions on White Pine tea; here is the scientific breakthru’s of this going back over 100yrs with Dr. Judy Mikowits explaining this along with the facts and history…!
    ~ ie = To fully grasp to be enlightened one must read this links informed factual history of the medicinal reality carefully laid out…very EYE OPENING!!!
    Many of us drink this daily mixed in regular teas + coffee!!!

  107. Bill McFarlane

    Greg, just viewed this on BitChute, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but if not check it out. OMG. Never knew so much detail about the history. THE COMMITTEE OF 300 MEN WHO RUN THE WORLD

  108. Jannette

    Hi Greg just wanted to thank you for the great interviews!

  109. oneno

    from jimstone:

    ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER: They put AIDS into the MRNA vax to disable people’s immune systems so the immune systems would not attack the shot. They then had all ready to go an “aids treatment” that people could take to avoid dying after getting the MRNA shot. ADDITIONALLY, military deaths are projected to be 50X normal in 2022 after the military was forced to get vaxxed

    The video embedded in the quote was posted above




    • Warren B.

      “They put AIDS into the MRNA vax to disable people’s immune systems so the immune systems would not attack the shot”……
      That is not correct information.
      AIDS is the adverse intentional reaction of the shot(s) = a depleted Innate Immune System.
      AIDS is not a disease. It is not a virus that is transmissible.
      I have posted this many times on this site.
      What is being evidenced in many who have fallen ill/died from taking the COVID-19 gene altering bioweapon injections …..is THE 21ST CENTURY AIDS. This is by design.
      The Lipid nanoparticle structure is designed in such a way that the bodies immune system will not attack / destroy it…..thereby allowing it to do its nefarious work by entering cells and dragging the SARS COV-2 virus and spike protein manufacturing with it. It works using the Endothelial cells (blood /lymphatic vessels)…..that is why you can see all organs of the human body being attacked indiscriminately….and why blood clots are evident. Normal White blood cell manufacture becomes an issue (severely depressed) ….and that leads to an immune system dysregulation/ degradation = AIDS.

  110. Ron

    Greg, how about asking Dr. Tess Lawrie for an interview?

  111. jh

    City of Chicago in documents will not give religious exemptions and docs saying there are no aborted babies in vaxxx. The mayor of the city of Chicago is now the HEAD of the church and says Ivermectin has aborted babies with aspirin so they will not receive IVM

    Mayor Lightfoot has HEAD of the Church shut down churches with the Gov. Lightfoot counters okeefe who broke the story. I have seen docs. wonder what okeefe from veritas would say.

    If the police are forced to get vaxxxed how will they protect the citizens of this unconstitutionality ?. If police cannot save themselves how can they protect the city ?

    Defund the police is now vaxxx death the police from the Head of the Church mayor lightfeet.

    • jh

      two cousins died of vax first jab. Heart attacks. Lightfeet went from Defund the police to jab the police

  112. Anita

    Great guest, thank you both

  113. Tracey

    Hi Greg,

    I am wondering if there is an alternative to Ivermectin because I have a prescription for it but to fill it will be $320 for 30 days. This is economically not feasible.

    Any suggestions besides Ivermectin? Not sure how many common folks can afford to take this.

    Thank you!

  114. Betsy Thiede

    What if I am not vexed, but had covid. Do I still have spike proteins. I am having irregular bleeding and weird clots I have never had before

  115. Yoga Guy

    Rest of the world are here too… maybe the elitists have a bigger picture than only America. Just a thought… Thanks for the intel 🙏

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