AI Wants to Identify, Vilify, Nullify & Destroy All Patriots – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Filmmaker, author, and veteran radio host Steve Quayle says there is not just a plan to take down the President, but a much larger plan to take down America. The plan depends on artificial intelligence (AI) to get this done. Steve Quayle explains, “The United States, by all evidence, is undergoing a behind the scenes, total attempt to overthrow and take down President Trump and to identify all of his followers . . . by whatever means possible. I believe there is an orchestrated attempt and takedown underway to assassinate Alex Jones and those who are on talk radio. I have been on talk radio 25 years. The entire program is based on artificial intelligence (AI). We have assassination algorithms (AA) and not just AI, but AA. What is being postulated is simply this: to identify, vilify, nullify and destroy.”

Quayle goes on to say, “Look at how it has gone with Donald Trump. He’s a bad man. He’s vilified with all the false accusations against him. Nullify, he’s not fit to be President. “D” in the formula is destroy. The full scale, I would call back room overthrow of the duly elected President, has gone on with such extreme hatred, malice and a supernatural wickedness. . . . What is happening is the intelligence community, the Department of Justice and all the federal agencies along with the State Department . . . are all occultists and belong to secret brotherhoods. . . . At the end of the day, they have been promised plenty of cash and plenty of prestige and power if they will just buy the lie. That is what’s going on.”

Quayle contends we are not just fighting flesh and blood, but evil. Quayle says, “This root of evil is a supernatural root of evil . . . and it is all, all enveloped in the political realm. The fact is that Donald Trump is believing God’s people make intercession for him in prayers. The black community is shunning the black pastors, and they are saying look, he’s not a racist, he’s a realist.”

In closing, Quayle says, “The only thing I know that can overcome the evil is the power that Jesus gives us. You can cast out devils in his name. . . . The obedient followers of Jesus Christ are going to experience a miraculous realm that has not been seen since the days of the apostles. Jesus said you are going to do even greater things than I do. I say all the time to the Lord in prayer, isn’t it time to see that manifesting because evil is manifesting? It’s open. They don’t hide any longer. They are no longer occluded. . . . They are in plain sight, and it infuriates me people are playing into their hands.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle  to talk about his new book called “Terminated” and his upcoming conference in Branson, Missouri, that is all about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

(This video is about the ongoing coup to remove President Trump, the evil people doing this and the power of Christ to stop them.)

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After the Interview:

There is free lots of information on For information about the upcoming AI conference in Branson, Missouri go to


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  1. This Sceptred Isle

    The pagan’s greatest achievement was convincing us that they are just a bunch of primitives. In reality they have led religious people and atheists a merry dance. They created the most advanced societies in history (as well as constructing its greatest monuments such as the pyramids) and remain our leaders to this day.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you believe in Jesus Christ none of that matters.

      • Beverly Kingsford

        Pray Day and Night. Everyone on this site needs to pray every day for President Trump. Pray for his safety from people who would kill him. Pray that he will have the wisdom and strength he needs to run this country. Pray for his family and their safety. Pray that Trump will turn to God in prayer and that he will be humble and full of faith. We all need to pray these things every day for any chance of saving our country. And, Christ can save this country if He wishes to, but we have to be repentant. All these fires out west—just part of the humbling process, and it could get worse. We have to be humble.

  2. Chip2

    Brother Nathanael just did a video about the usage of A.I. for identifying “hate speech”, which will be employed to shut down conservatives:

    Greg, that would be a hoot if you interviewed Brother Nathanael! He is quite a character.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t generally like Brother Nathanael but in this case he makes a good point.

    • Frederick

      Brother Nathaniel is brilliant and of course Greg doesn’t ordinarily like him That’s NO surprise He speaks the truth about his beloved Israel

      • Greg Hunter

        He speaks “his truth” about Israel. That said, BN did make a great point about “Hate Speech” and IA tech blocking any thoughts the powers “hate”!

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Perhaps if so many people are critical about Israel it is for a reason. Assad and Putin are portrayed as evil yet Israelis can shoot up Palestinian kids playing football on a beach, in self defence – pathetic!

          • Greg Hunter

            The reason is they are Godless anti-Semitics who want to blame Jews for their problems when their own country (UK) is being overrun with evil Muslim pedophiles and rapists while their leaders jail people for pointing that out. That’s what I call “Pathetic”!!

            • This Sceptred Isle

              My only problem with Israel is that they need to man-up and hold up their hands when they do something wrong. The Zionists historically engaged in terrorism and have deliberately targeted civilians including children. I am not saying the Palestinians don’t but I have never heard them deny it or make excuses on the scale of Israel – and Israel is doing these things with American money so they are accountable to your country not the other way round.

              • Greg Hunter

                Yeah right and the UK should prosecute members of MI6 that participated in the failed coup of Donald Trump. Those weasels should be prosecuted, but it is a harsh and unfair world out there isn’t it? By the way, maybe if Hamas and the Palestinian Authority would take out of their charter that their stated goal is to wipe out Israel (and all the Jews) they might make some progress towards peace. Maybe if the Palestinians would stop teaching their children (starting in the 1st grade) to hate Jews and tell them killing Jews is what they should aspire to do, they might make some progress on peace. Maybe if the Palestinian government would stop paying reward money for stabbing and killing Jews, they might make some progress towards peace. There is a lot of sin to go around in the Middle East. Let’s not gloss over part of the problem.

              • Barbara G

                When you going to visit Israel?

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  So I can only have an opinion on countries I have visited. Has Greg visited Syria to personally investigate those Iranian bases? Idiotic comment.

            • Donald

              “Godless anti-Semitics who want to blame Jews for their problems”

              Remember, not all Jews are the same. The ones that cause all the problems are essentially psychopaths and psychopaths can be found in all nations.

              • Greg Hunter

                The people causing the problems worship Satan.

  3. virginia M conway

    I miss Art Bell……

  4. Chip2

    You know this A.I. will be employed to scour our emails and other communications, going back to the earliest internet-era records. They already do for marketing purposes, only this time, it will be to identify conservatives for ostracism. Bring it!

  5. Charles Turnerct

    Did I hear correctly, that your channel is blacklisted by the military? That’s ridiculous. You are a straight down the middle, god fearing guy that has a huge variety of guests covering a wide range of subjects. I can’t think of anything that you personally have said in the last few years which has been misleading or false. the only time that I thought you were over the top is when you gave Catherine Austin Fitts a hard time over Iran a couple of years ago. But it turned out that you were absolutely right and Catherine is no snowflake and is able to give as hard as she gets.

    • paul ...

      To prevent the military from blacklisting this channel … I offer some helpful thoughts on how the warmongers can finally get a war started with Iran … obviously Iran is not playing by the rules by having the unmitigated gall to continue to abide “by an unsigned deal” that prevents them from building nuclear weapons of mass destruction … this is intolerable … economic sanctions must be imposed against them for their callous disregard of doing what a terrorist state should rightfully be doing (building weapons of mass destruction) … so taking away their ability to use US dollars is a good move on the neocons part … and taking away their right to sell their oil is another good move along with threatening Europe to also stop buying Iran oil … but where the neocon warmongers have fallen down on the job is not presenting Iran “an easy target” in the Gulf of Hormuz … did they so easily forget what Roosevelt did at Pearle Harbor? … they should present Iran “an irresistibly easy target for them to attack” to get WWIII started … and then do as Truman did (when he refused to accept eight(8) offers by Japan to surrender … until he could drop a couple of nukes on non-military Japanese cities and kill millions of civilian women and children) … so my suggestion is … if Iran tries to surrender do as Truman did … don’t accept any surrender deal (signed or unsigned) … until enough Iranian cities are nuked … to show the world what America does to Nations that have the gall to abide by “some unsigned illegal deal” that prevents them from building weapons of mass destruction … and thus limits our ability to call them out for having such weapons of mass destruction!

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle,we are enthralled by technology but not by its application.
    Mr Denninger has a painfully accurate analysis of technology in the hands of evil,
    and information in the hands of evil is still poisonous
    The evil that men do is just a follow on from previous evil and breaking that cycle will be painful.
    Here in the UK the files on the elite are thick and no doubt juicy it’s what propels them in their evilness.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria.

    • Joe J.

      Read the book “The Hidden Evil” by Mark Rich.
      I have read it twice bc I was a target of such evil. Evil that was designed to ruin me, and did a good job of it.
      Anyone targeted will understand this book. Especially volume II where it describes the program and mentions the evil behind some m a s s – s h o o t i n g s.. Volume I adresses the financial elites and such.
      You can download a free pdf of it online, or buy it on eBay or Amazon.

  7. paul ...

    So the evil ones Quayle speaks of are alien beings intent on destroying the human race … not a very hopeful picture … and because they are “not human” … the mass extinction of 95% of humanity is easy for these aliens to do … they likely look upon us “as insects” that must be exterminated so they can have our planet for themselves … bet if any humans do manage to survive … it will likely only be the ones kept in cages (the same way we keep animals in a zoo) … no doubt these aliens probably already have a human zoo colony on Mars who will never be able to escape captivity and confinement … because we can’t breathe the Martian atmosphere … and they have “immoral warmongering pedophile humans” helping them to achieve their evil “extermination of humanity” goal … with promises of wealth beyond their wildest dreams and unlimited clones of little children to have sex with and then tossed in the incinerator!!

    • paul ...

      As Quayle implies … be prepared … something big is about to come down …

      • paul ...

        The only problem I have blaming the “aliens” as an enemy of humanity is that their actions don’t match such a designation … what kind of “enemy” wants to “stop the warmongers nuclear war”? … what kind of “enemy” artificially inseminates in a virgin a Son to be born on Earth to teach us to be kind to our neighbors … and reinforce the writings of the Ten(10) Commandments they provided to Moses to teach us right from wrong! … seems to me the “enemy” of humanity are really the warmongers who kill our children in “continuous non-stop wars” and the pedophiles who kill our children “in peace time” … seems the “enemy of humanity” are those who want to kill off 95% of Earth’s population and want to start a war with the aliens to prevent them from trying to stop the warmongering psycho’s and sexual perverts from killing our children … so the psycho’s are now going to create a Space Force to go after “the alien enemy” who has been trying for a couple of thousand years to teach us “Thou Shall Not Kill”!!! …

    • CD

      Steve isn’t referring to Klingons (alien beings ) rather SATANIC, DEMONIC entities.

      • paul ...

        All the neocon warmongering pedophiles by their immoral actions (killing children for whatever reason) to be demonic entities in the service of Baal or Satan … and the “alien beings in the heavens” to be (by their moral actions) servants of God the Father!

  8. oneno

    Re: AI – We won’t have another chance to be human

    Resist bio-chipping of all forms including smart watches and memory and logic enhancing implants.

  9. Anthony Australia

    I look forest to Sunday more than Friday and it’s because of you Greg!

    We don’t need AI to destroy us, we are doing a good job all by ourselves.

    I always thought Australia would eventually catch up to the rest of the world but not for the better.

    • Queenie Mason

      Looks like your past the US. Mate. We still have freedome of speech, I think? Maybe somebody will have to try that here in Dearborn Michigan.
      Is the girl American? She sounds sorta Aussie, then sorta American? Maybe Brit? Woo, that youtube raises a lot of questions!

  10. Anthony Australia

    I look forward to Sunday more than Friday and it’s because of you Greg!

    We don’t need AI intelligence to destroy us, we are doing a good job all by ourselves.

    I always thought Australia would eventually catch up to the rest of the world but not for the better.

  11. Open Eyes

    I read at the start of the week that they found a second sphinx in Egypt. It was buried. I also read that one of these sphinxes has a hole in it’s head. The hole led to chambers and a necropolis. This underground necropolis in Egypt has been known for a long time. I think Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, wrote about it.

    If you want to learn more about secret societies, you can see if Jordan Maxwell is still giving interviews.

    If you read the lives of the Christian saints many of them performed miracles. Padre Pio of the 20th century performed miracles. He also had the stigmata. Another miracle that happened about a month ago was a bronze statue of the Virgin Mary weeping tears of oil in New Mexico.

  12. FC

    Justin Trudeau or was that Just a True Dodo?

    • susan

      In my little town in Montana, we have a Gospel Jamboree every year and we have singers come from all over including Canada. The Canadians have told us that in many churches,
      anymore, often do not have a sermon for fear that they will be arrested for hate-speech. Many services in Canada are mostly singing. That was really an eye-opener for us.

  13. Gina M Mancarella

    Yeah Greg, “Let me show my DVD and its not a sale pitch.”


    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t make anything on it so I am not making a pitch but telling people it’s out there. I do not make any think from any of my guests. I put them on and they can talk about what they do. How much do you get paid to be a troll anyway?

      • Jerry

        I’m beginning to think Gina’s a Russian troll since she’s always pushing the communist narative. You know like how evil it is to make money? They always say that just before they take yours.

        • WD


          Not a Russian troll an EU troll…people are moving to Moscow to make money….12% tax rate! And yes, we are told how evil Russia is….not buying it.

        • Frederick

          Jerry As far as I know Russia is no longer a communist nation so your assumption is flawed Gina is far too pathetic to be just Russian but I know everything bad is Russian now right?

    • Justn Observer

      More out there than his DVD to bring the whole Clinton /globalist cabal into question?

  14. Darren

    Mr. Quayle is only partially correct about the ancient history he talks about. You see, Xenu came from a distant galaxy to destroy the Earth with a massive nuclear bomb. Thank Goodness that the OT predecessor of L. Ron Hubbard was there to foil the plot and lead the anointed followers to the promised land of Clearwater Florida. Earthly Citizens who have reached the sublime state of *clear* are able to handle threats such as the one that the OT predecessor of L. Ron Hubbard conquered back in early primordial history.

    • Twox2

      One of my favorite proverbs: “The wicked flee though no one pursues…”

      Gina is always defending when no one is attacking…

  15. Frederick

    Look at what they did to the great patriot and truther James Traficant His death was very suspect IMO

    • CD


  16. Gina M Mancarella

    Fear Not, but “”Dont answer your cell phone !””

    You can be electronically controlled and assasinated by a micro electrimpulse called an “AKM” ………… “little killing machines the size of your thumb.” ready to explode inside of your brain with a ZAP to your forehead ! That said …. FEAR NOT Greg !

    Count the days you have left on Youtube with this kind of drivel. Lets make sure and have Steve Quayle on at least once a month shall we ?

    • This Sceptred Isle

      If I think of it as satire it works.

    • Frederick

      That’s OK I don’t own a cell phone Haven’t in ten years And you know what I don’t miss it

  17. Amused

    AKM is an automatic killing machine ? That’s a brilliant acronym he invented.
    Also, I did notice that when I hit puberty and had sex with all the girls in my senior class in Highschool, I must have been controlled by MK-Ultra. I had no intention of having sex with all those girls.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      A more likely possibly is that all the girls were controlled by MK-Ultra. Are you a rogue CIA agent by any chance?

    • Bill

      Anused; Wake up man, its the Russians who made you have sex with all those girls

  18. chuck

    Read the book of Amos. It is directed at America today, as is all prophecy regarding Israel [as opposed to Judah]. In prophecy there is always a duality involved – type and anti-type; the ancient and the latter day fulfillments. The Jeroboam being addressed is the end time counterpart to the original. This modern Jeroboam anti-type acts in the same spirit and manner as the ancient type. The main sin of the original Jeroboam was to institutionalize and promote false religion. Amos states that God declares that He will send a sword to the house of Jeroboam. This means internal warfare to weaken and collapse the society and directly leading to eventual foreign invasion. It could very well be addressing Trump. History is prophecy. America is now under a curse and it will only get progressively worse until a national repentance – like Lincoln enacted in the spring of 1863 – comes from the White House.

    • arthur barnes

      Chuck, glad you brought that up, I was beginning to believe I was the only one out here who has thought that America is now under a curse and it will only get progressively worse until a national repentance is brought about. Just two generations ago this Late Great Country was a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY; PERIOD! My how times have changed, maybe America will never come up and be great again before the nations until there is a repentance; chances are Chuck you are on to something here that many won’t believe or even want to think about. God Bless America because we certainly need it now!

      • chuck

        Benjamin Franklin stated that the laws of the nation would only work if all the people were moral and religious; immoral and irreligious people cannot be ruled by law. Jesus said, ‘I came not to bring peace, but a sword.’ God says in Habakkuk, which is prophecy for our time, that He will cause the, ‘Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation…’ [modern Germany] to invade Israel [America, the UK and the little nation on the Mediterranean] as punishment for gross immorality, lawlessness, perverting justice and following heathen religions. All heathen religions have one thing in common – a belief in some kind of conscious existence after death. This includes all the so-called Christian religions who preach that people go to heaven. This stance flatly denies the physical bodily resurrection, which is the ONLY hope of all humanity, and is based on the ancient Chaldean mysteries. It also denies the fact that Christ is coming back to establish HIS global government -as mentioned in Isaiah, ‘the Government will be upon his shoulders’ with the church acting as the leaders, teachers, administrators, etc. – everything a government needs to operate. There is a reckoning coming, a great blood-letting – starting with those who God calls, ‘My People’ – Israel [America and the British peoples] and Judah [Jews]. It will indeed be a sobering time. I’m now 62 and I honestly think I’ll live to see it come about. I only pray that I will endure to the end of God’s wrath to come through the other side alive into a real New World Order under my God.

    • sk

      It is better for one’s mental health to simply eat Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  19. Roger D

    Quayle describes an evil system DESIGNED ‘to reduce us under absolute Despotism’. Most Americans are too young to remember what we have lost. This old coot knows that the ‘tree of liberty’ fell on our watch (final cuts by the Republicans’ Patriot Act and NDAA) . Wake up to reality! Stop clinging to a political solution to save this evil system.

    You say that you believe in God; that our Liberties are endowed by our Creator. Well it is time for keyboard Christians to prove it. It is time for us to place ‘a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, and mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor’.

    • arthur barnes

      Roger D., there is no political solution with the dark side of America’s left and that goes for the MSM as well who blocks up the middle for the political left who are hell bent on taking America to the dogs. You made an astute point. Keyboard Christians blabbing on about this doctrine or that doctrine and then still spell bound with CNN and its breaking situation room news will be first in line for the mark to eat another days worth of nutrient worthless fast food. I sometimes wonder if these so-called computer Christians will still be blogging on when we are rounded up and led to the box cars and then to the showers. As for me and mine we will resist.

      • paul ...

        The Founders had a solution for when politics can’t fix the problem … it is called the Second Amendment … do warmongering “child killers” and pedophile “child rapists” really think our boys in the military will take orders from them to drag American families from their homes and shoot them dead for being a Trump supporter? … do they really think that 95% of the American people will dutifully put their hands up and walk to FEMA Camps to be exterminated without a fight? … no they don’t … that is why they are building AI robot armies they can simply program to do their bidding … we are going to need armor piercing rounds to stop these robots … thus we will have to be more pro-active in our “self defense actions” to not only be capable to take out these AI robots but the evil people building them before they achieve their goal of killing off 95% of our families … these elites probably think that “only they” can do a JFK … but when it’s a matter of “life or death” Americans have “the legal right” to protect our families … taking out Abraham Lincoln, JFK, etc., etc. IS NOT the sole “divine right” of Elite Kings … being exempt from the law and justice for so long I wonder if Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Hillary, Mueller, etc., etc., etc. ever had a random thought of such “a divine right” being used against them!!

  20. Bill

    Giants, demons coming from eruptions(makes me want to laugh), you name it. Greg, if you continue down the path with people like this guy, you will have no credibility.

    • Greg Hunter

      First comment, paid troll??

    • Angelo

      This is definitely a paid troll and not a very articulate one at that! Greg, you really are doing something right if these “entities” are sending trolls on your site. Keep pressing on dear Sir! We love what you do.


      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Angelo!

        • Bill

          Greg, I’ve been reading the Bible now for 35 years. I don’t seem to remember reading that Satan and his demons were going to be jumping out of volcanos. Can you tell me where in the Bible I can find that.
          Warmest regards,
          Bill the “troll”.

      • Bill

        I am curious. Why do you suggest I am, “not a very articulate one at that”.
        I have a Masters in Science Education and have never to my knowledge, been accused of being un-articulate.
        The Paid Troll

    • Donald

      “Giants, demons coming from eruptions (makes me want to laugh)”

      The real question here – Why have so many people reported such things? You can find all sorts of this stuff in history going back thousands of years. UFOs, ghosts, ancient (even modern) aliens, strange “miraculous” experiences, visions, superstitions, occult power, speaking to the dead, magic, etc,. etc. For some reason no one looks for the common denominator in all of this. How come???? Is it so hard to figure out??

  21. Jerry

    I happen to believe that all of us who come to your site and other independent media sites are being monitored by the deep state and the luciferians as a potential threat. Why? Answer: we are not part of the NWO lucuferian blueprint they have in mind. What they really want are people that do not entertain free thought. That don’t question anything. That are dumbed down just enough to believe whatever they condition us to believe, and just smart enough to keep us busy working at meaningless jobs so that we wont realize we are nothing more than slaves. Your choice? Either get in line and shut your mouth. OR be willing to live without fear and die for whatever freedom we have left. What really gets their goat is that we actually have the guts to call them out on it. I would rather be dead than live in fear cowering before these morally bankrupt morons.

    • Jerry

      Need more convincing? Check out this Twitter post.

      As I have documented for the past several weeks on Greg’s site, our government is is clearing preparing for something major to take place. The outcome may hinge on how many people are willing to make a stand against the NWO with President Trump? Make no mistake this conflict will be for all the marbles, and they know it.

      • Jerry

        Just in case you missed it, check out this Vedio that an alert independent reporter took a few months ago.

        This is what a staging area looks like. This is by all accounts divisional strength.

        • paul

          Sorry pal but you are wrong. This was taken not just a few months ago. It was taken well over a year ago and it is not some mysterious staging area as you mistaken think.

          • paul ...

            So what does it matter if it was a few months or a year ago? … look at all the tanks and equipment (and tax dollars spent building all this stuff) … is the US is preparing for a D-day invasion of the East Coast by the Russians?? … what kind of a “drill” is that??? … we know the Russians don’t have to send the Russian Fleet to our shores … they have a “nuclear bomb” that can cause a Tsunami wave hundreds of feet high that can wash over and toss and turn all these tanks and equipment being moved to East Coast on their backs … so Jerry’s question is a valid one … what is the military (actually staging all this equipment on the East Coast) really “practicing for”???

            • paul

              It matters because what is shown in that old video has nothing to do with anything that might be going on today. It is just standard rotation. Nothing special about that and it is not really massive either by military standards.


              In the past number of years people who seem to be to quick to jump to conclusions would get all excited just because they saw a video of a couple dozen jeeps going down the highway or a train carrying some tanks. They then would declare that Marshall law is about to take place. Run for the hills. Big deal. Stuff like that has been happening almost every day for decades. However I can’t speak for what is taking place today, if anything.

            • Jerry

              Paul ,
              Open your eyes. Go read the executive orders from March 2018. This is preperstion for martial law. Thats why it matters. Greg won’t talk about it but I will. Alex Jones was attacked the day after he started laying out the facts for rex84. Guess what? My email account was hacked the day after I posted info about it on Greg’s site. Why? I’m not selling a book. I pose no threat, unless it’s infirmation the deep state doesnt want the public to know about. That sent up a red flag to me, to the point that I almost decided to run for the hills as you say. But when someone tries to bully me, to shut my mouth, that’s when my Jewish Native American blood begins to boil. The cause of rex84 are numerous. It could have something to do with the coming indictments (hopefully) or it could have something to do with the coming reset.

              • paul


                Stop see everything that has normally been happening for decades as part of some evil plot. Most times it is not. Like that silly Jade Helm 15 which turned out to be nothing. And I do not trust Alex Jones. And I doubt if you are a threat to deep state.

          • Jerry

            You are correct. Sorry, I missed the date on the post. But make no mistake. There’s lots of activity going on. Last week a convoy of Homeland Security Trucks were spotted on I-29 north of K.C. I hesitate to post the photos because I don’t want to compromise the location of my contacts.

            • paul

              No problem. I am sure one day something is going to happen.

          • Jerry

            This one was more recent.

            Notice the mobile communication trailers?

            • paul ...

              Looks like this video was redacted by the Shadow Gov/Deep State??

          • Jerry


    • This Sceptred Isle

      Good. I hope deep state is watching as this is me giving them the two fingers, metaphoricaly.

      • Jerry

        The NSA are amateurs compared to this outfit.

        • paul ...

          Basing our defenses on systems that are easily vulnerable is what I call amateurish … not only are these satellites vulnerable to Solar flares and CME’s, Russian and Chinese satellite killers, but the “watchers” can easily blast them out of orbit with their laser beams … let the warmongers rely on such vulnerable systems (like the US Military is now relying on GPS satellites to guide their smart bombs) … them being amateurs is for the greater good … as we want to be able to “easily defeat” these evil warmongers who continually dream up new ways to kill our children … like fluoride in our water, aluminum in our air, GMO’s in our food, MSG in our vaccines, 5G microwaves, etc., etc. is not enough!!

      • Frederick

        Isle WOW two fingers You must be pissed off brother

  22. Larry White

    Two interesting experts talk about the potential for monetary system change:

    Judy Shelton – Trump Administration official (mentions the classical gold standard):

    KlickEx CEO Robert Bell – partner with IBM in what he calls the first institutional scale use of a blockchain based payments system in the world:

  23. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Greg you round off each of your weekly wrap-ups with the words: ‘Fear not, remember God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are firmly in charge. That surely is the mantra for all followers of Christ and really all that matters. For I wonder how appropriate it is to heed all the ‘facts’ Dr Quayle speaks of. A-I is sickeningly sad, and yes maybe all of Christ’s followers already live with an ‘assassination quotient’ marked on our foreheads. But this interview could well leave many listeners more distressed and fearful than uplifted. For isn’t the humility of recognising that we know so little or that ‘he who knows that he does not know being never a fool’ preferable to the hubris of thinking that we know more than we may well do?

    • arthur barnes

      Rev, truth is light, have faith and get your feet moving is my thought, knowing and recognizing evil when one seea it is uplifting in my mind, and it kind of fun to make a cross and watch them shrink to size for the cock roaches fear the light!

      • paul ...

        Also “knowing and seeing good” is uplifting … like seeing or reading about a Heavenly being that wants to help humanity to be good by providing us with the 10 Commandments … or sending down an emissary (Jesus Christ) to tell us to love each other “as brothers” … or by telling “his Heavenly watchers” to take down all the nuclear tipped missiles in silos … gives us the ability to “fear not” as Greg always says … “God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are fully in control”!!

        • Beverly Kingsford

          God is definitely in control and I love to hear Greg say this. I think it is very honorable of him to say this every week. We can also take comfort in knowing that God is also in charge of other planets in our solar system. I don’t believe God is going to let aliens get control on this planet. God has MUCH more power than they can dream of. We just need to keep the commandments, stand up for what we know to be true, and be valiant in fighting the war between good and evil. Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen the better part when Mary sat at His feet and received spiritual instruction from Jesus vs. helping to fix dinner. We all know that developing our spiritual self is more important than anything we do to build up wealth or our physical selves.

    • Roger D

      Rev, if we don’t use our brains/talents/skills/resources and other blessings God gave us, God will provide…. consequences.

      Let’s not become this guy:

      • paul ...

        Did GM design that pedo-van??

        • paul ...

          No wonder the banksters had to bail them out!

    • flattop

      Hey rev)
      The good news, we are all going to die , and stand for judgement. How we die is not important. Where we go after death is of utmost importance. I know my destination, so I am not worried about the how.

  24. jon

    I find Steve interesting. But some information has multiple reasons. For example. Anak is the word for Child in Bahasa Indonesia, not a reference to an ancient entity. In reference to the increase in Volcanism. Yes very true. But if one studies Solar Sunspot cycles. It is clear we are entering a pattern of Grand Solar Minimum. (mini ice age) Our current cycle pattern is similar to the Maunder Minimum of the 1650-1725 period. Increased Volcanism shows to be related to entering of a Grand Solar Minimum period. These are not mysterious super natural events. Look… AI is a technical process that has been around for decades that is becoming more sophisticated. Can it be designed to be used as an offensive subversive process. Yes of course. But to believe this is a supernatural device. Ah that is showing a misunderstanding of technology. Misuse of technology for human grief, yes. But supernatural no.

    • paul ...

      Ancient entities have always been after our children … look to our folklore … throwing children into volcano’s was likely done by pedophile priests after they had sex with them … so naming a volcano “Child” would seem to make a lot of sense … remember the story of Rumpelstiltskin? (what did he need a kid for??)!!

    • sk

      Thank you, Jon.

  25. James Hastings - Cherokee Center of the world

    Very entertaining. The Bible is clear, strange things will happen as the end times approach. People will believe some of the strangest things and reject the possibility of a struggle by man, between good and evil. The Bible documents Gods ultimate plan. But, you need to study it from cover to cover to see the full story. There is no quick read.

    • arthur barnes

      Cherokee, agree; not a quick read but a great one.

    • Eric

      James I visit this site occasionally and rarely post. I appreciate your posts.
      Where is the Cherokee Center of the world ?

      • Diane

        I think its Oklahoma Eric

        • DB Cooper

          Diane, Only after the Trail of Tears … DB

  26. Country Codger

    Greg, Steve great interview.
    Steve, you should have mentioned that Joseph’s Egyptian name was found in the Grand Canyon and Ohio Serpent Mound sites.
    Anak = Numbers 13:22, 28, 33 + Deuteronomy 9:2
    1 Enoch is quoted or alluded to 60+ times in the New Testament for all you naysayers.
    8-part series here:
    Here is an explanation of the sabbatical cycle of earthquakes:

    Lo Iyrah!

  27. Paul Atriedes

    I love your site Greg! I read it very very often I find your commentary when given, spot on. The stories you link to are always quite informative. I found a site that ties right into this topic, you and your readers may also find it helpful. It’s dedicated to A.I. And it’s unforsee consequences.
    Thank you Sir!

  28. Arizona

    THERES a silver lining to all this,GOD is going to wipe america off the map,AND IT STARTS when the leaves start falling off the trees,WAR and major earthquakes are coming to demonic america,they LOVE EVIL,our FATHER has granted their wish,THE SON OF PERDITION ,will be returning to enslave and murder americans…..

    • Greg Hunter

      No Arizona, God is not going to wipe America off the map and it is not any sort of silver lining. Millions prayed for our country to be put back on track and now God is going to answer by killing us all?? That’s not how HE works. That’s not in the Bible.

    • paul ...

      Arizona … Greg is right … God the Father by his actions in the past (giving us the Ten(10) Commandments thru Moses and giving us Jesus Christ by virgin birth) and his present actions to intercede on our behalf to shut down the warmongering neocon’s nuclear tipped missiles … shows he is trying to make us better (not kill us) … he will do whatever it takes to protect us from ourselves … this is a “God of Love” … not a “god” like Baal who the neocon’s worship (and who wants to enslave and murder all of humanity because he is jealous of God’s creation)!!

  29. Coaster

    Hi Greg….I do not post that often but I absolutely loved this interview. I follow Steve Quayle as much as I do you and I follow you routinely. As always, thanks so much for what you do because without you, I and millions of others would be in the dark.
    As I have stated before, I believe in God, his Son and the teachings in the Holy Bible. A tremendous amount of the Bible I find/found difficult to understand, however; with further study in other areas what once appeared clouded becomes perfectly transparent in the Bible’s meaning. I must say the information provided by both yourself and certainly Steve Quayle helps to lift this cloudiness.
    In Canada we do not have the 1st or 2nd amendment. We have our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Having spent 33 years working in the Canadian Judicial system I am here to tell you nothing could be further from the truth. We really do not have any such thing. The Charter is nothing but elitist window dressing. Oh its language is flowery and sounds reassuring in principal and encourages the majority to believe their rights are protected, but; once the courts render decisions (case law) regarding our rights and freedoms, what is actually written and how it is applied basically vanquishes those rights and freedoms altogether.
    No, here in our country the rights of hard working Christian Canadians have been all but eliminated. There is a war against us and God which is being perpetrated by our elected officials who are controlled by a higher power. Our current leftists anti Christian government and courts allow any provocations that undermine our institutions, Christianity, security and well being but spare no cost or effort when it comes do denigrating or eliminating altogether these once held fine traditions. I totally abhor abortion but if you demonstrate in a public forum and show disturbing displays of aborted fetuses you can and have been arrested. If you do not use the proper pronoun to address the LBGTQ community you can be arrested. We have had a few well publicized shootings in Canada and now the Liberal government is coming after legal guns owners once again. While any death is a tragedy, when a gun is involved it fits the narrative of those who wish to disarm us. The biggest mass casualty event we have had in recent years was the running down of pedestrians with a van. I never once heard a politician wanting to control or ban the use or possession of vans. No, what they want is the elimination of the ability for the citizen to fight back.
    I was first enlighten about biblical teachings by a book by William Sutton, “The Antichrist 666” back in the 80’s. Since that time I have sought out a better understanding of the Bible by reading it, trying my best to follow it teachings and really understanding its prophecies. It is this third of the Bible which I believe is key. I also read and follow Walter Vieth, Herbert W. Armstrong and Gerald Flurry to name but a few, and although each individual portrays a somewhat different path on where humanity is going, they all have us ending up in the same place if God does not intervene. It is amazing how these men, while saying it in a different manner than Steve Quayle are really saying the same thing.
    God bless these men for what they are doing and God Bless you Greg for providing a platform where we can be educated and enlightened. I maybe in Canada but I would have your back.

    • arthur barnes

      Coaster, we are there too, don’t believe in the fairy tail story of a 4th Amendment around here any longer as it doesn’t exist as any excuse, even a mistake, and you can and will be searched and used against you. As for freedom of speech, the 1st Amendment, just look at Alex Jones, aka, Infowars last week; TELLING! P.S. political correctness abounds as the premier law of the nation now, not free speech to name just a few.

      • paul ...

        If we don’t stand up as “true humans” who detest the killing of children … [either in war (by the warmongers) or in peace (by the pedophiles)] … then we should all simply sign up as full fledged psycho’s and join the new Space Force army the warmongers need to “kill the aliens” … who are shutting down our nuclear tipped missiles in our silos … and have been trying to teach us (to no avail) … “Thou Shall Not Kill”!!!

    • Donald

      “A tremendous amount of the Bible I find/found difficult to understand”

      A big part of the reason elements of the Bible are so hard to understand is that the language of the day relied heavily on metaphors whose meaning has since been lost to time. Often, you may need to read 5, 10, 15 or more similar scriptural references to form an understanding and application of the metaphor. And then you may have to ponder what you read for months or even years before it makes sense. That said, virtually everything that is critical for you to know is easy to understand.

  30. H. Craig Bradley


    The idea ( fiction) that A.I. can assist anybody in keeping track of reams of disparate information or medical treatments, much less think for itself, remains a popular fiction. Recall how Hal, the first such A.I. who also was the robot who took control in the seminal science fiction film by Stanley Kubrick ( 2001 A Space Odyssey) back in 1969. For awhile, it looked like a man on Mars was soon to be.

    Alas, technology can take many years to become mainstream, often decades. So, a menacing NSA or Big Brother who not only knows what you bought at the grocery store or ate last night, but who can anticipate and “eat your lunch” may be a long ways off, as yet. Big Bro is really not so Big after all, but the myth continues.

  31. H. Craig Bradley

    The “Ghost in the Machine” is really a devil. ( Makes a Pretty Good Halloween Story )

    • H. Craig Bradley

      Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation” or Censorship ( Deletion ) ??

      • Greg Hunter

        I moderate the comments “H” before I post they are posted. That’s all that means.

        • arthur barnes

          Greg, you never have moderated any of mine, but you are more than welcome to fix my grammmer & speling LOL any time, the thing I like the most is that the meaning is left for those who read it to chew a bit.

  32. A. HALL




    • WD

      IS “W” associated with V the guerilla economist?


    • Occasnltrvlr

      I’m pretty sure cinder blocks are real.

  33. Larry G Carter

    Steve Quayle gives you a better understanding as to why the elites and main street media
    have come out of the closet into the sun. They are making unbelievable statements with zero proof of what they say has any truth to it. Its obvious that the only hope and salvation is thru God and God’s help. Evil will prevail without God’s intercession.

    • paul ...

      The intercession (we want and need) is to have “someone” intercede on our behalf … and shut down all these nuclear weapons on Earth (that will eventually destroy 95% of humanity) … calling that entity God (or a friendly alien) matters not … we “need salvation” from the warmongering pedophile elites now in control down here … lets take all the help we can get … and think about it … it’s probably God himself who sent us these “aliens” to help us out … and shut down all the nuclear weapons in all the silo’s on Earth … to protect not only mankind but all the other species God took “a lot of time” creating on Earth (six out of seven days)!!

  34. The Downes

    RIGHT ON, couldn’t be more truthful as to what is REALLY going on. Thank you
    so very much, Greg, watch you religiously. May God bless you, keep up your labor
    of love. 😃❤️👍

  35. Tad

    Improved Japan-DPRK relations if Japan is pulling back its PAC-3 interceptor missiles.

    • paul ...

      The psycho warmongers who need to “sacrifice our children’s blood” in continual non-stop wars for Baal … must be having conniptions!!!

  36. Carol Smith

    Had to turn this one Off ! We must monitor how we listen !!

  37. Gabe

    Whoa……..freaks me out

  38. Hoosier river rat

    I have listened to mr. Quayle several times and find him most fastenating ,he is a researcher extroidinair . Steve predicts some ominous things in the near future ,and we know this from the book of revelation . Christ said occupy till I come . Greg always reminds us to fear not but I think some people who are listening to these predictions become fearful . If you have Christ on your side who can be against you ? He wins in the end we have to play our part. For people who are interested in suppressed archaeology , I suggest a book called Dead men’s secrets by Johnathon Grey and another named Forbidden Archaology by Cremo and Thompson. Good job Greg.

    • paul ...

      If Christ is leading an “army from the heavens” to take out the child killing psychopathic warmongers and pedophiles here on Earth … we actually have nothing to fear … for if Christ is on our side … who can resist … even with a Space Force!!

  39. eddiemd

    Teleprompter readers. That is what you get from the corporate propaganda “news”. If CNN says it is true, then it must be true. The local channels here in Phoenix source CNN and USA Today as though they are credible.
    I have never used an iPhone and never will. Everyone wants to download apps into your system and who really knows what these apps are doing or capable of doing. Government tracking devices. Buy an old school flip/Trac phone and use only for emergencies. We have survived 2000 years without iPhones.

    The Boston Globe is organizing a coordinated attack against Trump. According to one site I read, they have reached out to 100+ editorial staffs on major newspapers across the countries in an effort to condemn Trump and his attacks on the media. Trump must be over the target since he is tacking flak. Having lived in Boston for 4 years while in medical school in the early 90’s, I remember how biased the Globe was back in those days. I can’t imagine how bad is has gotten in the past 25 years. Fish wrapper then, still thesame now.

    The Boston attitude is one of intellectual superiority. Pure progressive liberalism and cultural marxism. This is noted in the Perspectives and editorial sections of the New England Journal over the past several years. Staunch Obamacare supporters, pro-abortion, and anti-2nd Amendment. The mantra of the New England Journal.

    It is interesting that states such as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Maine, and Connecticut were all part of the revolutionary mindset that formed this nation. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys from Vermont, Live Free or Die New Hampshire patriots, Lexington/Concord/Boston Tea Party/Bunker Hill…we have forgotten history and the progressives have rewritten what little is now taught in public school.

    AI will be used against the US population. The state controlled/sponsored IRS churches will be raided to attack real Christains. The day is fast approaching when your head will be required. The headchoppers as senn in the MENA are coming to North America. Only this time it will be our own government doing the chopping.

    Repentance and Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The day is coming when you will have to choose your allegiance. The Holy Spirit will give you guidance and strength unto physical death. Have faith. Pray for mercy. Give thanks. Love your neighbor.

    • paul ...

      The day has arrived … we must choose our allegiance now … our choice is to fight along side the psychopathic “child murderers” … or do we chose to join those from Heaven who have shown they want to shut down all the nuclear tipped missiles on Earth?? … the warmongers and pedophiles who sacrifice our children’s blood to Baal will tell us the “space aliens” are our enemy … this supposed “enemy” with flying machines and sophisticated laser weapons (that can spin circles around the psycho warmongers most advanced weapons of war) could have “taken out humanity” years ago … but what did they do? … they provided us the Ten(10) Commandments at the time of Moses … and Jesus Christ to preach peace and brotherhood 2000 years ago … Jesus “was one man” overturning their tables … and he was easily crucified … let’s see how well the elite can fight against an “Army from Heaven” (who will once again overturn their tables) … lead by a “resurrected” Jesus Christ (such resurrection technology is child’s play to these Heavenly beings) as the Bible foretells!!

    • eddiemd

      2 Corinthians 4 King James Version (KJV)

      4 Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not;

      2 But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.

      3 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

      4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      5 For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.

      6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

      7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

      8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;

      9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

      10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

      11 For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

      12 So then death worketh in us, but life in you.

      13 We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak;

      14 Knowing that he which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus, and shall present us with you.

  40. This Sceptred Isle

    Brian Harvey (ex East 17 band member) has revealed the existence of paedophile rooms in night clubs. So called red rooms. Sorry cannot do a link as on holiday in Greece.

    • paul ...

      Yes TSI … and these pedophiles rape and kill these kids in “blood red rooms” knowing they can never be brought to court for murder because the kids they are killing “are undocumented” (they have no birth certificate or any record that they ever existed) … but such psychopathic “killers” who believe they have achieved “the perfect crime” for which there can never be punishment for are mistaken … we will get them … we will get them all … including the warmongering neocons who use “continual non-stop war as their perfect crime” to slaughter our children in the name of their god Baal who wants to see 95% of humanity destroyed!!

  41. Ruby

    Wow…what a nice weekend. Your WNW was awesome, just off the charts, and now Steve Quayle on early Sunday release. Doesn’t get better than this. Thank you so very much for all the great work you do! You are appreciated by multitudes!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ruby!!

  42. Tad

    Justifiable criticism?

    Journalism is moving to AI where a computer will write the stories. Location reporting from a robot with human characteristics will stand still and move lips.

    Some say we’re there.

  43. DanT

    Quayle is right, only one way and one person can fix this mess and it isn’t Donal Trump. The problem is global in size and evil has more than one address. That miraculous realm he speaks of has never been seen before and Eden comes as close as anything. At that time “The earth shall be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the ocean beds are filled with water”

    • paul ...

      Trump is the tip of the spear (as Alex Jones recently was and JFK was before him) … what the enemy doesn’t get … is that we can easily add new spear tips … for instance we can elect Kevin Shipp as our next President!!

  44. Cricket

    AI will be used to take the blame off of officials in rounding you up. This is the same principle of the unconstitutional IRS. For Congress to take the blame of raising your taxes.

    According to PH the Constitution ONLY authorizes Congress to collect taxes. You can read it yourself. They are not suppose to hand it off to a phony private organization.

  45. Dan S.

    Excellent interview Greg.
    Checkout Skywatch TV latest article

  46. Chet

    Steve Quayle certainly peels the onion of the various layers of life. A cosmologist who sees the bigger picture, and holds vast information. Interesting to see early commenters say they had to turn it off – that it seemed nuts – ‘cognitive dissonance’ the psychologists call it – unable to hold the tension of opposites of beliefs. Yet maturity falls on those who can take it all in. Through USA Watchdog, we’re all called to mature – physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

    My biggest takeaway, that of the control files or collected data that we put into the AI grid or cloud – that we are all still here via the grace of God. Wow! Thank you Steve and Greg for that mustard seed!!!

  47. Chet

    In Rupert Sheldrake’s book, “The Science Delusion” he notes 10 dogma that have been upleveled to the realms of truth by the MSM. Rather than use science as a testing tool for our examinations of life, it has become its own pedestal, to steer a population into sheeple-ness. #9 is that “Psychic phenomena like telepathy is not possible”.

    To me, this is the realm in which God would speak to all of us – not through a pastor, pope or media source – but in our own quiet contemplations with inspirational literature (or music). Rudolph Steiner noted that we must make our thoughts hospital to angels – to keep positive and uplifted, in spite of what we see, hear, touch, taste or smell. So much of this world can be hard to fit into our limited educational upbringing, even to those who attend colleges or universities. We mature as we take in more, and distill it within ourselves, into our creed or code of beliefs.

    As they say in the 12 step circles – & which applies to USA WD stories – “Keep coming back; it works if you work it.” (if you take it in to hold up to the light of your God-contact, to see what [if any] can be used for your snowballing creed-formation) ~*~

  48. arthur barnes

    Greg, hold onto you guns and bibles for we may have need of both in the near future; one more than the other perhaps.

  49. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    If you want to learn more about AI…I encourage you to visit Nvdia’s website and listen to their quarterly conference calls. They basically invented these super computers called CPUs and GPUs. They can, literally calculate over a trillion (yes, with a “T”) computations in a couple of seconds. And the computers can now create themselves!!! I have owned the stock for a couple of years, so I know their story. If used benevolently, as Jenson Wong (Nvidia) intends, they have the capacity to revolutionize and change everyone’s standard of living for the better! But where there is good there is evil! So, EVERYTHING that is technological…meant to do good for mankind…put in the wrong hands, can be used to do great harm. A lamp, a chair or a car can all become weapons, just like guns, but technology should not stop because of evil people. We the people, instead must do a better job of destroying evil people! (And thank you for all your efforts!!)
    These computers are affordable. Crypto miners buy these CPUs, GPUs to do their mining. Clif High surely would know a lot about them and how to program them. If the world gets as dangerous as described, know that Freedom Fighters can use AI, too!!!…and they can learn to construct robot and drones, etc., for their safety and security, perhaps even as their security guards, if this is what it takes to be safe!
    It may be a timely and valuable conversation to broach with Clif High, as he is probably very knowledgable on this subject.
    Fear Not!!

    • mark

      Hi Jennifer,
      Your statement “we the people, instead must do a better job of destroying evil people” raises red flags with me.
      Are you serious????
      Oh yeah, that’s right, let’s develop computers which can “learn” on their own so we can “do a better job of destroying evil people”.
      What if the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, if instead of demonstrating the greatness of His love to all mankind through the gift of His Only Begotten Son, His Beloved in Whom He finds His delight, Who willingly laid down His life as an offering for the sins of the world and paid the penalty for the sins of the world in His body of flesh on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago had rather decided to allow for the development of AI to handle the problem of man’s sin so “evil people” can be “destroyed”?
      Just think for a moment what you are saying here.
      The scriptures are clear that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Rom.3:23). No one is exempt.
      Where then is the place for repentance and forgiveness? Consider the apostle Paul who writes concerning himself that he is the “chiefest of sinners” because he persecuted the church of God.
      Did the Lord “destroy” him because being ignorant he acted in unbelief?
      Certainly the “evil” he was party to was very real against the persons who were victimized. (including Stephen, Acts 7:58)
      AI will never produce the masterpiece of grace in the heart of man which characterizes the “new creation” of which if any man (male or female) is IN CHRIST , he is (2.Cor.5:16-21)
      Don’t be fooled. At best AI is a poor counterfeit, at worst it is a total Orwellian nightmare of untold proportions.
      This is why I say to you Jennifer and to all who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind because “Great is the mystery of godliness. God was manifested in the flesh (not AI), vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory” with its hope of glory being “CHRIST IN YOU, Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full grown IN CHRIST”.

    • paul ...

      Perhaps we should be looking upon “flying saucers” as our security drones placed above us by God Almighty (as his watchers upon the Earth) … to make sure “psychopathic humans” don’t get out of control and blow up the Earth and all his creations (that represents a great achievement and is good) … so we should fear not (unless the neocon warmongers are planning “to take out our security drones” they way they just took out the First Amendment of our Constitution)!!

    • mark

      Hi Jennifer,
      After reading your post again, I realized that I incorrectly attributed to you the notion that we should make computers which can learn on their own so “we can do a better job of destroying evil people” which is NOT what you were saying.
      You were simply saying that with the development of technology for it’s many benefits, there is also the risk that the same technology, in the hands of those with evil intent could cause harm, but that in spite of the risk we should not be deterred from developing technology because of the over all benefits to society in general, which brings up the need for the design and implementation of “security features” in order to prevent harm and limit the scope of damage which can be done from abuse.
      Still, your comment about “doing a better job of destroying evil people” should raise concern to any thinking person as anyone can be marked for “destruction” just by being labeled “evil” as most recently observed in the case of all those who have had their work demonetized or banned outright by youtube, facebook etc. because of being “evil” and not conforming to the “community guidelines” which appear vague and enforced only on an arbitrary basis as determined by how well one’s ideas line up with the political agenda of those running the platforms.
      The real danger here is that in this world, it seems those with the most evil intent actually end up with the greatest means of entrapping everyone else in their scheme as such individuals are driven by an insatiable lust for power and control (and to be worshipped), which cannot be ignored.
      To this day we still live with the consequences of our first parents partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (the partaking of the fruit of which was supposed to make one like “God” in the knowing of good and evil) as opposed to the tree of life,(to be in union with one another in God Himself as life eternal in the Person of His Son) but thankfully, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has not left us without hope, for in His wisdom He has not only made provision for full reconciliation through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, Who took upon Himself in the body of His flesh the sins of the world on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago, but also causes “all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to purpose’ so that being “regenerated unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from among the dead” (1Peter 1:3-5) we Who have believed into Him and received the reconciliation which God offers the world in Christ Jesus,(2 Cor.5:19) have literally become “partakers of the divine nature” (2Peter 1:4) as those who are now sanctified to God in Christ Jesus (1Cor.1:2) and made His very members, as a new creation IN HIM (2.Cor.5:17) joined to Him as one spirit (1 Cor.6:15-17) with the hope of our physical bodies of flesh being conformed to His body of glory at His appearing in glory (Phil.3:21) as the many brothers of Him Who is the Firstborn (Heb.2:9-11) by the operation of the same power which raised Jesus our Lord from among the dead, (Rom.8:9-11) which is something AI or any other technology could never produce.

  50. Dan

    “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show.
    When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.”
    – George Carlin

    Thanks for all you do, Greg.
    I know I always come here for a laugh.

  51. Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

    I don’t like to contradict Christians, but Steve Quayle is one of the worst Conspiracy Theorists. His “SQ” comments often predict extravagantly apocalyptic scenarios which never come to pass, and often contradict previous comments he has made.
    I would take his opinions with a grain of salt – if that much.

  52. al

    He’s all over the place, like an encyclopedia on steroids. I don’t know what to comment on.
    If I had to pick a topic I would comment “LOCK HER UP”

  53. winston911

    Impossible to listen to. This guy is all over the map. Offers no tangible, verifiable proof for anything he says. Also a real downer. Good will triumph over evil.

  54. Matt

    The Intervention has been operating on earth for decades. It is here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity for its own purposes. It comes at a very difficult time in human history. Humanity faces resource depletion, mass extinction, and uncontrolled climate change. We are facing the results of human greed, corruption, and ignorance, all of which have ravaged planet earth. We must awaken to these threats.
    “They” will also use (and are using) our spiritual beliefs against us, and we must be very careful here. I applaud Mr. Quayle, but his religious dogma is very dangerous in the hands of those who have studied human physiology for a very, very long time. These beliefs can be manipulated and intensified by those who possess technology far beyond what we understand today.
    The ultimate goals is to divide and weaken humanity to the point where we “welcome” our saviors from space. The result will be a disaster for every man, woman, and child on planet earth. This can be seen. It can be known…

  55. Dan

    Click the link above to actually learn something of value. And no, he’s not selling books, cd’s, dvd’s, etc.





  56. eddiemd

    Summary of Russian campaign in Syria. Currently censored by YT.

    Very good information and summary of current Russian military capabilities.

    • paul ...

      Shows how our rogue “fake” illegal Deep State and Shadow Government controlled by the CIA were still using American assets to fight the Russians … while the elected “real” legal American Government was saying it wanted to pull out of Syria!

  57. Doug Cook

    I’ve known Mr. Quayle since 1994 with his shortwave radio program ‘Blueprint for Survival’ he was a few bricks shy of a load then and he is so now. Back then he was telling us about all the underground bases full of U.N. troops ready to invade us and of course he claimed to have had all types of military intelligence people telling him this stuff. Well, those guys got to be getting pretty long in the tooth now. Over the years it progressed to mobile crematoriums called ‘smoky wagons’ that were already rounding up the patriots and the Mighty Men of Valor fighting demons in the underground bases. The man is simply out to lunch quite often.

    I was one of the people feeding him communication intercepts and on purpose I fed him some wrong info that I knew he would lap up. He always claimed to verify the information with his ‘sources’ before he went to air with it. That night he said verbatim what I told him and said that it was confirmed information….and yet it was all made up! I didn’t do that to trip him up but as a safety check as many of the things he was claiming were simply not possible.

    I’m not saying the man is intentionally deceptive nor am I intimating that he is not sincere. But he simply is not credible as his preconceived biases do not match up with real world intelligence. I haven’t listened to the interview and I usually watch all of them but I know better with Steve. Perhaps he is reformed….I don’t know. But be very careful with him and carefully vet what he is telling you. Your a reporter so you know how to do that.

    • Diane

      Thanks Doug.

    • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

      I’ve seen his “SQ” notes saying that there are already human-inhabited bases on Mars and that there are UFO bases under Antarctica (a la “X-Files”).
      Anytime he posts a link to a story containing the number “33”, that’s supposed to be some kind of illuminati code.
      The current heat wave and volcanic eruptions are supposedly due to “geo-engineering”.
      And I can’t count the number of times he’s claimed that “WWIII starts now!”
      I can only assume that Greg had him on for comedy relief because Steve Quayle should not be taken seriously.

  58. WD


    Do you think that God has actually reached out to Trump, the same way Mark Taylor?

    Also, notice that Quayle talks about “underground laboratories…just like Taylor mentioned it…?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have all the answers and I simply do not know. I do know Trump is praying to God the Father and Jesus Christ in the White House and millions across the country and around the world are praying to Jesus Christ for President Trump. I pray for Trump and America and battle evil every day!! For President Trump, you can multiply that by a million.

      • Diane

        We should all pray our our President Trump stays safe and strong.

      • WD

        Thanks for reply,
        I was wondering that…like he was a modern-day Moses. Maybe at first reluctant. Yet look at all the shots taken at him and he continues to win!… Amazing

  59. Mike R

    Anyone notice ?

    Bitcoin back down around $6000 level, and probably soon below $5000.

    Remember when Clif high was projecting a ‘bottom’ of $13000 for March ?

    This is what happens when something is clearly a ponzi scheme. The euphoria dries up, and then the value of said scheme goes to near zero.

    One day we will all look back on Bitcoin and other Ponzi’s like the Tesla electric car, as quaint notions of what mass hysterias and real life ponzi’s (that few recognize as such) can be like.
    Even smart people like Clif can be hypnotized into believing them, although, in Clif’s case he likely profited handsomely for touting it if he also owned it.

    Our markets are a veritable ponzi scheme as well, ever since the year 2000, and all the Fed QE and money printing. Right now shares are trading at such nose bleed levels, that hardly anyone (except pensions) are holding shares for any length of time. to wit, 90% of trading volume is machines, and HFT’s. Volume is low, and liquidity barely exists. Despite trillions pumped into the system by so many central banks.

  60. eddiemd


    Why would a judge release these animals back into society?

    Where is the DOJ on this?

    The judicial system at all levels is corrupted.

    • Greg Hunter

      The reason is spelled DEMOCRAT. Those evil weasels are their voters.

  61. Barney Google

    The collision delusion puppeteer made packing out, his birth homeland! Maybe the Trumpster can swing a pardon, cause we don’t want him back here. Except for Hillary who loves him as only a Nazi mother could.
    Her love and lust of power, holds no bounds!
    No Inflation!

  62. Barney Google

    Oopsie Daisy,
    Sorry bout that folks. Here’s the proper link.
    Viktor’s Victory: How Hungarian PM Orban Sent Soros’ Foundation Packing

    This site has more leading scoops than CNN has on their pooper scooper of dull, no news, let alone, fake news. Have they forgot, if it bleeds it leads? I don’t mean just tragedy. But political intrigue. Why do you think the James Bond saga keeps on keeping on! Because it rings true, more than CNN’s MockBird booreing big lie, ad infinitum, craper scrapping.

  63. Open Eyes

    Huge scandal in the Catholic Church:

    Many years ago I heard Father Malachi Martin say that the smoke of satan is flowing in the Vatican. It’s more than evident that the Catholic Church has been corrupted at the leadership level.

    I forgot the medieval prophet’s name but according to the prophecy there only about two popes left.

    Also, the Infowars website is shut down at the moment.

    • Bill

      Open Eyes, That was Irish St. Malachy, late 11th century. His prophecy claims 112 Popes from his time – Pope Francis is the 112th or supposedly the last one.

  64. Saeed

    Greetings Greg, you take great risk to have guests like Steve Quayle because some of the stuff he says is out of this world to an uninitiated or new person. As a traditional (not militant Wahhabi who are CIA reign of terror assets) Muslim I believe in what Steve is saying because believers in God Almighty don’t make up stuff for popularity or worldly gains. Thanks for having Steve Q. On your show.

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