Alert: Dollar & Markets at Risk to Plummet – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams is putting out a rare “Alert” on his popular newsletter. What does Williams see that scares him?  Williams explains, “There are several factors.  Number one, I think we are at risk of an extreme market reaction just tied to the economy slowing down unexpectedly against headline expectations.  That is going to mess up the Fed’s planning for raising rates and liquidating their balance sheet.  That is going to force them back to quantitative easing (money printing).  That, in turn, will savage the dollar.   As the dollar plummets, so will U.S. stock prices.  They are heavily supported by the influx of capital from abroad. . . . Given the underlying fundamentals in the markets and in the economy, I think all the components are in place for one of the great financial panics of all time.”

Williams says this is why gold is poised to go up. Williams says, “Gold is the ultimate hedge against all the craziness in the world and very bad financial markets, dangerous currency markets and bad inflation.  Physical gold is the ultimate hedge because it retains its value over time. . . . I have been looking for it to go higher, and it is going to go a lot higher as the circumstances deteriorate.”

At some point, Williams says, “You are going to see a plunge in the dollar. . . . All of a sudden, they are going to stop raising rates . . . and as the economy deteriorates and puts more financial stress on the banking system, they’ve got to go back to quantitative easing. They can’t let the banking system fail.  They have propped up the dollar, but you are going to see a plunge in the dollar.  The fed does not have to actually move to quantitative easing for the dollar to tank, you just have to have the markets shift in sentiment to that effect, and you will see the dollar tank.”

Williams says, “A big factor in the dollar’s value is political stability or the perceived political stability. Right now, you have a circumstance in Washington where there is tremendous political discord.  I can’t remember seeing anything like this in the past.  The President has effectively had his options shut off in terms of moving the economy.  I was looking for him to get elected because of the weakness in the economy. . . . This intensifies the problems for the economy, but I can tell you right up front it’s a big negative for the dollar. . . . If you have a move for impeachment for the President, that will tank the dollar.”

What does John Williams’ gut tell him to do before this Fall? Williams says, “I would be out of the stock market, and I’d have my money in gold.  I mean physical gold, physically owning the gold. . . .Suppose the things I am looking for begin to break.  You may see rioting in the streets.  You may see disruptions in the supply chains to grocery stores.”

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  1. Raffael

    The US Political situation is in total disarray! Politicians on the left and on the right can blame Trump all they want, in the end they will only create more chaos and distrust between all Americans. This will lead to a down fall of American society and the economy! The stupid bastards think that Trump is the cause – they are too ignorant to see and understand that he is only the messenger. Trump has been in the political arena for 2 years and these A holes want people to believe he is the cause for all of our social and economic problems – only the misinformed and uneducated would believe something like that. God Bless us and protect us from these evil doers!

    • Charles H

      Delusional. It’s called delusional. And it is a growing trend.

    • Anthony Australia

      We are just as rooted. So many independents in our senate who debate for hours over nothing, when all of the real hard hitting issues are sprooked in front of the cameras.

    • this sceptered isle

      Trump is the consequence not the cause.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Your right.
      “I shall rule you with a Rod of Iron”….But, our society will require a trip to the wood shed.