Alert: Dollar & Markets at Risk to Plummet – John Williams

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Economist John Williams is putting out a rare “Alert” on his popular newsletter. What does Williams see that scares him?  Williams explains, “There are several factors.  Number one, I think we are at risk of an extreme market reaction just tied to the economy slowing down unexpectedly against headline expectations.  That is going to mess up the Fed’s planning for raising rates and liquidating their balance sheet.  That is going to force them back to quantitative easing (money printing).  That, in turn, will savage the dollar.   As the dollar plummets, so will U.S. stock prices.  They are heavily supported by the influx of capital from abroad. . . . Given the underlying fundamentals in the markets and in the economy, I think all the components are in place for one of the great financial panics of all time.”

Williams says this is why gold is poised to go up. Williams says, “Gold is the ultimate hedge against all the craziness in the world and very bad financial markets, dangerous currency markets and bad inflation.  Physical gold is the ultimate hedge because it retains its value over time. . . . I have been looking for it to go higher, and it is going to go a lot higher as the circumstances deteriorate.”

At some point, Williams says, “You are going to see a plunge in the dollar. . . . All of a sudden, they are going to stop raising rates . . . and as the economy deteriorates and puts more financial stress on the banking system, they’ve got to go back to quantitative easing. They can’t let the banking system fail.  They have propped up the dollar, but you are going to see a plunge in the dollar.  The fed does not have to actually move to quantitative easing for the dollar to tank, you just have to have the markets shift in sentiment to that effect, and you will see the dollar tank.”

Williams says, “A big factor in the dollar’s value is political stability or the perceived political stability. Right now, you have a circumstance in Washington where there is tremendous political discord.  I can’t remember seeing anything like this in the past.  The President has effectively had his options shut off in terms of moving the economy.  I was looking for him to get elected because of the weakness in the economy. . . . This intensifies the problems for the economy, but I can tell you right up front it’s a big negative for the dollar. . . . If you have a move for impeachment for the President, that will tank the dollar.”

What does John Williams’ gut tell him to do before this Fall? Williams says, “I would be out of the stock market, and I’d have my money in gold.  I mean physical gold, physically owning the gold. . . .Suppose the things I am looking for begin to break.  You may see rioting in the streets.  You may see disruptions in the supply chains to grocery stores.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economist John Williams at

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After the Interview: 

There is some free information on Economist John Williams also puts together detailed reports on all aspects of the economy without accounting gimmicks to make things look better than they actually are.  For example, if unemployment was calculated the way the government did it before 1994, it would show a 22% unemployment rate.  Williams gives what I call the “real stats” in his weekly reports.  Click here to subscribe.


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  1. Raffael

    The US Political situation is in total disarray! Politicians on the left and on the right can blame Trump all they want, in the end they will only create more chaos and distrust between all Americans. This will lead to a down fall of American society and the economy! The stupid bastards think that Trump is the cause – they are too ignorant to see and understand that he is only the messenger. Trump has been in the political arena for 2 years and these A holes want people to believe he is the cause for all of our social and economic problems – only the misinformed and uneducated would believe something like that. God Bless us and protect us from these evil doers!

    • Charles H

      Delusional. It’s called delusional. And it is a growing trend.

    • Anthony Australia

      We are just as rooted. So many independents in our senate who debate for hours over nothing, when all of the real hard hitting issues are sprooked in front of the cameras.

    • this sceptered isle

      Trump is the consequence not the cause.

    • James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

      Your right.
      “I shall rule you with a Rod of Iron”….But, our society will require a trip to the wood shed.

    • Mike

      They know what they’re doing,this is all planned.

    • Russ

      Dilbert’s Scott Adams Explains “How To Know You’re In A Mass Hysteria Bubble”

    • susan

      I am so tired of listening to all of the “young people” telling how things are and how they will be. I think if everyone studied the depression and learned how to survive regardless of what is going on in the economy and politically. Please everyone, trust God and be sensible. It is not that complicated.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        In the depression there were mitigating cultural factors…family closeness, actual churches (not yoga/meditation fiefdoms), housewives, domestic skills like sewing&cooking&basic carpentry, cheap mass entertainment…
        My grandparents had friends or relatives sleeping on the dining room floor for years…people passing through Dallas looking for work or housing. My other grandparents gave food away out the back door to poor black families…they had a Piggly Wiggly near Lubbock.

        We have a generation of young women who were told by Ms Clinton that sewing and raising your own children was sedition. Most think baking soda is just for deodorizing the fridge. TV and movies ridicule family life and shame those who live with their families instead of a personal apt complete with all the modern gadgets, including a sex life without legal protection of marriage.

        I agree about trusting God…but they also have to reject the garbage of the world they grew up with. They have to be supermen and women. Let’s help them all we can.

        • Russ

          Things are way different now. This U.S. population could not handle what the greatest generation lived through. Demographics have shifted.

          People have moved from rural farms to urban/suburban — small lots and apartments/condos. Farming, hunting, fishing were much more common 80-90 years back. Even small homes then had a garden for fresh vegetables. The small farms where I was raised is now part of the city and zoned light industrial, farm animals are all gone.

          • Flattop

            Russ: When my aunt died, my wife and I cleared out her house so it could be put on the market. I discovered balls of string, large quantities of paper bags, little jars with pins, small nails, rubber bands and ather items she saved. At her funeral I asked another of my aunts why she saved all that stuff. She said, We went through the great depression, and afterward we saw value in everything and anything. We threw nothing away. Todays generation throws perfectly good things away because they want the latest and newest.

  2. this sceptered isle

    It is interesting that on the US dollar index the dollar has been weakening. As this compares the dollar against the Euro, Yen and pound this is bad news as these are all currencies where the central banks are still inflating the currency through QE.

    • This sceptred isle

      There needs to be a cessation in the religious monopoly of the creation of the world reserve currency. Let someone from another religion have a go.

      • Flattop

        Sceptered: WHAT???

  3. Paul ...

    Charts confirm what Williams is saying … a wipe-out is dead ahead …

    • Paul ...

      As Zang points out … take all the “debt” money in the world … and divide it by all the above ground, hidden and still to be mined gold in the world and you get $9,000 fiat “debt” dollars per ounce … do the same with silver and you get $600 fiat “debt” dollars per ounce … sounds good … but tell me … who in their right mind will want to sell their gold and silver for fiat “debt” dollars anyway?? … fiat “debt” is a worth less and less entity and you are simply a “Brooklyn bridge buying fool” to sell your gold to own … what the smart people will do … is trade their gold and silver for “real things” (land, food, a car, a house, etc.) … get it … you trade a “real thing” for a “real thing” … you don’t trade your gold and silver for “debt fiat” (nor for “imaginary crypto” that exists only in virtual cyber space in some non-physical dimension)!!

  4. mal

    Hi Greg,
    John Williams is right about the unprecedented political discord. Suddenly the media and the Washington establishment would have us believe the k u
    Klux Klan is hiding under every bed and Nazis are hiding in every closet. I’m over 60 years old and I’ve never known a member of the Klan or the Nazi party. It’s totally lost on the media that the organizer of the “white racist rally” in Charlottsville was a lifelong radical left wing democrat. WND last Thursday published some of his past tweets from as recently as 2015 supporting Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid’s gun control bill, praising John Kerry, etc. Charlottesville was an arranged scam to smear the president and even the ACLU acknowledged that the police did nothing. The Democratic governor then made false statements claiming the “white racists ” stashed weapons caches all over the city and were better equipped than the state police both claims that the state police denied. Charlottesville was a hate crime all right….by democrats. Check out Chelsea Shillings report on WND Greg.

    • al

      Both sides were paid for. Craigslist ads reportedly appeared locally for “movie extras”. The same ads appeared during the elections as well as the Charlotte 2016 riots and hitlery campaign. Immediately after the elections, they were gone. I’ve seen as much as three ads per day on Craigslist. I have video proof. They paid $250 per day.

    • andyb

      Yes, those with cognitive dissonance (a vast majority of the American populace I regret to say) were all definitely played by the pols and the media, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon and too many others, with the complicit media covering up the facts. Meanwhile, significant other events get no traction or resolution; the IRS/Tea Party scandal, Hillary’s off site servers; Wasserman Schultz as a rumored Mossad agent committing treason with Pakistani I.T. contractors and, again, too many other cases.
      BTW: I believe the SHTF economic implosion will commence with the dog and pony circus relating to the debt ceiling negotiations.

      • Corleone

        The only question left is “why does Hillary preach gospel ????”

        • Greg Hunter

          To lie and make people think they are aligned with God instead of satan.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        If Debbie W-S is Mossad, those guys aren’t as smart as everybody thinks! They should have spotted her sloppy ways and hubris long ago. She was a FUBAR waiting to happen.

        • Greg Hunter

          Common. You don’t know that. DWS was a criminal and traitor in my humble opinion and nothing more.

          • freebrezer

            Greg I hate to use name calling for any reason but when it comes to Debbie W S, the only words that come to mind is Blabber mouth!

            • Greg Hunter

              F B, She is in very big trouble.

        • Frederick

          I’ve read that about Wasserwoman Schultz and actually she does seem a bit sloppy and stupid to be entrusted to such a high level of evil But hey she sure fooled the voters in Florida so anythings possible

  5. Anthony Australia

    Greg, thanks for the continued true narrative.
    The MSM should hang their heads in shame.
    Whilst you guys are distracted with the race riots, we are distracted with the LGBT postal marriage vote and at an additional cost to the tax payer mind you.
    What’s the point of a democracy when there needs to be cross bench support to
    pass any proposed change in legislation. We vote in these bozos to Govern yet they are either controlled or can’t make a decision.
    Get it done and move on I say.

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    Thanks Greg!

  7. Jim C

    I agree everything John says. However, one never knows gs bankers what tricks they pull in their bag again. Negative interest rates? war? trade war? limiting cash transactions? overtaking cryptocurrencies? confiscation of gold and other asset forfeitures policies in place? Instead of stacking up with gold, I place a big bet on can goods but not on tuna.

  8. stonewall

    John Williams is a true truth teller with a scary but necessary message to give
    people opportunity to prepare but most will not. The sheeple have drunk the
    cool aid and are acting out like they are all high on a hallucinogenic drug.
    They are too stupid to understand they are being played by the deep state
    and their MSM whores so when the world comes crashing down I expect
    the backlash will be horrific so best we all prepare the best we can and that
    means provision up. Gold mining company shares are currently trading at very
    depressed levels and historically when gold price moves higher gold mining
    shares on a percentage basis move two or three times more than gold price.

  9. al

    This was one of the liveliest Williams interview I’ve seen in a long time. The banking system has to be allowed to fully collapse along with bringing back Glass Steagall. Bannon was on his way and the banksters succeeded in ousting him. The continuing lie has to stop!

  10. Aussie Clive

    Hello Greg. It was good to see you interview John Williams again. I know John likes gold as a store of power but I would have been interested to hear his view on Crypto currencies. Do you know his take on the subject?

    • Lore

      I too would have liked to hear his perspective on cryptos.

  11. Aussie Clive

    Sorry, I meant to say “Store of Wealth”

  12. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, I too have never seen a new President take so much “income” / fake news from the MSN, from their own party and the from deep state in general. They are out to get him too be sure. This Country’s Pravda’s news organizations such as CNN, NBC, etc., is leading the charge, even J. Williams mentioned the word impeachment, for what?- For getting elected? Frankly, the deep state now wants a failed presidency & I think believes they can lay all of their greed, corruption, failed programs & policies of the last 40 years on this President, in other words, they have a perfect opportunity now to have a scapegoat fall guy. Don’t ever believe the deep state wont burn the barn down to hide the bodies. One light at the end of the tunnel is there are a lot of people out here who voted for him we might take it to the streets if they steal our vote away from us. That possible scenario is what is making the markets nervous, the what ifs if you will.

    • freebrezer

      AB – some one on this site a awhile ago said it perfect – When you are over the target is when the flak is at its worst! Trump must be narrowing in over the target!

  13. Larry White

    Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the ACCoin isssued by ACChain. This article collects a lot of information about it in one place and asks: Is it a Digital Currency SDR?

    There will be a followup article in a few days that provides more information about the Real Estate Token (RET) ACChain is issuing for a real estate project in Texas as well.

  14. dlc

    I’m not in Charles Barkley’s head, but I do recall a saying to the effect that you do not get in the middle of a white man’s fight. All those black-clad Bolsheviks look white to me. This is a commie maneuver if ever there was one.

    On listening to John Williams analysis, it adds concrete reasons as to why certain politicians are predicting a Trump demise by this fall. They’ll hang the economy around Trump’s neck and absolve themselves of all they have done to us over the decades. I am not surprised by any of this.

    The masses are drugged up and dummied down. The men have been pretty much run out of the family picture. There has been no one to utter the word “no” to the children of the last several generations. From Gen-X onward, few have been taught that the good life is not a given, cannot be arrived at through hand-outs.

    The politicians just had to fool us around election time. They sounded more genuine than our mom and dad, and a broken people bought it every time. If Trump goes down, we will either settle the mess with the good men left in this country or we will proceed to outdo the Russian revolution.

    It was someone on this site, I believe, who mentioned a YouTube documentary called “It’s a Rich Man’s Game,” and I watched it about a week ago. If even half of that documentary was true, it leaves little wonder as to what we’re up against.

    Raffael: You are spot on as to the main problem going forward — a misinformed and uneducated public.

    I’ll add to that — a dependent public with few life skills, unable to cope with just everyday living. Opioid abuse through the roof, meth saturation in even the smallest of cities. People tethered to smart phones like heroin addicts, losing the ability to communicate. Never have we had so much access to information only to have such incredibly uninformed people.

    Frighten people, get them good and hungry, threaten their sense of safety, and then just step back and watch. Germans ratted on their neighbors just to share the booty in the homes that were vacated after the gestapo did their deed. You think we are above that? Just for starters, wait till the EBT cards bounce.

    • Charles H

      Wow. Earned doctorate of Common-Sense-ology.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Must totally agree with your blog, totally all within the realm of rational thought given the “softness” of the people now. Can you imagine the looks on their faces when their smart phones stop working but their stomachs don”t?

  15. Jerry

    Those of you still holding out for some type of recovery, or who may be blinded by the false illusion of the stock market, really need to read this report and let it soak in.

    There has been no recovery and the central banks know it. What they have essentially done is stall the collapse of the global economy just long enough with QE to build a replacement system under it with the help from the Chinese and AIIB. John Williams and many others have been right all along in their predictions. But because the markets have been so manipulated by the central banks to buy themselves time, the exact timing has always been off. But know this. According to multiple sources ( some I personally know) there has been an installation of a new exchange system inside the international banking. In other words folks, the replacement system is complete and ready to go when TPTB determine the time is right. With the debt ceiling debacle looming when congress comes back, and the Federal Reserve Bank clearing its balance sheets in September, and the possible resignation of Donald Trump from office along with tensions from North Korea, the perfect inflection point to fire up the replacement system is being set up. This time its for real.

    • Charles H

      Trump won’t resign.

      • Greg Hunter

        The battle has only started and God and Jesus Christ is behind Trump. He put him in office.

        • Jerry

          Ephesians 6: 12
          For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers , against the rulers of darkness, of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places.

          Unfortunately I believe the only person who can straighten this mess out is the lord Jesus Christ. We are on the cusp of the millennium.

        • Jerry

          You might find this interesting.

          When congress comes back from summer vacation they have 12 days left to come together on an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. I personally think the deep state will see this as an opportunity to hang the economic collapse on Donald Trump. His kneejerk reaction is almost predictable. Schwartz is betting he will resign by fall. He might be right.

          • Greg Hunter

            More disinformation propelled by the kings for “Very Fake News”!! There is going to be a very big backlash for CNN and other Fake news misinforming the public with raw propaganda lies.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Greg, maybe HE has given up on us, maybe we have become so corrupt, anti-God, atheistic, abortion minded, greedy, crooked, lying mouths, haughty, lovers of self, disrespectful of our parents & all, promiscuous, morally bankrupt, and the list continues to infinity that HE has pulled the plug of grace. Just a thought, maybe Trump was His last resort, “if you will not listen to this good king, then I will let the wolves have you…” or something to that effect. Maybe, maybe, food for thought, what say you?

          • Greg Hunter

            The Bible says, (New International Version) “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” — Deuteronomy 31:8

            America, with all it’s non-believers, is still the most Christian nation on the face of the earth. There is no dispute. Never forget that.

            • Arthur Barnes

              Greg, your response helped made me more positive in all the negativity of the MSM and the Deep State Elite who are aligned with the dark forces among us; thank you for that!

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Arthur. Never give up.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              …and the most kind hearted with charity by far.

              • Greg Hunter

                Now the Clinton “charity” was a total fraud and there are lots of people who were taking a piece of that. More crime and treason.

                • Frederick

                  Did anyone actually donate their money to that fraudulent so-called charity believing it was to help people? Or was it strictly a way to launder ill gotten contributions I’m thinking the latter

        • Jerry

          I hope you’re right. I really do. But others who know him personally say otherwise.

          I found out personally in April that the executive order he signed waiving the healthcare tax penalty didn’t mean squat. It makes me wonder?

          • Greg Hunter

            He’s one guy Jerry and you should never give up or fall for the propaganda of CNN and the rest of the dying MSM.

        • H. Craig Bradley

          Yep, God is on Our Side, so we can rest easy and let Trump do it with 46% public support. Sure. At least “God “was not on Hillary Clinton’s side.

        • Robert G

          Greg ..He will resign, within the next year. God put trump in office, really? Wow…I have a feeling you will regret those words.

          • Greg Hunter

            No Robert, I will not. Are you the “Gina” troll we had on in the past?

            • Robert G

              Greg..No Sir, I am still the same Robert G.

              • Greg Hunter

                Oh yeah. Didn’t I kick you off here once already?

      • Jerry

        In case you haven’t noticed Trump is drowning in the swamp. What would you do be blamed for the largest economic collapse in history, or let congress take the hit? His template was set the day he decided to let the health insurance industry implode. He has proven his ability to walk away when a deal can’t be made. This is what the banks are doing to prepare for the reset.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Jerry, and implode it will, if a deal can’t be made it can’t be made, simple as that. At some point you have to let the chips fall where they may, both sides will have to live with whatever comes to fruition. At least Trump understands when a deal can’t be made, I think he did the right thing in walking away from Obamacare, let the Demogods & the Republicats deal with their “insurance benefactors” when the profits stop coming in, believe me at that point in time they will cancel their vacations and pass some legislation to keep their insurance buddies afloat. On another note, maybe too much health care is not good, try some simple foods & exercise for a change and see how the body heals itself.

    • Jerry

      BRICS summit September.

  16. dlc

    “Megachurch pastor bails on Trump.”

    Where were such people during Caligula’s reign over the past 8 years?

    I expect to see public disavowals of Trump by everyone right down to the guy who collects our garbage, the favored way of putting the righteous in their place. There will be breaking news repudiations with all the hysteria of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    We had a rainbow WH and sickos in the girls’ restrooms, seemingly just fine with these same neutered churches.

    Can you just imagine what the powers have in mind for your next handpicked ruler? It will make Barry look like an archangel. Imagine Terry McAuliffe, a proxy for Hillary. One way or the other, we’ll be served up a copycat cold dish of Clinton, Bush, or Obama.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Yea, the Bush, Clinton, & Obama’s food smelled alright it just had no nutritional value, in fact, most times it was a disagreeable upchuck. Expect more of the same when they serve up the new leader to our plates.

  17. Kim

    Great interview! To be informed and prepared is our very best defense.

    Be big and bright on the inside, to let your light shine on the outside. God is in control and the truth will set you free.

  18. Todd

    Fiat is dying.This whole system is built on a sandy foundation. Debt has exploded. We are in a very dangerous situation. Look at the trade deficit! We can no longer live on borrow and spend! We need to live within our means. We live in a country that looks wealthy, and yet debt has exploded. Retirement systems are phony. Stock market is phony. Banks give you a negative return when adjusted for inflation. Everything has been mis allocated because of the federal reserve. We need to go back to the constitution. We need sound money. End the Fed! Restore Honor! Lets get back to God, Family and Country. Be prepared. Pray, only God can help us now.

  19. jon

    I tend to agree with Mr. Williams. But if the dollar is rejected, as a means to get rid of dollars. Is is possible that these over inflated dollars might flow to stocks that have a real value, ie resource, high tech (non social media), utilities etc?

    • Frederick

      So overinflated stocks have more “real value” than manipulated precious metals OK But I think that’s a skewed view of reality to be honest How well do you think most companies will fare in an economic collapse scenario ?

  20. SOD

    Every generation faults the preceding generations if its efforts fail to stop blood shed, tribulations and woe. An old professor out of Nazi Germany in the early 70’s gave our class some warning signs-we might want to consider today:
    1. A broke and corrupt government will always prey upon its people.
    2. Take heed when your leaders and their policies are lawless and they seem to be lead by a spirit of delusion.
    3. Beware, nothing good ever comes from firearms confiscation or asset seizure.
    4. When riots, attacks on your citizenry and book burnings are regular occurrences, say good bye to civility, common sense and your freedoms.
    Lastly, when the few voices of reason and warning are silenced, you will find with the benefit of hindsight you have been effectively trapped into an increasing madness.

    • Charles H

      Thanks. That was great!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff SOD!!! Thanks for posting it here.

      • SOD

        Charles & Greg,
        This professor would have been deeply gratified with your appreciation of his list. In his time he was largely mocked for drawing such ominous parallels. For those who maybe interested the following completes his cautionary tale:
        6. The State’s constant need to monitor and suppress ideas and articles that run counter to the party line.
        7. A general lack of respect towards individual property.
        8. The State’s bastardization and corruption of the Church.
        9. The State’s need to ‘shape’ the young.
        10. Propaganda is evident in all aspects of the citizens life.

        • Arthur Barnes

          SOD, I can see all of that right here & now! Its been around for a while but is ramping up as we speak.

        • Charles H


          Back in High School – I has a class in Math. Our placement tests for the class were SO BAD – the teacher came in the end of the first week; walked into the room, crossed it in silence; then opened the window to a courtyard and threw his teacher’s copy of the Instruction Book out the window. He informed us that he wouledn’t teach us Math; but that he teach us about Life. We learned he was a Chech/Hungarian boy caught in WWII – caught trying to get to the Allied side, was shot through the neck and cheek, knocked down in the no-man zone. A day and a night he layed in the freezing mud, waitng to live or die. We sat transfixed as he told us of his rescue, immigration, studies, and hard work. Needless to say he left a real impression on us – as we settled down to master the coursework of the class. Wallace Dulac – a man of humble, ordinary courage, real insight, and quiet wisdom. One doesn’t forget things, or people, like this.

          • SOD

            Very true Charles,
            My maternal grandmother was a teacher in a one room school house. She was fond of telling us:
            “True Education isn’t about teaching a student what to think–but how to think.” SOD

            • Diane

              Love it. Your grandmother was a very smart woman.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            I was friends and music student with several Holocaust and WWII survivors.
            But don’t you find it difficult to be part of the chit chat about better car deals and Disneyworld crapola? I just can’t do it anymore…too exhausting.

    • Cannuck21

      Your professor was a wise man. There is little that the ordinary person can do other than prep & pray. As the Chinese curse states – “we live in interesting times”
      God Bless and take care

      • Arthur Barnes

        The Chinese saying is: “May you live in interesting times”. I don’t know about interesting times but I know we are about to live in tumultuous times. Let you eyes see and your ears hear, then get prepared for them.

      • SOD

        The professor often opined that the sin of the Germany nation wasn’t that they weren’t enough good and competent people to be found, it was that they were yolked to a weak compass-less apostate Church, long conditioned to follow the State and were too worldly and fearful to be guided by wisdom to ward off the seduction of a movement that was fundamentally flawed and evil. I often wonder if America and/or Canada will one day meet with the same critique.
        best wishes, SOD

  21. Richard

    The rule of Law has not returned yet and without that I do not see anything less then bankruptcy of the USA to fix the system. Washington is owned by the big business (to big to fail or a monopoly what we had around 1900 and wrote laws against ) and the people are not willing to vote out their Senator or congressman. The removal of TRUMP could be the event that starts it. Good luck to all of us.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Richard, yea, if there was rule of law then Hillary would be behind bars or at least fighting an indictment. Comey was the traitor in that regard, he should be locked up too!

  22. Coaster

    Great interview Greg. John Williams is one of my favorites. It would be nice if you had a fellow Canadian on once again John Kirby. Mr. Kirby does not pull any punches. There maybe comments relative to what I am going to say but I am going to say it anyways. The angst in Charlottesville and other places in the USA is just a taste of what is coming. You have to look no farther than Bible prophecy to understand this. If people would take the time to read and understand Micah 7:6, Mathew 10:21 and 10:35, Mark 13:12, Luke 12:52 and Isaiah 3:5, it would be clear that there will be disruptions, riots, violence, etc. It is prophesied to happen and like all other prophecies from the Bible, it is going to happen. God gave much to America, so much in fact it has been the most blessed country on earth. He is now taking those blessings away because of America’s transgressions.

    • Charles H

      Your references reveal a strain of harmonic context – seen before in history. And we know history rhymes. Ironic that the world awakened from the Dark Ages when Germany printed the Gutenburg Bible.

  23. Diane

    I posted FV,s brilliant comment from yesterday’s blog , posted on several conservative Facebook pages.
    Facebook blocked me.

    • Charles H

      Guarding all the doors; holding all the keys…

  24. Marvin Double

    You really do know the truth when you hear it. John Williams is, in my opinion, being ultra conservative in his estimation of the depth of the coming crisis. There are already strong indications that the ensuing chaos which will follow after a financial emergency will be massive and long lived. Naturally we should hope that sanity and civility will prevail but history suggests otherwise. My advice is to prepare for a long term crisis then hope for something less severe with a shorter duration.

  25. Oracle 911

    Impeach Trump is NOT outrageous. It is suicidally stupid or rather idiotic and worth at least dozen of Darwin’s prize nominations.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    PS: If the supply lines broke down the USA will look like as the USSR in its collapse, just a lot bloodier. So pray for that president Trump will be able pull it out.

    • Charles H


    • Frederick

      Oracle I think it would be magnitudes worse Remember the Russian people were very tough and basically survivalists due to the harsh conditions they had been living under during WW 2 and under the Soviet regime Americans have had it much much easier and are for the most part totally unprepared for this People are so lazy they won’t even get out of their cars for a cup of coffee( drive thrus) They will be finished in no time if things unravel sadly I don’t see any comparison with the Russians

      • Tin foil hat

        “for the most part totally unprepared for this People are so lazy they won’t even get out of their cars for a cup of coffee”
        Sadly, we lost the ability to switch back and forth from automatic to manual.
        We lost control of USS Porter, USS Fitzgerald and now USS John S. McCain.
        I infer the reason Trump fired 61 Tomahawk missiles at an empty airfield is to demonstrate to the Russians that they cannot divert/control multiple targets.
        I hope WW III will be fought with sticks and stones to avert nuclear holocaust.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Russians use the same cups and drink from the same water…they really do laugh at us, even the ones who have lived here awhile.
        Long ago my guilty secret was doing laundry in the bathtub for a while. A friend said she’d rather cut her wrists, so I shut up about it. I had the cleanest tub and feet!!
        We’ll see if they cut their wrists if things go down….some may enjoy the simple life and hard work.

  26. Paul from Indian

    In a Grammy-winning performance, Gladys Knight sang, “There’s no way this can have a happy ending…neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye. ” First, we abandoned our Constitution, and then we abandoned our political process. The differences are unbridgeable. “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain…” Get ready, gang; it’s here. Best always. PM

    • David

      Paul from Indiana,
      You forgot something: FIRST, we abandoned God in the schools and public life. Then we abandoned our Constitution followed by our political process

      • Paul from Indiana

        David, In my view, you are correct. Some take umbrage at bringing “God” or “religion” into a discussion. I like, if I can, to prove my point using only secular arguments. Then, God, Scripture, Doctrine, and Faith become the icing on the cake. In our current situation, we Americans will sadly take a whipping either way. Best always. PM’

  27. JC Davis

    Fun interview to watch. Allen Ols, and I went into hysteria when John said you get more of a return on can goods then treasury bills.
    I don’t see the greed in Washington ever trying to fix anything. Patch, and roll is all they know.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother JC, here’s hoping you still have your truckload of copper. Best to you and Al. PM

      • jc

        LOL I do, and now that copper is down I have more then I want. I just got a Gift of a truck, and teachings on hydrating meat for storage.
        Call me sometimes.

        • jc

          Greg Hunter its ok to post my info. I stand by my words

  28. john duffy

    Civil War??

  29. ScottL

    As much as I like the concept of crypto-currency as a bypass to the corruption of fiat currency and the corruption of the government(s) in general, the idea that these same government(s) will surrender control and “allow” you to transact outside of their purview is foolish. They may not be able to technologically crack the blockchain and track usage, but they don’t have to. They can simply look at people and businesses that advertise they accept Bitcoin, for example, and pay that person or business a visit and say if you transact in crypto you will go to jail. Never underestimate the lengths Big Brother will go to own you and if you dare defy them, you will pay dearly. And don’t scream about your rights, you will have none as you are now a national security risk in defiance of the state.

    • Paul ...

      Crypto currency is safe and secure alright … every transaction is safely recorded on the block chain ledger … and the IRS is waiting in the wings with a big smile on its face (ready to seize all the assets it now has solid proof you owned and sold without paying taxes) … buy a silver coin with cash … and who knows about it?

      • Diane

        Paul…most of us here on usa watchdog strongly suspect this.

      • Paul ...

        Even the worth less US fiat paper dollar is head and shoulders above crypto which is an intangible thing … funny how all the people who don’t believe in God all of a sudden “get religion” and start believing in ethereally “spiritual money” that exists only in the void of cyber space where you can’t touch it or feel it … such “spiritual money” does not meet the most important qualification for being a currency (being something you can physically hold in your hand and physically trade to someone for a good or service) … what are the crypto maniacs going to carry around with them in their pocket? … a battery full of electrons to trade to a farmer for some vegetables? … after giving the farmer a shock with their battery full of crypto electrons when paying for a bag of potatoes how will the farmer give them change? … with his cattle prod?

        • Paul ...

          So go ahead block heads … believe in your “spiritual” money … but it will only have currency between “believers” … come up against someone who does not believe in your “god” … and he will tell you “it does not exist” … you can bring such a person to your computer screen and show him look “there it is” and he will tell you … you are living in a virtual reality fairy land … everything on that screen “does not exist tangibly in the physical world” and he is not going to give you something real for something imaginary that has no physical or tangible substance in our real world (one of the most important requirements for money to be money)!

          • Paul ...

            Years ago swindlers would bring you downtown to the “real” Brooklyn bridge made of steel and stone and then sell it to you “cheap” … today they bring you a “video image” of the Brooklyn bridge (that they simply conjure up on their computer screen) and sell it to you “dear”!!

            • Paul ...

              At least the person being conned years ago was smart enough to want “something real” for his money … today’s block heads being conned will take “something imaginary” for their money!

              • Paul ...

                Of course there is one “big benefit” to owning “imaginary crypto” that exists in the void of cyber space that people may want to consider … being crypto is ethereal “spiritual money” that exists in a dimension where you can’t touch it or feel it … you can easily take it with you when you die and go to heaven (or hell) … however your heirs are not going to be very happy about seeing your crypto disappear from the block chain when you die (or perhaps even before you die)!

                • Paul ...

                  Another benefit (people enamored with “imaginary crypto on a computer” get) … is being attuned early into becoming a full fledged robot with “artificial intelligence” … compared to ordinary humans who are attuned to dealing in real things in the real world!

  30. evan trofholz

    Fantastic guest. John Williams is at his best when he’s not so technical. A great listen.

    Side note from my wife who peeked over my shoulder as I watched: “What’s up with the wall paper in that guy’s room?”

    • Frederick

      Evan I noticed that as well No accounting for taste but that doesn’t take away from his message

  31. mushy

    What about silver?

    • Paul ...

      Everyone always wants to know … when will we see the bottom in silver … well we have seen it folks … it occurred in July 2017 when silver did a reverse candlestick … silver’s closing low was 14.92 … isn’t it interesting the banksters would pick that number (probably to celebrate Christopher Columbus being Jewish) …

      • Paul ...

        Come to think of it … if the Jews discovered America doesn’t it all belong to them? … so what of the indigenous people who owned the land before … do they have rights to be part of this one Jewish State … lets do away with all the separate reservations they are restrict to live on?

    • Frederick

      Poor mans gold and due to its affordability it should do fine in my opinion Plus it’s needed in tech which includes military applications

      • Paul ...

        The “big” application for silver is not in solar panels … but its outstanding capabilities to transmit data better then all the fiber optics cables in the world!!

  32. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Well, according to Michael Krieger, with the ouster of Steve Bannon, DTrump has come out of the closet and revealed his true oligarchic colours :

    If Mr Krieger is correct in his views, it signals a toning down of the hate noise in the MSM, but unfortunately, also a betrayal of his populist persona — cynically employed for the sole purpose of getting elected.

    Interesting opinion huh?

    • Flattop

      Tin Foil Canuck: You aint seen nuthin yet. Pelosi and shumer were excited that Bannon exited the White House, but when Bannon and Mercer start a right wing news channel, they will go ballistic

  33. Lynne Mariie

    My favorite Economist! Thank you for having John Williams on USA Watchdog!

    • Mr. Lee

      Tinfoil hat Canuck:
      A fellow Canadian agrees with Mr. Krieger, as I too read his article. In fact Brandon Smith from Alt-market, has been echoing Krieger for months now. Alex Jones created the Obama Deception film, wonder if there will be a Trump Deception sequel as all of us may have been had

  34. Edward Ulysses Cate

    There is only one thing that bothers me about John William’s predictions, and that’s the stock market. We all know how highly manipulated it is, and perhaps the Venezuela Stock Market illustrates the efforts TPTB will make to confuse people. It’s gone from 40,000 to over 194,000 in the last six months. They might be trying the same thing here.
    Other than that, kudos to John Williams and Greg Hunter for their efforts.

    • Frederick

      You quote that the Venezuelan stock market has hyperinflated Of course it has by what 400 percent? How much has the Bolivar or gold increased in comparison 2000percent perhaps? Sure stocks can go higher but what’s your purchasing power when you sell

  35. Guyo Smith

    Greg what good will gold be for the few that can hoard it if the crash is this bad, if the dollar become worthless then, infrastructure is goon, nothing is worth anything if everybody losses everything except the few that already have it all ?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s called capital. Don’t you want people on your side to have some capital for when this is over? We all should heed Williams words on getting prepared.

    • Frederick

      Guyo Smith It’s wealth to be preserved until the reset is complete Some silver coins would be good as well and food and necessary items as Greg has advised on numerous occasions previously Common sense stuff

    • Roger

      Guyo, food trumps all tangibles but Greg and Frederick are right. Here in the rural Pacific Northwest folks are probably more aware of using barter and the value of silver in small denominations than most areas. I can assure you that TODAY many trades people and services can be paid for in silver. Silver American Eagles are well received. Payment is based on the spot price. Roughly speaking, I think of every Eagle as insurance that I will be able to purchase 1 hours of skilled labor or services in the future.

    • Flattop

      Guyo Smith; Don’t forget toilet paper. If you don’t think its important, talk to your wife. Also great bartering material

      • Frederick

        Toilet paper Ahh yes I’ had a thousand tolls but the mice made nests in my stash last winter The loss was crushing to my wife for sure

      • Lois Petersen

        Roger, only if those trades folks are able to stay in business themselves. But I’m sure their skills will still be needed.

  36. Diane

    Greg….each time their fake news hit a new low…check this out

  37. SamIAm

    I saw that poll asking whether I’d vote for President Trump again. Yeah. Hell yeah, I’d vote for the greatest President America has produced. As for John Williams emergency prediction, he’s right. Big One month and some change (added days) correction is occurring the the markets right now. The only one who knows the exact timing and length of all corrections is Martin Armstrong–world’s greatest forecaster.

  38. JimH

    NAFTA negotiations begin, but there is one problem they are not transparent as promised, it is all being done in secrecy. NAFTA is being discussed by government as classified away from the us population. The new agreement for NAFTA was suppose to be in the open. Now lobbyist and some universities have access to this classified information not the American people.

    This NAFTA agreements are hidden because NAFTA does not benefit the American people.

  39. Dan

    Instead of squirrels gathering nuts, I would say that our country was founded at a time of an agrarian society. Fall is the time for people to gather the harvest and set in and sell the excess and wait for spring to plant. That would be more of an inborn psyche of the investor public. In my humble opinion.

  40. Boris chikvashvili

    As a Long Time (9 years) Dollar Bull
    I never agreed with anybody on DOLLAR weakness.
    But By the start of this year I was ready fro Dollar softness and
    I totally agree with the guest that Dollar weakness may and has already disturbed the capital flows to USA markets. That is why i just ( in real time and in public) bought PUTS on QQQ for 1000% gains in 2 days and retained some cheaper PUTS for next 2-3 days just in case. But I believe, temporarily Dollar Weakness stops here ( it has already done what you guest supposes it will do). Yes, eventually, Dollar is very close to it’s demise, after 9 years I am becoming a restless , but Dollar could still do a final surge by early next year, after which it shall be on a thinner ice.
    For the first time agree with your guest, even though he has repeated this for many years. Now he is closer to the truth.
    Thanks you

  41. antonius aquinas

    New Article:


  42. Chris

    A house divided cannot stand and the lefts’ agenda has made this an all out push to make Trump the scape goat for the past ill-advised, self gratifying, delusions of grandeur Obummer, Bush era. The left won’t stop until they tell the lies enough to get the sheeple to follow their agenda and split this country in more pieces than a box of corn flakes. I guess we should understand a liar will always be a liar and the left follows such erroneous leaders to the edge of the cliff. I was ask about health insurance 15 minutes ago. The person was so sure I didn’t know what I was talking about 3 yrs ago they just followed to the edge. Now, effective 1-1-2018 their coverage will expire and they will not be able to get any coverage. They ask me if I knew how they could get covered and I looked right at them and reminded them of their certainty of Obummer care. No one want to follow economics and the basic principles of math. I have never seen so much ideological lunacy in my entire life. The basics of understanding are so far off base from common sense and logic. The only reason they are creating these distractions is to keep us from thinking about the real problem. It’s the economy, stupid! We are headed down a path of destruction. All fiat currencies have and will continue to fail for the foreseeable future. Only gold, silver and other precious metal will survive. Whew… where’s the tylenol!!

  43. Gordon Carpenter

    Trump, like a lot of us are saying, will not be the reason for the fall of the U.S. but will be given the blame by the Alt left and fake news around the world.
    Being a Canadian, I saw a few weeks ago that the culturally irrelevant Rolling Stone magazine asked why Justin Trudeau couldn’t be the U.S. president. With statements like that, I don’t know what to think any more.

    • Flattop

      Gordon Carpenter:
      The bible says, ” professing themselves to be wise. they have become fools”

  44. Ms. Wrench

    Like this guy. He’s a smart cookie. Thanks for having him on again, Greg

  45. Jerry

    Here is what is lurking behind the global currency curtain. Just like the Wizard of Oz you never get to see who is pulling the levers.
    Lynette Zang totally nails this.

    • JonathanFromCharlotte

      Jerry- holy cow! I hope all the website viewers check this presentation out. Not only are they beginning to implement a “digitized” token economy for all real assets in the world, they will also be able to unitize productivity value!

      Then total control will be realized – control the cost (pricing) and control the revenue (income).


    • Jerry

      Folks I cannot underscore the importance of the information Lynette Zang has provided. From my family contacts with Wells Fargo I know for a fact that block chain technology has been installed in all the major banks in the United States. Back in April (when I caught hell from posters on this site for naming the date) the IMF was meeting with block chain companies behind closed doors. I never will forget the picture of Christine Lagarde walking out with them. This is it folks. The banks have figured out a way using block chain crypto currency technology to funnel us all into a new exchange system controlled by the IMF and the World bank. When the system is collapsed most people will gladly succumb to a digital system in order to keep themselves afloat. The banks know it to. Who would have ever though Lucifer would use the “chains” of technology to lead us down to hell and establish himself as the god of this world? Its here folks, and its happening now!

      • Paul ...

        If crypto is “Lucifer’s money” then the only place it likely can be spent is “in Hell” … God the Father probably won’t take bit-coin … so the banksters have just about achieved their goal of making “Hell on Earth” … I wonder … do these banksters “mine” crypto by sacrificing souls to Satan? … why else all their continual wars, the sacrificing of young girls at CERN, the killing and eating of children by pedophiles, the drug’s out of Afghanistan slaughtering our children, etc., etc. … “mining” is a dirty business … but the”mining souls” is even dirtier!!

    • jc

      Jerry I like her, but there is something about her that don’t ring true, or like she is repeating a script. Kinda strange.

      • Diane

        I like John Williams…he seems honest and a nice man.
        I’m not impressed with Ms Zang.

        • JMiller

          I am not all that impressed with Lynette Zang either after watching a number of her videos. While she does have a certain amount of knowledge and a lot of what she says is true, unfortunately she are wrong about several things are inexcusable for someone who seems to have a quite a bit of knowledge . Here are a few of them.

          She says that the Bank of International Settlements has stated in the past that there was a notional amount of 1.7 quadrillion dollars of over-the-counter derivatives. That is not true. The BIS never reported such a high amount of notional OTC derivatives. Not even a quadrillion. I recently dealt with this in the comment section of the Egon von Greyerz interview and the Lynette Zang interview.

          In one of her videos she calls the credit derivatives in the quarterly OCC derivatives report, mortgage derivatives. No they are not. They are mostly credit default swaps, total return swaps, and credit spread options that have nothing to do with mortgages.

          Zang states if a bank begins to fail, according to the Dodd-Frank act, the bank can convert your deposits into bank stock. Not true. The banks can’t convert your deposits to bank stock (meaning bail-in). They do not have the authority. The banking regulators, such as the FDIC have the authority whether or not to convert into stock any uninsured deposits who’s deposits are in a bank deemed to be systemically important.

          In a 2016 video she said that the FDIC insures $10 trillion in deposits. No they do not. The FDIC insured less than $7 trillion.

      • Jerry

        Block chain crypto currency offers banks everything they want.
        – Financial control unattached to physical assets.
        – Integration into all levels of transactions including real estate.
        – Elimination of cash.
        – A total monopoly of all markets.
        The question has always been, how to get us there? Fight to safety from economic disaster will be the funnel. Unless you own everything and have unlimited personal resources you’re pretty much screwed. Cyprus was a beta test, and all of the European banks have already had block chain installed. Tic, Tock.

        • Paul ...

          Do the banksters really believe that by manipulating the price of gold and silver down it will prevent us from buying? … Do they think we want “worth less fiat debt” or “imaginary crypto” for our gold? … even if they push the price of gold to $50,000 “fiat” dollars per ounce do they think we will accept their worthless “fiat debt” for our gold? … neither will we accept their “imaginary crypto” for our gold … we will only trade our gold for land, food, etc., etc. … the banksters are living in a dream world … we won’t take the banksters “worth-less fiat” or “imaginary crypto” for our gold “no matter how high they manipulate the price” … they see we have not stopped buying gold and silver by them keeping the price low … so expect the banksters to move the price up “so high” we can’t afford to buy it any more … and that is why it is so critically important to stack up now!!

        • Paul from Indiana

          Jerry, they can do whatever they want. Their solution is not a solution. The people will establish their own local exchanges, and the world will become a chaotic mess without the USA. Be careful what you wish for. Best always. PM

          • Jerry

            I have food, water, silver and lots of lead. And I’m debt free. I plan on sitting this one out. The doubters? They’ll be the first ones to sign their houses over for food or go to camp FEMA. I’ve told friends and relatives both when TSHTF don’t come crying to me. You’ve had your chance. FYI for Christians. Don’t think for a second we haven’t entered the tribulation period. We have. Without SNAP and welfare it would look like 1929 on the street.

  46. vincent_g

    This is off topic and I hope you cover this story.

    Seems another USS destroyer has collided with another ship.
    The USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca!

    This is really hard to believe that our Navy is so incompetent that is can’t avoid anything near them!

    How the heck are these ships supposed to perform in a naval battle when then keep bumping into anything that comes close to them.
    Are we to believe these ships will miss under water mines when they can’t miss a oil tanker.

    This is our first line of defense in the seven seas?
    These destroyers are expected to protect out Air Craft Carriers.

    Something is very wrong here.
    We have to get to the bottom of this fast and more than a few heads must roll.

  47. Da Yooper


    John talks about foreigners pulling out of the dollar

    look at what the Rothschilds are doing – JUST what John is telling us

    Rothschild Just SOLD Massive Amounts of U.S. ASSETS! Here’s What He Bought

    Folks better get prepared when this goes TU it will not be pretty

  48. Flattop

    We were taken off the gold standard so the dollar could be manipulated, and it has been manipulated to a value of nothing. After the crash we need to go back on the gold standard or the manipulation will start all over again. Its called greed

  49. Dan

    There is truly wicked stuff coming. You can feel it in the air. People I know who are normally not concerned about market declines and such are literally refusing to buy anything especially with debt. Perhaps it is a mere anomaly but I don’t think so. I think a lot of it has to do with all the Race baiting BS and the literal unhinged left.

  50. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the three day news cycle of the Spanish terrorist event has run it course, the Religion of Peace continues unabated without any N. Africa & Middle Eastern immigration discussion. Look, if there is a problem but no one fixes it, the problem still exist and usually gets worse. Bush, Hillary and Obama’s Religion of Peace is on a Jihad & no one acknowledges it; expect more of the same!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, No one has the stomach for solving the problem. Acknowledging a problem is bad, because the admission begs action. We don’t have the fight in us anymore. Keep posting anyway Best always. PM

  51. Diane

    Greg or metals followers …..are platinum coins worth anything or just collectors items?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Diane, but only if you get them at a good price and only if it’s just a small portion of your metal exposure.

    • Paul ...

      Diane … Many will tell us that platinum and palladium will fall in price as electric cars don’t need catalytic converters … however … we may not be going to electric cars with huge heavy battery packs … we may simply be going to “internal combustion engines” that use “water as fuel” … the water simply has to be broken up into hydrogen and oxygen “gas” and then feed into “a regular internal combustion engine” … palladium and platinum are “required catalysts” needed to break an ordinary water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas … the Rockefeller family has sold all its oil stocks … what does that tell you? … imagine heating your home in the winter with water? … the answer your question “are platinum coins worth anything or just collectors items”? … is … a metal that can turn water into a gas to power your car and heat your home in the winter “is not worthless but priceless”!!

      • Paul ...

        And to think of all the women and children that died over “pipelines” supplying gas to Europe (when all they need is rainwater and platinum to generate all the gas they need for running cars, factories and heating our homes) … those Saudi’s murdering children in Yemen should be brought before an international tribunal the way the Nazi’s were!!

  52. dlc

    Expected to be 107 degrees today. That will not wilt the mad hatters who will likely be in full force upon Trump’s arrival here in Phoenix.

    We have a liberal mayor, liberal black female chief of police, liberal sheriff, two liberal senators and a gutless governor, Doug Ducey, who I fondly refer to as Acey Ducey. Governor Doug made it clear he will be MIA during the Trump rally.

    Kelli Ward (Flake’s opponent) expected to attend although not part of the Trump circle. Nothing more unwelcome than a female conservative.

    It looks to me like a ripe situation for violence with Trump supporters having about the same strategic odds as George Custer. AZ is America’s Kosovo, gotta keep that corridor open for drugs and invaders.

    I remain calm in the hopes that Ivanka has hatched out a strategy. Possibly she will make a show with Chelsea on one arm, Trudeau on the other, expressing dingy NY progressive love for the frothing ANTIFA masses. These agitators will be bused in from all over the country for the ultimate Geronimo ambush.

    • Paul ...

      Trump must have “a snowflake” for a daughter if she hangs around with Chelsea Clinton!

  53. Richard from Idaho

    I’ve been listening to John Williams for about 10 years now. During that time he has continued to say the same thing. I can’t tell you how many times he has said that the dollar is going to collapse in the next 6-12 months. Along with that, the stock market will plummet and gold will soar. As much as I like John’s interviews and economic data. I feel that his analysis is wrong. His predictions have not made anyone any money. In fact they have lost people money.

    I agree that the dollar is terrible. Even though it is terrible it is a lot better than any alternatives. The only currency large enough today for businesses to park money is the Euro. I wouldn’t go touch that. As for physical gold/silver, I hold some as an insurance policy, but transacting in it is terrible and the fees are outrageous. Big businesses with billions of dollars cannot park their cash in it. That leaves the dollar as the best bet for now.

    As for the stock market, I’d rather have money in the big US companies than the bond market. I agree that the bond market is a mess and will crack. When that happens where will all that cash go? I’d rather be an owner of a company. People have been saying that the market is about to crash since 2009. It has continued to increase. I can’t tell you how many crash articles I’ve read on Zero Hedge. Don’t get me wrong, a correction can occur at any time, but I question a complete liquidation.

    In short, I feel that following John Williams as a whole is a bad idea, but I don’t have a problem following it for a small portion of your net worth. At a minimum it can help you sleep at night.

    • Greg Hunter

      Williams has be right many times along the way too. Bog money hedge funds buy his research too and they are not cancelling.
      Being early makes you look wrong when you are just early. Williams is not wrong.

    • Paul ...

      Rich … normally the banksters would have allowed the market to crash to purge the system … and Williams would have been right about his forecasts … but things are so “out of wack” since Lehman the banksters can’t afford to allow things to collapse until they get their derivatives under control … once they feel they can handle a derivatives meltdown they will allow “the crash” to happen … until then … Williams will be “early” in his call for a crash … but it seems the banksters may be ready to let it go … their SDR looks about ready to step in and generate QE for the world (not in US dollars) but with SDR’s “printed out of thin air”!!!

      • Paul ...

        And as Jerry says above … the banksters may have already set things up so that their SDR’s are convertible into an “SDR bit-coin” that can be issued to the general public who must turn in their cash, gold and other physical assets for the banksters new “imaginary crypto currency”!!

  54. Justn Observer


  55. dee garmon

    Numbers don’t lie, we love John Williams.

  56. dlc

    Look who is coming to dinner. Let the lefties through one urine bag at these people.

  57. Linda L.

    I really like the humility of John Williams. When this man speaks, everyone should sit up and listen. Mr. Williams (reminds me of a wise owl), sees the entire picture and steady progression towards an eventual collapse. No human one can predict the exact timing, but the clues that John Williams shares demonstrate that we can’t go on much longer, and whether that means in a few hours, months or next year, we don’t know. We are a divided, extremely corrupt nation with a collapsing foundation, and only the foolish cannot sense that something is horribly wrong. God help us all.

  58. brvalentine

    John Williams is simply The Best. There is no one out there that produces the REAL figures as he does and has been doing for quite some time.

    Last week I made reference to the $USD trying to put in a short-term bottom. The greenback could not even keep its head above the 94 level on a closing basis. I was anticipating a short-term Bounce, however, I am certainly looking wrong via the action in the $USD.

    If the $USD cannot hold its 40-Week Moving Average at 92.50 and then should it break 92, Katie-Bar-The-Door to 88.

    The action certainly suggests that the Buck is in the ICU Ward on the Drip.

  59. Im4truth4all

    I personally have difficulty in seeing any value in the crypto currencies. Magnetized bits have no intrinsic value. Also, how many crypto currencies will emerge. I remember when Netscape ruled the Internet. How many browsers do we have Today?

    The crypto currencies rely on the Internet. What happens if we have a Carrington
    Event (EMP which wipes out most of our circuitry). It all goes into the black hole. Remember Murphys law “If something can go wrong, it will go wrong.” The only money at that time will be gold and silver and it better be physical and not paper promises. Remember the old expression that possession is nine points of the law. Holding a piece of paper will have the same value as a promissory note.

  60. liberty

    Thank you very much for all the work you are doing in order to inform the people.
    The interview with John William was very good as always, your videos are great.

    Would it be possible to have a better understanding, opinions from John William , others experts and yourself, who knows that they we are headed straight into a social economic collapse what are their views concerning the duration of the collapse recovery. Some experts are not very clear concerning how long and how bad the coming collapse will probably be. They are also not very clear about how extensively people should prepare. These experts seem to be saying that it is good enough to store some food, water, fuel, etc… for a few years and expect a quick recovery after only three to seven years while other experts are saying that the recovery actually takes much longer (Ex. 30 to 40 years). Whose right ? This question needs to be answered accurately. Looking at how these crises unfolded throughout history and compares the current situation with previous collapses. When we compare the present situation with past situations, the present situation seems to be actually much worst. It seems that the coming collapse will a very bad one since it has been building up for decades and that most people are terribly unproductive, uneducated, stupid/brainwashed and dependent on others. To make the situation even worst, people are now much more interdependent This coming socio economic collapse could be a real nightmare and could possibly last for decades.

    It would be very nice to have the opinions of some experts on this issue. ( how long, how bad)

    Thank you.

  61. Maximiliaan Goldstein

    Totally opposite to the opinion of Martin Armstrong, who sees the USD as the best horse in the glue factory. Which currency is the way out of the USD and because of that, which currency is the way out of the US stock market? Sorry, I don’t see anything else than the USD, including the US stock market (denominated in USD).

    • Greg Hunter

      Listen to what you are saying, “Best horse in the glue factory,” which means the USD still ends up as glue. The only caveat is it’s the last to turn to currency to turn to “glue.” Your timing will have to be impeccable to dodge what’s coming. I hope it is, by the way.

  62. brewmaster

    Could you ask Mr. Williams why he has been so wrong in calling for hyperinflation? I know he has been calling for that since at least 2014 and maybe longer. Thanks.

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