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CIT Bankruptcy Dire for Main Street

By Greg Hunter’s   It is official, CIT filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday night (11/01/09).  This was not a surprise because the lender had been having financial trouble for months.  The government tried to save CIT with a 2.3 billion dollar bailout last fall.  Now that

Is The American Empire Being Looted?

By Greg Hunter’s   It is said at the end of an empire, the Treasury is always looted.  In the case of America, it is the value of the dollar and the credit rating of the United States that is being

The Real Numbers From

By Greg Hunter’s   The information below is provided complements of  I do not get paid in any way for posting this information. is a paid subscription site and well worth the money.   Here is the link for the full

Red Alert on a Dollar Collapse

By Greg Hunter’s   Peter Schiff is a legitimate candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut for the 2010 election.  He runs a big time fund called Euro Pacific Capital.  He has made some big calls that have proven to be correct. 

(Q)Are Things Getting Better? (A)Yes and No

By Greg Hunter’s   There is an old saying in the markets, “nothing goes straight up or straight down.”  If the economy has a lot more to fall, as I think it does, then it will not fall straight down.  I think

Bernanke’s Trillion-Dollar Decision

By Greg Hunter’s   A good friend of mine sent me and article from Politico with the headline “Bernanke’s trillion-dollar decision.”   I read the article.  It talks about how Fed Chief Ben Bernanke has to decide whether or not he will continue

The Untouchables: Goldman and Chase

By Greg Hunter’s   This week the Federal Reserve hit thousands of banks with wide ranging pay controls.  The so called “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg said that salaries paid to the top earning executives at some of the biggest bailedout companies would be

Pakistan Fighting is Big Trouble!

By Greg Hunter’s   Pakistan is in a real struggle for control of the country with the Taliban.  This is an actual war, not the threat of war as we see with Israel and Iran.  I wrote about Pakistan as being

Banking Trouble Gets Worse for Wells

By Greg Hunter’s   The story below is what I call the canary in the banking coal mine.  Wells Fargo was downgraded today by top banking analyst Dick Bove.  He didn’t downgrade them because they were making too much money.  What the

Betting on a “Currency Death Spiral”

By Greg Hunter’s   I have been warning about a currency crisis for weeks.  It appears I am not the only one worried about a big drop in value of the dollar.  David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital is also betting on a”currency death spiral.” 

A Illustration of the Recovery

  By Greg Hunter’s   This week I wrote a post about the announcemment of the recession being over.  Of course my post (Is the Ression over?  Don’t bet on it!)  clearly gave reasons why it is NOT over by a

The latest from

By Greg Hunter’s   From John Williams at Shadowstats – September Annual Inflation -1.3% (CPI-U), 6.1% (SGS) – CPI-U Inflation Spike Due by Year-End – No Recovery: September Real Retail Sales Continued Bottom-Bouncing at Low-Level Plateau – 10 Years of Retail

Is The Recession Over? Don’t Bet On It!

By Greg Hunter’s   The headline on Reuters this week read, “U.S. recession over, unemployment seen at 10 percent.”  This great news is according to a new survey by the National Association for Business Economics.   Forty-four professional forecasters took part in the assay.  After

Currency Crisis Coming

By Greg Hunter’s   Everybody is wondering where all of the bailouts and spending are going to take us?  Just a few of the big companies the government has bailed out to keep them from going bankrupt are: General Motors, Chrysler,

Gold Flashing Danger Ahead

By Greg Hunter’s   For those of you who think the economy is doing well, gold is saying something altogether different.  Today AU hit a brand new high,  the record gold price is a major warning sign of, at the very least, big