Iraq Meeting Will Decide War

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The meeting, this week, in Iraq to negotiate Iran’s nuclear program will decide whether or not the world will go to war.  The meeting is between the East (Iran, China and Russia) and the West (U.S., UK, France and Germany).   If the meeting goes well, war will be avoided.  If the meeting goes badly, the world will be heading for war.  If yesterday’s CNN interview with Iran’s Finance Minister, Shamseddin Hosseini, is any indication, the upcoming meeting will be a disaster.  When asked if Iran would allow inspectors to scrutinize all its nuclear facilities, Hosseini said, “There are conversations and dialogues taking place currently, but there cannot be a hegemony and a double-standard in the treatment of member countries such as Iran.  If these principles can be understood and applied with mutual respect, I think we will be in a much better place. If we don’t, we will witness an increase in international oil markets.”  (Click here to see the complete CNN story.)  In other words, he sidestepped the question and gave no indication total access by inspectors would be a possibility.

The Iranian’s have long maintained their nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy, but the West thinks otherwise.  After the G-8 meeting this weekend at Camp David, it was reported by, “The G8 expressed “grave concern” about Iran’s nuclear program, which is suspected of being used to develop nuclear weapons, and called on Iran to “seize the opportunity” of the next round of meetings.”  The elephant not in the room remains Israel who is most fearful of the Iranian nuclear program.  After the last meeting in April when only another meeting was agreed upon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was clearly annoyed.  On Friday, his comments on the upcoming meeting in Iraq were less than optimistic when he said, “No evidence that Iran is serious about stopping its nuclear weapons program.  They may try to go from meeting to meeting with empty promises. They may agree to something in principle but not implement it.  They might even agree to implement something that does not materially derail their nuclear weapons program.”  (Click here for the complete story.) 

An even tougher round of sanctions will kick in in July, and the U.S. Senate is preparing a fresh round of new sanctions.  According to Iran’s Finance Minister, Shamseddin Hosseini, the current sanctions are not working, and new ones could backfire in the Western world’s face as Europe is in a worsening debt crisis.  Additional sanctions will put upward pressure on oil prices, and that will sink already troubled Western economies.   Hosseini quoted recent comments by the International Monetary Fund when he said, “. . . as a result of these sanctions, oil prices will perhaps reach and hover around $160 per barrel.”   If there is an all-out attack, then $160 per barrel will look downright cheap.  Many think Israel cannot attack without the help of the United States.  Others think no attack could possibly come until after the November presidential election because spiking oil prices would kill the economy and President Obama’s bid for reelection.  What if those assumptions don’t hold up?

According to one high ranking Russian official, war is definitely a possibility.  Reuters reported yesterday, “Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was speaking to reporters on a plane on his way back from the G8 summit in Camp David, where the G8 leaders signaled their readiness to tap into emergency oil stockpiles quickly this summer if tougher new sanctions on Iran threatened to strain supplies.  ‘It is one of many various signals coming from various sources that the military option is considered as realistic and possible,’ he said. ‘We are receiving signals, both through public and intelligence channels, that this option is now being reviewed in some capitals as more applicable in this situation.  We are very worried about this. We do not want the region and the world to fall into…new divisions and bitter political arguments,’ said Ryabkov.”  (Click here for the complete Reuters story.) There really is no other way to couch this optimistically.  The upcoming May 23 Iraq meeting will decide war.

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  1. mark leiby

    A decision by the Western powers to initiate a shooting war with Iran would be the equivalent of a man trapped in the middle of a raging forest fire who tries to save himself by dumping the contents of a 5 gallon gas can on himself. Surely TPTB know this is a self destructive course of action. My fear is that they are so arrogant that they are willing to bet the far on this roll of the dice.

  2. Jean Marie

    Just two observations: 1. If Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes then why does it have to go underground? 2. How can the West go to war without oil?

    • Herman Gerbils

      1. To keep it from getting blown sky high or to make that as hard as possible. 2. With drones, special forces and currency manipulations.

    • Frank Brady

      Iran is the only country in the Middle East that has not launched a military attack against one of its neighbors in living memory. The extent to which so many Americans are willing to be led, once again, into an unnecessary blood bath by the same lying game of scheming killers is simply beyond belief!

  3. art barnes

    Iran plays good chess, it will gladly give up a pawn to keep from getting “mated” or lose its queen. The west reminds of a sixth grader playing with Bobby Fisher and expecting good results. Don’t bet on war here, the west has no stomach for it and “containment” is the unofficial policy in any event. Obama cannot afford a war when its trying to get out of the region in the first instance, not to mention oil prices and an election with a stalled economy both here and in Europe. War is simply not going to happen anytime soon if at all, way too risky and too many variables for that move. Even the inept Obama Administrations foreign policy with regards to the middle east understands this axiom. When the outcome is unknown the move on the board should be avoided.

  4. freedom

    As i see it. Nukes, and oil operate the same. What effects one country affects all countries eventually.If Iran bombs first, others bomb them.
    The worlds leaders just need to stop being fearfull,and let what will happen, happen. One should not stop living free just because slavery exist.

  5. Marcel

    If you’ve been watching the Federal governments actions such as DHS ammunition purchases,Executive Orders, in country military war games in cities like Miami and practicing for martial law it’s not hard to see where the Globalist Fox’s guarding the hen house are going.
    The evil ones have kept the US border with Mexico open for a reason.
    They know Iran’s Hezbollah proxy terrorist forces are here and ready to make their move because they (Clinton,Bush,Obama)let them in on purpose.
    With large scale economic collapse on the horizon for the U.S. and Europe
    a major war where Russia and China jump in will go a long way towards their (Globalists) agenda of killing off many of the ‘useless eaters’ by the millions.

    • M SMITH

      I think you hit the nail on the head.But the amounts of militaty movements & war traning against its own people is not just in Miami, it nation wide & being reported by many ex military folks who know what they are seeing! This is no damn joke people

  6. Jan

    We can only pray this is just more saber rattling and everyone keeps their guns holstered.

  7. Martin

    This is a huge straw dog probably having more to do with oil transactions being weaned off the dollar. Israel has nukes- so does Pah-ki-stan ( OB won knobi) so does the nutty Koreacoms etc.-etc.
    For all of their zealotry the Pahki’s have kept their nukes holstered– why??- because you would literally have to be insane to use them. They are a bargaining tool that the Israeli’s don’t want to have to bargain with. The dogs of war are always unleashed when our “Dear Leaders” spend too much and wish to hide it. WHAT a CROCK of CR-P !

  8. John

    Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in February that war with Iran would be “destabilizing” and “not prudent.”

    I am retired military, specifically a Senior NCO. Our politicians, AIPAC, and media pundits so often speak of going to war (again) with the same casual tone as ordering a cheese pizza. Voting for war is much easier when you personally don’t have to participate in the “dying” part of it…isn’t it? Very few politicians have ever served in uniform, much less served in combat. Don’t think for one minute that your soldiers, sailors, and airmen who are risking their lives in a war zone don’t know that.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your service and your comment.

  9. freedom

    I love the comments your readers leave…the smartest people on the web no doubt.

  10. Bob

    Don’t believe for one second that all this War Mongering has anything to do with an AS YET undeveloped Nuclear Weapon. Iran is involved in moves that will end the US PETRO DOLLAR as the medium of trade for Oil. Fact is, IRAN is succeeding and the rejection of the US Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency is close at hand. For this reason alone, War with Iran is just as inevitable as was the War in Iraq and the Humanitarian Demolition of Lybia.
    If you do not know History you cannot help but make the same mistakes.

  11. Michael Rosenberg

    Iran is an aggressive expansionist power seeking Middle East then World Islamic hegemony. Eventually Iran will have to be confronted. Which confrontation will be less painful; Iran with nuclear weapons or an Iran before it obtains nuclear weapons?

    • Rothgerm

      THE USA is an aggressive expansionist power seeking Middle East hegemony. Eventually the USA will have to be confronted.

  12. Norm Ezzie

    As they raise their wine glasses high in air,they shout outloud: “We did it” gleefully I might add- flood the globe with funny money,destroy nation states and hinder future generations of a lifetime of financial burdens- here,there and everywhere! For their personal amusement from time to time to they pull out a something-twenty-whose bright idea’s is nothing more than a global-intelligence-gathering data base-(once that global governing elite controls the Internet…what will FB be worth then?) Use Hollywood for the sleaze factor,pimp the media,and finally just to keep score,they’ll go to war!(Only with a enemy they can defeat?) America’s military footprint is a must- its those central planners and central bankers insurance card!!

  13. sensetti

    Let’s hope wisdom prevails and rational men make logical decisions

  14. nathan

    Prediction : There will be a small concession on the part of Iran and this issue will get pushed down the road .

    • Greg

      You are correct sir. Iran has reportedly cut a deal to allow inspectors.

      • Marcel

        Not quite.
        The devil of Islam is in the details.

  15. Kisakye baker

    War on iran won’t solve any thing, but peace talk can work ,israel should not attack because the out comes will not be good.

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