Awakening Not Reset Coming – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny says believe it or not, we are living in the “End Times” talked about in the Bible.  Polny explains, “We are living in Biblical times, and we are about to see Biblical things go down.  God is in control of this. . . .This is like the time of the Red Sea and Moses.  Everything looked bleak and horrible.  You had Pharaoh’s army charging Moses, and the Israelites were pinned up against the Red Sea.  All of a sudden, God gets involved, and what happens?  Within a short period of time, the Red Sea opens.  They cross, and then God closes the Sea and Pharaoh’s army is no more.  That’s what’s coming.  I don’t care about these mini lawsuits because, ultimately, this is going to the Supreme Court, and it’s going to be the Supreme Court that is going to make the final ruling on this.  It is going to be devastating, absolutely devastating to the Democrat party and even some Republicans.  It is going to be horrible.  The system as you know it . . . everything is about to blow up, and it’s going to be awesome.  God is in charge and he is in control, and he is not going to let the United States fall to the evil ones.”

Bo also predicts, “We are going to have an awakening and not a reset (communism). . . . God wants to wake up the people who want to wake up and see the truth.  So, truth is going to be exposed, and we are going to have what is called ‘A Great Awakening.’  That is what the evil ones are trying to stop because if they get their way and Biden continues, they are going to push for the ‘great reset’ which is man-made.  The man-made reset is a push for the global agenda.  They do not want a Great Awakening because the Great Awakening can be compared to a set of dominos. . . . Guess what happens when that first domino goes down?”

Bo Polny says the Democrat/communist/globalists want to remove God and Jesus from America and contends, “They want to hijack the U.S. elections, and if you hijack the U.S. elections, you are ultimately hijacking the most powerful nation in the world, which then gives you control of the world.  So, that is the agenda these people have, and that is to control everything.  It’s to get the Promised Land, which is Israel, but before you get the Promised Land, you’ve got to get the United States the most powerful nation that is guarding it and protecting it.”

Polny says the old dollar system is going to be shaken to the core.  He also says, “The place to be is not in paper, but gold and silver.”

Polny predicts massive fraud is going to be exposed, but not just in the elections, in the financial system, and the U.S. dollar, too.  Polny predicts, “Trump wins, and all these dominos start to fall, and this includes the dollar.  When all this comes out, if you don’t think that is going to shake ‘faith and confidence’ in the U.S. financial system, I don’t know what will.  So, why else will gold and silver go crazy vertical?  Because these crazy events are about to go down.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Bo Polny of  Polny will set up multiple biblical timelines over the next decade for the dollar, gold, silver, Bit Coin, the elections, the evil people trying to overthrow America, Revelation in the Bible, all culminating with a time window for the return of Jesus Christ in the following decade.

(This is an in-depth interview that is nearly 90 mins long.  Enjoy!!)

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  1. Jon Burgett

    Hi Greg!
    Love what you do – I saw an interview with Jerome Corsi on Robert David Steele’s website and you should check it out… Very enlightening coming from a man who studies Constitutional law.
    Anyway Trump wins in the end!

    • Freedom of Information

      Jerome Corsi and Robert Steele Find Common Ground in Support of President Donald J. Trump
      New York Judge asked for Julian Assange to testify in Seth Rich Murder.

    • M Bek

      Amen Jon!!
      Let’s think about this….The most powerful country the world has ever known- Is going to elect a demented corrupt pedophile and a loose hate-filled jezebel to run it?
      Something’s not right here. Besides voter fraud and sick people trying to steal and hijack an American election- Something more is in the dark.
      But! We will not be ashamed of our hope!! Our GOD reigns!!

      • Paul ...

        Wake up America … do you want to live in a Constitutional Republic … or in “Commielandia” where Judges can order “evidence of voter fraud” to be destroyed???

        • Paul ...

          In Commielandia there is “no Liberty” … so what remains? (remember the American saying: “Give me Liberty of give me Death”) … well the evil Demonrats with Gates and Fauci’s help will bring us a needle filled with Death!!

          • Paul ...

            In Commielandia an Iron Curtain “has already been dropped on the American people” … as Fake News and Censored News becomes the norm in the USA!!

      • Freebrezer

        So true!!!

        • JC

          Martin Armstrong:
          Las Vegas Oddsmakers are Never Wrong!

          It all started with that bizarre Arizona call by Fox News.

          Folks, someone knew. The fix was in. A few key people made millions betting on this election. They knew the exact minute to jump in. They knew exactly when a Trump landslide would turn to a Biden victory, with the help of a fake TV network call and fake ballots.

          They knew Arizona was going to be called way too early. They knew that fake Arizona call would trigger vote counting to stop and massive ballot fraud to begin.

          I don’t know what the Supreme Court will decide. But bettors all over the world know in our guts exactly what happened. The fix was in, no different than that famous NY Giants-Philadelphia Eagle fix in 1978 at the Meadowlands.

          Trump was robbed. This election was stolen.

          • JC

            HAL TURNER:
            An Electronics Recycling truck with Hard-Drive SHREDDING equipment, has arrived at the Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections Office in Georgia.

            It can shred machine parts, server drives, USBs etc. They are apparently SHREDDING computer hard drives to destroy evidence, as the entire world watches and does nothing.


          • Paul ...

            JC … Just as unbridled greed precedes every market crash … the unbridled greed for power by the demonrats will be their undoing … seems the power mongers (to make sure Bribe’n doesn’t concede the election) broke his leg to keep him in line … AG Barr immediately upon hearing the news that Bribe’ns leg was broken proclaimed “that there is not sufficient evidence of fraud in the recent election to change the result”!!

  2. Stan

    $1700 Gold by end of year. Waterfall decline in January. The world awakens to the fact that US Dollar is King. Cheers

    • Paul ...

      I know Gold must now be very near the end of its correction … why ? … because Stan’s pessimism toward gold is nearing a peak!!

      • notyourpatsy

        Paul, Ok, you’re going to hear and see things as a dinner guest of Stan’s , so the rest of us expect a full report on the events. Nothing like firsthand info to help the rest of us make more money right Stan? LOL!

      • Paul ...

        Stan … your hopeless … how can I save you? … if you believe that gold will fall next year when the Fed will be releasing “a liquidity supernova” that is sure to push the value of the dollar down … and gold up??? …

        • Stan

          Paul: The silver price was higher in 1980 than it is now. Why do you tell us silver is a good investment?

        • Stan

          Paul: You are the hopeless one. Gold was higher in price in 2012. You call that a safe haven?

          • K. Wayne

            The DXY was at 103 in Jan 2017.
            In the year 2000 it was 110.
            It was 125 in 1985.
            That’s what you call a BAD investment and an irrefutable and irreversible trend.
            It is also indicative of the MONEY PRINTING…… Intentional destruction of the Dollar as well as defaulting on America’s Debt. Your friends at the FED know fully… the extent of the deleterious nature of Inflation of the Money Supply.
            The next bottom of the cycle on the DXY Train is circa 65-70. (due to arrive in 2025/26)
            At that point GOLD goes $2500+ (more than likely multiples of that given the impending outbreak of the new Virus …”MMT”).

        • Stan

          Paul: The Blood Bath in Gold has not even begun yet.

          • Greg Hunter

            This from the man shorting gold since $1,200 per ounce.

      • JC

        Paul… regarding gold…

        G.A. STEWART:
        Lately, I have noticed that when gold gets crushed, it soon rockets up. Readers might ask, “What is coming next?”

        Maybe war is coming next. See Nostradamus’ Sixain XXXIV above.

        When that war starts and life on Earth goes to hell, those people who bought my 2019 book, Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III can tell their family and friends where they read it first.

        POSTSCRIPT 11/24/2020

      • Stan

        Paul: Looks like your support levels failed. By the way, I shorted more Gold today 🙂

    • Paul ...

      Stan … God gave you a brain to think with … use it … look at interest rates … … they are heading higher … because people see that the enormous budget-busting stimulus package that will be released next year “will explode the quantity of fiat money” … and there is a simple mathematical relationship between the quantity of money and the effect over time on the price of bonds and on the price of gold … this is widely understood by most everyone!!

      • Stan

        Paul: The 2020 Gold crash has just started and like the 2013 crash it will be huge. I called the last crash and I’m calling this one. All your charts and other info are worthless.

    • Stoelman Peter G.

      Stan, do you know what USA fraud is?



    • al

      I don’t know Stan, I’m ready to load up on some more Silver.

    • Mike R

      Stan – you are becoming the world’s No. 1 Greatest Gold fade.

      Once again, Marking another significant bottom in gold here, basically to the day.

      Nice work dude !

      Next stop Gold $2200.

      • Stan

        Mike R: Textbook dead cat today

        • Greg Hunter

          $37 dollars to the upside for gold? Dead cat bounce with a fed Balance sheet headed to $10 trillion?

      • K. Wayne

        Ever notice how Stan’s volume increase towards the end of Option expiry? November was a record as was the smash to ensure that these outstanding short contracts became worthless. I have !!! Stan was simply “TOO LOUD”.
        ….AND there is a lot of truth in the comment that “Stan is the perfect fade”.
        Right now if Stan is true to form…..we will see Gold appreciate for the next 2 months. Next options expiry is end of January 2021. Watch the Money Managers come back in as money leaves the overheated Stock Market.

    • Heinrich

      The USD is in freefall. DXY at 91.186.

  3. Robyn

    The mark of the beast may be Nesara Gesara. Fascinating article that ties into what Bo Polney was saying. Wow!! Please forward to him. I’d love to hear different takes on this. Thanks. Robyn

  4. Anthony Australia

    Firstly I owe you a public apology, secondly you will always be my favourite news channel.

    Happy days will be here again Greg. Propaganda only lasts so long.

    • Bill+the+Cat+Guy

      The Beast, the anti-christ and the false prophet are all individuals. We know that because the Bible talks about evil spirits coming out of each of them. To get the Mark of the Beast you’ll have to renounce your faith in Christ.

      • notyourpatsy

        Bill, NEVER RENOUNCE YOUR FAITH IN GOD! EVER! FOR ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD! Don’t accept any ‘mark’ of any kind for anything unless you think that it’s worth your Soul!
        Bring it! I’m ready for someone to approach me with ‘the promise of protection’ in the form of a shot/mark! LOL! The *ONLY* promise I am accepting is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s redemption of my Soul!

    • JC

      Anthony A,
      Is this accurate in your opinion?

      “The reason why such severe restrictions were imposed in the State of Victoria in Australia, that were out of all proportion to the threat, is that the NWO were using it as a “trial balloon” to see how much they could pile onto people before they got pushback and they have been delighted to find that there is apparently no limit, as the majority of Victorians have degenerated into “wusses” who will put up with almost anything without rebelling.”

      • Anthony Australia


  5. Jeannette+Rowden

    Great interview. I was already confident in the election outcome, but a little reinforcement always is nice. Thanks.

  6. Jim and Adena McCaghren

    We appreciate you so much!!! You are always on track and on target with what is “really happening” in the news. You are trustworthy, honest and upright in your reporting and have a Biblical perspective. Your website has become our number one source for news.
    Thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf!!!

  7. Brian Eggers

    I have an interest in earth celestial phenomena. It is interesting how Bo Polny’s time line seems to line up with other planetary things which could arrive around the same time. The earths magnetic field is weakening, began in the mid 1800’s, and the rate of change of the weakening is accelerating so it is really not possible to predict when a magnetic polar flip, that is what is assumed will happen. There was a book classified by the CIA in the 1966, later releasing part of it, which said there could be major destruction because the earths rotation would be impacted by the flip. Some think the danger zone is in the early 2030’s. Also there is a big rock named Apophis which will get very close to the earth in 2029. Video talking about the flip is

  8. Karl s Kierulff

    Another great interview Greg. I always enjoy the Bible time line analysis provided by Bo Polny. Your reports are the best. I stay up late on Thursdays just to get your Friday report early. Thank you for all the hard work you do. You are one of the only stations I trust. And I know I am hearing truth!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m passing your site to all that will listen.

    God bless you and your family

    • Rick Hester

      Genisis 9:11
      New King James Version
      Thus I establish My covenant with you: Never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of the flood; never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

  9. wayne hardin

    What did God say to preach ???????????
    I do believe he said to preach the gospel .
    It seems that that is the only thing not being preached.
    He also said they would preach mans commandments and not Gods .
    There fore he said very few would make it .
    People better wake up the door is closing fast .

    I have had a vision .
    It is God with Fire in his eyes sitting at the door . He is getting ready to SLAM it.
    Everybody just keeps on talking about the world while people are being deceived
    and are headed for hell . Thinking they can do anything they want because Jesus
    took all their sins away . The reason he sent Jesus was to give us the power to
    do what he tells us to do . He has not changed and his word has not changed .
    If you love the world you are his enemy .
    Get mad or what ever i don’t care !!!!!!!!!! REPENT YE .

    • notyourpatsy

      Wayne, Way to tell it Brother! If only people spent as much time reading their Bibles as they do their phones the world could be saved by GOD. But no, the majority of people’s Soul’s will perish because they have not committed to GOD’s Word! The basic premise of ‘repenting of Sin(s)’ has gotten so diluted IMO over the years that people act as if they are reciting New Years affirmations!! No, people must follow through and read the Word of GOD in order to receive His blessing and be Saved! So Repent your sins and MEAN IT FOLKS for the time is short until the Redemption!

  10. donna+s.

    Greg and Bo,
    Thanks for all of the information you give us . It has been pretty darn accurate in the last year and I love it when you have him on Greg.
    I have heard Bo reference Lois Vogel Sharp in the past so I looked her up and she has a You tube page where she puts out prophecy weekly. I listened to a few until the other day on like nov. 21st or 23 rd she was talking about the covid 19 vaccine and was encouraging others to take it and stated that it didn’t matter what is in it that if it has aborted fetal cells that it doesn’t make it right but it has already been done ( already aborted) and if it rejuvenates our cells then why should we not take it. WT FRIG that doesn’t sound like a true prophet to me . I turned it off immediately.
    I do love your analysis Bo but I am not sure she is the real deal?

  11. Anthony Australia

    Torrential rains around the world, yet it’s not making the MSM.

    • JC

      AA, you are correct.
      Look t what happened in Sardinia, Italy.

    • al

      Robert Felix wrote a book “Not by fire but by Ice” where he states that before the little ice age coming there will be a lot of moisture in the air (RAIN). Makes sense to me.
      I have to say that I have never seen a summer so wet in my neck of the woods, and this is the Sunshine State!

      • Beverly

        It’s been very dry here next door to you, Al. We sure could use some rain here.

      • notyourpatsy

        Al, You guys are about to get 30f this next few days! I already saw snow flurries back in the 1980’s at pnas! Get out your sweaters!

  12. notyourpatsy

    I predict the World as it is today won’t last the next 5 years without a major war, possibly WW3!
    This problem that THEY had with Our Christian religion started way back in the 1960’s. THEY realized if THEY controlled the (re) educational system, then THEY would be able to indoctrinate the ‘masses’ that attended public ‘schools’/ re education camps! THEY began the phasing out of ‘daily prayer’ and ‘patriotic history’ in order to accomplish this goal. By the 1980’s THEY had already ‘erased’ enough text from the school books to ‘re-educate’ millions of people with INCORRECT ‘knowledge’.
    This was the impetus for many Christians to decide to take matters into their own hands and begin developing ‘home schooling’ curriculum, though many families had being doing this since the ’50’s in rural areas. Parents wanted to know what their children were being taught, and give them a Christian education in conjunction with their other studies.
    GOD said, “There is no higher trust than that committed to fathers and mothers in the care and training of their children.” (because we are all born into this World as children of GOD.) Parents have to do with the very foundation of habit and character. By their example and teaching the future of their children is largely decided. This to awakened in the children gratitude and reverence for GOD.
    This is how we avoid a society filled with juvenile delinquents, and jails filled with criminals.
    I’d like to see who the PARENTS are of all those antifaaa/blmmers are, don’t you? Be an interesting view of American society to find out if all their parents are liberal commies don’t you say?

  13. notyourpatsy

    News media again blatantly lying to the dumbed down masses about the CHINA VIRUS. this time they are parading out a ‘supposedly’ 106 year old woman who THEY are claiming just survived the CHINA VIRUS!??! Really? If you believe that you are one of the idiots! No way in hell a 106 year old’s body would not die from this CHINA VIRUS SUPER FLU BIO WEAPON! Not humanly possible as TPTB have drilled into us with lockdowns, and draconian laws for the past 11 months!

    • Paul ...

      If Covid 19 can’t kill a 106 year old women … why are these the tyrannical “commie” demonrats forcing us to wear face masks (that say right on the box “these masks will not protect you from any disease”) … stupid “dumbed down” millennials are going around wearing useless masks as if it will protect them against a virus (that has a 99% recovery rate anyway)! … the reason for all the “plandemic pretending” is so the banksters can print infinite amounts of fiat money to bail themselves out of debt!! … when people finally realize their wealth will only be saved “with tangible possessions” not paper or electronic fiat …×338.jpg … they will buy gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc. that will make the transition to the other side with real intrinsic value!!! … did you know the demonrats tried to sneak in “a digital dollar” into the Corona virus relief bill? … Trump had it removed!!!!

      • notyourpatsy

        Paul, Right, the demonrats did try and get their demon bill passed but P’ Trump stopped it. Point Trump!
        The same gang of thieves that are causing the economic devestation across Our Country will hang from lamp posts in the future…no matter where in the World THEY go to hide! The ‘rich’ will be targeted Worldwide by those who have become impoverished by TPTB’s actions.
        Millenials are the ‘lost generation’ due to all of the brainwashing they got, online, on tv, and in classrooms!

  14. Paul ...

    Bo says: “God is in Control” … and he is right … because “we were made in his image” and we will destroy evil Satanists the same way God did … science has finally proved the Bible correct “that we are made in God’s image” in the following post …

    • al

      Great article! The structural similarities made sense to me making me think “maybe we are living inside God’s brain??” At any rate, we definitely have abilities beyond what is known to us at this time because we are still in the dark ages (at the end of it), some of us found them though.
      God is found all over his creations.

  15. notyourpatsy

    Now this has been bugging me ever since I made the post a few months back about, P’ Trump holding up a Bible in front of the church across from the white house for that infamous ‘upside down Bible’ photo op.
    Recall earlier this year, a ‘rose garden’ media event, where a number of business owners were invited because of how they had come to aid in the production of emergency medical devices under contract. When Mike Lindel (sp) the owner of the ‘My Pillow’ company got up to the microphone he said a few things about how his company was making product for the govt contract. THEN, and this is THE most important part, he told his story of how he became a born again Christian. It was then that he turned and asked P’ Trump if he could lead the group in prayer. After P’ Trump encouraged him to do so, P’ Trump just stood there with his head down and listened. Why, if P’ Trump was’nt using Christianity/the Bible, not offer to do this at the beginning, or end, of this or ANY media event in his last 4 YEARS as Our President? A True Christian does not have any issues praying in public! A True Christian knows a ‘basic prayer’ to offer up on the spot, and does’nt require their Bible, as Mr Mike Lindel (sp) showed the World. I have my doubts that P’ Trump is actually a Christian, and therein lies a MAJOR PROBLEM for OUR CHRISTIAN FOUNDED REPUBLIC.

    • JC

      What does this signify? Drudge recently showed this strange image again…

      G.A. STEWART:
      On May 20th, 2017, President Donald J. Trump visited Saudi Arabia. The 2017 arms sale was finalized on this visit.

      Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, Saudi King Salman, and President Donald Trump clutched some high-tech crystal ball in a public ceremony that could have been a scene out of The Lord of the Rings.

    • Bill+the+Cat+Guy

      It’s foolish to judge Trump for not leading a public prayer. I don’t like doing that either.

      • notyourpatsy

        Bill, Well, then you obviously don’t like public speaking, but neither are you supposed to be ‘leading’ Our Country! I EXPECT in this day and age, that a President who ran on ‘being religious’, and courting the ‘evangelical vote’ (who backed him then and now), to give some hint that he actually ‘walks the talk’. Sorry, I’m old school and not giving any ‘slack’ for someone in P’ Trump’s position to not be able to have the cojones to recite a prayer to Our Christian Republic!
        Oh, and whenever I meet someone for the first time I ALWAYS introduce myself as a Christian and offer to pray. Because I BELIEVE IN GOD!

    • Francis Marion SWAMPFOX

      At least he’s not a phoney hypocrite like you Pat, the intel guy with no intelligence. You couldn’t fool yourself out of a paper bag, lady.🕵

      • notyourpatsy

        Ok ‘swampfox’ whatever you say big guy. We are all entitled to our opinions and your’s reflects your opinion. Now what intel do you have that is so precious to add to the conversation?

    • Self+Exiled

      What are you Dave, what do you believe? You never say. Just honestly want to know your theme of life.

      • Dave

        I’m a pre-Nicene Christian though I was brought up Southern Baptist and have relatives who are Anglican, Pentecostal and agnostic.

        • Self+Exiled

          I’ll have to look up their creeds/doctrines, Thank You. I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran and basically kicked out/asked not to respond in bible study because I said you can interpret the bible literally. Never been a member of an organized church sense. I have met God’s people scattered in all of the denominations; even on a pile of refrigerators at the city dump one time.

          • Dave

            I and the youth pastor at my Baptist church were basically kicked out for asking too many questions. Though I am not Pentecostal – and I believe there are many excesses in Pentecostalism – I do not believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ended with the Apostolic age – as many fundamentalist do believe.

            • Self+Exiled

              Yes HE is extremely active in many lives in HIS usual Mysterious manner. Experiential knowledge of His Presence is their only for the asking of His Divine Presence and a desire to be in HIS Will.

    • Beverly

      Melania is a strong Catholic and Pres. Trump took the Bible in his hand and held it up when he walked over to a Catholic Church(yes, we know he held it upside down, maybe accidentally). His parents sent him to a Catholic school. That could have turned him off of religion in general. But, Pres. Trump mentions God in many of his speeches. Personally, I believe that Pres. Trump believes in the Bible and that he’s a Christian. He can’t control what his children do. The Jewish religion is based on the God of the Old Testament, which is ultimately God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. They just refuse to recognize that Jesus is THE ONE. But, they eventually will. They will have to or they will be swept off the earth.

      • notyourpatsy

        Beverly, I run into people on a daily basis invoking GOD’s name who I would’nt trust to hold my Bible! Just ‘mentioning’ GOD does not make one religious in ANY sense of the word! I feel as if Christians are being lead to the gallows by the current crop of ALL politicians. True Christians don’t have ANY issues with praying in public, opening meetings with prayer, or anything else that has to do with being in GOD’s family. Your religion may have issues with that…but then again mitch rommney is no poster child for anything related to being religious. He’s just as much a criminal as the rest of the politicians, lying for profit!
        Right, P’Trump has no ‘control’ over his adult children’s actions. Well then DON’T burden the American people with them either! Hipster son don is’nt any less guilty than ivannka in his dealings on the side. ivannka is part of the info leaks that make their way to that great land in the m’e’ that’s trying to bring US into the great war..idfissreal. jared’s father is getting ‘insider trading info’ beyond your wildest dreams, making him and his cohorts wealthy through jared’s position. Just my opinion, but when the rest of you catch on/up I’d be glad to hear excuses for all of the things I post here. No one on UWD has spent time in jared or his father’s presence as much as I did years ago. This is what I base my posts upon, not hearsay, reading it somewhere. I am not a ‘friend of theirs’, merely a former businessman who circulated in the same circles at times.

    • notyourpatsy

      Dave, As I posted months ago on UWD, I personally knew jared prior to his going off to wdc. I never met ivvanka in 10 years of seeing jared, she did not participate in any of his business dealings. I met jared’s father a few times, though I did not have any business with him I did notice who his associates were…big money guys. Jared did not present himself as an OJ, J yes, but not religious enough to not transact outside of his group. A few of his actions that I witnessed also did not portray him as OJ. That’s my own perception from being around him.
      I know that P’ Trump was raised Catholic, but over the years he did not present himself as religious.
      As I’ve made my opinion known that the Catholic Church/Vatican IS THE SEAT OF SATAN ON EARTH. I’m not a believer in anyone who holds a Bible upside down, let alone in front of a church for a photo op. Was P’ Trump mocking those of us who ARE religious? We’ll never know, but P’ Trump NOT being a Christian IS a problem in my view.
      As far as ivannka changing over to the Jewish religion, it’s just another reason I posted the other day that she does’nt respect her father. She is in it for herself and essentially operates on the ‘privilege’ that her money and position allows her access to. My opinion only as I see it.

      • Dave

        Trump was raised in the Prebyterian church. His mother was a staunch Presbyterian. Later Trump attuned Reformed churches and was strongly influenced by Norman Vincent Peale. An early proponent of the power of positive thinking and what today would be called the Gospel of Prosperity.

      • Susan

        Throughout the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, God selected who He wanted to be the leaders many times and they definitely were not believers in Him nor did they like His people. I have faith in Him, not humans that He may have selected.

      • K. Wayne

        Very well considered observations. We both concur….we know FAKE when we see it.
        As with all things political – one needs to be able to distinguish “Reality” from the “Show”. Or considered differently ….they are metaphors…not sending us a true message …. but merely conveying perceived reality. The Art of Showmanship.
        With Trump (and his extended family)…and by extension Sleepy Joe Blo and his circus act……it is nothing more than a Reality Show….built and made for the American public viewing…..with a ratings score most networks would be envious of.
        Those that seek amusement /entertainment…are certainly having their quotas filled. The repercussions are that we ourselves….bring about our own destruction. The collective have become preoccupied to such lengths … that greed, ambition, deterioration of discourse along with a lack of respect for the course of Nature…have all conspired to kill us all – metaphorically speaking.
        The image of what was broadcast nationally…was intentional as it was deceptive. It was designed (like everything else in Politics that is broadcast)…to provide the majority not only with a subliminal message…..but moreover to keep us all entertained.
        Keep this in mind when next viewing any of the Bad Actors (Politicians) performing.

  16. Joy Cole

    Hi Greg! I love your show and I love hearing Bo Polny’s presentations. I have to go back and listen to them over and over again! I follow Amanda Grace also. God is certainly speaking to his people loud and clear for those who have the ears to hear. Thank you for all that you do.

  17. Hugh Bowman

    Watch “There has been some ‘interesting developments’ in Donald Trump’s election bid” on YouTube

  18. iwitness02

    Steady as she goes.
    Its getting tight.
    So many big events, so imminent.
    We are of a special generation that gets to see all that is happening on the earth.

  19. Paul ...

    According to “Commie” Gov Cuomo … US citizens do not have a Constitutional right to earn a living and will be fined $15,000 dollars if they try!! …

  20. JC

    Bo at 21:00,
    “This is a battle of God vs. the gods.”

    G. A. STEWART:
    As I have mentioned, The Apocalypse is the conclusion to The War of the Gods and involves The Final Judgment of the Fallen Angels.

  21. JC

    Dead Sea Scroll 11Q 19 Col. XXVI The Temple Scroll (Wilfred G. E. Watson)
    …3 […] The High Priest [will cast lots] 4 [concerning the two he-goats:] one will
    fall by lot [to YHWH, the other to Azazel]…
    5 …He will slaughter the he-goat which [has fallen to YHWH…]

    Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013, Page 135
    After the archangels had finally captured Azazyel, Raphael bound his hands and feet and then dug a hole in the desert. The rebelling angel was then buried and had a mountain placed over him so that he would remain in darkness in Dudael until the Final Judgment.

    Azazyel’s punishment is memorialized in the ritual followed on the Jewish Day of Atonement. Found in Leviticus 16:8, as well as in The Dead Sea Scrolls, every Yom Kippur two goats were to be chosen by lottery; one was to be sacrificed and one was to be released into the desert. “This is for Azazyel”, was spoken as the scapegoat was sent to find its way through Dudael, the place of Azazyel’s imprisonment.

    What is now being called The Great Reset has been the plan all along and The Globalists, Nostradamus’ Jovialists, needed someone to blame. That person is Donald J. Trump. It is my hope that President Donald J. Trump has real evidence for any claims about a fraudulent election.

  22. Jim G

    As the saying goes “be careful of what you wish for”. If this election gets overturned you will see violence in every state like you couldn’t imagine in your wildest nightmare.

    Actually this is likely what has been planned along with the virus and other current events. Regardless if Trump stays in power or gets ousted, the end will be the same. Just keep watching how this all plays out, connect the dots and witness the end of the US and the west as China and Russia rise in power.

    Sorry, but all your prayers will not save you from what is coming. Enjoy the remaining time you have left because we are now talking in days and not years. Celebrate Xmas if you can as it will likely be the last one you have. Armageddon is here.

  23. Warren Mace

    Potential Biden administration is shaping up to be a ‘horror show’
    •Nov 28, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says a potential Joe Biden administration is shaping up to be a “horror show” on all fronts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am planning a mission to Mars and I am getting a crew together too!!

      • Paul ...

        That is exactly “God’s solution” Greg (when corruption and evil on Earth becomes unstoppable) … simply find and prepare new home for ourselves out in the universe somewhere … Mars may do for now … but we should be located many many light years away from this sexually perverted “commie” prison planet being run by pedophile transgender demonrat Satanists who kill babies and want to reduce Earth’s human population to near zero!!

        • Paul ...

          These psycho demons actually think they can kill our babies, take away our children and all our physical possessions and say we will be happy!?!?

          • Beverly

            Luckily, there is prophesied One Mighty and Strong that is to come. Like Moses who came to the rescue of the people. Just like Bo says here, it is similar to the story of Moses. The famine helped to gather the Israelites together, but then they became slaves, and we are now becoming slaves to the Deep State. We will need the One Mighty and Strong. I believe there will be Servants of God with the same kinds of power that Moses had. And, boy will that rock the Deep State’s boat!

  24. Reseter Philbin

    Dangerous Marxist leaders call for ‘The Great Reset’ to destroy capitalism
    186,026 views•Sky News Australia

    A disturbing movement to reform capitalism is gaining traction by those using the coronavirus tragedy to call for “The Great Reset”.
    These are not the ramblings of a few disgruntled teenagers or a wacky sociology professor from inner-city Sydney.
    The body pushing The Great Reset happens to be the World Economic Forum and its charismatic German leader Klaus Schwab who is calling for a return to Marxist principles, claiming that capitalism has empirically failed.
    Professor Schwab has just released a book titled The Great Reset and has dedicated a large portion of the official WEF website to such articles as “Does capitalism need some Marxism to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”.
    It is truly a terrifying notion that a man as educated and powerful as Schwab would use his supposedly independent economic organisation to push for a return of the deadliest social experiments of the 20th century.
    And how does he justify putting an end to capitalism?
    “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis,” Schwab says
    “To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.
    “Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.”
    A new social contract. Decided by who? Well Schwab himself, of course.
    Schwab promises a new world. A better world. A fairer world.
    You see Mao and Stalin, they were not true Marxists. They didn’t have the best intentions. A Utopia is indeed possible.
    And what evidence does Schwab present to support his new world order?
    Well, let’s quote Schwab’s organisation in full so that we can fully understand his point of view.
    “Capitalism as we know it needs to be reformed,” the WEF writes.
    “The growing discontent at the ideology that has created so much wealth and progress on the one hand, and yet so much inequality and instability on the other hand, is causing increasingly frequent social disruptions across the world.
    “The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare most of these dysfunctions, ranging from uneven access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and social progress, to growing inequality among and within nations and racial and ethnic groups. At the centre of these multiple crises lies the tension between privilege and meritocracy.”
    There’s a lot to unpack in the above but the general theme relates to the existence of inequality being evidence capitalism has failed.
    It is of course true to an extent that not all systems create inequality. But this is actually a case for capitalism.
    Even the most junior economist will study the four primary economic systems and even the most ideologically possessed of those students will come across the system favoured by the USSR, North Korea and Maoist’s China.
    The Command Economist System.
    A system which eliminates inequality because citizens all live equally in tragedy.
    Those living in Ukraine discovered this in the early 1930s when the Holodomor – or The great Famine – struck.
    Somewhere between 3 million and 12 million people starved to death after the Soviets convinced people to turn on their village’s farmers.
    Marxist logic dictates that if someone profits from a sale, they have robbed you.
    If there is inequality, a crime has been committed.
    That notion has prompted much horror over the years and left many people equal in poverty.
    Capitalism indeed creates inequality, but it is also the only system known to man which also creates equality.
    This is because wealth creation is not a zero-sum game. There is not a finite amount of money or wealth.
    Money can be created, jobs can be created and people can be pulled out of tragedy and despair by capitalism itself.
    In the last few decades, according to our friends at the World Economic Forum, more than 1.1 billion people have been pulled out of extreme poverty.
    The world was on track to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030 – a timeline which will undoubtedly be side-tracked by COVID-19 but that is hardly the fault of our economic system.
    The evidence for capitalism in the form of humanity’s rapidly improving way of life is enormous.
    But the Marxist principles Schwab endorses are stained with blood.
    Or as Karl Marx would say: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.

    Morrison will ‘absolutely not’ join Biden and Trudeau in ‘the Great Reset’: Murray
    130,206 views •Nov 25, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Sky News host Paul Murray says Prime Minister Scott Morrison is “absolutely not” going to secretly join Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau by following along with the Great Reset.
    “For those of you who believe he (Scott Morrison) is going to secretly going fall along with Biden, Trudeau or anyone else with the Great reset, he is absolutely not going in that direction,” Mr Murray said.
    Mr Murray showed footage of a recent speech the prime minister gave to London.
    In his speech, Mr Morrison said, “We don’t need to reset our economic agenda, we just need to get on with it.”
    “Thank God this bloke is leading the country,” Mr Murray said.

  25. neville

    Hi Greg,
    First of all I would like to wish all people of Peace and Goodwill in AAcrime a happy Thanks Giving.
    Secondly and most importantly to you Greg and your team for giving us the opportunity to express our views on your website.You are definitely a man of integrity as we are not being confronted by rubbish like this>>>
    Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.This TRASH may be found at the foot of all yahoo reports.
    In short they don’t want anything like THE TRUTH being reported during the scamdemic and other nefarious goin-ons in AAcrime.

    The damage done to the worlds economy is now irreversible and will be set to worsen should that imbecile binden enter the white house.
    The measures that he has suggested be imposed will turn the Constitution upside down.
    Kind regards to Bo and we are fully behind he Time Line forecasts and willing them to come to pass.We do have the PROPHECIES which we can all heavily rely on as GOD is “THE” only one who has kept his promises. These Prophecies are dead on track ,when they will occur only once again as our LORD JESUS CHRIST only THE FATHER knows the time and the hour to like homily said the morning the Thee W’s must be observed by everyone WATCH, WAIT AND WITNESS.

    The awful month of November for Gold has only one more trading day left and it is my suspicion that by the middle of this month we should see a remarkable turn around.For the rest the FIAT currency widely known as the dollar will soon cascade and the OBESE markets especially the ugly sisters known as the dow,s&p and nasdaq will take a tremendous GUT CHECK OF NOTE……all of them up on a PACK OF LIES……

    Thinking of president Trump reminds a court case which I attended in the army where a soldier on kitchen duty was struck in the face by a corporal .This incident was witnessed by 18 soldiers .
    At the preparatory examination before going to trial the examining officer a captain called the court to order and the defendant was marched in …..The witnesses were called in one by one and out of the 18 witnesses 17 of the cretins lied their backsides off…Then the 18 witness came in and stood their boldly and said in a loud and clear voice CAPTAIN I WITNESSED THE ACCUSED STRIKING THAT SOLDIER OVER THERE…..Well the captain at being lied to by 17 demonocrat type witnesses had the corporal put into the army jail to await his trial before the camp commander…..

    Moral of the story their are WITNESSES out there that know the elections were rigged to the hilt and would like to make is marble good with our LORD as we can lie as much as we like to one another BUT NOT TO OUR LORD GOD CREATOR…..
    Have a pleasant week everyone
    PS If Donald does win the NORTHERN DYNASTY will be the biggest gainer this century

  26. Ranlar


  27. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  28. Derek Sinclair

    The choice is between the POTUS being re-elected or the US becoming a satanic Banana Republic. I’m sorry but I don’t consider Democrats even to be Americans anymore – they are Demons. I’m writing from the UK and Trump supporters should be in no doubt that the majority of sane Britons and westerners generally are with you. If the US goes to these satanic beasts we are all lost, and we know it. Just as Pennsylvania will be the first Domino to bring the election home to Trump, the US is the first domino that will reinvigorate the entirety of the West and allow us to throw off these “progressive” monsters. It’s worth noting that this whole political situation and its outcome underlines the genius of the Founding Fathers.

  29. Freddie Mack

    Host of election oddities’ point to ‘large-scale coup’ to bring down Trump
    •Nov 28, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Rowan Dean says the battle for the Oval Office is “still actually heating up”.
    “Overnight we learned that Pennsylvania looks like going to the Supreme Court,” he said.
    One Pennsylvania judge has said the Trump team has a “likelihood to succeed” in giving state legislators the power to choose the members of the electoral college.
    “If we are all honest, many of us know deep down that the election was dodgy,” Mr Dean said.
    “The sheer scale of the alleged coup, because that’s what we’re really talking about, leaves many people simply too terrified to believe that the left in their hatred of Trump could really be so corrupt”.
    Mr Dean also said a short clip shows President Trump’s vote fall by 20,000 votes on CNN during the calling of the results.
    “It is also alleged, but disputed, that 71 precincts out of just one city, Milwaukee have up to three and a half times more votes than voters,” he said.
    Mr Dean said reports suggested the machines provided by Dominion were “allegedly calibrated to favour Biden and erase Trump votes.”
    “A military information expert has also claimed the voting systems used in the election allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel votes, shift votes, preload votes and vote blank ballots,” he said.
    The head of President Trump’s legal team Rudy Giuliani questioned how Pennsylvania officially mailed out 1.8 million mail-in ballots while the Biden victory tally officially includes 2.5 million mail-in votes.
    Mr Dean warned against prematurely accepting the US election result set out by the media, pointing to the “whole host of oddities” linked to the election.
    “It’s not only America that has so much to lose if this election was fraudulently won, but the whole world, us included.

  30. Thomas Crown

    Mr Oquist said what is taking place is “bringing to a head that Australia needs to recalibrate its foreign diplomacy … in fact its foreign diplomatic architecture”.
    “I think gone are the days where we can just ride, kind of, ride on the United States’ back in foreign policy,” he told Sky News.
    “China is on the rise and Australia has to recalibrate to this”

    The ‘witness protection candidate’ only gets 1000 viewers of Thanksgiving address
    •Nov 29, 2020
    Sky News host James Morrow says the “witness protection candidate” Joe Biden only managed to get around 1000 people to watch his Thanksgiving address.
    President Donald Trump tweeted about Mr Biden’s speech and pointed to how a “candidate with ’80,000,000’ votes would get many more online viewers”.
    “Numbers don’t lie, or add up!” the president tweeted

    More people in the US are watching an Australian news team than watched Joe Biden.
    They’re not after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way. President Donald J Trump
    and those 1000 viewers voted 80 million times.
    I just spent the last 30 minutes yelling at my mom for voting for Hiden Biden, then I left the cemetery

    Biden’s biblical ‘slip-up’ points to how little religion will inform his decisions
    •Nov 28, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host James Morrow says a “small, hilarious slip-up” from President-elect Joe Biden where he pronounced ‘Psalms’ – a book in the Bible – as ‘Palms,’ can be used to make several serious points about the nature of his administration.
    Mr Morrow said it reveals that “for all Joe Biden’s claim to the mantle of religion, he is something of a false teacher”.
    He pointed out Mr Biden’s unfamiliarity with basic scripture coupled with the media’s attempt to fawn over his faith were a good indication of how little religion was likely to impact a Biden administration.
    “Do you really think there’s a chance The Guardian, among other outlets, would be promoting Biden’s religiousity as a good thing if they thought for a second he might actually believe it, or let it inform his views on everything from abortion to modern liberalism’s unending assault on the family?”
    Mr Morrow said Mr Biden’s mistake also revealed he was “as dopey as ever”

  31. Dan

    Bo Polny is very interesting to hear and read. I appreciate you sharing his viewpoint. It would be even more interesting to hear another guest you recently had, Johnathan Cahn, Johnathan would address the time line of the end times, the opening of the seals, etc., and how they relate to today’s world. I don’t know what experience Jonathan has in gold and silver investing, but I do know he is a Biblical scholar with specifics on the end times timeline. Can we hear again from Johnathan Cahn (Harbinger 1 & 2) ? Thanks Greg.


    • H. G. Host

      Hi Greg,

      I enjoy hearing Bo talk, as he has much to say and is certainly on a valid path with his time analysis.

      The one thing that Bo said in passing was his tying the Trump-Pense verbal combination to the vocal reading of Trumpets. This is a correct ying of the two together. To take this a bit further I would say that this is why it is stated in Rev that it should be read out loud. This is but one way that the Holy Ghost has embedded substantial information throughout the Bible.

      (As a side note, one additional example of this poetic technique I recently discovered while studying the writings of a religious figure was that he used the word ‘trampoline’ to poetically convey the word ‘trampling’. If course, scripture contains places where things are trampled underfoot)

      I’m sure Bo would enjoy going into greater detail about his insights. If you have him on again, it would be great to hear his comments on the following:

      1) My understanding from reading the Bible is that the information Christians gain during the End Time come exclusively from the Holy Spirit. To put it in simple terms, we could think of the Jesus Christ / Holy Ghost duo as being a one-two punch. That is to say, Jesus delivered his message to the world and the significant message that pertains to the End Time was hidden at that time, and it can only be revealed by those the Holy Spirit chooses to reveal it through. I’d like to hear his comments on that, like what he felt while filled with the Holy Spirit and how he was guided.

      2) Bo correctly states that the 1st horse of the apocalypse is tied to covid-19, but I’ve determined who the rider is and where else he is again referenced in Revelation, and elsewhere in the Bible. I just would like to hear him explain that part again. I’ll listen to that part of the interview again but it seemed like it could be further delved into.

      3) Now, the 2nd horse. Rev 6 is quite clear; this horse is War. Bo has said that this 2nd horse has already come and gone, and it is here that I respectfully disagree. Bo never mentions the word ‘war’ when he speaks if this 2nd horse and its rider. I’m just curious and would like to hear more from him on this.

      As I see it, the order of the 1st four horses makes perfect sense. In fact, they must take place in this order. For example, the pandemic is the Pestilence of the 1st horse. Regardless of the death rate, the real impact is severe economic downturn. And, after the first two world wars came Bretton Woods. The agreement there was that poverty, economic despair, however you wish to phrase it, was seen to be the primary cause of war.

      So, it’s just logical that the severe economic downturn will lead to war. And, it like fashion, depending on the magnitude of this war, famine could certainly follow. Now, how this could happen is not known by me yet, but a couple scenarios come to mind. For one, the bread basket(s) of the world could be contaminated during a war. Also, supply chains could be devastated as well. I could easily cite other scenarios but I have no doubt that the War coming will be the primary catalyst of Famine, the 3rd horse. Of course, famine can easily lead to death, the 4th horse.

      So, it’s easy to see how each horse is what allows the subsequent horse to enter the playing field.

      I was just a little surprised when I heard Bo make more or less a single statement about the 2nd horse and then move on.

      4) The Narrow Way, the Narrow Door, the Narrow Gate; it is named several ways. This is something that one would do well to focus on and understand. Does Bo have anything to say about this? Read what Jesys says about it. He is quite adamant that we should seek it out, that we should look for it. I have determined what this Narrow Doir is and would like to hear his thoughts on this topic.

      5) Jesus says that once the Gospel has spread across the entire planet that the End Time will come. Of course, Jesus doesn’t say why that event is so important, but the reason why is of great significance. Does Bo have any thoughts on that topic?

      Well, thanks for having Bo on. It is always a pleasure to hear him speak and his analysis is certainly in depth and accurate in so many ways. I also really liked how he tied the 44 kings of Israel to Trump. Not sure if he is the origin of that concept but that was very insightful.

      My particular interest lies in the direction of the Holy Spirit. I’ve developed a pretty conclusive understanding of this great part of the Trinity. In addition, I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit and I was shown much. So much that I feel compelled to speak publicly about this incredible spiritual power.

      If you ever had an interest in a complete explanation, I’d be honored to convey it to you. Of course, I’m not a known quantity so not sure if I would qualify for your platform, but I am sure that all will happen when it should happen.

      God bless you and all you do!

      H.G H

  32. al

    Wow! Powerful, simply Powerful! Thank you Greg. Not long enough.
    Prophet or not, Christianity or not, Cycles are powerful if you know when to place them and it looks like Bo did his homework well.

    The Family Lineage thing blew me away, and did I see Vlad the Impaler (aka Drakul) in that lineage? Lincoln as well? Huh?

    Side note: David did not directly kill his best friend, he sent him out to battle knowing it would be lost.

    By the way, Mark Taylor, as stated, says Trump has it in the bag as well. Please consider another interview with him. He’s my neighbor of sort (Fellow Floridian) and I like his style of speaking.

    I have a few apprehensions here.

    Just like Babylon will never be rebuilt (attempted by Sadam Hussain and failed), neither would the Temple as I understand it. The reason given was that on Jesus’ death, the earthquake tore the sheets inside the Temple signifying it was no longer needed as the Messiah has arrived.
    We’ll see in 2024. What’s disheartening is hearing that this sort of evil will come back in such a short period of time. I’m finding a problem with that.

    Bo talks about Jesus being born in 3BC. That’s very true and it was late in the year because of the cold weather, some speculate it was around September, but the day or hour is definitely not known.

    The rest of the stuff I have a hard time seeing, however, anything is possible.
    At any rate, I can’t wait for May 2021 where we will wake up to a different World. We’ll see.

    As far as today’s FEAR and DESPAIR all over the World, I see that as a cycle low. I don’t see it getting much worse unless the protests around the World end. But who am I? Just a dude with some neurons firing trying to put the puzzle together.

  33. Jerry

    The truth is coming to a point. The point of a needle. We can talk about if’s and buts all you want, but the time of decision is here. If this information is true, you have a decision to make.

    This information may be taken down, so post it ASAP. CRS-5 is aborted human lung tissue that is cross matched with an RNA receptor and…drum roll… hydrogel transmitter. The truth?
    We’re all about to find out, when the order comes to line us up.

    I keep hearing about this major awakening taking place that Bo keeps talking about, but what I’m seeing is operation warp speed, and firing squads being organized by homeland security. It seems to me Greg, that you and Bo seem to ignore the tribulation period that will take place prior to the second coming? Scripturally Saints seal their testimony’s of Jesus Christ with their blood. The Roman arena is testimony of that. The Great Reset is Lucifer’s last play to reign on earth. The only person who can stop it is Jesus Christ. Is Donald Trump with him, or against him? We’re about to find out. Just remember the Jews are the ones who rejected Jesus Christ, and still do. Here is truth. No matter what happens, you will not survive what is coming without the protection of the Holy Ghost. I’m sorry, but I don’t put my faith in man. I never have. Every time I have been disappointed. The decision is simple for me. I will choose death before I take the Mark of the beast and deny Jesus Christ. I can’t control what Lucifer and his followers do, but I can control the choices I make in my ten foot circle. Get your spiritual house in order. If you have a problem with Jesus Christ coming back, to straighten this mess out, then you need to examine your own conversion. If that’s the case it won’t matter what you do, you’re screwed. Repent, and then put your life in the lords hands while you still can. It’s time.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, As you can read in some of my posts above your’s in this thread, you and I BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! There’s time for folks to repent, but that day is drawing near.
      It’s one of the reasons why I keep warning how jared and jewish friends have weaseled their way into the running of Our Christian Republic! THEY idfissreal are trying to start a war not bring peace to the m’e.

  34. Kronos D57

    Bitcoin Ben – The [DeepState] Created The Illusion To Control The World, Now It’s Being Destroyed; Posted on November 28, 2020
    Ben discusses the history of the [DS] and how they planned to take over the world. They used the census to create the illusion, then they took over the election process, not just here in the US but around the world. Trump is now challenging their illusion, once the illusion is broken the people will see cleary, this is why the [DS] is pushing back so hard, a society that is no longer controlled by the [DS] illusion is a society that is no longer controlled.

  35. Jerry

    Decisions, decisions,
    Of course the MSM is denying that CRS-5 is in vaccine.

    What would you expect them to do? They wouldn’t lie would they? The election should give you the answer. Again, it’s your decision.
    I have posted for months the agenda going fourth by the World Financial Forum, but yet we’re supposed to believe their intentions with the vaccine are noble. If you really believe that, I can’t help you. You have more faith in man, then you do in God. But even an idiot would know that they can’t find a cure for diabetes, or cancer, but somehow they’ve come up with a cure for a virus that has multiple strains in less than 12 months. It’s a miracle!

    • Jerry

      Firing squads? Really? Glad to see Barr is doing something.

      The question is, for who? Let’s play along with Bo and hand out some lollipops. Assuming he’s right, that there is going to be a great awakening, and justice will prevail. Then am I to assume that Lucifer and his globalist followers are just going to take their ball and go home? Lin Wood spilled the beans. This is about evil at the highest levels. If that’s true, this is not going to end with a Supreme Court decision. The globalist have not come this far to let the opportunity for world domination slip away. It’s blatantly naive to think so. Every morsel of food you eat comes from a globalist corporation. From ConAgra down to Monsanto. Every watt of electricity comes from a conglomeration of corporate power company’s. Your finances? Yep. All under a globalist corporation. The city of London corporation. When they flip the switch we’ll see who’s in charge, and how much faith you have? Get your spiritual house in order.

      • JC


        G.A. STEWART:
        Almost thirty-years after the Iran-Contra Coverup, we find out that William Barr’s father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at the prestigious Dalton School. There would have been no Jeffrey Epstein Scandal if this did not happen. It is all connected.

        Though never graduating from High School, let alone a college, Jeffrey Epstein was hired by Headmaster Donald Barr to teach math and physics at the prestigious Dalton School.

      • Beverly

        I agree. And, it’s also been prophesied that when the economy crashes on that holiday weekend, on a Monday, that we will wake up with no electricity. And how? Because they own it all and decide to create a blackout to take us down. And our food? How much of it comes in from other countries? Lots and lots, I’m sure. All they have to do is control food that comes in from South America and other places where lots of food is produced. Control both the east coast and the west coast, but especially the west.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, I too said as much in my posts over the past few months. Those who choose not to hear/read the message constantly being posted around the internet, will be the same who accept the Mark.

  36. Paul ...

    What this gym owner should do is put a couple of beds in his gym … then ask Gov. Cuomo to send some Corona infected people there to be put on respirators … this way instead of being fined $15,000 dollars (for “perhaps” getting someone infected) … the gym owner can earn $52,000 dollars on each patient that “really dies” at his gym!! …

    • Paul ...

      Demon Dictator Cuomo will shut down a gym owner trying to make “a buck” on the “possibility someone may die” of Covid-19 there … yet Cuomo will not shut down hospitals where with 100 percent certainty he knows many people who don’t have Covid-19 “are said to have died of Covid-19” and these hospitals then collect $52,000 in profits for every corpse they say they took off a respirator!!!

  37. Madi

    Dear Greg,
    Can you tell me what you think about this interview . General Flynn was one of the guest and there is another General talking about what Kevin Shipp said was not true. You do not have to post this comment. It is just that you are someone I trust. That is all.
    Thank you,
    A sister in Christ

    • Greg Hunter

      You tell me if this is not true: It’s a little more than 21:00 mins so please watch it all. Tell me if you think this is a lie.

      • Bob

        What does he mean the 47 hard drives are a hoax? And why did he show us a sample page? How could that be representative?
        Did someone fake 600 million pages of documents? What is on the drives? Shipp didn’t really tell us.

    • donna+s.

      I have ask myself the same thing. If general Flynn and Mcinearny are saying the hammer is real and that Sydney Powell has the same info than why if they are trying to help the president would they put out this info that could be proven false and hurt their case in the future. I listened to the video that Greg linked to for you to listen too. I have a question for the guys on here like eddiemd , notyourpatsy etc with military experience to possible explain how if this montgomery guy turned over the hard drives to the FBI , how would the guy in maricopa and sheriff have them to exam for info etc. I am not saying who is right or wrong but in this disinformation war we are in it would be nice to know the truth. I will admit I want it to be real for the simple fact that it would sure help the presidents case especially if the servers were confiscated in germany and these programs were used to steal the election. I think asking this question Madi is necessary as we have to question everything in this atmosphere of dissection we are in.
      Your Sister in Christ
      Donna s



      • notyourpatsy

        Donna, I am only conjecturing that one of these parties is holding the original drive. I would side with General Flynn and Sidney Powell, as both of these people are standing up for the American people when they could have just as easily gone off to a quiet retirement. Things that are happening behind closed doors are causing repercussions throughout all sectors of military and govt leadership imo. Folks who took the bait/ wrong side of this are now trying to figure out how to save themselves, and in doing so will expose players in the days to come.
        Keep the Faith Sister, Jesus Christ is there for Us!

      • Beverly

        The guy who originally had the computer(computer repairman) made a copy of what was on the computer BEFORE turning it over to the FBI. The FBI sat on it for at least a year and then I believe they were forced into bringing up the issue.

  38. Billy

    Greg- The mark of the beast will be No Sunday Trading from the Catholic Church.
    EU membership will require no trading on Sunday!!

  39. H.Craig Bradley


    Its fine that Bo, and Greg, and virtually everybody is talking about political personalities and such. Nevertheless, we have even more unpayable sovereign debt around the world and the global financial system is cracking. In the Bible, debt has real world consequences, both then and now. So, if much of this sovereign debt is ultimately defaulted on in one form or fashion, then (paper) wealth disappears across-the-board ( Pension funds, insurance companies, Mutual funds, etc.). Investors or bond holders from large to small are going to be reduced.

    Economist Martin A. Armstrong says the Sovereign Debt Crisis in the U.S. is in the individual states, and this weak spot is where goverment bonds are going to first default. Growing default risks will eventually force long rates way up and assets way down. The dollar will turn around fast and move to record highs on the U.S. Dollar Index at that time, I suggest. We have already seen scattered municipalities default and some cities going into Federal Bankruptcy Court to sort it all out. This trend has only just begun here in the U.S. of A. It will be a hard adjustment for many Americans.

    Debt destruction reduces asset valuations and in-response, consumers and investors alike clam-up. Stock and real estate markets go way down. Consumer spending declines, businesses go bust. This process has begun with Covid-19. Its the kickoff. Then we all become very conservative, as was the case after 1929. This new financial era change NEEDS to happen and it surely will. Its time to go back to basics.

    Question is, who is going to direct the changeover period to fit their agenda or intentions during the coming sovereign debt crisis? (a.k.a. the “Fourth Turning”). Its a generational change, by the way. This is “where the rubber meets the road”, so to speak. This is EXACTLY why the recent Presidential Election was so crucial because the winner will control the whole ball of wax. The voters still don’t “get it”, as it was no ordinary election because “all the marbles are on the table”. Not just Trump vs. Biden by a long shot. Most voters remain woefully clueless about what is really happening this year and what is at-stake.

    God has not changed and neither has his word. It says in Proverbs 22:7: ” The rich rule over the poor and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave”. It may be a new era just ahead, as Bo suggests, but it will be a much more Austere Era than we have gotten used to with free credit for so many decades. Suffice it to say it won’t be the same going forward. Plan on going-back to the basics. Work and pay as you go. Buy only what you can afford with far less leverage and credit to sustained elevated asset valuations.

    This is certainly part of our emerging new REALITY. Nobody wants to talk about it, but its coming. Time to start being more independent and food secure by planting your own home “Victory Garden”, like we did during WWII.

    • notyourpatsy

      H.Craig, Excellent post! You hit all of the key points we are now facing in the coming year. Some folks just don’t get it like you said. They think that because they voted and their candidate ‘won’, that ‘things are going back to usual/normal’! Nothing is further than the truth. The vast majority of the middle class (worldwide) will suddenly find themselves out of work and on soup lines, like the Great Depression, only they will be ‘living the history’. This is a time to buckle down and tighten up your household’s ship. Not a time to be using credit or borrowing to obtain large ticket items.
      Pray on Brother!

  40. JC

    At 31:38 Bo mentions bloodlines and Nazi Germany’s ‘Operation PaperClip.’
    More on that here by G.A. STEWART…

    Operation Paperclip
    1,500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States…

    As you will read below from my complete reinterpretation of Quatrain I-42, Henri Selin is central to Nostradamus’ theme of The Last Holy Roman Emperor, “d’Amant & Pselyn”. It is not the blood of Jesus Christ that is being protected, it is the last of the French Bourbon Kings.

    Henri V is The Book of Revelations’ King on the White Horse. He prepares the way for the return of Jesus Christ. This is why Edgar Cayce called him The Forerunner.

  41. Thomas

    Bo knows…everything

  42. JC

    At 59:40 Bo speaks about Obama. Next to the photo of Obama is a photo of the Satan character from the History Channel film, “The Bible.”

    Obama-Satan lookalike cut from film version of hit mini-series The Bible…

    • notyourpatsy

      JC, And we all knew obummer to be installed by the un/nwo/soros crowd to further Satan’s agenda against the last Christian Country on Earth…America. Now we are going to feel the brunt of what’s coming, Winter, famine, death, destruction of hundreds of types of businesses across America due in part to things barry allowed to go forward during his reign of terror on America.

  43. Country Codger

    Hi Bo,
    Very good interview but I want to add one thing because, it is important. The phrase “No man knows the day or the hour” is a Hebraism or Hebrew idiom which means Yom Teruah. What is Yom Teruah? The day of the Shout or the day of the Trumpet. Sound familiar? It should because Paul tells you about it, Yeshua tells you about in Matt. 24. er. al. Yeshua (Jesus) was preparing His apostle for a particular day. That is why we are commanded to WATCH!
    Good work.
    And, great work Greg.
    Lo Iyrah!

  44. George Nada

    Polny’s predictions in regard to the DOW have changed slightly since the 3/29/20 posting. His low of about DOW 15,ooo has been pushed further out in time from April 2021 (3/29/20 interview), to June 2021 (10/3 20 interview), to July 2021 (11/28 interview).
    In all three interviews his call for DOW ~ 15,000 remains July 2021 but as you can see from the graphs the newly edited, i.e. higher highs, are farther out on the X axis and therefore the slope in increasingly steeper (see the last pink shade area) making the crash much more acute and much less likely to occur as presented in the 11/28 video.
    Using biblical analysis is absolutely fine and I hope he is proven correct.
    If not, he needs to be challenged in the next interview.

    • se


    • George Nada

      Charles Nenner also continues to revise and pull forward his DOW crash scenario that eventually, at some point, sooner or later, sometime in the future, inevitably, has the DOW at about 5,000.
      He doesn’t realize that central banks’ interventions, from QE to outright equity purchases, overwhelms his cycle theory which is based on pre-Fed supremacy.
      I am reluctant to say that the central banks are more powerful than anything Polny is presenting…however, greedy investors are glorifying the golden bull. Moses better hurry down from Mount Sinai if the predictions of these two guests are to unfold.

  45. wayne hardin

    Something to think about .
    If the mark of the beast will be a mark that you cant buy or sell without it .
    The shot could be it .
    People say you will have to worship the beast for it to be the mark .
    Well bowing down to something would be worship would it not .
    And they call it the beast system .
    And God talks a lot about choosing the world or the things of the world or him.
    I for one will not take it .

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Reportedly, those who have presented themselves as early adopters of the upcoming Covid vaccinations during clinical trials have experienced side-effects for a couple days afterwards such as nausea, muscle aches, and exhaustion (Malaise). In addition, President Vladimir Putin has stated he will NOT be getting a Covid -19 vaccination when they are released to the world. I would first definitely wait at least a year after wide release to see what the range of known vaccine side-effects prove to be with the general public. Then, gingerly proceed with due caution.

      • Lucas Doolin

        Research SV40 and don’t use google.

    • Bill+the+Cat+Guy

      No, the shot isn’t the Mark of the Beast. The Mark won’t be available until the Great Tribulation. That doesn’t start until after the world ruler signs a seven year peace treaty with Israel.

      • notyourpatsy

        Bill, Ok, YOU go get the shot and let us know how that works out for you! As a matter of fact you can have my shot! Regardless, nothing good can come from ‘rushed medicine’.

        • wayne hardin

          He can have mine to / hold on i am sure my wife will give him
          hers to . let me ask . It is a go .
          Have at it .

  46. Mohammad

    When the gold is depleted from CRIMEX, the supply is ample in Armenia hence the raid on their 130 ton in reserve to suppress the fever and pretend the patient has healed (Look at the gold price drop):


  47. jim

    jon burgett, could you pls post link with jerome corsi and david steele interview.

  48. Dave

    I’m among those who does not believe America was given a special anointing by God. That makes me very dubious of Mr. Polny and a host of others who base their prophecies or timelines on that presumption. Trump has not been given a special purpose by God IMO.

    BTW, it is just as plausible that America was given a special “blessing” by the rebellious One. Many of the Founders were Freemason or Illuminate. Washington headed the lodge in Alexandria and Franklin was the founder of a lodge to name just two, The founders were nominal Christians in general and more accurately Deists. Deism is a key premise of Masonry. All religions are equal and Masonic rituals make no mention of Jesus but rather a great architect or similar non-Christian reference to God.

    The Seal of The United States was approved specifically by Washington. The pyramid with the all seeing eye reflects the structure of Masonry. Below the pyramid are the words Novus Ordo Seclorum” which means New Order of the Ages or New World Order. Above the pyramid are the words “Annuit Coeptis” or “He Favors Our Understanding” This He likely refers to Satan and the “favors or understanding” fits with the levels of “understanding” or initiation found in Freemasonry. Reaching the top of the pyramid is becoming “all knowing”. Adepts of the secret knowledge (Gnosis) and ultimately God’s ourselves. This corresponds to the structure Adam Weishaupt set up for the organization centuries ago.

    Many prominent Americans – conservative as well as liberal – were or are Masons. Ronald Reagan himself attended the “secret” ceremonies conducted at the Bohemian Grove in Northern California. Am I saying Trump is a Mason? Not necessarily, but I absolutely do not believe he has been given any kind of special mission by God. Indeed it appears the Supreme Court is reluctant to take up this case. There may not be the 5 votes needed to do so with Kavanaugh looking shaky. Who knows – maybe Goresuch too.

    • Tin foil hat

      I concur it is just as or more plausible that America was given a special “blessing” by the rebellious One. However, I do feel that Trump has been given a special mission by God.

    • H.Craig Bradley


      Agreed. Bo Plony’s Biblical Cycles and Timeline is not cast in stone by any means. Its a work in-progress, albeit a very creative interpretation of Prophecy. If it was that easy to read, then we would all be ahead of the game but alas, the world has many surprises yet in-store for us all. The first surprise or shock is how a decrepit Joe Biden at 78 could even be a candidate, mush less win a Presidential election against an incumbent. This election is a farce and a fraud but our Democracy these days is similarly a Fake, as well.

      WE have fake notions about the Bible, the World, and politics. Makes for some amusing videos but don’t bet your life on “Safe zones” yet to be constructed in mountain retreats with God’s Money ( Gold and Silver) just for Christians to secure themselves in during the last days. That is a Fairy Tale for the gullible.

    • notyourpatsy

      Dave, Great post for those lacking a deep understanding of the issue and religion in general. What you say is very plausible and likely what’s happening now is NOT of Our GOD’s doing, but rather Satan through HIS disciples such as freemasons, illuminati, etc. I agree, the Donald is just in a position of power temporarily, being stymied all along his term by more of Satan’s workers the demoncrats!

    • Beverly

      There is a lot of confusion about the whole Masonry issue in the U.S. Masonry is known to be full of corruption at high levels at least, in our day and age. Leo Zagami has interviews about this and knows a lot about it. But, back in George Washington’s time, Masonry was a different animal than it is today. The Founders were Christians and I’m sure they are still in Heaven. They discussed Godly things in letters. They discussed reason and what a reasonable God might see as justice. The signs and symbols of Masonry have been corrupted. The Masonic organizations today are definitely NOT something I would ever want to be a part of if I were a man. Absolutely NOT. Don’t make the Founders into evil men just because they belonged to an organization that has since become badly corrupted.

      • Tin foil hat

        Freedom derives from knowledge, knowledge derives from an apple, the Apple came from ……

  49. Sylvia

    Thanks for presenting this important material . Have listened three times already and
    am taking notes and writing down scripture references. Long message, but it’s precious
    information. No one has ever done this time point analysis before, that I know of.
    Thanks to Bo Polny for all his research.

  50. Matties


    I am suspicious of B. Polny his views.
    I am even more suspicious about President Trump.

    Oh, i hate the globalists, these new rubber barons.
    And convinced that Trump will root out the super unclean (and winning this election).

    But will Trump root out materialism ?
    Will he give up his gold, power, trinkets and golf ?

    Is he really like Jesus ?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not suspicious of Biden and all the other globalist but suspicious of Trump? Go away troll.

  51. Chuck

    Thank you Greg, I love me some Bo.

  52. Robert Jones

    Please stop interrupting your guest so much. Please Greg let your guest talk without the constant interruptions. Sorry, but it is very annoying.

  53. Mohammad

    Complete blackout on Trump’s full interview today with Maria on Fox, where the hell is the full interview?????????


  54. Mohammad

    Here is the full interview:


  55. john+duffy

    THE GREAT RESET: From Bergoglio to Biden
    Written by Michael J. Matt | Editor

  56. Mohammad


    They are resetting the voting machines wiping out the evidence, and cremating the ballots, what to prove if any chance a justice with balls in the Supreme Court will accept the case?

    Also the military is cricket?

    Trump did not sound good in the interview, sounded like he is throwing the towel, I want to believe otherwise but the interview I linked to above got me down.


    • Self+Exiled

      Trump knows his personal history , over and over. As far as future projection/planing nothing. If he is able to stay in office we can project it will be of God’s efforts/will , does not appear to be his desire. Who could blame him, like Greg said in a previous post the swamp is deep and world wide. Trump seemed to side step the Barr question. Trump knows people are scared and afraid to come forward. Attorney /legal teams being threaten is no small matter and this is a internal civil war of the culture itself. The civil war/dragon’s head is slowing turning to a belief systems issue/spiritual war as Boe Blony has stated; to me all issues have a spiritual reflection but only to those who can see. Sermon on the Mount.

    • Diane

      Why are they erasing the machines if there is nothing to hide?

    • Dave

      It was always a long shot that SCOTUS would take up the case. None other than Jay Sekulow has been saying that for weeks now. The bar is extremely high as he says. Kavanaugh is a Bush protégé and a Deep State acolyte. He will likely not vote to take up the case which means 5 votes opposed. People told Trump not to appoint Kavanaugh at the time because of this but as with so many Trump appointees he did not listen and effectively appointed a Deep State justice.

      Trump may have been told that the Court will not take up the case – I don’t know but he sounded defeated and acknowledged the difficulty of getting his case before the Supreme Court. The other thing is that the Pa. GOP controlled legislature does not look as if it will intervene. They want to reform the voting process in Pa. but not necessarily challenge the election as some GOP reps are saying.

      Some in conservative media are running scared that many Trump voters will sit out the Georgia election. These Trump supporters are not Republicans and feel the GOP stabbed Trump in the back and so some want payback. Let the GOP crash and they will take it over – or so they thing. The GOP PTB will reman in control even as the GOP loses control of the Senate.

    • notyourpatsy

      Mohammad, I agree, yet every time I said something negative or suspect about P’ Trump some others would call me out on it. I voted for him in both elections because it was (still is) ‘good vs evil. I urged folks here to read ‘eric @ NHAB’ essays on jsmineset to get another perspective on things going on and to come. Eric has his own ability to put things into easy to understand commentary.
      Sadly I don’t like to be right, especially on something of this magnitude. Our Country will never be the same come january…

  57. Marie+Joy

    It, all, feels like a distraction.

  58. Richard D

    Greg, with all due respect Sir, can you try not to interrupt your guest, today was by far the worst.
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Get a grip Richard. It’s free.

      • Mario

        Greg… I love you brother.
        This is the only place I get my news. Thank you for all your hard work.
        I think the comment by Richard, and above by Robert should be taken a little better. They were polite and were telling you some constructive criticism. Your response of Get a grip, it’s free… doesn’t make the interruptions easier. You are smart, and awesome journalist, a believer in Christ, and a very hard worker. Your site is pretty popular and like you said you have some of the smartest people online commenting here. I have to say however my friend that the interruptions are distracting. I know you get excited and also want to have your guest repeat something but the interrupting is sometimes extreme. I will continue to watch regardless because I appreciate what you do and want the real news however it would bring your show up to a whole other level if you didn’t interrupt as much.
        No offence intended.
        God bless,


  59. eddiemd

    Sleepy Joe with a foot fracture…what they are not telling us.

    So he had a lateral and intermediate cuneiform “hairline fracture. Very rare fractures usually associated with a crush injury. AS opposed to a medial cuneiform fracture which could be a Lisfranc type of injury…occurred while playing with his dog. Perhaps…diagnosed by CT scan….it can be done by why not go to the MRI if there was such a concern. Sketchy details.

    Now for his medical history.

    Known history of atrial fibrillation, history of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, high probability of coronary disease, aneurysms, “non-melanoma skin cancers”, BPH, single tubular adenoma, history of greenfield filter placed in the past, etc…click on the CNN link for the full report.

    Medications….Eliquis, Crestor, Nexium…and who really knows what else

    Further information on tubular adenomas…

    I am curious on using the CT scan to evaluate his foot. Why not MRI? Does he have a pacemaker?

    Now he needs a walking foot or hard shoe or ?

    Perhaps he has a DVT again that they need to cover for? What else is happening?

    Biden is not a vigorous healthy man as stated by his primary MD. It is obvious he has dementia. What about his cardiovascular disease?

    • eddiemd

      One last item.

      No mention of his mental status exam in data presented by his primary care doc. No gait analysis. Very limited neurological exam.

      I would have included a MMSE at the minimum.

    • donna+s.

      I found that odd too. Remember when things were getting rough for hillary and mccain they both got foot injuries and were wearing cast or braces on one foot? not sure it means anything but is odd.

    • eddiemd

      More info.

      I had seen cuneiform fractures in airborne soldiers who usually had severe impact trauma involving foot/ankle. Certainly it can happen playin with your dog…it would be very rare. The lateral and intermediate cuneiform fracture are usually crush type injuries and involve other bony structures in the foot. Not likely to be isolated.

      Another added item is that he slipped and fell while playing with the dog. The guy is taking Eliquis. If he falls and starts bleeding….good luck. He better start wearing a hard helmet just in case and be restricted from playing with his “dog”.

      Another case study in cuneiform fractures:

      Excerpts. This discusses medial cuneiform fracture. Lateral/intermediate can apply here also.

      “Medial cuneiform fractures are generally accompanied with ankle, cuboid, or tarsometatarsal joint injuries. Isolated fractures are rare. Cuneiform fractures accompanied with feet and ankle joint injuries generally develop due to axial loading and mediolateral or plantodorsal forces, while isolated cuneiform fractures occur as a result of direct trauma most of the time.”

      “Computed tomography is effective in evaluating the cortical structures, displacement, and dislocation when direct roentgenograms are inadequate. On the other hand, magnetic resonance imaging is more useful in the early diagnosis of fractures due to microtrauma.”

      Sleepy Joe has a problem. Something is not right. The cover story does not make sense.

      Sleepy Joe is not a healthy man. One foot in the grave and one on a banana peel.

  60. Edward

    Bo makes some interesting comments, much of which goes over my head. I’m not a bible person, because I don’t understand the semantics.

    Anyway, if only half of what Bo says comes true, it will benefit everybody. A lot of people support silver; I don’t buy it as an investment. I see myself buying stuff with dimes and quarters, with the bigger stuff to buy bags of silver. I can’t afford gold, so my holdings thereof are very small.

    I am an avid fan and I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all of it.

    I’ve been a prepper for some time. My truck is 15 years old with 83,000 miles, and I just spent $1,082 to flush and replace fluids now that I can. Later may not be possible. I was prepared when my city’s water went to Hell. My dogs and my partner had clean water when everyone was panicking with bottled water. The problem with a lot of foods is the salt content.

    Keep up the good work, and be respectful of your guests. Their words matter as much as your’s.

    Low income guy, so I’m an infrequent contributor. Gotta maintain a prepper’s cache.

  61. Mike R

    Did Trump set a trap for the Democrats on Election night ?


    “In 2018, there was serious election fraud in Florida and in Arizona. Trump’s team observed the cheating and learned from it in preparation for the 2020 presidential election cycle. Prior to the 2018 election, on September 12, Trump issued an “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.” The importance of this Executive Order largely escaped notice during the 2018 election cycle, but it would loom ever larger as the 2020 election approached.

    The fact that no major arrests seem to have been made, concerning the election fraud of 2018, indicates that many of the fraudsters may have received plea bargains in exchange for making the next round of electoral crimes so highly visible that the irregularities could not be missed. If arrests had been made back in 2018, the Democrats would simply have brought in new operatives to do their criminal bidding in 2020, which, in the long run, would not have helped President Trump. While this line of reasoning is speculative, to be sure, the actual election fraud perpetrated in 2020 against the president is unmistakable.”

    • Mike R

      Gina Haspel, arrested for treason on 11/29, and now ‘residing’ in GITMO.

      Not sure if true or ginned up rumor.

      But dominoes could start falling from here on. Military is all over the US right now, with all kinds of flights that are not normal in terms of destinations, or frequency.

      My hunch is that we are within weeks, if not days of Trump declaring martial law. Especially given his interview with maria bartiromo.

      And Biden ‘breaking his foot while playing with dog ‘ ??? A near 80 year old man, especially as President-elect, does not have any business, nor time, to be out ‘playing with his dog’. Thats just a made up story, trying to cover up something. Maybe his foot got broken during a special forces raid.

      Something is going down folks, as we speak, and it ain’t Trump. The man is a master of creating dispersions that mis-direct everyone’s eyes, especially that of his enemy’s, which primarily is the media. They are all following the squirrel running up the tree.

      We will all look back on this time period, and in 20/20 hindsight fashion, wonder how the Mainstream Media and of course the Dems (nitwits that they are) were so easily out manuvered and outwitted by Trump.

      Could be an interesting Christmas here in 2020. Whats it gonna be like under your tree and in your home, during nationwide martial law ? Where your governor, (among others) if he was an integral part of the on-going coup, gets shackled up in handcuffs and airlifted off to GITMo. It could be done in total black out conditions, where the MSM doesn’t know until days, maybe weeks, after the respective state’s Dem governor and other Dems have been ‘evaporated’ out of the US.

      Now THAT would be a MARVELOUS Christmas Present for those of us here at !

      P.S. It made NO sense, ZERO, NADA, that so many Republicans, gained so many House seats (courtesy largely of Trump and his popularity, and awesome policies), that Trump did not win in a landslide too. We all know that he did, and likely got 70% of the popular vote. Basically the Dems got TOTALLY WIPED in this election, where the fraudulent votes made it look like Biden ‘won.’ But did not in reality.

  62. Clint+D.

    We are now in the lull before the storm. I think that Jeremiah 51:46 is about to be activated within the USA. If so, then there will be a time of faintness of heart and fear from one year of rumor followed with another year of rumor. Violence and ruler against ruler will occur. Then the USA will be destroyed in one hour.

    If Jeremiah 51;46 is about to play out, then the USA could go down as early as the Summer of 2022 or Summer of 2023. It just depends when it will be activated. The faintness of heart and fear is not here yet. So, it has not been activated yet. However, it could be activated within the year.

    Of course this message will be greatly discounted. That is always the case for anyone projecting the demise of their great empire before it falls. This is the way it has always been in history and will continue to be.

  63. Fred G. Sanford

    The shooting Civil war has started. The Kraken (U.S. 305th military intelligence battalion) has raided the CIA server farm in Frankfurt Germany where the electronic votes were sent to be manipulated. . There were casualties. The truth will be exposed. Bo Polny is correct.
    Here is the link

  64. One 👁 eye'd PSYOP'S 👀

    245,539 views•Nov 29, 2020

    Jon Voight warns America is ‘in great danger’ when Biden takes office /195,562 views•Nov 29, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Hollywood actor Jon Voight has released a video on Twitter that offers a dire warning of what’s to come when [IF] Joe Biden and his administration take office in January.
    Mr Voight also said President Donald Trump is the “only man who can save this nation” as he attacked California Governor Gavin Newsom for “destroying people’s freedom”.

    ‘Only a one in 17 billion chance hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work’: medical professor
    23,572 views•Nov 28, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Hydroxychloroquine really works says Professor of Medicine Dr Peter McCullough, describing the treatment as “the most widely used therapeutic” to treat COVID-19 in the world.
    “The chances that it doesn’t work are calculated to be one in 17 billion,” he told Sky News.
    “There’s no controversy over whether or not hydroxychloroquine works. The controversy is on the public health approach to COVID-19.”
    Mr McCullough said “the virus invades inside cells, so we have to use drugs that go inside the cell and work to reduce viral replication”.
    “The drugs that work within the cell and actually reduce viral replication are hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, doxycycline and azithromycin”.
    “Sadly, in the United States and I know in Australia this happens all the time, patients get no treatment whatsoever. They literally are told to stay at home until they are sick enough to go to the hospital”
    “I think that honestly it’s atrocious.
    “History will look back on that and think it was the worst way to handle a potentially fatal illness.”

  65. aRT linkLETTER

    ‘Only a one in 17 billion chance hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work’: medical professor 23,572 views•Nov 28, 2020

  66. Along Came Jones

    PA poll watcher: USB cards uploaded to voting machines 24+ times, 47 USB cards missing | NTD
    834,045 views•Nov 29, 2020

    A Republican poll observer from Pennsylvania’s Delaware County told a Senate GOP Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg on Nov. 25 that he witnessed a range of Election Day irregularities, including 47 USB cards that went missing.
    Greg Stenstrom, who, besides being a poll watcher, said he’s an expert in security fraud, told the hearing that he witnessed a number of chain-of-custody violations, including around mail-in ballots, the balance of votes from drop boxes, and the handling of USB card flash drives—all of which he said broke rules defined by the Delaware County Board of Elections and the election process review.
    “They didn’t follow one,” Stenstrom said. “It shocked me that this could happen.”
    He described witnessing a situation in which data on USB cards was uploaded to voting machines by a warehouse supervisor without being observed by a poll watcher, which he said he saw happen at least 24 times.
    “He’s walking in with baggies, which we have pictures of and that were submitted in our affidavits,” Stenstrom said, adding that Democratic poll watchers also witnessed this occurrence.
    Stenstrom said he was told by an attorney that it’s normal for several USB cards to be left in machines and then brought back by the warehouse manager for input into tally systems. He added that when he later raised the issue with U.S. Attorney William McSwain and some law enforcement officers, he was told it is unusual for more than two drives to be left in voting machines.
    He said he was later told that “these 24 to 30 cards that were uploaded” were unaccounted for, adding that “as of today, 47 USB v-cards are missing.”
    Watch more:
    NTD News Today
    NTD Evening News
    NTD Business
    How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World
    Mark Simmons 9 hours ago
    Trump could win with just CA, and he should have GA, PA, MI, MN, WI, NV, CA, and AZ. In fact, I think he won many more, like VA.

  67. Bonnie Grainger

    Doctored Chinese photograph is ‘disgusting fake news’
    5,580 views•Nov 30, 2020 Sky News Australia
    A doctored photo of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child published by a Chinese foreign ministry official is propaganda the likes of which hasn’t been seen “from totalitarian regimes for decades,” according to Dennis Shanahan.
    The doctored image – which has not been censored by Twitter despite being faked – were published by China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who said he was “shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers”.
    “The image, of course, is disgusting; it’s fake news,” Mr Shanahan told Sky News.
    “This isn’t some sort of hidden cyber campaign China is conducting without its name attached to it. This isn’t some tame news outlet in China letting people know about the propaganda line.
    “This is official spokesman of the Chinese government espousing a propaganda style which we haven’t seen from totalitarian regimes for decades.
    “It is outmoded, it is old fashioned, and it’s normally used to create fear and concern within people’s own communities within totalitarian regimes’ own communities.”

  68. GraingerBonnie

    Chinese communist regime has ‘disgraced itself’ for the entire world to see
    5,211 views•Nov 30, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Chris Smith says the Chinese communist regime has “disgraced themselves in front of the world” after posting a doctored picture of an Australian soldier holding a knife to a child’s neck.
    “The Chinese Communist Party and its regressive government have outdone themselves,” Mr Smith said.
    The doctored image – which has not been censored by Twitter despite being faked – were published by China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who said he was “shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers”

  69. Farley Gunther

    Trump Reclaims Victory by Getting Michigan Governor to Pardon Detroit Official Facing Six Counts
    43,720 views•Nov 30, 2020 H. A. Goodman

  70. St' James Infirmary

    American media are failing to report on US election accurately, and it’s endangering lives 34,544 views•Nov 29, 2020 LifeSiteNews

    John-Henry speaks with former Texas State representative Rick Green about his thoughts on how the election has been playing out and how the media has been behaving lately. Read more:
    Frist Comments:
    Addi Law 20 hours ago
    Obama is a big disappointment every time he speaks
    Helen Sebastian 20 hours ago
    May God bless you on your mission brother John…. we truly appreciate all your efforts in bringing attention to the critical events and subjects of the day! May your show opened more eyes, hearts and minds!
    Esther O 20 hours ago
    This comes from Obama who probably “won” his second term by cheating.
    Joyce Jackson 20 hours ago
    Obama is a narcissist who has to take the oxygen out of the air with his shadow government that he set in too action. Our prayers are upward too the immortal one. Obama speaks for the evil one who wants America too fall. Really great video.
    Rosario Rodriguez 20 hours ago
    God protect us from evil democrats 🙏
    KimOCmom 20 hours ago
    Love your Lifesite news! Thank you for speaking the truth! Look forward to all of your videos. 😍😍 God Bless you and our wonderful nation. OREMUS🙏✝️❤🇺🇸
    Alaric Chua 20 hours ago
    Obama is lying when he knows deep in his heart they cheat.

  71. Matties

    Dear Greg,
    I’m not trolling, you didn’t got my point.

    My 5 cents is that President Trump will get a historical win.
    He will do away with these corrupt Democrats and globalists.
    He will break up the media.
    He will break up the social media.
    He probably will do away the FED.

    I am already looking beyond. It is God we should follow…

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry Matties. May bad.

  72. Abrams Stacey

    Trump says he’s ‘ashamed’ he endorsed Georgia’s Coward Governor Brian Kept Kemp Shiver 😬His Timbers!
    132,063 views•Nov 29, 2020 Sky News Australia
    US President Donald Trump says he’s “ashamed” he endorsed Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia during his first one-on-one interview since the presidential election.
    Check Out The Shocking Comments While Your At Him!

    Brenda Snipes, embattled Broward County election official, to resign, report says
    Departing Broward election official Brenda Snipes stands to receive $130G in pensions: reports CROOKED🤗 TO THE VERY END!

  73. Guy Hawk's

    ‘Inflammatory’ US election reporting by the ABC may breach editorial code
    Adam Cinelli 2 weeks ago
    Trump is the only person protecting the free world, god bless Trump
    J Bowen, PhD 1 week ago
    Trump is the best president we have ever had, and we will not just allow him to be forced out of office!
    Denise Hansen 2 weeks ago
    We need real journalists instead of communist pundits.
    Laura Goin 1 week ago
    President Trump is a Truth say’er, I like it. I’m tired of liars.criminals.manipulaters.
    Alicia Egan 2 weeks ago
    The only people who don’t want a crime to be investigated are the ones who commit the crime!

  74. Dushan Belgravich

    A Russian World War 2 vet wishes the world to know how a group of American prisoners of war risked their lives to help him and his comrades.
    4,774 Comments, first three.
    aaron thompson 1 month ago
    Americans and Russians make great friends, its the governments that try to make us hate each other.
    The Usher 1 month ago
    The remaining WWII veterans of all countries are rapidly fading. They are treasures.
    Charles Bue 1 month ago
    Once upon a time there were real journalists like Mr. Charles Kuralt.
    Well the t.v.’s have all gone flat, like an old flat fat, tired tire and so have you guy’s!!

  75. Gladys Nightingale

    183,036 views•Nov 28, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

  76. Sid Ricky

    Hilton: The establishment wants us to ‘shut up and move on’
    16,371 views•Nov 30, 2020

    /////////////IT’S NOT REAL!!!
    Joe Biden Please Make A Statement, You Do Represent Us? Not Them!
    China wants to ‘crush Australia’ for demanding accountability: Murray
    18,053 views•Nov 30, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says China, if it wants to, would seek to crush nations like Australia, for this sin of “demanding accountability for something that killed a million people”, destroyed the western world and eroded freedoms.
    China has published to Twitter horrific and doctored propaganda images of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child, in an “extraordinary” attempt to seize on the release of ADF war crimes allegations.
    The images – which has not been censored by Twitter despite being fake– was published by China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who said he was “shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers”.
    “China, if it wants to, would seek to crush nations like ours, where our sin here is not the allegations against the SAS, where our sin was demanding accountability for something that killed a million people; that destroyed the western world, that eroded our freedoms.
    “And even when we have essentially eradicated the virus here in Australia, simple things like taking a photo with Santa, have changed in part because of the year that we have had, the year that was only possible because of what China did and most importantly, didn’t do.”

  77. Ricky Sid

    Oop’s, sorry. Here’s the video;
    China wants to ‘crush Australia’ for demanding accountability: Murray

  78. Lora

    Hello Greq

    Unless I’m behind in genuine news updates, this information may hold a major key to the first Domino down fall, ultimately bringing the Biden “elect” clown show to an end:


    LIVE: Trump lawyers and Arizona State Legislature hold public hearing on election integrity | NTD
    1,861 waiting•Scheduled for Nov 30, 2020 [11:00 am Eastern Standard Time US.]
    See you there folk’s, LIVE @ 11:00 AM Sharp!

    • King Creol

      High Noon, just wanted to tell the folk’s that this hearing is still going on and into the Arizona night. So folk’s stop in and see for yourselves, true democracy at work and LIVE, enjoy!

  80. lars sundling

    Daniel Andrews should say something about China’s ‘highly offensive, horrible tweet’
    7,951 views•Nov 30, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson says the recent tweet by the Chinese government slandering Australian soldiers is “highly offensive and horrible”, adding she would like to see Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews say something in relation to it.
    China has published to Twitter horrific and doctored propaganda images of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of a child, in an “extraordinary” attempt to seize on the release of ADF war crimes allegations.
    The images – which has not been censored by Twitter despite being fake– was published by China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who said he was “shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers”.
    “There is no doubt it is a highly offensive and horrible post by the Chinese communist government,” Ms Henderson said.
    “This is deeply offensive and an apology is required.
    “I think every serving man and woman of the Australian defense force would rightly support the Prime Minister in the stance he has taken.
    Ms Henderson said she has been “very outspoken about Daniel Andrews’” agreement with the Chinese Communist government, over the Belt and Road initiative.
    “I’m still hopeful Mr Andrews might cancel that agreement which we’ve made very clear is not in the national interest,” she said.
    “I would like to see the premier of Victoria say something in relation to this too.”

  81. Gordon Carpenter

    I take issue with “They want to hijack the U.S. elections, and if you hijack the U.S. elections, you are ultimately hijacking the most powerful nation in the world, which then gives you control of the world.” Taking the U.S. will NOT give you control of the world. It will give you control of a good chunk of it however. DON’T FORGET THE INFLUENCE CHINA HAS AROUND THE WORLD. They also have a much better financial situation than the U.S. but ULTIMATELY, GOD is sovereign. I am from Canada and AM hoping Trump can remain in power.

  82. eddiemd

    Information on the vaccine in the DOD and VA healthcare workers.

    Once the FDA “approves” it, the DOD will make it mandatory. Just like anthrax vaccine.

  83. robert rude

    Read the book of Esther …..Hamon had the gallows built. Who was hung on Hamon’s Gallows?

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point!! It’s Hamon and his 10 sons.

  84. wayne hardin

    If Jesus were to come back today .
    He would have one thing to say .
    HOW SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most people don’t want to be delivered from their sin .
    And a lot of people don’t think they need to ask forgiveness .
    Because Jesus took all their sins away .
    They will say i done this and i done that .
    Not knowing it was the name of Jesus that done it .
    To many people today run to and fro after men and women looking for the answers .
    And a high percentage of them will tell you everything you want to hear .
    It seems people use the word of God to justify their sin .
    Not knowing that there is no justification because Jesus came to give us the power
    to crucify the flesh .
    It is time for us to awake out of sleep and be the salt and light of the world .
    Looking around there is very little difference in the church and the world .
    That tells me that flesh is in control .

    Jesus would say HOW SAD >


    • Greg Hunter

      Not True Wayne. 80 million people prayed and voted for God’s field general, Donald Trump. The overwhelming majority voted for Trump. Did you not see the million people praying at the Mall in D.C.??? in September??

      • wayne hardin

        How did you come up with that comment from what i said .
        I did not say anything about trump or people praying .
        What i said is there is to much flesh controlling the church .
        We can pray all we want to / but without changing or repenting nothing will change .
        I know all kinds of people that pray all the time / and most of them pray for
        fleshly things .
        I haven’t heard many pray for a lost and dying world /most of the prayers are for
        the fleshly world and the things of the world .
        The things of this world means zero to me.
        I am worried about people being deceived and going to hell .
        And that is all i am thinking about .
        Like i have said many times Jesus said preach the gospel .
        But he also said very few would listen .
        Truer words have never been spoken .
        I hope trump gets in but if he doesn’t God is still in control.

      • Brian

        This is personal opinion, not objective facts!

        • wayne hardin

          Here are some objective facts .
          People who are living a life in a way the God said not to.
          Can pray 24 / 7 and God does not hear them .
          Unless they are praying for forgiveness .
          The sad part is they have been told that their sin is gone because Jesus
          took it away .
          And they keep on living their life in sin .
          Anybody that lives a life like that and feels no conviction .
          Is not born again .

          • notyourpatsy

            Wayne, I agree! And I posted as much towards the top 1/3rd of the thread in one of my own posts. Sinners ‘think’ they ‘get away’ with their sins after confessing but NOT changing their lifestyle. NOT TRUE! If one continues to sin after confessing and repenting to GOD then GOD will not forgive those sinners imo.

            • wayne hardin

              The point i am making is people that say a prayer and continue to live in sin .
              Without conviction never were born again.
              But because people tell them all they have to do is believe in Jesus they are OK.
              Like i said many times satan believes in JESUS .
              The difference in somebody running around screwing everything in sight .
              And somebody that says they are saved doing the same
              Is the one that says they are saved is a lair .
              Without conviction they are not born again .

          • wayne hardin

            If you are a christian and see people that say they
            are christian / and they are running around lying
            running around on their wife or husband or what ever .
            You know doing what God said don’t do .
            And if they do things like that the word says the end is the lake of fire .
            They see nothing wrong with it .
            are they OK to keep doing those things ????????????

            I say if they do things God said don’t do / and fill no conviction they were
            never born again ////// Tell me where i am wrong ???????????????

            • Paul ...

              Your not wrong Wayne!!

  85. Dave

    No surprise that Senator Graham says he is looking forward to working with Biden. Romney too wants to reach across the aisle. The new GOP Senators from Tennessee and Alabama are McConnell picks and Romney friendly. Collins too wants to work with the Democrats. Don’t be surprised to see most GOP Senators vote for Biden’s cabinet and court appointees. As they did under Obama. So basically the GOP is going back to what it was under Ryan – go along to get along. Stand for nothing. GOP leaders are erring to admit this before the Georgia runoffs as this is not what conservatives in general and Trump supporters in particular want to hear – the GOP jettisoning Trumpism. It could depress the GOP vote and some may say screw you to the GOP and sit out the election. The Dems are putting in a huge effort on the ground and leaving the GOP in the dust. Hence the growing probability the Dems will take both seats. Doug Collins came out in particular urging his supporters to vote for Loeffler as his supporters are not enthusiastic about her – given the poisoned history between Collins and her and Collins and Kemp.

    Bottom line, conservatives will again not find the post-Trump GOP any more friendly to their causes than it has been. Conservatives should have formed a 3rd party decades ago but controlled conservative media (the likes of Hannity and Levin) kept telling their listeners to not leave the GOP and vote GOP yet again with this time being different. It never turned out to be different.

    The problem for conservatives is that they are now split between Trumper-first conservatives and those conservatives who want to move forward but without Trump as the fulcrum. Hence we see Ingham, Carlson and a good segment of local conservative radio wanting to move past Trump. Certainly Senators Cotton, Cruz and Hawley want to take the mantle of an emerging conservative movement and also to run for president in 2024. They are already moving past Trump. As it is only 60% of Republicans want Trump to run again. That is a large number yes but surprisingly small given his previous 90% plus support among Republicans. As the Harris/Biden Administration quickly wins legislative victories (with crossover support from the GOP and with GOP senators wanting to work with Biden and Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform) Trump’s Presidency will increasingly look like a failure in terms of getting his agenda accomplished. Trump’s popularity will fall off with his base and any hope he might have of running again will become increasingly problematic.

    The conservative movement is at a crossroads and depending on what Trump does it could be hopelessly split in 2022 when the GOP wants to take control of the House. Imagine if a Trump 3rd party runs candidates in conservative GOP districts? An alternative to the Democrat and GOP candidates. It could dash hope of the GOP to retake the House.

    • eddiemd

      Mr. Dave the walking psyop. More disinformation from well placed anonymous sources.

      At least you are consistent in your false narrative.

      You forgot to quote Cbass Gorka.

  86. Anthony Australia

    Fritz Springmeier alert! Trauma-based mind control.

    BloodLines of the Illuminati.

    Please Greg it would be a hoot to have him on your show.

  87. Coalburner

    Read the report Sanford sent above. Treason accusations by a LT General.

  88. Coalburner

    Read the report Sanford sent above. Military losses taking a CIA computer farm in Frankfurt, Germany. Treason accusations by a LT General.

  89. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    It looks like your hunch about “Mama Bear” Jill Biden might be right.

    Lo Iyrah!

    • David

      If the story of Biden conceding has any merit, I have a question: Why would the Bidens have any reason to fear prosecution by the FBI or justice department? Which traitor has been prosecuted by them in the past 5 years? We should not allow wishful thinking to cause us to believe fairy tales.

  90. DaVinci

    Hello Greg,
    Great interview with Bo as always.
    Question: His last interview he mentioned gold would have upside last month October 2020. In this interview he does mention that gold and silver will rise, but he did not
    mention any particular time, in this interview. Was he avoiding the issue?

  91. Mohammad

    I am listening to the hearing LIVE in AZ and the president just called there and was put on the speaker, and my spirit was up .

    God bless you Mr. President and god bless USA, this country will never be highjacked by criminals. Good will prevail.


  92. Andreas Daras

    The Kraken does not exist in Greek literature.
    Not Anywhere !
    It’s a Hollywood invention.

    The Kraken exists only in Norway forklor and it derives from “kraki”.

    For more information and education about conservativism and Greeks, I suggest you listen or read what Dr. Hanson has to say.

    By the way, Mr. Hunter, I thank you very much for what you do

  93. Paul ...

    Breaking News … Anti-Fauci and Anti-Lock-down “Dr. Atlas” has resigned from his post as Trumps Covid-19 advisor this evening … this is sad news and indicates to me “that even more drastic lock-downs” are likely across America … perhaps as drastic as Gov Gavin Newsom’s drastic new lock-down-like restrictions … he will impose upon California (which represents one-fifth of the American economy and roughly 1/8th of the US population) … seems “Medical Martial Law” is at our doorstep folks … even more reason for Trump’s legal team to toss out the evil Demonrat interlopers who stole our election!! …ttps://

  94. Dave

    Maybe why Trump seemed down? The Pa. GOP controlled legislature adjourned for the rest of the year today more or less confirming hints from the legislature that it will not reject the Biden electors and name their own. That was Trump’s last hope, that if he lost in the Courts which he admitted is likely, GOP legislatures would vote in pro-Trump electors in states like Pa. The GOP is abandoning Trump on this and the question is how will Trump react vis a vis the GOP after he is no longer President in January?

  95. bryan

    The End Times? Lol!!!

  96. Self+Exiled

    More People Committed Suicide In Japan Last Month Than Have Died All Year From Coronavirus: Report————–

  97. Frank Boundi

    The ‘Smartest Man In The Room’ Just Joined Sidney Powell’s Team
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 11/29/2020 – 16:55
    Authored by Andrea Widburg via,
    In her Georgia complaint, Sidney Powell included the declaration of Navid Keshavarz-Nia, an expert witness who stated under oath that there was massive computer fraud in the 2020 election, all of it intended to secure a victory for Joe Biden. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia’s name may not mean a lot to you, but it’s one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems.

  98. Self+Exiled

    Lets see now; who has wore the boot, McCain, Hillary and now Biden. Why do democrats find it so fashionable.

  99. Self+Exiled

    ”China has 47 nuclear plants————- “gutter oil”, which is human faeces mixed with garbage and cooked down to make a substitute cooking oil that is found in 10% of Chinese restaurants in China.————- I would not trust any Chinese attempts at handling nuclear waste.” MMmmmmmmm

  100. Self+Exiled

    I think this article is packed with last days prophetic implications and futuristic possibilities.

  101. Need To Know

    Greg You, Polny and all of the comments are excellent!
    I believe it was Otto Hermann Kahan (Rothschild Syndicate Representative) who was a key player in the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, that said, that they (the wealthy banker elites) control both sides of the narrative. So, with Kahan’s statement in mind, doubting everything that is reported by the globalist corporate operation Mockingbird media, is probably a good approach. In the long-term, truth, will always overcome censorship and suppression. As former KGB and Washington swamp know now. It will all come out into the light-of-day for all to see and scripture confirms. What happens then is anybody’s guess. But USAWatchdogger’s, patience discernment, and preparation will be rewarded and you have Greg Hunter’s word on it!

    I personally believe the US government / agencies / empire, is too large to effectively manage or even control. I also believe that all centralized organizations over time continue to grow, up until they become to large for their centralized systems to control the organizations, and, at that point, they self destruct. The self destruction phase can take years, decades or longer.
    It appears to me, that the self destruction phase is currently in the process of playing out in many states / countries and nations and large organizations around the globe. The centralized, collectivist ideologies and philosophies of communism and socialism only accelerate the self destruction phase and normally bring about horrific violence. Through my long study of history I have concluded that states / countries and nations that embrace the destruction of property rights and the elimination of personal freedom and liberty by converting to the false ideologies of communism and socialism always devolve into tyranny. Once communism and socialism take over a state / country or nation there are few, if any examples of successfully removing the communist and socialist and returning to freedom and property rights again. Unless a massive growing monkeywrench as we see growing today along with divine intervention, a rising of the SHEEPLE🗽! ENTER; “Babylon The Great Has Fallen!”
    __________________God’s Kingdom Rules! circa 1961
    From this book found from the comments;
    Chapter 24
    Pouring Out the Seven Last Plagues Begins
    Revelation 16:1-11
    In the first year of publication of their official magazine, then called “Zion’s Watch Tower,” in its issue of September, 1879, they came out with the following statements in an article on “The Day of the Lord — Revelation 6:17”:
    Very many Scriptures seem to teach that the kingdoms of earth will be overthrown by a rising of the people: goaded to desperation from lack of employment and seeking relief from the oppression of bloodthirsty governments. Such a rising and overturning, Socialists, Communists, and Nihilists of today would gladly bring about if they could. Now the Scripture recognizes wrong and oppression as existing in the nations and foretells this as the way in which they will be overthrown, . . . Yet it does not recognize this Communism as right but the contrary rather instructing believers to “obey the powers that be” as long as they last, saying to us — “Be patient, therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.”. . . When we with a few others declared these things only a short time since, and called attention to the fact that trouble was taught to be occasioned by a rising of the people and the overthrow of governments — Communism — we were laughed at; there was truly little sign then of Communism; but today every civilized nation is in dread, and Nihilism, Communism and Socialism, are household words, . . . [Now fast forward to 1921, many well known religious cults have come out of that 1879 magazine and some household names and in your neighborhood, some still carrying the theme;]
    Toward the end of the year 1921, or on December 11, President Rutherford of the Watch Tower Society stood before an audience that packed out the old Hippodrome of New York city, to address these 7,000 listeners on the subject of “Millions Now Living Will Never Die.” In talking about the nations in distress and the remedies proposed, this mouthpiece of Jehovah’s witnesses at that time said:
    “Financiers are fearful of losing their holdings. Labor is fearful that it will not be able to exist. Statesmen,
    politicians, and rulers fear radicalism or Bolshevism. In fact, every one whose mind is not stayed upon the Lord is in a state of fear and distress. (Isaiah 26:3) . . .
    “What is really feared by the ruling factors is radicalism or Bolshevism. Bible Students, who are Christians, are unalterably opposed to any unrighteousness practiced by any one class upon another. They are neither radical nor speaking for the opposite alliance. They believe that the nation that will be blessed must recognize Jehovah as God and Messiah as the Lord and King.” — The Golden Age, as of January 4, 1922, page 214.
    In the Watch Tower publication entitled “Government,” printed in 1928, the Society’s president wrote, on pages 244, 245:
    These struggles have resulted in many revolutions, great suffering, and much bloodshed. Out of these struggles have developed the various theories or forms of government called radical, including communism, socialism, the soviet and bolshevism. . . .

  102. Jerry

    The window of opportunity to get done what you need to get done, will soon be closing. We are weeks away from a hard lockdown like the one that was put in play yesterday in California.

    Once operation warp speed is put into play, they will need a lockdown to begin vaccinations ( human tagging). Don’t waste time thinking that the Calvary is coming over the hill with president trump. The globalist will not let this opportunity pass no matter who is president. The constitutional thread has been cut. The rights we once had, are being dissolved under medical martial law by the WHO and the WFF. Take care of your ten foot circle because right now it’s all you’ve got left.

    I know Greg and others will disagree with me, but please explain how we can get out of this mess without Devine intervention? The globalist under Lucifer’s control are attacking us with a three pronged attack. 1. Medically 2. Economically 3. Politically. If you want, you can add a fourth. 4. Spiritually. Prepare to dig in and fight. Make your home a spiritual fortress by getting right with Jesus Christ. Food, water and bullets will only take you so far. When the lord Jesus Christ returns, Lucifer and his NWO will be swept into the dustbin of history, never to be seen again, and those that have conspired with him will be brought before the judgement seat to face their crimes upon humanity. Time is getting short. Make your decision now who you will serve.

  103. Know The Need

    . . . The soviet government has not been a success and never can be, and is far from being satisfactory to the people who have tried it. As in all other forms of government where the people are supposed to have a voice, the demagogues and party men dominate the various councils; and therefore the government has presented no advantages over any other government. In fact, bolshevism has resulted in great suffering of the people, and it is feared by many of the other nations and governments of the earth.
    Every form of government man has tried, whether that is monarchy, aristocracy, democracy, republic or social, has been unsatisfactory.
    Communists put themselves in the ranks of the symbolic “goats,” who will be cut off from all existence, according to the parable of the Sheep and the Goats with which Jesus closed his prophecy on the end of this world or system of things. (Matthew 25:31-46) This parable, as explained by President Rutherford at the Los Angeles (California) convention, was shortly afterward published in The Watch Tower, in its issue of October 15, 1923. A few months afterward, or on February 15, 1924, in the seventh year of the Bolshevik revolution, the 64-page booklet entitled “A Desirable Government,” written by the president of the Watch Tower Society, was issued. In a matter of nine months 741,449 copies had been sent out from Brooklyn headquarters. Under the subheading “Government Failure — A Malady,” this booklet said:
    * See pages 35, 338-344, 491 (column 5) of Religion in the Soviet Union, edition of 1961, by journalist Walter Kolarz, author of a number of books.
    There is not a government on earth today that satisfies any reasonable proportion of the world. Many of the nations are ruled by dictators. The whole world is practically bankrupt. Leading men of the world have advanced various schemes or methods for governmental reform. But these all have proven abortive. — Page 5, paragraph 2.
    See also page 23, referring to the “great revolution in Russia, Germany, Austria, and other European countries.”
    Page 54 speaks of further trouble “similar to what Russia has already undergone.”
    Referring to conditions on our earth under God’s new government over mankind, page 27 quoted Revelation 21:1 (AV) as follows:
    “And I saw a new heaven [invisible ruling power] and a new earth [new order of things on the earth]: for the first heaven and the first earth [the old order] were passed away; and there was no more sea [restless, anarchistic humanity]. . . .” — Note also on page 38 the statement: “Under that government wars, famines, pestilences, revolutions and anarchy will forever cease.”
    Truly as a result of the second angel’s pouring out his bowl of God’s wrath upon the symbolic sea it became as “blood as of a dead man.” It was like blood that had flowed from a man violently killed and which blood had coagulated, caked. Every “living soul” that functioned in such an unclean, thickened “sea” could not keep living. Every soul died, from God’s standpoint. All the radicals, revolutionaries and the pushers for world domination by ungodly Communism were judicially viewed as dead by Jehovah and his witnesses. Radicalism’s program of human government, as against God’s heavenly kingdom, came forth from the “dead” and held forth no hope of life to mankind. In God’s new order with its “new heavens and a new earth” there will be no more such a symbolic “sea.” — Revelation 21: 1.
    They have plainly declared to all the world that the human plans for peace, recovery and prosperity, and the theories and schemes of the postwar world, yes, even the religious doctrines of Christendom, are not life-giving like water but are death-dealing like spilled blood. An outspoken declaration of this was made in the resolution entitled “Indictment” that was adopted by the international assembly at Columbus, Ohio, on July 25, 1924. The following Sunday, July 27, this was given a further emphatic presentation in the public address entitled “Civilization Doomed,” which was given to an audience of about 35,000. In harmony with the effect of the pouring out of the third bowl the speaker said:
    “Jesus Christ is the great Prince of Peace. He said: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ He taught his disciples and his followers to refrain completely from the use of carnal weapons. Yet the clergy, who claim to be teachers of his doctrines, have sanctified war and made it a holy thing. They have delighted to have their portraits and statues exhibited side by side with those of bloody warriors. They have hailed the greatest warriors as the greatest heroes of all time. [Like Constantine and Charlemagne]
    “… The nations are all mustering their forces for the great conflict foretold; for God purposes to overthrow Satan’s organization through his beloved Son, Christ Jesus. . . .”
    WOW, back then this stuff branded you a nut and to many still does. Despite this books impossibility to fully understand with the cultist overtones, it indefinably describes the time period we now, mankind finds himself.
    So as the freedom of this forum here affords, take it all with a grain of salt, but ponder the fact. That at a time over 140 years ago men’s thoughts were with us, our generation unborn. At this momentous time we now live.
    [What have we come to? Man has achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor… and men today call the greatest crime, against the American people a miracle? The stealing of the greatest representational election in our country!; ]

  104. Alannon

    Does anyone remember, someone said there would be 2 viruses or waves one would be more fear and the other real?

  105. Doc Washburn

    Jenna Ellis to the AZ state legislature: You are the sole guardian to combat a corrupted election
    151,975 views•Nov 30, 2020

    ‘Biggest fraud’ in US history—up to 300,000 fake people voted in Arizona election: expert | NTD
    345,342 views•Dec 1, 2020
    Bobby Piton is a managing partner of Pre-Active Investments, LLC and an investment advisor representative of Total Clarity Wealth Management. He used Arizona’s official government data to run his analysis.
    After analyzing the data, he believes this is the “biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional republic is taking place right before our eyes.” He thinks there are between 120,000 and 306,000 fake people who voted in this election. Piton presented his findings and said that he would never have certified Arizona’s election results.

    Mark Zuckerburg’s 400 million bribe to Detroit, Philly & Milly, to steele our election and make it a selection, by him!
    Mark why is there black radio why is there black month why is there black entertainment awards why is there black colleges why ?? If blacks want to be inclusive why all the separate stuff?? why why why?? Your a racist enabler Mark. Were all Americans Mark, you put a big spear between us Yanks!
    Trump has not conceded, nor should he, with ‘question marks swirling around’: Jones
    6,536 views•Dec 1, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Alan Jones says President Trump has still not conceded the US election and “nor should he, with all the question marks swirling around”.
    Mr Jones said Donald Trump’s lawyers “may have bombshell evidence” up their sleeves but have not dropped it yet.
    “That aside, Donald Trump is reportedly telling close advisors that he has every intention to run again in 2024,” Mr Jones said.
    “Remember, this is a bloke who just received 74 million votes, more than any other Republican in US history and more than Obama.”
    Mr Jones spoke with New York Post columnist Miranda Devine about the alleged instances of voter fraud at the election.

    Arizona’s election results reveal pattern of vote manipulation: former state senator | NTD
    95,139 views•Dec 1, 2020
    Former Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck testified on the numerical anomalies in Arizona’s election results. He said the results violate Benford’s Law and a linear regression shows a pattern of vote manipulation, which shows that these results need to be investigated.
    He also said the voting machines were built to be a part of a network and were connected to the internet.

    Allyn Alama 12 hours ago
    Decades of Political Corruption is finally running scared, KEMPER’s TEMPERED.
    Lou Dobbs rails against Georgia governor over election ‘mess’
    201,466 views•Nov 30, 2020 Fox Business
    Lou Dobbs on the Battle for the White House and the Senate run-off race in Georgia.

  106. toto da dog

    The Greens are ‘dangerous globalists’ who would ‘trade away our national sovereignty’
    1,379 views•Dec 1, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says the Greens are dangerous because they are globalists who would “trade away our national sovereignty” in order to “go with the herd somewhere else”.
    “There are classic rifts in Australian politics between those who believe in the nation-state first and those who believe we are all a part of a global, borderless community,” Mr Murray said.
    He pointed to an opinion poll published on Tuesday which showed the majority of Australians who vote liberal believe the best way to deal with the pandemic or global threats is for Australia to have an independent economy to deal with things in their own way.
    The poll showed Australian Liberal voters from a margin of 54 to 46 per cent were in favour of Australia adopting a nationalist, rather than a globalist approach to respond to global threats.
    “When it comes to the greens, they are the globalists, they, from a margin of 60 to 40, put simply, their voters are more passionate about globalism, more passionate about globalism, more passionate about a borderless, stateless world than the rest of us,” Mr Murray said.
    “The greens are dangerous, because they would trade away our national sovereignty, our right to be able to be a free country in order to go with the herd somewhere else.”
    “At every opportunity we must fight them (the Greens) and put them last, because their game is that they hope that we die out; that if they could ever get into a position of power, they would kill us off politically, verbally, metaphorically.”

  107. WashburnDoc

    Carter Page sues DOJ and FBI, calls lawsuit an ‘important next step’
    413,897 views•Nov 30, 2020 Fox Business
    Carter Page, a former Trump aide surveilled by the FBI during the Russia probe, alleges the DOJ and FBI used him to ‘infiltrate the first Trump campaign four years ago.’

    Trump calls in to Arizona election hearing: ‘The greatest scam ever perpetuated in our country’
    140,238 views•Dec 1, 2020
    President Donald Trump called into the hearing and thanked the witnesses and representatives at the hearing. He said this was “the greatest scam ever perpetrated on our country” and said Arizona’s governor rushed to certify the votes, despite the fact that this exact hearing was detailing allegations of fraud.

    There ‘is a reason’ why CNN reported on Wuhan files ‘three weeks after’ US election
    11,520 views•Dec 1, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says “there is a reason” why CNN finally decided to report on leaked documents from inside China’s health care system “three weeks after a presidential election”.
    Leaked documents from inside the Chinese health care system show the country mishandled the early COVID-19 pandemic through misleading public data and three-week delays in test results.
    Chinese officials posted data on February 10 confirming 2,345 new cases of COVID-19, but confidential documents attained by CNN and verified by experts show the Hubei province actually recorded 5,918 cases on that day.
    “Of course there’s a reason they are reporting on it three weeks after a presidential election,” Mr Murray said.
    “Because of course if the orange man says it, it must not be true.”
    Mr Murray pointed to clip of President Trump in which he says “we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world – China.”
    “And CNN called him at the time, you bet – racist,” Mr Murray said.
    “Even CNN is now finally telling the truth.”
    Joseph Mallouhi 56 minutes ago
    China owns Biden therefore, China and Biden are not our friends.
    Dav Mac 42 minutes ago
    The CNN just admitted, the American Constitution could give as Trump’s 4 more years.
    SeaJay Oceans 45 minutes ago
    Once again, the only way to get real American news is to tap into Australia !

    Leftist media yet again ‘swallowed rubbish’ they knew was false: Murray
    5,320 views•Dec 1, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says on Tuesday the left media “swallowed rubbish” which they knew to be false.
    His comment comes after it was announced by the media that Joe Biden, should he assume the presidency, will bring with him the first all-female presidential communications team.
    Mr Murray said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed out an “inconvenient truth”, namely, this “first” had already been achieved, by President Donald J. Trump.
    “It’s a perfect example that when the media itself does not even know the facts or is willing to tell an overt lie about the people they have been dealing with in the current administration,” he said.
    “This is the little microcosm about how American media works which is all truths about Joe Biden hidden, all falsehoods about Trump pushed to the front. All achievements of Trump ignored, all achievements of … Biden, pushed to the front.

    China is ‘feeling cocky’ since US election
    5,510 views•Dec 1, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor John Ruddick says China has become “cocky” since the US election.
    Tensions with China have escalated after one of its foreign ministry officials published to Twitter a doctored propaganda image of an Australian soldier.
    China also recently placed import tariffs on Australian wines ranging from 107 per cent to 212 per cent, while the Morrison government prepares to escalate trade action against China regarding its barley to the World Trade Organisation.
    Australia’s $700 million lobster export sector has now stopped due to increased strict customs measures placed on the product, and approximately one billion dollars of Australian coal is stranded out of port.
    “I think what’s happened with the Chinese, since the very-likely election of Joe Biden to the White House, is that Beijing is cocky,” Mr Ruddick said.
    “Trump was the first president – since China had been again opening up in the 70s – to call them out.
    Mr Ruddick told Sky News host Chris Smith China “detested Trump” while Joe Biden had been their “best mate” in the Senate for the past 30 years.
    “They are feeling cocky.”

  108. Lightning

    Breaking news

    AG Bill Barr finds no evidence of widespread fraud.

    Just here in PA alone, we’ve had tens of thousands of ballots returned before they were mailed.

    We’ve had 2.5 million ballots returned when the state only mailed out 1.8 million.

    We have eye witness accounts backed by affidavits attesting to a complete loss in the chain of custody of all votes in Delaware county,

    We had a pause ( simultaneously with other swing states), affidavits seeing deliveries of votes after polls were closed.

    It goes on and on.


    The great awakening is happening. They must really be desperate to sacrifice Bill Barr at this point. KEEP PUSHING EVERYONE!

  109. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Absolutely great exchange between Bo Polny and you.

    It wasn’t exactly a biblical awakening, but the … Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election – YouTube at — — was a real eye opener. The youtube video of the hearing is over 11 hours, and much of it is the anecdotal testimony of vote count watchers who weren’t allowed to watch. IMO the key testimony covers the math and how numbers simply don’t work in this universe. I had the time so I watched much of the hearing live — wow.

    If I were Biden I’d be looking to cut a deal and distance myself from the operatives who tried to cheat… Obviously Uncle Joe had no idea that people on his campaign staff were so dedicated to winning at any cost that they’d be so ham-fisted in their effort to win. Even a dog walker in SOCAL could recognize that vertical shift when the recounting started for what it was… watch the hearing, they lay it all out.

  110. Lightning

    Over a year ago, I said William Barr would go down as one of the biggest traitors this country had ever had.

    Sad to say, I nailed it. I hope he gets what’s coming to him

  111. Frank Badial

    Wow very educational thanks again Greg.

  112. Lightning

    With the MSM failing to acknowledge the reported and documented fraud. And with RINO’s lending their support to the cheating Democrats,

    And with the Judiciary ignoring the documented fraud and obvious violations of state voting laws.

    My guess is that SCOTUS is next,

    If they refuse to hear the case, we have a clear indication that they are all in cahoots.

    Given the enormous breadth of the corruption my guess is that China is behind all of this.

    We all are going to have to make a decision on whether we accept living as a second class tax slave under an illegitimate ,morally and legally corrupt government or do we make a coordinated stand .

    I suspect we are all headed to persecution if we accept this massive fraud.

    What comes next is forced vaccinations, property forfeiture , and one world government.

  113. Heinrich

    The corruption pervades Democrats and Republican likewise. The concept of a democratic two-party poltical system is a complete an utter joke.
    The first one to be executed should be Bill Barr, the most cowardly and disgusting swamp creature. This „thing“ is just evil. Number two on the list should be Durham.
    I am very angry.

  114. notyourpatsy

    EDDIE MD YOU’RE GOING TO WANT TO READ THIS THREAD>Ok folks here you go> https/’the bvi’s a word of caution’ pg2 (YOU MAY HAVE TO TYPE IT IN I HAVE NO COMPUTER FU FOLKS)
    Now realize that the majority of sailboaters are skinflint liberals, as you’ll see by the majority of the posts ‘thinking/feeling’ that THIS type of ‘CONTROL’ is ‘ok’….Read the thread!! They are discussing Countries already having ‘TRAVEL HEALTH VISAs ‘NECESSARY FOR ENTRY INTO THEIR COUNTRIES!
    “Originally Posted by endlesspursuit View PostFYI. I would expect that freedom from travel restrictions or to return to workplaces will be dependent on having had a vaccination. By way of example:

    International air travellers will in future need to prove they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to board Qantas flights, the airline says.

    The Australian flag carrier’s boss, Alan Joyce, said the move would be “a necessity” when vaccines are available.

    “I think that’s going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe,” he said.”


  115. Self+Exiled

    Local level tensions, if rule of law is contaminated at this level of society —————–Articles of impeachment filed against GOP Ohio governor over coronavirus orders

  116. notyourpatsy

    Re: The BVI’s, a word of caution
    Originally Posted by endlesspursuit (post by a non liberal sailboater)
    …Put your hand up if you want to be first because I want to see the side effects first…

    lestersails says> can’t be first because there are already tens of thousands, maybe more than 100,000 who have stepped up already to receive the various vaccines in the trials. More people volunteered than could be enrolled.
    Some significant side effects have been reported and as we have heard in the media there have been a couple “clinical holds” imposed to pause the trials while these were evaluated.
    The full data are not in, so none of our opinions about efficacy and side effects are of any value. But they will be presented to FDA soon. Then we will hear from the FDA commissioner (and Dr. Fauci!) on their expert recommendations for approval and indications (and contraindications).
    Just to prepare everyone, there will be adverse effects. You can have adverse effects if you inject sterile saline into a person. Any bioactive vaccine will have some increment above that. The hope is that this increment is modest and on balance, much less hazardous than COVID disease itself.
    There are only two paths out of this pandemic – one is to vaccinate and the other is natural infection. Don’t know about you all, but I am desperate to see borders and businesses reopen. Count me in for a vaccine even with modest side effects.
    lestersails is a typical byebyeden Liberal!

  117. Mohammad


    Tomorrow there will be a hearing in MI can you get it live on your site?


  118. Self+Exiled

    More division on a local level——————–Michigan county board approves resolution in support of impeaching Whitmer

  119. Self+Exiled

    “I view those who would not mask as equivalent to enemy combatants.”’ Advocating Violence?????? The tension in US can probably be spiritually felt/perceived as you get off the plain. No need to go go back.

    Missouri Doctor Says People Who Don’t Mask Are Like ‘Enemy Combatants’
    Professional discussion of the harms and benefits of masks and mask mandates cannot even happen privately among doctors without vitriol. This kind of atmosphere kills science.

  120. notyourpatsy

    Originally Posted by jim King View Post
    I have Leopard 45 in charter with Sunsail in the BVI. I was planning to vacation there from Dec 1 (the first day they would be open) until the 25th. I was told that we couldn’t arrive by boat from the US Virgin Islands and that only the airport on buck Island would be allowing any tourists in. You must have a Covid 19 test within three days of arrival and another test on arrival. You must then quarantine for eight days in place (on your boat is OK but you can’t move from anchorage). Then another test is necessary after which you must again quarantine in place. NOTE THIS>You are given a gps wrist bracelet to wear *at all times* from the time you arrive until the second quarantine is over after which you are free to go wherever you wish. The cost of all this is said to be around $600 which you are expected to fork over upon arrival. Since my stay was only going to be three weeks I would have had only five days of unrestricted sailing. I called off my trip and rescheduled for the Exumas where the Covid protocol was much less severe (test before arrival, test five days after arrival) with no restrictions on where we could sail. jim

    NYP>Ok, folks TBTB/NWO/UN are in the *testing phase* right now on what they intend to do to ALL AMERICANS ! You’ve been warned!

  121. Self+Exiled

    More references to violence.————-

    Trump Campaign Lawyer: Top DHS Official Should Be ‘Taken Out At Dawn And Shot’ For Defending Election Results

  122. Self+Exiled

    ”The darkness that started growing around the crimes committed by the big Wall Street banks during the Obama administration has now evolved into such a complete dark curtain that regulators are refusing to say what the crimes actually are that are being settled for huge amounts of money. ”

  123. Self+Exiled

    ”Joe Biden specifically warned us about a “dark winter” during the final presidential debate in October…” ”And then he started using the phrase over and over again on the campaign trail and he kept using it even after the voting was over.”

  124. notyourpatsy

    Non Liberal sailboater> BTW, since you felt the need to mention the US, what is your opinion about efforts by the US to secure its borders? Perhaps illegals crossing the southern border could be fined $20,000 each to protect US citizens. Or is that something reserved for people with boats who a government assumes are financially able to put money in their coffers?
    Rule of the three thumbs in the US.
    If you have no money, you’re screwed.
    If you have enough to pay the fine, you’re screwed.
    If you have enough to hire lawyers, you’re good to go.

  125. notyourpatsy

    The BVI’s a word of caution..I had always thought, “no problem”, I have a blue water boat, I can sail to whichever country remaining that not Communist if it ever gets to that.
    Now I see that was a naïve thought.
    Unless there is a worldwide pushback against the new restrictions they are likely to become permanent.
    There is always a disease.
    They tried to do this with H1N1 in 2009, unsuccessfully.
    From now on, now it succeeded it will likely be the “new normal”, especially on election years.
    International travel can be shut down completely at any time, and enforced universally for any reason, or no reason at all.
    NYP> which is why now the boat sellers market is going to tank forever! No one is going to be able to leave their home Country waters and sail to a far off land, thus killing the dream for many current and future boat owners imo.

  126. Self+Exiled

    Never did trust the swab.


  127. notyourpatsy

    The BVI’s a word of caution
    Originally Posted by capn_billl View Post
    Unless there is a worldwide pushback against the new restrictions they are likely to become permanent.”
    LIBERAL> I don’t see pushback happening. Look at all the red here…d-suppression/ . In another group I participate in about Digital Nomads there is periodic discussion about the value of various passports for travel. NOTE THIS>The value of US passports, along with UK passports, has plummeted.

    Unless the US gets our act together we’ll find ourselves much less welcome in other countries and where we can go there will be restrictions.

    NYP> So essentially, TPTB/UN/NWO types are encircling America and trapping us within Our Borders!

  128. notyourpatsy

    Re: The BVI’s, a word of caution
    “Let us not forget that more borders are closed than open, just try to enter or leave the USA or Canada for example.”

    Are you joking? MILLIONS cross the southern US border illegally and any attempt by the US to close its border and assert its sovereignty is attacked and called “racist.” Do you really want to compare that to a sailboat straying across a maritime border while tacking upwind during innocent passage through the Narrows?

  129. notyourpatsy

    SailingSue (NOT a Liberal (I invited her over to UWD!Lol, so your freedoms depend on the color the government, who’s limiting your freedom, colors a boxes with their little magic markers?
    This will do for safety™ the same that all the “terrorist” laws and torture post 9/11 did.
    It’s funny what people will do for far fetched fears.
    *Im actually typing this at a local cafe, because F’ Starbucks, if you’re scared mask up and hide behind your toilet paper wall in your basement, but I’ll still enjoy my life even if it means a scary sub 1% chance of death

  130. jeffersonian

    Bo you have indeed steched your neck out farther than ever by predicting Trump wins the 2020 election and serves a second term in office–way out there given that the deck is stacked against Trump. If you are right, you deserve to be ranked with the best prophets including Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel. And I will sign up for a year subscription to your website and pay full price, gladly.

    But if you are wrong, regardless of whatever cones to pass, your credibility is shot forever just like former frontrunner Chris Martenson who promoted the covid scare at first and did not have the character to admit his error. But he couldnt help but tell us about his million plus new hits on his website in March–then people began to wake up to the plandemic Chris was promoting and shyed away.

    Bo I hope and pray you are right but sonething deep inside me says you are wrong–so prove me wrong please!

  131. tim+mcgraw

    Do you folks enjoy life today in the USA or wherever you are? Do you folks want to have children in this environment? JC and the afterlife are all fine and dandy, but do you enjoy life right now here on Earth? Do you believe in humans?
    I look around at masked morons who social distance and act like little children afraid of the dark, and wonder if I believe in humans and life on Earth.
    Who cares who is President over a warren of cowardly rats?
    The priests are the worst. These apostles of God are cowards. Jesus wouldn’t wear a mask. Jesus wouldn’t social distance. Jesus wouldn’t go through the TSA scanners at the airport.
    Christians…. what do Christians believe in?

    • Glenn

      Is that what Jesus told you? If not, do not assume to know what Jesus would do especially since He cared about others more than Himself.

  132. SCAM Of*The CENTURY

    Russia‘s message to China is clear – back off from our territory
    274,980 views•Nov 29, 2020 TFIglobal
    Russia announced on Thursday that the country successfully test-fired a Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile in the Arctic. The move is a direct message to China. Watch the video to know more.

    Up to 280K Ballots Vanished In Move from NY to PA: Kline; New $900B Aid Pkg proposed | NTD Business
    20,142 views•Dec 1, 2020

    BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower says hundreds of thousands of ballots were trucked from NY to Pennsylvania
    19,755 views•Dec 1, 2020
    Eric Greitens
    89.3K subscribers
    Watch Actionable Intelligence with Eric Greitens on Real America’s Voice, weekdays at 6pm ET. For more information, visit

    Witness Launches FIREWORKS in Michigan State Legislature Hearing. We just want you to do your JOB!!!
    231,609 views•Dec 1, 2020

    Dominion whistleblower says she didn’t see a single vote cast for Donald Trump in her 27-hour shift
    12,141 views•Dec 1, 2020

    Democrat Senator Jeff Irwin BUSTED by witness for trying to LIE at Hearing on VOTE FRAUD! FACTS!!!
    189,181 views•Dec 1, 2020

    Sidney Powell: Dominion server disappeared: Trump ballots flipped: Maricopa GOP Chairwoman | NTD
    937,776 views•Streamed live 10 hours ago NTD
    Dominium Corruption Without Interuption
    AZ Hearing Highlights: Dominion Connected to web, Data Points to Fraud, Forensic Exam Can Find Out.
    14,725 views•Premiered 6 hours ago

    The 700 Club – November 30, 2020
    150,046 views•Nov 30, 2020
    Sara Drummond 1 day ago
    Watching from Brisbane, Australia 😃👐 thanks 700 Club

    149,400 views•Dec 2, 2020
    Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows (Live in Dublin – edited)

  133. Paul ...

    Science has now proved “that God exists” and that “we are a part of his consciousness” … so what this means is “we as individuals participate in and make our own reality” and thus the concept of commie-nism that makes us into “non-observers” (non-thinking entities) is totally the “wrong world view” of who and what we are … … so for example if we use our God given brains and observe the fraud being imposed upon us by Bribe’n “we can change the outcome” and make our future one of truth (not lies)!!

  134. Dave

    The mess the conspiracy theorists have created. Lynn Wood is calling on Georgia voters not to support the GOP Senate candidates. His accusations against the GOP Governor and Secretary of State are having an unforeseen consequence with a segment of Trump supporters are vowing to sit the race out in protest over the GOP and its handling of the Georgia race. The Secretary of State failed to do a recount for Purdue even though he likely would have edged past 50% and won the seat. That is odd but still Wood and Powell and others are poisoning the waters. Mike Gallagher is freaking out over the movement by some conservatives in Georgia to sit the race out. He is moving his show to Georgia as things are no looking good there for the GOP. Today he had a caller in his first hour. She was from Georgia and complained the GOP is running a poor campaign. She said the Ossoff ads are great and if the didn’t know the truth about Ossoff she could be persuaded to vote for him based on the ads. Meanwhile she said the Governor refuses ro call the legislature into emergency session to fix the signature problems. On top of which the Secretary of State is adding a lot of ballot drop-off locations. Some conservative in the state believe the election is rigged and that the Democrats will win so they just won’t vote.

    Trump supporters are a wildcard and they feel cheated now. By both the Democrats and the GOP. Hence the movement to sit out the election, let the GOP crash and burn and be there to take over the GOP after that happens. Ortiz of America for America is a regular on Gallagher and is on the ground in Georgia and is warning that the movement to stay home and boycott the election is a real threat.

  135. Trinacria

    The escalation of the “demonic” keeps going up and up; thank you Greg for doing more than your share to point this out. How can all this fraud be allowed to stand? If this is not dealt with severely and people don’t end up in jail, this nation is lost. This is beyond the pail to say the least and, I believe the reason it was attempted on such a brazen and large scale, is simply because these demonic criminals believe they will NOT be prosecuted. Again, if they are right, then the further proof of a two tiered system of justice, all will disintegrate into lawlessness. I hope and pray that Polny is correct.

    • notyourpatsy

      Trinacria, BUT, if the American people STAND TOGETHER against the coming tyranny…then all is not lost. People can’t give up hope before anything even transpires. The realities of what’s coming should shock people into deciding they want THEIR Country back from politicians and bankers.

  136. Mike

    Very foolish for some to have bought into the story sold the public by the corrupt MSM. This is the work of God and it has been in play since before The Trump family put their lives into the line of fire to save their country. This will go down in history as the biggest Sting Operation ever. Assets are positioned, evidence captured, Gitmo expanded and truth about to be served on a silver player. Congratulations all Watch Doggers we have survived the preparation now buckle up for the storm.

  137. wayne hardin

    Another thing to think about .
    If the shot changes your dna and the shot has monkey dna in it .
    When they tell you you came from a money .
    How could you say they were wrong .
    Since your dna now has monkey in it .
    Well then the saying monkey see monkey do would be correct .

    Good luck taking that shot ………….

    • wayne hardin

      I know it is crazy to say a thing like that .
      But all the crazy things they are doing .
      I could see them trying to do such a thing to prove me came from
      monkeys .
      I should not have give them the idea.


  138. toto da dog

    American media has ‘ignored truths’ before their very eyes


    •Dec 2, 2020





    Sky News Australia

    1.04M subscribers


    Sky News host Paul Murray says one of the most “insidious” occurrences of 2020 is how American media has “ignored truths” which have been before their very eyes.

    Mr Murray said when Joe Biden’s son was accused of selling access to Joe Biden, “you didn’t hear about any of that”.

    He said the media also failed to report on the people who have put themselves on the line and given witness to alleged instances of voter fraud at the US election.

    “This election is still being contested; whether they’re going to be able to overturn the result, I don’t know, but to pretend it is not contested right now means you are ignoring real human beings who are willing to come forward and make pretty amazing demonstrations,” he said.

    Mr Murray showed footage of whistle-blowers telling giving evidence in court of having seen electoral ballots filled out with return addresses before being sent out, as well as batches of ballots counted eight to ten times.

    “It’s often the stuff they choose not to cover that exposes the real bias of the media,” Mr Murray said.

  139. Ned Divine

    American media has ‘ignored truths’ before their very eyes
    40,384 views•Dec 2, 2020
    Sky News host Paul Murray says one of the most “insidious” occurrences of 2020 is how American media has “ignored truths” which have been before their very eyes.
    Mr Murray said when Joe Biden’s son was accused of selling access to Joe Biden, “you didn’t hear about any of that”.
    He said the media also failed to report on the people who have put themselves on the line and given witness to alleged instances of voter fraud at the US election.
    “This election is still being contested; whether they’re going to be able to overturn the result, I don’t know, but to pretend it is not contested right now means you are ignoring real human beings who are willing to come forward and make pretty amazing demonstrations,” he said.
    Mr Murray showed footage of whistle-blowers telling giving evidence in court of having seen electoral ballots filled out with return addresses before being sent out, as well as batches of ballots counted eight to ten times.
    “It’s often the stuff they choose not to cover that exposes the real bias of the media,” Mr Murray said.

    • William+Stanley

      Ned Devine,
      I loved that movie!

  140. Judy

    Bo Polny is right about this part… “God is in charge and he is in control”…but Bo is not right on the second part….”and he is not going to let the United States fall to the evil ones.” The United States was built upon these types of persons: 1) greedy, racist plantation owners and northern factory owners who needed cheap labor, i.e., slaves; 2) land-greedy poor white settlers who basically exterminated Native American peoples as they moved westward; 3) rebellious religious extremists who broke off and formed their own church/beliefs whenever they disagreed with the traditional precepts of the Church. God will ultimately punish the United States for being unloving and horrible to other Americans. Let us repent and turn from our sins. Let us study what Jesus said about loving one another and then analyze our own thoughts and actions regarding immigrants and others who are different then us. You will not see heaven until you LOVE one another, and that means EVERYONE. America is not likely to be saved at this point and will fall, just like the Roman Empire fell. Some of us have already left this sinful nation behind, in fact.

  141. DivineNed

    Oop’s almost forgot;
    American media has ‘ignored truths’ before their very eyes
    40,384 views •Dec 2, 2020

    Every lie will be revealed’: Lin Wood joins Trump supporters at ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Georgia
    197,709 views•Dec 2, 202020 K NTD
    ‘Every lie will be revealed’: Lin Wood joins Trump supporters at ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Georgia

  142. Judy

    One more thing, Greg. Gold and silver is God’s money and all the nations should (and ultimately will) return to a gold and silver standard. How about if upyou and usawatchdog drop the partisan politics and focus on what’s ahead for the U.S. and world economy, preciousmetals outlook and other such useful topics. Infighting and partisan politics just loses viewers for your channel….

  143. Brian Donleavy

    China is waging ‘war by other means’
    1,800 views•Dec 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    China is trying to wage “war by other means” in its attempt to make Australia bow to its will, according to former defence head of China analysis Paul Monk.
    Mr Monk said the ongoing tension between Beijing and Canberra is not a “two-way spat” as Australia may have only “offended” China over its calls for an independent inquiry into COVID-19
    “But this latest little cheap shot is indicative of them (China) losing their way a bit,” he told Sky News.

    Trump gives ‘most important speech’ he’s made, calls for ‘full forensic audit’ of mail-in ballots
    178,372 views•Premiered 6 hours ago

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for a full forensic audit of mail-in ballots that were cast in key states during the Nov. 3 presidential election.

    In a lengthy pre-recorded speech, the president said that “tens of thousands [of ballots] have fraudulent signatures” in key states.

    It means “a full forensic audit is required to ensure that only legal ballots from lawfully registered voters that were properly cast are included,” Trump added.

    “The reason for this is clear,” he said, “they were not verifying signatures because they know the ballots have not been filled out by the voters in whose names they were cast.”

    The only way to remedy the situation, Trump said, is to carry out a full review of ballot envelopes, which contain the signatures. He did not say what states should carry out the auditing process.

    Over the past three weeks, Trump’s legal team has sent several letters to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, demanding a full signature audit. Raffensberger, however, has responded by saying that it’s not possible to match the ballots and the envelope with the signature, citing privacy laws. His team and other Republicans have pushed for signature-audit procedures in Pennsylvania.

    “We need a systematic analysis of the mail-in ballots to review the envelopes,” Trump said. “It’s about the signature. And if they’re on the envelopes, we can only review the envelopes. And that will tell us everything. This is the absolute minimum we should expect.”

    On Election Day and beyond, poll watchers were not allowed to watch the tabulation process in several heavily Democratic areas, Trump said, arguing that it further compounded the allegedly fraudulent vote-tabulation process. In testimonies over the past week in Michigan, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, GOP poll observers said they witnessed irregularities, saw votes that were cast for Trump going to Biden, and were harassed by election workers.

    Secretaries of state in these places have said there has not been sufficient evidence of voter fraud or irregularities that would overturn the election result. Going further, a spokesman for Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, told Epoch Times that Republican poll watchers who testified in front of the Michigan Legislature this week displayed a “lack of knowledge” about vote-counting and promoted “conspiracy theories,” without elaborating.

    Trump, meanwhile, argued that his efforts to find voter fraud and irregularities are a bid to safeguard the U.S. election system.

    “This is not just about my campaign, although it has a lot to do with who’s going to be your next president,” Trump remarked.

    “If we don’t root out the fraud, the tremendous and horrible fraud that’s taken place in our 2020 election. We don’t have a country anymore,” he said.

    Sidney Powell at ‘Stop the Steal’: Massive voter fraud exists, money traced back to China | NTD
    118,340 views•Dec 2, 2020

    Sidney Powell said that massive voter fraud exists in the country, and it’s in the DNA of all software in voting systems used across America. She said some algorithms changed votes at a rate of 90% for Biden and 10% for Trump. She said a lot of the money behind the fraud is traced back to China.

    US election was a ‘manual on the art of voter fraud’
    18,462 views•Dec 2, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Sky News host Alan Jones says the US election saw a “veritable cascade of voter fraud” which was practically a manual on the art of it.
    Mr Jones spoke of an article written by Kerry Wakefield in The Spectator magazine regarding the presidential election.
    “Kerry makes some simple points,” Mr Jones said.
    “In the election the early tallies appeared, the Biden blue wave did not happen … red tallies started to fill the map of America.

    “As Kerry Wakefield writes, panic set in – time for plan B.”

    Ms Wakefield wrote, “suddenly voting stops for a few hours, Republican poll watchers are ejected from polling centres”, everyone was told voting was closed except for the Democrats who “secretly kept working”.
    “By morning, Biden’s vote is rising throughout the mid-west, beating Trump in some states and closing quickly in others,” Mr Jones said.
    “By Saturday the media has crowned basement Joe as President-elect.
    “As Kerry writes, it is a veritable cascade of voter fraud, practically a manual on the art of it.”

  144. David Havelock

    Nigel Farage: No doubt there was ‘industrial scale’ ballot harvesting in US Election
    220,975 views•Dec 2, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says Democratic-run states worked hand in hand with the union movement to deliver ballot harvesting on an “industrial scale” in the US election.
    “Ballot harvesting without a doubt went on in a very, very big way but the problem with that is, it is not illegal,” Mr Farage told Sky News.

    The US election saw 100 million people vote before November six with postal voting featuring more so than in any election in history.
    Many state governments sent out ballots to households without people requesting them, which has given rise to allegations of ballot harvesting which is where party officials gather postal votes and deliver them to voting locations.

    Mr Farage said wherever there is large scale postal voting “you get fraud”.

    He also pointed to the congressional and gubernatorial election results which saw down-ticket Republicans seemingly perform better than President Donald Trump.

    “I saw on the road an enthusiasm for trump unlike anything I’ve ever seen all my life campaigning,” he said.
    “To me, the most suspicious thing is the ballot dumps hours after the election’s closed.

    “Was there fraud in this election? Yes. Is it possible to prove it in a court of law beyond doubt? I’m not sure.
    “I think to me this is about ballot harvesting on an industrial scale taking place in big democratic cities and local administrations working hand in glove with trade unions to deliver this.
    “I have no doubt this happened on a huge scale, but the problem is there is no law In America.”

  145. Eugene Grayson

    If the world takes a backward step on China now ‘it will rue the day for decades’ to come
    4,224 views•Dec 3, 2020 Sky News Australia


    Democrats ‘almost set the rules’ for the Republican challenge of the US election
    1,216 views•Dec 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Sky News host James Morrow says the Democrats “almost set the rules” for the Republican challenge of the election and their claims of voter-fraud by pushing the Russia hoax and conspiracy at the last election.
    His comment comes regarding a 46-minute speech uploaded to social media where Donald Trump claimed the election had been won “illegally.”
    President Trump dubbed this speech the “most important” he’s ever given, calling out the alleged voter fraud in the November election.
    Mr Morrow said he believes Joe Biden did win the election, but he suspects there may have been some “monkey shines” happening behind the scenes where all the ballots came in all marked for Biden.
    “Let’s also remember, four years ago, the Clinton campaign and the democrats spent four years pushing the Russia hoax and the Russia conspiracy, they almost set the rules for this sort of thing.”
    He said the best result would be the alleged claims of voter fraud are investigated, further questioning occurs, and if irregularities are detected, they reform the electoral process.
    “Because otherwise every four years, America is going to go down this road of the other side, half the country, feeling like they got cheated,” he said.

  147. Jerry

    Time is running out. If President Trump doesn’t invoke the insurrection act, it’s over. The WEF is moving forward with their agenda. Pray.

  148. Mavis Corn

    Those opposed to Trump are ‘all globalists’
    4,720 views•Dec 3, 2020 Sky News Australia

    Former ABC chairman Maurice Newman says President Donald Trump is “not a globalist” while all who are opposed to him are including big tech, big media, and the “crony capitalists”.
    “They are the big tech, big media, the crony capitalists who are into renewable energy and all of those global type activities,” Mr Newman told Sky News host Alan Jones.
    Mr Newman spoke of Trump’s achievements during his term as President, commenting he stood up to and “upset” many from other countries.
    “The United States is now getting $300 million more a year than it was prior to Trump because he stood up NATO,” he said.
    “NATO had been free-riding on the United States, and it took him to actually press what they had all agreed to do but had not honored.
    Mr Newman said Trump’s actions with NATO saw him vilified in the media as being a disrupter of all of these things. “For the last four years, Donald Trump has been mercilessly hounded by the media, by his political opponents in a way I don’t think any president in history has been,” he said.

  149. Dina

    Just watched the Thanksgiving presentation by Bo Polny. There is something that he may be interested to consider is the fact that Obama went to Berlin, Germany, in 2008 to announce his bid for the White House. Why go to foreign soil to make this declaration?
    He stood on the steps of the Pergamon Alter, also known as Satan’s Seat or the Throne of Satan (Rev 2) where the Temple and alter was the center of Emperor worship and ritual murder on the alter. It was discovered in Asia Minor by a German archaeologist and shipped to Germany in the 1800’s. It was then erected in 1902 by Kaiser Wilhelm II– he celebrated it as the ‘proudest monument to his reign while celebrating with an extravagant festival to the pagan gods.
    Hitler was so impressed with it, he had a duplicate reconstructed in Nuremburg for his rallies and where he decreed death to Jews and those without Aryan blood.
    Could any of this possibly have significance to all the other facts that he compiled?

  150. wayne hardin

    GOP, Democrats Allow Mike Lee’s Middle Class Replacement Bill to Pass Senate .
    For the ones that think there is a difference between the gop and dems .
    They are two sides of the same coin .
    Like the crips and bloods .
    Both will rob us .

  151. notyourpatsy

    Folks, it seems as if the govt is going to go after folks ‘outside the system’ if they can find a reason. And they are using companies you may have done business with to gather the ‘evidence’. You’ll note a name associated with this ‘lot’, a company who makes SURE there is a paper trail on each transaction. Best not to advertise the fact you don’t ‘participate’, buy from your LCS! cash n carry only! Fair Warning!

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    CWS/Amentum will NOT ship any lots. Go to Payments & Removal for details on property removal.
    Go see the other govt seized pm lots on there!

  152. Excalibur

    The timeline presented was predicated on Trump being re-elected. Fast forward 2 weeks, and no court in the land would look at the evidence of voter fraud. And now the electoral college has voted in Biden. Looks like evil has won early. What’s that mean for the rest of the timeline that was talked about in the interview?

  153. SouthernPatriot

    If this indeed is the end of times, I repent. If this not the end of times, guess what, I still repent! I was to liquored up with politics to see the writing on the wall. Jesus is my Lord and savior and Donald Trump is my President! Still the one I go to for forgiveness is Jesus nmy Lord and saviou.. I think the President seeks him out also? The one true person I can count on is you Greg Hunter!

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