AZ Election Audit Continues, Biden Anti-Unity, Drought & Food Prices

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 477 4.30.21)

The Arizona 2020 Election audit in of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, is going to continue–for now.  Is the Biden gangster DOJ or FBI going to shut down the audit before the results are totally revealed?  Let’s hope not, but if it does continue, I think it’s going to reveal hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots and mistakes.  This, alone, will not put Trump back in office as the rightful winner of the 2020 Election, but I think Dem Senator Mark Kelly is toast and will be recalled by the Arizona legislature.

Vice President Biden, the illegitimate winner of the 2020 Election, gave a speech to a joint session of Congress.  Nancy Pelosi invited very few Republicans in what was billed as some sort of “unity” message for our deeply divided nation, where at least 51% (according to a recent poll) think Biden cheated to win the White House.  His address was some sort of crazy left wing expensive wish list that he is going to have trouble selling to some Democrat Senators.  He was also calling the Washington D.C. protests of the election fraud “the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War.”  Biden, the drama king, is just stoking the continued attacks on Trump supporters and the GOP (not the RINO co-conspirators of the 2020 Election fraud).  Don’t believe me?  Just ask former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was just raided by the DOJ in some trumped up investigation concerning more phony Russian interference narrative.

There is a new report out warning about big food inflation causing civil unrest.  Put that with the growing severe drought out west and you have the making of a full blown shortage and price spikes in food costs.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 4.30.21.

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After the Wrap-Up.

Hard hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of, who also works for The New American Magazine and The Epoch Times, will be the guest for the Saturday Post.  Newman is also the author of the popular new book called “Deep State.”

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  1. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    I look forward to listening to WNW477 immediately after posting this link. Link is to Dr Lee Merrit’s site, which defaults to:
    There is a lot of great info to be found at this site.

  2. Barb

    Actually I believe collins won not kelly.

    • FreeMpg

      Agreed. But Collins failed to fight. He dropped out of the next election cycle. Why? “They” have something on him. So much promise. So much hope. He, too, cannot be trusted. Sad.

    • Holly

      Agreed. I have heard that there is to be a carnival in the parking lot very close to where the are doing the audit. Can anyone confirm? I’m in AZ., but nowhere near Phoenix. Everyone should be on this!!! Any elected officials of Republicans bent that are not on this does so at their own risk.

      • Holly

        Sorry, I am nowhere near Phoenix. I am curious if anyone has heard about a carnival in the same parking lot as the audit? Seems nuts but possible these days. Used by the left to intimidate ?

  3. Allen Freeman

    Many doctors are like yours. I fired mine 8 years ago because he was a dolt that nearly got me into serious trouble. This Doctor God-complex is rampant and dangerous. First question I will now have for ANY medical person is….are you a God fearing Christian? Any thing less than an immediate and resounding “Yes” , is instant goodbye.

    • Paul ...

      AF … This is what “unthinking” Doctors are injecting into our children … to quote “save their lives” … human fetus cells, African Green Monkey kidney pus cells (harvested
      from diseased primates), Thimerosal, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Fluoride, Glyphosate, Porcine circo-viruses, Mad Cow prions, RNA messenger modifiers, jelly fish bio-illuminating cells, etc., etc. … I have no doubt that allowing my children to drink water from a “toxic wast dump” will actually “be safer” for my children’s health … but the government won’t pay the trillions needed to move American families to the nearest toxic waste dump (at warp speed) … nor will they give us “total immunity from prosecution” for doing so on our own!!

      • Paul ...

        And in addition … the vaccine is sterilizing women … it was designed to induce the shedding of unfertilized human embryos to prevent pregnancy … 100 year old women to very young infant girls are now being “the cursed” with bleeding from their reproductive organs by the vaccine while at the same time putting an “alien life form” within all of us that modifies our genome with nano-lipid biosensors that can not only read our thoughts and emotions but control our minds … these bio-virus transistors injected into us is a form of “rape” that transforms us into “something no longer human” … this trans-humanism is a terrorist act by a bunch of “commie” eugenicists … designed to bring down all of humanity like they brought down the World Trade Center on 9-11!!

      • Mark Heuer

        Hey Greg, it’s great that you have come out against these satanic vaccines, but you, nor any other Trump supporter who has a podcast has yet given a legitimate reason for this 5D chess player (Trump) reason for his support of this satanic vaccine. My question is simple, WHY? Just to let you know, I AM NOT A SUPPORTER OF THE BUFFOON BIDEN.

  4. Justin King

    “crazy left wing” for Joe Biden is simply partisan hyperbole on your part.
    Now “The Squad” are “crazy left wing !!
    — Improper labeling leads to division and possible chaos in America, and the Chinese & Russians are backing up this hyperbole with constant hacking and mis/disinformation.
    —-You say on top of the page that you are NOT Conservative, liberal, Democratic, or Republican, but then what ARE you when you almost constantly attack from the Right ?
    This behavior leads to an international lack of faith in the $US dollar, which then can quickly lead to Implosion of Empire. — JK

    • tim+mcgraw

      jk what r u?

      • Jr Jon

        a cia/ccp paid troll maybe…?

    • Paul ...

      JK … You are going to blame Greg Hunter for the fall in the dollar?? … and the Fed’s printing of fiat paper IOU’s to infinity … goes completely unnoticed by you???

    • Freebrezer

      J – Kind of a hypocrite per calling out/labeling the host’s view from the “Right” but at the same time labeling/calling him partisan hyperbole to say “crazy left wing – for Joe Biden”. You can label people’s views because yours are proper but others should not? Hmmm? I can’t find the label at the top of the page saying “Not conservative”? I see the views as simple conservative, which has nothing to do with Rightism or leftism, which by the way they both want to CONTROL!!!! Conservatives have no desire to control; only to preserve our freedoms and to pursue our lives with as little government control as possible! … I.e. as in trying to CONSERVE the Republic … Equality and NOT equity (equity – the calling card for communism)! Change should come slowly via negotiations via congress and not jammed down our throats? Joe Biden is NOT a moderate in any way or form (period!) … Joe Manchin is. Some advice – Judge not by their words but by their actions … Here are some examples: Weaponization of the DOJ/FBI against conservatives; 51 states; 4 new liberal judges to the supreme court to gain control; favoring black farmers with subsidies over white farmers specifically because of the color of their skin … and on and on …

  5. Graham Leadbeatter

    Doctors who are pushing the vaccine are just quoting The World Health (Death) Organisation. They haven’t done their homework. They are just guessing.

    • Bill

      No, they are not guessing. They have a hidden agenda tied to the World Economic Forum (the new world order). Check it out….

  6. Shana Bennett

    We will follow you anywhere. Sometimes you get too passionate but what can we say the truth is the truth. Many of my friends had voted in person and they were given a black Sharpie to vote with. After questioning it on the news they said it would be all right. It wasn’t and as for Martha McSally everyone I know voted for her

    • tim+mcgraw

      Hi Shana, “sometimes you get too passionate”. This is the first time I’ve heard a woman say that about a man. LOL.

    • Carol A Bolt

      Me too. I love his reports. I agree with everything he has to say this week. Bang on as usual!

  7. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and many thanks for WNW477.

    Election ballot audits: I do worry that ‘we’ the people continue to play poker with people known to cheat, to stack the deck. How much faith should ‘we’ have in the integrity of the safekeeping of the ballots being audited. Have not the very people implicit in rigging the ballots been ‘custodians’ of those same rigged ballots since 11/3/20? Have they not benefited from the machinery of state since Inauguration Day in order to help ‘tidy up’ their frenzied ballot manipulation. If the audits, in which ‘we’ the people have been encouraged to put such faith, fail – for the reason I postulate – to demonstrate large scale voter fraud, it will vindicate the usurpers and further demoralise decent people everywhere. I hope I’ m wrong but these audits could be a trap.

    • L_Mc

      AndrewB–I had a similar fleeting concern until I realized some deductions:
      1–“Tidying up” can be only adding Biden ballots, subtracting Trump ballots, or destroying ballots. But any of these ballot manipulations has to meet the exact locked-up total certified. Very tricky and highly prone to error plus any efficient flipping machine use leaves a digital trail.
      Like accountants who cook the books. Matching debit and credit columns backed by detailed records have to sync with balanced bottom line.
      2–Earlier news-scare of “shredded AZ ballots” was cleared up March 13, 2021:

      “Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, a Republican, told the AP in a statement: ‘I can say with 100% certainty that the 2.1 million legally voted ballots from the November General Election are safe and accounted for in the Elections Department vault, under 24/7 surveillance.’
      Richer said his office shreds a variety of non-classified documents, as well as ‘deceased voter ballots since they could never be legally tabulated.’ Those ballots were turned in by the relatives of people who died and were shredded if they were not signed before the voter’s death.
      [Megan Gilbertson, the communications director for Maricopa County Elections Department], confirmed to the AP that the Election Department preserves all ballots that were part of the official canvass, including those that were ultimately disqualified.”

      3–The Devious-crats are left with just stalling tactics, not “tidying up” and the more they stall, the more Republican-Trump credibility strengthens.
      4–May 14, 2021 will be c h e c k m a t e.

      • AndrewB

        Thanks for the details. I sincerely hope you are correct.

  8. Kurt Gunther GERMANIA

    USAWatchdog’s, do you know what “the last days” mean? Happily, thank God, there will be no “last days” for the earth itself. For the Bible assures us: “The earth . . . will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.” In line with the Hebrew’s God, Jehovah’s original purpose was for human and animal life to be perpetuated here for all time. (Psalm 104:5-24; 119:89, 90; Genesis 1:27, 28; 8:21, 22) Earth is innocent. However, there definitely are “last days” for those wicked nations and individuals that are ruining God’s earth. It is the ‘coming’ of the Kingdom that brings ruin to those ruinous ones.​—2 Peter 3:3-7; James 5:1-4; Revelation 11:15-18. Not so innocent.
    Could we now be living in those “last days”? Just take any translation of the Bible and read what the apostle Paul was inspired by God to predict for the “last days,” at Second Timothy chapter 3, verses 1 to 5. Then ask yourself, Is this what the world of mankind looks like today? Here, the apostle forecasts “terrible times,” and adds:
    “People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God​—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.”​—New International Version.
    In writing the above, the apostle was not referring to the “last days” of the Jewish system of things. That could not have been so, for Paul penned those words about the year 65 C.E., when over 30 years of those “last days” had already run their course, and only five years remained until Jerusalem’s devastation. Nor had this apostate condition developed yet among professing Christians. Those “last days” of the Jewish system had been bad enough, but they would be far eclipsed by happenings during the “last days” of Satan’s entire time of world wide domination, when Jesus would come again to set up his kingdom and my friends and enemy’s. THAT TIME IS NOW!

    • Rodster

      Let me guess? Jehovah Witness?

      • eddiemd

        You beat me to it.

        The JW propaganda was away for weeks until now.

        • Greg Hunter

          Eddie Md
          What post from Hastings? I will take it down.

    • James Hastings

      Hello Mr. Gunther. I enjoyed your comment. There are few people who read and focus on what the Bible actually says. Christ returns, His Kingdom is established and the clean up begins. There are two types of christians….as relates to this discussion, those who believe the word and others. The “others” always pass over ….”You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human traditions” Mark 7:8. Perhaps we will meet in the clean-up…..haha…..I just wanted to be supportive. Thank you.

      • eddiemd

        James Hastings.

        That was the name of the reporter who wrote the Rolling Stone magazine article on McChrystal Meth over in Afghanistan. I thought he died when his Mercedes electronic controls were hacked and crashed him into a tree in LA a few years back.

    • Albert Dziennik

      I heartily concur. Your synopsis of events unfolding is spot on. “We will not know the hour or the day, but we WILL know the season”. That from the words of Jesus Himself. “Like when the fig tree grows leaves, you will know that summer is near…so will you know the season when My return approaches”. We are left speechless by the shear lack of knowledge of so many in these times…but we are reminded of what we were told, “My people will perish due to lack of knowledge”. It is through these forums that some of the ‘co-mission’ is being fulfilled. We are spreading the word of Our Creator, and making disciples as well when we put forth the ties between world events and the scriptures.

    • Julia

      I agree GERMANIA! A portion of the Book of Nahum was recently found.

      Among the recovered texts, which are all in Greek, is Nahum 1:5–6, which says: “The mountains quake because of Him, And the hills melt. The earth heaves before Him, The world and all that dwell therein. Who can stand before His wrath? Who can resist His fury? His anger pours out like fire, and rocks are shattered because of Him.”

      Nahum went to Nineveh who practiced child sacrifice! Take a look at all the earthquakes and volcanos going off. The corruption is world wide and all encompassing. Who can really trust any of our institutions? Media, Medical, Banking, Political, Military (Generals)?

      • susan

        Do not be so quick to accept these words from NBC as accurate. I have translated much of the Greek New Testament and debated its meanings with my peers. One thing I know for sure is many translators are very happy to impose “their” opinions of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Greek New Testament.


    The prices of grain 15 years ago were for corn abot 5 bucks and soy beans about 7$.
    Everybody freaked out. And at the same time everyone was talkin about GMOs. At these prices no ones talkin about GMOs.
    They dont practice “healing arts” They practice “avoid a law suit” do as little as possible , (unless you can bill insurance 20 grand) worth the risk. Right.
    Dont worry about War Or the economy.
    you are my favorite news caster.


    p.s i dont type sp good!!

  11. tim+mcgraw

    OH, Vaccines… are splitting up my own family. Gerald Celente was right about the Vax Wars. I remember 1968. I was 16 and against the Vietnam War and the draft lottery. Most of my family supported both. And here I am again. Always the black sheep.
    IMO the nation state is a failure as is the Republic as a from of government. I no longer believe in governments, those legal gangs of extortionists and thieves.
    We need a new way to live on this planet before we die and see God.
    We need a new way.
    Fear not.

    • AndrewB

      From one familial black sheep to another . . . you are not alone!

    • Angie

      We are no longer a Republic and have not been for some time. Make no mistake about it, we were a great Republic. Keep in mind that we were a Republic of, by and for the PEOPLE and then the people got lazy and were dumb-down. As a society we do not love freedom enough and as a society deserver this evil government that IS in control. The answer is not a civl one put one of action and prayer.
      I am not scolding you and in no way do I mean to be disrespectful but to say the Republic does not work is wrong. It needs good, honest, and God-fearing people to make it great.

      • tim+mcgraw

        Angie, I agree with you. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said when someone asked him what kind of government they (the elites hiding behind closed drapes in Philadelphia under a cloak of secrecy);
        Franklin answered; “A Republic if you can keep it.”
        Well, we can’t keep it. Republics always get dumbed down and bribed. The population gets lazy and complacent. Republics don’t work because humans are fatally flawed. As God says in the Bible, the soul of man is evil. Only God can save it.
        Anarchy, no government is the answer.

    • Cindy Chiasson

      you are not alone! thankfully most of my family is on board but for the family/friends who are not it is ruining the relationships.

    • eddiemd

      No worries.

      Many in my family have already taken the injections. Lawyers, physicians, fundamentalist Christians…it is frightening.

      It is the end time deception on a massive scale. They are given over to the delusions. Just as the Bible predicts.

    • Cathy

      Better a black sheep than a sick and dead one. I am my family’s black sheep. I also know truth when I see it. Truth is harder to find than gold but it’s more precious. Truth must be found exposed and protected. Our country is dangerously divided and now existing on a false story election and a dangerous regime spewing fantasy and lies which cannot stand in reality. America is heading into a very dangerous place.

      • regaleagle

        Nope, it ain’t heading……it’s already there, except for those of us that have resisted and are still resisting. Resisting to believe the lies in all forms……doing our own due diligence and discovery concerning all the fake news and hidden agendas of those in power and trying to gain control of this nation. We need to find platforms where we can band together to be more vocal…….Greg’s platform here is a leader in the fight…….we need more, and more unity in purpose and direction, more agreement to fight these socialist clowns. Just say NO! Say NO to your doctors, inform your neighbors and relatives……speak negative against all things government and those in control. That’s how it all can be turned around.

  12. Zoe-Gabrielle Miroy

    May day.
    Two meanings. Both fit.

    • Paul ...

      Z-G M … May Day (the first Monday in May) is a holiday rich in history and folklore, celebrating the return of spring! … this year it will be a special spring day … as it is the day we silver-bugs have chosen to give Silver a “spring up” in price (by each of us buying 100 more ounces to add to our stack of precious coins)!!

      • regaleagle

        you can’t go wrong with silver! I’m with you Paul…….think I’ll get another one of those $100 face bags of US Constitutional junk silver……either quarters or dimes. You get 71.5 ounces per bag regardless of the denomination. Looked earlier this week……selling for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500……roughly $35/oz. OR you can just buy some American Silver Eagles for about $37.50/oz……a tube of 20 will cost you about $750. Canadian Maples are slightly less per oz……..just buy some silver and trade some of that worthless paper fiat for the real deal. It’s your savings account without using a bank.

  13. Shane

    This week we just had a snap lockdown in Western Australia over one case of community transmission. Of course everyone at work is talking about it. Yesteraday I got a email from my boss telling me he has had complaints about me criticizing the vaccine and talking about government conspiracies. Gerald Celenty was right, talk about not being able to handle a differing opinion.

    • tim+mcgraw

      shane, find a safe place to be.

    • Alessandro

      Shane g’day from FNQ. Time to look for a new boss either in your current organisation or a new one that appreciates curiosity.

    • Ida Vainest

      Great name, great film.
      Shane [The Faraway Hills] 1953

  14. Zoë-Gabrielle Miroy

    Zoë-Gabrielle Miroy

    Thank you for your Brilliant service

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Zoe for all your support!

  15. Irena Jacek

    Hi Greg. I was told that there are Canadian doctors on the web who are prescribing Ivermectim to us Americans. Love your analysis!

  16. AndrewB

    Food storage: I started building a long-term larder in 2014 – the year Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, informed the world press that a financial reset would take place. She ‘educated’ the press about numerology, telling them that 2014 added up to 7 (2+0+1+4) and that, ” Seven is a magic number”. Wow! These are the people who rule the world! I digress. My research at the time revealed that porridge oats last years if kept dry. Honey has been found to be nutritious after storage for decades, even centuries. Oats, honey, water and a means to heat them make a very tasty, nutritious, and filling meal. Canned foods tend to last for years after the recommended use by date*. However, be sure to purchase undamaged tins – no dings – and avoid the easy open ring-pull variety. White rice lasts indefinitely if kept dry, as does dried pasta. Be sure to open long-storage tins in a quiet environment so you can hear the hiss if a lot of gas escapes when the seal is first broken – not a good sign (a little hiss is normal). Also, be like your forebears and trust your eyes and nose to suss out anything that’s gone off. *The above is not advice, just opinion, so please do your own research and due diligence. Storing basic food could be a lifesaver, so risk/ reward is a no-brainer.
    Christine Lagarde numerology speech:

  17. tim+mcgraw

    Great doctor story! You can fact check me on this, but I believe that medical malpractice in the USA kills about 450k people per year. About the same as the bogus Covid death numbers. Doctors are good at setting limbs, births, setting stents; physical things. Doctors don’t know anything about the mysteries of the human body or mind. They are overpaid mechanics in my opinion.

    • Chip

      True dat! Chip


    Greg: I realized this past week the FBI is a terrorist organization. They’ve been involved with the underwear bomber, shoe bomber, militia instigators, and of course, the Trump investigations..and I believe the FBI director wont identify Antifa as domestic terrorism because the FBI is organizing and funding their operations.

  19. Goebel G Epling

    Great stuff Mr.Hunter god bless USA Watchdog !

  20. Paula D.

    Have to say that the political cartoon for this week made me LOL. So true.

  21. Derek Sinclair

    It’ll be great to hear from Alex Newman at the weekend. My sense is that the Dems (not Biden (evil as he is) because he doesn’t know the time of day) are on a psychopathic spree because they know their time is running out. The lunacy they’re peddling cannot survive the light of day – even to most “liberals”. Like Hitler (and all other psychopaths) they cannot stop regardless of the outcome for themselves. Evil is blind to it’s own consequences. God always holds the trump card. As the Greeks said, “Whom the gods (actually God) would destroy they first make mad”.

  22. David Jones

    Greg, Watch Cliff Highs last 4 videos’ on Bitchute. You might want to have him on. He talks about cognitive issues people are having from the jab.

  23. Robert Coleman

    Those Giving these Experimental Covid Shots is against the Nuremberg Code 1947 and should all be held to the same justice given to Nazi SS Dr. Mengele ( Doctor Death ) and all other German Doctors who experimented on POW’s during WWII. Ivermectin works, period.

  24. pbd

    Theory: Covid spike in India? -> increased quantity of severe cases = more testing:
    There are increased numbers of cases BECAUSE of hypersensitization of the immune system by the SHOTS/JABS. It is known that more severe cases of COVID disease are linked to certain antibodies, that is the anti-spike protein IgG (the adaptive immunity antibody) induces high inflammation (see Certain antibodies may cause the dangerous part of COVID-19 disease ( Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG from severely ill COVID-19 patients promotes macrophage hyper-inflammatory responses | bioRxiv). The SHOTS/JABS may apparently cause the host to create anti-spike protein IgG antibodies. Emerging evidence/speculation is that in some people that get the SHOTS/JABS instead of being protected have a more severe “antibody mediated” inflammation reaction when infected or re-infected by the COVID virus, i.e. some “vaccinated” folks are time-bombs waiting for the Covid virus/spike-protein infection trigger. Most of the cases in India should have just gone by unnoticed and untested – BUT FOR the hypersensitization caused by the SHOTS/JABS!
    Incredibly, Biden’s response is to ship a whole bunch more of the Astra-Zeneca “vaccine” doses to India – even though the vaccine is highly discredited and banned in many countries now worldwide – including the U.S.! When the Indian’s connect the dots, they are going to think they are being targeted for genocide to curb their population. This travesty and what has already happened will be the basis for a massive Nuremberg 2.0 trial and after due process perhaps “the-day-of-the-rope” for Fauci et al.

    • Paul ...

      pbd … Yes … it is being found that “the majority of the people now being hospitalized for Covid-19” are the people “who took the vaccine” (and had the virus injected into them)!!

  25. Robert

    Great advice Greg.

    Much respect to you. Thank you for sharing your physical consultation story.
    You did the right and smart thing. A lot of doctors are in breach of medical ethics.

    God bless

  26. Jan Van Campenhout

    Greg, the Democrats called it far worse than riots, they talk about INSURRECTION! Now that’s something else that amounts to the start of a revolt. The protests on Capitol Hill did not come even close to anything like that. And all the while Democrats stole the election in front of the whole world, which I would say amounts to insurrection. They are rithless and utterly shameless and I fail to understand why people keep condoning their tactics.

  27. Kim

    Thanks Greg for doing your part to proclaim the truth from the rooftops.
    As Dr. Tenpenny correctly says, most Doctors are Medical Dummies!

  28. Montana Guy

    Today’s medical tyranny is the fruit of Trump’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ and his Swamp Creature Fauci. Yet Trump worshipers’ hearts and minds remain closed to the truth.

    • Paul ...

      MG … That swamp creature (Fauci) that Trump put in charge of the “Covid-19 Warp Speed Inoculation Program” should be arrested, tried and put to death … not only for mass murder but for de-humanizing those of us who managed to survive (into some type of mind controlled robotic alien life form)!!

  29. Jan Van Campenhout

    I feel you’re right about what’s going on in India. It is CRIMINAL. Two weeks ago a good friend of mine messaged me that he was so happy his prostate cancer was compleyely gone. The next day he got his first vac shot and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT: not two weeks later he messaged me that he had tested positive for corona. Are the vaccines going to save us? I don’t think so. What a sad state the world is in.

  30. Joshua Porter

    Hi Greg, My doctor is an idiot too. He has sent me 2 letters telling me to take the shot. At first I got angry. I am going to change my doctor as well. I feel like anyone who can’t see both sides of this issue are either paid like doctors or just ignorant and lazy to seek out a more plausible narrative.

    • RTW

      I had a similar experience with my doctor. Back when operation warp speed was coming into being I was in his office for an unrelated matter and I asked him what he thought about this “vaccine” and before I could finish, he was shaking his head no, with an expression that told he was not in favor of it. I went back in March for my regular medicare check-up and he put on a full court press to get me to take the “jab”. I thought I was witnessing the “Invasion of the body snatchers”. His argument was nothing more than “talking points” and claimed it was me who had all the misinformation about this “life saving vaccine”. Needless to say I won’t be seeing him again.

  31. Gail Kindstrom

    As much as I want Trump back there maybe a problem. If the vax is proved to be bad Biden will stop taking credit and blame Trump. And so he never runs again they will then charge him with a war crime for trying to kill the world. And yes I think they are that evil.

  32. Nick de la Gaume

    But does she look like a fa …….?

    Love you, Greg!

    God Bless.

  33. Self Exiled

    Concerning the US; this article is a good encapsulation of common sense geographical political aliments and possible outcomes.

  34. Jerry5

    I had a dream last night that the election was proven to be fraudulent and that Donald Trump was reinstated as president. The bad news is that this is exactly what the globalist wanted to trigger a civil war under operation pogo / operation zephyr, the good cop, bad cop strategy. Thank the lord it was only a dream. Or was it?

    This week I posted information about Donald Trump accusing people of being morons who have not taken the jab. And then you have this.

    Greg somebody’s lying and it’s not me. Either the vaccines work, or they don’t. If they don’t then why are the technocrats trying so hard to get a gene altering biological agent into your body? I think we all know the answer to that question don’t we? I find it very disheartening that someone who supposedly believes in liberty ( like Trump) would help the globalist peddle their agenda. I find it even worse that churches that believe in free agency would support a globalist agenda by promoting vaccines. Hard decisions are coming. Get your your spiritual house in order. As for me and my house, we will serve the lord Jesus Christ.

  35. Bob

    Thank you, and God bless

  36. Jerry5

    I guess I’m not the only one dreaming.

    WTF 2024? Sure.

  37. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Dr Moron will kill people and be applauded by the rest in the cattle car.

  38. RICH

    LOVE that you told your doctor off! just to give you a real world example… My wife’s colleague who is very young mid 20s very healthy. Her husband who is also mid-20s very healthy athlete and coach got the J&J vaccine… Less than two weeks later was sick in bed for almost 2 weeks with Covid. He was very very ill! Yes he recovered, but obviously the vaccine hurt him not helped him.

  39. Michele

    The United States of America are being held hostages by their own government.
    If we dont stand up for ourselves we cease to exist.

  40. Allen Sachetti

    Greg I was just on facerag (book) and posted a link to your interview with Dr. Mark Skidmore and in response to my post they attach a note to say.

    Warning uapproved treatments for Covid 19 can be dangerous. Source – the WHO.

    Then I click on it and it says:

    Vaccines are fully tested before they are given to people.

    WHAT A LOAD OF HORSE SHIT!!!!!!!! Facebook LIES like they breath. There is nothing good in them. Theae people LIE, LIE, LIE.

    The worse part are the WEAK MINDED FOOLS who believe these LIES. Too many Americans today who are freaking COWARDS, all they care about is their comfort and way of life. They don’t investigate.

    • Paul ...

      AS … By “fully tested” they probably mean that all the animals they gave it to died … so it it is “now perfect” for human use!!

  41. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    There is not going to be a return back to “normal” ( pre-pandemic).
    Trump is not going to be put back in power.
    I hope I am wrong.
    I hope your interview with Dr. Skidmore goes far and wide. But will it really change the minds of roughly half the population?
    I live in the Washington, DC area. We have PSA announcements on the radio all day about getting your “shot”. I am literally the only one it seems walking around outside without a mask. I get constant nasty looks, even from masked joggers.

    Greg, it appears that most conservative radio talk shows no longer say the election was stolen or have any criticisms of the “vaccines”. Many of the hosts have gotten vaccinated. I have cut back or cut out listening to them. I like Dennis Prager.

    Greg, bless you for USA Watchdog. I feel like I am holding on for dear life.

  42. al

    I’m sorry Greg but you are wrong… WE ARE A RACIST COUNTRY …. by mandate.

    The educational system, terrorist media and marxist politicians now pushing “critical race theory”, the most IN-YOUR-FACE Racist crap ever contrived.

    The RACIST Marxist terrorists called BLM and their brown-shirt cousins ANTIFA are backed by the very RACISTS who push this “white privileged” RACIST bulls$!t!
    Cities have become RACIST CENTRAL, along with the RACIST Marxist “occupied zones” … need I go on?

    The Education System, Leftist Politicians and the Marxist Enemy Media have PUSHED RACISM to the ABSURD EXTREME! Thanks to them, this Country is racist. RACIST BY MANDATE.

    What if I went around with a T-shirt that said WHITE LIVES MATTER.. I would be labelled a racist. Turn it around and you expose the TRUE RACISTS! It’s a shame that they had to use people of color for their RACIST AGENDA, but it’s failing … with a big F

    I’m here to tell you, I have many black friends, and they are not only rejecting the notion but they are angry about it.
    Here is the perfect case of THE ENEMY WITHIN (Media/Education/Government)

    Several Generals see a full blown revolution against the Government if this BS doesn’t stop cold.

  43. Ebert Beeman

    Ghana’s government licensed doctors are more competent than the United States of America’s doctors

  44. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I want to add one more thing.
    I set up a virtual meeting with my doctor with my concerns about the “vaccines”. I have been with his practice for quite awhile. I had a list of questions. He got very defensive and defended the use of the “vaccines”. After 5 minutes, he cut off our conversation and ended the call!

    I need to find a medical practice in my area for alternative treatments in case I get the virus.

    Thank you again.

    • Bailey

      Most feed stores (livestock supplies) carry Ivermectin paste dewormer for horses…apple flavored. The dosing is right on the syringe. Your horse probably needs to be dewormed every now and then. 😊

  45. Don

    Dear Greg, you can always tell when the deep state feels threatened, they always use their deep state puppets they’ve installed in the FBI, CIA, state department, and courts, as well as their media puppets to program the public with their own agenda. Trump supporters, as well as the conservatives, have been labeled as domestic terrorist since Obama’s administration. These people have no conscience left, of right and wrong, but the end justifies the means, in everything they do, regardless of how crazy it may sound. Keep on keeping on my friend, we need a voice of reason and truth in these last days. Don

    • Charles H


      ” These people have no conscience left, of right and wrong, but the end justifies the means, in everything they do, regardless of how crazy it may sound.” Thanks for the validation. Once one leaves-off Truth: the ends justify the means – is all that remains. One cannot serve two masters.

  46. Todd

    Hi Greg,

    I have been seeing information saying how the midwest and other areas of our country are in a drought. This is really concerning me with the Biden climate change agenda leading to the food shortage that Bill Gates has been talking about leading us to eat weeds. I was wondering if you have any inside information from the farms in MS on this issue of drought.

  47. Joe

    How can you say ONLY 51% believe Biden cheated, according to people I talk in this country and other countries as well, it’s more like 70%!

  48. Andrea van de Kleut

    i fired my ” doctor” years ago , when i refuse the monthly subscription of cholestorol “medicine “LOL. firt thing out of his mouth was your cholesterol is a little high , ,I said it runs in the family that all live to be over 85. but he would not hear of it. so I said YOU are not my doctor anymore. throw away my file , I won,t file a complaint , but i will NOT pay your car payments anymore.! he didn,t like that! LOL. he is now out of business.

  49. Craig

    Love your show Greg, please call out Bo on your show. We are all interested on what he is saying now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC for all your support!

  50. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Jam-packed and fact filled. Excellent report.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC for all your support!

  51. virginia

    Greg, When this whole Covid fiasco started I was concerned with what doctor I would see. So for a two-week period, I made appointments with doctors all of whom I had to pay whether I spoke with them for five minutes or 15 minutes all had a minimum fee of around $300. All including a doctor I once considered a good doctor knew less Than I. In talking with them it was like they just closed down and would not accept any new information. That is when I went on HCQ. Today at the hairdressers my stylist is getting his second shot because he fears he won’t be able to travel even though it is realized he can still get & transmit Covid..There is no reasoning! The old saying that there are more followers than leaders has never been more true.

  52. Rick

    Love the doctor story Greg. I posted earlier in the week that I had a conversation with my doctor and he had no problem prescribing Ivermectin for me. Like you, I was prepared to find another doctor if he didn’t.

  53. Louis

    Great Program !


    Don’t you understand, when you see politicians disagreeing with anything, its to pander to the public, they will never do what is right, what’s best for the citizens of this country, L. Graham is the master at it, tells you what you want to hear, and NEVER actually does or accomplishes anything.


    The only way to take our country back is to KILL all that stand in our way, otherwise they will kill us slowly. It’s called a REVOLUTION, and the Liberty Tree needs fresh blood.

  56. Allen Sachetti


    Some Doctors today are out and out right LIARS. I mean they are lying qnd know it. They are WEAK minded, cowards who repeat the party line because they are afraid or receiving financial benefit.

    I had one Quack here who is an ENT I saw. I addressed the fact that the Corona Virus is too small for any mask to stop it qnd that there were other dangers to wearing masks all the time. Especually with the build up of humidity in the mask breeding bacteria.

    He reacted quite emotionally to demand that “humidity” in the mask was good!! Because it was hydration??? That some how by breathing in humid, moist air we would hydrate???

    I had to tell him, “Doctor we don’t hydrate through our LUNGS, we can only hydrate through our stomachs by DRINKING water. Doc we can’t breath in water, that’s called DROWNING YOU MORON”.

    What a Colossal Idiot, he was trying to tell me that water in our lungs was good. No, that is pneumonia or too much is DROWNING. His name was Dr. Michael Teixido and he is a dangerous fool.

    I could not believe that he would say such idiocy to me and there are many more Doctors like him. Weak, cowardly fools going along with what they know is a lie to enrich themselves.

  57. Art Barnes

    Greg, as much as I detest the Chinese Government & its desire to destroy our Government, its vast & many illegal international trade violations, a few months ago a high ranking Chinese official made the following statement: “America is a failed society”. Frankly, I pondered on this statement and came to the same opinion. Simply put, its no longer the country of my father and my youth – I miss it so much. a b

  58. Paul H.Stine

    Hi Greg,

    I really like your site and the approach to factual information. I think you’re saving my life. Thank you so much. God bless you. I am Cherokee and I am having trouble getting the medical community here to believe your comments on the vaccines. I am also having trouble getting any of the medical community to carry the Ivermectin and HCQ, to have it on hand as an alternative treatment. Do you have any suggestions on how to impress this request for alternatives? I sure do love your site. Thank you, brother. Jesus is coming soon. Amen.

  59. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Thank you for your work Greg,Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  60. Hannah Loveanna

    Great report once again Greg.
    The doctors are upset when patients don’t want the supposed vax because they are getting big (thousands $$$) bonus money from big pharma. They have to meet numbers in order to achieve a bonus & after climbing that rung, only a few people could ruin their big bonus. The same goes for many who push the vax on msm & social media. Follow the money!

  61. al

    FAKE FOOD (Monstersanto GMO)
    FAKE “systemic” RACISM

    • Jerry5

      Are you saying it’s fake? Enjoy the show . It’s the greatest show on earth. Bring in the dancing bears and clowns. It’s like the Roman arena. Only this time we’re the ones being sacrificed for Caesar.

  62. Skip Havely

    Thank you for this week’s update. Your passionate story of your doctor’s physical appointment really hit home with my wife and I. We ALSO will not be getting the vaccine. What is wrong with our doctors? Your interviews this past several weeks have been outstanding. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! God bless you.

  63. James Foster

    Great vid Greg

  64. JC

    What’s happening in India takes on a different perspective when you look at it in percentage terms.

    Out of a population of 1.4 billion, there have been 17.6 million infections to date, which is 0.0125%. That number could be higher because people with COVID-19 often do not have symptoms other than a running nose. The total deaths have been often reaching almost 3,000 per day, and the total deaths have reached 198,000. While that does sound like a lot, it is still 0.00014%.

    We have to be concerned about the media exploiting this to further the Great Reset. Burning dead people makes for perfect I.ages to cause panic.

    • JC

      …perfect images to cause panic.

      • JC

        I have been getting reports from readers in India that claim that the people who die are the ones who were vaccinated. I have not been able to verify this, but it seems to be a rising theme in India. There are recorded deaths in the United States even after people have been fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, others are still testing positive after being fully vaccinated. This is simply raising deep concerns about what is really going on and what is the true objective.

  65. LoopGaroo

    Greg , you are too polite. The Illuminati cult knows EXACTLY what the vax will do. It is their Satanic plan to eliminate all non-jews. COVID suicide is working for them. Americans are under mind control.

  66. Thomas Wigand

    >>Vice President Biden, the illegitimate winner of the 2020 Election


    A nit to pick. Words matter – may I humbly suggest not using the word “winner” in connection with the color revolution; it implies some level of legitimacy even when prefaced with “illegitimate.” May I suggest using “installed” (perhaps followed with “by the CCP”)?

    Also, under current circumstances I believe we all need to share sources of information since there’s no “one stop shopping” (OAN and Epoch Times do well, but can’t convey everything, while Fox is now part of the dark side).

    For that reason, I promoted the interview with Dr. Skidmore on GAB; and here may I recommend this Epoch Times with Trevor Loudon. IMHO it provides great insight into how our beloved country got to the state it is in, and what is occurring now:

    Thanks for all you do!!

  67. Ron Formanik

    I checked Craigslist and there is a shofar for sale in Newport Beach, California. $50.00 or best offer.

    • wayne hardin

      I think it is out of tune with the truth .
      And every word in on the internet to back that up .
      Start from the horse’s mouth as they say .

  68. Craig

    Thank you Greg , great show as always !

  69. Randy Whitlock

    Great WNW as always Greg. Thank you for all you bring to us. My wife and I have not and do not plan on taking the jab. We’re in our early 70’s and had the ccp virus back in Dec. 2020. We are both healthy and were not that sick from it. I’m including a link to an article by Patrick Wood from
    Very interesting. You should consider having him on USAW sometime. Thanks again and may God bless, strengthen and protect you.

  70. Juli Barbato

    I LOVE these Friday roundups in which you let fly with megaton truth bombs. You deserve not just a Webby Award but also a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism–from the days when it meant something. Thanks a million!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Juli for all your support of the site!

  71. Michael

    The drought is a serious concern, not only in the West but also in the Northern Plains. Almost all of North Dakota, north-central South Dakota, northeastern Montana, southern Saskatchewan, and the entire agricultural region of Manitoba are in very serious drought. This is the part of the Plains that produces food crops – a large part of North America’s hard red spring wheat, canola, field peas, lentils, safflower, oilseed and confection (non-oil) sunflowers, safflower, buckwheat, oats, pinto beans, and black beans. In most of this region, there is not enough moisture to get seeds to germinate. Even if moderate rainfall comes to facilitate germination and crop establishment, there is not enough sub-soil moisture to sustain the crop. Much of this region has not gotten any significant precipitation since July 2020. We need great repentence and prayer and a return to a focus on God, family and country.

  72. Juli Barbato

    PS My doctor wanted me to get a J&J jab. Guess what I’m recovering (nicely) from? An acute saddle pulmonary embolism (cause unknown, as I don’t fit the fat or cig smoker or eater of crap profile; they’re guessing it was a DVT that traveled to my lungs). I told her “my body, my choice” and to give my dose to someone who wants it but not to dare touch me with that or any other experimental crap. And this was BEFORE we heard about the blood clots. Pray for discernment, people, and trust your God-given instincts. I don’t do jabs. Never had the flu and I’m 65. Can’t even remember when I last had an actual cold, either. My young, kind-but-indoctrinated MD knows I’m smarter than she is and a gazillion times more informed, especially given that I’ve read and worked on at least a thousand books in my 41 years as a professional editor who is old-school trained to hunt for independent sources to verify or deny information.

  73. Rick

    Nothing in politics happens by accident.

    • Diana Brown

      So sorry you took it. Unfortunate.

  74. Albert Dziennik

    Greg…like the weatherman who predicts sun when it’s raining outside, needs to look out the window…your piece on drought, you need to look at the weather the last several days. After a year of dryness we got over 4 inches of rain in 3 days starting Tuesday night. And more forecast for the next several days. Drought news is old old old news that is not pertinent. Let the planting begin. With contour farming, which has been a long-standing practice, here, where I live, the crops should be fine this year. Remember, fear not, for The Lord is in charge.

  75. Fred Engel

    Good for you Greg standing up to your doctor, I wanted to start TRT my doc said no after blood test pharma standards were used. So I went to a treatment center they said OK. Wait till fraud is exposed and China’s involvement, Trump signed that executive order that would strip China of money and assets (land) they posses here. Thank you Greg for your report.

  76. MarieJoy

    Rice, beans, wheat, corn. Have a very large garden, Can, freeze, dehydrate and preserve your food. Wood stoves with a lot of wood. Windmills break down in cold weather (See Texas).

  77. Bruce Deutsch

    I am extremely impressed with your God-given critical thinking skills and discernment! Good for you firing your doctor like that! As a wholistic health care practitioner with more than 30 years experience the rule has always been; Do no harm. Every time an M.D (Medical Deity) gives you a jab, they are breaking their oath. If more people understood the simple fact that Doctors work for them not the other way around, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Yours in Health Freedom,

    Bruce D. Deutsch D.C, N.D

  78. MarieJoy

    I expect a long-term, grid-down, situation so I intend to make my pizza, cakes (doesn’t work with pies), lasagna, and baked items and then freeze them, all, by the individual piece. Feeding the loved ones will be a lot easier, that way, whether, or not, the grid goes down.

  79. Rodney

    and watch when all these Bio Jab injuries and death’s kick in in about fall/winter flu season,(as planned) they will call it a VARIANT and make it MANDATORY to get this killer shot…
    So they wont let this fraud go UNLESS WE SAY NO, FO and throw these officials out of office..

  80. Rodney

    and watch when all these Bio Jab injuries and death’s kick in in about fall/winter flu season,(as planned) they will call it a VARIANT and make it MANDATORY to get this killer shot…
    So they wont let this fraud go UNLESS WE SAY NO, FO and throw these officials out of office..
    The empty cities will be bought up for cents on the dollar and change the empty offices to a SMART CITY and slave cells for the transhumans they are trying to change us into by DNA Bio Weapon Jabs.

  81. Mark

    Greg – nice job with your doctor. Great story. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it very much.

  82. iwitness02

    We are engaged in open warfare between good and evil.
    Appears to me we have entered into The End Times.
    Also, it appears there will be many causalities worldwide.
    God knew the end from the beginning.
    Faith may be our most precious possession.

  83. Joe

    Greg, did that doctor charge you for the office visit even though he did nothing?

    I stopped going to doctors. I have a high deductible insurance policy so for me just the office visit costs a couple hundred dollars, then there’s the cost of the tests, etc.

    I don’t bother with doctors or with any tests any more or anything else since whatever I have they can do nothing but treat symptoms with those expensive drugs so it’s a total waste of money. And treating symptoms won’t cure you of anything.

    The medical system in this country is completely corrupt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yep and I am a self pay. Thank you Obama Care!!


    Greg, you experienced at the doctor’s office, what I discovered early on in my adulthood. Unfortunately, our medical system is driven by money and feeding the pharmaceutical monster. The entire medical complex was designed by the elitists (Rockefellers) and continues to be run by them. PLEASE VIEW THIS WEBSITE which recently released nine episodes relating to the corrupt medical system and the true cures for cancer, with no chemo, radiation or surgery:

  85. Scott

    Between 1200 to 1500 the American southwest was depopulated by drought. The bulk of the Anasazi migrated into northern Mexico at that time leaving only vestige populations in New Mexico and Arizona. Droughts of 200 years or more duration are the normal state of the southwest, not the exception. That includes California

    • Coalburner

      Scott, that is what history shows. Do you have any of late studies on the subject. The last good one I saw has been 10 to 15 years in “Scientific American”. An in depth study around Canyon DeChelle, AZ, digging into hundreds of years old Pack Rat nests. It was genius! People denuded the land but only logical that drought prevented regrowth.

    • Coalburner

      My Doctor told me after I tipped my hand that they were not taking the jab and had no problem with me not taking it. Said would provide me script for HCQ and or Ivermectin. I just had a friend pick up sets of dosage for me in Mexico.
      Other local Doctors have said the drone line about taking it or die ignoring the facts and data. I am from the semi-free state of New Mexico now being overrun by criminals from the south. Most of us are carrying guns all the time now. Our Demo Gov shut us down as much as she could but in this state, if you get out of site of Santa Fe you can do mostly what you please, just don’t draw attention. About one third in the southern part of the state are Democrats, pretty much scared into mental illness. The Republicans don’t roll that way.

  86. Debra Holmes

    Find a functional medicine doctor, they get it. The doctor we go to the staff nor the patients wear masks in the office. God bless you and thank you for your truth and hard work!

  87. Carl D

    I love this guys content! (💓Greg Hunter💓)
    But I was hoping for a comment on the Towel-A-Band cease fire agreement between them and the US occupation forces do to end after May first.

  88. wayne hardin

    Donald Trump says he’s ‘father of the vaccine’ .
    Who is the father of lies ??????????
    The vaccine is a big lie for sure .
    There is no way in h.ll i will vote for such a water head .that says he is the father of something that changes peoples dna to something other than what GOD made.

    • Paul ...

      WH … Like Luke in Star Wars … we did not want to believe it … when we found out “our Father” went over to the Dark Side ( and told us the Emperor “Hillary” was a nice lady)!!

  89. Julie A Cohick

    We have some friends that have not left their homes in way over a year. They have signed those DNR’s so are very afraid that if they get the COVID they think they will die immediately because they want no heroic measures. We miss them terribly but they just will not come out of their homes.

  90. MarieJoy

    Mitch will allow whatever his Chinese wife tells him to allow.

  91. Jerry5

    I can’t confirm the validity of this information but something is going on around fort Leonard wood.

    The Warthogs have been war gaming nonstop where I live. This could be nothing, but the last time I saw this much activity was the pre Iraq

  92. Rich

    Hey Greg
    I run a super small YouTube channel (dynastic investments) with like 135 subs. So super tiny.
    I did a commodities report on 4/28 and reported about Mike lindell vs dominion law suit and how Mike lindell thinks trump will be the president. I just stuck to the facts and reported what Mike had said.
    I also stated this was Mike lindells opinion on the issue and had nothing to do with my own. Since I was just reporting what lindell had said. And YouTube slapped me with inappropriate content and deleted the video.
    I’m wondering if I got too close to the truth and got wrecked as a result of it.

  93. donald mcleod

    Doctors are nothing more than glorified drug dealers.

  94. Lynda

    Thanks Greg for all of your hard work and great humor, and also the heads up about Cornerstone…. Just sent a little something… Gave up PayPal almost 2 years ago… God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lynda!! I got it!!

  95. Julia

    Mr Hunter: glad your physical was okay. Glad you fired your Doctor. I fired mine this year and found a Natural Path (herbs, vitamins and changed my diet). It takes longer to heal but it is gentler for my body.

    Remember, it was Mike Pence who turned on General Flynn. It was also Mike Pence who would not stop the certification of the election.

    I do not need any other news because you do a great job!

  96. Russ D

    “”As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine, and other forms of natural medicine unless you are fortunate enough to have a naturopathic physician available. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone.” — Dr. Alan Greenberg M.D.”

    As a Cancer survivor for 11 years now I have avoided Doctors like the plaque. I have gone on a whole foods plant based diet with as much organic as possible and have never looked back. I will NOT go to a doctor unless it is an emergency.

  97. Kay

    Greg thanks for the laugh. I needed a good roll on the floor belly laugh today. Who was your doctor? Maybe this community can send him some peer reviewed journal articles about the magic potions big pharma wants to inject into our bodies. It is stunning how hard it is to combat the MSM brainwashing.
    Regarding Bo’s prediction for the past 10 days when three time cycles overlap, did anything happen? Nothing happened here in Texas of biblical proportions.

    • Diana Brown

      I am with you 100%. I would go to a mainstream MD for two reasons: 1) to repair a broken “something”, like a bone, an organ, ie: surgery. I have in fact, it went well. 2) for a specific test with consult. Thats where my trust ends. Surgery and test with opinion.

  98. Rod Brumley

    Greg – you nailed it – the DemoRatic Party is now the Communist Party!!! I’m sick of what is going on in Washington!!! The Debt is out of Control!!! The recount in Az will show what really happened. My question to you – wasn’t the Mike Lindell voter fraud supposed to have come out this week? Hope all is well my friend. Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot

  99. Merry Piper

    Greg: I’ve watched you sort through all of this “Vaxx” propaganda for a long time now. I commend you on your investigative research and journalism. You have immense strength and courage. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MP!!

  100. Jim Ledyard

    There will be no more elections. It’s over. They have warned Trump that if he dare get involved in politics again, his entire family will die in a mystery plane crash. That’s whats the “Rudy-Raid” was all about, a warning shot across the bow. They took everything except Hunter’s hard drive. They might as well have left a bloody horse head in Rudy’s bed….

  101. Travis

    Greg, love the show especially look forward to Friday’s. I have a question, I am in the Air Force reserve and while the shot is voluntary at this time, I fear VP Biden will make it mandatory and I don’t know what to do except get out, which I really don’t want to do.
    I even emailed my congressman asking to not make it mandatory and he said this:
    “As commander in chief of the Armed Forces, the President has the constitutional authority to require servicemembers to accept vaccines approved under an emergency use. Several Members of Congress have urged the President to make the COVID vaccines mandatory for all military members, in order to improve readiness and protect the public health. To date, the Biden administration has resisted efforts to compel servicemembers to receive coronavirus vaccines.”

    What can I do to avoid this stupid shot?

    Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Say NO and refer them to the Nuremberg code of 1947. This was “authorized” (NOT APPROVED) by the FDA on an emergency basis. Therefore it is experimental. There is zero liability to the Vax makers and this Changes your DNA with mRNA. Say NO! Please read and pay attention to #1

      I would say not no, HELL NO!!!!


      • Travis


        I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I will be doing that for sure. I will definitely write my congressman again and remind him of the Nuremberg code (probably call his office too and I highly recommend people pressure their congressperson!). I was super disappointed in the response I got from him and the fact he doesn’t seem to care about my right to choose!

        • tim+mcgraw

          Travis, I’m 69 a retired seaplane mechanic. My advice is GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT. It is an evil organization. Learn a skill in demand e.g. welding, electrician, plumbing, HVAC, mechanic…. the Nazis didn’t kill the Jews at the camps who knew how to keep the lights on and the shit flowing downhill.
          Get a real skill. Get in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. Become as independent as you can. Become a man in demand for his skills.

  102. Chip

    Greg I believe you are finally really getting how bad and evil this global rule is. I really don’t see this train being stopped less a miracle from the Lord. God speed Greg.

  103. Allen

    There’s a new tell-all book on evil witch Pelosi. How about getting the author on for a good interview????

  104. JM

    Greg, you keep saying that there have been 220 THOUSAND shots…over and over…..and it is 220 MILLION. Love you though.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes I meant to say 220 million.

  105. jim


    Doctor does not want me to wear a mask because of health reasons. Nor does he want me to get a vax because a reaction would be harmful to me prior health reasons . the TSA also banned travel with a 2500 fine without a mask. Unemployment has run out.

    Should I apply for disability since work and state and gov want me to wear a mask and take a vax that would definitely hurt my health ? This is disabling me to work.

    Do I apply for disability insurance since unemployment ran out ? How can the government and business force me to do something that could kill me ?

    This must be unconstitutional. Do I sue the city state or federal government. Class Action law suits for huring a class of people that cannot wear a mask nor take the vax due to health reasons that would hurt that class?

  106. Coalburner

    Perfect Cartoon. Shows how far the fbi has fallen into political corruption. Never ever trust them again in my lifetime.

  107. Ed

    I want to Thank you for posting a written summary of the videos. Due to my financial situation, I can only afford one gig of data per month,and that doesn’t allow me to watch video..subbed on yt. Back in 2010 and Never miss an interview.Sorry I cannot be a financial help,maybe my situation will change soon.Again, Thank you for the summaries.

    • Greg Hunter

      No guilt Ed. Enjoy the show!! Thanks for supporting USAW!!

  108. Kay

    India had some big religious holidays along with election rallies. People were traveling a lot due to these religious holidays. Delhi is on lockdown but Harayana next door only has a curfew. West Bengal is not even locked up because the politicians have elections. Temps are getting high, 100 or so, so I am surprised the rate is going up but getting real data is difficult from India. Combine all that with a medical system that has a lot of socialized aspects to it. Singapore is giving India oxygen. Corruption means supplies are going on the black market and belief systems that don’t value the low caste people. China is also putting pressure on India to give up its relationship with the USA according to the CCP newspaper. China is taking over ports and all aspects of moving goods and people. They have the silk road near India and Nepal. India has been trying to put a wet blanket on some of it. Nepal now has a Communist PM in the mix. They could cut India off from petrol and supplies if they don’t play ball.

    India has a long history of holistic and natural medicine. Big Pharma hasn’t had the impact and influence in India as it does in the Western world. I have wondered if the powers that be want to scare Indians so badly that they will run into the arms of Big Pharma. I have watched some video of funeral pyres, which is common in Hinduism but can’t really see bodies under that fire. I only saw one body being wheeled around. Keep in mind that for $100 one can get a poor person to stage whatever the powers that be want. That is a lot of money in India to some people.

  109. Charles

    Fascism is a capitalistic economy and a totalitarian government.

    Marxism is state control of econmy and a totalitarian government.

    I think we are getting closer to fascism than marxism. The big corporations are still running this economy.

    In Italy and Germany they were capitalistic.But the totalitarian governments ran the show. In the US we still have a capitalistic economy. And the Democratic government is trying to install totalitarian 1 party rule. But we differ from Italy and germany in that the coroprations and the davos crowd

    are bossing the idiots running the democratic party.

  110. Charles

    From the National Library of Medicine in 2005

  111. ang

    Greg you were on fire this time long time listener first time comment!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank Ang!! Feel free to jump in anytime.

  112. wayne hardin

    The number one mind blowing thing that is going on is all the parents that are going crazy to get their kids back in the brain washing schools .
    It just doesn’t make any sense .

  113. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    You are a real diamond (not cubic zirconia) :-). I also listened to your interview with Dr. Mark Skidmore tonight as well. Both were awesome.
    Re Vitamin D3. Any human living north of the Mason Dixon line is deficient in D3. Even on the sunniest days in winter, the angle of the sun does not shed the amount of light to nourish a human. When first tested for vitamin D3 deficiency maybe 30 years ago, I was at a level of 13. Some Doc’s want it to be at a level of 80. as well as are incredible sources regarding information re D3. supplementation. The potion of D3 5000 mg, plus K2 and Magnesium is the ticket. Now I know why I had such great depression growing up as child. NO SUNSHINE in the winter months. My thinking is that D3 deficiency is the greatest pandemic in human history. Oh I might get cancer if I go out in the sun.
    As per food scarcity, my feeling is that the “Weather Wars” are in full swing. Will be waiting to see if any of my orchard produces any food this year. Believe that all stops are out to reduce the “Surplus Population, ” (see Scrooge in the Christmas Carol or Bill Gates in his TED talk).
    Either by intimidation re the jab, or weather control, life as I knew it will not be the same in the garden. Growing food is going to be a hard row to hoe. Personally, I am concentrating on root crops this year.
    God Bless you Greg and Dr. Skidmore. You made my day with a “shot” of sanity. Thank You!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eileen!!

  114. Roger Hubbard

    Greg, thank you for sticking to your Guns on the COVID and election frauds. These stories have not seen their light of day! Meanwhile it’s crazy world out there, the homeless tent cities across America, out here in CA, Gavin Newsom pledged billions for Forest cleanup/fire prevention and where I live, we haven’t seen a nickel of it. It’s going to be another rough summer. I watched the reservoirs get drained all winter long in anticipation for more rain and we got very little rain. So now they’re empty and we’re going into a drought. Oh yeah, did I mention the brown outs all over the state because we don’t have enough coal fired power plants anymore! And now PG&E turns the power off in the summertime if there’s any wind or heavy use because they have not been taking care of their infrastructure.
    What a mess.

    We are living in interesting times!

  115. FreeandFighting

    Parody using “The Sound of Silence”,

    Hello cryptos my old friend,
    I’ve come to study you again,
    Because a vision slapped my brain today,
    Leftist seeds are laying out their lay,
    And the patience that was asked for still remains,
    But nothing’s changed,
    Enter the sound of Durham.

    In lucid dreams I sat in court,
    Where not a single word was wrought,
    And the promise of a Just Return,
    Where Law & Justice are no longer spurned,
    As clouds danced in the high of the fire-lit skys,
    As glowing lies,
    ‘Cause of the sound of Durham.

    And with the cities now ablaze,
    Intimidation now the rage,
    People talking without speaking,
    People hearing without listening,
    People taking Lives that daughters never knew,
    Never knew,
    Do to the sound of Durham.

    “Fools” I said, “You do not know,
    Durham’s silent cancer grows,
    See the fury of the powerful,
    See the noisome angry evening news,”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell,
    And echoed in the cells of Durham.

    And with the MAGA groups dismayed,
    Their Love of Country hasn’t swayed,
    and Clif High posting out his warnings,
    Saving ‘Man’ with worthy informing,
    And Lindell said his First Amendment lawsuit could bring Trump back, he saw,
    Supreme Court Law,
    And disclose the sound of Durham!


  116. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg. Look forward to your weekend wrap up perspective. Question: Are you on Telegram? If so, I could not find you on that platform.

  117. Bailey

    Thank you so much for speaking truth to your (former!) physician. As a long time nurse, I can confirm that some of the most tightly closed minds are in medicine. You don’t want “that guy” making decisions about your health! Good doctors are out there, but you have to look for them. 👍

  118. Lisa Stahl

    Your weekly update is one of our favorites! I clap, alot!
    Thank you for sharing your experience discussing HCQ and Ivermectin with your doctor.
    Dr. Zev Zelenko really helped out our family when I asked him for help. He referred me to the online/telephone medical consultants, We got the ivermectin for my sister, Thank God. Dr. Simone Gold also has a telemed service to supply the therapeutics. God Bless and thanks for Fighting Back.

  119. Jill Vaughn

    Still Praying Greg. Thanks for your input through your reports.

  120. Grandpa Chuckie

    Hurray!!! Thank you Greg, for asking normal questions of your highly educated and licensed MD! EVERYBODY needs to asks questions of everything and everybody. Because this whole system is full of lies and liars!! And doctors are no exception. I learned this back in 2011 when my wife was prescribed a medication and within an hour of taking it, she started breaking out in these red sores on her face, at first. Then started down her neck and I then realized its an allergic reaction. So I looked up the med and it has a “black box” warning. It can cause Stevens-Johnson syndrome—-can be fatal!! I gave her a bunch of common anti-histamine. It slowly went away. Following morning, called MD. He flat out denied it could cause S-J. I’m reading this off of this website. His answer was “so when do you believe doctor Google and not me?”. It’s on numerous sites. He remained steadfast and absolutely denied it could cause that.

    I called the pharmacy. Yep, it CAN cause S-J and discontinue immediately. A couple days later, we received a letter with the “black box warning” as I found on “doctor Google”. We fired our so-called DOCTOR. Ever since, I’ve been skeptical, and always been to OUR benefit.

    Thank you, Greg, for your total honesty for calling it the way you see, with common sense. We do not and will not comply with doctors/governors/presidents orders! Period!!! I listen to MY brain, my common sense. Because it is ME who is responsible for MY HEALTH. MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!!

  121. James Miller

    Greg, thank you so much for sharing your experience with your doctor. I saved the video to my phone so I can play it at opportune moments for others. The way you fight lies is with the truth and you did that brilliantly with your former doctor! By the way, I’m guessing he’s an anti-Trumper that can’t let the facts get in the way of his TDS.

    I’m glad to be a supporter of USAWatchog!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James. Greg

  122. pap

    Hello Greg,

    if republicans and veterans are labeled domestic terrorist
    does that give nsa doj fbi and cia and local police the right to spy on them without a warrant.

  123. Keith+Wilson

    Greg it has been a while since I last made a comment. Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Been given a 50\50 chance of recovery. Also told I could be gone in 12 months. I will still listen to your interviews but will be making no comments until I know where I am going. All the best Greg .Keep up the fight.

  124. Mark Meagher

    Hello Greg,
    I loved the story of how you fired your doctor. You might want to check on Functional Medicine. My Functional Medicine Doctor prescribed Ivermectin for me back in January and I am still taking 15mg every two weeks as prescribed by the FLCCC I-mask protocol. When asked about the shot he responded – only those at risk of dying from COVID should get the shot.

    Dr Sherri Tenpenny is a functional medicine doctor. So is Dr Lee Merritt and a host of others leading the fight for early intervention treatment and Ivermectin. Functional Medicine is the future of health care. It is nutrition for health rather than pills for ills. To find a functional medicine doctor near you check this website. My Functional Medicine Doctor and the Ketogenic Diet changed my life for the better. I am 65 years old and running road races and my health has never been better. I would love to see you interview a Functional Medicine Doctor and let others know there is an alternative to health care over the establishment. Thanks for all you do to preserve truth and liberty.

  125. Kay

    I lost touch with you for a while, just found your videos again today. Wow, how I missed you!!! A breath of sanity wafted over me again! I have been living in the desert of COVID insanity and deep state corruption far too long without your anchor of truth and clarity. Thank you so much for hanging in there and doing what you do so well, reporting the truth. Many blessings, Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kay for your blessings & kind words of support! Greg

  126. Ira Elliott

    I’ve been watching your videos since about 2013. Peter Schiff and Fabian Calvo (fabian4liberty) led me here. You should have Fabian on again. I won’t take the vaccine. I live in Canada and it’s getting bad here with my government on all levels taking away freedoms. Covid is mainly about global economic reset. On the west coast of the US and Canada you can see dozens of cargo ships sitting there anchor down not getting offloaded. Rising prices have a lot to do with those ships sitting there. I like how you end with “fear not. God the father is firmly in charge”. I’m not afraid but I think God should intervene soon.

  127. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. You are right on the money Greg.

  128. Randy Best

    Greg-I’m so happy you fired your doctor. He was part of the “system”. By and large the medical community is controlled by Big Pharma. There is no question about it.

  129. Jim

    EXCELLENT Greg –
    Another one Out Of The Park : )

  130. Perry Robinson

    These are my gripes.
    Who decided the Audit in Az would not change the election results no matter how much cheating was exposed. I guess it will be used as a Red Pill. Also, we heard at the end of April that there was going to be a gas shortage in mid-May. How do they do that? Do you think that the hack could have been accomplished by a three letter agency? When will America say they have had enough.
    How many of you know the Constitution? I didn’t think so. Buy ‘Saving the Constitution’ by Richard Proctor PhD and you will find out just how bad it really is. Do you really care? Buy the book and increase your knowledge.

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