Bankers Going for Broke Because They Know it’s Broke – G. Edward Griffin

By Greg Hunter’s

Edward Griffin, author of the wildly popular book about the Federal Reserve “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” is holding a conference this weekend called “Red Pill Expo.” It is all about waking people up from the illusions they are being told. Griffin explains, “The illusions are in health, in politics and in education. The illusions are in the media, in money and in banking, which is my specialty. So, people are coming, some of whom are informed, but most respond to the slogan we are using for the “Red Pill Expo,” and the slogan is ‘Because you know something is wrong.’ That sort of spells it out for most people, not just in America, but for people all over the world. People everywhere are being fed propaganda, lies and false stimuli of all kinds, but deep in their hearts, deep in their instincts, they know something is wrong.”

What’s wrong in the financial world with the longest expansion in history and the Fed starting QE (money printing) again? Griffin says, “We are living in a system of the banks, by the banks and for the banks, and that is the reality. . . . They see that the wheels are coming off. . . . The system of inflation in which we live cannot go on forever. . . . All systems of exponential growth always collapse. They come to an end at some point, and it’s hard to tell exactly at what point, but you do know there is a breaking point where it just moves beyond reality. The banks know this better than anybody. So, I am assuming that they feel they are at the end. You can smell it. You can see it. You can touch it almost. So, what do you do? . . . I think their thinking is, hey, we are at the end and let’s just grab all we can so when the system collapses, we will be okay. That is kind of a crude way of putting it, but I think they are going for broke because they know it is broke, and there is not much they can do about it.”

So, what’s the plan by the bankers? Griffin says, “I think I know. They are waiting for the big collapse to come. They will personally be okay because they will have amassed hard assets. They are trying to hold all the gold, all the silver, all the real estate and all the stuff that has value. They want all the tools, factories and food supplies, but everything else, based on numbers, paper and debt, that will collapse. So, they will be able to pick up everything for pennies on the dollar.”

What does the little guy do? G. Edward Griffin says simply, “Hold hard assets.” Griffin also says, “This question usually comes in the form of what does the average guy do? . . . The answer is if you want to do something, stop being average. You’ve got to climb up out of that level. You have to become un-average. You have to start asking questions, and stand up and take it on the chin now and again. You’ve got to get into the fray. Join the battle. Speak up and join with others with like minds, and start becoming active in the political arena.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and founder of the upcoming “Red Pill Expo.”

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After the Interview:

To find out all about the “Red Pill Expo,” go to There is still room at the conference, and there is also live streaming which you can enjoy from home. To buy a copy of the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” click here.

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  1. Chip2

    YouTube really tips their hand by demonetizing your videos. You’d think Big Tech would have more gravitas than to resort to such hasty and petty behavior.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are soooo right Chip, but what can I do? I’ll just keep doing my work and hope YouTube will give me monetization soon. b Thank myou for your comment and support!

      • Robert

        Youtube shouldn’t have the right to determine, based on their political prejudices and biases, who is successful financially and who isn’t. If those type practices were employed in the general workforce, there’d be lawsuit after lawsuit.

    • Rob

      They have been able to rig the electronic voting system for years as this programmer proved in Florida:

      After 8 years of Obama they knew the country was ready for a maverick like Trump to defeat Hillary. Then after 3 years of further controlled opposition to divide the people, Hillary will be brought in to run against Trump a second time. She will be prosecuted in 2020 right before the election in hopes of mass civil unrest giving them cover to implode this balloon economy that will fully manifest right after Trump is reelected as “bankruptcy in chief”.

      As Edward Griffin so eloquently confirms the “cartel of cartels” are planning for an endgame that just happens to be God’s end game:

      • Rob

        “Q” was a perfect example of “controlled opposition” that many blindly follow in their hope for something that will not come until the endgame is over and Jesus returns to destroy the lawlessness:

        Revelation 19:11-15 And I saw the heaven opened; and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon called Faithful and True; and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. (12) And his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head are many diadems; and he hath a name written which no one knoweth but he himself. (13) And he is arrayed in a garment sprinkled with blood: and his name is called The Word of God. (14) And the armies which are in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and pure. (15) And out of his mouth proceedeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God, the Almighty.

        • Matt

          Whether humanity has to endure 7 years of the mark of the beast before improving or not ultimately people have to provide their own way. If they call that Q or anything else is up to them but there is not sense in following another.

          Listen to everyone but follow no one.

    • Blagostwin

      The root cause of this is derivatives, which allowed them to engage in unsafe banking practices and blow out the debt to catastrophic levels. The Glass Spiegel Act protected us until Congress finally voted it out. So we can clearly hold our elected officials responsible for this. This was all planed well in advance.

      • sk

        Glass-Steagall (in case you want to look it up)

    • paul ...

      Good job people … … now it is time to go after Facebook!!

  2. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Since there is no lawful money of account in circulation, there is no rule of law in the United States, no real money and no real law in effect. That is the factual condition of the United States.

    • K.Wayne
      “……Oh on the matter of War…they are contructs of finance….without a CB able to print ad infinitum…there would be no wars”.
      ” …… Recommended reading for all….”The Creature from Jekyll Island” – G. Edward Griffin …it is the definitive and I would say compulsory reading for all who want to understand why the world is exposed to continuous wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, prosperity and depressions”.
      Someone (one of your viewers Greg) had enough insight into this topic to suggest worthwhile reading. I sense that he (GEG) gained much more popularity since then.

    • paul ...

      People likely fearing a market crash and loss of their jobs are worried about the amount of credit card debt they hold … and even knowing that Chase gave Canadians “a debt jubilee” (likely Chase did it to entice more credit card borrowing by Americans at 17% to 25% interest rates) … but Americans in 2019 are rapidly paying down their credit card debt at an even faster pace then in 2018!! …

  3. Mike Miller

    Finally someone who knows Trump was handpicked to be at the helm to take the US Titanic down. I’ve been saying this all along and have said Trump will be the last president of the soon to be gone USA.

    Enjoy your remaining days as there aren’t that many left as 2020 will likely be the year it all ends. If you think you will be able to ride it out, think again. Get out of the US now as no amount of preparation will save you. Then again as dumb as you all are – stay put. Once most of you americans are gone the world will be a better place and I hope that day comes sooner than later. Adios

    • JC

      Mike, are you familiar with the work of G.A. Stewart?

      “As I have mentioned in previous posts, I must begin to seriously manage my time, since I do not have much time left on deposit in the bank of life. And if I am right about 2020, most Americans and Europeans also do not have much time on deposit left in the bank of life.”

    • William Stanley

      Mike, I’m not sure you understood: it isn’t just the USA that would be going down. The cabal is world-wide.

      • Mike Miller

        Right, but the main target is the USA and a few of its cronies like the UK that are going to get decimated first. The rest of the world will go through some rough times but survive with China and Russia rising to the top. They may eventually have to take each other on but not until they destroy their arch enemy and we all know who that is.

        You are a country that squandered away everything you needed to be self sufficient and only have a citizenship of lazy, uniformed, brain washed idiots could this have happened. If you want to know why you’re about to become obsolete, take a look in the mirror. There’s your answer.

        • William Stanley

          Good luck with China running your life. Are you working on your “social credit” score?

    • iwitness02

      M. M.
      You don’t see the American people as separate from their runaway government?
      We all need some good will that is people to people. Everywhere. Good will among men.

    • ConcAmDad

      Agree- finally a refreshing guest- who pointed out the reality to all the dolts who cling to Trump. It is all orchestrated theatre ….. brandon smith also seems to have a pretty good handle on the reality of it all.

    • Freebrezer

      Mike – Pleazzzzzze! you are forgetting (maybe ignorant) that the majority of the USA (by land mass) is all red state. Just the big metropolitan areas are Democrat controlled. Plus the big majority of the military men/women come for the red states!,_2016.svg … You can dream, but it is not going to happen … to many middle age men (real men, of all stripes and colors raised by real fathers) come from WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets … Plus there is a thing called the 2nd Amendment is the USA. It’s purpose is to protect the 1 st amendment! Put another way the putzes on the left have no chance of what ever nonsense you are putting forth!

      • Freebrezer

        I should have said to many middle age men AND WOMEN (of real grit, of all stripes and colors raised by real fathers) come from WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets

      • Mike Miller

        Listen, left/right or red/blue it makes no difference. The game is rigged and all you idiots think you are just one election away from getting it right. Keep living the dream before you wake up to the nightmare that is coming.

        As I’ve said many times before, you are all on the USS Titanic and when it goes down, which will be sooner than you think, it doesn’t make any difference where on the ship you are, what your views are, or how much money you’ve got. You’re all going to end up in the same place together and we know how the story ends.

        Enjoy it while you can, all get together for the upcoming holidays, as these may be the last ones you will have – period. Bye, bye

        • JC

          Mike M, G.A. Stewart agrees with you.

          “Most Westerners should adapt their future survival plans toward being highly mobile. When Martial Law comes, there will be great forced displacements of populations. This will be necessary, because at The Satan System checkpoints, people will be shaken down for their weapons, food, and anything valuable.”

        • William Stanley

          RE: “The game is rigged”
          Agreed. And Hillary/The-Globalists didn’t even win a rigged election.

          • Mike Miller

            How many times do you have to be told it was rigged for Trump? Get an idiot like him elected and you don’t even have to coach him. The buffoon will ensure the country’s collapse by just letting him be himself. Of course, this is too complicated for your typical American who can’t find Europe on a map so go back to sleep. It will all be over soon.

  4. Emperor of Ice-cream

    as of today the chemtrails have resumed, and in a very big way, in the skies above Spokane, WA. There had been about six months of respite. . . . So, this indicates that Trump still does not have control over USAF.

    The criminal paramilitary insurgency in Mexico is now raping and killing entire families of Americans, and nothing is being done about it except for Trump tweeting. How pathetic.

    American troops are still tied down overseas and are of no assistance to American women getting raped and their babies murdered. ……….. Texans have forgotten the Alamo as they guard poppy fields in Afghanistan for China pharmaceutical industry.

    Trump tweets that the economy is great, but rail, trucking, autos and credit burdens tell a very different story. ZeroHedge reports that the largest bank in the world, JPM, has reconfigured its entire portfolio in order to take advantage of Federal Reserve liquidity injections (Repos) despite destablizing the system by no longer participating in inter-bank lending that banks normally do among themselves without the Fed. And Deutsche Bank is rumored to be already declared bankrupt. . . . The banks don’t trust each other or are out for themselves (JPM), or are failing (DB), but yet American public is not purchasing American Silver Eagles like years ago but are continuing to trust the banks. I.e., the public is asleep!

    Pig-ebola has decimated China’s supply of protein. ZeroHedge has now reported the contagion is now impacting Russian swine herd. Grains production in US is sub-par but prices are being suppressed in the futures market, just like they do to silver in order to misdirect the public conciousness. ………….. This is the 3rd Seal of Revelation that Bo Polny said early this year had been opened. This means famine and worse inflation for things people need.

    Recent videos by Bo Polny warn people to quit trying to pick up dimes in front of the steam-roller.

    • iwitness02

      Emperor of Ice-cream,
      Where I live, in eastern Colorado, the spraying has just resumed in the last week or so.
      I noticed it too.

    • paul jr.

      “Deutsche Bank is rumored to be already declared bankrupt”

      Well that rumor is obviously false. If DB declared bankruptcy then it would have been made known to the public. That is what declared means, to openly admit. I saw nothing on the internet about it therefor it is a fact that DB did not declare bankruptcy. That does not mean they are not really bankrupt just that it was not declared.

    • paul ...

      Emp … to bring down the current economic system the globalists must create chaos … whereby the assets of 6 billion people can be stolen … more easily done with little resistance if the 6 billion are simply killed off … so the protein that keeps them alive must be removed … but the blame can’t be placed on the globalists … better that a virus in China and Russia kill the pigs … and bad weather in the US destroys the corn crop … the goal of the globalists is to engineer desperation … create a catastrophe and then force the masses to beg for help … that the banksters at IMF will offer with their SDR’s … and what will be collateralized to secure that aid? … so a trigger event is coming for a re-set but the banksters want to ensure that they are not blamed or seen as the cause … so overt money printing is not the only method at the disposal of globalists to destroy the greenback … famine can play an equal part to cause the loss of the dollars world reserve status and its devaluation … better that our wealth be stolen in the midst of chaos … the goal of the Fed and the globalists is to “dismantle the dollar and the US economic system at the same time” to make way for something “new” … their SDR”s … to make yourself WORTHY of surviving … you must stand for principles and values that are bigger than you are … like our Constitution and real money … although we prepare to survive by storing food, water, gold etc. … it does not necessarily guarantee we will prevail … survival in itself is meaningless if we don’t at the same time eliminate the enemy creating the chaos … for a person could just as easily “sell out to the globalists and help them” … in order to stay alive (like Soros did) and that person would probably have “better odds of survival” than someone farming their own homestead and scrounging a living off your preps “if survival alone was your only goal” … the enemy … the banksters must be taken out … so close your brokerage accounts … get out of their system … and buy gold!!

      • paul ...

        We must all remember that what we are really fighting … are very evil people … with psychopathic desires to both dominate and destroy … if we attempt to change the system without removing the banking cabal behind it … we will fail every time! … the globalists are in fact tightly organized psycho’s … they are a criminal cartel (or cult of psychopaths) that have unified their efforts to become more efficient predators … and like all psychopaths have conjured up elaborate philosophical explanations “for their abhorrent activities” which include pedophilia, human trafficking in organs and baby body parts, drugs , etc., etc. to the point that they seem to have developed their own disturbing brand of Satanic religion!! … and they want to “reinvent civilization and mold it into a homogenized and highly micromanaged global hive or village” … and it “Takes this Village” or collective so they can be the masters of this social evolution … and become demigods that are worshiped by the masses (the way Gina worships Hillary) … they are willing to do almost ANYTHING to achieve their endgame … even remove a duly elected President of the people on Trump’ed up charges!!

        • paul ...

          Like in the Matrix “the controllers” believe humans are “useless eating” virus’s that must be exterminated by any means possible (mandatory vaccines, starvation, 45 cal hollow point bullets, etc., etc.) … the globalist controllers have used scientists before to do their “dirty work” (spewing the “climate change hoax”) to pursue their planetary depopulation agenda who’s goal is to eliminate billions of humans from planet Earth … when we common people assert that “the globalists are out to kill us” they have the (CIA-run) Fake News Media mock us as “conspiracy theorists” … even as at the same time the Deep State controlled Fake News Media fabricates their own “baseless conspiracies about Trump” … even stooping to calling one of their own Demon-rats (Tulsi Gabbard) a Russian agent … the Fake News Media has fully joined with the Deep State (just like Soro’s did to survive) … and are consciously sold their souls to take part in the Deep States collapse of our government, the death of our liberties, depopulation (by promoting abortion, continual war, economic genocide) … by going along with the manipulation of markets, ignoring environmental extermination through the use of chem-trails (that will create global famine as all the bees die) … they promote fascism, genocide and the outright insanity of promoting continual war in Syria and elsewhere as though more killing is a good thing … the globalist lunatics have now hired 11,000 “mad scientists to promote mass death and murder” right on the front pages of the Fake News Media’s newspapers … and not a word of opposition is expressed by cowering journalists (who have completely sold themselves to the Deep State just as Soros did for their own survival) … joining the evil Dark Side to obliterate all of humanity from planet Earth … mandatory vaccination of all people on Earth will likely be the evil globalists “weapon of choice” … as slaughter (by continual non-stop wars) and starvation (by means of chem-trails) is too slow a process for these blood thirsty globalist predator psycho’s who worship at the alter of Satan and sacrifice human baby’s to show Satan they believe in his eternal goal to exterminate all the humans that were made by his arch enemy (God the Father)!!! …

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks for the thought-provoking interview.
    It seems that all roads lead to world-wide societal collapse and an associated mass die off: (1) maybe for assorted historical reasons “the system” is exhausted and most of society’s institutions are corrupt and ineffectual and collapse is now inevitable; (2) maybe there is just one globalist criminal gang and President Trump is their tool for provoking or focusing civil war among and between clueless political groups; (3) then again, maybe there are competing criminal gangs and it’s a fight to the death among/between the different factions or coalitions of factions (and President Trump is just a figurehead of one of the gangs/factions); or (4) maybe there is a faction of “white hats” led by President Trump who are waging fourth-generation warfare to the death against one or more “black hat” gangs/factions; or (5) maybe the gangs/factions are waiting for a catastrophic natural disaster to hide behind (or assist); or (6) maybe everything is just fine. NOT.

    Lots of confusing possibilities for what’s going on and how it will play out. One of them just might be victory for the people. One of the appropriate responses to all of them HAS to be prepping.

    • Paul in OZ

      Good Call!

    • K.Wayne

      I agree with G Edward Griffin’s assessment that this is the end-game for the unelected rulers – The International Bankers have officially bankrupted the World. That was indeed their collective agenda from the get go – to load the system with unrepayable Debt whilst ensuring that every Hard Asset is collateralized (they control the available resources of the World at any given moment)… everything required for a re-start.

      G Edward Griffin has defined the relationship between Finance, Centralization and World Hegemony. The money system is/was a policy vehicle to centralize World Power leading to World Government. The use of Hegelian Dialectics of a very long term policy, has in effect created our predetermined history which is only visible in the long perspective of time. Controlled conflict (released via a Thesis and Antithesis) on the world’s stage has been their MO, using two-bit actors.
      They then provide the predetermined Synthesis thereby creating our/their predetermined history. The culling process (of the dumb cattle) will begin in earnest.

      As I understand it, they have made agreement with their Mother ….negotiating for coalition and a stake in the carve-up of power and spoils from enslaving the whole world.

      Those dark creatures that are the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS never seem to go away.
      They continue to make deals with the anti-Christ to ensure slavery and control of mankind remain within their domain.

      However, at some time in the near future they will be stricken with fear and destitute for their mother will be non-existent.

    • iwitness02

      I vote for victory for the people. We are due.

      • Hockey Puck

        I agree with you iwitness. Ultimately Freedom will triumph. But we will have to go through Hell before we get there. And it won’t be easy.

        The problem is that we Americans no longer understand what Freedom is. We think that we are ENTITLED to do whatever the hell we want because a piece of toilet paper guaranteed it The Founding Fathers were never so deluded. They understood that no piece of paper can guarantee Freedom. Freedom takes courage, and materialism has made us all incredibly lazy. The people basically want something for nothing. It doesn’t work that way.

        The way I see it, America and the world will be purified. It will get ugly, very ugly. But we’ll get through it. Ultimately, one day, we will know the Truth, and the Truth will set us free. What is that Truth? We have to go within to find it.

  6. Red

    Best interview of year Greg, the contrarians, contrarian i love Trump too but the ugly questions have to be asked!! Just great. But loved the way you got Jesus in there. Some of of us will never escape ‘average’ lol.

    Interesting there was a belief amongst some stoics at the time of Jesus that fame and money was actually a curse and after reading a few history books it is a hard one to argue as things usually didn’t end that well . Got a feeling that history may return to the mean. Lots of love to all Watchdoggers from OZ..

  7. Hockey Puck

    Thanks Greg for having Mr. Griffin on and thanks for all your tough questioning. It was awesome… what true journalism is about. And thanks to you, Mr. Griffin for your courage, your candor and your humility. The truth is that none of us really “know”. The information, misinformation and disinformation is so thick, it’s hard to know what is true and what is false.

    A few thoughts:

    First, to you Mr. Griffin, when you do an interview on USA Watchdog, you are among friends. I think I’m safe in saying that 95% of the viewers on this website already took the red pill … a long time ago … thanks in great measure to all the pioneering work that you did and your unrelenting courage in the face of endless criticism. So no need to second guess yourself. We are with you. And we are grateful for all that you have done.

    Second, regarding Mr. Trump, I can understand your misgivings. For whatever reason, “The Cartel” has always managed to find itself on top. You go back to 1913. It’s probably more like 1694 and the creation of the Bank of England. Needless to say, these people have become very adept at managing the narrative to control how we think.

    Looking through the prism of Mr. Trump being “one of them” is certainly a discomforting thought. I understand your logic. It’s impeccable. And to take it a little further, here’s one possible reason why: The Cartel got snookered by the CCP in the last 10 years, something that the Cartel never thought possible. I would turn your attention to this video as my only defense, a conversation between Kyle Bass and Brigadier General Robert Spalding regarding his book: Stealth War: How China took over while America’s Elite slept. China had said to themselves a long time ago: “Hey, what a great idea, one-world-government! And you know what? We’ll pretend to play along, but secretly, in the background, we’ll put ourselves on top of that heap”. I don’t know. It’s just a conjecture, but if this is so, then perhaps Mr. Trump is the Cartel’s Man of the Hour to get control back. Once again, I don’t know. I’m just guessing.


    Maybe Mr. Trump is far more astute than any of us imagine and is working to destroy both the CCP and the Cartel and give America back to itself. It’s often been said that you keep your friends close, you keep your enemies closer. Mr. Trump is no dummy. He knew he could not succeed as president without the backing of the Cartel. Just look at what happened to Kennedy. So, I think Mr. Trump knew he’d have to strike some kind of deal with Mr. Kissinger, otherwise he would have never been able to get to first base.

    Finally to answer your unrelenting and valuable question, Greg, “What does the little guy do?”, the answer has already been put forth a thousand times: hard assets, silver and gold, farmland if you can afford it — something to get you through the hard times that are inevitably coming.

    But there is one very important thing missing: The God of our Heart must become the very epicenter of our lives. Without that, there is no hope.

    In the last video, Cascadia Big One, somebody posted something very valuable under “Fatima Message”: America would not be destroyed by war, it would be destroyed ECONOMICALLY, by natural disasters. My question is this: “Why is this our just reward”? The answer is simple: America betrayed God. How did we do it? We started worshiping materialism, the American Dream, prosperity, which means we started worshiping the “Debt” that financed this “dream”, a debt all created by “Fiat” and “The Fed”. So unwittingly, Debt, Fiat and The Fed became our gods – the gods that would help us realize our materialistic dream … all false gods.

    Until we get our relationship with God right, the Matrix will reign and we as humans will create hell on Earth. Sorry to put it so bluntly. But as I see it, there is perfect justice in this universe. That’s how God created it. So we, as a species, have some very important lessons to learn: Betray God and you betray yourself.

    • Mark

      Dear Hockey,
      To me, the real starting point of being set free from the control of the cartels in this rigged world is to receive the reconciliation God is offering to the world through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Though Satan is the god of this age and the prince of the power of the air who rules through those whom he controls through greed and fear and ignorance, Jesus, a glorified Man, now rules as King of kings and Lord of lords. After having accomplished His greatest work of faith in fulfilling all righteousness with respect to the putting away of sins once for all (Rom.3:21-26) He received the promise of the Spirit (Acts.2:33, Gal.3:14,19,22), which Spirit He became in resurrection as a life-giving Spirit (1Cor.15:45) so that any and all who believe on Him for THAT RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being through HIS FAITH (or His faithfulness, see Rom.3-22 where in the Gk it is literally through Jesus Christ’s own faith.) is born from above (Jn.3:3-6) and receives the Spirit of His Son in their hearts which cries, “Abba, (Papa) Daddy” (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6), and is immersed in that same Spirit into the One Body of Christ in Whom we are members one of another (Gal.3:27,1Cor.12:12-13). The ramifications of receiving the Spirit as the blessing of Abraham, which is the promise of the Spirit (Gal.3:14) can be seen in Acts 2, particularly verses 42-47 where we see there was a willful liquidation of assets and distribution of goods among all so that there was no need among those who believed. Also the fact that the Lord chose one, Saul of Tarsus to be the leading minister of this reconciliation to the Gentiles (nations) in making known the mystery of godliness shows His absolute sovereign control over the affairs of man as well as His wisdom and especially, as Paul himself stated, His LONGSUFFERING for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him for eternal life”. (1Tim.1:15-17) which is why I am so thankful to the Lord for His mercy and grace and for all those including Greg and Mr. Griffin and so many others who are willing for the sake of the truth to put their own personal advantage aside and labor for that which has eternal value and brings glory to Him Who gave Himself for a ransom that we all might be set free in the liberty of the joy of that love which He Himself as the Beloved has known in that glory which He had in the bosom of His Father from before the foundation of the world, which is why I say to you Hockey and to Greg and to Mr. Griffin and to all who come here to read and post, who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind. Fear Not!!!

  8. mike

    Yes, Edward Griffin makes very good sense. Donald Trump is merely the controlled opposition. He was chosen by the elite globalists for that role and Donald doesn’t even know that himself. Greg, if you think Donald Trump is God’s chosen Saviour of America, then please invite Jake Morphonios to your show. Jake will explain everything about Donald Trump’s connection to and dependency on the ROTHSCHILD bankers.

  9. JC

    Greg, thanks, wow, this was over the top. I have to watch this again later.

  10. paul ...

    It’s not just bankers going broke … investment bankers and hedge funds are going broke … to know what you are dealing with when you trade stocks, bonds, options, etc. listen to what Anton Kreil is telling recent graduates who want to get into the investment industry … … the bottom line is … there is “no way a human can beat a computer at short term trading” (the only chance a human has is long term trading 3 months or longer) … what does this mean for the average investor like Stan? … it means you can’t trade short term FOREX, Options, etc. without losing money (so everyone should just close down their brokerage trading accounts) … however … you can beat the computer algorithms by investing “long term” in say physical silver and gold based upon human reasoning computers can’t do … like seeing what the Fed is doing with QE “and knowing” that the correlation data between money supply and the gold price the computers are looking at … “is out of wack”!!

  11. Jerry

    Zero interest rates, and fed repos for eternity. What could go wrong?

    My question is, since debt doesn’t seem to matter, why am I still working and paying taxes? How can four trillion dollars in tax revenue really support one hundred and twenty trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities? But yet, the Democrats want to add another forty trillion to the debt with Medicare for all?

    If debt doesn’t matter, why stop at forty trillion? Why not just add nine hundred trillion dollars to the debt and give everyone free homes and new cars? Insane!

  12. Mike Bierlein

    Almost all we know is a lie. Example, WW 2 and the Eisenhower death camps where 2 million POW’s were starved to death from 1945-47. As well, Hitler, the most lied about man in all of history.

    • William Stanley

      I once met a former German soldier who had been a POW who was held in America. After the war he went to college on the GI Bill (it had a loophole that did not exclude enemy soldiers)! Later he became an American citizen and college professor.

    • William Stanley

      An astonishingly high percentage of the population of (the former) Yugoslavia was killed during WWII while they fought and resisted the Nazis.
      I remember once traveling on a winding mountain road there as a student. Our guide, a Communist Party member and the son of Tito’s second in command, remarked that the road upon which we were traveling was built in 1946 (after the war) by German POWs. Yes, history is chock full of ugliness . . . and lies and, perhaps worst of all, half truths (which are, of course, full lies).

      • William Stanley

        Please forgive one more personal reminiscence:
        I also remember once sitting across from an older lady in an airport lounge. I noticed that she had a longish string of numbers tattooed on her arm. I enquired if she was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. She said no, it was a different one, and asked me if I’d ever heard of it. I was embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t.

  13. DJW

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr Griffin. You are the only person that could come on USAWatchdog and say what you did at the 23 minute mark because you are truly a humble, thoughtful man and one of the few pundits not excessively burdened by hardened opinions or a desire for something to be true at the expense of critical thought. Thank you!
    Your reticence about answering Greg’s question reveals wisdom and an understanding of the human condition; not to mention the gravity of this psychological operation. If indeed we are witnessing a ‘controlled opposition’ psy-op, as I have long held that we are, then we are in deep trouble. This psy-op is consuming the energy…the zeitgeist, of the awakening; it has mixed the red pill with the blue pill and turned it purple, as foreshadowed perhaps, by the Clinton’s ‘concession’ speech attire.
    Greg, as always I appreciate everything you do for the truth community, I know you disagree about Trump, I hope it is YOU who are correct.

  14. Ismar Didic

    Bravo excellent 😍🥰❤❤❤❤ and Thanks.

  15. Christina Chivers

    I’m reading Griffin’s book at the moment and was just wondering, with ultimate control being the final goal and it being accomplished through brainwashing, how can Griffin’s book ever have been allowed to be published and continues to be available?

    • Hockey Puck

      Hi Christina. You ask an interesting question. I can only give you my opinion. Take it for what it’s worth. To me, the Elite realized long ago that it doesn’t matter. Most humans just want to stay asleep. As proof for this contention, I would simply offer this bold statement by David Rockefeller years ago. Why was he so candid? He knows that, sadly, most humans like to wallow in ignorance.

      Here it is:

      … but in particular, these words: “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

  16. al

    If I had a Billion Dollar Empire and a large beautiful Family, THERE IS NO WAY ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY OR “POWER” IN THE WORLD would make me take a position where I get paid nothing, get publicly besmirched, lose years of potential Billions in lost sales and transactions, AND PUT MY LIFE AND MY FAMILY’S LIFE IN DANGER FOR LIFE!!! NO WAY!!! Unless I had some hard core protection while I make a difference in the World. (IE: Dozens of Countries are crying out for a leader like President Trump).

    Like any brilliant strategist PRESIDENT TRUMP (not Mr. Trump) made sure he had top notch security from day one. Remember him saying “I don’t need the Secret Service, I have my own private protection”. Take that and multiply it by 100.

    Was Mr. Ed at the meeting with Kissinger and Trump? Does he know the exact future plans related to deep state actors like obama, Hitlery, Soros and others?
    From my analysis, PRESIDENT TRUMP (not Mr. Trump) lures them in then hits them with a 2×4 and knocks them out! It’s a long fight.
    An entrenched system that has been in power for over 100 years has to be dismantled and so far the job is being done… albeit slow.
    HOWEVER… The major heads must be dealt with… Soros, obama, the clintons and so forth. I surely thought they would be jail by now… but there is still time.

    Oh, and for rebellion? THEY ALL KNOW that if things stop or reverse there will be a bloody rebellion in the streets, and if Hitlery would have been President (now a laughing stock) we would be in our 2nd year of rebellion, or possibly in a new system brought on by blood.
    I don’t like talking like this but I’m a messenger doing deep analysis, totally unplugged from the media for over 1 decade. No radio, no movies, no TV.. My entertainment is wholesome and the news I seek is not fake.

    I was wondering why I haven’t seen Mr. Ed in our circles. Now I have the answer.

    • paul ...

      Al … according to Jim Richards … Trump is like Mohammad Ali … rope -a-doping the Demon-rats … but China is throwing some strong punches by not buying farm products from the States that support Trump … the Deep State is throwing impeachment punches … the Demon-rats want Trumps tax forms to prove he is as much a crook as they are … and are offering unlimited freebees to the people to win votes (free education, free health care, free cash for seniors on Social Security … etc., etc. … people in Virginia bought it and it is now in the Demon-rat camp … dodging and weaving by Trump may help him avoid a knock-out-blow … buy Trump has to throw a hard punch of his own … I suggest … he hits back hard by taking the chains off the CPI … and gives all Americans the “true inflation cost of living adjustment” they are rightly due … instead of the negative (-7.4 %) hit they are currently going to get in Jan 2020 … a phony 1.6% COLA shafted up their you know what!!

    • iwitness02

      al, you make a good argument in support of President Trump.
      Thank you.

    • William Stanley

      I like and respect Mr. Griffin. Nevertheless you’ve made some great points.
      Yes, we seem to be in a situation where patience is an extreme virtue: We learn more every day and, hence, we are becoming relatively stronger every day.
      The final battle may come soon, but not yet. As Sun Tzu said: “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.”

    • WD


      I have to agree with you….why not just get Hilary in and get it over with…the simplest answer is usually right….it seems like so much kabuki for a lot of nothing

    • Freebrezer

      Amen … President Trump is a True American/President. And as you said, no person would take the abuse that is dished at him. He believes in America, and I believe there are some strong, well educated, blue blood American military Generals backing him!

  17. Russ F

    Mr Griffin has nailed it! Thank you Greg for having him on……

    His views (and fears) about which side Mr. Trump also makes a great deal of sense.
    I have been thinking the same as of late.

    Why are the Clinton’s not held accountable yet for everything we know they have done illegally? Why was Epstein murdered, and that whole illegal activity seemingly swept under the table? Why is Biden the one that illegally had Ukranian activities, and now that is largely swept away and turned on to Trump? Why does President Trump say we are pulling our troops out of Syria, and then weeks later we go back in “to protect the oil assets”? and many more…..

    Thank you Mr Griffin for explaining what is (researched) and likely is (his views) going on.

    Everyone needs to pull all of their money (if they have any) out of the banks!
    They need our money in the system to continue their program to own everything.
    We leave money in the banks, they pay us no interest, buy stocks, and make money with our money.
    Wake up folks!

    The reason for all of the money printing is because the banking system did not have enough money to buy all the debt being issued to fund our out of control (with no limit) budget. The fed simply prints enough, gives it the banks, they buy the debt with those printed dollars.

    And, as Mr Griffin says, most people do not understand this as the media and the President do not tell us what is really going on.

    Sorry Greg, but I am beginning to think that while President Trump is still the better option (versus a Clinton or other democrat), he is also part of the system that will try to take us all down (a meeting with Kissinger??)

    • K.Wayne

      “Controlled Opposition” …. absolutely without one ounce of doubt …… 100%.
      I have expressed my understanding and raised questions over the inconsistencies of so called elected government and the people chosen to hold office in support of POTUS…. on this site on numerous occasions.
      His agenda is to serve his masters to achieve their desired One World Government. That’s what all good Presidents do….. especially those of the USA Inc. LLC.

      • Greg Hunter

        I will take the other side of that bet. You are ignoring a lot to have no doubt. Yiue opinbion is not a fact.

        • K.Wayne

          Pre Election……. “The stock market is one BIG FAT UGLY BUBBLE !”
          Post Election……”We have the greatest Economy in the World and the Stock market is up !”
          He Owns it now….and will take the crash on the chin.
          His policies haven’t improved our standard of living one iota.
          He has surrounded himself with Luciferians of the GS and Rothschild ilk.
          He is doing everything to destroy this country with his idiotic self interest , misguided policies. If anything he will bring about our destruction a lot sooner….but without the War that the communists / Marxists demand. He will achieve it by economic destruction and isolationism. The Globalists agenda is not impeded whatsoever…in fact it is in full gear and moving to the desired end game as planned. Sometimes we cant see the Forrest for the Trees. But that is exactly how they achieve their nefarious goals.
          Just reading through some of the comments…it is apparent that I’m not alone in terms of doubts. Even Mr G. expressed his view (“controlled opposition”) which concurs with mine.
          It is my view as I expressed it. It wasn’t framed any other way.

  18. Paul Anthony

    “I wish you didn’t ask that question” Most profound answer in this interview. Maybe profound isn’t that right word. Trump being the chosen opposition to reign in new economy rigged for them, same as it is today, is for sure in interesting twist to the way I view things happening in the world.

    Good Guest and good interview

    Thank you Greg

    Paul Anthony

  19. andyb

    Greg: I, like GEG, have always had questions about Trump, which started right after the election. In no particular time frame order:
    1. the initial Cabinet with Goldman Sachs and other banker sycophants
    2. the meeting with Kissinger
    3. the dual citizen Zionists still in power and planted in the White House
    4. the Clintons at his wedding and the refusal to pursue “lock her up”
    5. the hiring of neocon generals
    6. The hiring of John Bolton
    7. Some cringe worthy tweets, although quite a few are masterful

    All in all, the proof will be in the level of accountability for the treasonous coup attempt. If only the minors are thrown under the bus (McCabe et al) and the majors are allowed to walk, then the reservations that both GEG and I have will be proven correct. We’ll see.

  20. Mike

    Asking questions is the only way to break out of the Matrix. The answer is that Trump did not decide on a whim to run for president. Trump was asked by the US military to run for president to avoid the only other option of a military coup to remove the deep state and their globalist puppet masters. Why did the globalist cabal allow Trump to get elected? The rigged machines that would have given Hillary the election were replaced by patriots as part of the plan. How do we know that Trump is not controlled opposition? Trump and his backers will “drain the swamp” of all the criminal elites who have been “above the law”. The economic collapse is unavoidable but I expect Trump and his backers will make sure to redistribute wealth from the criminal banking cartel back to the people who got robbed.

    • Horsenut

      Where we go one, we go all!

    • paul ...

      In the matrix we live in “where everyone in power is a crook” (and the Demon-rats want Trumps IRS forms to prove that point) … but even if they succeed … Trump can win over the people in 2020 by becoming a true Robin Hood … someone who is willing to rob from the rich and give to the poor (a label the Demon-rats want for themselves) … Trump can instantly get such “Robin Hood Credentials” by giving the people “a just and fair inflation COLA (currently between 9% and 10%)” and screw all the rich corporate big shots who want to keep the common people living in poverty!!

      • paul ...

        In the Matrix Movie … the elite “henchmen” had orders to kill anyone anywhere on the planet deemed to pose a threat to the Matrix … all the killings transpired with cool deliberation … the same way the Demon Rat Obama did it in our Real Matrix we are living in … Demon-rat Obama “codified assassination” as an integral component of US policy … whereby “continual war is now being waged against individuals” (not just Nations) … a continual war against people (with missile laden drones) is now a permanent worldwide undertaking “that recognizes no boundaries” … if Trump, Gabbard, etc. are against continual war … let’s hear one of then say: “I’m Going to Stop the Continual Drone War Being Waged Against Human Beings (where individuals are sentenced to death without a trial) which is against the very basic and fundamental Constitutional Principles our country was founded upon”!!! …
        *** [Is it any wonder these same Demon-rats think it is perfectly fine to impeach Trump in secret without giving him an opportunity to defend himself] ***

  21. TJZ

    Mr. Griffin is a true gentleman and patriot! He is easily to understand and I enjoy hearing him speak. Thank you Greg.

  22. Horsenut

    Great lead in with the Red and Blue pill. People will sit and watch a movie about corruption but won’t transfer that concept to reality. Funny how the Red or Blue pill idea can be transferred to Republicans and Democrats. If you stop and think about the story lines in movies like ‘Shooter’ for example, how can you not see the possibility of it happening in real life. I would love to hear Kevin Shipp’s take on a show like ‘Burn Notice’. People are sheep that are directed by a barking dog.

  23. Frontal Spark

    This guy is living in the past. The Global Dynamic has changed.
    This SDR NWO EU Centric World is gone and slowly dyeing.
    This guy needs to get up to date.

  24. Russ F

    Besides getting your money out of the banking system, get out of any accounts that have tax liability to the government (i.e. IRA’s and 401K’s). They are likely all in equities now; when the time is right for the government, they could convert those to bonds paying little or no interest. The government is broke, and they want/need the money from these accounts! And there is a lot of money tied up in these accounts.

    Pay the tax now, and get out.

    • paul ...

      Russ … your right … the Government (just like Henry the VIII) has a big need for its subjects wealth … so getting out of IRA’s and 401K’s although difficult … is probably the only way to prevent the government from converting your assets in these accounts into Government Bonds that pay little to no interest!!

      • paul ...

        Before we are all forced to buy 1000 year T-bonds yielding negative interest (that destroy our wealth) … let’s buy 1000 year gold coins yielding zero interest (that preserves our wealth)!!

  25. Bruce Vetter

    Thank you so much for having G. Edward Griffin on, Greg. April 28, 1975 was my red pill date, the date of the Newsweek article about global cooling. Then 25 years later, after observing events, I began reading…….a lot. Mr. Griffin’s book was among the first, then came a hectic ten year period where I read 300 other books becoming full blown “red pilled”. Mr. Griffin’s book was one of those of which I purchased ten more and gave them to appropriate friends for future discussion. During those years I had weekly meetings in my large office to determine what is happening to our world, or as I called it; “who’s driving this bus” meetings. Back then I had a little under 100 employees with lots of infrasture These occurred for the next 13 years and often times had 10-20 people attending every week. When I shut the meetings down because I sold everything and cashed out, they started their own weekly meetings which are still ongoing locally and spreading.

    Mr. Griffin’s wonderful book kept me on my journey for the truth.

  26. hobuk

    So many things about President Trump are a mystery, but Mr. Griffin is correct about President Trump walking back a few of his promises. His appointment of attorney general Barr, who C.A. Fitts accurately called out as a man connected to the Bush syndicate, is working on HARPA, surreal broad stroking nightmare legislation heavily reliant on algorithms created by private contractors. President Trump is on board with HARPA.
    Thank you so much for your work.

    • Benevolent Dictator

      If you sold everything, what did you convert your federal reserve notes into?

  27. JC


    “Deutsche Bank is the largest domino in Europe’s very shaky financial system. When it fully collapses, it will set off a chain reaction that nobody is going to be able to stop. David Wilkerson once warned that the financial collapse of Europe would begin in Germany, and Jim Rogers has warned that the implosion of Deutsche Bank would cause the entire EU to “disintegrate”…”

    • paul ...

      JC … Stan figures “the powers that be” will never allow Deutsche Bank to fail … and he is probably right … but the reorganization of the bank is going to make the common stock holders “the fall guys” … perhaps Stan should sell his common stock and buy Deutsche Bank bonds at 10 cents on the dollar!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … your not doing too badly today (as people have gotten excited about the Trump trade deal with China) … … but it doesn’t mean you can’t go to sleep this Thursday night with gold at $1,460 and then wake up tomorrow to a banking holiday where gold will be $3,000 bid – no offer (on a failure to deliver)!! … if all you have is a piece of paper (a put option contract) it will blow up in smoke … while those with physical gold coins will prosper handsomely and are probably right now very thankful they can get some more coins today (at a cheaper price)!!

  28. kevin

    Very good guest asking the questions we all should ask. Thank you greg

  29. Diane

    Wow…what an interesting interview.

  30. Russ F

    Watch how fast the debt is growing!

    mind boggling

  31. Dave

    Maybe conservative will get red pilled on controlled conservative media after the disastrous election results on Tuesday. The Dems made gains acros the country and why? They made Trump an issue at the local level. And Dems had a stronger turnout than the GOP. In Virginia the suburbs around Richmond broke for the Dems – for candidates who supported gun control and abortion. Rush and other controlled media have been manipulating conservatives. Forget the national polls Rush says. Local polls count – and Trump is popular there. Not nearly as much as conservatives have been told. This should put to rest the crowd size phenomena. The polls are what counts and they look bad for the GOP in 2020. Texas is in play – that is why 5 GOP congressmen have retired. Their districts are set to flip.

    Michael savage, Bannon and Shapiro have been hitting the warning alarm. 2020 is dicey. Bannon is pleading with conservatives to get involved at the ground level – forget listening to controlled conservative media which tells you everything is fine.

    The Tuesday results will further erode Trump’s support in the GOP. Many GOP candidates in 2020 will not want Trump to appear with them. He is a drag on the ticket in many parts of the country. Will this embolden McConnell to push the “conditional acquittal” on impeachment that Bannon now fears? Will Trump decide to run?

    Bottom line – why is controlled conservative media lying and saying yesterday’s election can be explained away and means nothing? Are they actually part of the deep state? Are they trying to portray a confidence that is not warranted in order to keep their audiences tuning in and the money rolling into their coffers?

  32. iwitness02

    About ten, or ten plus years ago, I read that the powers that be, will allow the political pendulum to swing back to the right. They were going to allow this in order to buy more time. But it would not really change anything beyond appearance only.
    The questions/observations that G. brings up about Trump brought that old article back to mind. Trump has made some curious comments here and there. For example: The Clintons are good people. Because you (Hillary) would be in jail right now. Soros is free and uninhibited right now. Meeting with Henry the K. Bump stocks are banned. Seems to have a favorable view about Red Flag Laws. Plus, justice is still a day away.
    On the other hand, The media whould have us believe that Barr and Durham are loaded for bear, and the FISA report will be out soon. Just like the truth about the Kennedy assassination. The truth was going to be released to the public. Nope.
    In spite of all this I am willing to wait until about 2021 (assuming he wins) before I throw in the towel on believing in Trump. I want to believe him when he says that power will be returned to the people. But I also consider that we could find ourselves in a civil war, or world war, and on our own. Every man for himself. So as usual, I really don’t know much about anything. So I try to prepare for everything.
    I did enjoy this interview, as I like G. Edward Griffin.

    • iwitness02

      I remember when Dallas was big on TV. At the time, some of my coworkers were all abuzz about a line from one of the episodes. “No one gives you power.” “You take it!” If J.R. Ewing is correct, we the people have a long road ahead.

  33. Stan

    Hey Paul: How is that Gold Bull flag working out (ha ha ha). You should read this before you buy more Gold:

  34. Dave

    The guest’s speculation that Trump is in effect a “plant” is quite plausible. Ironically, Dr. Michael Savage is moving in that direction in his belief. That this is all “shadows on the wall” with no one knowing what is really going on. Savage asked yesterday was the largest conservative talk show host absolutely silent on the atrocity in Sonora Mexico? Why – Savage thinks that controlled conservative media is working to keep listeners distracted. To ignore the fact the border is in far worse shape and more dangerous than before rump took office. or that the large majority of the vaunted wall being built is simple replacement of existing wall.

    The lack of any movement on the investigations is further evidence it is a sham. The IG report was delayed and supposedly was to be out in October. Now the word is next year. The Barr/Durham investigation is expected to take at least a year. Hello, that will be election time. The Epstein “suicide” under Barr’s watch?! Dr. Savage gave a private talk last week. He was asked if anyone (big layer) would be brought to justice in the Russia gate probe. His reply – the fact the person had to ask the question is answer it. Savage is being interviewed by Breitbart media this week. The person interviewing him was intrigued by his comments at the private gathering and agreed that no one will be brought to justice – the Breitbart person in email exchanges with Savage said – along the lines of no one being brought to justice added – despite what a certain Fox host has been saying for years. It is all shadows on the wall and the average American is being manipulated by forces on the right such as Rush to anger and disdain for those on the left much as CNN is doing in the reverse. American are being played by the deep state and controlled media on the left and right are part of the game. Trump, IMO, is a plant and Trump, IMO, will resign as part of the fan dance. Allowing the deep state to move onto the next act.

  35. B ill B

    GREG; Imagine this scenario
    If RB Ginsberg were to pass during the impeachment hearings, there would be such chaos as we have not seen.
    Mr Griffin says the banksters will own all the gold , silver, real estate , factories, and food supplies. Whats left for the little guy
    The old Boy Scout motto; ” Be Prepared “

  36. A. E Jones. JR

    In my view, current political events on the national level all lead to the destruction of the Federal Government. The great irony is that the people causing the collapse are the very people that will suffer. The only reason so much attention is given to national politics is that the Federal Government serves as the great equalizer. When the structure goes down this forced equalization will come to the end of the line the for LGBT, affirmative action for blacks, women rights, income redistribution and free stuff like our medical benefits-SS etc. The evil of the Federal Government is that it forces the majority to accept what given the freedom to chose they would reject. Same goes for the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is the back bone of the criminal class. Take away the protector role of the justice system and the people on the local level would take out the criminal element in a New York minute.
    I believe that in ten years all government will be local and the only thing the nation will have in common is the roads and infrastructure. Just the way it should have been all along. Law enforcement will be by a well regulated local and armed militia under local authority just as the founders wanted it. What we are witnessing on the national level is a “Cool-Aide Party” on a mass scale. Jim Jones style. Except instead of Jim Jones we have Adam and Nancy mixing the brew. Read Romans 1: 16-32 and you will see exactly what I am talking about. America was once a great nation because the people were governable and America ceased being a great nation when the people became ungovernable given over to sin.

  37. Paul in OZ

    Fabulous interview … indentured servitude is the goal and the jury remains out on whether or not POTUS is for or against. If POTUS is a good guy we need to see things start happening or the “average” people will start turning against him. Time is running short on the start of the swamp draining.

  38. JC

    Here is a perfect example of why we need USA Watchdog!

    “We have all witnessed the crazy unenlightening information generated from media coverage during “live crisis” coverage of a news event, it is a reminder that often the world is clueless. It seems that people love to defer to the opinions and advice of so-called experts so they don’t have to think. When we look behind the curtain, we often find their background in the subject is weak and short, or clouded and blurred by bias.”

  39. Anthony Australia

    Then debt will be paid back by the next few generations. The banks here just went through a Royal Commission, only to come out of it by promoting people to borrow more. The profit results from some of the bank here this week have been advertised as dismal, only a few Billion dollars LOL!

  40. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great choice for an interview…Have followed Mr.
    Griffin’s work for years…he and James Perloff some of my earliest Red PILL authors to question the narratives…
    I think people are awakening more then many believe… certainly more are watching the bankers like never before… that said…as the current cycle of weather pattern shift is also upon us…one can not help but think ‘they’ have known that too and the timing is suspect as the can kicking seemingly has just gone along as there is a decade or two window between the last 24 cycles of appox. 350 plus years average between them…just say’n !

  41. paul ...

    The Hitler’s in control today “don’t try even try to hide their blood thirst” for a new Holocaust … the 6 Million Jews they killed years ago was chicken feed “compared to their new goal” to exterminate 6 Billion Jews, Christians, Moslem’s, etc., etc. this time around!! …

  42. paul ...

    If I was in charge of this investigation I would be looking to see if “foul play” was involved … this was “a parachute jumping training mission” … perhaps the kid was afraid to jump and was pushed out of the plane by bully’s … is this how our military men deal with someone in fear? … just throw them to the sharks??? …

  43. RB

    Greg, You sure worked fast not not to allow Mr. Griffin the opportunity to finish his thoughts on President Trump. Wow, this really makes me wonder about you.”Take heed that no man deceives you,” Matt. 24:4. Mr. Griffin is right to have questions about Trump. He does have connections to the globalists, he does have strange behaviors, he flip-flops on issues, and blames his lack of accomplishments on those goofy unconstitutional Democrats, and lower level judges who just seem to frequently block his gallant efforts. You always want to compare him to Hillary. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you still have evil. Delusion is not the sole property of liberals. Mark Twain wrote,”It’s easier to fool a man,than to convince him he has already been fooled.”

  44. paul ...

    Instead of worrying about marks and bruises on the dead body … Epstein’s brother should be demanding a DNA sample of the dead body … to compare with the DNA found on Epstein’s bathroom brush … he may be pleasantly surprised to find his brother did not die at all and is alive hiding out somewhere in the world!! …

    • paul ...

      Or … unpleasantly surprised … by nullifying his right to inherit part of his brother’s assets!!

  45. J.

    Can someone please remind me of a President, in the past 60 years, who has kept all of his campaign promises? Thanks!

    • J.

      Anyone . . . anyone?

    • J.

      Anyone . . . Anyone?

  46. Robert

    I’m so sick of reading stories like this and only seeing Trump related associates be investigated. All this timing reeks of letting things go till after the election and then if the election dumps Trump, none of these people will ever be prosecuted. I think the goal is to ensure Trump doesn’t get a second term however accomplished. The timeline for justice is getting way to squeezed to get all the justice necessary.

  47. Bob

    Another theory is that they did manipulate the count, but Trump overwhelmed their fiddling with his enormous popularity.

    But he might be right about Trump. He seems to have no opposition now. Are the dems posting insane candidates on purpose? We can only judge them by their fruits but it often seems too late by then.

  48. MoBo

    I think it is important to note that Hillary Clinton also met with Henry Kissinger while running for the presidency. One should not draw quick conclusions based on common actions.

  49. Rock

    Great interview Greg. One of your very best my friend…

  50. brvalentine

    What and apropos time to have Mr. Griffin as the global central banks embark on driving rates negative NIRP (soon to be witnessed in the US) as well as their destruction of the purchasing power of currencies globally via unlimited and infinite QE. Fantastic guest!

    End the FRS and Stop the madness. Be Your own CB.

  51. Robert Dziok

    Neither President Trump nor “Q” are Controlled Opposition! If you are of that opinion then you have not done your homework. All I can say is try looking at the Youtube channels “Truth and Art TV” with Bernie and “X22 Report” with Dave if you think such. I don’t see how one could think such after that but that is up to each one to decide.

    There are now over 127,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 (see Is that “Controlled Opposition”? Look at all President Trump has endured being unjustly attacked via the Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM Propaganda Machine with some 98% negative/false/lie spun narrative no matter what. One could go on and on and on as to why such a position of controlled opposition is not realistic and shows one trapped in their own limited matrix. Also they’re not aware of President Trump’s many many accomplishments (not reported by MSM) and sacrifices he made. Constant barrage of Desperate Dems/Deep State BS. lies and propaganda will NEVER overcome the Truth, Facts and Evidence President Trump has. Maybe those who think such also think AG Barr and Durham are “controlled opposition” also. Good Grief!

    As for “Q” , Q is back! 8Chan is where Q posted and was taken done via the false flag Texas shooting even though the shooter posted to other sites first which were not taken down via threats etc. 8chan is now 8Kun a hardened site not able to be taken down. It’s needed for communication outside BS MSM as unsealed indictments, prosecutions, Declas etc become public because behind the scenes REAL investigations are completing (REAL investigations take time to put together facts/evidence etc).

    And the Big Bombshell revealed just now by President Trump at his recent rally is revealed by the Youtube channel “Where We Go 1 We Go All”. It is a very short video one has to see to appreciate entitled “POTUS: I’M Q”. In his rally speech while first pointing out the numerous Fake News media attending in the background President Trump states the numbers 9, 13, 17 sequentially. There is a slight hesitation before stating 17. Translate these to positions in the alphabet and they say ” I’M Q”. That is:
    9 13 17
    I ‘ M Q

    There are many comments to this there and elsewhere on the Web etc. The comment by CHAPDOG B there expands on this more as to what President Trump said at the rally.
    CHAPDOG B: President Trump says “19 minutes after I was elected, 5 more years, 9, 13, 17, 21. That is:
    This translates via alphabetic positions to “SEE (19,5) I’M (9,13) Q (17) YOU (21)” That is ” SEE I’M Q YOU”. President Trump has just told us he is Q to the Fake News Media Faces in the background he called out as such at the rally. In reality President Trump is Q+ in Q postings and Q is a group of Patriots consisting of Military and Civilian personnel with Q level clearance ( the highest level of security clearance ). President Trump is part of Q. They are using the finest methods of military planning/warfare/intelligence to go after the Sal Alinsky” Rules for Radicals” (book) Communists/Socialists followed by CREATURES such as Clinton.

    As I have said in other posts in the past: President Trump has the Military, Patriots and Bikers. Globalist Controlled Hypocritical Desperate Delusional Dems/Deep State have Squat. By law President Trump can have Military Intelligence take over all CIA, FBI and NSA investigations under certain conditions likely met now (e.g. coup attempt). They have chosen not to do so yet but are conducting their own investigations. Patriots are in control letting the Desperate Dems/Deep State reveal their true evil and anti-American nature. Part of educating Americans to Desperate Dem/Deep State evil. Also letting Desperate Dems/Deep State destroy themselves (War tactic to not interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves).

    In addition I have said in past posts President Trump has Truth, Facts and Evidence. Desperate Dems/Deep State have BS, Lies and Propaganda. There have been over 127,000 sealed indictments since October 2017 ( see ). AG Barr and Durham have gone world wide recently to foreign governments for info related to their investigations. Durham expanded his to go past when President Trump was elected. Recently Durham’s investigation was changed to a CRIMINAL investigation because of facts/evidence found to date.

    Q has stated POTUS is 100% protected. NOBODY is going to take him out! Patriots are in control (sometimes use war tactic of appear weak when strong). Anyone really wonder yet who will prevail? Perhaps Mr Griffin is not up to date enough yet on Military/Patriot tactics being CURRENTLY utilized and the plan conceived years ago (Q says to trust the plan) for the right time and President (That is why they asked Trump to run for President after thoroughly checking out his background). This is a worldwide endeavor involving corruption, human trafficking, drugs, stc etc. It’s intent is to give power back to the people. It’s a one time chance and REAL investigations take time effort etc. Need to use Logic/Reason and not Emotion. Did you think the Desperate Dems/Deep State would not try futile attempts to stay in power during their last gasps?

    Patriots are in control! President Trump and “Q” are the most HONORABLE patriots there could ever be! God Bless and Protect them! God Bless and Protect America during these times! God have Mercy on America’s enemies foreign and domestic as I doubt there will be little from Americans when all the TRUTH is brought out.

  52. brvalentine

    Why are they (Global CB’s) driving rates negative and expanding the money supply (i.e QE; Printing money)?

    The Sovereign’s (countries); Banks (globally) and Corporations (Zombies-and there are many) are I.N.S.O.L.V.E.N.T.

    Not to mention Monetizing/Funding the deficits.

    • K. Wayne

      Increased money supply will lead to lower Bond rates. Ultimately the move to negative rates is about centralization. Its inevitable…as I have said in many of my previous comments. First we go to ZIRP…then march straight on to NIRP.
      As I said in my comment above ….The money system is/was a policy vehicle to centralize World Power leading to World Government. The onset of Electronic currency is imminent. Meantime the counterfeiting continues to line the pockets of the brethren Banks…..which through the use of fractional banking using free money….ensure Hard Assets (RE, Resources, PM’s) are acquired via collateralization. They have bankrupted the World and will bring forth a new system (already devised and ready to be implemented) to replace the old one. Simultaneously they own all the Resources of the Globe. Very strong position to be in….when sitting at the table ….to slice and dice the spoils.
      Connecting the dots of Finance, Centralization and World Hegemony are the keys to unlocking this agenda.

  53. Doug

    Looks like it! Smells like it! And it even tastes like it! Being aware of a sucker punch takes alertness . The entire continent is fast asleep and it’s almost hilarious. Another great interview Greg, and I really liked the advice from mr Roberts to purchase Lead. Haha

  54. WD


    I understand what Griffin is saying. But why make it that much harder just for kabuki theater….Hilary gets in….so much less work for everyone. And then she starts her “clean up” of our nation ( taking guns, concentration camps etc….all this other stuff seems like such a waste of time and they are just creating resistance for themselves. Iceland was able to put bankers in jail and we cant?

    Everything is not some connect the dots plan….Somehow some way their plans got interrupted and its causing all this strife….we have laws that we could have enforced to arrest these bankers. We chose not to do that. I loved his book. But other nations across world are turning to nationalism. We have a rabid left wing population in the US. 50% that hate this nation and want it brought down….all I can say is “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. These deep staters are not Gods nor super humans they make mistakes etc. They are evil satanists that underestimate people like us….

    Never give up, EVER!!
    Maybe its time for Mark Taylor?

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, Have you anyone that has heard of this – heads up if your traveling to Utah?

    • William Stanley

      That looks like a political stunt to me. A stunt with no legal foundation whatsoever; the local government has no lawful power to cede its police powers to the UN or allow the denial of Constitutional rights. Nevertheless, even if the property were government-owned, it could grant a group the right to exclude people from the premises (as is often done at sporting or other events).
      Still, it is interesting that such a stunt seems to have had the backing of some influential people. It would have been fascinating if the UN “officer” had attempted to arrest and detain the local woman for taking pictures. Then, the real police would have had a duty to step in.

  56. Jerry

    Are you watching the globalist spin cycle?

    Anytime the globalist are backed into a corner they use the same ploy. Deny everything, and accuse your accusers of being conspiracy theorist. What is there left to be said about Deutsche Bank? Anyone with half a brain knows it’s on financial life support, and has been for years. The only tin foiled hat people I know, are people like Stan, who think Deutsche Bank stock is going to twenty, when it hasn’t even whiffed ten. Oh, and let’s not even talk about negative interest rates. That’s the newest scheme being peddled by ECB. I guess printing money out of thin air with quantitative easing wasn’t enough. Now they want to give it away. Like I said in my last post. I guess debt doesn’t matter. Maybe money doesn’t matter either. At this rate we”ll be trading chickens for shoes in no time.

  57. Stan

    Gold sliced thru $1465 like a hot knife thru butter! CHA-CHING! Crash has just started.

  58. Gary

    “Because you KNOW something is wrong”

    The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the strained, restless relations that exist among the nations. They observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and they recognize that something great and decisive is about to take place—that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis.

    Angels are now restraining the winds of strife, that they may not blow until the world shall be warned of its coming doom; but a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth; and when God shall bid His angels loose the winds, there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture.

    The Bible, and the Bible only, gives a correct view of these things. Here are revealed the great final scenes in the history of our world, events that already are casting their shadows before, the sound of their approach causing the earth to tremble and men’s hearts to fail them for fear.

    “Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof … They have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate … The mirth of tabrets ceaseth, the noise of them that rejoice endeth, the joy of the harp ceaseth” (Isaiah 24:1-18).
    From the book “Education”, p. 180
    Ellen White, 1903

  59. paul ...

    Two Fake News Media Organization Networks collude to-get-her to fire the women who leaked “a massive bombshell” about one Media Organization covering up for a highly connected pedophile (Epstein) at the time Hillary was running for President so as not to hurt her election chances … watch as journalists all now turn to the Dark Side (like Soros) so as not to endanger their asses and future job prospects!!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      This is awful Paul. MSM is showing it is evil. It will never recover.

  60. SilverHawk

    The bankers are all criminals. They get away with stealing wealth from the people. Those in charge of protecting the people are just as guilty. The only winners are those who convert FED debt notes into real money, silver and gold.
    In the past 2 days, JPM has lopped 1 dollar off the spot price of silver. 2 massive episodes of naked shorting. I see it this way, it’s like a bookie who only takes 8 bets on the team that they know is going to lose and 2 on the winning team, on a game that they know the outcome of.. They get to keep 60% of the take every time. The same way the algorithm is programmed the to reap the profits from futures and options trading. Price fixing. All in the guise to keep the dollar worth something in world markets. Every country playing the dollar game gets robbed blind. When will they learn? Investors have nothing until they cash out and convert their FED debt notes, to paid in full tangible assets. Ponzie scheme statements are not an asset, just a wishful promise that eventually become worthless.
    OK, I’ll get off my soapbox for now. Just keep on stacking that “physical in your possession”, SILVER, like the crooks at JPM are doing.

    • SilverHawk

      LOL. I just listened to the interview and boy it was tough. This guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He didnt answer any of Greg’s questions, and thinks a warehouse full of wine is useful when TSHTF? Yeah. Right. Greg had to remind him it’s gold and silver, and even then he was apprehensive to say it. But said the federal reserve was hoarding gold, silver and real estate. The federal reserve is nothing but a loan shark for the deficit spending government. It’s the government’s fault for all this monetary mess, not the banksters. They’re just profiting from the control of money creation and all assets traded in the stock, bond and commodity markets. Get out of the casino and get into silver hoarding. It’s the only safe plan in preparation for the coming dollar collapse. Period.

  61. Justn Observer

    Yes, George Webb only investigative reporter at Uranium One trial..AGAIN?
    U.S. uranium stock taken to blend (cut) the megatons to megawatts sold?
    Susan Rice made what? $ 100 million while in Obama admin? naa can’t be ! can it?
    Maybe working in government is the way to go… $ 14 mil a year hmmm not bad if true
    How about Congress have her testify as to how she made that much while working ‘for the government’?

    • William Stanley

      Yes, George Webb is doing some fascinating reporting.

  62. JC

    Stan? Did you have something to do with this?

    ‘The New York Fed added $115.14 billion to financial markets via temporary operations on Thursday.’

  63. CC


    Thanks for mentioning Jesus in this interview as he is our only hope and salvation! Bottom line is regardless of what may come to fruition God is still on His throne and always will be as he ordains everything for His purposes and Glorification.

  64. Wade

    Greg ,,really appreciate your work
    You always ask your guest what the average guy should do ,,they never really give good answers . Please investigate the article by Dmitry Orlov ,,post Soviet lessons for a post century America . Written in 2005 fascinating descriptions of of how Russians actually managed to survive a real ! financial collapse .
    No fear here

  65. Pete

    Something else peculiar about President Trump. About 15 years ago I attended a real estate convention in Rosemont Illinois where he spoke to a packed room. Before he was introduced with much fanfare, dozens of signs that read “Trump For President” were distributed throughout the audience, to be held up during all the applause.
    I thought at the time that it was cutesy and done to help fuel his ego with chants from the audience. Now I wonder if it was done because the waters were being tested, as to him being selected for a future presidency. Really makes me wonder.

  66. tim mcgraw

    Ahh, the f@#king bankers! November 11th is ARMISTICE DAY! It is NOT Veterans Day. The military gets their day in May on Memorial Day. Armistice Day is for us who hate war and celebrate the ends of wars.
    But the bankers, oh, they love war. They caused the Versailles Treaty that ended WWI and caused Germany to go bankrupt and starving so that bankers could get their money. This set up Germany for Hitler and WWII.
    Oh, those f@#king bankers!
    You want hard assets? Get some lead and use it on the bankers.
    I’m fed up with them. The bankers have killed millions and impoverished billions.

  67. tim mcgraw

    Dear Greg, Listen to your guest. Just because Trump is better than Hillary, doesn’t make him Jesus. I think your guest is right. Trump is controlled opposition by and for the bankers etc.. 100 million Americans don’t vote. They are RIGHT not to consent to this bullshit government.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s right Tim but Trump is not “controlled opposition” either and you nor Griffin can prove that. There is a track record and facts that I have showed in the past and in the griffin interview to prove otherwise to boot.

      • tim mcgraw

        I hope you are right, Greg. Yes, Trump did get us out of the Paris Climate BS and the TPP, and he pardoned those ranchers who were wrongly accused of arson. I haven’t forgotten. I just had higher hopes for the man. Perhaps the system is impossible to change until it collapses with the dollar. I am disappointed that he hasn’t let Assange out of jail and Chelsea Manning and pardoned Ed Snowden.
        But again, government is so big now it runs itself.

  68. tim mcgraw

    Dear Greg, Finally let me comment on what you need when the system collapses. You need to be fit mentally and physically and emotionally and spiritually. i.e. You’ve gotta be tough. And you don’t need gold and silver, you need a skill that will be needed. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, farming,… you need a REAL SKILL for the real world.
    Learn one.
    The Nazis didn’t kill the Jews who knew how to fix the plumbing and electrics in the concentration camps. The Nazis killed the lawyers and bankers and shopkeepers.

  69. Sparky

    If all sane people do is bleat and yelp each time we are speared, we are the exact victims that make predators proud of their work. They brag about our pain and squealing.
    If you haven’t noticed the similarity, that’s how ISIS et al. work. Recruitment rises with their despicable videos, falls when they take military losses. Even psychos don’t want to lose.
    It’s our job to make the craziest of Leftist ideas *lose* on every front: Schools and universities, elections small and large, social media, public meetings, mass media, and political appointments.
    But we do it logically, coolly, legally, so by contrast their temper tantrums prove them the irrational ones.

  70. Elias Andrinopoulos

    G. Edward Griffin is a legend and I have the utmost respect for the man but if he has information that Trump is not all he says he is and that he’s somehow in bed with the Soros’s of the world then he has a Patriotic obligation to make this public. Just saying. Wow.

    • Elias

      I realize he is saying it on this interview and I know he’s older and has put his life on the line and I really respect that but what I mean is, perhaps make more Of a point about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      What Mr. Griffin (as he clearly said) was he had questions and nothing more.

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