Banking and Freedom

By Greg Hunter’s

I just have a couple of videos to share with you today.  One is about banking and monetary policy from a 12 year-old girl named Victoria Grant.  She is a Canadian that has a firm grasp about what’s really wrong with the global economy.  This video has gotten more than 600,000 views and when you watch it you will know why.  The second video is an oldie but a goodie from silent film star Charlie Chaplin.  It is just three minutes long, and it’s called “One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history.”  I cannot disagree.  I think these two speeches fit nicely together even though they were given decades apart.  I hope you take the time to watch.

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  1. mike gunther

    Greg, do you think this debt train is picking up speed toward the cliff. Will Spain give way next week to Italy and then France the next week and England the next? Are we seeing a fast train wreck or a slow mo one? At what point will we (USA) be the caboose and go over the cliff last? “ALL ABOARD!!!” I think we are leaving the station. Hope u have PM and Preps for the trip. God Bless you Greg and all you do!

    • Greg

      My prediction is that people will be awakened to the true state of the economy within one year and worse from there before it gets better.

      • art barnes

        Greg, what do you have that I’m not aware of to believe people will wake up in one year about the true state of the economy? My belief is that the drugs they are on given to them by the MSM, our politicians, Wall Street, & the elite will keep them asleep for longer than that. How long you ask? In my mind, when we wake up one morning and we in a real war, with the announcements of new a currency (money), security martial law, & government takeover of what’s left of our private enterprise, and a united Congress allowing it all to happen; that’s when the wake up call will be. Pray I’m wrong.

        • Greg

          There will be increased inflation and deflation, defaults and even worse pain for the masses that will get so bad that people will have to wake up but I am afraid it will be too late by then. Mark my words, the economy will take a decided and noticeable downturn before this time next year. I hope I am wrong.

  2. Randy Simpson


    Charlie Chaplin quotes Luke 17:21 “the kingdom of God is within you” but distorts it to put forth the idea that that man is the source of all good and power and that man is the god. Not so! When Jesus said this, he was answering the religeous leaders who asked about and expected a physical, temporal kingdom on earth. Jesus answered them by explaining that Gods kingdom would be spiritual and be His presence within us as believers indwelled with the holy spirit.

    What Charlie put forth is a very dangerous lie mixed with the truth. “Worship the empowered man who is good–not God” No, worship God who is the source of good, not man.

    Romans 1:23:

    “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator”

    • Greg

      This was meant to be an inspiration speech from yesteryear to draw parallels from then and now. I didn’t see it as blaspheming God or selling short the enormous importance of God or our Savior Jesus Christ. Your point is well taken and thank you for your perspective. By the way, I am a Christian.

      • joe


        Not to diverge from the topic at hand, but Charlie Chaplin was a renown and proud atheist. Anytime atheists start quoting from the Bible, I become cynical regarding their motivation.

        Just a comment…regardless, I really enjoy your articles!

        God bless,

        • Greg

          I did not know that. I am a proud Christian and only meant the post to draw parallels from then and today. It was inspirational and that it was all it was meant to be. Thank you for pointing that out to me.

  3. ABR

    It is good to see that the Canadian educational system is functioning properly enough to turn out a well spoken young lady. This said, Victoria left one critically important element out of her speech – the welfare state. It is because the people demand progressive social welfare benefits that the politicians look for ways to fund the increasingly untenable programs that require the money. Of course the Canadian government could borrow money from the National Bank of Canada instead of from criminal organizations like Goldman Sachs, etc., but in the end the cycle is the same – the NBOC creates money out of thin air by printing it and releases it into the economy, thus causing inflation. The demand for this money comes from ever growing social programs. Until a solution is found that will enable the sustainable funding of the social welfare state nothing will change.

  4. Steve

    That was great, thanks. Nice hearing a 13 year know more than the average person in the US when it comes to banking.

  5. art barnes

    …and the ponzi banking scheme continues all the while the working middle class struggles to serve the bankers and finances their fraud upon our people. Meanwhile, our politicians and the MSM pretend the dirty little secret that money is money is made out of thin air doesn’t exist…and, the public believes all they say which continues the dirty little secret.

  6. Marcel

    Sadly the whole word is in rebellion against the Creator and this is why so much destruction which no one can stop is at the door.

    Just 1 of many examples of why Europe and the U.S. are melting down economically before our eyes.
    Every nation which has pushed the unworkable two state final solution,the carving up of Israel,sacrificing the tiny country to the Islamic world (who already have too much land already) to create another totally unnecessary 23 extremist Islamic state are paying dearly for meddling,interfering with His agenda.
    We’ve brought a curse upon ourselves.
    Look what’s happened to Japan for helping the Palestinian Terrorist Authority.

    God has warned everyone not to mess with Jerusalem,Israel,no one is listening.
    “I will also gather all nations,
    And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
    And I will enter into judgment with them there
    On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations;
    They have also divided up My land.”
    Joel 3:2
    …but the proud fools who rule the nations can’t help themselves and stick their nose where it does not belong.
    It’s going to get much,much worse because the rebel planet have rejected their Maker and assume to be gods themselves.
    They’re going to find out different the hard way !

  7. Jeff Ryan

    On Banking and North Dakota, since they have their own state bank, interesting new direction they are trying to take.

  8. Donald Watson

    This girl is a socialist, indoctrinated in a socialist school system to believe that government will save her. She advocates government control of the currency, and of the banks. She is speaking before the “Public Banking Institute.” Never fall for the word “public.” There’s no such thing. What they advocate is “government” banking, which has nothing to do with human beings. Government should have nothing to do with currency, or with banking. Therein we’ll find the true monopoly. Just as in the United States, the federal government has a monopoly on our currency. The problems start there.

    • Greg

      The Federal Reserve is not the answer either. It,of course, is a cartel of private banks that have been only concerned with propping up their banking buddies around the world at the expense of the people. I’d trust her (12 year-old Grant) over Ben Bernanke any day. By the way, the U.S. Constitution did grant the government the power to coin money and we have subcontracted out our monetary policy to the Fed. We have all seen how that system has worked. But, I see your point. Gold and silver should also be considered money. I’ll bet this is a point we both agree on. Your comment is well taken my friend. Thank you.


  9. Scott Wolf


    I’ve watched the Chaplin-“The Great Dictator” video many times in the past,and did watch the young girl a few weeks ago.Both are inspirational and illuminate the best qualities of mankind.

    As somebody who writes articles for Don’t Tread on Me,advocates Austrian economic principles,and values the U.S. Constitution,the illiteracy of Americans with regard to economic science troubles me greatly.QE,OP Twist,EFSF,ESM,TARP,call it whatever you like-it’s money printing and it will ultimately end badly.We are living through the death rattle of the U.S. dollar’s global reserve status.A new monetary system is desperately needed and until that occurs,we are all doomed.

    The following is an exerpt from my most recent article:


    Despite King Dollar’s recent surge, the prognosis for the global economy remains bleak. Following the Fed’s lead, the current accommodative monetary policy of Central Banks around the world, i.e. 0% interest rates and the concomitant unlimited debt issuance, has facilitated the transference of the world’s aggregate wealth from billions of private citizens into the hands of a privileged, select few elites. This is nothing less than theft via inflation, it cannot last forever and it will ultimately trigger one of two events: an outright debt default or hyperinflation. Either fiat paper debt will expand to a number never before experienced in the West compelling a default and collapse of the OTC derivative interest rate swap ponzi scheme, or central planners the world over will catalyze a hyper-inflationary episode through endless injections of liquidity rendering all fiat currencies instantly worthless in the process. No matter. In each instance, regardless of the impact on the global economy, the US Dollar’s hegemony will cease forever and Americans will confront hardship once exclusively reserved for the third world.

    Thanks for carrying the torch of liberty and freedom

    Scott Wolf

  10. Mike Myers

    I really hate to say this but it is not just the bankers . The government supports the banks . The police ,judges and militarily backed not to mention the FBI and CIA . And we the people have a lot of other people who do not even know that they are being taking to the cleaners .god help us

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