Banking Crisis Will Start in Europe – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says nothing is going to get better by the end of 2022, and he is still forecasting “chaos” coming in 2023. Armstrong says the plunge in the stock market last week is all because of “extreme uncertainty.” Armstrong predicted a stock market crash two months ago and contends, “It’s not over.”

Europe is in big financial trouble with Russian natural gas turned off as a retaliation from the sanctions. Armstrong explains, “In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset.’ They know they have a serious problem. They lowered rates to below 0% in 2014. They just started raising interest rates. Meanwhile, you ordered all the pension funds throughout Europe to have more than 70% in government bonds. Then they took it negative. All the pension funds are insolvent. Europe is fiscal mismanagement on a grand scale. There is no way it can sustain itself, and we are looking at Europe breaking apart.”

So, could Europe suck the rest of the world down the tubes? Armstrong says, “Oh, absolutely. Europe is the problem. . . . The crisis in banking will start in Europe. . . . The debt is collapsing. They have no way to sustain themselves. The debt market over there is undermining the stability of all the banks. You have to understand that reserves are tied to government debt, and this is the perfect storm. Yes, the (U.S.) stock market will go down short term. We are not facing a 1929 event or a 90% fall here. . . . Europeans, probably by January of 2023, as this crisis in Ukraine escalates, anybody with half a brain is going to take whatever money they have and get it over here.”

So, where is smart money going to go? Armstrong says, “Stocks are like gold, it is on the same side of the table and is opposite government debt. People are not going to be buying government debt. They are going to be looking at anything in the private sector. . . . People are buying whatever they can to get off the grid.”

Armstrong says governments are borrowing and spend huge amounts of money. The Fed will keep raising interest rates to fight inflation, but Armstrong says, “Raising interest rates will only make things worse. We have supply shortages, and raising rates will not fill the gaps.”

Armstrong has never been more positive on buying gold. Why? Armstrong explains, “We are looking at a sovereign debt default. This is what’s going on. This is why Biden will spend whatever he wants because he knows he doesn’t have to pay it back. Eventually, this is what’s going to happen. This is Schwab’s agenda.”

Armstrong has predicted “2023 will be the year from Hell.” Armstrong says, “Civil unrest will only get worse” this year, and he is predicting we will have full blown war next year. Armstrong contends Democrats are desperate and will do things like granting illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote in the mid-term elections.

In closing, Armstrong says, “Something is going to spark a collapse in government again. It’s going to be something, I think, in Europe where they do something drastic because they have no other choice. . . . They need war as the excuse for the defaults of all the government debt.”

There is much more in the nearly 59-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III” for 9.24.22.

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  1. Cayle Reinders

    Martin Is always a great interview. No doubt being an advisor to governments for 4 decades has given Martin great insight as to how things function behind the curtain. Martin seems to be correct when he says that there is almost nobody left in government that is able of intelligent though and basic common sense reasoning.

    Here is an article about the current state of government and the stupidity that passes as acceptable.

    Thanks for all you do Greg!

    • Janet

      Looks like the “strong dollar” will continue to rally because brain fogged investors don’t have much appetite to hold gold in an environment (that spans a half century from 1971 to the present) where the purchasing power of all fiat paper currencies “have fallen with respect to gold” – – but eventually as the purchasing power of the US dollar approaches “zero” ( people should awaken – to the historically confirmed role of physical gold “as an anti-dote to fiat currency” – but as for now the consciousness minds of the current crop of dim wits “are so fogged” – they can’t seem to be able to reason properly – which should be used to our advantage!!

      • Better Chetter

        MA’s Socrates model showed a peak in 2024, so as this MA interview notes, when 2023 defaults happen in Europe, that money comes to US stock market – and while likely volatile, stock market will continue to rise in 2023 (to 35,000?) – until 2024, when bottom begins to drop out via next major catastrophe (Taiwan, Iran, N.Korea?) impacting stock mkt to neg.

      • Johnny Cool


        According to CNN,

        “Investors don’t have much appetite to hold gold in the current environment,” Warren Patterson, head of commodities strategy at ING, told me.

        Gold also competes with government bonds as a safe haven investment. And when investors can get better returns on the latter, the former looks far less attractive.

        Patterson put it this way: “If you’re raising interest rates, what would you rather hold, gold or something that’s going to provide you with yield?”

        • Janet

          JC – Any monetary system “that pays interest” means more debt money must be created to make such payments (depreciating the valve of the entire money supply – eventually so much more debt is created in the world “then can be paid” – at that point (like we find ourselves in today) the books have to be balanced (by a jubilee for the debtors meaning massive devaluation to pay the creditors) – with gold (that does not pay interest) we don’t have such problems – “as gold yields nothing” (but keeps its value) – which is “a better and fairer” monetary system!!

          • Paul

            I went to the bank last week to make a cash withdrawal, was told a lesser amount was only to be considered. I called and talked to bank president about it.
            He allowed my request.
            I asked him what is the safest place to put working capital with current banking stresses and he said cash and precious metals,. He was honest and unaware of repo crisis in 2019. The Tellers were nervous.
            They blow a gasket just to withdraw cash, similar amount for a new vehicle

            Paul from arkansas

        • Earth Angel

          I’d still be betting on physical gold & silver because it WILL still be there when the whole fiat debacle goes POOF! Better yet will be stored food, clean water, and a secured place to shelter. Good luck to everyone here…

          • Johnny Cool

            Dollar is up again today, against all other currencies as well as gold.

            This is crazy, something’s got to give.

        • Lori

          Who listens to CNN? Since when have they told the truth.
          America will be getting back all those bonds, along with worthless $’s. Oh yah, the $ will go higher. But in the long run.. all other countries currencies are going down.. how do think they will ge able to afford anything from the USA. You need to look at other sources. Cause your guy is dead wrong.

          • Johnny Cool

            Exactly. That’s why I wrote,

            According to CNN…

    • Michael Lambert

      Was he advising the government while incarcerated in Prison for Fraud?

      • Johnny Cool

        Goldman Sachs v Armstrong

        Martin Armstrong: Here is a video on this strange set of circumstances plus a letter from the SEC claiming all evidence in my case was destroyed, which many believe was a convenient way to protect the New York Investment Bankers.

      • greg derian

        Nope he told me he was “advising” you mother.

      • John

        wikilies is an awesome source for the brain deas

  2. Robert Coleman

    Thank you Greg for such timely information with guests who are in the know.
    Being originally from Missouri, the “SHOW ME” State, always best to be shown and you do this well. Thank you.

  3. Dale Huddleston

    Greg; I appreciate your site and hope it continues without
    .GOV causing you grief.
    If possible, could you get Cliff High back for an interview.
    Cliff and Armstrong provide a useful window into the future.

    Thanks, Dale

    • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

      Yes Clif High please. Thanks for a great interview!

      • Phil Saunders

        We need to hear from Cliff High again!! Please!

    • Better Chetter

      If you haven’t seen Benjamin Fulford’s information – that man would be the ultimate USAWD guest, over Clif High, who has his own site and has been interviewed by Greg many times before …

  4. Alex


    • Todd

      Almost ;-0

  5. Jerry

    Let the games begin.

    The globalist beta test is in full view in Australia. Digital currency is the goal of the entire reset. Watch what happens next week as the Dow approaches new lows.

    • Janet

      Part and parcel of the games the New World Order will begin to play (to achieve their societal goals) – will be to make Crimes Against Humanity not only legal – but Mandatory!! – take Biden’s Sept 12, 2022 Executive Order for instance – that Declares Americans must Surrender All Their Human Rights (that stand in the way of Trans-humanism) – thus informed consent and clinical trial safety standards will be eradicated (as they stand in the way of universally unleashing the gene editing technologies needed to Merge Humans with Artificial Intelligence – and to achieve these New World Order societal goals “of removing the souls of people” and placing their minds inside a hive computer – Crimes Against Humanity will now “not only be legal” – “but Mandatory” –

      • Justn Observer

        Janet, thanks for the link…it is an important one…shows their social engineering and intent for complete control. Seems ‘citizens’ will become ‘subjects’ without input, opinion, or a vote…. JUST OBEY!
        Of course, all of this has been long in the planning and first ‘they’ need a network of legal surveillance of all citizens from which to track, manage and control people to ENFORCE ‘their’ agenda …. HOW about a PATRIOT ACT…and how might that become ACCEPTED? The will come the control over the people using energy, food and JABS? all based in FEAR…coercion, intimidation, and shunning? Could this all been in the planning all the way back to 9-11 2001? =

      • Rodster

        This is precisely what Catherine Austin Fitts has been warning about. It all sounds like conspiracy theory until it becomes conspiracy fact. And you have to believe her when she says that we will be under 100% control by the Cabal if they are not stopped.

      • Jerry

        You are spot on. That is the plan, and so is this.

        Moving money into safe havens? I’ve seen this before.
        The power brokers always know ahead of time where to put their money before a collapse. By the shear fact that gold and silver are getting money hammered right now tells me that time is short for the dollar.

      • greg derian

        Thanks for the info, Jerry. All the more reasons to have gold and silver.

    • Chip

      That story has been taken down… Chip

  6. Shirl

    When Martin Armstrong speaks, I listen. Thanks for having him on again Greg…not all of us have him on speed dial 👍

  7. Kim M.

    Through whatever is coming, remember that the enemy is not democrats, republicans, liberals, moderates or conservatives. The enemy is political
    power. It corrupts the morals and the judgment, and whoever ends up with it must be tightly controlled, which is the main purpose of the Constitution. – Thomas Jefferson

    • Janet

      The reality we must take very seriously is the possibility that this world we have known since childhood could all be gone very soon – years ago antiwar activists confronted the warmongers and called out “Give Peace a Chance” – where are those people today???

      • Johnny Cool


        The Italians have had enough!

        Here’s why the elites and globalists are freaking out about Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy’s elections last night, below is the transcript:

        Why is the family an enemy? Why is the family so frightening? There is a single answer to all these questions. Because it defines us. Because it is our identity. Because everything that defines us is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and to simply be perfect consumer slaves.

        And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as: Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be citizen x, gender x, parent 1, parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer…[But] we will defend it.

        We will defend God, country, and family. Those things that disgust people so much. We will do it to defend our freedom. Because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators.

        That is our mission.

  8. William Simonton

    Greg thanks for another great interview with Martin Armstrong. Oh, Friday report was also great.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, William, for supporting USAW!!

      • sam

        Dear Greg, great interview. Next time you get him on can you ask about the UK (and Europe). If he sees war coming does he advise us to leave or where is there a safe haven? How bad will war get and when?? Slightly important for us over here!

  9. Janet

    Putin now awaits the winter months to finally force the EU to reject America’s hegemony – Putin is also making welcoming overtures to Saudi Arabia and the UAE – his argument is simple: the West has turned its back on fossil fuels (planning to phase them out entirely within 10 years) so as producers of oil and gas – their economic future depends on them sticking together with those who will continue to use fossil fuels for heat and energy – the Saudi’s have bought Putin’s argument and are currently seeking an association with the BRICS nations!!

    • Janet

      It looks like Putin has an unbeatable hand – he is on course to push the West’s fragile fiat based financial system “over the edge” – Russian economic power and its partnership with China now eclipses the US “in terms of global population and their demand for goods and services” – America and her NATO allies now look like an isolated minority (who are desperately depending on Global Warming to keep their asses from freezing due to lack of fuel this winter)!!

      • Warren B.

        Russia or China or Both will soon show their hands…in terms of a gold backed currency. Those in control of America do not want an alternative to the Dollar hegemony. Russia in particular are fighting the International Bankers (Rothschild)….Putin wants to revenge what was done to the Romanovs….at the hand of the SAME Bankers. We will see a multi polar currency world very soon….if not via CBDC.

      • Jeremiad Johnston

        Well Janet, Beijing’s 3.8 Billionaire Biden promised a dark winter last year and it seems his handlers are determined to give it to us up the assets this winter, come the gates of hell or high water! As we watch it all going down the crappie, as they freeze our asset allocations off.
        We mustn’t forget the importance of the 5 g,s, God_gold, guns, garden and a Gerald Ceilenti getaway plan.
        Guess you could say 6g’s with Gerald’s encouragement!
        North to Alaska! West to mother Russia? 15 minute walk, 20 minute swim in summer.
        Where’s Sara Palin when we need her? To bad they took her out of the last election with they’re shenanigans. Show us the way out of here Sara when they steal our mid-terms! It’s not nice to steal from the American people that pay you, your pay check Marc Elias, brother.😤

      • Coal Burner

        Excellent summary of the situation. Even the idiots in charge should have seen this coming unless they were demented of have at least one foot in the loony bin with no supervision. Which pretty much describes the Dummys in charge. A lot of it can be undone at our home land. But we cannot afford to raise the dead in Europe and maybe not even Canada. I suggest when adults take over the helm we do better with Mexico and anyone south of us who is willing to partner with us. Including sending back their better people with businesses to start there and jailing their criminals for them. That is a better offer than invasion.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Our woke military would (purposely?) botch an invasion. Best always. PM

    • Janet

      As insurance against a widespread fiat currency catastrophe – both Russia and China have stockpiled physical bullion – Russia is known to have about 12,000 tons – China likely has over 30,000 tons (of which only 1,776 tonnes are declared as their official reserves) – but China’s citizens have taken delivery of an additional 20,000 tons from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (as the West manipulates the price downward) – so between them – Russia and China command between 40,000 to 60,000 tons compared with US reserves of 8,133 tons (if it is still at Fort Knox) – both China and Russia have a better understanding of the relationship between real money and fiat – so in any fiat currency crisis both the ruble and yuan have more real monetary protection backing them than the US dollar – and the math, history and common sense has shown us (from the Ming Dynasty and 3rd century Rome to 18th century France and the 20th century Weimar Republic – and 21st century America ( that all fiat debt currencies issued by decadent and fiscally irresponsible nations always destroy their fiat currencies “Without Exception”!!

      • Malek

        Don’t forget about India. A minimum of some 25,000 tons is held by citizens.

      • Janet

        In our current “Warped” time – the Powers that Be have Manipulated and Mind Controlled the People into accepting the Normal Meaning of words “to have their Exact Opposite Meaning” – the Main Stream Media have changed the meaning of Truth (“to be Outright Lies”) – the Government has made Good Patriots (“into Bad Terrorists”) – Doctors have made an acceptable Vaccine (“into a Bad mRNA Kill Shot”) – they have even defined a Woman (“to be a Man”) – so is it any wonder they call a Weak Dollar with little to no purchasing power left (“to be a Strong Dollar”)!!

      • Coal Burner

        Janet, I don’t think it is that bad. The Government has a lot of undeclared gold in reserve. It is hidden where it was found never moved around in the USA. I mean why put it where eveyone then knows where it is. They know where but it easy enough to leave it in place. If we are lucky there is quite a few tonnes to add to the score. They have hidden the interesting history of this country since 1900. What they either cannot explain or do not want to explain for various dubious reasons, they just hide.

  10. Really Awake

    Excellent interview. You got a lot of free financial information from Marty. Actionable information. For example, a strong dollar has a lot of implications. It means Americans are better able to buy gold, silver, food and other essential supplies to help them get through one crisis after the other. Be wise and act on this info.

    Another point Marty made was how the American stock market will do much better than the Euroland stock market… And money will flow to America.

    Yes. Wall Street has been going down (personally, I’ve been making money shorting the market) but there is going to be a turnaround whereupon individuals (including myself) will be able to make money at the bottom of the bear market. That’s a freebee from Marty.

    Regarding gold: those who listened to Marty were able to stockpile dollars and wait for the right time to buy gold. Timing is everything. And Marty has a proven track record as an expert trader. Buying and selling and the right time to do so is a rare skill set, a gift….. Hint: Marty thinks it’s possible that gold falls to as low as $1,450 per oz. That number isn’t written in stone. It’s actually a range. People pay Marty for that info.

    The bottom line is it is very important knowing what is likely to happen in real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities and labor markets. Marty offered enough information in this interview that can really help people make a plan and act to save themselves. Another tip Marty offers for free is buy canned food and store it in a safe place. A can of food (especially if you live in Euroland) could one day be worth 5x what you pay for it now.

    As a secular advisor I really think Marty is top notch.

    • Better Chetter

      Gold or silver will likely not peak in resale value until 2026 or 27, so anyone investing as ex-USAWD guest Mannarino advised into silver in ’11, when it was 35/oz, would have to have known about silver volatility AND the need to have adequate CASH reserves to tide them through other expenses the last 10 yrs, and the future 4-5 yrs (medical, auto, home, job change, etc). With all the naked shorts, plunge-protection-team actions, and weather modifications – one can’t go along with Clif High commentaries of 100/oz Silver, just cause his bots surf the ‘net and gather that speculative ‘dreaming’, and pass it off as economic certainty, to the less-read and less worldly investors (in FOMO syndrome).

    • Paul

      A wise man listens to a wise man.
      Thanks for Martin

      Us Banks and Wall Street should temporarily recapitalize again. And participants cheer. Raytheon up.
      And fake illusion.
      Currencies traded like stocks
      Not to many people, in Japan survived the lost generation in financial performance last 3 business cycles.

      Same people prosperous in down economy.
      It’s easy if your patient and spend money well.
      Advantage , a agriculture giant, interior navigable waterways, freshwater, energy. , commerce block and with still the most liberties. The prize is here.
      To sustain freedom for all.

      Thanks Greg

      Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        When people quit feeding the multi national banks and Wall Street with their currency, things would change.
        When people start a local fund me program to secure local farms in their areas to feed themselves, things would change.
        When the population creates a funding mechanism for local training, production and distribution of goods and services, things, will change. Globalism is for the globalist.
        I have never owned stocks, but I would if the company was down the road that I could use and has allegiance to the community.

        Paul from arkansas

    • Stan

      Gold is going much lower than $1450 and it won’t recover for decades

      • Janet

        But Stan – Gold will be worth something rather then nothing –

      • Coal Burner

        If it does Stan, I will be a buyer. Got any you want to sell me for a 1000? I have to hold back at these prices. If it dips, I will own more.

      • Justn Observer

        Stan, what might your opinion on this be?

        • Janet

          You know – when the wages and salaries of gold and silver workers double “because of inflation” – and oil, diesel and gas prices double to mine the ore and refine it – the cost of production will rise putting upward pressure on the break-even price for the mining companies to continue operations – lets say they all shut down – it would mean that “the already mined metal” will have “increasing stored value” as a perfect inflation hedge!!


    Red Cross?? Really? We learned better than to trust the Red Cross years ago. Has Martin no idea what they do with the pallets of cash they have stashed? Ever heard of adrenochrome? Rabbit Hole One, Greg.

    • Rodster

      “A can of food (especially if you live in Euroland) could one day be worth 5x what you pay for it now.’

      Or it could be worth a gold coin. If a person wants to live they have to eat food. I see food and water having tremendous value when the SHTF.

    • andyb

      it has been reported that the Red Cross is a scam as the facts are that over 90% of donations go for salaries and overhead.

    • Peter

      A close business associate of mine who worked at a major international CPA firm audited the National Red Cross in Washington DC after 911 and he told me the leadership only released a small percentage of 911 donation dollars to the victims. I will never give them a dime or a drop of blood.

  12. Michael McCammack

    Thanks Greg.
    I love Martin interviews.
    Oh, just to give myself a good laugh, I click on “things get a little better by Christmas” every other time I log in.
    Michael from Indiana

  13. jon

    Hi Greg, NATO and the EU just hit the Target. Brussels is the seat of NATO and the EU. Belgium this Friday closed one of their main electrical producers of a large Nuke plant; to appease the Greens. They have no power replacement in the works. Putin must be using some kind of a mind control weapon. He seems to be getting the EU and US deep state to destroy themselves.

    • Janet

      These same politicians who are fostering policies of “national suicide” – are now out telling their people (that they individually volunteered to take the “jab”) to commit suicide – seems Jonestown must have been a test run to see if individuals who would “take a Kill Shot without thinking” – could also be brainwashed into drinking the “Green” Climate Change “Cool Aid” to complete the Destruction of the Entire Human Family!!

  14. Country Codger

    Fantastic you guys. Fantastic.

    Lo Iyrah!

  15. tim mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for the interview with Martin Armstrong.
    The Fed is ALWAYS responsible for the inflation of the currency. The Fed’s policy is a 2% inflation rate. That is a 2% theft from the workers and retirees every year.
    The Fed only cares about the banks.
    Sure, it would be great if Congress didn’t demand the heroin, I mean fiat currency, from the Fed to support the Congress’ spending habit.
    But the Fed is supplying the cheap credit and fiat currency.
    “Oh, don’t blame me.” Says the Fed. “We just funding the Congress spending.”
    Bull crap!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Tim,
      At the Fed’s declared ‘ideal rate of inflation’ at 2% per annum, the currency will devalue by 50% every 36 years! At the current ‘officially admitted’ rate of 8%, the value of the currency halves in only 9 years! Even at 2%, inflation robs savers of their hard-earned buying power. Applying John William’s (shadowstats) real rate of inflation today – in the high teens – people better get real stuff, real quick!!
      Sorry to link to CNBC, but, in this context, it’s a useful article . . .

      • tim mcgraw

        PersonaNonGrata: Exactly! The bankers at the Fed are thieves.

        • Warren B.

          They are more than a den of thieves….they are officially FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.
          Their direct support (Monetary Policy) of the Dollar is exporting INFLATION to the whole PLANET. Those stakeholders of the FED are the culprits… not that incomepetent fool Powell who like all those before him…is merely following orders.
          Anyone with a functioning brain stem cell can piece together how the Tool De Jour of this day and age (USD) is being used to cause extraordinary Inflation along with an explosion of Foreign Debt obligations (denominated in USD). This is akin to what occurred in Weimar Germany when in 1920’s their War reparaion Debt became unpayable. The debasement that followed – created the world’s best known and most severe HyperInflation (“When Money Dies” – Adam Ferguson) . The FED has weaponised the Dollar and that is being used in conjunction with the diabolical Green Movement = leading to an across the board failure of Businesses and Industry. The downstream effects are the dramatic shortfalls of those things that are needed by every human – food , water, shelter, health care, energy combined with prices that are abnormally extreme and getting worse.
          The lame (and intentionally deceptive) excuse /narrative that they use – “HALT RUNAWAY INFLATION” – as justification for raising FFR – is pure evil. It is cover for crashing the world economy…..just like COVID19 was cover for a fake Pandemic…..another tool used to crash the Economy.
          Get ready for a littany of Debt defaults of European, Chinese and S.E. Asian Banks and Businesses. 1 or 2 more rate increases will push the DXY through 120 and the debt strain will become unserviceable and will require liquification and default. That’s when the SHTF …and it comes home to America. We will be the last cat skinned alive.

          • PersonaNonGrata

            Totally agree.
            People who claim Powell is rebelling against the ‘European (Davos) crowd’ – because raising US$ interest rates is bankrupting the European economy – don’t understand who owns the Fed. Neither do they fully comprehend that the plan is to impoverish ‘we the people’ everywhere.

  16. Marie Joy

    These ongoing catastrophes take everyone’s eye off the ball. That ball says this is a slow moving genocide that will pick up speed, probably, in 2023.

    • Janet

      Let’s all put our eyes back on the ball by watching the video below – isn’t there supposed to be a difference between a bad guy and a good guy? – Bill Gates’ and his slow moving genocide (his final solution) “is now picking up speed” – he says these kill shots are the best investment he ever made in his entire life – and it is helping to reduce the human population (in all age groups) besides – Trump says: “take the vaccine” – as do others we think of as good guys (like our family doctors) – “do any of these Big Pharma promoters” even feel “just a little bit of empathy” for the people they have harmed (the innocent men, women and children who blindly trusted them)??? – No! (they obviously don’t)!! – they simply block it from their minds – and attribute these “jab” deaths to some type of “new normal human behavior” as Fauci likes to call it!!! –

  17. Robert says no

    Who is enabling these 20 something’s to have so much influence? It can’t be all the WEF?

  18. DAVID

    Halloween them for Armstrongs phone was off the wall fun.

  19. Gene

    Threats of nuclear attack by NATO could lead to a nuclear first strike by Russia and China.
    The safest way for Russia and China to launch a nuclear attack on the US and Europe corresponds to the manner in which NATO has attacked Russia: using proxies. This will make it very difficult for the West to retaliate with nuclear attacks against Russia/China. For example, the ayatollahs can be persuaded to attack the West with nuclear missiles if they are supplied by Russia. After all, the insane religious leaders of Iran believe that their “messiah”, the Mahdi, will deliver victory to them in any event.
    China can do the same using North Korea. Its dictator will be given safe refuge in China, while his people are wiped out. It is demonstrable that he could not care less about the people of his own country.
    So, Western leaders should simply shut up whenever they are tempted to threaten the use of nuclear weapons.

    • Warren B.

      The 21st Century will experience a Nuclear war…but it will be released in the form of AI ….and not the conventional /generally accepted version. Yes AI (Artificial Intelligence) is advancing to the point that it will literally destroy hundreds of millions of lives. Transhumanism certainly may be supplemental to this but first comes the destruction. A Hot Nuclear War is fear mongering…it it intentional and a distraction.

  20. John Stuart

    Greg, I think Trump will run and could win and I don’t think he will be indicted. Martin Armstrong said something I thought to myself before, Biden with his pen will sign an executive order and make all the illegals citizens two weeks before the end of the election, this is why Biden & Kamala are allowing this invasion to continue, the Dems are not worried, Trump would win, but this illegal executive order will guarantee another four years of Obama/Bidens tenth year in Office to destroy what left of the USA finally.
    The supreme court most likely will allow it just to keep Trump from winning and I believe social unrest may be outrageously dangerous here in the USA. Illegal or not, they will get away with it, Is there anything we can do to stop this? or the USA is over.

    • Better Chetter

      There is a thread of truth in the quantum mechanics book of Stephen Wolinsky – that when chaos reigns in a culture, then the people are liable to be reset to whatever new programming the government, media or rulers pipe into our consciousness. With covid, it was that the vax will save you from the fear of infection/death that was hyped. Only the folks with unpolluted pineal glands (no or little flouride dumbing them down), or super faith systems (CAF, Greg Hunter, etc), or mature psyches (that do not project their altruism onto WHO, CDC or gov’t/media propaganda) came out of this unscathed.

      That said, the Powers That Be want folks to resist evil with evil, to corrupt our souls away from our Creator, and keep the majority in a fight with a dying elite. The Return of the Jedi example, of Luke not killing his father/enemy is one we all could emulate – to not buy into the fear of a loss of freedom or country or even our wealth, and fight back – but be willing to die, to keep our soul at-one-ment with our Creator. CAF notes that a lot, that there is something worse than death – the loss of our souls.
      –>Jesus exemplified this as well, on Maundy Thursday, to not exhibit the fury (that threw out the money-changers on prior occasion), but to point us all in the direction that our gifts lay in the heavenly kingdom, not the earthly one!

    • Tin foil hat

      I don’t think there will be an election in 2024. Harris will have a nervous breakdown after Biden’s impeachment under the 25th Amendment sometime next year. With bipartisan support, Pelosi will decline the ascension and recommend a new executive committee to save America.

      W. Bush, Obama, Hilary and probably Liz Cheney will step up; Biden will be known as the last POTUS.

  21. Neville

    Chart topping program, thanks Greg & Martin.
    With the world being run by not fit for purpose governments that in itself is spooky enough to wake the most dopiest amongst us catch a wake up.
    The dollar was mentioned ,there again this currency is NOT WORTH A THOUSANDTH of its trading price which is 112 when last I looked..the same may be said about most of the worlds currencies.Which in effect renders the bitcoin brigade equally valueless……

    The above should be enough for thinking individuals to make up their minds and don’t hesitate BUY GOLD/ BUY SILVER AND HAVE FAITH…….MOST OF ALL HAVE FAITH!!

    The passing of the british queen last week is most likely the final nail in the worlds royal households ,reason I say that is when THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD RETURNS ,the monarchy around the world will be defunct and that goes for the bindens of this world and the rest of imbeciles running the world including klaus schwab schwab,who will own nothing ,say nothing, do nothing because HELL where he is headed will cater for al his miniscule needs …..
    Rosh Hashanah 25th-27th September could be where Bo’s prediction falls due!!

    Have a great day and thanks once again


    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Neville,
      “Rosh Hashanah 25th-27th September could be where Bo’s prediction falls due!!”
      These are also the dates during which the Donetsk region is holding a referendum to decide whether to become part of Russia. The population has been warned by the Ukraine (puppet) government that they face 5-10 years jail and /or loss of employment for 15 years if they take part. In spite of this, RT reports over 50% voted in the first two days!
      Also during this period, I hear reports – I am trying to source confirmations – that President Xi is under ‘house arrest’. If true, are the ‘good guys’ or the ‘bad guys’ behind this – and what are the implications for ‘we the people’?

    • Saeed

      Eurocraps in EU and Democraps in the US know their over leveraged financial system is imploding, unless they have access to Russia’s $75 trillion mineral resources to keep the Ponzi fractional reserve and derivatives casino scheme going.

      Like Gerald Celente says, “when all else fails they take us to war”.

      People ruling the West are psychopaths, and they would rather blow up the world with a nuclear war, than relinquish power.

      But how can we blame them when we were busy enjoying the funny money of worthless bank credit and infinite bond issuance with bond vigilantes went to sleep at the wheel…rather than being vigilant in the democratic process.

      So now it’s time to pay the piper. Thank God Almighty for the foresight that I left the US 17 years ago. Blame the khazaarians who want to rule the world when their AntiChrist comes.

      Red heifer has been brought to Israhell for sacrifice so their false Messiah will emerge. We believers know that false Messiah will appear just prior to real Messiah’s appearance which is still 7-8 years away.

      First we need to get through nuclear WWIII as prophesied by God Almighty in The Noble Koran (Chapter The Smoke (Chapter 44, Verses 10-11).

  22. Joe Wong

    Mr. Martin Armstrong is spot-on with this video. But this should give him, Greg and others on here a better insight on whats been happening, and is picking-up speed as well.

    See – and enjoy. Have a nice day.

  23. Ryan Carter

    Another GREAT interview with Martin Armstrong, thank you Greg.

    In my neck of the woods (North County Coastal, San Diego), my 2 coin/bullion retailers and my 1 broker who sells to those 2, there is no gold available. One retailer has silver bullion with $4-5 over spot for silver rounds and the other who I buy junk silver selling for 20x face value – I support them all to keep my connections open (wink wink). Gold at $1,64x but the best I’ve found is $140 premium over spot, it used to be a $40-60 premium, but no gold is available in the stores here. NONE, not even a Maple or a Buffalo Round.

    Thank you Greg for all that you do and will do.


  24. Ed Mustafo

    Keep an eye on the bond market. Last week Japan started selling U.S. treasury notes to buy back the Yen which caused the dollar to spike. Not hearing much about that. They hold more U.S. paper than anyone else so it’s kind of a big deal. We know Europe needs to raise capital as well to cover the rising energy costs so they could start to do the same thing along with other countries. Black Swan event.

  25. Johnny Cool

    Europe is doomed. Ursula Von der Leyen is pure evil.

    ‘EU Commission Prez Threatens to Use Tools Against Italy If Populist Right Wins Election’

    European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has been accused of threatening Italy as polls continue to predict a victory for the centre-right coalition of Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy (FdI), Matteo Salvini’s League, and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

    President Von der Leyen spoke on Thursday on a trip to the United States just days ahead of Italy’s national election on Sunday, saying: “My approach is that whatever democratic government is willing to work with us, we’re working together,” but added: “If things go in a difficult direction, I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland, we have tools.”

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Johnny,
      Ursula von der Leyen is just another of Klaus Schwab’s finger puppets. The WEF (and by extension – those who control KS) have finger puppets placed in national governments and top bureaucratic positions throughout the ‘western economic world’. IMHO, this explains Martin Armstrong’s contention that the quality of leadership is woeful. ‘Yes men’ do not make leaders – period! We are being governed by a demented few at the very top. Time for RADICAL change in the affairs of men . . .

      P.S. Doubt it on USAW, but if anyone female is having a hissy fit over my Biblical use of the word ‘men’ to describe all of mankind (oops, did it again) then – tough!

  26. Cat Merry

    Sounds like the American people will need to make a hard choice. With all the multi generations and multi cultural ideas. This may get very ugly. The latest news is now a confiscation of anyone who has stockpiled supplies. Claus Schwab you will own nothing and be happy. Will see. Someone is going to have nothing if this nonsense doesn’t stop.

  27. Bosco P. Horowitz


    another excellent interview with Mr. Armstrong. He’s always a wealth of info–albeit, sometimes contradictory with what he’s said at various points in an interview, this one included. You really got him to open up on some topics that he seemed to shy away from initially. Again, thanks for bringing the value, my friend!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Greg’s interviews are becoming far more ‘inquisitorial. Bravo!

  28. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for having the treasure that is Mr Armstrong and his unbending curiosity. Mr Armstrong has been unwilling for years to speak about his remarkable Socrates and what it forecasts but so alarmed is he by its forecasts he is out shouting from the rooftops about its forecasts and the reality which our politicians are unwilling to recognise. Of course we plebs will suffer the political elite will be utterly charmed with their lives .
    Mr Dreizin has some disturbing analysis as well,
    Here in the UK our military are preparing for war and conscription is on everyone’s lips. Our treasured medical system is being dismantled in front of us and the medical establishment are cheering this on ,quite remarkable!
    Our concupiscent Prime Minister believes that her economic policies are correct and her super intelligence fired at Oxbridge and flamed at Shell oil are the way to go. The soon to be next Prime Minister will have just as bad as her ideas and will thrust them on us with a voting base of around 0.17% of the population. Nice to see democracy in action. No mandate yet we go to war just like the Blair creature.
    So here we are,
    The break out has to come soon here in the UK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Maria!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Wow Maria -concupiscent – had to look it up. Lustful – passionate. Right on. Passionate about kicking the teeth out of Putin and the whole of Russia – the largest country on the planet – and she employs ‘passionate’ language to communicate her suicidal political ideology. Another graduate from the Klaus Schwab school for ‘young leaders’! What did we the people do to deserve these imbecile Presidents and Prime Ministers?

    • Jeffrobbins

      If the war drums beat much louder, you should look to leave. Russia has a nuke that can wipe the English islands off clean.

    • sam

      HI, I haven’t heard about conscription here in the UK. What have you heard and from where? Timing?

  29. stanley skrzypek

    Martin Armstrong is a Voice of Common Sense….a sip of water in the desert noon day sun…one of a kind…..probably a smarter member of Mensa…… wise to take his advice….

  30. Johnny Cool

    Armstrong always seems ‘uncomfortable’ talking about gold.

    MA: I would look at it this way, you know, you can buy a cup of coffee with a silver quarter. What are you going to do with a St. Gaudens $20 gold piece, you know?

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      With a $20 Gold piece you’ll be able to buy the whole coffee shop.

  31. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with MA once again.
    At 50:00 MA references the precursor to the collapse of the German currency in 1922, and he informs us this was a ‘forced loan’ – in that the government took 10% of everyone’s bank deposits and substituted the money with government bonds (government DEBT). This caused a collapse in confidence in government (and, I guess, keeping your cash in banks!!!) which in turn led to hyperinflation. MA says something governments will do in Europe will spark a similar collapse in the near future. IMHO, this will be Europe-wide bank ‘bail-ins’. The BIS (the central bank of central banks) mandated every country in Europe enact bail-in legislation – which has been in place for a few years now – possibly the excuse will be, ‘to aid the war effort in Ukraine’. [TPTB never let a crisis go to waste] Me thinks bank bail-ins will happen prior to any attempted rollout of CBDCs. Just my two cents . . .

    • Paul from Indiana

      Why? With CBDC they can bail-in anytime, anything, anybody they want. That and constant surveillance of the “account holder” are the total purpose of CBDC. Why upset the apple cart with bail-ins prior to the conversion to CBDC? CBDC IS bail-in! Best always. PM

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Paul,
        You could well be right – TPTB may roll out CBDS prior to enacting Bali-ins – what does anyone know for certain these days? My thinking is that ‘they’ seek to impoverish us any way they can – bail-ins – to make us accept CBDS. Would the residents of Warsaw so compliantly boarded the trains – for the ‘promise’ of work and housing – if they had not already been undergoing insufferable deprivation? We the people ignore the lessons of history, but the dynastic central banking families NEVER forget strategies that work in their interests.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      “Now we face “bail-ins” where deposits will be confiscated to cover losses when these people (the Wall Street banks – sic) lose on their next failed guaranteed trade.”. Martin Armstrong – recent article.

  32. tim mcgraw

    So Martin Armstrong says 2023 and 2024 will be even worse than now. Armstrong is a famous Border Reiver name. Neil Armstrong is another Border Reiver.
    The Border Reivers were thieves and extortionists on the fluid England/Scotland border back in the day.
    LBJ also comes from Reiver stock. So does Nixon.
    Many Reivers were kicked out of the England/Scotland border after King James I united the two countries. Some went to Ireland and then later to the colonies in America.
    I wonder if any of us can escape our ancestry?
    My faith is in Jesus and the next world, not this one.
    PS: I apologize for using the word “bullexcrement”. I thought it was okay as Celente uses this word all the time.

  33. Johnny Cool

    Armstrong is probably uncomfortable talking about gold because of what happened in the past. He was innocent, but they put him in jail anyway. The New York bankers and attorneys screwed him. There are court documents about the case online.

    ‘In January 2000, federal judge John Keenan imprisoned Armstrong for failing to surrender $14.9 million in gold bars and rare coins to the government, assets that Armstrong says he did not have.’

  34. Johnny Cool

    ‘The Revenge of Martin Armstrong’

    MA: First I am paying back all the support everyone has shown to me and my family. Secondly; It is my greatest revenge against the evil power in banks of New York, the mainstream press, CFTC, and SEC all conniving against the public for the benefit of maintaining their power. Even a journalist at Bloomberg asked me: How did you do this? Nobody ever comes back! Naturally, that was never printed.

    So the press conspires with government and the banks to try to prevent people from listening because of my experience. I do not care. They are all engaged in trying to maintain the evil powers that occupy New York City in the elite status quo.

  35. arnold

    thomas jefferson did not say that.there were no republicans in his day.but today you better be very sure that the enemy is democrat……………..this is no time for fence sitting.

  36. Rich

    Best interview with Martin yet!

    He’s the ONLY source I listen to and I have been awake for more than 20 years. He is right about everything. No need to watch or listen to anyone else unless it’s for entertainment purposes.

  37. JOHN

    they plan digital currency ,2024 thats the plan

  38. JOHN

    hey greg ,can you ask martin next time if the goldstoks are safe when they change to a digatel curency?

  39. Martin Coombs

    They are definitely moron creatures & they know exactly what is happening & what they are doing . Total lawlessness , leading to beyond imagination lawlessness ,

  40. Jay

    If you put your trust in money, whether stocks, bonds, gold silver, promissory notes, or any other form of money, I can promise you that they will all fail. Be a wise investor by understanding that money will fail and putting your trust in The Lord alone.

  41. Richrd stage

    Hi greg. Thanks for the great mike armstrong intervue. What ever halpened to the cia whistleblower KEVIN SHIPP? He was really good. Is he still alive and around? Thku again

  42. donna armstrong

    love you Greg but please give your guest more time and be quiet

    • Greg Hunter

      Love you Donna but please go some place else for free information.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: Donna is obviously Martin’s mother.

      • Jan, from Budapest

        You are doing good Greg. The interview needs direction and confirmation when doubt raise. I am thankful you do this… God Bless!

  43. Farmer Johnny

    Hey Greg, I saw this article on Drudge today. This is the first Vax injury article I’ve seen in the open air

  44. Lau

    Not planning on voting. Biden is governing by executive order anyway. What’s the point if we have more or less republicans or democrats in the house or the senate?

    • Ed Mustafo

      Big mistake Lau. “ They “ want people to stay home and not vote, which is why we all need to do the exact opposite. We’re gonna see the “ don’t bother voting because the system is rigged “ narrative being pushed. DON’T FALL FOR IT….. RED WAVE COMING

  45. Bull Wrinkle

    WE GOT em, On The Run!!!!!!!
    The weaponization of our federal agencies is being exposed. Devin Nunes had this to say about the Durham bomb drop; “The FBI made Danchenko a paid source in order to hide him from the House Intelligence Committee. “It’s conspiracy … The department of justice and the FBI conspired to defraud the United States… They did it in conjunction with the Clinton Campaign.”
    An FBI whistleblower named Steve Friend, has been fired, after he exposed the FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and ­using an “overzealous” January 6 ­investigation to harass conservative Americans and violate their constitutional rights. “I have an oath to uphold the Constitution,” he told supervisors when he asserted his conscientious objection to joining an Aug. 24 raid on a J6 subject in the Jacksonville, Fla., area. “I have a moral objection and want to be considered a conscientious objector.”
    Another Former FBI agent breaks down how the FBI broke all sorts of protocol on the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home.
    Congressman Troy Nehls had this to say when he found out that the Internal US Capitol Police memo confirms USCP illegally investigated my office & violated my Constitutional protections as a US member of Congress, per Section 6, Article 1 of the US Constitution.
    Chief Manger, I look forward to you answering my questions under oath.
    Many people, more positive about Trump than I, think that Trump was more than prepared for the FBI to raid his home. He was asked what do you think they (FBI) were looking for? His response was I don’t know, Hillary Clintons 33,000 missing emails? The man still seems to be playing and driving home many points that should be remembered forever.
    Hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far and keep piling on the shiny at these no-inflation prices, for it appears, they know not what they are doing. As Always …
    Stay Strong! Truth always get’s it’s man, just ask Dudley Do Wright of the Canadian Mounties!

  46. Sasol Vogel

    BREAKING::::/World Government Takeover Plan/

  47. Clare Towle

    Poland Begins Handing Out Iodine Pills On Fears Of Ukraine Nuclear Plant Meltdown

  48. Roger Stamper

    tks martin greg

  49. SolarException

    Ultimately, the story of the COVID tyranny and now the Ukraine war is the story of betrayal and treason from within, from our backstabbing leaders and career bureaucrats—a fatal condition that a nation cannot endure for long which is why countries are falling into ruin en masse.

    Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

    A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within

  50. Foley Sab

    “On our first bill, we’re going to repeal 87,000 IRS agents,” McCarthy told the crowd, who burst into applause. “Our job is to work for you, not go after you.”
    McCarthy: ‘We’re Going to Repeal 87,000 IRS Agents’ on Day One of Republican Majority September 24th 2022

  51. Charles Turner

    There are some countries in Europe, like Poland, that have relatively low levels of government debt (53%) and are not tied to the Euro. I would be interested to know what their outlook looks like.

  52. Grim Reaper

    Once there was no longer a free press, and no longer any genuine opposition parties, there was literally no limit to how corrupt those in positions of power across the West could be.
    That, in my view, is the cause of all of the horrors which we are seeing now in the world – and the far more terrifying horrors that we are just about to descend into, by wholly deliberate design.
    The resource limits underlying the world situation are unmistakeable. Among the many people I listen to are Martin Armstrong, Nate Hagens, Simon Michaux, James Kunstler, John Greer, Tim Morgan. The economy is a function of surplus energy and since peak oil there’ll be ever-less of that, although Armstrong thinks the USA wants to take Russia in order to slow the decline in resources available to the USA.
    The fractional reserve banking system only functions with growth and since peak oil there’ll be vastly less of that. Indeed, most people not already on the breadline are about to find that their ‘growing prosperity’ goes into reverse … aka negative growth. Take that, Liz Truss.
    Bankers can’t afford marble-clad palaces unless they can charge positive real interest rates on loans made into a growing economy … literally, print money. A lot of ‘top people’ probably secretly realise these truths and just want to screw the bottom 99% to retain their marble-clad palaces. After all, read Igor Chudov’s blog on the WEF & AI; it talks about economic growth ending. (But re-distribution from the poor to the rich can continue.)
    The Black Horse of Famine
    “LOOK! a black horse; and the one seated upon it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice as if in the midst of the four living creatures say: ‘A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the olive oil and the wine.’”​—Revelation 6:5, 6.

    With these grim words, the apostle John describes the third of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the one riding the black horse of famine. Did you ever wonder when his wild ride takes place? You should. It heralds the greatest change this world will ever see.

  53. Nick de la Gaume

    The Chip shop, French Fries, take away in the next village is closing at the end of the month because of electricity costs. How long will our village Chip shop stay open? I recently nipped over the border to France to buy heavily government subsidised diesel because it was cheaper than Luxembourg diesel. This IS the world turned upside down. Normally one needs to drive 2000 km to Andora to get cheaper fuel than Luxembourg.
    The Province of Luxembourg, Belgium, is 50% woodland, so no furniture burning here, but the price of firewood went up 20%.
    My vegetable garden had record harvest this year because I covered all the veg beds at just the right time with several layers of cardboard to keep the moisture in and started using fermented chicken shit, organic of course, as liquid fertilizer.

    Long live mad old hippies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless you both.

  54. Rant

    The EU must and will go to TEN {The Ten Kings} must come!

  55. Joseph similia

    Like a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say: “A QUART OF WHEAT FOR A de·narʹi·us and three quarts of barley for a de·narʹi·us; and do not harm the olive oil and the wine”- Revelation 6:6.
    Note, food would become very expensive, 2 pounds of wheat for a denarius which was a days wage in bible times. Don’t even think about buying olive oil it says.

    We are in the end of times for this old wicked system. We need to stay awake because he will come as a thief in the night, Jesus said. Read the bible , pray for God’s kingdom to come, seek out those that have faith.

    Don’t be caught sleeping.Those calling on the name of Jehovah and have faith in Jesus will be saved, says Romans is 10:13-17 ” For “everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved.” 14 However, how will they call on him if they have not put faith in him? How, in turn, will they put faith in him about whom they have not heard? How, in turn, will they hear without someone to preach? 15 How, in turn, will they preach unless they have been sent out? Just as it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who declare good news of good things!” 16 Nevertheless, they did not all obey the good news. For Isaiah says: “Jehovah, who has put faith in the thing heard from us?” 17 So faith follows the thing heard. In turn, what is heard is through the word about Christ

    Only God’s kingdom can bring an equitable human society with plenty of food and plenty of good things for all.
    Pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  56. Peter Waroblak

    Do the people behind the scenes that really are running the country have enough hidden money to finance a secret army? My fear is they have let 2 million military aged men into the country who would not have a problem using lethal force in a marshal law situation.

  57. Frank Arnold

    That light at the end of this tunnel keeps getting brighter dear…why is that? Is something coming this way? I don’t hear nuffin!
    Thanks again for bringing on the best guests with real hardcore info about life, living and learning.
    Frank, the old dude from Franklinton, NC

  58. Robert Dziok

    President Trump remains Commander-In-Chief (e.g. Clif High pointed out in interview with Greg). President Trump signed the Insurrection Act of 1807 before leaving the White House January 2021. He also was involved in the authoring of thousands of sealed indictments against myriad politicians, celebrities, pedophiles, etc. The Insurrection Act ceded power to the Military and there have since been specific individuals targeted by the Military for Treason, etc. President Trump had asked the Military to hold off on mass arrests until after the midterms. However, President Trump now has irrefutable evidence of the midterms being stolen. In light of this President Trump has asked and given the Military the green light to start mass arrests of THOUSANDS of primary targets for which the Military has troves of evidence and sealed indictments. An RRN source stated to RRN “This is it. The time is now”. USMC General Davis H Berger said in phone conversation to President Trump “This is what we’ve been waiting for.'” and “We’ll make the storm a hurricane.”. RRN ( covers all this in detail.

    • Hillbilly from Arkansas

      Trump is in control of the world. He is also omni-present.

      Enjoy the show.

    • Robert Dziok

      As to where all these thousands of Traitors will be put I seem to recall from somewhere a massive expansion of a military base we have in Greenland that is not talked about much but is where they are going and already going according to one commenter in RRN.

      • Janet

        Once we get them to Greenland lets force these useless psychopaths to take a “jab” medical treatment (to reduce their population by 99%) as there are just too many of them – it can be “a mandated experimental treatment where “they don’t need to know the ingredients we are injecting into them” – but – lets make sure we are not open to lawsuits (which could potentially bankrupt us) – so lets get authorization from the US President “that we can take away another persons freewill to say no – and just keep “jabbing” them – “UNTIL THEY DIE”!!

    • Hal

      Robert Diozyk,

      I hear Qanon almost has Hillary cornered in the sewers & JFK Jr. is going to land his Cessna on the White House lawn on the anniversary of his dad’s assassination!

      BTW, if Trump is the real CIC I guess that means he’s the one responsible for forcing the KillShot on the military?

      Ironically the only people in prison for insurrection are J6 Trump supporters…heheheh…

      “These people are stupid”—Q (obviously referring to Trumpers)

      • Robert Dziok

        Poor attempt at BS disinformation and distraction. Yes there are “Black Hats” in the Military. “Only people in prison for insurrection are J6 Trump Supporters.” Best check out RRN where you will find many have already been arrested, tried and executed by our Military. Often by hanging. Some of your “favorites” I’m sure. NO President Trump is NOT responsible for the Military getting jabs but who does Putin talk directly with and NOT Fake Biden in Fake White House with Fake Marines and Fake Air Force one and Fake Poll numbers. RNN covers all of this and much more. “These people are Stupid” – Q (obviously referring to “Hal” and his type who can’t even spell my name right).

        • Hal

          Robert Diozyk,

          Typical Q nonsense—you claim that Trump is secretly in charge while simultaneously claiming he isn’t responsible for forcing the KillShot on the military.

          What will your excuse be when nothing happens after the midterms?

          If Democrats successfully cheat again I’m sure you Q idiots will spin it as yet another “part of the plan”.


  59. Ronda Tilney

    The Most Dangerous Film in the World?
    “We thought this film was defective. But we were mistaken. This is how radiation looks.” MIT Press Reader Susan Schuppli
    Three days after the explosion and meltdown of Chernobyl’s Nuclear Reactor Unit 4 on April 26, 1986, Soviet filmmaker Vladimir Shevchenko was granted permission to fly over the 30-square-kilometer site known as the Exclusion Zone. His assignment was to document the cleanup operations being carried out by Ukrainian workers and volunteers, most of whom would eventually succumb to the extraordinarily high levels of radiation they were exposed to while trying to contain the disaster.
    When Shevchenko’s 35mm footage was later developed, he noticed that a portion of the film was heavily pockmarked and carried extraneous static interference and noise. Thinking initially that the film stock used had been defective, Shevchenko eventually realized that what he had captured on film was the image and sound of radioactivity itself. SEE FOR YOURSELF
    An Apocalyptic Masterpiece *You Probably Shouldn’t Watch Right Now*
    Radiation In Your future?

  60. Thomas Malthaus

    To paraphrase Martin, he says the current political crop, particularly in Europe, is the most stupid variety he’s ever witnessed. The words intentional and mass depopulation come to mind.

    Too stupid to be stupid? Not really, but they’re playing their hand to those possessing common sense and are reading the tea leaves.

    I agree they’ll be a civil war here, but it may be restricted around the election day period. It strikes me as the do-or-die epoch. As for Europe, it seems like a smoldering powder keg.

  61. Mike

    Always enjoy watching Martin Armstrong
    He communicates insightful economic information in conjunction with other financial/health/economic experts so one can make logical purchasing and investment plans
    Great Show Greg

  62. It's worse than you know

    The globalists puppets in charge are WEF graduates. And they are doing a spectacular job bringing agenda 2030.
    Alena Freeland explains why there will NEVER be nuclear war. She would be a very good guest Greg.
    Look at her latest book UNDER AN IONIZED SKY.

  63. Liber8tor

    Jay Powell said last week during his speech that they are going to collapse the stock market and the job market. He said the process will take two years. (’23 & ’24) They’ve already lost control of the narrative and the Wefers know that the Great Reset is going to be a great collapse.

  64. James PTY

    The Isthmus borders Venezuela, and for 15 years I have closely watched the country’s deconstruction (also, my girlfriend is upper middle class Venezuelan, and I still get to listen uncomfortably to many firsthand painful stories). It is hard for most people to imagine two women getting in a fist fight over a chicken in the supermarket, yet that is what happens after waiting in line for 5 or more hours and then there is only one bird left. When shortages start people buy extra if they see an item, and that exasperates the shortage. The international group responsible for turning Venezuela, once the gem of Latin America into a disaster, are using the same model thinking they can achieve the same for the USA not in 15 years, but FIVE. You decide how well they are doing…

  65. Tim Bitterman

    There are two nations within the continental USA. The 48 States are still a Constitutional Republic albeit infiltrated by the Rothschild Rockefeller Families at the State and Local levels.
    The second nation is known as “DC.” DC is a “democracy” or mob rule by criminal invaders known as the nation of the Federal Reserve, private bankster families, Wall Street , the so called “woke” communists, fascists and their minions (useful idiots). This second nation is a treasonous Corporation known as USA, Inc.
    —— Clif High
    From first hand knowledge in my former country known as Canada I know how evil and destructive “ democracy “ can be. The likes of insane communist Justin Castro (aka Trudeau) has overthrown us once him and his insane step father took our guns. His mob change the laws slowly but constantly to relentlessly erase our rights and freedoms.
    Our biggest failure was to give up our guns. Please, please, please America do not allow the DC communist horde known as USA, Inc to overthrow your USA Constitutional Republic! Never relinquish your guns!!!

    Mao took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Hitler took the guns, PolPot took the guns and “CASTRO (aka TRUDEAU) TOOK THE GUNS.”
    ——-Alex Jones

    • Tim Bitterman

      Sorry but I said “ him and his step father” in my comment above. it should read “ he and his step father” to be grammatically correct. Sorry!

      If you want to correct for me I would appreciate that. Thank you!

  66. Marie Joy

    At this point, it’s fight or die and I don’t see any of us fighting.

  67. James

    Another excellent program, Greg! Thank you.

  68. Nika

    Greg, What was Bo Polny’s important news Prediction for September 24, 2022?

  69. Rod Brumley Sr. - Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The USA National Debt is 31 Trillion but that is nothing compared to the almost 200 Trillion in Unfunded & Underfunded Liabilities!!!
    To explain this more simply – this is like every American having cash printing machines in their basements paying all their bills – buying cars, buying vacation homes, bigger new homes, vacations, luxury items, etc etc
    We are on the cusp of Dramatic Depression – I recommend watching the Movie The Grapes of Wrath – this x 10 what is getting ready to happen.
    I’m accumulating more Physical Silver, Gold and Platinum – especially pre 1965 US Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars for Barter purposes.
    Buckle Up we are on the Cliff and we have Hurricane Winds blowing us off!!!

  70. KZ

    It’s too stupid to be stupid. It’s not incompetence, it’s collusion.

  71. Dianthus

    Sorry people but it is all wrong!! Why? Bc nobody except a few on this world know these facts and this is hpw the world is being runned and we all get played bigtime.

    Really read this people and Greg and you now more then all your guests combined and I am not joking here. This one comes also short in this intel, but more broadly what was really going on in Iraq:

    👉 Goede ook over het bedrog van Peak Oil en hoe ze controle houden over landen en hun energie etc…
    Crisissen worden gecreëerd.

    This is CAF Mr. Global and please share it with here bc she is looking for this and I cannot get a hold of her!

    • Justn Observer

      Nice share ! Thanks Diathus
      akin to that vid =
      Fletcher Prouty Explains Invention and Use of Term “Fossil Fuels”

      • Johnny Cool


        This is excellent. I always thought the “fossil fuel” concept was ridiculous, and that was without any scientific knowledge about the subject, until now.

  72. Arthur

    Greg, awesome guest.
    Heard today that the Canadian military an US marshals have decended on Ottawa Parliament buildings, US marshals badge an gun was seen. 100s of vehicle’s ( black) on site at privy council building, similar to your West wing.

    No sure if this is true, just something I heard from someone in Ottawa. Could you see if this is Bull, or is there truth in this statement.

  73. Vince Wagner

    Let me preface this with the following: I think Martin is an incredible market historian and economic historian. I love his work. However, let’s all be cognizant of the fact that there is likely no magic crystal ball (Socrates) that can predict all economic outcomes with certainty. I have in my possession, a paper Martin wrote in 2010 stating that Australia would become THE economic engine of the world and that we would see an exchange rate where the Australia dollar was worth 2 US dollars! As we know now, Australia is under what is basically a police state. It’s currency is trash and those who are intelligent are trying to leave! That said, I read Martin for his economic history, not his predictions.

  74. War Monger

    The ‘banking crisis’ already started Greg…

    The Fiat Currency Era

    August 15, 1971.

    It marked one of the most significant events in US history—on par with the 1929 stock market crash, JFK’s assassination, and the 9/11 attacks.

    Yet, most people know nothing about it…

    It’s been over 50 years since that fateful day forever transformed America and the world. Here’s what happened.

    It’s been rightly said that “he who holds the gold makes the rules.”

    After World War 2, the US had the largest gold reserves in the world, by far. Along with winning the war, this let the US reconstruct the global monetary system around the dollar.

    The new system, created at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, tied the currencies of virtually every country in the world to the US dollar through a fixed exchange rate. It also tied the US dollar to gold at a fixed rate of $35 per ounce.

    The dollar was said to be “as good as gold.”

    The Bretton Woods system made the US dollar the world’s premier reserve currency. It forced other countries to store dollars for international trade or to exchange with the US government for gold.

    However, it was doomed to fail.

    Runaway spending on warfare and welfare caused the US government to print more dollars than it could back with gold at the promised price.

    By the late 1960s, the number of dollars circulating had drastically increased relative to the amount of gold backing them. This encouraged foreign countries to exchange their dollars for gold, draining the US gold supply at an alarming rate.

    As a result, the US gold supply dropped by more than half, from 574 million troy ounces at the end of World War II to around 261 million troy ounces in 1971.

    The situation pressured the US government to make a drastic decision. It could either do nothing and watch its gold holdings evaporate, which would mean losing enormous financial and geopolitical power. Or it could default on its promise to redeem the dollar for gold.

    On Sunday night, August 15, 1971, President Nixon interrupted the scheduled TV programs and made a surprise announcement to the nation—and the world.

    Nixon said he was temporarily suspending the dollar’s convertibility into gold.

    The most apparent lie was Nixon’s claim that the suspension would only be “temporary.”

    It’s still in place today.

    Another egregious lie was that his move was necessary to protect Americans from international speculators. Instead, money printing to finance out-of-control government spending was the real problem.

    Lastly, Nixon said removing the link to gold would stabilize the dollar. However, even by the government’s own rigged inflation statistics, which understate reality, the US dollar has lost over 86% of its purchasing power since 1971.

    The truth is that Nixon defaulted on the obligation to redeem the dollar for gold at $35 an ounce. Since then, the dollar has been a pure fiat currency with no backing.

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines fiat money as “inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree.”

    August 15, 1971, was the official start of the age of fiat. The world went on a fiat currency standard for the first time in human history.

    It gave the US government an unfathomable amount of power.

    Having the US dollar as the world’s premier reserve currency—without gold backing—allowed Washington to print fake money out of thin air and export it to the rest of the world for real goods and services—a privileged racket no other country has.

    Without gold to hold it in check, the Fed could print as many dollars as it wanted. And that’s exactly what happened.

    1971 was an enormous change in money and finance.

    That’s because, before the adoption of a fiat currency standard, gold had been mankind’s most enduring form of money—for over 2,500 years—because of unique characteristics that make it suitable to store and exchange value.

    Gold is durable, divisible, consistent, convenient, scarce, and most importantly, the “hardest” of all physical commodities.

    In other words, gold is the one physical commodity that is the “hardest to produce” (relative to existing stockpiles) and, therefore, the most resistant to inflation.

    Gold is indestructible, and its stockpiles have built up over thousands of years. That’s a big reason why the annual growth of new gold supply—typically 1-2% per year—is insignificant.

    In other words, nobody can arbitrarily inflate the supply. That makes gold an excellent store of value and gives the yellow metal its superior monetary properties.

    People in every country of the world value gold. Its worth doesn’t depend on any government or any counterparty at all. Gold has always been an inherently international and politically neutral asset. This is why different civilizations around the world have used gold as money for millennia.

    Yet, most people don’t understand this.

    They might say the paper dollars in their wallets and the digital dollars in their bank accounts are money, not gold. But that’s only been the case since 1971, a drop in the bucket by historical terms.

    However, that’s all about to change—and soon. That’s because the fiat system is self-destructing at an alarming rate. After more than 50 years, it’s long past the end of its shelf-life, like a Goddamn carton of spoiled rotten milk.

    The current monetary system is on its way out. Even the central bankers running the system can see that. So they are preparing for what comes next as they attempt to “reset” the system.

    I suspect it could all go down soon… and it’s not going to be pretty for most people.

    What exactly will the “reset” look like?

    What can the average person do about it?

    I know one thing, no amount of gold is ever going to be more important to me than the following:

    Guns, ammunition, water, food and medicine. Not to mention the will to live and survive at all costs regardless.


      _____________War Monger
      What will the coming saying of “Peace and security!” not mean?
      Of this we can be certain: The cry of “Peace and security!”​—whatever form it takes—​does not mean that the underlying condition of this world will have been reversed. Nor does it mean that the nations will disarm or give up their hostile attitudes. “‘There is no peace,’ my God has said, ‘for the wicked ones.’” (Isa. 57:21) It is just that, for the moment, world leaders, out of desperation or because of seeing some selfish advantage in pursuing some new policies, will cry “Peace and security!” in a more pronounced way than ever before.
      Why can we be so certain that this world will continue to deteriorate? Because 2 Timothy 3:1, 13 foretells that in these “last days . . . wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse.” Therefore, the saying of “Peace and security!” will be only a veneer. It will not touch the true condition of mankind. Nothing this world under Satan does is going to end the avalanche of crime, violence and war, or bring a halt to family breakdown, or reverse rampant immorality, or prevent the millions of abortion murders of unborn children every year, or solve any other major problems of mankind. (Jer. 10:23) Nor will the majority of people suddenly turn to the true worship of God. Bible prophecy correctly stated that people in our time would be “lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power.”​—2 Tim. 3:4, 5; see also Matthew 7:13, 14.
      Thus, while the world will be deluded by vain hopes during the soon coming declaration of “Peace and security!” God’s servants will not be. Instead, they will take this coming fulfillment of prophecy for what it really is: a final signal that the “great tribulation” is about to begin! They know, too, that after God’s “day of vengeance” is finished, his faithful servants will enter a righteous new system of things, the end of an age, to begin endless life of heaven on earth, that will be transformed into paradise. (2 Pet. 3:13; Rev. 7:9-17) Not just a peace dividend!
      As all these thrilling events rush toward us, what should our attitude be?
      The mantra here at Has always been, to fear not. For father God and Son, along with the Holy Spirit. Are in complete control.
      Prepare physically, but above all spiritually, because life is worth living and living with life everlastingly!

      • Joel

        ◄ Psalm 115:16 ►
        New International Version
        The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to mankind.
        Satan induced our first parents, Adam and Eve, to join him in rebellion against God. When Satan claimed that God was withholding something good from them​—the right to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong—​they went along with Satan and turned their backs on God. The result? In time, they died, just as God had warned. They lost the prospect of living forever, in a garden paradise on earth.​—Genesis 2:17; 3:1-6; 5:5.
        Adam and Eve’s rebellion has affected all humans down to this day. God’s Word says: “Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men.” (Romans 5:12) We die because we inherited sin and death from our original parents, not because of some predetermined, unfathomable ‘plan’ of God.
        The rebellion in Eden did not thwart God’s original purpose for mankind and the earth. God’s perfect love and sense of justice moved him to provide a way to free us from the bondage of inherited sin and death. The apostle Paul explained: “The wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) Lovingly, God “gave his only-begotten Son [Jesus Christ], so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) By offering himself willingly as a ransom sacrifice, Jesus redeemed all that was lost through Adam.
        Soon, God’s promise of an earthly paradise will become a reality. This wonderful future can be ours if we take to heart Jesus’ admonition: “Go in through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are finding it.” (Matthew 7:13, 14) Yes, our future is in our own hands. What will you do?

  75. BlueMoon

    Good news out of Italy:

    Ursula von der Leyen can pound sand along with her threats.

  76. Jeffrobbins

    Absolutely some of the best guests. It may not obvious in the middle of things, but the world is being tossed around and shaken on purpose. We- USAWD audience need to consider the next ‘wave’ for our own safety and benefit. Not sure who could forecast the future, but a bit of common sense would have to put food security up for the next wave or perhaps the one after that. I didn’t hear much of a rebuttal after Putin claimed that all but two of the shipments of grain to leave the Black Sea went to European counties. Some backyard chickens could be a great idea for some folks- our little flock is up to around 25. For silver- an option is the First Majestic store- i believe the sunshine mint mints their silver, and there is a premium there as well.

  77. Jeffrobbins

    Does anyone know about making ‘tea’ fertilizer? I’ve read a little about it, and it could be quite the game changer when it comes to growing in your back yard or even on a larger irrigated scale. I hoped for a good book as a resource- different recipes, benefits of each. Looks like the main two items would be an aerator and and IBC tote.

    • Justn Observer

      Jeff Robbins… This is a tad long… but maybe because of the current situation Greg will post…as to newbies needing to know a tad more than Mike Bloomberg as to the ….’ease’… of JUST sticking a seed in the dirt!
      IF….Food and Energy shortage persist ….AND IF …. there is a further decline in weather and weather pattern changes due to GSM these might keep in planning and prep for one’s gardening needs along with now stocking up heirloom and organic / non gmo seeds and shortages of synthetic fertilizer.

      CONSIDERING THE BIG PICTURE… much COMES down to GOOD dirt, moisture retention, microbes, to grow things, PH… natural fertilizer, root depth, available minerals and using fewer synthetic chemicals. Sad to see HOW BADLY THE SOIL has gotten depleted of the decades trying to get ‘peak yields’ but nice to know, with effort we CAN help bring it back and return the top soll and make it also better where nature itself has eroded it with floods that leached them and winds, droughts and high temps that sterilized or removed the soil

      First adjust your soil composition with SOIL PYRAMID. they say best ratios are = 40-% sand, 40% silt, 20% clay…. then comes PH… micronutrients….and microbes that are the life of decomposition…then control the amount of sun to plant and seed types and the INTENSITY of the sun as etc.
      Soil Texture Pyramid | Climate and Soil Composition (
      SSM – Ch. 3. Examination and Description of Soil Profiles | NRCS Soils (
      so, guess a place to start is test, adjust soil ratio and then amend with compost, natural fertilizes/ chicken, rabbit, horse, steer manure bonemeal, and mineral sands….AND in time maybe get away from SYNTHETIC COMMERCIAL fertilizer all together?

      Temperature And Plant Growth: How Does Temperature Affect Plant Growth (

      Soil Temperature and Planting Crops (

      How to Grow Archives – Harvest to Table
      lots of specifics on temps too low or high as to growth and production of the crops and heads to know =
      at what temperature do crops stop growing at DuckDuckGo
      CONSIDERING THE BIG PICTURE… much COMES down to GOOD dirt to grow things, retain water and using fewer synthetic chemicals! Sad to see HOW BADLY THE SOIL has gotten depleted of the decades trying to get ‘peak yields’

      PT1 Building Microbe-Rich Living Compost Part 1 – YouTube
      PT2 Building Microbe-Rich Living Compost Part 2 – YouTube

      Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil – YouTube
      even Simple soil tests can get most people on their way…
      TEST composition of soil
      TEST drainage and water retention
      TEST and adjust soil PH
      FIND degree days of one’s area
      Choose the seeds that comport best to your grow zone and time to harvest time period.
      Find available natural amendments and fertilizers
      Gather all the right tools and equipment necessary for success.
      DEGREE DAYS FOR LOCATION = (what is interesting is how much dd has already been lost in some areas of the world.) making their ability to have time to harvest of many crops in the most northern and southern tiers!
      Some areas have long growing seasons and can afford to lose a few days or weeks …others make many crops with longer growth time out of the question as THE GSM develops…some areas have already lost 10% others over 30% but if one is already in a marginal area…gardening WITHOUT greenhouses or hydroponics is already nearing impossibility and will require re-location if one hopes to produce food year around and not be DEPENDENT on outside sources and shipping.
      Temp and soil AND harvest time in one’s area as we are losing DD going into the GSM…why plant what is not going to get to harvest do to late springs and early winters…
      GREENHOUSES will be needed to get a head start and to lengthen the grow season in the future depending in many locations….
      Strategic locations as GSM sets in and where history shows occurred where=
      Strategic Relocation: Maps – Ice Age Farmer Wiki
      Finding the facts on the area one is or planning to move to =
      The Weather Year-Round Anywhere on Earth – Weather Spark

      Seed NEEDED then, might become those of the shorter to harvest varieties to fit the changing solar maximums and minimums …

      suburban homestead – YouTube

      So many sites on You Tube…but the awareness of GSM = much kudos to Diamond, Christian, Dubyne, Clif High, Wheelbarger, the works of other scientists as to solar cycles, sunspost, history, and ‘gov’t lies ‘ and manipulation thereof people for their politics and profits…

      examples of Greenhouses and Walipini for harvest time extenders =

      Farm Tour Series: The Walipini; Use, Design, and Construction – YouTube

      Greenhouse in the Snow Tour – YouTube
      The weather…apparently tis going to be getting colder…and the food scarcer for a considerable time… the cool down cycle is speeding up = times a wasting!

      NOAA Charts Reveal Global Cooling Is Intensifying; A Word On ‘Climate Reanalyzer’; + Long Cold Winter Mornings Persist In Australia – Electroverse
      Space Weather News
      *** to your specific question… type = ‘making compost tea brewer ‘ into the You Tube search bar….

  78. oldbat

    david wilkerson prophecy says it will start w/germany. once it gets to mexico, we have very little time to get our money out of the banks. and the banks must order money in order for you to get it. i know cuz i withdrew about 20k 12 or so yrs ago and they told me they didnt have that much and would need to order it.

  79. thought bomb

    King James, the patron and namesake of the KJV, appears to have been a bi-sexual. Here are some details of a few of his relations.

    The Douay-Reims is an English language translation predates the KJV by a decade. And it’s not missing the books that Martin Luther removed because he didn’t like what they taught about dudes like him or King James.

  80. thought bomb

    there is a rumor that this year Martin Armstrong lost a bet and the wager he had to pay the other person was to inquire of Socrates whither Jesus would/when return, And the answer he got left him flummoxed.

    This is probably why during this video, to the discerning eye Armstrong appears to be nonplussed the moment Greg Hunter lets loose the obvious, that he (himself, Hunter) leans right because he is Christian. It was as if Armstrong does not want that topic to be broached.

  81. Vivian

    Russia. The globalists hare it because it is primarily a White Conservative Christian populist nation.
    Diversity, perversion, etc., not welcome. And they cannot buy off ir corrupt Putin with wokeism or globalism.

  82. Joe Serino

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for being so true to the truth. I wish you were on every night instead of Tucker!
    I wonder why Mr. Armstrong sees unconcerned about the Executive order 14067 and the CBDC? If what some say, including Jim Rickards is true, this will eliminate use of cash and create a social credit control grid with mandated vaccines and passports. Some even say they already have the 1% as immune or “sovereign” (an evil inversion of the true meaning) and the rest of us based on compliance essentially serfs or non-persons living on
    subsistence levels of controlled energy and genetically engineered “food”. What say you?

  83. Vivian



  84. Linda Majors


    As always, I enjoyed the interview with Martin. I agree with him when he said that we have a crop of the most incompetent leaders in history. However, I believe that their “incompetence” is intentional. They are all part of the Globalist Great Reset and Greta Thunberg Green Death Cult.

    Fortunately, Georgia Meloni won the Prime Minster election in Italy. She and Hungary’s Victor Orban may be able to prevent Europeans from freezing this winter at the altar of Greta Thunberg’s Death Cult. That mean German woman who runs the EU Commission is getting hysterical. She plans to meet with Biden tomorrow. The Globalists are having a meltdown. Their scheme to force us to eat crickets and give our assets to those lunatics is imploding. (Part of God’s plan?)

    Recently, Biden assisted Communist China to “topple the American president of the Inter-American Development Bank.” (Ref. excerpt below.) The Globalist Great Reset Green Cult have joined forces with Communist China. Hopefully, Bolsonaro will win the election in Brazil, otherwise we will have Communist China and Russia controlling the countries south of us. The U.S. is barely hanging on. If we don’t defeat the Communists in November, America will become a colony of Communist China.

    Excerpt from article in Wall Street Journal:
    Socialist governments in Latin America, along with China, wanted to topple the American president of the Inter-American Development Bank, Mauricio Claver-Carone. But the U.S. owns 30% of the bank and the anti-American left in the region needed the Biden Treasury’s help.

    They got it on Thursday, when Treasury’s representative on the IDB’s executive board of directors, Fabiana Jorge, led a vote in favor of Mr. Claver-Carone’s dismissal. The matter now goes to the full board of governors, which is expected to vote this week to end the tenure of the only American president in the bank’s 62-year history. . . . .

  85. Mike

    A truth website that censors comments telling the truth. Pathetic.

  86. Greg Hunter

    Yes, but there is much more to the story. Armstrong is in demand on every continent on the planet. If your friends are that stupid they should simply not consume the free content.

    • James Hall

      Pony, was right a lot happened this week end. This is big.
      Breaking: Italy Rebels Against The EU Dictatorship

      • Mario

        A few things happened but nothing that was Biblical . Bo was eluding to a major move of God. I didn’t hear anything like that happen.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Greg, I love Martin but Bruce is mega rich, an Engineer and I guess the first thing he does is see if he can find something bad on anyone. He is a good guy but I don’t t think he has ever watched you so I am on your side. It is like Dr. Robert Fleming, a real smart Doctor and an Attorney. If the Left does not like you they will destroy or try too ruin, even kill so many. Look at what they are trying to do to President Trump, Steve Bannon, Dr. Peter Navarro, and so many more. All the Attornies and Judges just about, are Communist pigs. The worst example of them trying to shut up truth sayers is Alex Jones. OMG. You have to be so squeaky clean bud. Last note, about Dr. Fleming, my brother, who has so many kill jabs, he is a doughnut with big holes in him, as I forwarded info on the kill jabs early on and the first thing he did was find that he has many lawsuits and all I said is, “The left Radicals sue anyone who is truthful. He is in a fog now. My sis and me keep trying to get him to watch you and others but he is a Mass Formation man. Greg, you have the smartest and most knowledgeable people commenting. I learn so much so Thank You and I hope to be allowed back in for a visit with my Thai wife.

  87. z

    US Dollar Index
    113.507 +0.545 +0.48%

    Nenner !!!

    • z

      114.073 +1.111 +0.98%
      114 !!!! Nenner !!!

      Trading Floors freaking out. MSNBC freakign out calling for the fed chair to step down.

      British pound gets whacked, — Armstrong — Look to Euorpe

      115 !!!! coming !!!!

      Bo Pony – Sept 23 – Sept 26

    • Janet

      But Remember!! – As “you are told” it is rising – it “is really” falling!!! –

      • Eli

        Martin is always a great discussion and his experience in world governments makes him an invaluable resource to listen to! In fact, he’s one of your guests I can listen to twice, and frequently do because of the wealth of information! Don’t want to miss anything.🙏🏻😊

  88. youknowwho

    Armstrong is either dead wrong, or cannot publicly say the truth regarding the efficacy of the world’s politicians. This is all by design, which by extension, renders the politicians extremely competent! If the goal is to destroy the west, they’re efficient and detail-oriented at their jobs.

  89. Coal Burner

    This weekend I was with colleagues in a volunteer organization for young people and the subject came up on a certain woke subject. He is no touch with the DC Leadership. In the state/area I live, we are it the most diverse and stable group of people, friends, collegues, allies, all supporting each other. My comment was but we do not care about the woke arguments, meaning none of us that they want to split and drive wedges between. He said the Loony WOKE crowd is furious because of what I said. They are terribly angry that we are all see ourselves in a similar pot and we get along and are resisting their efforts to make us dislike each other. Yes he said, they hate that and are furious about and are trying everything they can to divide us.

  90. Marie Joy names 922 athletes who died since their covid injection.

  91. Linda Majors

    Followup to my comments:

    Globalists in panic. EU dominatrix Ursula Von der Leyen vows sanctions on Italy if conservative candidate wins. Since Giorgia Meloni, who is a Conservative and a Christian, won the election, it will be interesting to see what happens next. According to reports, Von der Leyen plans to meet with globalist, Joe Biden, tomorrow to discuss the election, and come up with a plan of action. Game on! Good vs. Evil. (Ref. link below.)

  92. Marie Joy

    This has come so far because we are weak.

    • Paul

      Someday I hope you change your name, it doesn’t fit your personality.
      Many daily, not on keyboards, are doing the work. Inspiration and confidence far outweighs negativity for any meaningful action. It’s difficult for all. Show some courage. It goes much further.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Paul

        Sorry Marie,
        Love your name

        • Marie Joy

          Paul, My mother called my father “Killjoy” He was as much a prepper as he could be with 4 children.
          I am this way because I know what will happen and I don’t think God looks kindly on our inaction.
          I have said this before but I’ll say it again. My cousin, Joe Grimes, long dead, was in the FBI and he told me what will happen and it’s not pretty.
          If I were not 74 and 3/4 dead, I would show some courage.
          People are NOT one dimensional. This is not a good news site and cracking jokes would be inappropriate when we’re talking about death, dying, disease, banking failures, etc. There is a place for the wordsmiths who give us the real news but there is a place for those who have the courage to fight, as well but, it seems, fluoride works.
          I stand by my previous words. We (includes me) are weak.

          • Paul

            Negative & positive keeps the current flowing

            Paul from arkansas

  93. House (my P.P. it, those and salami)

    An rare question that should be discussed, If one certain race that represents only 14% of the population committed over 75% of all the gun killings, shouldn’t we ban guns from that specific race? Eh yeah, we’d also have to ban them from spoons, forks and knifes too, along with all other inventions of the European civilization.

    That goes with schools too, remove all 2.0 GPA and below and send them to some special sort of street cleaner school, pick up trash by hand, at least they would have employment, work for that taxpayer check they’d been getting for generations.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, A sobering analysis might aligned with Mr. Armstong’s view of U.S. leadership in todays world.
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor Interview – DEBUNKING Taiwan, Ukraine LIES

  95. Don

    Martin keeps cutting world leaders some slack, suggesting that they just don’t know what they are doing, that they are just unfamiliar with history. Nonsense! In context with the de-population agenda, these “leaders” know exactly what they are doing as they continue sending their country’s children off to an un-survivable war.

    • Justn Observer

      Don..might be the ‘influencer’ class does…but many state and Fed elected officials have nice personalities but are dumb as rocks on many issues, and grew up in todays school system and are clueless as to history pre and post Byzantine and Ottoman and Roman empires. Further back, so few as Carl Munck has proven for sure….
      Easier for people to erase the history than to explain it, especially if it interferes with the narrative they are pushing…

  96. Doug W

    He said some thing like , Give it to the Red Cross and maybe it will get there, he is right, “MAYBE” it gets there, I trust the Red Cross as far as I can Pee, and in my old age , that’s not far……..

  97. Jan, from Budapest

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary, Europe

    Greg, thank you, for your show. Armstrong is well informed and informative.

    I was away over the weekend, and thus late to the party…

    After this weekend’s election in Italy, Italy will get a new government with a conservative lady prime minister and the consequences could be the cracking of the EU itself. EU’s Ursula von der Leyen, came out with a direct warning to Italians if they didn’t vote correct. Correct according to EU’s wish of course. I do believe the Italians defied her. Could that be the big thing that Bo Polny spoke about?

    I have mentioned David Wilkerson vision he had in 1970’s, and today I quote him as I believe we are now living what he saw coming.

    “Economic confusion
    “There is worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision, this is the clearest thing I have seen. Many praying people now share this very same vision.
    Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada and all the other nations shortly after.

    “It’s not really a depression I see coming — but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the life style of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also, Arab countries will especially be hurt.
    Without doubt, there are lean years ahead full of monetary confusion and despair. How soon is not clear, but it is not far away.”

    As we see, the confusion is total in Europe these days. They are flying blind because they are in a situation they have never been in before. The US Fed’s are not bailing them out anymore.

    What we see these days, according to Tom Luongo, is that the Fed’s Powell is breaking the Davos elite’s aristocracy and their European banks including ECB. And, he also says that the Fed will continue raising rates until the ECB is broken. The Fed is defying the Davos puppets in the White House, trying to save the Dollar, if I understood him correctly.
    Again, I say that it could be interesting to have him on your show.

    Let’s hope the pretender in Chief and his handlers won’t start a nuclear war to avoid being caught with their pants down and loosing the mid-terms.

    PS! Question: Could it be that Pelosi will become President this year? The pretender in Chief is ready for retirement. Kamala is less than useless.

  98. Randy Best

    It is truly amazing how many still have faith in worthless Government/FED fiat money.

  99. AnObserver

    Hi Greg,
    Hope you are well.
    When your guest said the DJT was naïve in wanting to drain the swamp, that’s both sides of the aisle, I’m afraid I can’t buy it. In other words, the DJT, the DJ Warp Speed T, knew well and good. I think it’s as simple as an insult to common sense, to suggest he was innocent, in the knowledge, in being sheltered, or handled, or lead, whatever.
    So, there’s no good faith, there is no good faith, and I’m not talking about our Most Holy Faith. When They say, ah it was all in good faith, well, you know what that actually means, what that actually translates to.

  100. Self Exiled


    • BornInABarn,Fran

      Self-X Simply beautiful seeing you here again. I forget who from blog here asked for prayers for you a little while back…our beautiful healing Lord God Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Also – as I’d only heard folk say they could get vax readings on their phones, Thanks for this video that confirms and explains. Proposed end result of ultimate control just common sense logical.

  101. Self Exiled


  102. Self Exiled

    All that is occurring, the behaviors we are witnessing in youth, the sabotaging of the nation, the rise of sexual deviance in society is explainable when coupled with the absence of the Holy Spirit. The result of the absence of God is insanity.

    And all your [spiritual] children shall be disciples [taught by the Lord and obedient to His will], and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. Isaiah 54:13

  103. Nanny Pel Epps

    by Zero Hedge September 26th 2022
    Russian citizenship for CIA whistleblower is an absolutely huge development and a consequential thumb in the eye to Washington at a moment the two sides are inching closer to direct war in Ukraine.

    Sunday Live: Italy Rejects EU’s War With Russia As Shock Election Rocks Great Reset Agenda/ Alex Jones Show September 25th 2022
    Alex Jones also breaks down the incredibly dangerous Ukraine war developments as Russia mobilizes for nuclear conflict!

    ________Cry! Cry! Cry! Globalista’s
    by Paul Joseph Watson September 26th 2022

    WWIII Update: Massive Troop Movements Rumored, Russia’s Doomsday Nuclear Weapons Revealed
    Mike Adams | Health Ranger Report September 25th 2022
    Latest intel suggests Russia not bluffing in its call to amass hundreds of thousands of troops as Ukraine peace talks collapse.

    Globalists In FULL PANIC as Nations Choose Populism Over Controlled Collapse Humanity Taking Back Planet!
    Posted 2 hours ago /
    Watch & share the most banned broadcast in the world where Alex Jones breaks down how the NWO will respond to the Great Awakening!

  104. Chester Numnitz

    How a remote lagoon and a ‘secret weapon’ allowed the US Navy to overwhelm Japanese forces during World War II
    In September 1944, the US Navy captured Ulithi Atoll and used it to support the Allied advance.
    The remote atoll hosted hundreds of ships for repair and rearmament and allowed troops to rest.
    Ulithi is taking on new relevance amid heightened tensions with China in the Western Pacific.

    Russian Exodus Grows Amid Fears Kremlin May Restrict Borders
    Bloomberg News – Yesterday 12:37 PM
    Finnish border guards stand amid Russian vehicles at the Vaalimaa border check point in Virolahti, Finland, on September 25, 2022.
    Russian men and their families flooded to the border over the weekend as speculation grew that the Kremlin may bar mobilization-eligible men from leaving the country.

    Witnesses reported hours-long lines at the main airport in Moscow and at land crossings into Kazakhstan and Georgia as reports spread that those subject to the call-up may be banned from leaving as soon as this week.

  105. greg derian

    I don’t take any stock in Bo Polny’s prediction of sept. 25th 2022 but I look at the bond market today and I have to admit he may be on to something.

  106. z

    BASF shut down completely in Europe ?

  107. Nika

    Greg, I just saw news from Alex Jones. He said, that Putin is now, calling up his 1 Million Man Army, and will declare War on Nato and the USA! I am waiting to see, your analysis of the situation?

    • Greg Hunter

      I reported this last week and Putin is not declaring war just yet.

  108. Linda Majors


    Mike Adams talks about how Western Europe is destroying itself with the “green” energy policies. (Ref. excerpts below.)

    California. Governor Newsom is in the process of doing the same to California, which you mentioned in your wrapup. Newsom is also trying to pass a law making it illegal to dispute the official narrative regarding vaccines. He is threatening to have people arrested. California needs to be saved from the Communists who are in control, Greta Thunberg Green Death Cult, and Big Pharma. They are destroying our once beautfiful, prosperous state. We need help! (Most of us are NOT “Commiefornians.” We are good, traditional Americans.)


    Mike Adams, Natural News:
    Western Europe is destroying itself with ‘green’ energy policies
    Over the weekend, I posted an important interview with Michael Yon, a war correspondent who is watching Western Europe commit suicide by the day.

    He warns that Europe is destroying itself by adhering to failed “green” policies. As a result, the industrial base of Germany and other European countries is now in a state of near-collapse, with dire predictions for the near future. (Ref. Mike Adams, Natural News.)

    • Jeff

      Linda, you are absolutely right, growing up in California it seems the overshadowing of conservative”traditional Americans” is well viewed. It’s oppressive political nature was unknown to myself until I left, what an I opener. In fact it was a truly difficult transition. Sadly California has gotten a bad rap due to its politics, entertainment etc., but I beg to differ there are many more conservatives that it’s credited for.

  109. Steve Bice

    Check out the leading edge of the cold front on the GOES southeastern U.S. satellite. The front will slow it down and try to push it east. If it slows (or stalls) …which it should…the impact on Tampa/St. Pete could be catastrophic. I don’t see how this gets pushed east before Tampa, meaning Tampa gets the full brunt of the strongest (eastern side) of the storm.

    A 10-foot storm surge into Tampa Bay will flood everything. Everything depends on the strength of the front and when/where it collides with the storm…

    • Steve Bice

      The GOES satellite updates regularly. It updated before the above was posted. You can still see the front, but nightfall obscures it pretty quickly. We’ll see what the next update looks like, but I expect the front and the storm to have merged at that point…forcing the storm to slide to the east. It was more obvious in the earlier animation. If the eye hits Tampa, or it landfalls anywhere south of Cedar Key, Tampa gets inundated. Not good…

  110. PersonaNonGrata

    It’s not going away!
    Here in the U.K. I have just been sent notification of an unsolicited appointment to receive the ‘Bivalent Covid Booster’. This to take place in a church hall! This is the same ‘bivalent’ Covid vaxx that Dr Peter Mccullough stated on USAW had not been tested on humans before rollout! The letter informing me of my appointment, states clearly in capitals that this is a “COVID BOOSTER”. On reverse of page, there is a date order list of vaccinations I have “declined” . This includes the first two for Covid, and the third Covid shot (booster #1) a flu shot, and a shingles shot. This is the first time my failure to vaccinate has been documented to me – and I sense a threat.

    Prior ‘invitations’ to receive Covid vaxx have at least published a means to reply, affirming or declining the unsolicited appointment. This latest letter leaves no instructions regarding confirmation. I suspect that failure to attend will be recorded as a waste by me of NHS (National Health Services) resources. Me thinks . . . three strikes and you’re out, may be used to remove patients from doctor’s lists, diminishing access to an already diminishing UK health service.

    Last point. My understanding is that even by their own BS guidelines, people are not supposed to receive Covid boosters unless they have already received the first two shots. If this is correct, then my doctor is arranging for me to receive the #4 (bivalent) Covid booster while knowing full well (my vaxx record per his letter) that I have not received ANY Covid shots to date. ‘It’s too stupid to be stupid’ – so therefore, I smell a rat!

  111. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    KUDOS to Mr. Nenner. He said that the “bottom” would be around 1646.00 for gold and today it closed at 1631.00. Please watch the events of this week. This is just the beginning.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  112. Justn Observer

    Greg. Sounds like we are about there -thinking things will tip over soon?

  113. Cry Me a Ruble

    Divide and conquer is a political approach but also a military approach to subjugate an enemy. It is often attributed to Napoleon but in reality goes back to Julius Caesar and Roman times. “Divide et impera” is a tactic of Caesar that successfully conquered his enemies.
    One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” — Nicholas Machiavelli
    My message is in this short concise forum is the Communist left Democrats are using the age old tactic of devision and deception. No new tricks in their book. If you look at media today every culture is thrown in the face of Americans except their own. The left has a army of mesmerized zombies following them. It’s Machiavelli and Caesar 2.0.

  114. ken

    Armstrong: Hyperinflation did not take place because they simply printed money speaking of Germany 1922.

    On Armstrong’s site this today 9/26/22am.
    The Heritage Foundation:
    “This financial catastrophe for American families is the direct result of a president and Congress addicted to spending our money, combined with a Federal Reserve compliantly enabling this addiction by printing more dollars. Washington recklessly spent trillions of dollars it did not have and paid for it with newly printed money, causing rampant inflation that has destroyed people’s purchasing power and jeopardized Americans’ financial futures.”

    But the ridiculous printing of money is what causes the mistrust and the printed up money itself causes the inflation.

  115. Lady Au Stackers United

    NASA space DART crashes into asteroid.
    Stock market drops significantly.
    Gold/silver down (time to stack).
    Russian men flee their country to avoid Putin’s military conscript. Russian women protest in streets of Moscow.

    So could any of the above events be September 25-26 events Polny was referring to?

    • The Seer

      Don’t think so.

    • Warren B.

      You conveniently omitted the UN/US Armed forces build up in Poland on 24th… well as the mobilization of UN forces in the UK on the same day.

  116. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg,
    Today is just the beginning. It will get worse. If the “big event” happens this week it will not bottom until October 19th. Watch closely and carefully tomorrow and Wednesday for a major “upset” or “starter”.
    Lo Iyrah!

  117. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. It appears that in government incompetence is King, the worst of the worst of society appear to rise in corporate government, state government and federal government then maintain control through fraud, corruption, deception, omission. The debts politicians have run up can never be repaid, it is impossible.

  118. Scrodinger's Khat

    It takes more energy to produce a solar panel than the energy a single solar panel can produce. You may power a computer monitor and a small ice box with one panel, that’s about it. Manufacture a panel using the power from a panel….. LOL!!

    A few years ago the UN said 23 billion solar panels are needed to power the world, to replace all other fuels.

    The green marxist fruitcakes all applaud!! As if 23 billion panels can be produced instantly and at no cost!! No big deal….. 23 billion solar panels end to end, enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator 4,397 times!! Is there enough copper remaining in the Earth to even make the required wires? Is there even enough sand? And what of the pollution from the mining, to the manufacturing, to the transportation and installation.

    OK, assume there is enough raw material and they wouldn’t destroy the eco system producing 23 billion panels, and lets say the world could manufacture 500,000 panels per day which I seriously doubt, and lets say the world can print an endless supply of fiat IOU money; it would take 126 years to make 23 billion solar panels, but the damn panels only have a life expectancy of 20 years…. OH OH!! IT WILL TAKE THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND HALF THE CRUST OF THE EARTH!!

    And the Sun sets, will the world grind to a halt every dusk because there will never be enough battery storage cells to store the energy for 23 billion solar panels!!

    Ask them how much green house gasses will be created producing 23 billion panels.
    Who has the $12 trillion to purchase the first 23 billion panels?

    And will the majority of the people on the planet all voluntarily move to areas where the 23 billion solar panels all get the maximum amount of sunlight?

    Where would they dispose the billions and billions of depleted panels and storage cell batteries? Like all other recycling scams, the energy required to recycle costs more than the cost of using virgin materials.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Excellent observations, to which I would add – windmills are made from composite material which cannot be recycled. Green agenda? Go figure . . .

      • Justn Observer

        Could we ‘airdrop’ the stuff into the active volcanos?
        Likely also better idea to do with the dead bodies Presidental runner Wana bee Gavin Newsome wants to use as compost?
        With all the drugs, steroids, and crap people ingest…. who would consider eating food grown from that muck…or allow it to get into the water table… Hopeful, all could find a bit of HELL ON EARTH and the ‘MAGAma’ can help eliminate it!

    • Pete+only

      And it takes about 2/3 to 3/4 s of an ounce of silver to produce one solar panel, but unfortunately, 80% of silver that is mined comes as a biproduct from other minerals that is mined.
      The more likely scenario is that 80-90% of the world’s population dies off, either from vaccines or radiation from a nuclear war which these criminals of the new world order believe will reduce carbon output in the world.

  119. Justn Observer

    Greg, Some long commentary by Patrick Wood as to the some of the roots of what we are facing today…some good history and information many may have never heard/listened…likely since the series is so long…but is in depth and pertinent. although 7 years old…look at the influence and progress the globalists have made and are still planning.
    referrenced in pt3 is this book on the roots of enviromentalism and ‘green policy’ was started by NAZI policy =
    Nazi Oaks Paperback – February 8, 2010
    by Mark Musser
    ‘Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet. Many scholars have rightly focused on Nazi racism over the years, but have often failed to notice that German Social Darwinism was rooted in ecology. What the Nazis derogatively labeled “the Eternal Jew,” the Jew who tried to overcome nature through international commercialism and cosmopolitanism, was specifically targeted. It is thus no coincidence that sweeping Nazi environmental legislation preceded the racially charged anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws. Furthermore, the quest for Lebensraum in the East, was far more than just another form of colonial expansionism. It was also a sinister eco-imperial plan designed to Germanize the landscape by removing populations of people who were unsuited to their environment, and by turning it into a beautiful natural park for the future health of the German race.’

  120. Wolfie

    Great interview ! Armstrong and Austin Fitts are my favorite guests in your show. Very knowledgable, accurate and responsible. I feel sorry for Bo Polny. He entirely lost what has been left of his tarnished reputation. He definitely tries hard but something is very wrong with his calculations.

  121. Pete+only

    Sabotaged Russian Gas Pipeline to Germany and significant protests in European cities to restore Russian gas to the people there.
    As the portion of the pipeline that was damaged was underneath the ocean, it would have had to been done by someone with the resources to do so, such as Navy divers.

  122. Deb

    Good morning Greg,
    Thank you for all of your information-filled videos and your many great interviews!
    We just saw this and would like your take on it. Could something like that happen here in US? What can people do to protect themselves from such things?
    Prayers for your good health and safety.

  123. z

    FBI Misled Judge, Then Seized $86 Million In Cash From Beverly Hills Safe-Deposit Boxes

    The FBI ‘drilled and pried’ their way into 1,400 safe-deposit boxes at a private vault company in Beverly Hills after misleading a judge about their plan to permanently confiscate everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified.

    hey rummaged through personal belongings of a jazz saxophone player, an interior designer, a retired doctor, a flooring contractor, two Century City lawyers and hundreds of others.

    Agents took photos and videos of pay stubs, password lists, credit cards, a prenuptial agreement, immigration and vaccination records, bank statements, heirlooms and a will, court records show. In one box, agents found cremated human remains. -LA Times

    The FBI and US attorney’s office in Los Angeles justified the 5-day dragnet forfeiture at the US Private Vaults store by assuming that hundreds of anonymous box holders were storing assets somehow tied to unknown crimes.

    At the end of the operation, agents had recovered more than $86 million in cash, and a ‘bonanza’ of gold, silver, rare coins, jewelry and other items of value.

    Now, around 700 box holders who aren’t implicated in any crimes liken the raid to police barging into a building’s 700 apartments and taking every tenant’s possessions when the only evidence of wrongdoing is against the landlord.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Z,
      To paraphrase Gerald Celente, ‘the ruling class are gangsters’.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      A rogue criminal government like the the Biden Democrat enterprise will steal as much as they can legally take from taxpayers both individuals and corporate. In the end, however, they will just appropriate cause they can. They are drunk with power and greed. That is who they are. That’s who they always have been. Steal elections. Lie to the people. Arrogantly walk on like nothing happened. Want this to be your future?

  124. PersonaNonGrata

    An impassioned speech by Fidel Castro against the use of nuclear weapons . . . .

  125. Dwight Branson

    Very important world news update from Imir Tsfati:

  126. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg you have to check this out , these are findings from German Doctors and Scientists , an analysis of all the of the ingredients of the vaccines. They found Antimony in Modera, a toxin. And heavy metals in Biontech. Here is the full 70 page report.
    This is the smoking gun brother. The hair on my back is standing up.
    Scroll to bottom of website for pdf download.

  127. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Just a note to add to voices against “The Jab.”
    A lifelong promoter of vaccines suspects he might be the rare, unfortunate exception.

  128. Scrodinger's Khat

    Movie ideas: So many wind turbines that it actually knocks Earth out of orbit!
    [Sequel] So many obese people that the Earth stops spinning!

  129. Roger Ram Jam

    Poll Finds 61 Percent of Voters Say the US is in a Recession …
    … the other 39% are the unemployable entitlement people
    or the mega rich democrat donors that don’t have actual businesses and employees.

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