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Financial analyst Greg Mannarino says the latest GDP number “. . . is a farce . . . I don’t think we’re growing at all.”   Mannarino says what we do have is growing inflation.  He thinks, “The dollar is in a terminal phase,” and everyone should “bet against debt” with gold and silver. 

Mannarino says “open-ended” QE by the Fed is “the big print” that is signaling “the currency is dying.  The debt based economic model is over . . .  and a new system is coming.”  Mannarino’s advice is to, “Bet against bonds which is debt, and bet against currency which is debt, and you will come out of this good.”  Mannarino says the dollar calamity that is unfolding is the biggest financial event ever.  He goes on to say, “We have never witnessed anything like this in the history of the world.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Greg Mannarino of

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    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWatchdog.COM Et Al:

    Greg should have mentioned more about the urgency to purchase gold and silver; as the time is coming when spplies will not be available like they are now against the rampage of purchases that would represent the “mania phase” he predicts… opinion. The early bird gets the worm or better a year early rather than a day lete comes to mind. He who hesitates is lost also comes to mind & so stop hesitating and act in your own best interests ASAP.

    RUSS SMITH, CALIFORNIA (One Of OUR Broke States)
    [email protected]

  2. justin king

    Yes- When Bill Gross(PIMCO)talks = people listen.

  3. AndyB

    My daughter, after watching this Greg/Greg clip, suggests that the two of you take your show on the road. She appreciates the excellent economic analysis the two of you bring to the table, and would gladly volunteer to be the President of the GG Groupie Fan Club. Note: Dad wasn’t born yesterday.

    • Greg

      Thank you AnbyB. Mannarino will be a regular feature on the site that’s for sure.
      Greg Hunter

  4. Richard Wheeling

    Greg, Greg is the best. He know’s his stuff. I read his book after seeing Him on your site last time and by the way I never miss anything you do as well. Thank You Greg. Richard.

    • Greg

      Thank you Richard for your support!

  5. Ben

    I think I agree with the sentiments on this website with predictions on gold going up in value. What I’d really like to hear about are these price targets that guests have. With a stock, there’s some basis for a stock being say $50/share based on expected future returns. Even if that theory doesn’t hold in every case, at least there’s some quasi-scientific basis for making a bet.

    How would you predict that $1700/oz is good but $1750 is not? I wish someone would say how they came up with the specific numbers they did.


    • Greg

      This site does not really get into stock picking but many have invested in mining. Anybody want to take a shot at answering Ben please be my guest. Thank you for your comment and support.


      • jay 2

        Ben. the trouble with this calculation is not Gold, but a fake money influencing gold.Fake money depends on fake people living there fake lives.

  6. fbonzo

    Ah, I see. Everything’s different this time. No, really. [Maybe it helps to vary the emphasis.] EVERYTHING is different this time. Everything IS different this time. Everything is DIFFERENT this time. Everything is different THIS time. Must be one of those.

    • Greg

      Please explain this comment. I don’t get what you are trying to say here.

      • jay 2

        Greg. Its the same message as before. were in deep,and theres no hope. Fbonzo is right. Run, and hide. or stand and fall? Gold will not preserve anything.A lifevest is good in water but not for jumping from an aircraft.

        • Greg

          Jay 2,
          I think most folks would rather take their chances with some PMs. They might come in handy.

  7. bob vanderbeek

    No doubt debt is the difficulty of the world (Humanity for that matter) Only question becomes how money and trade gets redefined. That is the only question! How will the Human condition evolve.
    Will the banks succeed in squeezing every last dollar out of the reserve to stay afloat?
    Is there any gold in any treasury? or hasn’t this already been dolled out for cash to the astute over the last 10 years?
    What will become the next units of trade.? Like we’ll be taking silver to City Market for groceries?
    Will the regulatory squeeze on health care finally collapse? YES
    Can we finally start over without lawyers and bureaucrats? (professional litigators and administrators)
    What will be the cost /means /practice of keeping the ‘professionally entitled’ fed, watered, heated, and isolated out of my neighborhood?
    How will gold and silver get re introduced as medium of trade? Without fear of confiscation, prison, or even death? The inverse begs the question of how quickly will greenbacks deteriorate into toilet paper, bubbling up value of gold?
    The concept of barter? : until gold may either pay for your last groceries or hopefully help capitalize an alternative vehicle of growth.
    There is scant space presently between earned income and bills due. All bills seemingly derived anymore from debt or facsimiles.
    What is the order and rate in which these pyramids topple? Having already made the first dent in home equity. Medical arena? treasury arena? banking arena? (Yes again!) And last the federal employees One dent at a time over time OR Toss it all in and load your sidearms?
    No wonder the fed will do ANY thing to undermine the price of metals. Their annual $1 trillion QE allowance is equal to the entire ‘reported’ treasury of gold at $2000/oz. Imagine that!

    • g.johnson

      aww bob, good stuff, but i am afraid that you are pretty much going to get ignored in here unless you get up on the gold is the next jesus bandwagon.

      this site seems to cater mainly to those of investor/speculator mindsets. it is kind of hard for them to think out of the cash register drawer.

      greg does a very good job of bringing those types in from deep sleep to the beginnings of wakefulness. and this is a knack that should not be taken lightly.

      yes, one really does need to properly define a problem before coming up with a viable solution. and no, that is really not being done here. but at least they are getting to understand that there is a problem. and a very serious one at that.

      the corporate ideal is dead on the vine. it began as a shell game, and now it is just all shells and no pea. unfortunately, operating in a non-corporate investment structure is beyond those who have spent their adulthoods playing the game. some will get it and learn to act accordingly. others will not and become fodder. some of us would like to keep the fodder rate down, and to do that we cannont just think in terms of our personal survival. we have to help our neighbors, our fellow humans get through as best we can.

      so, really good to hear you bob, keep your message out there, and stay outa the box.

  8. Art Barnes

    Greg, the fiat system (the FED) created by the wealthy elite of early last century was insidious from the outset. It has run it course, it cannot sustain itself forever, especially with runamuck spending. Even the republicans like George Bush spent like there was no tomorrow; this type of spending simply closes the deal on fiat money. The patient is dying and only spending cuts can prolong the patient but even controlled spending will not do so forever. Wealth based upon debt has run its course and this is what is happening and your various guest are witnessing and are discussing on your site. Thanks for your work. God Bless America because we are going to need it to get through it.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art. We will, some better than others.

  9. Vinh Quang Nguyen

    Greg is fantastic. I love hearing his analysis. Please have him as a regular.

    • Greg

      Vinh Quang Nguyen,
      Done, thank you for the comment and feedback.

  10. Mitch Bupp

    Bernanke and the ponzi fiat currency model is dead! Inflation is not growth but Bernanke thinks so! HA HA HA inflation is not economic growth but a devaluation of that current activity.

    If you don’t hold it in your possession it is not yours!

  11. slingshot

    The only thing you have to remember is that, DEBT is DEATH! It is remarkable that more people do not recognise the danger that those graphs indicate. Wall Street/Bankers run the world and they are hell bent on making us all slaves. I will tell you all that I started at the bottom of silver and gold and many, many times I was told I was an Idiot. I watch the stock market crash. The Housing market crash. The Banking system was about to roll over and crash and every time to save them, more money was printed. Remember we first talked about millions of dollars. Then Billions. Now TRILLIONS. Then they told us, Deficiets do not matter, and that was the answer to our troubles. Ohhhh Yeahh? Another point is how are you going to convince someone to fight, Fractional Reserve Banking, if they have no clue how it functions? Let alone the various banking vehicles instituted by the banking cartel. Those that critisise precious metals with the, “You can’t eat it” are just as misguided as those who state, “Precious Metals do not pay Dividens”. They fail to see that everything has its time in the sun to shine and precious metals are just getting started.
    For this Old Gold Bug, the sands in his hour glass for warning people, are about to run out. There are only about 1% that have invested in precious metals and there is not enough gold mined to give everyone, in the world, one ounce of gold. In the long run it will not matter what the price of gold or silver is, only how many ounces you have in your possession. If a person can not see what is happening in this world and that things can change overnight. Then they are surely blind and there is no hope for them. I say, “Move On”, as I soon will.

    • Greg

      Ame brother Sling!!

  12. Tony

    I’m a big follower of you both. Guy’s I know both of you would not consider stating what you truly in your gut think the potential price of silver will be within the next couple of years – due to non informed people ridiculing you. However, given the inflationary position the Central banks are creating but more importantly the shortgage of physical silver – hypothetically – when the SHTF, the massive demand for physical gold and silver and the subsequent realisation that paper gold and silver is and was a ponzi system? Would I be at least 50% correct in saying that this potentially could send gold to $15,000.00 and silver to $2000 an ounce minimum? Given the present manipulated prices of both Gold and Silver and the utter liquidation of both through the paper ponzi scheme – What is a fair price now and once the charade is over?? We won’t laugh or ridicule guys – truly off the record – what is your gut telling you? Am I on track? 🙂

    • Greg

      I think gold and silver will go much higher. My targets are a little lower than yours but I see gold going to $10,000 per ounce and silver at $500. This is not to say that there won’t be big corrections along the way that may last a year. Eventually your wealth will not be measured in paper dollars but ounces–the more ounces the more wealth you will have. There will come a point that measurement of stored wealth in dollars will be irrelevant when it comes to physical silver and gold. Tony you got one very big thing right, and that is gold and silver prices are suppressed, and when that game ends we will see a moonshot in both metals. Thank you for your comment and question. By the way Tony, I like your price targets much better and I hope you are right and I am wrong.

  13. slingshot

    Everyone gets hung up at what the price of gold and silver will hit. I would rather have gold and silver back at $254 and $4.00 than at what price they are now. Crazy? Factor in what happened to get gold and silver to these high prices of today. Then think what shape our currency and economy will be in at REALLY HIGH PRICES? Will your work wages keep up with the rate of inflation as more of those pieces of paper are needed to maintain your lifestyle or put food on your table. Sure your Boss will give you a raise, but the product you produce will cost more and then you pay even more as the prices goes up as the seller needs to make a profit to stay in business. On the other hand, if the seller does not sell enough because of high prices, he goes out of businesss and that costs jobs. Wicked cycle, is it not? Precious Metals are the Preservation of Wealth. A Guard against the inflation of paper money.
    Everybody is different and have many things to consider when buying metals. Then the way things that happen around us are different, like City Life or in the Country. Converting all you assets into gold and silver is just as dangerous as having no gold or silver. Diversification is the common ground. Some will need 10% in metals while others 20%. You have to sit down and take inventory of your life and make the adjustments. Keep in mind, that as the price of Precious metals go up, the amount of your Labor/Sweat Equity increases. Not only are the Bankers stealing your wealth, they are working you to death, using a PONZI scheme, that costs them about nothing to perpetrate.
    And we let them continue doing so. INSANE!

  14. Doug Raisch

    Greg, you, your site and your guests are awesome. I just bought Greg Mannarino’s book ! People who believe the fiction to fact crusade put on by OUR government and media, are in trouble. Thank you for the truth.

    • Greg

      Thank you Doug for the comment and support.

  15. Al

    12-19-2012 This morning Gold & Silver have been lower. Buy baby buy on these dips. [Slaughtered this morning] The “powers” don’t want you to buy them. So, they push prices down to frighten buyers into paper such as stocks, bonds, anything other than physical gold/silver. These crooks are buying these metals as fast as possible and don’t want your fingers in their action. The rich know what’s coming around the corner. Do what they are doing. Get out of worthless paper. Shortages of P.M.s are showing up around the U.S. and will become much worse as more people wake up. You can lead a horse to the best fishing hole but he won’t bait your hook or set up the tent. But he will eat your lunch when you’re not looking.—Or something like that—————–

    • Greg

      “Buy baby buy on these dips” this is real money making advise. The Fed is printing $85 billion a month to infinity (open-ended QE).

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