Biden Survives Dem Debate, Indictments for FBI’s McCabe, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 400 9.13.19)

If the Democrat candidates for president wanted frontrunner Joe Biden knocked out of the race, they did not get their wish. The headline is Biden may not have been stellar, but he held his own against the field. In my estimation, there was really no real standout during the debates. There was just more Marxist/communist/socialist ideas proposed with few details on how to pay for it all. Of course, gun control was a major topic, which is a hallmark of genocide and Marxism. In all, a pretty unappealing list of ideas from a very unappealing field.

Former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe looks like he will be indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ). This revelation comes after the DOJ rejected McCabe’s appeal to avoid criminal prosecution. McCabe is on record saying he basically would not go down alone if charged for things like lying to investigators. This was an effort to conceal how key government officials invented the total hoax of Donald Trump colluding with the Russians to win the 2016 Presidential election. Legal experts say this is the beginning of many charges coming for the “Russia Hoax” conspiracy perpetrators.

Many are touting the strong economy in America, while others are signaling there is a recession coming. What’s going on? You will get an economic update.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(To Donate to Click Here) (You Tube did it again. It demonetized this video. It must be important. Enjoy!!)

After the Wrap-Up:

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will break down the latest developments of the failed Deep State attempt to knock President Trump out of office with the total hoax of Russian collusion.

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  1. Mark James

    #400 WOW!!!!

    • allen ols

      ooops, bldgn 7 was scared down by the 2 twin towers. duhhhh
      g 500 aint gonna like your report on bldg. 7. what say u g 500?

      • Galaxy 500

        Haven’t read the report yet Al. I will let you know.

        • allen ols

          I don have to, I was an industrial contracter, most of my contracts were with aerostructures/boeing. I can assure you bldg. 7 was a controlled demolition, as was both twin towers. The towers structure were built with the same effect of a screen in a screen door. Puncture the screen, and the screen is still intact. You will need to buy some crow for lunch soon. al

          • Galaxy 500

            And I spoke to a guy, DH Griffin that blows up Shiite for a living and he advised over a decade ago that it couldn’t be done and no one notice.
            But hey that was what he does… Still checking on report. Paid for by a group that claimed it was controlled explosions and for $300K you can’t do much testing.
            So on its face, its like a report paid for by the Tobacco Industry that cigarettes are safe.
            Still working on it But the group that paid for it appeared to have shopped it around. We will see.

            You can believe what you like. Only in movies do massively complex plans work and secrets are kept. If the Government had a quarter of the abilities you people attribute to it, we wouldn’t have a chance and Trump would not be President.
            But there is a group herebthst believes Mission Impossible is real…
            I have faith in God. I require proof for everything else

            • Greg Hunter

              Did you read the scientific report paid for by 3000 engineers and architects? You require proof but won’t believe the proof? If you did read it,what specifically was wrong with the science?

            • allen ols

              bunch of jibberish ole buddy right out of comey’s playbook. try thermite controlled cutting. it is hard to choke down a crow.

      • Galaxy 500

        First thing I will do is see who paid for it. Then I will see who wrote it.
        Then I will read the report.
        Have you read it Al?

        • WAKE UP!!!

          Can you explain how the hijacker’s passport escaped from the cockpit on impact with one of the twin towers and survive virtually unscathed?

          • sk

            That passport paper had neoconium coating! Whaaaaat – you don’t believe our gubbment??? LOL

        • WAKE UP!!!

          Can you explain how the hijacker’s passport was ejected from the plane on the point of impact with one of the twin towers and survived in tact?

      • Rob

        Building 7 falling down by fire is as likely as man going to the moon with 1960s technology but not able to get there since but we are going to Mars:

        The world is full of lawlessness:

      • SJ

        This guy hates foreigners and doesn’t want the inconsistencies of the official version to get in the way of his hatred. Bigots will always blame the foreigner over their own.

        • Chris

          I guess you would say the Native Americans made out pretty well by embracing foreigners then. Face reality and realize that the U.S. is a de facto Christian country, where the new foreigners are either coming with anti-Christian, anti American agendas or their coming here illegally. No, don’t want them; call me all the names you want.

          • SJ

            No I would say native Americans did terribly. There is a difference between being reasonably sceptical of outsiders and allowing a hatred of foreigners to cloud your judgement on 9\11. G500 cannot accept the truth of 9/11 because his hatred of Islam runs so deep. This has compromised his/her judgement to an alarming degree.

            • regaleagle

              Why are you defending Islam if you are truly a lover of freedom and the Constitution of the USA, Huh? G500 is not an enemy of freedom or the Constitution, but it sounds like you are. When you attack one of us…..then you are attacking all of us that love our freedoms and our Constitution.

      • Freebrezer

        a 0 – come on man … every one knows that any building containing large amounts of covert CIA cost and expense records along with military expenditures have a pre ordained and high likely hood of spontaneous destruction! This is engineering 101 … Okaloma FBI building, building #7, the facility in New Orleans that burnt to the ground during the hurricane Katrina … etc,.

    • Diane

      Our GREG HUNTER is the most integrous reporter on the internet, on TV, in the newspapers or on the radio.

  2. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    9/11 is the rich man’s trick.

    • paul ...

      You know … the Saudi’s attacking Yemen (and mass murdering the civilian population) may have been “a rich mans trick” to purposely have their oil wells bombed in retaliation … “to raise the price of oil” … and the Deep State bankers likely helped the Saudi’s to mass murder Yemeni civilians and would not allow Congress to put sanctions on the Saudi’s … as they too also wanted a high oil price (and therefore a strengthened US dollar) so as to “force the re-set” they desire (that will set the price of gold to $10,000 or more) and thus bail them out of their massive debt obligations as they have now accumulated a huge tonnage of “tier one” gold assets!! …

      • paul ...

        You know … we will see on Monday how well the Saudi’s and Deep State did in succeeding to raise the price of crude oil and pushing the US dollar higher … but it looks to me like oil prices that were drastically declining with Trump’s recent overtures to Iran to make a new deal … will now “with this stupid stroke of retaliation by Yemen” help the Saudi’s and Deep State to nix any Trump deal with Iran (who will be accused of providing the retaliatory support to Yemen) … so the Saudi’s get the price of crude oil higher (in spite of Russia’s projection of $25 dollar crude) … and the Deep State gets to push the US dollar higher … thus making a gold re-set “more probable” to help the banksters … and poor Stan who thinks he has that new Bentley in the bag … could instead be in big trouble … as a gold is re-set to $10,000 plus overnight … instantly put all his gold shorts in the red!!

  3. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    The slow grind continues onward toward our ineluctable and complete victory over the global fascist cabal. However, the path is paved with pain.

    • paul ...

      William … when the Global Fascist Cabal got together at one of their planning meetings (to determine how much dynamite they needed to order to take down Bldg 7) … one of the Cabal Terrorists likely said: “Do you think we need to order any dynamite for the Twin Towers?”… and all the other Global Fascist Terrorists said: “no way … that would be a waste of good drug money … as it is obvious the fire from the fuel in the planes those idiot Saudi’s we hired “will be hot enough” to melt the beams at the top floors sufficiently to soften them just enough so that a pancake effect will develop that will take the two buildings down to the ground” … so it was agreed … no bombs would be placed in the WTC buildings (only in Bldg 7) because it was also obvious to the Cabal Terrorists that fire in Bldg 7 “would not be hot enough” to soften the steel beams to take that building down!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Yup. Only Bldg 7 is suspect. Nothing to see with 1 and 2. No nano-thermite needed there to get symmetrical, essentially-in-the-footprint demolitions. Also, everyone knows that airliners can be easily and precisely flown at significantly above-design speeds by amateurs, and that cell-phones of the era could transmit at the reported altitudes. It’s also obvious that the Pentagon was hit by another airliner performing a miraculous maneuver by another amateur pilot and left no trace of itself after impact . . . and managed to fly through a ten foot hole in the wall . . . wings, engines, and all (another case of security cameras not working). Then there was the disappearing plane in Pennsylvania. Totally as one with any common sense would expect. Moreover, the “dancing Israelis” are a complete fiction: the people who saw them lied, the people who arrested them lied, and they, themselves, lied when they said they were there “in order to document the event.” Of course, Dick Cheney definitely played no part in any of this . . . that’s an absolute certainty. Etc.

        • paul ...

          Love your response William … I always wondered why the jet fuel from “the plane” that hit the Pentagon never melted the steel beams causing the room to collapse where all the auditors were (looking for the missing $21 Trillion) … and always wondered why our Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld) was out on the lawn outside the Pentagon “helping ambulance personnel” when he should have been directing an air attack against the foreign submarine that launched the cruise missile that really hit the Pentagon!!

        • RTW

          It gets better. In 2014 the NFPA hosted a seminar in Chicago. At the end of one break-out session the presenter told his group that he was one of the investigators at the Pentagon on 9-11 and if anyone was interested, he would show some slides from that day. A friend of mine attended and was telling me about it. She said that the pictures were very disturbing and one, in particular, almost brought her to tears. That was the picture showing the entire tail section of “the” plane sticking out of the building. I told her that that picture was a fake, and backed it up by showing her pictures from fire service magazines from that day. She was shocked and asked why he would do that. Really???

    • regaleagle

      Ineluctable…….unable to be avoided; inescapable. For those that were wondering… me, LOL.

  4. James C. Lotz

    The economy is in the toilet! Its been well on its way before Donald Trump was elected. Dems and Republicans alike OWN the future. Its not a bright future! Its a very dark future for the country. Violence will EXPLODE! Police will be helpless, overwhelmed, out numbered and probably just take notes. Living in a populated area will be a nightmare. It will be very dangerous. Get ready because its extremely close at hand. I know this as fact, they know this as fact and most here on USAWD know this as a certainty.

  5. Howie

    Greg, I hope you have Bo Polny on again. He was calling for a stock market crash. Instead, we are near all-time highs. We are also a long way from all-time highs in the precious metals he predicted by the end of the year. I don’t see that happening.

    • regaleagle

      Things seem to be happening very quickly and CAN happen very quickly in the type of scenario we are currently living under. It’s not even October yet……still 3 months to the end of the year. That’s a full quarter left…..plenty of time for things to unravel quickly.

  6. Marie Joy

    Biden’s voice has changed. He, now, sound shakey, fragile and old, as if he has had a health incident.

  7. Marie Joy

    I’m 71. When I was younger, there was none of this craziness and shootings. It must be something in the food, water, air, a bug bite. Something caused this. But what?

    • Eugene Roberts

      Chemtrails and liberals going off the deep end, that’s what’s caused it.

    • SJ

      overuse of pharmaceuticals

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      None of this craziness and shootings? Look up Charles Whitman and Charles Manson.

  8. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great WNW, thanks.
    Just an idea . . . . print the clips on both sides. That way, you will be able to read what you are holding up to the camera without needing to peek, round the edges of the page, at your monitor. Hope this helps.

    P.S. Hard to make a moral distinction between China using dissidents’ (innocent peoples’) body parts for transplant surgery and US legislators sanctioning the killing of full term (innocent) aborted babies. Both are abhorrent to the majority of the naturally empathic human race. My point being, people in glass houses, etc., etc.

    • Jodyp


      • Jodyp

        Meant for Marie Joy.

    • paul ...

      AndrewB … only “moral human beings” would feel empathy for all the defenseless babies being slaughtered by Demon-rat US Governors and Legislators who sanction the killing of full term (innocent) aborted babies “who some how miraculously survive an abortion” … but even worse … these Evil Demon-rat Politicians take kick-backs “to keep these babies alive for a week or two” so their “live organs” can be sold … and they do this great evil for cash bribes (made with ever more worthless Fed paper IOU’s printed out of thin air)!!

    • William Stanley

      RE: “My point being, people in glass houses, etc., etc.”
      I don’t get your point; please elaborate.

  9. Marie Joy

    I saw the Mayor of NYC, in Building 7 talking to reporters, on TV, when he received a phone call. He said “I have to take this.” He listened for 5? seconds, turned pale and started yelling “WE HAVE TO GET OUT, NOW. WE HAVE TO GO. MOVE. GET OUT. WE HAVE TO GO”. He was in an absolute panic to get out and 20? minutes later the building came down. Later, while talking to reporters, on TV, he was asked about that and he said “I can’t talk about that”.
    I saw that happen, on TV, as it happened.

    • RTW

      As the infamous “Slick Willy” Clinton once said: Are you going to believe what you’re told or are you going to believe your “lying eyes”?

  10. Justn Observer

    Greg, A great wrap up again…the ‘beating heart and baby parts sales’ beyond sickening. One has to wonder when people will ever say ‘ENOUGH !’
    As for building 7, watched in fall behind the news persons as she was reporting it had fallen already…that was interesting !
    Wonder how many remember this FOX NEWS report before it was pulled…
    and while we are on Fox … one might consider this…
    For those who support General Flynn… you might be disappointed out…appears he was in it as deep as the rest…meta data does not look good for him.
    Appears ‘clean up on isle 9 all around…and still no raid at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico… you’d think if the alphabet agencies would go to Roger Stone’s house guns drawn…they might at least go and see if some underage girls or boys were being held there? My guess is ‘they’ already know is what is up and in those buildings on that ranch at it’s landing strip?

    • William Stanley

      I, too, have been fascinated with George Webb’s and John O’Laughlin’s (McDuff: Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA) reporting concerning General Flynn’s involvement and much other material concerning the deep state. Whitney Webb’s and Amazing Polly’s material has also been riveting. As I assume you agree, we always have to be alert to the possibility of bias, omission, and error.

      • Dave

        I used to listen to conservative talk radio – Rush, Hannity – on a somewhat regular basis. Shortly after Trump’s election they become shills for Trump – nary a word of criticism – even the busting of the budget. Rush would always emphasize the adjusting of budget numbers down (jobs, GDP) that occurred during the Obama administration. But that topic he dares not touch now that Trump is in office. The linked video refers to all the media – right and left – as “controlled media”. I have come to realize that. Core elements of conservative philosophy – a balanced budget, restricted budget growth – are not so important to these so-called champions of conservatism.

        The proof is in the pudding – talk radio/FOX in 20/30 years has not moved the ball/made a difference. The country continues to become more progressive. In fact, conservative “controlled” media always keeps the masses on the reservation at election time insuring the failure of conservatism. Yeah, the GOP is not perfect but voters have to suck it up and vote GOP. If serious efforts had been made at a third party a few decades back things might have been different. That opportunity is gone now. Rush, Hannity have gotten wealthy while keeping the uniformed masses uniformed and voting for the GOP. JMHO.

  11. Ivan

    I think USA Watchdog .com is the most honest truthful news on the internet . Greg, great job.

  12. andyb

    Greg: great wrap-up. Re: Sydney Powell: I strongly suggest that everyone view the interview she had with Mark Levin on Life, Liberty and Levin. Quite illuminating on FBI corruption which has been ongoing for decades. Which brings me to McCabe. Will he be the “token” agent indicted and imprisoned? Will Comey, Clapper, Brennan and Obama get a free pass? What about the incontrovertible proof of Hillary’s treason and criminality? Or does it all go down the rabbit hole?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    BTW: RE: Building 7. Several years after 911 Silverstein admitted in an interview that he ordered that, after consultation with a fire inspector (never named, never found), he ordered the building “pulled”, meaning start the controlled demolition. But that would mean that the building would have already been wired with explosives. For a building that size it would have taken weeks, if not months; certainly not just several hours.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am so sorry to hear of Andrew McCabe’s untimely demise a week from next Thursday from totally natural causes.

      ~ Hillary

      • rwhit

        Wow! I hope you’re wrong but I would not be surprised. These people and HRC are capable of anything.

  13. Peter

    An opportunity to share
    Ecclesiastis 911

    • paul ...

      There is something else in this world that Demon-rats should consider on this Friday the 13th … it is not how much you can steal, nor the suicides you can fake, nor the paper money you can print to favor yourself and the banksters … but rather that in time … things can happen that is “out of your control” … trapping and ensnaring you in the very evil you thought only you could inflict upon others! … Ecclesiastis 911

    • susan

      Peter, chapter 9 ends with verse 10.

  14. Mitchell Bupp

    The prosecution of General Flynn is the classic “fruit of the poisonous tree” on steroids; The poisonous seed planted by the poisonous hand in the poisonous ground growing a poisonous tree that bears poisonous fruit. The entire prosecution of Flynn is fraudulent. As Greg asked, “Why”? I believe Flynn was removed so a spy could be planted in the forming Trump Cabinet. That spy HR McMaster gave cover to the Obama WhiteHouse unmasking which is clear evidence something is not right. McMaster is just one of 32 people who acted as spies against the Trump Team.

    • William Stanley

      As Justn pointed out above, Flynn seems to be implicated as a deep-state operative and a Trump enemy as well. See, e.g., George Webb’s reporting, especially with John O’Laughlin at “McDuff: Kennedy’s Man to Smash the CIA.”

      • regaleagle

        Re-instate the guillotine for all of those guilty of high crimes against humanity…..and then air the executions on Live Broadcast Networks worldwide for all to see. This would solve tons of the crime we have in all societies……just like the Bible states. Suddenly many of our social problems would disappear very quickly.

  15. jim umble

    Were people killed in that building?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not think so. It was imploded about 8 hours after the original strike and implosion of building #1 and #2.

  16. BDS

    Always look forward to your report! Most people do not want to believe these horrific crimes because it is too much for them to bear in their minds. In their hearts they feel something is wrong but don’t want to admit the high probability other people responsible are so evil. People want to be happy and not deal with high crimes in our face!
    People have a tendency to dismiss hurtful info to maintain their ability to function and be stress free! Cognitive dissonance psychology, some can handle hurtful info better than others and the opposition takes advantage of the majority.

    • GVB

      You said it best. I am broken because of the truth. Still have a hard time coping with it.

  17. al

    And you wonder why Commy Pinko Google demonetized your video?
    How dare you bring up Building Seven? We’re not suppose to remember.

    I was in front of my TV watching CNN before Building Seven came down and the reporter in front of it DISTINCTIVELY pointed to the building saying “we got word that they are going to demolish Building Seven because it may be unstable”. That made sense to me.
    Building Seven was evacuated prior to the demolition. Again, that made sense.

    What doesn’t make sense is the B.S. they spewed later on in the year where they said that “Building Seven came down in Sympathy”. Sympathy!??? WTF?
    I tried frantically looking for that video but YouBoob wasn’t born yet and somehow it’s gone. I should have taped it… I know someone must have.
    That woke me up Greg, way back then.

    Also what was burned in to my brain was a report mentioning military jets flying along the 4th airplane headed for the White House. THAT AIRPLANE WAS TAKEN DOWN BY THE MILITARY! Yet, dumbdumb Bush hailed the dead passengers in that plane for the action. No mention of the white smoke spewing from the right wing as if it was shot.

    But why bring this up some 18 years later ? We’re suppose to forget and eat the B.S. they spew in the Enemy Media channels.

    Just like slow Justice is NO JUSTICE… Late investigations in to matters like these are like not having them at all… What is one to do? TURN OFF THE ENEMY MEDIA INCLUDING FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS!!! PERIOD!!!

  18. Brad Skiles

    Greg, great wrap-up, as usual. You missed the biggest story, though! Isn’t it significant that the University of Alaska has proved Building 7 was brought down through a planned demolition? The First Responders 9/11 Press Conference was too truthful for corporate media. How about interviewing Richard Gage or others with 9-11 Truth. This is more important in attacking the deep state than Russia! Russia! Russia

  19. Jerry

    A bankers wet dream becomes reality.

    Folks we are one step away from the global central banking system being cut in half by the Chinese. I fully expect once the digital system is launched, an announcement that it will be backed by gold will be fourth coming. The Chinese have been patient, and Donald Trump has walked right into their trap with his trade war. Countries that have been forced to use the dollar for trade, will now have a choice. SWIFT has placed the Yuan transition away from the dollar between 80% – 130% in last nine months. I’m not a Yuan cheerleader, I’m just stating a fact.

  20. Galaxy 500

    NTY did a tweet on 911 saying “Planes took down the WTC and Killed 2,000 people”
    What the Hell? The planes did not fly themselves and they lowered the death toll by over a third. Thought shaping and re-writing history. Gotta love the people whose plan is so evil, they have to disarm us to prevent us from rebellion.
    Why did our Forefathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution? They had just put down tyranny, it wasn’t a hunting trip or target practice. Think about it. The First thing the Brits did was to seize our guns. The Brita murdered unarmed Colonists who protested against the King’s taxes. Sound familiar? All Tyrants use the same playbook.

    • JP

      are you suggesting it was an inside job?

      • paul ...

        It was both and inside and outside job … American traitors within and evil foreign governments without … all designed to get us Americans to pay for another war … so the traitors could sell more weapons and take control of the poppy growing fields in Afghanistan to expand their worldwide drug operations!!

  21. Mike

    The biggest “mental health problem” related to mass shootings could be the deep state MK Ultra mind control program. What if the worst terror organization in the US is the CIA? Why are facts on the economy and the truth of 9/11 hidden? It is called mind control.

    • paul ...

      Mike … mind control only works on people who don’t use the brains God them to reason with … why did it take almost 20 years for some PhD’s to finally figure out “that fire did not cause the collapse of Bldg 7” … when anyone “with a working brain knew this instantaneously” ?? … OK … now that we are all finally aware of what happened … is it going to take another 20 years to bring all the per-per-traitors to justice???

      • Occasnltrvlr

        No. What you’re talking about is controlling perception, or influencing thought, or controlling public discourse. True mind control is just that, literally “control”, wherein one loses the ability to use one’s own mind. It involves deplorable fracturing of one’s psyche beginning at an early age.

        Cathy O’Brien’s “Trance-Formation of America” is a real eye-opener into what mind control really is.

  22. Country Codger

    Top Notch, Greg!! Don’t worry about the time.
    Lo Iyrah!

  23. paul ...

    Remember how they gassed 6 million Jews who needed to have their guns taken away first … well they are already gassing 320 million Americans with “aluminum dust chem-trails” as American’s are so stupid it’s not necessary to get all their guns first!!

    • paul ...

      These Marxist “commies” are so intent on exterminating all 320 million Americans with their Chem-trail “poison powders” … that they don’t even care that they are killing off the honey bees that are necessary for their own food production … this is how intense their hatred is of America and its Constitution!!

      • paul ...

        These “commies” are also bringing in terrorists with their open border policy “to kill Americans” and create violence … which helps to give these Marxists another excuse to take away our guns … by saying “Americans are too crazy to own a gun” … when it’s “the foreigners they are purposely bringing into America” that are shooting up the place (along with a few hired “drugged up” idiot American kids to make it look like a purely American problem)!!

  24. Stan

    I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. (hint: Gold price)

    • Frank D2

      Its called a pull-back Stan (profit taking). Keep your DB stock and I’ll keep my gold. Go back to sleep now.

    • Jodyp

      Last I checked buddy, I still had the same number of ounces. Not in it for the dollars.

      • paul ...

        Exactly the correct way to look at things Jodyp … it matters not how many Fed fiat IOU’s people are offering for an ounce of gold … an ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold (no matter the current number of worthless fiat Fed IOU pieces of paper debt are offered for it in the open market) … for we measure our wealth in the number of ounces of precious metal we own (not in how much monopoly paper money “printed out of thin air” we can get for it)!!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … you are too short term oriented … look at the big picture again … … notice golds 60 day and 200 day smoothed moving averages are still very much in an uptrend (similar to the uptrend gold was in from Sept 2009 to Sept 2011) … I see a giant “cup formation forming” that should drive gold to $1900 before “a corrective handle forms” … at that point you may want to short gold based upon technical charts for a 10% correction (as long as you completely understand the big risk you are taking shorting gold “that is due for a re-set” … a re-set that may take place “at any time”)!!

      • paul ...

        And take a look at the silver chart Stan … … silver is also above its 60 day and 200 day smoothed moving averages and once it breaks through resistance at $21.44 it will likely rise straight up (like it did between 2010 to 2011) to the old high at 48.70 … the current fluctuation in the price of silver is not something I would want to be trading Stan … as I have a much longer term view of the markets then you do!!

        • paul ...

          Also Stan … if you can manage to see things “in the longer term” … look at the distance between the top of the cup (1900) and the bottom of the cup (1060) … once the cup and handle are complete … the rise in gold from the tip of the handle should equal the distance “from the bottom to the top of the cup” or 840 points … this projects the next gold peak to be at around 2,740 (1900 + 840) fiat paper dollars for one ounce of gold!! … still way more conservative then the 6,625 fiat dollars the US National Clock …… says gold should be worth in fiat paper IOU’s right now!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: Many said I was sort term oriented when I shorted Gold years ago at $1874.

    • paul jr.


      Congratulations on getting some of the money that you lost back.

  25. Dr. Andrew Johnson

    Greg, thanks for the building 7 video. It was well done and thanks for commenting on 9/11. I think if the truth comes out we can and will take our country back.

  26. Ed Milligan

    The DNC, making the 2nd amendment more relevant daily…

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen to that Ed!!!

  27. eddiemd

    Watched about 15 minutes of the debate.

    All staged for the millennial sheeple.

    David Muir, Jorge Ramos, Linsey Davis, and George Stephanopolous. A cast of Trump haters asking the soft thought shaping questions. At Texas Southern University in front of a predominately black student audience.

    Actually had some good laughs watching for the short duration. I happened to be watching when they were talking about Trump the “white supremacist, racist, nationalist”. Jorge Ramos attacking Biden. Julian Castro from San Antonio is clueless. They kept him and a couple of others around instead of Tulsi Gabbard.

    Remember. The democrats are the party of the Klan.

    Trump will destroy any of these candidates when his time comes to debate them.

    • Justn Observer

      Wonder when they will tell those poor illegal immigrants they are pushing into the higher latitudes about the Grand Solar Mininum? Won’t they be amazed when they find out they were in a better place for growing food and staying warm before being conned to move north! Some time back there was an article where FEMA warned of a coming 400% spike in food prices…thinking it was summer of 2016ish Heating will likely double or more…but then NYC is bleeding residents as badly as Chicago and others…so they will need someone to dump the real estate on – right?
      Grain report harvest report due soon enough. Was hoping the U.S. farmers would hold off selling their crops until after the early freeze warnings… Soybeans heading to China looks like…guess it’s OK they need it to feed their pigs….U.S. we apparently are moving on to cannibalism or growing our ‘meat?’ in a dish. good grief I swear there has to be something in their water!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      “Remember. The democrats are the party of the Klan.”

      Remember. Blacks murder more people in six months than The Klan did in its 150-year history. 50 shot every weekend in Chicago? Even The Klan never killed like that.

      • eddiemd

        And your point?

        Chicago is a democrat city. Would you expect something different? Perhaps Baltimore, Los Angeles…more democrat run cities.

  28. Jose Sanchez Gallardo

    Liberals now want to ban meat, can you believe it they want to tell us what we can and cannot eat yet somehow they think they can call themselves liberal.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      No, what’s your point in bringing up The Klan? In my town, Democrats outnumber Republicans 5-1 but in all my years I’ve never seen one of them in white sheets. And in the heavily Republican town next door, I’ve never seen anyone marching around in Nazi uniforms. Once you start using buzzwords like Klan, Nazi, racist, etc., to describe the opposition you weaken your argument.

      • eddiemd

        Someday you will understand the history of the democrats. They don’t need white sheets now. Ask Antifa.

        They are out in the open now. Socialists. Collectivists. Ask the Russians, Chinese, Ukranians, and eastern Europeans how that worked out for them last century.

  29. rwhit

    Great WND Greg as always. I always look forward to your shows and guests. Thank you so much for covering WTC 7. I have been following this for quite a while and have been a supporter of ar911truth for several years. As you know, they are doing great work on trying to get a REAL investigation on the collapse of the towers, in particular building 7. Watched their recent recent press conference in DC on 9/11/19.
    Thanks for having Kevin Shipp on as often as you do. Please bring back William Jett. What a brilliant and humble man, great info and perspective. God bless!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Someday you will understand the history of The Klan. They’d be the first ones standing in defense of this country to stop Antifa, socialists, collectivists and criminal invaders.

  30. Dave

    Biden is likeable despite the gaffs. He has a much higher favorable rating than Trump and would be a formidable opponent. Biden is starting to speak to the union base. He could potentially win some of those voters back from Trump. The real danger for Trump are the female voters. Hannity will never tell you that or Rush but Shapiro and Savage are trying saying Trump has a big problem with women – and the tweets are pushing female voters away. Hannity and Rush proclaimed the 2.4% margin of victory win in NC this week as proof Trump is untouchable. Shapiro and Savage were more sober. Trump won the district by 12% two years ago and yet, despite his last minute visit and that of the VP, the GOP managed only a small win. Suburban weakness showed in NC. My wife voted for Trump as she can’t stand Hilary. She won’t vote for Trump in 2020. She won’t vote for the crazies either but, if it is Biden, she will vote for him. Trump has to hope, as Shapiro never fails to say, that the economy remains strong as, if it doesn’t, Trump’s re-election is problematic.

    As to 9/11 – Fox News, like all the others, is filtered. Hannity is filtered, Rush is filtered, CNN is filtered. Nice way of saying both sides of the media spectrum “lie” by what they don’t tell you. Greg’s comments on the economy are at total odds with most of conservative media. Which is good insofar as Greg does not filter economic stats. You won’t hear Hannity ever talk about the revision of the jobs numbers down by 500K. 9/11 – there was surely more than we are told, but it is hard to see how such details as revealed by the UFA study could be hidden. That would take a grand conspiracy that puts to shame the conspiracy against Trump by the Deep State.

    • eddiemd

      Biden is exhibiting signs of dementia. He would be destroyed in a debate with Trump. Too many Obama skeletons in his closet.

      The msm will continue the propaganda to influence weak minds. They are good at using closed caption. I watch ABC news with an elderly parent. She watches ABC only because of closed caption. Sometime the closed caption does not translate correctly.

      All propaganda. They are panicking.

      • paul ...

        Biden exhibiting signs of dementia is exactly why the Demon-rats should make him their candidate … so Trump can have an easy win!!

    • Frank D2

      Dave, something to think about in regards to the 2.4% margin of victory in NC. Yes it was well below Trump’s 12% victory in 2016, BUT…..NC wasn’t voting for Trump this week….they were voting for a Congressman. Different election and different turnout statistics altogether. Typically many more people turn out for the national presidential election than the various state elections. Fear not.

  31. iwitness02

    Greg, you covered a lot of ground on this WNW. Wish all the Friday reports would run long.
    Looks like you may have been turning wrenches lately. (scraped knuckles)

    I’m torn between two different possibilities.
    The first possibility is; that mankind can fix all the problems on the earth with our Lords help and support.
    The second possibility is; mankind cannot fix all the problems on the earth, and our Lord won’t step in until everyone on earth comes to realize that we can’t save ourselves.
    Then He will do the fixing. Delivering us from evil.

    Always watching for clues as to which way its going to go.
    At the end of the day, the important thing is, that things get fixed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “02.” I had to get the awful and evil abortion news in along with new information on WTC 7 controlled demolition.

      • Justn Observer

        Seems so few viewed the links to the methodical deception report by Rebekah Roth , some times I wonder if most people never saw it? So will post it…she also was on with John B. Wells some time ago which did get 300K views so far …will see if I can find that link as well…as many still have not.
        yes, here at Caravan to Midnight @ 1:08 intro with Bollyn into Ms. Roth =

  32. Dean

    The twin towers were also wired for a controlled demolitions. The 9/11 rabbit hole is far deeper and so deep that the deep state will pull hell and high water to keep the real truth from coming out.

  33. Dean

    Did you not see the BBC live broadcast that building 7 has collapsed while still upright in the back ground? In about 12 seconds then number 7 fell into it’s own footprint. All on the BBC broadcast live!

  34. Zyclonic transmission

    Greg you forgot to cover the Israeli spying.

    “Most Americans would be surprised to learn that their hard-earned tax dollars generously given for Israel’s security … are being used to spy on our country ”
    Dylan Williams, J Street

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not forget anything. This was a total fraud of a story planted on Politico (Far Left propaganda organization)by former Obama Admin. weasels. Total fake news. You hate Jews so much you will believe anything.

  35. Stephanie

    Dems are a bunch of anti-white bolsheviks.

  36. Coalburner

    Dear Greg;
    Happy I stuck a tire iron in my Grandsons wishes to go to Stanford. He is now in a far better, real professional Technical and Engineering School of 2000 students in a Flyover state. The first day in his major class of eleven. The Professor walks in and said, if you finish the employers will be coming to court you and that is what happens already there.

  37. Tom from VB

    Hey Greg!
    Another awesome WNW!
    Sorry to digress, but….
    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted. We were in the market for a home. It was a full-time job for over 7 months! My wife and I were ready to give up, but we got a blessing. I may need to send a synopsis to Mr Williams… short, Hampton Roads is “red hot”.
    Anyway, the reason I’m responding is to let you know that Jim Willie’s last 2 public articles referenced the “stolen $20T”. I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out to you….don’t have the time to read the comments section.
    Just thought that you would appreciate a confirmation of CAF’s analysis.
    All the Best!

    • paul ...

      This is the US dollar chart projection the banksters want to see and why they are being “boneheaded” about weakening the US dollar the way Trump wants … … the reason the banksters at the Fed want a stronger US dollar is to “force a re-set” (that will bail the banksters out) … the banksters want a gold price re-set (anything between $10,000 and $87,000 dollars per ounce will likely be fine with them) … should we holders of gold hope the banksters succeed in driving the US dollar higher or should we hope for Trump to lower the value of the US dollar … the answer is … we should hope Trump prevails … because if the banksters prevail (and get their re-set) the depreciation of the current dollars we earn will likely be greater then the depreciation we will get if Trump prevails!!

      • paul ...

        You know … instead of all these shale oil companies that produce fuel that upon burning pumps more CO2 into the atmosphere … Trump should as part of his re-industrializing of America build fuel plants that can manufacture fuel right “from the atmosphere” (using atmospheric CO2, water and sunlight) the same way it is planned by Musk to manufacture fuel on Mars for the return trip to Earth … … this way … burning the fuel doesn’t add CO2 to the atmosphere … because the CO2 was taken from the atmosphere to begin with!!

        • paul ...

          Of course the coal and oil lobbies will be dead set against such an alternate “green fuel” that will allow America to shut down all its coal and oil operations and make America a nation that contributes “zero additional carbon” to Earth’s atmosphere (but “the the oil, gas and coal industries must be phased out of business” for the benefit of all mankind) … and let’s not forget China who is crazily planning to build a huge “coal fired” electrical generation plant every 2 weeks for the next 12 years “they should be immediately forced” to begin generating and using “green fuel” made right from the atmosphere … and Trump in his trade negotiations with China should be demanding it … we simply can’t afford to have “additional CO2” added to Earth’s atmosphere … for as Dane Wigington is warning it will lead to a “mass extinction event” that destroys all life on Earth as our planet becomes as hot as Venus!! … and in the interim … we must launch huge silver coated Mylar shields into space to reflect solar heat and light back out into space and stop the insane poisoning of humanity with chem-trail aluminum and other sprayed particles!!

  38. Tom from VB

    Correction…an acknowledgement of CAF’s analysis

  39. Sayonara

    One issue that needs to be aggressively and continuously covered are “Red Flag” laws. The communist Democrats are using these absolutely unconstitutional laws as “de -facto” trojan horses to obliterate the 2nd Amendment. These states and local jurisdictions need to be sued every which way to Sunday and appealed all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.
    These laws were not designed to protect people, they were designed to be abused as tool to confiscate firearms.
    Here is how they are designed to work:
    Lets say I decided to attend a city council meeting. I sign up to speak at the open forum session. I stand in front of the City Council and calmly and politely denounce a policy enacted by my local “liberal” city council. A member of the said City Council interupts me and makes a rude condescending comment to me. I respond to the”Council Member, your comment was rude and condescending and I demand apology.” The Council Member responds “absolutely not”. I end my speaking session with “I have no further comment” and leave the meeting.
    Afterwards , the offending City Council member identifies my name and concludes that I am a conservative and engages local law enforcement that my response to him at the meeting was aggressiveley pointed towards him/her and she fears that I may act violently towards him/her and files a Red Flag order to have any firearms that I might own confiscated from me. Law enforcement shows up at my house with warrant signed by a liberal judge. They enter my house search and seize and any firearms I might legally own.
    I have no due process and would have to spend an inordinate amount of money in legal fees to attempt to recover my firearms if at all possible.
    In reality, I have spoke in front of my local city council and have politely challenged their policies which my comments were not well received by them. My local City Council who are in fact by and large liberals and know that I am a conservative and resent me for being so.
    Guess what?
    Will I be attending local city council meetings any more?
    No, I will not because I have been feared into silence by Red Flag laws and will not risk my 2nd amendment rights being illegally confiscated.
    This is how the left set up Red Flag laws with intended and intended-unintended consequences.
    This is exactly why Red Flag laws must aggressively defeated or there is no more 2nd Amendment PERIOD!

  40. Sayonara

    Another Red Flag Intended-Unintended Consequence:
    I work for the ACME Corporation. A very liberal co-worker who I have had no interactions with learns that I am a Trump supporter and confronts and denounces me with comment that I fear for my life from Trump supporters. She files a claim with HR that I creating a “hostile work environment”. She then contacts law enforcement and informs them that she filed “hostile work environment” claim against me and she is fearful that I will act violently against her and requests a “Red Flag” firearm confiscation order against me.
    Law enforcement shows up at my house with a warrant signed by a liberal judge. They enter my house search and seize and any firearms I might legally own.
    I have no due process and would have to spend an inordinate amount of money in legal fees to attempt to recover my firearms if at all possible.

    • paul ...

      What the Demon-rats really want is for you to grab your gun and go out and shoot the co-worker (before the police arrive to take your gun) … to further their argument that all guns must be confiscated … what you should do instead … is bury your gun where no one can find it (before the police arrive) … what are the Demon-rats going to do about that? … and for protection at home … simply buy a cross-bow and many steel tipped arrows (which when fired won’t be picked up on Deep State monitoring devices like firing a gun would)!!

  41. Merry Piper

    Thank you for one more great Wrap-Up. On a light note, Your “coffee is my drug” comment was awesome. I’m on the same page. I don’t take nary a one pharmaceutical over or under the counter. If you really need a boost on that occasional morning, add a spoonful of organic creamy peanut butter and the dark chocolate of your choice into your cup!

  42. Sayonara

    The Grand Finale of Red Flag Intended-Unintended Consequences:
    My name is Gina M Mancarella. I comment regularly on USA Watchdog.Com
    In my last comment, I told the purveyor of USA Watchdog.Com, Greg Hunter that we were coming for his guns. Mr Hunters rebuttal comment sent deep fear into me, so much that I am fearing for my life! Given Mr Hunter’s response and hatred to me, I am fearful he will act violently toward me. That being the case, I contacted attorney friend and we filed a “Red Flag” firearm confiscation order against Mr. Hunter.
    Law enforcement shows up at Mr. Hunter’s house with a warrant signed by a liberal judge. They enter Mr. Hunter’s house search and seize and any firearms he might legally own.
    Greg – you may want to not post this as it may in fact give Gina a blinding glimpse of the obvious idea.
    This is how scary these laws are!

  43. Icarus

    Mechanical engineer here. Airline Captain retired. Colonel USAF retired. 9/11 was an inside job. Nothing you read about in the papers was true. The media dropped the ball BIG TIME on reporting what happened that day and why. Controlled demolition of three buildings? YES. Conspiracy? YES. Inside job? YES. Foreign Operation? YES. Was the FBI/CIA complicit? YES. Did the president have foreknowledge? YES. If you don’t agree, Spend JUST ONE HOUR investigating on your own on the internet. Do your own research, don’t rely on someone else! Start with “9/11 architects and engineers for the truth.” You won’t come away knowing exactly what happened, but you will know you were lied to, you will know that the above statements are true, and that some pretty powerful people will go down, if the truth is exposed. As an aside: Some say (without evidence) this is why they went after Trump so hard….they had to deflect him from his original priority of a new 9/11 investigation (one of his original campaign promises).

    • paul ...

      You nailed it Icarus!! … now we need to lock up or hang the traitors!!

  44. Luis A. Garcia

    Greg, thank you for all you do. I really enjoy and look forward to your weekly reports.
    Can you please have a guest on that will explain how owning gold and silver you can become your “own central bank” .

    • paul ...

      Luis … by owning gold (a tier one asset) like the central banks do … you “automatically” become your own central bank!!

    • Paul in OZ

      Luis … central banks are known as the bank of last resort, that is when banks get in trouble (through bad investments, practices, a derivative position that overwhelms them, a short term lack of cash despite lots of assets) they turn to the central bank and borrow from them as a last resort in order to remain solvent. The idea of holding gold is that if and when a fiat currency (paper money) becomes worthless through inflation, bad economic policy, too much money printing, by holding gold and silver, because it will retain its value and remain in demand it will allow you to purchase things. Because you hold the currency of last resort (gold and silver) you are your own central bank, simply because you can turn to gold and silver in times of financial crisis. Hope that helps in the meantime.

  45. Sue Robinson

    Another great roundup. And, it was Not Too Long! Your USAWD community is pretty sophisticated. We can think and chew gum, etc, and we certainly can listen to a complex and superb review of the week’s events. The 911 story re Building Seven must be told. I do not think it was only Building Seven. I think it was all three of them plus the Pentagon. I mean, where are the photos of the airplane ‘parts’ littering the Pentagon? So. We are keeping the faith out here. Finally, I would like to note that our community is scattered far and wide, as the saying goes. It comforts me to read all the comments because I know that our “Watch On the Rhine” is alive and well.

  46. paul ...

    The Demon-rats play the race card … and conveniently ignore what “commies” do to people … genocide (the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation) one would think that those like AOC who are interested in what the Palestinian people are suffering through would be staunch anti-communists!! …

    • paul ...

      All the “out of the closet Marxists” in our universities should be “immediately removed with loss of tenure” for their traitorous undermining of our Constitutional Republic … and the Marxists who have not come out of the closet yet should be put on notice “to cease and desist in their traitorous acts” against our Constitutional government … and if the universities won’t act … simply don’t sent your children there to be indoctrinated!! …

  47. Paul in OZ

    I see sleepy Joe, is suggesting that non violent criminals should not be in prison … he is already lobbying for an ankle bracelet and house arrest. Not completely senile yet.

  48. H. Craig Bradley


    I have had firearms all my life since I was in High School ( .22 CAL ). Never in sixty something years have I had even one accident nor have I ever illegally misused any firearm anywhere. As a one time hunter, I was successful with a lever action center fire gun. Nobody needs a semiautomatic rifle to continue to hunt North American Big Game. In addition, you can still easily defend the home from an intruder with a revolver ( or pump 12 gauge shotgun), if you are competent and properly trained. Many homeowners and Americans have already done so legally. So, as we are bombarded with even more mass shootings, its hard for me to come to this obvious conclusion:

    We as a country have changed and our rights were not intended to be given to a secular, irresponsible population. So, a change in Federal Law is now warranted, unfortunately and sadly. We are not going-back to what we once were as a society. We have to deal with reality as it is. Its time for President Trump to “head off the Liberal contenders at the pass”. Steal their Thunder, Mr. Trump.

    Political pressure is growing for President Trump to “do something” about gun violence and we do have an election next year. However, President Trump does not know what to do, if anything about this matter. President Trump is resisting further gun controls, while other States are not, such as Colorado’s recent passage of a so-called “Red Flag Law”. So, Gun Control might be a bargaining chip for President Trump to use to get other support he needs from am otherwise hostile Democratic Congress. He can outwit them.

    Let me make the following legislative proposal for President Trump :
    Amend the Federal Firearms Act of 1932 to include semi-automatic weapons- any and all semiautomatics, just as we already do for fully automatic firearms. Simple. Fair, quick. Snap of the finger kind of thing. No Brainer too.

    Anyone who owns or buys a semiautomatic firearm may apply for a Federal Gun Permit, just as currently been the standard practice for all permitted owners of machine guns. Each permittee must pay for a Federal Gun Stamp issued by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The cost is about $300.

    Even Sheriff’s departments must comply with this existing Federal requirement. Yes, all must obey. In an age of massive Federal Deficits, they could even raise the annual Federal gun permit fee to say $500. Keep things fair and accessible. Extend this existing Federal Law to include semi-automatic firearms, since no shooter has yet used a bolt action or revolver in any mass shooting in this country to my knowledge. Declaw the Crazies. Straight forward, and fair. Get too it, Mr. President, as daylight is burning. High Time for Simple, Common sense firearm reform. Its not registration.

    • Greg Hunter

      Read the Constitution “H”!!! 2nd was not for hunting!!! Please don’t give me this “common sense” firearm reform crap. It’s not any “reform”, it disarming the public because the Marxists/communists/socialists want to do awful crap to us. Kamala is on record saying if the Dems win they would “Hunt down Trump supports.”
      What about all the crazy Democrats and the evil Muslim terrorist’s that have cause lots of crime and mass murder. Did you forget the crazy Bernie supporter that shot Congressman Steve Scalise??? Did you see the full blown Marxism on the debate stage and the climate forum on CNN??? This is not my imagination but what they are saying and Marxist policies they are espousing. They want to disarm the public and that is mainly all trump supporters and 2nd amendment supporters. “F” your “common sense” reform that’s what they want and said so all together on the Dem debate stage in Houston!!! I think you are the definition of a “useful idiot.”

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Matter of Opinion. Stubbornly holding out is not a winnable political strategy in the long term. We can either have gun reform on our terms now or let some super Leftist radical do it on their terms at a later date. Their terms are obvious: confiscation of all guns from the civilian population. I too say F that and F all of them too.

        My proposed reform comes with the assumption stricter gun control is eventually going to happen. I say, its wiser to get it on your terms first. I wrote Senator Rand Paul with the same idea. Its a good idea compared to letting private gun rights just be whittled -away like we are currently doing state by state.

        The police historically were armed only with a Remington Pump Action 12-gauge with double-00 Buckshot, and a Smith and Wesson service revolver ( “the most powerful handgun in the world capable of blowing your head clean-off, according to Dirty Harry Callahan played by Clint Eastwood “). Police did not convert over to 9mm semi-autos and Glocks until the late eighties or early 1990’s. You can keep those conventional weapons for defense and hunting and exempt them from any further regulation when amending the Federal Gun Control Act of 1932. Long live the Second Amendment !! MAGA

        • H. Craig Bradley

          By the way, Australia had a terrible mass shooting ( 24 bodies) committed by a blond hair, native Anglo who went on a rampage at a McDonald’s in Tasmania, Australia in 1996. In reaction, P.M. John Howard passed draconian gun control laws in Australia which required all Australians to surrender all firearms that had more than one round capacity (rifle) or a over and under shotgun (one round per barrel). To this day, its all they legally can possess. Guns were actually “melted-down” down-under. Now, opal miners in Cobber Pedy, Australia were only allowed a single shot rifle to protect themselves, but robbers were armed with semi-automatics. Guess you are out of luck when the bad guys get any kind of weapon they want and you can not even buy ammo without a permit, as currently is the law in California. We are already screwed, but not as much or as fast as happened 20 years ago in Australia.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Kamala threats potentially are “fighting words”. This kind of (hate) rhetoric could lead us all into a Civil War some day. In a Civil War, there are many skirmishes against the political authorities and on the street. Guerrilla tactics designed to disrupt and disturb civilian populations and infrastructure. Its quite destructive in nature. French resistance practiced this kind of war when occupied by NAZI’s in WWII. Same idea. Ditto with the Irish Catholics vs. Protestants in Ireland. Extensive body count by the IRA.

        • Jodyp

          You say a possible civil war!?!? And to voluntarily give up semi autos!?!? NUTS

          • H. Craig Bradley

            ALL OR NOTHING ?

            Something must be done to at least reduce the ability of crazies to commit mass or serial murders. Let them try to commit mass shootings with a bolt action rifle and a five round capacity. They won’t get very far before law enforcement mows them down with a fully automatic AR-15.

            Anyway, if you read my comment I did not say “give-up” semiautomatic firearms, I said subject them to the Federal Firearms Act of 1932. This means register the gun (serial number) and you pay a fee to the Feds. Its very specific. Not all guns need registration by law.

            This has effectively removed machine guns from the civilian arsenal since the days of Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde. It works and yes, you comply and you can keep your semi’s if you want to, but crazies will have a harder time. Doing nothing invites more radical proposals like confiscation of all firearms or curtailing your Freedoms even further. So, what do you prefer?

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Greg, I am not surprised. If the Federal government (Congress) won’t amend the Federal Firearms Act of 1932 to include all semiautomatic firearms, then the manufacturers and retailers themselves will stop selling them to the public.

        Either way, its going to become much more difficult to acquire one because of politics and because of liability. Regardless, semis are on the way out. Nobody wants to be associated wit the next mass murderer who uses an AR-15. I told you so.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “We as a country have changed and our rights were not intended to be given to a secular, irresponsible population.”

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg…can you run this by Kevin Shipp? A whistleblower killed by the Whitehouse , shot by FBI…to keep the ‘insurance policy’ and set-up of POTUS Trump underwraps?
    And why would Mike Flynn’s attorney NOT want ‘the ‘original’ of the 302? And how can she be an effective counsel if the Judge or government has not given her a security clearance to review the documents and redacted emails? Is she just a puppet in the for the ‘public play’ called a court hearing?
    Prosecutors have argued that Powell has no right to review documents because of issues involving:
    •national security
    •pending prosecutions
    No evidence was presented on how his cooperation with prosecutors will reduce his jail time.
    Powell failed to file a motion to dismiss.
    Judge Sullivan delayed making a decision on whether to grant Powell a top security clearance to review evidence.
    Might be nice to know what the ‘whistleblower’ headed to the Whitehouse wanted to tip off POTUS Trump about that the FBI agent was later given a metal for- huh ?

    • Justn Observer

      Lures, and dangles , slugs, and the next cards to be played by those like Adam Schiff ?
      Why did Flynn’s attorney tell the court about his passing the lie detector test…and then not want to enter it into evidence? Was it because someone was wearing a wire for Rosenstein but ‘they’ don’t want anyone to know who and what questions were asked?
      Interesting story …Evergreen aviation /dynacorps might use Forest Service planes and helicopters for drugs in Oregon?
      Maybe Gov. Brown should see who is running the Forest Service or working in their management of the BLM/Forest Service that could be tied to or could run such locations or logistists around McMinnville/ Portland/Salem?
      Interesting that some time back the big push to up arm all Forest Service and BLM personnel… which with all the mushroom pickers and pot growers in Oregon makes sense… is understandable – right? Or if someone was dropping or doing pickups using copters so ‘they’ could keep people from ripping off those buds or seedlings or tree pharm? lol

  50. paul ...

    I want to see the body … no date was given for his death … only rumors have been swirling since July 31 (when the New York Times cited two anonymous officials who said that the US had played a role in the operation … “but it was not clear how”) … are they going to tell us that for religious reasons they dumped the body at sea to be with his father?? …

  51. iwitness02

    In the days of Noah, God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
    If we apply these same words to the deep state, shadow government, globullists in our day, it is the same as in the days of Noah. From here it is an easy leap (for me) to conclude that the destruction of the evil ones is near. The only question for me, is how? We know it won’t be by flood. Sounds more like it could be by fire. (May be symbolic fire)
    Noahs day, was a day of one world ending, and a new world beginning, about six months later.
    I hope that is the case now. The present evil world ending and the Kingdom of God being set up in its place.
    But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.
    Anyhow, it seems to me that the fix is going to be accomplished in our Lords return. Meaning that he will be the One doing the fixing. As opposed to man saving himself.
    But this still leaves the question: To what extent will our Lord use good men on the earth as part of the fix? Or will He do it all?
    I do know that He has a perfect plan, so I’m not worried about it. Just curious.
    As conditions get worse on the earth, I seem to think about this more and more.
    I’m sure that there are others who puzzle over this too.

  52. H. Craig Bradley

    Greg is probably out in his field harvesting his (corn) crop. How big are the ear’s this Year? Like to know about climate, crop yields, and such. What’s going on in the hinterlands (“fly over country”). Please, fill me in Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      They have huge combines to harvest corn and beans. Crops are extremely uneven. Everything form fields that did not get planted because of too much rain, to sparse beans and short corn to beautiful full fields of 9 foot tall corn and chest high soy beans. If you hit it right in the window with the right farm ground in the right part of the Midwest, you killed it, but a good percentage got killed. USAD has been forecasting higher prices with lower yields. It will not know how low the yields will be until harvest time (this is what the USDA is saying) which in most parts of the country will be late because much of the crops got planted late. In some latitudes there will be a good possibility of frost as Farmer Almanac is forecasting a hard winter. Oh, and are you seeing how China is now buying corn, beans and pork from USA that was announced this week as a “good will” gesture on China’s [part. The fact is (as I reported) they are having trouble replacing and sourcing the grain and pork from the rest of the world because the entire world is facing much the same thing — Lower yields (for a variety of problems) and higher prices. That’s your farm report in a nutshell for now.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Sounds like eventual food inflation at the grocery stores where the large populations live. Many urban consumers are already strapped with high rent and housing, high health care costs, and high taxes. If gasoline goes up too along with food and utilities, then we have more inequality and class warfare to be exploited by the Left. Trump gets blamed, as usual. The Democrats will be wishing for global warming in a few more years.

        Martin A. Armstrong points out we are in a Solar Minimum period with few sunspots and decreased solar radiation (heat). We are seeing global cooling but nobody can admit it because the Federal Government and Liberal scientists already took a position on climate change ( a.k.a. Global Warming). Can’t correct it now. More erratic weather and inconsistent crop yields as you say. Inflation will move up the “food chain” over time, just like it did in 2010. Inflation is good for some businesses, but not for many consumers. Think Dollar debasement (QE 4).

        Civil Unrest is the expected outcome, along with potentially more epidemics (plagues) in urban core areas with homelessness and lack of public health, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Colder and longer Winters means potentially more disease and sick people. It sounds a bit Biblical to me. California is overdue for some tribulations. They can blame President Trump too but it won’t get them any sympathy. California is ripe for some judgement. Can’t wait to see how the population responds.

        Notice energy and precious metals are in a nascent bull market and heading higher next year. In fact, this is exactly what forecaster and economist Martin Armstrong has been predicting for over a year on his free blog. He says we are going to be entering a period of several years of “cost push” inflation, not demand inflation like we had in the 1970’s under President “Jimmy” Carter.

        • Jodyp

          ‘Civil unrest is the expected outcome’ and give up certain guns. Do you read what you type here? Nuts, again.

          • H. Craig Bradley


            You can not fight-off a mob or a large unruly crowd. It does not matter what kind of small arms you have. Only a tank can oppose an angry mob. An individual has the same odds as a lone warthog cornered by a hungry pride of lions at night. No chance. Think about it.

  53. RTW

    I believe that the PTB became greatly emboldened, after the shooting down of TWA Flt. 800 occurred. They pushed a completely illogical narrative of how that plane fell from the sky, going against 700+ eyewitnesses. The final conclusion had two obvious anomalies; a milliamp spark ignited the vapors of jet fuel in an oxygen depleted atmosphere causing the explosion. In the fire service everyone was/is taught about the fire triangle. (It has now been expanded to include the addition of a chain reaction but that’s after a fire is started). In the original triangel, three elements are needed for a fire to begin, Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel. The removal of one of those and you don’t have combustion. In the 800 incident two of the three were missing. The next glaring irregularity was that the NTSB never grounded a single plane, to inspect them so that tragedy didn’t happen again. There were a lot of pilots of 747’s that were confused and frightened over that decision. The “investigators” were probably amazed themselves at how easy it was to cover up such a monumental event with explanations that took no effort to concoct and perpetrate. This had to be in their heads when they dreamed up 9-11. Because of the enormity of that project, they concluded that they would at least have to add visual effects, hence airplanes in broad daylight. First plane was to send shock waves through the country and then just as that was settling in, number two hit, just in case there were some skeptics left. The Pentagon and Pennsylvania (complete with heroes) were extras. The obvious question which had been asked at both of those sites was “where are all the plane parts”? The answer given, was that they virtually disintegrated and that satisfied the obedient press. We have all seen legitimate air craft crash sites in the news and no matter what the circumstances or terrain, there were always thousands of parts left to be examined. They don’t disappear!
    Building 7 was just the piece de resistance of the entire event.

    • William Stanley

      I remember being amazed many years ago as I watched a diesel-fuel tank being welded to fix a small crack. The welder just wanted to assure himself that the tank was pretty full before he proceeded . . . without incident.

  54. John M.

    I have often wondered why smart people on the Right, like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, have not challenged the official narrative of 9/11 which is obviously a big lie.
    Always makes me wonder whose side they are really on?
    Why aren’t they being honest to themselves and to us, when they usually seem to be on most issues that are good for America.
    Perhaps the Deep State is deeper and more complex than we know.
    Obviously Greg, you are one of the few out there who is not afraid to look for the truth, no matter where that takes you.
    I don’t care so much about HOW 9/11 happened, with all the physical evidence pointing to an inside job by our own government.
    I care about WHY it happened. Who were all the people that profited from this grand traitorous event? Do they have bigger events planned to destroy America and usher in the NWO.
    The rabbit hole goes deep, and it is all connected to globalism, child trafficking, the drug trade, Satanism, and everything else.

  55. iwitness02

    The lighter side of the news. 🙂

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