Biden Vax Push, Trump RINO War, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 471 3.12.21)

Vice President Biden (I refuse to call him President as he was cheated in) went on television tonight to give an update on his Covid plans for the nation.  What it boiled down to was a pep talk to convince all people to get vaccinated.  Of course, VP Biden left out the fact that the vaccination is totally experimental, and they have no idea what the long term downside effects will be. The FDA approved these vaccines on an emergency basis only.  I ask why not take HCQ, zinc and Ivermectin.  These have been proven effective in fighting CV19 and have zero downside risk.

Republicans are in a total civil war.  It’s between President Trump and his 80 million voters against the RINO swamp creatures in D.C.  These RINO weasels at the RNC want to use the Trump name to raise money, and Trump told them to “cease and desist.”  President Trump wants zero money going to RINOs, and Trump has his own political action committee to divert money away from the RINO rich RNC.  It’s called “Save America PAC.”  This is war, and look for President Trump to raise enough money to stage a hostile takeover of the Republican National Committee.

Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, but it really is nothing more than a pork filled blue state bailout.  Biden is promising more money printing for more pork.  Is this how the dollar dies?  With massive money printing in the trillions in pork and waste from both parties.  The money printing has gone parabolic according to FED data, and there is no end in sight.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Economics professor Dr. Mark Skidmore will give us an update on the trillions of missing and secret money of the Federal government.  The amount of money already printed makes the $30 trillion in official national debt look like peanuts. How will all this secret cash affect you?  The ending is not happy for the unprepared.

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  1. MJ

    The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )

    Two Hours Truth

    • Hannah Loveanna

      Thank you MJ!

    • Tom C

      Thanks for the link to Climate engineering. It needs to go viral.

  2. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Great news reporting!

  3. JC

    I went to the Dentist yesterday and they take the temperature etc, but also say this is all political and nobody in the office will take the vaccine either. If it is safe for everyone, then there is no need for immunity. The problem is that some people are seriously impacted and some die. The Dentist assistant told me her father died within a week of getting the vaccine and he was 82.

    • JC

      So the vaccine companies have immunity and no liability.
      If the vaccine is ‘safe’ as they claim, what gives?

      • JC

        Blood clots!?

        Covid-19: Italy bans batch of AstraZeneca vaccine

        ‘Italy’s medicines regulator said on Thursday it was banning a batch of the AstraZeneca/Oxford Covid vaccine as a precaution, amid fears of a link to blood clots that sparked suspensions elsewhere in Europe.’

        • Paul ...

          It is time to hold the vaccine makers “morally responsible” … by every one of us selling our J&J and Moderna stock holdings and if not a stockholder “boycott all their products” and buy a different brand of talcum powder, etc., etc. … stockholders should put their money into a drug company “like Merck” who got out of the “immoral life taking and incapacitating” vaccine business and is being criticized for it!! …

          • JC


            COVID has been turned into a political weapon. Dr. Anthony Fauci, from the outset, said masks were not necessary and he opposed a travel ban on China imposed by Trump and praised their transparency. Biden had amazingly said there would be zero deaths if Trump did his job. The entire problem now is that politicians are involved and there is NO WAY they will admit they were wrong so there is no way they will admit that these vaccines are experimental and are outright lethal to some people. Hence, they will not even order an investigation to tell people if you have x, y, or z you should not take the vaccine.


          • Jerry

            I’m preparing my attorneys now. This is a violation of my personal freedoms. Whatever happened to my body my choice?

    • Hannah Loveanna


  4. MickieKnows

    Greg, no one is talking about the blood supply. No one.


    There has to be the hard work of effort to put a stop to this socialist graft and corruption or we perish without a peep…..That’s not what I and my buds singed up for when we went into combat zones for this country…..

  6. barsoom43

    The Fed is destroying the dollar.. The way it looks to me, the Dims are going to be holding the bag when the economy implodes taking the government with it.. First comes Venezuela, then 1790 France, then 1990 USSR.. It’s going to be a very rough ride. The USA died in Nov 2012.. accept it and then you can formulate a plan to save yourself and family. Since Christ has full authority on Earth and in Heaven, nothing happens without his command or consent.. Let us not be like Peter sinking in the water.. Let us keep our eyes focused on Christ.

    • Hannah Loveanna

      Thank you for your service soldier. We Patriots love our military brothers & sisters. God bless all you hero’s who truly love this country.

  7. Duane Bradley

    I work hard all week. Then I suddenly realize its Thursday night. I’m excited because its time for the weekly wrap-up. I hear you! I appreciate your work & words. I am setting my financial preparations to prepare my household to be ready for the storm ahead. I want to be as stable as The Almighty enables so that I will share the Word The Messiah Elohim’s Son is showing me to share in the hard times ahead.

    YaHuah sent His servants the prophets to Israel to warn them what is coming – surely YaHUaH Elohim will do nothing except He reveal His secrets to His servants the prophets.

    I believe you are anointed from above in Messiah. Be faithful to discharge the charge of ministry that you have been given to His household.

  8. barsoom43

    No one is buying bonds.. Gregory Mannarino predicted this a long time ago.. Maybe time to have him back on again if you can get him..

    • Charles Robertson

      He did, I remember that too, began my financial education, such s it is. Greg Hunter has introduced me to many useful guides.

  9. Charles Turner

    I apologise if this post is off topic. But i just wanted to say that most grown ups in the UK’s eyes were opened to the true power of America fake news, when the Harry and Meghan interview was aired this week. Whatever failings there are of the royal family, the lies that were propagated this week, were outrageous and Oprah Winfrey team was complicit. The biggest lie (and i paraphrase) was that because of their babies potential colour, they were not only deprived of free security, putting their son in potential danger, but he was also deprived of the title ‘ Prince Archie’. This lie was so astonishing. On the current criterial, their son would not have been made a prince any time in the last 100 years. Also, his uncle, Prince Edwards ( he is the brother to the heir of the throne, Prince Charles), and Princess Anne ( she is the sister of the heir to the throne Prince Charles), their sons and daughters are not Princesses and Princess. This was a malicious and manipulative use of the race card to stir division and hate. Meghan claims there was not support for her mental health issues, but her husband, Prince Harry was a patron of mental health charities. He wasn’t a teenager in a shot gun wedding. He was a man in his mid 30’s and help was at every corner. Also, i don’t know how many Americans got suckered into the argument that the Royal family set them adrift financially. In the UK, the tax payer picks up the bill for working Royals and there is intense dispute on this subject. Their combined wealth when they left was approaching 50 million dollars. Something, most hardworking families that are struggling in America during this pandemic, could only dream of. So many people in the UK, got their experience of full on American fake news for the first time. We are seeing a backlash against wokery and fake victimhood in the UK which is starting to include both left and right wing politicians and across race. To my surprise the head of the left wing party in the UK ( your equivalent of the Democrats) came out 100% against trans conversion therapy for children and a few weeks ago Priti Patel, our home secretary from a Ugandian/ Indian descent said she would not take the knee and called last summers, BLM protests ‘dreadful’ We live in hope!

    • alvin hickling

      Sir Just so you know , I am an American and I have Always loved the Queen and they have treater Her Majesty Shamefully ! Alvin

      • Keith wilson

        Well the royal wedding cost the UK taxpayers 30 million. She got another million to get of a new wardrobe of designer clothes. Plus 7 million of our money to build her country house before she fled back to America with Harry to live a quiet life. Then she calls the queen and the house of Windsor racist and out of touch with society ? Can I have my 38 million back please ?

      • Marc

        wow, i am of a completely different opinion. The british family has had their fingers in every thing you can think of. They just have a way of dealing with it behind the curtains.
        just look up jimmy saville and further.
        Open your eyes and start thinking on your own!

        PS: @Greg: keep up the good work, thank you

    • William+Stanley

      Hi, Charles.

      That interview was widely perceived in America, as well, as a public relations disaster.

      What is particularly interesting to me, is your sense (and now mine as well) that — no matter one’s view of the desirability of monarchy — that the interview was an attack on not only The Queen, but the “national sovereignty” and identity of the UK, and more generally, its people.

      Such an attack indicates much more than the enmity of “American” media. I sense a more thoroughgoing internationalist agenda.

    • Paul ...

      CT … What does it all matter … the fact is … the “Royalty” are all blood drinking vampires from Transylvania (who took over England the same way the cheese, hotdog eating and blood drinking Demon-rats just took over America)!!

      • William+Stanley

        Paul . . .,
        Re: Why it matters

        IMO, Charles was not defending the “royal” family,” per se. He was pointing out that the British people have had it with the Marxist “wokeness” tactics (that are designed at undermining national identities and, more generally, western civilization in its entirety): “This was a malicious and manipulative use of the race card to stir division and hate.”

    • Coalburner

      Thanks Charles, yes, we were aware of most of what you say.
      We call this a “publicity stunt.” She wants to be a STAR and she does not have the stuff to be a star. So she is making a fool of herself. And yes, at least 90% of Hollyweird are fols going broke right now because they peed on the people who buy the tickets. They are too dumb to know that Covid 19 Plandemic has changed everything permanently and it will soon be followed by a major depression in which our standard of living falls by 75% at a minimum. The Mickkeey Mouuuuse propaganda news be damned and it will go bankrupt too. “They can happily say look what we helped do!” So with all that Harry will regret his folly and I just don’t know about his wife!

    • Jay Smithson

      Good on ya Chuck and that, from a Yank that is truly sorry for the invasion of our operation Mockingbird bought and paid for propaganda xyjzpqrstv in your face lame stream media, of your fair Island and our mother country!
      The queen is a survivor of much more and a world at war and she and family will get past this B.S. as we all must in these last day’s of the age and wicked system of things that must be replaced with a truly, built back better world;
      They gathered them together to. . . Armageddon.—Rev. 16:16.
      Why did God connect the final incoming great war with Megiddo? Megiddo and the nearby Jezreel Valley were the sites of many battles. On occasion, Jehovah directly intervened in those battles. For example, “by the waters of Megiddo,” God helped Israelite Judge Barak defeat a Canaanite army led by a chief named Sisera. Barak and the prophetess Deborah thanked Jehovah for their miraculous victory.
      They sang: “From heaven the stars fought . . . against Sisera. . . . So let
      all your enemies perish, O Jehovah, but let those who love you be like the sun rising in its glory.” (Judg. 5:19-21, 31) At Armageddon, God’s enemies will likewise perish, while those who love God will be saved. But there is one important difference between the two conflicts. At Armageddon, God’s people will not fight. They will not even be armed! Their “strength will be in keeping calm and showing trust” in God
      and his heavenly armies.—Isa. 30:15;
      Rev. 19:11-15.
      You Charles have his word on that and GOD WILL SAVE, THE QUEEN!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Charles, when do the Windsors finally pull the plug on this imposter couple? Harry is not, genetically at least, Charles’ son! It’s plain to see that there is not a drop of Windsor blood in him. For the sake of appearances and Diana’s memory, the Crown has seen fit to keep up the charade, but it’s time for the games to end, or so thinks this commoner… Best always. PM

  10. Jason

    Hey Brother, God bless you and your family and friends. It gives me great joy to know you are standing by your faith in God. We all have a lot to learn Greg, but i wanted to Thank You for giving your mind and heart out like this. You cover some topics that need to be heard, and you are actually saying what needs to be said on those topics, exposing the darkness is not easy, so again Thank You Brother Greg.

    You see, the people who want to hear what you have to say where going to go where you go anyway. i do not comment much anymore, but do listen(when i can) to those who are gifted with your kind of vision.

    i work with literal Hebrew and Greek (a little) and only say Gods Name in His True form, that is the Word, Yashoeye (Yahshua, Yeshua are what many use).
    So Yashoeye Bless you and the Good you do Brother Greg Amen!

    • alvin hickling

      Friend ,Just so you know I am an American , and I have always loved the Queen ,they have treated Her Majesty shamefully ! Sincerely Alvin

      • jason

        Give your love to your fellow Brothers and Sisters and even more to your Creator!

  11. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Enjoyed your show Greg, I can always count on hearing truth, especially on a non censored platform, good luck and God bless.

  12. Tim Gard

    Supreme Court failed to protect posterity from being murdered. Enemy of the state.

    • susan

      and enemy of the constitution.

      • Paul ...

        Yes Susan … and by failing to protect the Constitution … they effectively put themselves out of a job … when ever we people see these “supposed defenders” of the Constitution … “boo them loudly” … until they they get so disgusted … they resign their useless positions!!

  13. Bruce Taylor

    Greg, your Weekly News Wrap-Up is the highlight of my week. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing – the truth is the rarest of commodities in these days of globalist deception/ disinformation, and you have it in spades. More importantly, you understand the nature of the age-old conflict with which we are all wrestling, and you are not ashamed to take a public stand in support of God our Creator and Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt in my mind that President Trump, as God’s chosen instrument, will soon be returned to power and reverse the current t situation, to the great and lasting benefit of the USA and ultimately the world at large.

  14. American citizen

    Thank you so much for being one of the few to tell us the truth, we need more people like you! I knew the election was faked and that they lied their asses off about it. But what can I do about it? Nothing really, and storming the capitol building did t do much either.. they just lied more and then covered it up. Isn’t America supposed to be an honest free country. Well it’s not anymore, maybe way back in the day, but not now. I miss when I was younger when things weren’t so bad.
    And on the covid vaccine, I’ve been set from the beginning of this “out break” that I want nothing to do with it. It was man made and let out and it covered the planet. I will not be getting the vaccine ever. It’s all lies and manipulation, and that is our government. This is the weakest I’ve ever seen this country.

  15. Rodster

    1) Trump needs to run as a 3rd party candidate. Martin Armstrong has predicted a rise in a 3rd party which actually has a chance of winning the White House in 2024. This movement started a long time ago and may now have what it needs in voter dissatisfaction to pull off a win. The level of Govt corruption is now too blatant for the average person NOT to see it.

    2) Egon von Greyerz predicted this parabolic debt spending before everything collapses. As he and others have said over and over, that’s all they’ve (The Fed and Gov’t) really have as tricks to keep the eCONomy from terminal implosion.

    • Rodster

      And Greg as our Florida Gov has refused to address Joe Bidet as President and told him to F-off when Bidet demanded he address him has President Biden. You should follow our Governor’s example by just addressing him as just, “Joe” in the future.

    • Frank+D

      And how will Trump “win” in 2024 when he didn’t win in 2020? What has changed? Do you think the cheating will stop? Do you think the Dominion voting machines will all be corrected to count honestly? Do you the Supreme Court will hear cases of fraud? It’s complete lunacy to think we will ever again have honest elections.

      • Paul ...

        Frank … Boo your local immoral politicians incessantly … until they get rid of the corrupt voting machines … if they don’t comply with the will of the people … find out what small businesses they own … and boycott them into bankruptcy … we need to effect change at the ground level at the same time we effect change at big corporations at national level … also begin moving your fake fiat currency out of the big banks (who wield too much power to do evil in our world) and put that fake fiat currency into Credit Unions … while holding your real money in gold and silver!!

  16. dlc

    Apocalypse WWI, part 1 of 5.

    A nephew brought this series to my attention. I had no interest but started watching this to humor him. Could not see what 100+ years ago had to do with anything today, and WWI was a yawner for me.

    I was fascinated from the first moments, best footage ever that was colorized with sound added and the story told by a very adept narrator. I saw the parallels between then and now, how the elite always thrive and the price the rest of us pay, the destruction of everything in sight to include 30 million soldiers and civilians.

    Today the lunatic elites can match those numbers with a needle. Take their “fix” and be a walking time bomb. Wasn’t the great flood to rid the earth of corrupted DNA?

    • Jay A.

      Didn’t know that about Florida Gov refusing to call Joe ‘President”, gotta love The Gov! lol

  17. Clayton

    Greg…it’s clayton from vancouver… you know, the wretch saved by the grace of the Lord…hard working youngest son of a ww2 hero. My dad survived a bridge too far..Arnhem… it did however cost him one of his kidneys… he was only 17.
    I turned to Chirst when my addiction became utterly and totally incomprehenseiblely demoralizing.
    To the day I die I’ll believe the grace given to me was really given to my father…His greatest fear that his son was going to die alone in a ditch was lifted.
    He told me on his last day how proud he was of me… my greatest fear was also removed that day…the fear that he didn’t love me was removed.
    So… enough already about me …
    I’m messaging you for you Greg.
    I feel the Holy Spirit known to some as the Comforting Companion when i hear your words
    Put best in the words of the greatest mind the world has every known..Paul
    2 Corinthians 1:3-4
    3 prise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all of our trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God

    Greg please look up the story of
    ” the girl and the starfish”
    Also known as the ” tail of the starfish ”
    We’re the little girl in that story making a difference in people’s lives one at a time
    Peace, Grace and Mercy be apond you brother and your loved ones

  18. George (Bill) Heuschele

    Greg, please know that I pray for you and your quests. You are doing more for our country than almost all the politicians in Washington combined.

  19. Clayton

    Poop. I messaged incorrectly what
    Corinthians 1:4 states

    Hears the proper
    4 who comforts us in all of our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God

  20. Steve

    Hey Greg , people are finding out they are voiding their health insurance and life insurance policies, due to a clause that experimental treatments invalidate the the policy. So also killing families where the insured bread winner dies and tell the family to pound sand about the policy. I’m sure many wouldn’t have taken it if they knew that.

    • Paul ...

      So if you have a million dollar Term Life Accident Policy … and die by falling off a ladder (because you got dizzy after taking the vaccination) and the hospital lists your death as being caused by COVID-19 (so they can build up the death numbers for Fauci) … your wife gets screwed out of a million dollars … because you took part in “taking an experimental vaccine”!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … it would almost be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad … we now have Fauci lowering the death toll from the corona virus in the US to only 60,000 people out of 340,000,000 million people in America … …. divide 60,000 by 340,000,000 Americans and this comes out to be just 0.00017647 of our total population … to better put things into perspective consider the fact that the 340,000,000 million people in America “will all be dead of old age” within 100 years … so on average that comes out to 3.4 million people dying in America every year … and we shut down our economy? … put our small businesses into bankruptcy?? … and enforced a communist dictatorship upon America??? … because a minuscule 60 thousand people (“supposedly” all died of the virus) when more then 50 times more Americans “die every year” (3.4 million people) of old age????

        • Paul ...

          Finally … people in Florida, Texas and other Red States are now beginning to use their “God given” brains… and are removing the mandatory “commie” orders requiring people to wear masks … but the psychopathic Satan loving Blue State Demon-rats are not budging from their dictatorial “commie” rules … women Demon-rats are saying: “It’s my body … and no one can force them not to kill fetuses if they want to” … and the men Demon-rats are saying : “It’s not your body … and they can force you to be killed taking the vaccine” … seems as long as the Demons “are killing” both babies, adults (and in Cuomo’s case very old people) … all is fine in their Demonic world … where right is wrong and wrong is right!!

  21. Louis

    Republicans who went against Trump
    Susan Collins (Maine), – Mitt Romney (Utah),
    Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), – Ben Sasse (Neb.),
    Bill Cassidy (R-La.), – Pat Toomey (Pa.)
    Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y. – Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.
    Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, R-Wash. – Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash.
    Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif. – Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich.
    Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C. – Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich.
    Rep. Anthony Gonzalez,R-Ohio – Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo.
    Richard M. Burr {North Carolina}

  22. andyb

    It has become more obvious with each passing day that the 535 (with too few exceptions unfortunately) are compromised. The greatest cause perhaps is the rampant paedophelia among the elites and decision makers, making them ripe for extortion and blackmail. Note that Biden’s open door policy has resulted in 1000s of unaccompanied minors being held at the border most likely to be distributed among sexual deviants throughout the US. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE CONSPIRACY THEORY, but given the evidence of suburban houses being used as minor whorehouses using these same migrants, it is most likely a fact, not conspiracy. If going down the proverbial authoritarian rabbit hole isn’t bad enough, this assault on Judeo-Christian morality is disturbing.

  23. allen ols

    JERRY; You said this under the PENTO interview;

    Jerry03/11/2021 •
    I’m glad you’re o.k. The virus is real, but the pandemic is not. If you recall, prior to the pandemic, there was demonstrations in England, France, China , etc. The globalist used the pandemic to restore control. The demonstrations were a symptom of monetary breakdown. You were right about your predictions back in 2018, and you are right, about your predictions now. The second wave of the virus will be used to clear the balance sheets. The best way to eliminate debt, is to get rid of millions of people who are living off it. Bread and circus = Agenda 21 .

    Just to let u know, it was ROB KIRBY who wrote what i copied and pasted BUT NO PROBLEM i am glad you think I may be as smart as ROB KIRBY, LOL. TKS

  24. Louis


  25. Jerry

    You are right about the deep state being in control. This is what is waiting for us in the next few weeks.

    Vaccination confirmation being loaded into a cloud, by government agencies and employers. There is even evidence from homeland securities web site, of mandatory test kits being sent out to every American citizen to begin home testing. I said a few months ago you would see a massive push for vaccinations and now you’re seeing it. This was not a perdition. I was reading the playbook from the Rockefeller foundation. The next phase will be mandatory vaccinations in schools.

    Trust me. The globalist have not come this far, to not achieve their goal of top down governance and population reduction. The mRNA vaccination is a setup for a KILL SHOT by the next wave of virus that will be coming. The mRNA vaccination will only protect you from the current strain of COVID-19. It has no defense for a new strain. Period.When a different strain of the virus comes the mRNA vaccine will compromise your natural immune system, by masking the threat, and not recognizing it. Extensive test with lab animals have proven what I’ve just posted. Dr. Merritt and Dr. Simone Gold with the front line doctors have confirmed this information. Do the research. Don’t rely on the propaganda that the programmers are putting out on the idiot box. According to Dr. Merritt we will not see the long term effects of the mRNA vaccine for several months. See my next link. It will blow your mind.

    • Jerry

      Look very close at this image.

      It has the world health organizations name printed at the bottom. Why would the term cytostorm be associated with the world health organization? If it’s a joke, it’s a bad one. What I just described to you in my former post is a cytostorm. With this type of event you will see death on a scale that is unimaginable. The only defense for people who have taken the vaccine when the cytostorm comes is what …….? You guessed it, lockdowns.

    • Jerry

      Just in case you missed it.

      Is this a joke? Or are they trying to tell us something?
      Ha..Ha…roll up your sleeve and take the jab. There’s nothing like mixing your DNA with a billy Gates cocktail, that’s made from aborted fetal tissue. I can see that mRNA saturating every cell of your brain. Just remember m stands for messaging. What message do you think Bill Gates would like to program in your brain?

    • AndrewB

      Hi Jerry,
      Couldn’t agree with you more regarding mRNA ‘vaccines’. And here’s a twist: one of my grandsons, age only nine, returned to school Monday after they were closed by government decree for several months. The whole day, as it turned out was dedicated to vaccination propaganda. The children were instructed to play a ‘special’ game of Jenga. Half the blocks were identified by coloured stickers at each end. These were to represent the people who had not been vaccinated! Then the Jenga blocks were built into a tower, as usual, but the kids were told that they were to pretend to be a deadly virus and to only remove the blocks with stickers – the unvaccinated people. Eventually, the whole tower collapsed, ‘demonstrating’ that unvaccinated people pose a risk to everyone!! Since my daughter, his mother, has serious reservations about the efficacy of any mRNA ‘vaccine’, my grandson became emotionally stressed – perceiving the ‘unvaccinated Jenga blocks’ to be his dead parents and siblings. To make matters worse, the children were then instructed to search the internet for information on deadly diseases which affect children. In doing so, he came across images of severely ill children which caused him further distress. He cried for two hours on his return home and didn’t want to tell anyone what he had seen. The propaganda became even clearer – at least to his mother – when the kids were then instructed to search the internet for information on charities which focussed on vaccinating children in poor countries. BG anyone? You can’t make this stuff up.

      Apparently, it is no longer a priority to teach English and Maths!

      Also, the children are to spend time to put together a presentation for their parents, extolling the benefits of vaccination. Stazi tactics!

      • Jerry

        That’s very scary. There’s a much darker agenda at play here. If the vaccine really makes you immune to the virus, then why would anyone be a threat that didn’t take it? The long term effects are totally unknown. By the sheer fact that big pharmaceutical companies are exempt from liability should send up a major red flag to anyone with half a brain.

  26. Darryl Mackley

    Thank you Greg for another great report. God bless you and your family.

  27. Mitchell Bupp

    The RINOs of the Deep State is neck-deep in the GOP system… My vote depends on whether Trump cleans out the systemic problems inside the Party.

  28. Jimw

    Don’t worry about the Trillions left over from the previous cv19 stimulus! I’m sure Pelosi and Schumer have places to send that!

  29. Peter Westberg Sr

    what good is it to vote again its a rigged system
    what is it we must do ?
    Trump is a useful pawn of what You call the deep state
    I call them those who planed Delany Square Texas 1964


    My local affiliate Fox news in Philadelphia a news special about how safe the Covid Vaccine is safe and does not change your DNA and is proven safe and important to take it.

  31. William Betts

    Paul Craig Roberts’s March 11, 2021 article about what is happening with the vaccine and the terrible results people are witnessing has to be made available to every person in this country. You take this vaccine, you could die or you could be made sterile or some other terrible result. These vaccines could be the worst calamity this country has ever seen. Greg you should reprint that article that was printed by PCR March 11……Betts

  32. Jake of the Ozarks

    Greg, just so you know….
    While I’m watching this, next to the video there are 2 big banner ads from Progressive Turnout Project. I don’t know why they think your site would be a good place to advertise. It’s probably just some generic “political news” ad parameter, but I wanted you to be aware of it.
    You might want to look into other ad platforms like Revcontent or others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Evil targets me through AdSense from Google. I got no control over the ads and they rotate.


    Doctors around the world are warning of the future dangers of this so called safe vaccine that everyone must take, check this video post on “RUMBLE”
    and make your own choice

    • AndrewB

      Hi John,
      Thank you so much for the link to ‘doctors from around the world’. Doctors are on the front line – those that speak truth are under fire, their livelihoods threatened, their reputations trashed. IMO, we owe it to them to at least listen to what they are brave enough to say. I shall be sending the link to everyone and hope other ‘watchdogers’ do the same.

  34. Daniel

    Thanks for your work Greg! IDK where I would get real news if it weren’t for you. Your work is a massive quality of life issue for me. Been watching for nearly 10 years now I say forget Youtube! They don’t want conservatives on their platform…sounds dumb but so be it. We don’t want to be somewhere we’re not appreciated either. We’ll figure this out.

  35. steve

    All roads lead to Obama…………

  36. Antoinette Cerone-Dawson

    Life insurance policies may not be paid on deaths due to any experimental vaccines. They are just that, experimental. Normally, people have been paid to participate in experimental drug studies.

  37. Jim

    Thank you. You brought up many good points and the supporting facts. The one that caught my attention is why is there a need for a Voter Integrity Act if the there was no voter fraud?

  38. John henry

    It’s really amazing all these people keep espousing the trinity and it is a fraud Matthew Mark Luke and John New testament are not New testament Jesus was still alive Matthew 24 works more works does not belong to the gentiles you keep on and on and on America has turned away from God God has turned away from America they keep quoting yelling and screaming John 3:16 self-righteous pious but they never repent you just killed a bunch of people in Syria without Congressional approval you killed a million people in Iraq without Congressional approval you are murderers you buy girl scout cookies to support a good cause they turn around take the profits through their proxy corporation and donate to planned Parenthood killing babies you just gave 500 million under the guise of stimulus to Israel and the very next day they pulled those Palestinian homes killed the people and put up another wall The chosen land has no walls it is a nation of unwalled villages divided in quarters by mighty Rivers why do you continue to say that’s the chosen land there the chosen people and all the evidence Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:40-50 these people that destroy you and eat your soul kill your youth kill your people in unwarranted wars these people start a fight and run to the American young people to die and fight it you support your partner in genocide Saudi Arabia and the starvation of yemenese children and you want to heavenly Father to answer your prayers you keep taking any one verse and throw it in people’s faces you are a hypocrite John 3:16 requires you to repent once more you throw up a verse and only do half the job the American people have got a lot of lessons to learn and Donald Trump is going to teach you more of what Joe Biden did not teach you you are going to be controlled and that is the way it’s going to be

  39. Jay rocco

    Before the ‘virus’ (cold/flu) you could get a flu shot everywhere I was waiting for them to put them in the convenience stores. It was getting ridiculous. I’m not anti vacs what theows up too many redflags for me is the heavy push not just a heavy push…an overbearing push. Fauci stated in 2005 or 2008 that hcq was the greatest combatant to the corona virus – previous strains…but the root corona virus (flu virus – not some rogue virus). Sorry the sale comes first and truth comes second. I will not take this ‘vac’ I do not listen to their non scientific rules of separation or their bullsh#%. I am going to protect me. I don’t need any elected idiot to tell me how to take care of me let alone mandate it by decree. I wear a mask to the store I am required too. It completely boggles my mind to see people running driving walking alone in the open air… IN A MASK!!!!

    • Paul ...

      It’s up to us men to refuse wearing masks … women will go along with it for as long as possible (so they don’t have to wear make-up or shave their beards the Demons “purposely produced” by putting hormones into our foods so as to turn men off and reduce the world population)!!

  40. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter indeed a painful reminder of the theft of American Democracy and remember the security services have aided this and the judiciary have applauded it.
    Here the background of Klaus Schwab and his credentials and his backing of NUCLEAR technology to unsavoury regimes even today.
    Yet no exploration of THORIUM Reactors that would really solve the problem.
    Strange that Schwab’s ideology would be the nest of vipers at Harvard with Galbraith as the senior poisoner.

  41. Barb Cravens

    Greg, you are so spot on, and smart. Thank you for bringing your positive behavior into our home every week.

  42. Joshua Porter

    I agree with you Greg, I do not see Joe Biden as a legitimate president; nor is his administration legitimate. The presidency was stolen in a fraudulent election counting process from president Trump.

  43. J. Bundick

    Greg, you are totally wrong on the economy. It will boom as we come out of lockdown. In the past year U.S. Bank deposits have increased by almost $2 Trillion dollars per the Wall Street Journal. People are already spending like crazy. My wife is a merchandiser and is in various stores daily, and they are packed. (TX)


    Sidney Powell can barely hide her disgust at Trump for not invoking the Insurrection Act.
    If Trump had done his job he would have sorted out his staff and the leftist military generals quick smart. He should have been a strong no-nonsense leader and sent the National Guard into the democratic states and quashed Antifa and BLM. He should have ordered Marshals to attend every voting venue in every state to ensure the honest counting of votes.
    The left knew how weak Trump was as soon as he fired General Flynn.

    Now under Biden, who doesn’t care about optics, your country is morphing rapidly into a Fascist regime.

    Obama’s WOKENESS, Cancel Culture and the militant Antifa / BLM are a 4th stage bowel cancer in your society – the chances of survival are very slim without a
    patriotic military.

    Also, I still want to know what Chris Miller and Pence the traitor were working on in December.

    • Paul ...

      You know … What still gives me doubts about giving Trump a second chance … is that the first time around he clearly didn’t go after Hillary (for me … that alone set off big warning bells) … and then both Trump and Bibi stupidly jumped on board to support Gates (who is not a doctor) in the rapid mass inoculation of their peoples (with an experimental vaccine that has now been clearly shown to needlessly kill and/or produce irreparable physical harm to our genetic code) when Trump damn well knew Vitamin D, Zinc, etc., etc. was a cheap and effective cure against the virus early on … but both Trump and Bibi jumped fully on board the vaccine bandwagon … and both were complicit in the “very hasty implementation” of what is now known to be “at least a potentially genocidal sterilization program” and “at most an outright Georgia Guide-stone extermination program” … all authored and supported by a psychopathic billionaire eugenicist (Gates) and his Satanist Globalist allies (with plenty of money to throw around for bribe’n) … and who have planned this evil plandemic and mass vaccination program for decades … as a means for them achieving their New Deranged Economic and Political Order … and to make anyone who just happens “to unluckily survive” … into a “happy commie” under their New World Order … who owns nothing!!

  45. Michael Boucher

    Thanks for all you do. The weekly updates, and the great guests you have on.

  46. Dave S

    Greg, thank you for another good one!

  47. The Ogs

    The lockdown is still in full effect here in Ontario, and almost the whole population thinks it’s a real vaccine.
    To ensure sanity, I’m on the George Carlin plan. George says all you can do is watch the freakshow, and try not to let it get to you. And he says if you’re born American you get front-row seats.
    The ‘real’ doctors are predicting chronic neurodegenerative disease in the vaccinated within 2-3 years, 5 years max.
    So the dark humor says if we can all hold on that long, there should be an enormous glut of Real Estate everywhere.

  48. Jan Hancock

    When you add up the publicized distribution of Covid relief funds, DOESN’T add up to $1.9 trillion! So WHERE does the rest of it go, Mr. VP?

  49. Stan

    Totally agree – don’t take the vaccine. You don’t know what the long term consequences are.

    • Paul ...

      I agree with you Stan … our Human DNA is “a precious store of value given to us by God the Father” … that “should not be tampered with” … but I still don’t understand how you don’t look upon God’s gold “as a store of value that also should not be tampered with” … the banksters manipulating Gold with “their many short vaccine shots” (and who are not doctors just like Gates) are out to fundamentally change the DNA of Gold itself … to make this “tier one asset” into a non-store of value!!


    Greg, please comment on this scenario: Say we had a fair election and Trump continued a smooth transition to his second term. We are being told that the U.S.A. Corporation went bankrupt in 2018 and that we will be transitioning into the U.S.A. Republic. Obviously, the Trump team (military plan) had a goal to remove the deep state worldwide and transition out of the Federal Reserve to Nesara/Gesara. In summary, my question is, can Trump start with a clean plate and redefine the organization chart of the federal government? — within the guidelines of the constitution (still need three branches of government, etc). Perhaps have only one or two intelligence agency, get rid of the Pentagon and 75% of the government agencies. Return more powers back to the states. Can this be done by the executive branch or would it require legislation, etc.? I do not think getting rid of the bad actors is enough, we have to diminish the power of the federal government.

    • Paul ...

      Mary … Demons, Globalists and Aliens have taken this moment in history to attack humanity on a massive scale … but take it out of your mind that some politician will make things right again … God the Father “will set things right again” … by seeing to it that the sleepers awake … and that the people “as individuals” hold the evil Satanists morally responsible for their actions … by boycotting evil wherever you see it … if you know a politician is a “commie” bribe taking child pervert “you simply don’t vote for them” … if you know Big Pharma is out to kill you and your children “you simply don’t buy their stock or the products they make” … if you see a company poisoning your food with glyphosate’s and removing the very seeds of life … “you boycott their products” until they go bankrupt (like we did with Monsanto) … when companies or fake news organizations try to censor your free speech or become lie tellers “you boycott them” like we are doing with the fake news media and avoid their YouTube media products and if immoral corporations (like Apple, etc., etc.) are using slave labor to manufacture their products “you simply boycott buying their blood drenched products” … when “God’s awakening people” on an individual basis in the millions stand against the morally corrupt and evil forces in this world … when moral people demand the removal of corrupt voting machines … moral politicians will “automatically arise” who will set things right (because they need our vote to be elected) … and when an immoral “commie” gives a speech as to how he admires dictators … Boo him off the podium “loudly” … and “often” … when that eugenicist Bill Gates and his Demon helper Fauci give a speech on how they want you to take “an experimental vaccine that killed all the test animals they tried it on” … you don’t listen politely … you Boo them “loudly” … and “often”!!!

  51. Ralph Kenniston

    Greg take a look at Luke 22;52-53 even the evil leaders in Jesus life were told “ this is your hour—when darkness reigns” but we know the light shined on the darkness at the resurrection! Darkness has its day but “light” wins in the end! May God continue to bless you and your wife 😍
    Ralph from Missouri

  52. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I have been a grateful listener for years. I have some thoughts.

    The Deep State played 3-D chess, not Trump. He seemingly had victory in his hands. More and more people in Congress were willing to contest the election results. There could have been a national debate about the election fraud. I am a bit angry with Trump over this. It seemed they played his ego against him.

    The election was stolen.

    I no longer listen to the David Janda’s and Kevin Shipp and others with their “inside information”.

    Spare me the self-proclaimed prophets and their predictions and dreams. How can anyone still listen to the Fireman?

    The Book of Revelation has evil “winning” and “wearing out the saints” until the Lord returns and He will restore all righteousness.

  53. Roy

    Thank you for another great report.

  54. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Biden is a X vp at that! Greg,your weekly wrap-up is the one video I look forward to each week,thank you.Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  55. Paul from Indiana

    Please, PLEASE, all Watchdoggers and American Patriots…NOT A DIME to the RNC! Resign (as I did on 16 January, and as Mark Taylor did on his Facebook account) from the RINO Party now! They are total sellouts. Your only chance, our only chance is to drop out of the system: No voting (it’s rigged, anyway), no contributions (cut off their means), NOTHING. Expose their corruption. Expose their complicity. The only effective way forward is non-participation. They will die a deserved and quick political death this way. Best always. PM

    • Fatima+message

      Where are the Military tribunals that God the Father supposedly told Mark Taylor were a sure thing?
      Our Lord is firmly in control! Why did He allow this election to be stolen?
      Think about this: our civilization is corrupt to the core. But the evil is clearly exposed. This is a time of the Lord’s Mercy. Every evil person knows and stands in their evil ways. But will they repent and convert? Next comes Our Lord’s Justice. ,justice means to give what each deserves, good to the good, bad to the evil. As the Lord has spoken in Matthew 24, the time will be shortened when the elect are threatened. Our Lord will intervene big time. First will come a worldwide warning from the Holy Spirit. If this civilization does not repent sufficiently, Fire will fall from the sky destroying 3/4 of mankind. This destruction will be in the control of God. No evil will remain! We have been praying for such for nearly 2 thousand years: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” No evil in heaven, no evil with God the Father’s Will! The weeds will be removed from the field and thrown into the fire.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Fatima, if you believe the Lord is “firmly in control”, then you must likewise believe that the promised tribunals are yet coming or that Mr. Taylor “misunderstood” what the Lord was telling him, or “gasp” that Mr. Taylor is not a prophet in all things. I am convinced that Mr. Taylor understands the corruption in the RINO party and why he publicly stated that he is “done” with it. My personal belief is that the Lord knew how all this would end when he set it in motion. Our concerns about timing are irrelevant. Just because the USA is collapsing does not mean it is the end of the world! It is up to the Believers to follow Christ until the end, meaning the end of this earthly life-trial. I had always hoped to be one of the Faithful here living when Christ returned, but that is not my choice. Will my joy be any less seeing Jesus in the Spirit World BEFORE I am resurrected? I doubt it. Best always. PM

  56. Mical Mershon

    Hi Greg, Love your program, watch just about everything you put out, and feel like I can trust it all. Thanks so much. I’m one of those businessmen still hanging on by the skin of my teeth, so am at least trying to encourage you with my appreciation.
    I read that all the animals that were given mRNA “vaccines” died when exposed to the real disease. But I have not heard a peep about what might happen to the millions of human beings who have been injected with these experimental biological agents. This is a valid concern in my heart. Is it in yours also?
    I really miss the closed captioning. Any chance of getting it on

  57. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, Just fine watching here on your website and Rumble.

  58. Mike J

    Call Biden what he really is. A kleptocrat.

  59. Linda

    Now, I can get on with my Friday. Thanks Greg!

  60. Fred Daake

    What can we do to prevent mass-marketed radio, TV and newspapers from giving legitimacy to Biden or the experimental injection? The media lies are so repulsive that I turn off the radio at the top and bottom of every hour to avoid their Soviet Pravda feeds from NY. I have completely stopped watching all network TV, although I realize that OAN and Newsmax can be stomached somewhat. Search engines have become useless to find articles that are based on truth. Except for a few well meaning specific reporters who I have followed for several years, I have zero faith or interest in what any reporter, commentator, or news anchor says or writes.

    Although I can see through this hypocrisy, my complaint is the negative influence on the people who actually believe this garbage. As this reality-altering nonsense fills the land, the masses blindly support an environment that is not good for anyone.

    What can we do about it?

    • Paul ...

      You are doing “exactly the right thing” Fred … we simply need millions more people like you to begin making a difference to right our world … “by rejecting and boycotting evil” wherever we see it!!!

  61. Jim Furr

    YEAH GREG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go – KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK : ) : ) : )

    Jesus Is LORD! : )

  62. Ken Sebek

    You talked about the growth of money supply…
    I came across this article from Mises that seems to explain some of it…
    Where it says,
    “As you can see in the graph below, the reclassifying of savings deposits as transaction accounts caused a retroactive tripling in the quantity of M1, from $4.898 trillion on April 27, 2020, to $15.994 trillion on May 4, 2020. This surge in M1 was merely the outcome of an accounting operation and, therefore, did not affect the Fed’s broader monetary aggregate, M2. Existing savings deposits were simply shifted from nontransactions to transactions deposits, both of which are included in M2 (not shown on the chart).”
    This is the first explanation I’ve run across as to why/how the money supply grew so fast.


  63. Fred Daake

    What can we do to prevent mass-marketed radio, TV and newspapers from giving legitimacy to Biden or the experimental injection? The media lies are so repulsive that I turn off the radio at the top and bottom of every hour to avoid their Soviet Pravda feeds from NY. I have completely stopped watching all network TV, although I realize that OAN and Newsmax can be stomached somewhat. Search engines have become useless to find articles that are based on truth. Except for a few well meaning specific reporters who I have followed for several years, I have zero faith or interest in what any reporter, commentator, or news anchor says or writes.

    Although I can see through this hypocrisy, my complaint is the negative influence on the people who actually believe this garbage. As this reality-altering nonsense fills the land, the masses blindly support an environment that is not good for anyone.

    What can we do about it?

    NOTE: There was a server error in trying to post this comment – hopefully it does not post more than once as I try again.

  64. WarProfit

    Greg I watched your election night coverage, we witnessed the theft live. Now what we are witnessing is the globalist take down of the United States. A wide open border, money printing and bailouts, payouts for the covid scam participation. Bills stacked up in congress that will limit liberties.
    I get those republican mailers, I burn them.
    The billions leaving our shore, is payouts for what has transpired, and what is coming.
    When they collapse this current system, to usher in the new one world global currency, which will be digital. These current group of clowns who are controlled in DC, will bring in foreign forces, to enforce the unconstitutional actions they have planned.
    Didn’t Klaus say you won’t own anything? Which means they are not just coming for guns, but wealth confiscation of any and all forms.
    They can’t have dissenters armed, able to stand against this new order, or allow them the ability to barter around the new monetary system.
    It’s all out war against Christians, and those of us who are willing to fight and die to protect our families and way of life.
    Plain and simple. Thank you Greg for standing for Liberty, Freedom, Justice and the American Christian values that has kept our country free. God Bless you and your family, and may God protect you now and for what is coming.

  65. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg things have to play out. The New World Order is actually Nazi World Order. There are signs that this will be coming to to an end. Trump’s return is eminent. The fence around Washington coming down, Trump said we’re not finished. Be ready for arrests, prominent people. News and internet blackouts trying to control info release. The deep state army’s planned riots, but military/ military intelligence have it all. Mark Taylor said God told him there would be military tribunals on the order of Nuremberg.
    Fear Not!


      Hi Fred.
      I don’t think you should pin your hopes on Trump. He had ample time when he was POTUS to fight the deep state. To think that he is going to come charging back at 76 years of age when he couldn’t do it at 74 is pure hopium. He is too old and has too much to lose.
      Trump never really took off the gloves and fought for action. Why did he leave Christopher Wray as head of the FBI? Why didn’t he fire Bill Bar over a stalled Durham investigation – which will never happen – when there were numerous reports that Durham had not interrogated anyone months before the 2020 election.
      Trump could have taken the advice of Sidney Powell, General Flynn and Patrick Byrne who presented a clear path for Trump to put an end to the theft of the election.
      Listen carefully to recent interviews with Sidney Powell and General Flynn and you will hear between the lines that they believe that Trump did not fulfill his oath to protect the Constitution and the country. They are not happy with him.

      Trumps role at the moment is to APPEAR to take charge of the RNC and get rid of the RHINOs. His real role is to stop the 75M voters that supported him from drifting away completely from the RNC towards a new party – which they should do. The DNC and RNC are beyond repair with ingrained corruption.

      My advice, for what it’s worth, is for the 75M+ conservative voters to form a new party and search amongst its members for a younger, intelligent, courageous and articulate leader that is willing to put his body on the line to save your country.
      A patriots only party.
      A SuperPatriots party.


        Oops I meant the other beast, RINO. Sorry to all the RHINOS out there.

  66. Fred Daake

    There is absolutely no evidence that the America hating Democrats won. The Democrat socialists will NEVER be able to prove that they won.

    The final Senate, Congressional and Presidential election results have been determined by biased assumptions and wishful fantasy that has no basis in fact. Due to a massive coverup that includes destruction of election materials, it would be impossible to accurately determine who really has the majority in DC or how many votes were on either side.

    For that reason, my own assumptions have as much or more credibility than those that are being promoted as legitimate by the mass media. Biden received about 20% of the legitimate vote to Trump’s 80%. America elected a Senate that was 55-45 – John Jackson’s seat was stolen and so was Arizona and Georgia. PA refused to follow their own laws and have covered everything up. There were problems in at least nine states.

    And yet, most people go around like everything is normal.

  67. wallstone

    I doubt the presidents took the same vaccine that is given to the general population.
    I suspect biden’s vaccine was nothing more than colored water.

  68. Marti

    Thank you Greg for the encouragement. I refer to Herr Biden as “Resident in Thief” This week a friend whom I had sent a copy of the Equiality Act to phoned me in a panic saying we must write to Biden and ask him not to sign this bill and asked for my collaboration in drafting such a letter to be distributed to pastors in her community for signature. I advised I would get back with her but bottom line, the people got what they asked for. She is a dyed in the wool democrat who detests President Trump. I didn’t even mention stolen election as I did not want to waste energy casting pearls before swine.
    As I contemplated the request I did 2 things: I forwarded to her the Franklin Graham article and the petition being circulated by American Family Radio on this bill so that she could make sleepers aware with this – why reinvent the wheel. Secondly I prayed and realized our human efforts cannot reverse what has happened. We as Christians must seek God for His strategy and then Act on what He tells us to do. This is a spiritual war and in war a soldier ACTS on the DIRECTION of the commanding officer – God . So your encouragement was a confirmation of what I sensed God was speaking to me. Again, thank you very much!

  69. Carla

    Hi Greg!
    Just a note to say how grateful I am for your weekly updates, as well as the rest of your content. I’m so glad you’ve created and maintained this site! Keep up the good work!! Also, love, love, love that you always end with, “Fear not! God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, are firmly in control! 😀
    Blessings from Arizona!
    Carla ~

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Carla for your very kind words and support!

  70. James Foster

    Great video greg

  71. Damian

    “Keep the faith, God the father is in charge.”
    -Greg H.

    Amen brother!

  72. Victor Mason

    Thank you Greg for your great work. Love to hear from your guests. Where did you get all that high energy? Your mom or your dad? Thankfully you have stuck to your guns and we know we can depend on you for truth and honesty.

  73. Rod Brumley

    Greg Hunter our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    That address was pathetic to the point of sickening!!! Not getting the vaccine – screw it!!!
    Biden will never be my President – cheating to the point of craziness. Thanks for all you do Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Rod and thanks for all your support!!!

  74. Tim Crawford

    America is choking and these lunatics are pushing us over the ledge. Nothing but doom and gloom ahead. Can’t steal, lie, and cheat and maintain a free society.

  75. Janet Hull

    I’m not fearful as much as I am sad. I am sad that corruption right in front of our eyes has not been adjudicated; sad that common sense of right and wrong is not being handled fairly; sad for those drinking the Kool-aid; sad for the many children suffering at the hands of corrupted adults/traffickers; sad that this has gone on too long. Your posts always lift me up, though. Thank you for your continuous hard work.

    • Paul ...

      Janet … To help overcome your sadness … Gov. Cuomo tries “his soothing hand” … gently putting his hand on your shoulder (and possibly under your blouse) while saying he will be ending the mandatory quarantine for all domestic travelers entering New York … but Mayor Bill de Blasio is blasting Cuomo’s try at a bad joke by scheduling it on April Fools Day!!

      • Charles H

        Bad taste, Paul… What you suggest is inappropriate.

        • Paul ...

          Tell it to Cuomo Charles and all the women “he” inappropriately touched!!

    • Pat

      Each challenge is a chance for growth. We can choose to “fight” with a strong connection to God using moral principles commanded by Him. There is much hope and infinite possibilities in Him. The way we feel and choose to think affects the whole!

  76. John Geis

    The checks will not stop nor the money to the blue states until America falls.

  77. Mark

    Greg – “helicopter money” is great. It collapses the corrupt, criminal system even faster than it was collapsing on its own. Yes, it won’t end well, but at least it will end. We will create a much better system on the other side. One based in Jesus’ instruction, law, honesty and integrity, with transparency. Brace for impact…

  78. Dave

    The Deep State has the conservatives where they want them – battling to take control of the GOP which is not going to happen. Pennsylvania is a case in point. Anti-Trump Republicans beat back an effort to censure Toomey. Toomey is retiring. McConnell will select the “approved” GOP nominee. That person will likely win the GOP nomination for the Senate against a Trump candidate. If that happens will Trump supporters stay home in the general election? Murkowski is in a similar situation. The GOP will back her in her reelection effort in 2022. More conservative elements will mount a challenge to her. That will split the GOP vote in the general especially as Murkowski, if she loses the primary, will run as an independent as she did last time. The Democrats have a chance of picking up the seat given that Alaska is starting to trend purple.

    Other GOP senators are retiring. Ohio, Missouri and likely Wisconsin which will set the stage for a battle within the GOP in those states for control. The question again is will the losing side of these GOP party battles sit out the general. Right now the Dems are in good shape to pick up Senate seats in 2022 given the war within the GOP.

    The bellwether could be Texas’s 6th congressional seat. The GOP winner last fall passed away and a special election is set for May. Its a jungle primary with half a dozen pro-Trump Republicans vying for the seat and just one anti-Trump GOP candidate – Wood. The Trump candidates will split the vote and could hand the seat to Wood or, if no one gets 50%, Wood could face a Democrat in the subsequent election and again would Trump voters support Wood? This district is going blue with Trump winning it by less than 3% last fall. That is the race to watch.

    Meanwhile, as conservative battle it out within the GOP, the Democrats move forward. Cuomo has served his purpose and is being pushed out. The “plan: is to install DeBlasio in the governor’s sea ands perhaps Yang as mayor of NYC. UBI and reparations would become a reality in NY state in that scenario

    Take the Newsom recall in California. Newsom is calling for equity in the state as he battles the potential recall. That means state level reparations? If he proposes that he will defeat the recall. The electorate is close to 40% Hispanic and there is a large non-Hispanic progressive block that wants reparations and a UBI. Conservatives are lining up to be on the ballot if Newsom is recalled. Almost a dozen so far plan to run. Meanwhile only a few Democrats are vying to run as well as a single radically progressive individual. The conservatives/GOP could defeat themselves if they don’t show some discipline and pare down the number of conservative centiday. Of course that is hard to do with all the egos wanting to be governor. Cox is in the field which is ridiculous. He’s lost several times before. If he really believes in the conservative cause then he should bow out.

    Meanwhile, while conservatives and Republicans fight among themselves and waste resources so doing the processive Democrats are moving forward basically unopposed.

  79. Great report Greg.

  80. Patricia Hough

    Please investigate the new LinkedIn post by Geert Vanden Bossche, a well known vaccine expert.
    He is warning that these mRNA vaccines mute our natural immune systems and people who get them will have trouble fighting off new covid viruses, other viruses and diseases. In other words the newly changed cells in our bodies will resist and stop the natural immunity cells from attacking foreign illnesses, but they are programmed to only stop the covid-19, leaving us vulnerable to immunity failure.

  81. Roger Carbonell

    Thanks Greg,

    I have often thought, philosophically speaking, if it was ever necessary for me to pick only one channel to watch, which channel would I pick. Although it is a tough decision, your channel was always on the short.

    Glad you are still in the fight.

    God bless you and your contribution to mankind and to the kingdom of God.

  82. Nancy McDaniel

    The states have sovereignty over their elections which MUST BE FULLY EXERCISED. They also have the legal authority to nullify all executive orders. Convention of States Article V is our only option now (endorsed by Mark Levin and many other conservative constitutionalists) to take back our legal authority over the feds of which now ALL BRANCHES are corrupted i.e. judiciary, Congress, senate, DOJ, FBI, executive. This corruption is from the infiltration of the British American Privy Council Fabian socialists eastern European Khazarian mafia banksters. These people are also the counterfeit “Jews” Zionists who claim to be Jews and are not that Yeshua speaks of in The Revelation and the Gospels. They have usurped our government and Isreal since WWII. These creatures in Isreal are NOT Jews from the tribe of Judah but 90% eastern European confirmed by DNA tests done in Tel Aviv. The countries with the worst oppressive lockdowns are British colonies i.e. Isreal, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and US. China, Germany, Italy and Iran are also their proxies and partners in the scamdemic for global control and most certainly CONTROL OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN OF ZION in Isreal. EVERYTHING they do is, according to their own words, Agenda 21 NWO global control which IS the beast system using fear tactics, “real ID” and vaccines to get us to surrender our freedoms for promises of “peace and safety.”. Yeshua said THE generation that sees Isreal be born in a day IS THE LAST GENERATION. A generation is Biblically defined as 70 years or by reason of strength 80 years. We are at year 73.

    The DNA altering vaccines are NOT MEDICINE but a way to, they think, corrupt the DNA of people to make them NOT in the image of God therefore NOT REDEEMABLE like the nephalim children of the angel watchers who left their first estate to take human wives as stated by Old Testament prophets, Enoch and Jude. And, of course, global genocide population reduction AFTER they alter the DNA of people who do not do their due diligence regarding this abomination.

    The RNC is totally corrupted by the likes of Rona McDaniel and her uncle Mittens Romney who are knee deep in vote rigging machines. That’s how they get the uniparty RINOS in after they disperse them throughput the country in all states i.e. Cheney, Romney, Graham, Burr, McConnell and states legislators. They know the key now more than ever IS the states legislators they need to infiltrate and corrupt like they did in the 7 swing states that stole the election. They used Trump to get in and then stabbed him in the back and will again if they get a chance. They actually have the nerve to say they will still use Trump’s name even after getting the cease and desist! The first 2 years of Trump’s presidency and the RINOS obstructing his and the PEOPLES’ AGENDA should tell everyone who is the uniparty and needs to be primaried with thoroughly vetted republican replacements.

    Bankrupting America and all western countries and decimating the dollar reserve currency IS THE GOAL using Cloward Priven to usher in their UBI mark of the beast global money system that they TOTALLY CONTROL. They will confiscate all private property by taxing it so high no one can afford it or do what they do in South Africa–just kill the white farmers or what they did to the Bundy ranch folks. Gates owns all that farm land just to keep anyone else from owning it. Corporate fascism. Obidenbama now says they will restart the Barry administration’s government owned waterways and one third, to start, of US lands.

    If the states do not stop this usurpation of power of the seven mountains of influence (government, medicine, education, religious freedom, media monopoly, economy and family life), we are finished as a constitutional republic. Our only hope is repentance and salvation through the Blood of The Lamb. The eyes of Yehovah are on the wicked and the upright. Thanks brother for your persistence in speaking Truth.

  83. Trainor

    Thank you for a great show as always, Greg, love that you never let go of the electi0n fraud issue!

  84. Albert Dziennik

    Great, your online reporting. Keep the faith and remember we are all in the same boat…where we go one we go all…and right now it looks like the boat is taking on water, and the bail-bucket has a hole in it. Only the people are going to be able to save this nation. What our forefathers fought for so gallantly is in peril. If they can see what’s happening, they must be upset. The great sacrifice they made since the foundation of our nation is jeopardizing future generations ability to live in peace and prosper. What a mess. As Our Father told us, in prophecy, all of this would unfold and get right treacherous.

  85. Shirley Thompson

    Hey Greg – the “After the Wrap” notation indicated an update from Dr. Mark Skidmore. How do we watch that? thanks for the videos.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s on tomorrow night!

  86. Dan Gowin

    Thank you Greg for all you do. Its unbelievable what has happened to America.

  87. MJ

    Nice going Greg, thanks for all you do. Perhaps Rumble wd work a little faster if they had a 144p option for video streaming (lowest current is 240p) – they have a long way to go before they are as good as YTube.

  88. Tom Nelson

    “This idea of unexplained, unreasoned court orders seems so contrary to what courts are supposed to be all about,” said Nicholas Stephanopoulos, a law professor at Harvard. “If courts don’t have to defend their decisions, then they’re just acts of will, of power. They’re not even pretending to be legal decisions.”
    Why won’t the Courts explain their reasoning for tossing out ALL the election fraud cases? My speculation is PRECEDENCE. They are really afraid of opening a Pandora’s box of election fraud cases. Worse yet, effectively overturning an election. At any level of goverment, having the Judicial Branch of the Government weighing in on every election from Dog Catcher to POTUS (the Big Dog) creates more problems than it solves. The time and place for securing elections is before the election and at the polling places. Plain fact, the Trump forces were INEFFECTIVE in their pre-election FRAUD PREVENTION. So, the Dems simply cheated and got away with it. The time to close the barn door is not AFTER the horse has bolted. I certainly hope PATRIOTS wise up and start the fight for FAIR ELECTIONS before 2022…

  89. Daniel Gum

    Greg, I believe that your website is having problems when clicking on the website link and article ……… I am not sure if it is a heavy flow of traffic getting on the website causing a lag or it is being blocked for viewers not to view or review your links… Great article and video Greg and have a nice day……..

  90. Ines Lake

    Dear Greg, thank you for your honest coverage of events and speaking out against this Covid vaccine issue. Yes, many will get injured and it hurts me just to think about it. There is a very simple Covid cure – a number of doctors have mentioned it, but Dr Paul Thomas did an interview for Vaccine Choice Canada – January 21, 2021, found on VCC youtube site under videos, if you fast forward to 44 minutes into the interview he talks about how many have recovered within days using 23ppm Colloidal Silver in a nebulizer. Even his high risk brother in law and nephew were well in days. May God Bless you and your family, thank you for all that you do!

    • Self Exiled

      I used nano silver that I had made from using three 9 volt batteries and two 999 fine silver wires in a solution of distilled water. I’m also high risk. True distilled water was difficult to find and had to make three attempts to get a god batch of nano silver. I also used a nebulizer for a week or more; morning and night to treat myself for what I believed to be coved March of 202o. I had been to large Manila hospital were I believed I contacted the virus; and took fever reducers so my temperature was normal so as to be able to board a plane back to my home on another island. They were treating coved then in a barbaric fashion [with more deaths than recoveries] with some breathing apparatus I forget the name of: so I avoided all doctors and I recovered. I still do not have a ppm detector but watched Utube and used color shades to determine my mix. It worked for me.

  91. Geena Gador

    Voter fraud has been going on for years. I keep wondering, “Why didn’t President Donald Trump have armed guards at every polling booth in America last November during the election and afterward?” He is a smart man. Armed guards could have arrested anyone practicing voter fraud, aka stuffing ballot boxes and accepting votes from dead people. Please address this question in one of your shows. Thanks.

    • Pat

      Trump was constricted by the deep state minion’s in congress and his administration. You can see it more so now with the deep state “accomplishments” since the vote steal.

  92. Daniel Gum

    Hey Greg,

    I want to do a follow up to show ya what it is telling or saying to me when I go to your home webpage site and click on your article links: “There has been a critical error on this website.” I thought I would a follow up from the previous post that I posted about this, and it is the statement from word press………. Have a wonderful day Greg…

    • AndrewB

      Hi Daniel,
      Yes, I get the same message, randomly, when trying to enter USAW and USAW links. I ignore the message and simply click the links again. Appears to be an attempt to put people off entering the site – but it’s easy to circumvent.

    • Self Exiled

      I kept getting blocked by Word Fence and was able to get past that with help from a white hacker and he installed a VPN. Now I have also [even in the VPN tunnel] gotten a block from Word Press. The person who helped me took a look at Greg’s site and made the comment ”many people have been messing with this site”.

      • eddiemd

        You can use the Tor browser. It will long you in from an IP address in Europe.

        Interesting to note that when using the Tor browser it randomly chooses an IP address in the EU. Stateside websites restrict log-ins from EU servers. I have noted this on several news websites here in the states.

        It appears that the corrupt msm here in the USA does not want readers from the EU.

  93. Annie

    Love you Greg, news we trust!

  94. Joe

    Greg,what will happen if we refuse to take the vaccine? It sounds like Biden is saying we will have to have it.
    If I don’t get it will I lose my job? Will I not be allowed to go into certain buildings such as government buildings like DMV to renew my drivers license? Will I not be allowed to travel? I don’t know what I will do if I lose my job as I am hardly making it now.

    My guess is that if Biden doesn’t force us to take it, they will just make it impossible to do the things you have to do in life, like get your driver’s license renewed.

    What do you think is going to happen?

    • Greg Hunter

      Its experimental. You don’t have to take it.

  95. Stephen Gookin

    Another Good update. Yes, don’t give up. I suspect it will get interesting and no doubt Some rather difficult turbulent times, But God will come through.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Stephen!

      • ed

        “God” will come through? What makes you think that “God” isn’t doing this? Have you read Daniel? Daniel wanted the Israelites out of diaspora and back into Israel but they were gone 490 years. What makes you, and Greg, think this is going to come out well? Is this country somehow more important than Israel? Why don’t we get the genius Mark Taylor on again and see what has been revealed to him? It may be the case that the only good thing coming of the USA’s demise is people will once again seek The Most High.

        • Greg Hunter

          I pray Ed. What makes you think it does not?

        • eddiemd

          If the willingness to take the vaccine is any indication of people who will turn to believing, then there will not be a repentance. In fact the Revelation tells us that most will harden their hearts and believe the deception as what is already happening.

          It is happening in the evangelical churches already.

  96. Pete Durbin

    This is great Greg. Thanks for keeping your posts coming..
    Pete D.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Pete!

  97. Jay Dee

    Read in the Bible the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua to see how God’s people were instructed to deal with corrupt nations that sacrificed their children to idols. The Second Amendment is not about hunting rights. It is the basis for citizens to forcefully reclaim a nation overrun by a corrupted government.

  98. Robert

    you need YouTube like you need a root-canal without Lidocaine….please keep up the good work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert. I can say what needs to be said without a filter from juveniles.

  99. Stan

    I’m going to buy a few cases of Château Pavie Saint-Émilion Grand Cru with a forgiven PPP loan I got. Ha ha ha. Thank you uncle Sam!

    • Rachel

      Great, … So Stan you can drink your drink, kick back and listen to these two audio interviews to get a snapshot of where the markets are at and get a feel for where you should have put the money instead …

    • Self Exiled

      Stan please translate for me. I understand that the wine is not Ripple or Muscatel; but please a little fragrance/history on the wine would be nice and a comment on why the forgiven loan is such a coup d’état. I would like to understand you better. How is my Bentley? I have drank $85 wine that is made from grapes from a certain area in Frances. I loved it. Bourdieu comes to mind.

      • Paul ...

        I drink the most fruity, fragrant and best tasting wine in the entire world … for less then $10 dollars per liter bottle … I make it myself … I combine a one liter bottle of 100% pure concord grape juice mixed with a 1/2 jigger (or less) of Ciroc Vodka “added to taste” … for white wine use … white grape juice and a 1/4 jigger of Vodka … and if in the mood for champagne just add some carbonated water!!

        • Rachel

          Hi Paul, I’d just skip all that fussing around and go for the Vodka. lol

      • Stan

        Self – Exiled: I’m not going to explain something that you could never afford

  100. Not So Free

    Here is another iron to throw in the fire.
    Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be president. She is not a natural born citizen. Her parents were not US citizens when she was born. There are several Scotus cases that talk about this.
    This could get very interesting.
    Yes I know they didn’t actually win.

  101. Jeff Robbins

    It looks like that we’re going to have to have our country just crumble to the ash heap of history in order for things to be set right. Everyone needs to be aware of how the rest of the world views us and our dollar. It is a sure thing that we’re in our own national bubble, but the Eurodollar system is so large that i see that as the driver of any hyperinflation. If foreigners get rid of there dollars, what do they buy? I have some ideas, but this is an ongoing concern i hope Mr. Hunter will keep us in touch of. Thanks to you Mr. Hunter, and also how can people donate- you should have a mail box or something?

  102. Jim Ledyard

    For those wondering how Covid 19 permeates the media, Martin Armstrong points out that Edelman Public Relations firm handles all publicity for Klaus Schwab WEF Covid Campaign.

    You may remember Edelman in the 2000s, Edelman created a front group called the Working Families for Wal-Mart, which said it was a grassroots organization, but was actually funded by Wal-Mart. It paid two bloggers to travel the country interviewing Wal-Mart employees, one of whom was a senior Edelman employee’s sister. According to The New Yorker, “everyone she talked to was delighted with Wal-Mart”. In 2006, BusinessWeek reported that the public relations effort, which was positioned as a grassroots blog, was actually paid for by Wal-Mart. The New Yorker called it a “blatant example of astroturfing.

    Edelman supported private prison company GEO Group and helped in “laundering the reputation of private US concentration camps” in July 2019. In May 2019, executives from the Washington, DC office, including office president Lisa Ross and former Trump White House deputy press secretary, Lindsay Walters, went to Florida to present the pitch.
    Other Edelman Customers: Bill Gates
    Saudi Arabia
    Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints
    Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs

  103. Marie+Joy

    We are seeing starvation has started.

  104. Pat

    I believe the people must unite and take back our Republic using the Constitution (law). We can’t count on Trump or anyone from DC.

  105. Russ McMeans

    Greg; your week wrap up done extremely well. Will share with my email people and Facebook Twitter accounts. ( where the get removed I think but maybe some slip through. ) The fact that most countries don’t allow absentee/ mail in ballots due to fraud tells us everything! The corruption in this country is pretty much the worst in the world right behind China. American voters have to start getting smarter or we are doomed. And I’m not even addressing the money printing.

  106. Russ McMeans

    Greg, everyone: I’m getting error message sometimes when I load USA Watchdog. I close out browser. Wait a bit then successfully reload page.
    This is in iOS 14.3/5. I’m not sure if it’s my os or Greg’s. I can go to my new MacBook Air and see if problem is apparent on OSX. Running Big Sir.

  107. Bill

    Greg, Great wrap up! You should seriously consider bringing on Dr. Simone Gold or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to discuss the truth about these vaccines. And as far as prevention, you could bring on Dr. Pierre Kroy. If you are trying to find a doctor who will prescribe Ivermectin his website could be very helpful. Just something for you to chew on…. 😉

  108. Vince

    Hi Greg,
    re: Ivermectin
    Since I intend to avoid the vaccines for the time being, I decided to go the Ivermectin route. I bought the 1% agri-mectin and some 2ml syringes with needles after reading up on the subject and what my dose should be. I decided on 2 injection dose subcutaneously a day apart. I got about halfway into first injection and experienced pretty strong burning so I stopped. The burning left in about 15 or 20 minutes with no other side effects. Since they also drench livestock with Ivermectin as well I studied up on a carrier to apply the Ivermectin topically. After reading up on DMSO I purchased it in gel form. I mixed the remaining untaken doses of Ivermectin with about 5 or 6 parts DMSO gel and applied to both arms and hands. Once again it burned the more tender parts (less weathered parts) of skin like heck for 20 minutes or so. Skin got a bit pink and was back to normal in a day or so. I am confident in the topical application from what I had read and the similar side effects of having applied Ivermectin with and without the DMSO. Meaning that I believe use without the DMSO carrier was and would be ineffective since I experienced no burning without the DMSO.

    I am not recommending anyone else do the same but just relaying my experience. It could be helpful in a SHTF scenario. Agri-mectin is about $30 for enough to treat about 25 people. The DMSO gel cost is about half that for a pound. You could test a patch of skin to see if you can withstand or if you even have the burning side effects. The burn is probably the reason Ivermectin is taken orally over a longer period. One could probably do topically over time also and perhaps reduce the burn to a tingle?

    Long time listener who looks forward the your podcasts especially the WNW.

    Sincerely, Vince in Mojave

  109. wayne hardin

    The Word of God stands true and will unfold as written .
    There is no doubt there are a lot of false prophets today as in times past .
    Just as God said there would be .
    There is no doubt that they were not speaking for God since Gods word
    comes to pass as spoken . 1000%.
    But just as the bible says people want what people want so they are still
    believing a lie .
    Mark Taylor was wrong from jump street since he said trump would be
    pres. in 2012 to start with . And then changed it to 2016 when he didn’t run in 2012 .
    And as far as the cheating being more powerful than what God wanted .
    That is the biggest JOKE i have ever heard .
    GOD is in control . No matter what happens .
    Get ready the lion is on the way .
    But before he gets here he will bring all lies to the light to give people one
    more chance to get real .

  110. tim+mcgraw

    The cartoon on the front page of this video is perfectly true. The Democrats are thieves who so death and destruction. They are the party of slavery. The Democratic Party of Hubert Humphrey and JFK is long gone.
    I’ll watch this video later today.
    The vaccines are dangerous. Israel is the Pfizer guinea pig test lab and the vaccines appear to be making the virus more deadly and changing the demographic of the victims. Does anyone care? Does it matter? I’m becoming cynical about the whole Covid narrative.
    Looking forward to the WNW.
    Here in Sonoma County we are now in Red Tier. Whoopee Big Deal Bullpuckie.

  111. tim+mcgraw

    A very good WNW. I have faith in Jesus and the Trinity. I have lost faith in the political system in the USA. Voting is pointless now, maybe always was. It will take another revolution to change America for the better. Maybe secession will work this time. It worked back in 1776 . The blue states will continue to rob the red states until the red states do something about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!!

  112. Helen+Swanson

    I believe that its time the state legislators write laws to protect their people. we the people need to put people in office in our local states to stand up with the people. So many congressmen are retiring so the swamp will be drained.

  113. Robert K


    I find it interesting that I received a letter in the mail from Ronna McDaniel asking to be a volunteer for a congressional district here in Georgia, and on the letter, it read as if they were the biggest President Trump supporters, and how they were “terrified” of Biden and his liberal aggressive stances…. Give me a freaking break…They are all complicit and knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they staged a coup on President Trump and to usher in the illegitimate puppet.

    I just wish I hadn’t ripped up and thrown the document away, so I could have posted it on here and shared with the community. I was a few days late watching this video, and when you talked about the RNC using President Trump’s likeness, it really struck a nerve, because they are STILL trying to pander for money and pretend, they are anything remotely conservative, Republican, American, or pro-President Trump… I guess the RINO’s will resort to anything, once the money train stops lining their pockets…

  114. Arthur Amon

    Why should the governors pay any attention to HR1? CA is a sanctuary state, won’t support ICE, allows MJ, Gov. of MI doesn’t pay attention to court rulings. If I were a gov. I would if supported by the legislature, ignore the voting “laws” from DC and purge 100% of the voter registrations and start afresh, voter id, signature matching etc. Oh, if illegals come to my state I would put them on buses and drive them to DC with $200 and say, “Have a nice day”. If that didn’t work, given the libtards have eliminated all voting integrity, I would print 400M ballots already filled in for all conservative candidates in all states and overwhelm the Demtard illegal votes. Perhaps 600M votes in a country of less then 400M would somehow bring people to their senses.

  115. GSW

    Mr. Hunter,

    I’m a CDR in the US Navy who just returned home from deployment and just finished up having command of a fantastic warship forward deployed to find out YouTube has unsubscribed me from you lock, stock, and barrel.

    I’ve added you on Rumble, and hope to see you on Frank, and of course on! Thank you for your service.

    Very respectfully,

  116. Pam

    What a wonderful interview………..Simple and to the point.
    Stick with nature. Land………….What’s on it….The things one will always need to fulfill ones destiny and comforts throughout life on this planet……….We can’t BUY into the wants and needs of the parasites…….They will suck us dry………They dream of OWNING everything and that includes HUMANITY or……………..US. Ain’t going to happen on my watch…………

  117. Pam

    Wait till they flip on 5G and jabbed people start dropping like flies. The zombie apocalypes will be in full force. If we think what’s going on now is weird, put on your armor and buckle up, the sh*t is about to hit the fan.

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