Biggest Ever Debt & Dollar Crisis Coming– Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Peter Schiff says the wild swings in the market are because of massive central bank money printing and exploding debt. What in the heck is going on?  Schiff explains, “The real question is what was going on when the markets were going up?  That’s what made no sense.  The fact that they are coming back down to earth makes a lot more sense.  I think the catalyst for this move (in the stock market) is, ironically, the tax cuts we got because that put the bigger deficits in the spotlight.  Now, the deficits are going to go off the charts because we have to replace the lost tax revenue with more debt.”

What about the economy improving under Trump? Schiff says, “Growth hasn’t really picked up, it’s actually slower.  This is all nonsense.  The economy is not improving.  Nothing is happening other than we are going into huge debt.  We got tax cuts, and we borrowed the money to pay for them.”

Schiff predicts in the next recession, the Fed will go back to printing even more money. Schiff contends, “There is no question in my mind because the alternative is politically unacceptable to anybody, which would be a worse financial crisis than 2008.  When we go back into recession, when we are in a bear market, they are going to go back to the only formula that they think works.  They can’t do rate cuts because rates are so low, they can really cut them very much.  So, the only real stimulus they can reach for is QE (money printing), but it’s not going to work this time.  We are going to overdose on QE.  There are no more bubbles that they can blow.  They have already blown the mother of all bubbles, and this is it.  There is no more.  So, I think when they launch QE4, they get a currency crisis.  We get a sovereign debt crisis.  That is where we are headed.  It’s taken a long time to get there, and because of that, the problem has gotten so much bigger.  The bubble got so much bigger, so it’s going to be much more disruptive.”

Schiff points out when countries get into financial trouble, they rev up the printing press to pay debts and expenses. Schiff contends, “We are going to do the same thing, and we are going to pay people off in money that has very little value.  That is the real risk.  That is why the dollar is already weakening.  Last year, the dollar had the biggest drop in 14 years.  This year, the dollar is off to its worst start since 1987.  That tells you something.”

Don’t expect to hear Schiff’s cutting analysis on mainstream media (MSM). He says he’s basically been banned.  Why?  Schiff says, “Over at CNBC or FOX Business, they just don’t invite me on anymore.  I haven’t been on in years. . . . I think that what they are trying to do is actually silence anybody who is not on board with this narrative.  If you don’t believe this nonsense about this bull market and this great economy, you are not welcome on their air.  They don’t want anybody that’s going to have a contrarian point of view.  They used to have me on a long time ago, so, obviously, there has been a change of policy. . . . Everybody agrees that everything is great.  They don’t have anybody on to tell the truth.   They don’t have anybody on to tell their audience they are being fed a bunch of lies.”

Schiff predicts, “Now, the crash in the dollar that I envisioned (years ago) and the crash in the U.S. economy is going to be much bigger than 2008 and much more dramatic and devastating to the average American as a result of the delay. We haven’t dodged the bullet, we have ended up stepping on an even bigger landmine.”

Schiff contends it’s not a matter of “if” there is going to be a dollar crisis, it’s simply a matter of “when.” Schiff points out, “All measures of gold and silver show it is inexpensive.  The reason it is inexpensive is many people have the wrong view of the state of the U.S. economy and where monetary policy is headed.  That’s where the value is because so few understand.  It’s just like the 2008 financial crisis, people didn’t understand what was coming.  I did.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold.

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  1. john duffy

    What kind of sick society do we have and why they really hate Donald Trump

    • Susan

      WOW That was awesome John Duffy. I hope everyone here will listen.

    • allen ols

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

      William D. Campbell, Due To Testify Against Clinton …

      William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who is due to testify to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes in the uranium scandal, has gone …

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,

    One day they’ll address him as Sir Peter Schiff!

    • boris chikvashvili

      Being right once in 8 years is a good score. Joking, I like Peter, but he is a bad timer(:-, sorry Peter(:-
      You can , of course, go and see real timing, Bitcoin, Or the Stock , market at
      Enjoy All, this is real knowledge, not , idle talk. Timely Hits for over 12 years. Did not predict 1 out of 15 Crashes. One For One, every time. Like this site. I think it deals with absolutely lovely social issues. which I have been pointing and fighting for , forever, as well as naming the sources of our social troubles. But my best work is not
      pointing problems( that is easy), but giving people exact timing free to take action in the markets and be survive the INJUSTICE built into the system.
      God Bless Greg, he is the real deal, who looked in real time at the perversion of MSM and did / does something about it on daily bases.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please keep in mind this is a monumental move never seen before in history because the debt is the biggest in global history. He was clearly correct in 2008.

      • Sue

        I’ll take Schiff’s advice every time over Boris.

        • boris chikvashvili

          It is not a crime to fall in love with broken clock

  3. Anthony Australia

    Don’t worry Greg, nobody needs the MSM anymore. The movement against the fake narrative has finally been fulfilled.

    • genocidal politician

      very British title is this whats occurring? the crown regaining its lost colony?
      stage is certainly set for insurrection,

      • Anthony Australia

        Quite possibly – We still have the ‘Union Jack’ on our flag.

  4. Silence is Golden

    PS is a smart man and I agree with most of what he suggests.
    I would take some of his comments a little further though and put the following forward:
    – Currency War already in full swing (refer DXY Chart for last 2 years)
    – Trade Wars have been launched (refer new sanctions and tariffs introduced ….as a result of recent comments out of China about their potential unwillingness to continue to buy US Treasuries).
    – Interest rates have plenty of room to move – to the downside that is….NIRP is where the FED is headed. 100 % Guranteed.
    – Recession …..we have been in the longest one “NEVER OFFICIALLY RECORDED”….
    and for all intents and purposes will never be recognised as it should be ….The 2nd Great Depression. PS is correct …”Nothing is improving”….Economy, Unemployment, Real GDP Growth, Inequality, Debt, Deficits…the list goes on.
    I do feel for Peter… of many lone voices who wishes to expose the truth to the wider audience….but is being ostracized by the MSM Propaganda machinery….because he doesnt project their thought control and manipulation techniques……
    a.k.a. …..aiding and abetting the Criminals in Charge.
    World Domination is achieved through owning the natural resources along with the entities that have licences to utilise them. Keep that in mind when trying to make sense of what is transpiring in the US and around the Globe.

    • Carlos Monteiro

      Silence is Golden

      I’m from Brazil > 100% in line.

  5. FC

    The headline reads “Globalists admit Trump is winning” this is the headline I didn’t want to read as the Globalists will now begin to deflate every bubble and Trump will be blamed for the economic collapse because he is finally winning…………..unfortunately that’s how the public will see it.

    • Carlos Monteiro

      I’m from Brazil > 100% in line.

  6. Thad Teegardin

    Comedian Dennis Miller reacts to Robert De Niro
    The p.c. crowd of today is the uninformed. When the uninformed become informed, heads will roll! Hear that all you National Socialist propagandist thugsters!

    • Thad Teegardin

      Protect Yourselves From The P.C. Crowd
      Each one will carry his own load of responsibility.​—Gal. 6:5; ftn.
      It is up to each of us to make decisions, and the wise, right choices are based on sound Scriptural knowledge. We should not give someone else the responsibility to make decisions for us. Rather, we should personally learn what is right in God’s eyes and choose to do it. How might we give in to the danger of letting others choose for us? Peer pressure could sway us to make a bad decision. (Prov. 1:10, 15) Still, no matter how others try to pressure us, it is our responsibility to follow our Bible-trained conscience. In many respects, if we let others make our decisions, we are essentially deciding to “follow them.” It is still a choice, but a potentially disastrous one. The apostle Paul clearly alerted the Galatians to the danger of letting others make personal decisions for them. (Gal. 4:17) Some in the congregations wanted to make personal choices for others in order to alienate them from the apostles.

    • DanTheMan

      Could not agree MORE!!

  7. Lars

    The Bond market is already in retreat,
    the stock market is hyperventilating.
    It is 2am central time Wednesday morming
    and over nite the Dow is down 220 points
    from Tuesdays B.S. move higher. Shiff is
    absolutely correct in saying that money
    printing will continue. As a matter of fact
    I personally believe that the money printing
    has never stopped because it can’t. The longer
    term charts show the southeast trajectory of
    the dollar and an initial target of 80. I think
    everyone should prepare accordingly because
    when this happens it will be devastating.

    • Charles H

      Money-printing never stopped. There has never been enough money to cover stupidity.

  8. ConcAmDad

    ….yet he doesn’t acknowledge that gold is hammered down with the dumping of massive fututes contracts.

  9. Jerry

    Just in case you missed it, here is another signpost for you.

    There is the perception of reality, and then there’s reality. Closing 1700 branch banks is not a sign of expansion. The real test for the dollar will come in March when the supposed Petro Yuan is supposed to take place. The real weakness of the dollar is the fact that day by day countries around the world are converting to the new economic exchange system created by the Chinese. The clock is ticking.

  10. Roger D

    Got to love Peter Schiff. Thank you Greg for another awesome interview. Schiff is savvy and can ‘pack my parachute’ any day.

    Of course the presstitutes (as PCR rightfully calls them) don’t want Schiff on. He literally destroys everyone who tries to debate him using untruths and outright lies.

  11. andyb

    Greg: excellent interview with Peter. Several takeaway points:

    1. Gold and silver are protection against the inevitable final destruction of the USD. But by owning the PMs you will not achieve a windfall, but instead maintain a semblance of purchasing power.
    2. Over the past few trading days, it is fairly obvious that the PPT has been hard at work, certainly revealing the “rigged” nature of markets. You have to wonder how long the Treasury can saddle the FED with more toxic (overpriced) assets before the house of cards comes tumbling down. When QE 4 becomes a reality, look out below!

    Personally, I have no crystal ball, but I cannot see the status quo making it to 2020. There is a perfect storm of headwinds percolating incrementally across financial, social cultural, domestic political, and geopolitical lines.

  12. JC Davis

    Greg thanks for having Peter Schiff on.
    So If I could convince everyone I will gain 100 million dollars by 2019 I could take a trip around the world, buy new sports car, yacht, home..ect… At the end of the year its all over and jail time ahead.

  13. Chuck

    Peter Schiff is the smartest guest that you have on. He should be required listening in all public schools. Please have him back on a regular basis.

  14. Tad

    Where could I make $235,000-plus per year; thwart any opportunity to search out truth in US economic, monetary and foreign policy; little to no regret in such, while accumulating a personal hoard of physical gold and silver? CNBC, Bloomberg, et al.

    I’m under the impression that CNBC’s nightly programming is keeping the daytime shows afloat. The people have figured it out. Unfortunately, most can’t afford a sizeable precious metals investment.

    • Greg Hunter

      I say dollar cost average silver.

      • Tad


  15. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, can’t argue with anything your guest said, he has it figured out. There is nothing else to do except protect oneself with “real” goods to use or trade when all he says comes to fruition. Get out of debt bloggers, protect yourself, the crap is about to hit the fan!

  16. Todd

    Thanks Greg for another home run

    • Greg Hunter

      Tank YOU Todd.

  17. Rob

    Peter is right! This is a deal with the devil and big banks such as Goldman are doing his preliminary work:

    The big banks know the world is being conditioned to operate in a global electronic crypto currency that requires an iPhone that will hold your balance sheet of credits and debits that is already being used to buy and sell with. You will soon be conditioned to willingly surrender your biometrics through a national ID:

    Once everyone surrenders their biometrics, the demand for your iPhone to hold those biometrics as the gate pass to enter the world wide WEB of maritime law will be the next step. Once your biometrics are surrendered to a global network your constitutional rights will be surrendered as this 6 minute video begins to reveal:

    Judas Iscariot proved being chosen by Jesus does not “save” those who chose to do business with corruption:

    • JC

      Rob your last link was eye opening. Good stuff man .

  18. Bob Collinge

    Another great one! I would be cautious about foreign stocks, though, because a true crash in the dollar would cause turmoil internationally, both economically and possibly geo-politically. The dollar has just been too central for too long, and a drastic shrinkage in buying from the USA would mess up a lot of foreign firms and foreign economies before adjustments could occur. Gold, on the other hand, is hard not to like in a major currency crisis.

  19. Paul ...

    As Peter Schiff explains … “The real question we should be asking ourselves is what was going on when the markets were going up and up and up?” … what was likely going on was … Deep State bankster manipulation to keep all the markets “propped up” until Trump’s new Fed Chief’s “first day on the job” (to make sure the common people blame Trump for this crash) … so be assured the top is in … and now we begin the retracement of the bubble the banksters created for Trump … the coming losses that ensue will be gargantuan … early on … the people on margin always try to raise money by selling their gold and silver … don’t be faked out of your gold positions by any temporary downturn in precious metal prices (they will be going much higher) … I expect the S&P (at a minimum) to retrace down to the highs of its previous two bubbles (around 1,500 or a fall of over 43% from where it closed today) … history suggests a full retracement would push the S&P index down closer to 750 to 1,000 (two-thirds lower than its current valuation) … of course there is always “a bull trap” rally before the final fall … just like bitcoin rallied up to $13,000 before continuing its fall (which will probably take it down to $750 or lower) … Trump can do only one thing to mitigate the slaughter p;aced on his shoulders by the Deep State banksters … tell his new Fed Chief to print, print, print and put a stop to rising interest rates … printing more fiat money will be inflationary … and the precious metals (and other commodities) will reflect this inflation by moving upward in price!!

    • Paul ...

      The banksters are all smiles … laughing at what they did to Trump (by crashing the stock market) … just like the shot to JFK’s windpipe (they want Trump to know he’s been hit) … Janet Yellen with a smile on her face delivered the “fatal blurb” to Trump’s head (of the Fed Powell) … saying as she departed … “Do You Think Stocks Look Overvalued?” … Trump (like an Olympic diver) ready to dive into the cesspool (to make America Great Again) has to deal with banksters who have other plans … the banksters kept raising the height of Trump’s diving ladder (the stock market) and at the same time were draining the liquidity out of the pool … they want blood (and for Trump to be the fall guy) … however Trump has a few options of his own … he can stop the rise in interest rates … and have his new Fed Chief flood the pool with liquidity (driving the dollar down to lower and lower lows) which can eventually reflate the US Stock Market (just like the Zimbabwe Stock Market)!!

      • Paul ...

        But the banksters don’t really mind if Trump fights back by destroying their assets by lowering the value of the dollar as they believe in Lenin’s words: “The surest way to destroy a Nation is to debauch its currency” … and they have forced Trump to do just what Lenin wanted … just as the banksters have all the snowflakes doing their bidding … for again as Lenin effectively said: “Allow me to teach the children and their seed will be mine to control”!!!

        • Paul ...

          Read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx that the banksters are following to a tee … and have accomplish over half of his ten(10) rules already!! …
          1) Create a Central Bank ( _/ check) …
          2) Enforce a graduated income tax ( _/check) …
          3) Centralize all Communication ( _/ check) …
          4) Free Public Education for children ( _/ check)
          5) Blur the distinction between Nations (_/ check)
          6) Confiscation of the property of dissidents ( _/ check)
          7) Control all manufacturing and food production …
          8) Control ownership of capital …
          9) Abolish ownership of private property …
          10) Abolition of all inheritance …

          • Paul ...

            Come to think of it … perhaps I should have checked number 7 above (as Monsanto has the farmers under the gun!) … however we as individuals can foil numbers 8) , 9) and 10) on the commie’s list … by owning physical gold and silver (which we can easily pass on to our children)!!

            • Paul ...

              This is why gold is such an albatross around the banksters necks … it prevents them from fulfilling all of Carl Marx’s goals!!

  20. Deef

    It is certainly contrarian to say that growth occurs instantaneously with tax cuts. Does “the economy is not dynamic” mean the economy has not been dynamic? the economy is no longer dynamic? or, it’s always been a zero sum game?

    If the underpinnings of the economy have been so ransacked since 2008, with $10 trillion of new debt, who knows how much new “printed” money and regulations, then the fix has to be a double dose of good old fashion supply-side Reaganomics with low tax rates, deregulation and sound monetary policy.

  21. Speedy
    Libertarian David Knight (FULL SHOW) Tuesday 2/6/18

    If you want to cut to the chase on the FISA Gate scandal, go to 56:18. You’ll see why Tray Gowdy has thrown his sombrero in the ring of, dee feet.
    David Knight along with John Kiriakou, former CIA operative blow the lid on this thing and expose the fact the deep state creeps like Sid Vicious Blumenthal got their hands on the gonads of most in our media and a tight grip at that on the shadow Maddow government. There is no left and right when it comes to these guy’s, but love of power over love of country, at least how the founding fathers have framed it. Yes the deep state crepes have framed us all to keep us in line. We are a very deep, police state. A Nazi, “National Socialist” Orwellian reptilian monster government ready to take full control. [EXCEPT] for a few brave souls like that great American of old, Elfaga Baca and our chomping at the bit champion, you know who, so far.
    Warning to all you cut-throats; when Elfago comes back he wont be such a nice amigo!
    Maybe he’s back? Eh!

  22. Alannon

    What would be in a “portfolio that would benefit from the dollars delcine” besides gold and silver? I would like to retire someday but my decisions up to this point have been bad, missed the runup in my companies 401k by being in a money market fund and dont know what to do at this point.

    • Greg Hunter

      You really have to think about risk management. Debt is risk. First of all cut down and eventually eliminate debt, especially if you are thinking about retirement. If the dollar is declining then the best thing you can do is to buy and own your stuff. Not just gold and silver but a car title, clear title home, a business with little debt. Not having debt is a winning strategy. It’s not sexy but it works 100% of the time.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: I love your guests. However, your portfolio advice reigns supreme.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you William.

      • Alannon

        So I should not contribute to my 401k and get my companies match? is there a investment within the choices in some 401ks that could be good investments?

        • Greg Hunter

          I would personally only contribute the amount the company will match and nothing more. Here’s something you should ponder. All rich people I talk to (I am NOT rich) laugh at the mention of a 401K. Rich people do not do this. They have their wealth clear title under their control (much under their direct control.) Pay down debt and hold real things clear title. is my best advice.

      • Lake M

        Debt is not bad if it is not excessive and the investment made with the borrowings has a return greater than the interest on the debt. There is additional risk but debt itself is not as negative as told.

        Debt used to buy goods and services that provide no return on investment are negative to the personal balance sheet or net worth.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, always good to hear from Peter Schiff. Not much to add, I think he’s right, there’s no free lunch.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ. I think your are correct and somebody has to pay.

  24. Richard

    Schiff and all the other gold bugs have been touting this dollar collapse BS for over ten years. Collapse against what? The yen? The yuan? The euro? Gold will never be money. Its not medieval times anymore.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tip: Tell that to the central banks because they all hold gold and count it as a tier 1 asset.

    • Silence is Golden

      In case you havent noticed …..the price of Gold has gone from circa $270 per oz in 2000 to $1320 per oz in 2018. Thats measured in FIAT USD. What does that tell you about a collapsing dollar ?
      If you are still using the OLD metric of fiat currency index to measure the strength of the dollar…then you are behind the curve my friend. A long way behind.
      All Fiat currencies go down simultaneously. The gyrations between currency pairs is “carry trade” and other fx market forces.
      If you really want to understand the true collapse of the Dollar…go back t0 early 1930’s when gold was priced at $20 per ounce. The dollar has lost almost 100% of its value (against Gold)….that is the definition of a collapse. Its not just the USD …all major currencies have lost similar value against Gold over the same duration.

    • Willie

      Yes, one website that specializes in reposting alarmist articles was using the subtitle, “documenting the collapse” on its homepage for awhile but took it down sometime last year.
      See Paul Craig Robert’s latest post:
      America has already “collapsed”…

  25. R. Patrick

    Taking Peter seriously is highly advised!

    We are in a recession and have been for a very long time. Markets are rigged, media lies, gov deceives. 3 Great reasons to prepare with real assets.

    • Silence is Golden

      Aha 😉

  26. Walter Baumgarten

    The “Stock Market” is clearly a Wall Street Wet Dream and of course the paid MSM shills continue to hawk contributions to the scam. Only people like you and your guests are honest about the real state of the “Onion’. I’ll tell you what’s happening out here in the real world of municipal finance. I ran into another Committeeman last Friday at school, the one we appointed to serve as Mayor this year. He attended a legislative session in Trenton, that day, and told me of two scary items that were discussed on the agenda. The first was that the State of NJ runs a bank that is now broke and needs funding. We all know where THAT will come from. The second was that NJ debt is now considered “dangerous” by the three rating agencies (though it is not public yet) which means that entities that are willing to loan monies to municipalities or the state will now be less willing to do so and if they do it will be at much higher rates. Most people do not know that municipal notes go out for bid every year until they are converted into hard bonds or that the rates are strictly up to those making the loans, NOT some entity like the Feral Reserve. Yes Feral. This is NOT good, it is in fact very scary. More details as they unfold.

  27. safe as milk

    i respect peter schiff but i think his timing is off. i’m with martin armstrong who is predicting a bear trap. according to him, the real issue is interest rates and bonds. the setback in stocks will push everyone into bonds and then poof a liquidity crisis breaks the bond market in europe and money will rush back into the dollar. as bad as u.s. fiscal policy is, we are in better shape than either europe or japan.

    • Silence is Golden

      “Setback in Stocks”……not if the PPT is up to their old tricks… Not allowed to happen. Understand their MO……save the markets at ALL cost.
      Define “Better Shape”…??
      Its “War” my friend…..that means take no prisoners…..currencies, trade, protectionism….

      • safe as milk

        better shape as in govt debt to gdp ratio:
        u.s. = 74% as of 2016
        japan = 235% as of 2016
        france = 96% as of 2016
        italy = 132% as of 2016
        spain = 99.6% as of 2015
        germany = 69% as of 2012 (ok, that’s better than the u.s. as of 2016)

        check out the full list on wiki:

        • Silence is Golden

          Yes i’ve seen that analysis.
          Can I suggest you consider an alternative metric to ascertain who is in better shape……
          Debt to earnings.
          After all ….countries are similar to corporates….bottom line is all important… in capacity to service debt….or generate free cash flow.
          A corporate can generate sales of 1 tln dollars….but if it cannot generate earnings…it will be bankrupt before too long….debt will kill it.

    • Lake M

      Greece just sold 7yr bonds at 3.5%. The auction was 2X oversubscribed.
      Draghi must still be buying Euro sovereign debt.

      • safe as milk

        yes, and eu member state banks and pension funds. i doubt there were any private buyers.

  28. Tim McGraw

    Great interview with Peter Schiff. I’ve read his books and articles and followed him on video for years. I even met him once at a Freedom Fest Convention in Las Vegas. Great speaker and gentleman.
    What the IRS and the Federal Government did to his father, Irwin Schiff, is a disgusting moral crime. His father died in prison as a political prisoner. Irwin was old and dying of cancer, so the Federal Judge moved him to a prison in Texas, far away from his family in Connecticut. Irwin Schiff died alone of cancer while chained to a prison hospital bed.
    The Federal Government and the IRS are agents of the Devil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim!!

  29. BRValentine

    QE4 was initiated via the Tax package.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is brilliant. Nobody else has said this, and I am going to repeat it. Thank you.

    • Paul from Indiana

      BRV, your statement is effectively correct but not technically correct. We are moving now toward fiscal stimulus as opposed to the monetary stimulus (QE) that we have had. The results are going to be different. QE, which involved inflating the markets and allowing the wealthy to garner real assets with fake money, did not put “money” into the pockets of Main Street consumers. It just made the rich richer. We are now entering a period of fiscal stimulus, meaning deficit spending and debt, which WILL put money into the pockets of Main Street and create definite, strong inflation. Even so, your point, as I understand it, is well taken: the economy can no longer go forward on its own; it requires contant propping up. So we have a fourth period of stimulus, even though this time, it’s not QE, but rather old-fashioned, hardcore government out of control. Best always. PM

  30. Agent P

    Looks like Peter is sportin’ the Old Testament look here lately… No joke – I think there’s something to it.

  31. marcus

    Greg when are we going to see some jail time of these big boys…..until we see some real action Im on the fence with Trump, as he has claimed the raging stocks as his doing….. doing, some background on Trump, can you please explain his close ties with Billy boy as they wear very good mates in the past, I can find nothing as to why that relationship has faded.
    As I said until we have some big boy’s fried , KFC is a health food,,,,,,,SHOW ME THE MONEY SHOT , put these barsteds away……..and for this I don’t believe a word that flows from the upper echelons of America. Both left or right nore the do gooders. we the people are being grinded down to the last layers of humanity.
    Greg the women of America are murdering 600,000 children a year, why are so many women’s group so angry. marching for equal rights and on the other hand choosing to murder their unborn children, a very dark chois, We wear given freedom to choose it is not a political choice, it is one we make in our subconscious, not what our politics decide…..
    I once believed I would see the day of truth for all mankind, a world of true beauty, oceans of blue clean water, forest so green for enchantment, love so strong that all would die for, I came to be from love of 2 humans falling in love, but as days go by turning into years, the clouds grow darker, I fight with my spirit and cry for the love of this world, My mother she weeps as another forest of children is lost, Greg we the humanitarians of this world are whipping.

    • Greg Hunter

      Remember the Inspector General’s report given to Congress that Dave Janda talked about a few weeks back? That will come to light and when it does expect fireworks.

  32. John

    I remember when Peter Schiff was sounding the alarm on the housing crisis several years ago. I took his warnings seriously and started paying things off at that time. He makes compelling arguments on his current predictions today as well and people would be wise to listen to what he is saying. I also remember around the time Schiff was warning about the housing crisis that this former news reporter was scoring some really good financial interviews on you tube in the alternative news media – of course we know this to be Greg Hunter and his good work continues on today and people would also be wise to tune in weekly for a dose of truth and integrity on USAWatchdog – home of the best alternative financial reporting on the net! Good job Greg!

  33. commie weasel

    I still maintain that with the Fed’s worldwide trading desk and it’s ability to quickly create massive digital asset accounts as well as a plunge protection team with the ability to create unlimited digital assets nothing significant in the worldwide markets will happen for a long long time. If this wasn’t true there would have been a de-bubbling event years ago.

    Many folks now realize the the “markets” are no longer mark -to – market. In reality they are mark- to-yellow brick road with a lion in the driver’s seat…

    • Greg Hunter

      Priceless line: “markets” are no longer mark -to – market. In reality they are mark- to-yellow brick road with a lion in the driver’s seat…
      Too funny but too true!!

  34. vincent_g

    This is off topic but I think it’s important.
    For quite some time I knew that the main reason the EU was allowing all those migrants to enter was because they wanted two things.
    First they wanted people to support the elderly.

    If there are not enough young people they they couldn’t afford the health system and retirement system.

    Second was I believed they wanted these young men to man an army.
    Now I think the only reason was to man an army.

    I didn’t quite know why they needed the army until now.
    They want an army to force the natives to do what they want!

    When the southern states wanted to leave they got a visit from the US army.
    They found out you can’t leave.

    And now we hear the EU wants it’s own army!
    Well what a surprise.
    What does the EU need an army for?

    The UK leaving is in my opinion not going to happen.

    UK better close that tunnel.

    • Justn Observer

      Might look up the Barcelona Declaration…. Same plan both sides of Atlantic… Listen to John Lennon’s -Imagine = no borders, no religion too ! = Liberation Theology = Globalists plan = as the Catholic Church melts away their morals and ethics to be ‘inclusive’ = Club of Rome = One world = UN = one religion = one banking system…and the return of the Crown of Caesar as the ‘papal’ crown fades… Greater Germania rises from the German blood of UK…thru Europe and Ukraine/Khazar region of Turkey…up and to the new Astana? Will they make it? Guess it’s up to the Will of the people and their belief in natural rights over civil rights?
      Anything in there sound familiar?

  35. Tad

    “While the US runs on light products, with gasoline making up nearly 48% of the de­mand barrel, the rest of the world has a stron­ger taste for middle distillates. The global de­mand barrel is 36% middle distillates and only 32% gasoline. European and Eurasian mid­dle-distillate demand is an enormous 49.3% of the barrel, according to the latest BP Statistical Review. Middle-distillate demand is widely ex­pected to grow as worldwide trucking volumes increase and maritime fuels begin a major shift to marine gasoil from heavy fuel oil so they comply with new sulphur-emissions limits. Product consumption patterns outside the US argue for processing middle-gravity crudes such as Arab Light, Iranian Light and Russian Urals, rather than extra-light barrels such as 48°API gravity Eagle Ford.”–SRS Rocco, Feb 7, 2018.
    With little difficulty reading between the lines, one could guess the next international flashpoints, and get two out of three correct.

    • Paul ...

      Tad … Trump should begin a massive program to “disassociate ordinary water” into hydrogen and oxygen which can be used as a 100% clean fuel … and stop all the fracking that is contaminating our drinking water … and he better begin buying gold to restock Fort Knox in the interest of national security (as gold can be used for “room temperature” levitation of trains, cars, planes, etc.)!!

      • Tad

        Those are nice Alice in Wonderland thoughts. If you’ve
        watched the markets recently-particularly today- it seems a bit late. The budget games only add to uncertainty.

        I would also consider purchasing two or three room temperature fuel storage tanks. Just in case.

  36. Peter

    The guest is wrong, we have seen greater GDP growth in the last year, than we have seen in a very long time. The debt has not risen has much as it did under Obama. If he has been banned on TV it may be because he has a bad track record. Gold is doing nothing but losing real value.

    • Frederick

      Peter With the bond and stock markets in chaos soon to be followed by real estate I sleep very well at night knowing that I have some gold and silver

  37. Lynn

    Hi Greg,
    Again, I really appreciate what you do and the voice you give to calling out the MSM and the deep state. I have one thing that I have been uncomfortable with since Trump got elected that you may see better now that Mr. Schiff touched upon it near the end of your interview.
    Remember when Bush II did a tax stimulus and the employment numbers went up? Pelosi and her ilk coined the term ‘McJob’, meaning that the new employment was largely part time service sector work. They were correct.
    As John Williams has pointed out for a long time, even on your program, the economic numbers were not real. They still are not real. Donald Trump made a big mistake embracing the economic numbers because now he is owned by them. The jobs reports over the last year have clearly shown that the jobs increases are mainly McJobs. Inflation is artificially misrepresented. The debt is going parabolic. And now we have tax cuts and new social spending that will make none of that better in the long run.
    The MSM is going to hang this crash around Trump’s neck. Rush, Sean, and the gang, and yourself included have bought into the narrative that Trump has done something wonderful because the massaged numbers look up. Please don’t buy into that train of thought because reality is coming and it won’t be pretty. I would hate for you to have your credibility compromised when all the wonderfulness ends. Yes, I love his policies in other areas, but his economic policies will fail, just like Peter Schiff pointed out.
    Please focus on the need for fiscal responsibility and avoid touting Trump victories when he simply makes the debt and inflation worse. The end is not changed, he just moved it further into the future by pacifying voters with a tax cut and social spending.
    God bless you for what you do.
    Please don’t post this as I just wanted you to consider what I wrote and don’t want to be seen as criticizing.

  38. Russ McMeans

    Peter Shiff is like a reality check, but the faith in our King Dollar is strong. The party is fun and I’ll miss it because I’m planning to leave before the finale and subsequent traffic jam. Great interview Greg and some great opinions and quips by our little forum here.

  39. Tad

    Having served with the Marines, they would regard the provocation and Dunford’s words as “stupid s*&t.”
    These guys realize by know this war, as many, is fought on behalf of US multinationals.

    They should feel reassured that recent reports out of Radio Asia is that the Chinese army is purportedly sending 300,000 troops in anticipation.

    Mister Vladimir Putin is intimating very little publicly as to how, or if, Russia may engage in South Korea should war become reality.

  40. Jerry

    Here you have it. The globalist sending a message to President Trump on who really controls the central banks and the markets.

    Really? 666…… Could it be more clear? Folks you need to have your head on a swivel between now and March. The globalist will turn the economic table over before they let Donald Trump expose them.

  41. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Listen to Trey Gowdy talking about a trial. He does not say court but rather says “tribunal”.


    • Greg Hunter

      Isn’t this want Mark Taylor predicted??? He says this did not come from him but God the Father and Jesus Christ!!

      • Country Codger

        Yes sir,
        That is why I thought you would like to hear. Also, I received a false flag alert for Baton Rouge, La. at 10:30 this morning 2/8/2018. It may be nothing but you never know. Received it from a security contractor for DHS who specializes in “natural disasters”.
        Hope it’s nothing but with the bloodbath in the stock market it may be the tight time.

        • Country Codger

          Good news, Baton Rouge event canceled as of 8a.m. 2/9/18.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, it’s uncanny. John the Baptist wasn’t looked on favorably by the establishment in his day, either. There’s a scripture outlining this principle: Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you… (John 15:16 KJV). We mortals cannot fathom the Lord’s workings. Best always. PM

        • John

          Nothing uncanny about John The Baptist as he was a Zadok priest – in direct conflict with the priesthood put in place by Herod – and not legitimate in God’s view. It really comes together when you realize that the lineage of Yeshua (aka Jesus) was from the line of David. Therefore, when Yeshua is baptized in the Jordan by John The Baptist it is symbolic of the priest (John) appointing the king (Jesus) – and then God proclaims his approval after the baptism.

  42. Lake M


    Many voices here on the Watchdog advocating buying precious metals lately.

    Here’s a FYI for those who may want alternatives to in-home storage of pm’s.
    Canada’s oldest and largest gold and silver trust fund, The Central Fund of Canada,
    was sold (1-16-2018) to Sprott of Toronto. The fund had about 75million oz of Silver and 1.7 million oz Gold. The new fund Sprott Gold and Silver Fund, symbol CEF is allocated, segregated,numbered,insured,audited and to be stored at various Canadian Royal Mint vaults throughout Canada…perhaps in Winnipeg and or Ottawa. The fund is 55% gold and 45% silver. Direct ownership certificates are available if you want to avoid the DTCC/ Broker chain of ownership. And with proper tax filing, gains on these funds are taxed at
    capital gains rates instead of the full monty.

    IMO, CEF its a good choice for those seeking diversity. The fund provides exposure to both metals and is about as safe as it gets outside of the basement or attic. And it is selling for a slight discount to NAV, around -3%.

    Silver may be the best buy now but you better have lift truck and a heavy hauler if you
    need to move. What if you have to bug out? One monster box of silver weighs over 50 lbs.
    yet currently has a value of around $12,000. Add in guns, beans and bullets, water and other essentials and you’ll need a couple of burros to carry it all. If you’re over 60,
    forget it.

    ** Long CEF shares

  43. Paul from Indiana

    OK folks, time for the ol’ wake-up call. What is the endgame here? This is what everyone is trying like hell to avoid: being forced into spending only what we take in. And that’s what the crash, reset, whatever you want to call it is going to force on us. The government knows this but is terrified of it. Why? Because what has caused these horrendous deficits is social spending, which began as vote-buying and has now created full-bore dependency, and when the government can only spend what it has, it will not be able to maintain social spending. So what, you say? Well, a certain portion of society will hunker down, settle, suffer, work together and try to eke by. Another portion of society will riot, burn, kill, loot, steal, and turn parts of the country into a living hell. And while we are preoccupied with our meltdown, the international vultures will seize their day and attack the international order, resulting in chaos. Going broke, losing assets, enduring a lesser lifestyle–these are penny ante compared to the real dangers implicit in this charade. Best always. PM

    • Arthur Barnes

      Paul, astute as always, yea, your statements about the future is correct, its going to start becoming ugly, the workers will hunker and stay quiet, work & survive. The slackers, well, …”they be rioting”. This is what the government made when it decided to buy votes and the chickens are coming home to roost as the heartland term put its. The international vultures as you say will, I believe, change the reserve currency to the Chinese Yuan while our government is trying to calm the slackers back into their caves. Probably a war would or could stop the change in currency status, but whatever the future brings some of our esteemed slackers, especially those of recent immigration will start packing as they will go where they can get a handout (not a hand-up) as they have no stake in this country except to get and not give. The third world American dumping toilet is about to change as it just went out of order. So, as bad as it will get, there is always a silver lining somewhere in my mind.

  44. H. Craig Bradley


    Peter Schiff has an opinion which many share about the falseness of today’s asset values on account of FED interest rate repression and QE meddling. I agree. Consequently, this Bull Stock Market has been referred to as ” The most unloved market in history”, yet it keeps going up and up. The past week is the first real correction we have seen since 2011. So, its overdue. Beyond that, Peter Schiff and David Stockman have just been repeating themselves wherever they go. Peter Schiff has little new to say and its always overdone. Sure, we know eventually this won’t end well, but what can anyone do about it? We have to stay in the game to get ahead.

    Buying physical gold at these prices is no bargain in my view. Gold is NOT in a Bull Market at this time. Harry Dent says we will first get deflation and then $800.00/ounce gold. I’m all for that, but its only a wish for now. Nobody around here can forecast or predict anything with any kind of accuracy. Peter’s insights are not particularly valuable. Too early = Too Late. He is just another broken record. No wonder MSNBC and Rick Santelli don’t want him on their show. They have other guests and need good ratings.

    • jim c

      Hay CRAIG BRADLEY, Harry dent is a nut job. There is no way in hell that gold will EVER get near $800 an ounce , If it did it would be gobbled up so fast it would make your head spin. Wish full thinking on his part to get it cheep.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Takes One to Know One, Dude.

      • John

        Dent actually makes good points in regards to population demographics and spending. I am still on the fence in regards to inflation vs deflation. You would think rising rates would be an indication of inflation worries but you could see where rates increasing would cause corrections in housing, bonds and the stock market – a form of deflation? Here is the thing – if rate increases do cause deflation and gold does drop to $800 per ounce then its value is not undermined as it will be the only asset standing as housing, bonds and stocks are going to be in serious trouble. ( I think Dent said this would be good for the dollar so holding dollars may be prudent) Conversely, if rates remain low and deficit spending increases then inflation is going to follow in step and gold will hold your purchasing power. We are on a razor wire at this point and any misstep on rates either up or down will bring down the system. My gut feeling is that rates are going to have to rise because if they don’t the bond market is going to stall – there will be no incentive to hold bonds to maturity as inflation will destroy the principal and there will be no mechanism to attract capital. In addition, the fed will be without bullets to address the next recession. The problem is that all these bonds created at low rates are going to correct when rates rise. Now, its even more complex because rates going up will be make servicing the debt more costly and will be a headwind to borrowing. Folks, we are in big trouble and the volatility in stocks is showing this imho. Therefore, hold cash, hold silver/gold, reduce debt and get small.

  45. Flattop

    GREG: A Question.
    Since 3 members of the FISA court were appointed by Obama, might they be deeply involved in this Dossier deal along with FBI/DOJ outlaws?

  46. gregd

    Greg and Peter,
    Trying to bring organization and order to a rigged system is futile at this time. If in fact, it is a rigged system which I am certain of, then the only clue to gold and silver going up is when they own enough of it and every other rigged market has been exhausted. And if its the government behind the rigging as I am certain it is, there will never be a significant rise in the PM’s if the decision is the U.S.’s because they are allowing China, Russia, India, and Turkey to buy PM’s on the cheap while we have not. It is my belief that in order for PM’s to rise to 10 or 20 thousand an ounce or more, is for China to control the price. And they play the long game so I don’t expect it soon. But who knows, they may think this is the time because if gold is declared to be worth 50 thousand an ounce then their population is elevated mostly to the middle class and above. And they have the factories to make and sell all in place today. The new undisputed king of the hill world leader.

  47. George

    So glad Schiff hasn’t drank the Trump coolaid. Jeremiah 23:16

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t think it’s Jeremiah 23:16 either. You don’t mention God the Father this much starting with the 2017 inauguration to deceive people. By the way, Trump has never said he was a prophet. He has said many times he believes in God the Father and has humbled himself in front of the Lord.

      • Flattop

        Right on Greg

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The German Catholic Church backed the Kaiser in WWI. Germany lost the war, badly. The German people walked away from the Catholic Church in droves as a result. Hitler was able to attract the interest of the German People in place of the Catholic Church ( Religion). So, to this day the Catholic Church has scrupulously avoided taking sides in political contests or elections. “Once burned, twice shy”, as they say.

      Religion and Politics do not work well together. Any similar attempts to tie President Trump to the Church are doomed to suffer a similar fate. Beware of History. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”. Don’t confuse the two. You can not serve God and Mammon. The two are mutually exclusive.

  48. Lars

    I am so tired of the same “analyst” that keep saying the same thing. For how many years have your “professional insiders” guests been saying -Buy Gold! -USD gonna crash!- DOW gonna crash! -World is coming to a end! They never say -Sell Gold! DOW is gonna soar!

    There is only ONE forecaster that has gotten it right all the time. That is Martin Armstrong. He called this crash on the DOW right on the day as well as the 2 day bonce and today’s waterfall.

    There are very few of your guest that are worth watching. Armstrong is one. Also like Warren Pollack that thinks “out of the box” and Austin Fitts. Stockman is entertaining but the rest of the bunch are just trying to sell something and keep saying the same thing over and over and over again. They just say what the audience wants to hear. They have always been wrong and will keep being wrong.

    Hope yo can get other interesting guest that can think out of the box.

    Best wishes from Sweden

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s the same problem. Do you want them to tell you to invest in Pokémon cards for variety??? Gold and silver has a 5,000 year history as money and a store of wealth.

  49. Bob

    Imagine the bread lines without EBT cards and welfare!

  50. DanTheMan

    The dow is going to drop at least another 1000 points before it even attempts another “bottom”, or bounce of any significance.
    It might even be tomorrow, Friday the 9th

    • john

      I suspect that the DOW will contract as a function of increasing rates – we have had 30 years of lowered rates. So with trillions of dollars created since 2008, the world looking to replace the dollar and the long bond yield being so low I would say there is more pain ahead in the form of higher rates – due to soon to be realized inflation and the need to attract capital.

    • H. Craig Bradley


      A DOW of 14,000 could be the bottom eventually. Are investors ready for that? The market over-shot and now it has to come down to earth (reality). EVERYONE was All-In and now look at them all “crying in their beer”. Most investors will be like a turtle and pull into their shells. No more Wealth Affect as discretionary purchases ( a new luxury car or a third house or property) get axed.

      Spending on Durable Goods will decline too. Some stockbrokers will get the boot, I imagine. Loss of Assets Under Management means no annual bonus for Wall Street. Less Holiday spending later this year ?

      We will stay in a financial/economic funk all year. Public sentiment counts a lot. Too bad its an election year too. Come Nov. The Democrats will be blaming the Republicans for the economic slow-down ( new recession?) and the Republicans may easily lose the Senate over it, as they only have a 2 seat majority now. Independent voters are already getting nervous. MAGA has been postponed, indefinitely.

  51. DanTheMan

    If the money supply shrinks, the economy shrinks. Our monetary system and the money supply are synonymous as a result. Since the currency is debt-based, the gubmint must keep spending or the collapse will occur. Eventually though, it will collpase of it’s own weight, and a GLOBAL calamity will ensue with precious metals the only thing that will save you. SOMETHING will trigger the collapse, the question is what.

  52. marcus

    Hi Greg
    you must check out this movie….The only safe place is on the run “SNOWDEN”.
    We all know Snowden is a whistleblower, he was the first to blow the cover of OBUMMER and the tapping on all civilization.
    Know the crazy part of this movie that was produced way before Trump’s campaign ? is that a picture of Trump comes up as a subliminal msg, out of nowhere, and while the news commentator is talking about Obama and ilegale FISA warrants. Could Snowden been the instigator with Russia, in this todays plan to tack down Obama. Very strange to see Trump posted on this movie news.
    Check it out, very cool movie, if you look for the clues.

  53. Tad

    What else can one say, other than a good start? Obama unnecessarily padded the federal workforce, so by that angle, this makes sense–to say nothing of unjustifiable bonuses and above average private market salaries.

    Perhaps these political science, sociology, and psych majors will find new careers in infrastructure work. An ironic twist of protecting illegal aliens from taking jobs designed for Americans.

    Mister Trump appears, for example, to have started reducing the federal workforce by not appointing qualified candidates to open ambassadorships.

    For those familiar with color revolutions, it often begins with routing NGO types and government personnel through US military bases overseas. Lately, it has probably involved a base linked to a country fighting in nearby Syria. These personnel, typically in military uniform, may or may not be civilians. Host countries typically have difficulty in vetting such personnel, if they bother at all.

    These revolutions typically have a name attached, like Coup Redux. Whether it “successfully”occurs or not, it has a way of destroying a country’s social, economic, and political fabric.

    Thousands end up losing careers or being imprisoned.

  54. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    I arrived home yesterday from a seven-day business/pleasure trip to Vegas and had occasion to reflect on one of my favourite songs ‘Anthem’…[link below] by the great Leonard Cohen.

    This song is a powerful statement about the rising consciousness of the masses that something is dreadfully wrong in today’s world. The below lines are Cohen’s plea for us all to do our part…
    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in

    After talking to dozens of wonderful people on this trip I saw a quantum groundswell in this realisation compared to my last visit of six years ago. I am delighted to report I didn’t see a crack, I saw a huge gaping hole on this trip, the light is literally pouring in now.

    The deep state is firmly under the spotlight thanks to the power of the internet. The web now seriously challenges the misinformation of the mainstream media which simply parrots a theatrical narrative that is solely to serve a warmongering Neoliberal agenda. Cohen refers to this in the song with the words…”But they’ve summoned up a thundercloud and they are going to hear from me”

    Cohen’s beautiful bass voice with backing by the Webb sisters accompanied by some of the most extraordinary instrumentals you will ever hear in your life makes for a very haunting and emotional experience. Add to this the powerful visual imagery where birds symbolize the Warhawks, the Peacemakers and the Mainstreet masses and the package is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.
    Strap on a good headset…enjoy!

  55. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


    The trip had a twist to it as I ended up in hospital with acute COPD exacerbation and impending pneumonia. Incidentally, the hospital I was ambulanced to just happened to be the one the closest to the scene of the Mandalay massacre and which was consequently one of the most overwhelmed on that dreadful night.

    If anyone would like to hear how I was treated, I can relate the story in more detail. The crux of it relates to how I was asked to pay $9500 US within an hour of being admitted.
    With my travel insurance appearing to have not been put through, I discharged myself and managed to obtain the prescription for the medication I needed [$450 worth]. I took the very dangerous decision to fly home the next day in spite of having disastrously low blood oxygen levels.

    Needless to say, I did make it home albeit in fairly bad shape.
    PS the warm welcome we got from the people of Vegas was both genuine and overwhelming. It reminded me of my 6 previous visits and why I am so fond of the American Mainstreet population in general!

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