Bilderberg Group Worried about Nuclear War with Russia–Daniel Estulin

Bilderberg Group Worried about Nuclear War with Russia--Daniel EstulinBy Greg Hunter’s

Best-selling author Daniel Estulin sold 5 million copies of a book called “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group.”  Estulin says the book is about “the true story of the world’s power elite and their plans for our future.”  Last week, the secret annual Bilderberg meeting wrapped up in Copenhagen, Denmark.  One of the top priorities at the Bilderberg meeting was the Ukraine crisis and sanctions being not so effectively pushed by President Obama.  Estulin says, “Anybody who makes too much noise and threatens too often, they do that because they don’t have any real power.  This is the case with Obama.  You can’t threaten a country like Russia.  It is a nuclear and military super power.  You can threaten Gabon or Niger or Sudan . . . but you cannot threaten a country like Russia.  Basically, what happened in the Bilderberg meeting, as far as Ukraine is concerned, is the new President-Elect Poroshenko, Bilderberg has agreed that he will probably have to give separatists more autonomy.  They don’t want this war to go on too much longer.  What you are seeing on television is real.  Innocent people, bystanders are getting killed and wasted on a daily basis by airplanes.  Something has to give.  Many observers think Kiev will have to give up more regional power.  There is a high probability of decentralization if you listen to what the Bilderbergers are saying.”

One of the big problems in Ukraine will come next winter.  Estulin goes on to say, “They basically imposed austerity measures such as raising taxes and cutting the gas subsidies. . . it costs $300 a month to heat your home last year; imagine how much it will cost next year.  Monthly pensions were cut from $160 a month to $80 dollars a month, and now all these old ladies have to rummage through the garbage to get their food.  This is something that is going to go a long way to bring these people closer to Russia.  The Russians are offering something completely different.”

Estulin revealed there is a split between the U.S. Bilderbergs and European Bilderbergs over the Ukraine working with Russia.  Estulin contends, “European Bilderbergs said they are going to have to find common language.  The American Bilderbergs are adamantly opposed to that.  They don’t want any of European Bilderbergs appeasing Moscow.  They say you cannot reach a deal with Ukraine if Russia is not in the mix.”  So, are the Bilderberg’s worried about war?  Estulin says, “The European Bilderbergs are most certainly and are very concerned about the situation, but the American Bilderbergs not so much.  If there is a war, it’s going to be a thermal nuclear war . . . There is an imaginary red line drawn in Ukraine, and if America or NATO crosses that red line, Russia is not only going to be willing but is going to go to war because their survival is at stake.  That is something that they cannot play with, and the European Bilderbergs understand this, and they took Obama and his delegation to task on this point. . . . Obama wants Europeans to impose stronger sanctions on the Russians, and Europeans are saying if we do that, they are going to cut the gas off, and it is us who will suffer the consequences, not you.  Europeans are not willing to go along.”

So, does the Bilderberg meeting see the world as more stable this year or less?  Estulin says, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket.  What we are seeing right now is a fight between two systems.  It’s a monetary system or a national credit system.  What we are seeing right now in Europe is a new nationalism because people are tired of being destroyed or deindustrialized.  In America, Detroit is a great example of that. . . . The answer to your question is yes, the world is a far more dangerous place than it was last year.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group.” 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview
Estulin told me he still has a great deal of material and sources to talk to to get a total picture of what went on in the most recent Bilderberg meeting.  If you would like a copy of his best-selling book “The True Story of The Bilderberg Group,” click here.

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  1. Ugly

    It does make one sick. The Worlds Leaders playing a chess game where most of us are just pawns. We can be traded or exchanged anytime. People die. All in their glory of control. The Lake of Fire is their final move. But unfortunately, the Great Tribulation is what they will drag us heathens through….

    • Charles H.


      NOT if the Rapture is Pre-millenial.

      • Ugly

        Charles. I hope the Rapture is pre-trib. But I doubt it. Too many scripture references that show it may occur later in the trib. Nonetheless, that is our real hope….

        • TheRealRapture

          Ugly, This is the only rapture, awaiting the wicked at Armageddon!
          “the wicked shall be cut off from the land and the unfaithful shall be plucked up out of it.” (Proverbs 2: 22) Darby Bible Translation

          “the wicked shall be destroyed from the earth, and they that do unjustly shall be taken away from it.” (Proverbs 2: 22) Douay-Rheims Catholic Version
          Look it up in your version/ translation and if the LORD ask’s how high, ask for a space suit, you’ll need it!

          • Ugly


            No doubt that event will occur. The argument or debate is exactly when. The Lord spoke of it and Paul referred it, but Daniel pretty much shows the Tribulation on the way it will be. Good luck in all that you do and hope things go well….

          • TheRealRapture

            Ugly; Thanks for the well wishes! But i’m sorry, I don’t want to believe in luck. (Isaiah 65: 11) I’d appreciate any prayers sent my way though!LOL!
            I also hope to be one of the great multitude who come out of the great tribulation. (Rev.7:14) Since i’m afeared of heights, I hope to stay down here on solid ground. I prefer the good ole earth anyway’s, heaven aint fer me, even for a few day’s! But to each his own. Besides why should God destroy the earth and make a new one, it’s innocent! Ecc. 1: 4 / Ps.37: 29/Ps.104: 5

            • SASHA G


          • Digger

            That’s not even 10 mitenus well spent!

    • allen ols

      Liked this guy, never heard of him, a fresh voice, diff. subject!

      ugly, go to 39 min. on this rob kirby interview, listen to 42 min. mark.
      that 3 min. of his intreview, un real, nu info.

      • Ugly

        Pretty sobering interview. From Kirby’s standpoint, much loss in USA in next two years. Bank Holidays around the corner. Prepare….

  2. Cry Me A Ruble

    Great interview. Very enlightening though at times the man talked very fast. I was like wait… What did he say? History does indeed repeat itself. Each time in history that the world has got itself in a financial mess and I mean every single time it has chosen war instead of just fixing the financial mess. Will the United States admit that there is no gold to send back to its formally trusting allies or will we send them ballistic missiles instead? I can not remember a time in my life when I was convinced that there were more intelligent people in the masses, in which I am part of, than in the ruling classes which presume to lead us. These Bilderberg’s have little in common with me or the common man so I can assume they really could care less what happens to us in the end. It’s their bottom line that comes first after all.

  3. PanicInDetroit

    Detroit, the canary the coal mine!

  4. Secret Agent Man

    This man’s statement which begins at 1:52 is an LIE. What he says is not true, IS true. “These aren’t secret societies. There’s no evil all seeing eye….conspiracy.” Take, Mr. Estulin, a $1 bill and flip it over, and there you will see THEIR all seeing eye. These men (Builderberg) ARE the movers and shakers that determine national and international policies. He even mentions the guilty by name! John F. Kennedy warned us of these secret societies, and the danger they pose. Mr. Estulin seems to be spreading disinformation.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry, Secret….I.dont buy the secret societies either and the symbolism on a bank just that….symbolism

      • Secret Agent Man

        I’m very sorry Galaxy 500 that YOU don’t buy into secret societies….take a lesson from our former (real) president, John F. Kennedy, who was well educated & well travelled. He was senator and then president and knew very well the existence and the dangers of these parasitic organizations. They eventually murdered him. They also pulled off 9-11. Just because YOU cannot see gravity, does not mean that gravity does not exist! Here’s a little enligtenment from JFK –

        Also, check out these quotes by Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt…
        “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” (President Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1913.)
        “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”
        — Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

      • mahalia jackson

        Totally right. There ARE secret societies.
        Bilderbergs are trying to look sympathetic to the “people” now because it’s going very badly. And the elites are finally being seen for who they are.

        Of course, they planned all this.


    thanks for the great interview. This very topic was put into detailed timeframe
    by Joel Skousen back in 2010. The clash between Russia and the U.S. is
    truly baked into the cake. I have added the link so that you and your readers
    can see the outline and make your own decisions. I hope and prey that the
    outline does not come to fruition. We are all thinking adults here and we all
    can connect the dots. May god bless and help us all.

    • Galaxy 500

      I dont buy that a.US Russia conflict is “ the cake.” I do believe that our dumba$$ and chief can attempt to start a war and that in doing so, with his track record.of world class screwups, will lead to his swift downfall.

  6. woody188

    I am tired of being de-industrialized. I think we will see a resurgence in US and European manufacturing particularly in conceptual engineering/prototyping and small production runs via 3-D printing. Nano-technology is also very promising and has already produced significant advances in micro-electronics. We are just scratching the surface of what these two technologies can achieve.

    • Galaxy 500

      The.only way the US can recover is with full.scale manufacturing. We can not afford to buy the bulk of our goods overseas

  7. Jerry

    Greg this was a very interesting interview. Very outside the standard economic collapse discussion. Even though the MSM has not reported it, the paradigm shift away from the dollar has already occurred globally, and we are now in the reset stage of a new exchange system.

    You are totally correct about the role Germany will play in it. According to this information, Frankfurt will replace London as the hub of economic trade in Europe.

    The agreements have been signed. The trade platforms are in place. And all we need now is something to light the fuse. That something (according to my source) will be a war in Ukraine sometime between now and July 15th. In my opinion this could end a thousand different ways, but it will not change the fact that the dollar will lose reserve currency status. If you ask the average American citizen what that means, 95% of them couldn’t tell you. What it means is the Fed will no longer be able to print money through QE with impunity. And when that happens, its game over. What should have happened in 2007-2008 will happen X 10. This time there will be nothing to stop it, because we are no longer in control.

    • Beligerant

      Here’s some interesting news out of Saudi Arabia. They may be ready to withdraw their funds from the Central Banks and start their own sovereign wealth fund. This seems big!

      • Jerry

        Thanks Beligerant.
        The body of evidence is growing everyday that the world is pushing away from the dollar.

      • Jerry

        While I agree it is important to know about the Bilderberg Group’s activities, its important to realize that they are not the ones pulling the strings. The City of London Corporation is. Check out sometime which Banks are involved with the federal reserve bank. You will find a direct connection to the City of London Corporation. When these blood suckers have swallowed every last drop of wealth this country has to offer, they will collapse the system. With gold running in short supply that could happen anytime. But guess what? We won’t be here to talk about it because the internet will be down, along with the cable transmissions.

      • mahalia jackson

        Jim Willie said Frankfurt will be the European financial hub.

        • Jerry

          They control their markets to.

  8. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. You are amazing. The quality of your guests is consistently high and consistently ultra-informative. I learned so much from this interview that I didn’t know before. The fact that Mr. Estulin is delivering first-hand information from the belly of the beast so to speak, is all good for us. Knowledge is power after all. I am impressed that he managed to obtain a copy of the actual 80 page agenda used at the Bilderbuggers’ meeting.
    Something Mr. Estulin said caught my ear. I always thought the Bilderberger group was where the buck stops – the true top of the pyramid where all global decisions are made. But he indicated that “real decision-making processes are done on a much higher level”. Huh? Really? There are much higher levels above the B’buggers? I would be very interested in knowing who those individuals who are sitting at the “much higher levels”.

    • Greg Hunter

      I thought the news of a split between American and European Bilderberg was very interesting.

      • smaulgld

        As is the case when you have a group of multiple people , there is bound to be disagreement. The idea of a small group of world wide elites with a single unanimous purpose and method of controlling the planet is fantasy. Some of the Bilderberg members probably hate each other more than any one.

        • Galaxy 500

          I agree. Its a wild fantasy that secret group in control. Its just like the.rumors.of secret groups in Weimar Germany. There wanst. People need to believe that someone is in control. But fantasy does keep.some people busy

    • Veronica

      Hi Sam,
      Edward Griffin (author of ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ among other things) has an answer to your question and does an amazing job in explaining the structure of these higher levels:

      • Galaxy 500

        You understand that just.because this book was written doesnt make it gospel.dont you?

  9. dchayden

    As I have said before….career politicians playing “chess” with a former lieutenant colonel of the KGB , is a fool’s gambit, and really shows the amateur nature of the Obama administration, and NATO Leaders. Would anyone here like to play a game of Russian Roulette with Mr. Putin, when all the stakes are on the table? Well…that is what our “elected officials” are doing on our behalf, for their masters ( the banking cabal.) I do not want to believe that nuclear war is a real possibility here, but I have no choice…I have to believe it. Thank you again Greg, for a great and interesting interview. God bless !!

    • wd

      DC- This is so true. This man will make complete fools of these peons. I keep hearing how deranged Putin is form MSM; he is a master of this game. I watched him in extensive interview with not so friendly European press and he was like a shark.

      I watched Obama witha friendly press mumble bumble and stumble his way through an easy interview good God-help us

  10. lastmanstanding

    The people of this world (and a few Americans) are making their best attempt to rid themselves of these globalists.

    World-wide, these bastards are being rejected and humans/countries want to be free of their sick, satanic ideas.

    I talked to an old friend yesterday who escaped Cuba and made a great life for himself here by working his butt off. He is semi-retired now and was venting to me that the US is on the same damn path to the way Cuba is. I couldn’t argue with him.

    Lastman (on the streets of Montana) reporting the facts. Send them all back to hell.

  11. lastmanstanding

    Wish I could show you a pic of my tomatoes on the vines and my apples and cherries forming on the trees.

    Someday, the rest of the world may know that we are all not that bad…or perhaps maybe they will just wish us well.

    I have heard/seen their plight and wish them the same. Death to globalism and misused technology.

    • allen ols

      L. M.

      …….OR MY POTATO PLANTS, BUSH BEANS, BIB LETTUCE, ONIONS, BEATS. LOL I just elevated 6 275 gal cage tanks, hooked to a gutter , all full of rain water. remember i have half barrels blue plastic, with holes drilled in bottom, and handles, and 3/4 full of top soil, 103 raised bed garden, portable, and efficient. 🙂 tks 4 u posts. al

      • lastmanstanding

        Good for you Al. It is extremely dry here for June, our rainy month. some predicted but doesn’t look good. My greens are getting a bit eaten and have been for a few weeks. Not bad but visual signs…y-day, saw the culprit…young grasshoppers…way early for them. Way early. I am taking it as a sign. Could be a very dry year here even with the massive snowpack that we had.

        I have a storage system as well. need to keep it full however I can.

        Take care brother.

  12. Diane Ryan

    Another awesome interview Greg. Thank you. I can’t wait to hear the opinions of fellow USAWatchDogs.

    It sounds like the power-greedy NWO globalists could become a house divided against itself. I follow Joel Skousen and he has consistently said WWIII will start with Russia making a pre-emptive strike on US military targets, and that the NWO does not control Russia and China. He believes this could happen within 5 years based on Russia’s building up and US intentionally disarming. But if that happens, what would the NWO have left to retaliate militarily? Meanwhile China could be waiting, and will have gained a military advantage over both Russia and US. Why wouldn’t the NWO want the US to make the first strike before Russia cherry picks our 450 (and decreasing) antiquated sitting duck missile silos? Apparently the NWO has even appeased Russia by agreeing to keep half of our sub fleet in port all the time? It’s nuclear suicide if you ask me.

    Greg, it would be awesome if you could arrange an interview with Joel Skousen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Skousen is on the list but I have not contacted him yet. Good guest idea.

      • Emeth

        RE: Skousen

        Hate to say it, but always take into account the religious or political foundation of the person you interview.

        Skousen is a Mormon, and he will default to their point of view, and will inevitably align information to their world view.

        Same goes for anyone else you interview. This will not disqualify their comments or analysis, but it may help us all to weigh their words with the right measures.

        • Charles H.


          That is one brilliant and accurate observation. Very good.

          • Charles H.

            Excuse me – Emeth. I do this too often.

  13. Galaxy 500

    All I can say is,” Damn!” Obama is despicable. Obama is destabilizing the entire world. Obama is destroying America. While I realize that the republicans are corrupt, its less so than the democrats. A no vote or a vote for a third party is a vote for Hilary or whoever the dems run to continue the destruction of America. You see, the progressives hate America.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes I agree…..DAMN
      But surely Hilary has many of the most important credentials most needed to become a modern day US president.
      After all, as well as looking like a decidedly dodgy little person, she is an habitual liar and seems ever so comfortable in seeing people murdered all over the world!
      Another one that springs to mind and could well be a hot contender for the future is Jen Psaki. Where on earth do these creatures get dredged up from.

      • Charles H.

        The same source, obviously.

      • Galaxy 500

        I think I know where they come from. Have you seen the sewer system in DC?

    • Veronica

      Hi G500,
      Obama, Hillary, Jeb Bush, any mainstream Republican or any mainstream Democrat: it hardly makes any difference. In practice, there is only one party: The Republicrats. Only an outsider can change the mess we’re in (either an outsider such as Ron Paul was or HOPEFULLY David Brat fits the bill, or alternatively a third party). An outsider seems a radical solution in today’s political landscape, but it is not. In fact, it is our only hope.

      To elaborate on this point:
      In the words of insider Caroll Quigley, a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton
      [Tragedy & Hope, pp. 1247-1248]:

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed and ideals and policies, one perhaps on the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parteis should be almost identical, SO THAT AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN “THROW THE RASCALS OUT” AT ANY ELECTION WITHOUT LEADING TO ANY PROFOUND OR EXTREME SHIFTS IN POLICY” (emphasis mine).


      You have to admit, Obama is just taking it further where Bush left off. This is by design. This will continue with any ‘mainstream politician’, either Republican or Democrat. Do you really think the militairy-industrial complex cares if a Democrat or Republican is president? It doesn’t, as long as they own him. I would respectfully suggest, and warn against falling for the classic trap of by ‘choosing the lesser evil’. Everyone who does that, is setting themselves up for disappointment. You have to choose for something, not against something.

      I was shocked, initially (and quite some time ago), to find this out. And I did not believe it at first. But there you have it. I’m perfectly willing to discuss any difference of opinion, and I am perfectly willing to alter my opinion if you provide me with new facts [please, prove me wrong! I’m begging you, because I really don’t like what I see. But unfortunately, preference what I want to believe has nothing to do with what I actually believe, because preference doesn’t change reality]. However, if you don’t view the link above and dismiss this perception beforehand without noting the evidence, then a discussion is pointless as far as I am concerned because in that case, you would lack too much information from my point of view, for a discussion to be productive on this topic.

      Yours respectfully,

  14. Dwain

    To solidify control, government could easily set off a strategic EMP or nuclear strike. EMP seems more likely since infrastructure is left intact. I find it interesting that the recent Godzilla movie plot primarily deals with military reaction to social chaos resulting from creatures setting off EMPS with the stomp of a foot. Makes you wonder.

    • mahalia jackson

      Hillary takes $ from Monsanto.

      Bill Gates has 500,000 shares of Monsanto—that says it all.

      • Galaxy 500

        What exactly does that say? When you have $40 billion do you expect him to all in Microsoft?

  15. supreme allied commander


    i am curious about whether or not you and mr. estulin talked about any discussions that may have taken place in the bilderberg meeting concerning the direction of the CONUS prior to the interview. Do you have discussions with your guests over the phone or thru web mail to discuss what questions you will ask or perhaps what your guests refuse to answer? I am curious why your guests never say something like “i can’t answer that question”, do you ever feel like some of the people you have on your show don’t really have the deep cover sources that they claim to have? am i alone in my suspicion that this man does not have a source that reports to him about what transpired at the bilderberg meeting?

    i look forward to your next work,


    • Greg Hunter

      We did not talk about “CONUS.” Estulin answered all questions but he was not finished going through the material and talking to his sources. I hope to have him on again.

  16. Paul from Indiana

    So the truth is out: deindustrialization means loss of sovereignty. Who knew? So let’s penalize, tax, and regulate ourselves out of existence, because it’s the “right” thing to do. Right for whom? Best always. PM

  17. Galaxy 500

    Chuck Hagel is committing perjury in front of congress. He says he has seen NO evidence that any deaths resulted from search of the POW Bergdahl. He recused the title of hostage. Said there were no charges pending against Bergdahl.
    I can not believe the extent people are willing to lie, and big lies that are easily apparent even to the low information voter, to cover for this President and his ill advised and reckless policies.
    One only has to look at the tens of thousands of illegal alien children streaming across the borders to see how Obama is fundamentally transforming America. Americans are.starving while Obama gives our limited resources to these parasites. Americans are without jobs while he allows these parasites to come here and take jobs under the table and go to emergency rooms for free healthcare, its not free we pay for it.

    • T A Henderson (Rev)

      The US is not alone in facing the problems of illegal’ immigrants, refugees and displacement people. Many countries are experiencing the same because of regional conflicts, civil wars and growing number of poor people around the world.

      Describing the children above as “parasites” is crude, inflammatory and unwarranted.

      We would be better served if we all were more thoughtful and respectful in our discussions of political issues and human tragedies!

      • Charles H.


        While the choice of terminology may be particularly sharp, as is this commenter’s forte – there is a large part of meaning that does fit the situation. All fraud is based on the illegitimate exploitation of a victim. If you use someone else’s credit card, without permission or authorization: that’s a crime. Children are being encouraged to venture into America as a foot-hold, almost an extension of the “Anchor Baby” exploitation. Such people, children, are made de facto wards-of-the-State. Neither their families or native countries pay for subsistence. So you have ILLEGAl immigrants, exploiting the system and presenting a drain ($252.00 per DAY?). Foreign bodies that drain a system is by definition parasitic.
        And while the wording of “parasite” may be crude: sensibilities also enter into issues of public discussion – which is to say that you may well consider whether your own sensitivities are too heightened, And that the inflammation is particularly yours.
        Generally, this forum is used to comment and not necessarily for correction. Considering the contributions of others with Good Will and a Grain of Salt is usual fare here.

        • Galaxy 500

          Thanks for the back up. Everyone one knows or should know that I am not into political correctness. I am not afraid to call a spade a shovel

        • 2 Corinthians 8:9

          Calling someone a parasite goes beyond “sharp”. Dictionaries typically define a parasite as – “derogatory, a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.” – Oxford Dictionary of English. There seems to be a fashion nowadays for people on the extreme right and on the extreme left to slap on negative pejorative labels in order to advance their political ideologies.
          I personally take a lot of what I read and hear today on blog-sites and talk-shows with a “grain of salt”, but some people go beyond colorful or sharpish words and vent their spleen with highly emotional, denigrating and even hateful language. They aren’t in my book, people of good-will.
          The Reverend was right to draw our attention to the influx of undocumented people as a global problem caused by war, crime and poverty. There are many losers in the global economy and undocumented immigrants, refugees and displaced people abound.
          There are half-a-million or so people in Iraq who joined the ranks of the displaced in the last few days. What negative label should we use if some of them find their way onto our shores?

          • Galaxy 500

            So you wrote,”What negative label should we use if some of them find their way onto our shores?”
            Illegal alien if they sneak across the border. You seem to think that the huddled masses are “our” problem. In case you have not been paying attention, and from the touchie feelie crap you wrote, I’d say you haven’t , America as a nation is broke. We have allowed our leaders to see nd jobs we need overseas. We cant take care.of our own currently. Charity begins at home.

          • Galaxy 500

            It will be interesting to see how long you and your family last in the coming economic storm. I believe that God expects you to protect yourself and your family from evil and from harm. Anything other than that is suicide. Good luck to you and yours as you spout the ways of inequity and bring the illegal aliens to your breast. You will learn with your dying breath the old adage of bringing a snake to your bosom.

          • Charles H.

            2 Corinthians 8:9,

            I appreciate the well worded and civil response. However I must insist that both the Reverend and your replies proceed from a point of an inflamed sensibility. Evidently, calling or assigning the term “parasite” to a child offended you both; enough to complain, and now to justify that complaint. Both serve to reprimand and correct the behavior of another: and this is my main point – that commenting here is not supposed to be a register of complaints or objections concerning other’s comments. The idea is to CONTRIBUTE to a flow or sense of ideas, constructively. If something appears that you do not like or disagree with: pass it by and leave it alone. That, Sir, is being gracious.
            I dislike pulling the stops out and listing my credentials – but as a licensed, ordained, senior line-serving missionary on the foreign field: I fully have earned the title of “Reverend”. I chose not to reveal this as I believe my well seasoned words speak better than any title. I have, on occasion shared and spelled-out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as defended Biblical principles or teachings: but sparingly – because I am a guest, and this site is not geared to that forum.
            What rubs me the wrong way are those commenters who use religious titles and Bible verses in an emblematic way, and who act as a higher moral authority to reprimand others as if they were Thought Police. Piety is uprightness to oneself; prudery is superimposing this code upon others. As the Apostasy deepens, and Christian witnessing becomes more difficult – I suggest that such childish complaints only serve to alienate others, and the whole body of Believers lose credibility because a few prima-donas get their feathers ruffled and feel they must show the world that the sensibilities of others must NOT be infringed. This, I suggest, is not the right way to put across Christianity.

      • Galaxy 500

        We have American children that go without. I am burdened by taxes to pay for these illegal aliens whether its the emergency room care they get and skip out on paying or the extra service they absorb as they skip taxes and send money home. Look up.what a parasite is. I think I did clear accurate analysis. I am a Christian and I give to charity however, I think it is obscene for people to illegally enter the country and steal services. Illegal entry is a felony in civilized countries.
        Sadly, it will take another 911 that is traced back to the southern border before its fixed.

    • Paul from Indiana

      G500–go back to Monday’s installment (Hoffman) and read Al Ohls’ summary of the Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals and the 8 points. Fits right in with your observations. It’s sad; we slit our own throats. Best always. PM

  18. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Tanka in Lamentation ==

    the surveillance state
    is tightening its chokehold
    on our daily lives;
    sans accountability,
    the state embraces fascism
    — Larry W. Bryant (11 Jun 14)

    • PanicInDetroit

      tHANKS FOR THE WARNING LARRY! Even though everybody and his brother and sister already knows, even the low-information knucklehead.

      • Galaxy 500

        I.saw where a good Christian guy.that was trying to help the.poor in Detroit was shot by a black millionaire and killed because of his daughter not paying her rent. Instead of shooting and killing the landlord, me, I’d have paid my daughter’s rent. But I dont have that Detriot state of mind, I reserve shooting as a last resort, not the first.
        And to make things worse, the guy was an Australian who felt called to help the poor. Just goes to show you that you cant save everybody. In a lot of places, civilization is a very, oh so thin vener on the masses.

    • tROT

      tHANKS FOR THE WARNING LARRY! Even though everybody and his brother and sister already knows, even the low-information knucklehead.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Larry, that’s pretty good, both in content and in form. Bravo! Best always. PM

    • Charles H.


      I’d say the Jeh Johnson blackmail attempt – to allow illegals to cross borders with impunity as a threat to Congress to pass “Comprehensive” Immigration Legislation: pretty much places how bully-ish and intimidating the Administration has become. It looks like that party will have to chose a color, for their dress code soon.

  19. Arizona

    GREG,theres a BIG asteroid up there,AND ITS COMING DOWN,when it hits all hell will began in america,AND THE LORD,says when the bilderbergers divide JERUSALEM,hes sending it down on the USA,it will hit in the gulf,MARTIAL LAW,mass death,and foreign invasion,OF ALL OF AMERICA,it can’t be stopped,ALL we can do is warn everyone to get ready for WAR with our own government,surely everyone has seen this coming…………..

    • Gerald


  20. Deanna J Clark

    So much hypocrisy…don’t you know that when you eat scallions and tomatoes and Taco Bell everything it all grows where Mexicans USED to live? And Pro-lifers…don’t you know everything made today relies on sterile women…the whole d**n system depends on ABORTIONS AND GOVERNMENT PROVIDED BIRTH CONTROL
    Nobody is clean…we can only try to stop being such glaring hypocrites about this system we support with our dollars. We want cheaper oil & gas, good jobs, better pensions…then pretend we aren’t as dirty as everybody else. We want the impossible.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude or Dudette,
      I dont eat scallions and I would have to be in survival conditions to even consider eating Taco Bell. Sorry, I am not responsible for any shiite that is happening in Mexico Nor will I assume any responsibility for the downtrodden illegal aliens. You see, I am too busy being bled dry already to pay for anyone else. I am saving the remaining “milk of human kindness” for the downtrodden Americans

    • Galaxy 500

      And everything relies on sterile women? Who knew? But that explains alot …

  21. Bill

    why are these lucerferians they are the ones that wanted it.

  22. Max

    Greg –
    That is a ton of information in a short amount of time.
    I will be looking forward to Daniel Estulin’s next interview.

  23. george

    all this talk of war makes me think along the lines like this… what is the point of any major global war for any of the leaders in the world today, where is putin going to spend his few billion bucks after a nuclear strike, where is obama going to spend his? how about all the countless of others who gained money and power over the years – only to throw it away with nuclear warheads or global war of somekind? people have to start thinking about this time not the past. hitler was not a billionaire and neither a millionaire, most people in our senate, congress and the president are millionaires, putin is a billionaire, castro is a billionaire, you see where i am going with this. thank you for the great reporting Greg

    • Galaxy 500

      Hitler wasnt a millionaire???…he just owned Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, etc
      Putin will fight.if we back him in a corner. And Obama is just egotistical and maniacal to do it.

  24. Sun Mi

    He did not say anything new. All this has been in mass media for weeks. The questions are urgent but the answers are blurry. What is the point of giving such an interview if you cannot (or is not willing to) say anything that would sting to the quick. Maybe just to scare people with another world war, nuclear this time… You Americans like doing it (scaring people) on some reason. Waste of time.

    • tROT

      Sun Mi, a big boo, from USA!

      • mahalia jackson

        That’s all this shill had permission to say.
        Bilderbergers will never care about human life.
        Quite right—waste of time.

        The US govt is NOT who the US people are.

    • Galaxy 500

      Be afraid…be very, very afraid. We damn well are.

  25. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. Yes, I too noticed that there’s disagreement between the American and European Bildercreeps. And it’s a big rift. Divided they fall …….

  26. John M.

    I really like what you are doing with your site as you are encouraging some real critical thinking which is dangerous to the MSM and the political establishment. I think you should continue exploring these geopolitical mysteries with gusto because it may get to the crux of why the US economy is being killed by our own leaders and perhaps you are playing some small part in God’s master plan without you knowing it.
    I’m concerned that whoever are these elites that are above the American and/or European Bilderbergs may be getting nervous with the rise of nationalism in the world, particularly Europe. Even such events like Dave Brat winning the GOP nomination over Republican Establishment Man Eric Cantor in VA may be making these elites uneasy as they fear that Americans might be waking up to the sham; I have my reservations about that but I do think Americans are getting angry about the economy although they might be vulnerable to accepting more socialism from a present or future fascist dictator.
    I have not listened to Paul Craig Robert’s interview just released today on King World News, but I think he goes in greater detail on first-strike nuclear war. Also, I was able to listen to “V – The Guerrilla Economist (Warns Upheavals Ahead & Dead Bankers Update) on the Paul Sandhu Show. It’s poor audio quality, but he said some interesting things like there are elites who control both America and the Chinese/Russians with everything that happens being coordinated between the two.
    I still think that everything can get quite complicated and unpredictable with all these moving parts, as only God knows what He wills to happen and how it will happen. We are obligated to do what is right for what is true, if God should enlighten us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John M.

    • H. & R. Reed

      John M.,____________________________________
      You thunk that Americans might be waking up to the scam?
      Remember what Mr. Connell said to a certain D.B. Norton?
      “Their you are Norton, the people, TRY AND LICK THAT!”

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote,”but he said some interesting things like there are elites who control both America and the Chinese/Russians with everything that happens being coordinated between the two.”
      I dont buy that Putin or China answer to anyone but themselves. What kind of leverage could anyone have to cause China to do their bidding? It makes for good fiction but its just make believe

      • Charles H.


        Agreed. The fact that BRICS are heading toward a whole divergent economic system suggests that these compete; and the competition is critical. The Dollar forced the world into non-secured fiat compliance: now a return to fundamentals will unseat it. I doubt the East will allow the corruption to overtake it’s system. I wish they would force hard currency in the metals.

  27. allen ols

    GREG; From PCR on KWN says;

    The Chinese said submarines off the California coast would wipe out everything from the Pacific to the Rockies. And the Chinese ICBMs going over the North Pole would take out everything from the Rockies to the east coast. Now why would China do that? It’s not their practice to be threatening. They avoid that as the Russians do. They don’t threaten people with military attack.”

    Eric King: “It was a bit shocking, the language that was used (by the Chinese in their threat to the United States). What did you make of that?”

    Dr. Roberts: “They are trying to make the American people aware that the U.S. government has plans for attacking China and that there will be a cost if that happens. China doesn’t want war any more than Russia does. And so they released this hoping it would get some attention and people would ask, ‘Why is China doing this?’ And then somebody would say, ‘Well, the Americans have drawn up war plans.’

    And lo and behold, somebody did do that. A scholar in Washington wrote an article and said, ‘Who gave Washington permission to draw up war plans against China?’ So the Chinese release was a way of making other influential people aware that Washington has all these nuclear first-strike plans against Russia and China. Because when you do that and you make it known, you raise the specter of these two countries saying, ‘Well, if they are going to attack us, then maybe we should just attack them.’

    So the irresponsibility of Washington is unprecedented. This is one of the most grave, strategic errors that has ever been made, which is to signal to two nuclear-armed countries that you’ve drawn up nuclear plans for attacking them. This is madness. This is the kind of idiocy, arrogance, and hubris that defines the United States government. It’s the greatest collection of dangerous fools on the face of the Earth.”

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Here Here!
      Whenever I hear Obama or Kerry speak now I just sit there and shake my head.
      These two are so full of excrement that I am amazed it isn’t oozing out of their ears as well as every other orifice on their bodies.
      These people need to be arrested and tried as war criminals.
      In their own arrogant, psychotic and delusional way they should be compared to Hitler and the Third Reich….. except that they are now even more dangerous. The actions of these two creatures threaten the very existence of the human race. I hate to say this but main-street America is guilty too – you are the only ones that can remove these lunatics from office.
      Nobody else can do this for you.

      • Charles H.


        Education in America has long ago prevented critical thinking. And the Voting/Elections apparatus is not secure; and is used, I suspect, as the last line of defense when the Political Machine fails. Only overtaking the whole system might overthrow corruption. But few are those who will venture against such odds.

      • mahalia jackson

        They are not fools. They are power & war mongering entities who got their power from us…..and we need to take it back by ending our denial of who they are and what they will do.

    • 1914_2014 100 years of nothing learned

      Nothing gained!

    • Galaxy 500

      Low and behold, we drew up war plans against China.
      Duh…we drew up war plans against China at the end of WWII. And Russia, too. And we have been updating them regularly. Its called contingency planning

  28. George Silver

    Normally I love your interviews but I just had to turn this one off after 10 minutes. The guy was just babbling and difficult to understand.

    Sorry but that’s the way I saw it.

  29. mahalia jackson

    The world ‘s upheaval & wars are exactly as planned by the Bilderberger and power elites.
    So it’s all on schedule. The surprise is theatre to distract us.

    Obama is an excellent actor & is following his orders well.
    Now the elites will shift focus to controlling Russia & China. They will fail. Jim Willie predicted much of the current scenario. This speaker has been permitted to speak for the B elites….it serves them to pretend they care about the world’s peoples—NOT.
    Iraq is still a wild card and will not be controlled. As Willie said, the Saudis are changing the game.
    This guy is a shill. But hey, good to have him on the show.

  30. Jerry

    Greg a few days ago I asked a very prominent economist (per blog) that has contact with my source, why we still have the effects of inflation, with 0% interest rates. Here was his answer. I found this most interesting.

    The Fed has tried its BEST to keep the velocity of trillions of dollars in the upper reaches of the banking system, or exported to foreign countries that have no choice but to use the dollar in global transactions. BUT… you can’t keep portions of that money from seeping down in the form of price inflation to the general economy.

    Three years of QE… both the FED and ECB (which for all intents and purposes is the FED) have maxed out their balance sheets (reason for taper), and now they are relegated to dumping their bond mop up into esoteric pockets like… Belgium.

    The whole jig is bursting at the seams to explode, and Negative Rates are the last ditch act of a scoundrel, and will give the central banks AND governments justification to impose the next step of control when…

    People slowly, then en masse… begin to pull their money out of banks and threaten to collapse the entire system once again. Negative Rates are a trigger… not for the banks, but to egg on people towards an intended action, through which they can use it as an excuse for the collapse, attempt to shed blame from themselves, and then impose their new order and police state they want, but right now, just cant pull off.

    Who would have thunk that Americans would be rooting for the Russians and Chinese to win the currency war, and be the next masters of the universe in the new global financial system

    Greg, the Banker deaths (unreported) have reached between 35-36 depending on who you talk to. This to me , is symbolic of the pressures that lie beneath the surface of a system that is overloaded and ready to explode. Like straps breaking on a box, each one exposes the soft underbelly of a system over ripened with corruption and filth.
    I thought you may enjoy his take. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did Jerry thank you.

    • Charles H.


      Great comment. Negative Interest Rates portend that the possession of money and the use of money will become the exclusive franchise of government. Everything else will be illegal. Money will cost you to possess, and it will cost you to use in transaction. It doesn’t belong to you: it is the government’s – you must pay them for it. And going digital means that they can assign you a code, depending on your status in life, as to the amount or percentage it costs you. Mankind is being reduced to being a drone of the State?

  31. Jerry

    Tensions are mounting between NATO (U.S.) and Russia. And if my source is right, we could see a shooting war anytime.

    People this is just theater for the masses by the puppet masters. The real war is taking place right now between currencies. If the other news I’m hearing is true, we could see another distraction soon in the form of impeachment proceedings. It seems Barry has outlived his usefulness to the Globalist , and they want him to fall on his sword.

  32. Sam Grant

    Thanks for the heads up on Edward G. Griffin’s book “Creature from Jekyll Island” which I’d heard of years ago but never actually read! I will definitely check out the You Tube you included. Thanks again.

  33. Eddie Laidler

    Close to the edge on this one.
    That’s ok but I hope we don’t start talking about Lizard People.

  34. Jerry

    Greg I found this video absolutely chilling. Its fits perfectly into the Bilderberg Subject matter you covered in your last interview. The information really puts a face on who’s in charge and where we’re headed. Absolutely stunning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved it. Everybody please watch and listen.

  35. supreme allied commander


    have you been keeping up with this? How is it possible that the US only has 12 freaking miles of sovereinty off its coast!!!!? well russia is certainly giving the US a taste of its own medicine. hope all the hypocrites out there understand that US armed forces/spooks have been screwing around in everybody elses backyard for decades.

    Have you ever considered having jeremy scahill on your show?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not feeling good about the community organizer.

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