Black Swan Event-Shift in Consciousness-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts is worried about exploding global debt.  It has almost doubled since 2007, and Fitts says, “Yes, I am worried about it, and I still think the chance for collapse is relatively small, but I am very worried about the level of violence going up to deal with the tensions resulting from this.  If you look at the debt, there are several things to point out.  One, the debt is very high, but it is bifurcated between who is borrowing a currency they can print and people who are borrowing a currency they can’t print.  That’s of great concern to us because with a global slowdown, a lot of people have borrowed in dollars, and now they got to pay it back at the same time they have to earn dollars, where it is tougher to do.”

Fitts thinks that shear force is helping to hold the current broken system together.  Fitts thinks all that can change suddenly and goes on to say, “Central banking warfare depends on what the warfare can enforce.  Here’s where the “black swan” event comes.  When we reach a tipping point of global population . . . who realizes we’re run by . . . as a practical matter, psychopaths, and there is nothing good that can come from leaving them in power.  Then you are going to get a shift in consciousness.  To me, that’s the wild card.  What we need are markets.  Markets bring out the genius.  Markets can solve essentially most of the problems we are facing.  For markets to work, we have to realize there is no point in going through these guys’ mechanisms.  They’re nuts, and it never can come out well for us if we go through their vehicles.”

Even though Fitts thinks the chance of total collapse is “relatively small,” she’s not discounting the chance of a major move this fall.  Fitts contends, “I think this fall is going to be a major turning point.  You see the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) system coming to a head.  The U.S. budget is going to be a very difficult debate.  You see the push to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the EU deal done.  You have a lot of institutional relationships that needed to be restructured in the last couple of years.  Those changes are all coming to a head, and so we are going to get a big shift.  If you are managing a big bond fund, you got a big problem. . . . There is going to be a turn in the bond market or a plateau, and that’s going to be uncomfortable for those guys, and we are going to see some messy times.”

So, are we eventually simply headed for war or collapse?  There is a third option, says Fitts, “There is something else, and that is change.  It doesn’t have to get to World War III, and it doesn’t have to get to collapse, but it does have to get to change.  Change is very granular because it’s coming on a decentralized basis.  In every walk of life, in every sector, in every industry, in every government, people start saying we need to attend to the real problems before us, and we need to stop doing the stupid stuff.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

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  1. LizG.,Kenya

    It’s not my job 2argue.King David the adulterer n our DEAR politicians n King Samson who entertained Delilah despite wise counsel were given time until the LORD decided that their assignment was done.
    I always say;if you are so pure n holy to be in a position 2judge which is totally different from commenting,n you are tired of doing warfare on your knees,kindly go 2Heaven coz its not over yet until the White Horse Rv19:11,14 comes to judge.
    The HolySpirit argues on my behalf.Thank You Sir.

    • Jerry

      Every one judges, but only Jesus the Christ has the Authority to ” Pass Judgement”. Don’t get confused because how you judge others is how you will be judged. And yes leaders will be held accountable to a higher standard of “Judgement” because of the “Authority” they have been given.

    • JC Davis

      LIZ. Did I here C. A. Fitts correct. She seems to believe something will happen in September or October. Kind of inline with Johnathan Chan.

    • Jerry

      Point taken, Liz. Thanks for your input.

  2. Ugly

    Utopia will not happen. People are not going to work together and reason. If the collapse happens, people will panic. The dollar as reserve currency is about to end.

    Why would you use a reserve currency that also holds the worlds largest debts and IOUs?

    Once OPEC quits the dollar, it is game over. If China cashes in say 40% of TBills, it is game over.

    In fact, it is game over when the central banks say we have a new system and the dollar is no longer the leader. Or, if the central banks say no more QE until you pay on the debt including interest.

    • JC Davis

      “If the collapse happens, people will panic. The dollar as reserve currency is about to end.

      Why would you use a reserve currency that also holds the worlds largest debts and IOUs?
      This is why China is starting many new world currencies. If they fail world wide anarchy is possible.

      • Ugly

        JC. No doubt. And it will be panic when the dollar fizzles and people’s life savings and pensions deteriorate. But We The People went along with charade and held nobody accountable.

  3. LizG.,Kenya

    For your Info. the Pale(death) Horse was released on Dec2007 when we had ‘our own’ Post Election Violence.
    It’s one thing to see things from the written word n another thing to get Revelations from YAHUVEH himself.Am simply a Messenger.
    After Sept29,then things will happen as per His Timetable.As a christian,i won’t cry over what the IMF plans though its good to know.Am only interested in the End game war-victory ‘Movie’ as per God’s plan.
    I play neutral but not on ‘Bundesliga Cup’.

  4. paul

    The “change” Catherine Austin Fitts talks about is simply people finally not fearing to stand against evil and not use the services provided by these evil psychopaths running things … Federal Government created monopolies like the Fed have to be dissolved by the people simply avoiding the use of the products they create (fiat paper, fiat bonds, etc.) … and the psychopaths who promote and foster perpetual war have to be brought to trial before the Hague for violations of human rights (like the God given right to life).

    What is an alternative to the false gods (fiat paper and fiat bonds)? … Gold, silver and commodities …

    What is an alternative to perpetual war? (how about using what worked against Pepsi and Coke … an Internet petition demanding that God’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” be abided by under pain of a boycott of all industries that support War)!

    • paul

      The financial psychopaths throughout the country will begin running for the hills of Chicago when we the people begin boycotting their fiat paper and use silver!

      And the war mongering psychopathic snakes giving orders to start a nuclear war will thrown out of the halls of the Pentagon when the big industrialists that build all the “killing machines of war” begin to realize their “commercial products” are now being boycotted by people who don’t believe in the immoral Satanic practice of killing women and children for profit … but in following God’s lead … “Thou Shall Not Kill”!

      • paul

        Isn’t it kind of strange that a new organization ISIS was created by the powers that be “to kill Christians” who just happen to believe in God’s Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” … and then allowed to cross our “unguarded” southern boarders so Jade Helm has a logical reason to round up these ISIS terrorists (and while their at it all the Christians out of their homes at midnight)!

      • Kulm


        The financial lords will let their constables kill those who venture into their compounds.

        Their constables will also be killed if they lose so they will kill for the masters.

    • theresa

      I like your comments

  5. Brent

    There IS going to be a total collapse. It is a mathematical certainley. The chance of it is certainly not “small” as she contends. However, we are most likely still years away from it. From what I have heard it will happen “around” 2018.

  6. Gerald

    Would somebody please start naming names and start put a face to these names. so they can be deal with, we still have laws you know that can be enforced

    • Janet G.

      My thoughts exactly. I want names along with pictures. Accompany each with a brief summary of their acts of financial terrorism against We The People. Let’s start with War Criminal Henry Kissinger. Move on to David Rockefeller and anyone else from that psychopathic family such as Nicholas Rockefeller. Let’s not forget George Soros and on and on.

    • Winston Churchill
      If you think you can the truth that is, a double dose ed oill of it,

    • brian

      The fact that no indictments are made and that not even any effort is expended to simply identify those who commit the crimes that we are enduring the effects of tells you just how deep the $#!^ that we are in really is….its deep my friend and its going to take one hell of an epic effort to prevent our society from falling into unbearable chaos, crushing poverty and soul sucking tyranny.

  7. Doug

    Ms Fitts was on Coast Am with George Noory March 11, 2015. On air she was saying the economy was doing great, that people should take advantage to buy, and that people who were preparing for a crash were foolish. Let the good times roll, was the tenor of the broadcast. Noory never took her to task, he just agreed with everything as usual.
    Now she’s here with a more intelligent host, and she sells the black swan event idea.
    Ms. Fitts is a performer.
    She deftly plays to the crowd.
    A fluff crowd of conspiracy buffs, she says don’t worry.
    A crowd with something on the ball, she skirts the reality of the situation.
    Anything to get customers.

    • dill mann


      She is brilliant. But I heard the same interview, I couldn’t believe it. Because about a month before she prognosticated that the economy was not so good.

      I dont know what to ever believe from her. But I do respect her as “they” tried with all their might to have her killed and/or bankrupted. She has paid her dues.

      Maybe sometimes, she gets that “tap” on her shoulder….

  8. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg

    What an awesome and absolutely riveting interview.
    So many of the points Catherine made were extremely revealing and graphic.

    The main take home points for me were:
    #1 The effect of the world debt having doubled since 2007 and the monumental difficulty countries encounter when they loose their sovereignty and subsequently their tools to address debt burden.
    #4 The all too common practice of debt entrapment on a sovereign level [e.g. Greece]. And the fact that this is highly likely to lead to the complete unravelling of the world economy.
    #5 The tipping point as the majority of the world realizes that the US and the west is not not run by benign democracies but by a bunch of greedy warmongering psychopaths.
    #6 At the end of the cold war Washington embarked on a pig fest and arrogantly assumed that they had inherited the mandate and the right to oversee the world.
    #7 As a result of monumental incompetence and greed the US and many western countries now face imminent financial ruin.
    #8 For the US there remain only three choices left now – war, collapse or radical change.

    Catherine also asked a very pertinent and rhetorical question tonight at around the 10 minute mark when she said….’who is running this show?’

    My thoughts summarized;

    Sadly the US and much of the western world are no longer functioning democracies. An overwhelming part of the US economy is now dependent on war and as a result it needs to continually create conflict and chaos to support and justify this enormous and grotesque military machine.
    The US as a result indulges in perpetual warfare to propagate its ruthless hegemony and initiates conflict and war using lies and false flags.
    In doing so the US absolutely meets the definition of being a terrorist state.
    This terrorist state operates on a global scale aided by subservient vassal countries and other non-democratic organizations including Nato.
    What is the most effective way to destroy a terrorist organization?
    …. destroy its funding base.
    What is the real funding base of this terrorist organization?
    ….. the FED!
    What is the first step before any financial and social progress can be made at any level in the US and much of the world?
    …. get rid of the FED!


    • Alarmed

      The reality is that the United States should be a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracies have a tendency to sway with the wind of current opinion. The Republic was supposed to prevent this. Unfortunately, in current times we are experiencing what I call, “Warp World.”

    • Chip

      GREAT summary…

  9. james chudzinski

    I did not feel catherine gave any real reasons why she feels the way she does, she was beating around the bush with every question, If you noticed greg , she never gave a yes or no answer to any of your questions, its like some of your guests are afraid to say what is really on there mind. As far as her three options , war, collapse, or change, i would like to know what can be changes now, the damage is done,as far as i see it there is only one option left, and that is a total collapse that might be triggered by a war.

    • Shadow fo Doubt

      When CAF stated that this game was as “old as the hill”. I thought of course it is your entrapment model sounds no different than the central theme found in Hayek’s- The Road to Serfdom. The change that comes may not be war or revolution-but a whimper as the spirit of 1776 abruptly expires.

  10. David

    Outstanding interview Greg! One theme that Ms. Fitts cycled back to during the interview is that Congress must work together to begin solving our problems. Unfortunately, I just do not see that happening. Our country is sinking into an abyss, while Congress bickers like school children. Also, Ms. Fitts commented that the “real” tipping point will be when people conclude that we are ruled by a bunch of psychopaths. I am already there… and I doubt that I’m alone.

    I do not believe in the solutions offered up by our government, the Fed, IMF, or anyone else. They are nothing but self-proclaimed “wizards”, convinced by their own arrogance that they understand and can manipulate the American consumer. Incredible hubris that will end badly. Regrettably, the average American will suffer the consequences of their deeds.

    Thanks Greg for bringing Ms. Fitts back. Her views are credible.

  11. Tommy

    Thanks so much for having Catherine Austin Fitts on again. This woman is so smart. She’s been in the trenches and she understands what she is talking about. Not only that, she has the ability to see how doing something over here affects what’s going on over there. Her prescient analysis of the healthcare law and common core puts her on her own level. I’ve never heard what she said before from anyone else, but it sure makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks again!

  12. Mike from the North

    Great Guest.
    First time I listened to her a couple of years ago I thought she was out there.

    Now I realize she is out there because she is a Big Picture thinker and is just so far ahead of most.

    Love this guest.

    Simply put she says it will be War, Collapse or Change.

    Which one will it be.

    • Art Barnes

      It will be War, Collapse AND Chang! But not necessary in that order, but all three nevertheless.

    • JC Davis

      Mike. War, Collapse or Change ? I say change caused by a EMP that will cause war. In short all of the above. This change is a political word for collapse. To insure a lasting {change} there will need to be disabling of the current system. Grid up.

    • conman


  13. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Yes that was a very good interview bro! I loved your comment within the 26 minute mark where you both agreed one of three options are going to occur where either war, collapse, or change is coming.

    Jesus promises us He will release all three plus a forth through the opening of His Father’s seals within the first year of the next Shemitah cycle which looks to commence this fall:

    The first seal releases the White horse which brings the change:

    Revelation 6:2 And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.

    The second seal releases the red horse which brings the war:

    Revelation 6:4 And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

    The third seal releases the black horse which brings the collapse:

    Revelation 6:5-6 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand. (6) And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

    The forth seal releases the pale horse which brings the culmination of the three above:

    Revelation 6:8 And I saw, and behold, a pale horse: and he that sat upon him, his name was Death; and Hades followed with him. And there was given unto them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    For a much greater understanding of all these things please check out our many free one hour audios on living for, with, and through Christ in the coming days:

    Thank you Greg for having on such insightful guests as it help us see more clearly the timing of things to come:

    1 Thessalonians 5:4-6 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief: (5) for ye are all sons of light, and sons of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness; (6) so then let us not sleep, as do the rest, but let us watch and be sober.

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  14. Wim

    Thanks for the interview again Greg. A well-considered view, loved it. “War, collapse, or change”. For change a miracle seems needed. Organized crime turned the ‘kick the can road’ into the ‘kick the can highway’ with a lot of tricks out of their hats. Question is when these tricks won’t do the trick anymore. Buy hard assets, don’t forget food reserves. May the view of the founding fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May Love be the guiding star in your life.

  15. vic

    not a fan Greg. While I listen carefully I find it difficult. Her 300MM deal was
    a muni transaction, SLUGS…stands for State and Local Government Series..or said
    simply treasury securities created for municipal refundings, that window has closed
    dozens and dozens of times the alternative is simply buying treasuries in the open market.

    A non event.

    I believe the discussion on chaos should be currency volatility as just about all things financial are derivatives of the $, insurance contracts, annuities, equities, bonds, euros,
    letters of credit, pensions…etc. So when we see a 1.5 percent swing in the $ in a day
    all those items are impacted.

    And with everyone and his brother now expecting a collapse in the fall, well it never seems to work that way……

  16. Alan

    I enjoy hearing all these viewpoints but what does the average person do? Cash out IRA/401k? Put them in a money market? What do all these individuals have in common that would give us direction?
    Seriously Confused

    • Greg Hunter

      Think things and not paper. Paper is going to be destroyed in the next calamity.

    • JC Davis

      Alan. There seems to be a great divide among the recent interviews. Slow burn a year ago is not so slow to me. A big mac went to $4.39 in 3 years from a dollar or so here in Nashville, TN. I had a coupon to buy one get one… Never again. Insurance threw the roof ! Property taxes up. Not enough velocity in currency to keep up with the printing machines. What ta do? Time only knows.

    • Kerry

      I would seriously consider buying areable land, if possible, or at least, a small plot of land in a friendly small town AWAY FROM THE BIG CITY. Invest in yourself-buy tools, get as much off the grid as possible. Learn a skill like carpentry or small machine repair. Think 18th century. Small manageable livestock like raising rabbits or chickens. Learn how to plant a garden and can, dehydrate. Learn about windmills or hydro power, especially if you have a small stream on your property. Believe me, no one wants to see our shiny tech society fail but what can hurt if you buy a “vacation” cabin in a rural area and get it ready to live off the land as much as possible. If there is no collapse, then you have a nice vacation/retirement place, if there is a collapse, then you are much better off going to your “place in the country” then trying to survive in a big city. At the very least I would buy a plot of land in the country and put a house trailer on it, and put in a well. You can live ok without electricity but it hard to live without water.

      • Kerry

        I forgot to add-you must learn to depend on yourself and your skills, with maybe some trusted family and trusted associates to help. No one will come to your aid if there is a collapse-or at least-don’t expect help to come. Find a way to defend your self and your property-if not with guns, at least with survival skills, self-defense skills. There is not going to be anyone standing outside your house with a camera and microphone, letting the world know you need help (Katrina in New Orleans, Ike in Texas).
        Side note: my son (in his 20’s) and his friends were caught in that massive traffic jam that happened when everyone in the Houston area tried to evacuate at the same time during Hurricane Ike-what a royal f**k-up! I told him not to wait-to evacuate early, but you know the young, they think they know everything and parents are stupid! My husband and I left our house on the coast VERY early and it still took us 6 hrs to get to our evacuation location that normally would only take 1 hr. We had to backtrack and bring food, water, and gas to our son in his car stranded in the traffic for over 36 hours. I was worried sick trying to reach him, and the last message we got from him was Help! cell phone dying need water, food! We were very lucky to find him. It was utter chaos. DON’T EVER BE UNPREPARED-DEPEND ON YOURSELF-NO ONE ELSE MAY BE THERE TO HELP YOU!! And this was during a well-publicized weather event with lots of prior warning-what will it be like during a collapse-I shudder to think of what will happen to those unprepared.

  17. Tom

    At least she showed some teeth this time and dropped the euphemism, Breakaway Civilization. She instead refers to them as the psychopaths they really are.

    I disagree, however, that elections will ever change anything. They’ve been co-opted by the criminal elite and are now used to empower them, like everything else (financial, government, media, business). Indeed, their reach is so pervasive and complete it feels quite hopeless at times. CAF does offer hope though, and that’s really what I appreciate about her. We might have no chance other than a military coup, but crazier things have happened in this world.

    • Carol

      We were also in this same dilemma when supposedly the hurricane was coming. I will tell you what we did. Both my husband and I prayed. We asked the Lord whether we should stay or leave. Since He does have a Voice, we did receive instructions to just stay put. Therefore, we were not caught in any type of trouble. This Hurricane did
      pass our city. Another Hurricane, Ike,, did hit Houston at a later date.
      Now we have a dilemma – what to do about the Collapse or the end time. We have prayed many times about what to do. He has said for us stay right here in the middle of a big city. He says different instructions to different people, but the only way to know is to ask Him. If not, a person will be running to and fro letting fear lead them instead of the Lord leading.
      This doesn’t mean we are not preparing with canning, etc, but there is a peace of knowing we will be safer here than anywhere else. I am hoping this helps at least one
      person. Learning how to Hear His Voice will save your Life !!

  18. Jerry

    Federal Reserve Money Velocity Chart for 04/29/2015
    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Art Barnes

      Jerry, eye opening chart, informative for a joe blow not educated in fiat economics. Thanks for posting it. ab

    • Chip

      Nice, thanks for sharing….

    • Jerry

      For those of you still not getting the picture. You’ll understand this. It exemplifies where our economy has gone.

  19. Anne Elliott

    Awesome interview Greg! Love CAF’s perspectives and insights. As was said, it comes down to three things; one of which will have to happen: collapse, war or change. As was also said, many times collapse is preferred to other options because the buyers after the collapse can get “good deals”. Sadly, I’m sure they can get “good deals” after a war too, by looting, stealing, or government seizure (lands, mines, farms, etc.) So the real question is, do TPTB want “change” more do than “a good deal” or free lands and seized goods? …Probably not. Sadly, I think it will be war or collapse over change.
    CAF also said that you can’t control the global situation by military power alone. I think this is where TPTB will eventually usher in the “new global religion”. “Religion is the opiate of the masses”, and at the appointed time TPTB will just use smoke and mirrors to get their “savior” in the spot light doing “miracles”, and people will flock to him because they see miracles with their own eyes (discounting all film editing tricks of course). Then it will be like Hitler’s Third Reich – join the new religion or you’ll be under suspicion because you’re mentally infirm to be believing in anything other than the “truth” that you can see with your own eyes… ISIS propaganda successes shows that the youth of the world are desperately looking for some group to belong to – no matter how heinous or anti-moral their actions. They are looking for a higher purpose other than the perpetual consumerism all around us. The Bible says that in the End Times people will “be under a powerful delusion”. TPTB will use that delusion and desire for a higher purpose to create their new religion – then their Anti-Christ “savior” will appear to control everyone through religion, “chip” his believers, and take the reins of the whole world to usher in a (albeit temporary) “world peace”. It is coming, and the Christans out there all need to renew their relationships to Jesus while there’s still time!

    • Art Barnes

      Yes, yes, & yes, its time to get with Him and or if you already have stay close.

    • Jen

      “the reins of the whole world to usher in a (albeit temporary) “world peace”. It is coming”, Anne Elliott

      1 Thessalonians 5:3 While people are saying, “Peace and safety …

      … While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction
      will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they …
      // – 19k

  20. Silence is Golden

    Top notch interview. What a Font of Knowledge is CAF. She encourages thinking on many different levels and dimensions.
    Key points for me:
    – Who are “They” that CAF refers to ? I suspect she knows full well who they are. The giveaway was when she referred to the suspects and then quickly deflected the comment with another question. She did hit the target on the point nonetheless.
    – Russia and the other BRICS are demonstrating their complete distaste for everything that is Anglo-American…because what they have done / are doing…. is pure EVIL. Russia in particular has been betrayed. She will seek revenge. The Hegelian Dialectic point was a complete surprise for me and it certainly has merit.
    – It can be Changed/avoided (War/ Meltdown)…I remain optimistic on that point. What is becoming more evident is the number of voices from concerned Capitalists and dissenters of the High Priests of Finance and even former insiders about the irreparable damage that is being done…especially the disaster that awaits when the game board is flipped. This speaks volumes for a number of reasons.
    What is troubling though is the endemic nature of the disease that has infected the global political, financial, monetary and economic system/model. To cleanse the systems…one needs to address the issue from the very pinnacle and work down the pyramid structure systematically destroying the fabric and framework. Given the complexity of its build ..this is not an easy task.
    Will the world be screaming for the protection afforded by a One World Government when the globe is ablaze with civil riots and lawlessness (ultimate agenda of “They”)…or will the seekers of righteousness , fairness and normalcy/transparency in trade and markets prevail.
    Time will tell if we devolve into the depths of hell or do we flourish on the planet Earth equally … we were intended. This is a race to save the Human race…literally.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SIG for the concise recap!! You are a smart guy.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I totally agree with your excellent analysis!

  21. Matt Jaymes

    Ms. Austin Fitts is clearly very astute, but, if there are only 3 possible scenarios as to the end-game: 1.) collapse 2.) war 3.) change then if my math is correct there is 66 2/3 chance that something bad happens (i.e. collapse or war.) Yet should the 3rd option be exercised, I doubt the elite “will go gently into that goodnight” which brings us back to if not an all out war, then a very heated conflict.

    Excellent guest, nicely done Greg!

    • Brad

      Matt, there could be different percentage combinations of the three suggested outcomes…a larger war but not a world war, say Vietnam sized, a partial collapse and a reset which may contain a large portion of change.

  22. brian

    Well Greg, back in 2009 when you started all this you might not have been as smart as any of your guests, but after doing what you have done for the number of years you have done it you have won yourself one hell of a perspective, and that would make you pretty smart in my book.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Brian. I learned what I know from the guests which are ALL smarter than me.

  23. josh

    I don’t know how anyone can take Cathering Austin Fitts seriously. She flip flops on the issues so often. It wasn’t all that long ago that she was all excited about Janet Yellen and was talking on Coast about us being in the beginning of a recovery.

  24. Matt

    The power elites on earth must continue to reinforce the misperception that “everything is normal” as the transference of power from a terrestrial to a non terrestrial source is completed. If this is successful, human establishments will be the last concern of the new leadership. Catherine referred to “the darkness” that she feels is coming. Many are feeling it. Our hearts are telling us something that our experience simply cannot process. The human family must become wise to this charade very quickly.

  25. FormerFederale

    Again with the rising sea level stuff. You can see how well the sky is falling environmental leftists have penetrated every aspect of life when churches and the military start talking about rising sea levels.

    Look folks. Tricky Dick Nixon was told New York would be underwater by now if “something” wasn’t done immediately. Will someone think of the children!!! Now, we have the EPA and are steadily losing our land rights to them. On a long enough time scale, yes the waters will rise again at some point, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. It can’t be stopped, humans aren’t that powerful!! And don’t give me that consensus science crap. I’m an engineer and more than qualified to sift through the data and I can tell you that much of the left’s “science” is manipulated data…better known as propaganda. Like everything in this world, follow the money. How do these “objective scientists” get paid? By government and NGOs sympathetic to the cause of climate change, that’s how. They are tools for the psycho left.

    There is nothing wrong with planning for how the climate will change (on its own) in the future, but it doesn’t require hysterics. Humans have been around for quite a while now and we’re pretty darn good at adaption. And by the way… I seriously doubt the U.S. will be around when those Navy bases need to be moved… It’s currently being flushed in the toilet of history.

    • Chip

      Yes Sir, fellow engineer here as well. Climate “science” is not science at all. This is science…

      Photosynthesis can be represented using a chemical equation.
      The overall balanced equation is…
      6CO2 + 6H2O + Sunlight Energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

      Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
      H2O = water
      Light energy is required to force the chemical reaction to produce…
      C6H12O6 = glucose (plant building blocks)
      O2 = oxygen (what we breath)

  26. andyb

    Greg: in previous interviews with CAF, she tended to skirt the growing totalitarian meme that the psychopaths are fomenting and increasing. For this reason I was suspicious that she was just another globalist spewing disinformation. I was, therefore, pleasantly surprised with this interview. Reading between the lines, she pulled no punches. Certainly when connecting all of the dots with your last dozen or so interviews, it should now be obvious, to even the cognitively dissonant, that we are being led to slaughter, using incremental debt enslavement and planned genocide as a means to the end. Keep up the good work, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fitts is a “good guy.” The powers that be have tried to kill her and bankrupt her. Thank you for the kind words.

      • Mike from the North

        Yes. The powers to be tried for a almost a decade I believe to destroy this women and she survived.

        When listening to CAF one has to think BIG PICTURE. Everything she says makes more sense when you think big picture.

        I take everything she says seriously and it will not be pretty trying to fix what needs fixing.

  27. dbcooper

    Greg, Paramount: Out of the whole interview, in my humble opinion, was the statement ‘When you lose the mandate of heaven’… whew. People are sick and tired of all the fraud lies and deceit. This ties in with Greg Mannarino’s statement that the entire world systems are functioning in fraud… good interview and Thank you once again, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  28. Bill Holter

    brilliant mind! The “entrapment model”, she gets it, a must watch!

    • Mike from the North

      Brilliant mind for sure.

      She might be the smartest woman I have ever heard speak.

      The world is a better place with women like her.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Bill, perhaps so, but I wish she would be upfront and definite as you are. She hedges too much for my taste and inclination. Many thanks and best always. PM

  29. southern girl

    Greg, Wow this interview blew my mind. What a different insight into the world. But I will have to say that I hear hope from her. I do believe she is right that at some point in time people are going to wake up, just don’t know when. I took a class in college about subliminals and how they were used against us in magazines, newspapers, and movies. I don’t watch much regular TV, nor do I have a smartphone, I Pad, etc. I just have what I call a dumb phone (flip) with none of bells a whistles. I don’t even text I tell people it is against my religion (not really). I watch all these people who are so attached to the phone so that when ever they receive a text or whatever they immediately respond to the machine. I think it is a Pavlovian type of response. The machine is training the people. What the heck kind of thing is this? I watched as these machines came into the lives of my students when I was teaching. It didn’t make sense to me then nor does it now. People need to put the machines down and start thinking.
    She is so right on the mark about Common Core. When I was still teaching I could see how they wanted every teacher in ever subject to be on the same page in the book as everyone in the US. Thank you Jesus and pass the gravy, that I was in art. It cannot be done. I found that art is not something that can be dictated. I have always been an individual thinker not one to follow the crowd. But being in education there are a certain percentage of people who NEED to be in a crowd. I don’t know maybe it makes them feel safe. As an artist I tried to teach my students that they must be on their own. Nobody wants art that is just a repeat of another artist. The antithesis is not be like everyone else, but to be an individual who thinks for themselves.
    I have also have been struck by what I hear from friends who all want to be politically correct. People feel some sort of sick power always trying to correct what someone is saying. It is as if they are mindless boobs who cannot think for themselves. I think this goes along with needing to be in a crowd and maybe it provides comfort an safety. Just ask yourself how many INDIVIDUALS do you really know who think for themselves. I have never fit the mold and now am so happy I am not in denial or normalcy bias. As an educator I really understand the power of knowledge and how if you take away the thinking process and replace it with machines you don’t have anyone who can do critical thinking. What you have are just blobs attached to their binky (machines). Thanks for having so many intelligent individuals on. I have to watch your interviews and your WNW’s so I know what is really going on. Great job!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      It blew my mind too Southern Girl!

    • jon

      I have been researching this stuff for years, started after the first WTC attack and OKC. My first television memory was the JFK assassination and the RFK assassination woke me up from a sound sleep as a child. So I’ve been around awhile – and jaded too, e.g. when my employer sent us home the morning of 9/11, I went golfing since it was a beautiful day and I knew the course would be empty – being divorced at the time influenced my decision too – but I digress.

      I started with “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.” Remember the internet as we know it did not exist in 1993. Here’s a .pdf, This led me to Antony Sutton’s works (you can search youtube for his interviews and search google for .pdfs of his books if you’re so inclined). I also found out about Norman Dodd after reading this book. I watched his interview w/Ed Griffin, transcript, but never really believed the jaw dropping accusations, even though I read “Tragedy and Hope” beforehand, that the nonprofit foundations of this country were Fabian socialists hellbent on destroying the USA starting at the turn of the last century, because I couldn’t find collaborating documentation, until I obtained and read the “Final Report of the Select Committee to Investigate Foundations and Other Organizations” was I convinced what Dodd had recorded was true. Most of Dodd’s findings were left out of the report, but there was enough left in to get the gist of what he found out.

      If you’re still reading, I would recommend going to James Corbett’s site, – he’s been interviewed here too, in 2014. (Greg, you should have him back on as he’s been doing a bang job lately – esp. connecting the dots concerning China and the NWO.) Anyway, he fully vets his postings and is, on the whole, a dispassionate researcher without an agenda.

    • Tom

      I think she appears to be hedging because she is always looking for a bigger picture, a wider point of view. to her credit, she seems to want to include everyone in her solution-based logic.

  30. Paul


    Tremendous interview. I absolutely love listening to Catherine speak. She’s right. The World is sick and tired of this debt based/usury monetary model. And I believe many find the whole thing so corrupt and immoral, they will turn they’re backs on it. There will be change. How it comes about is the question. We can’t continue with debt based usury. We need a debt jubilee of a sort and a system that promotes freedom. Not oppresses freedom. It has to be based on respect for individuals and sovereign nations. Basically everything that has been in place for decades. Then we can harness the energy that is pent up and develop new technologies to move forward without raping and pillaging the planet and each other. I feel like Jose Wales speaking to Ten Bears…..

  31. diane s.

    Brilliant interview!
    I don’t donate my money to political/economic websites easily.
    I am a subscriber to Solari Report…..and highly recommend it …Catherine is the real deal…like Greg Hunter ….to whom I also donate to.
    Only other is Armstrong. …we saw The Forcaster twice when it ran for a week in Los Angeles in March.
    Martin Armstrong is a genius.
    Catherine is a genius but also a down to earth damn nice person…a good person.
    Greg is a brilliant man who is like Martin and Catherine….a good man.
    We are lucky to have these people because they are fighting to make this world better for everyone.

  32. Alarmed

    Wow! Great interview! To think this was just part of her report. I will be reviewing the interview again. Lots of meat, few potatoes.

  33. Al Hall

    Greg: Catherine is so on target! she mentioned several times – “those that are controlling everything”– I believe she knows who “they” are!! Just doesn’t dare say their names!
    She mention some important person told one of her friends the USA would be broken up and collapse- something to that effect. This is already planned! See this FEMA regions article:
    What she is saying Pastor Lindsey Williams said years ago- if your paying attention- not to much new and she agrees on it starting the Sept.

  34. Len Penzo

    I agree with Ms. Fitts on one point: There is a shift in consciousness coming down the pike. That will be the moment when enough people realize that the world’s fiat currencies aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. In other words: the day hyperinflation is unleashed.

    The world cannot grow itself out of the massive debt hole it now finds itself in. The only way out of this mess is via a preemptive monetary reset — or hyperinflation followed by a forced reset. Only then can we talk about growth and starting over.

  35. VShook

    Finally, someone talking a little common sense. No aliens, no Jade Helm, no Black Swan fantasies, no crazy cycle theory, etc., etc. (To her, “Black swans” appear to be the equivalent of a professor writing a line of equations, pausing to write — “and then a miracle happens” — and then finishing the equation(s) to support their purpose.) A changing economic environment is simply not going happen to the extreme people comment on here — WW III, economic collapse, massive social disorder, etc.. Throughout economic history, rarely do things happen in such extremes in a short time span. Change will come but what change does come is going to be incremental/slow. That’s how you cook a frog (western civilization) without it panicking, changing its “I’m OK, You’re OK” perception or destroying any confidence in the status quo (think fiat currency). China will not collapse the western financial system using gold, its own currency or by any other means. They need the US as a customer (to keep their servant/slave citizens focused on jobs and income, not revolution) and don’t want to lose the value of their $ reserves they are using to buy up commodities and production facilities worldwide. The economic decline of Europe and the US will slowly continue. More and more “free” trade agreements (think the current TPP) will siphon more and more good middle class jobs from both entities. Thus, western consumer liquidity will continue to be pressured downward. The stock market’s plunge protection team will continue its efforts — mostly successfully. The privately held Federal Reserve banking cartel will continue to protect its members from insolvency, purchasing worthless assets from same. Zero % interest rates will continue to rob savers, retirees and pension funds, negatively impacting the quality of life for most. They simply don’t care (sociopaths). Interest rates will not (ever) “normalize.” Not because of future national debt problems but because of potential stock market/business/bank profits = political problems. National debt will escalate but after doubling over the last 6 years without the world calling our currency, to what effect? Our government will continue to “borrow” money from the Fed as needed because (as many don’t know) any interest the Treasury pays on this newly printed money/debt is almost 100% rebated to the Treasury Department. (You can continue to purchase a lot of Treasury debt on the international market if it costs you nothing in the present to do so, especially when all other governments are doing the same.) Gold prices will continue in suppression since (as most don’t understand) it is legal to do so by virtue of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in the 1970’s. Greek debt has been mostly monetized by governments and any default on the Greek’s part will not create the panic some wrongfully (and anxiously) await. Austin is correct, cautious and realistic on the changes that are coming our way.

  36. Jerry

    Greg, it looks like your buddy Rick Ackerman was wrong on his prediction for 120

    • Greg Hunter

      I put it all out there for people to judge for themselves.

      • Smaulgld

        Always enjoy your take. Some of the guests not so much
        Seeing many views helps refine one’s position.

  37. paul

    Worried about negative exposure to fiat currencies?
    Worried about falling silver prices?
    Look at the current prices “a single” 1 ounce silver Panda coin is now selling for:

    Year Cost in fiat US dollars

    2013 $32.00
    2003 $150.00
    1993 $275.00
    1983 $1195.00

    • paul

      “The Power of Silver” (the bankers fear so much because they only pay 1% per year in their bank accounts) can be seen by the current $1195 dollar purchase price of a 1983 one ounce silver Panda … purchased for just $25 dollars and held it until today results in a profit equivalent to earning 146% on your money “every year” continuously for 45 years.

      Even someone late to the game who purchased a one ounce silver Panda for $25 dollars in 2013 … would already have a 28% gain on their investment (even with all the bankers manipulations of the the silver market).

      The reason “Chinese Silver Coins” are in great demand when compared to any of the other silver coins out there (Eagles, Maples, etc.) is because China besides having a “friendly precious metals monetary policy” also “limits the mintage” on their coins.

  38. Jerry

    Jade Helm 15 is just a conspiracy theory. They’re just practicing rounding up the Spring Break partyers at Fort Myers Beach for fun.
    Yea right! I might believe that if they were rounding up hookers. Apparently the Secret Service and the CIA don’t need practice for that. They seem to have that maneuver down real good.

  39. Peter J

    Wow. Her thoughts are very insightful. Entrapment is exactly what is going on and it is happening in Finance, Healthcare and Education. I was already ware of this but had not put it together as completely as she has. This is the best interview of 2015.

  40. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Catherine has seen all the financial nonsense at Dillion-Reed. Different clowns, same circus. There’s nothing new under the sun. The circus continues.

  41. Felicia

    Greg, thank you so much for this interview withe Catherine Austin Fitts. Her brilliance and honest expression of these comex ideas are truly inspired from above, IMHO. Her statement about the three possible outcomes -war, collapse or change – is what we need to seriously take to God in prayer. And we need to ask for the highest good when it comes to the change option. Thank you for having her on.

  42. Pondering

    Off topic, but it is interesting that NPR spun the Jade Helm concerns today (in a thoughtful way) to discredit Texas’ leadership and others that have questioned the motives behind the exercise. So nice! We shall see more clearly if all these coincidences mean something as our future unfolds, won’t we?

    • Jerry

      What would expect from a full blown government media puppet like NPR ? Jade Helm 15 is the largest multistate drill ever conducted involving not only various branches of the military, but all of the covert department of government. This is anything but routine.

    • Kerry

      Jade Helm may indeed be harmless, but we should ALWAYS question the motives of those in charge. How would you like it if you saw armed soldiers taking over some of the streets in your town, exercise or not. Wouldn’t you question that?

  43. Greg Hunter

    Good point Don!

    • JC Davis

      Greg! Who is Don? LOL

    • Don

      Greg, I didn’t mean to make any feel uncomfortable, but that’s the way I see it.

      • Greg Hunter

        OK, Point taken. Thank you for being civil and respectful.

  44. David B.

    “The most dangerous move,” might be entertaining and implementing a plan composed of a global SDR.

    It may or may not have gold backing, but what does this say to the average US citizen/investor: the current greenback is worthless; should I be purchasing precious metals because time is essential.


  45. JC Davis

    Greg. Her forecast of a long slow burn is wrong. There is no way 324 million people will hold the flood gates of 7 billion. We were warned about reaching a 18 trillion debt limit. Change = USA collapse. No other way.

  46. Cryptic Little Sister

    Consider that the money that “government” spends comes back to it.

    Consider that the debt is only what you see.

    It is not what the public finances see.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is your point?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Remember that “government” numbers are an illusion, like a ball that appears to be rolling upwards. You cannot see that the table is leaning to one side.

        The debt is only large when seen from the outside. Ask yourself: where does the money go?

        Fitts sees part of the illusion–she knows that what she calls the private sector is flush. But she has failed to understand that the private sector is half of a picture, the same picture.

        Who owns Microsoft?

        Not Bill Gates.

    • Jerry

      You are definitely a government troll. FYI government doesn’t create anything. It sucks the blood off its private sector host like a tick in order to survive. But guess what? When were’ gone, you’ll be gone to.

  47. James Hastings

    Good interview…….But…

    People won’t act rationally.
    People won’t just…..change….nicely
    But…in the back of her mind…reason says……this is going to be really bloody…

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t argue with this logic.

    • Kerry

      Agreed. Ever been in a massive evacuation? People shoot each other for gas. People will not just “play nice”.

  48. Brad

    Superb interview. What a smart gal to have such insight into how the world operates. I believe C.A.F. is correct in her assessment of the Putin regime being so disgusted with the perverted and criminal western leaders they wish to remain uncontaminated in their dealings with these degenerates. Friction ensues. War – Collapse – Change . I will think on this.

  49. Ugly

    I am not paranoid,
    I always sleep with one eye opened.
    The eye looks left,
    The eye looks right,
    It is always open, but I am not paranoid.

    I sleep good. All two hours.

    I get up. Go for a jog. Go to work.

    Something is different. The World is small now. People are in distress. One person wants money and another just friendship. Is a skinny guy poor if he has friends? Is a fat cat rich with money but no real friends?

    Time to prepare for the ages spoken Of. It does not sound good. Thanks for the interviews and warnings on this blog. People do need to prepare.

    Good luck to all. Keep the faith v

  50. Dean

    AMEN !!! These people are for sure PSYCHOPATHS . They run a world where one in eight people go to bed hungry tonight this very night. That is 800 million people. Many of these are children and elderly people.
    How can these crazy leaders look in the mirror at themselves ? These people are cowards not to stand up and make sure everyone is fed . This is only the first step . Any sane person can grasp this .
    Judge people by what they think of help . The good ones will help and the real crazy ones will not .
    Like Patrick Wood said we have to get rid of these people not just fight the issues.

  51. Ugly

    Sudden Changes.

    A circle is 360 degrees. At one time this earth was calculated with a 360 day calendar. Then suddenly it became 364.25 days per year with a leap year every 4 years.

    What happened. The ancient folks were not stupid. The Babylonians predicted solar events with good precision with a 360 day calendar. Time changed. It wasn’t gradual, but probably sudden.

    This world will change suddenly too. At one moment the dollar is gone. At one moment is a new boss in town. He will set new codes just like the 360 to 364.25. It will be a new system.

  52. LizG.,Kenya

    Thanx for your comment.
    For those who have always remained in Spiritual Warfare,very few will tell you that anything written has to be Pre-ordained in the Spiritual before it Manifests in the Natural.
    The Death Horse was released in the spiritual in 2007 Dec. n thats why Kenya has been ‘hot’.So,whatever happens after Sept29 as per RV18 will be so much in the Natural n the prosperity puppies will be caught unaware.
    Am NOT bragging over what i know.I’ll be accountable for whatever I share.

  53. Dwain Decell

    Martial law has to come. Change is not going to work. What will they change?
    Its an interesting coincidence that Jade Helm begins in late summer and experts are warning of something big occurring economically by fall?

    The military is coming to my town. Government says they are deploying to areas that simulate the East. Thats odd, my city and many others don’t come close to simulating the East. Why are Texas and Utah being labeled hostile in the exercises? Hmmm

    Could it be that at some point during Jade Helm, government manufactures an economic collapse or catastrophic false flag terror event to justify martial law?

    The only hope of preventing the coming anarchy is for government to take control of all production, energy, etc. and force people to work for little or nothing.

  54. Klemens

    The ECB is creating a lot of new money, out of Nothing, for Greece!
    Greece will stay in the EURO up to the very last day.
    I do not know the date of the last day, of the Euro, but all what´s going on about Greece is a big game for the people.
    So the big game is going on. You have to try to see the big picture and not only small parts of the game.
    The most thing what I am worry about, is the WW III.
    Now you do not hear so much about the Ukraine, but the Banksters still want to have their WW III. They did make the WW I. and the WW II. and they also will get their WW III.
    At WW III. the Homeland of the US will also get involved.
    So you have to pray that the WW III. will not happend.

  55. 8Ball

    To put things in perspective, here is a bit of humour from the Lord of The Rings author Tolkien:

    According to the narrative in the book The Hobbit, during the Battle of Greenfields, Bandobras charged the ranks of the goblins of Mount Gram and with a wooden club knocked the goblin chieftain Golfimbul’s head clean off, sending it sailing a hundred yards through the air and down a rabbit-hole, thus (according to Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit) winning the battle and inventing the game of Golf at the same time.

  56. dchayden

    As I am Canadian, I would just like to say that we too, are now are on the path of a very real police state with the 3rd reading of Bill-C51 in the house yesterday. Passing with a vote of 183 -96 we just guaranteed our future with less rights and freedoms. This bill gives massive powers to police and secret agencies as well as our spy networks with little oversight. There were events in more than 70 communities all across Canada protesting this draconian law. Over 40 civil society groups, 4 past prime ministers, 5 former Supreme Court justices, as well as every current (and 4 former) provincial & federal Privacy Commissioners have spoken out and written personal letters to stop this reckless bill. And yet it was still rammed down our throats. Supposedly all because one mentally ill young man who couldn’t get help, acted out in violence one day in Ottawa. Now the entire country of Canada is supposed to swallow this crap. A very sad day for Canadians and freedom lovers all over the world.

    • Mike from the North

      As a Canadian I too have grave concerns about how this legislation opens the door to potential abuse.

      I have expressed my concerns to our Federal leaders recently and my family has asked me to not do this further…

      There is a message there. My family who shares very little of my opinions on the subjects we speak about here is fearful of the Canadian Government.

      For over 100 years are efforts to build a sound monetary system has been drowned out and silenced..

      To silence us going forward will require these new bills where our rights are infringed.

      It almost looks like ugly is what they expect and want.

  57. Theonomy

    Change will happen but it must start in the Church. We are currently in the results of secular changes adrift from the Cannon (Scripture) and how’s that working out for us? Return to the absolute authority and rule of King Jesus and the Laws He ensconced or enjoy the slippery slope into deeper slavery and cultural suicide. Plain, simple and to the point.

  58. LizG.,Kenya

    Sorry,am always out of topic but i know you have thousands/millions of Visitors.
    Fukushima bothers me.For those who import cars from there,is there any radiation testing?And by who?No panic intended.I see so many with cancer here n at times am convinced that somethin is missing.As in from where?At times,Numbers do lie.
    If fish/animals can get cancer what else haven’t we checked apart from these other ‘over-chemicalized’ cosmetics/food we love spoilin ourselves with?
    Someone please update me.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s OK to be “out of topic” as long as you keep it short and you did. Thanks for your comments.

  59. Skip

    I’m in the Paul Craig Roberts camp when he says that a full-fledged nuclear war is likely. I also think that Guy McPherson is an optimist. About 30 years ago I was living in Boston and was flipping channels when I came across an interview of the neocon Richard Perle. With a straight face he talked about how the Soviet Union could be taken over with a fleet of aircraft carriers that sailed around the north of Scandinavia. It is clueless linear thinking sociopaths like him that are running the show. Do you really think that the people who are poisoning our water with fracking, driving the climate into instability, etc etc etc will think twice about starting a “profitable” WWIII? There are already companies that are lining up to clear cut the forests for fuel when oil becomes too expensive to extract. If this isn’t the best definition of cancer I don’t know what is. Most of us “useless eaters” will gleefully follow along since the multinational corporations are moving their money away from lobbyists and into mind numbing propaganda. This reminds me of a line in the movie Siriana: Capitalism cannot exist without waste.

  60. Klemens

    Mysterious – The Magic Unterberg bleeds! On the day of the great earthquake in Nepal broke up under the “Schellenberger ice cave” a huge mass of rock and plunged into the valley. The scar on the mountain looks like a heart. Since then pours from there a blood-red stream in the Königseer Ache. Natural spectacle or Omen? Once before, on the eve of the 2nd World War the Unterberg has given a clear signal. At that time appeared a blood-red aurora borealis as it has never before seen on the lower mountain. Coincidence?

    it is located here:

  61. Kulm

    The world’s wealth will continue to move into the smartest and the well connected.

    Eventually they will leave the rest of humanity behind.

    The lives for most people will just stink.

    There will be no collapse for those who matter. They are more smart, and more evolved than the rest of humanity so they are invincible.

  62. Skip

    The world’s wealthy are the stupidest ones out there. They are simply blessed with a membership in the lucky sperm club and cursed with arrogance.

  63. Ichthysius

    The story of “the Stonecutter” is an ancient Chinese folk-tale of unknown authorship, first translated into English in 1885, inculcated into the Crimson Faerie books of Andrew Lang. In the legend, a poor stonecutter takes notice of the lifestyles of those who have made their way higher in the social hierarchy and wishes to become them. Despite having his wishes granted, the stonecutter is still unsatisfied and later desires to become more powerful by embodying the forces within nature. Eventually, after a chain of events lead him to the realization that his ‘Zeal’ was actually for something he had previously taken for granted as being “simple” and even “stupid” – it was not the satisfaction of needing to feel better than others, not to live forever, but ultimately to realize that an ever lasting satisfaction comes from his place in society and nature as a lowly stonecutter, (from whence he first Originated),

  64. Ichthysius

    May all of Humanity Benefit from the Wisdom of the East

  65. Anon

    Jade Helm 15, CIA-Mossad-created-“ISIS” on U.S. soil, the “Cash-less” (ELECTRONIC) Society, TPP/TTIP, renewed Patriot Act (“USA FREEDOM Act”), “gun control” – are all being LINED UP, RIGHT NOW, for the coming economic collapse, and/or FALSE FLAGE EVENT. Once the Western Int’l Central Bankers PULL THE PLUG on the global economy – they will await the public rioting and looting that will inevitably follow the economic collapse (which we are already in – Ferguson, Baltimore…), then they’ll impose martial law, and roll out more elements of their AGENDA (21) – if not the entire agenda. In fact, maybe TPTB will just use a FALSE FLAG (“ISIS”?) EVENT to impose martial law, with Jade Helm 15 U.S. Soldiers already in place to “respond” to the “terror” attack? And/or, maybe TPTB will say they traced the funding of the coming “ISIS” (or other FALSE FLAG) “terrorist” attack (on U.S. soil) to IRAN, so that Netanyahoo can bomb the hell out of Iran?

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
    -David Rockefeller (Born on June 12, 1915 in New York City, the youngest of the six children of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller).

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t have hard sources for this do you? This is just your analysis and not proven fact. Correct? I am not saying this won’t happen, but you are stating this as a known fact.

      • David Clumpner

        His analysis is premature Greg…
        T he real action will begin in Sept just as Jonathan Cahn and Mark Biltz have predicted.
        Jade Helm is supposed to end on the Jonathan Cahn timeline tho
        which interesting all by itself.

  66. Sue

    Nah. It’ll collapse.

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