Bombshell Testimony of FBI Informant Implicates Many for Treason

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 321 2.9.18)

William Campbell was undercover for the FBI and CIA for six years gathering evidence of a grand Russian scheme to “dominate” the uranium industry. There are charges of espionage, bribery and extortion (just to name a name a few) coming from Russian agents trying to take control of U.S. uranium interests. Who knew? It’s clear the FBI and CIA knew, along with the Department of Justice, the State Department and, most likely, the IRS because, after all, the Clinton Foundation was a global charity fraud. Campbell documents real Russian collusion and treason in the Obama Administration, which has connections right up to President Obama. This story is just getting started. I predict many will be charged with multiple crimes, including treason, before this is all finished. Sometime in March, the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, will release his report on the FBI/DOJ handling of the Clinton private email server where Clinton was exonerated behind the scenes months before the FBI investigation was finished. Tsunamis of truth waves are coming, and then arrests and prosecutions.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at the many aspects of this story and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned financial and geopolitical cycle expert Charles Nenner will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. He will give you his take on what is coming in 2018 and beyond, and it will be earth shaking.

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  1. allen ols

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

    • JC Davis

    • TruthWins

      Folks, you know this means that we can never allow the democrat party regain power again……..To do so is asking for the end of conservatives/republicans/libertarians…….The democrat party will come after the aforementioned with everything they have (legally and illegally) if ever allowed to regain power again……All of us must remain permanently active in saving the country………This isn’t even about politics anymore…..It is about remaining a free people and about stopping tyranny…… We must stay informed, we must permanently stay active in informing others since most of the media are corrupted propaganda outlets for the democrat party……Inform everyone in your sphere of influence of what is going on and encourage them to do the same to others in their sphere of influence…….Point them to real news outlets like usawatchdogdotcom and breitbartdotcom etc…….

      • Chip

        AMEN!! Chip

    • Karen Rogers

      Go Trump! Back in early December, Trump lifted the gag order on William Campbell, the undercover FBI agent who would testify about the Uranium One deal. Suffering from Leukemia, Campbell wanted to get the truth out before he died.

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: That was POWERFUL!

    • laura ann

      I really doubt if anyone will be arrested, since gov. corruption is usually ignored or brushed off and diverted to other news.

  3. donna s.

    Each time I hear the latest WNW I think this is your best yet. But this one really hit it out of the park. I will be listening to this one again!
    I do not fear what is coming , like you said it is something we must go through in order to clean up this mess we are in. Like the saying goes,” IF THERE MUST BE WAR , LET IT BE IN MY TIME SO MY CHILDREN MAY KNOW PEACE.” For me that means this war we are in right now to rid this government of all the pure evil that walked and still walks those halls. May God The Father and His Son Jesus Christ be with President Trump and those working with him to bring us back to a Moral and Christian country once again. And may He be with all us to give us strength to face what is coming.

  4. Neil

    Great delivery Greg!
    Yes people themselves need to act for good. Honestly I wouldn’t count on anyone riding in to save the situation. In that regard I still cant find any evidence the Qanon cloak and dagger activities are actually happening. No mass arrests, no gunfights at the OK Coral…
    Beginning my own counter NWO activities soon 😉

  5. Paul ...

    Some tantalizing Q-drop analysis by Deception Bytes … suggesting Chief Justice Scalia was rubbed out so his position could be offered to Loretta on the tarmac (if the DOJ absolved Hillary of her crimes) … and as a bonus further the destruction of the Constitution with gun control legislation (claims Chelsea) …

    • raymond jones

      dont blame you…

  6. Lucy