Bubble Inflating All Around Us-David Stockman

Stockman, David NEW (cr. Caryl Englander)By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release)

Former White House Budget Director David Stockman says, “Much of the mainstream media is caught up inside the bubble . . . They have an extreme case of ‘recency bias.’  They can’t remember the events of a few years ago.”  Stockman, whose latest book is called “The Great Deformation,” goes on to say, “Look at this bubble inflating all around us. . . . The Russell 2000 is trading at 75 times reported earnings.  People seem to forget that’s exactly where we were in 2007 and 2008.”  Stockman has a grim assessment of the current economy.  Stockman contends, “You are in a crony capitalism bankrupting mess.  That is very disconcerting news to people inside the bubble.”  On China, Stockman says, “They are sitting on this massive hoard of paper that they’re never going to be able to do anything with.  They have huge distortions inside of their economy . . . as bad as anything we have.”  Stockman goes on to say, “This is a symptom that this huge central bank game is nearing its end stage.”  Stockman warns, “When the Fed finally stops printing $85 billion a month . . . we’ll have falling bond prices and rising yields, a crisis at the heart of the financial system, the $12 trillion Treasury note and bond market.  That’s when the day of reckoning will finally begin to unfold, and everybody will be caught up in it.”  Stockman warns, “This is not a viable system.  It’s a house of cards . . . I think it will be a deflationary event . . . financial asset prices will collapse. ”   How does gold do in this calamity?  Stockman says, “As they see those assets go up in smoke, I think there will be a flight to a monetary asset that people will have some confidence in, and gold will be that asset.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with author David Stockman.  

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  1. mohammad

    He sounded like the Bernank talking about super deflation.
    Heck …. Where all that ocean of dollars is going to go when every one dumps it?

    • Greg

      I long ago said we would have inflation a deflation. I think that is what we have overall right now. This has never happened before in world history’ so who rally knows how it turns out. I find it very interesting that so many smart people are split with the inflation and deflation scenarios.

      • Ugly


        I look at this way from Revelation 18, specifically Rev 18:17. It says, ‘In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin’….

        I think we will see inflation and hyper-inflation at first, then we (USA) will go into nothingness. That is, our dollar will be just as valuable as confederate money.

        From there, I believe our dollar will be purchased at ‘pennies-to-the-dollar’ and the great deflation and stiffing of all SS payments and unfunded mandates occur.

        It truly will be ‘a quart of wheat for a days wage’….

        • Rebecca

          Please reread Revelation 18.

          vs. 9 And the kings of the earth, who committed immorality and lived sensuously with her (Babylon), will weep and lament over her when they see THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING, STANDING AT A DISTANCE BECAUSE OF THE FEAR OF HER TORMENT, saying, Woe, woe, the great city BAbylon, the strong city! For in one hour your judgment has come.

          back up now to vs. 8 to explain what the merchants see:
          … in one day her PLAGUES will come, PESTILENCE AND MOURNING AND FAMINE and SHE WILL BE BURNED UP WITH FIRE, for the Lord God who judges her is stong.

          This is not talking of a collapse of the American financial system. This has nothing to do with the devaluation of the dollar.

          However the attack comes, it will come in one hour and leave behind famine and disease and mourning.

          Perhaps a financial collapse will precede fulfillment of Revelation 18.
          But Revelation 18 is not about financial collapse.

          • Rebecca

            “… standing at a distance because of fear of her torment” makes me think – nuclear.

          • Allen Ols

            Ugly, rebecca

            U r both right ! !


            Alols. FOP USA. W D

          • Michael the Marine

            My dear Rebecca;

            The Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth teaches us by comparing spiritual things with spiritual things. God’s Word (Jesus) is spirit and truth. The first commandment is about maintaining FIRST of ALL our relationship with God, which is spiritual and in truth, if we abide in the truth (God’s Word is truth). Therefore, compare God’s Word to God’s Word and leave out the “natural” and physical things which are extra-biblical. The natural man (called carnal; or, a “babe” in Christ) doesn’t get that, and errs by comparing spiritual things with natural things, and so they need the “milk” of the word until such time they can be weaned.

            I tell you the truth, dear one; One Day you shall stand afar off and see the Holy Fire of God’s wrath, which is STILL (and always shall be) against ALL unrighteousness, ESPECIALLY against them who hold the truth IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. (who is that? Those who have God’s Word, but don’t really believe HIM, nor receive HIM, nor follow HIM–.)

            No my dear, it’s not a nuclear blast. It is the Fire of God who is Jealous for your love and attention because He is your true lover, and ONLY by receiving Him and Following Him can He bless you with your inheritance of all things.

            Now if you’re willing, allow me to “snatch you out of the Fire”, and into a truly personal relationship between you and your True Father God, via Jesus Christ His Word, and His Spirit of eternal Life.

            in love in Christ!

          • NeoTreadWell

            The above-mentioned quotes from Revelation chapter 18 are SPECIFICALLY for a CITY, not a Country. The book of Revelation itself tells who the woman is:

            Rev 17:9a the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits”
            (Rome – the city built on 7 hills)

            Rev 17:18 the woman whom you saw is the great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth

            Rev 18:18c “..and what city is like that great city?”

            Rev 18:21 …So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer.


            Mystery Babylon is ROME. This has been understood for centuries.

            This destruction refers to the revived Roman Empire during the end times.

            1Peter 5:13 “She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you greetings…”

            Of course the Apostle Peter was not talking about the as yet undiscovered New World of America……And he was not talking about the actual ancient city of Babylon, as it was destroyed hundreds of years prior to his time. The Apostle Peter’s mention of Babylon has been accepted and understood to be Rome for centuries, even by Catholic scholars.

          • Alex vandenBerg

            Hi Rebecca,

            When you get a chance, please take a look at the post I provided below on the “End Times” and “The Anti-Christ”. It may be helpful…


          • Michael the Marine


            That’s just too funny, heh heh heh, you call upon the Roman Catholic “Scholars” of whom you claim is Babylon, and thrown down by God as Babylon, as the authoritative “scholars” to validate your own interpretation! Do you hear how hypocritical that is?

            Saying that “this has been understood for centuries” is an appeal to false authority; it doesn’t mean it’s truth, or add any credibility at all. In fact, history bears out that if most scholars believe it, it’s most likely to be the exact opposite of the truth. Remember, it was the scholars of His day who tried Jesus illegally, brought forth lying false witnesses, and crucified Jesus. Then even after His resurrection they still wouldn’t believe in Him, but tried to destroy His “called out” ones.

            But it was them who WALKED WITH JESUS who knew more than the scholars, and God validated them with miracles, not the religious idiots; the scholars!

            As for knowing what Peter meant, you don’t have a clue. I KNOW Peter. I KNOW Paul too. And THEY KNOW me. Have YOU been caught up into Paradise? Have you met them? I think not. Does God endorse your words with power from on high? No. Why not? Because you are just carnal and religious.

            But here’s your “proof text” so you can judge yourself rightly: it’s God’s WORD, and TRUTH

            John 14:12
            Verily, verily, I (Jesus) say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

            Do YOU do the same works Jesus does? No. Do YOU DO even greater works? No. Do you even say what He says? NO! You speak from yourself, and you hold to a form of religion but are devoid of power.

            But I do the SAME works that Jesus does, and so the Word of God is fulfilled, and in that I rejoice!

            Whether or not any of you believe it says more about your lack of personal relationship with Jesus – than it says anything about me. I speak forth what God says too, and that is Truth. And I do what He does, and religious people hate me because my works prove them all to be liars and false witnesses.

            So like I told the secular-humanist-hyper-intellectual bulls***er; “when you can actually do miracles, come back and THEN tell me you KNOW what you’re talking about”. Until then, you’re just playing with yourself.

            Have a nice day. Heh, heh, heh!


      • Ugly

        I forgot to add that when this ‘system’ purchases our debt on ‘pennies-to-the-dollar’, they will also own all of the assets to that debt. All houses, farms, food, water, minerals, oil, and citizens.

        To police this, they will have their own MPs to guard important stuff such as wheat silos, mining areas, etc.

        We have been sold.

      • mohammad

        Inflation/deflation is a semantical argument.
        Like Jim Sinclair puts elegantly:
        Inflation is the creation of liquidity.
        Price inflation is the inevitable result of the increase of that liquidity.
        So we are in Inflation no doubt, we see it in food, gas bills, water bills, increased fees for licenses, insurance…….
        Deflation is failure of financial instrument.
        And yes we witnessed the implosion of OTC in 2008.
        But the massive printing will no doubt continue, NO WAY THEY WILL TAPER LIKE WHAT THE GUEST SUGGESTED when he said they will get to the point where they have to end it, SIMPLY THEY CANNOT. No politician can stand the heat of tightening so the end result will be hyperinflation.
        No nation I know of had walked this path and did not end in hyper inflation.
        The had the world reserve currency as a back stop and they survived, Now we are the reserve currency in question and we have no backstops! (No gold, no silver, no manufacturing….)

        Jim Sinclair on the issue:


        • Greg

          Thank you for your comment and this Sinclair link!!

      • Michael the Marine

        Time to short Walmart?
        Heh heh heh!!!


      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, you are correct. It is at this point a manner of deflation, which is the calm before the storm. Right now, there is no velocity in money within the economy (mimicking a deflation), because the FED is paying interest, for the first time ever, on EXCESS RESERVES to the very banks they bailed out (so it’s a continuing scam) as an incentive to keep all these “printed” dollars contained and out of circulation. This is why we have yet to achieve virulent, runaway, and eventually hyperinflation. Some use the image of a big balloon containing dollars, which is currently being inflated in this new bubble economy driven by the QE process. I prefer to use the image of one of those big corrals, packed and teeming with livestock in a stockyard setting such as Kansas City or Chicago. Either the balloon bursts or the corral fence is breached, and then the mayhem begins. So far, the balloon/corral strategy has worked, as the goal was always to stack the game in favor of the establishment wealthy over the middle class, using the bailout/QE strategem, whereby those with means can acquire hard assets with the middle class’s wealth, and when the scam is complete, or near complete, the bubble bursts, the corral is breached, leaving all of us suckers with worthless paper dollars in unimaginable and worthless volumes. Thank you for providing the forum to expose this perfidious scam and give the everyman a chance to prepare. Blessings to you and yours (and all the forum participants) this Thanksgiving. PM

      • Dan

        Hi Greg,

        I think we are in deep depresion, right now, at this moment. 22% unemployment, 100 millions on some sort of welfare. 50 millions on food stamps.. That is a year ’29 type of collapse. Little bit more of it and the number would double.

        I see big time inflation starting now.

      • cm1


        I’d like to get just one of these guys to specify just what it is that will be ‘inflating’ or ‘deflating’.

        They all just leave the naked verb hanging there so whichever way it goes they’re right. Judging by context some mean prices and some mean ‘money’.

        (Different kinds of ‘money’ as well, seldom specified.)

        Call ’em on it and lets see what happens.

        • mohammad

          It is not money, it is currency, the only money is gold and silver!

    • Dan

      I agreee with you Mohammad 100%. I was gonna say the same thing. Last few days we had very important statements all over the banking sectors. They are about to force negative interest rates and flush out all cash/digits out of your savings and chequing accounts. That will trigger price inflation and enforce people to buy all kinds of stuff, but if you already have car, or new TV, or new stove, what are you going to buy??.. how about if you have few hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for your retirement.. what are you going to buy? Where is the only place you gonna put your “money” in to? I thing many will not have a choice but to go for gold and silver. Simply no choice.

      • mohammad

        Then they will confiscate it.
        Desperate people do desperate things.
        They did it before why not now?

  2. Rodster

    Quote: On China, Stockman says, “They are sitting on this massive hoard of paper that they’re never going to be able to do anything with. They have huge distortions inside of their economy . . . as bad as anything we have.” Stockman goes on to say, “This is a symptom that this huge central bank game is nearing its end stage.”

    See what i’ve been saying Greg? As Gerald Celente said on your program, ‘the whole game is rigged around the world. Everyone’s doing the same thing’. There is the possibility that there is no winners when it’s lights out for us and as Mr. Stockman said on a KWN, that he believes the Fed is engineering a Global collapse.

    • Greg

      I think stockman would agree that the “Fed is engineering a Global collapse.” I was impressed with his immediate big picture take on the world wide financial mess and coming meltdown. Nice to have you commenting here!

      • Rodster

        He also confirmed my belief that China won’t get the Yuan to a world reserve currency status because there just isn’t enough time to make the switch. My suspicion is that TPTB will sell us on a global pseudo fiat/gold back currency.

        Jim Rodgers recently said no matter what currency they devise it’s doomed to fail because TPTB will find a way to manipulate the currency to their advantage.


        Jim Rodgers quote: “Gold Standard – “it might work for a while but eventually the politicians will cheat that too”… “people wil be desperate in the next decade to try anything – maybe it will be bitcoins”

      • Michael the Marine

        I wouldn’t call it a “collapse” but a Transition.
        AND I wouldn’t give the Fed more credit than it deserves.

        I’m still wondering WHY the subject of “VELOCITY” doesn’t come up while condemning the Fed. Maybe I just answered my own question, eh? Right now that’s the ONLY thing preventing DEflation; massive printing.

        Oil has had its day and is on the way out as an energy source, (and the basis for reserve currency) and even the irate Gerald Celente mentioned one way out of this mess – a new source of energy. I just love watching Gerald crank up the heat in his videos, heh heh heh.

        Which brings us to precious metals and LOTS of heat – including Palladium, which will become more valuable than Gold or Silver.

        BUT: what do I know anyway? I continue to show pictures to the blind, and talk to the deaf! I MUST BE CRAZY!!!

        Excuse me for interrupting the witch-hunt, you may now resume with burning the Fed at the stake (instead of REALLY searching for the Truth).

        Heh heh heh,

        • lastmanstanding

          Michael…why palladium?

          • Michael the Marine

            It IS the fuel of the future which shall replace gasoline, diesel, even nuclear energy. It’s not radioactive either, neither is the process, and the cost to generate electricity with it is in the area of 1/10 to 2/10 of a penny per kilowatt hour. No exaggerations.

            Modern physicists have become so dependent upon their (abstract) mathematical models that they cannot even perceive reality anymore. Many of the problems of physics are due to the limited perception of the physicists, building advanced models on foundations of error. e.g. the probability of the location of the electron in the atomic structure is built on the foundational false premise that the electron and the atom is “matter”; having a distinct location. Which it is not, and does not.

            It’s just like churchianity; which builds their own theories about God rather than accepting the revelation of Jesus Christ, which is God revealing Himself to man, through His own word. The very “church” that names Jesus; who is the very begotten son of God, rejects Him. As God says: “He came to His own, but His own received Him not.” I have spent 25 years of my life trying to get through to them, but just like physicists who reject truth because they have degrees to defend, and funding, and followers who hold them in high esteem are too proud to admit they have been wrong – they would rather kill the messenger than accept the real truth. And so; many perish who wouldn’t have to…


            Thank you for asking, lastman.

            You keep on standing too!


          • Michael the Marine

            Edit to above post:

            I said “matter” when I should have said “point particle” in reference to the electron. We have all seen the pictures of atoms since we were children, with electron “particles” spinning around the nucleus. The picture, and therefore our perceptions are flawed.

            The electron is more like an onion shell; a field which surrounds the nucleus, and each successive shell can exist only in certain dimensions (and not in-between) because there is no such thing as half a wave-length in nature, and the location of each onion shell is determined by integer additions of full wavelengths.

            I hope that made sense. I’m tired, and not looking forward to going under the knife.

          • mohammad

            Quantum mechanics.

          • lastmanstanding

            Standing fast…do the same. Prayers for a blessed result.

          • lastmanstanding

            Thank you as well Mohammad.

            All these rabbit holes to check and still have a life.

          • Michael the Marine

            Well now, what do ya know; here’s an article just posted about the same type of device, which is ALREADY BEEN PROVEN:


            They are using Nickel/Hydrogen in a crystalline (Lattice) form to transmute copper and generate COP 6 energy.

            What a “coincidence”, eh?


      • Heard oveseas

        “It might be their dollar but it’s none of their business”

    • lastmanstanding

      Rodster. Jim Willie said it here a couple weeks ago if I am not mistaken…something to the fact that the Chinese will just write it off and that they were buying gold like a mf to off-set the loss.

      “write it off” means to walk away from it entirely…they may attempt to salvage some of it if the op presents itself but they are prepared to “fagetaboutit”.

      A ballsy, arrogant move toward establishing world reserve money.

      Note that I didn’t say world reserve “currency”.

      As for global collapse…everyone will be on their own. I am far more concerned with local collapse due to the amount of Americans (in my community and in country) that have no clue how to live without money stolen from others.

      • Charles H.


        I wonder if the Chinese would be offered outstanding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac equity, since they aren’t going to get much gold trading hands for the Treasuries. Why the Democrats might even offer them Detroit! Big chunks of soil, and rent to boot. Prime realty on K Street?!?

        • lastmanstanding

          Charles…rumour has it that they are already buying large chunks of detroit for the water.

          I also read somewhere on another blog that China is hauling oil tanker sized vessels full of freshwater from the Great Lakes.

          sorry, don’t have a link. I have been ripping through info on the web for years trying to glean anything that will save my family and friends asses when the dollar collapses. (like everyone here!)

          Catherine Austin Fitts has said that she thinks no wrc status for the Yuan because they don’t have enough water…maybe soon?

          Fannie, Freddie, National Forest land, Glacier, Yosemite, Zion, Yellowstone, Mount Rainer national parks, blm, etc…

          If you were the Chinese, would you lend money to US without some kind of collateral? They are not that stupid, especially when most of it was probably negotiated by Hilly.

          Brother, I just want these bastards gone and to be left the hell alone.

      • Rodster

        That’s one train of thought but there are also those out there like Stockman who think China has and is fudging the numbers and they are doing the same if not worse than Helicopter Ben. There was a report yesterday that shows China has pumped over 15T of liquidity into its Banks while The Fed has issued 4T. Last year alone China pumped 3.6T of cheap money into their system.

        And now this:

        “China Bond Yields Soar To 9 Year Highs As It Launches Crackdown On “Off Balance Sheet” Credit”


        Quote: “And while we are confident Chinese financial geniuses will find ways to bypass this attempt to curb breakneck credit expansion in due course, in the meantime, Chinese liquidity conditions are certain to get far tighter.

        This is precisely the WSJ reported overnight, when it observed that yields on Chinese government debt have soared to their highest levels in nearly nine years amid Beijing’s relentless drive to tighten the monetary spigots in the world’s second-largest economy. “The higher yields on government debt have pushed up borrowing costs broadly, creating obstacles for companies and government agencies looking to tap bond markets. Several Chinese development banks, which have mandates to encourage growth through targeted investments, have had to either scale back borrowing plans or postpone bond sales.”

  3. Rich

    Like the new format. Awesome interview. Great info.

    • Greg

      Audio only was the only way I was going to book him. Stockman’s take on things would be popular and folks would listen just to hear what he has to say. I hope to have him back. Thank you for the comment and support.

  4. Chuck

    Great job Greg! I’ve got an idea on what to do with all these big bank CEO’s. Bound and gag em and toss em through Chief Kessler’s front window at 3:00 a.m.

  5. Agent P

    Like many people who think that we’re going to have another 2008 scenario of deflating asset prices, Mr. Stockman misses a couple of issues. #1. We’ve been there & done that. The political ramifications of another 2008-esque liquidation, combined with what the Fed has already ~Proven~ it is willing to do in order to prevent another such scenario, is proof enough that a robust deflationary episode is Not going to be allowed to happen.

    #2. The level of accumulation of gold by China points to an ‘event’ that could happen at any time – or perhaps, one U.S. foreign policy blunder away. That ‘event’ is the addition (not replacement) of Chinese currency as a viable alternative in global trade. If you really want to get gnarly, here’s a scenario to chew on:

    The Chinese announce they’re going to have an ‘event’. It invites media from all over the globe to attend. On the day of the event, the Chinese government opens its ‘vault’ or ‘vaults’ to show the world its physical gold holdings. Worldwide media is there to verify the holdings, and the Chinese also have on hand inspectors to validate/verify samples of the gold so as to silence any disinformation that might Western media might try to ‘leak’ regarding the veracity of the Chinese gold holdings.

    At the end of the ‘ceremony’, Chinese government officials openly ‘challenge’ the U.S. to do the same…

    Again, a scenario like this is only a foreign policy blunder away, and the Chinese are patiently preparing for just such a ‘blunder’ to rid themselves of $USD ‘hegenomy’ (l like the way PCR pronounces that word…)

    People would be wise to consider that the United States economy – while still the largest per sheer $USD amount, is not the center of the economic universe. We are holding this rickety hulk together by means of coercion, blackmail and outright bullying of nations that show any sign of operating outside the boundaries of $$$Trade that benefit the U.S. Our foreign policy exploits only serve to hasten the day of reckoning so much talked about on programs like this one, but are largely ignored because people falsely believe that we can do anything we want to anybody we wish. Not so. We already found that out in Syria, and we’re going to find it out again, and again, and again, until there is little fear left, and our credibility on the world stage is finished.

  6. Sam

    Greg, love listening to your show I tune in every Sunday night. I really can’t believe how gold is going down like it is. It completely blows my mind. The gold miners are at like 25 year lows it’s amazing.

  7. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,

    Wonderful interview and insightful thoughts from a well credentialed man.

    Stockman’s theory is Asset Deflation which infers Debt destruction.
    There is two sides to the ledger that need to be accounted for. What is also implicated here is what happens when there is not enough collateral to support the debt and asset deflation. The Banks will come “cap in hand” under the pretence of doing great service to all. There is a serious deficiency of collateral IMO. The pain would no doubt be shared by all. This is the path that is least likely to be followed but still quite possible.

    Of course the alternative is the Inflationary angle (which is what I tend to favour). As David mentions, all central banks are engaged in the greatest PONZI scheme ever invented. My reason…the agenda of the FED/ECB/BOJ/PBOC/BOE is to avoid Deflation at all costs. This has been the mantra since the turn of this century. What it implies is further escalation in asset prices and MORE DEBT. Ultimately we have a significant loss of purchasing power and extraordinary debts which can only be defaulted on. A currency reset would result.

    David rightly questions the legitimacy of the indexes (Russell 500) being at PE 75. By standard fundamentals this equates to a previous time in history where pricing doesn’t reflect reality. BUT what is reality in today’s world? For all intents and purposes, unbeknown to us all, PE’s on stocks have an unlimited ceiling. Price is a factor of market conditions. We know full well there doesn’t exist a TRUE market because of the distortions inherent in the system (The FED). Therefore prices can reach (even more) absurd levels (200 x PE for eg.) before there is any concern/adjustment. What we should have had in 2011 didn’t go far enough and now we find ourselves in unchartered territory.

    What is clearly evident is that a move to hard assets (antiques, jewellery, precious stones & art) demonstrates that it is not financial assets that are keenly sought after by the wealthy. These hard assets have no counter party risk and are relatively portable.
    Who has been acquiring these assets and is paying phenomenal prices? The billionaires…..from China!! There is more to the madness that most have missed. It comes across to me as being very, Very strategic. As the Banks in the US have access to zero rate funds, the billionaires out of China are not short of a few TLN RMB. Corruption in the highest places will ensure that the politicians continue to receive funds whilst the wealthy are guaranteed protection and a seat on the board. The cheap/free money idiots on both sides of the Atlantic and in the East have de-stabilised and distorted this world to a point that is beyond recognition.

    The lies being disseminated by the Politicians and the CB’s is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a revolution and a power grab in play. A great shift is upon us.

    Gerald Celente’s recent comments about what was said to him by former Governor Connolly “you haven’t got a clue about what is going on in America” is eerily disturbing.

  8. Allen Ols


    Super interview.

    Jim Rogers interview was asked if he is buying gold. He said no, he is buying sugar which is at all time low, and agriculture. He owns gold , but says gold will go much lower then he will buy it. Found on R T news

    Food reserves are at an all time low.
    I just bought 10 / 50 lb bags of wheat, 10 / 50 lb bags of oatmeal, 5 / 50 lb bags powdered milk and black beans to store in 4 secret locations away from my bug out area, as well as 3 more barrels of non ethanol gas –hidden.

    My strategy is products will be hard to get and I will follow jim willies, and john williams who agree hyper-inflation is coming



    • Ugly


      I hope mice and other rodents know your location is secret too. Hopefully, you put your 50 lb bags in some sealing container that has oxygen absorbers, etc. And they are placed in an area where rodents cannot get to.

      With the purchases as described, you need at least 35 5-gallon buckets that are sealed and have an oxygen obsorber.

      • Allen Ols


        Better yet

        I salvaged 300\ 55 gal. Barrels from food co. And 200 food grade pickle buckets from panera bread–free

        I drill 11\16 hole in lid, pull valve stem /w/silicone up through then add. Food

        I then silicone bung hole caps and underside of lid edge/ seal lid–wait 2 hrs and vacuum air out.

        I check vacuum lid regularly

        My 20 barrels gas is rotated, but recently added pri-g. Stable

        Tks for watching my back


        • Allen Ols

          ……just got 2 shot guns, and. 2. 550 digi nv scopes and won’t mention other hardware

          I have prepped for 10 yrs. And bugout area we have 12 like minded families in 20_30 mile range


          • Ugly

            All I need is the GPS coordinates and I’ll have me a new BOL. Wow, you are ready and I know just how far behind I am. I’ll step it up….

  9. Gregory Reese

    Hello Greg,

    How responsible was Mr. Stockman for the policy of raising social security taxes above what was needed each year and creating the trust fund. The trust fund was a gimmic to give the goverment more monney to spend. It was a way to get everone especially the poor, to pay more taxes.

    • Greg

      Gregory Reese,
      That is a valid point, but please don’t focus on the early 1980’s. Focus on what is coming, and how you can put yourself in the best position possible. Thank you for your comment.

  10. vincentg

    The Fed was dreamed up by big bankers as they were fearful that one day their own bank could fail. It was created to be the lender to save the banks that were the top ten of those days.

    But it was sold to the public that it would make banks safe.

    Why was it created at all? What was the driving force behind this move to come up with some sort of solution to some banking problem?

    Back in those days people were upset because downturns in the economy may cause the very bank they had their money in may fail. Should that happen they would loose their money!

    Most people are not too happy about loosing their life savings.

    So the banks tricked the public into creating the Fed.

    After the Great Depression in order to get people to put their money back into the banks they had to come up with new legislation.
    With so many banks going under few people had any trust in banks at all.
    The solution was to come up with the Glass Steagall Act which did two things. It created a wall between Wall Street and the Banks and it created the FDIC. This created a perfect balance as it minimized the Risk to the FDIC by restricting what banks can do.

    This although created a problem.

    The Glass Steagall Act was a big problem with the Federal Reserve!
    The Fed was designed to lend money to the banks as to bail them out.
    In order to complete this the bank must grow.
    When a business takes on more debt and needs to recover a loss it has to expand it’s operations!

    Glass Steagall prevented the expansion of the big banks and it had to go.

    Thus we have the present day problem.

    Had Congress created the Glass Steagall Act instead of creating the Federal Reserve Act this country would not have had half the problems it has today as that would have been a proper solution to the problems the people experienced.

    But instead the created an Act to protect the big banks and only came up with a proper solution to lure people back to the banks.

    If you really want to fix this problem we have today then remove the Federal Reserve and restore in full the Glass Steagall Act.
    If you don’t do both the banks will just bring us back to were we are today again and again.

  11. RGT

    The fed and crooked wall street banksters have got almost everyone drinking the cool aid like Jim Jones did at Jamestown.
    When the next financial collapse and subsequent bail-ins occur the western world won’t be a very happy place.
    Sadly, the effects could have been diminished had the lunatic central banks and Governments not bailed out the crooks.
    As always, great show Greg. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are helping some of us.

  12. Michael the Marine

    Great wrap up Greg!

    I can’t wait for the next guest to tell us who the enemy is, and WHY they’re the enemy, so we know who to focus our hate on, so we can all offer each other fuel for fire and fear for what we’re all afraid of! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to bring our greatest fears to pass in our lives too!

    Really great job!

    Keep up the good work!

    • On The Beach

      Keep the fear in gear, Mike and never, fear Dr.Smith’s not hear!

  13. Tom

    Stockman is a smart man who knows much more than most. One thing seems clear; this is one big cluster and is unprecendented and no one really knows what the outcome will be except that it will be chaotic. Isn’t a large cash position recommended if deflation is expected? It seems the advice is to get out of stocks, get out of bonds, get out of real estate, but what do you get into? You can’t have all your wealth tied up in gold; you still need to buy groceries, pay the utilities and put gas in the car.

  14. J C Davis

    Thanks for the interview Greg. So many ways to see the future. I am with Rodster. the whole game is rigged. The losers will be those who don’t play the game. Freedom under a moral Republic will soon be a forgotten dream.

  15. art barnes

    Greg, David Stockman, wow, now that guy is in the know, talk about an former insider who is a now a MSM economical whistle blower. Seems they are coming out of the woodwork as of lately. Simply put, the fundamentals don’t lie, and some reasonable patriotic persons who were inside the bubble are coming out of it (bubble/closet) and talking about it. This is the first interview I have to hear twice. Greatly impressed, and I do believe we will be in a deflationary spiral as opposed to inflation as outlined by your learned guest. Thank you and please thank your guest for us out here.

  16. Jerry

    Thanks Greg for having David Stockman on.
    Now one can argue with his credibility if they understand market economics at all.He was the economic architect of the most prosperous time that this country has ever known. In fact Bill Clinton rode his leftover economic coattails through entire administration. So, when he says “The Central Bank is nearing its end game” you’d better listen.

    ” You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”, and that is where we find ourselves now as a nation because people refused to make the hard choices. The collapse in 2009 wasn’t avoided, it was delayed thanks to QE printing. The Chinese live closer to reality than we do, and they have figured out the end game. And what is our government doing? Haggling over how much to raise the debt ceiling next year, Obamacare, and Iran.

    Thanks again Greg, for having someone with the caliber of David Stockman on your site. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

  17. Galaxy 500

    Thanks for bring Stockman back. Deflation is caused when credit and money implode. I see hardship ahead for all.

    • Galaxy 500

      Deflation is a natural systems realignment to.counter act inflation

      • Liquid Motion

        What’s natural about our current system ?
        Its all manufactured, synthetic…false.

  18. Mike Tyrrell

    Re Stockman interview: excellent insight, and bear in mind audio is best anyway because
    its less cost for us listeners via I-phone, etc. (AT&T, Verizon?… Yeesh! All of them are the make!).
    Cheers/Nice work.

  19. Galaxy 500

    Obama snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, surrenders to Iran.

  20. George Silver

    Great interview. Stockman obviously is a person who knows what he’s talking about.

    Stay with the video though Greg. There is a lot to be garnered from facial expressions. Your reaction facially is worth a thousand words even if we can’t see the guest.

    I’m in the deflation camp. I’m also in the precious metal camp.

    Keep them coming.

    • Michael the Marine

      I agree on all your points, except; I like the waving hands too – you can’t really read someone well unless you can see their hands!

      • Liquid Motion

        Just look at their eyes…. they tell the real story.
        I learnt this a long time ago, it hasn’t failed me yet.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Go ‘bama, go ‘bama
    Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy your favorite enemy


  22. Greg

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in a recent interview with King World News said this:
    Dr. Roberts: “A lot of people think of ‘entitlements’ as welfare, but (these) ‘entitlements,’ strictly speaking, are social security and medicare, and both are funded by the payroll tax. They are not unfunded, and they are not welfare. The current payroll tax is 15% of welfare and that goes to fund these programs. These programs are not the problem. For the last 30 years, the federal government has been collecting far more social security revenues than they have paid out in social security benefits — the difference is about $2 trillion.

    So, what happened to this $2 trillion? Is it safely in the bank for social security? No. The Treasury took it and spent it, and stuck in its place non-marketable I.O.U’s. So, what’s in the Social Security Trust Fund is $2 trillion of non-marketable Treasury I.O.U.’s….

    “The only way they can be made good would be either for the tax revenues to go up by $2 trillion, which is not conceivable, or the Treasury has to sell $2 trillion more bonds and use the proceeds to put the money into the Social Security Trust Fund.

    Now, supposedly, when they concocted this scheme the money would be accumulated to cover far-distant years, when it was projected that the payroll tax, at the current rate, would not suffice to pay all of the social security benefits. The real purpose of the scheme, which was cooked up by Alan Greenspan and David Stockman, was to reduce the current budget deficit in order to reassure Wall Street about their bond and stock portfolios.

    Everyone acts like we have all of these ‘freeloaders’ living off of the public. Well, in fact, many aspects (of the United States government), including the federal government’s wars, have been living off of these surplus social security revenues.”

    • Michael the Marine

      There is another way to refund SS & Welfare – eliminate the USAP’s, (hidden black ops projects held outside gov’t view) where $10.1 trillion has “disappeared” over the last few years.

      But then; what are the chances of that?

    • Alex vandenBerg

      Everyone acts like we have all of these ‘freeloaders’ living off of the public. Well, in fact, many aspects (of the United States government), including the federal government’s wars, have been living off of these surplus social security revenues.”——- excellent observation

      • Liquid Motion

        Who are the real leeches ?
        More importantly …Who are the hosts ?

        • Alex vandenBerg

          To be real – the real leeches have already announced themselves. Get ready to laugh! Remember those Hulu commercials? “Because we’re aliens and that’s how we roll.” Hulu: an evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.

          And who are the hosts? We are. Carlos Castaneda, in his work The Active Side of Infinity, elucidated on this “Force” and its modus operandi when he wrote,

          “He said that this narrow fringe of awareness was the epicenter of self-reflection, where man was irremediably caught. By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns.”

          Remember this—All truth goes through three stages:

          1. First it is ridiculed

          2. Next, it is violently opposed

          3. And finally, it is accepted as self-evident

  23. Pat

    Greg, Awesome interview. Very practical & realistic scenarios have been laid out. Thank you for all that you do!

  24. FarmerDon

    Have David Stockman’s book “the great deformation” on audio mp3, Would recommend this version most, since the book is very dense.

  25. vincentg

    After hearing it once more the question of big banks failing – this will not happen.

    Anything after the top 6 or so banks can fail as there would be need for banks to fail so the bigger banks can take them over.

    The Fed was designed to make sure the biggest share holders do not fail!
    And they will not fail.
    If need be they will shut down the banking system for how ever long it takes to figure out how to keep them alive.

    What you can expect is a slow bumpy ride down.
    Not a big event but many small events over time.

    Unless the Fed is stopped they will do what they need to do to keep the Major top 5 Banks alive. But over time there will be only 5 banks left and 5 will become 4 and 4 will become 3.

    This ends when there is only one bank left.

  26. Rodster

    David Stockman is 100% correct. Everyone one is on the same page with regards to Central Banking. 😉

    From Zero Hedge:

    “Chart Of The Day: How China’s Stunning $15 Trillion In New Liquidity Blew Bernanke’s QE Out Of The Water”


    “In the past five years the total assets on US bank books have risen by a paltry $2.1 trillion while over the same period, Chinese bank assets have exploded by an unprecedented $15.4 trillion hitting a gargantuan CNY147 trillion or an epic $24 trillion – some two and a half times the GDP of China!

    Putting the rate of change in perspective, while the Fed was actively pumping $85 billion per month into US banks for a total of $1 trillion each year, in just the trailing 12 months ended September 30, Chinese bank assets grew by a mind-blowing $3.6 trillion!”

  27. Alex vandenBerg

    This just out of ZeroHedge—

    China’s liquidity injections juxtaposed against the backdrop of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program.


    Question: Why are all these central banks operating so irresponsibly?
    What is the end game?

    Answer: flash back to the cover of The Economist (01/09/88) vol. 306:


    Then look to this picture that shows the end of the “Closing Ceremonies” (London Olympics) ps- also note how the stadium is surrounded by illuminated pyramids (look on the back of the dollar bill)


    Lastly, take a look at the mural inside the headquarters of the United Nations:


    Question: Could it be anymore obvious what the Elite are trying to tell us?

  28. Alex vandenBerg

    Two additional stories (monumental) getting little if any press (at least in the United States):

    1. UN Climate Summit Reaches Deal for Radical Treaty by 2015:


    2. Communism rising in Latin America (and all around us):


    Again, light is the best disinfectant.

    • Michael the Marine

      When the light that is within you is darkness; How GREAT is THAT DARKNESS!

      • Alex vandenBerg

        The irony is so palpable you could cut it with a knife. It’s also interesting to come across people who prefer to engage in ad hominem style argumentation instead of addressing the facts underlying information. Bellicosity speaks volumes without uttering a word.

        • Michael the Marine

          I don’t argue. I state the truth.

          You argue against what God STATES. That puts YOU on the losing side; 100% Certainty; end of story.

          Your religion is worse than most; secular-humanistic-carnal-excrement. According to God’s Word, crap like that should be buried, heh heh heh, and covered up too.

          Heh heh heh,

          • Alex vandenBerg


            You just proved my point without even realizing it. Ad hominem (abusive) style argumentation is a type of reasoning in which a claim is rejected by attacking the opponent’s character. Instead of addressing the substance of information put forth, you relish in attacking the person who is putting it forth. Quite frankly- sad and immature. In addition, the mean spirited, dark, aggressive nature of your attacks is anything but pure. In a word it is belligerent. Lastly, we have more irony. Your replies are literally riddled with ego- the very thing that blocks a connection with the Spirit within.

      • mohammad

        Profound Michael, profound!

  29. Paul T

    I think we’re gonna have hyperinflation in currency and deflation in real money (gold and silver). I think dollars will buy you less and gold and silver per ounce will buy you more.

  30. Rebecca

    Greg, I sincerely hope you will answer my question.
    I also welcome the comments of others who post on this site.
    I do not understand the principles of economics.
    That said, even a small town grandma can comprehend when her country is in an economic crisis.
    But my question …

    Is it possible that the economic/financial collapse that everyone is expecting has actually occurred already (2008/09) and that we are witnessing today is a just a facade?

    Let me state another way: The collapse has occurred and we are witnessing “theatrics” while behind the curtain the “financial wizards” are putting the last pieces in place to abruptly end the play acting and introduce the “new world currency”?

    Thank you, Greg.

    To Alex: great links!

    • Greg

      You said, “Is it possible that the economic/financial collapse that everyone is expecting has actually occurred already (2008/09) and that we are witnessing today is a just a façade?” The answer is yes. This is why the fed has bee printing money with QE’s or money printing since the meltdown of 2008. Used to be the Fed could stimulate the economy for 6 to 9 months and stop. We’ve stared our 6th year of 0% interest rates, QE and phony accounting since 2009. What kind of economy do we have? One that would implode the second they hint at taking their foot off the gas just a little. Greg Mannarino said, “2008 was a party over moment, what we see now are the side effects and they are terminal.” They just bought time for the last few years because they never tried to fix the system. The fix would include bankruptcy and debt write downs and Wall Street wasn’t going to take a loss. I hope this helps you.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Greg.

      • Liquid Motion

        Better get used to the boom bust economy.
        Zero interest rates are a factor since 2001…the recession …then Greenspan…..with his monetary stimulus…..then housing , stock market bubbles….sound familiar….we are living it again. What was that movie with Bill Murray….oh yeah…Groundhog Day.
        The next scene is ….bankruptcy…followed by solvency and liquidity issues….stock market and housing corrections then RESET.
        The alarm goes off and we start the day afresh. Frustrating as hell.

    • mohammad


      It is clear that the powers spearheading towards NWO after they flushed the system with sacrificing Lehman brothers are in factional fight right now, i.e. the more we approach the end game the more the fissures in between those elites is obvious.
      Even if you go with what Karen Hudes was saying that they are in cahoot but you can sense the in fight among them.
      Eventually they will strike an agreement at our expense, so far almost every one is talking about bit coins, it appears to me it will play a significant role once the great leveling takes place and we move to digital money.

      Jim Sinclair put those phases elegantly into:

      The Great Flushing 2008 – took place with the forced bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers that guaranteed an eventual and total meltdown of the legacy OTC derivative fraud (which is still to come) as the means of the following;

      The Great Leveling 2014-2016 – is coming which will eliminate the Middle Class. Main Street is already eliminated.

      The Great Reset 2016-2020 – will come as a product of the BRICS which the West will first oppose then adopt as their own idea.


      I hope that helps.

    • Alex vandenBerg

      Thanks Rebecca! I appreciate you taking the time to peruse my post.

    • Ugly


      It is like this. The meltdown started after 911 and finally collapsed 2007-2008. They are printing money not to save us or our economy, but they are printing to save themselves. They are printing ‘monopoly’ money and using it to create wealth for themselves, such as ‘investment groups’ that purchase farm ground.

      To put it into Economics 101 terms, we are no longer manufacturing ‘widgets’ and selling them. We are manufacturing ‘debt’ and selling ‘debt’ until the game ends. And it will end relatively soon.

  31. Mike R in Chicago

    There is going to be both rapid inflation and simultaneous deflation, and most importantly it is going to be defined by the services or products or assets.

    Anything that is a hard asset pinned down to the US, such as your house, commercial buildings, real estate, which is mostly all funded via debt, and leveraged several times over will deflate big time.

    Services that are bound by our borders, such as health care, and college education will continue their already unprecedented hyperinflationary pathway.

    Products like Tvs or other small electronic appliances, or high technology, will probably continue on a disinflationary path, which is not the same as deflation. Wages will continue in a deflationary spiral, as technology and robots take over more and more jobs.

    Food will experience hyperinflationary aspects, as well most energy sources, like oil, natural gas, and uranium.

    Dollars will continue to be debased, which will translate to more dollars needed for equivalent purchasing power from prior years, but this in of itself is not going to become hyperinflationary.

    Lastly, there is no way a countries currency can become a “reserve” currency unless it is importing substantially more than it is exporting. So don’t plan on any currency like China’s yuan to become a reserve currency anytime soon. They have to stay a net exporter to prevent every citizen from falling backward standard of living wise, and have a still ungodly number of people living in an agrarian poverty level culture. Like more than half a billion. India is in the same boat as china, but probably worse.

    It’s far too simplistic to speak as a financial economy as either going into hyperinflation or pure deflation. Japan is the closest thing to a deflationary environment, but it stil doesn’t cut across everything. Fuel, energy, food for Japan are all increasing at an alarming pace.

    Very small countries, with minimal currency, can experience hyperinflation very easily. our country having the benefit of a reserve currency, and continuing to import way more than we export, is not going to go into a pure hyperinflationary environment anytime soon. There are many smart people who would beg to differ, but I guarantee you right now, there is no way, no how we will have hyperinflation in 2014 as John Williams of shadow stats proclaims. And it won’t be in 2015, or likely the rest of the 21st century.

    Gold is continuing to reflect that reality, and even with continued easing, we are a long way from any of that financial digital I’s and O’s currently called bank reserves at your banks, being lent out into the greater economy.

    It’s just really too bad people just don’t get what constitutes inflation, hyperinflation, deflation , or disinflation, and how those can be applied to our world economy. For al intents folks it’s a waste of time arguing it, or worrying about any of it.

    Rather than bug out bags, or stockpiling food, what everyone ought to be thinking about is all of the missed opportunities where wealth can still be made here, significant income can be accrued, and your time can be spent producing much more, while working fewer hours. Gold is not going to save you. Getting out of the system is not going to save you. Bullets or arms will not protect you, as if it comes to that point, where civil unrest truly breaks out in any type of mass event, the odds are low that what will be left, will be anything you’d actually want to live in or even desire to make a living.

    The odds are much higher, that our economy will muddle along, with various millions of people sucking off government handouts, while others are in the “middle” and an increasing number of millionaires, and billionaires will continue to come into existence.

    I’m also not saying David stockman is wrong, but what he says is only one persons view, attempting to make sense of, and predict, the behaviors of more than 7 billion people on the planet. What do you think are the odds that any one person has it right ? There may be truth or some grains of it in stockmans message. Same with John williams of shadow stats. To attempt to predict or prepare or boil it down to one simplistic message is going to drive each of you insane. Live your life. Live it today. Stop wasting it by thinking abut these things too much. Do your jobs. Pay attention to and love your family. Be in the moment, and don’t spend so damn much time trying to predict or prepare for some future that all the doomsayers are forecasting.

    I’m 52 folks, and been around plenty long enough, as have my folks, and grandparents whove lived very long lives to realize many people before us worried about very similar things, or even worse, but 99% of it never came to pass.

    • Allen Ols

      Mike r chicago

      We dissagree

      I feel those in greece getting hiv on purpose so as to get 700 aeros and front line health care
      And the new prostitutes to feed family.

      And the 459 french farmers who killed themselves, or thoes comitting suicide in italy

      Or millions w/o work in usa in tent cities

      Will also dissagree as well


    • Michael the Marine

      In support of Mike R, I have a few REALITY THOUGHTS to share with you. But don’t be afraid – just read the entire post before coming to any conclusions.

      There is virus which has been loosed on humanity and it was engineered to destroy everyone who catches it. Its main effects are upon the human brain. This viral agent cannot live outside of a human host, neither can it reproduce by itself – it can reproduce only by invading a human host and hijacking your cells for its own purposes. Most viral agents are caught and also reproduce in this same way. There is no drug that has any effect on this virus, the only way to survive it is for the person’s own immune system to overcome it. This virus lives only in human beings. Each person can learn how to spot it, by the symptoms it produces in its carriers. Most carriers, not unlike Typhoid Mary have no idea they are infected, and no idea they are infecting others – so don’t blame them; rather, educate yourselves so you do not succumb to this very deadly disease. It is a terrible disease, destroying individuals, whole homes, even destroying companies, causing them who are infected to do very unnatural things.

      The name of this viral infection…?


      Now read this post again, knowing what fear really is, and see that I did describe it exactly as it is. The only difference is that it’s a spiritual disease, not a physical one, but its effects are most certainly PHYSICAL as well as psychological too.

      The antidote is available, and you should immediately upon perceiving this disease in another person, administer the antidote to them in a heavy dose. The antidote is…


      Have a great day, and thank you Mike R for your very timely and hopeful comments – I really needed to hear that, here.


    • Alex vandenBerg

      Mike R,

      Thank you Mike for this post. I found it to be very thought provoking. In the end, I think a lot of your points are on target. In addition, I love this line:

      “Be in the moment, and don’t spend so damn much time trying to predict or prepare for some future that all the doomsayers are forecasting.”

    • Liquid Motion

      Mike R
      Some very humbling words.
      Agree that time is precious and we should be more optimistic.
      Hard to face reality sometimes….even more…it can become depressing…esp. for those who are out of work. can’t get work and struggle day to day.
      Sure we ultimately get through these periods, but not without suffering. I think that’s what most people who are affected, fear most. The fact that they have suffered and know that there is limited scope for improvement.
      Peace and Godspeed to all.

    • Ugly

      Mike r in Chicago.

      Your view is pretty much a ‘simpleton’ and what many Americans are already doing. Since the 1870s, there have been many collapses of countries where millions have died. We The People ignore that stuff as long as it does not affect Me. Our day is coming.

  32. Malcolm C

    David Stockman is the smartest man in the room. Ignore him at your peril.

  33. Allen Ols

    Mike R. Chicago

    Google The organic prepper. And read article—what does it mean to prepare for economic collapse

    Then get back to me. Ok


  34. mohammad


    This is important and goes along what you have said earlier in a reply to my post that Saudi Arabia did not buy all those weapons just to rust in the desert rather they intend to use them, so a credit goes to your accurate reading of the events:

    From the Telegraph

    “Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own
    Saudi Arabia claims they were kept in the dark by Western allies over Iran nuclear deal and says it will strike out on its own”

    On the other hand I maintain to say that Israel’s plan is working like a charm and they will get Saudi Arabia grilled in this coming war!

    Like what you have said Greg It does not matter any more what the reason is but we should embrace ourselves for a coming war!

    • Greg

      This is not just Israel but most of the Sunni Arab world. This is very scary. I would not be surprised it Saudi Arabia allows Israeli jets and launchers to operate from within the Kingdom if and when an attack occurs by both parties. This is an OMG moment!! Never underestimate Iran and they might attack first if it feels threatened. They said they would about a year ago. Thank you for the link and comment!!

  35. Jerry

    I can’t say it any better than Greg put it, but to add to it I can only say that the economic collapse that is coming is on a global scale. Never in recorded history has something like this ever happened before. When it happens, it will bring down many world governments and throw our economy into total chaos. Predictions are worthless at this point because no one really knows what is going to happen. You cannot apply the principles of the great depression here, because at that time, we were not an import nation like we are now, and most people did not live in the cities like they do now. But I can tell you this. DHS didn’t buy 2.5 Billion rounds of ammo and 2700 urban assault vehicles for nothing. Our government knows this is going to happen. They just haven’t told the American people yet. In my opinion, its to late to save the country because most people are either are oblivious to the facts, or don’t care. Save yourself and your family by preparing now. It is very clear to me and others, that China and the rest of the world is tired of carrying our debt. They are beginning to realize that we are in a debt bubble we can’t get out of, and will probably never pay back our debt. Once China has placed their new exchange system in place the first part of next year, they will pull the rug out from under us, and it will be game over.

    • Rebecca

      Thank you, Jerry!

  36. Michael the Marine

    How the Gold “Fix” works…


    “Every business day in London, five banks meet to set the price of gold in a ritual that dates back to 1919. Now, dealers and economists say knowledge gleaned on those calls could give some traders an unfair advantage when buying and selling the precious metal.”

  37. Alex vandenBerg

    Since there appears to many comments on this site that mainstream analysts would pejoratively term “conspiracy theories”, I think a word on this hot topic are in order.

    Cambridge University is apparently conducting a “study” entitled “Conspiracy and Democracy”. A good article on this can be found below:


    What is not mentioned in the article and of course will not be mentioned by the Cambridge “study” is the conclusion of another study on “conspiracy theories”. An article on the latter can be found below:


  38. Chip

    Another great interview Greg. Thanks…

  39. Glen

    Absolutely wonderful interview. Mr Stockman is the man.

    • Greg

      Thank you Glen. It took me 6 months to book him and it was worth the wait!!

  40. Alex vandenBerg

    Enlightening interview with Vivian Kubrick (daughter of Stanley Kubrick)on her and her father’s view of what’s transpiring in our world today.


    Notice the word she uses over and over again to describe the real problem underlying everything you’re seeing in economics, politics, and other arenas— “insanity”.

  41. Alex vandenBerg

    Incredible! As if laying the infrastructure for a global bail-in policy wasn’t enough, there now seems to be a trend to lay the groundwork for charging depositors! We’ve already seen this suggested by the EU technocrats. Now, we’re seeing it in the latest release by the FOMC.


  42. Alex vandenBerg

    Israel charged with war crimes and genocide—-


  43. nm

    Mike R:

    You raise some very interesting point, but I had a question about importing vs. exporting. Isn’t it better to be a net exporter than a net importer? Exporting denotes production. It means you’re making goods that other people in the world want and they’re buying them and that’s how countries become wealthy.

    The other interesting point you made is the following:
    “what everyone ought to be thinking about is all of the missed opportunities where wealth can still be made here, significant income can be accrued, and your time can be spent producing much more, while working fewer hours”

    I’ve been scratching my head trying to think of opportunities where money can be made, but haven’t been able to come up with one idea. Also, many people like myself don’t have the capital to start anything. So, do you have any practical suggestions? I do agree with you that wasting time on doomsday predictions will turn you into a do nothing sort of person and you’ll just be left even further behind.

    I lived in a 3rd world country and I saw people who gave up too early and when the economy picked up again (after the dictator was removed) they had nothing; those that decided to keep trying even in doom times reaped the rewards; 20 years later but their patience and foresight paid off.

  44. Alex vandenBerg

    Dovetailing with the previous post on Vivian Kubrick we have this from Chief Arvol Looking Horse:

    “disease of the mind has set in World Leaders”


  45. Alex vandenBerg

    To defeat our “enemy” we must understand it. Below is a solid analysis of a movie of, for, and by the Occult Elite: Metropolis.


    • mohammad

      To defeat the enemy we have to attach to god, this is the only way we can get protection, we cannot do it on our own. they are more organized, equipped with black dark stuff that only god can protect us from.
      Here I can say I found (from my side at least) a common ground with Michael, If you are christian i will recommend listening and thinking of what he says here, he is got some points.
      A crucial factor is not allowing the darkness to get into our hearts through their films, songs, …… etc.
      They are helpless if we do not get played.
      They cannot do any thing if we do not allow them in.
      That is a key and i always remind myself that one candle can kill a whole lot of darkness, light comes from god.
      He is our savior otherwise we are doomed and we will fall easy pray to them.

      • Michael the Marine

        He is no Christian mohammad, and there is nothing noble about talking with Satan, he will not do anything but deceive you. You should give him all the attention he deserves: NONE. This one is accursed – steer clear. The future for him is the same as his NOW: chains of darkness that are unbreakable. Best you do as God has done: leave him ALONE. His aim is for your soul. Don’t entertain him. Walk away my friend.

        I don’t care what anyone else thinks; if Greg had the discernment to recognize what spirit this one has given himself over to he would ban this “man” for life.


        • Alex vandenBerg

          Don’t worry Mohammad– I’m going to walk away myself.

          And to anyone else who is reading this– remember the words of Michael the Marine:

          “I don’t care what anyone else thinks”

          Truly a holy warrior…

          • Michael the Marine

            “Truly a holy warrior…” you said it, but even when you do speak what is truth you twist it with your evil intent to try and make truth do evil. Just as you did with Christ Jesus; But He didn’t fall for it, and neither shall I.

            So go ahead and pretend to be a martyr, and while you “throw a hand-grenade” behind you, as you leave; let everyone see how insincere you are; through and through; always Ill-Will, and Ill-Intent, because YOU are Pure Evil; the father of lies.

            Now slither away, you lost your legs the First time around and now you shall lose everything, even what you only thought you had, for here is the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ:

            “ALL Souls are Mine” and “I AM The Resurrection and the Life.”


          • Michael the Marine

            Yes, remember my words AND the complete thought in which they appeared:

            “I don’t care what anyone else thinks; if Greg had the discernment to recognize what spirit this one has given himself over to he would ban this “man” for life.”

            For if I didn’t care what anyone thought, why then would I continually lead you who believe in Christ back to the word of Christ, which is Truth? Yes, out of deception (wrong thoughts), back into the Truth (What God speaks; His Word, His only begotten Son).

            And ALL who hear the truth will also hear this:
            “Come out of her (Baby lon) My people!” says the Lord.


      • Alex vandenBerg


        Thank you for replying and being respectful and polite. We are on the same page but speaking a different language.

        You wrote:

        “To defeat the enemy we have to attach to god, this is the only way we can get protection, we cannot do it on our own.”

        Agreed. I just use different words.

        Then you wrote:

        “…i will recommend listening and thinking of what he says here, he is got some points. A crucial factor is not allowing the darkness to get into our hearts through their films, songs, …… etc.”

        I guess you weren’t listening to me. Because that is exactly what I have been writing. In fact, the website I directed your attention to is completely devoted to just that.


        “They are helpless if we do not get played. They cannot do any thing if we do not allow them in.”

        Agreed. And who are they? The Forces of Darkness, demons, – psychic impulses- foreboding temptations, etc—- working through their administrators — The Occult Elite and their administrators— (Bilderberg, CFR, RIIA, Trilateral, etc.)


        “That is a key and i always remind myself that one candle can kill a whole lot of darkness, light comes from god.”

        Again, we are on common ground to use your words. Just splitting semantics.

        • Michael the Marine

          No, not at all the same or common ground.

          You slither in with subtlety; in darkness, but your INTENT is pure evil and you constantly deceive with your feigned innocence – but your own mind is consumed with guilt, and its stench precedes you. Only you can quote the Scripture and make a lie, because your intent is to use everything to trick and deceive and thereby destroy, making man share the guilt that is yours alone.

          On the other hand, mohammad is responsive to the truth; and he knows the assurance of Hope which is the very Spirit of his Father God drawing him to the place of redemption.

          Nope; no common ground whatsoever.

          Now take your “man is god” ideology with you as you leave, and may The Door give you a swift kick in the ass as you exit.

          He who receives me receives Him who sent me. Everyone who enters this Day that the Lord has made shall never see nightfall again, and you are left behind Satan, you alone, and in your darkness.

  46. JC Davis

    Greg you know your old when you like jeopardy more then main stream media. I eagerly await your response….do it Just us.

  47. Alex vandenBerg

    On this site and others there has been increased mention of the “End Times” and “The Anti-Christ”. Given that, I think it’s important we take into account the following.

    The course of our religious, and to a large degree psychic history, could have been predicted more or less accurately (time and content)from the precession of the equinoxes through the constellation of Pisces. Dr. Carl Jung writes,

    “The coming of the “Anti-Christ” is not just a prophetic prediction- it is an inexorable psychological law whose existence, though unknown to the author of the Johannine Epistles, brought him a sure knowledge of the impending enantiodromia.” Aion p. 43

    The “Anti-Christ” to Jung was not an anthropomorphic force or Evil personified. Rather, it was the inevitable by-product of a psychic split within man. In other words, a state of mind.

    This state of mind has produced all the abnormalities we see festering in the world today. Dr. Jung states,

    “The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.” Aion p. 71

    In addition to the above, I feel it is important to ponder the words of James Redfield (The Tenth Insight):

    “It didn’t work because we didn’t have all the information. Everyone was visualizing from Fear…” p. 168

    “….or worse, might believe the literal interpreters of the end-times prophecy and begin to think the coming future was beyond their influence and therefore give up completely.” p. 202

    “If we decide that the Scriptures mean that the destruction of the world is inevitable, written unalterably into God’s plan, the effect of such a belief would be to create this very outcome.” p. 204

    “By then the last attempts of the controllers, who had once conspired to create a tyrannical society of chips and robots and forced compliance, would have been won over by the contagion of awakening……We saw clearly that through this Middle Eastern dialogue of energy integration, history had fulfilled the scriptural prophecies in a Symbolic and Verbal manner, avoiding the physical apocalypse expected by the literalists.” p. 212

    Lastly, we should superimpose all of this against the backdrop of quantum physics. Based on the observer principle, it isn’t seeing is believing; rather, it’s believing is seeing.

    So what version of the Book of Revelation do you believe?

    • Michael the Marine

      Hell hath no fury, as a….

      Heh heh heh,

    • Michael the Marine

      You won’t deceive Rebecca with your “apples” Satan; she belongs to the Lord; heh heh heh, and you’re out of time.


      • Alex vandenBerg

        You can’t see the forest for the trees. Too bad…

        • Michael the Marine

          I see the forest just fine, and the trees too, I even see and smell the subtle *serpent whom you are, and there is no more a place for you –.

          Genesis 3:1
          *”Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he (the serpent) said unto the woman…”

  48. Al

    I’d love to be able to download the audio version of these awesome interviews.

  49. Alex vandenBerg


    Who needs Iran for WW3? When you get a chance, you might want to take a look at the powder keg that is brewing along the most dangerous geo-strategic fault line in the world: the Pacific Rim.

    Just days after China announced “a new defense zone” Amerika flew B-52’s over the disputed territory.

    Two articles on the escalating tensions can be found below:



  50. Andrew

    For those of you argue possible economic outcomes based on biblical prophecy read:

    Revelations 6:6 (NIV) Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

    It sounds like hyperinflation to me. Lets say you earn a middle class wage of $30.00 an hour times 8 hours for a days work. A days wages $240.00 to purchase 2 lbs of flour. The smallest bag of flour listed online at Walmart is $2.46 for 4.25 lbs. That looks like hyperinflation and fits past historical examples.

    Walmart listing as of 11/26/2013:

    • Alex vandenBerg

      You are interpreting symbols literally. Symbols are of, and related to the psyche. That is a simple fact of science. They are products of our unconscious mind and seek to restore balance via dreams.

      No one ever sat down and came up with the symbol of the cross or the serpent. Nor did they make their first appearance in the Book of Genesis. These symbols were around for thousands of years before the birth of Christianity. In fact, for the first time EVER in the Book of Genesis – the serpent is branded as the Devil.

      Jeremy Narby writes,

      “but for the first time, the serpent, “who had been revered in the Levant for at least seven thousand years before the composition of the Book of Genesis”, plays the part of the villain.” (The Cosmic Serpent, p. 65)

      Is it true that there is some history thrown into the Bible along with other tantalizing tidbits? Of course. But the point is that to interpret symbols literally misses the mark. Symbols are the minds way of re-connecting with the lost language of our instincts and should be interpreted as such.

      Joseph Campbell writes,

      “It is one of the great lessons of our study that for the vulgar, ill- or uninstructed mind, myths tend to become history…..whereas when any of the great mythic imageries comes to be read as poetry, as art, as a vehicle not of empirical information but experience…..we find a message of accord, which, in brief, is that of the living God, who is not apart, but within all and of no definition.” (Occidental Mythology, p. 516)

  51. Brian Thomas

    I never did hear the fed tell us who is getting all that fake money i just remember them saying “were going to do whatever the %×*% we want and thats that!” Other than that does anyone actually have the first clue or proof of where the money IS going?

  52. Jerry

    I hate to disagree with you, but a vast majority of our social problems lye with behaviorism taught by such people as Carl Jung whose philosophies permeate throughout our entire culture. Not religious theory. As a matter of a fact, I think if you look a little closer to religious teachings you will find that many of them are right on tract with what is happening right now.
    1. Jews returning to Israel – done
    2. U.S. Constitution hanging by a tread – done
    3. Armies of the world being draw into the middle east for a final battle- in the process of being done.
    These are just a few. Some may say, “well they said it was going to happen before and it didn’t”. I say, they didn’t have a global economy and nuclear weapons before either.

    There are a lot of similarities of Bible prophecy and what is happening now. Many people laughed at Noah and called him a crackpot right up to the time they drowned while pleading for him to let them in the Arc. I will admit human behavior is somewhat predictable. Its easier to deny the truth and see what you what to see, than deal with reality and prepare.

    • Michael the Marine


      Please lookup “battle of armageddon” in the bible. You won’t find it there. You WILL find it in the teachings of churchianity who have long since departed from God’s Word, who IS Jesus. They have replaced Jesus with their own words and religious philosophy. They don’t know what they do because they are deluded and deceived, and deceiving others – just as God said they would.

      Armageddon is the Valley of DECISION. There is no battle there, and the bible never says there is. Stop listening to deceivers and listen to Jesus; the word of God! Remember what He says in Matthew “Take heed, (TO HIM!) lest any man deceive you.”

      Return to the Word of God and follow Him alone, that is the only way out of deception; abiding IN God’s Word who is Jesus Christ and the Truth. “IF you abide in Me” Jesus says; “THEN you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” Those who don’t abide in God’s word don’t abide in the truth and are not free, but are in Bondage to lies, because they will not receive Jesus as He is.


    • Alex vandenBerg

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for your response. I have some minor quibbles…

      Dr. Jung was not a philosopher; he was a psychologist. In fact, he refused to speculate philosophically on things that empiricism could not bore out. And not the empiricism of “mainstream science”. That kind of empiricism is too focalized– and too much focalization leads to blind spots.

      In addition, the kind of “behaviorism” that we see proliferating around us is exactly what Dr. Jung tried to highlight the dangers of. His life work was devoted to healing the human condition and thereby preventing the kind of thermo-nuclear bloodbath you have intimated. And his work was not based on behavioral theory, but the facts of science borne out through observation, study, and experimentation.

      With regard to your notion that we are seeing “It” unfold– let me throw in some more—

      -mass animal deaths,
      -earthquakes, floods, hurricanes
      -a cashless system in the making
      -the placing of biometric ID’s around children’ necks — with implantation already being done

      I could go on, but I won’t. The point I am trying to convey is best encapsulated within the quote already cited:

      “If we decide that the Scriptures mean that the destruction of the world is inevitable, written unalterably into God’s plan, the effect of such a belief would be to create this very outcome.” (The Tenth Insight, p. 204)

  53. Alex vandenBerg


    Just wanted to say that it was nice talking with you. Thanks for your insight and conciliatory remarks. You sound like an intelligent, beautiful person. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

    Respectfully yours,
    Alex vandenBerg

  54. todomiguelunamuno

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts
    as long as I provide credit and sources back
    to your site? My website is in the very same niche as
    yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here.

    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Give credit and no problem. Giving credit makes you stronger as a journalist. Thank you for asking and Merry Christmas.

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