Bubbles are Everywhere in Franken Markets-Chris Martenson

Chris MartensonBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says “bubbles are everywhere,” and it’s the fault of central banks.  Martenson explains, “Italian 10-year debt is trading with a lower yield than 10-year U.S. debt.  That’s because the European Central Bank (ECB) has created a massive bubble in the bond market. . . . We’ve got housing bubbles all over the globe in Australia, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, London and you name it.  This is simple because, and there is no mystery about it, the central banks have printed lots and lots of money, trillions and trillions, and people have gone out and bought things with all that money, and it has driven up the prices of things.  That’s what the Fed wanted to accomplish.  The only problem is when the Fed does, this they want to say, hey look, record high stock prices.  Hey look, record high bond prices, as if this is a win for everybody and it’s not.  There’s a lot of losers in that story.”

Martenson adds, “When you add up the losers in this story, it’s extraordinary. . . . I can point to the trillions of dollars of losses to savers, pensions, endowments and life insurance companies. You pick it, and I can show you trillions of losses in these categories.  By the way, that’s about 99% of the people out there.  . . . They have created this extraordinary pool of losers.  Grandma got thrown under the bus.  Fixed income people were thrown under the bus.  Anybody who is trying to live on a middle income or even upper income salary was thrown under the bus.  Let’s be really clear, the Fed did not do this to create jobs, they did this to pick some winners.  Who are the winners?  They are the big banks, the speculators and the people who own the financial assets the Fed and other central banks bid up that are already super wealthy.  The Fed and Janet Yellen are out there trying to pretend they have no clue how the super wealthy got wealthier.”

Martenson says the Fed may be on the brink of losing control. Martenson contends, “The Fed is afraid of these markets because the Fed has created Franken markets.  These markets are deeply in nose blead territory right now.  Most people wouldn’t know this, but the earnings on the S&P are about where they were in 2011, but the market is vastly higher.  It’s a really, really expensive market.  The bond markets are over the top.  They are just extraordinary in their bubble territory. . . . Housing is also way deep into bubble territory, and we are seeing that in all kinds of different markets.  This story has always ended the same way.  The only thing holding this market together is the people’s belief that the Fed will not stop doing what they are doing.  That is a reasonably good bet because the Fed is stuck.  On one end, if they stop blowing these bubbles up, they collapse. . . . When these markets collapse, it will be the most damaging bubble bursting that anybody alive has ever seen.  We are in crazy territory thanks to the Fed, and people should be paying attention what is happening because they have created a really dangerous set of circumstances.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Chris Martenson, the founder and creator of PeakProsperity.com.

(There is more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. john duffy

    Hey Gina: This is for you.
    Are you SERIOUSLY ‘Ready for Hillary’?!

    • Paul ...

      John … We fought WWII so that “never again” would we have leaders that would “gas women and children” … http://nsnbc.me/2013/10/07/top-us-and-saudi-officials-responsible-for-chemical-weapons-in-syria/

      Guess who got a big donation to her Charitable Trust (from the Saudi”s) to ship 281 barrels of Saran Gas from Benghazi to Syria? … that’s enough “poison gas” to kill the entire population of Syria (men, women and children) … the political and military responsibility lie at the feet of our “Nobel Price Peace Winner” (Obama) his “Pay to Play” Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) and the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff!!

      Does this count as one tangible achievement for Hillary as Sec. of State???

      • Paul ...

        Was that six(6) billion dollars that disappeared from the State Department a donation to Hillary’s Charity??

        • Frederick

          That was trillion with a “t” Paul I believe

        • Paul ...

          Once Hillary is President and Chicago (or some other city) explodes (because Black Lives Matter) … will Hillary ship some Saran Gas to Chicago the way she did to Syria?? … blacks will likely protest such action … but at that point Hillary will likely hold a news conference and tell the MSM: So what’s the big problem gassing Syrians, Blacks, etc. … what difference does it make anyway!! … and the MSM rise to their feet and give her a standing ovation and many rounds of applause … showing their agreement 100% by chanting USA, USA, USA (United Snakes of America)!!

  2. Stan

    Hi Greg,
    I live in Los Angeles and if you ever want to see the effects of
    the Feds misguided policies just head to the north end of
    downtown Los Angeles and see the tent cities that have sprung
    up. This is an example of how displaced former working Americans
    have fallen. After listening to your guests and seeing with my own
    eyes what has happened since the Fed instituted these stupid policies,
    I have come to the conclusion that when the asset bubbles begin to pop
    a whole lot of people are going to really suffer.

    • frederick

      If people are of retirement age and without work living outside the US is an affordable option Central America is alittle too third world for me but there are good alternatives Better than camping out in a tent

  3. coalburner

    Great interview. I especially liked his reminder: “We all need a buy list”. Of course it may be a long wait to time to buy. And a longer wait to sell time.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!
    This is truly a global conspiracy.

    House prices in Melbiurne are insane. The banks have claimed that the lending criteria has tightened, yet people are borrowing huge numbers.

    The mean price of residential dwellings in Australia was AU$612,200 (US$429,734) in September 2015, up 10.2% from the same period last year, according to the ABS.

    I live in Melbourne and check out some statics below, sorry it’s long but I want highlight this point of insanity.
    Auctions are like a shark feeding frenzy.

    Top 10 Melbourne suburbs for property price growth.

    – Top 10 growth suburbs in Melbourne –
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Box Hill – $1,270,000 – 42.4%
    St Kilda East – $1,200,000 – 42.0%
    Ashwood – $1,112,000 – 39.9%
    Mont Albert North – $1,360,000 – 39.8%
    Mount Waverley – $1,280,000 – 37.6%
    Burwood – $1,163,000 – 37.5%
    Heidelberg – $1,065,000 – 36.9%
    Doncaster – $1,257,500 – 36.7%
    Bulleen – $1,128,000 – 35.1%
    Box Hill South – $1,158,250 – 34.9%

    – Top 10 suburbs in each area –
    Inner east
    (Min.40 sales)

    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Box Hill – $1,270,000 – 42.4%
    Mont Albert North – $1,360,000 – 39.8%
    Burwood – $1,163,000 – 37.5%
    Doncaster – $1,257,500 – 36.7%
    Bulleen – $1,128,000 – 35.1%
    Box Hill South – $1,158,250 – 34.9%
    Balwyn North – $1,870,000 – 33.6%
    Surrey Hills – $1,690,500 – 30.0%
    Box Hill North – $1,068,888 – 28.8%
    Balwyn – $2,025,000 – 26.6%
    Inner south
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Carnegie – $1,150,000 – 34.0%
    Brighton East – $1,558,500 – 32.1%
    Black Rock – $1,505,000 – 30.3%
    Hampton – $1,500,000 – 27.1%
    Murrumbeena – $1,175,000 – 26.8%
    Beaumaris – $1,360,000 – 24.8%
    Clayton – $845,500 – 24.3%
    Oakleigh East – $900,000 – 23.3%
    Oakleigh – $950,000 – 23.1%
    Caulfield North – $1,625,000 – 23.1%
    Inner city
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    St Kilda East – $1,200,000 – 42.0%
    Port Melbourne – $1,300,000 – 32.7%
    Elwood – $1,410,000 – 30.6%
    St Kilda – $860,000 – 24.1%
    Richmond – $1,097,000 – 22.9%
    Clifton Hill – $1,078,500 – 20.5%
    Fitzroy – $1,185,000 – 20.2%
    Fitzroy North – $1,196,000 – 18.6%
    Albert Park – $1,765,000 – 16.9%
    Malvern – $1,985,000 – 15.9%
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Brunswick West – $846,000 – 17.9%
    Fawkner – $500,000 – 16.3%
    Brunswick East – $856,000 – 16.3%
    Hadfield – $518,500 – 15.2%
    Gladstone Park – $461,000 – 14.5%
    Westmeadows – $460,000 – 13.4%
    Coburg North – $650,000 – 12.7%
    Pascoe Vale – $630,000 – 12.5%
    Oak Park – $657,000 – 12.3%
    Glenroy – $513,000 – 11.9%
    North east
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Heidelberg – $1,065,000 – 36.9%
    Healesville – $510,000 – 21.4%
    Lower Plenty – $850,000 – 21.4%
    Preston – $782,500 – 20.0%
    Heidelberg West – $560,000 – 19.4%
    Heidelberg Heights – $660,000 – 19.3%
    Viewbank – $830,000 – 19.0%
    Montmorency – $707,500 – 17.6%
    Wollert – $440,000 – 17.3%
    Eaglemont – $1,585,000 – 16.5%

    Outer east
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Ashwood – $1,112,000 – 39.9%
    Mount Waverley – $1,280,000 – 37.6%
    Forest Hill – $905,000 – 32.1%
    Burwood East – $989,000 – 31.4%
    Glen Waverley – $1,250,000 – 30.8%
    Ringwood East – $745,000 – 30.2%
    Mitcham – $857,000 – 29.3%
    Bayswater – $621,600 – 28.2%
    Wheelers Hill – $990,000 – 26.9%
    Blackburn – $1,170,000 – 26.5%

    South east
    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Keysborough – $565,000 – 21.6%
    Officer – $487,375 – 21.4%
    Chelsea – $626,500 – 19.2%
    Noble Park – $485,500 – 18.4%
    Springvale South – $550,000 – 17.6%
    Noble Park North – $486,000 – 17.5%
    Springvale – $632,500 – 17.2%
    Dandenong North – $480,000 – 17.1%
    Frankston – $427,800 – 17.0%
    Cranbourne North – $420,000 – 16.7%

    House – Median value 6 months to September – 1 year growth

    Strathmore – $1,000,500 – 30.8%
    Gisborne – $567,500 – 26.8%
    Williams Landing – $527,500 – 25.9%
    Aberfeldie – $1,287,500 – 25.0%
    Sunshine West – $470,000 – 22.1%
    Sunshine North – $490,000 – 19.8%
    Burnside – $485,000 – 19.8%
    Avondale Heights – $665,000 – 18.8%
    Williamstown – $1,065,000 – 18.3%
    Keilor – $715,750 – 18.3%

    • ross

      Sydney is far worse in housing inflation. There is the influence of China but also with the problems in Europe and the USA ,people are looking for safe places to go if TSHTF in the Northern Hemisphere. So the outrageous prices may be sustained by panic elsewhere around the planet.

    • Anthony Australia

      So many are from China

  5. Anthony Australia

    Across Melbourne, 115 suburbs have held to the double-up theory in the past decade, while median prices in St Kilda West and Mont Albert have more than tripled, Domain Group data shows.

    In 2005, the median price of a house in the small leafy pocket of Mont Albert was $561,500. Fast forward to 2015 and buyers were forking out for houses, with a June median price of $1.7 million – a 203 per cent increase in 10 years.

    In the tiny suburb of St Kilda West, house prices have increased 222 per cent in the same time, the highest growth in Melbourne.

  6. Paul ...

    What is Fisher doing over here trying to run US Fed Policy? … if he wants to raise rates let him go back to Israel and raise rates there … by Fisher raising rates in the US he will create the mother of all crashes (is this what he wants??) … lets let Janet Yellen speak for the US Fed with “one voice” … in crisis times like these we don’t need the extra burden of having a schizophrenic US Fed!!

    • Paul ...

      Seems the mother of all crashes is a necessary requirement to bring about the birth of the New “Neocon” World Order (the neocons need to destroy America, Europe, Russia and China) … seems we did not win WWII after all … as the Nazi’s are back at their old game again … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx_vl0gVpV0

      • Lynn

        Paul….keep on keepin on, you nailed it, no question about it.

    • Frederick

      Thats a VERY good question Paul Maybe he can take Old Yeller with him when he goes Evidently Obama wont be golfing in the Philipines anytime soon on another note

    • Bill

      PAUL: I might agree with you if Janet Yellen knew what she. When it comes to the Fed, its the blind leading the blind.

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps it is time to have an “American born Christian” who abides by God’s 10 Commandments (i.e. Thou Shall Not Steal) as our Fed Chief … why should Israel be in charge of the United States of America’s Reserve Bank??

  7. Jerry

    The veil of Lucifer’s illusion is beginning to burst.

    I rarely do this, but I recommend reading.
    Matthew 25: 1-13
    We are in the darkest hour right now, and the vast majority of people (many on you’re site) are asleep. The dollar is only worth as much as the BIS and the IMF says its is. Come Oct. 1 we will find out what that is.

    • Jerry

      Somewhere under this pile of economic bovine fecal matter is the real truth that isn’t being told by the MSM. Treasury bonds are being dumped.

      • WD


        What if US steams to China or Russia to “start” war…US must know they can’t win this but it seems they will try….What do you think?

        • Jerry

          My guess is the criminals will flee to China once they’re done pillaging here. A war is not likely with China. An EMP? Yes. They want their investment intact.

      • helot

        Dear Jerry,

        RE: ‘ Treasury bonds are being dumped.’

        Not by the Russians. Per my above link, @ around May 2016. Why do you suppose that is? Do you have a link which is more updated?

        I’m not trying to be confrontational towards you. I’m just trying to determine the truth of the matter. Please keep that in mind going forward. Also, I do hope you consider the prior links I posted on the last thread. Especially about WWII.
        I read your links, I hope you read mine.

    • Diane D.

      I reread those verses. Very appropriate.

    • Paul ...

      The veil of truth is slowly being lifted on the Vatican also … perhaps a Pope will one day take action to stop the singing praises to Lucifer at Easter time … and stop the child molestation that has been going on for hundreds of years!

      • Paul ...

        When that Reptilian snake came out of his flying saucer in the Garden of Eden and showed Adam and Eve all his fancy technology … he promised them that they too can be as God’s … but they just had to do one simple thing … disobey the word of GOD … fast forward to today … mankind is still disobeying GOD’s words (Thou Shall Not Steal, Thou Shall Not Murder, etc., etc.) … and we have become Evil God’s of Constant War with Nuclear Weapon and other Advanced Technology … the neocons proud of the evil achievements they have made worship at the altar of Lucifer … and now Rockefeller is planning on achieving immortality by downloading his brain into a computer … then taking one of his cells and growing “a brand new body” by genetic manipulation … and then downloading his thoughts, memories, character, etc. from that computer into his “new” body … now wouldn’t it be Hillarious if the bankers who don’t like the “oil men” make a donation to Hillary’s Charity and request that she hire someone to put “a back door” into Rockefeller’s computer program that allows the Bankers to input the Ten(10) Commandments into Rockefeller’s “new” mind … he would be pleading with the Banksters for mercy as he won’t be able to be bad anymore!!

        • Paul ...

          Lucifer is very proud of his United Snakes of America … the only fly in the ointment is that the neocon (oil men) and the neocon (banksters) are at odds on how to create even more evil in the world … this in fighting going on between the Luciferian oil men and the Luciferian banksters is only working toward God’s benefit … and is making Lucifer very mad (as his snakes are technically “not united”)!

    • helot

      I wonder, if the Russians are actively working hard towards the demise of the Dollar (or, expecting war with the U.S.) why have Russia’s US Treasury holdings over the past year or so increased?

      Smaulgld chart here shows this increase:


      • WD


        V the economist says that Russia & China will cripple US currency if US threatens war…

      • Jerry

        The Mexicans are getting aboard the RMB train come Oct.1 and are buying more gold to shore up their financial position. In my view when silver stays north of $25. a troy ounce for more than week, that will be our signal that the gold hammer is getting ready to drop on the dollar.

    • Kim

      Thank you for the reference source. My impression from the article, is the SDR will devalue the dollar over the next few years. Do you think it may happen faster?

      • Jerry

        When the Chinese reset the gold prices, its over. There’s a reason they bought vaults in New York, London, and Frankfort and why George Soros sold off his stock options to buy gold. When the COMEX can’t make physical delivery, the Chinese will pull the plug. Last week Deutsche Bank made up some excuse why they could not make physical delivery on the gold that they had sold. So its close.

    • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

      Jim Willie recently mentioned that the euro would feel the most pain from the yuan’s inclusion in the SDR basket. The dollar will only give up 1 percent of its total. My guess is the dollar will be relatively stable through the end of the year. Unless there’s a black swan event… As for Oct.1… there you go again, Jerry!

    • Jerry

      Your playbook for what’s coming October 1.

      From where I’m sitting it looks like the IMF is balancing the weight of each currency in the SDR basket monthly, and is allowing participating countries to choose which currency they want to trade with. If my hunch is correct, the Chinese will drop the Gold bomb on the dollar by resetting the price soon, and using it to backstop the RMB.
      If that should happen, you will see a mass exodus from the dollar. Only time will tell.

      • Spurr

        The only way gold will be reseted is if the IMF decides to back the SDR with gold! The IMF is controlled by the US… no way this will happen sometime soon… it would be like shooting off ones foot! However there might be a huge carrot for the US to allow a gold reset such has redeeming a huge amount of treasury bonds(debt) from the Chinese in exchange for a gold standard backed SDR!

    • Jerry

      Thanks to “Rogue Money”, I caught up with this tidbit of information that ties into my last post. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/2138603-what-chinas-sdr-bond-issue-really-means/

      Think of it this way. A new casino is getting ready to open up on October 1st. They’ve blown up the balloons and rolled out the red carpet and the band is playing Dire Straights song”money for nothing and your chicks for free”. Where would you go if you were a gambler (which is what investors are) ? I know, I know, nothings going to happen right? The dollar’s going to retain its reserve currency status because the rest of the world loves us so much? Before you cozy up to that thought, I might want to remind you that the IMF is composed almost entirely of socialist who would love nothing better than to level the economic playing field with the rest of the world, if they could get away with it by using the SDR and supposed free market principles. We’ll see.

      • WD

        Jerry I sent you that post on Greg’s last interview….

        Doesn’t this change everything if this happens, how does China and Russia play into this?

    • Tin foil hat

      I think it’s going to be bad but it’s not going to be biblical or Madmax bad. According to Rickards’ article, we will still have a couple of more years before the next liquidity crisis.

    • Frederick

      Jerry Im trying to figure out how gold will perform in deflation and finding diametrically opposing opinions from the “experts” as with every economic issue Whats you opinion on this and are you thinking we are headed for a deflationary depression due to the collapse of credit as happened in 2009?

      • Jerry

        I’m still trying to get over the U.S. debt clocks valuation of $8,131. dollars per troy ounce of gold. (far right , halfway down).

        In my mind they’ve already set the price. They just haven’t figured out a way yet to inject it back into the system without causing major financial damage. There is a reason the Chinese bought gold vaults in New York, London, and Frankfort, and why the IMF gave the RMB drawing rights in spite of the fact the Yuan has had several devaluations. They’re going back to the gold standard one way or another.

        • Tin foil hat

          “In my mind they’ve already set the price. They just haven’t figured out a way yet to inject it back into the system without causing major financial damage.”
          Hmmmm… I never thought of it that way. That is pretty good.

  8. Paul Anthony

    Great interview!! On a side note on your old Employer ….

    Good Stuff! I am hoping the best for this :Whistle Blower

    CNN Whistle Blower – CNN Infomercials for Dictators http://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/cnn-reporter-says-governments-pays-them-to-produce-fake-news-stories/


    • Bart

      There seems to be a lot of trouble between the Nile and the Euphrates. It never ends, almost like its part of some greater plan.

      The Great Satan at work? Not the Great Satan anymore once you get your green card though right?

      • Frederick

        Thats because it is the greater plan Bart The “Greater Israel Plan”

  9. Dan S.

    Interest rates probably wont rise until next spring. Then when the bubbles burst they will just lead us into another major war to take our minds off our economic troubles. Great interview Greg.

    • Frederick

      Im thinking December just after the election but you could be right Peter Schiff has said they will cut rates and go negative before they hike We shall see if he is right once again

    • Pinocchio

      One of my sources inside Federal Reserve told me that interest rate will be raised after November 2016. It could mean in winter. I myself personally do not care much about winter, spring, and other seasons because I know Secession movement will be getting stronger and slowly weaken the federal government and its poisonous tentacles (fiat currency system, chemtrail, domestic terrorism, transgenderism, and so on).

      Secede !!!!

  10. andyb

    Greg: I have always followed Chris; his observations are extremely astute. However, I have a big bone to pick with him and other very intelligent social, political, and economic observers, many of whom you have had on your show. Since its inception, FED policies have been detrimental to the US (and global) economy, and it is interesting that all central banks are essentially controlled by an undemocratic, dictatorial entity called the BIS, which is a law unto itself and is non-accountable to any sovereign law. The BIS in turn, is privately owned and controlled by a group of very evil trillionaires all of whom have a purposeful, over reaching, and quite obvious agenda of eventual global totalitarian control. But this agenda is never outed, not by Chris, Celente, Polny, Holter, the Turd, et al. I have to ask: WHY?

  11. jimha

    I think it should be noted that the Vancouver real estate bubble burst because of the 15% property purchase tax placed on foreign buyers by the provincial government that burst the bubble. It was not natural market forces.

  12. bastiat

    It would be helpful if when summarizing the interview you could include links to other articles and videos your guests say we should reference. They can probably provide them to you so that you would only have to pass them on.

    For example, at 9:01 Chris mentions an op-ed piece in Bloomberg he wants your listeners to read, a link to which would save thousands of people from having to do searches for on their own.

  13. Charles H


    In contrast to Warren Pollack – Dr. Martenson is both clear and concise. As he explains both cause and effects of Market Dynamics – the consequences are easily grasped by his simple reasons. Outstanding!
    His disclosure of the general rip-off from ‘granny thrown under the bus’ to the last of the Middle-class ‘escape hatch barring’ is excellent (cash-holders stopping the ‘free market?!??). Truly collusion and propaganda is rife. Phrases like: “People’s hope die harder than Sales-volume.” Man – it just doesn’t get any better. Sharp, sharp, sharp – and clear. And he isn’t pulling punches. Wow. And how does someone SO smart stay practical?
    Having “A Buy List” is nice; but only for the few who actually have means to diversify, and not for an average Joe on fixed income. Finally – I somehow doubt that after the POP! – ‘the Market’ isn’t going to be something anybody will want to get back into.
    “We are in crazy territory”. Looks like some tough days ahead. Thank you Chris. And Greg.

    • Jack-G

      I agree. It is rare that someone with such intelligence can disseminate their thoughts in such a succinct, down-to-earth manner. Chris gave an excellent interview, as usual. Prepare, as best you can afford, so you can live your daily life with at least a modicum of peace of mind. May I add, put your gratitude, troubles, trust, fears and doubts in the Lord. He will not fail you.

  14. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    What I found most disturbing during this interview was the op-ed article about cash and free-markets. Even with my limited knowledge of economics, I found this article to be alarming. Are the Elites (so called) this much in panic about what is coming or are some becoming delusional?

    Negative interest rates are a sign of the insanity of our times. If rates do go negative and people start pulling out their cash, well, there is no where near enough physical cash available to accommodate such a scenario.

    A cashless society is a hallmark of a totalitarian society.

    Was Mr. Martenson also saying we should spend our gold and silver when “helicopter” (or is it “jumbo jet”) money begins to be dispensed?

  15. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    An excellent interview with Chris, straight to the point. Chris did a great job showing the effects of the Federal Reserves lunacy by describing all the bubbles they created.
    The following bubble blowers belong in jail; Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen. To the US Government, it is high time America got back to honest money backed by gold. The Federal Reserve is economically destroying America one Fiat trillion dollars at a time. The greatest Economist of all time, bar none, is LUDWIG VON MISES, he describe the economy as THE COLLECTIVE NEEDS AND WANTS OF SOCIETY. He also predicted, what would happen to society, when is is under the evil spell of FIAT MONEY. THE FEDERAL RESERVE WAS CREATED UNDER EVIL CONDITIONS AND IT WILL DIE UNDER EVIL CONDITIONS. WOE UNTO MAN, WHEN HE LIVES UNDER THE SPELL OF EVIL FIAT MONEY, AS IT WILL LEAD TO THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY AS ITS CURRENCY WITHERS TO NOTHING AND IS PLACED IN THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY.
    Think about this; a man gets twelve years of schooling and four years of college and can not make an intelligent vote for congressman, senator and president, as he knows nothing about economics and that my friends is not by mistake, it is by design.
    JERRY, you seem to have a keen interest in the dollar (Petro Dollar) and its replacement by a gold back yuan, my friend, you will appreciate Ludwig Von Mises masterpiece book ‘HUMAN ACTION’, if you have not read it already.

    • WD

      Von mises was the man. Is the capitalized print his quotes?

  16. Rich D

    Could someone explain what happens in a reset? What happens to a persons debt,salary,mortgage.prices,etc . No one explains it but just says its coming. cant even find on internet.

    • Paul ...

      Rich … did you ever have a stock do a 10 for 1 reverse split on you … your 10 shares becomes one share … in a similar manner your old $10 dollar bill may be reset to be one “new ” $1 dollar bill … so instead of getting a Social Security check for $1000 dollars per month you will get 100 “new” $1 dollar bills … will your rent bill go down upon a reset? … will your food bill be 10 times lower? … hopefully … but you can’t be sure … because “different rules apply to us” … the elite may simply demand the same rent, the same taxes, the same food prices, etc. (while we have 10 times less money in our pocket to pay for everything)! … look at Venezuela … the people there are eating their dogs and cats! … however those in Venezuela with foresight who bought one ounce of gold before the Venezuelan dollar was re-set 10 times lower … can sell it now for $1350 US dollars and not have to eat their pets (until they run out of gold) … when the US dollar is re-set 10 times lower our one ounce gold coins we save now will be worth enough Yuan to buy us Chinese food for almost 1 year!

    • Freebreezer

      Simple – Take England as an example … they were a reserve currency at the turn of last century. They lost the reserve status (i.e. too much debt from World Wars) and in a very, very short time their currency lost over 1/2 of its buying power. The same is slated for the petro dollar. Read Jim Rickard’s books – he explains as good as anyone. Your salary will be the same, but it will only buy half of what it use to … And the international bank of thieves get to decide this with NO input by the voting public.

    • susan

      I can remember when 16% interest on credit card debt was very low. As general interest went up or down so did credit card interest. Anything like cars and mortgages that have a fixed interest rate stayed the same. I’m assuming those things will repeat and that the prices of everything else will go up.

  17. Kim

    Thank you for this great and practical interview! Being mentally prepared and not surprised when SHTF is a critical asset. Sound thinking and buying decisions during choas leads to peace of mind. I am curious what a good buy list would be when it is time to get out of cash and PM? I imagine it will be different for everyone.
    Thank you again for this outstanding interview. Any chance of Jim Rickards being interviewed?

  18. Lars

    If the Fedsters go to helicopter money, I would suspect the government will be coming after your assets on the buy list as well. You lease farm or timber land… 50% income tax on that… sales and doc stamp taxes increases to raise money and manipulate behavior. Equities… they’ll control them too. One of the next steps is for the Fed to buy stakes in publicly traded companies, effectively the auto bailout on a massive scale. A buyer that big would drive prices to the basement unless it’s done on the down low.

    It will be exponential and uncharted territory, so make sure that buy list is flexible.

    • Paul ...

      A “flexible list” should include buying four(4) to six(6) long poles, a large tarp and some rope (so you can build yourself a tee pee for shelter) when the bank seizes your house because your $1000 dollar Social Security check was reduced to $100 “new” dollars … then begin walking south (a few months of walking and you can set your tee pee up in perhaps Florida where some twigs found in a wooded area can be used to heat your portable home … if gun laws are imposed your flexible list should include a bow and some arrows for squirrel hunting … other things include a good knife, ax, flint to start a fire, etc. … stay close to the ocean as you may want to do some fishing, clamming, crabbing, etc. because there are no buffalo herds we can follow for food!

      • Paul ...

        Funny how things work out … first we kill the Indians and destroy their food (the buffalo) … and then we become Indians looking for food and the only buffalo around is on the nickel … God must be enjoying this!

  19. Constance Grumby

    Yes, even in affluent lands, financial problems develop. A family in Japan bought their house at the height of the economic “bubble.” Feeling assured of future raises, they took on heavy mortgage payments. When the “bubble” burst, however, they could no longer make the payments and had to sell their house at a price far below what they had paid. Though they do not live in the house anymore, the family is still paying off the debt for it to this day! To add to the burden, they are struggling to pay bills resulting from unwise use of credit cards. The father bets on horses, and the family keeps sinking deeper into debt.

    The following four Bible principles can help you with money problems and debt in the coming world wide bubble burst.

    1. Plan your spending. “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want.” (Proverbs 21:5) Don’t rush to buy something just because it’s on sale, [especially in a bubble]. Make a financial plan—a budget—and stick to it.

    2. Avoid unnecessary debt. “The borrower is servant to the man doing the lending.” (Proverbs 22:7) If you are already in debt and can’t meet your obligations, try to negotiate new payment plans with your creditors. Be persistent. Use the Bible’s advice to one who unwisely guaranteed a loan and thus took on responsibility for the debt: “Humble yourself, and pester your neighbor. Don’t let your eyes rest or your eyelids close.” (Proverbs 6:1-5, God’s Word Bible) Even if your first request isn’t successful, keep on asking for an adjustment.

    3. Keep money in its proper place. “Don’t be selfish and eager to get rich—you will end up worse off than you can imagine.” (Proverbs 28:22, Contemporary English Version) Envy and greed not only can lead to financial ruin but also can crowd out spiritual matters.

    4. Be content. “Having sustenance and covering, we shall be content with these things.” (1 Timothy 6:8) Money can’t buy happiness or contentment. Some of the happiest people in the world do not have a lot of money. What they do have is the love of family and friends and a friendship with God.—Proverbs 15:17; 1 Peter 5:6, 7.

  20. Oxfarmer

    Jerry, I have come to respect your insights. It seems like you are saying that the prepared, prudent ones can afford to fall asleep, because they are ready. Did I understand correctly? This passage has obvious spiritual preparedness in mind, foremost.

    Greg, another knocked out of the ballpark. For the time I have been following Watchdog the message has been pretty clear: the mother of all collapses is coming, get ready. And, of course, as time has drawn on, people have been able to say it will never show up. I heard this before.

    A friend of mine bought upscale property just before the 80s collapse. Everyone told this nice, older lady that the house would never lose value, and she was inclined to believe it because she wanted the place for family. But I smelled a rat when the broker, lawyer and bank started wanting more and more assurances of payment. By that time she couldn’t get out without breaking her word, which she would not do. The big boys knew something was up. In the end, Greg, everybody, including the bank, went out of business, and my friend’s property lost $200 000 in value. I mean just that…an entire bank, and I personally drove past the empty lawyer and broker’s offices on the way to work. Personally, I thought they got what they deserved, fleecing an old lady, but up the next rung, what was really going on? The higher you go the less exposure they seem to have. When the little guys die off, somebody makes a killing. Hear that death rattle again? I think maybe I do.

  21. Sam Thomas


    Could I offer a suggestion? Perhaps you might want to use a written introduction when presenting your guests? It is very hard to remember personal biographical details and a “cheat sheet” would both make it easier for you and ensure that your guests get the kind of recognition you want to provide. And, since you frequently have guests back on your show, you could re-use, or refine and improve the introduction each time. (You could even ask your guests to write the introduction themselves, since who knows this material better than the person interviewed?)

    Hope this suggestion is helpful, and thank you for all your hard work and the excellence of your broadcasts…much appreciated!

  22. Seth J.

    Nothing will happen. I hope they can keep this going for some 50-100 years. Let someone else pay the bill. Why ruin a good thing and a system that people can actually make a living? Lets hope nothing happens and that there are no wars. The fed should do nothing at all, just freeze up and keep things going the way they are. Try to delay all of this as long as possible. If possible until infinity. Go slowly, steady and don’t hike or lower rates… just talk and smile on press conferences. Keep asset prices up, keep buying no matter what so there is no panic, keep the market calm… Bread and circus. The market will never figure it out. Lets not be negative guys. Think positively. Enjoy life and don’t worry.

    • Frederick

      Seth if you havent been effected by this nonsense by the FED already Im not sure where you live but it cant be on this planet or are you just trolling for them?

    • helot

      RE: ‘Lets not be negative guys. Think positively. Enjoy life and don’t worry.’ – said the grasshoppers to the little red hen.

      Seth J. wrote, ‘I hope they can keep this going for some 50-100 years. Let someone else pay the bill.’

      Under the definition of bastard…

    • Jallen

      Seth J.,
      You should read the story of Noah and the Ark in the Holy Bible. I hope you can swim for a long time.
      While you are swimming, you can read about The Wolf and The Three pigs.
      Perhaps you have a prachute and will survive, while reading The Pied Piper.
      Please go to your closet and get your Fiddle and fiddle around, while America burns.
      Seth, in all seriousness, your dollar deteriorates every day, you better prepare, before it becomes worthless. Best of luck.

  23. Laura

    Here’s a bit of comic relief abound with truth…from a local senior. Take a look, Hillary, you give America a bad name.


  24. John Devereaux

    Stage 4 – get rid of your physical holdings of gold and silver .. when the Fed executes helicopter money? Isn’t that hyperinflation / debasement of the currency? Wouldn’t you hold your physical holdings due to debasement of currency?

    • Frederick

      John the answer is “yes”

    • FC

      I’m no economist, but I would try and spend as much of that helicopter money as I can get my hands, while it’s still worth something and keep the precious metal until property is worth a few thousand ounces of silver…………….it happened in 80’s and it will happen again.

    • gregd

      My thoughts exactly. Is a dollar going to buy more after the debasement? I don’t think so. I’m with John Williams on this one.

    • Robert Lykens

      I can’t see myself “getting rid” of my silver/gold.
      My faith is in my God for the salvation of my eternal soul. But my economic confidence is in silver/gold, not the paper/fiat/debt-based Federal Reserve Note.

  25. Brett

    Good interview. Chris speaks well !!!

  26. Carl

    Thanks Greg for this great interview with Dr. Chris Martenson! Mark Mobius says “helicopter money” will be Japan’s next big experiment? What are your thoughts? http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/mark-mobius-says-helicopter-money-will-be-japans-next-big-experiment/articleshow/53855941.cms

  27. OutLookingIn

    No Lessons Learned

    “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved”.

    — Ludwig von Mises

    Looks like a “final and total catastrophe” is fairly well underway. Good luck to all.

    • WD


      Von Mises was an expert on this topic…eventually this ends it has to….more borrowing means more debt payment and so on and so on….

  28. Mina Giancarella

    You know, the more I think about it, the more I think it would be a very nice idea to have a woman as President of the United States. Hillary for President!

    • MCasey

      ….and of course, pink curtains with bows! Vote Trump!

    • Frederick

      Ignore Gina everyone PLEASE

    • Gertrude B.

      Published on Sep 7, 2016
      Market to Cave in the Next Few Months! Latest Jim Rogers Interview!!!

    • FC

      Let me guess, you have a brother named Pino, as well?

    • Russ McMeans

      Hey Mina! Can we just have a younger, pretty one for President? Without all the baggage?
      Hillary is a poor excuse of a woman. She the epitome of corruption and evil. Google Clintons/ dead people.

    • Kim

      Thank you for bringing this up! It made me realize that it doesn’t matter if the president is a man or woman, black or white. What does matter is their character (honestly, integrity) and wisdom. Also that we need these for our own self leadership and maturity.

      • Paul ...

        Exactly Kim …

    • Jallen

      Ok Gina, let us put you to the test! You just gave birth to a baby boy in need of an expensive operation, in order to survive and you have no money. You go to Hillary and ask her for the Clinton foundation to provide the funds for the operation.
      You also go to The Donald and ask for the funds.
      Two questions for Gina;
      1. Who do you think would give / loan you the money?
      2. Who would you vote for based on the answer to question # 1?
      Gina, just think, what Hillary told the world about Benghazi and what she told her daughter about Benghazi and go back to question #1 AND #2.

    • Freebreezer

      The more I think about it, the more I think it would be a very nice idea to have an honest person as President of the United States … Hillary for JAIL!

    • gregd

      Shut up Gina!

    • Jack-G

      I think I could agree. The only problem is, the only woman I am aware of competent to be President passed away the other day. She was one, great Lady. God’s speed Phyllis Schlafly,

    • Jeff J.

      You know, the more I think about it, the more I think it would be a very nice idea to have a Direct Democracy similar to Switzerland where all laws can only be passed or changed by a referendum. This gives the decision making power back to “We The People” and takes it away from the self-serving, corrupt, lying politicians.

    • Rodster

      Changed your name Gina, I mean Mina? Stop being such a government paid troll/shill. Killary/Hitlery/illary will be a disaster. Btw, please find out what’s with the coughing attacks. It looks serious!

  29. Mr. Miller

    The same useless, inane advice that will not help any of you one iota for what lies ahead.

    To illustrate, would any of you with a home in the direct path of a category 5 hurricane go out and purchase some provisions thinking you could just hunker down until it is all over or would you get as far away as you need to in order to survive what will surely be a cataclysmic event? Seriously, you all need to answer this question.

    It’s amazing how these supposed experts can comment on how you are headed into uncharted waters and how awful things will likely get but they still have the audacity to write books on how you can “prosper” from the impending disaster. Really?

    Most of you will be lucky to just survive the event or events headed your way, never mind thinking there will be light at the end of the tunnel. If you think this is just going to be a temporary economic collapse you are all going to be in for a rude awakening. The end game is much more sinister and permanent but by the time you all realize it, it will be too late. For those that don’t believe this, you won’t have long to see if I was right. Nor will you be able to do anything about it. Over and out.

  30. Frederick

    Infowars has a story saying that Hillary is advising Trump not to comment about the FED This shows what a puppet of TPTB Hillary truly is but we already knew that of course By the way I read through the comments on that story and Brother Nath
    aniel had some very pithy things to say about Hillary

  31. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg for getting the greatest guests on your excellent journalism website! Plus your readers aren’t as ugly and nasty as other websites/ comments section. ( maybe you screen them out to protect our bit of innocence. Thanks for the safety chain link fence around the sand box)….. It’s ugly out there.

  32. Darren

    Greg..Great interview…Can either you or Chris explain whar exactly is “Helicopter $$$?).. Is this when the govt send’s everyone a check for a few hundred or thousand kinda like what Bush did? If so…when will that occur??? Thanks & God Bless….:)

  33. Darren

    Greg..Great interview…Can either you or Chris explain what exactly is “Helicopter $$$?).. Is this when the govt send’s everyone a check for a few hundred or thousand kinda like what Bush did? If so…when will that occur??? Thanks & God Bless….:)

    • Greg Hunter

      It was a term coined by former Fed Head Ben Bernanke that if things got bad enough the central banks could drop money from helicopters on the economy.

  34. eddiemd

    Watching the Hillary “press conference”. All softball questions and manipulated.

    The continuing attempts to link Trump to Putin is interesting.

    She did not look well and her voice sounded irritated/hoarse. Maybe she has been coughing out of the public eye. Also noted the black guy handler/medical coverage in the immediate area. This guy is apparently not part of the secret service.

    Her hair covered up a potential ear piece where they feed her information.

    She is bad news. I think she is being put up front and her VP is the true future president. I don’t see how she can debate Trump in her current condition. I foresee some type of event occurring prior to the debates.

  35. Matt in Pa

    She’s not a woman.

    • Paul ...

      Correct … a woman is defined as a loving caring nurturing giver of life … not a hateful uncaring disrupting taker of life!

  36. 8Ball

    Try to get PCR on and do a recap of the 15th anniversary of 9-11.

    “Those who actually care about truth—the supporters of this website, for example—are always in a minority. But truth is the weapon that makes a determined minority powerful. Unlike the majority lost in the forest of ignorance and lies, those with the light of truth see the way. ” http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/09/08/truth-can-prevail/

    • Paul ...

      Thou Shall Not Steal … $300 Billion in Gold from the basement of the World Trade Center!
      Thou Shall Not Steal … $300 Billion in Treasury Bearer Bonds from the basement of the World Trade Center!
      Thou Shall Not Steal … $300 Billion in Diamonds from the basement of the World Trade Center!
      Thou Shall Not Murder … 3000 Americans as an excuse to start two(2) Wars!
      Thou Shall Not Divide … Iraq and the Middle East!
      Thou Shall Not Make Children Drug Addicts … Take over Afghanistan’s poppy fields!
      Whatever Thou Shall Not … is on the neocon To Do list!

    • Frederick

      If you had a loved one who was a victim I guess you would care more 8 ball People dont want to know obviously because its so obvious the official story is just that AStory

  37. monty bissett

    Greg the gentleman didn’t tell the whole Vancouver housing story. Just 38 seconds before sales dropped like a rock there was a new tax for foreign buyers brought in to stop foreign sales. If you were buying a 2 million dollar home they added a 15% foreign tax so 300,000 tax. What happened was Seattle prices took a jump and Toronto took a jump. The BC govt
    was trying to make prices drop and so far have succeeded. So the gentleman missed the most important part of his Vancouver housing story. Very easy to check the facts

    • Sayonara

      I was about to make the same the comment regarding the Vancouver housing market and I did a little more investigation and it turns out that foreign sales only make up approximately less than 8% of the over all sales. See link below.

      The Canadian economy is seriously challenged because it is primarily a macro natural resource based economy and we know what the international demand for natural resources is right now – weak. Thus this has impacted the Canadian economy and housing sales in Vancouver. I am 1/2 Canadian who has spent many summers in the Vancouver/Victoria area and this is the report from my relatives who live there.

  38. Robert Lykens

    As Mr. Martenson advises, if/when “helicopter money” comes my way, I’ll spend it fast.
    Probably on a Glock 36 – and a cruise for my wife and myself!

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