Calamitous Suppression of Early CV-19 Treatment – Dr. Pierre Kory

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) 

Dr. Pierre Kory is a world renowned critical care and pulmonary expert in treating Covid-19.  He says nothing is being done to save people from dying long before they get bad enough to go to the hospital for treatment.  Dr. Kory, who is a co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance, explains, “The suppression of early treatment in this country is one of the most historically calamitous actions, and history will not be kind here . . . .Right now, the NIH (National Institutes of Health), besides monoclonal antibody treatment, they advise nothing in early treatment and nothing in prevention.  They say don’t use anything to prevent this, not even vitamin D that we know is protective, and not even drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or any of the other drugs that have shown the ability to lessen transmission.  They say stay home and wait for you to turn blue, and then come to the hospital.  This is absurd, and the people who are dying for lack of early treatment, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, 75% to 80% of people going to the hospital do not need to go if they have been given early treatment.”

If you do go to the hospital for treatment, don’t expect to get aggressive treatment, according to Dr. Kory.  He contends, “You do need good and aggressive treatment around this disease. . . . I find there is an epidemic of under-treatment in the hospital.  I am an intensive care specialist, and the doctors I talk to are on this anemic NIH protocol, which is Remdesivir, which is ‘death is near.’  That’s a ridiculous drug.  It has shown no efficacy in numerous trials, except for the pharmaceutical sponsored ones.  It’s used late in the disease as an anti-viral, and that makes no sense. . . . The hospital protocols are just not aggressive enough.  So, for me, the key is avoiding hospitalization.  Treat early and treat aggressive.  You don’t want to fall behind this disease.  If you do go to the hospital, almost all hospitals in the land . . . are using this anemic protocol, which I say helps the few, but fails the many.”

The good news is there are treatments including, but not limited to, Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamin D, zinc and many others, that if used early and aggressively will most likely cure patients of CV-19 the vast majority of time.  Dr. Kory says, “It does not matter if you are vaxed or unvaxed.”

In closing, Dr. Kory says, “The most positive message is early treatment works.  Don’t worry about the hospital.  Start yourself on an early treatment regimen and a good prevention regimen, and then we don’t have to discuss the hospital.”

Dr. Kory tells people to go to the FLCCC Alliance website and get any and all information for treating Covid-19 for free.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top Pulmonary and Critical Care experts on the planet, who is co-founder of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.  (There is much more in the nearly 44 min. interview)

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After the Interview: 

Dr. Kory says history will also not be kind to Dr Fauci.  Dr. Kory contends Dr. Fauci made nearly every decision in favor of Big Pharma and not the public.

All the information is free on Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance website

If you want donate to the FLCCC Alliance click here.  The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance) is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


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  1. Rodster

    We need to stop addressing Tony Fauci as, doctor. He’s Josef Mengele “The Angel of Death”. Tony Fauci should be in prison.

    • Marie+Joy

      Tony Fauci, The Angel of Death.

      • Greg Hunter

        Jesus sees it all. Matthew 28:18

        • Hannah Loveanna

          Greg, I requested ivermectin when I had a doctor visit in May of this year. He told me he cannot prescribe it. I asked him about my lab work & vitamin D which in the past, I’d been deficient & had to take high doses, he claimed the D levels weren’t done (even though I said something to the lab tech when I had my blood drawn). Another issue was that I had to wear one of “the office masks” during my visit instead of the one I was wearing (I heard other doctor’s offices are doing that as well). Lastly, I was asked to change into a gown which I hadn’t had to do for years, he wanted to check my back, suddenly I felt very itchy across my shoulders, & actually broke out in a rash! The doctor said it was just caused by my hair touching my shoulders, what? My hair has touched my shoulders my whole life & that never happened. Something, many things are so fishy about the whole medical establishment (no joke). Time to start swapping stories of doctor visits. They may be using tactics to vaccinate us one way or another : /

          • alice ramsey

            Is Ivermectin effective with the different variants of the Covid-19 virus?

            Because Ivermectin ( has 5 different mechanisms of action against coronaviruses, the medication is also effective with the different variants of the virus. We have adjusted our dosage of Ivermectin in the protocols and have added additional medications and measures to help make the protocols more effective against the variants. The current protocols can be found online here ( Always discuss the protocols first with your own physician.

            • Greg Hunter

              According to Dr. Kory, yes Ivermectin is effective against CV19 variants.

          • Der Prof

            Yes, let’s exchange doctor stories. Mine said she wouldn’t prescribe Ivermectin or HCQ because they weren’t approved. They are, and have been for many years. What she should have added is, ” for use in respect to Covid-19.” She really pressured me but I stood firm in the debate. Now, I’m considering not taking the seasonal flu shot. The Covid prevention protocol should reduce my chances of contracting the seasonal flu since, after all, Covid is a flu.

            • Greg Hunter

              You doctor is stupid. The medications you were asking for are approved but being used “off-label” which happens all the time. The shot she is pushing and making money on it NOT approve in anyway. It’s experimental!!!!! Fire her as she is both stupid and corrupt!!!

              • Anna

                Greg, please let people know an “on label” reason to get a doc to prescribe and a pharmacy to fill Ivermectin is a very common skin rash called “Roseasea” .My mom took it for years…

        • James

          Let the weak die those left will become stronger. Doctors have made us so weak humanity isn’t going to last after millions of years.

          • Greg Hunter

            And then there is Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:18.

          • GrumpyTGa

            As society attempts, seemingly, to stop all death other than that which the PTB ( powers that be) deem acceptable we grow weaker and further from He who made us all. The hubris of man is out of control and is going to cause a great downfall.
            This is no more evident than in the “climate change” debate.
            Everyone should invest in precious metals, ie lead & brass, along with an accurate delivery system.
            God Bless us, everyone.

        • Marie+Joy

          Greg, If the crime is committed in this world, the punishment should happen in this world.

          • Greg Hunter

            I agree Marie!

      • JC

        Monster Fauci-Lead NIH Locked Dogs Heads In Cages With Flesh-Eating Parasites For ‘Science’

        Evil bastard.

        • Paul ...

          JC … Watch what the parasite “hydra vulgaris” (Fauci had Big Pharma put into their “jab”) does to our 5 to 11 years old children’s hearts a week from now!! …… do you think when parents see their children dropping dead before their eyes after getting the “jab” … they will wipe the tears from their eyes and say: “Why? … why didn’t I stop these murderers when I had a chance”?? … Why did I allow my beautiful child (who trusted me to provide protection) die at the hands of immoral psychopathic maniacs like Fauci and Big Pharma who are gleefully jumping up and down for joy (just like the Israeli Government must be about slaughtering their own people with the Nazi Pfizer “jab”)!!

          • Brooklyn


            This is one powerful post. Hopefully, the Great Awakening stops this madness before they destroy our future.

            • marie b

              No, they will not believe it’s from the shot. They will deny it because they are so brainwashed.

              • GrumpyTGa

                Sad to say it is NOT brainwashing…it is Cognitive Dissonance!

          • Simple Girl

            The parents won’t do anything! Americans are sheep. They will probably kill themselves before going after anyone. Their cowardice started when they put on their face masks and thought themselves heroic. They are no different than the 1930’s 40’s Germans or the Russians of 1917 through the 20’s. America died for me March of 2020 and Trump murdered it. There was a book written in the early 1900’s called “Trump: the last president”. That isn’t a coincidence it was all planned years ago. They were even talking about a vaccine that would destroy the soul in the late 1800’s
            2 interesting items:


          • Joe Smolock

            It was on tru news as well. They do a great show at everyday. If you like Greg, you would also probably like Rick.

        • Earth Angel

          If only someone would do that to him.

          • Not So Free

            Care to bet he didn’t get the “real” jab?
            Remember when he got one in his left arm and went around rubbing his right one? There were comments about that at the time.

          • Paul ...

            Earth Angel … Fauci looks upon humans as lab rats … to be used in his science experiments (and then discarded) … his major focus of study was to find out for the eugenicists how long it would take for worms injected into a human arm to eventually get into the human brain and eat it out to a bloody pulp … that’s why he had to do those experiments injecting maggots into Beagles eyes … he needed to know exactly how long it would take for the worms to eat their way into the Beagles brains … I think for sciences’ sake … after we hang Fauci … we should remove his brain and open it up to see what the hell is inside … my theory is … we will find the grasshoppers that escaped from Bill Gates’ laboratory … where he was making Beyond Beef Hamburgers!!

      • George

        Puppy killer He would kill all of Disney animals with experimenting put that into the children comic books

    • Roger

      I don’t believe prison is good enough for what people like Fauci , Gates , hospital administrators, doctors , politicians, media personnel and religious leaders are doing. Which is willingly and knowingly KILLING people. I can think of a couple of things but will not list them here. 99% of people cave for money instead of doing what they know is right – rather they comply with EVIL.

      • Charles H.


        The wheels in your mind spin pretty hard on this subject. In a way, they are preying on the ignorance of the masses. We know better; others don’t see to care to know. Undoubtably, they ARE CONTRIBUTING to the demise of multitudes.

        Justice is little served in this life. God WILL judge every man according to their heart. All pretexts and pretenses will be stripped away: and perfect judgment will be had upon them. And what punishment the Creator can effect will not lack whatsoever.

        • Laura McDonough

          The masses follow anyone in authority like politicians, they lean left and lack critical thinking skills. Many have IQ’s below average or less, most went thru public schools or followed the thinking of leftist college professors. Most churches today (mainline denom) are gov. gate keepers for globalism w/ apostate clergy. They are muzzled from preaching truth or warning people. They only care about making a living, running a social club, little else. Many have left mainline churches in recent yrs and meet in private groups off gov. radar. Best to ditch friends and relatives not on board anyway, they are/will be burdensome later on. Likeminded people are few, many are fed up and become reclusive socially. Cutting ties is simple, stop comm. w/ them, block calls and “act busy”.

          • Charles H.


            I’m full-time Christian ministry – who ‘strayed from the reservation’, because I felt evangelism was faulty. If you don’t fit that mold: you won’t last in terms of financial support. Long have I foreseen the ‘Church’ going back to the houses: where determined BIBLE study and sound doctrine can prevail. (Like the one in Nymphas’ house of Laodicea, from Colossians 4:15). You perception and comment are astute.

            I still think witnessing and loving those who are poorly educated and oriented , where possible – is the thing to do. Mostly they won’t listen; but sense you really care. This might get through long after they’ve burnt their bridges.

            • Laura McDonough

              I do my informing (with links) to others online. I used to work w/ the public (cust svc and sales) retired now, and burned out at this point (age 76) The folks I send out info to, also fwd to others (family, friends). A man 81, told me several doors down, people just don’t absorb much, have short attention spans, and also burned out because he has access to a senior center, gave out info, no one appreciated it or gave feed back. People overall are self absorbed, lack gratitude, etc. In time, you will get fed up also. I do not need a social outlet at this point. I meet casually w. several couples for Bible study and swap info, etc.

      • Michael Janket

        Dr Rodent J Fauci is a willing tool of the Deep State. I see no reason to short shrift condemnation of this termite. Some people say “Fauci just made some mistakes”. Is murder a mistake when done by the tens of thousands? If we had a legitimate judicial system unlike Merrick Garfinkel, we’d have put the noose around Rodent’s scrawny neck. What happened to Saddam Hussein should happen to Fauci. We are under savage attack. Dr Kory has been scorned by the freaks that own the media and health industries. He’s done immeasurable good for man and society, yet he is taken ever so lightly. It’s a total disgrace. We are either going to fight back viciously or we will be swallowed up by the ravages of communism.

        • Chip

          Murder by TENS of MILLIONS… Chip

        • Freebrezer

          MJ – Thanks – You are right on point …” fight back viciously” against the commie bastards!

        • Freebrezer

          Greg – A BIG thanks (!!!!) so much for having this fine man/doctor and a very caring person on … it is so obvious that he cares for all us average folks – he is a true heartful guy and a REAL doctor. Plus he handed all us viewer down to earth sage advice on on how to prepare in case you get it … and this from a renown physician! It does not get any better.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thanks “Free,”!!! I agree.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Your opening sentence could have been shortened by leaving off the last 4 words, and it would have been even more descriptive and informative. Best always. PM

      • dee

        the church feels lawful people are spiritual unevolved. the marxists or DNC are just occultist pagans. Baal and Ishtar are their principal spirits. Sodom and Egypt as John put it. they use weapons of war for their empire and inflict satanic society over all the earth. the mindless dominate in solidarity. this is their church. no room for humanity

    • Mike+G

      Medical malpractice is what it is called, whether c19 or Lyme, who knows what extent those following the CDC politburo protocols have caused. This is what happens when you have political bureaucrats determining healthcare. A bunch of Mengeles .

    • Matt Kaatz

      Due process, then rope and tree.

    • Russ D

      I call him Dr Fubar aka “The King of Quacks”

    • Julie

      Hey Greg, I have tried to contact Dr. Kory and am unable to. Please ask him if (Hyperbaric oxygen) has been used. I was a respiratory therapist for 17 years and worked for a period of time on extremely difficult to wean ventilator patients. HBO DID work although at the time it was cost prohibitive. Also, has anybody that’s been “vaccinated” has an MRI? The magnets in that machine would rip out any metals in the human body. Let’s vaccinate Fauci and put him in the MRI and see what gets pulled out! Thanks

  2. Jeff

    I tried to comment on your last guest. I get another opportunity ! People that are Vaxed are not dying from “covid” but the jab itself.

    • Paul ...

      Jeff … Now in Israel … unless you have been “jabbed” three(3) times … you are not considered to have been vaccinated … why? … well, it is very simple … all the “un-vaccinated people” (who only took two(2) “jabs”) are dying like flies … so everyone in Israel must be forced to get a “third jab” (so they won’t die “like the un-vaccinated”) who only got jabbed twice … when the Jews begin dying of the “third jab” … they will be considered “to have not been vaccinated” … until they have taken their “fourth jab” … and so on … and so forth … until another Holocaust is brought upon the Jewish people and when by 2030 no Jews will be left alive (except a few Soros paid off Jewish elite … who were not required to take any jabs) … and like the Demon-rats in the US Congress who are under the control of the Nazis at Big Pharma!!

    • Chip

      Greg, see the link below for a near 200 page slide show that was given to a California School Board and successfully got them to revoke vaccine mandates. Steve Kirsch is the ultimate Covid warrior. He would be a great guest for you and I’m sure he would come on your show. Look him up. Review this 200 page slide deck. It is full of links to videos, reports, graphs, you name it. It does not disappoint. I spent the better part of two days going through it. See in particular the interview with a healthcare provider from Hawaii that I posted below the slide show. Ten minutes and amazing what this guy reveals… Chip



      Fear not!

  3. Brooklyn

    God Bless You, Greg Hunter and God Bless the courageous Doctor Pierre Kory for his total commitment to saving lives from their Depopulation Pandemic.

    We were fortunate enough to find Dr. Kory’s website with the list of other medical professionals who were also unafraid of the Big Bad State, telling us we can not buy IVM. We made our purchase a few weeks ago and are ready to go at the slightest sign of a sniffle…;)

    Thank you Doctor Kory. You are indeed a courageous fighter for the truth. Hopefully, when we get through this maddening period in our lives, you will be given the recognition you rightly deserve. Thank you, sir!

    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum….

    • The Ogs

      Typical average people can often have parasites and IVM would be good for everyone to take!
      Jim Stone reported he felt bad the next day, because (much like yeast) parasites and microorganisms will give off toxins when they perish.
      Many people are convinced that garlic makes them sick, when in reality the garlic is ending a lot of yeast etc…

  4. Faith

    This doctor is amazing. Thank you Mr. Hunter for allowing him to speak openly.

    • Laura McDonough

      Me and friends are tuned in, we will continue taking high quality multi vit./min. daily, adding b-12, D, C, zinc and doing regular detoxing for covid also colds, flu (no flu shots) and norovirus, etc. Bldg immunity for other “germs” floating around this time yr. is common sense. Most of us too busy to be layed up in bed.

  5. Jeff

    I believe those with the “jab” and dying our dying from the “jab” and not covid that is always reported. Just another lie.

    • Brooklyn


      You just knocked the ball out of the park…!

      Although, like all of us who watched this fabulous interview with the extremely courageous Dr. Kory, he never made THAT important distinction. Covid 19 is a virus, whereas the Jab is a depopulation bio-weapon. The concept of immune destruction is rather straight forward – the action or mechanism of the Jab is that it permits pathogens in the form mRNA which promote the generation of Spike Proteins. Spike protein will gather together (grow) over time to form clots. The only purpose for the Jab is to kill people. Early prevention is a great concept, but if the pharmaceutical industry’s goal is to kill, they will continue to promote booster after booster until you are dead!

      Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum


      • Paul ...

        Exactly Brooklyn … a Pfizer booster shot is needed for all those who have not died yet!!

        • Laura McDonough

          Paul: (and other readers here) some I know took just one shot, then got informed, some even Q mark of beast along w/ clots, strokes, lower immune system, etc. refusing further shots. I mentioned supplements to bld. resistance to other “germs” too, and to quit watching mainline tv evening news. weather go online and headline news info w/o ads. Try or Reuters for world news. the Stew Peters TV show on Rumble is updated daily exposing covid shot depopulation w/ Drs interviews, etc. others pic thru and choose:

        • andyb

          I expected, but have yet to see the results of the jabs culminating in massive deaths already on the books. Although I’m sure that many deaths are being suppressed. Given the new massive push on boosters, it now appears that perhaps only one in 3 original jabs contained the deadly ingredients so as not to alert the populace too soon. The “required” continuing boosters will be the ultimate coup de grace.
          I still, unfortunately, believe that at some point within the Biden Presidency, and due to the ever increasing deaths, martial law will be declared with UN troops placed in every Ameican city. Time to use pex of blue helmets as targets at the shooting range.

          • Laura

            Sounds like you listened like me to the John Moore interview on Hagmann report and/or RBN radio, he said one out of 3 shots is real and if people started dying off fast, it would raise suspicion.

            • Greg Hunter

              How does he Know that? What is the source, and I mean an actual source?

  6. Cecilia Sims

    I just looked up Dr. Pierre Kory on Wikipedia, and as expected, he was demeaned for his faulty advice re. Ivermectin. Because I want to help spread Kory’s/FLCCC’s information, I was interested in also offering Kory’s expertise, for those who would question & scoff at his advice.
    Here in Florida, our good governor, Ron DeSantis came to my town, Gainesville, home of the powerful Univ.of FL—because this area is mandating the vaccines (for city, county and utility workers, including police, firefighters and paramedics) despite the Governor’s edict.
    I continue to be a fan of your work, and the excellent people you interview. God bless you and keep you strong!

    • Paul ...

      CS … The reason Ivermectin works is because Big Pharma probably put “lave eggs” into their vaccines … that hatch into worms that then eat into and penetrate our vital organs … since Ivermectin kills worms and parasites Big Pharma has set out to ban it completely … and deny people from buying or getting access to the medication from the pharmacies they control!!

    • travis moss

      Nowadays if you want to find a good doctor you should do a search for quack doctors

  7. Ed

    Thank you for having the Dr on. I was not familiar with flccc. I did just now check it out and Wow, great information. It is bookmarked. Again,Thank you for ALL your work and may God bless you.

  8. TIM

    DR.Cory, I am 72 and was told basically in LV to take the Resenendver or DIE. I was in hospital 14 DAYS and refused it for THE FIRST 4 days and they said … other ….treatment,all the Dr`d are scared to loose there jobs instead of helping.By the way QUIT calling this cv-19 a disease ,,It WAS A BIO WEAPON MADE TO KILL OF THE OLD PEOPLE.SORRY BUT TRUE and i cant weight for the class action against the US and China and others. Yes Walmart will tell…… what…… you can or cant have with a real prescription..don’t use them

    • Shawn May


  9. Carol Hudak

    What few brilliant, sincere doctors do not see, is the lack of early treatment, (etc.) is
    not a simple failure of medical procedures; hardly! It’s the Bigger Picture: the fact
    that this contrived ‘pandemic’ is a world-wide killing scheme.
    The Agenda 2030 Goal is 90% of the planet dead, 10% left who are transhuman.
    1/2 human and 1/2 A.I. Cyborgs. This accounts for cv jabs sterilizing everyone, and
    its poison, Graphene Oxide, killing almost everyone who takes it, while destroying
    human, God-given DNA. Some researchers are now calling the Black Goo of
    Graphene Oxide, “Alien” DNA.

    • Paul ...

      Early treatment is necessary … so we can stay alive long enough to save our 5 to 11 year old children who will soon be “jabbed” on orders from a mindless “un-elected” President … and the Main Stream Media is silencing those who “inappropriately” call out: “The King is Really a Naked Mindless Fool”!! …

      • Chip

        It is up to US to do everything in our power to protect the children from this jab. There are warnings to healthcare providers who are injecting people that basically say you cannot escape justice by saying you were simply following orders. BS. You are and will be held accountable… Chip

  10. The Wokeconomist

    The old send them home to get sicker play, meanwhile under EUA no unapproved treatments can be used. Brilliant

  11. Robin

    Don’t fear Greg, God the Father is firmly in charge.

    • Paul ...

      Bill Gates thinks he is God the Father … and he has put himself in charge (like in the days of Noah) … and has deemed we are all (but for one or two of his friends … like Fauci and Schwab) … are all going to get wiped out!!

  12. John Forgione

    Dosage? Ivermectin weekly = 12mg at 80kg????? Hydroxychloroquin 200mg weekly. Both used as preventatives????????

    • Greg Hunter

      The simple way to remember this is 9 mgs per 100 pounds. Dr. Kory told me this after the interview. That is the exact same dosing the apple flavored Ivermectin horse paste delivers.

      • John Forgione

        does this apply to hydroxychloriquin as well?

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not talk to Dr. Kory about dosing HCQ. Only Ivermectin. 9mgs per 100 pounds. Go here:

          • tim mcgraw

            I took Ivermectin every day (12 mg per day. I weigh 190 lbs) for a week or more awhile back as a preventive. After a week my vision did get a little “starry” on the edges. I’d suggest just taking Ivermectin if you get ill. But I’m no doctor.
            For prevention do what Dr. Kory says, Vitamin D, Zinc, B1, eat right and exercise. Get plenty of sleep. Don’t let your immune system get run down. The vaxxed our out there spreading the damn virus.

            • John Forgione

              Tim, Seems you were overdosing… 12mg once a week… should you get covid then 12 mg for 5 days only.

              • tim mcgraw

                John Forgione, Yes I agree with your regimen if you haven’t had Covid. My wife and I have already had the disease. I was taking the Ivermectin for a leg wound infection, but it turned out to be a bacterial infection and not a virus. So now I am saving our Ivermectin just for when we get a respiratory infection.

      • Jr

        Greg, Dont let them fool you – the apple flavored horse paste is quite tasty ~

        • Greg Hunter

          I have a friend that says he mixes it with a squeezable pouch of apple sauce. The injector matched up with the apple sauce tube perfectly. He takes it up and take in the entire pouch Ivermectin paste and all.

        • Greg

          Everyone should donate if possible! This information is invaluable if it helps save ones life! Best interview without question! Thank you Greg and Dr. Kory!

          Funny thing is my brother is a Dr. and he gets pissy when confronted by this kind of information. It’s like if you don’t have medical training you don’t have a brain. I beg to differ!
          Thanksgiving should be a blast!

          • Jeff

            ” Thanksgiving should be a blast! ” I can imagine ! Race, gender, rich/poor, religion, now a flu that somehow didn’t kill the world. Oh, forgot global warming !

        • Norlin+Gutz

          My direction’s from the Dr. that contacted me from ‘Frontline Doctor’s” instructed to take 21mg on day one & day three and to follow up every 2 week’s after that.

      • Stephen

        I spoke with my CVS pharmacist this week. I refuse to take the vaccine (poison) and asked them if Ivermectin was available. The answer I got surprised me. They said they had it but would not fill a prescription if the doctor said it was for Covid prevention. I asked why and they said the restriction came from corporate. Fair question. Why? On the surface this makes no sense. Is it they are actually trying to drive up the death rate to force people into the vaccine? Again why?

        • Tin foil hat

          Trans-humanism, depopulation and control via corporate fascism.

        • Paul ...

          Stephen …Tell your doctor you have worms … and that you need Ivermectin to get rid of your worms … the pharmacy will fill that prescription!!

      • Dusty Dude

        I have five and a half tubes of apple flavored ivermectin on my shelf. What happened to the other half tube you ask? It was delicious….

        • AndrewB

          🙂 🙂

  13. Jim Williams

    I sure miss not having a thumbs up on your site. Every podcast you do would get 1 from me! I really appreciate the info you give us and the people you interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      I appreciate the verbal thumbs up and your kind words!!

    • John Forgione

      many thanks

  14. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      You are good man Rod!!

    • Anthony Australia

      The Global Patriot!

  15. Jeannette+Rowden

    Thanks for a very informative interview. Although I have a natural immunity already, I am still stocked up and prepared in case other family members have a problem. Everyone should listen to this interview.

  16. Country Codger

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! This is powerful. I am sending it out to everyone I know. POWERFUL!!!

    Fantastic and cutting edge, Greg.
    Lo Iyrah!!!
    Shalom vberakhot,

  17. Peter Bennett

    I can’t thank you and Dr. Kory enough. I live in the People’s Republic of Ontario. Despite the fact that I have bone marrow cancer and can’t be given the vaccine (thankfully), the government will not let me be prescribed Ivermectin for any reason. Your broadcast has given me hope. It is the most important thing that I have listened to since my cancer diagnosis about one year ago. Bless you, thank you both.


    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Peter. I thought the mouth wash tip was enlightening. I did not know that would help fight CV19.

    • Charles H.

      Ivermectin has been touted as effective against some cancers also.

  18. Ranger Up

    Early treatment means no EUA for the big Pharm.

  19. William Mitchell

    The bottom line: Stay out of hospitals and avoid government-licensed doctors as much as possible.

    • Earth Angel

      You sure said it buddy!! Best advice I’ve heard so far. Keep as far away from the ‘medical industrial complex’ as you can if you want to stay well and keep your life. ; )

  20. AJ

    Greg thank you so much for posting this! I am sharing with everyone I know. This will save lives. God bless you and I pray for you and your family. Truth tellers like you are so needed. Please continue doing what you do!

  21. James Barrett

    Gregg, Please ask this man about how some court cases have been won because no virus has ever been isolated.

  22. Francis

    Dr. Kory — THANK YOU!

  23. Country Codger

    I just want to add that I have listened to your reports for years and this is definitely in your TOP 5 Interviews EVER!!! This is powerful. As promised I sent it to everyone I know. This would definitely get you kicked off of YouTube if you were still there.

    p.s. Please be careful all of next week. Keep your eyes and ears open. Also, going into November, I think everyone agrees will be nasty but, watch for an increasing number of fireballs and also watch for increasing tensions going into the week of the 19th through the 27th. Yeah, it a little more than a week. Please watch the fireballs. It could have serious repercussions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks CC!!

      • Brian Vaci

        Cliff High speaks about linguistics indicating a major event sometime between October 24th – 28th. Click the link and jump to the 43:45 mark.

        • The Seer

          The next canal #7 day is Oct 26th
          Stock up more just in case

          • The seer

            Cabal not canal

    • Earth Angel

      fireballs?!… what do you mean? I have no clue of what you are talking about.

  24. Lynn

    The faces of two heros, Greg and Dr. Kory….savings lives, telling the truth, making a difference in this crazy world. You don’t need to lose anyone you love, they spent time making sure you can save others….no big pharma, no government interference, just two caring people who are making a huge difference in our lives. God bless you both…and from my family to both of yours,,,,,,,,thank you so much for what you do for all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Lynn. I am hoping this interview will same some lives.

      • paul anthony

        “liked” Thanks Lynn. I am hoping this interview will same some lives.

        me too! 🙏

        Paul Anthony

  25. Robert

    Of course Fauci is the biggest shill for big pharma. Nothing will happen to him. The republicans and democrats both take succor from big pharma. Neither party will hold accountable any of the main players in this con job COVID-19. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fauci get some award. It’s that f’d up.

  26. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you for having Dr Kory on. Thank you both for speaking Truth and being a light in the darkness. Woe to those who with hold justice from the upright.

  27. Paul Anthony

    the criminality in every aspect of covid the lies and cover ups … i have no words except there is no way this volume of evil on humanity will stand with out Lord … whoa to the globaist and people who planned this criminality


    thank you Greg for this interview.

    paul anthony

  28. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, you are a knight against the media darkness our society is in.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mark!!

  29. American Citizen

    Having been helping Dr Richard Urso of America’s Frontline Doctor’s until Google-Twitter discovered my twitter messaging sessions with him and cut me off, and having been in Dr Peter McCullough’s C19 group, I can categorically state that Dr Kory is only scratching the surface, but he’s absolutely right on early treatment. Many individuals need to give a Nuremburg trial answer for their actions and Dr Fauci needs to be prosecuted along with others. It is very shameful that the CDC and FDA have turned out to give such unhealthful information for this plannedemic. There seem to be 2 motives: greed or avarice and population control, nothing less.

    • Charles H.

      You are totally right. Becoming a master of the world is one big plus; but becoming rich while doing so is just another big win. But God is not mocked…

  30. Professor Curtis

    Greg, you can get Organic Chia seeds on eBay. 1 seller, offers 2lbs for $13.00-ish. My wife uses it in her oatmeal. Curtis.

  31. Claudia Scott

    Love FLCC – we are both 70 and unvaccinated.
    At the first symptoms of covid we immediately reviewed the FLCC website for doctors in our state (TX) who would follow FLCC protocols. Contacted one of the doctors for a consultation over phone. He gave us prescriptions and dosage instructions for ivermectin along with other preventive non-prescription. measures. He asked us to also contact our local doctor who had us tested and then prescribed both an antibiotic and steroid. All prescriptions were for 5 days.
    Within 36-48 hours we felt better and pretty much normal within less than a week. We are living proof that early treatment with the right meds does work no matter what your age.

    We have followed you for years and appreciate your diligence in providing truth. Thanks you.

  32. Jerry

    Thanks for interviewing Dr. Kory. The information he shared is invaluable. I’ve been able to order ivermectin from companies in India. It usually takes about 30 days to get it.

    Greg I fully believe the virus is mutating. The experiences that people were describing to me early on in the pandemic are nothing like what my wife and I just went through. We are now in week three of our recovery. We did take ivermectin early on when we were first infected. I am convinced that it did save our life, but our oxygen levels kept falling by day five, and that is why we wound up in the hospital. I have no explanation why? It’s a moving target with no easy answers that’s for sure.

    • Charles H.


      Symptoms show up AFTER infection. By the time you are showing symptoms: you have hosted the virus and it is beginning to load the organism. HCQ was early on the answer and it was first demonized and denied; but the HCQ is only effective when administered EARLY, at symptoms’ start. Ivermectin was discovered later to be effective and better than HCQ, and would work well into symptoms and disease treating: but there had to be a good amount and regular dosing for treatment. No wonder it also was demonized and denied too. I’m treating three to four times a month for prevention. Dr. Cory has prevention at twice a week! This darn virus takes a lot to deal with it.

      • Jerry

        Charles H,
        Round two is coming.

        • Charles H.


          My VA doctor told me that ‘we would all get it’; and he was right. The VIRUS, modified as it was – WILL go on, change and mutate until humanity reaches a type of ‘herd immunity’. Some people will get the original, then a variant or two – until they have had enough genetic experience to sense and fight it. But along the way to this ‘experience’ – there probably will accumulate damage sufficient to disable of kill the weaker among us.

          This same doctor I will visit next week. He stated the vaccine was “voluntary”. I think I will ask him again if he still thinks it is voluntary. I will continue to use a semi-preventative dose of IVM, and hope my exposures will be mild and contribute to natural immunity in the long run.

    • Warren B.

      Initially those suffering from what is termed Sars-Cov2 suffer from hypoxia. The designated treatment for this has and continues to be intubation (the wrong treatment). This re-introduction of Oxygen produces a staggering amount of damaging radicals that attack tissue. In other actions it produces superoxide radicals. Intubation KILLS.
      The fall /drop in oxygen in the blood is the result of extreme oxidative stress. The oxidative stress causes Lipids(fats) in the body to rust which drives an immune system response and inflammation. At late stage infection the hemoglobin becomes incapable of carrying oxygen due to heme iron being stripped out – which explains why no amount of supplemental oxygen can oxygenate blood that chemically refuses to bind O2. Autoimmunity is driven.
      The correct treatment for sepsis is Steroids, Antioxidants and Non Invasive Ventilation.

    • Warren B.

      Im intrigued. Where do you live?
      Why did you choose to buy from this guy in India – Mansukhbhai Jadav….purporting to be an online Pharmacy based in Mumbai (1st Red Flag) ?
      You say that the Ivermectin “USUALLY” arrives in 30 days (2nd Red Flag). Hmmmm….how many times have you ordered this product to be able to come up with an average delivery timeframe? If I didn’t know better I’d say you are promoting a fake site.
      I guess you are aware of the inability to be able to pay the order through the website you referenced as well (3rd RED Flag)- you can only remit funds (by way of transfer to this individual) who by the way has no affiliation to the so called Pharmacy selling Ivermectin (4th Red Flag).
      Thanks …..but NO THANKS

  33. Rodster

    Greg, please interview this guy, Dr. Scott Jensen MD. He’s running for Minnesota Governor in November.

  34. David

    awesome interview!!! it would be interesting to have Kory on with Catherine Austin Fitts

  35. Jeannie

    Great interview. You answered questions that I’ve had about what to do and how to get medicines I can get if I should get Covid 19. Thank you as always.

  36. Edward Crowder

    Greg, EXCELLENT interview! Very helpful and I wish everyone could see it. Good job with a ton of information. You both are saving lives.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Edward. I have been working on getting Dr. Kory. He’s in big demand and I am lucky to get him. Had to move another interview to accommodate but I knew he was going to be important. Turns out he’s pivotal. He’s “avoiding hospitals”!!!!!!! This from a ER expert!!!!!!!! Wow and Clif High would say, “The Woo is deep.”

  37. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    At times, this can be overwhelming for me. My wife believes the Establishment Media. She had the evening news on earlier. There were doctors on saying how “EXTREMELY safe and effective “ the “vaccines” are. Not just the relentless mantra of “safe and effective” but “extremely”.
    The medical authorities were also saying how safe and effective and needed are the booster shots. Booster shots and it hasn’t been even a year. With all the deaths and side-affects, it is the very definition of playing Russian Roulette with your life.

    The segment ended with the medical authorities saying it was safe and quite effective to mix and match the vaccines. This is so surreal. Endless boosters, using different vaccines together.

    Only the Lord can guide me and get me and my family through this.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Safe and effective” More deaths and injuries on VAERS with CV-19 injections than all vaccines combined since VAERS was started 30 years ago. That’s an in your face fact. According to a Harvard 2011 study, less than 1% of adverse reactions, including death, are reported–yet another in your face fact. Don’t let her take the injection. You will be negatively impacted as you live with her. Not her and her only decision because of viral shedding and many other issues.

  38. Joe Wong

    I completely agree with Dr. Kory regarding same, since BIG PHARMA Astra-Zeneca, J&J, Moderna (aka Murderer), and Pfizer (aka Phucker) PAID-OFF all the decision makers, and Think Tanks in DC BIG-TIME !!!! THIW’s.

    • Paul ...

      Joe … We need to start plugging “The Hole In The Walls” (THITW’s) by bringing the murdering Big Pharma criminals to trial at Nuremberg II … otherwise … the dam is going to break!!

  39. Da Yooper

    Bravo Greg Bravo well done

    Dr. Pierre Kory needs to realize big pharma is after 2 things he is not focused on.

    1 Big $$$$$$$ governmental cash cow like the Military Industrial Complex who does not question ……..them … the expense of the American publics health .

    2 supporting the WHO ‘s eugenics’ population reduction program supported by billionaires who are mentally unstable focused on White Europe & North America.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks DY!!

  40. ken e weberg

    Spot on again Greg Thank you and Dr. Kory as an old Vietnam vet took this advice from the start and thank GOD I live real close to the Mexican border . Got it and have sent it to family members who wanted it and trusted the actual science.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken and GOOD on you getting Ivermectin form South of the Border.

  41. Suzette Lawrence

    Dear Greg! Congratulations on Broadcast #501! Thanks for having Dr. Kory on. Am sending to my brain washed friends that are practicing medicine! None have a license to do so. As a former Nurse Midwife I am over sensitive about people getting out of their lane, i.e., area of expertise. Really appreciate the excellent advice. Already emailed [email protected] and sharing and this talk widely! You really are a National Treasure!

    Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we are heard by the God of Heaven!

    Long time listener!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Suzette!!!
      Brother Greg

  42. Daniel C Goodacre

    On the site the second drug mentioned is Ivermectin! Says Well tolerated

  43. Robert Coleman

    Best informative Interview you have conducted Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert!

  44. jorma

    I wish we could get some traction into whats the ingredients of these shots? Im seeing videos on other sites showing Graphene Oxide, nanotechnologies that are frankly very alarming if not frightening. Things that almost mimic sentient beings at a nano-level.

    If independent researchers are seeing this, why isnt anyone else asking about it?

    • Catherine

      My husband is a pharmacist in NY and he took a course to be qualified to give the jab before it was released. During a portion of this class he was partnered with a 30 year employee of Pfizer also taking the course and informed the class NOT TO GET IT BECAUSE HE HAD INSIDE KNOWLEDGE THAT IT WAS FILLED WITH “secret” INGREDIENTS.
      My husband said let’s wait to see what happens BEFORE we get it due to the fact no pharmacist ever got the full ingredient list which NEVER happened before.
      Sure enough due to major damages occurring now we are happy we followed that advice . My husband never gave the jab to anyone because he doesn’t want to be complicit in harming people

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Catherine for sharing this very important information.

  45. Orlando

    Wow! Thank you Greg and Dr. Kory. This was incredible information and I will be following up now with the FLCCC website. So very helpful and I’m sure this info will help to save many lives. It also gives people a great point source for the various preventative protocols, in addition to also finding pharmacies in local areas who are carrying Ivermectin.


  46. Michael Hamer

    Thank you Greg for the Dr Kory interview, however this question remains: Will a doctor write a prescription for Ivermectin if we currently have no symptoms? My wife and I became deathly ill about 7 weeks ago with Covid symptoms. My sister in another state overnighted a 5 day course of 12mg daily Ivermectin and I believe it saved our lives. Now we want to have it on hand.

    • Greg Hunter

      Check here:

    • Paul ...

      Michael … Simply tell your doctor you saw worms in your stool … and ask him to prescribe Ivermectin … Pharmacies will fill such a prescription … and you won’t have to eat the horse paste you will get the human Ivermectin!!

  47. Jim Miller

    I was surprised to hear Dr Kory state the use of Nigella Sative for preventing Covid and variants.
    I have been using black cumin seed for years. For cognitive health.
    Published on Pub Med by the National Institute of Health. Note in the right sidebar, the numerous additional clinical studies also performed with black cumin seed.

    Also on the NIH website, Nigella Sativa – Black Cumin Seed for various cancers

    And recently,
    Dr Greger of cites recent studies that indicate black cumin may improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar control, as well as accelerate the loss of body fat.

    Not a clinical study, but Mohammed, himself, once said of Nigella Sativa – black cumin seed, “The cure for every disease, except death.”
    That quote is indicative of how popular Black Cumin seed has been throughout the Middle East, India as well as parts of Africa for well over a thousand years.
    Just be sure to purchase 100% organic.

  48. Grammabear

    Health care worker studies have also shown that eating plant based was protective and or decreased severity, and conversely, keto dieters had worse outcomes. Black cumin seeds taste like oregano. They are actually mentioned in the Bible. Both the herb and the pressed oil from the seeds have been used in herbal medicine
    for centuries in the Middle East and Africa. They have been used there to treat a
    wide variety of ailments including: asthma, bronchitis, inflammatory diseases, to
    increase mother’s milk, to promote digestion, and kill parasitic infections. The oil is
    directly used to fight skin conditions such as eczema and boils, and to treat upper
    respiratory colds. Due to its many uses it has been given the Arabic term of
    “Habbatul barakah,” meaning ‘the seed of blessing.’
    You can just chew them up in smaller amounts, add to salads, or if you hate the taste, throw some in a coffee grinder, and take them in a gel capsule.

  49. Neville

    If this evil son of a bitch fauci is NOT reigned in immediately then yes millions of people world wide will be affeted by his rotten satanic advice full of of utter crap called science which in the final analysis is nothing but a sick joke for which or LORD GOD ALMIGHTY
    will punish from the cup of HIS furious anger.
    May fauci and his mob BURN IN HELL…..
    Reab below what justifiable brought about the above comment>>>>

    This barstard fauci should be incarcerated in an institution for the CRIMINALLY INSANE

  50. Ana

    Hi, Thanks for this information. Any address to get Ivermectin in Australia?

    • Greg Hunter

      All I got is this Ana: There are some Indian providers. I don’t know who they are though. Anybody else here know? If so, please post.

  51. Carl Baker

    Greg, been doing the vitamins, listerine and aspirin recommended, but now after listening I just going to order the black cumin seed oil, really enjoyed this podcast.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy to give you another weapon in your quest for survival. The evil bastards are attacking us.

  52. paul anthony

    whoa, this guy is saying there’s a shooting war right now down at the Texas border answering to look toward the rest of the country I don’t know how accurate is it sure is interesting to listen to him

    • Paul ...

      PA … If this is true … November 2 could be the day America is invaded … by Deep State armed gangs lead by the Drug Cartels … reportedly “live fire” by retired US soldiers “are now countering advance forces pouring across the Texas border” … hopefully our guys “will not concentrate at one location” and be slaughtered like those at the Alamo … this time around … lets fight them from behind the trees … and use our sniper skills to good advantage as the invading gangs may surround themselves with innocent women and children!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      It’s been going on for some time now. The drug cartels are firing on our Border Control personnel, determined to keep the smuggling channels open. The state-sponsored commie media, aka Mainstream Media, refuse to cover it for obvious reasons. You can read about it on the conservative alt-media sites such as Heritage Foundation and Liberty Nation. The state-sponsored commie media are guilty in two ways, omission (leaving stuff out) and commission (putting stuff in), as they are tasked with covering for the Ruling Elites. Best always. PM

  53. Barb T

    Holy smokes Greg, we are adrift in an ocean of malfeasance, lies, deceit and horror EVERYwhere we turn! I’m arguing with people daily on FB trying to reach SOMEONE with the truth of what is happening! Our son, an Officer in the Marine Corps with 17 years under his belt, is looking down the barrel of expulsion, arrest, court-martial, and who knows what else, as he refuses to get the jab. Our other son, has already been fired from his job. Hubby and I are retired, but we question when are they going to threaten to withhold our Pension and SS payments unless we comply? Where are all the grown-ups that need to take these punks behind the woodshed and whip their behinds? They are steamrolling over our God given rights every single day as we watch in shock, unable to respond. What can we do????? Pick up the phone and let your voice be heard! Get a group and PEACEFULLY go to your representatives and let them know how you feel! As James O’Keefe always says….BE BRAVE – DO SOMETHING! God help us all.

    • Paul ...

      BT … Forget writing to your Congressmen … American Patriots need to group together and begin to repel the armed invasion of the southern border of the United States of America that is now taking place … Obama shut down the companies making ammo for our guns … so if necessary use cross-bows and slings to take down the invaders and capture their ammo supplies!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Don’t forget Obama’s own personal gun-running scheme to arm the drug cartels against America, the inside deal known as “Fast and Furious”, about which nothing was done, and about which all is now conveniently forgotten. And you can forget about Americans “doing” anything. It’s not going to happen. The best chance for an actual, real fighting back is gas prices increasing dramatically and people having to go without heating fuels this winter. I have read that the commie-dem agenda calls for getting gas to $8-$gallon in order to make their “green” programs “affordable”. Like everything else these Leftists do, it’s all intentional, but they always overreach. Best always. PM

        • JC

          Paul from Indi,

          So many things are “conveniently forgotten.”

  54. Francine

    Wow…that was great… “Well done good and faithful servant”. Thank we pass it along

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion Francine!

  55. john beasley

    This is a much better format than Youtube. I really like to be able to read the article rather than having to listen to it.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s why I take the time to craft something. It is a fraction of what is in the interview though.

  56. Robert Moffett

    Hello Greg,
    Thanks so much for your work, I miss you on youtube.
    Here is a study showing baby shampoo added to a nasal rinse is also effective in reducing viral load.
    I did not know about the black seeds. I just went to amazon and ordered some from Egypt. I also found a study showing people were getting results with the black seeds given to patients in capsules and honey mixed in warm water. I use mouthwash and nasal rinse and baby shampoo if I have been around a lot of people . If you say the letter k or the word cat repeatedly when you squirt the water up your nose it can not go anywhere except out the other nostril.

    I was able to get horse ivermectin last summer and used FLCCC to find a nurse who gave me an ivermectin prescription for a 5 day dose. I also have been taking cod liver oil and 5000 units of D3 a day and a weekly dose of Vitamin K which is important if you take D.
    Good luck to you Greg! I hope you get some rest and relaxation soon.
    Thanks again!

  57. Steve

    When a top research Dr. can not find any science to support current CDC/NIH treatment policy while they are suppressing ALL beneficial early medications, one can only conclude THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US. This has been obvious for 6-9 months. Great interview.

    • Paul ...

      S … Lets not allow them to get our 5 to 11 year old children!!

      • Paul from Indiana

        That is tragedy stacked on top of insanity. It is likewise counterindicated, as children seldom contract COVID. Best always. PM

        • Paul ...

          If the CDC approves the “jab” for our 5 to 11 year old children … simply keep your children home from school and load your shotguns!!

  58. Rob Lindeman

    Another outstanding interview Greg ! You are truly a great American. History will be more than kind to you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob.

  59. Robert Dziok

    As Cliff High pointed out in a recent interview with Greg it all makes sense when you factor in the agenda/intent is World depopulation (by Satanic Globalists and Deep State). “Comrade Cuomo” has recently been convicted by Military Tribunal at GITMO and sentenced to death by hanging having been found responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly NYS nursing home patients. It was made known the deaths were to drive up the initial Covid-19 death rate (thereby allowing forced lockdowns in NYS) and to personally profit from. No execution date was set/announced at the trial. (RRN) has a recent article on this. Keep this in mind. NO Military Tribunal Prosecutor/Officer or Defense Attorney has ever spoken out against reference to themselves in any RRN articles. These are career high level Military no nonsense individuals who would never allow such to go on if false. Especially since it involves matters of National Security. RRN articles get hundreds of thousands of views. Michael Baxter (author) has stated multiple times his sources are people in day to day contact with President Trump and Military. He has stated any disclaimer is on advice of legal for protection and that he stands by his articles and sources.

  60. John

    Phil 4:9 true- conforming to reality
    Thank you

  61. CB

    Black Cumin seed is a sold as a Spice. You do not need to get ‘nutrition black…’ seed in a capsule-by the bottle.
    You can buy the seed by the pound —and that’s quite a bit— from any on-line Spice site.
    (then again until ‘word’ gets around). FYI —NAC, from the site I bought 6 – 110/ bottles last month, has upped the price to @10 dollars.

    DuckDuck So search page.

    Keep up the good work.

    • charles

      The Spice sites usually list it a NIGELLA SATIVA.
      Pakistan/India spice
      seeds are slightly larger than poppy seeds, like in bread or bagels.

      The actual Covid use is the ground seeds PLUS honey.
      Interview him
      Dr Moybeen

      Study – Honey and Nigella Sativa For COVID-19

    • Paul ...

      Good info CB … now that they are putting fear into people not to eat onions by recalling them … we may need to shift to Apples and Black Cumin seeds for our “quercetin”!!

  62. R J Wolf

    Well Greg, You knocked another interview OUT OF THE PARK! Excellent, just excellent. It’s becoming more and more apparent as more information becomes available that this virus is more about political power and control, not to mention depopulation and not about the actual pandemic. I read somewhere on the internet that over 350,000 military service personnel where forced to leave the military due to their refusal to take the covid-19 vax. All received a dishonorable discharge. The rest will probably prematurely die or get very ill. This virus has turned into a political bio-weapon as well. Heck ,China doesn’t have to start a kinetic war with the U. S. , they can just wait and have the U. S. to self-destruct from with-in. Pretty clever strategy. I really hate to say this but we as a nation have become our own worse enemy. Sad, very sad!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot come to any other conclusion but the Deep State globalists want many LESS people on the planet. We cannot give up and never succumb to evil. The truth is their biggest enemy.

      • R J Wolf

        Thanks Greg, all very good points, I’m a veteran and I will always be a patriot!

      • Nick Reynolds

        A friend who has family in Wuhan says there’s no vaccine mandate in China.

  63. Agent P

    Appreciate the good Doctor’s wisdom and advice – and all the others like him, but…

    Does anyone else see what is going on here?   Confusion about this disease still reigns supreme (which, by the way – and not coincidentally, is how a successful psyop is rolled out):

    – Has the virus ever been isolated?

    – What happened to the common cold or seasonal Flu – did they disappear into thin air?  One might certainly think as much in the present environment.

    – Where are hospitals getting their protocol orders from – the NIH/Dr. Fauci?   

    – Is there a Federal mandate that hospitals must use the ventilator/sedation/Remdesivir protocol of death?

    – What are the hospitals being $paid to tag patients with Covid?

    – What are the hospitals being $paid for patients who die under their care, tagged with Covid?

    – The CDC’s own data still shows the breakdown for risk of death amongst the all the varying age groups, and for the majority in reasonably good health (no underlying co-morbidities), all are in the 94% & higher bracket.

    – Meanwhile…  They (Dr. Fauci as the ‘face’ of this scam), GAVI, Bill Gates, The WHO, the Davos group, Klaus Schwab, et. al., are 4 steps ahead of us.   Walensky is already priming the public with the ‘booster’ shot as necessary for ‘Full Vaccination’ status.   Do you see what I’m getting at?

    They are having us chasing our tails over Ivermectin while their plans for this depopulation scheme roll on, unimpeded…

    They have us focused on an illegitimate Resident and Dr. Fauci as calling the tune, when it is the Big $Money and the global De-pop/Climate-Change/One World crowd who are pulling the puppet strings.

    They are already setting the stage for the necessary cover-up and scape-goating when people start dropping like bloated flies from ADE and related auto-immune disorders in the near future – and here we are.

    Folks, these are extremely clever and smart people – as evil is wont to be. They have war-gamed this out well in advance (see Event 201, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and ‘SPARS’ pandemic white paper which was the drill for all of this)

    We need to slam this machine into overdrive and start addressing this for what it is and stop chasing our tails.

    • AndrewB

      Agent P
      Very well said. Totally agree.

  64. Jeff robbins

    Great interview Greg, He didn’t say anything about herbal meds., but we have had great success with oregano oil diluted with olive oil in the ear and nose for ear infections and any other upper respiratory virus. And yes I’m afraid to go to the hospital, I’ll write my will prior to going. Didn’t know about the mouth wash treatment.- I never miss your interviews.

  65. Jeff robbins

    2nd comment- The lies just keep on being revealed for those that have open eyes. Certainly this is yet one more reason for the rest of the world to suffer a loss of confidence in us as a nation. It sure would seem that banana republic status can’t be to far away. My only hope is that at the bottom we will have a Jesus revival.

  66. Vincent Osburn

    Another great program Greg, Thank You !
    Over the past year I have taken the canine Ivermectin in pill form. I have taken the injectable type Ivermectin for sheep and cattle subcutaneously and also mingled with DMSO for absorption through the skin. Most recently I have taken the horse paste Ivermectin at the first inkling of a cold type symptoms. I have suffered no ill side effects with the exception of the injectable type. It burns like hell for 15 or 20 minutes so I would recommend mingling the dose with milk, half & half or cream and take orally. Any cold (or covid ?) I have had has been short lived.

    • Ken

      The one you tried by means of DMSO absorption through the skin : Was the pour on for cattle type of Ivermectin?


  67. iwitness02

    How wonderful to find out there really is some help out there.
    I really appreciate this interview. Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “02”!!!!

  68. JC

    White House details plans to “quickly” vaccinate 28 million children age 5 – 11.

    Who gave the order to Biden? Antichrist Obama?

    • Paul ...

      Wake up people … we are within hours (of formal approval by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) … doses will begin shipping to providers across the country after the CDC advisory meeting scheduled for Nov. 2 … notice how they chose “All Soul’s Day” to sacrifice our children’s souls to Satan!! … Stop Them Now!!!!!!

      • Paul ...

        How do we stop them?? … Easy … Swamp the CDC with letters and phone calls telling them to reject the “jab” … as the efficacy of these “jabs” is below “the required minimum of 50%” to gain regulatory approval … call the Media, the politicians, the hospitals, etc., etc. and let everyone know “that you know the efficacy of these “jabs” is below 50%” and therefore must be rejected!!!!!

      • Paul ...

        Pfizer and the BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccines have been shown to be just 39% effective according to a new report from Israel’s Health Ministry (where the delta variant is the dominant strain) … if these criminals at the CDC dare to order the Pfizer and the BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine “jab” be given to our 5 to 11 year old children … they will be in violation of the minimum efficacy requirement of 50% needed to allow regulatory approval … and every single one of them can be brought up on criminal charges at the upcoming Nuremberg II Trials !!!

      • Paul ...

        STOP THEM!! … By letting it be known to these evil immoral psychopathic eugenicist murderers of our children “that we know” children seldom contract COVID … and therefore … do not need their Kill Shots (which the latest studies out of Israel show do not pass the efficacy test) … tell them loudly over megaphones that we have their names (call their names out) … and tell them we know where they live!!!

      • MCasey

        The Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos or Día de los Muertos) is a holiday celebrated on the 1st and 2nd OF NOVEMBER. A common symbol of the holiday is the skull (in Spanish calavera), which celebrants represent in MASKS.

  69. steve poloncak

    Greg, you missed 1 thing. You did not confront him with the fraudulent test plus nobody can find a scientific paper that shows this virus. Why not?

    • Greg Hunter

      It was 44 mins of free information from the top Covid doc in the world. You are welcome.

  70. Doug Anderson

    Greg, a quick testimonial. I’m 72. Four days ago in the late evening, I began to notice flu-like symptoms. The next morning, they were much worse. I immediately started taking Ivermectin, and then went to take a test, which came back positive. Yesterday was day two, and my symptoms were still significant but about half of what they were the day previous. Today is day three, and I’m much improved. My only real symptoms today have been significant fatigue. I’m anticipating that by tomorrow I’ll be feeling even better. This interview was fabulous. Thanks so much, Greg. You have become my number one source for news and information.

    Your brother in Jesus,


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Doug for the street reporting about your CV19 infection and Ivermectin induced recovery!!

  71. Dr. T

    Instead of talking about cures, why not talk about the real big issue here.

    This entire covid-19 ruse is mainly a means leading to depopulation, yet people are more interested in discussing what treatments work best. This is ludicrous.

    So while they continue to exterminate you by the thousands and then the millions, let’s not worry about that yet. Let’s not center on the ones who have already succumbed, and are now totally disabled or already dead, let’s just worry about the cures that might work after you’ve been injected.

    Seriously, this has proven too easy for the PTB and it only works because people are just too stupid to realize what is going on right in front of them.

    With this much ignorance and stupidity in the world, maybe it is time to thin the herd and that’s exactly what they are doing.

    Enjoy the coming holidays – they may be your last.

    • Paul ...

      It Is Time … IT IS TIME!!!

    • Fran Barnes

      Go to a hospital should I fall really sick? Nope. Right on Greg, Dr. Pierre Kory! I recommend just a speed read down through the headlines:
      A spitwad at assessment of situation. a. The worldwide protests that we hear about: wiki ( seemed to cover it best: Africa: Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand. Europe: Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czechia, France. Against Vaccination obligation, sanitary pass: Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. North America: Canada, Alberta, Cuba, Mexico, United States (very little there). Oceania: Australia, New Zealand. South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay.
      So, we prepare. food, ammo, candles, stuff, knowledge and most important Grace for the staying power to remain steadfast in our Faith. A gathering, headship, group cohesion, preparation and plans A, B and C, from the meager little I see, P*ss Poor. And the enemy K N O W S this.
      #2 travel? Nope. I refused to fly as a suspected terrorist of this nation I love now 20 yrs . It gets thornier. “Starting May 3, 2023, travelers won’t be allowed through the security checkpoint if they don’t have a REAL-ID compliant license or one of the other acceptable forms of identification listed above………U.S. travelers must be REAL ID compliant to board domestic flights and access certain federal facilities.” ( ( Canada: effective 30 Oct. 2021 a standardized Canadian Covid-19 proof of vaccination for travel is now available to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Authorities in the United States have revealed that the ban imposed on arrivals from 33 countries (Trump 2020) would finally be lifted on November 8 for all those who have completed their immunization process against the Coronavirus through vaccination…………However, THOSE WHO HAVE RECOVERED FROM THE CORONAVIRUS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE U.S. From “starting Nov. 8, vaccinated foreign air travelers will need to show proof of full vaccination as well as a pre-departure negative coronavirus test taken within three days of travel before they can board a plane to the U.S. Airlines will collect personal information, including a phone number and email, from all U.S.-bound travelers for contact tracing. Airlines are required to keep the information on hand for 30 days ……….Travelers arriving from countries not included in the ban will face stricter entry requirements come Nov. 8. Currently, the U.S. asks international air passengers only to get tested within three days of their flight to the U.S. and show either the negative test result or proof of recovery from COVID-19 before boarding. …………Mexico and Canada?……required to show proof of full vaccination. Foreign travelers will be able to show vaccination status in either a paper or digital format, and U.S. Customers and Border Protection will SPOT-CHECK travelers’ vaccination documents. ……..The new travel policy does not accept foreign travelers who have had Covid and received just one shot in a two-dose series………..U.S. officials have not given any indication that proof of recovery from COVID-19 can be used in lieu of proof of vaccination.
      We’ve put up with so incredibly much treason, betrayal, lies and corruption to date. Anyone know of anyone actively planning A, B or C?

    • Dee

      Marxists hate human beings. People marxists hate:
      Moses (a national socialist) Jesus (another national socialist) George Washington 😳 in fact, any white Christian males. Ishtar and Baal is their way. Lawless catholics. Murderers and liars. Anyone looking to arrest the crimimals is attacked for being Nazis. AnimL farm 🐖 🐷 🐽 🐗 🐖 🐷 🐽 🐗 🐖 🐷

  72. Kevin Crossland

    Beautiful interview, Mr Hunter! You were at your best in guiding this interview & eliciting information all of us can benefit from. Dr Kory is just the sort of medical guide & truth-teller humanity needs right now. I appreciate seeing intelligent minds at work setting the record straight against those who would mislead us & damage our well-being physically, psychologically & spirituality. You take care & be well in the midst of this time of great dishonesty & malevolence!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kevin for the very kind words of support!

  73. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Excellent report and good news that there is established protocols for early prevention of COVID-19 and protocols by competent medical doctors who are using their best medical judgment in how to approach treatment long before you ever need a hospital. Thank you.

  74. Ed Mustafo

    Do the exact opposite of what the FDA, CDC, and WHO tell you to do, and you’ll be fine.

  75. Doug Cook


    Interested in what you talked about with him in the pre-interview as I’m sure there are things that he couldn’t talk about. One of them would be the ‘horse paste’ as recommending that could threaten his medical license as he can’t recommended a medicine for animal use. What does he think about the paste?

    You also touched on with him about a possible die off coming that both Cliff High and Martin Armstrong were talking about. Does he anticipate a big die off this winter? Also wondering if he believes this to be part of a bio weapon with perhaps the vaccines being part of a population control measure or if he thinks they are pushing it so hard because big medicine and big Pharma are more interested in money than lives?

    I know there are areas he probably had to steer clear of but you giving your impressions of what he might think on the issue wouldn’t get him in hot water.

    Thanks for the interview at this critical time from a doctor who is on the leading edge of this contagion.

    • Greg Hunter


      In the pre interview Dr. Kory said the pure Ivermectin horse paste was “good.”


  76. Mark L Shepard

    What a wonderful lifesaving interview. I am going to spread this one around to all family and friends whether they listen or not. You are a true champion of righteous journalism. May God continue to hold you and your family in his favor. May the Lord send his angels to create a hedge of protection around you against the forces of evil that want to destroy us all. I listen to nearly every interview and I have to say this one is phenomenal. I am nominating you for God’s Pulitzer.

  77. Jim

    Wow! Thank you Greg for this interview!

  78. Bud

    I used the website after suffering from covid for 10 days. On the fourth day of treatment using ivermectin and fluvoxamine I finally felt normal again. Now, it took a month took get back all of the strength I lost in that two weeks. without this website I would not of had access to the drugs that cured me because my doctor wouldn’t prescribe ivermectin even when I asked for it. Great job as always in the interview Greg.

  79. Bob

    Thank you for having Dr. Cory on the show Greg.
    He is literally one of a very who is capable and willing to help in all of this.
    For anyone who is having trouble sourcing ivermectin without a prescription – try SA enterprises on Indiamart, contact Sunil Phalke.
    He ships worldwide, just allow for shipping time & customs.
    Keep up the good work and stay strong.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree and I think Dr. Kory saved some lives because of this interview.

    • Jeff

      Do they ship by air (not) or container ? I considered that when investigating them. Could be stuck at harbor for months. Does heat effect the drug ?

  80. Dusty Dude

    Another amazing interview Greg, Congratulations and thank you! One of many…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dusty!

  81. peter tomkins


  82. Dusty Dude

    Interesting that he mentions mouthwash. I have a colloidal silver generator and with that I create a colloidal silver solution that is 10 parts per million. I keep that solution in a spray bottle and spritz it into my eyes up my nose and in my mouth everyday I actually inhale it up my nose and down my throat. Silver is antibacterial and antiviral. I didn’t read this anywhere I just came up with it on my own. I believe I’m doing the right thing….

    • The Seer

      Check when using silver they are rounded nano size and not sharp edge silver particulates.

    • Self Exiled

      I have used nano silver in a nebulizer for about 10 t0 15 minutes twice a day for the first time I had coved symptom’s in march 2020. I went by the color did not have any way to measure ppm. Did it for about a week , no doctor, to dangerous as they were using the ventilators on every body. The second time I went to the doctor and he gave me a bacteria killer for 7 days and then x-rayed me and lungs were clear. He was puzzled and could not figure out why I still coughed up mucus. Asthma I think. So he put me on vitamin d and 1000 vitamin c with 40 mg of zinc. I went home and did the same again with the nano silver until no coughing.. Remember this is all in the Philippines. Had difficulty finding distilled water for nano silver solution. I’m now in US and using 20 ppm and nebulizer when I feel the need or have been around the vaxed and get any odd symptoms. Philippine doctor told me to continue and stay on the vitamins plus a multivitamin daily. I have added a N-Acetyl Cysteine 600 mg a day.

  83. Roger Stamper

    tks dr kory and greg!

  84. James Hall

    This is great but you guys must research the 1929 Study showing Raw milk from grass fed cows and goats cures all diseases. The website to start at is “Campaign for real milk”
    We need to get raw milk back into the main stream, this will help in many ways, in the 1950’s there were almost a million small local dairy farms with a few cows each and selling locally. This is not the same as pasteurized and is easy to digest. Also visit The Raw Milk Institute” This is a topic no one is hardly talking about, I understand the doctor cannot recommend, the medical industry doesn’t not talk about natural remedies or they will be fired. Greg please mention this.

  85. JuicyMoosey

    Just a personal note.

    I walked into a store two days ago. Immediately, literally immediately, within seconds, I felt disorientated, drained, nauseous and “spongy” somehow. It was like a switch flicking saying: “Hi, you’ve got flu…right now”. Within half hour my throat was sore. Sinuses closing up. Eyes feeling sunk and waxy. Nose blocking, dry, wet and running at the same time. I’ve never had these symptoms hit so fast. It usually takes all day, not just minutes.

    I only have cheap disolvable Vit C + Zinc + D + Multi supplements. I’ve been dosing them every few hours since symptoms began – through the day and night – and even these cheap supplements have worked to keep the symptoms at bay before they turned into anything worse. I can literally feel immediate relief after taking them. I’m just getting over it now but its hung on in there.

    Something is going on. Shedding or something. I’ve never been hit by flu symptoms so suddenly before. My tin foil hat was making me think it wouldn’t be a surprise that stores are being given an aerosol by the government to spray around to “kill covid”…that obviously does the opposite of what it says. Doesn’t affect the vaxxed of course. It’s probably got a picture of the spike protein on it to indicate that’s what’s in the actual tin: “Good idea, let’s spray the actual virus around.” (Good idea, let’s make a ‘vaccine’ to heal people that ‘works’ by making the very toxin that is killing people – Did NOBODY THINK THAT WAS A BAD IDEA?!!!) So, nothing would surprise me now.

    Hate to say it but I’m not going to faff around in the street or stores from now on. Go in, get as much stuff as possible, get out. Plan the quickest routes in and out of populated areas. I definately wouldn’t want a double dose of whatever it was I breathed in.

    If the vaxxed are losing Vit D due to the winter then maybe their viral loads are shooting up right now and they’re exponentially spreading the spikes out? The vaxxed could be more dangerous to the unvaxxed now more than ever?

    Just a warning. Don’t mean to fearmonger. Just advice from personal experience. Take it or leave it. We’re in a developing “live exercise” right now and should try to adapt best as we can as we progress through it.

    • JC


      They are spraying in NYC.

      Feds Start Bio-Attack Readiness Test With Non-Toxic Gas Release in NYC Parks, Subways

      The MTA says the Department of Homeland Security working alongside a team of researchers and city agencies will deploy a non-toxic gas on five separate days between Oct. 18 and 29 at about 120 locations across the city.

      • Self Exiled

        Nobody had a mask on. Must of all been vaxed. No worries.

      • JuicyMoosey

        What actual earthborn mammals define as “non-toxic” and what these alien-demon-things running the world define as non-toxic are probably two very seperate things.

        They’re probably spraying an aerosol version of what’s in the actual “vaccine” because of course that’s “non-toxic” apparently.

  86. Clyde Crashcup

    You see, in June of 2020, just a few months into the pandemic, Australian Prime Minister called for an investigation into the origin of pandemic in China.
    Now this on the surface, may not have seemed like much of a story at the time. But in reality this would be the instigator for the world global supple chain crisis of today, we find ourselves in. Now it’s just computer chips and toilet paper, tomorrow it’s gonna be potatoes chips and a myriad ad nauseum! Like Greg Hunter said, everything’s on sale. Buy it now brother and sister! It’s still not to late! Mate!
    How Australia Is Crashing the World Economy And Taking Down China
    298,594 views Oct 20, 2021

  87. Valerie

    Thanks Greg, and thanks Dr. Kory! Very helpful information! I’m one of those who is afraid to go to the hospital! Their Remdesivir protocol is deadly! Now, I hear that some hospitals are refusing to treat people who haven’t been vaccinated for Covid. It was in my state, Colorado, where someone was even refused a kidney transplant because they weren’t vaccinated for Covid. I intuitively figured that early prevention, and early treatment were the keys to beating Covid, so I stocked up on supplements, including quercetin and NAC (which is now hard to get). I didn’t know about the mouthwash or Iodine treatments, but I got a nebulizer and colloidal silver to put in it. I also use it in a nose spray. Now, I will get some iodine too. I was paying close attention to everything Dr. Kory said, and I took notes. In the battle against Covid, we must all arm ourselves with knowledge and prevention strategies that work. I’m very disillusioned and angry that our health agencies and systems are not helping us, but instead are focusing on experimental vaccinations and deadly hospital protocols, rather that prevention and early treatments, like Ivermectin, that work! God bless you both! God help us all!

  88. Robert

    Greg, I wish to talk to Kory & your listeners through you. I am going to speak about hypotheticals that may point to solutions if applied. My new neighbor uses commercial grade, high concentrations of round up & she uses it uphill of my pear tree. Since then, I have noticed that half my pear tree became sick and vulnerable to pear slugs. The leaves are sickly yellow, low in leaf & fruit count. The fruit are stunted in size by 3x. Just on the half who’s roots run her way. Turns out that the ingredients in weed killers work by starving\suffocating their VICTUM of nutrients, namely calcium & magnesium. Being an avid gardener, I see a parallel to “nutrient lockout” induced by over fertilizing. Fertilizers are classified as salts & become toxic to plants when they are in high concentrations in the soil. When this happens the plant shuts down its uptake of, guess what, calcium & magnesium. Abracadabra, hocus pocus- if we look around us everywhere, we find humans are deficient of cal mag. And are ,thus, prone to sickliness. This may point to an easily addressed underlying origin. To unlock the “lockout” you must flush the accumulated salts from the soil, which is not easy.
    We are the most obese & SIMULTANEOUSLY malnutritioned populous in the world perhaps for this reason. And we helplessly hungry because we are starved for nutrition. We are victimizing ourselves through our ignorance. We ignore truth & common sense. We lockout nutrition as well as common sense. Why? Eloi Eloi, lama sabachthani.

    Cut and paste pls.

  89. Robert K


    I encourage everyone to listen to “Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray. Go buy it on apple itunes, .99 cents or listen on Spotify.

    It talks about the plandemic, Nikki Manaj, Kyrie Irving, taliban, Australia, time to rise up, this is all about control, the border, and much more. He is a Christian rapper, and his song is #1 on the rap charts, and about There are also three other Let’s Go Brandon songs on the top 10. Bryson was banned and pulled down on youtube for saying a few lines from his song: “pandemic ain’t real they just planned it, if you start asking questions, they start start banning”. “You can take the vax, I fear God, I don’t fear man” . WORTH THE LISTEN

    • Robert K


      Recently, there are A LOT of Robert’s posting on this forum now, which is good, because people are visiting, watching your video’s and posting commentary, but also confusing to the readers of who is who. Including another Robert directly above my original post. May be easier to identify and separate the posters with first name, identifying character, or last name?

    • Catherine

      Robert. Yes there are many many videos of FK BIDEN in chanting stadiums and a rap song called LETS GO BRANDON coined by reporter interviewing race car winner Brandon Brown about his win and replacing Chant FK BIDEN from the crowded stadium with LETS GO BRANDON. Even Hannity did a program around it… and a senator in Florida who used that phrase in a speech he gave to congress
      Not only is all this funny stuff but by purely laughing at this ludicrous situation of fear induced bio weaponry and senile evil people running us into the ground we are banding together to delegitimize their importance and just delegitimize their power over us. So it’s just so much more than just a “joke”. It’s a pushback of major proportions.

  90. john brown

    Kim Iversen: Public Figures Walk Away From MILLIONS Of Dollars Resisting Vaccine Mandates
    341,269 views Oct 20, 2021 The Hill
    The two vaxed cowards, hope they enjoy booster shots for life.

    Dr. Kory vindicated! Senate hearing,

    Kim Iversen: Is CIVIL WAR Looming? Americans SUPPORT Red States, Blue States Seceding From US
    245,361 views Oct 18, 2021 The Hill
    I think were there already?

  91. Kevin24

    Great interview, very encouraging. Dr Kory keeps talking about people not listening or following proven science and he does not know why? That is easy to answer and it is the entire problem of the past several years, it’s called “follow the money”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kevin and I agree.

  92. Naomi

    Thank you so much for this important information link. Your work is really, really important. You ARE DOING GOD’S WORK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sister Naomi!
      Brother Greg


    Thanks for the interview Greg! The more coverage the better in that Dr Faust made a deal with the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and its 800 PARTNERS including the BIG PHARMA to depopulate the planet. Were we to have a real justice system rather than the one with the Knights of Malta running the FBI terrorists people like FAUCI OBAMA CUOMO CLINTON BIRX REDFIELD Warren D’Blasio Wilhelm Jr., Commissioner Janet Woodcock Mark Elliot Zuckerberg PETER DASZAK MD, PhD
    of ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE INC, the CDC’s Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH would not be walking free. 18 USC 245 empowers all County Sheriffs and citizens to arrest the traitors!

    Nearly all the return receipts except that for CUOMO at his sisters House, OBAMA operating O’BIDEN from down the street from the WH have been returned and a hearing will emerge in the second week of November for:

  94. Roger from Norway

    Thanks for a great interview Greg!

    Practical, helpful and kind words.

    God bless you all!

  95. Jerry

    Well friends,
    Like my dad used to say, even a blind hog can get lucky and find an acorn. This girl nailed it.

    It’s all planned.

    • Paul ...

      J … And no one listened to her … the Time Has Come! … We Must Act Now!! … Before November 2nd !!! … ONLY A WEEK FROM NOW … they Plan to Begin Killing our 5 to 11 Year Old Children !!!! … It Is Time!!!!! … IT IS TIME !!!!!!!! …

      • Paul ...

        Don’t allow the Demon-rats to “kill” your 5 to 11 year old children with the “jab” (and then try to cover up what they have done) … this is “more serious” then simply having immoral Demon-rats allow men to put on a dress so they can go into ladies restrooms to rape your daughters!!!

  96. Jeff

    Thanks Greg,

    First good actionable news I have heard in almost 2 years, Most people I talk to know very well what is happening in the US, but they feel helpless to prevent it. This Dr. is a Saint!

    If this interview could go viral, it could not only inform (as many of your interviews do) , but actively save millions of lives.

    It won’t be long until the government outlaws the sale of the horse paste version.

    In all sincerity, I think you can rest your head on your pillow tonight knowing that your actions here today as a reporter will be directly responsible for saving lives. Hats off to you!

  97. Don Conrad

    Every single person on your site needs to read this pdf, save it, and send it out to everyone they know and love. I have hundreds and hundreds of hours studying covid and the ‘jab’ and have been looking for a source like this. It is ready to use as a presentation with possibly a hundred links to proof of info. We need this to go viral.

  98. Don Conrad

    Just realize I didn’t attach correctly.

    • Paul ...


    • Justn Observer

      Don, Thank you, great link that should open even the most closed minds about the vax/jabs real consequences !

  99. donnas

    I took new job six months ago. I have worked as a pathologist assistant for 30 years. I cut all the surgical specimens ( colons, lungs , breast etc) as well as skin cases. When I came here there were two of the pathologist who had taken the covid jabs. They ask if I had taken it and I told them no and that I would not it was not a vaccine and you could still get it as well as spread it. One of the Doctors informed me that that was only until the spike protein builds up but after about 30 days that was not the case! WTH and these are doctors that have practiced for 20 or more years . One ,who has already had heart surgery just took the covid booster shot and the flu shot the same day. I KID YOU NOT. They are encouraging the workers to do the same but it is not required. Telling them that ivermectin does not work !!! WHEN some of the workers ask what I thought I told them it is working both to cure and prevent.The senior pathologist has not taken the shot and won’t . He is the medical director of the hospital. When I ask him why they are still treating patients with remdesivir and putting them on vents he just stared at me. I said it is shutting down their kidneys and then they put them on vents and kills them. Still no answer. When I said the monoclonal antibodies seem to be helping he finally said ” well that one I like” . so he knows this is true and saying nothing. And says he is a Christian.
    I have cut specimens such as placentas for 30 years and the damage I am seeing to some of them is horrific. It is being called “COVID RELATED” . can you believe this. I can’t get much information on the newborns other than they are born health. I have to wonder what damage has been done to the fetus and what may show up later. I am also starting to see more and more pulmonary blood clots. and bone marrows being performed for low white blood cell counts. This is occurring in all age groups.
    There were two young boys in hospital on covid ward and had tested positive. They were walking short distances in hall and looked like two 90 year olds. never did find out if it was myocarditis or pericarditis but would bet money on it. Broke my heart as I have a grandson close to their age. Saw a 35 year old with pulmonary clots that died two days later and from what I understand was a mom. They called it covid related. They are keeping their vaccination status secret. I spend most days so depressed and sad and angry I can’t see straight. IF not for God the Father and His Son Jesus I would be insane. I continue to give my opinion on preventive care and the horror of the protocols they are using to treat the covid inpatients when ask but no one wants to address it.
    I have come to your site for years Greg and love it and love the commenters. It gives me hope in humanity to survive this evil. So many informed people here. The people running this scam are pure evil, horrid excuses of human beings as well as those going along to get along. I pray daily and often that this is exposed so that they can no longer deny it or kill many more.
    Thank for all you do Greg to get out true information to the masses and Thank you to all those who comment on this site as it is therapy for someone like me

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donnas for all the information & your street reporting from the front lines. We must continue to pray.

    • Fran Barnes

      Donnas, You have exemplary courage; I admire you for this and Bless and Knight (some literary freedom taken) you with the archangels flaming swords for protecting and fighting for His Truth in these matters.

  100. Rick

    I have not been vaccinated. I spent two weeks at home, sick in bed. Fever, chills, no appetite, and just wanted to sleep. My wife took me to the hospital, where I was immediately put on oxygen. I was diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia and respiratory failure. This virus does not fill your lungs with fluid like most pneumonia we think of. Rather, it attacks the lungs and they quit absorbing oxygen. I was put on “high flow, 100% oxygen” for a couple of weeks. If I did not get sufficient oxygen I would have died. I have been home for 10 days and am on a reduced level of oxygen 24/7. I am a crusty 74 year old man. I’m a fighter. Trust me, if you get this virus be prepared to go to the hospital and get on oxygen. I believe that is the first step to saving you life, other than prevention.

  101. Paula Davis

    Consider this:
    1 Adenovirus or “C” virus? Know the difference or similarity of symptoms.
    2. Research indicates if U have had “C” virus, your natural antibodies (Humoral Antibodies) will decrease after several months, but Latent Cellular Immunity will spring into action when needed. What a marvelous body God has given ( no need for “jab”)
    3. “C” jabs do not contain Cellular Antibodies…Even if 100% population is “jabbed” the “C” virus will NOT STOP!
    4. Veterinarian Ivermectin typically contains PEG (polyethylene glycol) which is toxic
    to humans & is the cause the jab has caused anaphylaxis in some people.
    5. NOTE: Reportedly, Ivermectin (veterinarian & RX) works as a nerve agent on insects…use cautiously. Remember, even too much water ingested can be fatal…
    6. We humans need to focus on the effects of 5G, the muzzle, chemtrails, pesticides, GMOs (plant & now human GMOs as well).
    7. Reportedly, RX “I” can be purchased from Mexico without Drs prescription see for ordering info.
    Praying Psalm 91 for God’s protection on all with special intentions Greg Hunter.

    • Charles H.


      You need to cite your claims. You believe that horses are routinely getting doses of ethylene glycol? I have viewed sources that HAVE researched the ingredients in the horse paste. They do NOT affirm anything but what is eaten in cereals and regular food. Besides: if Doctor Pierre Kory tells Greg Hunter directly that the horse paste “is good” – are you saying you now better than him?

      • Charles H.

        I stand corrected – my mistake. PEG is different from ethylene glycol: I misquoted.

        Still – PEG, or Polyethylene glycol IS used in medicine: mainly with the colon cleanse for colonoscopies. Also with the main ingredient of medicines as a stabilizer and dispersant. It definitely is NOT “toxic to humans”. Or to horses, for that matter.

  102. Don Conrad

    My wife and I are stout believers for truthful information. Because I believe this winter will be very rough in many ways, including a surge in the virus and variants, I decided to load up on my covid fighting arsenal. In June I used America Frontline Doctors
    and received their kit. This past Friday I reapplied because the first kit didn’t contain Ivermectin, which I specifically want if my family gets sick. By noon on Saturday, I had talked to a doctor and their pharmacist with my Ivermectin being delivered this coning Tuesday.
    What was great about this is the doctor gave me a family kit (based on our phone call versus all the online paperwork I had to fill out) because of 4 people living under the same roof. He explained usage, refills, etc. The online/phone consultation was $60 and the Ivermectin was about $140 per person delivered. To me cheap to keep us alive and out of the hospital.

  103. Nick Reynolds

    Great interview, Greg. Thank you. I bought Ivermectin, for horses, and it doesn’t bother me in the least that it’s made for horses. It reminds me of Samuel Johnson’s insulting quote about oats being used as a feed for horses in England, but used as a food for men in Scotland. A Scottish wit replied, “Yes, and that’s why England is known for her horses, and Scotland for her men.” I’ll take the horse paste and assume it’s as good as the pill form. I bought some on Ebay, and I found some in the local hardware store. There are horse ranches around this rural town in Northern CA. If you hear that the pills are better, please let us know. I’m very glad the front line doctors are doing what they’re doing in spite of the opposition of the corrupt morons in the “health” bureaucracies of the US federal government and its lackey propaganda outlets. This is a revolution without a leader, the best kind, the most difficult to defeat. It looks like the economic system is collapsing, and the political system has collapsed. We’ll soon see if the legal system has also sold out to great wealth and power. Keep up the good work, Greg. You’re on the right side of history, and more importantly, on the right side of liberty, and, hopefully, on the right side of God.

  104. Steve

    That was the best and certainly the most important interview you have ever performed. I am sending a link to everyone I know with the message “must watch “. I have never listened to one of your interviews twice or taken notes but am about to do that with this one. Thank you so much for your service.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for all your support of the site!

  105. ken

    Of two people I heard that thought they had covid, one had heart problems and the other had acid reflux.
    BUT,,, they’ve been hearing so much bs about covid that they had a ‘mental case’ of covid. Both were in Mexico where they apparently still practice ‘medicine’ so the doctors went looking for the ‘actual’ cause and they survived.

    First off their is no Sars Cov 2 virus that has been purified to a single virus so not proven to exist, no genome sequence except the one they ‘contrived’. Not me,,, in the CDC literature no one wants to read.

    Remdesivir is another Fraudci failed drug that causes renal failure in 30-50% of the cases,,, more depending on time used. It’s so bad that testing was stopped because too many were dying. It also is not FDA approved but is approved under a EUA. It costs approx. $500 per dose. A tad bit higher than Ivermectin.

    The next way to kill you is shoving a pipe down your throat called intubation. This will kill from 70-90 percent of patients.
    When combined with remdesivir the kill rate approaches 100%. In the UK they were more humane in that they killed you with the sedative mizadolam.

    When going to a US hospital they’ll tell you it’s covid when in reality it is a cold,,, flu,,, pneumonia,,, possibly TB. They’ll tell you not to take Tylenol or aspirin and send you home. Freaking out due to the hysteria the media puts out you get bad enough to be hospitalized. Then the only treatment allowed is remdesivir and intubation which results in death most of the time. About $50,000 fedbux for the hospital and doctor and the cooler for you. Yes,,, another sad case of covid to chalk up.

    The injections, if they don’t kill you right off, will deplete your immune system. I have read it depletes about 5% per week with one shot and 20% with two shots. Either way you will acquire some weird disease you might normally encounter in old age or when the common flu strikes you will die because you have no immune system.

    Basically their shots are causing acquired Immune Disease (AIDS).

    The Front Line Doctors are good people but they refuse to even consider there is no virus even though they know its never been purified. Their regimen of vitamins are good for those that have not been injected but questionable for those that took the shots. They may help to prevent you from catching a disease but if you catch one you are in serious trouble.

    The whole thing is a psyop which has been extremely successful in the fact that most -even the Front Line Doctors- think that is a conspiracy theory. Basically the Climate Change lunatics are running the Covid 19 show. Think Greta! You know how much that gremlin cares for her fellow man.

    The psyop is designed to reduce overall population. Add in the hospital closures for firing medical staff and you’ll get even more deaths. Anything that will produce more deaths will be pursued. Lack of police, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and especially wars!

    Yes, they love to declare war on each other and have you do the fighting. Of course it’s always for freedom, justice and the evils of the other side never once looking in our house. For some reason we never seem to question that while we’re in the trenches they are home going to parties and eating caviar.

    IMO, God will allow this destruction and kill off, as he did Sodom and Gomorrah, Jerusalem, and others, and for the same reasons.

    I suggest fighting these evil lunatics and getting right with your savior. I sure wouldn’t expect too much help from the heavens for a nation that kills off its young and send them, still alive, to labs for what they call research.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Ken,
      Your analysis is spot on! IMHO, so many people, who are awake to the plandemic, are unconsciously perpetuating the false narrative. This plays into the hands of TPTB because the false narrative perpetuates the fear. Populations are pliable when they are fearful – just the way ‘they’ intended! If people were not fearful, they would think twice before lining up for inoculation with an experimental ‘vaccine’.

      Another issue you raise is Remdesivir.
      “Remdesivir is another Fraudci failed drug that causes renal failure in 30-50% of the cases,,, more depending on time used. It’s so bad that testing was stopped because too many were dying. It also is not FDA approved but is approved under a EUA.”
      This murderous hospital protocol has been disclosed by Dr Ardis in his ‘testimony’ to Reiner Fuellmich.

  106. MRD

    A lot of people including myself keep asking why. From everything I have read and heard, my conclusion is that there are two possible reason for this globally coordinated event.
    1- A plan to upload a human/intergrade a human into computer device. This idea began with Steve Jobs’ dream who was suffering from cancer; he basically wanted to intergrade man and machine. Thankfully, he died before could pursue that nightmare aggressively. There was a movie called “the man in the machine” which has been taken down by YouTube. “The Man in the Machine is a 2015 documentary film about Steve Jobs directed and produced by Alex Gibney.”
    2- A plan to extend human life by 10. This idea comes from the understanding that humans have been genetically modified in the past, therefore it is possible to reverse engineer them or modify human’s biology via artificial intelligence. Examples of human modification and possible cloning:
    Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.

    21So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs g and then closed up the place with flesh. 22Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib h he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

    Table 1. Ages of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah
    Patriarch Age Bible Reference
    1 Adam 930 Genesis 5:5
    2 Seth 912 Genesis 5:8
    3 Enosh 905 Genesis 5:11
    4 Cainan 910 Genesis 5:14
    5 Mahalalel 895 Genesis 5:17
    6 Jared 962 Genesis 5:20
    7 Enoch 365 (translated) Genesis 5:23
    8 Methuselah 969 Genesis 5:27
    9 Lamech 777 Genesis 5:31
    10 Noah 950 Genesis 9:29

    Gen. 6:3 Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

    • Paul ...

      MRD … Noah was five hundred years old when he became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth … the Lord likely as punishment for mans gross immorality stipulated in Genesis 6:3 “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever … his days shall be numbered … to 120 years” … so our life span was reduced from about 1000 years down to 120 years (likely as punishment for our sins) … but … what right does Bill Gates have to now play “God” … and “increase our punishment” by reducing our life span from 120 years … to zero????

      • Paul ...

        Photo of billionaire Bill Gates committing an International Medical Malpractice Crime … by practicing and dispensing medicine without any form of valid legal medical license … … this is illegal … yet he is dispensing medicine “without a license” a violation of International Law along with his other Crimes Against Humanity … Bill Gates is not a Government official (and yet is being made the head of the G8)?? … and he is not a Medical Doctor (yet he wants to begin sticking a vaccine into the arms of our children on November 2 (Probably Thinking It Is Hillaryously Funny To begin The killing Of Our Children … On The Day of the Dead)!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good one, Paul.

      • MRD

        I really think the plan is to use the people that have been inoculated as lab rats. This fall/winter many inoculated people will become sick and end up in the camps because they become a threat to the “national security”. They will be experimented on while in the camps being “quarantined”. The “boosters” will keep them alive until the experimentation is over regardless of the result. Families and friends will be lucky to be able to see these folks at a distance through the windows. I hope to be wrong about all of this.
        This is very much like what the Nazis did to all the people they killed after the medical industry was done experimenting on them.

  107. wayne wilcox

    If you are a pharmacist, and you refuse to fill a scrip for Ivermectin, you and your employer both need to be held financially liable for the damage you cause VIA MILITARY TRIBUNAL. That means you, as the pharmacist, should be stripped of financial and physical assets by the plaintiff(s). Further, you, as the pharmacist, and corporate managers of the pharmacy, need to be put before a MILITATY TRIBUNAL FOR CRIMINAL CHARGES (MURDER, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY).

  108. Dave

    I live in Cali and it’s all but impossible to get ivermectin. I notice that the Doctor’s protocols say Black Cumin Seed oil which can be substituted for ivermectin. BTW, I just purchased some Black Cumin Seed and it’s inexpensive.

    As to ivermectin, has anyone purchased it from India? Is there a site where one can do this and how does one know the product is what the seller claims it is and not just a scam?

    • Computer Guy

      They are based in Canada but the shipment comes from India. It takes longer now because it has to be routed through France. My order took 6 weeks to arrive but it did arrive. Best of all, no prescription required.

    • Paul ...

      Come on people … just use your brains and say you have worms … and your prescription will be filled right here in America!!!!!!!!

  109. Gabe

    Recovering from covid …leg and but muscles were cramping…5 days of high temp….mild sore throat a mild cough, rash on my back and a blister on my chest….a week later…im fine…..was given a steroid and i used vitamin D, Zinc, vitamin C….navage sinus cleanse system….no antibody treatment needed…not getting a rushed vax or vax ever…sorry satanists

    • Self Exiled

      Sounds more like reaction to shedding from the vaxed??????????

  110. Dave

    Apparently black cumin seed has many potential health benefits. Including cardiovascular. One site I visited said the prophet Mohammed claimed it could cure every disease except death. Apparently it has historically been widely taken by Muslims in the Middle East and Asia. I wonder if this may be why Muslim populations have seemed to fare better with Covid than others.

  111. Mark k Sayne

    An Inheritance You Can Count On
    As a matter of fact, none other than Jesus Christ himself made this well-known and much-loved statement in his Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”​—Matthew 5:5, King James Version…. Jesus’ words bring to mind what King David of ancient Israel was inspired to write centuries earlier: “The meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”​—Psalm 37:11, KJ.
    Rejoice Those Who Walk in the Light
    Faithful Christians can lighten the darkness for meek ones, thus giving them the opportunity to gain life.​—John 8:12…. 10. How does light shine in the darkness today, and how do meek ones benefit?10 Amid such darkness, God is causing light to shine for the sake of meek ones.
    And, in harmony with the words of the angels, he brought a measure of inner peace to the meek. … He compared himself to a shepherd, and he likened his meek followers to sheep when he said: “I have come that they might have life and might have it in abundance.

  112. Gary

    Another fantastic guest Greg. I know a funeral director the clients they are getting that have been on vents are needing facial reconstruction. The tubes are rubbing holes some down to the bone. People that have died of covid embalm different than died with covid. Also the majority have been obese.

    • helot

      RE: “People that have died of covid embalm different than died with covid.”

      What the heck does that mean?

  113. John

    Im surprised there was no mention of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a supplement form of cysteine.

    Consuming adequate cysteine and NAC is important for a variety of health reasons — including replenishing the most powerful antioxidant in your body, glutathione. These amino acids also help with chronic respiratory conditions, fertility and brain health.

    • Paul ...

      John … Ten foods high in cysteine: pork, beef, chicken, fish, lentils, oatmeal, eggs, low-fat yogurt, sunflower seeds, and cheese!!

  114. Justn Observer

    Greg, Another great one to prepare for and survive the 4TH gen war we are in…real bio terrorism concurrent with propaganda disrupt and take over a God and freedom loving society by a Cult of anti-god narcissist elitists…
    Thank you and Dr. Kory for the informative interview…

    wow, yes everyone need to read Don Conrad’s eye opening link/ post above ! =

  115. Paul in Oz

    BRAVO Greg, and Dr. Kory!

  116. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Good interview! Greg, will you have Mark Taylor on again? I miss hearing from Mark

  117. Herb

    You and Dr. Kory missed the elephant in the room. This is not about curing disease at all. It is about giving everybody the jab–no matter how young or old, not matter if pregnant or not, no matter what. So the question is “why would they do this?” In light of the VAIRS results, properly interpreted, these drug pushers are pushing death.

  118. Merry Piper

    Greg: Please check out Dr. Carrie Madej. If you could get her on it would be awesome. Thank you always for your investigations. Dr. Carrie Madej… A gateway to transhumanism, October 23 posted. This is NOT a vaccine.

  119. James j

    Well done greg. You will save lives with this.

  120. Heidi

    Thank you for having Dr. Pierre Kory.

    I witnessed someone at the pharmacy asking for Ivermectin today and the pharmacist told him his Dr.’s prescription would not be fulfilled because Ivermectin is off-label. I was standing next to the customer when he got the rejection from the pharmacist. Concerned that he might be sick or one of his loved ones was sick and needed IVERMECTIN, I turned to him and said I have one word for you: FLCCC. Luckily, he said he was aware of FLCCC.

    In that moment, the pharmacist went ballistic and told me to step back behind the line – raged at me for interrupting their conversation and then called security over the loud speaker to have me removed from the pharmacy or to have them put me within the designated lines! I’m not sure what was in store. Did I violate any law? I was shocked at the pharmacist’s behavior – it made me think of Nazi Germany! Surreal. Seriously – it was a very disturbing and disappointing interaction. Is this happening in America?

    Something is very wrong with our country if people think it is okay to act like the pharmacist did. I’ll cross any line, recommend FLCCC all day long, and make a point to go against the establishment if this is the level of insanity they believe they can perpetrate on the public.

    Please get the word out to everyone you know about Ivermectin, FLCCC, censorship, and the absolute unconstitutional behavior that is getting normalized. We still live in a democracy and the constitution is our guiding doctrine.

    • helot

      RE: “I was shocked at the pharmacist’s behavior – it made me think of Nazi Germany! Surreal. Seriously – it was a very disturbing and disappointing interaction.”

      While reading your encounter I couldn’t help but think of other similarities:
      Pod People from the film, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’; demons, in general; vampires towards the cross, daylight & super healthful garlic.
      The truth (or, anything which challenges their preconceived notions of the way things are) seems like a part rejected vigorously by all those who have swallowed The Plandemic; hook, line & sinker.

      “What convinces masses are not facts, and not even invented facts, but only the consistency of the system of which they are presumably part.” – Hannah Arendt.

      I have read numerous examples like yours, of reactions by doctors and such-like towards alternative health ideas (i.e. non-mainstream acceptable idea$) it’s become a bit of a pattern now.

      … That old bit, ~”You doth protest too much”.

  121. Lisa Stahl

    WOW! FANTASTIC INTERVIEW. Thank you, Greg. Dr. Kory is a National Hero and Treasure. He deserves our eternal gratitude. I thank God for this man.

  122. Peter Erikson

    Our Country is GREAT but it has been Mismanaged. — not as bad as Canada but we are getting there. The back and forth between RED and BLUE. has not worked well for some time. — Not Sure A new Party would Be Accepted or if it Could Survive in the Poisoned Corp, Political < Media Swamp we Exist in.

    I Think we need BIG MONEY FOR A NEW PARTY. Call It Sane, Normal Party. Call IT REVOLUTION PARTY. We Need to be able to Help Ourselves and Current Media, Corp, and RED BLUE Party Is Killing us. China sees its opportunity to do more damage to the West — USA and Europe.pus take territory in the east. Russia is feeding them OIL and Military Hardware. ***We need Strong Sane , Competent leadership with common sence. ***

    My dumb DR. Scolded me for politely Asking for Hydrox, and is Too Ignorant to Imagine why I would want Ibermectum. She is a Brain washed Dem. She admits she only knows a little bit about Medicine But has Strong Opinions about what I can Do to Optimize my Health and consequently my Finances and Life. Its Nuts, we need to be totally in charge of our Medical care. We need direct access to proven preventative care.
    It Should be Illegal for any person to prevent us from protecting our selves. Common Sence. I just want to get a Small Farm near Mennonite (sp) land down South – It is unbearable up here in the Boston area.

    It gives me some Inspiration and Hope that you are Pumping out these News Stories. so Thank You Greg.. You Are Knocking it out of the park. I hope I get some spare cash to contribute to the fight in a month or so when I get my car repaired and pay a few Bills. God bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Peter for your Blessings & support.

  123. Brian

    That was a great interview Greg. A wealth of info. Thank you.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brian for your support.

  124. mark

    My wife and I tested positive for Covid on a Saturday. I immediatly texted our DR. and she prescribed Ivermectin with Prednisone. We took it Saturday and when we got up on Sunday it’s like we weren’t even sick. Don’t let them lie, it works. We live in NC

  125. Leslie

    I have never commented here before, but wanted to say thank you for the video. In early April of 2020 I realized the powers that be had no interest in therapeutics and they were going to hold us hostage until a vaccine came out. I worked with the public during the entire pandemic. This summer I came to the conclusion that I would eventually end up with covid (I think most will). I was hoping it would be this winter, so I started to make plans. I found a compounding pharmacy that would make me ivermectin and hydroxycloroquine, but the problem was I needed a prescription. My doctor flat out told me no! I was just getting ready to find a new doctor when BAM I got covid. I gradually lost my smell and then developed a headache and body aches. I got tested(they no longer jam the stick into your head-they just swabbed my nose).
    Luckily I had purchased quercetin and zinc. I started that the day I found out. Also, I’ve been on d3 and k2 for years. I am not over weight. I am 51. I do intermittent fasting. I walk every day after supper. I limit sugar and gluten because I have an autoimmune disease. Praise God-I never coughed, sneezed, blew my nose etc. I am unvaccinated. I now have local health department records stating that I had covid. Dr Kory is correct-BE PREPARED.
    Get your loved ones prepared. Get in shape spiritually and physically. Thank you Greg for the video. This video is exactly what is needed-truth, a calm and sound demeanor to think clearly, and a path of preparation which all= wisdom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Leslie for sharing & for all your support.

  126. Self Exiled

    What about Singapore? They and Israel seem to be very vaxed.

  127. Thomas McLaughlin

    Greg, this was one of your most important interviews ever, you and Dr. Pierre Kory are saving so many lives with this epic Saturday night post, please say thank you to the good doctor for all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas for your support.

  128. Peter Hine

    Another wonderful interview

    Thank you

  129. Photios

    PCR TEST INVENTOR Kary Banks Mullis opinion on DR. FAUCI

    • Self Exiled

      There are no old wise men at the top, interesting simple analogy. I wouldn’t let Fauci care for my hamster. It’s all about the money. So many people totally blind. Many are called, few are chosen.

  130. Self Exiled

    Dr. Kory carries a heavy burden, you can see it in his eyes.

    “And whoever gives to one of these little ones [these who are humble in rank or influence] even a cup of cold water to drink because he is my disciple, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42

  131. Allen Sachetti

    Simple Truths

    #1) There is a number of safe effective treatment Protocols for the C19 Virus.

    #2) The fake Vax’s have now killed more people than C19 did.

    #3) NATURAL IMMUNITY from exposure and recovery to C19 is far superior to any man made vax.

  132. Tim

    All vaxxed (non placebos) will die in two years due to destruction of their immune system.

    All credible experts are saying this.

    • dee

      i got vaxxed in 2010 in college. this vax was given matched to the student, each student had a specific vaxxine matched to their student id. it was a political action. anyone not evil is considerered inauthentic unwise and dangerous. this is the progressives religion. it is IDENTICAL to roman Catholicism which has sabbatean frankists as their bankers. THEY HATE SOCIALISTS.

  133. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg and guest Dr Kory, I’ll be listening to this a couple times, good info. Vax not! Fear not! God’s peace Greg and Dr Kory.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Fred. There is a lot in this 44 min int.

  134. Scott

    Thanks for the great content. It is clear beyond question that the last 18 months have not been about public health.

  135. Cliven B Bondi

    United States no longer has ‘overwhelming military power’
    60,181 views Oct 24, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Liberal Senator Jim Molan says the United States no longer has the “overwhelming military power” many Australians seem to take for granted when talking about the threat posed by China in the Indo-Pacific.
    “The US hasn’t won a war, and we haven’t won a war in just about living memory with the United States,” he said.
    “But in conventional terms, as shown by the invasions of Iraq, the last two Middle East wars, they do very, very well generally with conventional forces, so we think, yeah, the US is always going to win.
    “Now that’s not the case anymore. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has run down its military by 30 to 50 per cent.
    “Now Australians should think about that very, very carefully who’s your daddy?.”

    Daydreaming about riding a pony’: Joe Biden’s fists gaffe at CNN town hall

  136. Marie+Joy

    With hindsight, when my parents died, it looked like the doctors and nurses were looking for an excuse to let them die. At the time I had no idea what was going on. Now, I see this depopulation thing has been going on for a long time and, only now, is it painfully obvious.

    • AndrewB

      In the UK we have ‘The Liverpool Care Pathway’. Basically, this is a protocol which authorises health care workers to determine a patient’s quality of life, and if they deem necessary, to terminate the patient by withholding food and drink. Sounds insane, and it is! Alarmingly, people being nursed at home, could be placed on ‘The Liverpool Care Pathway’ based only on the determination of a District Nurse. There is no obligation to inform the patient’s family! This protocol gave rise to incidences of hospitalised patients calling 999 (US = 911) police emergency services to report that no one would give them anything to drink! Like the declarations emanating from the WEF, professing to ‘build back better’, the CARE in ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ is the opposite. And, the ‘Pathway’ is your exit from this life. This deadly protocol to prematurely end the lives of the elderly was in full force and effect in the UK a full decade before the advent of ‘Covid’.

      Build your immune system – stay healthy – stay away from hospitals.

    • AndrewB

      The ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ continues in all but name . . .

  137. Lynn Schneider

    Sorry this is so long, but I did the death (murder) calculation. It’s HORRIFIC:
    485,000 deaths (murders) by Fauci-Biden, from withholding early COVID treatment: SHOCKING

    American deaths (murdered) by Fauci-Biden, from COVID June 1 to October 24, 2021: 113,108
    American deaths (murdered) by Fauci, from COVID July 1, 2020 to May 30, 2021: 372,375

    Now that the country of India started using ivermectin early treatment to crush the COVID pandemic starting in May 2021, we can do a basic data comparison for the last 5 months of approximately how many Americans Biden and Fauci killed (murdered) by withholding the life saving early ivermectin treatment from Americans:

    American population 333,000,000
    Indian population 1,393,000,000
    So, a 23.9% ratio for India is equivalent to the American population for comparison purposes. (23.9% x 1,393,000,000 = 332,927,000)

    COVID deaths from June 1 to October 24, 2021:
    India 119,167 x 23.9% = 28,480 deaths per 332,927,000 (US population equivalent)
    USA 141,588 deaths for 333,000,000 – it should have been around 28,480 if ivermectin was used.
    DEATH RATE WAS 500% HIGHER IN USA 141,588 – 28,480 = 113,108 dead Americans from lack of ivermectin.
    (interactive, “India: What is the cumulative number of confirmed deaths?”,
    set to table, set the dates, then look at India, USA)

    Also note that India does not have a higher vaccination rate than the US, so that is not the reason the COVID deaths plummeted in India. Certainly there are some differences in data gathering between the USA and India, but not a 500% difference! Only ivermectin makes the difference that massive.

    But wait, it gets worse. It appears that people in our government (Fauci, etc.) colluded with the pharmaceutical companies since last year sometime to cover up the effectiveness of ivermectin medicine against COVID. Why? Because the emergency use authorization for those COVID vaccines, that they have made billions of dollars of profit from, could not have been legally given if there was already a treatment available – ivermectin. So now do you understand why Fauci will fight to the death to cover it up?

    So, now that we know India has about a 80% lower death rate than the US for COVID from using ivermectin, we can apply that percentage to the American deaths, going back further, to, let’s say July 1 2020 to May 30, 2021 and do a very simple math calculation of deaths (murders) due to lack of early ivermectin treatment:

    USA 465,469 deaths x 80% = 372,375 dead Americans from lack of early ivermectin treatment
    (interactive, “India: What is the cumulative number of confirmed deaths?”,
    set to table, set the dates, then look at USA)

    That’s a grand total of roughly 485,483 (372,375 + 113,108) killed (murdered) over about 16 months.

    Did you get that? about 485,483 dead Americans who should be alive if early ivermectin treatment was not withheld from them by Fauci and whoever else colluded with him. That’s what the India data tells us if we had done what India did. That number is increasing daily.

    Is that called MASS MURDER?

    The India data does not lie. Fauci lies.

    If those constant reports of Fauci being involved in making the virus that escaped from the Wuhan lab that caused the pandemic are actually true (I don’t know), that would put Fauci on the list of the greatest mass murderers, somewhere near Adolf Hitler I guess? Did you hear the latest about Fauci torturing Beagle puppies? I read something once that murderers are sometimes found to have tortured animals in their younger years before moving up to humans.

    So, Fauci is determined to be our “savior” from the pandemic by getting these wonderful vaccines to us, or is that maybe meant to cover up his involvement in creating the virus that is killing us??

    But what is he, really?

    I am going to forward this e-mail to Donald Trump, since people listen when he speaks, whether they like him or hate him. Hopefully he will start speaking on this. There is sadly deafening silence from Joe Biden as these deaths (murders) go on and on and on and on…………….

    Hope you or anyone you know doesn’t die from lack of early COVID treatment before we can start getting the early ivermectin treatment in the USA like we should have had all along. India proved that.

    Lynn Schneider

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn for the information.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Ivan,
      Lockstep. This is the plan that the President of Tanzania broadcast to his nation as a warning. Naturally, he has subsequently died of a ‘heart attack’!

  138. Tim Flaherty

    Great INTERVIEW with actionable information ! Thanks for this interview.

  139. Marie+Joy

    De Fauci. he’s my man.
    If he can’t kill me,
    Nobody can.

  140. Donnie W Clyma

    Greg, as you’ve already mentioned on some post, Ivermectin is a safe, effective way to treat Covid quickly and early. A dear friend of mine used Ivermectin (horse dewormer in liquid form) to cure his Covid. More and more, I’m left with the idea, that much of our society is brain washed by media and false narratives used by the nuts agenda of globalist . We as a society must use common since, and expose the false narratives they are promoting. Farewell Friend.

  141. Oojai

    as recommended by David Collum, one may buy Ivermectin online from

  142. Self Exiled

    Just in, daughter in-law just informed me that insurance company next year will charge $1400 added to their health insurance premium if they are not vaccinated. I will monitor this.

    • Greg Hunter

      What insurance company?

    • Marie+Joy

      When insurance companies tell you to get the j a b, it’s time to find a different insurance company, if you can.

    • Robert K


      I’m also curious which insurance company is imposing this. Insight would be greatly appreciated.

      • Self Exiled

        Greg, Robert K — upon further research they don’t know if it is the insurance company or the employer. It would be a prudent response from a company trying to avoid an issue with the employees and/or the government. I will monitor. It is touchy subject [I found out].

  143. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems there is strong indications that there are other vectors besides the jabs to get nano particles into ones bodies thru the skin via vapes, sprays etc?
    ie., skin penetration of nano particles ? = DARPA = review last few days on GW twitter…
    George Webb – Investigative Journalist (@RealGeorgeWebb1) / Twitter

    click on = “Skin Penetrating NanoParticles” with George Webb 10/22
    go to @ 54:00 min. (although all good if you have the time)
    One might be cautious when at events or around crowds that might be targetted?
    If true it is a game changer… from incidental side effects to

  144. Cheryl

    Homework Assignment Completed: I just checked with my local neighborhood pharmacy (privately owned and pharmacist-owner operated) about the local ivermectin situation. She tells me she would fill a prescription, but… her wholesaler tells her that because of a shortage they cannot get it. To fill an ivermectin prescription she would have to search around to other pharmacies for supply. Anecdotally, she volunteered that she had not seen a prescription for around six years and at that time it was easy to find. She emphasized that it is not up to her to question a prescription except when something about it doesn’t make sense. In those cases, she personally contacts the prescriber to clarify item and dosage.

    It was a beautiful conversation and she blessed me that I would not find a need for ivermectin this winter, and I returned the same.

    It’s noteworthy that her wholesaer is the bottleneck and notes a supply shortage.

    • Donna Wilson

      Cheryl, I just spoke with staff at the compounding pharmacy I use. They said they’d certainly fill a prescription for ivermectin, but they, too, have been unable to obtain it for several weeks now. Said it was due to people wanting it for COVID. Also said the pharmacist hasn’t been threatened in any way by his licensing board if he did fill such prescriptions. So infuriating! Local pharm can dispense, but can’t obtain product. If they don’t deny us the med one way, they’ll get us another way.

  145. Self Exiled

    Karen Kingston puts more pieces of the puzzle together concerning the growth of foreign bodies in humans through these vaccinations. Listen to the end. She really explains what’s being done to us in understandable methodology.

    Her last statements are from the heart and show extreme insight.

  146. Self Exiled

    Baby’s of vaccinated mothers dying hours after being born.

    • JuicyMoosey

      I’m sure many of us have seen the art installation at Denver Airport?

      They even included the omnipresent rainbow.

      I’ve had a thought about the rainbow. It symbolises a convenant that God himself would not wipe people away in another flood. That rainbow now seems to represent noahide laws and/or LGBT.

      LGBT self select themselves to be figuratively wiped away in the flood as they will have no decendants. Now we’re seeing that rainbow everywhere… THEY intend that none of us will have decendants.

      Except for a few pig / human chimeric cyborg slaves they’ll decant in their Frankenstein laboratories.

  147. barb davis

    Hi, go to and watch Tentacle Tuesday, October 12th. They are a Christian news site and they ran video of a Polish doctor and an American doctor who examined what is in the vials of vaccine. It is horrifying. There is a creature in people now. They do not know what it is for but they know it has a purpose and I am sure it is to kill people. I saw a video on Israeli News Live where German researchers examined the blood of vaccinated people and they saw a creature also. God help us.

  148. Rickey Johnson

    Great interview! Great guest, the information was much needed. Thanks for the link we have been searching for a Dr. for preventive treatment information and meds. Forwarding your interview to my family. Thank you

  149. Twox2

    I’m going back to my online name for this one for obvious reasons. I hope you understand. My son-in-law came up with a great new word to describe me: I’m a preparanoid. Isn’t that grand?

    Greg: So many are asking where to get Ivermectin. We first used America’s Frontline Doctors, but my daughter found another source which, she, my wife and I have now used successfully. The pills were pretty expensive at the online pharmacies through AFLDS…on the order of $6 to $7 per 3mg pill.

    Another option: Go to Seven Cells Pharmacy website (storefront located in Stuart FL) and get on their waiting list. They process orders in batches as inventory becomes available. You can purchase 20, 40 or 60 pills of up to 22mg each. Pills are prescribed based on body weight, although each prescription for a given quantity is the same price, regardless of strength of the pill. At the highest body weight, price runs approximately $1.30 per pill per 3mg equivalent. Look for a 10% off coupon for new customers. You can expect to spend one or two weeks on the wait list, after which you will get an email to fill out their online application, complete with your ID. Respond within 24 hours. The pharmacist will only call if there are issues to clarify regarding your medical status.You should be approved in a couple days and your card will be charged. You should receive your meds within a week to 10 days thereafter. We used them 3 times successfully and are fully stocked. Please do your own due diligence. I can’t recommend anything to anyone for obvious reasons, but I can share what we have done. Good luck…

    • Deb

      Are you able to split the pills? The site that I found ( is charging approximately $10. per pill, for any amount (10, 20, 40, 60 pills).
      Am I looking at the same one you used?
      Thank you for sharing your experience!

      • Twox2

        Hi Deb: These cannot be split. They are capsules and are coming from a compound pharmacy. But here’s the issue I have run into. No one wants to give you a true treatment dose. AFLDS basically sent me a prophylaxis dose: enough 3mg pills for a 15 mg per day dose, which is not enough for treatment at my weight according to FLCCC.

        FLCCC’s treatment guidelines specify .4mg to .6mg per kilogram of body weight. Assume someone weighs about 70kg, or about 155 pounds. At 70kg, the minimum treatment dose would be .4mg x 70kg, or 28 mg daily for five to seven days.

        Even at the maximum weight category of over 250 lbs, 22 mg capsules are prescribed…which of course, is slightly below the minimum treatment level for the 70 kg/155 pound person (28 mg per above)…and most prescriptions don’t give sufficient quantities of the lower concentrations to have one or more treatment doses. My own personal belief is 22mg is close enough for the 70 kg person. But there is an epidemic of under prescribing in my view.

        The last thing you enter on the Seven Cells website is your body weight, and it will drive what they send. At 155 lbs or example, they will send 15 mg capsules. At 200 lbs, they will send 20 mg capsules. At 250 lbs, they will send 22 mg capsules.

        No easy answers: But we have successfully navigated the labyrinth of procedures to fully stock Ivermectin via Seven Cells. Best wishes…

      • Twox2

        @ Deb: P.S. Re: $10 per pill. A pill is not a pill is not a pill. It depends on the strength of the particular pill based on body weight. That’s why I converted the per pill cost to a “3 mg equivalent”. Since they are charging the same cost for a treatment regimen for every body weight and subsequent pill strength, the higher weight prescriptions are a much better deal for what you get. For dosing, I don’t need their advice; I will follow FLCCC guidelines. Make sense? Hope so…

  150. Rich R

    Great interview Greg, Thank you Dr. Kory for all that you do. The president of the company i work for , his brother went for the jab last Monday and they recommended that he get the flu shot at the same time. Later that day his hands and feet started tingling by the next morning he was r paralyzed from his neck down , now in hospice care at the age of 55. You read stories on-line then you know someone that this has actually happened to and i get even more real. No body is talking about (Hdroxybutyl) which is in both vaccines. The NIH used this stuff in 1981 to induce bladder cancer. Meanwhile the criminals at the FDA looked the other way.
    Onset of tumors can take 20 weeks .
    I fear the incidence of cancer to explode in the coming months and years, everyones immune system is different.

  151. Old Rancher

    I had a sinus infection a few weeks ago. It was on a Wednesday and I was treating it by using my sinus rinse with Listerine in it and it knocked it pretty well but I could tell that it wasn’t really gone. It didn’t really start slowing me down until four days later when I started to feel like crap and it really hit hard. I’d flushed my sinuses throughout this time many times but by the fourth day I was thinking of getting an antibiotic we have left over but, instead, wound up taking a measured dose of “horse paste” and an extra D3 around 8pm that evening. The infection had been acting like they said the Delta tended to infect you. By the time I went to bed about 2-1/2 hours later I was feeling better and the next morning my sinuses were clear and my tonsils don’t feel as if they’re on the verge of blowing up. I was amazed at how fast the Ivermectin worked. Had it been a bacterial infection I don’t think the Ivermectin would have touched it.

    • Self Exiled

      If you are an old rancher I doubt you have been vaccinated.

      • Old Rancher

        Bingo! My doctor is also my livestock’s vet.

        No, not really but my doc doses himself with injectable Ivermectin in OJ every Sunday and uses the pour-on variety for his kids in the same amount of time. I worry that he may be using too much but he’s his own doctor so it’s his choice. And, yes, the wife and I are still “pure” not having taken the jab. Our son, however, working for the county has been as well as his wife that works in the schools out here in Western Texas. I hope they’ll heed my words and not take a second dose AND refuse it for their kids if someone comes after them with a needle. Our daughter is lucky enough to work in an office full of conservatives and doesn’t believe the government b.s. either.

  152. foggygoggles

    Why are you censoring my posts? This is more than disappointing. Worse, it puts you in the camp of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have made 114 comments here. (I have a counter) I have no idea what you are talking about.

      • AndrewB

        “I have no idea what you are talking about.”
        Maybe FoggGoggles is finding it difficult to see things clearly . . . 🙂

    • Self Exiled

      Greg has censored; maybe, several of my posts. It is his site and maybe he knows things we don’t know.

      • MC

        Much of that KingJames a bad thing. Greg is a little too goody-two-shoes for the times in which we live. You can be sure that when Gerald Celente is yapping at full speed, someone is cringing over the possibility that Celente may say ach-ee-double-tooth-picks or something.

        • AndrewB

          “Greg is a little too goody-two-shoes for the times in which we live.”
          You must be tuning in to someone else! Greg is a Christian, but he is unafraid of strong language when the subject warrants it.

    • Marie+Joy

      It may not be Greg doing the censoring. It may be tptb.

  153. Self Exiled

    Tightening their grip – internet censorship control coming –“founded by the former Barack Obama aide Bill Burton,” is “being paid by donors, including the nonprofit groups backed by Mr. Omidyar.” He is also a major donor to a shady new group calling itself “Whistleblower Aid” — bizarrely led by anti-Trump lawyer and social media #Resistance star Mark Zaid, who has been one of the most vocal critics of actual whistleblowers

  154. Ronald Epner, MD

    Thanks Greg, Great interview. I sent the url to several family members but now it looks like the interview has been censored. It’s no longer available on your website. Do you have another copy that can be seen on a safe website?

  155. Doug

    Hello, has anyone mentioned Mr Trumps new social media site…Truth social? He’s taking a run a Facebook Twitter and hopefully you tube…started trading as SPAC….ticker DWAC….free speech might just be the new reality…cheers Doug

  156. Justn Observer

    Greg, IF true , Labor and Industries in Washington State might have just pulled the pin on their economy… To the people in that state, if not now – when ?

    • Paul ...

      JO … First the Demon Rats said: “Only businesses employing 100 people needed to enforce the Globalist “jab” mandate … now it is all businesses” … It Is Time Folks” … It Is Time To Physically Grab These Little Commie State Dictators … Begin Making Citizens Arrests … Then Give These Lowlife Commie Dictators a Trial By Jury … Composed Of Citizens Right On The Street (for we at least are better then the Evil Commie Demon Rats who have still not given the Jan 6 Capital Trespassers a Jury Trial) … then after trial … Citizens themselves will carry out the sentence (bypassing the Criminal Court System filled with compromised Judges) … and we will bring America Back … it may be the America of the Old West … but it is better then this screwed up Commie Land Non-World Government that is firing workers who don’t want to go to the slaughter house on the personal order of some Evil Demon Rat who has decided it is time to reduce the population!!

  157. Marie+Joy

    Wood stoves, that you can cook on, with one damn lot of wood and coal.
    Take vitamins, excercise, and stay healthy.
    Don’t go to the hospital. They are depopulationists and WE are on the chopping block.

  158. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    My kidney transplant doctor said “Jennifer, I sincerely and honestly urge you not to listen to the stories about Ivermectin. It is harmful, not helpful. I sincerely hope you and for that matter everyone stays away from it.” Dr. Regulagadda.

    What can I do? He is the only doc in North Dakota who can authorize my transplant med refills. They want us dead. My transplant is 28 years “old” and I have stayed home for the last two years….self-quarrantined by my own choice. I am 65.

    Sigh…this is not fun.

  159. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    Landing Dr. Kory was truly a blessing. His information is free of bias and only designed to help people. I wish there were more doctors like him around.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom for all your support!

  160. Rick

    I went to an Urgent Care this morning for an antibody test. I started having a discussion about the dangers of the clot shots with the young lady that was drawing my blood. She said she decided to get the jab because of being in the healthcare industry and not wanting to pass COVID to her grandmother. Eight months after getting the jab she had a stroke. A young girl at 20 years old with no medical history has a stroke. I went on to discuss studies that shows the jab destroys a persons immune system. She told me she never had allergy issues in the past but now has to take medicines for allergies. There are no do overs. These shots are negatively impacting and killing people.

  161. Charles

    This may have been your most important interview ever. I wish everyone in the USA could hear this.

    Keep following up with Dr. Kory.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles for your support.

  162. Robert Veklotz

    And the devil, taking him (Jesus) up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. Luke 4: 5-7
    Jesus refused the offer. How many people have accepted this offer of celebrity, fame, power, wealth and are satan worshipers today? By their deeds you will know them. Mathew 7: 20.

  163. OUTLANDER1968

    Dr. Ardis and Dr. Carrie Madej learn from Karen Kingston, what’s REALLY in the C19 vaccines!

  164. whistleblower

    Channel profile picture

    43 minutes ago

    Paul Craig Roberts posted this link to a research article .

    It it claims things about the virus that I never knew before. First of all I thought it was part of the Corona virus family which includes colds and influenza. It puts it into a totally different class. It also explains better than anything else I’ve read about the Wuhan lab /gain of function research connection. From the piece.

    COVID-19 is not a viral pneumonia. It is a viral vascular endotheliitis and attacks the lining of blood vessels, particularly the small pulmonary alveolar capillaries, leading to endothelial cell activation and sloughing, coagulopathy, sepsis, pulmonary edema, and ARDS-like symptoms. This is a disease of the blood and blood vessels. The circulatory system. Any pneumonia that it causes is secondary to that.

    In severe cases, this leads to sepsis, blood clots, and multiple organ failure, including hypoxic and inflammatory damage to various vital organs, such as the brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and intestines.

    Some of the most common laboratory findings in COVID-19 are elevated D-dimer, elevated prothrombin time, elevated C-reactive protein, neutrophilia, lymphopenia, hypocalcemia, and hyperferritinemia, essentially matching a profile of coagulopathy and immune system hyperactivation/immune cell exhaustion.

    COVID-19 can present as almost anything, due to the wide tropism of SARS-CoV-2 for various tissues in the body’s vital organs. While its most common initial presentation is respiratory illness and flu-like symptoms, it can present as brain inflammation, gastrointestinal disease, or even heart attack or pulmonary embolism.

    This changes my whole view. I thought the final stage was going into the lungs and that pneumonia was primary not secondary. I thought that all those symptoms listed are from the jab not the virus itself.

  165. Paul the Farmacist

    Greg, I am a long time listener and fan of yours. I am a practicing pharmacist with over 17 years of experience in hospital and retail settings. Dr Kory is entirely correct about the illegallity of the refusal of some pharmacists to fill ivermectin prescriptions. I wish him well in correcting the problems in my profession thru civil lawsuits. Pharmacists are very sensitive about liability. The “brainwashing” of my profession to enact the goals of drug companies has accelerated in the last 15 years or so. I can’t even read the magazines that are pharmacy oriented because of the drug company propaganda (misinformation).
    On a different note, There are instances where refusal to fill scripts can save a patients life. I am referring to patient allergies unknown to the doctor, too high of a dose, and even inappropriate use of drugs to treat conditions. Example. Nitrogycerin ointment to treat cracked skin. I have seen that written and it is very dangerous for the patient. Pharmacists should try to handle these scripts discretly by a call to the doctor to correct the situation.
    Also, there are unscrupulous doctors who run pain clinics that write excessive amounts of narcotics. I have refused those scripts many times and would do so in the future. I know a pharmacist and friend of mine who just filled the doctors pain clinic scripts and is now in prison. And he followed the law!
    Best regards,
    A loyal listener

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul for the inside look at your business.

  166. Paul

    Thank God there are some real doctors left in the US.

  167. Chris Chambers

    Hi Greg! Late post. Great interview. I must post a word of caution for the flccc site. I am not warning people away, but go there with proper expectations. I went there on September 16, 2021, found a network to do an online consultation, and paid $59.99 on my credit card, with the hopes I could get a prescription of ivermectin to put in my “rapid response kit” in the case of a positive Covid test. Ten days went by and I heard nothing…no feedback, no email, no text. Called back. They had a system outage (overwhelmed with demand), and took my info again.
    Two weeks later, no response, no text, no email, no phone call. I called again, spoke to a nice young lady (a nurse, but her knowledge of medicine and her vocabulary…I work in a sort of medical field so am aware who talks the talk and who does not…she did). She took my info a third time, said she’d refer my info to one of their prescribing authorities, and they’d be in touch.
    Today is October 29, 2021. Never got a call, a text, an email. No script received, no explanation. I’ll call again. But to your other readers. This is NOT a fast process. Do it in advance. If you need Ivermectin NOW, you will likely die if you do not have it in your kit at that time.
    Final note: your internet firewall will block several of the referral doctors offices, as they are out of the US, or otherwise have internet safety ‘defects’. Be aware.

    P.S. The current prescribed “treatment” when someone gets a positive Covid test is “Go home and rest”. No medications, to vitamins prescribed. Nothing. If the patient feels sicker and they go to a hospital, they are often admitted, and many die. Many die at home, not knowing how sick they are. Their corpses are ‘found unresponsive’, having long since died alone wit no drugs, no care, no treatments. It’s a sham. A conspiracy. Shame on the medical and pharma industry for their complicity in this global tragedy!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for your comment. I am sorry it has not gone faster. I will say you are the only person that has said this about the FLCCC Alliance experience.

  168. Mike D.

    Excellent interview!
    Greg, I wish you would have asked Dr. Kory what he thinks about masks!

  169. Brian Regitko

    I would LOVE to see a debate between Dr. Kory and Dr. Fauci on the efficacy of Ivermectin!

    • Greg Hunter

      So would I, and you know Dr. Kory would wipe the floor with him.

  170. Rodster

    Greg, I listened to the entire interview. I heard NO mention of what the amount of Ivermectin dosage to take. Did I listen to the wrong interview?

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