Cash Ban is All about Control-Bill Holter

22Greg Hunter’s   (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer Bill Holter says there is a good reason some are pushing the idea of doing away with cash. Holter contends, “It’s not about the drug trade.  It’s not about tax evasion.  It’s really about capital controls.  It’s about corralling the public’s funds into the banks.  Then you go one step further, and they already put bail-in legislation into effect pretty much throughout the West.  So, what they are doing is ring fencing your capital.  If they really do away with all cash and all your funds have to be in the banking system, then basically you are completely controlled. . . . Individuals can be shut off because the state doesn’t like them.”

So, when will the powers try and go cashless? Holter thinks, “I don’t think the public would accept it if all of a sudden ‘boom’ they flip the light switch and say that’s the end of cash. . . . I think the public would revolt, and it’s not doable.  I also don’t think there is enough time left in the markets to get it done.  The cashless society will result from either a war or a collapse in the system.  It will be part of the new system.  That’s how they will implement it.  It will be after something big happens.”

Holter says that “something” is going to be a global financial calamity worse that the Depression. Holter explains, “The whole system is going to collapse.  We are going to have a bank/financial system holiday where institutions are outright closed.  You are going to see bankruptcies and bonds going poof—just going away.  This is what 2008 would have been had the Fed not spread $16 trillion all over the globe and probably much more than that.   Now there is no central bank on earth that can ride in and save the system like they did in 2008.  They have already shot all their ammunition. . . . When this collapse comes, there is nothing there to reflate the system.  This is the greatest fear of central bankers since the 1930’s, and that is to have a deflation they can’t reflate.”

It gets worse because cashless will also mean negative interest rates. Holter says, “If we are in a cashless society, where are you going to go.  You won’t be able to get your money out. . . .Banks will recapitalize themselves with bail-ins.  If they would go to negative interest rates with a society that still has cash, then you would have people pulling cash out of their bank and putting it under their mattress.  These central banks that are talking about negative rates are telling you they want to, and have to, debase the currency.”

On more rate hikes from the Fed, Holter says, “That’s true rocket science, no more rate hikes. Look what happened with just one rate hike.  The wheels are coming off the car with just a quarter of a point hike.”

On gold, Holter says, “If you go back and look at it on a chart, gold and silver began their upward movement right about the time Japan started negative interest rates. The big scare was the Fed is going to tighten.  The Fed is going to tighten, which is ridiculous.  Even if they tighten 3% or 4%, which they can’t do because they would kill the economy, it’s still not competition for real money.  You are looking at a currency that is debasing by that amount per year.  Negative interest rates are telling you, you’ve got to get your money out of the banks because it’s a guaranteed loss.”  Some of that money is finding its way into precious metals.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Bill Holter of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Holter says he would be a buyer of silver right now. He points out that the silver to gold ratio is near 80 to 1.  Meaning it takes 80 ounces of silver to equal 1 ounce of gold.  Holter thinks it could go down to 10 to 1 or even 20 to 1, and that would make the coming silver price go up “like gold on steroids.”  Holter also says, “In the coming bull market, silver will do laps around gold in upward price movement.”  If you would like to listen to the most recent Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair question and answer audio post, please click here. You can also find Bill Holter’s weekly commentary on

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  1. Tim

    Craig Hemke (of TF Metals Report) believes the banks are getting ready to drive down the prices of gold and silver. I just don’t see how the manipulation will ever end.

    • Greg Hunter

      When they run out of gold to put on the market. I think that day is coming sooner than most think. By the way, Hemke is a smart guy and he may be correct.

      • Macray

        Craig Hemke could also be wrong. I have not read his latest prediction, however, I believe this gentlemen is very bullish on the PM’s. Therefore, I am assuming he is making a very short term prediction, based upon prior manipulation patterns he has observed.
        With the brand new ABX, it may not be as easy to manipulate the PM’s a great deal lower. It probably will take several months before the brand new ABX really takes hold as one of the premier places for buying and selling Gold for investors, but perhaps new and existing clients are just lying in wait for the Goldman Sachs’s of the world to lower the prices a bit?
        Maybe …………….. USA Watchdog might consider interviewing the CEO of the ABX, Tom Coughlin OR ABX Advisory Board member, Andrew Maguire on a future episode?
        If I was a Ron Kirby client, I would definitely be asking Ron to see just how much Gold he could actually purchase for me on this new physical exchange!
        Last Friday’s closing prices for Gold and Silver were 1226.00/ 15.32 Lets wait a week, two or three to see if Craig Hemke strikes out on this one or if indeed he is correct.
        Another Excellent interview Greg! Thanks!

    • SWIFT

      Civil War, or world war, has the potential to end the manipulation. Both possibilities are on the table.

    • 8Ball

      The manipulation will only end when the current PTB lose control of the system. When that happens,

      Or to use a quote from an old John Wayne movie: “If you’re gonna be stupid then you better be tough”.

    • Mohammad

      It will go down Tim.
      The federal reserve will reverse course, they will go negative interest rate in tango with the rest of the central banks. Then the DOW will go to new highs and gold will break the 1000 barrier support on the down side.
      There has to be a supernova.
      The best colors and show of the star is just before it dies and we did not see that climax as of yet.


    • Frank

      Have you noticed alternative media market gurus have been 95% wrong over the last
      7 years ? Do any of you people even have any money left to invest at this point ?
      Every scam artist, flake and fraud are given a stage. The NWO is bad, the
      alternative media market gurus are bonkers. Get Ellen Brown on again, or

    • Hyperbiz

      A cashless society yields the ultimate control to those in power. Imagine having your account number cancelled and your balance evaporate under some “Legal” form of Civil Forfeiture

  2. marsh

    Love Holter – nothing like sitting on the floor in front of the fire with sacks of beans and rice, mylar bags and buckets, listening to Holter and Hunter. Sunday, sweet Sunday.

    • Jerry

      Don’t forget the oxidation packets.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for your support Marsh!

  3. Mike from the North

    There is no getting away from it now.

    All around us we see ACTS OF DESPERATION being taken by Governments and Bankers in an effort to PRETEND that thin gs are different than they are…

    A BAIL IN is coming and Capital Controls are the next thing they implement in an effort to recapitalize Banks and Government coffers.

    If you have family and friends that have yet to take steps to prepare then expect them at your door when this collapses.

    Saying I TOLD YOU SO to them will be of no positive value to anyone when the time comes.

    Expect more ACTS OF DESPERATION in the coming months.

    • Bill Holter

      desperate people do desperate things!

  4. Steve

    When the system falls apart the IMF will probably flood the system with SDRs and then we will have a one world currency.

    • Steve

      digital of course…

    • Bill Holter

      maybe on an institutional level but what about “currency”?

      • Mohammad

        Once cash is out …FEDCOINS.

        Remember Bill that it took the west decades after they broke the ottoman empire to replace the gold/silver coins with papers (roughly 40 years on the record).

        Same plan is in place now and the end result will be a generation that will accept the digital currency.

        Remember Bill please the RULE OF MOSES…!!

        It took the Jews a mere 40 years to replace the coward Jews with brave ones that allowed them to take the promised land.

        40 years is your magic number between the indulging of the idea of digital currency and the full implementation of it.


  5. Grafique

    Does anyone doubt that we’re headed toward a cashless society? This concept has taken on a life of its own and can’t be stopped.

    By the way, the Antichrist will institute a cashless society and everyone who participates in that system will be destined for hell. Please don’t let it be you. Seek Jesus. Time’s short.

    • aussie jeff

      My thoughts exactly Grafique,and in order to get your digital pay check each week it will require you signing up and receiving the mark of the beast.Its that simple,sign up or no soup for you!!
      Now is the time to search out our Lord Jesus.

    • Bill Holter

      He is the way!

  6. Tad

    I’m wondering about the politics of bail-ins, and who may be spared–assuming politics plays a role.

    If you’re a multinational headquartered either in America or Europe , you have to be keenly aware of substantial financial losses.

    As a CEO and CFO, it’s possible you’ve prepared by purchasing whatever amounts of gold and silver you can lay claim to, but you can’t necessarily fund business operations with gold or silver–though that might change.

    If said corporate officer hasn’t already chosen a bank within a country without bail-ins, one would think with some haste, they are now doing so.

    With a limited knowledge of global banking, I believe Iceland may be the only safe haven for corporate cash.

    • bob roof


    • Bill Holter has already done this!

    • Silence is Golden

      Being a Multi National doesn’t imply dollars are automatically repatriated back to the US/EU. Besides there is little economic benefit in doing that (TAX). There is natural hedging and risk protection in place by virtue of the subsidiary structures, with local operations across the globe. Banking is automatically diversified …however….should we ever get to the bail-in phase…all banks in my summation are at risk. Very difficult to achieve diversification/protection of capital outside of the normal avenues of Paper (High Grade Corp. Debt / Govt. Bonds)….especially when you are a public entity. I know of a few instances where Large Non Financials have done share buy backs with their cash. Try convincing a Board to acquire 100MLN in Physical Gold…as a hedge against the Banking system. No Board wants to hear that….your days as a CFO/CEO/COO are numbered. C-Suite employees have a fiduciary obligation …to keep the company solvent….the dilemma is the ability to shift the mentality to align with perhaps their own beliefs.

      • allen ols


        This excellent rant was originally published at Fisch und Fleisch. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:
        I’ve Had it up to Here!
        February 15, 2016
        I’m sick of being relegated to the right-radical, misanthropic corner, just because I don’t shout “Welcome” and wave a little flag.
        I’m tired of more and more refugees coming here, and no one knows how many, or who they are, or what will become of them.
        I’m sick of the refugees’ criminal activities being swept under the rug and making our system of justice ridiculous.
        I am tired of always being told that I should adapt to the refugees’ customs and practices in various areas and, on grounds of religious freedom and religious orientation, accept and approve of what is in absolute contradiction to my own.
        I am sick of having to consider every word so as not to be seen as a xenophobe.
        I am tired of people seeking asylum here and then acting like barbarians and believing “You can’t do a thing to me!”
        The Ranting ManI am sick of the male refugees molesting women because they have a different value structure.
        I am tired of our security services always being the target of criticism when they have to take proper steps against asylum seekers.
        Continue reading →

        • Faith

          AO: Gates of Vienna is one of my favorite sites. I read the story you posted a few days ago. Excellent.

        • Silence is Golden

          Thanks Allen.
          “Sick & Tired” pretty much sums it up.
          There is an overwhelming sense of helplessness for those that have eyes and ears and a functioning brain. I have said many times that the Elite have the system in lockdown. It has become almost impenetrable with its complex structure and interwoven system of control and deceit…. so much so that the voice of the masses cannot be heard. Their intention is to entirely remove/quash/dismantle any dissonance / disobedience. The STATE…. is the true Parent…. and has been since birth. We can have opinions but we cannot change the course of our future. Again I refer to the many postings I have made on the matter of “Planning”.

  7. Casey

    Unless my memory is failing me it was Jim Sinclair who claimed to have inside information that we would not make it out of September, 2015 without a full-blown crash in the markets and possibly social collapse. Between predictions like that, including The Bible-based one that I cannot reliably spell, at what point does it get to be Chicken Little territory? Has Jim Sinclair ever explained why he was wrong? At a certain point it does seem to partake of doom porn, which I feel is dangerous because people who might otherwise prepare will write it off as crazy.

    • Greg Hunter

      We did have a full blown crash in China.

      • Casey

        Fair enough, call me orthopedic shoes because I stand corrected. It did seem like he was talking about the lower 48, but I admit I have not gone to his website to learn his current thinking. Thanks again Greg for all you do.

      • andyb

        Many of us have been amazed at how long the extend and pretend game has played out; I thought for sure that the big crash would have occurred by 2011. And now, all the metrics are far worse, and geometrically, not linear. Yes, war will be the answer. It always has been if you closely examine Rothschild history, and this family’s total hatred of Russia. Incrementally, the US has reinvigorated the Cold War; first with the expansion of Nato, then the Georgian mess, then the Ukraine coup (with a massive amount of propaganda and disinformation. Now, the Syria situation. Let us all pray that the war will be limited to the Middle East and be somewhat contained. All dot connectors know by now that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, et al were created by the CIA, Mossad, and are nurtured and supplied by Turkey and the Saudis as a false boogeyman for the agenda of the global police state and eventual totalitarian rule. The domestic US attacks by “terrorists” have been engineered false flags to keep the threat level raised and to justify even more decimation of the Bill of Rights. I fear even more are coming.

    • Bill Holter

      it is “doom and gloom REALITY” Casey, you do not see the wheels already in the ditch?

      • Casey

        I see a number of trend lines that concern me very much. My point was that your partner claimed to have sourced information that we would not make it through last September without a crash. I certainly did not understand him to mean a crash in China. Since you’re here in the comments, what is his explanation why we in fact made it through September without a crash? I understand you are not committing to timing yourself and would be disappointed if you took offense to my honest question.

  8. red

    A lot of peeps…thinkin’ they’re gonna exchange a couple bit’s of paper and some iphone vouchers’ for real money. Watch your back Bill . Lot of dummies goin’ long the $US …just can’t see, that “trade” has had a 100 year party & and eventually the “trend” ain’t your friend. Of course you can just pollute social media sites with “lizard” conspiracies hoping that will support your $US position….3…2…….1…….Harry is that you?

    • Bill Holter

      Harry’s logic is “Dented”.

  9. Linda L.

    If we go to a cashless society where ALL transactions are done
    electronically, to what benefit would having gold and silver then become if the banks completely hijack the system??
    When I think of the scenario of a cashless society in the latter days, the following biblical verse always comes to mind from EZEKIEL 7:19: “They shall cast their silver on the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord:”

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L.
      Gold id not a replacement for God. It’s just a way to protect yourself until he gets here. I am “blowing the trumpet.”

      • Linda L.

        Yes, gold isn’t a replacement for God (I know you understand this). Maybe I didn’t clearly state my question. I’m just wondering if we do go completely cashless where all transactions are done electronically, how would it benefit someone in having physical gold and silver? Since the banks want to keep track of every penny that we own/spend, wouldn’t trading/using precious metals be banned in a cashless society?

        • J C Davis

          Linda L If I may say TPTB would want gold, and silver used so as to float up to their control. Eventually gold would work its way out of the population by being a store of wealth as national trade. Silver is the uncontrollable metal. The problem I see with cashless is computer hacking would make it impossible. However the NANO tube is the tool of a new world order.

        • opalboy

          Linda L. ,
          I think the small transactions will be no problem with silver, but I also wonder about larger translations, like land or something, how will that be handled? Will we have a gov that wants to know where that gold came from?

          • Linda L.

            Smaller transactions with silver or trading for goods may be done in a cashless system (no one is going to do a bank, electronic transaction at a garage sell or swap meet etc.). Larger transactions with metals may be a problem unless one can prove where their metals were originally derived from). As J. Davis mentioned, gold will work it’s way out of the system as a national store of wealth, and I believe that some of this (if they can track the purchases) will happen with government confiscation.

      • Dave G

        Great answer!

        And a correct answer!

    • Steve

      I think the Bible was referring to gold and silver metaphorically to represent material wealth in general. Stocks, bonds and paper currencies were not widespread then as they are today. These are probably the things that will be ‘removed’ first. Most people don’t even own gold and silver to throw away nowadays.
      Given the scenario where money becomes electronic we could always sell precious metal for that electronic currency. This has the advantage that precious metal will retain its value better than a currency with a negative interest rate.

      • Axelsteve

        In Bible days silver and gold were wealth. Land,fields,flocks and vinyards were wealth,Wheat, orchards, slaves were wealth,olive oil, was wealth. Just as today except the slaves do not know that they are.

    • red

      They “cast their gold” into the streets 90 years ago in exchange for green paper 99% of population has not 1 gram of gold. So we cast gods’ money aside & exchange for mans money & all the deceit it brings…yeh the lords coming alright, but i think it depends on how you interpret that verse.

    • Bill Holter

      silver will “spend”.

      • J C Davis

        Right Bill, I see gold floating into controlled hands, But silver, nickel, and copper could slow the cashless movement a small amount at the least. Am I right ?
        Say I buy 20 acres with 10 oz gold. The new owner of the gold buys a car with 5oz. The dealer must restock, so the gold ends up in the hands of the manufacture. Then on up the chain never to be seen again.

    • Grafique

      Linda, “the day of the wrath of the Lord” is a specific period in which (obviously) the wrath of the Lord will be poured out onto humanity.
      If you are a Christian, you will never see the wrath of God. He has not appointed us to wrath – 1 Thessalonians 5:9. The Father would not pour out his wrath on his children.

      There are millions of people who will refuse to take part in a cashless economy; I am one. I will be accepting/offering gold/silver/copper/barters until they cart me away for hoarding/black market dealing.

      The best thing you can do apart from owning precious metals and food is to have an absolutely essential skill like doctor/nurse, mechanic, ham radio operator, etc.
      Then you must find others who refuse to participate and barter with them in exchange for your skill.

      Apart from necessary skills, some things that could possibly be in demand in a collapse are:
      High quality water filter – trade potable water for your needs
      Lots of disposable personal items – soap, toilet paper, tampons, toothpaste, etc.
      A very high-mileage car or scooter.

      • Linda L.

        Hello Grafique:
        Yes, I know that God’s wrath is an end time event. The silver and gold reference I made earlier was used like a metaphor for the times that we’re living in. AND I have wondered how others thought that the PMs would be utilized in the approaching cashless society so the question was presented. Many have shared what I believe to be possibilities on this site, and so its an affirmation to me. I do all the things you speak of (being into prepping too). To what degree its going to help me, I don’t know. I’m a nurse (RN) who has always been attracted to preventive healthcare. I don’t care for the modern day healthcare system at all, believing that it excels in just a few areas such as emergency medicine, but it can be quite harmful to one’s health in too many other areas (hate the body part concept in modern day h/c). And so I use herbs (being careful in doing so), eat a clean diet as much as I can, also going the holistic route whenever possible. Hopefully this experience may be helpful to others during a collapse too.

    • Matt

      Maybe an EMP isn’t so bad after all. Sarcasm

  10. Randy

    OK, there are plenty of people who work for the power companies and retirees too who still know where the weakest points in the system are, and they WILL exploit them when they feel the need to do so. Not everyone is so enamored with TPTB and their agenda, that they will just roll over and be run over roughshod. Those are hard working men, and they will fight back when necessary.
    Last time I looked at how all computers, tablets and phone systems work, I didn’t see any crank on the side to power them up when the electrical utilities go down. It could be because not enough people are able to pay their electric bills, so the utilities then run out of funds to pay their fuel bills. Are those fuel companies going to give their products away for free then so electricity can be generated? I don’t think so. It could be that the workers won’t come in to do their very dangerous jobs in the power plants and substations and such, because there’s not enough paycheck to make it worthwhile. Or they just can’t afford to buy both groceries to feed the family and put gas in the car too. Very few work within walking or bike riding distance from home. Those jobs don’t get done without highly trained men and women doing them.
    What about when expensive and hard to replace parts fail? There are several more reasons why the grids can and will fail. Once they do, you can just forget about the power coming back on withing the next several decades or maybe even this century.

  11. Jerry

    I have caught more flack over this post than anything I have posted to date. What is it, about the idea that China may be getting ready to step off the dollar train that they don’t get? April 1st was not my prediction. It came from the PBOC.

    You have to understand the implications of this move to appreciate the depths of the devastation it will cause. With Deutsche Bank getting ready to default on over 65 trillion dollars in derivatives, this financial nudge by China will send the world banks over the edge. Maybe this is what TPTB want in order to reset the entire world economy under one currency structure, I don’t know? But all the lines seem to be diverging to a single point.

    Bill is totally right, the collapse could happen at anytime. If it wasn’t for the Exchange Stabilization Fund buying up our treasury bonds it would have happened already. I like many others have underestimated the prowess of the central banks in predicting dates. But that admission of failure shouldn’t give you any sense of security, because as Bill has said ” their bag of tricks is empty”. Knowing a collapse date will not help you if you are not prepared already. Like any test, without preparation and planning you will fail, and in this case most likely die. My advice, don’t waste time arguing over dates. Prepare while you still can.

    • Jerry

      Bail ins started in Europe on January 1, 2016. And guess what? They go hand in hand with a cashless society. How else can a thief pick your pockets?

      FYI- for you globalist watchers. The next Luciferian holiday is 3/27

      • Jerry

        The race to the bottom has started. The BOJ and Deutsche Bank are neck in neck, with the ECB bringing up the rear.

        • WD


          I listened to “V” Guerrilla Economist. All I can say is wow!!

          I possibly think he may be the most informed of the economy gurus and what is happening, macro and micro.
          He explained the Russian Morgan Stanley deal and all the connections, patents and the gravity of that deal.

          I am speechless….unbelievable. No doubt the death of the dollar. He said US/West is impotent.

          • Jerry

            V- is number one on my list. Even though I am not affiliated with his site, I highly recommend rogue money. The Morgan Stanley deal was a mind blower. The Russians and the Chinese have clearly seized control of the worlds economy in an effort to kill the petrodollar.
            The sucker punch will be the Gold Benchmark. Meanwhile the central banks keep pumping up the stock market and waiting for tax revenue to pillage along with the coming bail ins.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            This is a fascinating interview.
            Thanks for posting.

            • allen ols

              check this out;

              “In early winter, an incident occurred that was seared into my memory. A coworker and I were suddenly directed to go down to the Mall entrance to pick up some Israeli generals. Post-9/11 rules required one escort for every three visitors, and there were six or seven of them waiting. The Navy lieutenant commander and I hustled down. Before we could apologize for the delay, the leader of the pack surged ahead, his collea…..

    • Faith

      Jerry, I agree.

    • Bill Holter

      they will no doubt step away from the dollar, stand tall with your logic Jerry.

    • Jerry

      I have read the interview. Its happening. The Chinese are preparing to quit using the dollar for trade. This might have something to do with the Gold benchmark in April.
      Even though I don’t agree with Benjamin Fulford on most things, he might be right on this one.

      • Greg Hunter

        So might Saudi Arabia. We are on the very edge.

        • Jerry

          I may owe Rick Ackerman an apology. When the dollar starts its upward movement to the top of the index, it will force the BRIC alliance and China to decouple from the dollar. These emerging economies simply cannot afford another round of currency inflation created by the Feds monetary policy.

  12. Libby

    This means they must have already spent the pallet loads of $100 bills that went missing in Iraq.

  13. Beano McReano

    Digital money is the MARK of the Beast. Beware! (Hooded man scurrying away into a dark alley)….

  14. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Great interview once more Greg – thank you. Bill Holter is an absolute star.
    Here in the UK they’ve long phased out the £50 note, whilst any cash withdrawals in excess of £500 raise questions and suspicions of money laundering. ATMs too seem less in evidence than they once were, and while you can still withdraw £2/300 in one hit the system is quietly grooming people to take out sums of no more than £50. Furthermore bail-ins are already being levied not just through negligible interest rates but through bank charges. Santander for instance on their so-called 123 account have just increased their monthly charge from £2 to £5. Stealth is the name of the game.

    • Bill Holter

      not a star, just tell it like I see it. Thanks Andrew!

  15. F.W.

    Greg, did you hear from that Saudi official, who said that Saudi has a nuclear bomb!
    He condinued stating that, the super powers know that.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have been reporting on this for a few years. The reports are that the Saudis got the nuke (or nukes) from Pakistan. I hope Saudi Arabia is not shooting of their mouths and setting themselves up for a preemptive first strike against them. We live in very dangerous times.

      • allen ols

        Perhaps you didn’t know that the Saudis already have nukes. Of course the official position is that they don’t, but it is a fact that they were the ones that funded the development of Pakistan’s nuclear program. It is an open secret that the Saudis have the bomb, but nobody is really supposed to talk about it.
        That is why it was so alarming what Saudi political analyst Dahham Al-‘Anzi told RT just recently…
        Earlier this week a Saudi political analyst told RT’s Arab network the kingdom has a nuclear weapon.
        Dahham Al-‘Anzi made the claim while saying Saudi Arabia is engaged in an effort to “minimize the Iranian threat in the Levant and Syria.”
        Although Saudi Arabia has officially denied it has a nuclear weapons program and has publicly stated it opposes nuclear weapons in the Middle East, it has funded a military nuclear program and received scientific assistance from the United States and Pakistan.
        You can watch video of this exchange right here…

        If you don’t want to believe him, perhaps you will believe the former director of the CIA counter-terrorism operations center. He told Fox Business that everyone in the intelligence world knows the Saudis have nukes…

  16. Faith

    I realized, when it was happening, that Cyprus was a test run. I have kept as little money as possible in the bank since that event. All of the people that have kept their money in 401K plans and pensions will wake up one day and find out those plans have been converted and any promised pension cut in half, if they get anything at all. They will wake up and be told the money is gone (but of course the pension fund managers will have already filled their pockets with fees) and there is nothing that can be done.

    The facts are that more than 50% of the US population doesn’t even have $1000 in savings and many only have enough food for a few days in their pantry.

    If you don’t have a garden now is a good time to start one. If you don’t have a well-stocked pantry, now is a good time. If you still have money in a 401K now is a good time to convert that money into PMs or other assets.

    • dbcooper

      Faith, I wanted to respond to your post and part way through it just got disappeared … I hate when that happens … suffice it to say that Cyprus was huge … like 9/11 … we keep next to nothing in the bank and we took our retirement as a buy out and put it into intrinsics. My inheritance from my mother (still miss her) , Blue Chips, got liquidated and went in to intrinsics … (bearing in mind that the corporate mantra is that ‘the profit justifies the means’ !!) a nice hay field; a couple of appliances; a saw mill;and a splendid rifle (Ruger#1 45/70) which me wife says is my second love (she hopes … LOL). Point is that I agree with you and we have been at this for a very long time … and this leads me to respond to Mike from the north … I am thinking about this situation daily … we are as prepared as we can be at this point but we all know those who will not listen and will show up at your door demanding that you supply them with the whatevers … it is one thing to help those who are truly in need (widows and orphans) but quite another to use up your stores on those who would not listen or are evil in their hearts. When this house of cards comes down we will see horrific scenes and if we are to survive then we will have to take the bit in our teeth and pull the trigger … it is as simple as that … or … die yourself … I try to contemplate this reality so as to be past the point of assessing the particulars at the time of necessity. This is sobering stuff and ALOT of humans are going to die … IMHO.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Jerry

        If you went to your neighbor and said, I’ve spent all my retirement money preparing for an economic collapse, and now I’m having trouble paying my bills can you help me? What would he say? Better yet what would your church say? The answer is obvious, but yet he would expect you to give of your substance to him in his time of need for free. Does that make sense? Not to me.

        • dbcooper

          Jerry, cheers and thanks for your posts … you make an excellent point that I believe supports what I have posted … but I feel it is imperative to search ones heart and consider the actions that we will be faced with when it all comes tumblin’ down … I have always justified any killing I have done (yesterday it was a steer) and have there after been able to sleep so we must consider our possible future actions and already have the thought process and justification well in place. It is tough to consider the neighbor thing … these are people we know … not a stranger bent on evil … still though the same actions may be necessary and justified with the someone you know.
          With those thoughts, Yours in Liberty, DB.

          • Faith

            I was cruising around to visit my favorites sites and stumbled onto this gem:

            What is the gem I found? A brand new peer-to-peer app:

            You can find, buy, sell, or trade for produce that is locally grown on this site. I have not tried it yet but cannot wait to try it in my area!

      • your fan in Japan

        I am with you db. Folks, get land- agricultural land. Go Amish.

      • Faith

        DB: you sound more ready than most. After getting ready, all you can do is try and inform others and pray.

        I have not been successful at rallying my own family. What I say falls on deaf ears. I am not a quitter and I plan on surviving and thriving, as much as possible, once this system fails and has to be rebooted.

        DB, thanks for keeping me inspired when my own family continues to disappoint me.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, Thank You … it is often hard to keep the Faith!! …I would relate a story … some years ago I called my brother (outside Denver) and told him that when it all starts to go south … load up the car and come to our place … he says … oh yeah, cool, well I gotta go … I said what?? .. he says oh I’ve got some friends over, you know the game … I said what?? … he says the Broncos … I said “What”??, I just offered to save your life and you have to go watch a football game ?? … he says yeah well see ya bro, love you … I said yeah right!! I am pretty sure that I took back the offer at that point! Harsh I know but whew … he blew me away !! We face this type of “dumbed down denial” all the time … And now I learn that Dick Van Dyke supports The Bern… I don’t think I can take much More!!! LOL
          Yours in Faith … Faith!!, DB.

          • Faith

            DB: wow, that is just incredible to hear! Chin up! You offered an invaluable gift and it was completely ignored. My guess is the first person to show up at your place will be your family. Just make sure they understand it is your place, your rules. No work means no food.

            I don’t know if you listen to John B. Wells program, (it costs $5 a month but includes access to all of his previous shows). Anyhow, Episode 477 (from last night) had Peter Schiff and Dr. Jim Willie. Willie was on quite a tear and talked about his own failures with regard to waking up his family and attempting to give them advice. It cheered me up to learn that I am not alone, I am not the only one that feels like I am bashing my head on a brick wall.

            Families are a challenge. People do the best they can. I try to tone things down. Right now I have to admit my fear level is off the charts. I am terrified but I try to channel that fear into action.

            With regard to the kids that think socialism is a solution, I just shake my head. They just have no idea. That type of ignorance is dangerous.

    • Bill Holter

      correct Faith.

      • Faith

        Mr. Holter, I hope I am wrong. I really do.

        Thank you for continuing to try and inform and educate the public. I respect you a great deal. is a site I visit daily.

  17. Everett

    Jerry, enjoy your posts, don’t stop speaking the truth. Obviously, the dollar is on life support and it will probably be China that pulls the plug, war has already started and will soon go very hot, my opinion. Once again, thank you Greg for all your work, I watch your site with a magnifying glass.

    • Jerry

      Thank you. I will post as much information as I can. There are so many moving parts to this that exact timing is next to impossible to predict. History is being written before our eyes.

  18. Jackie Martly

    I believe going cash-less is mainly to prevent bank runs. Think about it. It will stop Bank-runs dead in their tracks. So when you run to your bank to get your CASH out, you will be handed a thumb drive with some digits on it. “Here is your money. Have a wonderful day”

    • Bill Holter


    • JMiller


      I really do not see how a cashless society will prevent bank runs. A bank run occurs when a large number of bank customers withdraw their deposits in a very short time period.

      It does not matter how people withdrawal their deposits or by what method of payment they receive. People can still close their bank accounts and receive a cashier’s check which is usually what happens today when you close your account or people can remove almost every penny from their account by simply writing a check or by electronic transfer. Actual physical cash does not have to be involved for there to be a bank run. Back in 2008 there was a run on the money market funds in which investors fled out of them and into safer Treasury money market funds. Investors did not get actual physical cash when they sold their money market funds and then put it in Treasury money market funds. It was done electronically. In a cashless society the same kind of run can happen with a bank if a large number of people withdraw their deposits in a very short period of time whether they go to the bank in person and receive a cashier’s check or if they do it electronically.

      • Rabid Pitbull

        It’s because Jackie Martly left one important detail out – you may get a thumb drive (or a debit card), but it will be for a maximum of, maybe, $500, no more. It’s called capital controls. Going cashless can totally prevent bank runs, because they control the show.

        • JMiller

          Sorry, you are wrong. You are now adding capital controls into the discussion of bank runs. Going cashless by itself will not totally prevent bank runs. Bank runs can still happen even in a cashless society. All depositors have to do is close their account or transfer their money electronically to another institution.

          Now if you want to forbid people from closing their accounts and also severely limiting the amount one can withdraw (capital controls), whether it is by writing checks or making electronic transfers, then that would probably stop bank runs. But not just by going cashless.

  19. Diane D.

    I appreciate Bill Holter’s view on the implementation of negative interest rates. They will be to our savings, that property taxes are to our home. Folks think they own both assets clear, but both can be confiscated over time.

    • Bill Holter

      you will be “under their control”.

  20. Michael

    Hi Greg,

    You were asking Bill Holter why the Fed is trying so hard to keep the economy together. I think they might try and keep this economy together with duct tape, bubble gum, and spit until Barack Obama can be appointed Secretary General of the United Nations next year.

    • Bill Holter

      or cancelled elections?

    • don

      I don’t believe a member from one of the security council nations can be president of the UN…that means US, Russia, China, England or France. Certainly a Trump, Cruz or Rubio will veto and Hillary would as well…the last thing she would want is Obozo firing off at her the next 4 years.

  21. FC

    The kicking of the can scenario, will continue until the Plunge Protection Team has used every dime in our 401K, Pension and Retirement funds to replace every dime the bankers have invested in the Stock Markets…………….in the end, we the sheeple will be carrying the badly beaten and empty can.

    • Bill Holter

      sadly yes.

  22. Steve Smith

    A little hard evidence of hard economic times. Driving on I 10 between Benson Az. and Tucson just west of Marsh Station Rd. looking to the south, you will see a couple hundred parked locomotives. These mothball better in Az. than anywhere else. There are other sites as well. Another fun exercise, take Mike Maloney’s demographic chart of each age group from The Hidden Secrets of Money part 6 and overlay the chart of the velocity of money for the last 30 years. Notice how the baby boomers peak spending years correlate with the huge surge in velocity from 1991 to 2008, then the crash thereafter corresponding with the boomers peak savings years. This explains everything! The fed can’t fix this, no one can. This will simply have to run its course. Good luck to us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for the street reporting from AZ!!!

    • Bill Holter

      nothing to see here, please move along!

    • Pondering

      There are alarming numbers of parked locomotives in other rail yards in the South also….

  23. art barnes

    Greg, the sheep are getting ready to line up for their “666” account, after-all, it keep all the people from having to carry around some old common dirty cash. Five people were in line in front of me at the store last week and they all used their debit card, one guy used it for a 99 cent candy bar; so they are already trust the system. Revelation here we come!

  24. CrazyCanuck

    Hmmm, only computer based digital currency huh? Leaves one vulnerable to state hackers and EMPs does it not ?

  25. anony-mouse

    So if some GS-5 Govt clown doesnt like his neighbor, he/she can press a few buttons on the computer and stop you from using your money to buy food or gas or pay rent etc, or a politician can stop criticism of an opponent,,So is this the act in a free country? Alternative means are being used to take away your freedom. So “the Mark of The Beast” is here being driven by members of the Council on Foreign Relations,,,

    • Bill Holter

      no longer “free” except for those in the “FSA”.

  26. jerry

    I keep hearing that precious metals are the answer for a failing dollar and a way to store wealth outside of the system when we go cashless but aren’t they just going to confiscate precious metals along with cash?

    • FC

      They won’t confiscate precious metals or cash, a simply amnesty on cash will be introduced and for those who choose to deposit their so called, ill-gotten gains into the banking system during that period, will have the pleasure of being heavily taxed for the privilege of having their cash laundered.

      And for those who choose not to do anything at all during the amnesty period, of either depositing their cash or making a hard asset purchase, will be left with nothing more than pulp fiction.

      Precious metal will most likely suffer the same fate, but it will never be worthless and one will also be able to trade with it in an underground economy.

    • Tin foil hat

      The Soviet had “Iron Curtain”. We have “Smoke & Mirrors”. They ruled thru fear, we rule by ridicule and projection. We are a lot more sophisticated than the communist who only know to rule by force, Mark Levin calls that sophistication, “Soft Tyranny”.
      If the communists were the muggers, then we are the scam artists. We are like the vampires who can’t enter the house unless invited.
      The squid had already taken the gold off the weak hands with high prices – Cash 4 Gold stores were at every corner when gold was at $1800, where are they now at $1200?
      The squid will confiscate paper gold first and then they will take the gold off the strong hands with much higher price than $1800. They are too sophisticated to enter uninvited.

    • Jerry

      wrong jerry.

      • Macray

        That makes more sense.

        • Macray

          A little slow, but I figured it out!!!!
          There’s Jerry and there is jerry!!!!

          • Silence is Golden

            Any one of you want to convert to Jerome ?

            • Macray

              That was great : ))))))

    • Bill Holter

      confiscation will be very difficult to accomplish.

  27. Laura

    Have you seen the new Paypal commercial? It made its debut during the superbowl.

    As it was playing, I couldn’t help but think this is just another step the NWO is taking towards the Mark of the Beast.

    Missed it?

    Old money= Lame
    New money= Hip

    Old money= money that is so burdensome
    New money= money that’s easy and convenient, why it can be on your phone (then in your body- this part is not in the commercial, but it’s a step)

    I hope Dave Ramsey is still promoting the use of CASH. It’ll take a strong resistance to hold this back.

    Greg, thanks for all you do!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this comment and link!!

    • Laura

      Let me edit this by saying the Holy Spirit gave this revelation. I need to give credit, where credit is due.

    • Bill Holter

      saw it and immediately knew “why” it was being shown.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yet again the young are being flattered up the garden path…even the founding fathers are so 5 minutes ago, along with their notions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
      Not long ago the flattering baloney was to promise them the fullfillment of their dreams with student loans for “a future bright with promise”.
      I guess if they are dumb enough to fall for it, they deserve it.
      That ad is so transparent!!!!

  28. glen

    JY is the sole person whom can speak with absolute certainty on interest rates,
    defending 16000 until the next stage down.

  29. Gina Mancarella

    People, we need to “fear not” like Greg says. We have no need to fear because Hillary Rodham Clinton is here to save the day for all of us so called ordinary Americans. No longer do we have to be controlled by the Wall Street Republicans like Ted Cruz who owes Goldman Sachs his utmost allegainace owing to billions of dollars of support. No longer do billionares like Trump have a hold on us because people see clearly the hypocrisy of the Trumps, Rubios, and Cruz’s. Hillary is here to see that family values rule the day. Shes a mother, a daughter and a loving wife in addition to a seasoned leader and stateswoman. Support Hillary for President. You’ll be glad you did !

    • Greg Hunter

      One word–Indicted.

      • matt

        Guys, stop responding to this Gina. It’s a robo type response every time from mythical Gina. There is one on Zero Hedge named MDB, Million Dollar Bonus.

      • Gina Mancarella

        Respectfully, No Sir. She’s been no-billed by the CIA, endorsed by State and given all the blessings by Janice Lynch and off course the President. She’s now unstoppable since Bernie lost Nevada and has most delegates sewn up. Its just a matter of who will be her running mate. Will it be Bill, Joe Biden or Bernie. Most of my girlfriends are rooting for Bill as VP. The elections in the bag – guaranteed. In just 12 months, the layup of the century is at hand as the Republicans self destruct away. Debbie Wasserman Schultz believes that we cant imagine better odds than we have right now. In the real polls Hillary is ahead 62 to 38. Get ready for a landslide. Why ? Because Hillary supports hardworking families. Hillary also supports the hardworking single women out there. She supports the Homosexuals and Gays and Lesbians and Transvestites. She loves and supports us all. Stand up for America and Hillary ! God bless America and our freedoms.

        • Greg Hunter


          • Gina Mancarella

            An indictment is just not going to happen. There was no criminality and certainly no intent. Plus most of the Republican Senators approve of her and support no action regarding her emails. The emails have been a nuisance issue but nothing beyond that. When she gets elected, I expect a lot of good legislation to be passed. Even Paul Ryan vigorously supports her and is looking forward to working with her..

            • Greg Hunter

              Private server = Gross Negligence under the Espionage Act.

              • Silence is Golden

                I hate to say this…but if Bernie doesn’t get the job done its Clinton vs Trump ….and I don’t need to tell you which one has the backing of The Wall Street Bankers. This is looking very ominous. Sad days ahead for America…even sadder days for the citizenry.

                • Greg Hunter

                  It may well be Biden when Clinton gets charged.

                  • Silence is Golden

                    Ahhhh…yes….the Great Flushing. Biden’s protégé to be sacrificed. At least he was successful with one of them….to some degree!!

            • frederick

              NO CRIMINALITY youre joking right The hill billies called the Clinton crime family are nothing but criminality from drugs to murdering foreign and domestic leaders to stealing furniture from the white house Give us a break Gina you are either blind or a Hillarybot

        • Political Maven

          I have to admit I am indeed surprised that she has such a commanding lead at this point and apparently the Feds have no interest in filing charges. However, that circuit court judge has other opinions, but as Debbie Wasserman Schultz has indicated, “machts nicht.” So I guess she’s free to go. Okay so Hillary is in the white house in 2017. Does that mean Jeb Bush gets it back in 2024 after 8 years of Hillary ? Is that the deal that was made behind closed doors ? I also have to wonder how she got so tight with Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell who are all Republicans ? What gain do they have to benefit from by helping her win ?

          • Mary Casey

            Political Maven, “Okay so Hillary is in the white house in 2017. Does that mean Jeb Bush gets it back in 2024 after 8 years of Hillary ?”

            Yes, same deal Daddy Bush made with Bill Clinton so that Baby Bush would follow after Bill. I remember the exact morning that Daddy Bush “quit” running right in the middle of his campaign and defaulted it to Bill. I never understood why until Baby Bush got the presidency after Bill.

            Hopefully, it will not work this time….

            • Political Maven

              I hate to say this because it always appears that folks identifying with conspiracy theories are kooks, but this all does look like one big giant fix. The Clintonite political mantle is sitting there so smug. You can actually see the confidence dripping off. Hillary Clinton knows shes getting off scott free, but how does she know that? What gives her that confidence ? Its sickening downright sickening to watch this. Celente had a phrase when he said, there’s justice and “JUST US”. Deplorable and rotten to the core. Then there’s the votes counting and fraud. Most people I know dont support Hillary, but somehow you get the idea that most people are sexually deviant perverts that is suddenly all okay because we live in the 21st century when these are truly filthy filthy practices that should be ostracized by the public. Its simply not natural for “Daddy to have a “”special friend””.”

    • Linda L.

      Hillary a seasoned leader and stateswoman?
      Hillary’s six foreign DISASTER policies:

    • Jerry

      I have this question for you. Name something Hilary has done?

      • J C Davis

        Jerry she had kids. She stayed with her whoremonger man. She , Well, She. That’s about all I got. barney will give us all a debt free life if we vote for him.

        • frederick

          JC are you sure that that marriage isn’t just a political marriage of convienence?

          • JC Davis

            Fred sorry I missed your post. I know what my mom would have done to my 250 lb dad in his sleep. He would not show his face for a long time.

    • Donna S from Arkansas

      You are one stupid woman Gina!

      • Mohammad

        Or a man….?!!!


  30. Hatemail


  31. Michael Peak

    I have heard you say to Mr. Holter and others “You will put $100 dollars in the bank and get back $98 dollars a year from now,” but isn’t the bigger concern that a depositor may deposit $100 today and get $0 back next month when their bank is discovered to be bankrupt?

    • Bill Holter

      yes, this would be your bail in.

  32. Steven R

    When a dollar collapse has happened my friends, neighbors, and even family members who will be left with nothing will look at the few of us who prepared and will call for our prosecution as the cause of their misfortune. Our stacks of gold and silver will be outlawed and then confiscated. Any who try to barter for items with gold and silver will risk being turned into the police and face a very harsh punishment. Everything you have stored such as food and supplies will be confiscated to the point that you will be left with nothing as well. There is no way for the little guy to win what is coming.

    • allen ols

      Steven R

      hide everything at different locations, pre plan.

    • Mohammad

      There is:



    • Bill Holter

      all you can do is do your best, we are not in control of the outcome.

    • matt

      Good advise Steve.

    • Faith

      Steven R: are you talking about Venezuala? Because that sounds a lot like how people are trying to survive down there, right now. They made storing extra food illegal. The grocery stores became public property. The end result is that the Boliver is nearly worthless and people are on the verge of starvation.

      It stuns me when I saw the results for Bernie Sanders. Young people, that are supposedly educated, voted for him? They voted for socialism? Obviously they haven’t read any real news lately. Zerohedge is a site I check daily for not only financial news but for real world event news. If there isn’t a nuclear bomb loosed in the Middle East, any day now, I will be surprised. The shock for me is that nuclear devices have not been used, yet.

  33. Mohammad


    You asked Bill what the end game he said I do not know.
    I know.
    Not because am smart.
    Just because am a believer in prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
    He said things 1500 years ago that are materializing now and will in the future.

    Here is the end game:

    Israel in order to become a super power they have to do one of two things:
    1- propagate exponentially and match the world’s population growth and that is NIL.
    2- Decrease the world population to match their number and that is the plan.

    The Israel kingdom that officially is the ONLY state in the world that 1- has no borders, 2- Jewish by definition. is going to expand from Euphrates to Nile. Please keep in mind that Israel is about the only embassy in Egypt that is located to the WEST of Nile river while most of other embassies are on the eastern bank of Nile river. That is no coincidence it is intentional to CLAIM the river in. Same goes to Kurdistan which is clearly an Israeli basis to the east of Euphrates river also to include it in.

    What you see now in ME is evacuation of the populous from those boundaries. after that is completed then the shooting wars between superpowers will take place to depopulate on a larger scale similar to what those Israelis wrote on those Georgia stones only for the oblivious to miss.

    Currency will be gold coins and silver coins in Israel once the Dajjal claims from Jerusalem that he is the messiah. he has to claim the rivers and what is in between , also he has to use gold and silver in coinage to convince the Jews and the rest of whatever is left after those wars that he is the true messiah. the catch is HE IS ONE EYED and that is the mark that will distinguish him from the true messiah.

    On the road to this final outcome the humanity will pass through the digital slavery that will materialize after the cash is burnt out.

    We have already digital medical records, digital accounts so why not digital money and it will come.

    Saudi’s princes and kings are JEWS from Khazar ….
    Let me repeat…… all the sheikhs and Emirs of the gulf are JEWS and they are from Khazarian’s decedents. From day one they took charge after the British intelligence contracted them to hit Shareef Hussain and replace him, they have been servants to Israel, we know it in ME. and they are still.
    Their bodies and complexion is not even compatible with the locals, they are white and tall.


    Here is a whopper:

    Both Turks and Sauds will be pushed into Syria to collide with Russia and they will, the mere purpose is to empty the land with endless wars.
    Once that mission is completed then the torch is transferred to the Iranians.
    Iran is spared for the final outcome and it is the new nuclear farm of Israel once Dimona nuclear reactor is phased out, please keep in mind that Israel had a whole 40 years to destroy Iranians reactors but never did :


    Remember this equation, you will see it materializing in the nearest theatre soon and you heard it first on Greg’s

    Time Will Tell.


    • Greg Hunter

      This is so far fetched I don’t know what to say.

      • Tin foil hat

        Twilight Zone!

      • Mohammad

        Say nothing,
        Just sit and watch it materializing.


      • Jallen

        One needs to read the Old Testament to learn the fate of Israel the land and Israel the people. The twelve tribes have been scattered.
        Greg, the current Zionist Israel has been created by the dictate of man
        via the Balfour declaration. Do you really think the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has regathered the current version of Israel, I think not. The Bibical definition of Jew is one the Royal tribe of Judah. The Bible foretells the future of the twelve tribes of Israel and the two half tribes and it might behoove you to do your Bibical research before you blindly suppporting Zionism. To chastise Zionism does not make one anti Jewish! As of now, Israel has not yet secured her borders as defined in the Bible, so the prophecy has not yet been fufilled. Keep in mind, Zionism is not a religion and you should treat is so, when responding to your commentors, be more tolerant.
        Don’t get me wrong, you have created a great website for people to share comments and get an education too.

      • Bill Holter


    • allen ols

      more bull sheite from the corean

      • J C Davis

        Quran. LOL

    • Jerry

      I ordinarily don’t discuss religion. But I have one statement to make in this regard .
      When the Luciferian bank empire finally collapses, it will usher in a 1000 year long millennium which was spoken about in the ancient scriptures by the prophets in which Jesus the Christ will return to claim his kingdom. As the scriptures say “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the Christ”. You my brother are always welcome at the table of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as we are all from the house of Israel.

      Side note: With that statement please know that I am not a perfect person by any means and that I have many faults and (weaknesses which my post readily reveal). Having grown up on “the street” I see the world though a different lens than most.
      Thanks again Mohammad for your post.

      • Mohammad


        I am a believer and will follow Jesus when he returns if it happened in my life time.
        There is a distinct mark for the Anti christ that distinguishes him from Christ.
        All am saying all along here is that i will not follow the one eyed one since this is the mark that stets real from false, even if that one eyed pulled all the magical tricks you can ever imagine to convince the populous.

        That is the mark that will prevent me from going astray.
        I think it is clear and loud and unmistakable.

        I love you jerry as a brother in humanity as much i love others here including the ones that insult me.


        • Greg Hunter

          Let’s be clear Mohammad. When you say you are a “believer” and “will follow Jesus” it’s not the same as the Christian Jesus. Your jesus (according to the Quran) will come back and say he lied and he did not die on the cross and is not the Son of God. Your jesus will then kill all Christians and Jews and non-believers of Islam. My Jesus is the Son of the Living God and will come back to judge the living in the dead. There is a huge difference.

          • Mohammad


            again and again you are jumping to conclusion too soon.
            Would you follow a one eyed Jesus?
            Simple , very simple, why to be stubborn and miss out on a fact that both of us can be on the same side supporting Jesus, the COMPLETE the BEAUTIFUL.

            I will take your response with an open mind and repeat it again:
            Anti Christ has ONE EYE and the other one is damaged. what is so complicated about that, GOSH it is on your dollar Greg, ONE EYE.
            It is in the symbol of major news networks…etc

            just be patient and calm and you will find out that we may be on the same page but our ego is standing in between us.

            Give it some time and digest my words.
            Jesus CANNOT HAVE ONE EYE and the other one damaged.
            That is all am saying.
            And both will pull miracles that will spin your mind. Only for jesus to triumph over the one eyed anti christ.

            Am sure if it happens in our time we will line up on the same side and all this none sense ego thing will be obsolete.

            There will be no religions then no jews no christians no muslims no buddhists. Only with jesus or with the anti christ.


            I see it in your face and i see the goodness in your heart.

            I feel it, my heart never lied to me , not once,


          • Mohammad

            When i say “the other one is damaged” i mean the other eye of antichrist is damaged, jesus is complete and beautiful.
            The description of the antichrist in arabic is “الاعور”, which means one eye is ok and the other eye is damaged.
            and the other description is “al dajjal” which means the lier.

  34. Scott

    I just don’t see any escape, financially. So I have PMs, lots of PMs – will that spare me from their control? I don’t see how. Just one executive order and VIOLA: people trading PMs, ammo, bartering, etc. are designated “domestic terrorists.” In comes the SWAT team…

    The elites have thought of every possible avenue for escape. They have either closed them off or are in the process of doing so. Looks to me like goldbugs, preppers, and folks like us who agree with Holter have no way out.

    = (

    • Tin foil hat

      There is still a way out. Trump is not perfect but he is our only hope. He is the only candidate who suggested that he would have no problem talking and negotiating with Putin.
      With China and Russia supports, we may be able to get rid of the squid. Most folks can only see the enemies over the yonder but are blind to see the enemies within.

      • Linda L.

        Tin foil hat
        Trump might be capable of doing all these things, but I fear that those in real control will not allow him to do so. Trump
        might be a real hinderance to the NWO, so if he really is who he says he is now, I worry for his safety.

    • Matt

      Good points Scott. Bartering ammo I wouldn’t do anyway, might come back to bite ya. Black market will thrive regardless.

  35. Jim Ledyard

    Thanks for all you do Greg

    Even worse than Gold/Silver/dollar manipulation, China is buying up American food resources at an unprecedented pace.

    Smithfiled Ham, grain elevators, poultry farms, cattle ranches, packing companies…… all owned and controlled by CHINA! (Not to mention the shipping ports and oil tankers owned by China)
    When the SHTF, China is going to divert the food to China.
    Our so-called leaders in Washington don’t even have a clue as to what is happening.

    China will not have to fire shot one… as Americans will die from starvation while Fox News and CNBC blares their dribble on the T.V.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Macroeconomics and micro…… many of the rules are the same.
      When you are doing well you expand and buy assets.
      When you are broke you sell!
      As you well know this is not rocket science.

      The talking heads blather on incessantly about how bad China is doing yet where ever I look around the globe, including here in the South Pacific, they are absolutely flat out buying tangibles! I wonder what paper they are using in this trade?

      The US is equally flat out selling the family jewels and as JW points out, exporting thousands of containers chock- full of air, not to mention laced vaccines and mind-boggling amounts of military equipment.
      Go figure!


    • Tommy

      Vote for Trump. Trump knows that possession is 9/10’s of the law. We’ll just take the assets back.

      • frederick

        Not really Tom not when you cant balance your budget and have to sell debt on the international markets Then its just called default and your debt goes much higher in price after that and you become an economic basket case like Argentina

      • Mohammad

        My way or the highway mentality of trumpet is toooooo dangerous. Be careful what you wish for.


    • Steven R

      I agree with Scott. We can prepare and we should but there will be no escape for us as our neighbors, friends, and family who have nothing will demand that we give all we have and our government will be eager to ensure we do. I am afraid any regular person who shows a gold or silver coin after a dollar collapse will likely be lynched in the streets and labeled a hoarder …

    • Bill Holter

      very possible in one form or another.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      America’s ignorant poor are buying all things Smithfield and the budget meals at fast food drive throughs. It’s their health that will suffer most…no decent food standards.
      Smithfield owns Gwaltney and many other pork brands. The red light is cheap prices. Bacon of any quality should be 3-4 dollars a package. Shrimp should be a luxury for parties…if it’s caught in the ocean, not farmed then peeled by 6 year old slaves.
      Americans won’t die of starvation…the rotten food may kill them first.
      So many don’t know how to cook at all anymore…just nuke frozen chemicals in the microwave.
      The leaders in Washington know enough to never eat cheap meat…they know plenty.

    • matt

      Jim, that is why China said after Sandy Hook. The U.S. needs to disarm citizens.

  36. Dave G

    Bill Holder is great. So is Greg Hunter. Steve Quayle backs both these guys. That means something.

    I have a question for Bill and Greg:

    Isn’t China supposed to revalue their currency this April, or am I mistaken?

    • Bill Holter

      not “supposed to” but they will be forced to at some point along with every other fiat on the planet versus gold.

  37. Rock

    Greg, great job on getting Holter back on so quickly. Holter is one of my favorite experts in this area, and one of us. Have him back on again soon. Keep up the great work.
    God’s blessings to you…

    • Bill Holter

      thanks Rock for such kind words, God bless you and yours!

  38. Moo

    I travelled into a bright future, after the inevitable nuclear holicaust…. there people traded principly in dried cockroaches, which served as also served as a source of protein.

    Of course proxy pork started it all. If those ignorant fools hadnt fed those bodies to the pigs for bacon nobody would of ever resorted to trading in cockroaches…

  39. ©

    Listen to the mysterious nocturnal noise baffling experts and terrifying an Oregon community

    The Washington Peter Holley 6 hrs ago

    An Oregon neighborhood is baffled by a mysterious sound that has been appearing for weeks. Local authorities have not been able to explain the shrill noise.

  40. Silence is Golden

    Greg & Bill,
    The Cashless Society/Ban ,although possible, will only affect those (population) who HAVE cash.
    When you consider circa 60% of Americans have less than $1000 in their savings account (20% of those don’t have a savings account) …of those having more than $1000 ….10% have $1000-5000 and 5 % have $5000-10000……and 15% have more than $10000. The balance (10%) only keep enough in their savings to meet min. balance requirements.
    Point here is…. > 75% of Americans don’t have enough available in their account to 1) be concerned about a bail-in 2) cover any emergency requirements beyond a week….and therefore are living paycheck to paycheck / ss payt to ss payt. Most live off credit/govt. provided assistance SS, (SNAP) debit cards.

    Banning cash for business is pointless as business deals in electronic payments…very few pay employees with cash. Bail ins are possible for business bank accounts of course that is true. Capital is at risk no question.

    I think this cashless society concept could possibly have legs in the not too distant future. World trade at $20 TLN is settled via electronic means…..implies cash is predominantly used as a way to settle small transactions. The bigger picture is that we are practically there for all intents and purposes anyway. The subtly of any forced moved will be in the detail…..controlling spending habits etc. At this point I can go anywhere in the world and buy anything I want without restriction…simply by using my credit card. If I get lazy …I have my android device that I use to pay for minor items. Not having cash has no restrictions ….potentially it could have.
    I’m not supporting the removal of cash however I personally rarely use it. Considering what the value of paper (fiat) is / will be…does that make it any more valuable than debits/digits sitting in a bank account. Sure I understand the argument for using cash when a collapse is at hand…..but for how long ? Everyone requires a consistent/fair medium of exchange.
    Question is do they (TPTB) let it all unwind to the point of letting society deteriorate and become dysfunctional ?…in which case it doesn’t really matter what form of medium of exchange there is !!! We really have no purpose other than survival.

    • DBM

      I also thought cashless society potentially had legs and still do in the future but not for awhile. I have recently travelled to Japan just outside Kyoto and most transactions required cash. In fact 75% of places only took cash… Museums, shrines, restaurants tourist activities. They would not accept visa, Amex or MasterCard. This is one of the largest economies in the world and very involved with US.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Thank you…the economic hypochondria was getting too think here!!!

  41. Billy

    Greg Turkey and Saudi’s aren’t going under- Bill is completely wrong on that!! there gonna do a deal with German led EU. I guarantee Turkey and Saudi’s will look to the EU for help. I have said this many time a clash between German led EU is coming with Iran.

    Britain will leave the EU, They will not be part of the EU.

    • ScottL

      Whether you believe in the biblical Mark of the Beast or whether you are an atheist and prefer the phrase “cashless society,” it is, in essence, one and the same. You will not buy, sell or trade without the mark. As for the ease of a cashless society and the argument that we are almost there now, it is not just an argument of NIRP. It is that everything you do financially will be monitored by the government, as are all communications, either electronic or voice. Your medical records are also monitored by Uncle Sam. All of these databases are connected. So you are now an open book to the state. If you are a diabetic and buy a soda, you will be “notified” of the displeasure of the state via email or some other communication method with the threat that your medical insurance premium may increase because of your bad habits. Want to buy a gun or ammo? Good luck with that. It’s not so much that the transaction will be disapproved at the point of sale, but you will be buying (if you still can) an item the state considers dangerous and you will perhaps pay a 25% transaction fee on top of the cost + tax. Paranoia? I think not. I call it more a progression of the totalitarian state, a fate all empires and countries throughout history fell victim to. It’s just now its implementation can be far more efficient.

    • Bill Holter

      if they try to invade Syria, I would not bet on that!

  42. ©

    What’s Falling From The Sky In Harrison Township, Michigan?

    Mary Beth Griggs 3 days ago

    A strange black substance that looks like black bird droppings has added an unwelcome decoration to one Michigan town. Residents in Harrison Township are concerned about a weird splattering covering their neighborhood and no one is sure what it is.

  43. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Congrats on a very powerful and fascinating interview with Bill.

    16.20 mark…Bill stated that “the US has been trying to get a war started started for a year and a half to two years”
    Too right they have!

    The frustrating problem for TPTB is that no country on earth wants to go to war with an all-powerful bully that is programmed by psychopaths, and knowing full well they would threaten the very existence of mankind. The patience and the humanity demonstrated by Putin are to be marvelled at when you consider how he has got through the last 24 months without ending up at war with both the US and Nato.

    But sadly Washington keeps on poking the big old battle-scarred bear. The bear does not retreat. He has long had enough and he stands his ground. With a large growl, he makes it abundantly clear that his patience is completely exhausted.

    The whole situation as Bill points out is now extremely dangerous. Personally, I would put the Syrian conflict on a par with the Cuban missile crises of the 60’s and the unresolved Ukraine situation not very far behind that. As Bill say’s at the 16.36 mark, with the “look over here” distraction element that a war would give TPTB, this is a very attractive perceived added bonus for these psychopaths.This is a wonderful opportunity to distract attention from the financial wreck they have orchestrated.

    With the combined risks in Syria and Ukraine, I think it will be nothing short of a miracle if WW3 is not upon us by the end of 2016. With the bumbling BO at the helm assisted by none other than the moronic Kerry and the rabid neocon lunatic Nuland in close attendance, WW3 is almost guaranteed. Of course, whenever the blathering fool Biden opens his mouth, the situation deteriorates even further.

    PS Bill pointed out how dramatically effective Russia has been in cutting off the funding of ISIS. I have said for years now TPTB that orchestrate 90% of the financial chaos and the warfare of the world are basically funded by one source. Wouldn’t it be an absolute no brainer to cut off this source and bring TPTB to their knees as well.

  44. WKSwanson

    So what happens if people just (mostly) empty out their “cashless” bank accounts by buying stuff -material items from soup to nuts, keeping only enough in the account to pay current bills? -Sort of an electronic run on the bank?

  45. Rock

    Bill, if you are anywhere the Texas Hill Country, I would be thrilled to treat you to lunch.
    Thank you for your fine work.

  46. Jerry

    The top ten reasons why everyone should vote for Hilary.
    You morons there aren’t any.

  47. Mohammad

    Please have Martin Armstrong on:


  48. Donna

    Time to use Iceland as an example to politicians and banker criminals.

  49. vincent_g

    They come up with Bit coin without thinking about the crime problem.
    What will you do to protect your PC?
    Put it into a giant walk in safe?

    Now they are pushing harder for chipping people.
    Why in god’s name would you put something so valuable in your body?
    Normally a thief will take your watch, jewelry and your wallet.
    Has anyone thought what would happen when a thief stops them and they are chipped?
    Do you think they will not cut the chip out of your body?

    Moving on to a much bigger problem.
    Going cashless is a real bad idea.
    It becomes a major problem for people that will cause a greater demand to carry guns.
    Imagine this has happened, the world went cashless, and you now have been robbed.

    What will you do?
    Call the police?
    You are cut off from all your money and now you need to prove who you are.
    If you don’t have friends or family you can count on you’re in deep trouble.
    Worse image you were chipped!
    Now your bleeding and a hospital will not take you because you have no insurance or proof you are who you say you are.
    Do hospitals need these new crime waves of people being cut up to steal their chips?

    We don’t need more problems in our lives.
    Cashless is not a way to do things until we have discovered how to make living cost free where there is no cards or money at all.

    Some people’s dreams can be everyone’s biggest nightmare.

    • WD


      Yes they will cut the chip out, because thieves will come up with a device to “read” what you have. They will easily cut out the chips!

      The same way thieves were killing people for a pair of basketball shoes!

    • Mary Casey

      Sounds like the beginnings of a great novel…..

  50. A Friend

    Miyasaka Instant Authentic Soup, Miso, 0.27-Ounce (Pack of 12)
    $13.57 on Amazon – Food is Medicine folks, common sense.

  51. vincent_g

    Had to leave you with this thought I had on Donald Trump.

    When Trump entered the race it was like a bunch of guys are playing poker and a guy with lots of money says he would like to sit in.
    He also says he never played this game before.

    Well this is a lip smacking event to have happen think all the players as they dream of cleaning him out.
    But some hours later it seems they all find themselves wiped out by a guy that knew just how to rope them in and take them all .

    Donald not only has done his homework but by pulling the, “I have never been a politician line”, has lowered the guard of the opponents which put them into a position of being like a fish out of water.

    Now going into the main event he has separated himself from the Middle East Wars so that the War on Libya and Syria are fair game. Now Hillary has to defend her actions in the Middle East and has no way to reverse the tables.
    Three objectives were completed going forward.
    1 Economy
    2 Wars in Middle East
    3 Social issues

    Yes Trump says he knows nothing about being a Politician but as we can see he’s good at roping them in and appears to be an expert hiding behind that innocent business man suit.

    • diane s.

      It’s a hugh mistake to underestimate El Trumpo.

    • diane s.

      Vincent G
      Damn good points.

  52. dbcooper

    Greg and all, I am reaching out to find if anyone on the site might have incite in to what will happen to a life insurance policy during the bail-in/cashless/collapse event?? DB.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother DB,

      Every insurance policy has numerous escape clauses, something along the lines of war, disasters, acts of God, any business interruption, etc. In the event of any period of lawlessness, riots, civil disobedience, whatever, they let themselves LEGALLY off the hook. The insurance biz is a one-way street. They could legally get out of any claim they wish, but they don’t, so that the Ponzi scheme can continue. But in the scenario we are envisioning on this forum, your life insurance (a paper asset) goes the way of all paper. Sorry, bud, but that’s it. Fact is, all of us will die. Make your death count. Best always. PM

      • art barnes

        Paul, Americans are insurance poor, everybody thinks they have insurance until they have a claim! Best to you Paul, art b

    • Sam Hill

      If you are depending on a life insurance policy you are liable to incite your own financial ruin

      • dbcooper

        Sam Hill and Paul, I am counting on what I already know and what we have already done to survive as the remnant … that said I asked a simple question of someone out there who might know more than I on the subject. So thanks all the same Sam … Paul thank you for the info and I am not surprised by the answer and it is a weird situation as there is an insurance policy … hanging there … only someone else has to die for it to come to fruition and we are not wishing that … and so we may never see the pay-out … so be it, by the will of GOD. BTW, Paul I would tell you that my dads’ family is from Parke County Indiana and it is heavily Amish with lots of covered bridges And I appreciate your sentiment as to how we meet our demise … I hope to do it with my finger on the trigger. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • JMiller


      I take it that you are referring to a cash value life insurance policy such as whole life, universal life, or variable life insurance? If so, the answer to your question is unknown. It is unknown because is it could depend upon what insurance company it is, what type of insurance policy it is and what one means when they say a collapse event. My 75 year old father currently has a whole life policy with MetLife, a major insurer, that he bought back when he was about 30. Relatively speaking it is a good insurance company. He had two other smaller whole life policies from a company that was not highly rated that I talked him into cashing in. But he still has this one. In normal times I would not be concerned but times are not normal. My concern is with their derivatives and what assets they hold especially their debt instruments.

      My concerns for MetLife are pretty much the same concerns as I would also have with most pensions and with some banks and credit unions. Now if you had variable life policy you would have investment risk since it has investment component that whole life does not have. With a variable life policy part of the premium is allocated in a separate account from the insurance company’s general account, in which you can invest in things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc…which fluctuate in value where as with a whole life policy you get more of a fixed rate of return guaranteed by the insurance company. Because of the investment risk, variable policies are considered securities contracts and are regulated under the federal securities laws. However with a variable life insurance policy since you have a separate account from the insurance company’s general account, I would think that it should be better protected compared to a whole life policy if the insurance company goes under. I am not an insurance expert but I hope this helps. And I am going to talk my father into cashing in his MetLife policy. He usually takes my advice. He did recently purchase some precious metals with a little persuasion.

      • Silence is Golden

        J Miller,
        I know you are up to speed on the FDIC…seek your thoughts on this …

        “Deposit insurance may have been a well intended idea. But the hard facts show that this blanket guarantee of bank safety is ultimately a ruse.”

        • JMiller


          Thanks for that post. Not that it is correct in some of it’s facts even at first glance but just that I never thought to look to see what the FDIC insurance fund consists of. I do not have time right now to check much of it but the article, like many times I find in the ALT media, contains some errors or exaggerations or says things that may mislead people. First, the article states that total bank deposits in the U.S. exceeds $13 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve. Well actually according to the sources I found, like the one below, total bank deposits in the U.S. is only about $11 trillion.

          So the article is not using the correct number for the total of bank deposits in the U.S. Next, what does the total amount of deposits have to do with the FDIC insurance fund? Nothing really. The FDIC insurance only covers deposits under a $250,000 which is about $6.5 trillion of that $11 trillion as also stated in the link above.

          But that article uses the total number of deposits in it’s calculation to say that the FDIC insurance fund has net assets available to cover less than 0.5% of all bank deposits, which is true but is misleading since the FDIC only covers about half of all bank deposits. So the FDIC insurance fund has enough to cover over 1% of all insured deposits which is what one should be looking at, not how much the FDIC fund has to cover all deposits. Now at this point someone might say, “What difference does those errors make. They are trivial!”. Well what I find is that most times when someone can’t get simple facts right the odds are good they can’t get the more harder to research facts right either.

          Simon Black is correct though to say that the risk of a 100% loss in the banking system is almost zero and that the FDIC does not need anywhere near $13 trillion (really $6.5 trillion) to properly insure it.

          I will check out the other facts, that he claims, to see if he is correct or not later on. I will post what I find here in a day or two.

          • Silence is Golden

            Thanks for the response.
            Best SIG

        • JMiller


          After going through what Simon Black claims in his article and looking at the FDIC Annual Report, I find he is not correct on a number of things and makes a big deal really out of nothing.

          Simon Black states that the “DIF financial statements show an incredible 54% drop in cash equivalents since last year.”

          Well yes the amount of cash and cash equivalents in the DIF portfolio went from $1.9 billion at the end of 2014 to about $900 million at the end of 2015. So what if the DIF portfolio has $1 billion less in cash and cash equivalents than a year earlier? Simon Black thinks there is a problem with having less cash and cash equivalents which could mean a lack of immediate liquidity and by having too much in Treasuries which MAY take a substantial loss should a financial crisis hit. What he says may seem to make sense at first but if we have a severe financial crisis, having that extra $1 billion in cash is not going to help much if we are talking about hundreds of billions or even a trillion dollars in losses to insured deposits. Secondly, the Treasuries that are in the DIF portfolio all have a maturity of 5 years or less so it is not very likely that they will have a SUBSTANTIAL loss in a financial crisis. And about $14 billion of their Treasury holdings have a maturity of less than 1 year which makes some of them almost like cash (90 day T-bills). Plus the FDIC has a line of credit with the Treasury should it need more liquidity. So overall having $1 billion less in cash and cash equivalents is not a big deal.

          Simon Black states, “The FDIC has stuffed much of the DIF funds in an expanding bond portfolio. Yet by its own admission, this portfolio is down $10 billion, or roughly 14%.”

          Not correct. According to the FDIC’s 2015 Annual Report, “The DIF’s cash and U.S. Treasury investment portfolio balance was $63.4 billion at year-end 2015, an INCREASE of $11.7 billion from the year-end 2014 balance of $51.7 billion.” Now why is Simon Black saying the DIF portfolio was down $10 billion when it is actually up $11.7 billion from 2014 to 2015? What Simon Black probably is talking about the unrealized net losses on their Treasury securities but the net unrealized losses are in the millions of dollars, NOT BILLIONS. He misread the number. Like I stated before, all of the Treasuries in the DIF fund have a maturity of 5 years or less which means they do not fluctuate in value by a lot. And there is no way they would have $10 billion in losses on a $62 billion short-term Treasury bond portfolio in this bond bull market. This small net unrealized loss was as of the end of 2015. Since then Treasuries have had a nice rally.

          Simon Black also states “that a good chunk of that bond portfolio has been invested in securities that earn negative interest.”

          That is not completely true and is a little misleading. The FDIC portfolio only contains less than $1 billion in Treasury Inflation Protected Securities with maturities of 5 years or less, which did have negative real yields when purchased. However with TIPS there is also an inflation adjustment as measured by the CPI-U. So the effective yield on TIPS is positive when you include the inflation adjustment. As of September 30, 2015, the DIF investment portfolio’s yield was 0.83 percent according to the FDIC’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in his 2015 Third Quarter Report to the Board.

          • JC Davis

            JMiller. I could not explain half of what you posted, yet I feel like I understand a bit more.. LOL maybe I am getting smarter and don’t know it.

      • WD

        You can also do a 1031 transfer to another company, I use to do use Jackson National Life

        • JMiller

          You are correct WD, one could do a 1035 (not 1031) exchange.

          • WD

            Yes you are right 1031 is real estate, got them mixed up…


  53. WD


    When this happens what do see for the future of the United States?

    -Federal govt collapse? Regional fractures? Going back to each state being an individual republic(like it was supposed to be all along)?

    Looking forward to your answer…..

    • WD

      Also Bill,

      What do you forsee for typical US City, neighborhoods etc. ? Thanks

    • dbcooper

      JM, Thank you for the response … the person in question is 81 years old and may out live me !! I guess the most important question is can this policy be cashed-in as it seems to me better now than later when it has all gone ‘pooof’. Yours, DB.

  54. Marcus West

    Yea Yea Bill is one of my most favorite people on the planet !!!!!!!!! Because of his knowledge and ideas I am safe from the banking crooks . I enjoyed watching him on all he alternative media outlets.

  55. Doug Williams

    It just hit my listening to Bill, the Feb goes negative interest rates. That would mean, With the treasuries at negative rates, China and Russia would have to pay the U.S. government to hold their money . That’s way they are dumping their treasuries, they know whats coming or could happen. China, Russia, sell all your treasuries and buy all the gold you can. ( Hint, you should been doing that all along instead of buying those worthless U.S. treasuries bonds, notes, what ever scam the U.S. government up with. ) BUY GOLD.

  56. Mohammad


    thanks for the interview and the insight.
    I follow closely on Mr. Sinclair’s website.
    Is it correct reading that the shorts are hell bent on busting the Yuan?
    If so is banning the 100$, 500Euro is a preemptive strike against the shorts that will turn to Euro/Dollar after finishing the Yuan?


  57. Concerned Watchdog


    At 15:21 you asked Bill “whats their end game, why are they propping it up.” Bill said he didn’t know. I just finished watching Sean at SGTReport and he had Jason Burack on. Jason said he had a fiend who was able to sneak into an IMF conference and he goes into the question you asked Bill Holter. I would recommend having Jason on and flushing out this question a bit as be has some interesting insight on this very question.

    Here is the video link of interview. The section I am referring to is located at 11:00 minutes into the interview.

  58. Mohammad


    Lets see how much this cease fire holds if it ever starts.

    The rub is :
    It does not include Alnusra, ISIS which are the main force on the ground.
    Who will stop the fire ?



  59. Justn Observer

    Good Afternoon Greg!
    Was wondering if you have heard of an economist named Michael Hudson…and was wondering if he might be interested in an interview? This expose’ and opinion to the strange approach to the Fed’s actions is summed up as —
    “The moral is that debts that can’t be paid, won’t be.”
    This article has eye-opening clarity as to the machinations behind the scenes by the Obama Admin. and Wall St. Hope you can take a moment and read and maybe comment on it?

    • sk

      Michael Hudson: “The Monster:How A Gang Of Predatory Lenders And Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America-And Spawned A Global Crisis”, “Killing The Host”, two recent books by Hudson. PCR has praise for Hudson as an economist. I was surprised to find these books at my local library;usually they buy fluff-and-feel-good-stuff.

  60. foggygoggles

    I didn’t listen to this interview because most of your guests have been predicting a collapse for literally years. I would still like to hear a reasonable answer to the question posed by Linda L.–“if we do go completely cashless where all transactions are done electronically, how would it benefit someone in having physical gold and silver? ” Answer the question, bearing in mind, that just last summer people told Mark Dice that they would take Hersey’s chocolate bar over a 10 oz bar of silver.

    • diane s.

      I would like to know the answer to that question Foggy.
      Would you just have to turn your gold and silver over to the banks to exchange it for card credit ? What price would they exchange it for and who would set it?
      I doubt if the entire globe would agree on what the price of gold and silver should be?

      • foggygoggles

        diane s.
        My guess is that the price of pms would be set by those who have it. Notice that those who have been predicting imminent collapse and advise accumulating pms rarely venture into how one benefits once a collapse has occurred. I’ve yet to see any of these people talk about how pms will fare in a cashless economy. Most talk their book, but the reality is–NOBODY knows how things are going to work out when a collapse occurs. And frankly, I think it’s a complete waste of time to entertain opinions. Far better to discuss action plans that go beyond simply accumulating.

  61. John M

    Another great interview with Bill Holter. Could you interview James Wesley Rawles?
    I think it would be a very “practical” interview on preparedness.

    • dbcooper

      JM, I agree, DB.

  62. Russ

    Thanks Greg and Bill, excellent information yet again. I have emailed these interviews to my friends many times and some have responded positively, others not so much. I’ll be emailing this one to a close friend in Bernie’s home state. I have a feeling she may be in the cross-hairs.

  63. Mohammad

    SYKES -PICOT agreement ……….1916
    KERRY -LAVROV agreement …..2016


  64. Varun Yennemadi

    Hi Greg,
    Time to get on Fabian Calvo. He reckons Dow will hit 20000, but will eventually crash. Hunh ! Greg Mannarino may have something to say.
    Although, I believe Mannarino is right. Never know !
    May be Harry Dent will be right too , with gold at $400.
    Fear Not, God`s in charge.

  65. Larry Galearis

    It is amazing, Greg, that pundits have not said what NIRP really is: It is essentially a mini bail in for the banks, yes?

    • Greg Hunter

      No doubt Larry it is a bail-in and it’s big when you think globally. What it they took 1% or 2% of the global wealth or at least the wealth of the G-20. That is huge and I think is coming. Thanks for weighing in.

    • Silence is Golden

      Larry….another way to look at it is…”Confiscation”.
      New Normal : 100 = 98 …!!

  66. Larry Galearis

    Nuked!? Niet. It is not Russian policy to use tactical nuclear arms unless facing a military defeat in the field that threatens the state. They will not use nukes therefore 1) on another sovereign state’s territory and 2) the Russian forces present in Syria do not represent a very serious military loss to Russia should they be overrun. The main threat of war comes from a pre-emptive strategic attack by the United States against what it now considers as its number one adversary, Russia. This is American nuclear weapons use policy now and it should be mentioned as often as possible to the public. What the United States is facing – from Mr. Holter’s words as well – is a collapse that will represent a collapse of empire. Do you think, given the behaviors of foreign policy revealed for the past twenty or so years that Washington’s efforts in the world have been benign or NOT self-serving at the expense of virtually everyone on the planet except the United States? Such is the evil of empires as history has shown us. In that now Washington routinely ignores International Law in all its dealings with those countries who are not vassals of its empire, is that not the definition of a rogue state?
    As I keep repeating: WE are not the “good guys” anymore! And I recognize in saying that that my country of Canada IS a vassal state to Washington.

    • Mohammad


      NO NUKES.
      Israel put veto on nukes from both sides in M.E. (but not the rest of the world…!!)
      That is the mere reason why Obama canceled bombing Assad with depleted uranium.
      Damascus sits on the water that Israel drinks from…!!!!!


  67. gregd

    Greg and Bill,
    Jefferson said- The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Remember there is more of us than them.
    I can see some leader in the near future saying that when they come for you, “you only need to get one, and I’ll get mine”.

  68. Justn Observer

    Reading the vast commentary with no particular position – but of one of observation – I find a pleasurable respect among your viewer. As to Mohammad injection from his historical record concerning the Middle East…for his point of view and sources of education he might be correct. We all know that generations have been turned from education to mere ‘training’ in man circles since the days of the Greeks? Yet we all are aware of powerful hidden disrupting forces at play…and we all seek to reach ‘safe harbors’ so we should/must come to understand those that separate us…and least set oars toward the same direction…so together…we arrive as we were intended…able to gift to those that follow a bountiful and resilient place under sun for eternity …and not a mere place being manipulated and directed my an ‘illuminati -ed’ one ! Hence might we need to seek a common understanding of those forces that MAY be causing such friction between us… do I know?- certainly not. Yet – like all forms of a Hegelian Dialectic those edges are only set against one another to set forth forces towards a pre- determined planned solution!
    Yes – does this concern – economics, currency, the preservation of wealth, vision with political and religious implications and such a ‘struggle’ used for world domination by an un-named body without a face? Do we not see – for some reason – we find ourselves back to an area where Christian/Islam/Jewish origins are amiss with strife – distrust – beheading? Not unlike the days of John the Baptist – near where the Pagan Greeks evolved from Attalus of Pergamos of Babylon ideology…of Satan worhip…to a Rome under Casear…later co-opting Christianity with the Caesar replaced by Popes (Pontifex Maximus) , now bending and attempting to blend all faiths even with him stepping into the U.S. Congressional Capital and claiming ‘moral’ authority over it! I believe Mohammad might have offered something historically worth looking into…since we only usually get the ‘Laurence of Arabia’ version in a movie form for the general public consumption…and yet none have a view of British intel officer Philby, and that both backed the Hussein of Hashemites , yet settled on supporting Sauds… only later to with Philby’s son, Kim, later becoming a Soviet double agent!…the former likely having more of an ancestral claim from my readings… Of all I can only conclude that fingers have been stirring the pot there a long while…and with contemptuous results…much shame to go around …all !
    So from a view point I only offer this…having been sent looking by Mohammad’s post earlier up the page…!

    Few people have bothered to read the Muqaddimah, or Introduction, written by Arab historian Ibn Khaldun in the 14th century, Even fewer have read Fouad Ajami’s 1998 book, The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generation’s Odyssey, and of course we might all find an awakening an little solace reviewing our cultures own complicity in the advent of such horrific proportion to that whole area of the world…from which …from a biblical extent all mankind emanated!
    This offering is not short in an endeavor to those that may care to understand….but seemingly concise…though I can not vouch for it’s entire truthfulness…nor am I of this particular faith I can see a serious diligence and effort better than the usual ‘re-writes’ and lack of depth of history offered!

    Islamic-Vatican Connection:
    241 From Crete to Malta:
    242 From Crete to Malta:
    243 From Crete to Malta:
    244 From Crete to Malta:
    (244) FROM Crete to Malta (2017)
    245 From Crete to Malta:
    246 From Crete to Malta:

    May we all search to understand each other while there remains enough gold and silver and whatever…to re-build a sound and stable monetary policy that we—the world –can again entrust and trade with each other honestly and respectfully…

    • Mohammad

      Mesmerized ….!


    • Mohammad

      I was going through the first link about Islamic-vatican connection, and the amount of distortion and misinformation is beyond me.

      I could not finish more than 5 minutes before i deemed it FALSE.
      I will spend my time on something worth it.

      I will look at the other links later on if same i will skip.


  69. BruceM

    The government and the banks might go for a cashless society but people won’t. Cash is just too good of an idea. If the government does away with its form of cash people will come up with their own form of cash. We aren’t stupid.

  70. Pondering

    The news and speculations are so overwhelming sometimes. Greg, would you consider taking a program slot to do an inspirational presentation about what brought you to this point, and what kind of values you hold onto? What keeps you motivated to reach out to the world? Like honor, courage, liberty, faith, and such. Why, if “Gina” can offer “a chicken in every pot”, you ought to be able to offer a real counterpoint on your own forum! Truth must be allowed to prevail.

  71. Mohammad

    Saudi Arabia wants Assad out bad.
    Either we go in UNDER US command and remove Assad or your oil business is BUST and with it your economy.
    That is the hidden message of the powerful Saudi oilman to US oilmen.


  72. Larry Galearis

    One could speculate that the Saudis have nukes as well. They were after Pakistani ones. And Israel has them, but to use them in a local war is liable to do all sides equal damage due to fallout. The Israelis, like the Russians, would only use them if they were about to be overrun – their state failing militarily. One could postulate that this is the geopolitical position of the United States Empire as it fails. And that represents the danger to us all.

  73. dee garmon

    No wonder so many of your viewers are asking him to come back on.
    Thanks for yet another excellent interview.

  74. John D

    A cashless society is a way for government to have complete control of its citizens. The government has already anticipated the run to gold in this scenario. They will track and prosecute any trades in precious metals.
    They will confiscate repatriate or tax to extreme. They will make it unlawful to own or trade. They make the rules !
    Those of you who are looking to gold or silver for protection will find out how useless it will be.
    Put your wealth in foodstuffs and basic necessities. They are less likely to go after this form of wealth

  75. Trevor Gunston

    Doing away with cash draws ever nearer which was foretold in the last book of the bible the new testament 2000 years ago, Revelation 13 :16 ( The Beast of the Earth.) reads .
    He required everyone -small and great ,rich and poor ,free and slave -to be given the mark on the right hand or forehead .And no one could buy or sell anything without the mark,
    This could not have happened until now with the arrival of the internet making Revelation 13;16 possible,
    Most people agree that a currency collapse could usher in a new system of financial transactions and i have read comments about a time approaching of hyperinflation
    is it possible the bible has also foretold of this event in Revelation 6;6 it says a loaf of bread will cost a days pay ,the book of revelation is about end time events.

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