Chain Reaction of Breakdowns in Progress-Dr. Jim Willie

Jim Willie: Out of Control Chaos Coming to the United StatesBy Greg Hunter’s  

Dr. Jim Willie, Publisher of “The Hat Trick Letter,” says, “We’re leading up to a big event.  We are having breakdowns in numerous structural elements of the financial system.  We’re seeing a chain reaction of breakdown events in progress.”  Fed Chief Ben Bernanke talked about tapering the money printing to buy bonds two months ago.  Dr Willie contends, “The ‘taper talk’ was a stress test to find out what in the world would break down, and the answer was everything!”  Dr. Willie predicts, “In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver.  Just think food and gasoline.  That’s when the riots are going to start.  You are going to see out of control chaos and the government stepping in to restore order. . . . Shortages and price inflation are going to drive people out of their minds.”   Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth One-on-One interview with Dr. Jim Willie, who can be found on

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  1. Allen Ols


    You absolutly cannot stop the jackass; again, the only clarian reason out there, listen to him and the pucker factor increases exponentially.

    Take his advice get rob kirby, pepe escobar as u next guests


    Fresh air at last

    Al ols

    • Greg

      Good advice Allen!

  2. Wayne plusquellic

    Jim sounds more like it quite different than Catherine

  3. robert

    Wow…after listening to him, before him was Catherine Austin Fitts interview…Gerald Celente could be right, we’re going to war. There’s no way the US(or the shot callers of this country)allow for another currency to come into play and replace the Dollar. Get ready for the propaganda coming from Madison Ave,MSM, and Hollywood(making movies)to convince the America people the idea of going to war. Unless, the”new economy” is part of a grand strategy by the elite and they allow the dollar to collapse. Because they become self-sufficient with technology(computers,robotics,GPS,bioengineering) and the average person in America has become obsolete. Maybe, there’s an evolution going on with mankind from human to humanoid and this is the beginning of the transition.

    • robert

      check out Mish’s global economic trend Mon. 8/5/2013- Message to 5.7 million Truck drivers

  4. Reader

    Yes, Jim, Just about EVERYTHING is going to break down. Don’t waste your time looking for that Big Bang collapse (so you can start from scratch) because it has already happened.

  5. jerry

    Greg Dr. Jim Willie is an economic “Rock Star”. He is dead on about his economic theories. Yesterday Ben Bernanke just hinted about scaling back on printing money later this year, and the stocks fell 90 points. We are at the point of “no return”. Greg to really understand what is going on, you have to read Obama’s playbook by Cloward and Piven. The game plan to collapse a capitalistic system is to collapse it from the inside out with government programs and massive debt. They not only can’t stop printing money, “they don’t want to”. Add the 850 Billion a year from QE printing, to the debt ceiling that must be raised another 1.3 Trillion dollars later this year (to keep the government operating), and then mix in Obama Care that will add another Trillion dollars in 2014, and you have the perfect recipe for economic collapse. Meanwhile you have Obama and the globalist on the sidelines cheerleading, encouraging more borrowing. As far as a “timeline” for collapse, I agree with Dr. Jim Willie. It has already started. No one besides you Greg is covering it. Most people won’t even care, until its up in their grill, and then what? Thanks Greg. You are a true American.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry for your comment and kind words.

  6. art barnes

    Greg, “the dollar is going away”, I don’t know much but I believe that will happen cause it doesn’t buy much anymore anyway. Most of you folks out there can’t remember that a $20.00 bill got one a couple bags (real paper too) full of groceries not that long ago, about 1980 – Its been getting worst every year but now we have low wages, inflation, and part time work, that recipe mixed together makes for a working poor class of a third world country. The great American middle class is ill and dying. The result of the funeral will make the predictions of Dr. Willie a watered down picture or a Sunday stroll at the park compared to whats to come.

    • Greg

      I hope you are wrong but I fear you are spot on. It will be magnified because the MSM decided to keep people in the dark and lied by omission!! It will be chaos and panic when this blooms in full.

  7. Brandon

    ‘Riots and governments restoring order.’

    I see it the same way. This is a planned collapse though and that is key in understanding. When the One World Government talks start though look for Satan claiming to be Christ. That is what this is all about.

  8. Derrick Michael Reid

    Always good to have Dr Willie on. He pumps you up.
    I had advanced Questions for Dr Willie:
    Are global paper currencies bound to fail?
    It the fractional gold system Doomed to fail?
    Will the FED ever get its leased gold back?
    Has the flow of gold from west to east continued?
    Will Gold eventually become the world reserve currency?
    What will be the gold reset price of gumbo in the jungle?
    Dr Willie touched on them all, and it was good interview.
    It is hard to imagine that the US Military tactics can not
    defeat Dr Willies supposed dominance of foreign missile technology.
    Jethro Tull:

  9. rodger

    Why does jim willie sound like hes talking in a tin can?

    • Greg

      Dr. Willie lives in Central America and his connection is not very good but his content is excellent!

  10. eppoh

    How many times in the last 5 years have we heard the sky is falling and riots are coming? The truth is the sky is not falling, but it is settling. We are more like frogs in a pot of cool water that has the heat applied. The stupid and ignorant will get boiled to death. Others will simply be cooked into submission unto the banksters and New World Order.

    Gold? meh. Ag land is where it’s at.

    • Greg

      You can’t go wrong with any of the three! Thank you for the comment.

  11. mohammad

    Thank you Greg,
    Am lost between what Jim is saying and what Catherine was saying aren’t you too?
    Gee both sound convincing, both have valid points and both are on opposite sides of the argument, catherine says G20 is getting a puppy training from G7, Jim says G7 is begging G 20…..etc!
    Am lost!

  12. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Very informative about EU banks.As for losing the dollar or a dollar collapse,this maybe true but only in the very distant future.What currency would replace the dollar? Think about it really.The U.S. has the monopoly. China and Russia have too much to lose via trade and debt and will not upset the apple cart.Maybe a black swan makes an appearance such as EU banks but be assured a bail out will come quickly.Like you said,2012 then 2013.Who really knows?It really is anyone’s guess

  13. mark

    Hi Greg,
    I tend to believe Dr. Willie that it is the G-20 calling the shots and not the G-7 as indicated in your interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She seems to contend that western (US)military strength is still able to dominate in a way that enforces continued acceptance and use of the dollar as the world reserve currency with all of accompanied privilege that comes with such status. However I tend to believe the evidence points out, as Jim has and continues to indicate, that with the development of advanced military hardware (Onyx and Sunburn missile systems) and the development of a gold backed trade settlement together with the build-out of energy infrastructure ( e.g.Iran(?)- Pakistan gas pipeline, etc.–Pipelinestan)and the arrival of a new sheriff in town with real ability to carry out warrants and prosecute corruption within the established banking institutions (Deutsche Bank), we really do have a paradigm shift underway which is being evidenced by the shortening of time between incidents of major consequence. I have heard that what we are witnessing in way of “collapse” is determined by the occurrence of events as opposed to what day or month or year it is ( although there are certain dates to watch in that for example the G-20 mtg as well as the German elections are both in September– what should transpire afterwards is interesting to consider) That is why it is so critical to have an accurate understanding of the facts on the ground as they occur and to have the critical thinking skills to accurately understand and interpret the meaning of those events and be able to sort out the misinformation, disinformation and propaganda that is so widely disseminated. Will the development of very robust energy and food infrastructure here in the US as Catherine mentioned, be able to save us who live here from what is coming with the collapse of the old legacy system with its promises to retirees and pensioners that can never be met in the environment of a collapsing dollar that is worth little in comparison to real goods needed to live a civilized life as we have enjoyed in the past when we were an industrial superpower before we outsourced so much of our productive capacity? Will we deteriorate into a fascist dictatorship with government force doing the bidding of major (international) corporations so that the use of our land, water and natural resources are not determined by the people who live here (property rights gone forever?) modern serfdom in a technologically sophisticated matrix of beaurocracy with increasingly confiscatory tax burdens and limitations placed upon the inhabitants? We will surely find out soon enough I am afraid. It is indeed happening before our eyes. Thank you again for your commitment to delivering a straightforward report of events and the guests you bring to the discussion.

  14. Picasso

    Congrats on your best interview to date Greg. JW has one of the most detailed total global perspectives and is willing to share with the people. He has personally advised me before and did it just to help a like-minded individual. Love the shout out to Jim Rogers another hero in our space. Some people like JW are just a little freer shall we say to explain more detail without burning bridges and friendships. Keep up your work please. Thank you.

    • Greg

      Dr. Willie did not paint a pretty picture for America sorry to say. Thank you for the comment.


    Great stuff. Try and get Karl Denninger on again sometime soon. Ask him about his views on inflation. I think you’ll find they are different than most of your guests.

  16. 8Ball

    “I think” therefore…

  17. Janet G

    Dear Mr. Hunter,

    I am a fan of you and your website. I am Janet G, 61, married and live in Calif. I am also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for over 40 yrs now. That means that I have been a student of the Bible for that long also.

    I really like the information that you are bringing to the world along with all the others that you interview. I like Max Keiser as well. The main thing that drives me to these websites is that all of you are reporting a blow by blow account of the death of this system of things. As a Bible student, I have been expecting this to happen for over 40 years now. This is truly exciting times we live in but we expect them to become very, very dangerous times too. I say exciting because Jesus said that all this would have to happen before the end would come and then a ‘new world’ would emerge. Jesus will be ruler over the earth from his kingdom in heaven, along with 144,000 others that were bought from the earth. Wickedness will be gone. The meek will inherit the earth and will have everlasting peace upon it. The earth will become a paradise and the dead will be resurrected to the earth.

    I liked your interview with Jim Willie, he has his finger right on the pulse of this dying world and he explains it very well. He said, “It is collapsing right before our very eyes”. All the pumping of money is the sign of desperation. When a patient has suffered extreme blood loss and they keep pumping in blood, but the patient is not making his own blood, the body is still dying. To keep pumping blood becomes a futile procedure just as this pumping of money into a dying system of things.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses have a wonderful source for Bible learning at It has a plethora of information for anyone who wants to know the truth about our God Jehovah, his son Jesus, and God’s purpose for his creation. I recommend to you, the Book of Daniel for a historical look at Bible prophecies regarding the pushing of the King of the south and the King of the North. It is filled with info for these times.

    Keep up the good reporting.

    Thank you, Janet G

    • Greg

      Janet G,
      Thank you for sharing your story and perspective here. We need God and his son more than ever!

  18. Rodster

    That was an excellent interview Greg. I enjoyed Jim Wiilie’s perspective especially how the timeline between events are shrinking.

  19. Joni


    Once again, you’ve had someone like Dr. Willie knocking it out of the ball park! I understand what he’s talking about from having done some research in the past. I highly recommend people to take notes while listening to this video, more than once if needed, and do the necessary research until you can fully understand the bigger picture. Then, and only then, will you know what you must do to prepare. Because of Dr. Willie’s exceptional interview, (emphasizing the missing parts of the puzzle for me), I now have a clearer vision for how I will proceed.

    • Greg

      Thank you Joni. I an happy this helps you prepare. So many will not and they will be at a total disadvantage.

  20. John Michelena

    Greg, thanks for providing us with this excellent interview with Jim Willie. Please have him on your show more often, as he clearly has a comprehensive knowledge of what is REALLY going on. In addition to his fine understanding of money and economics, he seems to have access to top-notch sources and info that he gladly shares so that we too can peek behind the dark curtain of the elites. We cannot fully understand money and economics without also having a sense of the cloak-and-dagger politics being practiced by the big boys with raw world power, and of course the selfish motivations of those who control the fiat Petro-dollar. It appears that all of our markets are breaking down and becoming less “free” by the day, and Americans are also losing constitutional freedoms too, especially their freedom to think critically and honestly about such disheartening actions purposively taken by our own government. May our omnipotent God have mercy on Americans, because the logical consequences of destroying our paper money, free markets, and other freedoms will be quite frightening indeed. The sufferings will be immense.

    • Greg

      John Michelena,
      I was serious when I said Dr. Willie is the most asked for guest on this site. I book him when I can, he’s a great guest.

  21. Covington

    Great Interview Greg,

    Its sad to see the collapse happening while so few others can. Just walking into any Walmart store is an eye opener. More and more places in the US look so run down.

    I went into a Walmart here in Mexico, where I live, and its like going on board a run down US Navy ship.

    Its all so sad.

    I wish more people will wake before its too late.

  22. jc davis

    Greg this was captivating. I listened to it twice, I think Jim Willie could be the most knowledgeable person on these issues. Scary information. In a bad crash everything seems to go slower, but we all know how fast ten years can pass.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC for the kind words and feedback!

  23. Fraser

    Thanks Greg… Great info! My favourite line and what a classic under-statement : “WTC7 went down in structural sympathy”! HA HA – what a cracker! It must have been the weight of the SEC & CIA paper-work! Add in the $2.5 trillion that “went missing” from the pentagon days earlier and it shows how desperate and ruthless the few people in charge actually are…

  24. Jeff

    Wow, two powerhouse interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Willie. Great, in-depth insights from two of the smartest commentators around.

    Awesome work, Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff and Top Hat!!

  25. Top Hat

    Greg, outstanding interview. Kudos for how you let others talk rather than loving the sound of your own voice.

  26. Jay

    I pray everyday, ( for the last 25 + years, ) and lately I’ve been praying God would reveal to me the “when where how” the proverbial “IT” will hit the fan, as well as where the safest places to be are. Well … He showed me the HOW, and is it a doozey !!! You see, I was trying and trying to figure out how DHS was going to fit well over 300 million Americans into X number of FEMA camps. It’s impossible. Well, they’re not. It’s just we patriots that’ll be rounded up. IF WE’RE DUMB ENOUGH TO ALLOW IT. THEY … are going to do some sort of false flag SOON in EVERY CITY. Then, just like in Boston they’ll cordon off EVERY city and go door to door SAYING they’re looking for the supposed “terrorists.” What they’ll REALLY be doing is grabbing every patriot with a high enough number on their point system !!!!!!! Not our guns ( YET. ) The first phase is grab US. Cram us into the camps where we’ll be beheaded and our organs sold to pay for all this !!!!!! AFTER
    we’re rounded up they’ll have very little resistance from the sheeple when they come for the guns. Foreign troops get all the booty, ( double meaning there folks, ) they can grab when doing so.

    The internet will be cut off first so all you’ll have is globalist news channels lying about what’s happening so everyone THINKS it’s just like in Boston. The dummies will let them into their homes cause they’ve been told they’re looking for the “terrorists” that just did whatever the attacks were. It’ll all happen in ONE DAY !!!! The ONLY way you’ll hear what’s REALLY happening is with a HAM RADIO SCANNER. That’s why they don’t want anyone to have those !!!!!!!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VERY QUICKLY TELL EVERYONE THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS !!!!!! DON’T FALL FOR IT !!!!! AMERICA’S LOST WITHOUT THE ARMY OF PATRIOTS TO FIGHT THIS EVIL !!!!! IF WE’RE ALL LOCKED IN A CAMP … IT’S OVER !!!!

    Get a years supply of food water ammo gold and supplies. Listen to the watchmen. Get on your knees and pray like never before. THIS IS IT FOLKS. Notice the law JUST passed that allows them to use “propaganda !!!” Notice the URGENCY the DHS placed on emergency food orders last week. Notice no military personel can have leave from mid sep to mid oct. It’s way past time to go door to door with flyers. To call all your friends and family. THIS ….IS ….IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Greg

      Love your passion. Please come back.

  27. jerry

    Greg here’s my vote for guest speaker.
    Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management. She has a totally different take on the fraud going on in the U.S. Financial Markets than Catherine Fitts does.
    I’ve seen her interview on another site, and she is a very powerful speaker. Just a suggestion. I enjoy your interviews no matter who they are.

  28. czzi

    Wow, how many times on this website have we heard it is over the USA is dead. I have read or heard Mr. Jackass say Oh next summer, spring, winter or fall it over, the dollar will be dead! Yet year after year since 2006, it has not even come close.

    But, alas, if other economist have a different theory or viewpoint that has positive outlooks for our country you will never see an interview here. Only doom and gloom. I guess that sells more newsletters for those who, like the jackass, say the dollar is dead, so why don’t you dumb sheeple send it to me!

    Answer this , if gold and silver are so precious, then how come it is so easy to get? Oh yeah, silly me, there are dealers who want your greenbacks for their metals. Gee, you would think they would want to keep themselves to barter for food. Notice there are never any real solutions entertained here,other then take away from the lower classes, ie, eliminate welfare, SNAP, SS, medicare,medicaid because the very rich people and the MIC needs more money. Why don’t you all move to Moscow or Beijing? After all the USA sucks according to you right wing morons.

    • czzi

      another viewpoint

    • ChrisB

      Rememeber this, it was easy to make money in real estate until one day a few years back, nobody would lend money. When that happened, realtors went broker, mortgage companies went under and people lost their homes by the millions. All of a sudden homes that we worth a million got short sold for half of that. Pay attention to history and you will start having more respect for those who have been reporting on this for years. Bottom line is because you don’t see it does not mean it is not happening. Basel 3 starting in Sept 09 and yet 2014,2015 we started seeing more and more of it being enacted around the world. Because you do not see does not mean it is not there.

  29. Troy

    BIG Predictions!?!

    Sept 2?

    Have heard nothing as to the US not attending the G 20?

    Even Russia and Chine reporting that Obama will attend?

  30. jerry

    Good post! Unfortunately most people in this country don’t care as long as American Idol is on T.V., and there is food in the refrigerator. The rivers of denial run deep in this country because we have had it so good, for so long. The sad truth is ,If I didn’t know the numbers, I wouldn’t believe it myself. All you can do, is what Greg is doing. Warn people. The rest is up to them. Thanks for your post.

  31. Chip

    Greg, thanks for that. What an interview. Guy is brilliant! More please…

    • Greg

      Stay tuned Chip! Thank you!

  32. jerry

    I have one question for you. If you can answer it, I will never come to this site again. The United States is running up a debt bubble of over 125 Trillion Dollars in total debt. How do we get out of it without an economic collapse? If you can answer this question, then you are wasting your time here. Washington desperately needs you because their only solution is to “Print Money”. Good luck with that.

  33. Steve

    Greg, a few interviews ago I asked you to bring a guest that would address the US’s military’s coercive role in maintaining the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Jim Willie did give his opinion on this matter which is that the US military does not have military superiority because Russia and China possess the sunburn and onyx missles. Here is the transcript of his comment on that topic:

    (Putin is a SOB and he’s now got an agenda. It’s to bring about a dollar alternative. And a lot of naïve people believe that the dollar is going to rule the waves forever. Well, the US military just had a setback in Egypt. Is anybody paying attention? And I’ve got some other news for you; there’s some other people who think that the US military still rules. Well, in Easter Sunday 2010 a bunch of Arab billionaires, a couple hundred of them, made a decision in 2010 that Russia and China would be the new protector in the Persian Gulf. And there is another thing. Why do we have saber-raddling in 2004 about an Iran War? And 2005, 06 and 07, again 08 and 09 and in 10, again in 2011, again 2012 but no Iran War? It is because the US backed off! The Russians have the Sunburn and Onyx missles which are a generation ahead and far more accurate and deadly than the USs cruise missile which is 25 years old. The US backs down. It’s not that the Russians and Chinese won’t challenge! No, no, no. Just the opposite, we have a lot of things that are out of control.

  34. Jimmy

    Dear Mr. Hunter
    I really want to thank you for all that you do for us and keeping us informed on all matters. But please for the LOVE of MANKIND. Every time I hear of one of these so called experts on the Bible it really gets under my skin and I have really bit my lip until it so sore I will not stand by and here all the lies that they tell. For the most part let me say the BIBLE is an instruction book for us to live by. All I mean is all the so called Prophecy has all ready happen. Please do not be offended by this. The REAL truth is there is no JEW only Christian . We were suppose to come out of the JEWS but this is a bold face lie just like the so called state of Israel. Jesus came to show us the way and give his spirit to be inside of us period. Everything was complete in 70 AD when the Temple was destroyed.All prophecy was for the christians from 66 AD until the total distuction came. God left everything up to us to make right but as you can see we have not done a very good job of taking care of this planet that he left to us. The wickedness abounds and right now they are in charge and we still have a chance if we choose to but it is up to us. God has done all he is ever going to do it is up to us and if we mess this up then the whole world could become a big consumtion. Jesus is always there with us no matter where we are and we can make the change but it is up to us. Bible Prophecy is complete we are the ones that can make a differnce. Besides if you are still looking for the so called Rapture it has already happen before the temple was destroyed it is all in the Bible if people would just read what it says. Thanks for all the hard work that you do and you will always be in my prayers and yes heaven is real if you only beleave.

  35. Rory C

    Thanks so much for having him on Greg,

    Unlike some of your previous guests who are trying to put a happy face on an impending economic implosion, Dr Jim Willie just says it like it is! He also connects all the dots on the global economy and what other countries are actually doing to manage the economic implosion set to come. Please have Dr Willie on a monthly basis he is incredible and the as aforementioned the only one who makes total sense of everything that’s transpiring in the Global Economy.

  36. Sanjay Kashkari

    Wow … what an interview !!! Willie at his most rambunctious !

    Look ! Noone can blame Jim Willie over the frustration of economic justice for what has amounted to more than 20 years of monkey-shines and over-reach by the US government and its inside cronies who rule and control the game. Anyone who understands anything about classical economics let alone the Austrian Mises variety can certainly commiserate with Jim’s tirades. However, as frustrating as it may be, everyone needs to acknowledge the influences exerted upon the system by the opposing side whether it be power brokers in government, Wall Street, the Fed and Treasury or even the US military. I think a word to the wise (us … the readership and listenership here at USA Watchdog) is most certainly in order.

    First, we need to recognize that small groups have successfully kept the illusion of status quo in place for many years now despite all of the events Jim Willie mentions. Do they have any theoretical realistic basis in reality for success ? Of course not ! Okay …. why have these parties succeeded in persuading the masses that we have business as usual ? There are two basic reasons …… 1) theatrics have supplanted economic reality and 2) the masses are fully willing to accept economic fallacy as long as the general chimera of economic well being for the majority of participants.

    The golden questions that Greg endeavors to ask (and it is the two questions that keeps most readers and listeners up at night) are: 1) When is the shit going to hit the fan ? and 2) How bad are things going to get ? Jim Willie’s answer to the first question can be wisely and perhaps sarcastically be characterized as “the 52nd day of September.” Jim Willie’s answer to the second question amounts to the utmost frustration by a prizefight bettor who places a wager that a contending skilled prizefighter has leveled every punch imaginable against the obnoxious neighborhood drunk, yet the drunk somehow does not yield to the skilled prizefighters’ most devastating assaults. A better question should be how should one prepare in my opinion.

    History is replete with instruction when a more general view is undertaken. One might ask, “Can the structure of the financial firmament disintegrate given the malfeasance and brinkmanship of the retarded morons that game the system”? Of course it can !!! And in a just world it would !!!! BUT, why doesn’t it ??? The reason is simply that these participants play their hand in order to preserve their position of a status quo and those of us who may object are contented to accept this reality in lieu of a more contentious outcome that could deteriorate down to door to door looting, rioting and martial law. At root, these are the basic motivations of the participants described by game theory.

    The basic question that must eventually be answered is, “How long can we ignore that the emperor has no clothes?” We have watched for 20 years or more the frauds and theatrics of the Federal Reserve be it the silver tongued pronouncements of Alan Greenspan or the wild prognostications and maneuvers admonished by Benjamin Bernanke including “QE”, “Twist” or any other slight of hand he may dream up. Don’t underestimate the establishments ability (i.e. the Fed, Wall Street and the Federal government) to continue this pattern of continuous systemic manipulation and the resultant erosion. The signals have been received loud and clear. These entities have claimed authority to take whatever measures they can dream up or deem necessary whether “technically legal” or not. I recall a statement by Allen Greenspan in the summer of 1998 during his testimony concerning his recommendations against applying the principles within the Commodity Exchange Act, when he said, “Nor can private counterparties restrict supplies of gold, another commodity whose derivatives are often traded over-the-counter, where central banks stand ready to lease gold in increasing quantities should the price rise.”

    Given the litany of prognosticators that the end is near, it is hard to argue against the facts or the evidence. Nevertheless, history has demonstrated that it is not fruitful to contemplate when the endgame will occur. You never know what emergency measures the government will employ and whether they are moderately successful in “kicking the can” a few more steps down the road. However, it is clear that no one should want to be unprepared when a seismic fracturing of the financial system occurs. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be the financial breakdown event that frightens everyone. Rather, it is the potential for supply chain disruption that would trigger panic of the masses due to food and energy shortages and power outages. The key then is to survive long enough that local bartering economies can become established. As to the benefits of owning gold and silver, one would possess seed money to begin anew rather than see a lifetime of toil become enmeshed in a legal or civil sorting out that may take years to dole out but at a fraction of the assets originally saved and stored in financial institutions. Succinctly put, gold and silver are monetary insurance, but they alone are not enough to ensure survival. Gold and silver may need to be 90% of your concern, but you still need guns, a food and water supply, a temporary energy supply you can have control over (such as propane, fuel oil or gasoline) and many other practical items. Any items that have the potential to be unavailable due to supply disruption need to be considered as an item worthy of storing a surplus.

  37. Allen Ols


    For one hundred million people in usa the collapse is eviident. 50 million now on food stamps etc collapse happened, mf global. Collapsed, deuche bank on suicide watch, greece, italy etc Toast; china russia dumping t. Bonds;

    Aust. New zea. Japan VN. p.I. s. Korea, iindia, etc france uk all and more currency swaps bypassing the dollar

    I doubt jim willie would waste his time answering your un educated comment;


    Al ols nash tn.

  38. rodger

    Hey czzi, why dont you start a newsletter you sound as interesting as some of these quest speakers

  39. Martin

    Lol, hey czzi, I took your good advice. But instead of Russia, I chose Chile, thank you. Powerful economy, unintrusive government, darkest days of (USA-Induced) 1970′s behind it. Check out GaltsgulchchileDOTcom, I have just purchased 5acre lot and am moving in September. You can stay behind and scrap in garbage cans whilst avoiding snipers (Yugoslavia 1990′s). I will be in Chile, with a pure 1950′s US lifestyle amongst 1,000 like-minded (and ARMED) neighbors on 50-100 square kilometers of community owned land with my animals, gardens, weapons (shipping from usa), life, safety, and family. An hour from Santiago, airport, opera…and 45 minutes from my small boat in the marina to sail the south pacific.Go ahead, stay behind, watch the collapse from the first-person perspective. On the other hand, come out and become part of the real new freedom movement as your grandparents before you. Oh wait, you are a coward. Fine, stay home, wait til the food stamps run out and see what the hell hits you. Sadly, you won’t see it coming.

    Seriously people, you must begin to consider relocation. Unless you are in an extremely rural area (let’s call it…remote) and around a good number of people who have similar perspective and will band together in a crisis (hard to imagine frankly since too many are TV-flouride-processed food adled) they you will not survive regardless of how well armed you are. You do need to farm, get supplies, move about in daylight. Is that really the way you want to live watching the hedgerow and treeline a few hundred yards out? I can take you down from 2k yards all day long. Most morons can do the same at 300-500 yards.I agree with a poster above. This is going to be much, MUCH worse than most among our conservative crowd have predicted or can imagine. Your time is short. Consider.

  40. Karl

    You have a great site and your you tube interviews are some of the best out there and I watch a lot of non mainstream media these days so thats saying something.
    There is so much propaganda and disinformation out there thats its so hard to guess what will happen but its clear that something BIG is going to happen.
    So here we have two very clever people, Katherine Fitts and Dr Willie
    on opposing sides of the fence. In your opinion who is right?
    Due to the manipulative criminals who run the show most people could lose everything if they do not second guess them
    My biggest problem is whether to put most of my money in gold or not.
    If you listen to katherine then maybe cash is better and if yoiu listenb to Willie then gold is the only place to be.
    Then we have Prechter saying thats Cash is the ONLY place to be .
    I think he would make aq good guest though at the moment he is incorrect but time will tell if the next collapse if at all will look like 2008 or something different.
    time will tell

    • Greg

      I think both are correct to some degree. We do have a burgeoning oil and nat gas resurgence in America. And as Ms Fitts points out there are positives beyond the Fed money printing going on in what she calls the “Breakaway Economy.” That is going to help but will not stop the catastrophic fall in the economy that is surly coming. Jim Willie concentrated on the ill effects in the Old economy. The losers will be many (think Detroit) and the financial calamity will be wipe out family wealth and wellbeing for generations. This is what Jim Willie is predicting. I find it hard to argue against his points. Might I remind you that Both Willie and Fitts say it’s going to be “ugly.” As far as cash is concerned, you surely want to have some outside of the banking system, but it should not be a store of wealth. Prechter is using old metrics to make his predictions. What is going on today has never happened before in human history–NEVER. Prechter completely missed the gold bull market, and with a 5,000 year history as a store of wealth, I would not shun gold or silver coins. I certainly would not be all in with the U.S. dollar which carries an annual cash deficit of $17 trillion with $222 trillion of future GAP liabilities.

  41. rodger

    Why would anyone want to invest in gold when it is so blatantly and easily manipulated by the powers to be ?
    How about investing in food supplies, good booze, firewood, seeds, farm land, guns and ammo, a water filtration system, wool blankets, emergency medical items, building supplies, livestock and so on.
    Then when the fecal matter hit’s the fan you can trade those supplies for gold

  42. Paul

    It seems, every time I listen to or read a Jim Willie interview I learn something new about the world we live in. I was fascinated by some of his comments in this interview and wanted to authenticate some of Jim Willie’s claims.

    I was shocked to learn exactly how vulnerable the US naval fleet is to the Russian Sunburn and ONYX missiles. Traveling at Mach 3, the kinetic energy released from the ONYX missile is so great at the point of impact on a target that Onyx missile might sink an American aircraft carrier using only a single conventional penetrating warhead.

    I was also shocked to read that the total cost of the acquisition of TNK-BP by Rosneft, which is estimated at $55 billion, $45.1 billion will be financed in cash, and $10.9 billion of US Treasury Notes currently held by the Rosneft. $10.9bn in US Treasury notes and $17.1bn in cash will be paid to buy out to BP’s 50% stake, while $28 billion in cash will be paid to TNK-BP’s Russian shareholder AAR. After the deal is completed Rosneft will become the world’s largest oil producing company in the world.

    Jim Willie, thank you for your insights! Your commentary is always very provocative. Greg, thank you for having such high caliber interviews like Jim Willie and others on and making them available to all readers for such an incredible price of FREE!!!

  43. Karl

    Hi Greg,
    Yes very true in regards to Prechter. He is assuming a gold standard type moneteary system , rule of law and free markets, all lof which we do not have.
    I agree that at no time in recorded history have most countries
    printed money like this and manipulated markets to this degreee.
    What amazes me is how they have kept it together for so long.
    I have been saying for 5 years that collapse is coming and now people think i am a chicken little as they manage to hold it together but they are juggling so many markets that I just do not know how thay can keep them all in line so much.
    We havea bond bubble/manipulation, a stock market bubble/manipulation, gold manipulation and currency market manipulation and none of them crack.
    They say Bernanke is an idiot but I disagree, to juggle all these markets takes talent and if his role is to protect banks all costs then he does a good job..

  44. Liquid Motion

    WOW !!!
    What an absolute firecracker.
    That interview is …in the vernacular….”A take it to the (Bric’s Gold) Bank” dead set winner. Its a home run…A Slam Dunk….A 10 Bagger.
    Agree with everything the good Dr. had to say….and boy did he have a lot to say.
    What I like about the man is that he takes a no nonsense approach. He makes a statement and qualifies it. He’s direct and obtuse in his manner and that helps get the point across. Not only that he’s razor sharp with his intellect.
    His observations about the frequency of events and the breakdowns occurring all around us are certainly the red flags we all should be taking extreme notice of.
    I cannot help but think or wish for better outcomes for the world but the unfortunate reality is that our controllers are really pushing the envelope to ensure ongoing enslavement of mankind. They will break down the system to a point that ensures everyone becomes dependant on the ruling powers.
    The destruction of capital the Dr. mentions is not one to be taken lightly. It also involves by implication/definition, Debt. This, when combined with the “shortages” he also mentions…poses untold suffering across the spectrum.
    My sincerest gratitude to you Greg for having the fortitude in pursuing the truth and for having very fine citizens and good willed people like Dr. J. on your blog.
    I cannot emphasize the importance of the absolute critical points that have been made in this interview. For those listening/reading, it is highly recommended to listen to the interview multiple times and take notes. Preparedness is underrated. Dont expect to see a D-day event…as the Dr. fully explains its a series of events that ultimately one day when we all wake up and realise that we should have been better prepared or taken things more seriously. It will be too late.

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