Chaos, Turning Point & Great Awakening – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s 

Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has been saying all year that the end of December is going to be the beginning of big trouble for the stock market, the dollar and the Treasury market.  Polny explains, “Babylon is going to fall.  When this happens, forget about it.  Many banks are going to go under.  When gold and silver explode, they will be bank killers.  It will destroy the financial system.  We are going to see the financial system go down, and in February, they are going to turn the printing press on like you have never seen before.  The stock market is going to reverse and take off again.  That is very likely.  They are creating money out of thin air, and the world is going to know one thing come February:  the whole system is a fraud.  They are going to know Caesar has got no clothes.  So, an event is about to go down in the financial system and, I believe, into this weekend.  I do believe gold and silver are going to spike as we head into Christmas.  So, as we are headed into this weekend, this Friday, something big is about to go down, and that just starts, I am going to use the word starts, the greatest financial event in human history.  Bankers are going to freak out when this goes down.  They are going to try to hammer gold back down.”

Polny contends this is more than a big financial event.  Polny says, “So, we are at a turning point. . . . This speaks to what is about to happen.  I personally call this the ‘Great Awakening.’  When God opens a door, no man can close it.  This is going to be a shift upon the world that will be completely historic, Biblical, and it’s going to be scary for a lot of people.  Kim Clement had a prophecy where God said, ‘I will let them bring this nation to its knees.’  So, please understand this is not going to come easy.  On the other end of it, if you know God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have complete control, then there is nothing to fear.  The only thing Satan has is fear.  So, he’s going to try to scare you.  Yes, we are stepping into a scary time point, but on the other side, it’s the greatest victory you have ever seen.”

In closing, Polny says, “So, expect chaos.  It’s coming.  Expect bank failures, and expect things to go black and dark for awhile.  Everything is going to change dramatically in our world.   We are at that moment in time as this year is ending. . . . We are facing a worldwide syndicate of evil. . . .It’s going to look horrible, but God/Yahweh will have a great victory in the end.”

Polny says, overall, expect the US dollar to go lower and gold, silver and Bitcoin to trend higher, much higher in 2024.

There is much more in the 48-min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny, founder of for 12.19.23.

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After the Interview:

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To look at Polny’s free PowerPoint presentation called “Events in Our World Are Not Political, They Are Biblical,” click here.

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  1. Carol Bolt

    Greg, Can you ask Bo Polny if he has any insights on what is going to happen to Trump since Trump was today REMOVED From the 2024 BALLOT in Colorado? I am just sick that they have gone this route. He will appeal it but does it follow Biblical History?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Carol
      Despite the debacle that was the 2020 election, the US electoral system continues to use electronic machines – ‘black box’ technology – to tally the votes. Per Gregory Mannerino, “If our votes counted, voting would be illegal”.

      • John Garner

        Greg, I know you are a man in search of truth, so why does Bo Polny and Steve Quayle not Recognize That God’s Name is Jeovah or Yeahweh. The term god is a title, like aliah which means God.

        • Greg Hunter

          They do but lots of people have been subconsciously trained not to use it. I use Yahweh and Jehovah every day.

          • John Garner

            Greg, is there a religion that is dedicated to make Jehovah’s name known? As well as his Son, our Savior Jesus Christ?

          • Tammy

            Hi Greg,
            Love your weekly news wrap up shows, I look forward to them every Friday, I’ve been listening to your advice about paying off all debt if you can… Well I just recently paid off my mortgage in the last week, still had about decade to go on it, and paid it off early. also paid off our last auto loan and all credit card debt. I feel so good now, knowing that no one can take my home or cars from me when things start to go south at the banks… thanks for all the advice and warnings you’ve put out there.

            • Greg Hunter

              Congrats!!! Tammy. You get the car title in the mail, and I am always amazed how well that vehicle starts running much better.
              You did the right thing!! This is simple, durable and works 100% of the time!!
              You should be proud of yourself. Merry Christ mas!!

      • Brenda

        Stocks are paper but represent hard assets of companies. In a general market downturn all would be expected to drop together, but what about the precious metals mining sector?

      • Paul

        I listened carefully to what Bo said last time. I positioned accordingly since Mr Hunters reporting is honest and clear. Everything he said to me made sense. Unfortunately nothing he predicted about December was accurate so I did an internet search and many that’s a lot had a very bad experience following his guidance and that’s being kind. So I did the exact opposite of what he recommended which actually has worked out well. I believe life is about timing and choice. I still think he is right unfortunately his timing is off it appears he’s early I will take up his advise in February which is a better time to position yourself.

    • Marie Joy

      This will go to SCOTUS in January. SCOTUS will, almost certainly, overrule Colorado because this ruling is so very wrong and anti American. In January, Trump will have 3 cases in SCOTUS. This one is the most important.
      Americans will have to decide how far we are willing to go.

    • Luke Starbuck

      I’m not a biblical expert, but I’m told many biblical scholars believe that America isn’t mentioned in revelations or other books of prophecy because it either won’t exist or will be so weak it won’t be a global player. This Colorado ruling is evidence that our country is falling from the inside. What a sham! What a shame!

      • Greg Hunter

        USA has nukes and a space force.

        • Don.W

          But Greg, right now the One World Gov. is in control of the people that are in Washington. We have NO idea of who they are really dealing with except china.

        • Rod brumley Sr. Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

          I’m a firm believer that God is in total control. I’m not a fan of Bo tho – he is wrong 90% of the time.
          I do trust Greg Hunter the Ultimate Patriot
          I continue to accumulate Silver and the Premium have gone down substantially – in my opinion the last time we can buy at reasonable prices
          In God I Trust

          • Greg Hunter

            LTC Brumley,
            Bo right much more than 10% of the time. Polny has had some huge correct calls that he gave in the past on USAW. I have named them before, and I am not going to do it again. Yes, Bo is not 100%, and he would be the first to tell you this, but saying Polny is wrong 90% of the time is simply not correct. By the way Polny has a very successful subscription service and if he was wrong 90% of the time he would not be in business.

            • Greg Hunter

              Polny and dent are usually on the opposite side of calls but him coming out with much the same call as Polny is a bit unusual. You heard Russia and China have announced they are going to sop using the US dollar in trades and so is Saudi Arabia which follows UAE recently. Beware.

              • Josh

                Hi Greg,
                Apologize if youve already answered this somewhere, but do you have any comment on whats going on with Clif High? he seems to have fallen off the reservation so to speak ever since the Hamas massacre, and now with his spat with Bo. Ive been following Bo Polny since end of 2018 and Ive seen calls come and go but he has made some good ones, its just hard to quantify at times because we never know the what. Im not here to criticize Bo, I guess in interviews it appears like he doesnt acknowledge the misses ever, perhaps he does so personally. Anyway, I’ve almost completely lost respect for Clif. He acts like hes an expert on every subject and Ive seen many of his so called calls come and go as well – I went to school and studied under biblical scholars who could read Greek and Hebrew and I never heard them talk about all of this Elohim contradiction nonsense. He really comes off as a false prophet.

            • Rod Brumley, Sr Lt. Colonel (ret.)

              Greg – I know the times he was correct and it was very few and far between. Most people see him as a joke / if you remember when you were still on YouTube the majority of the comments were always negative about his so called predictions. You have known me for over a decade and I call it the way I see it. I certainly understand you defending your guest. I just think he is wrong most of the time. With all that said. Merry Christmas

              • Greg Hunter

                You are flat WRONG on Polny. His latest video on Rumble (on my channel) has more than 85,000 views in a little more than a day. That is wildly popular in my world. There are 744 thumbs up to only 19 thumbs down. This is hard to rig as you MUST have a channel to give a thumbs up or down. You are wrong on the facts and wrong on the metrics. Your opinion is NOT a fact. You are welcome to not like Bo, but you are not welcome to your own made-up facts. Let’s just agree to disagree with all due respect to you. No hard feelings.


          • Your favorite PRESSTITUTE

            Hey friend, do not feel.bad, you are not alone.
            Many like yourself formerly Suffering from Stage 4 TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME have had their head planted firmly where the sun don’t shine getting all of their information solely from the LYING LEGACY MEDIA brainwashing PRESSTITUTES of the TeeVee. Fully Breaking from WOKE, removing ALL of the crap from your ears and eyes takes time, you’ll get there.

      • Shirl

        Desperate crackpots wearing robes are at it again…
        On the latest absurdity from the “court” JESTERS infected with Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome aka the criminals in robes are exposing themselves for who they really are…thank God Almighty and his anointed President Trump because if not for him standing in the way of the Marxist ideology takeover and subversion of America, none of their insanity would have come to light as it desperately is.
        The illustrations from the cartoon of the Roadrunner and of the Wiley Coyote’s dozens of tricks blowing up in his face comes to mind.

        Let’s pray the Supreme’s have their eyes open on this and put aside their astonishing woke bribed and blackmail scales away . .

        Jonathan Turley: “This country is a powder keg and this court is just throwing matches at it…for people that say they are trying to protect democracy, this is hands down the most anti-democratic opinion I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

      • Steve Lowery

        This Colorado b******* is a good marker for when the United States government fell.
        Banana Republic tactics, lawless twisted sisters making Christians sick to their stomach with an abundance of perversion. I believe we are on the razors edge of the first shots being fired. Greg , a Czechoslovakian billionaire bought out the gun companies there’s no factory in the United States that makes gunpowder you can’t even find shotgun hulls to reload birdshot. 🙈
        I wouldn’t post this .

        • helot

          “Today, GOEX manufactures black powder used for sporting applications such as civil war re-enactments and flint lock firearms, and is a vital component for industrial and military applications. It remains as the only U.S. manufacturer of black powder.”

          One, is better than none. …Still, it’s only, one.

          As far as, “you can’t even find shotgun hulls to reload birdshot” I have no idea, but I would not be surprised.
          That’s, ‘The Plan’.

      • James Hascomb


        The one aspect of the Bible that Christians never seem to acknowledge is that there is information that has been rolled up into the Bible. That is my area of study.

        Information was rolled up into the Bible by the Holy Spirit when each book in the Bible was created. That information was out there so it could be unrolled at the End of the Age, which is going on now. We are just in the beginning phase of the birth pains Jesus talks about in the Bible. The reason I’m telling you this is because a very famous American landmark was rolled up into a passage in the Book of Revelation.

        Well, that’s all I’ll say as I don’t want to ruin the punchline of the video. If you have time, check out:

        After watching that, you can then say you know that, indeed, the United States is mentioned in the Bible.

        I’ve been doing this research for 20 years. I know what is rolled up in many areas of the Bible. I have roughly 50-60 videos I’ve made over the years. I’ve been reworking them and posting them online now, which will probably take me another year or so. But then I’ll go back to my research.

        Unless, of course, the good Lord takes me away. Tomorrow is promised to no man.

        Take care and the video starts off in a tongue in check fashion, but hang in there, it gets good, very good.



    • A Friend

      I do not approve of some of the things Mr. Trump has done. He did in fact bring some real swamp creatures into his cabinet and administration in 2017. He also was one that brought you the clot shots at warp speed. Never forget that. He could have said no. All that said, based on my observations, it seems to me that he has had some sort of come to Jesus meeting with Jesus since he left the White House. Rush Limbaugh always used to say that the liberals attack whoever they’re scared of. In this case, it’s both sides of the aisle, the uni party, which contains many satanists and many pedophiles, some serial killers and most of them criminals. They’re nearly all attacking Trump with few exceptions, answers the media, because they appear to have inside information that he is in fact coming back, no matter what they throw at him. A Christian friend of mine says that he is anointed by God to come back as president of the United States. There must be internal polling, or some sort of internal information that the Washington establishment has that says he’s coming back. Back. And this is what they’re so terrified of. I believe that they think he’s going to come back loaded for bear. As I say. And just think about logically my friend… If these people, most of whom hate, Mr. Trump, had reliable and verifiable information through their back channels that he was not going to come back, then they would not be concerned about him, they would not be trying to persecute him. They wouldn’t be worried about him at all. But yet, look at the massive amount of energy and money they have invested in trying to destroy this man in the last 3 years. They would not be doing this, logically, if they knew for a fact that he was not coming back. So logically, they know he’s coming back. Kevin McCarthy as much as said. So recently when he said that he would be willing to serve in Trump’s cabinet. So whatever we think about Trump’s past mistakes, which include a very close personal relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, look it up, but whatever we think about Trump’s past, let us focus on the presence and where that’s going to take us as a country. Country. It seems to me that he is going to come back, because logically he has to or they would not be so scared of him.

      • Richard Fitts

        We are trained to expect a hero, a savior. Trump is human. and I agree, I think he had some kind of spiritual awakening.

      • Katy Bar

        Obama told fellow Democrats that Trump is “dangerous for demonocracy.”

        • Martin Coombs

          Oh my what speculation & bs, none biblical ( sorry but total rubbish)

      • S. Revere

        A Friend, IF people really knew and understood the bible, and connect the dots, they would then realize that there is now a convergence of ALL things that perfectly describe the scenario of the end times of this world. This would then indicate that ”we are there” when the bible tells us the Anti christ is due to take his seat of power, in the very very near term. He will be the world dictator.
        We have long been determining what the weather will be ”by the signs in the sky”. Now, we also can know ”what is going to happen” by the Signs of the Times.
        No, Trump is NOT annointed by God for anything. God does not need Trump for anything. Trump is no savior, and people would do well to stop looking to him to fix anything. Those who are in leadership would never ever let him fix anything anyhow. This should be obvious by now as he really didnt fix anything in the 4 years that he had. And with all the election rigging, how can any sane person really think they will ever let him ”be elected” again.
        I voted for Trump twice, so no need to call me a trump hater or demorat. In fact I unregistered and do not intend to ever play the ”voting game” ever again. I have no obligation to ”vote”. Neither am I anti-american. But I am anti-swamp which is what all those who were previously voted FOR, have turned it into. This world has run out of Time now, so I would not make any plans for ”the next election”.

      • Your favorite PRESSTITUTE

        Hey friend, do not feel.bad, you are not alone.
        Many like yourself formerly Suffering from Stage 4 TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME have had their head planted firmly where the sun don’t shine getting all of their information solely from the LYING LEGACY MEDIA brainwashing PRESSTITUTES of the TeeVee. Fully Breaking from WOKE, removing ALL of the crap from your ears and eyes takes time, you’ll get there.

  2. steve poloncak

    So you have to pay somebody to read or hear God’s timeline? So learning the teaching of God costs money as in being a subscriber? Hmm? I did not know that God wanted people to pay for his word. This is very interesting!

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you stupid? Where did I or Polny charge you for a thing? You sound stupid to me. Don’t come back.

      • antoinette dawson

        I like you, Greg. And I, also, like Bo. But you just attacked someone with insults who was making a point. If you want full explanation of Bo’s calculations, you do have to pay. Don’t come back? What’s happened to you?

        • Greg Hunter

          Nothing has happened to me. I get tired of the anonymous comments that people/AI want to pass off as free speech. You can go someplace else to comment.

      • Jerry

        Perhaps this is what Steve is speaking about. Around the 28 min. mark. “I cut this out here, it’s for my subscribers I can’t show everything.”

      • Dave Barabash

        Superb reply!
        Dave Barabash

      • steve poloncak

        In the interview there was a blacked out part of 1 of his timeline pictures and he said that information is for subscribers. If you would like I will go through the interview and find out where Greg.

    • Marie Joy

      Subscribing to USAWatchdog is FREE. What are you talking about?

      • Cosmo

        Hi Marie Joy,
        They are talking about paid subscriptions to Mr. Polny’s website – not USAW.

    • Better Chetter

      The best churches, imo, are the ones not under the 501c-3 tax doctrine, so they are not beholding to the gov’t. But every church, just as every man or woman, deserves to charge a fee for their investment of time, labor and services.
      In this day and age of censorship and de-platforming from media sites, it is even more important for those offering unique perspectives to request donations. It is easy to judge that as profiteering, but it is the way of the world.
      What do you do for money? Do you give your services, time or labor away for free – like you expect these others to do? How would you survive?
      Just curious,

      • wayne hardin

        You have people that take donations such as Greg .
        And you have people that charge to hear what they have to say .
        The people that have no money cant pay .
        And they get pissed and feel like people don’t care about them.
        Because unless they have money they cant get the info .
        Ask some of them and you will see .

        Wayne Hardin

        • Greg Hunter

          No charge here Wayne.

          • wayne hardin

            Thank you.
            For caring for the people of the world .
            no matter who they are or what they have ;
            One of the few .
            Wayne Hardin

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Wayne!

  3. Gomes A

    what Bo is saying about the suddenness of it happening, this rings familiar with the dream jsnip4 (youtube) had months ago and why he took profit on Bitcoin recently. … jsnip4 is a pagan, not a Christian. … So, there are some diverse people seeing similar event. (Also, last time Rick Ackerman was on USAWD he mentioned in the comments how the banking system could collapse in hours due to how it is but a few key agreements. )

    and don’t forget the years ago prophetic dream of Pastor Shane Warren, which you can find on youtube. This dream looms large now because it includes a midWest earthquake, and now that Iceland and other volcanoes are rocking there is perhaps more likelihood of that aspect. .. This dream saw FRNs returning in a storm. And silver then far and away out pacing gold.

  4. Mary Lou Longworth

    Bo Plony is interesting.

  5. stanley skrzypek

    “Matthew 10:10 do not carry a beggar’s bag for the trip or an extra shirt or shoes or a walking stick. Workers should be given what they need”……… the Preachers on TV “carry a beggar’s bag” ?…… bet they do…EXCEPT for ONE….Shepherds Chapel, Gavette, Arkansas…. When I hear ALL the Preaching Beggars on TV….BEGGING for MONEY…I know they are Not Approved…..The Murray’s Never once….asked or begged for your Hard Earned Money….they didn’t even take a Salary….they actually WORKED at a JOB for a living!…..check out their Stats…Impressive

    • Larry Serflaten

      Stanley, protect your integrity. State the facts when you know them, but if you don’t know the facts, do not pretend that you do. ‘They all carry a bag except for one’ ? (paraphrased) Have you seen ALL of the preachers on TV? Or, when has Les Feldick begged for your money? That is just one ‘other’ preacher you overlooked….

      ‘The Murrays never asked for your money’ (paraphased). Does this ring a bell: ‘If we’ve helped you, you help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that?’ Again, protect your integrity, do not say something that is not true.

      That said, I agree with your sentiment. Both of these preachers teach verse by verse and chapter by chapter which is an inspiring method of teaching God’s word. They both advocate staying in the word everyday, not just on Sundays. They both answer questions from their students/members. They can both be found on YouTube if anyone wants to give them a listen. ‘Every day in the Lord is a good day…’

    • Michael Lee Shirey

      I’ve been a member of Shepherd’s Chapel since 1989. It is the ONLY Christian Church teaching the Truth! If you are not in the WORD you will be deceived by the arrival of Satan disguised as Jesus at the 6th Trump. Also the Chapel is the ONLY Church who teaches who the Kenite are and what they are doing to set up the Beast System. My very Salvation was provided by being fed here.

    • Sarah B Janzen

      What is your point? You seem to name-call and judge all TV preachers. You say they’re begging? They’re not begging, they’re allowing you to bless others and be blessed by your giving. Read your Bible. Have you bothered to look at the fruit of their work? Have you bothered to hear the testimonies of people who have been blessed by sowing into their ministries? Have you even bothered to care about how many people have come to Christ because of their ministries, their mission work, their giving, their prayer lines, and their Bible schools? Do you have ANY idea how much work is involved and how much it costs to run a fruitful ministry? To reach people worldwide? To pay for buildings? Sounds to me like you might be broke and jealous. What have you done lately for God’s kingdom?


        Sarah, Amen love Linda.
        Merry Christmas 🎁 Sarah would you pray for my husband Bob? Bob’s in the hospital he went in on our 53 wedding anniversary 💍 Dec19 as we were at his appointment at Asplund Cancer center in Pa we live in NJ his doctor had to call an ambulance and take him straight into hospital he’s been there 4 days looks like he’ll be there for Christmas. 🎄
        Sarah your the only one who’s remarks led me to ask for your 🙏 prayer of agreement with me that Bob’s doctor Dr Melanie N would discover what is causing his distress so he will regain his health and strength.
        I ask you Heavily Father this petition on Bob’s behalf in our Lord Jesus Christ wonderful name. Amen Amen
        Thank you Sarah. ❤️
        If two on earth agree as touching anything it will be done of our Heavenly Father in Jesus name.
        Thank you Father God 🙏

    • hard workin

      The Late Arnold Murray new how to share the Word of GOD,,,,,ACTS 7:55-56

    • Ken

      Arnold Murry (deceased) & his son are both excellent teachers of the Word of GOD.

    • Ranger Up

      Indeed, learned a lot from them over the years but they did speak of tithes . They weren’t driving Ferrari’s or building Cathedrals.

  6. Tatiana

    How Did People Live in Ukraine Before the War?
    Best Documentary 1,101,525 views Premiered Feb 16, 2023

  7. Mike Buchan

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve listened to your site for many years – both as a casual listener and as a subscriber.
    My question – one that never gets an answer – with all the dire information that is broadcast from the important ALT news sites about the crash of the USA, why doesn’t anyone leave to another country with a more stable economy????
    I’m American and have lived in Russia over 24 years and really see the land of plenty. Besides, it is so safe the police do not carry guns.

  8. Ray

    Thank you Greg & Bo for yet another splendid interview.
    May I humbly ask for the prayers of the Watchdog Family for the restful repose of the soul of my Mum, June, who passed away peacefully on Sunday afternoon, after enduring many years of ill health.
    She never complained…… not even once.
    Born in the times of The Great Depression……..the people of that era were steeled with a toughness that is sadly lacking in society today.
    Thank you Mum for raising me, for loving me, and instilling the lessons & values you believed would help me in my life.
    They have, and I am grateful.
    Your loving son,
    Raymond, Canberra, Australia

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry Ray. Losing a mother is harder than losing a father. Know you were a good son. You do not have to be perfect to be a good son either. Nobody is — including me.

      • Ray

        Thank you for your kind words Brother.
        They bring great comfort to me.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🎅🎄

    • S. Revere

      Ray, in a day and age when the majority of parents and their children
      are split, or grown cold and distant from one another, or just simply
      have very chilly relationships, it is wonderful to see a man show such
      respect and appreciation for all that a mother does for her children;
      such a beautiful public tribute to her, Im sure she would be proud.
      You are a good man, and I wish for you to have a peaceful ”soft landing”
      in the days that follow.

      • Ray

        Thank you mate so much for what you have written there……..thank you indeed.
        All I can say is, it takes a good person to know a good person…….I have always believed that.
        May the blessings of Christ be upon you and yours daily, and especially this Christmas.
        Please stay in touch with me here.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

        • S. Revere

          Ray, may I give you a personal testimony of what God can do, for the sake of inspiration to you?
          When my son was around 13 yrs old he got hit hard with a baseball bat as the kids were playing (1970). It caused him to eventually get a rather large tumor right in front of his ear.
          Fast forward to Sept. 2001 he finally had health care
          insurance, and so I suggested we have a doctor look at
          the tumor. He immediately said the tumor must be removed.
          We went through all the preliminaries and I insisted on having the best surgeon in the city. He assures me he is the best, has done many of these types, and it will take him exactly 2 hrs. and 15 minutes.
          Fast forward to surgery day, even though I had prayed for healing so he could avoid this very delicate messy event, everything is on time and he is off to the OR while I try to wait in the waiting room.
          As it gets close to the 2 hour mark, I suddenly hear a very loud ”Go Pray !! Go Pray” This was the audible voice of God and I knew it. I find myself on my feet walking to the exit door in a somewhat state of numbness. I keep walking and thinking nothing (pray what?). Suddenly I just started praying ”God, guide his hands, guide his hands”. Over and over and over. It just came out of my mouth, while Im havng no idea of what is going on. But I knew it was serious.

          I go back to the waiting room and within minutes I am called by a staff member who tells me ”the doctor just called to tell you your son is fine, he just needs an extra hour”.
          Then I knew some thing was not going quite as expected but it will be alright.
          So I go to the cafeteria to have a cup of coffee and pass the time.
          At the end of that hour the head surgeon comes to the waiting room and tells me the tumor was benign and your son is fine, the surgery went well, but ”just as I began to close I saw ”legs” that had ”crawled ” to the corner of his eye so that is why I needed the extra hour. It is a slow process to remove it without doing damage to his eye. Then he told me ”I have done thousands of this type surgery, but I have NEVER HAD THIS HAPPEN BEFORE” and he looked very relieved and almost surprised that he actually did it, a part of the surgery which he had NEVER done before. Then I knew why the holy spirit urged me to pray for God to guide that surgeons hands. God was doing the surgery, and teaching the doc how to do it.

          Ray, I hope this is an inspiration to you just how awesome our God is. How He worked in the OR, in the waiting room, and with the surgeon, all at the same time; He is / was everywhere. What is so humbling to me is that He was IN the OR watching over my son the entire surgery, making sure it was going exactly as it should.
          It is things like this that show us the signature of God and are faith builders; its how I know who I am dealing with vs. what is BS. (yet, it is only one of the many many testimonies we’ve had over the past 48 yrs or so, for which we are ever so grateful.)

          • Ray

            Thank you for that amazing insight…….into your family and into the amazing power of our God.
            My best wishes be with you always.
            Merry Christmas.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia


      God bless you Ray on your mother’s home going I speak the Peace of Almighty God over you and your family and home.May the peace and comfort of The Almighty fill your hearts and home during this hard time and at Christmas. Maybe pull out pictures remembering all the wonderful things you did together and going through old pictures bring a smile to our hearts. For a merry heart doeth doeth good like a medicine(Bible) When ever your sad just ask The Father for more comfort and Holy🕊️ Spirit will Great supply in Jesus name. 🕊️ Peace 🙏

      • Ray

        Beautiful words Linda……brought from your unshakable faith in our Lord & Saviour.
        Thank you sister.
        You are someone I have never met, yet respect so much.
        Have a lovely Christmas.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.


      Hi Ray I have been praying for the Peace of the Lord Jesus will keep your heart calm and grateful for all the great years you all had together with your mother. Lord Jesus Christ asked the Father to come and send us the might Holy Spirit into us and comfort us in our times of sadness and upsetting times which He has done for you. God bless you & keep you. Happy healthy, blessed, and a prosperous New Year for you Ray, 🙏: Linda J C NJ, USA.

  9. Bob from Amsterdam

    Start talking about WBAN – wide BODY area network and 802.15.4 and biosencors injected via cv19 vaxx.
    Vaxxed are hooked up to Internet. Research IoNT – internet of nano things.
    Interview Sabrina Wallace.

    • Katy Bar

      The damn doctors promote things bad for the body “like the Clot Shot” – then tell us that very healthy Milk “will Clot Us Up” – these murderers of humanity (like the politicians now getting rid of cows) need to be avoided if you want to live!! – a 2018 Lancet study found that, compared to those who did not consume dairy (milk, yogurt and cheese), those who consumed two or more servings of dairy per day were 17% less likely to die from any cause, 23% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, and 34% less likely to die from a stroke.
      Another large-scale trial found those with the highest levels of milk fats in their diet had a 29% lower incidence of Type 2 diabetes. We need to put the doctors and politicians promoting the destruction of the cattle industry in jail!!!

  10. DavidM

    One of the best with Bo to date. Thank you Greg.

  11. Roger Stamper

    tks bo greg

  12. Randy

    Greg how about interviewing Mauro Biglino who did translation of the original Torah (pre 600 BCE reform) for the Vatican’s interlinear Bibles. It’s radically different then what you read in KJB.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, thousands of Bible scholars have translated these scriptures, (and they too can read ancient Hebrew) and they all got it wrong, and Mauro got it right??? Bull crap on that!!!!! This is the same Vatican that is now allowing same sex marriage witch is NOT allowed in the ancient scriptures or anywhere else in Christianity. So a definite Not NO, but Hell NO on Mauro.

    • S. Revere

      Randy, I must remind you that I am one of the watchmen on the wall and I am calling you on your sneaky attempt to bring in ”another gospel” here. No man has any authority to ”interpret’ the KJV or any of God’s Word. Interpretation was and is only allowed to be from one language to another language – – not for the purpose of ones OWN opinion of what the Word means.
      The KJV happens to be proven to be the most legitimate bible. I strongly suggest you go buy one, sit down and actually study it, quit reading every kind of crap that ”is radically different” , and kiss mr. mauro Goodbye before you land in the lake of fire.

      • Katy Bar

        Remember the popular children’s game in which messages are whispered from person to person (in one language) and then the original and final messages are compared? – The Bible has been transcribed by many scholars throughout the ages and also “from one language to another language” which almost ensures we are probably not getting the exact original “untainted” message – but – remember the scribes (unlike children) were moral men who most likely were not out “to purposely change” the Bibles true meaning or message (the way the WEF Demons do today telling us how two queers can have a baby and that Jesus was probably an artificially inseminated child created by aliens in outer-space) – listen to Yuval Noah Harari explain God to a bunch of Demonrats who likely also believe 2 + 2 = 5 like Obama does and who also want to exterminate “White Christian Terrorists” because they believe in a higher authority then the WEF!!

        • S. Revere

          Katy, oh yes I remember well. By the end of all the wispering, the news was not at all what it began as, lol.
          As I recall, King James gave his permission for 70 language scholars to translate the scriptures into English so the People could read the bible.
          And so, each of the 70 was isolated and not to communicate with one another. When they were finished, they ALL came up with much the same inteerpretations to the english language, and that is how we got the King James Bible.
          But satan had to stick his nose in it to muddy the waters of truth, and came up with all these counterfeit ”bibles” where many words have been changed, or even whole verses omitted. Some words have been so drastically changed they now a long way from their original meaning; what we call ”watered down” to near meaninglessness

  13. Steve Carter

    With all of this unconstitutional law being passed or drafted why can’t the folks doing same be held accountable for wasting all the time and Money ? If they are not punished for attempting these antics they will keep it up. Judges on CO Supreme Court should be made to step down for this! All of this phony nonsense is distracting from focus on deep state cabal being defeated. The country is being attacked from all directions and our sovereignty is in serious jeopardy.

  14. Mike Anenberg

    Even though Bix Weir said some poo-poo things about Bo’s forecasting , I believe having faith toward this revelation, makes it plausible.
    Keep the faith folks. Great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Bix is an atheist and Bo is a Christian Brother. The choice is yours.

      • Gloria Charlier

        Greg, I have information about Bo’s prediction for Christmas in November and it involves Anna Von Reitz. She has been working with a group of people on the development of a new banking system. Here is the link: I am one of those people who had declared my status on the land and soil of America and I have an account. The last day of November funds were released into our accounts in the form of American Federation dollars (a start for repayment from the fraud perpetuated by the banksters). On top of that it was not just for Americans. People all over the world who had declared their status as standing on the land and soil of their respective countries also received an equivalent in whatever their new asset backed currency is). Bo was right. Many of us across the world indeed did experience Christmas in November! Please let him know this….

  15. Jay Bonner

    Greg, we the USA Watchdog family need to reach out to our members of congress and demand the creation of a military tribunal to prosecute those within the Department of Defense who created and released the biologic weapon known as the covid-19 vax.

    • Katy Bar

      Hopefully when Trump (who greatly supports the Military) is elected in 2024 will this time around be very leery of the US Military (who promoted the “jab”) and will put some brakes on a Military Industrial Complex who always wants a new war (just as soon as the old war ends)!!

  16. Gloria Charlier

    Thank you for this Greg. I find it interesting that you have mentioned Anna Von Reitz in two of your recent videos. i have been following her for years. Love and Blessings to you and Bo. You are both wonderful people and are helping many get through these difficult times. Gloria

  17. Led Skeletor

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s latest speech to the UN clearly was not written by anyone other than the exact same speech writer staff that wrote for Obama and the current writer for Biden. I also noticed the same writers that write the words for Obama, Biden, Zelenskyy, ARE ALSO THE EXACT SAME STAFF WRITERS THAT WRITE MSM news.

    The words out of their mouths (leftist MSM, The View, Obama, Biden, Zelenskyy) ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME.

    The MSM should have to display the story writers name on the screen for every news story they excrete. After a day the people would discover the news is all written by the same staff of five fiction writers, same nationality, and they are not Rockwell apple-pie American.

  18. Dawn

    Can you please ask people that when the shtf
    to not riot – loot – destroy etc their neighborhoods and communities and to pass the word on?

    The way I see it is that it’s the – Federal Reserve – City – State – Congress- White House politicians and their friends are at fault and not our neighbors – colleagues etc.

    So please ask people to take blame to where it truly belongs.

    You and others I listen to never talk about this and imho you ought to.
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Those people do not read this site.

    • Katy Bar

      Neighborhoods and communities “cannot” set up their own security forces as all 50 States have some provision in their State law, whether it’s their State Constitution or their State statutes, that prohibits private militia or private paramilitary activity – so what can the American people do when rioters enter their neighborhoods?? Well – every homeowner on the block can just stand at their front door with a shotgun in hand “as a show of force to the marauding gangs” (thus quietly persuading these gangs to run the gauntlet peacefully)!!

  19. Dawn

    Did you block me from posting comments??🤷‍♀️

    • Greg Hunter

      No. But I do bot post everything you say.

  20. Jerry

    Rosh Hashah is not in scripture. Yahweh’s year starts with Abib (around April for pagans).
    Yahweh does not tell us to keep Hanukkah in scripture.

    Israel was Not in Egypt 400 Years
    As we see in Gen 46:11, Kohath (Moshe’s grandpa) walked into Egypt. In Ex 6:18, we see Kohath died at 133 years old. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, Kohath walked in to Egypt when he was one day old. So, when Kohath died, the Hebrews had been in Egypt 133 years.
    In Ex 6:20, we see that Amraam (Moshe’s father) died at the age of 137 years old. For the sake of argument, let’s say Amraam died in the last year of Kohath’s life. So, when Amraam died, the Hebrews had been in Egypt 270 years.
    In Ex 7:7, we see that Moshe was 80 years old when he spoke to Pharoah about releasing the Hebrews. Let’s say Moshe was born in the last year of Amraam’s life. So, we add the 80 to the 270 and we come up with 350 years.
    In reality, it was probably much less than 350. Some of their time must have been spent in Canaan before their move to Egypt.

    • robert messina

      Excellent observations Jerry thanks for bringing them up.
      I did a study years ago trying to reconcile that they would be enslaved 430 years and set free on the VERY SAME DAY ?? ! ! . . . I concluded that 430 yrs BEGAN on the day God was speaking to Abraham while He was making a covenant with him concerning possessing the PROMISED land of milk and honey It was PROMISED that day.

  21. Guardian Angel

    Good news!

    Jesus repeatedly said, “Do not worry.”

    For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”
    1 Corinthians 1:19

  22. Susan R

    This was my moment of awakening regarding Bo Polny. I have been listening to him for years and I am now a devout believer in his predictions. Towards the end of the interview he raised his voice and I heard TRUTH!!! Last night I stopped in the middle of dinner prep to answer a call from my best friend from college. She is on the Maine coast and was calling in the dark with no heat, just her cell phone. They got wiped out there by the big storm. She has a very high IQ but it does not make her life easy. She loves Biden and hates Trump. I told her she already knows I voted for Trump and it is best for our very long friendship to not talk politics. What she really needed was some comfort and love which I finally got to guide her to. It amazes how high IQ’s are not assurances to truth!!!

  23. Marie

    Greg, have you ever interviewed David Hunter? He’s been calling for a melt up in the stock market for a long time – back when everyone was calling for a crash. He’s predicting a 5000-7000 S&P before a crash. I believe we will easily see at least 5500. No disrespect to Bo but I think he’ll be proven wrong in that regard.

  24. Thomas Malthaus

    I suspect Polny will be correct, but his timeframe may be off by a few months.

    I’ll give it more credence if his prediction for this Friday through Tuesday has any merit.

  25. wheel house

    @ 20:55 God is not mocked.

    Do not be led astray by Sodom in hiding. “Woo” is a synonym for “Queer” … the effective meaning is the same — a turn to that which is outside of and hostile to decency & normalcy.

  26. Robert Peter Bailey

    I never make it a habit to be negative about any Christian speaker and I am not going to start now ! We are to be on our guard against all of Satan’s deceptions in the time that we are living in ! All the financial and political collapses that will come soon will happen in the overall plan that God has pointed out in His Word :- Daniel 12:1; and those who claim to be on the side of Jesus Christ and His unique Gospel ! Before the real Jesus Christ returns for His people, Lucifer WILL personate Jesus Christ in this world ! This is part of the great tribulation that the prophets of God in both Old and New Testaments pointed out !

    All the financial, political and moral and social affairs of the human race and its break down or collapse is the fault of the people of God, known as the Remnant Church, this is what the false Christ in this world will say to all peoples of the earth who have lost everything!

    That its the fault of a minority of people who do accept this false Christ, when he appears in this world but is Lucifer, personating Jesus Christ, but does not fits the description given in books of Daniel and The Revelation! Jesus Christ, does not touch the earth ( ground) , at His Second Coming!

    But Lucifer, does ! If you want to be prepared for this overwhelming deception from the prince of evil, just look at the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Jewish religious leaders accepted a false Messiah in the person of Barabas ! Which mean ‘ son of the father’.

    Barabas, first name was Jesus ! So like the first Advent of Jesus Christ, Gods people choose a false Christ! And rejected the true Messiah ! So it will be just before the real Second Coming of Jesus, most of the Christian world, and Islam and all those religions that where against the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, even the Atheists of the world will accept Lucifer, in the disguise of Jesus Christ, because they reject Gods people, Gods Word and Gods warnings of this solemn events that is foretold in inspired writings of Bible prophets !


  27. pelucid

    biblical days? …. Honduras frog plague causes roadway crash pileup.

    reporting by Rapture watchwoman65:

    add this to the locust swarms, volcanoes and rumors of worldwide war

  28. John Maskell

    Greg, what a fantastic interview ! I love it. I watched the ” Great Taking” and it did scare me but on the other hand it pleased me. The reason being is , when the money supply gets cut the bribery and corruption dies instantly ! The filthy elites have no fuel and their power is finished . Yes , we will feel the pain too but the awakened have prepared themselves for this event . How many times have you warned us to get supplies and have food, water , alternative energy etc . This is why I have admiration for you Greg . You stood up to these evil ones and you will be blessed . Kill the money supply and you take out evil ! Thank you Mr Hunter .

  29. Sandferd Wexfordsenski

    Kamala’s Surprise Assignment After Trump’s Ballot Removal!
    107K views 5 hours ago Stephen Gardner
    This makes total sense now! WATCH!! Stephen Gardner shares how Texas Governor Greg Abbott …

    Taxpayer REVOLT? The Peoples House of representatives say NO! Forever Wars? Forget IT!
    ‘No Magic Pot Of Funding’: U.S. Snipes At Zelensky After He Claims Biden Won’t Betray Ukraine
    Hindustan Times Dec 19, 2023
    The United States has made a big statement about sending more aid to Ukraine. The U.S. said it stands with Kyiv but has exhausted its funding streams. In a stunning statement, Washington told Kyiv that the U.S. does not have a “magic pot” of funding. This comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed on Tuesday that he was confident the U.S. would not betray Ukraine.
    Zel, we the sheeple have our own invasion on our borders to contend with!

    Rogan, Trump TEAM-UP? Media Giants Seen FIST-BUMPING At UFC Event, ENDORSEMENT Coming?: Rising
    The Hill 57K views 1 day ago
    Amber Athey and Robby Soave discuss a possible Joe Rogan endorsement of Donald Trump for president, and what it could mean for the 2024 race.

  30. Gringo Loco

    Fox Business 18h
    The evidence against the Biden family is rolling in: Sen. Ron Johnson
    Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., weighs in on the latest in the House GOP’s investigation into the Biden family on ‘The Evening Edit.

  31. Howard Beale

    Blogpost by the excellent Vox Day concerning the imminent collapse of the US Empire:

  32. jay

    Ignore the na sayers Bo.. love your work!!

  33. Corn Pooped

    Watch: Alex Jones & Posobiec Talk Depopulation, China’s Ownership Of US Politicians, RFK Jr. & New Infowars Video Game November 16th 2023

  34. 'a' simple horseman

    A question if I may. As I recall, when Woodrow sellout weasel Wilson signed the FED into policy, it was for a 100 year charter, which expired 10 years ago. “Has that charter been renewed?” Did I miss it? Is the FED running around without a leash?

    And to stay true to myself and Dane and all of us that keep our feet on the ground and eyes wide open, if something isn’t done about Geo engineering we all “will” be toast in just a few short years. That is a mathematical fact no one can step around no matter how many bibles they can hold up. To me, keeping an eye on “money” and not our planets life support systems is foolish beyond biblical proportions. “Just sayin”.

    Love and strength to ALL,
    ‘a’ simple horseman

  35. Jeff

    I see no way around a civil war. All the elites are behind it and moving into their bunkers.

  36. iwitness02

    I would love to gain my freedom from the central bank monsters and their fraudulent currency. I’m hoping the Bo is correct on his timeline.
    I follow both Bo and Cliff High on X/Twitter. I also follow Greg Mannarino on YouTube.
    These three men don’t agree on a lot of things. One thing they all agree on is that big change is coming to our lives very soon. No matter what, it is kind of exciting to feel that things are about to change.
    For the record; I was following Greg Hunter long before I heard of the other three men mentioned above. In fact, I think it was USAWatchdog that introduced me to the others.
    I have always appreciated Greg Hunter’s work.

  37. Justn Observer

    Greg, Po’s charting and counting of days only has revelevance dependent on which is the correct date- timeline- calendar in use….may be not to as eventual events…but over a few thousand years…if one is not USING the correct biblical dates not altered-manufactured political calendar shifted ones….it seems counting days is about as significant as using Elliot waves to ‘predict’ the markets and values of stock and Precious metal….when we ALL know they are rigged and moved by the click of a mouse in the basement. Am not disputing Po or trying to shade his reporting….more than to get to how he gets to or use which solar/universal timelines…to be so confident as to his accuracy?
    Of this earth/world one can measure by digits and lineal, beyond requires more spatial mathematics, So, just for reference, would like to know on which date, which day and in which year using which calendar…are we to adhere to…as ‘the’ one specifically used when I was led to believe, one will know the time or year? so we can all count so confidently….When one considers the difference in time between a solar and sideral day….over say, 2000 years…one could be off by quite a rather long period of time. and if ‘three wise men’ were following the stars …they too could have been off significantly! or one might take into consideration the UFO, Enoch coming from beyond earth speculations…we viewing as to solar time, and ‘they’ being from beyond using sideral time…a difference of 4 or so minutes a day over 2000 years, it is at least fun to consider when deciding when economies are expected to collapse on Q , or it is on que? A bit tongue in cheek for sure, but the use of solar time for as things are on earth, and sideral time as to where the earth is in relation to its place in the constellations…might be seen as the difference between the Church’s calendars and that of the Myan’s as far as predicting coming future planetary alignments and what those usually cause as to magnetic reversals, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, atmosphere rains, floods, and repeated near extinctions of mankind time and again. Maybe, there was more to what NOaah knew than we know?

    add to what IS being un-earthed and discovered by Steve Quayle in Mexico, what Carl Much has shown over the years, maybe we just need to re-evaluate what we know about what happened when? And no, this is not a repudiation of Jesus or HIS teachings as much as it might be some of the ‘interpretations’ of what He is said to have said. And we might learn to pay better attention to actual archeological sites and what IS found in them!

  38. dlc

    Putin and Trump are the most maligned leaders in my lifetime, attacked in the same manner. They are portrayed as malevolent cartoon characters – Rasputin Putin and the Orange Man.

    The population looks up to both of them. Here’s the contrast to what we are fed daily.

    • Woke Broke

      Bring in RFK Jr. and you have an un-holy trinity, of three stooges? I don’t think so.
      They seem to shine, the more the globalist neo-conmen and they’re woman. Nuland and Hitlery, try to tear them down. The better the three looks! The CIA, operation Mockingbird brained, drained media can’t get over, or unda. Obomba’s, $3.8 $Billion Beijing Bribing O’Biden, Hitlery and gal pal baby, blue eyed. Mega death star, Torie terror. WW3 Wanta be, head Kagan. Victor un-Victorious, as always. Vika Nuland’s, 5 billion Chevron, F**k the EU., destructus! Big as a bus and all to be thrown under zee bus.
      By that little 4 eyed pimp squeaks. White House sneak, Alex Jones, Julian Assange Wanta free. György Schwartz’s old son, Alex Soros.
      ‘Awful human beings’: Rita Panahi rips into masked women over Hitler comments,
      Sky News Australia 49,777 4 hours ago

      The Biden admin has no answers on this: Cory Mills
      Fox News 5, 593 views 53 minutes ago
      No answers? Ask Obomba! He can ask the one pulling his striges, his own puppet master Alex Soros!

  39. Prospector

    He says ” expect chaos .”
    Well , this should move that right along. California following Colorado into full Banana Republic territory.

    Surprise, Surprise: This State Is Citing Colorado Ruling in Push to Remove Trump From Ballot
    Spencer Brown

    “California is obligated to determine if Trump is ineligible for the California ballot for the same reasons described in Anderson,” the case decided by Colorado’s high court on Tuesday evening. “The Colorado decision can be the basis for a similar decision here in our state,” Kounalakis insisted.

  40. dlc–cg

    What collapse looks like.

    This is the fourth time that I know of that another power is trying to interfere with Russia. Russia is motivated to protect itself for the umpteenth time. Nothing of this earth protects the West from its own craven leaders.

  41. John Barry

    This is when the stock market tanks end times prophecy;

    Much Love, Elijah

  42. Merlo Theodore

    Greg, Bo pointed out some important historic dates! He said the dollar will devalue by 30 o/o, no the dollar is completely threw come January 1. We will have a new currency the USN will replace the USD. A Jubilee will take place NESARA/GESARA: National Economic Security And Reformation/Restitution and the G is Global. Liberty will start: All debt removed and Restitution of that was stolen world wide will be payed. Trump will be back in power and finish draining the swamp with Gitmo. The world will experience wealth and peace until 2027 when Satan comes down to earth with great fury and we begin the last 3 1/2 years before Christ return!!

    All Understanding Only Comes From God!!!
    Merlo Theodore
    [email protected]

    • S. Revere

      Merlo, you are nuttier than a fruit cake.
      This is what you get when you read all the crap
      that comes along. Yeah, satan has something for
      everybody, just pick your bait.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please play nice.

  43. deMeadville

    Yo Bo: S&P 500 just reversed three days of gains in three hours. With today’s negative MoneyFlow differential, regaining the 4778 high within seven trading days remaining in this year appears challenging, especially with the S&P now 31 consecutive trading days as “textbook overbought”.

  44. John Barry

    Stairway to Heaven prophecy to begin in February;
    Led Zeppelin stairway to Heaven the door opens;

  45. S. Revere

    Two things I noticed Polny totally omitted from his prophetic analysis: The fact of the 7 year Trib. and the Rapture – – two of the very most important things in the entire bible because they are both just one-time events in the entire history of the world. And both play a significant role for all people in these end times. He professes to know the bible and to use it in his forecasts, yet when you leave out two of the most important ”pieces to the puzzle” you then have an incomplete ”picture” of it.
    Oh, I believe he is right about some ”awakening” but I would not call it ”great” I would call it a very ”rude awakening”. Here’s why I say that: I see all things converging to Rapture. That will be ‘the historic event” IMO – like a building that falls on the naysayer, mockers of the rapture, then they will See it with their eyes; chaos will ensue because the holy spirit also leaves with those who are raptured and He has been the Restrainer 2 Thess 2:6, 7 up to that time.
    To say ”there will be some dark times ahead” ? The bitter truth of the matter is, it will be seven long years of ongoing increasingly horrific times as depicted in Rev. Ch. 6 thru Ch. 19, during which billions will die by various means. And during which it will not rain during the first 3 1/2 years. Think: food and water. Rev. 11
    I hate to be the bearer of such dark news, but all your so called ‘pastors” have failed all of you by being too cowardly to tell you, or else because they are just plain stupid. But all this ”bad news’ is in the bible to cause folks to wake up, repent, and come to salvation.
    So its actually Good News.
    For those who are rapture ready, the worse the world news is, the closer the rapture is and then , and there, the good times begin, for all eternity.
    So……..bring it on.

  46. Katy Bar

    Bo says the end of December is going to be the beginning of big trouble for the stock market however it has been on a tear upward – – “and obviously needs to correct a bit” but in the face of the true inflation rate as calculated by John Williams at Shadowstats “the real inflation rate” is closer to 12% than the official 3.1% – so the stock market will most likely continue to move upward “in nominal terms” next year especially since foreign holders of US dollars (who hold some $33 trillion onshore, a further $85 trillion in foreign exchange derivatives, plus a further $10 trillion in euro-bonds) won’t likely stand idly by and just watch their US dollars lose value as the Fed is ordered by Biden to lower interest rates (hurting the dollar and helping gold) before the 2024 Presidential election!!

  47. Old Rancher

    It’s been a long time, also, since John Williams has been on. Is he ok? I know his website has had a lot of problems for a long time.

  48. KathyM

    Greg, the other day you brought up the “12 largest banks that formally notified their credit card providers that they will cease requiring their services effective midnight,
    Thursday, December 14th”. Seems to me that is also a major event on the heels of the December 15th BRICS nations event. I was just thinking it was time to have Bo on again. Thank you again for all you do.

  49. Poochiwoo

    What I do like about Bo is how he completely understands the evil of the financial system. It is a complete fraud and demonic. It is an abomination of desolation. It works against life and everything that is good. That table needs to be turned over forever.

  50. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you, thank you thank you for having Bo on!!!!!!!!!!


    God bless you two.


  51. Dino Jenkins

    I did find it interesting when being pressed about a few things from other metals folks like Bix, he decided to block them on X / twitter instead of engaging the conversation. I hope you all have read the book out now called The Great Taking. It has a lot of good information from someone who was in the arena. It is free and a PDF, you should get it.

  52. Steve Gasperson

    Greg, incredible interview with Bo.

    Happy Holidays to you & your family

  53. TaxSlave

    They did the same judicial fraud on Alex Jones. Judge claim guilt, and jury assed the penalty. He could not defend himself.

  54. jj

    The stock market action end of day today was very interesting. Almost like some of the big money know that something could be up and our getting out. Or just Some profit taking. Who knows. Bo has been right before. But he has also been wrong. Either way I am like and am good with my Maker, so I say bring it on!

  55. R_Head

    Polny explains, “Babylon is going to fall.”

    Very true; who learned banking from the Babylonians? Come on, you know this one….

    I personally call this the ‘Great Awakening.’ When God opens a door, no man can close it. This is going to be a shift upon the world that will be completely historic, Biblical, and it’s going to be scary for a lot of people.

    I agree on that statement, that is what I am talking about Greg. When people see the face of “God” it is going to be the most rude awakening in mankind.

    Look for a story called “The Legend of Diego Salcedo;” that will give you a good clue on what is coming next.

    The only thing Satan has is fear. So, he’s going to try to scare you.

    Who runs the banks and the media? Remeber the Lucifer story, why he told Yahweh the El to screw himself and had a war with him? What was the reasoning behind it? Why he was kicked out of the “mansion” to live with the beasts (Goy/Goyem), and who are the Goyem?

    As I said, the answers are clear in the Bible, the Torah and the Qu’ran… All 3 books talks about the same stories.

  56. zavallı nickrash

    Stockholm Environmental Institute, a friend of WEF.

    The world middle class (the lower 80% of the upper 50%) are responsible for 43% of the global CO2 emissions.

    Goodbye middle class, you must join the bottom 50% lower class of the world, they are only 8% of the global CO2 emissions. The median per-capita household income is only $2,920 per year. Not enough for most Americans to pay their traffic fines, which they won’t have to worry about, as they will all be forced to SHARE the COMMUNAL BICYCLE in their 15 minute prison cities. Enjoy your monthly five minute pleasure private time with big brother’s A.I. device.

  57. Sean

    What coincidence that these world events occur on Jewish holidays.

  58. Fred Daake

    There are tons of excellent Bible teachers. But great preachers are hard to find. Bo Polny is both. If he had regular church services that I could attend in person, it would be impossible to fall asleep during the service. This is one of his better interviews – highly recommended.

  59. redneck family feud

    Clif High audioblog today (Wed 12/20) is a shot across the bow of Bo Polny’s Mayflower ship. Clif also attacks his erstwhile protege, jsnip4 who dared to disobey Clif and follow his own psychic technique of dream-divination.

    Clif is a guru going way back to the days of radio kingpin Art Bell the legend of AM radio. Clif wants Bo and jsnip4 to homage him like he is Yoda.

  60. Ken D

    Clif High is emboldening the LGBTQP. They luv what he is saying against the Church.

  61. robert messina

    Bo must have the wrong source stating when Lazarus died and was raised.

    Jhn 11:53 Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death ;
    Pharisees conspired this right after Lazarus was raised. (my guess this was Nis 1-4 and I think {same as Jesus} they killed him not many days after) ;
    Jhn 12:1 Then Jesus, SIX DAYS before the passover ( this was Nis8) came to Bethany, where Lazarus was which had been dead, whom he raised from the dead.
    Nis 10 > the lamb chosen , 4 days before passover, He enters riding on a donkey.

  62. Phillip

    The ten horns will initiate the great reset, according to God’s will.
    Revelation 17:16-18.

  63. V. Locke

    Australia Snubs U.S.: Won’t Deploy Warship to Red Sea but Sends 11 Military Crew to Fight Houthis /Hindustan Times 42,006 views 5 hours ago

    Iran FINALLY LAUNCHED New Hypersonic Missile That Can Strike Israel in Less than 7 Minutes / 11,535 views NOTiFY Dec 21, 2023

  64. Clown Show

    TO THE LAST UKRANIAN? THE LAST HUMAN ON EARTH? OH GOD TAKE THEM the wicked scoundrels out BEFORE TO LATE! For the rest of us!

    Professor John Mearsheimer: 2023: Lessons for Biden, Zelenskyy, and Netanyahu
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 17,416 views Streamed 3 hours ago.

  65. C.Show

    Oop’s sorry,
    Putin’s War Sparks Soldier Crisis in Ukraine; No Takers for Training on German Tanks

  66. F.Wright
    The REAL Reason Trump Was Kicked Off the Colorado Ballot!
    The Jimmy Dore Show Dec 21, 2023
    The Colorado judges’ decision to remove Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot is unprecedented and a clear example of judicial overreach. But not a surprise coming from these judges in particular.

  67. Robert Coleman

    Originally from St. Louis, been living in the Guangzhou China area for the past 20+ Years and listen to you broadcast using a VPN and always find your broadcasts informative and share it with all who I know to open their eyes to the Truth. Keep up the Great Work Greg.

  68. Alhanjoke My'yourcuss

    Joining the Hardcore Venezuelan Migrant Path! 🇻🇪
    Timmy Karter 415,129 views Nov 5, 2023. COLOMBIA
    Recently, thousands of immigrants have been crossing the US-Mexico border, drawing both criticism and support. Many of these people are from Venezuela, fleeing the economic hardships of their country. When I learned about the treacherous route Venezuelans take to reach the US border, I was shocked. It’s one of the most dangerous migrant routes in the world. To truly understand their struggles, I’ve decided to embark on the same journey. Alongside one of the world’s top vloggers, @baldandbankrupt we will navigate this perilous path, illegally crossing several South and Central American countries. This includes trekking through the world’s deadliest jungle, the Darien Gap, and hopping aboard the notorious Mexican train, “The Beast.” It’s going to be a challenging trip with no guaranteed outcome, but if we succeed and make it out safely, you’ll definitely hear about it. Let’s go!

  69. John M.

    The window to exchange your US Dollar currency over to physical assests will soon be closing. Think about those coin shops that own the physical, the panic starts when people find out that what they have will be worthless. Those dealers may not even want your worthless dollars or the premiums will be over 10% – 20% over spot price.

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%.

  70. beezleboob

    Clif High has said on many occasions that he is a sorcerer and knows how to practice those arts.

    Given what Clif has said about Bo Polny the other day, Bo Polny would be wise to practice spiritual warfare protection. He could become under attack.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like both High and Polny and hate to see them at odds.

  71. Jaybaby

    Please Greg interview David Hunter. He will explain the rise and fall of the US economy so clearly. He doesn’t have a Youtube channel but is all over Youtube if you search his name.. he has been correct but timing is off. He is very interesting to listen to like Charles Nenner but with better internet connection.

  72. Randy Best

    Jim Sinclair said by 2024, gold will be the last man standing

  73. Michael

    Greg, thank you for giving us this warning. I thought this was a particularly good interview with Polny, perhaps one of the best I have heard him give. God bless you and Merry Christmas.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Michael. Merry Christ mas to you too!!

  74. christian-warrior

    wielding the Word of God vs. the space aliens

    charismatic Fr Jim Blount —

    (use of sacramentals, holy-water, sacred relics, etc.) Acts 19:11-12 God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.

  75. c

    Greg, you must make an interview with Clif High. In his latest yt vid, he has a new outlook that needs you to interview him. Similar to your 2018 vid with him. Make an emergency vid if necessary. You’re overdue for a Clif vid anyway.

  76. John Garner

    Greg, your A.I. bot blocked, two of my posts, why Greg, I would like to know why?

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t have to explain anything to you. If I like the comment I put it up. You are free to go and start your own site like I did, and I do not have an AI bot. I approve the comments.

  77. John Garner

    Greg, got it, so maybe I misunderstood when you told DAWN that “I bot post everything you (Dawn) say.” This web site is yours, so I get it. I was just asking, what it is that I said that you did not like?

    • Greg Hunter

      I got no idea what you said I get 500 emails and comments a day. Post again and let’s see.

  78. Fill

    I see a lot of Bible talk here and rapture… look it up: rapture is nowhere to be read anywhere in the Bible, so I do not know where this comes from… have a good one

  79. Stephanie Cramer

    Bo believes when all is lost, people will turn to God. Gerald Celente believes when everything is lost, people loose it, as they have nothing to loose. Are both true? I am just a housewife, not a scholar. I am reading a book by a specialist in prophecy who believes the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation as the Tribulation specifically is focused on God’s wrath toward the non-believer. Dr. David Reagan believes therefore there is no reason for a believer to be here during the Tribulation. When Bo speaks of units of time, l I would find it helpful if he would anchor them to biblical concepts. For ex. are the 7 seals the Tribulation? If so is Bo saying the Tribulation is here? Does he believe there will be a Rapture? When? I would find it helpful to see these things charted.

    • Gordon J

      Stephanie, what you will never read in those dispensational end times prophecy books is there are other, older, and I’d say more biblically accurate ways of understanding eschatology. Don’t expect a rapture to save us from the hard times coming up. 2Thess 1 7-8 says we will receive rest when the Lord comes to judge the world in flaming fire – not 7 years beforehand. We need to be prepared for going through it to the bitter end cuz we may have to. Consider watching some studies on YOUTUBE that critique dispensational theology, knowledge is power.

  80. Thomas Webster

    Merry Christmas Greg! God’s Word is The Truth. Psalms 118:8 KJV The middle verse of the entire Bible.

    Please bring Catherine Austin Fitts back.

  81. David Harner

    The Yemen defeat of the U.S. Navy in the Red Sea looks to be the event before the year end Bo Polny spoke of.

  82. me2

    Sorry to say this, but December has come and gone, where was this big thing to happen in the same month?

  83. Bernard McCrary

    Hi Greg
    I heard a while back the banks are going digital the 17th of this month (Jan) 2024. Is this true? What is the latest?

    • Greg Hunter

      I simply do not know. It seems everything is a moving tartget.

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