China Squeezes North Korea, NFL Kneel Will Cost Money, Fed Was Wrong

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 303 9.29.17)

Good news on North Korea and the tensions with the U.S. over its nuclear ambitions. China is ordering North Korean businesses to close because of the latest U.N. sanctions pushed by the U.S.  This is way above and beyond what was required and is a positive sign that China is ramping up the pressure to get North Korea to back down.  This will hurt the flow of currency going into North Korea from China.

The NFL is supporting its players in taking a knee during the national anthem before the games to protest police brutality. The majority of fans are outraged and are burning jerseys and season tickets because they think it’s a political stunt.  If this keeps up, it will trickle down to the NFL sponsors, and it could turn into a flood of negative sales.  Catherine Austin Fitts says this is a distraction to keep the public from waking up to the massive fraud going on with the federal government’s budget.  She contends that $21 trillion, yes, $21 trillion is missing, and “We the People” are basically being robbed.  She is the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

Fed Head Janet Yellen says it is no “mystery” at all why inflation is so low. Now, she says the Fed got it wrong on inflation and employment.  The economy is weaker than they thought.

This means the Fed will continue its easy money policies and not raise interest rates anytime soon. Inflation and weak U.S. dollar here we come.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Catherine Austin Fitts, President of, will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  Fitts will explain how the federal budget cannot account for $21 trillion dollars and that is just HUD and DOD. You will not want to miss this.  “We the People” are being robbed.

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  1. Paul ...

    Thank “God” that China is trumping the warmongering neocons pushing for nuclear war on the Korean peninsula … don’t thank Trump … Trump has gone over to the “dark side” … if anyone is in doubt about Trump “flipping” to join the Satanists … this is solid enough proof for me … Trump has Tillerson’s State Department and Sessions Justice Department working hard to “protect Hillary Clinton from indictment for her treasonous crimes” …

    • Paul ...

      Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated: ” It is frankly outrageous … that Secretary Tillerson and Attorney General Sessions … allow their Agencies to Cover Up and Defend … Hillary Clinton’s Scandalous … and Criminal Conduct” …

      • Frederick

        Couldn’t agree more What the hell happened to ” Lock her up” We’ve been Trumped Pauli no doubt

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Trump blagged his way to power and should be congratulated for that. Satire has never had it so good with Trump and ‘Rocket man’.

    • tin foil hat

      It’s “Game of Thrones” in real time.
      I think Trump is with the BIS/IMF, the Deep State is the Anglo American Dollar Faction – Federal Reserve ( like the civil war in the in the late Roman Empire ) and China is probably the Visigoths.
      If WW III were a financial war, North Korea, perhaps even Russia, is the sideshow.

      • Paul ...

        tfh … perhaps in this Game of Thrones the Deep State wants one of its own as Fed Chief … and has told Trump in no uncertain terms “to protect Hillary Clinton” … because they want Hillary as their next Federal Reserve Chair … lets look at Hillary’s qualifications … she knows how to “cook books” as head of her Charitable Foundation … and has a well-deserved reputation as a “money handler” in her pay for play operations … and has always shown good judgement in her dealings with other Nations (Libya, Saudi Arabia, etc.) … the period ahead requires someone “with the qualifications and experience Hillary has” in no small measure … and the fact that she is now on track to become an ordained minister gives her “the moral respectability and all the trustworthiness necessary” to be “the keeper of the Nation’s money” (and her husband Bill also has a lot of experience in this area … as he was responsible for leasing out all our Fort Knox gold) … so Trump is now comparing Hillary to Janet Yellen … calling them both “nice ladies” … thus it seems (in this Game of Thrones) “the fix” is in!!

        • tin foil hat

          Alliance changes often in the “Game of Thrones” or “House of Cards”. If you missed a few episodes, you shouldn’t be surprised if Hillary Clinton pop up out of nowhere as the queen or Fed Chair

          • Frederick

            FED chair? I seriously doubt that for some reason

        • 97% Shenanigans

          You missed your calling Paul. Maybe the DNC and Hillary can use your services to convey the “real” Hillary you just portrayed, to the electorate in 2020. You wouldn’t have any trouble getting the Liberals to believe your missive.

      • Elusive Joseph

        // “the Deep State is the Anglo American Dollar Faction – Federal Reserve” //…. Wrong. Janet Yellen, Stanley Fisher, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and numerous chairmen of regional branches of The Fed are NOT Anglos. You must be a disinformation troll deflecting attention away from the true culprits.

        • tin foil hat

          Elusive Joseph,

          We have the Federal Reserve DOLLAR System, the establishment or the swamp in D.C., certain high ranking members of the intelligence community, etc. – the Anglo (Britain held the reserve currency status until 1945) -American (Yellen, Bernanke, Greenspan, Soros, BUSH, CLINTON AND OBAMA) contenders. And we have the international banking and generational wealth interests, the BIS, IMF and World Bank – The Internationals.

          The so called DEEP STATE is more aligned with the new money Anglo-American squid which is resisting to turn over the control of the world reserve currency back to the mother squid – The Internationals.

          If Trump wanted to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, he must break the dollar Ponzi or rid of the dollar reserve currency status first. He simply can’t have his cake and eat it too.

          We are witnessing a financial civil war between the baby squid or the Five Eyes intelligence pact (Anglo – Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Americans) and the mother squid.

          Are you a little more receptive to put on the tin foil hat now?

        • sk

          Like Jamie Dimon said…”just doing God’s work”….LOL…even Deut. 5:16 says so…LOL

    • tin foil hat

      Life is like a box of chocolate.

      • Charles H

        Had to laugh – that was great. Didn’t see the link though.

        • tin foil hat

          Charles H,
          It was a pleasure.

      • Paul ...

        Yeah … like chocolate candies … we are quickly eaten by warmongering neocons with “a sweet tooth for war” … they make behind the scenes deals … like funding N.Korea’s nuclear program out of London … likely on condition N.Korea agreed to threaten the West (once they built the bomb) … why such “skull”duggery using international banksters … probably so the “bone” breakers in the US would have a valid excuse to move THADD missile systems onto the Korean peninsula … that will eventually be used by the US to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance over China!

    • Flattop

      Paul: You are wrong, dead wrong. Unless you are a seer and can see the future, you are expounding an opinion

      • Frederick

        NO Flattop you are the one who is wrong It’s obvious to a kindergarder

      • Paul ...

        Flattop … God gave “everyone” the ability to see the past and the present and to make judgements as to the future … you don’t have to be a “seer” … this ability is nothing special … God gave this power to “all of us”!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Can we begin to imagine the pressure on him? perhaps he’s trading this for higher stakes…say children’s lives.

    • 97% Shenanigans

      Oh ye of little faith Paul. Despite the fact that your analysis is pure conjecture I tend to believe that the Trump administration is keeping the lid on the Clinton investigation until Robert Mueller plays his hand. Going after Hillary before the Russian Collusion investigation exonerates Trump would have the leftist media and Democrats claiming that a new Clinton investigation was to cover for Trump’s misdeeds. Wait till Mueller finishes and see where things go from there before you start casting aspersions rivaling Leftist Trump Derangement Syndrome critics.

  2. Sam a Morgan

    Greg, the squeals of anger from the MSM and other ‘luminaries’ about President Trump’s so called “disrespectful” remarks about the NFL oligarchs not enforcing their own rules on the National Anthem proves he is on target and taking flack. This is not a distraction. Trump, in my opinion, has opened a new front against a branch of the fake MSM, the institutional sport media and the bread and circuses that have grown around them.

    Biased, corrupt media such as Disney/ESPN have grown fat feasting on the mind numbed American middle class consumer, whom they actually hate. They count on shaping the narrative, and controlling perception. We the people are in their toy box. Now all is changed.

    President Trump is a genius. He has attacked first; Invaded their secure play ground and seized the initiative. He is driving the agenda, the news cycle, the perception.

    We are at war with an evil and ruthless foe. Our Commander is gifted and is kicking butt. Have heart. This offensive was unforeseen by his friends and especially his enemies. We have a champion. Hope is kindled.

    • Frederick

      Sorry I disagree and nobody was more enthusiastic and hopeful about Trump than yours truly He’s just another politician and a real disappointment thus far Kushner is running the show for his handlers in the Chabad Lubavitch

    • Silence is Golden

      The words (below) recently penned by P.C. Roberts……..reflect my thoughts precisely. I have repeatedly stated here and on other forums about the hi-jacking of the political system and the enslavement of the masses…..

      “When Trump said he was going to bring the jobs home, he resonated, but, of course, he will not be permitted to bring them home, any more than he has been permitted to normalize relations with Russia”.

      “In America Government is not in the hands of its people. Government is in the hands of a ruling oligarchy. Oligarchic rule prevails regardless of electoral outcomes. The American people are entering a world of slavery more severe than anything that previously existed. Without jobs, dependent on their masters for trickle-down benefits that are always subject to being cut, and without voice or representation, Americans, except for the One Percent, are becoming the most enslaved people in history”.

      PCR is a wise man. He has no connection to the Ruling Class. His opinion is highly valued. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

      • Charles H

        Agreed. Power not only corrupts – it condenses.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Out of 125 nations, the USA is 120th in food quality and safety….imagine the profits from all the crap pushed in football ads!!! Our beer is chlorinated tap water and corn sugar with chemicals…don’t even ask about the Buffalo Wing thingies. I will never understand how we let our basic necessities get so very bad. Did you mention bread? Even starved refugees can’t believe what we call bread!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      The NWO has been trying to dislodge “American” football for quite a while, to make integration among the western nations more palatable.

      It began several years ago, when the phrase “soccer mom” was suddenly a common buzzword, misnomer though it was at the time.

      Trump is doing an excellent job of it, and their strategy, quite frankly, is admirably shrewd.

      Expect a run at NASCAR, in favor of F-1, soon.

  3. Paul ...

    Well well … Janet Yellen admits the Fed got it all wrong on inflation and employment … so is she now going to adjust the inflation and job numbers to put them in line with what John Williams has calculated?? … if so the American people should get at least a 25% cost of living adjustment this year to make up for the Feds past errors … putting money in peoples pockets (instead of the banksters pockets) will kick start the American economy … hope the PhD’s at the Fed have finally awakened as to how to get the VIX numbers moving upward again … they just have to use some ordinary common cents … and put the common cents in the peoples pockets where it will be spent!!

    • Cuzca

      President should order the treasury to introduce a concept called Citizens Dividend. CD will then be shorthand for the concept that each year, the treasury mints and distributes to each documented citizen 100 $1 coins with Barack Obama’s face on it. The flip side of the coin can have an image of the Georgia guide stones.

      • Paul ...

        If the Citizens Dividend is 100 one ounce silver dollar coins … that’s about $1700 fiat dollars … or an average 3% cost of living increase … however since inflation is running at about 9% … the Citizens Dividend should be at least 300 one ounce silver dollar coins!!

        • tin foil hat

          Like Muammar Gaddafi, JFK got himself killed trying to introduce a competitive currency to the Federal Reserve Notes. Trump will likely be signing his own death warrant if he ordered the Treasury to introduce any note which is not linked to the dollar.

          • Charles H

            You might say – that Money-changers in the Temple means that nothing is sacred, to the worldly crowd.

    • Donald

      “Fed Head Janet Yellen says it is no “mystery” at all why inflation is so low. Now, she says the Fed got it wrong on inflation and employment. The economy is weaker than they thought.”

      The idiocy of the central bankers – a big factor in why the economy is sputtering out is interest rates. These low interest have led to inflated asset prices particularly in housing and rental costs, and people are being drained of any discretionary income. So they have been forced to reduce their spending and its affecting the economy. At the same time, the central bankers are eroding the purchasing power of fiat currencies by adding more and more money to the system. This makes it even harder for people to survive. The reality is that real estate needs to collapse in value. This will take down the bond market and likely the stock market as well. Either that or give (or legislate?) a substantial pay increase for everyone.

  4. Jodyp

    C.A.F is probably right on the distraction angle,though it could be a number of things to distract from. I see the President’s pot stirring of the NFL mess as a way of stopping or slowing a deadly virus that’s been infecting America for many years. And that virus is liberalism. This method seems to be working so far.

    • helot

      RE: ‘the President’s pot stirring of the NFL mess’

      It seems like a TeeVee stunt to me, Jodyp. I’m surprised to see you think it has any merit. I think it’s all B.S..

      I was let go from a plumbing job right after nine-eleven for not bowing my head down during a group gathering at the direction of a supervisor who acted as if he were a preacher-man. I didn’t sign-up for that.

      I looked to the sky above me towards my God and reflected upon the words of my co-worker who asked, ‘what about those who died on our hyways today, and yesterday?’

      After I was let go, I wondered about what it meant to live under a theocracy, you know, like they say is in places like Iran?

      Things that make you go, hmmm.

      Anyway, I respect private property and such, if the NFL wants to allow that, that’s their right. Much like the plumber job I had. However; it doesn’t mean they own me.

      The words, ‘fish heads’, comes to mind. AND, man, people are so touchy-feely these days. Who cares what those players do, perhaps the question should be: what are cops, air-port Nazis, and soldiers who should be guarding our borders who are in foreign lands – foreign lands which I don’t give a rats ass about – doing? You know, like applying the meaning of the word, ‘LIBERTY’. Quaint notions like that.

      Is that what the NFL players are kneeling about? American outdated stuff?

      I don’t know.

      • Jodyp

        Helot,you are right. If the NFL wants to change their own rules to fit their mission, it is their right. I don’t pretend to know for sure what President Trump’s is up to. Voted for him for the same reason most did.I was an avid fan of the game until announcer Chris Collinsworth told me I was a fool, one Sunday night, if I didn’t vote for Obama. Been downhill since. I’m done with the ungrateful overpaid whiners.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Maybe they’re kneeling in repentance for all the slave made products they advertise and wear on their backs and the suicides behind their smart phone supply chains and black mothers who spent their rent on athletic shoes to make a child smile in a neighborhood ruined by drugs deliberately brought in to ruin property values for gentrification. Little things like that…..

        • tin foil hat

          Deanna Johnston Clark,
          You made my day, that’s great. Lol.

        • Lana Lorenzen

          Good one, Deanna! I may be wrong, but has any news outlet mentioned the fact that Francis Scott Key was a slave owner from Maryland? As was popular in the early part of the 19th Century, some slave holders wanted to repatriate their slaves back to Africa. I can’t for the life of me understand how people get so excited about a ball player down on one knee in protest. Having taught American history at the collegiate level, I know our history is filled with horrors that would probably encourage a lot of citizens from standing with hand over heart. I admit that I stand; if I didn’t my family and my brother-in-laws family would all have heart attacks here in one of the bastions of patriotism, St. George, UT!

          • Greg Hunter

            Hey Lana,
            Try protesting this imaginary wrong on you own time and NOT while at work. You should consider (according to the FBI and DOJ stats)) blacks are way over represented in crime here in America. Please don’t give the liberal argument that they are being arrested more crap. Cops have more interaction with the black community because there is more crime in the black community–period. A & T University (where I live) just had homecoming and there were two instances where a shooter shot into the crowd at a some parties. It did not make national news because black lives DO NOT matter when blacks kill one another as they do 90% of the time, again, according to the FBI and DOJ stats. Hey, how about taking a knee (on your own time) for the more than 500 people murdered in Chicago (so far) in 2017 ??? (About 76% were blacks killing other blacks.) You taught American history??? I am sure you but your own special “I hate America spin” on it. You should stand for the flag and the country that gave you a good life and allows you to hate your own country publically. You hate America so much? Try that going online in China or Russia or North Korea or Iran and saying you hate the country????? You think other countries aren’t “filled with horrors”? Here’s the big difference, you are free to say what you want in America, no matter how disgusting and ungrateful others think you. Now run along snowflake and enjoy your pension that you packed on the backs of your students with crushing student debt. Hey, how about righting that “horror”? It’s only about $1 trillion.

    • Paul ...

      Are we living in reality or in some “imaginary” Star Wars movie … Trump (Darth Vader) is now serving the Evil Empire (the Deep State) … America (Luke) still has hope is that “his father” (Trump) will some how come to his senses and reject the Deep State’s “transgender” Dark Lord of the Evil “Satanic” Empire (Hillary) and throw her into an abyss from “witch” … there is no escape!!

      • Paul ...

        Father in Heaven hear America’s cries … an Evil Dark Lord is throwing bolts of lightening at us (stealing our gold from Fort Knox, sending our jobs overseas, reducing our work week to 29 hours, debasing our currency, sending us to war, after war, after war, etc., etc., etc …)

    • Hatemail

      8 years of Obama subtly inciting domestic violence and self hatred has taken a deep toll on the American psyche.

      • Charles H

        Astute. Agree.

  5. Mario

    I am atheist. There is nothing that can be done about it, that is the way I am. Live and let live. On the other hand I do respect other peoples religions as long as they do not try to shove their religion down my throat or commit violence against other people in the name of their religion. I like your videos and the people you interview. I like your honesty. Keep up the good work. May the force be with you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mario. We all make choices and thank you for support.

  6. helot

    ‘President Trump is a genius.’? Seriously? Eh, ok. I guess the definition of genius has changed. I actually had hope for his ideals. The reality, is another thing.

    Did you get your, ‘Trump Agenda Survey’ in the mail? I looked mine over and it seemed like it was asking me to validate the minor talking points in his campaign, and to downplay the major ones, as if to say: it’s ok just the opposite has occurred, minus of course, court appointments,… as if that really changed things.
    I say that in light of the Iowa Republican questionnaire which came in the mail the day before, you know, the one which spelled out the ‘Republican Platform’ as if it were the ‘Libertarian Platform’. I.e. low taxes, limited government:

    Quote: ‘ I am a Republican because…

    I BELIEVE the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.’

    Do you really think that is the platform our empire has?
    If you do, you are clueless.

    After a few others, my letter said, ‘I BELIEVE government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow more individuals to keep more of the money they earn.’

    If you fall for that line, after all that has happened lately,… wow.

    I was kind of surprised to see Reagan’s line about how, ‘the best government is that which governs least’ got twisted into, ‘ the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations.’

    Whoa, as if 20,000 Dollar hammers are a fix, and standing in line at the DMV is a model for efficiency, and the phrase, ‘Profit feedback mechanism’ has no meaning. Just toss the capitalism which fed the Pilgrims who landed at the Eastern shores of America, out the window, as if economic theory didn’t matter, why don’t they?

    One thing I don’t understand is, how does, ‘valuing our national strength and pride’ equate to: extending ‘peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.’?

    Have the American People become, The Borg with a twist of Dalick?
    “I sometimes wonder if America’s greatest threat is the population’s hyper-patriotism.” – PCR.

    But, what do I know, I’m just some chump in flyover-land wishing for the best… no wait, The People are not going to wake up. There ain’t no hope in wishing for the best.
    Preparing for the worst, might be a better strategy, maybe. Psft, this is so danged frustrating!

    I understand why the Democrats won’t listen to reason and logic. The modern Republicans, … I had hope for them. I guess they have to learn the hard way, too. That’s most unfortunate.


    • Charles H

      ‘As is the Family: so goes the Nation.’ America isn’t what it was.

  7. NH Watcher

    I would hope whoever tried to “mock” Jerry by reposting his past comments on October 18th in the previous thread (without his permission) would come forward and apologize. If you cannot post with your own name/alias and criticize openly with your own arguments, then please leave this forum. I realize Jerry can defend himself and take the heat, but he really has done us all an invaluable service by connecting all the dots with his own commentary and links to all the guests and commentary which Greg has on his site. And Jerry has never said October 18th is ironclad or a definite … there are simply too many pieces at play. But mid-October is enough of a time frame for me to know that if you are not already prepared (and staying prepared), you might as well take note of the chaos and hardship in Puerto Rico and realize how quickly that could unfold on the U.S. mainland.

    • freebrezer

      NH – I ponder at the chaos in Puerto Rico and compare it to the Texans and Floridians response. First and foremost Texans do not rely on government to save their (A$$es) behinds … look at the community out pouring to help (the Cajun navy as an example)! People, communities to help other people and communities. And look at the Governors (R) preparedness and Response! Puerto Rico is known to have a very corrupt leadership (D) … did this corrupt leadership put their own safety first? Don’t know, but I would wager they looked after their supporting cronies first and the community at large second (again my speculation on following this) … and this same scenario played out in New Orleans a few years back! Per this happening on the mainland … places like Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming etc that are strong communities will hold together just fine, but places like LA, Detroit, New York etc, it will be ugly and you are right – ‘Take Note’!

  8. James V. Notarianni

    Greg,- I’ve been coming to your site for quite a while now. Your site is only site that really keeps me informed and your commentary in my humble opinion is dead on. A lot of info on your weekly news wrap ups with logical thought provoking commentary,and you talk about your faith, good for you. I also enjoy your interviews. Keep up the good work. best regards …..James

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for your support.

  9. Genocidal politician

    Events have progressed past the tipping point,
    The instability is emerging,

  10. Neil

    Ok then Greg perhaps you can put me straight. Is this site intended exclusively for Christian Americans? As in, those are actually the only people you really wish to inform and have place comments on your site? i.e. your unspoken wish is that as a New Zealander without religious convictions I should just move along? I take it my commitment to what I perceive to be right and wrong and a concern for all people where ever they are will not qualify me even though that might be quite close to your more righteous position. This really has to be the case doesn’t it? because just as you cannot deny Christ you must turn your back on non believers. As I stated in my recent comment (that you did not allow) I realise you and many of your countrymen have strong beliefs and I would not deny you that, but as an outsider it is obvious there are some things that are, from my perspective, unhelpful to dwell on and this emphasis on a religious bent happens to be one. I commented to a friend here some years ago that this crisis was going to be especially bad in the US because there would be a collective self flagellation and paralysis as many Americans would think judgement day had come and this appears to be the case. This does not address the issues or make arrests.
    You speak of not giving up but I am totally frustrated by American’s collective stupidity, cowardice and dishonesty in the face of this pending calamity. We can spend hours thanking veterans for their service, we can God bless America over and over, we can decry communism and socialism ad nauseam, we can blame Russians, illegal immigrants, unwed mothers etc. – touch all the buttons that define and legitimise an American existence in the matrix. We can involve everything under the sun but we must never come out and say simply the US is broke, we did it, and we need to do something about it. Denial, redirection, displacement and excuses abound.
    You know I have taken an active interest in your country and tried to understand what makes it tick and without prejudice. I have endeavoured to reinforce to your citizens an awareness of their own very good constitution when I thought they were becoming disorientated, I even gave you a $4k donation to assist your reporting. Why the hell bother. I can see now it is a waste of time. No-one in the US actually really wants to do anything about the situation. Jim Willie has spoken of a great isolation coming to the US and I agree with this view.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a free site and it’s one I paid for with my own money. I am going to say what I think needs to be said when I think it needs to be said. If I wanted this only for Christians, I would have a subscription and charge $5 and say this is for Christians. The site is free and you are free to stay or free to go. By the way, not so sure about the “isolation” and if so and we are on the side of God the Father then so be it.

      • Neil

        Well you have accepted donations so it is not entirely paid for with your own money but no hard feelings about my donation though. Its just that actively promoting Christ is not where I saw the emphasis going even though I know you have strong beliefs. Personally I am happy to save Buddhists too – and Scientologists if we have to… joke.
        I have decided I will go however. There is nothing I can do for your country. Your country does not want to do anything to help itself. We have seen this for ten years. I am sure it is true that if we were in a position to do a Berlin style airlift under a UN banner after the crisis hits , say to assist L. A., we would be shot at by people upset that the relief supplies came from a ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’ country. IMO there is unfortunately a lot of foolishness here inside this robust American patriotism and the prideful pretence of continuing prosperity. Eventually the good will toward the US will run out and the US may find it is just foreclosed on with little or no say about the conditions.
        Isolation in the sense of reluctant abandonment, quarantine, forsaken, shunned for bad conduct, regret/sorrow over, blame through to open hostility toward, resignation, side-lined, excluded, disgraced.
        Good luck to all.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s a free site. Read and watch anytime you like.

        • tin foil hat

          Believe it or not, your country is part of the Anglo Americans Dollar Faction.
          If this dollar faction got to stay on the throne, America will have to keep its border wide open for the petrodollar recycling – more consumers, more welfares and less manufacturing jobs. Federal Reserve will basically take over the BIS/IMF.
          If the internationals, BIS/IMF, took over the throne, the bankers will have the world by control of nations’ money supply, and they wouldn’t care who makes it’s laws or border.

          • Neil

            Not entirely sure what you are saying…
            Our trade with Asian countries is now 4x more than that with the US or the EU. Australia is our major trade partner and they are heavily involved in Asian trade as well. I would expect a further fall in Anglo-American trade and investment regardless of any stock market crash or global crisis. It is my belief there is actually and unfortunately no way back for the US now regardless of what is tried. The problems are too big, there is no will to do anything but pretend, and time has run out. Further, people are jaded of waiting on the US, resigned to its self penned failure and want to move on.
            NZ is a small, read globally insignificant, country not much interested in participating in geopolitical games. We aren’t much interested in being part of the redundant British empire either or Brexit dreams. The mistake we keep making is to be bullied into activities that aren’t in our interests or we don’t believe in if we think for ourselves. Which way do you think we will move/align if we are sensible? Personally I would vote to end the petrodollar yesterday. The dollar has been abused and that really means all other countries are being abused to support the US. We all understand the US has always put itself first. We know all to well too what the IMF does after experiencing their ‘help’ in the 1980’s. Now we understand the FED is a criminal and incompetent organisation. I think more countries than you might imagine are looking for a convenient backdoor out of this coercive madness. If the means is in place I think people will take it. Even those who don’t hold a grudge because they arent victims of nation building. I believe there is an understanding that by ‘foreclosing’ on the US the reckoning will be terrible but that there may be no alternative.
            Any way I’m away..

          • tin foil hat

            I’m not much interested in being part of the Anglo Americans Dollar Faction either. We are all being bullied into activities that aren’t in our interests or don’t believe in. Many here have spoken out against the Federal Reserve but you and I both know it would start and end right here.
            It really doesn’t matter if you think for yourself or if you were sensible. You are stuck with us just like we are stuck with the squid which we can’t seem to get rid of – even with Trump in the White House.
            Come to think of it, the Chinese are stuck with us too but they seem to be the only one who may be able to do something about it.
            Personally I would vote to end the petrodollar on 09/10/01.
            Anyway, Jerry may hit the bullseye on Oct. 18 and we will finally get what we wish for.

          • tin foil hat

            “Not entirely sure what you are saying…”

            Do you ever wonder why your mainstream media works in lockstep with ours?


    • This Sceptred Isle

      Agree with a lot of what you have posted but to be fair this site spends more time discussing economics than religion. This is one of my favourite sites along with Zerohedge despite the obsession with the bible. My problem with religion is the hypocrisy of historically engaging in genocide and torture of people that do not share their ideology, then they have the gall to turn around and say everyone else is going to hell! I feel that fear driven belief systems are not the way to go.

      • Frederick

        TSI totally agree with your view on organized religion Too much hypocrisy

  11. Tom

    You are right! We need to stop spending money on illegal aliens as millions of our citizens in Puerto Rico, Houston, Florida and the US Virgin Islands are in desperate need of help. President Trump should also suspend the Refugee Resettlement Program for this reason as well. Charity begins at home!

    Keep up the great work Greg!!

  12. Jim Colburn

    Nice job Greg as always.
    I mentioned on your site a few weeks ago that
    the D.P.N.K. never fire a nuke at anyone. I truly
    believe that the NORKS were posturing for something
    like they always do when they act out. My age and
    experience has seen this movie before. The presstitutes
    of course build it up and use it as a distraction just like
    the N.F.L. is being now used as a distraction. Look forward
    to the Fitts interview. Don’t always agree with her take on
    the global situation but, always enjoy the diversity of the
    guests you provide.

  13. James Hastings - "Cherokee center of the world"

    Good review…………

    Your right….it is a battle between GOOD and evil. Thank you for telling your globalists viewers…#@*&


  14. Jerry

    I offer this information “once again” for those people who don’t understand that the global currency reset is happening real time “right now” inside the global banking system.

    If you’re waiting for a date, or some type of announcement you’re going to have a long wait. The central bankers have no intention of letting you know anything UNTIL they shut the banks down and introduce a new form of currency. If you’re delusional enough to think you still have control over your money, I invite you to go to your local bank and try and withdrawal $10,000. in cash and see what happens. If its truly your money it shouldn’t be a concern for the Treasury Department. Right?

    As far as the Yuan Gold backed petroleum benchmark that will launch on October 18th? (as I’ve said multiple times, this is from information I can’t confirm ) It represents the official launch point for an alternate currency exchange system that China’s built to replace the Bretton Woods global currency system that was signed off on in 1944. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Duplication is what China does. After all, who do you think bankrolled the People’s Bank of China originally? Ah…… the Rothschild’s and the “City of London Corporation”.

    So the big question is, how long do we have? Answer: With the former information I’ve just posted, it should be apparent that everything, and I mean everything in the global banking system is manipulated and rigged. So the answer is “when the central bankers decide”. I will tell you this though. I have family members who work for Wells Fargo who have told me that the RMB patch has already been installed. You decide.

    P.S. For those that think that will never happen to us, all I can say is the road to disaster is not only paved with “good intention” it is paved with the bones of those that live in denial.

    • Stan

      Jerry: How many failed predictions have you made over the years? I’ll answer for you – 100% of them. I’ll wager you 50k that your prediction for October 2017 is another failed prediction. Send me your email and I’ll have my lawyer draw up the paperwork. I’ll put the 50k in a independent 3rd party escrow.

      • Jerry

        I made this one last year in the face of criticism from morons like you. When did it happen? Wait for it……….October.
        Now where do I go to get my money? Just kidding……….do you think I really care what you think? Obviously you didn’t read anything I posted because I never made a prediction. What does from “sources I can’t confirm mean”? You need to check your meds. They’re obviously not working.

      • Jallen

        Hang your head in shame. Jerry is on the right trail and you are wrong to attack him!!! Why do you think Sadam Hussein and Omar Kadaffi
        were killed??? Can you say Petro Dollar? What do you think backs the US Dollar? Watch the movie ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ and maybe you will understand DEAD PETRO DOLLAR WALKING.
        To prove the point, How much did your Fifty K buy 10 years ago and how much does it buy today and more importantly how much will it buy ten years from now? Stan, your fifty K will make for a nice roll of toilet paper.

        Jerry keep up your research as it is most appreciated,

      • Charles H

        50K on a BET?!?? I have to reinterate the axiom – ‘there is more money than brains’, here.

  15. Tommy

    Republican tax plan kicks off with terrible optics. Check it out.
    Retired couple, both 65+ with AGI of $40,000.
    Under current law:
    Pers Exemp. = 4,100; Std Ded = 12,700+2,500 Tax = 16,700 x 10% = 1,670.
    Under new plan:
    Pers Exemp = 0; Std Ded = 24,000 Tax = 16,000 x 12% = 1,920 or an increase of $250, or 15%
    How hard will the Dems and MSM hit that softball?

  16. Country Codger

    Hoo-rah. Spot on, Greg. Keep on keeping on. ((Mat. 10:33))

  17. David

    Call for a National boycott of the NFL for Sunday November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecasts, all fans and ticket holders stay away from attending any games. Let them play to empty stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom came home with the American Flag draped over their coffin.
    Share, copy/paste.

  18. aps

    Greg, God Bless you for taking your stand for Christ.

    Matthew 10:32
    “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one!

      • Daniel

        What about Peter who denied Jesus three times (and with cursing) before men? Did Jesus denied Peter? No he did not!


    • Russ McMeans

      Thank you aps, for your input. Greg is a bold , tried and true reporter of the news and defender of the truth. Period.

  19. Southern Girl

    You go guy!!! Takes guts to take a stand and you made the right stand. Always be on the side of The Trinity; God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Great Holy Spirit. I believe that is what makes your site wonderful. I use to listen and watch Gera Celente and some times I go to Ales Jones site but I can only take so much of them.

    I will call USAA which I have been a member since I was 17 and tell them how ashamed I am and wished I had know before I took out another car loan with them. Even after I was offered a lower rate I stayed with USAA. PHEW!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG. Jesus is the only side to be on. The choice is easy, the road is narrow.

      • Daniel

        Revelation 7,9 “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.”……….Greg lots of people have and will accept Jesus as their saviour, so many that no one could count!


        • Greg Hunter

          Amen Daniel,

  20. Justn Observer

    The way things work in the swamp….Anthony Weiner only got 21 months if he ‘agreed’ NOT to roll over !
    Also …Did you catch this about the failing viewership at CNBC:
    Low volatility ? or because of the ‘fake’ data pumping for the Fed !
    Would be nice if everyone sent that link to the sponsors and ask them just what they are getting for their money…and who and how many they really think they are reaching? But then…where would we get a ticker tape AND comic amusement at 5 am? And admittedly I would miss the dose of Rick Santelli’s sanity concerning the bond markets…

  21. Tad

    There was a time not so long ago that a Sunshine Policy was adapted that would have laid the groundwork toward normalizing relations between the North and South Korea.

    The author contends that George W. Bush put the brakes on it.

    So, if the missiles start flying, one might reflect about what Kim’s father tried and failed against. For that matter, what subsequent South Korean governments have tried and failed against.

    The region’s fate may lie with the South Korean president. He’ll have to garner domestic support to remove the US military, while simultaneously asking (at least) small to large South Korean businesses from dollar based transactions.

    Only a guess, but I assume China, Russia, and other regional players would prefer to increase their business contacts with South Korea.

    • freebrezer

      Thad – I read the article and it never addresses the dictatorship of NK! Per the peoples of NK hardship … people that live in countries with corrupt governments seem to starve – my observation and it is very sad! There is no more clear example of this paradigm then North Korea vs South Korea. And the article does note explore North Korea’s ultimate demand (from the 50’s) that the whole peninsula be unified and governed by the North! Yish … like that is going to fly for all the people in SK!!! The article clearly promotes Kim saving face … for what? to stop nuclear proliferation? … and this at the expense of all the inhabitants of NK – i.e. the Kim’s do not give a crap about the North Korean peoples. My opinion is What a MESS!!!! … a despot dictator with nucs trying to save face!

  22. Dan S.

    The NHL players had better not start that NFL anthem crap. If they do, Don Cherry will give them a piece of his mind. He once chewed out an NHL player on air for reporting to a game in sweat pants instead of a 3 piece suit.

  23. Ben


    Any chance of having Lynette Zang or John Williams on again soon? I would leave to hear their thoughts as we head into what I believe will be a very interesting October? Thanks.

  24. markp

    Greg, your analysis of Facebook and Zuckerberg’s propaganda is insightful and sublimely witty. “A hundred thousand knocked Hillary out of the saddle? This is the most efficient ad buy in the history of ad buys!!” How absolutely hilarious, I’m laughing my head off. And your stand on your beliefs is uplifting and brave. There’s not many out there like you. Keep on punching, Greg Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!

  25. The Seer

    Please post the boycott list. I don’t usually use mass brands as am “organic” for health and prefer higher quality brands. The boycott list should be distributed more widely and reach more people.
    Big pharma adds should be knocked off TV like alcohol and tobacco ads. Cut MSM revenue. People, go see a naturopathic physician – much better natural treatment and truthful care. Get off your meds naturally. covers them, too. $181 per month for the maximum policy. Thanks!

  26. Tom


    You mentioned the monies paid out to illegal aliens while American citizens in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida , and the US Virgin Islands need help. I was hoping that President Trump would address that as well as the Refugee Resettlement Program, which has tremendous costs to the US taxpayers !
    I would like to suggest you interview Ann Corcoran She has a very informative site and has done a great job getting light on this issue.

    Please try to get her on. The info she shares is eye opening and is buried by the MSM

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  27. Jerry

    The clock is ticking.
    This is for all you “sunshine pumpers”. If the economy has improved and things are great, then why is money creation up 553%? Don’t give me that excuse that it’s new money introduced back into the system. If that was really true, the national debt would not have reached 20 trillion dollars. Instead $3,917,289,679,000 has been created since 01/01/2017 to stem an economic collapse. Now you know why nothing has happened.
    NFL- Not for long.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry is this saying there is 3.9 trillion dollars printed cash in circulation ? When I searched Bing months ago I only found 1.4 T in print. Either way that’s a lot of money if it comes home to the nest. Thanks for all of you info.

    • freebrezer

      Jerry – ‘NFL- Not for long’ good one and it got a chuckle!

  28. John

    Well Greg, that’s great that you have the balls to mention Jesus Christ, somebody has to do it, since there are evil forces working hard to slowly but surely phase him out completely! For example, two years ago I was invited to a Christmas show at a U.S. military base, it was a very well done production. However, as the show progressed I realized that all the Christmas songs were about Santa Claus, Frosty, Rudolph etc. Finally near the end of the show, the pianist played “Silent Night, Holy Night” , but it was strictly instrumental, the vocalists were silent! Can you imagine, a Christmas show with only one song about Jesus and it was an instrumental version to avoid mentioning his name!

  29. Cuzca

    Been trying to tie in my lack-of-solid-belief-in time with reality. I think I got it if consciousness is like a laser being shot through a model of reality. It all makes sense.
    And this round planet nonsense. Who’s to say that the planet isn’t shaped like a double helix, you know, like the dna. If you look at dna in 2 dimensions, it looks like a bunch of spheres stacked on on top of another, as if the planet earth was just twisted at the north and South Pole while hiding earth-like planets to the top and bottom of this planet, which of course is an illusion. Why our senses are restricted to just “this” earth I don’t know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Man has seen earth from space many times.

    • Paul ...

      When God created our home in the “flat” spiral Milky Way Galaxy … he didn’t make “our Earth” flat (it is round Cuzca) … when God referred to our home as being “flat” it was because he had “a more expansive” world view … so when the Bible talks about our home as being “flat” … they were “not referring to our earth” but to the spiral Milky Way Galaxy we live in … many “ancient civilizations” represented our home with “the symbol of a spiral galaxy” (which the Nazi’s later picked up and used as their swastika) !!

  30. Fred Herschelman

    Hi Greg
    Love your show. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop with your “Fear not…” closing. I look forward to hearing you say it.
    While my view of the universe may be a little different than yours, I strongly support your code of Christian ethics. I am a great believer in “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” and ‘try’ to live by that rule. So “fear not”, keep it going, as I know you will.

  31. Julia

    Good analysis. I had a Black co-worker who told me as a group Blacks do not tend to be open minded which is why as a group they keep voting for Democrats. Does anyone remember Ben Watson Tight End for the Saints who wrote this article after Ferguson? Here is an interview. He hits it on the head.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julia!!

  32. Flattop

    What are the chances we will see another bailout (QE) for the banksters in the near future??

    • Greg Hunter


  33. Diane

    Greg Hunter! You are a Prince.
    Thank you for your courage and enthusiasm for the truth!
    We love you!
    Just listened to Catherine’s Solari report and her special Money and Markets.
    Don’t miss Greg’s Sunday release all you Watchdoggers.

  34. Greg

    Greg, Thanks for pointing out the complete false narrative that the NFL kneeling protest represents. Very few in the media, even on the right have spoken up about that.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Greg. Black people are being abused and taken for a ride in the back of one nasty bus. I hate it for them but I blame this on their leaders.

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        It cheers me to think what Malcolm X would say about them….we have to have our little comforts.

      • Charles H


        You might want to see this one – as this black guy nails it.

  35. Craig

    Greg: God bless you for your stand for Christ. Ephesians 3:10 states “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age”. Keep up the good work!

  36. Craig

    Greg: God bless you for your stand for Christ. Ephesians 6:12 states “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age”. Keep up the good work! (corrected reference)

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Craig, I feel this it what is going on in my bones!!! Bible is always predictive and correct–always. Thank you.

  37. Paul ...

    Hey Trump … how come we don’t hear you ranting and raving over the billionaires (at the Fed) that have been “kneeing America” for the last one hundred years … taking our dollar from 100 cents to 3 cents? … only when “kneeing America” trickles down in our economy to some millionaires in the NFL you get all upset?? … how about going after the Fed and shutting them down … why should the billionaires get a free ride “kneeing America”???

  38. Kim

    Great wrap you!! Nice to be able to hear the actual news! Keep up ALL the good works, you have my deepest respect!

    Looking forward to CAF on Sunday and hearing her thoughts on the big picture. Thank you for having her on.

  39. Paul ...

    Can’t wait to hear from CAF on Sunday as to how we can “claw back” all the trillions stolen from the American people … if we can “claw back” the $21 trillion she speaks of … plus “claw back” the $20 trillion National Debt we supposedly owe the banksters for printing money (we could have easily printed ourselves) … America will have $41 trillion dollars we can spend on making America a more economically vibrant Nation!!

  40. Fear Not

    Greg, if you weren’t making a difference, evil wouldn’t attack you. Stay strong brother.

    Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

  41. Skip

    Keep up the good work, Greg. No apologies for the truth. Romans 1:16
    Thanks for your weekly reminder to “Fear not, God is in control.” He is indeed.

  42. Sue Patterson

    Your work is much appreciated. Thank you for your commitment to Jesus Christ, and your willingness to mention Him in every video. That you openly honor Jesus Christ assures me of the quality and veracity of the news you present. You are my go-to news guy.
    Sue Patterson

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind to say this Sue!

  43. oceanwater

    Good interview to remind people why they voted for Trump and that God wanted him to be president

    • tin foil hat

      It is a good interview indeed. It shows Trump as a humble and self deprecating man who depicted himself as a rich selfish buffoon just to manifest the nobility of the common men – the marines.
      You are absolutely correct. This interview reminds me why I voted for Trump.

  44. Linda L.

    In regards to North Korea, Dr. Janda said in your interview with him not long ago that he wouldn’t be surprised if China and the POTUS had worked out a deal. Appears Dr. Janda was right. Since China and Russia border NK, I’d think that they would rather create economic circumstances that unravel NK/current leader from within, versus an all out nuclear war which would destroy the entire region. Maybe “rocket man” will come to his senses before his own people/admin. kill him, but mostly he won’t.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      China would probably have preferred to insert the older and more stable Kim Yong Chul into power until he was assassinated.

  45. andyb

    The thing about estate taxes that Dems won’t admit, is that any major estate grantor can evade an estate tax through the clever use of trusts. For example, every member of the Walton clan retained their billionaire status, after the founder of Walmart passed. So when you hear Pelosi and Schumer pontificate about this issue, know that it is a red herring. All it takes to circumvent the estate tax is a good tax accountant and trust attorney.
    Meanwhile the $100K in ad buys for the alleged Russian election interference wouldn’t pay for one hour’s worth of free plane trips that lobbyists bestow on our corrupt politicians, or for that matter, a night’s worth of hookers for the same pols (at least those who don’t have prostate issues)

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I was working at Walmart when the old guy died…immediately the whole business went into unethical supply chains and got rid of the Buy American signs. Things changed fast. Now they have a line of knits from Hillary Clinton’s free trade slave factory in Haiti.

      Do you think those girls making $7 pants care how rich the Walton kids are? If those billionaires had read their Bible and done the right things, I wouldn’t care how rich they were. But it’s mostly blood money now….blood, injustice and sweat. I believe we should care about justice more than inheritances.

      Here’s why: I’ve known trust fund people who live beautiful lives…they use their time to help others and lavishly support the arts, museums, architecture, and charities…working at soup kitchens. They usually live modestly…
      The Walton snots aren’t representative of all. I’m wary of meritocrats because I’ve known so many like Bounderby in “Hard Times”.

  46. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    Congratulations for your courage in the face of persecution by the Christophobes! They cringe at the name of Jesus because they are slaves of satan.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Slaves of Satan” Good one!!!

      • Daniel

        Thank God that Jesus died to set them free from slavery, some people may take longer to come to Jesus, in extreme case it could be at the very end of their life (one of the thieves on the cross for instance). I rejoice when I read the New Testament how Jesus was a magnet for sinners, in fact Pharisees called him a “friend of sinners”! Have you notice that the only times .jesus was harsh so to speak was when he dealt with self righteous holter than thou Sadducees and Pharisees.


    • This Sceptred Isle

      If only it were that simple! Satan (the earthly force of corrupt materialism and not the childish anthropomorphic invention of the church to scare people) has long infested the Church causing the zealots to engage in genocide, torture and child abuse. Where can the true Christ be found now?

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Christ certainly needs to have a good clear out of the Vatican!

        • This Sceptred Isle

          We all suffer to a greater or lesser degree from a self-imposed exile from the universal consciousness. Materialistic forces of inertia are an opportunity to flex our spiritual muscles much the same way as gravity allows us to exercise and strengthen out physical muscles.

          • Paul ...

            TSI … So as to not “exile ourselves” from a “higher dimensional” consciousness … we should all own some of God’s gold … the Deep State will tell you gold is a worthless relic and that “you can’t eat gold” … however it seems the ancient civilizations did just that (they turned gold into a white powder and ate it) to achieve not only a universal consciousness but it gave them “power over materialist matter”!!

            • Paul ...

              Remember in the movie the Matrix … the scene where children were manipulating matter … and how Niel eventually achieved an even “higher consciousness and control over matter” then even the “Deep State’s hit men” … ancient civilizations would attribute such power to the eating of gold … makes me wonder if that tree in the Garden of Eden had “gold leaves”!!

          • Charles H

            To attach or associate prinviples of a lower realm to an higher is absurd – it is like imposing the crass upon the refined. And a Spiritual Realm, that exists outside of Time and Space, cannot be correlated to in any sense. This is like saying the finite rules over the infinite. And who can suppose they understand the infinite while limited to the finite?!??

            • This Sceptred Isle

              Hi Charles, I knew I was going to get a posting from you soon.
              Cannot agree with you on this. The lower realms are surely reflections of the higher ones are they not? In Genesis, God himself said:

              “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
              So according to the bible and God, Man is made in the image of God and so the bible directly contradicts what you posted above. I thought you claimed to follow the bible? You should study up a bit more.

              • Charles H


                Image is one thing; scope is another. Earthly is imperfect, corruptible, and perishes. The Eternal is perfect, incorruptible, and doesn’t vanish away. Again – the lower cannot be used to define the higher. If I couch my comments in simple, non-spiritual terms: it does not mean my expressions are wrong or untrue. And the fact is – that IF I did couch my answers in Scripture: it would be to your disadvantage. “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: NEITHER CAN HE KNOW THEM, because they are SPRITUALLY DISCERNED.” 1Cor. 2:14 Until you are a born again Christian; you are out of your element. I am coming to your own level by avoiding Scripture.
                And not to be unkind – since you evidently take the esoteric, ‘universal’ and impersonal forces as the undergirdings of the universe as your reference: you commit a fatal error in thinking your orientation is true and therefore serves as context to define Scripture in your thinking. This is backwards: and it is WHY you neither handle Scripture correctly; or grasp the point I made above. I find no contradiction between my statement and the Bible. I fear you are reading into my words meaning that is not there.

                I hate to be this brutally honest – but when you make a cheap shot, as in suggesting I should study a bit more, out for all to see and read: you earn yourself a clear response. And others, who read these exchanges – can learn.

      • Gene

        How unfortunate that so many are ignorant of scripture. Humanity has known of satan’s existence since long before Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, founded his Holy Church. It is sufficient to read the Book of Job to learn this.
        Yet satan’s slaves continue to writhe about as they strain to convince us the satan is merely an “invention”. His bankers who offer child sacrifices to their diabolical master know the truth. Those who raise monuments to satan and who practice satanic worship know. The time worn drivel that the devil doesn’t exist no longer convinces any but the least aware.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I don’t think you read my post properly Gene. Satanic forces have always existed. Of course evil and evil acts exist. I said that the ‘anthropomorphic’ devil was a creation of the church. The added concept of an eternity of burning hell is another distortion designed to scare people into joining the church. Fear based belief systems have been designed by humans to control other humans. I know full well the psychopathic actions of bankers. However, people like you Gene, will never admit that atrocities have been carried out in the name of religion. I suspect that you will undoubtedly come up with some rationale to explain away the genocide and torture conducted by the church. I am quite sure these people were not compelled by the loving Christ.

  47. oceanwater

    Another reason why God wanted Trump to be president is so he could redefine intelligence

    • This Sceptred Isle

      unlike Bush where he simply tried to eliminate it!

      • Paul ...

        And unlike Hillary who tried to sell it for worthless fiat dollars!

        • Paul ...

          How come all of a sudden Trump doesn’t think that “selling intelligence” by that “nice lady” Hillary is a treasonous crime???

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Ha ha…like it!

  48. Stephen Anthony Ludwig

    God Bless You Greg .
    Jesus Died For all of us all and as he said on the cross (Forgive Them Father for They Know not What they DO).
    The people that have no faith are the ones we Should Pray for. That they find there way back to our lord and savior and GOD almighty.
    If they do not like what you have to say! They also have the power to change the channel !
    Keep up Your good works.

    • Paul ...

      Jesus could have “asked” his Father to forgive the evil murdering bastards … but it doesn’t mean God the Father listened to his all forgiving Son … if I was God and they killed my only son I would have flooded the planet to “kill them all” and not only nuke Sodom and Gomorrah but every city that contained 10 bad men (does this mean I have been overly harsh on Obama for killing 40 innocent women and children in a wedding party with his drone program to get one evil terrorist????)

  49. Charles H


    What the ‘Take-a-knee’, or don’t stand up while, or not show-up to the field for – disrespect for the National Anthem, and it’s symbol the US Flag actually shows is the great cultural divide in America between the Liberals and conditioned sheeple, and the Conservatives with those of like values. America has not been just “Dumbed-Down”: it has been made, in part, stupid and self-destructive.
    Godless, Liberal Education has produced generations which have no moral base or values to speak of. They are disfunctional socially, and unequipped intellectually to question those who have taught and lead them into deviant principles and false narratives. Petulant and immature – great portions of younger America – believe their own perceived value as greater than anything else; including history, tradition, and the values which purchased the country they live in.
    Those who have served in the Armed Forces, who have skin in the game themselves or by family – understand the INSULT of such protest. They also have the courage of conviction to enforce consequences to the sports which will demonstrate or side with such unpatriotic behavior.
    I predict, because the Liberals only know to ‘double-down on stupid’, and wouldn’t apologise to save their lives: that the National Anthem, and display of the US Flag will be ELIMINATED from sports. This is the only way to clear the boards of controversy, and sweep it all under the rug.
    I would like to think the NFL and like minded sports would go broke and close shop; but they will take a big cut in pay for some years to survive. And at some point – people won’t even know that the National Anthem was sung or the US Flag was ever shown at at ‘professional games’, at all.
    Like the Greatest Generation: patriotic Americans will slip into the sunset of history – to be replaced by a ‘We Are The World Sheeple’. America ought to have another Civil War; except those who could fight and win – are too civil to make the ones who deserve the consequences, to be made to pay them. Older, wiser, and more considerate Americans will let the younger to forge their own chains. Even if they were stopped; once we are gone: they would go right back to it.

    • wondrouscat

      Charles H – What you said is here is very astute, but may I add that the fact that it is legal to burn the flag, and it is legal to kneel when the National Anthem is played, and it is legal to sew a U.S. flag onto the seat of your pants is what makes this country great – because we have free speech, which includes all opinions no matter how offensive to the majority. The majority needs only to basically show contempt by ignoring them, which is what used to happen when the KKK marched in the recent past (which is why what happened in VA was a staged event IMO). Those who choose to disrespect the flag and anthem look like idiots and miscreants at their own peril, but we do not and should not make it illegal to be ill-mannered. That’s what free speech is all about. Ron Paul says this NFL thing is a private property matter, in that the NFL is a business and needs to enforce their own rules, or not, and as you say, suffer the consequences for being insulting. Secondly, I would not be surprised if, counter to your idea, wild patriotism doesn’t happen – even to the younger, or next, generation. Great swings, reversals even, in thought, in fashion, often happen.

      • Charles H


        Certainly this is going to POLARIZE any and all who fall under each opposite pole’s influence. But I think real patriotism will fade away. If some wild form of patriotism is allowed to fester: it won’t be on the same basis’ as the minority holds now; but mean something entirely different and shallow.

  50. Ward

    Re: Other people’s opinions.
    No worries Greg, you do a fine job.
    For every knuckle head criticising your beliefs there are more than a few nodding their heads in approval. Please keep it up and stay the course.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Hopefully the polarities will be reconciled in unity and we will all live happily ever after…

  51. Angela Johnson

    Love your insight Greg!! Sooo glad you have a backbonebet Jesus is proud of you!

  52. Douglas

    Greg- I am always blown away with the hard hitting, energetic, accurate, honest reporting you provide and I love the guests you have on your show. I would have to give you an A+ !
    I always look forward to your show and know I will not be disappointed.

    Keep up your TERRIFIC work.

    I am glad to hear you are not backing down on speaking about Jesus. Many people don’t want to talk about or acknowledge him unless there is a crisis such as a 911 and then people call out to Him for help and pray. He needs to be part of our daily life and am glad he is part of your show every day. By the way, I am adopted, thanks to a biological mother that respected human life. The gift she gave, impacted my adopted parents and filled their lives with joy and gave me a life to live. I also now have a wife and daughter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for sharing Douglas. That is beautiful!! I also thank you for your very kind words of support.

  53. dslarsen

    More power to you Greg. I come here because I believe that you believe everything you say, and that goes for everything from statistics about race and crime to Jesus. Thank you for your FREE broadcast.

    • Steve Sullivan

      dslarsen, thank you for your kind words about Greg, he is a special person, and giving of his time and talents to bring us the Truth about what is going on daily in our lives !! Be it politics, gold and silver manipulation, MSM propaganda or the true history of the truth of the Bible. I have been a financial supporter of Greg with small donations in the past and will do so in the future, but nothing is FREE. There are forces out there that have their own agendas and are trying to silence the truth by eliminating any fees websites like can generate from there broadcasts. We should as we can, support Greg so we can continue to listen to his timely and honest broadcasts about how to protect ourselves from those who wish to benefit from our demise. As Greg so aptly says, he refuses to benefit financially from any of his guests, so we should as we can help him to continue to bring us guests who are willing to “lay it on the line ” so we can protect our future and that of our families. Donate when you can !! Thanks Greg !! Best to you always and thanks for what you do for the community. Steve

  54. WC

    This is Greg’s site and he can say whatever he damn well pleases. His religious views are neither here nor there compared to the rest of the information he is trying to convey. We all have to have faith in something, and by all accounts Greg’s faith and the strength and determination it has given him appears to be working out just fine.

  55. Flattop

    No one in the recent past has had an impact on American culture as Hugh Hefner has. He introduced the sexual revolution to us and made it look glamourous and titillating. The saddest part of all is, he is now experiencing something very very far from glamourous and titillating.

  56. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Keep proclaiming Jesus is Lord Greg, and He’ll confess us before His Father.

  57. Linda L.

    Was thinking about the mess in Puerto Rico and remembered that one of your previous guests Mike Maloney lives there (informative, very nice man). Have you heard how he’s doing now after the disaster and what his thoughts are from the perspective of a financial expert who sees first hand what’s occurring? If I recall correctly, I remember him saying that one of the reasons he moved to Puerto Rico was for tax related reasons. Wonder what he thinks now. Thank you for your great weekly wrap-up!

  58. oceanwater

    I think I figured out the swamp. People voted for the chief swamp dweller, Trump. He then hired a lot of other swamp dwellers [Mnuchin, Cohn, Price, deVos, Bannon, Ross, etc]. Then the public finds out that the swamp dwellers are all grifters. So Trump has to fire one of them once in a while and his followers think he’s draining the swamp.

    Greg, you were on a national news program. I think you’re smarter than this. Why do you continue the charade of supporting this deplorable fraud?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not a fraud you just wanted Hillary. This is not going to be cleaned up in a few months or even years. The Swamp is deep and the problems are huge. Pray and be patient.

      • Frederick

        NO Flattop you are the one who is wrong It’s obvious to a kindergarder

    • tin foil hat

      Who did you have in mind to drain the swamp? Who did you vote for?

  59. Rick Geisler

    Well done. These kneelers are just useful idiots to the puppet masters with a higher agenda that is evil and globalist. Their goal is to divide and destroy the American culture. This is just their latest endeavor. Never deny our savior and redeemer. Remember…………..
    Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father who is in heaven.

    • Paul ...

      I thought Jesus was “all forgiving”?? … he forgave the murderers who nailed him to the cross (they know not what they do) … yet he is now going to deny them before his Father in Heaven? … which is it?? … Matthew 10:33 “should be taken out of the Bible” at the next Council of Religious Leaders as it sows confusion in the belief that Jesus was “all forgiving”!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Jesus’s words should be removed from scripture, because they conflict with your understanding of Him?

        Do you think the fault lies within scripture?

  60. Jeffrey Kerner

    Greg, Thank you for standing up to the atheists and Satanists! Our world truly is in a battle between God and the evil one. As you said those who are offended can go elsewhere. Amen Jeffrey

  61. Al

    Awesome segment Greg ! Anyone with a functional brain stem can see this is an evil vs good fight. I go further in saying it’s a greed / power vs the oppressed fight. When the wealth is not distributed, this is what happens as evil bubbles forth.
    I’m just waiting for the day when the party is over and the fat lady sings.

  62. Norbert Reiser

    Hi Greg,
    your reports and your knowledge is brilliant. I like every blog what you have on your show. I can not always agree about what your say and sometimes you see only this point, where your get your info and knowledge as well your sources of info’s. It is the same by me too. On this reason I am able to read different blogs and news with different languages But one think is I respect every point of religions, if they don’t go missioner . I think it should be a think the individuality of every family to rise their children or every human being its own right of freedom only this can guarantee a free culture of ethnic groups or counties. And if we would respect each other more as human beings it would be a better world as well that every one understands that money makes not rich. It is only a measurement for value of work, material or a product. Nothing else! As an example for my self , I have a link about my self
    And I am not a rich person only a normally worker and this is what I do in my spare time. It gives me a totally free and independent life stile and I think every one can achieve something special in his life time, like you with your great blog ( as an example).
    But we should always respect and understand Mother Earth physics, that the water will always find its way from the mountain to the sea and back again and no one can stop it.
    This will happen so long Mother Earth will exist and water is our real blood, what keeps every creature alive. If we are poison or pollute our water, we will pollute and poison our self. This is my understanding for religion. Sorry about my small and little understanding of this matter.
    Greg keep your honesty and great character and I can see more of your great blog news. With kind regard from Down Under Norbert
    PS Sorry about my grammar mistake in my text. Then Bavarian language is much easier to write for me (laugh!)

  63. john duffy

    No need to be ashamed Greg. I’m proud of you!

  64. Alan Paul

    Congrats on your efforts
    your thoughts and breakdowns are appreciated and agreed with even from Australia
    I have donated before and will again as finances become available
    In Australia funds have been milked from the middle class
    Hold strong to your morals as they do you credit and offer hope and even inspiration to renewed efforts to stand and be counted for doing and saying what is right
    Your voice is being heard
    Keep up the good work, my mooral support is with you malways and financial when able
    Humble regards

  65. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    I appreciate the service you provide to America. I know it takes courage to do what you do. I also fully understand that this is your site and you have the right to censor views that differ radically from your own. No matter what you decide about my views, and today you apparently have decided that they are subversive of your purposes, I wanted you to know that I’m still out there cheering you on and your fight for good against evil.

  66. Annie

    Good for you Greg! Don’t back down- you are correct- this is literally a fight between good and evil. The light will win….it may be an uphill battle at times – but the light will extinguish the dark…..God bless you – I think you are awesome!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Annie, yes, it is possible to see this situation as a fight between good and evil, which is as old as time. It is also possible that it is just the result of complacency, laziness, stupidity, incompetence, bad choices, and people messing up their own good thing. Not everything has cosmic implications. It is possible to say that we got cocky, sloppy, and let things get out of hand. In short: we blew it. Best always. PM

      • Paul ...

        PfI …When God blew the “Big Bang” out of the nothingness everything had “cosmic implications” … he created a world of positive and negative matter (protons and electrons) … light and darkness … good and evil … and put us right in the middle of it … and you say “we” let things get out of hand??

  67. Cheryl


    Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to your articles every week and eagerly check on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays for new updates and interviews.

    I am encouraged by people like you, who are living proof that real journalism still exists! The mainstream media is a pathetic shell of its former self. Your website is a breath of fresh air. Keep on keepin’ on! Love your website!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cheryl!!!! You made my week.

  68. Jay Dee

    Most important video of the year

  69. James Thompson

    Hi Greg, I watch all your broadcasts as you know from this side of the pond !
    And I agree that you should keep on reiterating the battle between good and evil and keep your powerful Christian message too. Keep well and able to keep providing us all with such essential and vital news and information ..
    God bless and best wishes ,
    Bon weekend aussi,

    Hastings UK

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your kind words from across the pond. What I feel is all explained in Ephesians 6:12 12: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Someone sent this to me today and it is spot on. This is what we all really face!! Thanks again.

  70. Bill in Oklahoma

    Awesome weekly wrap up Greg. Stay strong. Truth is a t the end of the Book of Revelation we win and they lose. God bless you.

  71. Marsh

    On the tx plan, what about the points made in these articles against the plan? Trump Tax Plan To Benefit “Top 1%” Most, Cost $2.4 Trillion, Middle Class To Pay More Taxes Weekend Reading: Tax Cut Wish List

  72. Gloria

    Amen, Greg.

  73. coalburner

    Greg, Jerry;
    Should one try to get hands on some Yuan and how does one do that? Will it only be used in international trade. Looks like we could preserve some wealth holding some Yuan?
    If it is denominated in Petrol, what would that look like?
    What else do you think we can do besides what most of us have done already. If I understand your view, the dollar will just 50% less than now. I look at the Harbor Freight tool advertisements which is Chinese made cheap, not junk and neither Honda quality and think how much will it go up in dollars? Fifty% or double! And what about fuel. Are we looking at 5 dollars a gallon or 10 dollars when the move comes? I am assuming the move may be over as long as one day to six or 12 months. Whaqt say gentlemen???

    • tin foil hat

      The answer is gold. All papers will burn including yuan.
      Presently, all currencies are back by debts. The transformation will be from debt-based to asset-based or semi asset-based.

    • tin foil hat

      “If it is denominated in Petrol, what would that look like?”
      It will look like the dollar. China will lose its manufacturing capability in 20-40 years just like we did. On top of that, China is 4 to 5x the population of the U.S. If China started consuming like we did, the Chinese will suck the world resources dry in 20 years.

  74. Jeannie L Ingaran

    Thank you for providing the truth in your broadcasts. You have a wide range of guests and I appreciate your need to keep your viewers informed. I have learned so much about the economy, the stock market and the importance of owning precious metals. I’m a teacher and I am relying on my pension to retire and now I am wondering what that might look like. But instead of burying my head in the sand I am trying to at least be informed. I also want to thank you for sharing your faith. I love how you sign off each program with “Prepare yourself physically, mentally and above all spiritually, God the Father is fully in charge.” That in itself is comforting after hearing the new. Don’t stop doing what you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeannie!

  75. Craig

    I’ll quote not the Bible, but I’ll quote George Carlin when it comes to people criticizing your stand on religion: there are two knobs on your computer. One of them changes the channel, and the other one turns it off! If you don’t like what you’re hearing, use one or the other of them!

  76. Tad

    This Saturday has provided some thoughts about the college football game being influenced by a prevailing take-the-knee national anthem stance.

    If that becomes widespread, that becomes the last straw.

  77. slkpg

    Not a particularly religious person myself, but there is absolutely no doubt that this is an epic battle between good and evil. Evil being advanced by most of government, the media, the big “banksters”, and the rest of the hard core liberals. With luck, they may defeat themselves by turning on each other. The hard left despises the wicked witch of NY. If you can get through the foul language, see what uber-liberal Jimmy Dore has to say about her.

    • Greg Hunter


      Do you think the Bible is a series of lucky guesses. No other book in the world is this predictive. The bible is the inspired word of God. You say, “there is absolutely no doubt that this is an epic battle between good and evil.” YOU are correct sir!! And you are in agreement with the Bible: Ephesians 6:12 12: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

      Come on, this gave you a tingle didn’t it? Think about it, or better yet pray on it. Thank you for the comment and the support.

  78. wondrouscat

    Greg – If you want to call the rocket man Un go right ahead – it’s wonderfully insulting, and very American.

  79. Doug C.

    Good for you to express your religion without shame. The western world is falling apart because we have gone beyond belief in the values that brought us to the place we are. Anything goes is killing the world our ancestors built for us and would roll over in their graves if they saw what is being done. Men, women, boys and girls are the only genders in the human animal. Period.

  80. Lumpenkönig

    The dollar is fast becoming irrelevant for world trade. American sanctions no longer work, but the Chinese need to fool the Anglo-American elites into thinking sanctions are effective. Perhaps China can force the North Korean government to collapse and then blame US sanctions as the cause.

    Has anyone taken the time to consider that it would be in China’s best interest to unite the Koreas under Chinese supervision. If that were to happen, then American troops stationed in South Korea would no longer be needed. As a bonus, troops hostile to China would be pushed further away from the Chinese border…..

    The Japanese and the Koreans have hated each other for centuries. Japan does not want to see Korean reunification, as this would make Korea a formidable economic competitor. Which products does Japan manufacture that Korea cannot already make…….

    • tin foil hat

      You nailed it. We need a bad boy in Asia to keep the Japanese and South Korea continuous supports. I bet anybody that N. Korea will become aggressive if the Japanese or S. Korean showed any interest of switching from the dollar to the yuan or euro.

  81. Derrick Michael Reid

    God Bless You.

  82. Marion Mucci

    Thank you Greg for standing with your faith.

    I am nothing without Him and everything in Him

  83. Mike R

    All crypto-currencies have these 2 MAJOR flaws:

    1. Bitcoin can only allow for 7 transactions per second (theoretically, which is not even doable now and transactions are taking longer and longer right now), due to its blockchain structure. (this is true of all cryptos’). By comparison, VISA alone conducts 40,000 transactions per second.
    2. Bitcoin (and every crypto) consumes 1000’s of times more energy per transaction, than any credit card transaction.

    Ok, sure Bitcoin is ‘encrypted’, making it so called ‘secure’, but that design of the block-chain is inherently one of the LEAST energy efficient transactions on the face of the planet, and requires huge amounts of power because its so called ‘advantage’ of being ‘decentralized’, and linking through every connected computer, literally requires many thousands of watts (94,000) just for one transaction to execute upon. The energy surcharges would be mind boggling, if this ever went ‘whole-sale’, and you’d have to design an entirely new power infrastructure. Thus the price of a Bitcoin is skyrocketing alone just to cover its own future energy costs. Did you know that to power every Tesla, if it replaced every gasoline car in America, that the capacity of the power generation alone, which is more than 900 Gigawatts in the US, would have to triple ? And the distribution infrastructure would have to be completely re-worked, and increase even more than that factor of 3 ?

    Bitcoin, if ever allowed to become a widespread currency, would dwarf the above power needs for electric cars. Specifically, each transaction that has been modeled for power consumption requires 94 kwhr’s. That is nearly the amount required to charge up a Tesla. Think about that !!! Where is this amount of energy ever going to come from ? How could the planet afford it ? There truly is no known energy source or solution, other than nuclear power, which everyone is afraid of, to ever consider this type of power production or transmission to support what society is pretending can come about from either Tesla or Bitcoin.
    Check this out….

  84. coalburner

    Greg, it is Saturday night and things are moving. The first thing I noticed was an ESPN talking head crawfishing about the kneeling. Next various teams taking a stand against the kneeling, then the NBA forbidding it. Now word is out that the Oakland Raiders offensive line may have thrown the game. Because their QB did not kneel for the anthem and they wanted to punish him. It may destroy the NFL, finish them off and send them all home without any pay. Oh and “Rubberneck” who cannot play in the big leagues, gave the money he collected to a cop killing piece of scum to make sure people knew where he really stood. The stupidity is crumbling because the money hit was threatening to go at least 50% fall for the NFL with no stopping in sight. It happened quickly because the fall was hitting gravity acceleration. They may have waited too late. If they can stop the bleeding they will still never get most of the people who have quit them to come back for a generation. That happened to baseball in the ninety’s though they never admitted it. I love the power of Americans when they get fed up with Libtard Stoopid. Cutoff the money when to is your choice. Kellogg’s , Hollyweird have both found out and now the NFL. Reminds of the old adage “Don’t mess around with the way you make your living.” I cleaned that up a whole lot!

  85. Don

    Thank you for your courage in honoring God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ with every broadcast – even in the face of the negative comments you cited. Honoring God, asking for His wisdom and power, is the only hope we have for defeating evil and restoring the America we once knew. There are numerous examples of this truth, the latest of which is Judge Roy Moore’s defeat of the Republican establishment candidate for Alabama’s open Senate seat!

  86. Nunya

    I am Jewish. I am not a Christian. But.. Do Not let these idiots ruin your public declaration of faith! Keep it up!! I am thrilled that Roy Moore won!! Wow, did I just see some heads exploding out there because I don’t fit the stereotype??

  87. William Dyer

    God bless you Greg Hunter. Like you, I am so incredibly proud of and thankful for Jesus Christ. If others are offended by your public love for Jesus or don’t like that…….too bad. You know right from wrong and I commend your values and public love for our lord. Don’t ever change who you are or your message. I, as a fellow Christian, think you are spot on with your message and love how you use your faith to make clear the murky world in which we live these days. Your friend in Florida. Thank you. Bill

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William!

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