Civil War Is Coming To America – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says a second civil war has been brewing in America for a quarter century. Quayle explains, “I believe the civil war is part of the fifth column and the plans of both the Russians and the Chinese military to initiate a civil war to turn a country against itself. A nation divided cannot stand. A house divided cannot stand . . . . I am getting reports about all of the weapons from all over the world going into Mexico. These weapons are being distributed even to the gangs in the United States. I think this is one thing people do not recognize is the gangs have adopted more of a military positioning than just simply a criminal positioning.”

Quayle thinks what is going on is global. Quayle says, “People have got to understand the New World Order is about ‘out with the old world and basically the foundation of Christianity’ . . . to substitute a Luciferian elitist world and the destruction of mankind. . . . The control of the mainstream media is for the destruction of the United States and everything that we stand for. . . . People still don’t understand that when you come into a country . . . You get visas and you get to stay. You just can’t come in. I am not against legal immigration. I am against the advance guard, the Trojan, and let’s call it what it is, the immigration army of conquest, the Trojan immigration army of conquest.”

Quayle adds, “We are undergoing the first phase of a total civil war. When you’ve got Nancy Pelosi using military terms calling to get rid of their political enemies as ‘collateral damage,’ collateral damage is a term the military uses when they bomb the hell out of somebody and the innocent get killed, and that’s the point. People need to go back and do their homework on the Weather Underground in the 1970’s. They wanted to have a social takeover of the United States, and they would need to kill, I think, 30 million people to do it. If you take that into today’s population compared to the where it was back then, that equals 100 million people. . . .When the outspoken former people from the NSA and DNI and CIA say they want to return to normal, they mean they want to return the control and their plan for the destruction of the United States of America.”

Quayle thinks the 2018 midterm elections are the most important election ever. Quayle says, “As a Bible believing Christian, I think this is the most important election in your life, in your children’s lives and your grandchildren’s lives. You cannot allow Hellywood and the New York Times and Clinton News Network and the mainstream media that’s been posting wild stories shape this election. Did you ever think you would see a New York Times article about different people fantasizing about killing Trump by his own Secret Service? . . . . This is the most important election in your history or your children’s future.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned radio host, filmmaker and author Steve Quayle.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Any domestic Civil War in Australia will be the Chinese against the rest. We have no political or religious allegiance at all.
    Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

    • Ray

      Civil War here in the Lap Dog Nation?
      Mate……people here aren’t even smart enough to stop watching The Block and The Bachelor. They are wrapped up in celebrity worship, political correctness and sport.
      In the past week, they have been gushing over the Invictus Games…….should be called The Illegal Invader Games.
      There will be no civil war here……Australians aren’t as smart as Americans… least some of them will stand up for their nation.
      If the Chinese take this country, it will be because they are smarter, harder working and far more forward thinking than the average Aussie Yobbo.
      By the time the average Australian Yobbo awakens to find that the Chinese have taken the nation, it will be FAR too late.
      Anyway…..I don’t see China bombing and occupying sovereign nations like our country does……maybe a change of ownership will stop all that…….maybe not.
      Please Anthony……let’s not point any fingers at China or the Chinese…….they could snuff out our nation TOMORROW by halting all trade with Australia.
      The Chinese have been around for about 3000 years, and will still be around LONG AFTER the Lap Dog Nation and the Bully Nation have been relegated to the well deserved chapters of world karmic history.
      Peace be with you, my fellow countryman…… I always enjoy your posts here at USAW.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Tin foil hat

        With all due respect, America doesn’t deserve to be relegated to the sideline. We were led astray but are not blind to where the current path is taken us.
        Not a single nation in this world has the Constitution which guarantees the absolute rights in the list of Amendments to its citizens as in America. I still believe we are the beacon of light to the free world. Granted, the flame is out but we are ready to rise from the cinder.
        I pledged my allegiance to the Constitution of the U.S., I didn’t pledge to the Republican nor the Democratic Party.

        • Chip

          TFH, our constitution has been ripped to shreds. Hopefully we can hold on to those threads but that is threatened every single day by liberal judges… Chip

          • marko

            Illuminati, masons, witches, shamans, agents of the devil and demons, you stole my ip. Pay me now!

        • Ray

          Well said TFH…..
          Here’s where I pledge my allegiance…..TO HUMANITY.
          No bombing.
          No Secret Service.
          No financial fraud.
          No Hegemony.
          No one nation having its military jackboot over countless others.
          Good luck restoring America to what your Founding Fathers had envisioned.
          You’ll need a Revolution to do it.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • paul ...

            And I too pledge my allegiance to Humanity!!!

      • FC

        Well said Ray, if the Australian Government halted foreign ownership of property to the Chinese. China will simply stop doing Australia a huge favor in buying their raw materials and will go else where and simply increase their existing orders with Africa and South America.
        The pen is mightier than the sword.

        • Anthony Australia

          They are already sourcing cheaper resources and gearing up for the next phase, DRC is their golden egg.

      • Anthony Australia

        Agree on some points Ray, but you’d be surprised what happens when things go belly under.

        ‘By the time the average Australian Yobbo awakens to find that the Chinese have taken the nation, it will be FAR too late.’
        I call out China because here in melbourne they are almost taking the lot. Look up Golden Age group and you will see the significant development taking place. Last week I conducted my own experiment and drove around Melbourne; went from Doncaster Road to Clayton Road (17.6 km), almost all of it is of a Chinese influence.

        Take Care Rayberra

        Vote One Nation.

        • Ray

          Well said mate….well said.
          Here is the thing though…….if something is for sale, anyone can buy it, in a free market (apparently).
          If China has the money to “buy” Australia……then mate….buy it they most certainly can.
          I don’t like it much either, but, as people here like to say, including the owner of this site……Capitalism is the best road for Humanity, then Australia is definitely up for sale to anyone that can buy it, because Capitalism only seeks one thing, and one thing only…..a profit on investment.
          All else is secondary to that first caveat.
          And that is why this planet is now in the absolute mess it is in……profit first…..everything else second.
          Not good, but we now have exactly what we asked for and exactly what we deserve.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Anthony Australia

            Touche’ good man.
            What about my kids?, is the question I get asked daily.

            • Ray

              Anthony….it takes a good man to know another one mate…..I am honoured by your words.
              In answer to your question….EDUCATE THE KIDS.
              That will save them, believe me.
              I bring my son, who is just 13, to this website and others similar…..we discuss the issues at hand and really enjoy the conversation. He wouldn’t even know who Kim Kardashian is, but he can explain the concept of inflation and fractional reserve banking to any adult in the room.
              I know that he, at just 13, will stand up for what is right for Humanity after I am gone, and he will do the exact same with his children as I have done with him.
              Therein lies our hope and reason for living mate x
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • Eric

            By 2019 no one will be buying much, including China. There may be bombs flying but little buying.
            That’s the great part about having a worldwide meltdown. Everyone gets cut down in size. Humility replaces pride. Pride is number one enemy of God.
            That’s why my country is where it is today (US). You can’t serve both masters and we long ago through out the 10 Commandments, prayer, or brotherly love.
            Brotherly love….. now that’s a strange concept you haven’t hear for decades.

      • Anthony Australia


        Looked into it after you mentioned the show, dear me…..

        ‘Almost 3 million Australians saw controversial contestants Hayden and Sara win the 2018 season of The Block on Sunday night.’

        • Ray

          3 million Imbos mate!!!
          (For our non- Australian friends….Imbo is short for Imbecile).

    • Tad

      Perhaps I missed something, but the caravans moving toward our southern border are going to acquire their weapons in Mexico and engage our military as they inch towards the border?

      Most women and children nowhere to be seen or used as shields?

    • Galaxy 500

      Are you saying there are not any people that want to keep the Australian society and culture enougjt to fight for it? Or are you saying the Australians don’t really care who their masters are?

      • Anthony Australia

        Just clueless to the whole scene.

  2. paul ...

    Eight in ten Americans believe as Quayle does and see a sharply divided Nation!! … … it is time for each American to think about their children’s future … so go to the polls this Nov 6 with the courage of our Founding Fathers and expel all Demon-rats from Congress … then in 2020 we can remove all the bad Republicans!!

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks Paul for that Zero Hedge article and all your contributions here. I found this article, like most stuff on Zero Hedge, to be very insightful. What’s so tragic, however, is this polarization between democrat and republican. It’s all too subtle and yet it’s a mental disease that has gripped the whole country and is setting the stage for the Civil War that Mr. Quale talks about.

      The battle is not democrat versus republican. The battle is freedom versus tyranny, the constitution versus chaos, real prosperity versus debt slavery, we the people versus the oligarchs. Trump, as we all know, is not a traditional republican like the Bushes, the Ryans, and the other puppets of Bigness (read bankster) whose only purpose has ever been to rob the middle class. Thank God! We must do all that we can to educate people about this fact. Unless people see the real battle that is going on, there is no hope.

      I recommended this video last time. I feel I must do so again. It’s a tool we can use to educate people, The True History of America: Why? There were 2 things that really stood out in this movie for me: 1) JP Morgan controlled both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. This is over 100 years ago! Duhhh! I didn’t know that. 2) FDR in the run-up to the 1932 election had exactly the same struggle to become president as Donald Trump did this time. Both parties back then were bought and paid for by Big Money, the same way they are today. And if one listens closely, you can hear FDR railing against whom? The oligarchy! He used those exact words. He was no fool. He knew what he was up against… and this is 1931, before we were all born.

      The battle between freedom and despotism that started with the American Revolution… never stopped. It is the very essence of American history since the days of the Founding Fathers. What’s happening today is actually nothing new, just a different flavor.

      So the battle is not between republican and democrat, never has been. It’s between fools and thinkers. A truly intelligent individual, if he or she steps back and analyzes what is really going on will realize that Trump is the only hope for America. Why? He stands for the Constitution and the rule of law. If we focus on that, just that, and forget all the rest, THERE IS HOPE. But if we go in the other direction, follow the lead of the main street media in its polarization of republican and democrat, we sow the seeds of division in this country and are in fact the instruments of Satan. This is a black and white issue!

      I choose to be an instrument of Hope!

      • paul ...

        Yes HP … you are right: “The battle is freedom versus tyranny, the constitution versus chaos, real prosperity versus debt slavery, we the people versus the oligarchs.” … well said … the divisions in our country are created by Satan’s minions … lets get the Demon-rats out of office first … then we can concentrate on getting rid of the neocon Republican warmongers in 2020 … little by little … we will bring Hope back to our Nation by strengthening our Republic by putting true Patriots in office representing us in Washington!!

        • Hockey Puck

          I’m with you… one battle at a time!

      • Galaxy 500

        FDR was a communist

        • Tin foil hat

          GALAXY 500,
          Nope, FDR was a Fascist. He was an admirer of Benito Mussolini – BIG DIFFERENCE!!

        • sk

          I am curious how you concluded that FDR was a Communist? Please elaborate.

        • Hockey Puck

          Hi Galaxy. I have to admit that at first I was a little spooked by your comment. So I had to take some time to think. What you should know is that I grew up with a father who was a fervent anti-communist. So I know the arguments all too well. You could say they are in my genes. So this is what I will say about communism a.k.a. socialism… same delusion. Socialism is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated against mankind. It purports to help the “common man” but can only do so by taxing the middle class to death, transferring wealth, not from the haves to have-nots, but from the truly productive people in society to those who want a free ride. It is, in short, the cult of mediocrity, and the cult of mediocrity always leads to the death of a civilization. Its worst aspect, however, is it makes a whole segment of the population dependent on whom? Themselves? Their God-given talents? No! Dependent on the State for their sustenance and protection. That’s a social disease, a cancer that will ultimately consume the host. So I agree with you. Socialism is an absolutely horrible thing and yet 50% of the US population is too brainwashed to see it. Oy vey!

          But what is its opposite? Capitalism? Is that the antidote? Is that what is going to save us? What so few understand is that capitalism is not free enterprise, not by a long shot…never was, never will be. Capitalism is an economic system ruled by capital. What is capital? Capital is debt. What is debt? Debt is slavery. Capital, in other words, is money created out of nothing that has absolutely no intrinsic value (i.e. monopoly money) by a few individuals at the top of the banking pyramid, the oligarchs. For what purpose, you ask? To create jobs and a prosperous economy? Unfortunately no! That’s the BIG LIE! Its fundamental purpose is to steal the wealth of the truly productive people in society, the middle class, and channel it all the way to the top. What so few understand is that capitalism and free enterprise are opposites. They are like night and day. And yet we are brainwashed every minute of every day by the main street media to believe they are the same. For instance, it’s the general believe that capitalism is the only viable economic system on the planet. We also believe that capitalism defeated communism with the demise of the Soviet Union in 1989. Rah! Rah! Rah! Aren’t we so great! No! It’s all a massive lie!

          The truth is that free enterprise died in 1913. So, the middle class, the truly productive people in society are getting double-whammied, and it’s all staged by the oligarchs. Therefore, if we say that socialism is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against humanity, capitalism, by contrast, would be what? Probably the greatest crime. It’s one thing to steal $21T. It’s quite another to steal all the wealth of the middle class, don’t you think?

          I can prove it!

          Let’s roll the clock back to 2009. Remember the Lehman meltdown? Remember what we were told? We were told that if the Treasury did not create another $4 trillion dollars in new debt and give it to the bankers, we would have a systemic meltdown and that would lead to a depression. Remember that? So what happened? The $4 trillion went to the bankers all right but did it get to the guy on Main Street, you and me, via local banks ready to finance thriving new businesses and high paying jobs? No it didn’t. It went into the personal piggybanks of Wall Street monsters whose plan from the outset was to simply buy up the stocks of the world’s top corporations and own all the wealth of the world. What do you think these corporate buy-backs are about? To make the shareholders richer? Not quite! Its purpose is to concentrate the wealth in fewer and fewer hands, specifically, the hands of those who can create endless amounts of monopoly money out of nothing.

          So you tell me, is capitalism better than communism? In reality, they are just 2 sides of the same coin, money as debt. It’s been this way ever since the creation of the Bank of England in 1694.

          In conclusion, we throw around words like commie, fascist, socialist, capitalist, democrat, republican… the list is endless… as though they have meaning. We’re all guilty of it, myself included. The tragedy is that this habit is an emotional distraction, a lie, an infatuation with disinformation. The truth is that you can enslave a people just as much through communism, fascism, socialism or capitalism… the “ism” doesn’t matter. So when we throw around these terms, what are we doing? We are sowing the seeds of fear, the seeds of hatred, the seeds of arrogance, confusion and distrust… AND THESE SEEDS WILL BEAR FRUIT! It’s the law! God’s law!

          America is divided for one reason and one reason alone: We don’t KNOW the truth that will set us free. We don’t! We believe blindly and then we argue ad nauseam about what? Opinions.

          Truth has a very unique quality to it. It’s obvious. And when you realize it, it sets you free. So, if we truly want to be free as human beings, we must have the willingness, the courage, to cast aside our opinions and seek the Truth above all else. If we seek the Truth, we will be set free. It’s the law!

      • Hockey Puck

        Hi Paul, I’ve been thinking of the parallels between FDR and Donald Trump. Quite staggering really. Both had to wage war against entrenched financial interests on both sides of the aisle to get elected and both were the symbol of hope from a downtrodden, abused nation. Both were also facing the very death of capitalism. The major difference is that FDR was elected after the crash of 1929, Donald Trump before the crash of 2019(?) and what looks to me is going to be a very long depression.

        Mr. Trump is a smart guy. Some people try to paint him as an opportunist and a fraud. It’s a ridiculous argument on its face… for mentally witarded people only. What intelligent human being would have taken on this job prior to a complete market meltdown? Serious! Interest rates were at historic lows. We had QE up the wazoo. Everyone knew interest rates were going up and everyone knew what this meant. So, Mr. Trump must have seen the risks and must have had a plan. That’s the only logical explanation. Would you or I volunteer for a suicide mission, if we knew it was completely pointless? No! So knowing he has a plan, gives me hope.

        The fly in the ointment, if I can use such a pedestrian analogy, is the 8,133 cubic tons of gold that may not even exist. If I were an oligarch, I would have made sure it didn’t exist, wouldn’t you? So if that’s the case, then USA Inc. is technically insolvent. Perhaps this is the reason Mr. Trump reversed himself once in office and, on the surface, has sided with the Neocons. You can’t fight a war if you’re bankrupt. And who is going to finance the US? The UK? France? Germany? Japan? Canada? Australia? It’s a joke! If the US goes belly up, every other western nation is tits up too.

        Mr. Trump must have seen this coming. I find it very hard to believe that he would have walked into this situation blind.

        By the way, did anyone ever say that God is politically correct?

    • ConcAmDad

      Good point Paul. I am perplexed by how easily the sheep are led into the pen of the right- left battle and kept from looking up to the real foe. I saw a headline on Drudge this morning with Obama pounding Trump and saying no one in his administration had been indicted. He’s got that right.

      • paul ...

        Thanks C … First priority is to concentrate on Nov 6 … then … we indict the traitors!!

        • ConcAmDad

          I’m sure there will then be sometging else to be waiting for…..

    • Paul Atriedes

      Amen there Paul! Very well stated!

    • paul ...

      Hey Demon-rats … you hold the majority of the American people in contempt … believing the common people can be easily fooled with your fake bombs and by the shooting of Jews to create division in our Nation … well we are not as dumb as you think … we know our true enemy … and we are coming for you on Nov 6!!

      • Chip

        Amen… Chip

    • European American

      Sharply divided nation…yes. However, death and destruction on the scale of the last Great Civil War, not likely.
      This is all about containing the fire within, for everyone in America. If we can all keep our cool and not get carried away by what we see on the TV or the Internet, and put our attention on sustaining our lives and the lives of those around us, then we will get through this Great Phase Transition with a few mental and emotional bruises but still in one piece. Don’t believe in the hype, fear is a contagious disease.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      It’s vital that believers pray for the safety of our present government. There are those wanting and perhaps planning to murder the lot…cabinet, too. They are also keen on staging an alien invasion horror hoax just as Werner von Braun warned many years ago.

      I’ve been in martial law situations twice…once in Oxford, MS in 1962 and then in Washington DC in 1969. They weren’t scary…our actual soldiers and guard know how to stay calm and be there just in case. The doom spreaders online haven’t scared me as I know my countrymen.
      However, crimes against the present government by fanatics ARE a danger, especially with the actionable evidence and warrants ready to go go for criminal traitors and their collaborators.
      I’m a woman in the deep south and just got gas surrounded by black folks getting lotto and beer…we chatted and lined up, talking to the Indian running the register like Americans almost always do. I don’t see a civil war…but assassinations and hoaxes.

      • paul ...

        Speaking of hoaxes … Paul Craig Roberts submits his view of the recent pipe bomb incident …

      • Shadow of Doubt

        “Very few people are good at seeing disaster coming their way. Be it war, economic hardship, famine or genocide.” This quote came from a German professor who escaped Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s then taught at our small Midwest college. Many called him (sarcastically) “The Man That Could See Tomorrow”.
        He was fond of telling us, know history or you will repeat the folly of Germany! This professor said the United States would one day experience Hitler’s vision of future warfare. Hitler said, “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, and assassination. This is the war of the future”. This also seems to align with the M.O. of the left. SOD

  3. paul ...

    Mexico and Central America are like the Golan Heights to the United States … we need to take this land (which is being used as a launching ground to attack America) … armaments are being shipped into Mexico from all around the world and the MS13 drug cartel have become “a boots on the ground army” under the control and direction of globalists!!

    • paul ...

      And after taking gringo hating Mexico we also need to take Canada for National Security Reasons … as the traitor on our northern border just gave Russia access to spy on our nuclear sub fleet … it is now clearly obvious that the “globalists plan” is to have their neocon traitors in Washington scatter our Military power half way around the world (so we can’t defend our northern and southern borders) and along with stealing all our gold from Fort Knox make it so we can’t defend the US dollar (and hence make the US into a “third world” Nation) … which has been their goal since 1776!!

      • paul ...

        The globalists want to divide Americans along racial lines (they think we don’t know Gina is a white Deep State neocon operative pretending to be black) … what these neocons forget is that America is a Nation composed of peoples from all over the world who have a common desire “to live together in peace and harmony” in a Republic under the protection of a Constitution that guarantees everyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!! … they are trying their hardest to tear our Constitution apart one Amendment at a time … they have subverted Demon-rat politicians to act as their traitorous allies to bring America down … and have subverted our northern and southern neighbors “to attack us” … while traitorous neocons in Washington place our Military forces half way around the world so we can’t defend our homeland!!

        • paul ...

          I know your MO Demon-rats (the night before the election) you will likely have one of your operatives (pretending to be a Trump supporter) go into a school and begin shooting our children (to change the election results in you favor) … try it you evil bastards … and the American people will vote every single Demon-rat out of office … you have already killed enough of our children!!!

          • paul ...

            Get this straight in your demented evil murderous minds Demon-rats … your dummy bomb hoax … your killing of Jews … and any future action you take to kill our school children … will all work to cause a “Red Wave Victory” on Nov 6!!

            • al

              a red Tsunami victory

        • Chip

          “America is a Nation composed of peoples from all over the world who have a common desire “to live together in peace and harmony” in a Republic under the protection of a Constitution that guarantees everyone the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!”

          Maybe half of us feel this way. The other half not so much… Chip

          • paul ...

            Put the Saudi’s and their US Deep State backers in the “not so much camp” Chip … the attached sad and heart breaking picture of this little girl is why we must “crush evil” where ever we find it … as God did years ago to the Demons in Heaven … we must follow God’s example and save our children on Earth from evil Demon-butchers … I hope some organization is sending emergency food to Yemen and that this little girl is not allowed to die but is guaranteed life in a peaceful and harmonious setting and be allowed to grow up and pursue a fulfilling and happy life!! … Hey Saudi’s such brutality to children is as unacceptable as you cutting up someone alive!! …

            • paul ...

              Washington neocons cited Iranian human rights violations as a reason to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and to ramp up pressure on Tehran to stop them from selling their oil … while Saudi Arabia gets away with chopping up people alive and starving millions of children in Yemen … guess the Washington neocons don’t include murder and starvation of children as human rights violations!!

              • paul ...

                Good News … US calls for an immediate ceasefire in Yemen!!

            • paul ...

              This little girl must be saved (and not lost now that a ceasefire in Yemen is coming)!!!

      • Craig Mouldey

        That alleged monitor is Chinese not Russian. If the U.S. Navy is not concerned about it then what is one to think? If your navy is involved in a plot to take down your country you have bigger problems than Trudeau. I should also mention that most of these ‘refugee’s’ coming into Canada are entering from the U.S.
        We have been watching the Russian hysteria and demonization for a couple of years now and it appears to have been completely successful. Now everyone, left or right view Russia as a dire enemy. I totally reject this idea. The aggressor is always the Anglo-American-Zionist empire. You would be wise to tell Trump you will only support him if he fulfills his promise of an age of peace and cooperation.

      • Mike

        News Flash…Your Gold from ft. Knox is gone! ..the same globalist that hijacked the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, England , Europe , Asia, etc stole the American people’s gold.
        American Patriots understand Canadian Patriots are in the same control !
        # at least we didn’t have Barrick Husain Obama aka Barry Soetoro and the building blasting Bush for the last 16 years

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Baloney…Mexicans are welcoming Gringo retirees and are a kind, Christian, family people. Any nation has criminals…why not call them “criminals” ?

      • paul ...

        Don’t twist my words … I’m talking about those in control … “not the ordinary Mexican people”!!!

  4. mal

    Hi Greg,
    Steve said “The truth will set you free”. Indeed it will but it’s also very depressing.

    • Teshuvah

      The truth wll set you free ONLY if you “continue in the word” (the Bible).
      Joh 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
      32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

  5. H. Craig Bradley

    Since 2000, every election is important and ‘critical’. No civil war just yet. If one actually happens, you will run, you will be caught, and you will die. Game over.

    • Galaxy 500

      Why will I run?

      • Tin foil hat

        Exactly, molon labe!!
        While I’m sorry for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and my admiration toward the Jewish community on their calm and graceful demeanor following this tragic and horrific incident, the first thought that crossed my mind was probably very similar to that of Trump.
        Actually , it’s likely worse than Trump. This scene in the movie “Unforgiven” popped right into my head.
        Fast forward to 1:22

  6. Mark James

    Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.”

    Great variety of guests, Greg. Thank you!

    • H. Craig Bradley


      My Analysis of Voter Psychology:

      American citizens and voters alike are passive-restive. This means they just allow the government authorities to push them around and take advantage until suddenly, as a group, they put their collective foots down and say No More. Then you have a popular resistance but not until you push them all so-far. We probably have 5-10 more years to go in states like California until that threshold is reached. Then it gets really disruptive and ugly. Civil unrest, I presume.

      Lets take the progressive Liberal state of California as a good example here. Various tax measures are on the State Ballot for the upcoming Nov. 6 Midterm elections. California voters even have a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually vote to reduce their taxes ( Revoke the State vehicle registration and gasoline excise tax increases of 2017 ).
      So, if voters “like” (want) then they have at least three state and local tax measures before them to vote their own interest, provided they actually know what their interests actually are. Most are not up to it and can not figure it out, I gather. Let’s judge the California voters, et. al by their votes (actions). Proof is in the podding, as they say.

  7. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    CESAR SAYOC Deleted FACEBOOK Videos; PATSY BOMBER AKA Cesar Altieri Randazzo (Italian, Not Russian)
    Marcus Conte Published on Oct 26, 2018

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    So, he was driving around a Dem. county in what appears to be a Trump billboard and not one dent, broken window, or any type of vandalism to it? Could you imagine Gina/Richard Treadway being able to resist sending in an air-strike on that Trumped up van. No Way Treadway. Not those hot-headed num-skull’s!
    Next thing: a Jack Ruby type will assassinate him on CNN live!
    Sayoc when you say it sounds like psy-op. I bet when they started to plan this psy-op, they called it the “Ceasar psy-op” then when the planing progressed and they needed to give the patsy a fake name, they just manipulated what they were already calling it to “Cesar Sayoc”. Remember the play the liberals did in the summer of 2017 in Central Park it was a modern rendition of Ceasar but it was Trump that was being murdered. I would bet the deep state refers to Trump as Ceasar. Was not Ceasar a man of the people put in power by the people and was it not the old establishment Senators that killed him. This is Trump’s story and Israel even put Trump’s head on a coin for the Third-Temple just like Ceasar’s head was on the coins when Rome ruled over Israel aka The Holy Land.
    I still want to know how the packages got to those locations.
    The stamps were not marked out.
    The postage weight was incorrect.
    Couriers don’t deliver stamped mail due to Federal law.
    There’s no camera footage of him.
    His vehicle sticks out like a sore thumb (someone would recognize it)
    If he delivered it himself where is the footage from gas stations?
    How did he travel across the country with blocked out windows and not get pulled over?
    CIA has been doing these things to the North & South -Central American People for years. They use US. taxpayer money to carry out psy-ops for the unelected “international world dis-order”
    After viewing the stickers in his van window, which is obviously provided by the conspirators- they themselves had printed up just for this occasion, as these are not sold anywheres, were most likely put into his hands by an informant BEFORE the so-called pipe bomb stunt!

    Yup, my unintelligent counterintelligence friends. A DJ in a strip club, living in his van – Trump’s target market? ;) Ya right!

  8. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Greg, Sorry, got mad, got carried away. But laughed so much writing it, when finished wasn’t so upset. i’m going to copy it so if you delete it i’ll try to wittle it down. Fred

  9. Gina M Mancarella

    I personally believe that Mr. Quayle is right. People will die taking our country back. Wasn’t it Patrick Henry that said, “give me liberty or give me death” ? Regular people are waking up to the hell hole this man created and are preparing for battle. I think Pelosi is right. There will be lots of collateral damage, but the battles must be fought for the glory of our country ! Let’s take our country back ! Onward liberal soldiers ! Mighty ! Mighty ! Mighty ! Its time to up the ante, to save our dear country ! Our country has never faced such a threat before and has been subverted by imposters lead by the grand imposter. We have one last chance ! Just one last chance to avert the disaster ! Vote on November 6th ! Vote ! It is the only chance to avoid total war ! And most importantly VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT !!!!! Listen to CNN ! NBC !!! ABC !!! MSNBC !!! VOTE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY !!! IF WE DONT PREVAIL, WE NEED TO FORM REGIMENTS, BRIGADES AND DIVISIONS FOR WHAT IS COMING !!!!! MOVE TO A DEMOCRAT STRONGHOLD AND PROCURE ARMS ! MOBILIZE AGAINST THE INVADERS !!!!! WE MUST PREVAIL !!! IF YOU ARE MILITARY, YOU MUST SEEK OUT DEMOCRAT COMMANDERS !!!! WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD !!!!!

    • Gina M Mancarella

      If war is thrust upon us, we will and must prevail. We must prepare to secure our own enclaves and eliminate from within those that are not loyal to our cause ! If you are unsure, move to the East Coast or West Coast, which will be our safe havens from which to launch quarantine missions followed by elimination of the true enemies of the state. God Bles our great nation and God Bless the child that got his own !

      • Greg Hunter

        You cannot be this stupid. All the violence is coming from your side!!

        • Big old Righty

          Naw, Greg… Gina ain’t that stupid. I’d bet Gina ain’t a she either. I’ve read stuff like “her’s” for years by guys who get a thrill from pretending to be “the other side” just to get people stirred up and firing blistering replies. It’s too blatant to be real. It’s a “come at me bro” piece just for the fun of it. At least that’s the view from this 70 year old, who was raised “Strictly Democrat” but saw the LIGHT and moved to the RIGHT.
          Great piece. I’ve read, and listened to Steve Quayle for years. Like most of his stuff.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Step # 1: Quarantine Calif. Wall-Out Calif AND Mexico

    • paul ...

      Hey Gina … we know you are a “white” Deep State troll trying to create a revolution in the streets of America (pretending to be some morally outraged black women seeking justice) … we will create a revolution … a peaceful one on Nov 6 (when we vote to toss all your commie Demon-rat buddies out of office)!!

      • paul ...

        And guess who is going to help us Gina … Black People … yes, black people are running away from the Demon-ratic Party in droves … have they all lost their minds running into the arms of the party of white supremacists?? … No Gina … there is a growing number of intelligent black conservatives moving away from the antiquated thinking of the past … and are opening their minds to what Donald Trump is doing for black communities … policies that are bringing blacks out of poverty … unlike the Demon-rats who facilitated the collapse of black families, neighborhoods and their children’s futures (those who were not simply aborted) … so a “BLACK EXIT” movement is underway … and blacks in the millions are leaving the Demon-ratic Party and will be voting with us Republicans on Nov 6 … to the complete consternation of the liberal commies in the Fake News Media who are still predicting a Blue Wave … Gina you should get yourself one of Kanye West’s “Blexit” t-shirts and get in fashion with the times … the tide has turned … history is now on the side of American Patriots “of all colors” who want what the Founders of our Republic had in mind for us all … freedom, liberty and the right to happiness … the Demon-ratic tide is going out … and in spite of your best efforts “pretending to be black” Gina … there is no way you can stop it!!

    • Chip

      Liberal progressive socialist scum will never take over this country. We patriots will not permit you to do so no mater what…. Chip

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      The Bolshevik has spoken!! Bet she wears black leather trench coats like Hillary did at Obama’s first inauguration. The poor are not in rags and this ain’t 1917…America’s problems are fixable with peaceful means. If war is the only plan the “liberal Democrats” have, they haven’t got a brain between them.

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry Gina….you are losing the left…and you are so leftand wrong the left is now right !

    • Jerry

      Really Gina,
      Procure arms? What happened to peace, love, and deversity? I guess we all knew that was bull crap didn’t we? There’s no room for love in the middle of seething hatred. Wake up! You’re being used as a tool by the globalist. If you prefer violence this will not end well for you and your ilk. If want to know what it’s like ask a veteran. You won’t like what happens.

      • Bob

        The left is all about White genocide, that is all they have ever been about.

        Gina just admitted it, almost.

    • al

      aaaaaah the tolerant left strikes again with their regiments, divisions and brigades… LOL!!!
      Gina, come on, give up the facade, enough with the comedy already. We all know you just want to stir the pot and we’re not buying it any more, you got the attention you craved, now stop with your comedy please, this is a serious forum.

    • Tad


    • Mike R

      Hey Gina – BLEXIT !

      Your party is imploding.

      BTW, you’re CLUELESS.

  10. Ray

    A good interview, thanks to both Greg and Steve.
    That said, what I find missing from this interview is any acknowledgement of the wrongs that America has perpetrated upon the nations of the world over the past 40 years.
    (Don’t get me wrong…..America has done a good measure of “right” as well)
    In a balanced assessment on what the future holds for the USA, it really should be understood that the USA has treated this planet as its’ plaything, and unashamedly so.
    Want to avoid a Civil War?
    The best way would be to stop making war on your fellow nations right across the world.
    That goes for the Lap Dog Nation that I live in as well………who follow the USA blindly into places they shouldn’t be like Iraq and Afghanistan.
    How many innocent people need to be slaughtered over there until people wake up.
    When can they have their nations back…..freed from the occupation of the US government forces?
    See……where is the acknowledgement? It is no where…….because the world IS America’s plaything.
    Is it as I have outlined……that the US can invade ANY nation, on ANY false pretext…..but other nations are all “enemies” or “terrorists” if they oppose being geopolitically ruled by the USA?
    Do we REALLY want to talk about Jesus? Want to talk about being a Christian?
    Two points to remember then:
    1) Jesus would NEVER have turned a gun, or dropped a bomb, on anyone. He walked to his death….never struck an enemy. He asked people only to love one another and live as he had.
    2) Yet, the economy of the USA is completely dependent on the Military Industrial Complex, and would UTTERLY collapse if peace were to come to our planet. What would Jesus make of America today….or over the past 40 years?
    Speak up for Jesus?
    Speak up then about the SHAME that the USA (and Australia) have brought about in His name. Stop bludgeoning the world and calling it liberty and freedom. That is complete BS.
    With Respect,
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      One thing the Napoleonic wars taught the west….never let a war end, keep in going and going and making money for corporations. My ancestors were starved out of Scotland to make land for the giant sheep corporations providing uniforms for the Napoleonic wars, which, alas, ended, and collapse the market.
      Now northern Scotland is bare….all those lively farms and families forced out.
      Was it the people of Scotland or England that did that? Only a very few….
      And I haven’t read that it was done in the Name of Jesus Christ anywhere. Christians fight and die in these wars…..they don’t start them, years in advance.

    • Chip

      Ray, good points. As an Army Veteran of 24 years I could not agree more. Conservatives used to believe in NON-INTERVENTIONIST foreign policy. We need to close two-thirds of our 150 some overseas bases, bring two-thirds of our 200,000 troops home (current number stationed overseas), reduce the size and scope of the federal government, and work on America and its people FIRST… Chip

      • Ray

        Chip….well said mate…..very well said and couldn’t agree more.
        You are a fine American, and the hope of your country.
        Peace be with you and yours sir.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  11. Oracle 911


    Greg your guest got 1 thing really wrong. China and Russia DOES NOT want a civil war in the USA for a simple reason. Who will take care of the nuclear facilities, refineries and chemical plant. These facilities were NOT designed with walkaway safety in mind. Which means if a civil war breaks out, then there is a high chance for dozens of catastrophe like Bhopal and Chernobyl.

    BTW, I trust God because it assures his existence.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Ray

      Excellent point Oracle……well made.
      That situation is my fear as well.
      Even if Humanity were to trudge along for another 50 years, the hundreds of nuclear reactors on the planet require upkeep and maintenance for hundreds and hundreds of years…..there’s just NO WAY that humans can hang on until then…..we will slaughter each other first as we chase hegemony against one another.
      Once that is accomplished, these reactors will be left to decay away, and so our legacy will be not only to destroy ourselves, but to have poisoned off the planet hundreds of years after our own passing.
      And why??
      “We did it all for Profit & Shareholder Dividends”…….the sad epitaph of a once hopeful planet.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

  12. David

    Wow, I had not heard about the underwater monitoring devices…just read about it now after you said that Greg…crazy….I agree that the US should attack and destroy this equipment. Trudeau, Freeland, Morneau and the rest of his team are all traitors. People would do well to remember that it was Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau who relegated our publicly owned Central Bank and handed over control of our currency to private foreign bankers(BIS) in 1974. Before that the BOC had a mandate to provide interest free infrastructure loans to the government, we had outstanding infrastructure and the lowest debt to GDP out of all the G8 nations; since Pierre’s betrayal Canadians have paid hundreds of billions in interest to private citizens of other nations and are now in a situation of untenable debt. This Canadian sure didn’t vote for our present son of a weasel.

    • paul ...

      David … by making Canada and Mexico two new States of the Union we will bring Greatness and Strength back to America and push the evil globalists off the North American Continent!!

      • Jane

        Sorry Paul – you might want to re-think that.
        Canada and Mexico would suck every available resource out of the remainder of the US.
        That isn’t really a viable ‘solution’.

        • paul ...

          No Jane … Canada will provide us very cheap oil and Mexico will provide us enough silver to re-fill ten Fort Knox’s … and as separate States of the United States they will fund the welfare programs of their own people … so it’s a win win for the rest of the Nation!!

          • Gary C

            Paul get your Facts straight. Canada already supplies you with cheap oil the discount to WTI is now at 21.00, the refiners in the US laugh all the way to the bank.

            • paul ...

              As a State of the Union they can ask for a higher price and get it!!

  13. Jerry

    Behind closed doors final decisions are being made.

    As much as I hate to admit it, our financial future is, and has been, in the hands of the globalist for years. We think we have freedom. We don’t. We have owners. For all intents and purposes we are bond slaves to the globalist. Literally. In this case, treasury bond slaves. With us as collateral. The only way out of this mess is with Devine intervention.

    The globalist are planning a global currency reset to save the emerging economies from the crushing debt being generated by the west bond buying scam. The only question is when? Judging by the comments made by the IMF at this conference, it will be soon. Should the Red wave roll through the house and the senate and the Democrats lose the elections. They will not hesitate to pull the trigger. Let’s face it. The globalist and the Democrats are one in the same. They will not tolerate a government that is totally controlled by Donald Trump. Period.

    • Jerry

      How globalist entrench their ideals.

    • Jerry

      I wish I could say the dollar being replaced was a prediction, but it wasn’t. All you had to do was pay attention to the movements of the globalist and their puppet bankers.

      We’re about to find out who those new facilities were built for in Gitmo. Hopefully they were built for the criminal bankers, and not us. After the midterms there will be no more excuses. The truth is coming out one way or another. If the Republicans win, the globalist will crash the system. If the Democrats win, the FISA documents will be released and crash the system. Either way it’s coming down. The pressure is building inside the financial bubble and something has to give.

  14. paul ...

    The New York Times is making a deliberate attempt to destroy the remaining fabric of American society and force the country’s disintegration and absorption into a global government by publishing articles inciting the populous to revolt against President Trump and condone his murder … let’s call it what it is “treason” … the US Military should take over this newspaper and shut it down for National Security reasons … let them try to claim protection under the First Amendment of the US Constitution “they have helped to destroy” … and while we are at it lets take down the Twitter and Google traitors who are also trying to destroy our First Amendment Rights under the US Constitution!! … who do these globalists think they are!! … Trump needs to bring our Military home now to not only take care of the traitors within (but the two traitorous country’s on our northern and southern border) trying to destroy our Republic!!

    • paul ...

      Hey Mexico … Trump is now just beginning to build up “active-duty troops” on the Mexican border … do you globalist stooges think we gringo’s are just going to allow you to invade our Nation and destroy our Republic? … do you think Trump is fooling around? … listen to Trump’s words … “The Military is Ready” … “Just Watch” … “We Are All Set” … sounds to me like US Troops will soon be occupying your homeland (in order to stop your invasion of our Nation)!!! …

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        There are many, many Mexican Americans in the US military….and many Mexicans with dual citizenship. Your racism is showing and it’s ugly…shame.

        • paul ...

          So when Hitler was burning the Jews it was racist to talk against the Government of the Third Reich??

        • Chip

          And living in South Texas I can tell you many Mexican-Americans do not support ILLEGAL immigration. Race does not mater. Coming to the US ILLEGALLY is what maters. Why should people trying to immigrate LEGALLY wait in line while the ILLEGAL invaders come straight in? Otherwise we are a lawless, third world, banana republic… Chip

          PS, call me a racist or bigot if you want. Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn…

        • Tad

          Many are receiving their US citizenship that way. A GWB-era policy.

  15. old bat

    we have that microwave wpn. deploys a mile away. heats them up and they run away. there is also a sound wpn. then there is cwiz, but we really don’t want to use that unless absolutely needed.

  16. Mohammad


    Thomas Chittum in 1990’s described just that in his book predicting the civil war coming to US , he called the division lines in between the states and the corridors that connects the “enclaves”, he advised people to stay where the their natural ethnic/color continuation is, because if an enclave is caught in the wrong surrounding it will be doomed. Chilling book but none the less it came from a military person who participated in major war (Vietnam) and a major civil war (Serbia) .. He goes along in the book and says that there is a hidden financial hand that is handing over the money and arms to both sides of the conflict.
    I have seen Greg my mother country Syria annihilated by civil war, and I have seen the precursors to it from heated rhetoric to noble causes being used to heat up the emotions, EXACTLY what I have been seeing now, same playbook same scenario same financiers but different stage different people.

    Worth listening to , every minute of it


    • Mohammad

      On mark 43:00

      “you want to see what will happen to America, look at Syria right now…”


    • Wade Waters

      Hey Mohammad! Something that will open your eyes.

    • Wade Waters

      Even more important. Tell us your response.

      • john duffy

        Wade those are two powerful videos. The woman in the second has more cahones than most men. So Mohammed, it would be interesting to hear what uou have to say?

      • Mohammad

        Wade ,

        Why don’t you stop being a clown and concentrate on the substance of what am posting here, you will find that I love this country more than you do, and I care about US more than you do, all am saying here you idiot is am seeing the precursors of a civil war brewing, I saw the same in my mother land Syria in 2010-2011, so am sounding the alarm for you and idiots like you to pay attention and preserve this country from slipping into a war, but you know long as there are idiots like you, you WILL FALL:


        • Wade Waters

          Like so many Muslims you want others to listen to you, but you will not listen to others. Are you not acting like a clown proudly posting here about Sinead O’Connor and some Muslim martial arts guy? And yet when I post some information which seriously questions this ideology of yours, and it needs to be questioned, you have no response.

          Consider these facts about your “religion of peace”. 182 verses in the Koran say all non-Muslims should be beheaded. 176 verses in the Koran say a woman is only 1/2 of what a man is. If I called Islam ‘medieval’ that would be a compliment. Truth is, Islam never progressed to where it could even be called medieval. It’s still stuck around 700AD, with the false prophet marrying a 6 year old!

          Please listen carefully to this clip of Annie Cyrus. I and many others here would love to hear an intelligent response.

        • WD

          Sometimes some things are just meant to happen
          …A time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace. Ecclesiastes 3:8

          • sk

            The trouble is that different sides differ as to WHEN the time is for love…and for hate…and for war…and for peace…….so you’re back where you started……

  17. al

    Greg, when you reached out to Cheesy Chelsea to sue you I nearly fell on the floor laughing! The deposition alone will put dozens of her kind in jail!

    Steve Quayle, like Alex Jones, he has a lot of info and it’s all intertwined and related, the problem with this is he does not laser focus on a single subject as he digresses all over the place. . Thank you for keeping him somewhat focused.

    This is the main point I got out of the whole interview…
    When the ENEMY MEDIA approves of the Country’s direction, we will have lost!
    VOTE on Nov 6th, this time EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT. It’s now a matter of National Security aka Military action if need be.
    The law is in place against election meddling and voter fraud. You can count on that.
    Don’t be surprised if the usual 49%/51% contrived voting “results” put out by the ENEMY MEDIA will end up to be 20%/80% in favor of Trump leaning Candidates.
    Much like how the ENEMY MEDIA LIED up to the last minute when Hitlery finally lost, they will try the same.

    PS: If that registered democrat fake effeminate looking bomber with the shaved eyebrows and crazed look driving an illegal van with fake Photoshop stickers sending cartoon bombs is the best the deep state can conjure up.. we already won…. LOL!!!
    I electronically bombed the Deep State a long time ago by shutting off the TV, not personally participating in social media sites or read any birdcage lining, it’s that simple! Make that off switch your weapon.

    • paul ...

      Hillary and Bill made Chelsea the “fall girl” heading up their corrupt “pay-to-play” Charity … so she will go to prison instead of them … nice parents!!

      • paul ...

        Only if Hillary was able to run in 2020 would she then be able to pardon Chelsea! … but what’s this with Trump saying: “I hope Hillary runs in 2020”?? … does this mean Trump does not plan to indict Hillary??? … I thought Trump was going to lock her up for treason??????? … what’s up??????????? …

        • al

          Paul. Think of it this way.
          I expect her to be one of the last to go to jail, it hurts more to watch your World crumble and your co-criminals (like obama and Chelsie) in jail while you look like a fool trying to save your party, then to be incarcerated with pity.
          Personally, I think Trump is secretly having fun with all of this.
          Yeah, it’s taking long but time has a way of enforcing a message and “lock her up” over an over again makes people think.

          • paul ...

            Perhaps like McCain she will simply depart the political scene without a trial and without incarceration!

  18. andyb

    Yes!!! A civil war is coming. The deep state hopes and wishes that it will be regular American vs regular American. The goal and agenda is the creation of chaos with neighbor fighting neighbor along ethnic, religious, racial or gender lines. But there are too many woke patriots for this to succeed. If, due to massive voter fraud, there is a blue wave on 11/6, despite all signs to the contrary, then the elites will be hunted down. The psychopaths should be careful what they wish for.

    • paul ...

      The psychopaths won’t win … let’s make sure of that on Nov 6!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thank you….I am more worried about targeted murders and alien hoaxes. Racists are isolated cranks in a sea of Americans who will protect each other and our country because we’re proud of our brave, diverse population. The people who have created this war machine and spread the flag with blood over the world, will no longer fool the rest.

  19. Hockey Puck

    Hi Greg. Great stuff as always. You’ll notice that I posted something on today’s video underneath Paul’s remarks above. In this post, I’d like to explore another issue, one that could be really valuable to everyone in the “truth community”. My hope here is to see what everyone thinks. This is also an idea that could be very valuable to you personally.

    I love the fact that you’ve allowed people to post comments on your website. It’s a huge contribution to all of us. I find that I learn just as much from other people’s comments as I do from your interviews. Some of your contributors are absolutely brilliant and I look forward to reading their insights every week. But there’s a problem…

    Sometimes an idea will surface that needs to be developed over many weeks or even months. Because your comments are focused around each interview (which they should be), we only have 2-3 days to explore that idea before we all move on to the next interview. What I think would be very valuable to us is if you created a “Premium Content” tab on your site that would be focused on specific themes. That way, we could kick ideas around relative to that theme for weeks, months… even longer if needed, which would allow for a certain continuity.

    The fact of the matter is that there is just too much trash on the internet. And there are too many crazy people freaking out, creating YouTube channels, promoting half-baked ideas, speculating about idiotic notions just to make a dime, while calling other truth seekers stupid names. It’s ridiculous! What is needed is an online “We The People Think Tank”, with thoughtful, deeply committed individuals who really want to know the truth, who have the COURAGE and the DISPASSION to seek it and who realize that the truth often comes through other human beings of like mind. The American Declaration of Independence was not the result of one person ranting. It was the result of intelligent, deeply committed individuals who came together to explore an idea, independence, and to DEBATE its pros and cons. That’s what we need here.

    I, for one, would be willing to pay $100 per year to be a member and have access to this content. I would not see this as a “cost” but rather a “privilege” to be associated with other individuals who are deeply committed to freedom and want to be part of a rigorous discussion group so we can all unearth the truth. What $100 does is it sets a threshold for those who are truly serious and gets rid of the deadbeats. Let’s face it. The most sophisticated lies on the planet are the ones that have 90% truth associated with them, making it very challenging to discern truth from illusion. This kind of conversation can only be had by those who are serious, not big mouths who always need to sound off. Well, if there were 1,000 people who joined, that would be $100,000 per year to you; 10,000 would equal $1,000,000. And let’s be clear: Anyone who takes on a responsibility like this will become a target. Guaranteed! So to take on a task like this would be a spiritual, political and social responsibility. There will be costs associated with it, significant costs, so the very design requires a healthy cash flow, lest the whole thing falter from the outset. This is no commitment for the faint of heart. It will take stamina and vision.

    Why am I proposing that you do this? I think you are one of the top journalists on the planet right now. Serious! The reason I come back to your website week after week is 1) you have awesome guests, 2) you allow your guests to SPEAK, which is very important 3) there’s a certain moral fiber to your character that I admire and which sets you a notch above all other journalists and 4) you explore a wide range of issues, sometimes controversial, sometimes contradictory. Point #4 is very valuable. In a functioning Republic, we need to see all sides to an issue. Like any human being, I can’t see all sides. I’m not omniscient. And that’s why I appreciate your website. With different guests, different points of view, and different commentators (posts), we have a chance to get “outside our box” and see things from a much larger perspective.

    Why would this be valuable to you? Many reasons. With a very rigorous discussion group committed to one thing—knowing the truth that sets us free—we could arm you with some really profound questions for future interviews, which would, by far, make your website the #1 news site in the world. Think about it. You’d be tapping into the power of community the way Wikipedia has done… but MUCH BETTER. Why? You could set the standards… standards like no self-promotion, no ranting, no name-calling, and no cheap shots. Every human being has the right to an opinion, even if it’s misinformed. That’s what the Constitution is all about and that’s one principle of a Republic that gives it enormous power. So as a minimum, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. If they don’t respect the standard, you have the right to cut off their membership with no refund. I like that. I like consequences. It breeds integrity. The other advantage is you may not have to monitor every comment as you do with this forum. Frankly, I don’t know how you do it. It’s got to be a huge time commitment. If members know they run the risk of losing their membership… forever… they’re likely to follow the rules. Also, if we all know the rules, this thing might very well police itself.

    Another suggestion for the design of these “Theme Threads” is that posting would only happen once a week (maybe twice if everyone wanted it). Why limit posting? I, for one, have to work for a living. I also have a family. I can’t make USA Watchdog my full time job and I’m sure 90% of the people here are in the same boat. Also, I think all of us are suffering from information overload… i.e. The Information Blues. (Yuk! Yuk!) I don’t want to be forced into a habit where I have to carry my cellphone with me everywhere just to see the latest post. That’s a very evil habit, near as I can see. Technology is meant to serve mankind, not the other way around. Finally, by limiting posts to once a week, contributors could take a week to contemplate what others are saying and use the time to compose an astute reply or counter-argument. None of this seat-of-the-pants emotional nonsense. This would be for thinkers, those who really want to probe an issue. So once a week would be a good rhythm. We could all live our lives, be there for our families and check in once a week to see “What’s new”. That’s a healthy rhythm.

    Just to give you an idea of one theme I’d love to pursue, it would be “Ending the Fed: Can it be done? What are the consequences?” Alex Jones is on record saying that it’s just a matter of an executive order and the President could do it tomorrow. Somehow, I suspect it’s not so easy. So just this one thread would be an incredibly rich discussion… one with so many tentacles, I can hardly imagine it. It would be awesome to see what everyone thinks.

    Those are my two cents. I’d love to hear what others think. If you think this idea has merit, please let Greg know.

    • paul ...

      HP … Like the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., etc. where thinking human beings get together to discuss the important issues of the day? … what I don’t like is that it keeps ideas limited to “a select few” who think they have all the intelligence (sort of like creating a ruling oligarchy) … isn’t it better that we keep an open forum so as to influence and spread our ideas to a greater world population for their own consideration “and thus effect real change in society for the better” (as monetary concerns may exclude many people from joining such a “Think Tank”) … better that everyone in the world is part of the debate and be able to offer their various ideas and inputs … even if it is a bit unfocused and chaotic!

      • Hockey Puck

        Hi Paul. You bring up some valid points. Give me a week to respond.

      • Tin foil hat

        paul …
        The Council on Foreign Relations is the ruling oligarchy or the Deep State!!

  20. Roger D

    Voting is the solution? Let me get this straight. Republicans have held control of both houses of Congress plus the White House for 2 years. And yet their promised ‘Wall’ was not built. Now over 7,000+ foreign invaders are marching to our border.

    Failure to understand that Republicans are the enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • paul ...

      Roger … We will get the warmongering neocon Republicans … but first … lets divide the enemy (then conquer)!!

      • Roger D

        Paul, I’m afraid we will not fight until it is brought to our front doors. The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. Not one shot was fired. That was 7-1/2 years ago.

    • Chip

      Roger, our southern border is over 2,000 miles long. Just how quickly do you think that wall can be built? I personally supervised over 200 miles of border fence construction from 2007-2012 and there were others before me. I know for a fact that $650 million dollars is in the hands of the US Army Corps of Engineers who is currently designing and contracting for construction of additional border fence here in South Texas. Further, there have been significant additional funds allocated for border fence construction in California. Your COMPLETE and total IGNORANCE is on display here for all to see… Chip

      • Roger D

        Chip, I guess you are too young to remember the American manufacturing and construction ‘project’ following Pearl Harbor.

      • Roger D

        Chip, you are a ‘numbers guy’. Let me help with some numbers.

        During the 3-1/2 years of World War II the U.S. produced 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks.

        And today after 2 years of the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress plus the White House can’t even get their promised ‘Wall’ project off the ground.

      • paul ...

        Chip … If we use the Panama Canal as our wall … we won’t have to build one!!! … we just need to “occupy” America’s Golan Heights (Mexico and Central America)!!

  21. Richard

    As a Canadian I am in full agreement with you that Trudeau is a moronic weasel. But the truth is that Canada is vassal state of the USA. The Canadian military is controlled through NATO and most of our foreign policy is controlled by the US. There is no way Canada would have allowed the installation of this underwater sensors without the full knowledge and consent of the US government.

    • Hamish

      Trudeau AkA Justin Trustfund is widely disrespected and disliked in Canada as you say, and best efforts are being make to vote him out. You are absolutely correct that underwater sensors could not be installed with US consent on the highest level.

    • paul ...

      We must remove Deep State “globalist” control over Canada … as a State of the Union the Canadian people can elect a “Trump Patriot” as their Governor … who is not going to turn traitor on America!!

  22. Rob

    The “unseen hand” is the Father’s who always completely controls the hand of satan satan and his evil spirits as He demonstrates in the books of Job chapters 1 and 2 and 1 Kings 22:

    Job 1:11-12 But put forth thy hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will renounce thee to thy face. (12) And Jehovah said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thy hand. So Satan went forth from the presence of Jehovah.

    Job 2:4-6 And Satan answered Jehovah, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life. (5) But put forth thy hand now, and touch his bone and his flesh, and he will renounce thee to thy face. (6) And Jehovah said unto Satan, Behold, he is in thy hand; only spare his life.

    Job 2:10 But he said unto her, Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

    1 Kings 22:19-23 And Micaiah said, Therefore hear thou the word of Jehovah: I saw Jehovah sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. (20) And Jehovah said, Who shall entice Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? And one said on this manner; and another said on that manner. (21) And there came forth a spirit, and stood before Jehovah, and said, I will entice him. (22) And Jehovah said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt entice him, and shalt prevail also: go forth, and do so. (23) Now therefore, behold, Jehovah hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets; and Jehovah hath spoken evil concerning thee.

    Father formed the light(Jesus) and created evil(satan) and wrote in the back of His book(Revelation) that He was going to take peace from the earth by the 2nd seal Jesus opened at the beginning of His tribulation:

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things.

    Revelation 5:1-7 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the back, close sealed with seven seals. (2) And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a great voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? (3) And no one in the heaven, or on the earth, or under the earth, was able to open the book, or to look thereon. (4) And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the book, or to look thereon: (5) and one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not; behold, the Lion that is of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath overcome to open the book and the seven seals thereof. (6) And I saw in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures, and in the midst of the elders, a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, having seven horns, and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God, sent forth into all the earth. (7) And he came, and he taketh it out of the right hand of him that sat on the throne.

    Revelation 6:3-4 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come. (4) And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

    I agree with Steve Quayle that peace is very quickly eroding globally and will escalate after the midterms as the “mystery of lawlessness” explodes globally:

  23. Robert

    The trolls are out en masse this morning on social media comment sections, demonizing Trump for watching and commenting on the world series. Must be a last ditch effort by the well organized left, to influence the vote in their favor. Usually rags like the DailymailUK have some balance in their comment section, but not this morning, so far.

    One thing I’ve noticed over the past year is how the DailymailUK has increasingly become anti-Trump, and is also sowing alot of discord by printing stories about racial attacks of whites against blacks. As though these few and far between acts are a growing norm. Amazing how gang related crime goes practically unreported on the national level, except when the police kill one, then its national news. Also, have you noticed how the speech police have switched the term “Gang Enforcement Team”, to “Violence Response Team”?

    The advent of the 24-7-365 news networks are destroying civility with their need to continually promote fear, panic and prejudice, to ensure they have fresh news stories for the next 24 hr cycle. News isnt being reported anymore, its being manufactured as pure propaganda.

  24. Patient / Impatient

    Mr. Quayle, You say American patriots have been sounding alarms for only 25 years?


    Patriots’ alarms were not heeded in society because central bankers’ claims of “conspiracy theories” defeated patriots’ alarms.

    Rothschild NEVER accepted defeat of the English settlers founding of the Republic and their Constitution’s intention of circumnavigating central bankers’ “ownership and control” of the Republic.

    Rothschild’s evil behaviors (Proverbs 6:16-19) promptly began with the organizing and financing of the American Revolution (fake war and subsequent wars), importation of Africa’s exiled enslaved nationals to the Republic, importation of “operatives” to infiltrate the Republic’s federal government and their founding of the Democrat Party in 1828. By 1848, Rothschild founded communism and socialism and imported “operatives” into the Republic to divide the patriots under “taxes and property” to kick-start the Civil War. Simultaneously, Democrats legislated unconstitutional immigration laws to flood the Republic with communists and socialists (ongoing) to destroy the social norms. ALL immigration laws and Rothschild’s/central bankers’ “importation of immigrants” post 1776 is “illegal” because NONE of the Settlers’ descendants ever exercised their law of VOTING immigrants into the Republic … 250 MILLION PEOPLE ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE U.S. REPUBLIC!

    Both communism and socialism ideologies are illegal in the U.S.A. but they are not enforced because Rothschild’s Democrat communists and socialists have been actively indoctrinating patriots for 170 years to DESTROY the English Founders’ and Descendants’ morals, ethics, and values, DESTROY their social norms of “family, government, economy, education, and religion,” REMOVE their Constitution, and OVERTHROW their Republic for Rothschild and other central bankers’ power and control through the One World Government … dominion over planet Earth.

    Praises to God the Father for currently JUDGING the clergy and leaders worldwide for their colluding “systems” against God’s righteous people (Mark Taylor, 2017), especially praises to God for judging the child blood sacrificing central banker PEDERASTS and PEDOVORES. By God’s grace and intervention against evil principalities (Ephesians 6:12), the righteous people shall win the spiritual war and dominion of planet Earth.


  25. hash tag huerer aquaracer khaki

    The Globalist-Controlled Left Blames Trump For Synagogue Shooting
    General Shepherd#InfoWars Oct 27, 2018
    Leftest’s Blame Drudge Fox News For Fake Pipe Bombs

    Information Terrorist’s Trying To Reshape America?
    Recently, one of my friends confidently asserted that the word assassin is derived from the word hashish?[marijuana] He then proceeded to tell me of a legend that he had learned in history of an elite group of medieval pothead assassins. I admit that I had no idea what he was talking about and initially wrote off his hypothesis as idiotic. But recently, I overheard a conversation wherein another person posited the same theory. Please let me know if there is any validity to his statement, and if so then please give me the straight dope. Frank, NYC
    Does “assassin” derive from “hashish”? [marijuana]
    July 30, 2002
    DWeiss replies:
    Your friend is actually on point. The word “assassin” is widely believed to share its etymological roots with hash, although this remains in dispute. As for the “elite group of medieval pothead assassins, ” we need to separate myth from fact. Legends about the medieval assassins derive primarily from sensational Sunni Muslim and European writings and are greatly exaggerated. But they contain a core of truth!
    Interesting History_ More Below;

    De-Moralizing America By De-Legitimizing Our Values
    David Risselada, October 28, 2018

    • paul ...

      And now they are going to legalize “assassins” (hash) in America (i.e. pipe bombers, church and school shooters, etc.)!

    • al

      The ENEMY MEDIA finds any reason to blame our great President Trump, the very person who consistently exposes them for the fraud that they are. There is not one rally where he doesn’t mention FAKE NEWS.

  26. Liberate80

    Steve is correct about military grade weapons being in possession of gangs in America. I know a cop in Baltimore County, MD who says they arrest gang members periodically on Route 40, Pulaski HWY, with military grade explosives and automatic weapons.

    • Justn Observer

      A view from Australia…and with the Chinese in Central and South America…what is happening there…and Canada allowing listening stations…what is the surprise?

      • Hockey Puck

        Hi Justn. Great link! It’s not the sort of thing I would normally see. What an eye-opener!

          • Justn Observer

            …Things COULD UNRAVEL QUICKLY if this situation accelerates ! – invasions in South America could push nations to pick sides?

            • Hockey Puck

              When the economy tanks, the politicians go to war. It’s so predictable, it’s pathetic. But nobody wants to take responsibility for WW III, of course, so let’s find a patsy. Hmmm! Venezuela looks good!

              Echoes of Sarajevo, 1914.

          • Hockey Puck

            Trump will get blamed for this, of course. Interesting chess move.

      • paul ...

        JO … interesting post … that seems more significant now that President Xi put on his military uniform and stated: “China is preparing for war” … and his top General stated: “one hundred US Cities can be instantly annihilated” … and as the Deep State neocons push China by sailing our ships between China and Taiwan to create the WWIII they want … the threat to America from our Southern and Northern neighbors becomes even more significant!! …

      • WD

        Could you imagine a Chinese army at full capacity….what 30 million boots on the the ground? They could easily fight on 4 or 5 fronts…

        • Tin foil hat

          The Chinese army hasn’t fought any major battle on foreign soil for many years – Korean War was sold to the people as a deterrence against foreign aggression on her border and the short lived war in Vietnam was a disaster which forced the ruling party to make a quick exist to avoid condemnation from within.
          China is a totalitarian government wich cannot afford any setback on any prolong military adventure not adjancent to its border.
          I wouldn’t worry about the Chinese army until they actually engage militarily in the Mid-east.

        • paul ...

          But we can build a robotic army of terminators made in the US so as to keep our trade deficit down (and without back doors) to counter the Chinese manpower threat … and put Americans instead of foreigners to work … strengthening our economy!!

    • Tad

      This is where martial law would become relevant. Where would they receive them?

      I wonder how infiltrated our Army and Marines are with MS-13 members?

  27. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for having Steve on, Greg. And great weekly wrap-up BTW. Lots going on.

    There are two kinds of people in the world:

    (1) People who want to go about their lives pursuing and understanding the truth of the world around them so they can adapt at the expense of no-one else.


    (2) People who can’t or don’t want to understand the truth of the world around them so try and control everything, including other people, at the expense of everyone.

    Conflict between these two kinds of people is ongoing, Biblical and never ends well.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      There are two kinds of people in the world:

      (1) Those who divide people into two groups,


      (2) Those who don’t.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett


      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        There are two kinds of men in this world: men with guns and men who dig… you dig… (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

  28. Ben Johnson

    In respect to Trudeau, I think Canadians voted Stephen Harper out, not voted Trudeau in, next election i think Trudeau is out and good riddance. My major concern is, that the left Government has allowed mass immigration, and as we know they generally vote left , funny thing is they leave a socialist government move to a capitalist country then vote socialist Maybe we need to go bankrupt before we learn. New Zealand went bankrupt they woke up real fast.

  29. Mike

    The attempts to foment a shooting civil war even in the cities has been a complete failure. The forces of evil are trying but their only success has been in a spiritual/cultural civil war. The most obvious conclusion of the talk was that National Security has been a complete joke for decades. We have had the façade of National Security being used to cover up criminal activity by evil elites. It will take a dramatic reform of the justice system to restore meaning to the term National Security. It will be a victory of good over evil when the cabal of traitors face military tribunals.

    • paul ...

      Your right Mike … the global-ass’s attempt to foment a shooting “color based” civil war in America has been a complete failure … he thinks we are a bunch of dumb puppets on a string … imagine Sore Ass’s shock as “Chucky” turns his head on his own and speaks back to the puppet master!!

  30. Robert

    Why was my post above, skipped over for release into the public comment section? Do you have to get approval from some agency or something, Greg ? Its obvious people who commented both before and I posted mine, had theirs released after moderator review. What’s up with that?

  31. Senior Blah

    Look, during the summer, there are scenic flights from Australia to Antarctica, granted the flights don’t go all the way down to the magnetic South Pole, again it’s a issue of range. During the scenic flight, for a period of two hours, the 747-400 flies at a lower altitude, causing additional fuel to burnt off, reducing range. Exotic alien craft in Antarctica, y’all been watching too much Stargate.

  32. paul ...

    By putting “back doors” in all the weapons we sell the Saudi’s and others … we can “turn them all off on the battlefield” at the proper time … the way Russia turned off our weapon systems on the USS “Donald Duck” in the Black Sea recently (to show us who was really in control in that area of the world!!)

  33. iwitness02

    Confluence means a flowing together. In a literal sense, it’s about rivers. But it’s more often used to talk about the coming together of factors or ideas, or of cultures in a diverse city.
    In my mind this is where we are at now. A great confluence of local, national and international events. What will happen when all the factors, ideas and cultures all flow together? Seems to me that we are about to find out. We may be very different people in two more years. Different from who we are today, because of what we learn tomorrow. And beyond.

  34. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The extreme left is blaming conservatives and Trump voters for murdering Jews? And they actually expect anybody to swallow that?

  35. oneno

    Very unfortunate this forecast for the united States. The CIA and FBI have been active destabilizing other countries for a loooong time. The False Flags within this very country is alarming.

  36. john duffy

    The Caravan LIE

  37. john duffy

    Sing a Little Louder

  38. Dee

    Hi Greg!

    I’m Canadian & I’m thoroughly disgusted by the ‘leadership’ in this country! Our gov’t is working hand in hand with George Soros & the UN. See the link below for more information on that.

    Our fake news media – CBC is bought & paid for by the left. Most of us would love to see CBC lose their funding! We pay our TAXES to fund our media to LIE to us!

    I find it sad, to see the SAME people, day after day, in this country, MOCKING Trudeau, yet also continuously mocking Trump & the CBC fuels that attitude daily; Canadian version of CNN. . The division here is shocking. Many actually believe the caravan/invasion there is just simply immigration & hey, ‘aren’t we all immigrants?’ They fail to see the convenient timing & also don’t consider that true, legal immigrants usually struggle their way into the US & Canada. These people in the caravan are traveling – all with the same tents, porta-potty’s, & the sheer numbers alone speak to it being meticulously planned, funded & orchestrated. Likely by George Soros & others like him. Why he’s still able to roam free in the US, is beyond me.

    Thanks, Greg, for the fantastic reporting!

    You’re in our prayers!

    Canadian Patriots Dee & Dave

    • Greg Hunter

      I love Canada but your PM not so much. He is putting g your country in danger.

      • Dee

        It’s too bad so many Canadians are so hyper-focused on the milk issue to see the clear & present danger our PM represents.. Though many are waking up. Too little too late, though. Damage is done, sadly.

        Thanks for the reply!

      • Dee

        Also, my apologies for posting the CBC link, because they truly disgust me so, but it was to show how they put Soros on a pedestal. He’s referred to often as the billionaire philanthropist.

        Just wanted to clarify for anyone wondering!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Dee!!

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Erin Pizzey wrote more than few times that the corrupting, loony and dangerous influence of feminism has made Canada the most dangerous country on Earth. Having worked in and traveled extensively throughout Canada, I agree with her completely. Erin Pizzey started the first women’s shelter in England in 1972. After learning that most women at women’s shelters are abusers and not victims of abuse, her shelter was taken over by feminists for political and bureaucratic expedience. Erin was driven from England to Italy, Canada and then finally New Mexico in the US. She spent most of her life condemning feminists and what they were doing to countries like England, Canada and the US. She wrote more than a few times that the corrupting, loony and dangerous influence of feminism has made Canada the most dangerous country on Earth. Feminism is women manipulating the public with the spectacle of their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. This dynamic is literally the engine of slavery that powers the entire western world currently. And Canada is the worst country to use this engine of feminism.

  39. DerStan

    Who controls the food and water controls the people…

    • Arthur Barnes

      …or, he who controls the welfare checks controls the people…

      • Justn Observer

        Welfare check only work when the goods needed are available! Few chart the solar minimums that coincide with global civil unrest and war which have led to empires failure…

  40. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank Stock is below 10. And headed down. This is a big week. Keep an eye on this death spiral.

    • Greg Hunter

      DB in big trouble now.

    • Stan

      I will keep this as simple as possible so you understand. A lower price for Deutsche Bank means I can buy MORE for my dollar. If you went to the supermarket and found your favourite bar of chocolate being sold for half price it would be BETTER value would it not? Keep on dreaming of El Dorado.

      • Greg Hunter

        Have you ever heard the term “catching a falling knife”??

      • john

        ….or suppose I went to the meat section at the store and bought a nice steak that was 50 % off the full price because its expiration date was in two days and then it goes rancid – thinking I needed it for dinner next week. I am not saying that DB is a bad investment just saying value investing is more than just getting in at a low price as there could be a fundamental problem going on in the background as to why the price is so low – time will tell. 20% Au exposure as a hedge is just prudent – you can get it today at the cost of getting it out of the ground. Keep on dreaming of lowering bond yields and new stock market highs. BTW, if yields drop back down it means there is a big problem in fantasy land.

      • paul ...

        Stan … why don’t you wait for DB to fall to ten cents … when you can get a lot more for your dollar … but that is when you will probably get too scared to act!!

      • William Stanley

        Here’s another analogy:
        Suppose you went for a walk one day in San Francisco and saw a crazy man trying to sell a pile of excrement; his little sign says, “$12.” Then you walk by the next day and the $12 is crossed out and the sign now says “Going out of business. Buy the whole pile for $6.” Is it now a BETTER value?

      • William Stanley

        Stan, re: “Keep on dreaming of El Dorado.”
        On a more serious note, I went hiking yesterday in El Dorado Canyon, which is about ten miles from the famous Comstock “mother lode.” I then went four-wheeling through Sunrise Pass and dropped down into another area of “played out” mines. Very close to where I got back on the blacktop were the facilities for “Itronics,” (ticker ITRON), a small high-tech company that cleans up toxic mining waste and extracts precious metals in the process (and also makes fertilizer as a byproduct). They are now in a joint venture with Comstock Mining (ticker LODE) to extract precious metals from tailings and low-grade ore. Check it out; very exciting:

        • William Stanley

          Correction: I should have said “high-grade,” not “low-grade” ore. Still an interesting company. (I’m neither affiliated nor, yet, an investor).

      • Jerry

        You’re my favorite diaper. You’re always on my butt and you’re full of you know what? Try and incert this thought into your brain little man. Do you think J.P. Morgan Chase Bank is stupid?

        Do you think maybe they know something? For the record I own a thousand ounces of silver. By the way I probably own that much in lead to. How about you?

        • Tin foil hat

          “You’re my favorite diaper. You’re always on my butt and you’re full of ..”
          You owe me a keyboard, lol………

    • Hockey Puck

      Hi Jerry, Thanks for the graph. DB=$12.34 a month ago, $9.85 today, more than a 20% drop in one month. Hmmm! Bill Holter was right about sounding the alarm bells in August. Looks like the reset is upon us, as predicted.

      The ugliest of all truths, however, is the supposed 8,133 metric tons that have never been audited since the Eisenhower days. It gives new meaning to “Beware of the Military Industrial Complex”, doesn’t it? What did Eisenhower know back then but was unable to say? If we use Bill Holter’s metric of $174,000 per ounce, you know what 8,133 metric tons equates to? Over $45 trillion! And I thought that $21 trillion was the crime of all time… stupid me! The $21T, as William Stanley pointed out a few weeks back, is probably accounting gimmicks involving flow. Gold, by contrast, is real. Looks like the oligarchs had this one planned a long time ago.

      If there is no gold in US vaults, there will be nothing to back the dollar anymore. It looks like, as also predicted, that power will shift to China, the FED will cease to have any relevance and the IMF will ride in their white horses to save the day. Hmmm! Is this what the reset looks like?

      • paul ...

        Where ever the banksters are hiding our Fort Knox gold … we are going to claw it all back from them using the RICO laws … and we are going to get every ounce of it back with interest … so “our gold is not really lost” … it is simply temporarily “in the hands of criminal banksters” (who think stealing it gives them ownership rights) … the banksters were never the owners of our gold (they were simply supposed to be custodians of our gold) … and they had fiduciary responsibilities to keep our gold safe … so we are going to claw all our gold back from them (even if the gangsters have our gold secreted away in their own private numbered Swiss Bank accounts)!!

  41. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, your guest may well be right but I respectfully disagree and believe that any such war has already started at least as a cold war. But as far as any hot war no way. There are just too many beer drinking, pot smoking, lap dogging, football & porn watching couch potatoes with handicap license plates to make much of a hot war. Really Greg, the RHINO’s of America in the general public are MILK TOAST and that is saying it nicely. Everywhere I go I see the complaining all talk and no action lapdogs in the coffee shops of America spouting off about how bad everything is and not one of them will call a guy out who just cut him off in a line at Walmart. So I suggest that there just isn’t any guts left here in old America for any hot action because those spare tires around their bellies would have to give up five hours of feeding their feed bags to dawn a fight. So, no, I like Quayle and, of course, I have heard him for years, but he is just wrong about what is coming as the good old America fighter lost his will to fight years ago. If that was not so why would we have allowed political correctness to overwhelm our country and take away our freedom of speech among many other rights. We are afraid to tell it like it is simple as that, and if we can’t even say it how in the hell could we stand up and fight for it? Now Greg, I have yet to state it like it really is out here, so for all your bloggers who think a civil war is coming you might just have to get off your duffs just once and tell it like it is first. Otherwise, just keep feeding your feed bags washing it down with some home brew and go back to dreamland cause nothing is coming except more of the Democratic American hating New World Order!

  42. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, should the big Red Wave which I am for comes ashore with a bunch more RHINO’s like Paul Ryan to name just one how is anything really ever going to change? Secondly, as long as our RHINO voting public believe in the voting change myth who will actually defend a civil war on our side? The Demagods of the left will rise up and fight, you have to give them that, at least they are not a bunch of fence sitters like our fellow American RHINO com-padres. History so many times has proven that power is taken by force not by peaceful means – the Democrats know this. They also understand that the American patriot has lost his stones for any real stand up conflict in the streets. Believing otherwise is just folly and dreaming nothing more. Look and smell the roses patriots you lost the war to your well tuned pickup trucks and designer beer years ago, you can’t now rise up and get it back as you haven’t said a word against the evil since you were silenced by political correctness; sad but I am afraid it so true. The left are simply not worried about your rhetoric any longer as you would have to speak up before you could get up and your not willing to do even that. So go vote for RHINO’s, wave your red hats and go back to your buffet table all is well.

    • paul ...

      Divide and conquer is the strategy Arthur … defeat the Demon-rats in 2018 … defeat the Rinos in 2020!!

  43. Rick Hester

    Romans 10:9 Jesus is Lord.

  44. Mr. Lee


    As a Albertan that resides in Canada, not all of us voted for Trudeau. I am a Harper Conservative. I stand with all Canadian Conservative and Conservative Americans. We are with you sir. Liberty, guns and freedom…….

  45. BobWells

    Steve Quayle is one of the best researchers with discernment I have had the pleasure and honor to be united with through the Holy Spirit … Thanks Steve for all your tireless years of research and sharing…

  46. Jerry.

    I give up. I sold all my Gold and Silver. I finally learned that holding pm’s is a scam. I’m tired of lying my arse off to convince people to by the metals. Its over folks. Hold on your dollars and don’t look back.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have made a huge mistake “Jerry,” and you did not do your homework.

      • Jerry

        I did not post this. Right now I’m holding over a thousand ounces of silver in a secluded vault. By the way Stan, do you know how credit default swaps work? If you did you would be cheerleading for Deutsche Bank who is holding almost 65 trillion dollars in derivatives.

        • Jerry

          Correction: would not be. Not that it matters Greg but I’m forced to use an iPad to post information on your site so I missspell words all the time. I had my computer attacked multiple times after posting information on your site. That should give you a clue what a threat you are to the deep state. Please continue to safeguard your server do we can stay informed. Thanks. The real Jerry.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          What does their derivatives book have to do with their stock price?

          • William Stanley

            Okay, I’ll bite. I assume that you assume that investors assume that all positions are fully hedged and that the net derivatives position is zero. If we could assume that, then the gross derivatives position shouldn’t have an effect on the stock price.
            However, I assume that the larger the gross derivatives position is, the more nooks and crannies there are in which black swans can hide. That leads to greater “unhedgeable” uncertainty — as opposed to risk, which can be hedged — which, for some investors, would require a higher expected (net of uncertainty) return on investment . . . which, in turn would require, other things equal, a lower stock price to lure them into buying the stock.

            • Tin foil hat

              William Stanley,
              “the larger the gross derivatives position is, the more nooks and crannies there are in which black swans can hide.”
              Exactly, these derivatives are only as good as the entities which sold them. Can DB cover a mere 5% (I’m being very generous) drop in its derivative holdings?
              In 2009, a hedge fund, specialized in derivatives, went bankrupt because it couldn’t cover the lost. Its assets to liabilities ratio was around 1:400. That hedge fund basically provided a rubber stamp (insurance or derivative) to transform a subprime mortgage back security into a AAA MBS. Nobody went to jail or fined. They just went bankrupt and walked away with many years of commission for basically gift wrapping garbages.

            • Occasnltrvlr

              I had been left with the impression that someone was assuming a DIRECT relationship, not the indirect relationship you so clearly described.

          • Jerry


        • WD


          I have done foreclosure defense work work before…they are strong and steady and I also do work with those that have unsecured debt…wow the level of unsecured is rising and fast!!

    • Beverly Kingsford

      Dollars will become worthless. There has been a vision by a man who saw many things in the future, and one of the things he saw was dollar bills lying on the ground, and nobody bothered to pick them up. But, another thing that was seen, is that gold and silver will only be valuable for a relatively short time, and then people won’t trade gold or silver for food. Food will be the most valuable thing you can have. So, invest in food storage and food production and energy. It’s smart to have cash on hand for the crash. But, it’s also smart to have metals on hand because people will convert to them.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Jerry, that’s a judgment call, precious metals will take off at some point in time but who really knows when. I don’t judge you for selling your PM position, maybe we all won’t live long enough to see the rise that all the pundits here have discussed for years ($50,000 gold, etc.). Frankly, its something like having insurance & at some point having it doesn’t do one any good any longer for many reasons. Many pundits here and around the Web have miscalculated just how strong the deep state is in their quest to hold the fiat system in place. Its not good to underestimate your enemies, it makes for good talk but its folly to underestimate their abilities to keep their positions in tact. So Jerry, thank you for being frank about your PM position(s), its a judgment call, we all make them for our own reasons, sometimes we are right other times we are not. Right we look like geniuses & wrong we look like idiots.

    • Stan

      Would you like that humble pie served hot or cold?

      • Greg Hunter

        DB stock closed at $9.63. You got a lot of baking to do on the pie. I hope you make a ton but what you are doing is risky.

    • June Bug

      Jerry keep some cash but. You must save some money and keep it safe. Money is a protection!
      English Standard Version
      For the protection of wisdom is [ like the protection of money ], and the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the life of him who has it. ◄ Ecclesiastes 7:12 ►
      Jerry show some wisdom, protect your money. Put some in the bank. The bank of J.P. Morgan, is the bank of silver and gold! Replace the mercury too, put some in your mouth!

    • William Stanley

      Oh, I see you are not our usual “Jerry.” The added “.” fooled me for a few seconds.

  47. Walter Baumgarten

    There is much that Steve Quale speaks about that most will not appreciate, but I do believe that he has an insight that is far greater than the norm, and everything that he details is in fact happening every day of our lives. One of the big issues that I believe most who claim to be Christian do not really grasp, acknowledge, of even comprehend, is that if you truly believe in Jesus Christ, in Yahshua, the Word Made Flesh, then you understand and believe that He spent a lot of time casting out demons from humans that they had possessed. If He did this 2,000 years ago, then you can bet that they are still possessing humans today. Does this not go a long way to explain why all of these unexplainable events are happening?

  48. Lois Petersen

    • Mohammad

      Very powerful…


  49. The Canuck

    Canada is currently selling it’s land locked oil to America for $20/ barrel. I’d say that’s going a long way to assist in “making America great again.” At that price it sure as hell isn’t going to do it for us.

    • oneno

      And we’re paying CAD $1.60 / Litre for regular unleaded (mostly state and local taxes). Politicians in Canada work for foreigner’s with money ignoring registered letters sent by citizens/(slaves). Sadly, there is no Trump-like candidate in Canada.

    • Mr. Lee

      I agree with you fellow Canadian, but to be fair. We cannot even get a pipeline built to get this product to market. We have only ourselves to blame. It is time for Western Canada (minus the communists in BC) to separate and start our own country

      • oneno

        No need for a pipeline anywhere as all inert energy sources are polluting sources that consume the life molecule oxygen which makes-up only 21% of our atmosphere. Pipelines are notorious for polluting waterways. The WING Generator is the way to the future. One 1000 foot Wing Generator can replace two 500 MW nuclear reactors.

      • paul ...

        Do it Lee … better yet … just separate and become a State of the USA … having Canada voluntarily join us … avoids a war (to remove all the globalists from the Northern Hemisphere)!!

        • Tin foil hat

          paul …
          Why pledge allegiance to a Queen who can technically sell her subjects to the Chinese for couple of trillion dollars?
          Personally, I’m happy to accept Canada and Australia as the 51th and 52nd state of the US.

        • Tin foil hat

          I mean after we clean up our mess, I don’t blame them for not wanting to have anything to do with us right now, lol.

  50. Beverly Kingsford

    Everyone needs to contact their Congressmen and also the White House and let them know that this new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico must also be abolished. We can’t let any of these trade agreements be put into place because they take away U.S. sovereignty. Everyone also needs to pray day and night for Trump—-that he will be protected and given the strength and wisdom he needs to continue—especially be protected.

    Christians have got to come together and end their arguing days. Doctrine and theology is important, I know, but we can’t let disagreements overtake us. The 31/2 years that Steve talked about will be a trial period for Christians in the U.S. and many Christians may have to die for their belief in Christ. I think this is something we just have to face. Earlier Christians put their lives on the line, and now it’s going to be our turn to do that. But, we can fight like hell until then.

  51. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Quayle.
    Warnings of apathy and its results,
    Connecting dots,
    The Catholic Church leadership in the USA are under pressure for their deceit and lies and grasping of money.They and the commie Democrats are financing yet more invasions .Unwilling to confront the government directly they use poor people as a weapon,dreadful.
    Here we have the complicity of the bureaucrats/deep state feeding nasty NGOs who further feed their stupid foot soldiers.
    Now China is being recognised as an enemy of us all,really!China is being used and now it is being thrown under the bus by an elite who wish to use them and their people.Foreign non Chinese elite.
    Reading God’s mind yes how amusing!
    The intellectual elite are so silent.
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks.

  52. Johnny Reb

    In Commemoration of The Civil-War As W e Enter Another?

    Mason-Dixon line
    “Dixie” (Union Version) – Union Civil War Song
    A boundary line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, laid out by two English surveyors, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, in the 1760s. The disputed boundary between the colonial holdings of the Penns (Pennsylvania) and the Calverts (Maryland).Before and during the Civil War, the line was symbolic of the division between slaveholding and free states. After the war, it remained symbolic of the division between states that required racial segregation and those that did not.
    Confederate Song – I Wish I Was In Dixie

    You Cant Expect Irish To Sit Idly by!
    As English Fight Amongst Themselves,
    Though They Call Themselves American!
    _The Irish Volunteer
    Irish-American civil war song

    Now About That little First World War. . .

  53. Mohammad


    If Trump does not hit the pocket of Soros and likes it will be too late for him to do any thing.
    This is his test as being outside the establishment, otherwise he is one of them doing his part of the scheme.


    • WD


      No doubt about it….I think Soros may have been the anti-christ all along…
      I mean how can you turn your own people into the Nazi’s and be stimulated by that.
      Purely satanic….

    • paul ...

      Your on to something Mo … why is it Sore Ass is left alone?? … why is it Hillary is left alone??? … why is it the Poppy fields in Afghanistan are left alone????

      • Mohammad

        Add to it sending 5000 troops to stop a caravan in a hostile surrounding, there you have our troops surrounded on the borders of states that have majority of hispanics and our troops may end up shooting coming hispanics in the caravan….WTF…What kind of advice is he getting?
        Thomas Chittum said on many occasions that sending our troops into hostile surrounding is making them sitting ducks especially if they do not have perimeters nor corridors safe enough to retreat.
        Am a physician and not a military person and I can understand what Thomas Chittum was saying, Gosh …WTF with sending our troops to Syria placing them in the middle of desert in 20 bases THAT TURKEY ALREADY RELEASED THEIR EXACT LOCATION and yet we did not retrieve our kids back…What the hell with that? surrounded by ISIS and hostile Iranian backed militia and they are there like sitting duck and now we are poking IRAN…am I crazy? WTF?
        I cannot forget that Trump was BUDDY BUDDY with the Clintons…
        I am more convinced now that he is one of them just doing a different part, you have to change actors to convince audience, after all he is THE MASTER OF ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS….

        Just for the fools cheering him just stop listening to what he says and see what he does.


      • Mohammad

        One more thing Paul in a form of dots for you to connect:

        1- Iran war is coming.
        2- Gulf will shut off and oil supply will be compromised.
        3- Venezuela is in what you call “failed state”
        4- Venezuela has a lot of OIL.
        5- Venezuela is in continuity with US.
        6- Brazil is now switching to the right.
        7- Mr. Trump entertained the thought of INVADING VENEZUELA…Hmmmm.
        8- we are sending 5000 troops south.
        9- History taught us that we may start with 5000 troops and end up with 120000 troops entanglement.

        Can you link the dot..??????


      • Tin foil hat

        paul …
        Soros and Hilary are mere puppets. Why get rid of poppy fields in Afghanistan if other poppy fields can pop right up in the golden triangle or Turkey? If we got rid of all poppy fields, cocaine will likely make a big comeback from S. America.

        • paul ...

          So if you have cancer on your pinky toe … you are not going to cut it off TFH … because you know it will eventually spread to the rest of your body … so you won’t give it a try … because you simply know you can never kill cancer … as for me … I’m going to cut the cancer out … and kill what I can get a hold of … and keep killing it where ever it springs up … on and on and on!!

        • Tin foil hat

          Squid can regenerate lost tentacles. Have you ever wonder why the deep state is also referred to as “squid”?

  54. paul ...

    The open borders policy in Germany has resulted in “Merkexit” (after her 18 year reign in power) … good riddance to politicians who push policies that hurt their own people … just like the “Demon-ratexit” that is about to occur on Nov6!! …

  55. paul ...

    The EU is now pedophile heaven … as their Courts uphold the perverse prosecution of a women who speaks her mind … saying that a 56 year old man having sex with a little 6 year old child is a pedophile (even if a marriage ceremony is held to quote make the act “legal”) …

    • paul ...

      Bet the Vatican is now looking into “allowing their priests to marry little children” (to cover up their pedophile problem)!!

      • paul ...

        At what age is a girl considered mature enough to consent to sexual intercourse in the EU?? … it’s 18 yrs old here in America … otherwise a man forcing himself on a girl under the age of 18 is considered “rapist” … even if someone “marries a girl under the age of 18” and forces himself upon her by saying “I’m your husband” … it is still a “rape of your wife” until the woman is mature enough to become a mother (that can take care of a baby) … the same way we won’t let anyone drive a car until the age of 18 when they are considered mature enough to act responsibly!!

        • paul ...

          Are the Courts in the EU now going to allow a 100 year old man to marry a 3 month old baby and have sex with it “for religious reasons”??? … but then again … the immoral evil slime at the top currently allow the demonic elite to kill babies and drink their blood don’t they!!

  56. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, migrate from a socialist or dictator type country like Central America or the Middle East to a capitalist country then vote back in the same type government (the Demogods); does that make sense to you?

    • Greg Hunter


      • Paul Anthony

        That literally made me laugh out loud !



  57. Roger D

    Testosterone-charged ‘Patriots’, with a stroke of a pen your Bill of Rights was destroyed by your beloved Republican’s NDAA. Not one shot was fired. Not one word was said about Civil War 2. That was 7-1/2 years ago.

    Why are we hearing about Civil War 2 now? Because say what you want about the stupid Left, at least they have the passion and commitment to fight.

  58. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the real problem with this Country, & Mr. Quayle touched upon it, is that the majority now are not Christians & a vast minority are actually anti-Christian in thought, action and vote. Christian America numbers are in free fall. Now I ask you Greg, how could America last as we have known her without our God in our lives? My thought is that America was blessed because she was Christian for 200 years, now I believe the blessing is being withdrawn by Him (Jesus Christ). As good as Trump is he is up against the wall of the evil left and its propaganda machine the MSM, he is surrounded by RHINO’s, leftest, atheists, socialists, communists, American hating immigrants who come to take spoil & many more. Christians need to start speaking out for their belief as its not something to be ashamed about as the left would like us to think.

    • Tin foil hat

      Arthur Barnes,
      Not too long ago, Anti-Protestantism resulted in the Spanish Inquisition and numerous wars from the Armada of 1588 to the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939.
      Being that I’m not a true Christian, I think Jesus Christ may be one in the same as Budda, I believe the glue which will hold us together is the Constitution of the U.S. rather than the blessing from one particular God.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Whether you believe that Jesus was and is the Christ is a matter of faith and revelation, but to equate Jesus, the Hebrew man who walked in Palestine causing quite a stir some 2,000 years ago, with Buddha, is to be ignorant of historical facts.

        • Tin foil hat

          Do you know many Buddha statues have blue eyes? Buddha walked in India 2,600 years ago and caused quite a stir too. Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with my unorthodox belief here but you prove my point that blessing from any one God will not be the glue that keeps us together.

          Btw, do you ever wonder why the swastikas are notable in Eastern Orthodox Churches, Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, certain Indian tribes here in America and the Mississipian culture of the Mound Builders?

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Wow, you’re reading a crapload into what I wrote.

            You surmised that Jesus and Buddha may be the same. I am making clear that they are not. End of story.

            Any effects of blessing from God are up to Him, not you, and neither of our words prove the point.

            • Tin foil hat

              Well, I guess the blessing from God had no effect on Philip II. I wonder what Queen Elizabeth I had done to make the blessing bestowed on her more powerful.

              Do you know a tall white man with long beard, could be Hebrew, walked in South America an eon ago and promised his return in the future? They called him Quetzalcoatl or “the Plumed Serpent”.
              Many years later, the Conquistadors were misidentified by the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl upon their arrival.

              Btw, I believe time is linear only for mortals like us. I also believe Jesus is our saviour.

  59. greg derian

    A little off subject but still relevant might I suggest that the DOJ and the FBI still have not learned their lesson about trying to take down our President and influence the election. I’m talking about the “fake bomber” and to a lesser extent the synagogue shooter. If true and I believe it is 100% the CIA, FBI and the DOJ must be eliminated because they have become too powerful, bold and unafraid. The CIA is included because we all know what they are capable of and it has been widely reported that they also have infiltrated ALL news, newspapers, mainstream media for decades and imagine what we don’t know what else they do and have done. And of course, the newspapers and mainstream media gloss over this fact as if it’s not a big deal. Do these agencies control politicians and judges? I’m sure they do and it all seems so evil. Makes you wonder “what has become of this Country”.

  60. Mohammad


    Very interesting what you discussed about the west southern Canada….An d right away it clicked in my mind the crazy real estate hikes took place in Vancouver and Washington state, do you remember that Greg, prices were millions of Canadian dollars of a house that is not worth 80000 CAD…at the time I scratched my head and said what the hell was going on, who is dumping money on real estate in the area and why, Now I understand…Beachhead for China’s coming invasion

    Worth checking with a real estate expert what the hell is going on on our side in Washington Seattle?


    • The Canuck

      I’ve lived on the west coast of Canada for decades. The influence of Asian buyers is nothing new. Lee Ka Shing started buying property on Vancouver’s waterfront after Vancouver hosted a very successful world’s fair, Expo 86 (1986). The movement of capital from Hong Kong to Vancouver was huge back in 1994 when Great Britain passed Hong Kong back to China as the Hong Kong wealth feared red, communist rule. Very expensive homes in in the west end of Vancouver were being purchased, torn down and re-built with monster homes. People in the 90’s were wearing t-shirts with Hongcouver printed on them. Vancouver’s growth is restricted to the mountains on the north, the ocean on the west and the border to the south. It’s not the structure worth all the money, it remains the land. As for the “emerald state” of Washington, just like British Columbia, it is magnificent here. The winter’s are kind and the boomers are gravitating here from all directions to retire, …… also driving up costs.
      30 million people in Canada. 300 million people in the USA. 1.4 billion people in China. Add to that India and the rest of SE Asia. I honestly don’t think the planet is going to be able to handle continued growth and pollution at the pace we have seen it in the past.
      Just my humble opinion.

  61. Diane

    Things are going crazy!
    Mad Madam Merkel is retiring. After destroying Europe with her immigration policy.
    Brazil elects right wing leader.
    US troops to stop caravan crossings on our southern border.
    Stocks and dollar are up as of this Monday
    What next?

    • Mohammad


      Nothing scares me more than sending 5000 troops to the southern border.
      This is where I started questioning is trump really outside the establishment or another figure doing his part of the scheme leading to civil war.
      Just imagine for a second our soldiers shooting at civilians coming to the border and the imagery of women or children dropping dead with blood, Same exact scene of Daraa in Syria when the Syrian troops shot civilians which ignited Syrian civil war in 2011, same play same book.
      Imagine the Hispanic communities in the southern states seeing this on CNN/ABC/NBC…etc…

      What the Hell..!
      Instead I will say to mr Trump.
      You can easily prove the link of the money trail of the caravan to Soros accounts, lock him up and you will stop the caravan.

      This is what Thomas Chittum said in the videos i linked to, he said those caravans are civilians pushed to the border to get slaughtered by the globalist money, and unless mr. Trump locks those funding them here in US a civil war will ignite with the first drop of blood at the border, I have seen it before in my mother land Syria , I am describing the play book which is unfolding exactly the same way here and yet all am saying is falling on deaf ears.

      Instead of sending 5000 troops there armed to teeth, just send few cops to lock the criminal sitting in NY up and mr. Trump will STOP THE CARAVAN, otherwise all am seeing is doing exactly what the globalists want and ignite a civil war with the first drop of blood … Just listen to Thomas Chittum he has a lot of wisdom to pass.

      Am praying that Mr. Trump will do the right thing and lock the real criminals, but i see him doing anything but that.


      • Diane

        I did listen to Thomas Chittum.
        We will see what happens.
        I cant understand why Soros isn’t arrested.
        Maybe they will let women and children cross but stop every younger than 60 year old man.

        • paul ...

          “No one” is crossing our border … women and children won’t be harmed but will be segregated from the men (so they can’t be used as human shields) … we can then give them a choice 1) put on the free parachutes we are issuing and we will load you on B52 bombers and drop you back in your own country, or 2) turn around and walk back the way you came!!

  62. flattop

    GREG: The Caravan.
    Would you suppose the deep state, Antifa/black lives etc will attempt to attack our military at the border from inside the country while they are resisting the caravan??

    • Mohammad

      They do not have to , all they need is the footage of the dropped dead women and kids at the border on CNN day and night like what Aljazeera did in Syria to ignite civil war.


  63. Greg Dougall

    I would like to point out that Billy Meier warned of 2 back to back civil wars in America in 1981 and 1987. I think the first is happening right now. The second will be public. He also said the superpower USA could come to an end by 2020.

    • paul ...

      The “globalist neocon warmonger” USA superpower “will” come to and end by 2020 as we Patriots will have voted “all the Demons” out of power by then!!

  64. Tommy

    When I click the picture of Steve Quayle to watch the interview a message appears that says payment is required to view the video. Are the interviews no longer available until a subscription is purchased?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have zero paywalls anywhere. It plays for free on USAW and on You Tube. Actually, You Tube demonetized this video and I got zero revenue for the first 75,000 views.

  65. June Floyd

    Wondered Why All Those Trump Stickers On Fake “MAGA” Bomber’s Van Were So Pristine? – Here’s Why
    When you really dig deep, something we know the FBI won’t do in this matter, you would discover probably Democrat ties, maybe with a little George sour-pus Soros group funding thrown in for good measure.

    • paul ...

      One has to wonder why a Mexican like Sayoc would love a “gringo” like Trump so much?? … his CIA handlers who pasted Trump posters all around his Van screwed up … they forgot to paste posters on the front door and front windshield of the Van!!

  66. June Floyd

    LEVIN: Interview with Newt Gingrich about everything regarding the upcoming midterm election
    American Patriot Published on Oct 29, 2018

  67. June Bug

    CBS News’ Article Glorifies George Soros Condemns Conservative Commentators
    Bill O’Reilly Published on Oct 29, 2018
    A CBS News article gives an inside look at George Soros and his stance on political issues, the reporter praises Soros for his work with non-profits that “financially support democracy and human rights”. The reporter fails to mention that Hungary has passed laws to put a stop to Soros’ meddling into their politics and other similar scenarios. Facts about where Soros’ donations are actually going and what the funding is doing to promote attacks against anyone that Soros disagrees with. Get the clarity on this villain that has intertwined himself in American politics. Facts that the mainstream media will not report.

  68. June Bug

    Sorry Oop’s,
    Here’s the link to the vid. Soros, above.

  69. Aaron Greenfield

    AMTV Published on Oct 29, 2018
    I’ll believe Canada, when they tell us there’s a Maple syrup shortage, until then, shut up and learn how to make bacon!

    • Justn Observer

      Hope they are bringing snow shovel and their winter coats, hey are heading the wrong direction! Should be heading towards Polo Norte… Look out Canada…might re-think buying dairy and grain from U.S. WHILE THERE IS STILL ANY SURPLUS…
      AL, your ox is being Gored?
      Change cometh, a good tutorial needed for awareness of solar influence on earth to come :

    • paul ...

      Beaming messages to the American people from Canada and Mexico that our country and our currency is soon going to collapse and that all Americans are racists … is simply an old trick by evil Globalist Demons to demoralize and divide the American people … these enemies of freedom spread this propaganda to make weak “snowflake” minds think we are done for … and to just accept the inevitable … however we strong minded Patriots know who our enemies are … they are all those out to destroy the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, etc., etc. … we are now about to counterattack … only days remain until we remove them all from their positions of power within our Government … by Nov 6th all the Demon-rats will be voted out of their positions of power … and then in 2020 we go after all the closet globalist RINOS !!

  70. Brian D.

    Hey Greg,

    Love Steve Quayle! Here’s some new names for the SanFran App:
    See a Crap Give a Crap
    Report a Pile of Pelosi

  71. Anthony Australia

    Boom or Bust?

  72. dlc

    Remember it all well. It was the doings of 1968 that soured the public on liberalism.
    After that, the radicals took baths, donned suits and became the multimillionaire Bolsheviks of today (John Kerry, the Clintons to name a few).

    For the longest time I thought the hippies died in a ditch somewhere. No, they washed up, tossed the denims, learned to talk calmly (until recently). They used to put down materialism — until they amassed undreamed of wealth for themselves.

    They are prepared to do a scorched earth all these decades later if their hopes and big plans hit the scrap heap on election day. Make a show of disgust as happened in 1968.

    Voting does matter, never as much as it does this go round. The opposition puts so much effort into procuring invader votes. Don’t allow an invader to cancel you out on election day.

    • paul ...

      When they were young Globalists were the routy hoodlums that sat in the back of the history class in high school and threw spit balls as the teacher was trying to explain the American Revolution and what the US Constitution was all about! … these are not people we should be looking to for guidance as to how to run the world … they are self-centered unprincipled creeps who would destroy the First Amendment (if they can make a buck doing it) … they can never be taught respect for anything as they have no principles … they have to be placed in detention at GITMO (and soap put in their foul mouths as they are waterboarded) … then told to write on the blackboard one hundred times … THE CONSTITUTION IS WHAT PROVIDES INDIVIDUALS THEIR FREEDOM!!

  73. M Orlando

    This Guy is an embarassing Con artist. USA WATCHDOG IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS BALONEY! Having people like this on effects the credibility of your own Reputation.

    Why do you keep having him on? Stick with reputable interviewees.
    Thanks for your Listening ear on the matter.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree. Quayle is a 14-time published book author, Quayle has done many high quality documentaries and has been a radio host for 26 years. You may disagree with him, but he has credibility–and that is a fact.

  74. Tom Chittum

    My book, Civil War Two the Coming Breakup of America, is back in print and available on Amazon in kindle format. It contains my opinions about why the united States of America will erupt in a civil war in our lifetime that will depopulate North-America and shatter the USA into several new, ethnically-based nations.
    It was first published in 1993 and I will have an update available by 2019. America is so far gone that this book won’t do you much good. It will do me some good if I can raise enough cash to buy a beat up old ship and name it The Deserting Rat and sail it around the Caribbean.

    I also have another book available on Amazon:

    I was in a real-life teenage Dirty Dozen in Vietnam. We were potheads, bar brawlers, dope peddlers, stockade bums, malingerers, murderers, deserters, drunks, thieves, pill poppers, junkies, fraggers, village burners and worse. We even had a cannibal.

    We were in the 2nd bat of the 173d Airborne Brigade.

    You want action and adventure? Here’s a video preview on Youtube.

    And here’s an Amazon link :

    Be aware that this book is not for those wussies forever getting their panties in a twist
    About shenanigans like decapitations and summary execution of so-called POWs.

  75. Coalburner

    I see lots of talk about Mexicans here and I live in New Mexico. Here is the skinny. I used to be the same but the whole picture has changed during the Obama years. It is so much danged worse now that the Mexicans who are not Third World anymore have to be recognized as reasonably civilized except for the criminals and gangs. The criminals, all of them and especially the MS 13 should not be sent back to try to get here illegally until they get through the border. They need to be sent to GITMO and kept along with the ISIS and other Terrorists and Middle East criminals. The real problem now is the far less civilized trash coming from all over the world in droves everyday. They are bringing diseases that the news won’t tell about and totally uncivilized life habits. Where do you think the outbreaks of e-coli in your food factory’s are coming from? These people are not really capable of holding real jobs, they are just to many generations behind a civilized western world. I want the Wall and it is not about Mexicans. It is about massive invasion from every trash country that decides to starve it’s population to death and that population is hauled to our doorstep by the likes of George Soros.

  76. Sister Betrayal

    #SAUDIARABIAEditor’s choice 29.10.2018 – 4,143 views

    • paul ...

      So killing women and children by starvation and bombs provided by the warmongering neocons in Washington was not enough for these evil Demons … they wanted to use chemical weapons and “gas the people” like Hitler did to the Jews!!

    • Galaxy 500

      And people believe this? That a Moslem BroHood Operative had proof that Saudi was using chemical weapons? What a bunch of malarkey.
      But then there are people that called Khashoggi a journalist when he was NEVER a journalist. But he was an antiAmerican and anti House of Saud operative.
      How is the Saudis killing this terrorist any different from the Øbamachrist killing a US citizen by drone after declaring him a terrorist?
      Personally, I do not care how many Saudis they kill. The world would be a better place if they killed about 2/3 of the Saudis.
      What I do not understand is why the Dems have gone from pro Saudi to very Pro Iranian. Could it be the big bribes that the Øbamachrist and his cronies harvested from the pallets of cash sent to Iran? The Dems are not honest about their graft. The old Dems would stay bought. The Dems since Clinton have been willing to take your money and then betray you for a bigger offer.

  77. Wes Beever

    Meeting Wrap up prepaussie

  78. Billy Roberts

    Greg – Civil War is coming. A house dived cannot stand. It will be racially driven.
    Remember George Washington Dream- it barley gets discussed. The 3 Perils!! You really need to get a guest to dicuss those perils and Washington’s concern.
    Germany is Americas main enemy, they started the last 2 world wars and they will invade America.

    • Mohammad

      “They will invade America”…?
      They already did 1945 if you read operation paper clip…!!!!!


    • paul ...

      The House we patriots are going to divide on Nov 6 is located right in Washington DC!! … and once we get rid of all the Demon-rats in 2018 … we will then divide the RINO’s from the true Republicans in 2020!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Mr. Roberts, Germany and the EU are threats in that they are swiftly becoming the new Caliphate. There will be a civil war and or European war before the EU/Germany wages war against us… I mean, besides political and financial war.
      There are very few Germans left in Germany. Europe will not be invading anyone… why? They don’t have an army and equipment to do it. And the moslems, Satan’s Army here on earth? They destroy from the inside.

  79. paul ...

    This the picture? … … what is taking so long … when are we going to hear Hillary has brain cancer?

    • paul ...

      So perhaps … to avoid the political upheaval of putting very prominent people away in prison … they will simply die off from brain cancer!! … anyone know if Obama has health issues??

  80. paul ...

    Interesting … Jim Rickards gives us Trump’s strategy … I can see now how Trump intends to destroy the Homeland of the Globalists … raising interest rates to strengthen the US dollar is crashing the Chinese economy …
    Hey globalists … you ran to China taking our jobs with you … thinking you would be safe over there while you crashed the US economy … well it’s payback time … all your investments in China are now set to explode!! …

    • paul ...

      You know … when you have a good General (Trump) … an enemy can be defeated fairly quickly … the Globalist enemy (out to destroy America one Amendment at a time) is now being bombed back into the stone age as Trump attacks “their homeland” … don’t believe the “fake news” media … we Patriots are winning this war against evil … and we are winning it big time!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        Man, you are on fire!
        I’m not “sick” of winning yet . . . but I’ve been grinning so much that my cheeks hurt and my dog is in danger of getting PTSD from exposure to my paroxysms of laughter. (I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to suspect that he’s a liberal: he hates guns, too. Nah, he’s way too smart for that. In fact, he just went outside to tell some howling coyotes to STFU. So he’s also living the good life and MAGA in his own way).

  81. Coalburner

    Jerry and Mohammad are right in many ways. After the election Trump has to go all in to freeze the globalist money, close the border and get many of these globalist moved to GITMO with this ISIS and MS13 brand new buddies. Trump must dispose of these useless beings before he leaves office. Yes there may be a reset but we need to make it on our terms. If necessary be need to invade Mexico and wall off the jungle down there. At least three quarters of the enemy needs to die. Trump must also clean out the traitors in our government and hold them until they cannot damage the country anymore. TI is going to get ugly and we will win. I dont want Trump to send the military to the border, just clal out the volunteer Patriot militia give them one mission. Stop the enemy from invading. A million volunteers would be there in 30 hours fully armed and ready for a couple of weeks.

    • Mohammad

      Wrong approach …

      I will urge you to listen to Thomas Chittum, he said and I quote:
      “if they strap every Mexican to a rocket and shoot them to the moon that will not solve any thing, The only solution is hitting the pocket of the globalists and that will solve the problem, end of quote.”
      Mexicans are god fearing, religious Christians and family type of people, they cherish their kids and love their work and work hard.


  82. Coalburner

    Sorry about the spelling!

  83. Stephen Bryant

    What took place in the United States for years was that regardless of which Political Party you voted for you got the same RESULT. You know that! The same thing in Canada. Look at the damage Stephen Harper did to this Country. Same for the other Prime Ministers that came before him. Just like the USA with Bush, Clinton and Obama. People got fed up and made their frustration vote in Trudeau. It was more of the same or give something else a try. I knew he was a scumbag, sellout Globalist but, we unlike the United Sates, don’t have a DONAL TRUMP YET. He’s coming because people ARE WAKENING UP here too.
    So Greg, before you go on you tirades and add to the divide and conquer campaign driving a stake between Americans and Canadians, take a deep breath and use some critical thinking.

  84. Tim McGraw

    Great interview! Today I read an excellent article; “Our Revolution’s Logic” by Angelo Codevilla in “The American Mind”. I highly recommend it. Codevilla gives a history of revolutions in the past and how the one we are going through now is similar and yet different from past revolutions. I do not have much hope “Only a fool’s hope.” Gandalf.
    But if we can disperse into our own groups and avoid a Civil War, we have a chance.

  85. Tim McGraw

    HI Greg, No one will read this but you as the parade has already passed by. I think about God every day. I wonder why Jesus didn’t come back to stop WWI and WWII. Sorry, but the Dude is not coming back and yeah, “That’s just your opinion, man.”
    I really wonder why I care about this violent walking talking ape species that blows shit up and kills itself every day by the thousands.
    Why do you?

  86. Carol

    For men to be supposedly well informed, you aren’t. Don’t you KNOW that votes don’t count? Don’t you know that Presidents are picked YEARS before they are ever in office?
    Don’t you know that you are a slave of the Corporate UNITED STATES? Don’t you know that ALL attorney’s Judges, clerks, cops, sheriff depts. are all robbing WE THE PEOPLE through our Cesta Que Trust, and that they are NOT paying taxes on it, or that Justice of the Supreme Court Judge Dale Chase (retired) spilled the beans on this FACT, I believe was in 2013 on this criminal enterprise? Don’t you know that NO COURT across our land is an Article 3 court of LAW but Article 1 Courts of Administrative ONLY, and that all these judges are FAKE and that they have NO JURISDICTION OVER WE THE PEOPLE? Don’t you know that in order to be free, one must change their political status? That ones birth certificate which signed you into the slave system, must be AUTHENTICATED, proving you are not the strawman but the living flesh, flowing blood soul? Didn’t you know you are lost at sea? take care folks! You must become an American State National! Check out Anna Von Reitz

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah Carol, votes don’t count (SARC). That’s how we got President Trump.

  87. Katherine McKay

    The Civil War already happened the North one You can’t make it happen again that’s not one of those histories you can make repeat… The saddest part is I have to tell you this

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