Civil War Is Coming To America – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says a second civil war has been brewing in America for a quarter century. Quayle explains, “I believe the civil war is part of the fifth column and the plans of both the Russians and the Chinese military to initiate a civil war to turn a country against itself. A nation divided cannot stand. A house divided cannot stand . . . . I am getting reports about all of the weapons from all over the world going into Mexico. These weapons are being distributed even to the gangs in the United States. I think this is one thing people do not recognize is the gangs have adopted more of a military positioning than just simply a criminal positioning.”

Quayle thinks what is going on is global. Quayle says, “People have got to understand the New World Order is about ‘out with the old world and basically the foundation of Christianity’ . . . to substitute a Luciferian elitist world and the destruction of mankind. . . . The control of the mainstream media is for the destruction of the United States and everything that we stand for. . . . People still don’t understand that when you come into a country . . . You get visas and you get to stay. You just can’t come in. I am not against legal immigration. I am against the advance guard, the Trojan, and let’s call it what it is, the immigration army of conquest, the Trojan immigration army of conquest.”

Quayle adds, “We are undergoing the first phase of a total civil war. When you’ve got Nancy Pelosi using military terms calling to get rid of their political enemies as ‘collateral damage,’ collateral damage is a term the military uses when they bomb the hell out of somebody and the innocent get killed, and that’s the point. People need to go back and do their homework on the Weather Underground in the 1970’s. They wanted to have a social takeover of the United States, and they would need to kill, I think, 30 million people to do it. If you take that into today’s population compared to the where it was back then, that equals 100 million people. . . .When the outspoken former people from the NSA and DNI and CIA say they want to return to normal, they mean they want to return the control and their plan for the destruction of the United States of America.”

Quayle thinks the 2018 midterm elections are the most important election ever. Quayle says, “As a Bible believing Christian, I think this is the most important election in your life, in your children’s lives and your grandchildren’s lives. You cannot allow Hellywood and the New York Times and Clinton News Network and the mainstream media that’s been posting wild stories shape this election. Did you ever think you would see a New York Times article about different people fantasizing about killing Trump by his own Secret Service? . . . . This is the most important election in your history or your children’s future.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned radio host, filmmaker and author Steve Quayle.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Any domestic Civil War in Australia will be the Chinese against the rest. We have no political or religious allegiance at all.
    Hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

    • Ray

      Civil War here in the Lap Dog Nation?
      Mate……people here aren’t even smart enough to stop watching The Block and The Bachelor. They are wrapped up in celebrity worship, political correctness and sport.
      In the past week, they have been gushing over the Invictus Games…….should be called The Illegal Invader Games.
      There will be no civil war here……Australians aren’t as smart as Americans… least some of them will stand up for their nation.
      If the Chinese take this country, it will be because they are smarter, harder working and far more forward thinking than the average Aussie Yobbo.
      By the time the average Australian Yobbo awakens to find that the Chinese have taken the nation, it will be FAR too late.
      Anyway…..I don’t see China bombing and occupying sovereign nations like our country does……maybe a change of ownership will stop all that…….maybe not.
      Please Anthony……let’s not point any fingers at China or the Chinese…….they could snuff out our nation TOMORROW by halting all trade with Australia.
      The Chinese have been around for about 3000 years, and will still be around LONG AFTER the Lap Dog Nation and the Bully Nation have been relegated to the well deserved chapters of world karmic history.
      Peace be with you, my fellow countryman…… I always enjoy your posts here at USAW.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

      • Tin foil hat

        With all due respect, America doesn’t deserve to be relegated to the sideline. We were led astray but are not blind to where the current path is taken us.
        Not a single nation in this world has the Constitution which guarantees the absolute rights in the list of Amendments to its citizens as in America. I still believe we are the beacon of light to the free world. Granted, the flame is out but we are ready to rise from the cinder.
        I pledged my allegiance to the Constitution of the U.S., I didn’t pledge to the Republican nor the Democratic Party.

        • Chip

          TFH, our constitution has been ripped to shreds. Hopefully we can hold on to those threads but that is threatened every single day by liberal judges… Chip

          • marko

            Illuminati, masons, witches, shamans, agents of the devil and demons, you stole my ip. Pay me now!

        • Ray

          Well said TFH…..
          Here’s where I pledge my allegiance…..TO HUMANITY.
          No bombing.
          No Secret Service.
          No financial fraud.
          No Hegemony.
          No one nation having its military jackboot over countless others.
          Good luck restoring America to what your Founding Fathers had envisioned.
          You’ll need a Revolution to do it.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • paul ...

            And I too pledge my allegiance to Humanity!!!

      • FC

        Well said Ray, if the Australian Government halted foreign ownership of property to the Chinese. China will simply stop doing Australia a huge favor in buying their raw materials and will go else where and simply increase their existing orders with Africa and South America.
        The pen is mightier than the sword.

        • Anthony Australia

          They are already sourcing cheaper resources and gearing up for the next phase, DRC is their golden egg.

      • Anthony Australia

        Agree on some points Ray, but you’d be surprised what happens when things go belly under.

        ‘By the time the average Australian Yobbo awakens to find that the Chinese have taken the nation, it will be FAR too late.’
        I call out China because here in melbourne they are almost taking the lot. Look up Golden Age group and you will see the significant development taking place. Last week I conducted my own experiment and drove around Melbourne; went from Doncaster Road to Clayton Road (17.6 km), almost all of it is of a Chinese influence.

        Take Care Rayberra

        Vote One Nation.

        • Ray

          Well said mate….well said.
          Here is the thing though…….if something is for sale, anyone can buy it, in a free market (apparently).
          If China has the money to “buy” Australia……then mate….buy it they most certainly can.
          I don’t like it much either, but, as people here like to say, including the owner of this site……Capitalism is the best road for Humanity, then Australia is definitely up for sale to anyone that can buy it, because Capitalism only seeks one thing, and one thing only…..a profit on investment.
          All else is secondary to that first caveat.
          And that is why this planet is now in the absolute mess it is in……profit first…..everything else second.
          Not good, but we now have exactly what we asked for and exactly what we deserve.
          Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

          • Anthony Australia

            Touche’ good man.
            What about my kids?, is the question I get asked daily.

            • Ray

              Anthony….it takes a good man to know another one mate…..I am honoured by your words.
              In answer to your question….EDUCATE THE KIDS.
              That will save them, believe me.
              I bring my son, who is just 13, to this website and others similar…..we discuss the issues at hand and really enjoy the conversation. He wouldn’t even know who Kim Kardashian is, but he can explain the concept of inflation and fractional reserve banking to any adult in the room.
              I know that he, at just 13, will stand up for what is right for Humanity after I am gone, and he will do the exact same with his children as I have done with him.
              Therein lies our hope and reason for living mate x
              Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • Eric

            By 2019 no one will be buying much, including China. There may be bombs flying but little buying.
            That’s the great part about having a worldwide meltdown. Everyone gets cut down in size. Humility replaces pride. Pride is number one enemy of God.
            That’s why my country is where it is today (US). You can’t serve both masters and we long ago through out the 10 Commandments, prayer, or brotherly love.
            Brotherly love….. now that’s a strange concept you haven’t hear for decades.

      • Anthony Australia


        Looked into it after you mentioned the show, dear me…..

        ‘Almost 3 million Australians saw controversial contestants Hayden and Sara win the 2018 season of The Block on Sunday night.’

        • Ray

          3 million Imbos mate!!!
          (For our non- Australian friends….Imbo is short for Imbecile).

    • Tad

      Perhaps I missed something, but the caravans moving toward our southern border are going to acquire their weapons in Mexico and engage our military as they inch towards the border?

      Most women and children nowhere to be seen or used as shields?

    • Galaxy 500

      Are you saying there are not any people that want to keep the Australian society and culture enougjt to fight for it? Or are you saying the Australians don’t really care who their masters are?

      • Anthony Australia

        Just clueless to the whole scene.

  2. paul ...

    Eight in ten Americans believe as Quayle does and see a sharply divided Nation!! … … it is time for each American to think about their children’s future … so go to the polls this Nov 6 with the courage of our Founding Fathers and expel all Demon-rats from Congress … then in 2020 we can remove all the bad Republicans!!

    • Hockey Puck

      Thanks Paul for that Zero Hedge article and all your contributions here. I found this article, like most stuff on Zero Hedge, to be very insightful. What’s so tragic, however, is this polarization between democrat and republican. It’s all too subtle and yet it’s a mental disease that has gripped the whole country and is setting the stage for the Civil War that Mr. Quale talks about.

      The battle is not democrat versus republican. The battle is freedom versus tyranny, the constitution versus chaos, real prosperity versus debt slavery, we the people versus the oligarchs. Trump, as we all know, is not a traditional republican like the Bushes, the Ryans, and the other puppets of Bigness (read bankster) whose only purpose has ever been to rob the middle class. Thank God! We must do all that we can to educate people about this fact. Unless people see the real battle that is going on, there is no hope.

      I recommended this video last time. I feel I must do so again. It’s a tool we can use to educate people, The True History of America: Why? There were 2 things that really stood out in this movie for me: 1) JP Morgan controlled both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. This is over 100 years ago! Duhhh! I didn’t know that. 2) FDR in the run-up to the 1932 election had exactly the same struggle to become president as Donald Trump did this time. Both parties back then were bought and paid for by Big Money, the same way they are today. And if one listens closely, you can hear FDR railing against whom? The oligarchy! He used those exact words. He was no fool. He knew what he was up against… and this is 1931, before we were all born.

      The battle between freedom and despotism that started with the American Revolution… never stopped. It is the very essence of American history since the days of the Founding Fathers. What’s happening today is actually nothing new, just a different flavor.

      So the battle is not between republican and democrat, never has been. It’s between fools and thinkers. A truly intelligent individual, if he or she steps back and analyzes what is really going on will realize that Trump is the only hope for America. Why? He stands for the Constitution and the rule of law. If we focus on that, just that, and forget all the rest, THERE IS HOPE. But if we go in the other direction, follow the lead of the main street media in its polarization of republican and democrat, we sow the seeds of division in this country and are in fact the instruments of Satan. This is a black and white issue!

      I choose to be an instrument of Hope!

      • paul ...

        Yes HP … you are right: “The battle is freedom versus tyranny, the constitution versus chaos, real prosperity versus debt slavery, we the people versus the oligarchs.” … well said … the divisions in our country are created by Satan’s minions … lets get the Demon-rats out of office first … then we can concentrate on getting rid of the neocon Republican warmongers in 2020 … little by little … we will bring Hope back to our Nation by strengthening our Republic by putting true Patriots in office representing us in Washington!!

        • Hockey Puck

          I’m with you… one battle at a time!

      • Galaxy 500

        FDR was a communist