Climate Change is Global Communist Tyranny-Lord Christopher Monckton

4By Greg Hunter’s

Lord Christopher Monckton says the “climate change” issue is really a way to gain control of the world.  Lord Monckton, former award winning journalist who was once an advisor to Margaret Thatcher, contends, “This is a story that has been grossly, I mean grossly, oversold.  They have exaggerated beyond all reason.  Just this week, I’ve had a major paper published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Science which gives the reasons why they got it wrong.  We went into their wretched climate models and took them apart.  We’ve found what they did wrong, and we exposed it.  The left have gone ballistic.”

Lord Monckton goes on to say, “What seems to be happening is the communist, in particular the hard left, have taken up these climate cudgels in a very big way, and they are the ones that are really driving this agenda.  Why are they doing this?  That is the first question.  The reason, of course, is they have long wanted to set up what used to be called the socialist international.  It’s a single giant global communist tyranny.  Of course, you get Obama, whose father was communist.  His chief mentor was communist.  His rhetoric is communist.  He has taken this up in a big way.  The State of the Union Address was really rather pathetic. . . . I never thought I’d see the United States electing a communist as President.”  Lord Monckton also points out, “These people are totalitarian.  These are people who want global government. They want to be part of a regime of total control. . . . This is what the hard left has always wanted.  It was the same in Hitler’s Germany. . . .Now, you got the communist party in the United States, but now they are calling it the Democrats.”

The co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, has made public statements that say there is “no scientific proof” humans are the cause of global warming.  Lord Monckton, who knows him personally, says, “Patrick Moore has made a very moving speech about how he tried to set up a genuine environmental organization.  Its intention was to make the world a better place, to leave a smaller environmental footprint on the world. . . . He is heartbroken.  I can’t tell you how sad he is at the perversion of the organization he founded.  Goofy teenagers are giving it money and going around collecting money, not realizing that what they are actually collecting money for is not an environmental organization anymore.  It is a communist front.  It is there solely to bring in a world government to put its people in charge, using the environment just as Hitler used it as the excuse for additional totalitarian control.  Let’s not forget, it was Hitler who first founded the green movement and first used the environmental movement, not for the basis for genuine concern about the environment, but as a basis for getting control over every detail over people’s lives so they couldn’t argue back.  That’s what this is really all about. . . .  I get criticized all the time as to why I don’t just stick to the science.  I say somebody has to tell the truth, not only about the science, but also about the politics.”

Lord Monckton believes there is climate change, but he does not believe man has anything to do with it.  Lord Monckton says science will ultimately back up that claim.  Why the recent push on climate change that is also called global warming?  Lord Monckton says, “I think they are panicking because they know that this process  . . . cannot be kept going for very much longer because . . . it’s been 25 years since the UN produces a report saying we were all doomed, and since then, the rate of warming has been half of what they predicted and well below their entire range of estimates.”  Also, former Vice President Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would be melted by now.  Just the opposite has happened, as Lord Monckton points out, “If you took the Artic and the Antarctic together, global sea ice was the greatest it’s been throughout the 35 years of the satellite era.  It is greater than it has ever been before.”

Lord Monckton closes by saying, “God Bless America, and in light of what’s to come, if we don’t stop it, God Bless us all.”

Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth interview with Lord Christopher Monckton.

(There is much, much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview:

Lord Monckton says he is simply a “seeker after truth.” If you would like to read Lord Monckton’s peer reviewed research paper on the Chinese Academy of Sciences website, click here.  Lord Monckton says if he’s correct, this may ultimately prove to the world that man-made global warming is a false narrative, and there is no need for taxes and regulation to combat it.


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  1. allen ols


    Sooner or later, patriots will have to rise up, and defend ourselves in mass, to put down the rise of these crazy politicians and and left wing/right wing globalists. I saw an interview of Lord Monckton on another site but had’nt gotten to it yet. TOTAL CONTROL is the agenda of satan/minions.

    I was trying to guess who u were going to have on this morn and i guessed John Williams, lol.

    tks al

    • allen ols

      Davos economist Robert Johnson, who made headlines this week for revealing that the wealthy are buying secret hideaways as a hedge against global instability, warned in a subsequent interview that the elite are also afraid of more riots in the mold of Ferguson, Missouri…

      ..The deputy head of the Russian Central Bank directorate in the Amur region of the country has shot dead three people before turning the gun on himself, Russian independent news service Interfax reports.
      Western bankers are dropping dead all over the place – most of them youngish and in good health. There appear to be an unusual number of suicides and “unexplained” deaths.

      Last year, 36 bankers died. There have been 3 already this year, including the latest – a Dutch financier who worked for Amro bank


      The government of Venezuela, believed to be the most oil-rich nation in South America, is considering raising gas prices to keep the national economy afloat, though such a move could spark protests and unrest in a nation already rife with political tension.

      Officials are believed to be considering it in light of current oil prices being close to free. Bloomberg reports that it is currently possible to find gasoline in Venezuela for $0.002 a gallon.

      • mohammad

        Suicided banker…..

  2. brad27

    So pleased to see Monckton on here. NOAA is doing back flips to make global warming out of any event. Today they had on their weather website an article showing “scientists” out at sea dropping down a sensor to the bottom of the sea. It is entitled :

    “Diving for answers in the ocean’s abyss
    A new aquatic robot is going where heat energy from global warming hides.”

    Really? So now they claim that all that heat that is burning us up is hiding on the bottom of the ocean. Hot water, being less dense, should rise to the top. Our tax dollars at work!! Where do I send my donations to further this important research?

    • JC Davis

      Brad 27 I will take 10.00 There is rain that has never fallen from the sky. I can cause it to fall ( if )I get enough money. Just 10.00 from 7 billion people and global warming is over. LOL Crazy world.

      • JC Davis

        The best way to beat a joke is to make up a better one.

  3. Brian Stemmermam

    Bravo. Thank you Greg for all you do.

    • Chip

      So heat energy defies science and heated water sinks to the bottom instead of coming to the top? Anyone here ever scuba? Water becomes increasingly colder the deeper you go…

  4. Coalburner

    Nothing here to argue; most people with actual scientific knowledge agree.

  5. Coalburner

    I wish you had ask him if the Queen is trying to outlive her moron son Charles and his drunken wife (LOL! the next Queen) to pass the baton on to young William who acts