Climate Cult Wants Marxist Control – Brian Sussman

By Greg Hunter’s 

America and the world are in a battle with evil godless demons for control.  This is where all of the problems we face are coming from.  It is that simple.  Award winning meteorologist, newsman and best-selling author Brian Sussman lays out the plan for total tyranny and domination of everyone’s life in an upcoming book called “Climate Cult: Exposing Their War on Life, Liberty & Property.”  Sussman explains, “I know the title to the book is an attention getter, but the ‘climate change’ agenda has all the facets of a cult. . . . The first is doom.  They keep telling us if the temperature rises another half degree, it’s going to be the end of the earth as we know it. . . . If we go back to The Industrial Revolution, which basically got rolling in 1850, we had the use of fossil fuels.  We have had billions more people on the planet, countless cars, trucks, planes and rockets. . . . Since the 1850’s, we have only warmed one degree–one degree!  That is perfectly in keeping with temperatures as we know it based on geological records.  They say another half degree and it’s over.  So, they are scaring the pants off people. Then, just like all cults, they look at you as the problem.  They say, ‘You are a carbon sinner,’ especially if you live in the United States of America. . . . Shame on you!  You are a carbon sinner.  Oh, but there is atonement.  You can atone by reducing your carbon footprint.  You can atone by becoming an activist.  You can atone by planting a tree.  Then they promise you utopia. . . . These people have partnered with the UN and the World Economic Forum . . . I have the documents. . . . This climate change agenda will give us no more social injustice.  There will be no more social inequity, and we will all live in peace in a brand-new world.  These are their plans.  It’s frightening, but that is how they get people into this cult.”  Sussman contends, the “Climate Cult” wants Marxist control.

Sussman says big business is involved with something called ESG (Environment, Social Governance).  Sussman says, “These companies want to play by their ESG scores, and this has become a multi-trillion dollar investment business.  People are picking their investment based on a company’s ESG score. . . . The problem is as these companies attempt to fulfill their ESG status and raise their ratings, they are doing it at the expense of the investors.  So, it’s really bass- ackwards, and it is biting investors in the shorts.  It’s a loser, but the climate change agenda is all in on this.”

Sussman says, “The Biden Administration is full of the ‘climate cult’ idiots, and they are carrying the torch to go forward, not just to end global warming and climate change, it is to end the way we live in America.  They believe as Karl Marx did.  They believe in the ‘Laws that Matter.’  The Laws that Matter basically say some people are born with a better brain than others.  Those with a better brain have a responsibility to rule over those with a lessor brain.  Otherwise, those with the lessor brains will kill one another and destroy the planet.  That’s what Marx believed, and that’s what the modern-day liberal Democrat party believes to this day.  For example, that stupid ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ that recently passed Congress, there is $250 billion to be spent on climate change.  This goes to line the pockets of people with degrees that are worthless.  It’s stupid.”

Sussman says he wrote the book to try and get young people out of the “Climate Cult,” and he points out, “We have to do something to wake people up.  Just like prior to the American Revolution, there was a shining light of truth that went forth.  There was an old-fashioned revival that took place, and it gave the people courage to stand up to the biggest military in the history of the world, and guess what, they won. . . and we are up against a big enemy right now.”

There is much more in the 35-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he interviews Brian Sussman, award winning meteorologist, newsman and best-selling author, as he talks about his upcoming new book called “Climate Cult: Exposing Their War on Life, Liberty & Property,” for 5.14.24.

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Dave Scrimshaw

    Clearly the plan has always been to kill off most of us (see Saul Alinsky’s book). Such will be the forecast of the Deagel (Rockefeller) Report for 2025 — Population of U.S. to be 99 million.

    • Greg Hunter

      We the People” are not going to let that happen. The Elect will be here when Jesus returns, and HE will “Shorten the days for the sake of the elect.”

      • sam

        Mr.Greg Hunter….if you would PLEASE….Pass this note onto Mr. Brian Sussman…..I think he has a “little pull” with the “higher ups” on President Trumps Team…..and the Backing you have with “some” of you’re LOYAL American Viewers and LISTENERS….that are “NOT DOGS”….they are the Intelligent “Cream of the Crop” of America…not these useless “crybaby commie foreigners” one sees All Over the AMERICAN INTERNET.. but Actual Patriotic American Citizens……PLEASE let him Know that the Loyal American Citizens Embracing USAWATCHDOG.COM are convinced that you are the only right and Logical Candidate for President Trump’s Press Cabinet …..
        Please let me tell him that the Honest and Loyal Americans would Embrace YOU! as Part of PRESIDENT TRUMPS PRESS TEAM! and you’re AMERICAN FAMILY that Embraced You!

        • Brewster Baby

          sam, read the or see the movie the ugly America. It’s our blow hard Amerikan’s like you who, 😖, who give us such a bad name.🤬
          We know whom you who, is woiking fer!
          Your trying to toin us in mate.
          You and your bosses want to tern us into cellmates! Your the guy who spilled the beans on the deep state creeps embedded, in the J6’ers to the old project Veratose guys. Their new name escapes me.
 controls the
          narrative that moves the nation and the world and sam wants to have that control and all he does is make a bigger fool of himself trying.
          We’ll come and get us sam and we’ll make an even bigger fool of you who, you foolish man.

        • Harvey Wisanstiener

          The Ugly American

      • jamie

        hi Greg, i dont think we really won the revolutionary war.. The king took his troops out and left his central bank. George Washington Was royalty and his military dictator

      • Michael Lee Shirey

        Rev. 9:5 Hour of Temptation (first Tribulation)
        will be 5 months.


        Greg talk about LITTLE BRAIN’S there was a movie DEFENDING YOUR LIFE with Albert Brooks in 1991 it was great. Looks like that’s what their trying to make us do DEFEND OUR LIVES. THEY JUST HAVE BIG HEADS 🚫 NOT BIG BRAINS.

    • Dr. Tyz

      Actually, Deagel had a 2025 forecast of the US population at 54 million. It was later revised upwards to 99 million. I believe the additional 45 million are not Americans but foreign nationals ie Chinese etc. who will be in control of the country after most Americans are eliminated.

      I also believe Deagel is part of the dark side, involved with Covid-19 and mass depopulation and they have the means and motive to accomplish their goals. This is not a conspiracy theory but sound information backed by a mountain of evidence to support this assertion.

      If the Deagel projections are accurate, get ready for all hell to break loose soon as 2025 is just around the corner and time is running out. As I’ve been saying for some time now, as the West falls the East rises. Pick where you are going to be before this happens and I can assure you the US is not where you want to be in the near future.
      Wake up now or suffer the consequences. The choice is yours.

      • Gary Miller

        So where should a person go?

        • Dr. Tyz

          Find a non-Western country that is not aligned with the US, ie some countries in Central and South America and Asia.

    • Dale Anderson

      I don’t think they are going to make it short of a nuke war.

      • Katy Bar

        Germany is now considering conscription of its all its men and women over the age of 18 to fight in Ukraine. Years ago Donald Trump warned Germany that it had become too reliant on Russian energy and the Demonrats mocked him for it until Bribe’n got in and realized what Neocon US policy was and then blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline. Sadly, it seems the ultimate goal of both RINO and Demonrat leadership “was always a planned attack upon Russia” and it started under Obama who overthrow the legitimate Ukraine Government (which was the initial step in the Plot to Take Down Russia). But the West could not simply enter Russia Militarily without giving the ordinary western voting public a good reason for doing so – so they have been incrementally poking the Bear until Russia finally relents in its restraint and leashes out using tactical Nuclear Weapons upon NATO Troop Command and Control Centers. We are now well underway toward Marching Right Into World War III thanks to the manipulation of the WEF Global Elites (who have effectively taken political control of Western Governments (from Canada, Australia, Brittan and France to the US itself) and these Psychopathic Totally Insane Globalists have absolutely No Regard for Human Life (a Worldwide Nuclear War would be a Dream Come True for their Lunatic Eugenics Program) and their Final Ultimate Goal of Exterminating All Human Life from Planet Earth!!!

        • Ken Yu

          The West can’t invade Russia Militarily without giving their voting public a good reason for sending their sons and daughters to die in Russia. So the UN Globalists are prepositioning UN Troops in America (military aged illegals crossing our southern boarder) as part of the WEF Globalist’s Plans to Create Terrorist Activities on American Soil to Enforce Their Goals and Evil Agenda upon the American People and Bring WWIII upon the Entire World)!!

    • Mat

      At 280ppm plant life dies, currently at 420ppm, in the past we have been as high as 4000 ppm CO2. We need to increase not decrease for an abundant green life.

      We are heading into a climate minimum wherein many will suffer due to difficulties growing and sustaining themselves. The MIT forecast back in the 70s/80s (it’s been a while) predicted a die off starting at the end of the 2020s around 2027 and beyond.

      The whole move to sustainable energy is a way of weaning everyone off of natural energy (I say thsi as it is not fossil but abiotic) and the recent past few years of pandemic are to reduce in order to ensure those who survive have the required energy to survive the much colder temperatures in the future. Which also helps to corner the market and further enrich the few.

      The whole agenda of promoting the many agendas is really about exposing and outing everyone so ‘they’ know who everyone is and what they stand for and they are not going to be giving them any prizes. Get to a warm safe place where you do not have to worry about growing your own food nor being cold.

      I would be wary of Suspicious Observers. Do some research on them and you will see who they are connected to.

  2. Divingengineer

    A great guest Greg.
    And a great segment.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Diving”!! Sussman is a rare gem.

      • sam

        Rare Indeed….only second to Mr. Greg Hunter, if anyone is paying attention to the “message” and NOT condemning the Messenger who is probably the “ONLY ONE” here that Recognized the fact that MR. Greg Hunter is the “Modern Day” Paul Revere….that smells the INFILTRATORS like the ones that infested this News Site with their second rate blithering propaganda from a “Galaxy, Far Far away”………. time will prove sam right..

    • A Friend

      One of Greg’s other excellent guests, Dane Wigington, would disagree. Vehemently on the actual number of degrees by which the temperature on this Earth has risen. He said we are past 3 and 1/2° C right now in terms of increased temperature. So the two of them are not on the same page on that point.

      • Earth Angel

        No disrespect to your most recent guest Greg, but I agree with Dane’s research and work over the last 20 yrs. and also from my own observations. It seems obvious to me that the planet is warming at an unusual rate- however I do not doubt that the globalist cabal is using this to monger fear and extract wealth from the rest of us. Remember they ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’..We should definately NOT fall prey to those intentions. I personally have noticed many changes making our gardening more difficult over the past 10 or 12 years which indicates to me we are in dangerous territory with our planet’s life support systems. Plants being burned, withered and deformed from presumably the very high uvb & uvc radiation now reaching the surface of the earth (this year the peppers are already deformed and its not even summer yet), the strange white glow of the sun rather than it’s soft golden glow of decades past, the intense burn and feel of the suns rays on our skin. I have seen paint burnt right off of the ‘No Trespassing’ signs I’ve had posted in the glaring sun. My lips feeling chapped year round now. There are so many signs for those willing to see them. Were it not for the ice nucleiated cool downs I suspect we would be much hotter in my neck of the woods. And the toxic chemicals in the ice nucleiation process also burn and destroy plants and trees, often turning them a crispy black on the leaves. The climate meddling by the insane must stop immediately. Hacking the planet is NOT a good idea for anything!

  3. Don Doerr Sr.

    Greg Hunter, thank you for having the intelligence and the courage to stay with Jesus and believe in His promises. Clearly Jesus is our only Salvation and thus our only Hope!
    We Traditional Catholics are in some despair as our so-called “Holy Father,” Pope Francis, is telling us that Jesus’ teaching are Archaic and that we must adjust our Values to LGBTQ “Contemporary Culture.” Equally depressing is that Francis’ “Good Catholic,” Crime Boss Joe Biden, is our President, a man who makes the Sign of the Cross to Honor the continuing slaughter of children by abortion. Thank you, Greg! With our Open Border “Invasion and Occupation,” I believe that America will experience intentional “Hamas Style” Terrorism as we approach the 2024 Election.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen, Brother Don!!
      Brother Greg

    • Katy Bar

      The Holy Father (Pope Francis) is telling us that Jesus’ teachings are Archaic and and so Noah Harari at the WEF is telling us that Jesus is fiction and that Christians must adjust our Values according to the LGBTQ+ queers in the Church and at the WEF. But remember brothers and sisters in Christ “nothing is confirmed until it is officially denied”!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Both Jehovah and Jesus are real!!!

  4. James Hall

    Great guest, get him on infowars.

  5. Neil

    HAARP was conducting tests of emitting high frequency radio waves into the ionosphere to create a glow effect at the same time of the “Solar Storm Aurora Borealis” witnessed all over the world.
    HAARP stands for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It’s a research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the University of Alaska. The program’s main facility is located near Gakona, Alaska.
    HAARPs primary purpose is reportedly to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, a region of the Earth’s upper atmosphere that plays a crucial role in radio communications and satellite operations. The facility consists of a high-power transmitter and an array of antennas that can emit radio waves into the ionosphere.
    Artificial Aurora Produced by HAARP
    There have been a variety of studies published as a result of HAARP, notably “Artificial Aurora Produced by HAARP” in the Journal of Geophysical Research in April 2019.
    In their conclusion, they state, “We present results from the 12 March 2013 HAARP experiment, where the ionosphere was heated with X-mode HF waves, and bright luminous spots in the ionosphere were observed together with disturbances of the magnetic field on the ground.”
    Then, in November of 2023, there was a four-day period of testing where lights were expected to be observed in the Alaskan sky, as a result of the research experiment.
    Interesting timing?

  6. Dale Anderson

    Another great interview!

  7. Dennis Kopper


    I would like to thank you for all the effort you put forth to keep us informed. I would especially like to thank you for having Brian Sussman as a guest this evening. This interview was one of, if not THE best interviews I have listened to at your site as what Brian had to say was extremely interesting and enlightening. I hope that you’ll have him on again in the not-too-distant future so that even more people can learn the truth about the “climate change” agenda an cult.


  8. Kam

    Don’t blame ESG on “the kids coming out of college”. They have no money to invest. It’s the portfolio managers of pension funds and other money managers who are choosing to invest n BlackRock and others who worship ESG, not broke college kids,

    • Paul from Indiana

      What you say may be true, but they, “the kids”, are nonetheless dupes, and as such, they are there to support and validate those whom you correctly identify. They, “the kids”, are complicit in the scam and are therefore part of the opposition. We surrendered the pillars (education, media, entertainment) of our culture to the opposition, the result of which was the political and cultural loss of two generations of our population. NO culture survives this type of decadence. Historically, this is a human pattern and not unique to the USA. Conservative, traditional-values Romans experienced the same cycle, as did the Athenian Greeks before them. A more modern, and therefore applicable, example, is the British Empire. With our current decline, underway now for 60 years, we are at, or near, the nadir, which will have implications for the entire world. Many here say that this is God’s plan; others maintain that God, via Jesus, is firmly in control. If so, there are no worries; in fact, one should rejoice! Still others say it’s simply the way of the world and humanity, over and over, and we must struggle our way through. Best always. PM

  9. GardenGrowing Outlaw

    If it gets warmer, won’t that allow us to move further from the EQUATOR?
    That sounds kinda Greater Good to me.

  10. steve jorgensen

    Greg, I wrote to you before, but you really should check out this site :


    He is on youtube.
    link below to his latest video:
    Magnetic Pole Shift – Extinction Event

    this is going to be real climate change big time. poles are going to shift. this has nothing to do with the WEF BullS.

    • Greg Hunter

      Two words. “Black Star”

      • steve jorgensen

        Sorry, I don’t know what ” Black Star ” means. His name is Ben Davison and I believe that he was just on ” InforWars ” lately. I believe this is a huge story and very little about is being discuss.

        Keep up the great work that you are doing and helping us ” little ”
        guys by being informed.


        • Greg Hunter

          Some say it’s what’s going to fly by earth in the next few years. It will cause huge problems. That’s all I got.

          • steve jorgensen

            I am talking about the sun going into a micro-nova, it is on a 6,000-year cycle. 80-90% of humans will not survive. This also includes the poles shift that we are going through now. There is data that this has happened many times before. Just trying to warn people.

            Thanks again,

  11. Joe Wong

    Yes – What a LONG STRANGE trip its been !!!!

    From the song TRUCKING by Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter of the GRATEFUL DEAD !!!


  12. TJZ

    Good morning Greg,

    A wonderful Guest with a very enlightening message!
    I too agree with Mr. Sussman you were a wonderful hire and are a wonderful friend… to us all!
    God bless you Greg and Mr. Sussman

  13. EH Foundation

    Best Interviews Best News Information We Need to know now Country is Destroyed from Within How To Survive God Help US ALL Get Rid of Corrupt UniParty Politicians Killing US

  14. tibor

    very good..truth is strong
    great guest, thanks Greg

  15. Really Awake

    Climate is and is going to be a major factor. I say that climate is going to be a Biblical factor.

    Marty Armstrong is now releasing information on Earth’s magnetic poles. Tip of my hat to Marty. Marty continues to impress me with how he understands what’s the really important factors regarding climate. 1) The sun and it’s solar cycles including deadly solar flares. 2) Earth’s magnetosphere (hint:it’s getting weaker and weaker which means BIG, BIG trouble. 3) The increasing speed of the magnetic poles shifting…

    I say forget about anthropogenic climate factors. These are all miniscule factors when compared to God’s cycles of the sun, earth, moon, planets, our Milky Way galaxy and beyond. One big solar dust storm, for example, and modern life is over. Done.

    Alex Jones finally interviewed Ben of Suspicious Observers… I have wanted Alex to interview Ben five years ago. Finally, Alex had him on after the sun spitted out 6 X class solar flares…. To those who don’t understand the solar system and galaxy we live in: know this: it poses by far the biggest threat to all life on Earth. Yes, nuclear war, biological war and other 5th gen war is a very, very big threat. But God’s universe is far, far more awe inspiring and deadly….. The fearful things from the sun, moon and stars that Jesus and his Apostles warned about are both natural and man-made. And I say that Christians shouldn’t be surprised when God allows fearful and acutely deadly events to happen and happen in a very big way.

    And during the Second Coming and the revelation of the glorious Christ it won’t be just made-made things that kill off the wicked. Those who “ruin the Earth” will instead be ruined by Earth, angels and fearful death from the sky and outer space above…. Jehovah could actually allow another Dark Age to occur decades or longer before The Second Coming. No lights. No internet. No cell phone. No satellites. BTW: one x40 solar flare takes it ALL out. Finished. And don’t think it can’t happen. 150 years ago an X 80 hit earth…. So just one act of God wipes clean Satan’s modern wicked world. Just one. And I say more than one is coming from what I read in the Bible.

  16. Susan R

    Brien Sussman is new here but also sees clearly. My interpretations are more focused on the effect on my life and then the collective. This whole sphere of climate science is a mirror to all the rest. Everything is distorted and not to the benefit of humans. Bidens first days shut down the pipeline and that has evolved to all Brien just said about our coming sole energy source being the sun, no solid fuels. I saw recently a solar field somewhere that collapsed I believe after one day of storms. Everything that changes around us is in no way for the benefit of humans. My biggest focus is the protection of my soul. I have to think the ultimate war on humans is about this, harvesting souls. We are carrying the ultimate power to the universe within us that does know this. The war is to re-educate us to think otherwise.

  17. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, this is why I have hung around and supported this site since its inception; you always have a next-dimension “trick” up your journalistic sleeve! As Popeye would say, “Well blow me down!” This addition of Mr. Sussman to the mix is GENIUS and timely. A standing ovation to you for another Pulitzer-worthy moment at! Best always. PM

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you, Paul, for your long and continued support.

  18. andyb

    just another connecting of the dots; a prophesy

    Today it was announced that there would be 2 Presidential Debates; the first of which will be in late June. Not gonna happen. You see the Hunter Biden trials will begin in early June. There’s no way he wont be indicted, tried and convicted (or enough on the way to) meaning that Brandon will have to give him a pardon; otherwise the poor drug addicted snowflake will be abused (significantly I would imagine) in prison. But a pardon will not give any positive vibes to Brandon for the election; in fact probably just the reverse. Thus I see pedo Joe resigning before the first debate, (which would be the most damaging cognitive epiphany ever) after issuing a pardon to his son.

    Then along comes Big Mike or Commiefornia Hair Gel.

    • Coal Burner

      I think the farce of debates is one last lie Joe Biden tells. And on he goes to the Dementia Home where he can no longer walk or talk, only slobber and then gone.

      Oh yes, I too am a lot more concerned about the Pole Shifts than the ridiculous tiny changes attributed to Climate Change. It is obvious there have been several earth transforming events with massive die offs in the last 50,000 years more or less. Antarctica was and tropical paradise not that far back. Then their is the actual ancient history of the Sahara Desert, Egypt, the Euphrates, flash frozen mammoths and other fauna in Siberia, worldwide civilizations, many underwater and all the underground areas where people survived surface catastrophes. A whole lot of Archaeology history has to change to catch up with what we already know. Will it be in time.

  19. SkeptiSchism

    Great guest, I hope more people wake up to this fraud.

  20. Bonnie Robinson

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Brian Sussman, Greg. Thanks for having him on.

  21. doug martens

    2 points:
    first of all, it’s even more of lie than this! co2 is heavier than air! look it up~
    secondly, be careful: don’t turn up your thermostat by one degree or the table will light on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Prospector

    Read it. —- Then , read it again.

    “The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” | Mikhail Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

    .”The environmental crisis is the cornerstone for the New World Order” Maurice strong ( U.N. environmental leader ) was quoted as saying, ” Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

    In other news , Cuba looks like it is is going full Sri Lanka collapse.
    Cuba’s government is restricting cash use in a bid to ‘force businesses and citizens to use electronic payments.’ The move is proving unpopular with citizens for whom banknotes in hand bring choice, privacy and personal control over their finances, and thus their lives.
    Cash Matters . org – Sept 2023

    May 15, 2024
    DΛVID 🟢
    🆕🇨🇺 In Cuba, there is a massive shortage of cash as their banking system is collapsing around them. Many Cubans have lost their savings as bank accounts are emptied and they cannot access their money at ATMs.

    According to the AP, long lines outside banks and ATMs in the capital, Havana, and beyond start forming early in the day as people seek cash for routine transactions like buying food and other essentials.

    ( Other reports say U.B.I. universal basic income comes next .)

  23. Johnny Nobody

    Off topic:
    Take a look at the latest official portrait of King Charles III. Looks to me like the Devil in Hell’s inferno! Was the artist overcome with a vision of the sitter’s aura? How utterly appropriate.

  24. Shirl

    The Evil Marxists and their Fear Cult SCAM of Glo-BULL Warming where before that it was Glo-BULL Cooling to the ALL inclusive current “Climate Change” have many good people with good intentions sucked up in the Glo-BULL control Death CULT!
    I have heard them repeat the CULT MANTRA lines verbatim as if the gospel truth, that’s the scary part…those Brainwashed Into The CULT And who swear by it with their eyes glazed over..I see the same CULTISTS behind O’Briben’s WOKETARDOLOGY CULTISTS too, the exact same Ignorant Lunatics! No coincidence BTW!
    Thanx for having Brian on Greg, such a wonderful and meaningful perspective from behind the curtain who holds true like you!!!
    Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Action and most of all…Pray!!!

  25. RK

    Great interview Greg. Brian was refreshing and straight to the point. Please have him back as a return guest. Rather never did hide his liberal bias, total blowhard.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks RK!!

  26. Jeannie

    Great interview! I’m buying this book.

  27. Dan Fournier

    Great guest Greg. Regarding geoengineering, there are actually full-on admissions about their, not just experimental programs (SRM/SAIs into the stratosphere), but also by how they admit to using commercial airlines to do so. Here is a bit of a summary of a 4-Part investigative series on Geoengineering & Weather Modification I wrote which totals over 300 pages on my Substack (Part 4 at 84 pages is here:

    Here’s a summary I wrote/spoke about the most salient parts (supporting links/receipts are in the link below the following passages:

    “Since at least 2010, there has existed a multi-nation program that intentionally use aircraft from commercial airlines with modified jet fuel to intentionally emitting exhaust in the form of black carbon – which contains very toxic metals and chemicals – on the justification of mitigating so-called global warming or climate change – which we know is now proving to be the most monumental hoax and swindle ever perpetrated on humanity.

    It’s not on 100% of the flights, but on those who are doing it, it produces what is called contrail cirrus – which what most people would describe as chemtrails. After many minutes and hours these trails disperse into persistent large wispy cirrus-like artificial clouds which then blanket the sky.

    The intent and justification for doing this is to block the suns rays from reaching the earth. They do this almost only during the day and not at night since they say, quote: “We want more contrail-induced cirrus clouds by day, and none by night,” for an optimal cooling effect.

    Thanks to the help of geoengineering expert Jim Lee from the US, I have meticulously documented the various documents from international agencies – such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, the ICAO, a United Nations agency which provide indisputable evidence of their nefarious, intentional, doings.

    In their own words from one of their reports, the Royal Aeronautical Society (based in London): “the current overall effect of contrails and contrail cirrus is a net warming – about 1.5 times that of aviation’s C02”. [link to this one:

    This is a smoking gun because it affirms that what they are doing is actually having the opposite effect of what they claim to want. It’s warming things, not cooling it.”

    These passages are what I mentioned as a guest on SGTReport this past Monday – see

    • Prospector

      Dan, has anyone gotten samples of the ” altered ” aviation fuel ?

      Most important to do , just like the vaxx …. hard proof.

  28. Carol Anne Tucker (Tucker Trucker Patriot)

    O M G Greg…when the EVIL MFers start playing god with the Stratosphere??? May the Ultimate Creator have mercy on us ALL.
    Thank you and Brian Sussman for informing us with the REAL TRUTH!

  29. Earth Angel

    I did enjoy this interview. I think your guest is very credible and I know his book has much good information to offer us. He seems like a very good guy. He has an inside knowledge not many people have- and Yes, I do remember his name from the news broadcasts of years past. His story is fascinating on why he just disappeared off the air after his encounter with a top tv executive’s agenda. Excellent insight as to how controlled that sector of the media is and has been for a long time.. Project Mockingbird !

  30. John Leigh

    These are difficult times. So if the US population is reduced to 99 million, that means we will have 250 million dead. What happens to them? Where will we put all the dead bodies?
    I think somewhere I read the US gov was readying large facilities of gas chambers in parts of the US. All of this is overwhelming.

  31. Vince

    So Brian was scheduled to speak at our church early in the 2000’s at Westgate Church in San Jose. I was the drummer for the worship band and for some reason I just didn’t want to play that morning. Well, Brian stepped in and played the drums for our band that morning before he spoke.

    • Greg Hunter


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