Closer to War Than You Realize

By Greg Hunter’s 

Much of the news in the past few weeks centers around the European debt crisis, but even bigger problems are coming to a boil in the Middle East.  First off, Syria is degrading into a full blown civil war.  Rebels set jets and helicopters on fire in an airbase in southern Syria over the weekend.  The Syrian army has been accused of a massacre that killed more than 100 people last week.  After more than a year of bloody fighting, there are growing calls for the U.S. military to take action.  This has Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul worried the U.S. could charge into another quagmire.  On his House of Representatives website this week, Dr. Paul said, “As might be expected from an administration with an announced policy of “regime change” in Syria, the reaction was to blame only the Syrian government for the tragedy, expel Syrian diplomats from Washington, and announce that the US may attack Syria even without UN approval. . . . It may be the case that the Syrian military was responsible for the events last week, but recent bombings and attacks have been carried out by armed rebels with reported al-Qaeda ties. With the stakes so high, it would make sense to wait for a full investigation — unless the truth is less important than stirring up emotions in favor of a US attack. . . . We are on a fast track to war against Syria. It is time to put on the brakes.”  (Click here to read the complete Ron Paul post.) 

Attacking Syria will not be the same as NATO’s attack on Libya because of one very big reason—Russia.  Syria hosts a small, but strategically important, naval maintenance and supply base in Tartus on the western Syrian coast.  The Russians will not want to give this up as it is a permanent base for some of its nuclear armed warships.  This alone makes Syria and Russia inseparable military allies.  Russia has reportedly sold Syria sophisticated missiles recently to thwart air attacks like the ones carried out by NATO in Libya.  It is hard to imagine a scenario where Syria was attacked and Russia would stand aside and allow it to be overrun by western backed rebels.

On the Eastern side of the Middle East, there is another boiling caldron with the Iranian nuclear program standoff.  Two meetings in the last few months with the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Russia, China and Iran have produced nothing but continued meetings.  Iran has repeatedly said its nuclear program is for the peaceful production of energy, but the West does not buy it.  (Of course, Iran might be a little nervous having U.S. led invasions in countries bordering it on both East and West.  Think Afghanistan and Iraq.  This would be akin to a hostile country invading both Mexico and Canada.)

The next meeting in Russia comes in less than two weeks.  A July 1st deadline for an all-out EU oil embargo is approaching.  Now, the U.S. is threatening a near blockade of air and sea traffic in and out of Iran if the Iranians do not back off their nuclear ambitions. reported Monday, “In the fall, the US administration will bring out its most potent economic weapon: an embargo on aircraft and sea vessels visiting Iranian ports. Any national airline or international aircraft touching down in Iran will be barred from US and West European airports. The same rule will apply to private and government-owned vessels, including oil tankers. Calling in at an Iranian port will automatically exclude them from entry to a US or European harbor.  This sanction would clamp down an air and naval siege on the Islamic Republic without a shot being fired.”  (Click here to read the complete report.)

The Obama Administration is trying to persuade the Israelis to hold off attacking Iran by promising these new crippling sanctions.  Nearly two months, ago a defiant Iran said it could endure an oil embargo for two to three years.”  Meanwhile, the Israelis continue to prepare for war.  This week, it was reported, “Israel is arming submarines supplied and largely financed by Germany with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, influential German news weekly Der Spiegel reports in its issue to be published on Monday. . . . In Israel, foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said only: ‘I can confirm that we have German submarines. It’s no secret.  “As for the rest, I am not in a position to talk about their capacity,’ he told AFP.  Israel is the Middle East’s sole if undeclared nuclear-armed power.”  (Click here for the complete story.)

The Israelis are not the only ones who think they should be prepared for war.  Last week, GOP rising star Senator Marco Rubio was asked, “You would sanction a strike before you would tolerate a nuclear Iran?”  Rubio said, “Yes and I think that we need to begin to prepare people for that.”  (Click here to see the complete comment by Senator Rubio.) 

Russia and China are not only trading partners with Iran but military allies. The Russians and Chinese have reportedly sold Iran missile and torpedo technology that can sink U.S. warships and heavily damage U.S. bases in the Middle East. If there is a war, expect Russia and China to side with Iran. They will, at the very least, continue to supply Iran with weapons. There is a good chance any war with Iran or Syria will spiral out of control and directly involve the Russian and Chinese military in what will surely be a WWIII event. I hope I am wrong, as there will be no real winners in the next global conflict–only survivors.

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  1. Mitch Bupp

    There is no doubt that we are heading to war with Iran. The elites are using NATO to invade a country after their terrorists and freedom fighters have stirred up enough “cause” to invade for humanatarian reasons. I find it curious if not treasonous for the US to supply any arms to any orginization that is allying their self with AlQueda.

    The only answer can be that these terrorists are actually our undercover group which means that our government is the terrorists they warned us about.

    Another great article, Thank You Greg and keep up the good work.

    • alfredo

      I see a war coming but im more than sure that we are selling off our excess outdated gear like drones to china. Im not scared about it since we are already arming and deploying ships to the region with lazer guns that can shoot down missiles, nukes and drones.

      When we do go to war, its us, Israel, our european allies and Japan. Im pretty sure Japan and south korea have a long awaited score to settle.

  2. art barnes

    Greg, I don’t buy it, that is that Russia and China will risk it all for Syria and Iran, too much risk for any real gain. Syria will not be in play, the rebels are handling the conflict, making great progress in their efforts to change Syria’s leadership, its only a matter of time. Russia will be allowed by the Rebels to hold their base for a decade or so then they will be gone there as well.

    As to Iran, nothing but arming by Russia and China there, no actual
    military intervention their either. Iran is strong enough to give a good fight but will buckle by the sanctions if real sanctions go into effect such as the embargo sanction. Both Russia and China, if they got involved with their own aircraft and military, will have to have their own sustained economy which can withstand not trading with the west. As to China, that is a no-brainer, without the US & Walmart they couldn’t give their cheap sh** away. Russia is better off there but still won’t move against the west alone and without China’s backing its posturing at best and shipments of weapons at worst. Hell, they might yell at the UN, but that is about all.

    In summary, the west will allow Syria’s rebels to do the dirty work for them and it won’t take that long now. Iran will buckle under real sanctions if imposed. Russia and China will tuck tail and run with China concentrating on shipping their trinkets to the US to sell the fools here $3.00 hammers and lead ridden baby toys.

    • Greg

      I do not feel as confident as you, but sincerely hope you are right and I am totally wrong.

  3. Marcel

    ‘Of course, Iran might be a little nervous having U.S. led invasions in countries bordering it on both East and West.’

    Think of our double war debacle’s and the draining,wasting of trillion’s of dollars from the Treasury (especially when you include all the PSTD and severely wounded vets the V.A. is swamped with caring for)and wearing down and wearing out of our military men and equipment in Afghanistan and Iraq over wars that lasted way too long.

    Many years ago Iran’s leaders said that any blockade would be see as an act of war.
    I’ve been watching this closely for a long time and the Iranians are anything but nervous ,they have been preparing for this day since 1979.

    They along with Russia and China have plans for a big surprise and the community organizer in the White House just makes it that more tempting for them….and lets not forget a ‘surprise’ EMP attack over the continental U.S. by Iran who have been working on this gift as repayment for our sanctions attacks.

    I first heard about this dream in July of 2005,
    and it is just more confirmation of what I already know.

    God is going to humble Sodom and Gomorrah to the dust.

    Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.
    Proverbs 16:18

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and content.

  4. M SMITH

    Why do we expect any truth about what is really going in the MENA? Lie after lie come from the UN, NATO & even our high up brass who most likely hold stocks in the military complex builders. Again Ron Paul is right & he is poo-pooed by the MSM & the rest of congress! We need to have a total recall of all in Congress execpt a few who take their Oath serious! I can wish can’t I?

  5. freedom

    Good report.I still say there must be some people un-american calling the shots. This is just so unconstitutional,and unamerican.
    How can one pledge there alligence to this country,seeing what we have done to the rest of the world the last 42 years.

    • Greg

      Thank you Freedom, Henry and M Smith.

  6. Henry

    In the words of Jim Morrison, “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.” Knowing how quickly and dramatically life as we know it can change, every day that we’re healthy and free is a good day. The challenge for me is to genuinely realize that life as we know it can change and to be prepared for it. I could be doing more…

  7. M SMITH

    Greg, this is very good video how to explain how we got here. Best I have heard in a while! 24 minutes that tells it like it is! You can also click to see it in youtube. 40,000 lobbyist are what we are up against to break up this take over of our Republic! Now what we do with this info is vital to all of our future, if it’s not to late!

  8. AndyB

    great post Greg. It’s about time someone alluded to the fact that the carnage in Syria is executed more by AQ/CIA/NATO mercenaries than the Assad regime. What the MSM doesn’t report is that the majority of the children killed recently had parents who were pro-regime, or members of the Assad government. Goebbels is laughing.

  9. goodnews

    will surely be a WWIII event. good, the sooner the better. then we can have that long awaited civil war to abolish the US gov.. perfect storm brewing..

  10. art barnes

    Greg, I mentioned on Monday that the FED must have come in and shored up the markets over the weekend, now its has leaked through their Atlanta branch that easing will commence above the table. Not much hope for the dollar, whatever life it had this new round of “twist”, among other(s) “easing”, will surly have it making out its will. Poor middle class will get screwed again, all because the Fed, which is not subject to American law and could care less about the American working class, will screw us for the benefits of itself, its baby banks, wall street, and, of course, the elite who need help the least. The American people should be outraged but they won’t do anything except pay more for their basic goods and services and suck it up. That is why American politicians & the FED create debt and print at will, because they know we won’t stand up; maybe we have it coming if we won’t call for its demise and oust the loyal party from power who do the FED’s bidding for the destruction of the middle class.

  11. Frank Brady

    Senator Rubio, alas, turns out to be just another neo-con war monger. Too bad.

  12. Jay

    I think you’ve got the picture here. At least part of it. It’s also good to remember that war is generally preceded by economic reversals and hunger pangs. No one really seems to be in the mood to get up and go to war when their belly is full.

    • Greg

      Good point man!

    • Jim

      Good point Jay. However, the escalation of the sanctions may well cause the economic reversals and hunger pangs you refer to in Iran. In the West, economic downturn seems likely. Lets hope the timing of these events do not converge to spark a bloody conflict.

  13. Elizabeth Hanson

    Hi Greg!

    I always enjoy your essays and read everyone. Likewise, I am a big fan Greg Mannarino, who posts about the economy. He is a trader and chart reader with 20 years experience. In this video he shows us charts about the manipulated oil prices…. So much oil is being produced by Saudi Arabia… My partner did research and found likewise for Iraq and Syria. I think we will go to war with Iran and lots of people will make lots of money. This is all so sad. Please consider watching this video. I know you are busy… But this guy I put on par with Bob Chapman, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austen Fitts and YOU. 🙂
    Your friend in Seattle, Elizabeth

    • Greg

      Elizabeth Hanson,
      You are very kind. Yes, on your recommendation I will watch the video. Thank you for posting it on the site for everyone to read.

  14. hoser

    “Without UN approval?” WTF does that mean? I don’t work for the UN! I work for the American Tax Payer…..

  15. Black American Jarome

    I’ve been watching this powder keg ever since we went into Afghanistan. The writing was on the wall. We always start conflict by arming rebels, insurgents, or freedom fighters of other countries whereas if it was here we would call them terrorist.

    You are dead on with your assessment and I agree and been preaching the same thing for years. It’s text book.

    • Greg

      Black American Jarome,
      Good point man! Thank you for making it here.

  16. D.Drake

    Written in 1871
    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

    Part of a Letter from Albert Pike (1809-1891)(Luciferian Society Fouder (Order of the Palladium), North American Illuminati Leader, and Grand Master of North American Freemasonry from 1859 to his death in 1891) to Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) (leader of the Illuminati world operations beginning in 1834 and founder of the Mafia in Italy in 1860)          …MUCH more to the story …World war 1 and 2 are EXACTLY as they planned, as written in 1871.

  17. iknowbetter

    When a country (USA) has an estimated 900 military bases worldwide, don’t expect peace to break out anytime soon.

    Military mystery: How many bases does the US have, anyway?

    Nobody really knows. The answer is likely “way too many.”


  18. Ed_B

    So called “leaders” have been using other groups as scape goats for a VERY long time now. Why should today be ANY different? Answer: it isn’t. Given that, then Assad is probably working out some way to attack Israel, rally his country behind him, and completely defuse the uprising in Syria. For the life of me, I cannot envision any Syrian opposing their government when that government is in battle against their 5,000 years long enemy. Far-fetched? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not.

  19. Marcel

    This Iraqi agree’s with you that a *war is much closer than many realize
    He points out what many are afraid to do ,that President of the U.S. has made this possible by assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of Egypt,Libya,Tunisia and now Syria.

    I’ve always called Obama ,’THE DESTROYER’ from day 1.
    Those who survive and look back will see and say that he out did the Nazi,Hitler on the death count.


  20. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    One only has to look at Obama’s 900+ excutive orders over the past 40 months to see turmoil and warfare are headed our way. If you are interested in seeing a disturbing sample of these excutive orders an article can be found at!
    Keep up the good work.

  21. cm1

    Albert Pike indeed.

    At least with the shroud of Turin we occasionally have investigators snip off a piece or two for analysis. Who has possession of this document? Analyze the paper and ink. It is of interest only if it is genuine.

    There is so much of this stuff. In our own times the shredders are busy indeed. What we will die of I suspect is terminal cynicism as the few actual facts are buried under tons of spin, lies, complications and obfucaations; the excuses and evasions of evil children, what I refer to as the Monkey Babble Breakdown.

    Then the survivors wander off into the jungle to make their own way in the world.

  22. David Conrad

    Well, as you will agree, it is a great time to buy gold. Gold is down, and tensions are up. Iran will not stop until it gets the bomb, and Israel will not allow that. Again, buy gold! Keep up the great work.

  23. Rick

    There’s no reason for the US to get involved in Syria’s mess, unless Israel is telling the US to do so.

    Any attack on Iran, by Israel or the US, is came over for the US. Anyone who thinks another war, even a WWIII will bring the US economy back, is a complete idiot!

  24. Jim H

    Good reporting Greg.
    I am still wondering if Al-qaeda is the enemy or asset of hidden Elites and our Government. Clearly all around regime change is the order of the day in the middle east. Whether this is to incite world war (reducing population and gaining more big bucks and power for a few)or some other noble cause the MSM will report remains to be seen. Just be sure that down is up and black is blue when the reporting comes from the MSM.

  25. Tom

    War’s a hoot. At least when you can send others into battle and use other peoples’ money to pay for it. Or just borrow the money. Or just print the damn stuff.

  26. Elizabeth Hanson

    Hi folks…. Do you know what really upsets me? My dad helped Germany rebuild at the end of WW2. Both of his brothers fought in Korea. My brother did a stint in the air force — I was raised to love our country. Now things happen that I can’t make much sense of except to say that much of what happens is due to greed, the kind the bible speaks of, bad greed.

    I came across this today. This essay outlines the number of Goldman Sachs connected people working in the White House (circa 2010) — It would be the same under Romney… Point is folks. I want our country back. I’m so upset and there isn’t much I can do besides talk to others.

    Do we have a plan? Voting for Obama or Romney won’t cut it.

    Elizabeth in Seattle

  27. MRGonzalez

    It is a difficult situation, and unfortunately the civilian population is who suffer more attacks.

    Is pure supremacy. Is a war of information in which we are in the middle.

    I live in Mexico, I’ve seen the pain in the streets.
    It is a war on all fronts, political, social, economic and armed.

    So powerful people in the U.S. meet for that?

    AMERICA THREATENS CHINA: Pentagon Prepares for Confrontation in the Asia-Pacific Region

    Its posible this? free zone with Russia

    Greetings and my respect. I use a translator.

  28. derrick

    Dont know why everyones clamoring 4 war in the middle east ,just a note –my grandfather was in ww2,Korea ,vietnam. I was 15 when he died –but at an early age i asked him,wondering what were the japenese like that you saw over there –he wouldnt say,so i suppose he mustve killed over 150,he clammed up,gave me a big bird book –still got it. Just wanna say i hope there wont be w.w.111, because it wont ever matter whos wrong or right cause well all be dead –at least 85% of those in the world,so stop this talk of war in the press. WW1 was supposed to b the war 2 end all wars,WW2 was to end all wars (greatest movie ) by the way,love sgt Ito. Now were gonna have a real war to end all of civilization for all times & 4 what?derrick.

    • slingshot

      Take control of the worlds finite resources. Destroy as many useless eaters as possible and enslave the rest.

  29. Shooter Dan

    Chinese, Russia, Iran, Israel, America, everyone mentioned above have been longtime controlled by the banking elite and all puppet-ed in a rigged game to funnel wealth into the hands of the few that of which have been at work a very long time honing there masterful but truly evil skills. These same countries all controlled by puppet-ed leaders whose reign was decided in meetings you nor anyone who represents you were invited to, decided long before they took their place in there fancy offices; using me and all of you no matter what country your in to pay for it all by way of tax debts, consumption and labor. Will there be war? Yes of course there will be war! You can bet on one thing for sure, there will ALWAYS be war and the bigger the war the the more money this very small group makes. We are past the point of no return now! So do your best to prepare for yourself and family’s safety and enjoy the ride. It is a truly amazing spectacle in all it greed and ugliness. There is not much to be done at this point but be entertained.


    If Russia invade Israel USA would not risk help Israel because Russia would annihilate USA OFF THE WORLD MAP OFF EXISTENCE



  32. innocent

    The best more intellect idea to discuss here would be BIAS. We better understand what is a bias before my dad is stronger than yours

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