Colossal Fraud-There are No Free Markets-Rob Kirby

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy Greg Hunter’s   (Early Release)

Financial analyst Rob Kirby says, “There is colossal fraud and price control going on.  There are no free markets.”  Kirby goes on to say, “What we’ve seen over the last six months is a ramp-up in interest rate swaps to the tune of $12 trillion . . . . What the build in these interest rate swaps is achieving, it’s stemming the rise in interest rates.”  Kirby, who has 15 years experience in trading derivatives, says these complicated derivatives overseen by the U.S. Treasury control the price of virtually everything.  Kirby contends, “I refer to this as a price control grid.  They are able to dictate and arbitrarily set the price of all strategic goods in the market, whether it’s capitol, whether it’s energy or whether it’s precious metals.”  As an example of control, Kirby explains, “We have 10-year U.S. bond rates under 3%, and I would say the United States is actually insolvent, and we have countries like Greece where 10-year bonds are yielding over 9%.”  When does this end?  Kirby points to the finite physical gold market and massive Chinese global buying for a clue.  Kirby says, “When China doesn’t get their gold, that’s when this ends, and that might be when we have a war.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of        

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  1. Rich

    All I want for Christmas:

    My Christmas wish is that the group of people on this blog could live in physical proximity to each other. Our own little town/community. Of course Greg would have to be King (can’t be President, because the current person in charge doesn’t take to competition).

    I mean can you all imagine sitting across the table from the likes of Mohammed with a big giant five gallon cup of coffee and chewing the fat all day! Or many others on this blog: Ugly (interesting name), Galaxy , Rodster, ALOLS, Liquid, Mitch, Lastman, Anne E, and many many others.

    I just think we would have an awesome little community.

    Blessings to all, and thanks to all for their input.

    Rich (from Amish country). BTW, I thank God that I am not Amish but I also thank God for the Amish and that I live among them.

    • Greg Hunter

      What a unique and nice comment. I am sure many will love it as much as me. Merry Christmas!!

      • Jim

        You provide such a great service that I am loath to do anything other than offer praise. But, may I, as a retired pro, offer a little hint in the kindest possible way. You are a quick thinker, and you have a tendency to know where you think the guest is going and jump in before they finish. In an interview, the guest is in the spotlight. The host subtly controls direction. Let the guest finish unless they really run long or off track, and then ask the next question…even if you have to make a little note to yourself. Consider this anything but criticism…a little Christmas gift – coaching…a tip. It will make you better, and you are really good now. All the best!

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Jim, I sometimes do interupt but I do not edit this much and the mistakes are left in. Thank you for your kind words and critique. Always trying to get better. Merry Christmas.

    • Laura

      Great idea, and I second it. How awesome that would be! We are all so like-minded, and for once, we would be surrounded by those who actually see the light.

      • Rich

        Laura – you are correct. It’s that we are like minded. That’s what I long for, to be with others that are on the same path and heading the same direction. Others that we can talk with and learn from, etc.

        Great interview Greg.

      • J. C. Davis

        I hope I could be included. What a great group to be involved with.

        • J. C. Davis

          Art Barnes, and troy. The marine, Jerry, Al . Anna and Rebecca. From a distance Threw differences We care for our country.
          There are way to many to list. Sorry for missing the hundreds. We seek a better world.

          • Rich

            J.C. – yes indeed. Also, thanks for helping with the names. I couldn’t list everyone, but certainly meant to include everyone on this site.

    • Rodster

      Great idea Rich, love it ! Merry Christmas everyone ! 🙂

      You know every time I want to post a comment I somehow quote Senor Gerald Celente. The man puts the complex into a simple way anyone can understand.

      What Mr. Kirby was saying can be summed up in two quotes from Celente:

      1) “The whole game is rigged around the world, the entire global financial system is a ponzi scheme”.

      2) “Trade wars, currency wars, world wars. When all else fails they take you to war”.

      Whenever you listen to these experts. You just shake your head at what the Central Planners are doing to the entire global financial system. When this thing unravels there could be an outside chance, everything shuts down everywhere.

    • mohammad

      If i eat so much fat I cannot go down the chimney to leave you presents and eat your cookies, I will be stuck there, worse if you have some wood on fire in your fireplace…….
      Merry Christmas to every one, we will serve humanity better staying where we are and helping our surroundings by offering them what we know and what we have in exchange of what they know and what they have.
      Decentralization serves better like what Catherine Austin had suggested on numerous times before.
      I love amish, and i do not mind doing house calls for hens or eggs….. 🙂

      • Rich

        Maybe there is a communication gap due to different backgrounds. Here where I live, “chewing the fat” means sitting around and talking about everything under the sun. Another one is “spinning the yarn.”

        There is a wealth of knowledge here on this blog, and simply put I just think it would be wonderful to get a download of some of that knowledge.

    • alols


      Praise God, I have a bunch in close proximity and we do drink alot of coffee, and we do laugh at the 98% sheeple, who love to be sweet talked, ie “all is well, everything will work out, we just need to be patient, God has a PLAN”. HE does have a plan, and it is not good for “Gods great american darling church people, rich and increased with many goods, and have neeeeeed of nothing” bunch. It is called perilious times. Matt. 24.
      I would like to print tee shirts with Jer. 29:11, “I know my plans for you, to prosper you, la la la”, and put these tee shirts on the early christians who had their flesh ripped apart by lions in the collisium. Would the american church enjoy this verse if his plan was for them to be crucified upside down for their faith in christ? Or beheaded like paul.
      I enjoyed one comment where He was given a tin foil hat as a gift from his church. Think of the angel telling Mary she would become pregnant with God in the form of a child, being a virgin, or Joseph flee in the winter to egypt as herod is killing kids in Israel, gloom and doom.
      Or stephen, I know my plans for you not to harm you but to prosper you, as the stones are flying at his head. lol
      Our greatest asset, is not our gold and silver portfolio, but that our names are written the lambs book of life, no matter what comes our way.
      Think, Jesus , one of the three in the Godhead, exiting, being demoted to an embryo, born in a feed stall, (i used to feed 100 milk cows as a kid) cold cave, and willingly learned obedience by the things he suffered as a kid.
      How Great is our God, and savior, Jesus Christ.
      Merry Christmas! to all here at usawd.

      FOP USA WD

      • Rich

        alols – I agree. The single most important item is to have our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

        I also envy your small local group of like minded individuals.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sounds interesting. Count Greg…now that’s the ticket

      • Rich

        Agreed, Count sounds better.

    • Liquid Motion

      There are great merits in having face to face contact with like minded people. Because of proximity, what isn’t capable of being achieved however through that mechanism, is achieved to some degree spiritually.
      Although we don’t know each other we (or at least I do) have connections. I am sure many others do too. Importantly, I find there is selfless giving and appreciation that one would expect from/to ones own family. That for me is what I refer to as Soul Food. It nourishes and enriches the soul.

  2. Luis Chavez

    Feliz Navidad para ti y los tuyos.
    Marry Christmas to you and your family.
    Thank you for your excellent work.

    Luis Chavez
    Queretaro, Mexico

    • Greg Hunter

      Luis Chavez,
      Where have you been. You haven’t commented in a while. Feliz Navidad to you and yours too!!!

  3. Glen

    Greg, great interview although very sobering. What Mr Kirby is saying makes a lot of sense but there is so much that we do not know. No wonder there are rumors going around concerning a global currency reset. I wouldn’t think China is ready for a currency reset until it becomes obvious that they have hoarded as much gold as they can possibly hoard. And, we don’t know how much longer the West can satisfy their demands for gold. What Mr Kirby is saying is that China must be appeased with massive tons of gold each month as a peace offering. We have no choice but to give up the goods to China. Scary. How much longer can we keep this up? No one has the answer to that question. If there is any gold in Ft Knox than we will have to sell that gold to China. We are between a rock and a hard place. War seems like the only likely end result, once the US and Europe decide they have sold enough gold to the East. The bills must be paid.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a good chance the U.S. still has its gold. I think there is also a good chance we sold everybody else’s. You are right about to ask the key question and that is: “How much longer can we keep this up?” I think we all find out in 2014.

      • Glen

        Gregg, I think you have been advised by Jim Willie that our gold is gone and the probability is that most of that gold has been leased out. No one knows for sure. However, this leasing idea is not knew and has been done for decades by various nations and I am pretty sure that we are involved in it. As you know, if our gold has been leased out it can be reported as being still in the vault. However, it is gone, never to be returned. China would know all about this. If we were responsible, and did not participate in this practise, we would have been able to return Germany’s gold in an efficient manner. I believe that Germany leases out its gold as well. Any gold that is not leased out will be sold to China if it is not already leased out. It is only a matter of time. A nation cannot justify a holding of gold if it is in so much debt that it must force interest rates to be almost zero in order to survive. Things could eventually get worse. Parts of the US could eventually be ceded to creditors. We may have to offer land to China like Alaska for example as an offering to pay off debts in order to avert war. It has happened in the past. This is very serious and the sheeple are fighting over shoes in Walmart and have no idea how serious things are getting. We have abused our priveliges. China needs to get paid. Period.

        • Galaxy 500

          Why should China get paid? And you think we need to give them real estate here to pay them off? You propose having America a slave nation to China for how many generations? They only way we come out of this is either by default, or by printing twenty or thirty Trillion dollar bills to pay China and Russia. You say default will lead to war. I have a surprise for you, war is coming with the Chinese wether we pay them or not.

          • Sergio

            Galaxy, war coming with China whether we pay them or not? What’s the other issue then? There is a giant fraud occurring and it is extracting something for nothing (theft) from another party and in this case using IOU’s to do it. That is what money (currency) is. When the other party demands their pound of flesh be returned, then the creditor bleats like hell. Printing more IOUs and calling them wealth if oxymoronic if no labour has been expended in creating them. If you have paid the Chinese and Russians $Trillions of dollars already for their goods, and they are holding those CREDIT NOTES already, why would printing more of them and sending them to them solve the problem? Why should China be paid is the she reason you get paid for work expended. When does China get settled? When China spends its $reserves just like you do when you go to Walmart and demand goods for your $reserves. It’s our IOU to them just as your $s are IOUs from the fed to you.

        • Sergio

          Glen, China’s been paid. The account now has to be settled. IOU’s are payments of settlement promises to deliver. Gold ,being portable and physically transferable, as opposed to title transfer, make it the ultimate settlement device. Transfer sovereign land to a creditor such as China is anathema to patriots. That’s where wars start (See the islands off Japan issue). They (Japs) most likely owe China big wads but China”s getting reflux from over-indulging. This can result in serious chunks flying.

        • lastmanstanding

          Let the fed pay the red chins. Let all the corps, congressmen, senators , barry, the bushes, slick willie/Hillary, Jimmy the peanut head and all of their cabinets pay them. Let those who stole our labor for their benefit pay them.

          I had nothing to do with this…how about you

      • On The Beach

        Greg, there’s a good chance the US. still has it’s gold? Very interesting! Didn’t the Chinese, with Auric Goldfinger, attempt to deliver a dirty bomb inside fort Knox’s to corner the world gold market, almost fifty yr’s ago? I just watched the trailer to that caper, google, (Goldfinger-Youtube). You know you have a strong resemblance to Sean Connery, is he your uncle or something? Don’t give up your day job though just yet, we need you as watchdog not police dog! Anyway’s I will have to watch that movie again after so many years, I mean the ChiCom’s (Red Chinese) are doing just what they tried to do at Pinewood studio’s, except this time, legally! Very interesting once again and if the US. is going to be the last holdout not releasing it’s gold, just what would the ChiComs do to fort Knox’s this time and this time it can deliver a nuke by means of an ICBM, a whole lot easier. Where’s Tom Clancey and the original James Bond when you need em? Sean’s up in Scotland I suppose, or most likely his pad in Spain this time of year, but he’s an old man already, so I guess that leaves you my friend. Better start dust’n off the old Aston Martin.

        • On The Beach

          P. S. Ian Fleming must be turning over in his grave and he wont be such a nice guy I’m sure when he comes back!

  4. DanTheManWithThePlan

    WOW! Thanks for the great Christmas present Greg! Rob Kirby eloquently summarizes many of the excellent points previously made by such notables as Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Stockman, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Chris Hedges, Matt Taibbi, judge Andrew Napolitano and MANY others regarding the current state of the nation and its economy, many of whom (if not all) I believe you yourself have interviewed at one point or another.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DanTheManWithThePlan for your support and kind words!!

  5. Glen

    Gregg, I do not care for China. However, I respect China. I live in Panama. Panama is very friendly to China and for good reason. Anyway, China has made deals with the US and the US has reneged on the deals. The US buys all kinds of goods and does not pay for them. We have to pay our bills and China has a way of making sure that the bills are paid. For now, they are buying cheap gold in order to pay the bills. The bills are still not getting paid off. What do you expect China to do? They need to get paid. We cannot pay them. Instead of revalueing gold at at higher price that would help us pay the bills we do the opposite. We devalue gold so the world will believe that the dollar is stronger. China has no problem with this. They will corner the market in gold, give the US a few more years time to show off, then drop the hammer later. Why doesn’t the US just admit that a problem is in place, allow gold to go higher so we can use the gold to pay off our debts? I don’t have the answer to this question. But, the way things are going I would be very surprised if we last another year. A currency reset is going to have to happen and we may have to cede portions of our nation to the Chinese in order to avert war. No lesson will be learned of course. Business as usual.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and perspective from Central America.

    • mohammad


      The answer may surprise the world if it turned out that US and China are friends and not foes!
      Are they destined to corner russia that is the glue to the BRICS, can you see any fissures in the BRICS showing up?
      Wild speculation…….!
      but i always asked my self the same question you have asked and that is why US is moving gold to China and not to Russia (Germany gold that is)?, why US has moved most of manufacturing jobs to China and not to Russia?



    • Chip

      Glen, the value of our gold is peanuts even if the price were $2,000/ounce. It is reported we have 8133 tons x 2,000 lbs/ton x 16 ounces/lbs x $2,000/oz = $520 billion.

      • mohammad

        Your calculations are off.
        The price of one once of gold is the amount of dollars floating (oceans) divided by the amount of gold.
        so lets try for 50000$ an ounce as a start.

  6. Becky

    What a wonderful interview. Wow.
    This is an end of year realism….eye opening it is… for those who cannot see.
    Thank you Greg for all that you do all year through.
    God Bless you. You open more eyes than you know.
    A very Blessed Christmas to you and your family. I look forward to the 2014 year with you and your True News. It is a God Send…we will ever get from MSM or the government.
    I hope you realize that “Your Time” that you spend educating all of us is worth its weight in gold!

    • Greg Hunter

      I want people to protect themselves so they are not in the street and so they can help others. Thank you for your kind words of support!!
      Merry Christmas.

  7. Agent P

    Great catch there Greg (Rob Kirby interview) – you finally got him on, good job. Here is a man who ~knows~ what is going on behind the scenes. Rob is echoing what few have observed – that a foreign policy episode may well be the catalyst (however unfortunate, but necessary), that reigns in the $fraud taking place here domestically –

  8. Snorky

    I just finished listening to Jim Willie over at TF and wondered if you might have an early release for Wednesday. You did. Nice Christmas present. Thnx. And Merry Christmas.

  9. Alex

    Fantastic interview, I really admire Rob, he has a great knowledge of market mechanics, to understand what is going on today you have to understand it at Robs level today unfortunately.

  10. Justin King

    The manipulation has become so transparent of late, as to be visible to ANYONE.
    The Exchange Stability fund is never mentioned on corporate media out of FEAR.
    Gold bullion is never inventoried, because of FRAUD.
    Stocks go up, because there’s NOWHERE ELSE to for the lemmings to go.
    Kirby’s website is rather unique, when you read the individual essays.

  11. Bert

    This guy is great! The Andy Rooney of Economics. Straight shooter and highly probable.

  12. Eric

    Another great interview! Thanks once again for all your hard work. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  13. mohammad


    Feels good to repeat it on Christmas eve, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and every one, I feel close to Jesus as much as any one of you guys and i feel am part of your community that is getting bigger with time.

    It was an awesome spectacular interview that confirmed what you have been saying all along, great thanks for all your efforts in bringing in great guests like Mr Kirby and enlightening your audience, I admire your time and effort in running your blog, I can only imagine how much time that consumes with your patience and proficiency that only an excellent reporter like you can have.

    One thing I have noticed in this interview that there was a fear on the face of your guest and a fear in his voice, that tells me he senses whatever we have been talking about is getting closer and closer.

    God bless you Greg and bless your audience, I love every one on your blog, as a moslem I never felt stranger here, I FEEL HOME!!!

  14. Selma

    The few will control the masses. If you are not among the 1% of the Trillionaires after the dollar collapses and the ensuing hyperinflation takes hold, your days of freedom will be long gone. It will not longer be land of the free and home of the brave, rather it will be land of the sheep and home of the enslaved.

  15. J. C. Davis

    I am analyzing a fraud. I love it Greg. what a great gift you gave us. Thank you . Thank you . Thank you. Thank You. Let me express myself … THANK YOU !

  16. John

    Merry Christmas Greg, and God bless you and your family. I recently needed an answer to a financial situation that nobody would or could give me a answer. On a flyer I decided to email Rob Kirby and lo and behold I recieved a prompt reply. He is one classy guy!

  17. Oky1


    Your work has been excellent this year!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Oky1.

  18. Anna

    The True story of Christ’s birth…
    It was mid September… most likely (from the evidence of the scriptures) September 11th.
    No one in all of the House of David (Beth leHem) would make room for the child to be born in their lives, so…
    Jesus was born outside the town-proper, at the “Tower of the flocks” (Migdal Edar) where the sacrificial sheep were bred for sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus was wrapped in “swadlings” (the same material used for the wicks of the lamps that lit up the area around the Temple of God; they were old priestly garments, shredded into swadlings (strips), which soaked up the olive oil in the lamps and lit up the temple court – which could be seen for miles around – the temple lit up as a city on the hill.)
    Jesus was laid in a manger; a feed trough, the place for feeding the animals.
    There was a tremendous display in the heavens that morning, but the ONLY ones to see it were the Shepherds who tended God’s flock of sheep. No one else saw it at all, or even knew of it. The true shepherds were also visited by an Angel from heaven, and heard heavens proclamation… which included “peace on earth to men of good-will.”
    No Santa Clause, no X-mas tree (an idol from Babylon – see Jer. 10) and no wise men either (they came years later when Jesus was a little boy, and they lived in a house).
    This is the Truth from that Good Book all you Sunday morning idolators say you love (but don’t read, much less believe); the Bible. If you really believed God’s Word you wouldn’t worship false gods, a false (that “other” Jesus we are warned about in the NT) Jesus, and idols that God forbids like the “christmas tree” the easter bunny, the trinity, and the thousands of other idols embraced and propagated by churchianity.
    Lastly here is God’s promises to them who have broken the Covenant, ignored God’s Holy feasts, and setup idolatry against God’s directions:
    Malachi 2:3
    Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.
    So enjoy YOUR feast, and eat lots of YOUR feast food!

    • Ugly

      I thought you went to bed?

  19. Roderick

    Rob is the kind of man who sees thru the fog. He is not asleep at the wheel nor does he buy the current lies that 2 plus 2 equals 5. I have been telling all who would hear to get off the titanic fiat ship for many years now just like you have Greg. I have never heard of this man before but I know for a certainty his advice is sound.

  20. Apollo

    Well done Greg, one of the best interviews of 2013! If I may add a small comment to the ” all ends when Gold stops flowing from the West to China”. Perhaps after Gold is depleted from the West the next thing will be Oil and Gas, so this financial charade might drag a bit longer until the big banks start not trusting each other. That’s when will all end. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  21. William Betts

    Thank you very much for having Mr. Kirby on your news program. About 4 months ago I made a comment on your news that if you took a look at Ft Knox and the vault at West Point you would find that they are empty. Greg there is a finite quanity of gold in the world. If you take the time to try and determine where it all is located, you will see that Mr. Kirby is really close when he says the flow is from the bankrupt to the solvent nation. Is it going to be war started by the bankrupt and corrupt Amerika?

  22. Joe

    WOW great interview.

  23. brian

    I think about how for the past five years I have been telling my own friends and family the kind of things Rob Kirby has said in this interview and I still get these pained blank looks from most whenever I bring up these things. It makes my gut turn because I know the people I am talking to are not any different than most Americans….this is why the people perpetuating all this fraud are getting away with it, and this is why they are getting more and more bold and this is why they are willing to embrace ever higher stakes in their gluttonous game. This all ends with a lot of people dying, not one of those who dies will be undeserving of what falls on them, because this ##@#@%$#@ thing stared us all in the face for generations and we did nothing.

  24. Jerry

    Merry Christmas Greg.
    This was an absolutely astounding interview Greg. Mr. Kirby nailed it, point, by point. He is totally spot on when he said the Chinese are in control of the markets with their massive Gold buying and that the U.S. is offering up fraud to cover its debt. What else can the U.S. Treasury do, but bluff , deceive, and manipulate? That’s what you do when you have nothing left to offer as a bargaining chip. It’s the old fake it until you make it game. Would you like to see what its going to look like when the Chinese call our bluff?
    Take a look.

    You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The Chinese have seen through our bluff. They know what’s coming and that’s why they are buying Gold and setting up a new exchange system with over 125 other countries. There’s an old saying in the Ozarks Greg. ” Don’t piss down my boot and say its raining”. That’s what we have now. A country in denial, and a government pissing down our boot.

    Have a good Christmas Greg. Thanks for your Christmas Gift. It was a dandy.

  25. John Mackenzie

    Merry Christmas to all

  26. darrell

    Some valid points. However on the north america oils and gas differentials to world (Brent) prices there is a partical explanation – land lock. We see it up in Canada with tar sands oil at $70 vs WT of $90+. Canada is at end of “pipeline” (travel costs), heavier oil (cracking costs), and limited customer base (cannot get product out of North America).

  27. Chris Mc

    Hey, Greg, when the interviewee says “let me tell everyone in the world who is listening to this..” , that means let him talk and try not to interrupt him. At that point, I’m interested in his train of thought, not outside commentary that states the obvious. Your audience is not made of idiots who can’t grasp a statement, unless it’s constantly interrupted.
    Chris Mc
    Baton Rouge

  28. Allan Bell / Allan Free

    First off Greg Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for all you do. I have left messages on your Youtube and FB walls. I am desperately trying to expose the U.S. fixed value of gold of 42.2 dollars an ounce and silver value of 1.30 an ounce. I have tried to post links to this info but I do not know how they are coming out on your end. Which is why I am trying to follow up. This is an official link to U.S government Financial Services web page scroll to bottom to read the fixed value of gold. I believe this to be the fixed value for International Settlements.

  29. Allan Bell / Allan Free

    Also Greg isn’t QE just another way of saying Bank Bailout, yet no one is calling it what it really is, just another way to Bail out the banks. They fool everyone just by saying QE.

    Also I have found a world bank web page that shows China’s holdings of U.S. dollars is actually #.3 trillion dollars. This link has continued to fail to transfer properly. But I am going to try again. The reason I think it is accurate is because it accurately reflects the holdings of Japans U.S. dollar holdings.

    • Brad27

      Hey Allan,
      You just sent a ray of light in translating QE to English——BAIL OUT. Brilliant. I think I shall bail out!
      You also brought up a subject I was trying to find the answer to. We hear that China and Japan could suddenly dump their treasuries back on us and we would be slammed. However, these treasuries mature at 5 year, 10 year, etc. The contract is that they hold the debt until the date agreed upon then they may demand their principal back. So does anyone know how much they have at which expiration dates? I don’t see how they could dump them all at once unless there is a clause that allows them to redeem them at a date before the term and maybe pay a penalty? Someone out there knows about this. BTW I see the interest on ten years treasuries has crept up to 2.99%

  30. Larry Carter

    Greg, what a Christmas present. Rob Kirby is a breath of fresh air and a striaght forward guy who understands markets and the lack their of. You could not have made a better selection for your last pre Christmas interview. For all of us gold bugs Rob represents common sense understanding of how markets should operate but don’t becasue opf government and bank interference. In their absence gold will be the one common denominator for the survival of government acesses. Thanks, Larry

    • Allan Bell / Allan Free

      Beaerer Bonds are payable on demand. But just the fact that china’s real holdings is 3.3 trillion dollars should be enough to make people think. How the fixed value of gold of 42 dollars affects things I am not sure, but I think it is the value used for exchange in the IBS International Bank of Settlements. I need somebody with Gregs smarts to figure this thing out.

  31. druid

    Echoing Rich’s comments, I work with home schooled and unschooled teens, conducting workshops on community economics for sustainable living (might be called Austrian economics for teens — who seem to get it right off the bat because Mises/Rothbard makes intuitive sense to them). We focus on creating village-type communities that foster local economies (as best they can) in the aftermath of the S gradually hitting the F, at a time when a younger generation finds itself having to make its way in a police state depleted of capital resources and suffering mass impoverishment following the expropriation of the wealth of the middle and working classes along with the chronic unemployment that will accompany the expropriation.

    As hopelessly pessimistic as such a scenario may sound to older ears, many of these young people grasp that this will likely be their future and, with enthusiasm, they’re contemplating ways in which they’ll raise the phoenix of a new and better life, based on more productive values, from the ashes of a society and culture that has permitted its moral and spiritual no less than its material resources to be seized and squandered.

    These young people sense that their standard of living, thought of in conventional terms, will decline relative to that enjoyed by their elders. At the same time, they’re quick to take to and develop holistic alternatives to the staples of a modest life that might be lived without hardship: food, clothing, shelter, energy and wellness (physical and psychological).

    In addition, portions of the wider community are developing and using a local, alternative currency tied, for the time being, to the dollar with plans for a gradual emancipation from the dollar. One of the questions on the table, for this development, is whether or not and to what extent a local, village-style economy can productively operate with a credit-based currency.

    • Rich

      I would love to know more about this for my local community. We have a population of about 3000, unemployment is over 40%, over 300 families at the local food pantry every month. I think most people are so focused on survival that they don’t see what’s going on around them. Probably one of the reasons I so enjoy this blog – helps keep me sane and on track.

  32. Bob H

    Greg, I’ve listened to every one of your interviews over the past year. Every one of them corroborate each other. But, this interview with Rob Kirby really (and I mean REALLY), pulls everything together. Thank you for your valuable service to all of us, and have a wonderful Christmas season!!

  33. bob d

    Some good news for the victims of the 9-11 attack. The court ruled they have the right to sue Saudi Arabia.
    Also Rep. Walter Jones and Rep. Stephen Lynch will bring a resolution asking Obama to declassify part of the 9-11 report that shows Saudi Arabia part in the attack.
    The truth must be told other wise,we never can get back to the rule of law. No rule of law no banking system.
    Rep. Lynch was on msm talking about this,maybe the truth is going to come out soon.
    Let Congress know you support this resolution.
    I don’t know how to link this information because I’m a old fart. Google the new for Rep. Jones and Lynch 9-11.

  34. 8Ball

    “Why do you think that America is creating a Police State?” That pretty much sums up the present situation. Great, concise, interview that cuts through the lies and deception that are being used to lull the general public to sleep while the “fuse” grows shorter every day.
    It is no wonder that Ben B is bailing while he can get out with some form of feigned integrity. Obama and the congress are jokes, nothing more than subservient slaves to their money masters.

    “Give me control over a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws…” America put the noose around its neck in 1913.

  35. L. Scott

    Hello Greg:

    Referencing Rich and Laura’s comments above, about a place and community of like minded people (USAWatchdog’s readers); there is a place. It’s called Galt’s Gulch – read Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand was more of a prophet than novelist and philosopher.

    Thank you so much for all of your work and reporting these past years. You are a lifeline to the truth of what is happening in our country and the world.

    Merry Christmas Greg, and to your readers! May we all have a great 2014, because we all have been good Boy Scouts – we’re prepared.

    • Rich

      I’ve been there – I would prefer a real place instead of a fictional one.

    • Brad27

      With the communists in power and the technology and weapons they have now I wonder if Galt’s Gulch would become a mass grave. It would get us all in one place and make it easy for them.

  36. Smaulgld

    I would think that the artificial market of QE in a perverse way is what gives the dollar its strength- without it bonds and the dollar would collapse
    Thoughts on this?

  37. Scot Pleski

    Merry Chrismas Greg and thank you for bringing us Mr. Kirby.
    Now my Christmas wish is to see Mr. Kirby and Karl Denninger in the same interview, and let them direct the content.
    Now that would be a Christmas present…..

  38. OutLookingIn

    Wow! All I can say is, wow!

    I f this interview does not wake you up, then you are officially comatose! Rob Kirby tells it exactly as it is and does not mince his words. Those who understand this will be prepared, as are we who pay attention to USA Watchdog and other alternate media in this same vein.

    Thank you Greg for the “present” and another great episode in the ongoing economic saga of the end of the great Keynesian experiment. Merry Christmas.

  39. On The Beach

    After listening to, or should I say getting smacked in the face with a strong dose of reality, that you cant possibly deny, Rob Kirby just put all the pieces together for us and as we all know now, its downright scary. This sure seems like, its, it folks. Were on the Titanic, the ship that the MSM back then said that even God couldn’t sink and after that statement, why wouldn’t he, just let it sink. I’ll tell you i’m praying that the fed or treasury, whomever, can pull this thing off or at least postpone things long enough, so that I can put my house/life & family in order. But who am I kidding, were already taking in water.
    If your an unbeliever or easily bored you might just want to bail out here and I don’t blame ya Greg, if this never see’s the light of day. But it’s Christmas and even though it may have been an old pagan holiday at one time, It’s message is clear, just listen to the words of all the music. The shepherds in the field were awoke by an angel in the middle of the night and told, the savior of the world was just born in a barn. I know manger sounds much better, but you never know, we just might all end up in a barn, if were fortunate enough and have a pot to you know what with!
    Robert Kirby said we have to learn the lessons of history. Surely one is this: Human philosophy has constantly led to hatred and bloodshed among nations and people. Ecclesiastes 8:9 rightly states: “Man has dominated man to his injury.” And the underlying reason for this is found at Jeremiah 10:23, where God’s Word says: “to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step. ” No, God did not create humans to run their affairs successfully, independent of him. They were not given this capacity. All history has proved that.
    As individuals, we cannot change what the dear leaders of the nations do, as they repeat the tragedies of the past. But we don’t have to be swept up in their conflicts and become part of them. Jesus said of his followers: “They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.” (John 17:14) To avoid becoming part of this worlds conflicts, we must let God’s Word, the Bible–not the shifting sands of human philosophy–guide our lives.–Matthew 7:24-27: 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.
    God’s dependable Word does much more than shed light on the past and present. It provides sure guidance for the future. (Psalm 119:105; Isaiah 46:9-11) It also gives a clear picture of what Gods purpose is for this planet. He will not allow humans to destroy the earth by insanely misusing the immense powers that science and technology have given us. He will make sure that this earth reaches the Paradise condition he originally purposed for it.– Luke 23:43.
    In this regard, Gods Word states: “The upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it. As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it.” (Proverbs 2:21, 22) This will take place, hopefully one day soon, as these troubled times give evidence that we are living in “the last days” of this present wicked system of things. (2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13) And for a certainty, these last days are numbered: they are running out. Bible prophecy teaches us: “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”–1 John 2:17; Daniel 244.
    Soon God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth” and will replace this present violent world with a new world in which “righteousness is to dwell”. (Revelation 11:18; 2 Peter 3:10-13) Then, for those who remain, “he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.” (Revelation 11:18;) Wars and violence will be gone forever, as the prophecy at Isaiah 2:4 will be realized to the full. “They will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.” You too can enjoy that marvelous, everlasting future if you learn the lessons of history.–John 17:3.

    P. S. So keep a stiff upper lip and never forget the words of Der Bingle, there’s going to be a Great Day! If you don’t believe me Google;
    (Bing Crosby Great Day YouTube) You’ll be glad you did!

  40. Spanishgoldbug

    Greg feliz Navidad from Spain! Just loved this last interview. I wonder if you have read this one:
    Very sinificative from someone who has has such a responsability now stating openly that we are heading towards a crash… I wonder why they still ask why I buy gold…

    • Greg Hunter

      This is big. Ask yourself, why CNBC or any other global mainstream media outlet isn’t having a former UK Prime Minster explaining this warning of a crash. Yes sir keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for this link.

      • OutLookingIn

        Greg, one must remember that Gordon Brown, while acting as England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, sold all of England’s gold at the market bottom, hence known as “Brown’s Bottom.”

        The article linked by ‘Spanishgoldbug’ is nothing more than a highly polished piece of propaganda, calling for a global financial control authority. Using scare tactics to drive home the message.

        This ‘leopard’ has not changed his spots! When in public office, his actions spoke volumes about where his loyalties lay. With the global financial/corporate elite’s. This piece of propaganda proves this still to be the case. Read between the lines. Don’t be fooled.

  41. Galaxy 500

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

  42. John

    Good interview Greg with some straight talking honesty.
    Merry Christmas from the UK

  43. mohammad


    Russia is on the offensive:

    • mohammad

      Soviet union is coming back, but with a major difference, it is this time the eastern christian church Russia and not the atheist Soviet union.

      Wait until they conquer Constantinople !, it will happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      It all comes down to money. I am surprised they have not developed this earlier. Thank you for posting this.

      • mohammad


        You have to ask any Russian what Constantinople and in particular Hagia Sophia means to them.
        It is their aim, money is bonus on the side!

  44. john

    Your guest makes some excellent points.
    Precious metals should be a part of every portfolio.
    However, as a dealer for Bullion Management Group, Rob Kirby sells precious metals.
    I always take into account the financial bias of a guest who makes profit from his advice.
    thank you

  45. Brad27

    Hi Greg,
    Rob had interesting and credible things to say, but there were a couple of points that left me wondering. He was amazed at how the US could pay only 3% to bondholders on our treasuries so how could Greece pay 9% on theirs. It seems obvious that Greece had to pay more to attract lenders because the risk is way higher of losing one’s investment if Greece defaults. The price would naturally be much higher.
    The other point is the price of natural gas in the US was $3 and $18 in Europe. I haven’t heard of deposits of gas in Europe. It mostly comes from Russia. dNo pipeline from the middle east yet through the Balkans. I don’t think they have much competition. We are using fracking and I do not think the Russians are. Fracking has gretly lowered our costs. It is a very costly venture to ship liquified natural gas by ship and to build specialized terminals to receive and store it. They are not yet in place. Also the Europeans are not bashful about taxing energy. In France the current price of gasoline at the pump is $8.38 per gallon. 70% of the price is tax. They pay the same to the country of origin for their crude as we do but tax the daylights out of it. What is being added on to the wholesale price for natural gas by the Russians and the price to transport I do not know, but it isn’t really an apples to apples comparison.

  46. Albert Tesla

    My 2 cents…

    Call me a fool, I call myself a realist…

    America will never die…this nation is THE military industrial complex…

    War with China as Mr.Kirby suggests is inevitable.

    China? You mean that same nation who finally just got to the moon when it was done decades ago by us (supposedly…)

    Lets face the fact that within the constructs of American government / military, there are a MANY secrets.

    I can’t even BEGIN to imagine the sophisticated and sci-fi weaponry that the USA possess.

    Hands down, the US leads the world in technological combat. If it was USA vs the world, USA would win.

    Some may argue “we cant even when in Iraq!”

    I personally think that is because good ol’ Uncle Sam is not showing the world its true arsenal of combat toys.

    Sun Tzu once said
    ” peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace. ”

    We here in America, have had an abundance of peace on our soil with the exception of a handful of terrorist attacks that were brief in terms of time taken to resolve them. WW2 we weren’t touched on our territory except for pearl harbor.

    My point? So much peace time means so much time to develop god like weaponry.

    • Galaxy 500

      I’ll not call you a fool but you discount the amount of intellectual property, especially military, the Chinese steal without having to pay for the engineering. They have almost everything we have without the debt to create it.

      • Albert Tesla

        Valid point indeed.

        But to me, your example of Chinese stealing intellectual property from the US military is like the scenario of a dumb student cheating on a smart students exam.

        Yes, he’s going to get SOME answers, but not all.

        As for your comment on debt, i have no argument there, except for the fact that one day the US government can wake up, and tell the world

        lolwhatdebt? ***president presses red button resets to zero***

        And nobody (other nations, governments, etc) i feel can step up and face this “bully” tactic.

    • mohammad

      Albert Tesla,

      It is tesla weaponry that is planet busting could of been developed in peace time, i concur with your statement.
      But please remember this,
      In all history of mankind, great superpowers caved in from within!

      • Albert Tesla

        You are most correct, the greatest nations have collapsed within…but i counter your argument with the following.

        Just because a nation falls….that doesn’t entirely mean that its dead…For example…Nazi’s were defeated in WW2, but is very well known that many of the Third Reich’s intellectuals (scientists, top political people, etc) were not killed, but rather transferred to the US and other places and given positions of authority.

        The borders of a many powerful nations may be long dead, however the ideas of these deceased “entities” still are alive and well in the modern world.

        And I feel that the American hand that grips the entire world is a VERY different hand like nations of the past (Ottoman empire, roman empire, byzantine empire, etc etc etc)

        There are so many new factors that are HUGE game changers….Weaponry, surveillance, the speed of being able to transfer information. Obviously I can continue on and on with further examples i am sure you get my point.

        I just don’t feel its correct to place America in a category as “just another superpower”.

        Like it or not, America is the pinnacle of power and civilization in the world. It’s quite impressive, in fact amazing (to me at least). Compare to our nearest competitors, other nations are a joke….

        • mohammad

          Those hands that survived through out history all the way to US currently and will move to the new center of civilization in the near future after the global financial collapse are factored in my argument, they are the same hands that seek the ultimate control of humanity and the dream of defeating god to no avail, those hands have their moments now and they are doing the magic they learned from babylon, those hands are going to be cut in Damascus when Jesus comes back!

  47. John M.

    Merry Christmas Greg and to everyone! We can pray that God can save us, which is whole point to the hopeful season of thanking our loving God for His Incarnate birth.
    Mr. Kirby is an excellent guest that I have followed for a bit, reaffirming my own beliefs and suspicions that none of our markets are really “FREE”, like no duh to anyone with half a brain. He was a much better gift than some fruitcake or a new flatscreen to watch CNBC propaganda or some other mind-numbing Un-Reality Show.
    Since we really don’t have free markets, is not our country evolving into some political variant of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? To me who has preached for 15 years the importance of sound money to people who do not care, that is much more scary than seeing our fiat money headed to its logical, intrinsic value of absolutely zero.
    May God help us in the New Year as we will need it!

  48. Smaulgld

    Here is a link from the NY Fed re the exchange stabilization fund.
    As you can see it is very open ended. In my Case Against Bitcoin I note the possibility that this fund might be used to disrupt or manipulate the bitcoin market

  49. G!

    Thank you for all your interviews.

    • Allan Bell / Allan Free

      Price of gold value fixed at 42 dollars an ounce.

      Chinas us holdings 3.3 trillion

    • Chip

      Thanks for the link! For other readers…

      The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) of the United States Treasury was created and originally financed by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 to contribute to exchange rate stability and counter disorderly conditions in the foreign exchange market. The Act authorized the Secretary of the Treasury, to deal in gold, foreign exchange, securities, and instruments of credit, under the exclusive control of the Secretary of the Treasury subject to the approval of the President.

      Note it says specifically that they are authorized to deal in gold…

  50. Jerry

    Greg let me reiterate a point for your readers one more time. Mr. Kirby was gracious enough to give us a time line without giving us an exact date of when the collapse will come, and it is tied directly to the Chinese purchase of Gold. Remember this article from a few months ago?
    The Chinese have been preparing for this for quite some time. Have you looked at the 10 year treasury lately? Its approaching 3%.

  51. Troy

    I will pray for your safety. Many whistleblowers get silenced by accidental means. Google Clinton Bodybags and you will see a clear example of all those who stepped in his way ended up pushing up daisies. (Snopes lies)

  52. Coalburner9

    Both Tesla and Mohammad are right about our hidden toys and caving from with in. Especially in this administration, no one has the intelligence and leadership ability to know how to use the toys or the diplomacy. We never commit (never have ) the error that Saddam’s and Assad’s do, we hide our power and they boast of more than they have.
    But your guest is right about the economy, when we stop sending the gold to China, they will stop sending the cheap junk to us. We are due to do what I like to call “go around another corner in history.” You cannot see around the corners
    I am talking about. They are suprises! I am looking for one in 2014. Happy New Year, Greg! and God’s Speed!

  53. Chad

    Though my perspective is slanted, do people still not understand God is preparing to destroy this world? Why would the end even be like in the time of Noah? Adam will die before the end of this Age or Day. Should this surprise those who believe the Truth? Or have they swallowed the same lie Eve did? Surely you will not die. We must always understand that destruction is right before us, and call on His Name.

    We must mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come if we ever want to enter the Promised Land. We must follow the same Way our Lord Jesus went.

    This is not based on law but a Promise and not our own word but His Majesties’s Word that resides in His Children. This is not because you have too, this is because you choose too. Because that is who we are and death does not persuade the steps we will take toward Your Kingdom. Satan is about to be cast down! Woe to those who walk upon the earth.

    Enochs Way

  54. Liquid Motion

    Very thought provoking interview here.
    Rob Kirby put forward the concept that everything is rigged. I agree entirely even going as far as saying that capitalism, by association, is dead also.
    Now if what Rob purports about TPTB knowing what the end game is (according to Gordon Brown – they had their opportunity to fix it post 2008 but they refused to unify their efforts, instead letting the USA take responsibility for the mess), then we must conclude that the entire economic, financial and monetary systems will crash by design. There is a complete lack of empathy or desire to modify or make good… to ensure continuity. Therefore it has to be Destruction by Design. No two ways about it.

    If there were any skerrick of goodwill, then there should have been amongst others, changes to capital adequacy for Banks, Separation of savings activities from trading(Dodd Frank rules), changes to leverage capacity of banks, limitations and regulations on Derivatives, regulation of shadow banking….and criminalisation of the banksters’ fraudulent conduct.
    The troubling concern for us all…..pricing items of necessities & other desirables without the reference to $$$. What is or what will be 1 oz of gold/silver worth ????
    If you are trying to get your head around that concept…what about your house…what’s that really worth considering all the financial engineering and false pricing via Ten year Treasury manipulation. Even more engineering required to keep the glue from coming unstuck.

  55. Mike in Chicago

    Happy New Year Everyone !

    As we approach Jan 1 2014, my only wish for everyone is a prosperous new year.

    I used to be a ‘doom & gloomer’ for a long time. Maybe 13 years or so. I do own some gold & silver, have some food stored for emergencies, as well as a back up gen-set for emergencies if the grid power is out.

    In the past 6 months though, and despite my utter disgust with this administration in DC, and in particular the ACA, which will make insurance far more expensive, I do believe there are reasons for cautious optimism about all of our future’s.

    I will list them as bullet points:
    1. First and foremost is our energy resources here in the US. I’ve been in the energy business myself for 29 years. The shale gas story is real, and shale oil may be somewhat less than media is hyping, but truly the supplies are there to last for decades. (some say 500 years, but I don’t believe that ‘stretch’). This will provide far lower economic costs for US businesses, and even become a net export for us in the not too distant future. the US currently has the lowest electric prices in the world, and on natural gas it is by a wide margin (ours is less than $4.50 per mmbtu, while China and Japan get gas at $15 to $19/mmbtu). This is huge for us, especially over time.
    2. Re-shoring is real. I work in a business where I have exposure to firms who do studies for companies looking to move business back here to the US. Activity in this is SIGNIFICANT, and we are just now experiencing the proverbial tip of the iceberg on this. Many large firms like Dupont and Dow Chemical are moving big mfg back here. Much of it due to the low gas prices (feedstock for many products), but also due to past decade of quality control issues abroad, decreasing inter-national security, and rapidly double digit % increasing labor costs) . While the facilities coming back won’t be of the multi-thousand job variety, they will be back with higher paying jobs, just fewer of them. Our technology infrastructure (telecommunications), transportation infrastructure, and especially energy distribution infrastructure FAR AND AWAY exceeds that of every competing country in the world. Let me repeat this a different way… China can never catch us on what we have for natural gas distribution, and it will severely limit their ability to produce shale gas, besides the fact they are 15 to 20 years behind us technologically speaking. BG distribution is key, and will be for the next 30 years, to help keep all of our energy costs lowest in the world, along with correspondingly low electric prices, especially as NG fired generation with combined cycle efficiencies of in excess of 60% have been installed in the past decade here, replacing 30% (or less) coal fired technology that’s being rapidly retired. Japan does not have this advantage, and China to keep up with massive demand, has had no choice but to build 30% efficient coal fired plants.
    3. While US education, and higher education is lagging other countries, we are still the benefactor’s of immigration of the world’s best and brightest who come to live here permanently. This continues to translate into better paying jobs, more technologically advanced businesses, as these entreprenurial spirits start new businesses that are very competitive world wide. Most of the world, just does not have the factors present we have to keep on producing innovative companies, that make innovative products. Our higher education costs ARE INDEED very expensive. In some cases it is a matter of ‘you get what you pay for.’ Unfortunately in the case of lower tech jobs, people paying for degrees that would lead to such jobs, are really taking on massive debt loads that will be a drag on their economic well being, and thus, our economy. Lastly, there is a lag of about 5 years right now, where enough technologically skilled and properly educated students are coming into fill all the high demand, high knowledge jobs that are going un-filled. Estimates are that there is a shortage of about 3 million for positions that need to be filled, but there aren’t applicants with skill sets needed. I’d believe that, as we have that problem here in the energy business, and at a lot of my customers, who tend to be higher tech manufacturers. These are jobs that pay in excess of $100k per year.
    4. More deflation before any inflation. I really have to disagree and question folks who keep forecasting inflation. Principally, there is worldwide deflationary pressures due to debt, competition, technology advancement, and too many people for the jobs that are there to fill that are relatively low tech or labor intensive. This puts massive downward worldwide pressure on wages for most positions that would be otherwise considered ‘middle class’ type of incomes. People are vastly underestimating advances in all sorts of technology, primarily fostered by the open sharing allowed by the internet, and increased use of mobile communications. All of that debasing, central bank QE, etc. just isn’t going to lead to inflation anytime soon. There will be inflationary pressures in soft commodities, healthcare, education, and taxes, but those are the exceptions. But to make broad based proclamations of inflation, or even hyperinflation, is just not allowing for everything that’s happening on a macro and fundamental level. Why do you think gold is not going up, and is in fact $460 lower than it started 2013 ? Why are so many commodities on the decline ? Look at Dr. Copper. Look at housing, not just US based but worldwide. Worldwide growth is still there, but its been slowing markedly in places like China, India, and Europe and here in the US. That is NOT inflationary folks. Sorry. And yes there may be some price manipulation in gold, but that is such a teeny tiny market,its not surprising.

    So when you hear all of these admittedly seducing and interesting interviews, may I humbly suggest, that on balance, you need to look harder for the positives. Media, and even the internet, does not make money on printing positive stories. They make it on negative stories. Just watch nightly news, or local news, or many frequently visited web-sites. The ones that are viewed are the ones with the negative stories, or when horrible things happen like deaths, emergency weather events, shootings, market problems, company earnings misses, lost children, disease spread, and on and on. If you examine your own life, people rarely talk about all of the positive things that happen to themselves, and even if you look on Facebook, most people try to post positive things about there lives, which is rare in of itself but its a unique medium in that regard, bc its sort of a vanity fair type of thing. FB is on its way out with the below 50 crowd though. People over 50 are generally happier than all other age categories, so thats probably why FB is the exception rather than the rule for positive postings.
    Anyway, all’s I’m saying is that when you read these stories on the internet, which are mainly of the doom and gloom porn variety, just keep this all in perspective.

    May God Bless you all !
    Mike R. in Chicago.

  56. VanJames

    Greg, you’ve asked guests when will all of this currency fraud implode?
    I want to put forth my guesses….so….my bets are it will happen in the manner of an empire gradually, consistently and relentlessly crumbling piece by piece. Guesstimates, for only the U.S.A, are:
    ~Mar. 22, 2014 the first big tremor hits, severely deflating the stock market.
    ~Apr. – May 30, 2014, what started in Mar. 2014 continues it’s ripple effect with many major financial institutions already in-fact ruined and others in the process of crumbling. The ruined financial institutions can not be saved with confiscated bank customer deposits from checking/savings accounts nor more fiat currency.
    ~after July 16, 2014 the housing bubble, now in effect in the rocky mountain region, begins it’s burst.
    Starting Dec. 2021 to 2026 the biggest events of dissolution to the remaining nation of the U.S.A. will officially crumble the country. The U.S.A. is now a third world nation. U.S. citizens run in packs in the streets in urban area’s looking for food and shelter. We will know shortly. Keep me honest.

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