COMEX Default Is Coming Soon-Bill Holter

22By Greg Hunter’s (Special Release)

According to financial writer Bill Holter, we are getting to the end of the gold and silver price suppression game. Holter contends, “Because the inventories are so small, silver and gold registered categories (at COMEX) total about $1.2 billion.  That’s nothing in today’s world.  That’s less than one day’s interest the U.S. pays on its debt.  I don’t see this going for a long time because inventories are so small. . . . This whole suppression game on gold and silver was brought about to protect the reserve currency, the dollar, because gold is a direct competitor with the dollar.  If the silver market blows up, and I shouldn’t say if, it’s when the silver market blows up, that’s going to blow the gold market up, and that is basically going to expose the fact the West is a fraud, that the gold and silver markets were a fractional reserve Ponzi scheme.  That’s going to blow confidence, and you are going to see derivatives blow up all over the world, and markets will be closed in a couple of days.”

Holter, who is also an expert on gold, goes on to warn, “The world runs on credit, and you going to Walmart or a grocery store each week, the stuff doesn’t appear on shelves, it gets there by several layers of credit. . . . Silver is a teeny tiny domino compared to the whole system, but it will lead to all the dominos coming down. China and Russia know this.  It could be two days, two weeks or two months.  It could blow before the market opens on Monday morning.  You tell me when someone steps up to buy twice as much silver than COMEX can deliver, and that’s it.  It is done.  This is a seminal moment for the entire Western financial system. . . . It could be any day.  The default is coming.”

If criminal bankers would not have conspired to suppress gold for the last several years, what would the price be today? Holter says, “You couldn’t have $5,000 or $10,000 gold and 0% interest rates.  I think there would have been a panic into metals (gold and silver) by now because the price suppression has been used to hit people’s emotions.   It’s been used to hurt their psyche.  I think if they had not dumped all this paper to suppress the price, the pot would have already boiled, and there would have been a run on the banks and a run into the metals.”

So, if the banks would not have criminally suppressed the price of gold, we would already have a gold price that would be thousands of dollars higher than today. Holter says, “Yes, absolutely.  Gold is real money that cannot default.  That is what this is all about.  When the whole system defaults, what’s going to be left standing–gold and silver, real money.  They are no one else’s liability.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bill Holter of

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:   

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  1. Dan

    Blast, fire, evacuation at Washington, DC metro station, fire crews responding

    • sdfgh

      what a crock of horseshit! this guy needs to drink more water! you fools agreeing with him are just wishful stackers. no body controls the market!

      • John Henesy

        You’re the fool if you don’t think the precious metals market has not been controlled.

  2. oldbones youngmind

    Bill Holter has the most accurate perspective of all analysts. Period.

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for such kind words!

    • Ross

      Bill Holter and Rob Kirby are my favourites. Both are extremely knowledgeable and humble people. NATO is building its arms to surround Russia.We’ll know when the collapse is going to happen because they’ll need a huge false flag or war to blame it on, before the event.
      Solved my access problems to your Youtube videos Greg.Bought an Apple Computer. Both Windows and Microsoft programs have back doors into our computers ,so they can interfere with our reception.

      • Paul ...

        Ross … The Neocons likely also put back doors into all our American military weapons (i.e. Donald Cook) … then they probably gave the key to Russia so they could more easily nuke US … and thus cover up all the crimes, thefts and shenanigans of the crazy Neocons and Wall Street bankers!

  3. Dan

    Bill, it would be nice to get an elaboration on your theory about Chinese positions in the COMEX. Firstly, I am not familiar with the transparency of those who trade the silver and gold futures on this exchange. Is there a list of actual participants? Would these appear on what they call the COT reports? If so, couldn’t we see a corporation or proxy that intervenes on behalf of the Chinese sovereign? I’d really like these kinds of theories (no matter how probable) to be confirmed with fact, if possible.

    My opinion on the Chinese flipping the “kill switch” (i.e., asking for delivery): Even though they now have the SGE Fix backed with 100% physical, I strongly doubt that they would ask for delivery to kill it on the COMEX. Why? Having lived and worked here in China for 8 years now (and having even given business and investment banking training at one of the country’s top banks) I strongly doubt they would do it since it is not their style (unlike what we saw with the Saudis this past week). Moreover, from a geopolitical perspective the Chinese wouldn’t want to be finger-pointed and blamed for causing the collapse of the system, as the USA would use this as a propaganda means to blame them and be perceived it as an act of war; in other words, the Chinese would be scapegoated. Such propaganda would be absolutely devastating to the Chinese and their reputation. Any thoughts?

    • Tin foil ha

      I concur with your analysis. They know they are on the Titanic and are merely preparing for the collision, they do not want to be responsible for running it into the iceberg. SGE, AIIB and CIP are their little life boats to get off the Titanic.
      They also know that these life boats are no guarantee that they won’t get suck under the current when we sink.
      I think they are giving us a chance to save them and ourselves via SDR, that is if we still have 8,000 tons of gold.

    • Paul ...

      Dan … I think you are right China won’t like being blamed … just like the Saudi’s don’t like being blamed … but we know what China is up to … and we know what the Saudi’s have done … speaking of blame (see attachment below) look what the Cruz family and the Bush’s are accused of with regard to JFK … if this is true we can more easily understand why when Trump wins the majority of the votes in a state Cruz gets all the delegates! …

      • Paul ...

        To stop the Neocons trying to take down the US and the West … the 28 pages must be released (along with additional info from the Panama papers) … unfortunately Israel along with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. are implicated in the 28 pages pertaining to the 9/11 false flag … let the chips fall where they may … we must rid ourselves of the Neocons who ever they are trying to destroy the US … the momentum is building and there is no stopping it … it’s all going to come out … and Trump will likely go after the ones found to have committed treason against this country attacking the Pentagon and NY …

    • Bill Holter

      no, COT’s will not divulge “who”. I believe if this is the case it is being done via surrogates for the Chines. The big prize is gold, I have speculated they would not do anything to interrupt delivery …until delivery of gold fails..

    • red

      It is not a question of China ‘destroying’ the US Economy …but having real money (gold) to liquify their own collapsing economy after the $US completely implodes. The fact the stock market cant be let fail..we have .gov billionaires hitting market shortly with their freshly minted equity booty…the $US is is only so many “Billionaires” any market can take without collapsing , ask Robert Mugabe … heehee….

      Love Bill Holter by the way great stuff Greg

  4. David

    Interviews with Bill Holter are always the best! We definitely live in interesting times. Thank you Greg for the early, early release! You’ve been hitting these interviews out of the ball park. And, thank you Bill for sharing your knowledge.

    • Greg Hunter

      David I will not be posting Sunday. This is it.

    • uma

      Who says they wouln ‘t scapegoated anyway?
      They alteady are …

  5. Californiawoman

    Bill has had a similar catastrophic message for many years.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes C W, because the facts are stayed the same for many years. Manipulation and fraud put it off but made the next crash far worse.

    • Hairy Herry

      You’re not the only person saying that, but consider that most who are actually correct don’t get the timing right. Harry Dent, who I think has shown up here thinks we’ll go through an incredible depression. Although I disagree with his gold/silver price forecast, I do agree the depression will be very painful and is the required dosage of medicine to correct the gigantic debt bomb.
      Too bad none of us know precisely when it takes place, or I’d be betting this in either Vegas or the extremely lopsided derivatives market. One sides gotta lose, right??

    • Bill Holter

      thanks for following our work David, it’s our pleasure!

    • Gator

      Exactly..just more fear mongering…next year they will claim it happens in 2017…

      • Greg Hunter

        Then why do you come here? Go somewhere else and don’t worry be happy.

        • Gator

          Greg..I come here because most of your interviews are outstanding and based on factual information..not conjecture or fear mongering…I quit following Holter last year and don’t consider him credible…just my opinion…

          • Greg Hunter

            you are in the minority, but thank you for your support and comment.

            • Tina

              You lose cred. when you snark at disention. Yes, because manipulation has gone on for years and can go on until you are finally right or foreever wrong. Have you or your guests ever iterated your wrongness?

              • Greg Hunter

                When someone give me grief on my free this site I am allowed to answer. So sorry you don’t like my answer and it has nothing to do with my “cred.”

                • Tina

                  Get it, free site. However, it’s available for public consumption by your own intent yet you snark and get pissy when someone voices an opposition. Moreover, by constantly reminding it’s your free site means not free to voice opposing viewpoint? Lol.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    So, if you don’t like what I say in my own defense it’s getting “snark and pissy”? Look who’s getting “pissy” now. Thank you for your comment.

          • Tracy Welborn

            So if your house fills with smoke you don’t leave because it’s never burned down before. You wait five minutes and it still hasn’t burned down. However, there’s more smoke now and you decide it’s not going to burn down for quite some time. Holy crap.

            • Tina

              That was, well, metaphorically challenged.

          • Angelo

            The fact that you watched Mr. Holler tells me that you were just waiting to make a comment. It’s ok to comment about someone’s credibility but leave some evidence to the contrary as well.

            • Tina

              Wrong; didn’t watch Mr. Holler (sic) but I like him. The “evidence” was iterated and obvious.

      • Jerry

        Gator 50/50 chance. If you’re right and nothing happens. No harm. If Bill is right and you are not prepared. You die. Are you really stupid enough to take that bet?

        • Gator

          Jerry…next year you will be hearing the same song and nothing will have changed. Any implosion or collapse will be gradual and take many years…no need to panic.

          • gregd

            My dad use to tell me the same thing happened before WWII with Hitler. Many Jews left early and survived , the others died a horrible death.
            For me, the numbers don’t lie. Ignore B. Holter at your own peril. No person can know the timing. Best of luck to you.

  6. CrazyCanuck

    Bill, Greg or fellow knowledgeable commenters, please explain where my understanding is faulty…. Can the Comex, when faced with a demand to deliver physical on a contract just say they are going to settle in cash? Isn’t that one of their legal rights as per the fine print of the contract? If so, the short selling suppression game can continue indefinitely can it not ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Crazy Canuck, but if contracts are settled in dollars, you no long have a gold or silver physical market. You have a dollar market.

    • Tin foil ha

      I think that is the only way the US Treasury get to keep possession of all 8,000 tons of gold.
      Treasury will pay the fed $45/oz. The fed will pay the bullion banks the spot price in dollar. The bullion banks will pay COMEX/investors in dollar but no delivery.
      When that happens, it would mean that the Treasury is using the gold to rejuvenate/save the dying dollar.

    • Bill Holter

      please see my article out tomorrow on this topic. It may not be called a default but then what exactly are you trading if it does not settle with metal?

  7. Carol Smith

    Greg, always love Bill Holter. Thanks for having him !!

    I do have, what I feel is am important Question.
    What benefit would it be to China to destroy the US economy
    through the gold and silver market. The USA is the largest
    customer of Chinese goods. Isn’t China also having issues or problems.
    What benefit would it be for them ? Smart People on this site !!

    • Tin foil ha

      Carol Smith,
      China do not want to destroy our economy. We don’t need help doing that to ourselves.

    • JMiller

      I agree with you Carol. China has enough problems of their own without creating more for itself. Things right now are going China’s way as they are gaining world influence while the U.S. and the Western world is dying a slow death. Why not continue and let nature take it course?

    • Matthias

      “The USA is the largest customer of Chinese goods.”

      That argument is often brought up by the talking heads in the main stream media, but the point there is: What good is a customer who can’t pay the bills? If the Chinese were simply looking for a place to dump their products without proper payment, they could just trow them into the pacific ocean.

      Therefore Bill’s point that the Chinese will pull the plug as soon as they don’t get anymore actual useful stuff (like gold – US treasuries they already got enough) is quite valid. Also there is this whole “new cold war with Russia and China” thing with the US/NATO not only poking the Russians but also the Chinese in the South China Sea.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      What an excellent question, Ms. Smith!

    • Paul ...

      Carol … by destroying the US “as a competitor” on the world stage (using gold and silver to take away the US dollars reserve status) means China will be able to trade more effectively with the 8 to 9 trillion people on the planet … and they won’t even lose us 320 million American consumers because they know we need to buy their products as our crazy psychopathic political leaders have jutted our manufacturing base and sent our jobs over seas … to fix the problem we all must vote out the crazy (New World Order) Neocons in Congress and elect Trump President!

    • Bill Holter

      Carol, I have long said China will blow up just as everyone else …except …they will be left with entirely new infrastructure (buildings, roads, airports, plant and equipment AND lots of gold. We will be left with a broken infrastructure and empty vaults.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Just my opinion from the south seas, but it wouldn’t be the Chinese destroying the US economy. The US began the process of destroying its own economy way back in 1913 when Congress handed a private cartel the keys to Fed.

      Post WW2 when the US greenback inherited reserve currency status this ludicrous central bank model developed into an overwhelming global force. In effect, the Fed became the funding base for the global neoliberalist movement and as such the proxy foundation of the military industrial machine itself.

      There is now an awakening around the world to the fact that this cabal has caused massive global financial distortion and chaos and facilitated the overwhelming transfer of wealth into the hands of its elite owners and cronies.

      Yes China has huge “issues and problems”, but they are taking a long-term view and the one thing they know for certain is that the global financial system is completely unsustainable in its present form. The opening of the SGE last week is one part of a huge puzzle that will serve the purpose of helping to further expose the massive fraud that is manipulating the price of PMs and protecting the dollar.

      The PM paper markets are in essence entities who don’t have physical ownership of PM’s ‘selling’ to counterparties who don’t want to own PMs. This method of setting the global spot price for gold and silver is both fraudulent and ludicrous. It will be gradually exposed by the SGE which by complete contrast is purely a physical only exchange.

      As the real buyers and sellers of PM’s move into this new system, the paper market will be exposed for what it is… a bogus model of price manipulation and control that uses slight of hand and counterfeit as its main tools. In my view, this transition will be gradual at first but will gain momentum as the cabal runs out of the resources to continue to manipulate prices with paper dumps. As real buyers begin to demand physical delivery the Comex pricing system will collapse and become completely irrelavent……of course, in essence, it already is irrelevant! Ask yourself Carol….would it really be China “destroying the US economy through the gold and silver market”?

      The fact remains, the looming danger is just as real and tangible as physical gold itself. A dispossessed powerfull bully is both frightening and unpredictable to contemplate. Who knows what desperate and violent actions this could lead to.


  8. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I have not had the tie to listen to Bill’s interview but your interview/appearance on Trunews with Rick and posse was awesome. I told Von that that was the most wound up you have been since your interview last year with Catherine Austin Fitts. LOL.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC.

      By the way, I said there would be not be an Iran nuke deal and nothing was signed, so, no deal. I also said it would increase the chances for war in the M.E.

      • art barnes

        Greg, Obama in Germany today praising the “Iran deal, aka the accord”. Seems everybody including the U.S. Congress believes it was and is a done deal, Trump says he will cancel the deal, so does Cruz. Why don’t anyone in authority speak out that it never got signed? Your thoughts about this is appreciated.

        • Greg Hunter

          This so called deal was not signed by the Iranians according to the Kerry State Department. No signatures and there is NO DEAL. What you got was a gift or a bribe and nothing more.

          • Linda L.

            Since Obama isn’t fond of Israel or its leader, do you think that this Administration actually gave all the money to Iran so they can fine tune their ballistic/nuclear programs with the ultimate target Israel? Maybe Obama/Admin. want Iran to do their dirty work for them, and then come in after all the carnage with a peace agreement? Just another filthy proxy set-up?

    • uma

      To fend of the aggression of the US in the Chinasea and everywhere else?

      China, transformed with a strong currency, would have enough demand to become a consumer based economy. They will buy more stuff,mand stop to be the workbench (slave idiots) of the world. Just compare the workload, and environmntal damage.

      Short, dont be to sure, thats a pleasure to keep a parasite alive.

      On the other hand:
      Once the silk road countrys start to develop, (due to new chinese/eurasian credit) there will be huge demand to fend us good for paper demand of.
      What sense it makes that you deliver real commodities, goods, service and hard labor for worthless paper?

      • uma

        my last comment was ment as an answer for Carol … got the wrong butoon, sorry

    • ScottL

      There are a few issues that should be clarified. First, what does “destroy the US economy” mean? Does it mean the US turns into a MadMax world or does it mean the US is relegated to a still-functioning, albeit third world economy? Do we become a dystopian state? And, is it really the Chinese or any other external force that will dramatically damage our economy or is it our own ever-growing socialist/Marxist internal economic policies that will pull the trigger? I’m sure the Chinese wargame economic scenarios as much as they wargame military scenarios. Would it be worth it to them to take a few economic punches to the face if at the end of the tenth round they are still standing, bloody and swollen, but the US lost the title belt? It may very well be. What the world sees in the west now is a corrupt system without honor. It’s not that the Chinese and the Russians, etc., don’t have their own issues. It’s that the west DEMANDS they stay in control and will lie, cheat and steal to maintain that control, including starting wars if need be. The rest of the world is now deciding that game is up, especially when considering that unfettered immigration in both Europe and America will contribute mightily to their respective national suicides. Western economies will go belly-up without any assistance from the east so my guess is the Chinese will bide their time and act at their leisure. And Americans, in their arrogance, can not and will not accept that their mighty country can wind up on the trash heap of history as so many empires before her have. Just like denial on board the Titanic when passengers were told the ship is going down. No way! She’s unsinkable! I’m getting a drink. The threat to this country won’t emanate from Moscow or Beijing or Tehran or even the fat boy from North Korea. Our demise will come from Washington and its slow descent into Marxism.

      • art barnes

        Life goes on after the lost of a reserve currency status, look at England. The economy just doesn’t completely stop, it moves into a stagflation socialist type economy much like what Japan has today except worst because Japan has at least kept much of its manufacturing base (cars, electronics, etc.) wherein the U.S. has not. So, to answer your question(s), the economy will be less productive (if that is possible) until it just survives as a third world type of society/culture. The military becomes mostly coastal for the most part and continues to reduce to a France/England type status of really no importance internationally. More or less we survive but won’t determine or lead world events and or issues. In order words the U.S. watches events unfold without any county taking our threats or thoughts seriously for the great late U.S. becomes most irrelvant on the world stage. Regards, ab

      • anni

        It will mean the US without toilet paper

  9. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Derivatives will never blow up, because it’s just insurance that never pays. The ISDA members collects the payments from both sides and probably only settles just enough to keep the payments rolling in. They even admitted as much in public:

    Working with markers on paper white boards, the group drew up a new system for improving the settlement of CDS obligations.
    Their solution: Let us decide.

    Derivatives will go away when the buyers figure out they’ve been suckered, big time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you not know what happened to Lehman Brothers, AIG or Bear Stearns? It’s orders of magnitude larger than $14 trillion.

      • andyb

        And to emphasize your point, Greg, it is obvious that there are plenty of potential Lehmans out there flying around with the Black Swans looking for a place to land. All major global banks are technically bankrupt and becoming more so with each passing day. The latest secret meetings at the WH are dots that need to be connected along with the DB admissions, the horrendous global economic news, and the slow death (thankfully) of the sovereign killing trade deals on the totalitarian agenda.
        Bill is right. The perfect Storm is just around the corner. The nomination of Trump in July just might be the catalyst for a major false flag (terrorist) to declare martial law and suspend the elections (the FBI will have patsies claiming plans to suicide bomb polling venues). It’s almost too obvious once the psychopathology of the elites is understood. Too many are going to be blindsided when the banks close, the credit cards don’t work and the shelves at the grocery store are bare.

        • susan

          If we have any hope, I believe it would be Donald Trump. I am afraid that he will not be “allowed” to become president, one way or another.

    • Hairy Herry

      Greg is right, but just wait until THIS TIME as there’s no way the Fed or even the taxpayers can cover these derivatives. We’re talking magnitudes of Global GDP being leveraged, written by banksters who love collecting the fees, and of course they won’t be arrested or jailed until the whole mess tumbles downward. I warned people in Little Rock about derivatives when I.O.U.S.A. was screened there. Some people were almost gasping, but I was already a loyal reader of JSMineset and knew just how dangerous these unbacked agreements would be and spoke my mind. I sold land I owned in 2005 because I saw the bubble. I warned my m0ther to sell her home while she had the opportunity, and she got several thousand over the asking price! You see, these aren’t the same derivatives which came out in the 90’s after Clinton got rid of the last vestiges of Glass-Steagall. When they’re written by TBTF banks, they’ll get covered by any means possible since they’ve financed so much unconstitutional nonsense in the past. We’re all debt slaves at least in regard to returning favors. The difference now is that many more are awakened. A societal revolution will break out when Uncle Sam defaults on the people. This is already happening to our Veterans with VA Hospitals and to the People with Civil Asset Forfeiture – but it’s now getting above the “noise” point where many who could care less had been consistently tuning out. It’s almost HERE!

    • Bill Holter

      …and balance sheets all over the world destroyed. I wish you were correct on this, you are not Edward.

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        You’re definitely correct, all. Next time I’ll be more careful, as I only meant that no one will benefit from derivatives, neither side, when they all collapse. The players have been played, big time.

  10. Thomas harmon

    Very good interview Greg,
    The last two interviews you did was off the charts unbelievable , I just have one question please .
    When things go bad SHF scenario and I want to sell some silver what do I except as currency .

    • Bill Holter

      not currency, you only accept “stuff” until new currencies are brought forth. Only then do you make this decision.

  11. nick

    How can the Comex default when according to Ted Butler 95% of all trading on the Comex is speculator v speculator and virtually nobody actually wants to end up with the actual physical metal ?

    Also if one of the 5% actually want to collect the physical they allegedly can be paid out in a forced cash settlement so I don’t understand how the Comex can ever default.

    Can someone please explain how this Comex delivery default is going to occur in simple terms, when forced cash settlement is an option, as I just don’t get it. (Sorry)

    In my opinion the BRICS countries are benefiting by the price manipulation, now confirmed , as it allows them to stack up for less Fiat dollars. The same applies to those of us who are stackers and preppers allowing us to add to our wealth protection at these prices. Once the majority of metal has moved into very strong hands and the easy pickings are all harvested then we may see some major price movement to the upside. We now have the SGE so arbitrage may come into play at some point. JPM allegedly have millions of ounces of silver which could also prop up the ponzi for a considerable period.

    Love the site and guests and 95% of fellow watchdogger comments .
    Rob Kirby gave a three week warning so only two to go now, Good luck to ALL if any one of the black swans land.

    • nick

      Two more links on why the COMEX cannot default,

      Including an explanation on CME rule 413.
      COMEX may well become irrelevant and the physical pricing may controlled by the SGE but I do not believe the COMEX can default on delivery, as per the heading of this article, as it has a cash settle option or rule 413.

      I don’t understand why we are being advised to wait for something that apparently cannot happen.
      I am also concerned as to why anyone would start a class action lawsuit which will take years to win, yet apparently we have so little time ?
      Or why set up a subscription service for a year if we are only days /weeks from collapse.
      Surely the 120 dollars would be better spent on beans and bullets !

      Being as I was foolish enough to go all , when Harvey Organ claimed crash was only days away about 18’months ago I now question everything. Buying six months of food, extra shotguns and ammo , and some physical metals after believing Harvey is not an issue as it put me way ahead of the curve. However it took months for me to recover financially.

      The biggest issue is that it has dented my credibility with friends and family and employees to such an extent that I would be unable to convince them to help themselves as I cried wolf already.
      Harvey has never been back to explain himself and recently Rob Kirby has made a prediction of total collapse which expires by mid May. Bill Holter is also suggesting we are days or weeks away from the end. Can I risk crying wolf again ?

      Please will someone explain HOW can the COMEX default ????

  12. Jerry

    This Bloomberg interview supports exactly what Bill is saying.
    Anyone who thinks the Chinese are going to wait to reset the system to a Gold backed Yuan are fooling themselves. AIIB, CIPS, and the SWIFT agreement all say otherwise. The Yuan trade platforms have already been set up worldwide including London and Frankfort. As I have stated many times before, this move is not about competing with the petrodollar. Its about leaving it behind, and going back to the rule of law and normal market principles determined by hard assets. The central banks should not find this hard to understand, since they’re the ones who originally wrote the laws on lending.

    • Bill Holter

      physical market will take the pricing mechanism away from paper.

      • David Clumpner

        Bill, I do wish u were correct on this but I think the ‘Uber Elites’ still maintain considerable more clout and impetus than you think.
        A ‘planned demolition’ is somewhere out there in the cards but they
        have more ‘Jokers and Wild Cards’ up their sleeves.
        When “the house of cards” does collapse, the next plan of action by these Globalists could be a new digital currency (SDR?), backed by a
        new one or two quadrillion dollar global bond and/or tax.

        • Jerry

          If that were really true, the Fed still wouldn’t be printing money would it? Last count was a 125 Billion per month.
          The central bankers have trapped themselves in their own scheme. The Chinese will push the plunger at a time of their choosing. Hint…when the COMEX can’t deliver on their orders. Read the book “Art of War” and then you’ll get it.

  13. John Smith

    Greg I’ve been listening to your sites like yours for years. I agree with mostly everything your experts say. But, there’s always a but. If you took some of their advice and bought gold mining shares or silver, you’ve lost most of your money. It’s been a disaster, having said that I’ve invested in gold bullion and never regretted it. I started in my early 30’s now 55 years, and I’m still waiting for the world to end. My family keeps on telling me that the markets are making new highs you’ve always said the banking system is in trouble, and the Canadian banks have been the best investment in the last 15 years. But, I’m still not invested in them because I’m listening to the experts. and my family is still laughing at me at my investments. My point is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Like my father always told me the stupiest farmers grows the biggest potatoes. I’m still planting my golden ones. Keep up the good work Greg.

    • Bill Holter

      “pricing” has been “forced” as ALL markets are rigged. This is not speculation on my part, it is now proof positive.

    • David Clumpner

      Jerry, I suspect the Uber Elite Powers go far above and beyond the Fed Reserve.
      Let’s see what happens in the Fall when the Chinese enter the SDR Club.
      Irregardless, there are apparently far more ‘dollars’ (fiat or otherwise), out there than we are led to believe.
      And this probably includes gold stockpiles, stashed away, who knows where.

  14. James Hastings

    Loved it. Soon. I hope.

    “In one hour all this wealth has been laid waste. And all the shipmasters and seafaring men, sailors and all whose trade is on the sea, stood far off and cried out as they saw the smoke of her burning…In one hour she has been laid waste.” 18:11

    • Bill Holter

      it could be this fast, but certainly within the time you go to sleep and wake up the next day.

    • RJ

      Keep in mind that in Biblical prophecy, particularly Revelation, one day of prophecy time equals one year. So one prophetic day is 1/24 of a year or about 2 weeks (approx).

      • RJ

        I meant one hour of prophetic time is 1/24 of a year…since a day is a year.

  15. Michael

    ALWAYS great to listen to Holter!! I was bothered by Sinclair’s interest in a class action suit however. I’m wondering why he would want to invest time, energy and money in something that would be useless if indeed their timing of the coming calamities are correct? Wouldn’t it take years, even if there was a settlement? Doesn’t seem like there is anything to gain from it? Greg, we ALL appreciate the fact that you consistently probe your guests for their real inner feelings on timing!

    • Crimson Avenger

      I also love listening to Holter and agree with much of what he says. So I was curious not only about the idea of launching a class action suit, which takes years to work through, but also the idea of launching a paid subscription service at If things are going upside down any time now, why put in the effort to launch a premium site? In a way, the only way it makes sense to pay for the subscription is if you think they’re wrong.

      • dadiz

        Nope, one subscribes to support their efforts.
        Especially, since Jim Sinclair’s website and writings have been totally altruistic ………………….for 14 years.

  16. Nathan

    Hi Greg
    All gold and silver manipulations are conducted by the Fed using its banks to give value to their useless dollars. The Fed is their client and of course they do their own front running through institutions run by them like Comes, Nymex, LBMA etc.
    Now that Deutsche Bank has admitted to manipulating do you think it will finally break the Fed soon?

  17. WheatFarmer

    Good morning Greg,

    Nice work. I understand what’s going on, why it’s going on and the ramifications of default for either metal. Explain to me this part I don’t’ understand.

    1. Western banking establishment and all of its associated parts stand accused of metals market manipulation and have last week admitted to same.
    2. Western banking establishment and all associated parts are typically accused of being “them”, “the elite”, “the shadow government”, “the new world order leaders” etc…
    3. If 1 and 2 above are true, then why did Deutsche Bank file anything in any court? What is/was the purpose?
    3a. If 1,2 and 3 above are true, then in who’s court do you presume to prosecute the people that make up the Western Banking Establishment? The presumption that is made here is they can not be convicted and/or sentenced within a court they own/control.
    4. Does Russia or China “become fed up” with this mess and “do the right thing”? Do they hold court? Do they jail the men/women accused and/or convicted? Do they clean the system of corruption and restore it to honest trade? Or, are they on the take…they play their parts and reap the rewards promised by the top of the pyramid controllers…

    My Thoughts: (answer my own question):
    If all above are true, then something bigger is going on here. Burning down the old “house” to “build the new one on the same ground” comes to mind. Some individuals, likely even high level types within these banking structures may indeed ‘go to jail’. However, this 9/11 all over again, this time without buildings being demo’d. This is systems under controlled demo. Bring the current system down into its own footprint so we can build the next one where the other stood. You have to do this because there isn’t any ‘land’ somewhere else to build a new financial system.

    If all above is true. What does the common man of any nation do? Prepare to be a District Citizen in the real life everyday world of Hunger Games?

  18. CrazyCanuck

    Greg, after listening to Bill ( and I do give him a lot of cred ) , I can’t help but wonder what his reply would have been to the unasked question …. that is, when he came on in the early days of 2016, he was very worked up about “this being it, we are in the tornado”. As we know 4 months down the road, it wasn’t “it” afterall, just some significant turbulence, the PTB managed to muddle through once again. I wonder if this bothers Bill, as some of my skeptic sheeple friends would say it suggests a “boy who cried wolf” situation — a main criticism of us here in the alt media reading community.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep in mind it’s very hard to time what is coming because this has NEVER happened in recorded history. What is coming is Biblical in nature and not timing a trade. Thank you for your support and comment.

    • Bill Holter

      If you disagree with my logic and believe I am crying wolf, you can follow others like Jim Cramer etc. The house is on fire, if you cannot see it or smell I cannot help you.

      • Robert G

        Markets may be rigged but if someone had put 10 to 100 thousand in the stock market and bought major stocks 10 cents on the dollar ( sbux for example) back in 2009 at the low you would have made 8- 10 times your money with quality stocks . I had the money and list of great stocks but chickened out because of the naysayers. Kick myself ever since. A giant bull market for 7 years. A once in a lifetime opportunity. I would have pulled out by now, because the writing is on the wall, but I would have been very wealthy. If money becomes worthless than that’s a different story. Just say’in.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Bill, not at all sir, not at all, sorry if I gave that impression, for it is actually the reaction I get when I try to warn those close to me of yours and so many others’ warnings. I firmly believe your warnings are based on history, logic and mathematics . Personally, I have taken the precautions you mention to preserve what little saved labour I have, and thank you both wholeheartedly!

      • art barnes

        Bill, Jim Cramer sees a buy signal behind every tree, ever wonder where these so-called pundits end up when the SHTF?

  19. Tad

    Yes Greg, it may speed up. China appear unwilling to allow yuan to dollar and back conversions. . .the new gold backed yuan I must add.

    Frankly, as an hourly worker, I don’t want to work for the dollar either.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Tad! Thank you for posting this.

    • art barnes

      You won’t have to for much longer, the dollar may not be toast but its in the toaster as we speak.

      • Paul ...

        art … since the beginning of 2016 the US dollar has been making lower lows and lower highs (and both the 10 and 20 week Moving average have just broken below the 40 week moving average) … so it seems the US dollar index is headed into the low 80’s (so much for Rick Ackerman’s 120 prediction and Harry Dents advice to hold fiat Fed dollars under your bed instead of gold and silver).

      • Tad

        About to be cremated.

  20. Darren

    Greg….Love Bill Holter all day long. Seems to me that Bill about half way through the interview basically said “BUY FOOD”!!!! His analogy of Walmart shelves drying up because of credit is really the truth. When this happens…It will take months to iron it all out. Not to knock Gold or Silver…but even if you could use it…There won’t be anything to buy with it!!! If you take the previous comments by guys like: Bix Weir, Bo Polny, Rob Kirby, Greg Mannarino, Jim Rickards and so on-We in the west are in for a world of hurt.
    Thanks for the Saturday treat!!!!…Darren

    • Bill Holter

      correct, BUY ALL SUPPLIES!

      • stonewall

        Including dog food if you have canine pets. They are part of the family unit also.

      • Jerry Snyder

        I have worked for 37 years in logistics. By the time you hear of something like an emergency event and try to make your way to the store, it will be empty of anything of use by the time you get there.
        Next time you go to the grocery store, look how deep the shelves are, and notice there is probably only six deep of the product. They use Just in Time delivery and carry very little back stock. When they scan your can of corn, it goes on order to the distributor. It probably arrives the next day. You may have difficulty obtaining food stuffs if your timing is off. My priorities are these, self, spouse, immediate family, distant family, church members, neighborhood, then mankind. I have taken necessary steps to prepare for the worse and pray for the best outcome.

  21. Tad

    Not having invested in GLD, I must ask: Why would I settle for having for more GLD shares when I could or should be able to demand cash settlement. . .so I could purchase physical elsewhere?

  22. JC Davis

    Greg. A class action law suit can go on many years. If the dollar currency becomes gold backed the winner may get paid in a few oz of gold.

  23. George

    Not to kick over the apple cart here, but I personally have been hearing that the Comex is going to default for over 7 years now, and they still plug along everyday without a hiccup.

    With all due respect, as long as a private group of dominate men control the issuing of this nation’s currency, and therefore control the entire system from commerce to manufacture, to Wall Street, nothing will change with the exception of the lower lifestyle for the commoners.

    Until that authority to issue the nation’s currency is removed from that group of dominate men, they can print, computer input, paper over, and make anything that might upset their apple cart illegal.

    If the Comex can’t deliver they just settle in paper currency, or roll over the contract with corruption and malfeasance.

    And let’s not forget that 90% of the public are completely clueless as to how any of the financial system in America even works.

    As always, good guests, good information, and my only wish is that WE ALL focus on the problem and stop discussing the symptoms. If we do not end the Federal Reserve, then all talk, discussions, debates, or comments are mere gusts of wind that change nothing.

    Stopping the Federal Reserve ends everything that was spoken of in this interview.

    • Herbert Dudack

      Hello George and all ,
      please read Bob Moriarty and his explanation of why there
      will be no Comex default. These folks have been calling for the
      collapse of the system for seven years and every time they set
      a date and it doesn’t happen they either ignore their prediction
      or gloss over their mistake(s) with excuses. Yes the system is broken
      and what will happen is a slow burn. It will take years for the system
      to erode to the point that it will effect the bulk of the population.
      Bob Moriarty has been more correct in his pricing guidance of gold
      and silver then most of the so called experts. Attached is his latest article
      of why the Comex will not fail. Might even be an interesting guest for a
      contrarian view of the gold and silver markets. Yes I’ m a Moriarty fan
      because he kept me out of the gold and silver markets on the way down
      and has been making great calls on the physical and mining stocks since
      December of 2015. I have no affiliation with Bob Moriarty other then being
      a beneficiary of his excellent timing and advice.

      • Brad

        I was going to post this myself.
        I’m perplexed that one expert can say default is imminent, and another can say it is absolutely impossible.
        Maybe they have differing definitions of “default”.
        Maybe one or both are wrong. I doubt they are lying, but how can I tell for sure?
        Maybe it’s wishful thinking on someone’s part?

        I would like to hear Bill’s (or Bob’s) reconciliation of these two viewpoints, if that is possible. Failing that I’d like to see them argue it out. Will Bob concede that default is theoretically possible? Will Bill concede that theoretically they could keep it going for years (especially if the Chinese cooperate)?

        OK so Deutsche Bank has admitted rigging the market, but what seems to be ignored is – are they still doing it? They must be right? Otherwise, surely, “gold would be at $5000 now”.

        If “experts” can disagree so much – or at least appear to – then do we need new experts? Is it completely unfathomable?

        Maybe Bob’s right. Greg, can you get him on? He’s currently got a new book to sell so he probably wouldn’t mind the publicity. Specifically ask him to critique Bill’s ideas, if you could. This is the crux of the gold matter, is it not?

      • Adrian

        Bob – that guy who seems to be passive aggressive and insulting? You may find this interesting:

      • Adrian

        Part 2:

  24. Beligarant

    This video below makes a well laid out case that the Dept of Justice is heavily involved with suppressing investigations and actively protecting the big banks no matter the fraud committed against the public. I never thought this until watching the video: The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime. Once again in this interview Holter also brings up the Dept of Justice and their failure to prosecute the banks for obvious silver and gold manipulation. Wow!!

  25. freebreezer

    Bill- Given all the corruption and that we know that the house (the big banks/US govt/EU) cheat, and rig the system, and they probably still are … can’t this keep going on and on and on much longer than anyone thinks? And given that the Chinese (leaders) are not the most ethical, what is going to stop them from not cheating and rigging the system in collusion with our big banks? The whole system is a fraud.

    • freebreezer

      And in addition – Black mail comes in to the picture. Chinese/Russia know this, couldn’t they hold out for extreme payoff from the west! Think of the concessions they can extract to continue the ponzi scheme. Personally this is why I think the west is trying to get a war going … cover up!

    • Bill Holter

      it will not go “on and on” if China does not get delivered the gold they are importing through Shanghai. Once we hit bottom of the barrel and China knows we are completely out, it is over.

      • Brad

        Bill, you sound reasonable. So does Bob Moriarty.
        Yet you seem to disagree 100% on this.
        I’m perplexed by it all.

        • Greg Hunter

          Here is part of a new article that Bill will be releasing to the public later tonight or tomorrow. It called “The chances of a COMEX default IS GUARANTEED.” He sent me this as a sneak peak.

          “I would not normally write something like this but it seems I had to. Last week, Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold wrote a story with the exact same title and came to the conclusion “…is zero”. He began his article by saying “So anyone telling you Comex is about to default either doesn’t have a clue as to how commodity markets work or they are deliberately lying to you.”
          He then goes on to say “But the chance of a ‘Gold Derivatives Time Bomb,’ is also zero. There is no such thing. And there is no such thing as a ‘Commercial Signal Failure’ or a 400 ounce gold bar made of tungsten.” Is he serious? When well over 100 pieces of paper “call” on the one underlying real ounce …there is no chance of failure? Is he trying to say the commercials can NEVER ever be wrong and forced to cover because they cannot deliver “promised” but non existent gold? Is he trying to say 400 ounce tungsten bars have not already turned up? I do want to point out, this is the same man who said a derivatives blowup can never happen. I think those at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers would beg to differ with him! We already know for a fact, we were only hours away from a total financial meltdown in 2008 were it not for the Fed magically creating $16 trillion. It is clear to me, since the amount of global derivatives far exceed the underlying assets they represent, true “settlement” or “performance” is a foregone impossibility as the “pie” only gets bigger. The only question now is “how big is TOO big”?
          Let’s look at the numbers and use a little common sense to see “who doesn’t have a clue or is deliberately lying to you”! Currently in the COMEX gold and silver vaults we see there are roughly 17 tons of gold and 32 million ounces of silver “registered” (available for delivery). This amounts to about $680 million worth of gold and $540 million of silver. A whopping total of $1.2 billion or less than 1/2 day’s interest on the U.S. federal debt. In today’s world of “trillions and quadrillions”, this amounts to pocket change!
          I put these registered inventories forth so we can have something to use as a base for comparison. Looking at silver, there are now 1 billion ounces represented by 200,000 COMEX contracts of various months. For May alone (which goes first notice day in five days) there are 280 million ounces represented by these paper contracts. By comparison, the world (excluding Chinese and Russian production) produces 700 million per year. So, we have a market with a claimed 32 million ounces that “prices” (for now) a market which produces 700 million ounces per year. This 32 million ounce inventory is the “guarantee” being used or promised to “deliver” on contracts (280 million ounces worth for May and 1 billion ounces in total) whose owners can decide they want delivery. If you look at other “commodity” markets, there are none as egregious as silver. Currently open interest represents 140+% of global production. In other words, the paper market is far larger than the real physical market. Not so in other commodities where the paper markets are typically 10-15% the size of global production.
          Going one step further with this 32 million ounce inventory, we saw a 10 minute span on Thursday morning where 37.5 million ounces of silver were dumped all at once. The effect of course was nearly a $1 drop in price. This was done as silver looked to be breaking out pricewise to the upside, the massive dump was used to contain price. We saw this again on Friday when over 100 million ounces were dumped in just one hour. In perspective, Thursday’s dump equated to 19 days of total global production…sold in 10 minutes. Taking Thursday and Friday’s “70 minutes” together saw the equivalent of
          2 1/2 months of global silver production sold. Again, who actually has this amount of silver and who in their right mind would ever sell it in this fashion to get the absolute worst price possible? …unless they WANTED the worst price possible? Taking a brief look at how inept the registered gold inventory is, Shanghai has been importing 30-40 tons per WEEK for several years now. How many “days” worth of Shanghai imports will COMEX’ 17 tons cover?
          The above speaks to the woefully small registered inventories claimed by COMEX. From a mathematical standpoint, both silver and gold stocks could be wiped out in just one trade. . . . . .”

          The rest of the article will be posted on later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

  26. Paul P.

    Greg, an absolutely amazing interview and oh by the way I heard you on TRUNEWS and was very very impressed with your background and insight on the main street media. Everything is manipulated in this world! Markets, Metals and MINDS!
    Bill Holter is a treasure chest of information. I subsribe to his and Jim Sinclair`s service and I can attest that it is well worth the $119 US. The Q&A weekly with Jim Sinclair more than pays for the membership.
    Finally, Bill`s comment regarding the settlement of Gold in GDX shares ( info he received from Harvey Organ) , if true, speaks volumes that the end game is near.
    One last thing – John Emery of Sprott Asset Management said a few days ago the PHYSICAL Silver Order that Eric Sprott recently made to fulfill his Silver-backed ETF has NOT been delivered ( approx $75-85 million in silver). By-the-way Eric Sprott would be a great guest for your program! Greg, thanks again for another great interview and God Bless you !

  27. ConcernedAmericanDad

    thanks for the early release Greg, although it seems you could have just replayed his last one…. ‘Could be overnight, two days, two weeks, two months, two years, two decades………
    I find it hard to be triggered by a loss of faith-who would have any faith left at this point? Obviously there is nothing real about the markets anymore and none of their rigging and fraud seems to really matter either, nothing happens…… pill may have been easier……..

    • Bill Holter

      if you use dollars you are still “in the faith” system.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        Thanks for the reply Bill. I didn’t mean to sound like you were not one of my favorite guests.
        But it’s like the record is skipping and no one will push the needle. It feels like “they” can do whatever they please and drag things along without ever really being called out or having to face any consequences.
        So it’s semantics, “faith” is more of an expression- it’s easy to “have faith” with a gun to your head. Look at those who didn’t see the light and tried the old “end-around”……

    • art barnes

      Take the purple pill its much more fun.

  28. don

    Why doesn’t a country like Russia or Iran buy those 32 million ounces of physical silver, demand immediate delivery, and potentially trigger a crash of the system. I would think those two countries would love that.

    • Bill Holter

      because it would be an act of war.

    • Paul ...

      Don … perhaps they fear it may be looked upon as an “act of war” … so they must allow it to collapse on its own … this is why the timing of the collapse can’t be calculated with precision!

    • Brewmaster

      Don, you clearly do not know how the futures market works. You cannot demand delivery, and the rules and regulations clearly state that trades may be cash settled. Thus, there will never be a default.

  29. Arizona

    GREG,I’ve talked to RUSSIAN and CHINESE military right here in Trinidad,colorado,and I had a RUSSIAN ARMY CAPTAIN tell me right to my face,Their here to TAKE what they want,I said you think the american people will go along with that?..he said WELL WE”LL SEE HERE SHORTLY,when I talked to a group of Chinese military army commanders in downtown trinidad they said OH,were just driving around deciding what towns we want to be in charge of,they were in a FT.Carson army bus,the USMILITARY are in bed with all these foreign militaries,and we’ve got a really BIG problem coming down the road at us,and I supect when the system blows up we’re going to see things NO ONE is going to like,the police gangs and our own military are going to go against us,THIS will lead to a bloodbath of Biblical proportions,RIGHT HERE in the streets of america,I don’t see anyone letting these guys take what every they want..good luck my friend,Stay close to the LORD,a lot of americans are about to meet him Face to Face here shortly………

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AZ for the Intel and street reporting.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      This closely parallels an experience I once had near a Soviet bloc country while in the military during the late 80’s. We were way laid by an individual claiming to be a retired KGB officer. He translated his political worldview with the pithy economy of a well practiced thug, “What is mine, is mine and what is yours is mine”. He too asserted that they would one day be in our country and it would be theirs.

      • matt

        Remember after Sandy Hook shooting. The China Government commented that Americans should be disarmed.

    • Jerry

      I posted this five months ago. It was from the WTF department. Two Chinese destroyers crusing into to Fort Lauderdale fully armed. Makes you wonder?

      • Shadow of Doubt

        It is written that as the Lord removes his protective hedge from a nation, dangers will come from both within and without.

  30. pat the rat

    1 oz of silver in the hand is worth 100 oz in paper contracts [very interesting]buy the hard silver!

  31. 8Ball

    No one knows the day or the hour…

  32. Nick-dog

    Great interview, Greg. bill Holter is my favorite guest. With that said, 2 questions. First, when metals go parabolic, where will people go to trade their metals for cash for a fair market value price? Second, silver is due to regain its parity with gold in terms of 1/10 -1/16 of golds spot. Are we going to have to wait for the crash until that happens?

    Anyway, just some thoughts as I take a break from digging the garden.

    One last thing. Last year at this time I ran into some Chinese military brass at Starbucks near i81 and was given the death look by a senior officer. It was surreal. It made me believe that reports of foreign military on our soil preparing for a “police action” are credible. It was so fluke-y but unmistakeable. I am sharing this in reference to the above comment and have shared it on another forum.

    Best to you and yours.

    • Carol Smith

      I am Wondering if the Chinese and Americans are in collusion. Working together for whatever. The way Gold went up last week along with silver – then the US took it down.

      Thinking about this – What if they are in collusion. Nick-dog’s post seems very interesting.
      By the way, my husband asked the same question. Where do we sell our gold and silver ?

      Best to everyone !!

    • George

      My plan is to do as some did during the Wiemar Germany hyper-inflation years of 1941-1945 +/-…….I’m buying how ever many buildings I can buy.

      During that time of hyper-inflation you could buy a building for less than an ounce of gold!

      That is of course, we live through the take over by foreign forces.

      • sk

        ???? By 1941-45 it was the Third (Nazi) Reich, at war, no less. You mean 1921-1925???? Weimar Republic ended in 1933. But while it lasted, yes, people traded their baby grand piano for three months’ worth of potatoes.

    • Paul ...

      Nick-dog … 1) you should not trade or sell your gold until after the re-set when they finally get rid of the Federal Reserve Notes and replace it with Constitutional Money … 2) silver will likely reach a 1/5 (gold to silver ratio) after the crash.

      • Nick-Dog

        Thanks Paul & George, Since my last post, I have been thinking along the lines of your posts. I have been giving this and what Bill Holter has repeatedly said additional thought. The markets will close and everything will halt for a while; we need to survive that pause, and hopefully that’s all it is. When things re-open, everything is going to be repriced in dollars (if they still exist), SDRs, or whatevers. Once the dust settles, it will be time to use the leverage of metals to negotiate/barter for loan payoffs (again, if those banks still exist) or other hard assets, such as real estate. That’s what I am thinking at any rate.

        The last thing I want to be doing is using junk-silver/gold to barter for food as was done in Argentina. I am hoping to make it to the other side of the reset intact and to stabilize things further. If all we end up is a Great Depression 2.0 (and arguably we are there now, though it has been papered over) we will be lucky to my way of thinking.

        Thank you for your replies, everyone.

  33. john duffy

    What they are doing to our young people. Wake up world!

  34. wondrouscat

    There were those in Pompei who warned that the volcano was going to blow and were ignored after weeks or months of it not. When Mount Vesuvius finally exploded what did it matter that the timing wasn’t to the day? I take heed because I respect these commenters, and care not that their timing is not exact, even if years off. At least we are forewarned.

  35. Everywherethebezzle

    Another spectacular interview. Bill is turning into one of my favorite guests.

  36. southernpatriot

    Greg thank you for keeping this farmer informed on where our money is going. Once again man-made problems appears to be running us on a sandbar of biblical proportions. I don’t think we’ll got of of this one, any time soon?
    Thank you also to Bill Holter, Greg Hunter and Greg Mannarino, you folks always make it easy to understand the unthinkable. Regarding purchasing Silver I was always told that you want to buy it as cheaply as you can and sell as high as you can. Is that not what China and Russia are doing? They will be able to take the wealth of the world into there country’s vaults and leave the rest of us on the ash heaps of our time!
    My only question is, why we are selling our G & S . Are we being forced to sell our precious metal to both of our trading partners and sworn enemies! What kind of an agreement have our politicians gotten us into? If we sell silver at say $20 a Troy oz. to China and then they set the price of silver to $100,00 an oz.,they indeed are in the driver’s seat and someone in our government and or the banks, has a lot of explaining to do! We should be profiting from the selling of our precious metals going that high, not another country! We’re still betting against the debt any way that we can possibly do it! Prepare for what’s to come. Greg, I know you tell us to fear not and that’s just what we are doing. The Scout motto be prepared, must have come straight from God’s own lips. thanks SP

  37. eddiemd

    I watched Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Fox network this morning. The propaganda mouth piece of the “party” was in full disinformation mode for Clinton machine. It was obvious that the Fox man Chris was being manipulated and diverted off topic.

    How anyone can vote for Hillary Clinton knowing that she compromised national security is a telling sign of the demise of the United States. I have highly educated family members that will vote for this criminal.

    “professing to be wise, they became fools…”

    • Tommy

      Most people want to be bs’d. The masses have been buying the promises of the Democrats and Republicans for generations and even though they have nothing to show for it they keep on voting based on more promises of free stuff. It’s not getting any better either. Look at Hillary and Bernie. Hillary promises more free stuff and Bernie promises all stuff will be free. Yeah! National security? Who cares about that if trans-people can’t choose the bathroom they prefer? And isn’t that Justin Bieber just disgusting?

  38. Mark


    Great interview as always with Bill. The fact that such stories like the DB rigging hasn’t hit the MSM yet shows how controlled they are. My guess is that once the credit shuts down and banks close then the sheeple will wake up.
    My question for Bill is does he lend credence to Ted Butler’s claims that JPM has millions of silver oz. stocked away in case their massive short positions dissolve?

    Thanks for bringing Bill back on!

  39. Jim Taylor

    Hi Bill your the best,

    I wanted to get your opinion on real estate. Is it better to rent within my means and hold gold. Or should I take on a loan I can afford, but I will have to slow my gold purchaes?

    I feel having a home would afford me more security in what is about to happen thinking about it for its use. Whereas, the investment side of owning a house right now with a mortgage does not.

    Would love your thoughts,

  40. Paul ...

    Another school shooting to make us give up our guns … notice how “they” keep killing our kids (until we relent) … seems these constant shootings at schools “are designed” by the perpetrators handlers to “mold our minds” into finally relenting and turning in our guns! …

  41. Tee

    Greg awesome interview ,I know the news gets worse and worse weekly however I get peace of mind from your interviews and the peoples comments the corruption and lawlessness is exposed

  42. susan

    Thank you so much for having Bill on. He really is in the know about what is happening in the world. WOW! Piece by piece, it is all coming together.

  43. Don

    Greg, Bill is a straight shooter, with good insight. Most anyone you talk to since the falsehood and trouble that is brewing. Only those who chose to keep there head in the sand, are the ones who will hurt the most, when this thing implodes. The switch example that Bill uses at least let me know that it will not be a long drawn out thing, but a sudden shock. I’ve always wondered if once triggered, there would be rush to pump untold amount of money into the system, and if it would work, or would the collapse be unstoppable. I think the interview has given me a better feel for how it may play out. Thanks for having Bill on.

  44. Mark


    Just heard a great complimentary interview with Craig Hemke on the SGE, DB rigging, secret WH meetings, etc that ties in with what Bill talked about.

    • Brad

      Thanks for posting the link. So many people hear something good and keep it to themselves. The Internet was designed for linking.

      Thank you Mark!

  45. Diane D.

    Greg, thank you for another excellent interview. And what a treat having Bill answer WatchDog questions! He is a stand-up guy.

  46. Da Yooper


    a big thank you for reading this thread & replying to those that post

  47. XuscitizenSweden

    Good Morning from Sweden.
    I want to thank the 2 of U, Greg & Bill.
    Your perseverance in spreading the Truth i.e. Belief in the 1st Amendment is & always has been the panacea against Tyranny.
    ‘Believe !’
    Good Health to the 2 of U.
    Regards X-

  48. Derrick Michael Reid

    Bill should wear his cowboy hat during the interviews.
    He is such a cowboy!!
    Bill, I am still standing.


    Greg, I caught you on TRU NEWS……. Best interview I ever heard.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are vey kind Michael!!

  50. Yves

    Hello Greg,

    Great interview as usuall, please check the link below.
    On the bottom right culunm, you have the dollar to Gold and Silver ratio as of today vs 1913.

    Best regards

  51. Allen Starr

    Question for Bill Holter on Russia.
    I’ve been watching things closely here in Russia since sanctions hit. I have noticed that prices increased but not much more than in past years. The little bit extra increase just doesn’t matter if you consider that Russia is producing more of it’s own food which is just fantastic for Russia. I buy almost 100% Russian products now because most of them are better than what the imports gave you anyway and they are so much cheaper. The worst cost is imported car parts to repair your car because these must be imported. Russia has decreased it’s budget by 66 2/3% this year because of the drop in the price of oil and won’t run a budget deficit. The Russian Government is smart and, I can’t prove this, but I believe they have put on a gasoline tax to bring in more revenue for the budget. Price of oil is down but price of gas is up so they take money from people who are the most able to afford it. If you can afford to own a car here; you get hit with everything and that’s the way it is. The Reserves are built up again, oil is $45 a barrel, and the ruble sits at 66 per $ today. The ruble should be one of the best currencies in the world with all the gold backing it has and oil prices rising. I will have a years worth of SS money wire transferred here this week which I can convert into over 1,000,000 rubles which gives me enough money to live on here for four years if I use just a little bit of common sense. I will have been able to get away with this for three years running now which is a huge bonus given to me by the sanctions and the US currency war to destroy the ruble. Three years ago I was only able to get about 300,000 rubles for the same amount of money but yet I can buy three plus times as much food or other products with the total amount of rubles I exchange today. Only a complete idiot would want to convert rubles into $’s today and hold them. We also own three apartments, a commercial rental property, garage, Dacha, car, and enough rubles to earn a little over 360,000 rubles interest at 12.5% per year. I would really like to know if you think I’m going to get killed on the rubles I have invested at 12.5% even with the ruble appearing to be fairly strong and Russia having all this gold. I can’t trust the information coming from Sberbank as they appear to speak like a Western bank. An answer to this would be greatly appreciated if you feel you can provide an answer.

  52. Paul ...

    Now the Neocons have come up with a new strategy to stop Trump and hold on to power (so as to advance their agenda of war, one world government and more school shootings to take away our guns) … their new trick is to join together the Cruz and Kasich delegates in an alliance to keep Trump under the 1227 needed for a first round victory … and thus open up the convention so the Neocon power brokers can put “their man” in office and flaunt the will of the majority of Republican voters …

    • JC Davis

      Paul the establishment have all the right people in place to take Trumps votes away. They designed the club in such a way to control their exclusive club. The votes don’t count when delegates are able to ignore the voters. The RNC has all the money they need to keep it this way.

      • JC Davis

        WHO in their right mind would WANT to run for POTUS think about it Whats the point other than in the sick minds of psychopaths?
        Our friend Fredrick.. LOL

      • JC Davis

        Paul this years election is nothing more then a distraction.

  53. Harry

    Oh it is a cruel world. Poor Bill out there calling the end, the mother of all crashes on tap…but then the criminal Banksters and Fed print up the stuff and buy the markets up! Same old insanity. Nut case America built today on lies, lies and moar and moar every day, everywhere….

    While Santa, Jim Sinclair, has made so many wrong calls, Bill has just begun with Jim. Hard for them to fight fair against psychopaths who have a reserve currency they can print forever….

    • Paul ...

      Harry … indeed the powers that be can dive the stock market to new nominal highs by simply printing, printing and printing fiat money out of thin air and buy, buy and buy Dow stocks … I know they will do it because … if the banks are too big to fail “… obviously the Federal Government is too too big to fail” … the Fed usually drives the Dow to about 20 times the gold price … at the current price of gold … $1240 x 20 projects a Dow of 24,800 … now if gold advances from here and Jim Sinclair is right about gold going to $50,000 … then the Dow will likely peak at one million Dow points (50,000 x 20 = 1,000,000) before it then falls to one times the price of gold (or a Dow of 50,000) all in very worthless nominal fiat federal reserve notes of course!

  54. Tad

    I don’t know if I could have said this three years ago, but Russia suddenly has long term possibilities. Jim Rogers is on to something.

  55. Michael

    Hi Greg and Bill
    Just one question … Would it be in the interest of China to have a gold backed reserve currency ? This may look great but the consequence will be that the Yuan will increase so much in value that the Chinese economy will become completely uncompetitive. This is in fact why the current system has lasted so long. Even if the USD is not a trusted currency anymore , no country wants its currency appreciate too much vs the dollar.

  56. WD

    In the book “The Coming Deflation”-C V Meyers. He said that those running the show will loose power and control over this and really dont know what to do. Constantly making quick fixes here and there….

    A printing press of money essentially allows the economy to keep growing to a point, like being on steroids…..economies grow, recede, plateau and grow a little more etc etc….During this time some businesses rise some fall and some turn over..but never in a legitimate free market do you have infinite growth with no set backs….

    Eventually the train has to get back on track, regardless of what was done.

  57. Clare Doll

    Dear Greg,
    This is a quote from concerning prior lawsuits against the manipulators:

    Up to now the suits have been speculators that got cleaned out. The attorneys and aggrieved were idiots. No wonder in some cases their suits never got by Summary Judgement. They have been pleaded incorrectly and framed incorrectly. They could have won big but have never recognized it.

    And what exactly does Jim Sinclair know that these people did not? He doesn’t say. Let me tell you what I know. Many if not all states limit compensation. That means if you win and a jury awards you say a million, your actual compensation is limited so that the majority of that type of a win goes to the state. With what is left, you must pay taxes on the whole amount of the winnings including what goes to a lawyer. You will end up paying more in taxes than you can win. Its all rigged against you. So Sinclair can’t have money if that is what he wants.
    Even if the state does not limit compensation, there is still no rule of law left. Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair have both admitted such. Why would you sue to lose?
    If the reason is to say,” I was right after all,” I can only assure you that the state will take so much out of you by the time the lawsuit is over that it won’t matter. They will run rings around your website and they will make you out to be a fool. You will lose whatever credibility along with whatever tangibles they can take from you. Rob Kirby has already stated that the U S markets are allowed by a Depression era law to be manipulated for purposes of National Security The state can make whatever claim it wants to limit what is allowed as well as who will win.
    Wasn’t Bill Holter associated with GATA earlier? He knows what GATA went through with the government.
    No matter the caliber of your lawyer, if the system is rigged, you will have no compensation, no discovery of substance, and no satisfaction. Of course, it all depends on what you seek in such a lawsuit as not everyone wants compensation. However, true to the comment you made above about the courageous others who failed in their quest, beware that what you have said may very well come back to haunt YOU.

  58. Richard Perreault

    Thank you very much for providing alternative perspectives to what is provided on the MSM.
    Bill says that there is no mechanism at the COMEX to provide delivery of metals beyond what is stated. Does the reported 40-50 million ozs of silver owned by JP Morgan be used to (other unconfirmed reports they own as much as 400 to 500 million ozs) support the COMEX/Bankers suppression of metals?

  59. Galaxy 500

    Proof positive Ted isn’t an American Citizen. And that my wife calling him a bastard was correct not only figuratively but literally as well. research project that shows Ted’s mother and father were both Canadian Citizenship and not married at the time of Ted’s birth. You see, Ted’s daddy was still married to someone else and there was no record of marriage of the two, any where. It’s a common law marriage and was filed in 1996.
    Lyin’Ted make Hillary great again

    • art barnes

      500, that why his nick name now is lying Ted. He is just another Washington Wall Street pac taking money man, nothing more, nothing less, the usual politician we seen for the last 100 years or so. Interesting that he now talks about borders, walls, trade imbalance, bringing jobs back from overseas, etc. he has a big nose and smells the air and changes his positions to the smell.

  60. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Did you notice the spike in oil imports to China? Huge stockpiling. Remember what we did to Japan that finally caused them to attack Pearl Harbor? Think they may have a reason for stockpiling beyond their normal needs?

    Have a good one,

    • MCasey

      ….and soybeans last week…

  61. Patrick

    This may seem like a stupid question, but what is preventing the West’s corrupt governments/banks from simply printing a bunch of money and buying gold from the shanghi and stand for delivery? Or do they take dollars?

    That’s what I would do.

  62. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for having someone as impressive and knowledgeable as Bill Holter on.

    I started to recently purchase silver. I’m hoping to buy some gold soon. I’m thinking about having some precious metals on hand for future emergencies (like medical) for when the Collapse is upon us. My brother told me that if what I believe is coming is true than the only metal to have are bullets and a gun to use them with.

    I’m really buying precious metals mainly on faith.

    In a Collapse scenario, for “everyday people”, how would gold and silver be used? The vast majority has no experience wth bartering. Who would really accept it? Would people really believe and accept that gold and silver were really worth the prices that we hear they one day will be when the market corrects? Will people believe that gold is worth in the thousands an ounce, when it is being measured in worthless fiat currency? Would people exchange substantial possessions and property for a handful of coins?

    Wouldn’t it be too dangerous to deal in precious metals in a Collapse situation? Wouldn’t the government possibly confiscate it or punitively tax it?

    I would appreciate any comments on this?

    Thank you.

    Will it b

    • Brad

      Read Ferfal’s info on the collapse he lived through in Argentina. Search for it. Real info, from real experiences.

      Here is some of what he said:
      – Paper money was not “toilet paper”. Notes were treasured, as they were hard to find and readily accepted. (What else is there?) Notes wore out so badly some were more Sellotape than paper, and barely readable, but still highly sought after.
      – Alternative bartering currencies arose too.
      – People got used to bartering quickly. Markets flourished. So did crime.
      – USD were treated like gold and got a premium.
      – Silver was very useful, but care had to be used spending it. Criminals would follow silver users home. It resisted the hyperinflation. It sold for a premium.
      – Spending gold openly was SUICIDE! (It could be exchanged for something smaller at the bank though I suppose).
      – Best money was 24 carat gold necklace that you could cut links off to pay by the gram at the dentist or doctor.
      – People died of heart attacks from stress. You need to stay in shape.
      – Guard dogs are easily poisoned and can’t be relied upon.
      – Morals relaxed and rapists were everywhere.
      – Gun was required to check the mailbox.
      – Argentina is not very diverse. With USA-style multiculturalism their collapse would be something else! (His opinion: “Everything is bigger in North America, including collapses”)

      Hope that helps. The point is that there are lots of people who have lived through collapses you can read all the details.

  63. Craig Bradley


    Old Bill must have forgot to hold the reins and grab the cheek strap when mounting his horse, falling on his head, perhaps. Gold will NEVER get that high until the general public loses ALL confidence in Government and Panics. So far, I am seeing some restlessness, but no outright rebellion or widespread panics. People still think Trump can fix it (All). Sorry to disappoint.

    That day may yet come but until it does, gold has no chance to hit Bill’s price predictions. If and when it does happen, the Federal Government will surely take some of your gains off your hands. Confiscation is always a possibility if they need the cash enough.

    • Greg Hunter

      So tell us Craig tell us what you are doing to protect your wealth and family? Prove to us all you have not hit your head too.

      • Craig Bradley


        FYI, I bought GLD to hedge my position in bond funds. Bought some junk silver back then too ( Silver is said to be underpriced). I bought Canadian Gold Maples, sparingly, beginning in 2014. I dollar cost average-in to physical gold, as there is no hurry, or worry, as long as the price is “suppressed” (fixed).

        Gold has not even come back to its price levels in mid-2014, so I can not see this as the start of any bull market at this point. Instinct. What I should do, as well as you (all) is open an account at the Safe House:

    • Tracy Welborn

      This is a matter of accounting, not a public opinion issue. Gold is the only asset that can re-inflate the sovereign balance sheets. When the panic ensues, it will be over food, not gold.


    To sum it up, the entire Western financial system ( not that there is a system once you remove the fraud) is at the mercy of the Chinese. They have 1.4 billion people to worry about and the last thing on their mind is to save the collapsing West.

  65. francis m reps

    Dear Mr. Hunter, Mr Holter is on the money regarding the Physical market vs the paper market…..but so what???. Both you and Mr. Holter have been appraised of the disastrous Geoengineering activity that is killing all life on earth…and yet you focus on money. How about taking a pass on the money guys and ask Chuck Norris to come on your show to talk about things a lot more important than gold or silver; such as the destruction of air we breathe , the killing of plant and animal life and the poisoning of the food we eat. sincerely, f reps

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure Francis,
      Please run that booking down for me. I like Chuck Norris.

      • Brad

        They are destroying the planet because its the only way to kill Chuck Norris!

        • Greg Hunter

          Chuck is tough. I have seen him fight.

      • Sayonara

        Chuck Norris is the real deal. This would be a sensational interview with you at the helm. I think a great group to add to your interviews would be prominent spiritually oriented martial artists. Chuck Norris is definitely at the top of the list. Before you venture into this venue, I suggest reading Zen in the Martial Arts by Joseph Hyams. He was a well known journalist that was taught by and practiced with Bruce Lee and Ed Parker. A great read and great experiences about the lessons of life!

    • 8Ball

      Here’s a view from the wayback machine…

  66. Sayonara

    Great interview with Bill Holter. Gold and silver are real money, but try telling that to the average American that picks Hershey Bars over 10 oz Silver Bars. That is why the Manipulation & Corruption Train keeps on rolling. I believe like Bill does, that an engineered Black Swan Event will occur before the November elections that will curtail the elections. As I have said this is a classic play out of the tyrannical Marxist play book.
    The next POTUS will not be Hillary or Trump or Ted Cruz or the RNC’s nominee, it will be Obama exercising unconstitutional powers that he has so vigorously and increasingly accomplished with the help of his republican Kapos. You can now see it, feel it and taste it happening right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be correct Sayonara, but I hope you are not.

  67. Peter

    Craig Bradley, – If anyone can fix the economy, Trump would be the most likely.
    Politicians have usually lied and never deliver. Trump isn’t a politician and if he delivers just a fraction of what he promises, things will head in a better direction. So yes, there are people that harbor some hope. If Hillary is elected , I would loose hope personally.

    At the same time, I believe Obama has set the US back in several ways, so he has delivered in a bad way. Average household income has not increased in the past several years, but the price of food, cars, rent, etc. has increased. It’s just a fact!
    This situation alone has to change or the US is doomed.

    • art barnes

      Craig, the situation never changes and it always just get worst. Hoping for the next election to change doesn’t work, the elite never let it happen, this year will not be any different, Trump or no Trump, the elite will never let a true patriot get the reigns of power; sad but true I am afraid.

  68. Craig Michael

    HI Greg,
    Just out of curiosity really, one of the places that I buy silver from also sells palladium and platinum. Why would anyone buy that over silver and gold?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? One local coin dealer in my area also advertises Bitcoin for sale.

  69. r.j

    it sounds like j.p.morgan are the new hunt brothers, only this time they will be successful because they are insiders. Buy silver!

  70. pat the rat

    The government in the 30’s took gold in at $20.00 each, then revalue it at $35.00 used the difference to fight the great depression . This time there will be no gold to take!

  71. 8Ball

    Aloha is still alive…

    Hope still lives…

  72. Justn Observer

    The Globalists march on ! Good Grief what next….this is what happens when few people have too much money and time on their hands !
    Greg and Bill Holter as always thank you for sharing the truth and the knowledge !

  73. Jerry

    I’m hearing from various sources insude the banking community, the possibility of a planned cyber attack on the central banks EFT system sometime in the next few weeks. I can’t confirm this information, but I can’t help but think it may be tied to the supply side of gold in the COMEX and China’s hand on the plunger through SGS. I have personally had my computer attacked by an unknown virus recently, so I am beginning to wonder. My technician can’t identify the problem and is beginning to think it is a new strain of virus that no malware program can detect. Right now I’m using my wifes twenty year old laptop that uses vista. I could be way wrong, but I wanted to give you a heads up for the possibility.

    FYI- I just noticed that the SWIFT system has been breached and lost several million dollars.

  74. wondrouscat

    Obama doesn’t want to continue being President one day longer than he has to in my opinion (he stated he just wants to sleep for a couple of months once out), and if martial law is enacted and the elections are halted he would sooner resign if they’d let him, in which case there will be a coup d’état (if there hasn’t already been one by the neocons and banks) and who knows who will be publicly in charge.

  75. diane s.

    Wouldn’t a default be good in the long run?
    The United States could just throw a pie in the face to other countries and tell them we can’t give them any money. We just take care of the United States. ..we wish everyone well, but the rest of the world is in their own.
    We would not send troops , weapons or money to any other countries. No more regime changes , destroying other countries.
    We defend the United States. We develop our own resources. Our greatest resource are hard working honest people who are Americans.
    Save America.
    Would this not be a better plan?

    • 8Ball

      Yes… People who are hoping for a “collapse” have no idea of what chaos will ensue from that…

      • Greg Hunter

        I am not Hoping for collapse but that is not the point. One is coming no matter what We wish. Please prepare my friend.

  76. steven

    For those who are still skeptics about what has been going on, all you have to learn thus far is that Deutsche Bank has finally admitted that they have been involved in the rigging of gold and silver markets and are willing to testify. Let that sink in ladies and gentlemen. The end is here and now it is just matter of pulling the curtain down to expose who else were involved.

  77. ED1


    The reason the USA cut off the oil supply from Japan in 1940 was due to Japan attacking China. The USA cut off oil to the Japanese due to their quest of robbing other countries of natural resources.

    It was in an attempt to stop the Japanese war machine.

  78. Thomas

    Gold n silver is on fire at this moment when writing. Is this it…… is it happening now? “Interesting” times ahead. Thank you Greg for this brilliant video.

  79. Ken

    Always be a first American world record gold silver investor.real deal money. Hillard.

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