Complete Wipeout of all Debt Coming-Bix Weir

Bix Weir: Fed is Printing Money to Control the Price of GoldBy Greg Hunter’s

Bix Weir is a tireless advocate for manipulation-free gold and silver markets.  Weir says, “They are printing money, and the reason to control the price of gold is to control the perception the U.S. dollar is a sound currency.”  The manipulation game is not going to go on much longer.  Weir proclaims, “We’re at a point in our system and in the manipulation where people within the Fed and within our government are ready to pull the plug on the game and basically crash the system.”  Weir goes on to say, “You’re looking at a complete wipeout of all debt in all banks, all virtual assets, virtual assets meaning electronic blips on a 401k statement and checking and savings accounts.”  The reason, according to Weir, is simple. He says, “We are the biggest debtor nation in the world.  If we collapse the debt now and erase all debt, we win.”  When could it all start to fall apart?  Weir predicts “the August-September time frame.”   Join Greg Hunter for this controversial interview with Bix Weir from

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  1. Angie

    I really appreciate your interviews but this guy is living in “LaLaLand”.
    First of all the idea that our congress will not bail out the bank due to fear or pressure of the people – BS! The public were overwhelming against the bailouts in 08 and look how that ended. Congress is a tool of the bankers.

    Congress shutting down the Fed – NOT going to happen for the Fed fears not!

    Next there is the issue of “disbursing” the money – really!?

    Wanting the people armed – they shook up an entire group of Americans when they tried to strip us of our guns. They do not want us armed.

    Fact: We cannot pay back this debt so in wiping it clean the banks will make out. In destroying all trust of the USD – that is all we have – there will be a need for possibly 2 currencies; A domestic currency and a trading currency. The trading currency will be issued from the IMF. It may only be a debit and credit system but that new system will replace the USD as the reserve currency. The domestic currency will be barter, gold, and local currencies maybe. They will not give a flip about the common man.

    As for FEMA camps, well many will give their lives before being put into that.

    This gentleman does not know an enemy when he sees one.

    • Chip

      Angie, I’m with you. Greg, you said this was the most contrary interview you’ve done in a long time — agree. Some of what he had to say I can follow but many times I was rolling my eyes. That the debts (and don’t forget the unfunded liabilities) can NEVER be paid I agree all out. Look at Detroit as one small example. What happens when the retiree’s get 10 or 20 cents on the dollar? Answer, they don’t spend! What happens then? The economy tanks, and it will not take long for it to collapse like domino’s. Getting money back out to the people? And using SS records of what you paid in? Not buying that. If he was involved in that kind of planning it was a purely academic exercise… keep up the good work and best of luck Greg.

      • Greg

        Thank you Chip for weighing I here!

  2. Rebecca

    If Mr. Weir is correct then why wouldn’t everyone go out tomorrow and get in as much debt as they can — after all, in the collapse all debt is forgiven? Then the borrower would owe all these assets (debt free) and have bargaining power?

    I can see the government wanting to wipe out all its debt.
    I cannot see the bankers allowing the “little man” not to owe them their debt.

    If Mr. Weir would be correct, the fiscally irresponsible (people way over their head in debt) would be rewarded; the fiscally prudent (people who paid off their debt) would be punished.

    Howbeit, as upsidedown as that sounds — in actuality, it is what is happening already.

    • Tady

      Romney said, let Detroit go bankrupt! Obama is now, letting Detroit go bankrupt! Tad, (I) say, let Egypt go bankrupt! We must stop taking from China to pay paul! PS> Arma geddon outa here!

    • Chip

      you’re right. you think savers are being rewarded right now with ZIRP? they are being royaly screwed. yes, max out that credit card buying gold and silver….

  3. randy

    If Bix is right about all the banks collapsing, what happens to my gold and silver stocks held in the discount brokerage arm of these banks? Do I lose all of them? Should I take physical possession of these shares.
    Is owning physical the only way to protect what you have worked so hard to accumulate?

    • Brody saari

      Physical is the only way to guarantee you have anything. Paper doesnt mean anything unless its a tally sheet of what you have stashed on your property.

      • woody188

        But if this happens, trade in physical metals for anything except manufacturing will be outlawed and the metals subject to confiscation. They have done that before.

        • George

          Last time they did it, most of the gold was in banks. That’s not the case this time.

      • Chip

        Bingo, in your hand physical gold and silver. have several months supply of food, water, guns, and ammo…

    • Rich

      To Randy… I would think you would still own shares in the companies you bought the stocks in themselves via the brokerage firm. So if the brokerage firm dies with the banks, you could bring evidence to the mining companies or whoever that you own shares in and those shares could likely go up (perhaps even higher than the physical metals themselves) if you are in miners and such. So it might be prudent to print out hard copies of what all you own as proof of ownership of these shares as the brokerage firm itself may go bye bye along with their website. So hard copies would be good to have.

  4. Randy

    Nothing like a good war, “foreign or domestic”, to keep the sheeples eyes away from this.

  5. Dave

    Our debt MAY get canceled, but we will NOT win. I believe ALL of Americans assets and wealth will ALSO be CANCELED. Americans will be IMPOVERISHED.

    • windsblowing


      I think you’re right. Most people with “assets” are going to lose. But the winner might be some working poor person who is buried in debt (mostly due to buying food, etc) and has no assets. They may end up at least debt free. they won’t have anything, but at least they won’t owe anything.

  6. John Orlicski

    Get out of all paper.
    Put all your savings into Silver & Gold.
    Do not use a bank safe deposit bank, they are no longer a safe place to store your money, you are safer keeping it at home.
    Underbank, keep only enough cash in a checking account to pay your monthly bills & to cash checks.
    401 k’s will soon not be safe, put all your savings into “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver, NOT PAPER GLD & SLD.
    Get ready the storm is coming!

    • Angie

      Hate to say it John but you are probably correct. If you cannot hold it then it does not exist.

    • prestodo

      Bad advice. Why would I want to put all my savings into a completely manipulated metal??? Gold and Silver were manipulated way before paper was even considered as a currency.

      • George

        So what do you think your chances are getting any assets you have at a broker [also highly manipulated]after they go bust? MF Global?

    • Magnus

      BINGO John BINGO also have up to 6 months of Food and Medical and a way to protect yourself.

      There will be a “Gray” unknown area during the “transition” back to Gold and Silver.

      People FORGET we had GOLD and SILVER Coins MINTED for over 150 years in the US.

  7. Scott

    The US govt. can, and is, supporting the value of the greenback with naked force. This is why the world has not abandoned the US dollar as a reserve currency. Fear of reprisal is a great motivator. Accurate international financial predictions need to account for this, among other phenomena. The current level of military might held by the US is unprecedented in known history. This, coupled with the corruption of congress and the functional unwillingness of the judicial branch to oppose the executive branch has allowed the executive to behave as an apparent dictator. The inability of any single nation to resist … Or even stand against … US violations of international law allows the US Govt. to do pretty much whatever it wants. A dollar collapse will happen when it’s convenient to the US govt. & the US Fed, Not One Minute Prior.

    • Chip

      this pre-supposes they have complete control and they do not. there are unintended consequences with every move they make. the latest was in dropping the price of gold and silver they dramatically increase demand for physical metal. the opposite of their intention IMHO…

      • George


    • Steve

      I agree with Scott. Greg, is there someone that you could interview who could speak to the topic that Scott raises? I remember when Larry Burkett was predicting the collapse of the dollar in 1972 due to the deficit spending. We did have major inflation in the 80s but we didn’t see a collapse. I have never seen anyone quantify the continuance of the dollar as the reserve currency in relationship to the supremacy of the US military. If that is the key factor, this game could go on for years.

      • Greg

        Catherine Austin Fitts will be on next week and I’ll ask her how long it can go on. Thank you for the comment.

  8. JRMFL

    Reallocating Money based upon Social Security?

    This has been and will remain all about reallocating wealth.

    Bix contradicts himself far too often to in this interview.

    The balance of the Globe has other ideas – the US centric thinking here is disappointing and short-sighted.

    Silver coinage may well provide fungibility, but there is not enough to go around to provide stable commerce.

    A few weeks of “reallocating money”?

    I’ve seen first hand how people respond to what has been suggested here – Russia 1991 – 1992 and Argentina 1999 – 2001. These two events have little if any similarity to Weir’s assumptions.

    It will be far worse here as we have been handing out bad promises to everyone for 42 years.

  9. jerry

    Greg you are amazing. Your interviews keep get better, and better. I totally agree with Mr. Weirs financial theories. Lets be honest. The collapse has been pre-planed for quite some time. That’s why there has been no sense of urgency to pay the debt down by Congress or this President. Dealing with foreclosure homes, I can tell you that once a home is sold on the court house steps, all of the debt that is tied to it (except taxes) goes bye, bye. That is exactly how the Feds plan to clean the slate with our Banking system. Crash it. Reset it. Start over. The amount of debt that has been run up is simply impossible to pay down, an unrealistic to sustain. Period. I challenge any skeptic out there, to explain to me, how we get out of this mess without a collapse. I simply cannot come up with answer. I wish I could. Greg where I live we have had two Banks go down in the last month, with another teetering on going under. If that isn’t a statement of where we are, I don’t know what is? Greg thanks for keeping us in the loop, and for keeping us informed.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your kind words. One thing’s for sure this has sparked a lot of comments both positive and negative. I love a wide open discussion and welcome all views as long as they are civil.

  10. kk

    This is interesting, but if what Mr. Weir says is a possibility should come about, I don’t think China and the rest of our country’s creditors are just going to stand by and do nothing if they get burned for our debt.

    • Magnus

      Ah, yes Russia and China will do “nothing” —Why?

      Because they have been PREPARING for this for years now and Russia and China have “hidden” vast amounts of Gold for “just” such an event of the Dollar Collapse which Russia and China WANT to happen to END the US Dollar as the “Petro dollar” and World Currency.

      “Every Nation” would CUT us off which is a GOOD thing because we can END the Illegal Unconstitutional EMPIRE that we have become.

      We can start all over again.

      New Factories
      New Roads
      New Bridges
      New Damns
      New Power plants
      Use OUR Oil and Coal [ we have MORE then any nation on earth]
      We have 80 year old “falling apart” infrastructure.

      Russia and China will do the “same” thing.

      This is LONG overdue–if this does not STOP we will be Rome all over again. A destroyed Empire and people.

  11. Rodster

    If we are dumb enough and based on the idiots running the Fed and Washington, if we were to do a completer reset of all debts we would lose. The world would nose dive into chaos and they Nations holding the most Gold would win, like China and Russia. No wonder those two are buying as much Gold as they can get their hands on.

    Do you think any nation would allow us to be top dog after a reset? I doubt it.

  12. art barnes

    Greg, the best guest you have ever had on who doesn’t spoon feed the future scenarios of a debt based society who has a non-backed currency and who was & is unwilling to curtail its spending.

  13. jc davis

    Greg i agree with Bix Weir 90% . He is a very smart man. The collapse has already happen, and a plan is already in place. Using The spy network of nanotubes the R.F.I.D chips. All people will go to the fema camps to sign into the new system,and eat. Where I disagree with Bix Weir is the small guys debt will never be forgiven. We live in a Republic controled by a OLIGARCHY government. Now that the oligarchy is fully in place, control is there ultimate goal.Property taxes will skyrocket,Gold, and silver will be confiscated. Only those in the rfid system will be allowed to buy, and sell.
    Bix Weir is right about the scenario being played out. The G 20 meeting will be a game changer. John williams was right about the start of the collapse starting in may or june. Sorry to leave so long of a post. This was a really great interview.

  14. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    Wow, did the plan put forth by the Boston Fed via Mr. Weir sound like “Misery by Design”. So the same “wise guys” that have been gaming the financial system since 1913 will crash the system and then provide us with another new, improved and fairer system. Will the sheeple really buy into this? While Mr. Weir purports that there will be an instant, peaceful buy-in based on our current social security system. All that comes to mind is the old saying, “There is no good place to stand in a massacre.” As always your interview was both informative and thought provoking.

  15. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    Very good interview!

    Jim Sinclair, Jim Willie, and Bix Weir are all correct in that they see a monetary end game coming very very soon that will implement a gold standard. This is very true but it is only so this passage can be fulfilled seven years later:

    Ezekiel 7:19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be as an unclean thing; their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of Jehovah: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels; because it hath been the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

    It all ends with and in Gog and Magog and could very well start with a major agreement of the G20 in Russia this September.

    I agree with Bix that it is looking very plausible they are ready to pull the rug out from under the current system and already have a new system ready to implement.

    Just like everything else for the last 6000 years evil men behind this new system are being used to fulfill prophecy only this time it sets in motion a climactic seven year period of fulfillment so “the year of our Lord” can come!

    I know this is the third time I have posted below what this agreement will bring but it is worth repeating:

    “First the US dollar falls from its global reserve currency status. Then regional reserve currencies are put in place to compete equally with the Euro.

    This could be 7 regional currencies comprising of:
    1) the Yuan in Asia
    2) one of the dinars for the Middle East through North Africa
    3) the Russian Ruble for most of the former Soviet Union
    4)the Brazilian Real for South America
    5)The US dollar for North America
    6) the Aussie dollar for the south Pacific through southern Africa
    7) and of course the Euro.

    These seven currencies will then meld into one electronic currency that no one can buy or sell lest they have the mark to activate an account 3 1/2 years into this agreement.”

    Remember how the Obamacare was voted on in 2010 and then implemented in stages where the most destructive parts are being imposed on the public at the end of this year 3 1/2 years later.

    This will probably be the process of implementation for the Daniel 9:27 covenant they will introduce to the world this fall by the G20.

    There is one more sign this fall I highly recommend your readers take note of. 2000 years ago some Wise men from the east observed a sign in the sky of things to come. Please look up!

    I welcome all those interested in the much deeper meaning of all this to visit our web site

    I can be contacted through that site under contacts by asking to forward your email to “Rob”.

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  16. Floyd Rudmin

    In response to the Bix Wier interview about bank collapse without
    there being enough FDIC insurance to cover normal, personal savings accounts….why did you not mention credit unions? They are conventional 1950s banks, investing conservatively in local real estate and local small business, all with real assets as security on the loans.

  17. rjsgso

    Jeff Nielson of pointed out the the discrepancy between physical gold and paper gold holdings may be partly to blame for the recent plunge in gold prices. It is estimated that paper “gold” holdings–basically a bet on the price of gold–outnumber physical gold holdings by a factor of 10 or more. (Some estimates range over 100-to-1.) Essentially, there are far more gold certificates than there is gold to back them up. It well known that paper gold is the tool of choice for gold price manipulation. As the Fed plays with investors heads, and faith in the dollar drops, investors holding gold certificates dump them for fear of losing more value. This also demonstrates that more investors are catching on to the scam.

    Gold price is a combination of the value of physical gold, and gold certificates, which are not real gold. It may be hard to predict where the tipping point will be, but, as the value of the dollar continues to drop, the risk of holding paper gold will grow exponentially higher. There may be a plunge in gold price as certificates are dumped en masse, but when that unwinds, the price of physical gold is likely to soar.

  18. tsuki

    This was an extremely interesting interview. Great job. Great questions. Great perception. I am going listen to it a couple of more times. I rather froze when he said this was a plan that Greenspan had worked on for decades. OH NOES!

    Now, back to the MSM’s news of the day. Is Kate to posh to push. 🙂

    Have a great day.

  19. AndyB

    Greg: The story of the new $100 bill that has been delayed, presumably over printing issues, may be the key to the timing of the end game, or reset, or whatever. First, it is very heavy handed with gold imagery and symbolism so that even the dumbed down sheeple will get the propaganda message that it is gold backed, although unlike Bix, i feel that the US gold is long gone. I still feel that the new bill will immediately appear after at least a 50% devaluation of the USD; all old $100 bills will be so devalued; the new $100 bills will be at the new “par”. Will we get a warning? Maybe.

  20. Anne Elliott

    Greg – fascinating interview! Thanks for having Mr. Weir on!! So, if the system crashed, what is the US going to say to China and it’s other creditors about it? Will China’s banking system be affected by our banking system, and have to crash, too, or will they keep on as is? Will it start a war? Or have they already given them and other nations a “heads up” about it, and is that another reason why China and others are buying gold hand over fist?

  21. Brian

    something tells me that you cannot just tell people, much less foreign nations, that what they thought they had no longer exists, without them getting really really really cranky about it….

  22. Kerry

    Yikes It’s going to be worse than I thought Anybody got a rope? (for the bankers, that is)

  23. JRMFL

    We are the biggest debtor nation in the world. If we collapse the debt now and erase all debt, we win.”

    No we do not – this assumption is short-sightrd at best. America brought its debt to hundreds of percentage points greater than their gross domestic product is by keeping interest rates near zero percent – Yellen is threatening NIRP (Negative Interest Rate Policy).

    The game of financial chicken is quickly coming to an end, rates are signaling this – we are merely beginning to see cracks which will widen dramatically into this years close.

    The balance of the Globe is quickly exiting our Bond market, they have been for years, the pace is accelerating, the most recent spike in rates out the curve demonstrate this as do the number of bilateral trade agreements. Money follows commerce and in our default, commerce will exit the US. We rely heavily upon our trading partners for the things we need to complete our arrangements.

    Winning is near the end of list of the resets that will occur.

    Erasing Debt?

    I am still somewhat surprised this gentleman believes his own pabulum. It is understandable why people who are in deep debt would align themselves with this sort of distorted analysis, but I believe they will be vastly disappointed.

  24. dan

    Liking Greenspan as a good guy…is like appointing Kisenger as pope….Both of these criminals have ruined this country and most of the world….When ..TSHTF… the only good guys will be you and those that you trust….all the politicians for the past 40 years will try and say it was the other guys fault…typical….believe what you may, but their is a book written a long time ago, that puts everything that has happened , is happening, or is going to happen…right in front of you….deny its message at your own peril….imho……………Semper Fi

    @ Bix

    Does the term..” false prophets ” mean anything to you….a good time for all world…Do you think, ya’ll need to read a some revelations…..kinda different then what you are promoting…..

  25. Frank

    Not gonna happen. All that Consumer credit debt wiped? the BANKS would lose all that interest income and bust.

  26. George

    my question is where did the “secret” gold come from? He may be right. But gold has to be mined, you can not convert base metal into gold yet. I guess we will see when the system trips and falls flat.
    A figure that is widely used by investors comes from Thomson Reuters GFMS, which produces an annual gold survey.

    Their latest figure for all the gold in the world is 171,300 tonnes – which is almost exactly the same as the amount in our super-villain’s imaginary cube.

    A cube made of 171,300 tonnes would be about 20.7m (68ft) on each side. Or to put it another way, it would reach to 9.8m above ground level if exactly covering Wimbledon Centre Court.

    But not everyone agrees with the GFMS figures.

    Estimates range from 155,244 tonnes, marginally less than the GFMS figure, to about 16 times that amount – 2.5 million tonnes.

    That bigger figure would make a cube of sides 50m (166ft) long, or a column of gold towering 143m above Wimbledon centre court.

  27. George

    Thanks for having him on. It was a refreshing view.

  28. George

    OK Watchdogs,
    What practical steps would you take to have all the prevalent collapse theories covered?

  29. Gabby

    Oh, ya, shure, and this is like the umpteeth time “the financial world is coming to the end of all”. Blah blah blah, what proof do you offer to support your Aug-Sep timeframe. Zip, ziltch, nada…

    • BLT

      Well u could always listen to the money channel to find out, oh wait, they didnt see the collapse of 2008 coming either…guess youll just be a sheep waiting till its too late bro!

  30. Ray

    Greg,his August-September time frame of the global banking collapse is too early. Bix, has made bad calls like this in the past and this latest forecast of his another one on the list.

  31. Troy

    Greg, I think he hit it with ‘faith’ As long as it exists then there to a great extent, there is no impending doom, over and over again in the next few coming months as we repeatedly here year after year.

    We have a 85 billion, at face value, in the light of day, bail in on going, every month at present.

    Implode? Seems a mathematical given from day one of this created system. I would guess it’s a matter of problem, reaction, and the solution has been give much thought, and being put in place. More of the same, but issued by a global entity, rather than the US.
    The system put in place, will be to try and preserve the wealth of the 1%, while the common person gets to enjoy the greatest depression the world has ever seen during this transition.

    War is ready and on the table, to be greatly increased and thus totally take everyone’s mind off this economic collapse.

    Where will the dollar price be of Gold and Silver? May be yesterdays question, in a post dollar world.

    Should be interesting. The interview was!

  32. jane

    would my gold stocks be wiped out as well, since they are an electronic asset?

    • Greg

      Brokerages would go under. Think MF Global and Hypothecation.

  33. Cheri Fleming

    What is this guy smoking? He lost all credibility with me when he referred to a nonexistent Social Security lock box. What about people who don’t pay into social security? His position leaves more questions than answers. Additionally, if the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has been planning for the redistribution of money for FORTY years, what makes him think it will act now? Would love to see the comments of others.

  34. Saved4Glory


    Deuteronomy 15:1-2. “….the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed.”

    Every seven years a sabbatical Shemitah occurs on the 29th of Elul.  Shemitah means to let fall/release.  The last two sabbatical Shemitah’s nearly destroyed our stock market in 2001 and 2008 with a loss of 684 and 777 points respectively.  THE LARGEST point drops in history according to Time Magazine.  

    While the orthodox Jew was symbolically wiping away debt, God crippled our economy on those exact economic biblical days.  Since we have persisted in rebellion and apostacy, the next sabbatical Shemitah could very well be our last one.   

    29 Elul 2001 or 17 Sept 2001 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845553,00.html

    29 Elul 2008 or 29 Sept 2008 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845541,00.html

    29 Elul 2015 or 13 Sept 2015 –Next Sabbatical Shemitah

  35. Rick Vestas

    Greg, I read about Karen Hudes from one of your user’s comments. How is it
    that a World Bank whistle blower is not on every alternate news site out there?

    Listen to her interviews. She is incredible! How about getting her
    on your show?


  36. Cornucopia

    I have listeded to you for months, but have yet to understand your economists use of words. You said “You’re looking at a complete wipeout of all debt in all banks” If I owe money to the bank i.e. credit card debt or a mortgage, will that be wiped out too? Explain

    • Praxis

      The debts owed in fiat money will be worthless (eventually) to both the borrower and lender. What is zero to one, is zero to the other.

      So by de-facto, the debt is wiped and the bank loses that asset on its balance sheet. The lender and the network of finance behind it including their shareholders will be the ones hurt.

      But keep in mind, they’re already insolvent so its a moot point. (the big banks) An engine will run while low on oil but eventually it will seize. Something like that and hopefully (seemingly) people who have the access and drive to help everyone (citizens) have gotten the ball rolling fast enough by that time that the transition will not be totally devastating to the functioning of trade so everyone doesn’t starve to death or kill each other.

  37. david bryan

    I subscribed to Bix for two years, always the end was immediate, Ron Paul was to be president, Greenspan was a hero in wolfs clothing, 90 days to go, etc etc etc. The secret of a lie that is to be followed by a lie is that it always must be immediate like the good old check is in in the post followed by my secretary must have used the wrong address etc etc or for Bix it is subscribe now and prosper with the advent of the good guys plan to save the world. I was fooled once by his crap and then fooled again shame on me.

    The only thing I admire about this man is that he hit on a scam and I guess more than a couple of thousand suckers or perhaps more and he is laughing it to the bank. His advice of selling your gold and converting to silver could be very costly, also who has your title deeds in a meltdown? think that Shylock will not demand his pound of flesh? then you do not know bankers, there will not be a debt forgiveness unless the leopard changes his spots.

    Greg, I thought that you would have more sense than to promote a subscriber con. He now boasts that he has main stream recognition due to your interview and more people should research his work and subscribe because you guessed it – the end is near and the good guys will wipe out your debt so you will never have to worry about the big bad wolf ever again.

  38. Matt

    Greg –

    I avidly follow your website, and greatly appreciate your insights, and your featured interviews. You’ll never hear interviews with Jim Willie, Paul Craig Roberts, Karl Denninger, etc. on the MSM. But this one completely blew me away – I’ve considered for some time that the US was intentionally collapsing the financial system to weasel our way out of our decades long, debt-induced free ride. This interview connected a lot of dots… I will be carefully considering everything Bix Weir said. Thanks again.

  39. mkcoll

    That bail-in he speaks about is already in place via the Dodd,Franks financial reform act put in place a few years ago. Wonder why Barney and Chris got out of the game? They sold us down the river to the banksters!

  40. bob d

    I hope he’s right about SSI because old people have nothing to lose if they get mad.
    I think the FEMA plan was a go but they got cold feet,when some insiders found themselves on the FEMA list.
    Crazyville Peace.

  41. John Galt

    Interesting. I have read about debt jubilee before and it is mentioned in the Bible. I just can’t imagine it on such a large scale. Of course the people gaming the system would score a fantastic win while people who live within their means would lose dramatically, naturally I’m in the latter camp. As for B.O. and Fiendstien among others wanting me to have a weapon, well, I find that outrageous. I did like the interview and your guest. Very informative. Thanks Greg and Bix.

  42. M.Smith

    Greg, what a great interview, you asked the questions that many folks needed to hear. It’s on the line of what Jim Sinclair has been saying but gets more blunt. GOTS ‘get out of the system’ Jim has been telling all(CIGA’s) to do & do it yesterday! His timing is different from Mr. Weir’s, but really knows when we will all hear the music stop & there is no chairs to set upon! I can see it now as people start to slowly take cash out of the banks, large ones & small ones.

    What a way to start the week, but at least it will not be dull by any means!
    Welcome To Strange Days as far as the eye can see!
    Thanks you as always!

    • Greg

      I would listen to Mr. Sinclair.

  43. JJ

    Bix is probably a ok guy… but come ON!!! He is also a loon. His take on things is plain absurd… his “predictions” for the last year or more all turned out to be total horse apples… now… all money disappears with no recourse. All debt likewise disappears (including US Bonds and T-Bills held by foreign governments?) everyone is debt-free… but also flat broke and soon to be starving… all banks out of business… what happens to stocks, as they are debt based too? What happens to companies when all their accounts receivable are “disappeared”?? RUBBISH!!! Please do not compare this guy with any competent commentator like Sinclair or Willie or McGuire. I hope you pass on any more interviews with this guy, I couldn’t even get thru the 19 minute mark… what a nut-roll!

  44. windsblowing

    Every years since I got my first computer in 2002 and started getting “educated”, people have been saying “this is the year” that the crash hits. Well, it did hit in 2008, but everyone said that was nothing compared to the next crash, which was always “THIS year”.

  45. Bryan

    … and now for the rest of the story.

    … scroll down to the Foundation Stone photograph (which is located under the Islamic Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem), and corresponds to the 11 Western United States.

    … scroll a little farther down until the chart of the Foundation Stone, the old World Trade Center, and the 11 Western States shows up.

    … then go to page 1 of and begin reading about what’s really going on. What Bix Weir just communicated in this interview is barely the tip of the iceberg.

  46. Allan

    He never seemed to adequately address the emergence of Basel III banking, the Iraqi Dinar, the global reset, and how the return gold standard will make it possible to avoid a complete wipeout of all electronic assets. Besides, they would have already disarmed Americans before they would pull off such a stunt. If for nothing else, the fact we still have our weapons means that these people are not planning such an obliteration of wealth. If they wiped out all electronic wealth, all bank accounts, all retirements, then there would probably be a revolution. The elites do not want to spark such an event in America.

    • Angie

      That all depends on where the elites are Allan. This is a Global game not a sovereign one. we are heading the way of Detroit and worst. Just look at how people fight over big screens TVs and doorbusters on black Friday. How do you think people will respond when it is all about the last bit of food – It will not be pretty nor manageable by law enforcement.

      I am sorry to say that I do not see a peaceful resolution to this economic fall that will happen.

  47. OneDoesWonder

    An interesting perspective. It is not likely that anyone, except for those who make things happen, would have any ‘reset’ of ‘financial obligations’. Is it not a goal of the ‘controllers’ to create so much debt that when the system crashes, everyone will become a virtual slave? I believe the term may be indentured servitude? Why then would that control factor called debt simply disappear?

    Is the thought of ‘getting away with as much debt as possible’ being planted to further the controllers’ agenda? Not an accusation, as many people share ideas without realizing the full impact. A method of controlling perceptions and choices is to move ideas through often times unsuspecting disseminators (like the MSM?).

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the banks own debts. Their collapse would not mean that debt is eliminated. It simply means that debtors would have to deal with those who purchased their debt from the banks.

    Think about how the world works. There are power structures which, whether recognized or not, have all nations and peoples under management. This is done through financial, corporate, religious, and governmental institutions which serve the structures (knowingly or not). Social conditioning through education, beliefs, entertainment, etc. is also used, to create an illusion of normalcy. Hear me out before handing me that tin foil hat.

    These power structures are controlled by, well, the controllers, whose main goal is to control everything and everyone, globally. The various power structures are played off against each other to the benefit of the few controllers. This balance of power is called war. Whether military, religious, trade, currency, or civil in nature, war is simply the actions of the greedy (or needy) being controlled by the manipulations of the control freaks (the controllers). If people are casualties, so be it. Plain and simple.

    Knowing human nature and how the world currently operates, why would we think that an imbalance of power (as in world wide currency collapse) would result in anything less than the remaining power structures fighting for the control of resources that are left in the dust? Do you really think that martial law will not be implemented immediately following (that is, at the same time as) a financial collapse? And do you think that loss of perceived freedom, combined with the desperation of people facing life threatening situations, will not result in civil conflicts? Do you think that the debtors will be free of retribution and demands for resources by the creditors, whether at an individual or national level? Do you not think that could result in wars on a global scale?

    I don’t think that we should ignore these things in our understanding of the conflicts and chaos that we could face on a global scale. The controllers hope to make things desperate enough that all people will accept their solution of a New World Order (meaning they are given total control in a not so obvious way at first). There is a good chance that things will get out of hand, beyond their own capabilities of control. Then what?

    Then that is actually what the architect of all this madness really wants! The controllers are themselves being played! After they lose control, 25% to 33% of the world’s population is lost, and things are not getting better; then the saviour of the world will appear! Too bad this beast will pretend to be alien (ET) in nature, but in reality will be a local creation controlled by the spirit of Anti-Christ. Yeah, he’ll make things work again…for a time…at an eternal cost to all who accept that solution. But as soon as the world thinks there is finally peace and security, all hell (literally) will break loose and well, that’s another story.

    OK, I’ll take that tin foil hat now. I wanted to bake some potatoes anyway.

    • Greg

      Please comment again!!!

  48. windsblowing

    I got a little worried when he said Greenspan invented the plan to allocate money based how much each person has paid into Social security. That gets a little too close to government dictating and choosing who wins and loses. Plus, Greenspan is a criminal for what he has done.

  49. Angie

    Talking about contrived … when the markets tanked in 08 what would be the first position to liquidate – for many that would be gold. It was always thought that 20% of your portfolio should be in gold. Rather than taking a bath on a position or two many might be entitled to sell their gold. Could this have been a deliberate attempt to bleed the gold out…

  50. BLT

    As detroit goes, so goes the nation

  51. Margaret O

    Great interview. Although I don’t always agree, or even understand your guest’s opinions, I still find them fascinating to listen to.

    • Greg

      Margaret O,
      I do not understand or agree with them all either. I just try to put on good people with different views. Thank you for your comment.

  52. Robert Burke

    Nice to hear alternative ideas…many thanks

  53. John Anderson

    Bix weir has some very strange opinions. He’s been calling for an imminent collapse for some time and has been consistently wrong.
    No one can predict exact dates with accuracy.
    He also asserts that Bernanke and Greenspan are the good guys who want the system to collapse.
    As for the manipulation of gold and silver he is correct, but even a broken watch is right twice a day.

  54. Daryl

    Hi Greg,
    Another great topic for discussion. I am currently out of debt. All bills due are paid every month, and I rent a house. Only a the amount need to cover bills is kept in a bank account.

    The topic discussed suggests that renting a house is a bad idea. Your thoughts on this situation?


    • Greg

      I think renting is still good unless you get some kind of short sale property where your payment is way less than renting. If you are out of debt, I would stay out of debt for the foreseeable future.

  55. m.davis

    I hope he’s right. I got screwed over by Wells Fargo, although I blame myself for dealing with such gangsters in the first place. I never lived “beyond my means” and bought an old 1950 house for 80K. Now, my house, as well as the entire neighborhood’s housing prices have fallen 30%. I can sell my house, but only for about 60K. I called them up and got the run around and was told it was my fault for signing the papers!! Just floored. I said “maybe I’ll just walk away from it” and was told it would “hurt my credit”. I told them I don’t have anything to lose, which they don’t seem to like to hear.

    Luckily, I’m not extremely attached to material things, so I may just sell everything I can from the house. Fixtures, etc and then move. i’ve been paying on that house for 7 years. Technically, I should have the house about 3/4 paid….but then there’s the interest.

  56. David E.


    How would the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar play into Mr.Weir’s scenario, given that the U.S. govt. owns so much of it with the potential of reducing our overall debt obligations?

  57. Pedro

    What evidence does he have that Congress wants to “crash the system” besides a gut feeling? This guy discounts that politicians are voted into office. Politicians will continue to kick the can down the road to please the demanding people. You see it at every level of government. They will continue on the road to hell by paving good SHORT-term intentions.

  58. JRMFL

    Bix –

    As a diversion we might consider nominating, from among post-modern Monetary Scientists – a candidate of dubious honor – One Benjamin Bernanke. I find it near impossible to listen to the rats within our maze.

    It has been fashionable to disparage him for many year – lever puller he is. He will be a historic in every sense.

    There are many armchair observers (ourselves comes quickly to mind) who would have cheerfully enjoyed sacrificing Ben upon the graves of Monetary Alchemists now long forgotten. Said vagaries of such irrefutable reputation can be seen across space as well as time: for a long time after Alan Greenspan, one of the most regarded Maestro’s since John Law… a stature hardly lower than Bernanke’s – inheritance is a sordid mistress.

    A reputation, a public/political fame which in no way has worked against his illiterate reputation regarding sound finance/money even as it made his one of the best known blunders upon our earth, one in which there are no parallels and most certainly… no accidents – Ignorance and Malice or a combination thereof.

    One of the frequent explanations of our esteemed scientist’s “fatal attraction” has to do with the glamorous political interest of elitism and said subject matter: the excesses , the bailouts, the big-game Credit Creation, and the general flexing of monetary muscles a long way from the coteries of New York and London. Bernanke will be remembered for a spontaneous comment while in conversation with the Senate Banking Committee when he expressed nihilistic anxiety about the “monetary” nature of his prescribed subject matter.

    Some apparently thought this a good point – few objected that he couldn’t see well enough to spot the problem, and many argued that Ben could resolve his challenges which had then lead him up to it so that Ben could touch it and smell it and that is all he would need…

    Perhaps we, as observers of this circumstance need to look… well, perhaps… to ourselves.

    No – astonishingly, despite the endless reams of empirical data that demonstrate previous sojourn, this path will have minimal impact on demand for borrowing or reviving our economy. Regardless of how low rates go, people are simply dis-interested in borrowing money.

    Who gets punished by these policies, it will not be merely savers.

    A redistribution of wealth punishing the savers to the benefit of overleveraged irresponsible debtors can only persist as long as the parasitic can prey upon its host.

    Total bank deposits stand at $9 trillion, there remains substantial grist for the Monopoly Mill – which should carry our decrepit system a few months into its persistent path – one of self destruction.

    IMHO – this will be a clean sweep of the Board.

    So, in sum – fuck me – saw it coming a long time ago. The consequences of such “sight” are not measurable. It affects us all in varying ways, it alters us, we see our arrangement and its impact with a calculus which simply expands beyonds our imaginative bounds, whereby we re-double efforts and hope to persevere.

    Here is to Hope – however fleeting is may be.

  59. Kiran

    Dear Eric,
    No doubt the job you have taken up is a herculean & mammoth one to wake up the sleeping public, who will according to me sleep through & wake up only to realize that they are Cyprused.

    Keep up the great work going…!!!


  60. hardrock

    Watched this guy for years and he’s never been correct about anything. He made up literally a “fairytale” which he peddles to the unsuspecting and dumbed down populace.

    As a former pool hustler I can tell fairly quickly whether a guy has a game or if he is a “slicker” on the make. He’s like a “three card monty”trickster who is looking for someone dumber than he is.

    I’ve sent him numerous emails which refuted much of what he spews from his “spam” headquarters and he’s never answered a single one.

    Greg, you are much too valuable an asset to the truth seekers out here to tarnish your reputation with this type of guest. You handled it as well as it could be handled though, your professionalism shows.

    Best of luck..

    • Greg

      Bix is right about one thing and that a great calamity is coming and it involves the banks. According to the FDIC there is $10.8 trillion on deposit and only $33 billion in the Deposit Insurance Fund. I think some debts will be wiped out but not all. Bix provided us all with some thought provoking commentary. He did work with GATA for 13 years so he defiantly has some insight. Is he right? I don’t know, but what is happening now has never happened before in recorded history. I am trying to put on as many voices as possible to help give people perspective and direction in how to protect and cope this the coming calamity. Thank you very much for weighing in here!!

  61. The Concerned Citizen

    WOW! I tend to agree with Bix, but, I’m just soaking up all the counter argument informatin. Its all quite informative!

    You counter-argument people are true professionals even if I think you’re wrong.

    You know what they say: You don’t learn near as much from the people that agree with you as you do from the people that disagree with you.

    …soaking up the info. Thanks to all!

  62. Sifter

    I’ve followed Wix and his weird theories for a long time. His outlandish thesis just may prove correct, but this thing has so many moving parts to it that no one knows for sure how it will end. I’m having problems on the following points:
    1) Debt just goes away…poof. A few scratches, but we’ll get through it. I think it will be more of a boom than a poof. It’s one thing for Argentina to roll over, but you let the largest world’s economy based on the petrol dollar cough up blood and you’ve got a different kettle of fish on your hands.
    2) TPTB at the Boston Fed have been gaming this so that they can restore a functioning economic system based on S.S. tax payments. s.s. tax payments have already been used to fund general purposes of government and replaced with I.O.U’s. This might make sense as a purely academic exercise, but in real life I see problems.
    3) The geopolitical ramifications of a world wide U.S. debt default will almost GUARANTEE THERMONUCLEAR WAR.
    4) I can think of several other points but after we get to number 3) why go on? That’s it baby! No more banks, buyers and sellers using gold, silver, wampum or anything else.
    Yes, I think it’s that serious given the absolute mad men that are running things in Washington, London and Tel Aviv right now.

    • Marco

      agreed on the nukes getting tossed, our US dollar crashing 40 to 60% (or more) and the US Gov defaulting on our debt will equal some crazed weasel running another country to toss a nuke, more than likely directly at the USA, in an effort to never give us the opportunity to rise from the aftermath to be the king of the world again ……would not be surprised if a few countries tossed nukes at us, to be honest ….

  63. Richard

    Greg, I look forward to every interview, and learn a lot from most of them. But, Bix was way too far out for me.
    Keep up the good work.

  64. Rezo

    Hi Greg, thought provoking interview, however secured debt will never be forgiven , the lender retains the mortgauge documents so they own the property.They will evict you if you cannot pay and either retain the ownership or auction it off .Simple as that. Unsecured debt will be forgiven as there is no mechanism or assetts to recover it although your credit rating will be damaged if that matters.In previous financial calamaties people were evicted from their homes for non payment .Shares mean nothing if the company goes bankrupt .The nly safe haven is physical assetts that you own and hold. This senario is not without precedent only the scale of it.

  65. Marco

    so, I am planning to head into the storm fully debt free EXCEPT for our mortgage debt … it true that the banks can revalue all mortgage debt, in the sense of the US dollar crashes 40 to 60%, then then banks revalue mortgage debt 40 to 60%, and the mortgage debt holder is left with a piece property 40 to 60% less in value but also owing 40 to 60% more on their mortgage debt ?? ……can this happen ?? (legally) ……please explain in detail, thanks –


    Actually no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other visitors that they will
    assist, so here it takes place.

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