Consequences of Iran-Israel War

The latest headline proves, once again, Iran and Israel are moving closer to war.  The only question is when.  A headline, today, from said, “Tehran steps into US-Israel Iran row with threat of pre-emptive strike.”  The story goes on to say, “Deputy Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces Gen. Mohammad Hejazi issued a new threat Tuesday, Feb. 21: “Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran’s national interests… we will act without waiting for their actions.” debkafile’s military sources report that an Iranian preemptive attack on Israel has been in the air for some weeks. It became realistic because the dragging out of the argument between Washington and Jerusalem over a military strike and the two government’s indecisiveness gave Tehran a golden opportunity to further its interests.”  (Click here for the complete story.)  There are many reasons that are given to go to war.  Israel may attack first despite being told by Washington not to.  Now, we hear Iran may strike first.  It cut oil exports to the EU and didn’t wait for sanctions to kick in months from now.  There’s really nothing stopping them from striking first if they think they are going to be attacked, likewise for Israel.

There are just as many reasons not to go to war.  If one breaks out, the U.S. will certainly be involved and there will be dire consequences.  Nuclear weapons will probably be used, and oil prices will spike.  We will experience “recovery” killing price increases at the gas pump.  The world economy will be sunk to depths that will make the Great Depression look like a wading pool.  This will not leave most Americans in the insulated dreamland it has known in the last decade of war; this is not Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya.  China and Russia will, also, be involved this time, and the specter of World War III is a distinct possibility.

Today’s guest writer, Brandon Smith from, lays out the case for not going to war and highlights the dreadful consequences of a conflict with Iran. –Greg Hunter–


Let’s be honest, quite a few Americans love a good war, especially those Americans who have never had to bear witness to one first hand.  War is the ultimate tribally vicarious experience.  Anyone, even pudgy armchair generals with deep-seated feelings of personal inadequacy, can revel in the victories and actions of armies a half a world away as if they themselves stood on the front lines risking possible annihilation at the hands of dastardly cartoon-land “evil doers”.  They may have never done a single worthwhile thing in their lives, but at least they can bask in the perceived glory of their country’s military might.

This attitude of swollen ego through proxy is not limited to the “Right” side of the political spectrum as some might expect.  In fact, if the terrifyingly demented presidency of Barack Obama has proven anything so far, it is that elements of the “Left” are just as bloodthirsty as any NeoCon, and just as ready to blindly support the political supremacy of their “side” regardless of any broken promises, abandoned principles, or openly flaunted hypocrisies.  No matter how reasonable or irrefutable the arguments against a particular conflict are, there will ALWAYS be a certain percentage of the populace which ignores all logic and barrels forward to cheerlead violent actions which ultimately only benefit a select and elite few.

They do this, though they rarely openly admit it, because of unbalanced and irrational biases which drive their decision making processes.  In the case of the wars in the Middle East, the common public argument boils down to one of “self defense”.  “They are coming to get us!”  At least, that is what we are constantly told.  And I’m sure that some Americans out there truly believe this.  However, in their heart of hearts, others instead relish the idea of imposing their world views and philosophical systems upon others, even if it means using cluster bombs and predator drones.

Some people simply hate Muslims, for one reason or another.  Some people believe that war will bring with it economic gain.  Some are so afraid of what they do not comprehend that they only feel secure by attacking it.  Some believe that the U.S. citizenry is morally obligated to become entangled with governments like Israel’s, and support them without question as if they are infallible, though they are often just as corrupt as the governments we are directed to despise.  And yet others (for religious purposes), actually clamor for Middle Eastern destruction in the desperate hopes that their version of biblical prophecy will be vindicated.  Ultimately, most Americans who support continued destruction in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter, do so out a selfish need for private absolution and elevation, not out of a sincere sense of patriotism, and not because nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Iran present a legitimate danger to their safety.

These men and women have invested their very identities into the mechanizations of collective war.  They will not be swayed by evidence or honorable arguments.  Any criticism of the actions of the collective will immediately be treated as a personal attack on their individual character, causing their minds to shut down completely.

As far as Iran is concerned, I am not here to convince the war-drum pounding zombie hoards infesting the mentally impotent sewage soaked wastelands of my country that their rationalizations for raining laser guided death on the third world is a “reprehensible thing”.  Given their impenetrable biases, which I listed above, that would be a complete waste of time.

I could, indeed, point out how in 1953 the U.S. and Britain overthrew the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mossaddegh, because he refused to allow global corporate interests to exploit his country’s oil resources.  I could outline how the forced CIA installation of the Shah in Iran and the creation of his secret police led to the torture and murder of thousands of innocent people.  I could list similar covert activities over the past 100 years or so, in countries all over the world, which have created the now universal disdain the third world has for the U.S. government.  I could even show them a PBS special from 1987 which effectively details this history and warns of what is now going on today.  The kind of mainstream news coverage that networks currently blacklist honest and daring journalists for:


But what about all the nuclear talk being shoved down our throats lately?  Doesn’t this supersede any historical concerns between Iran and the U.S.?  What if the terrorists get their hands on “the bomb”?!

On this issue, I could easily interject the fact that countries supposedly hostile to the U.S., like North Korea, have long had nuclear capability, and certainly the means to use infiltrators to deliver that technology, yet, we haven’t sent the Western war machine after them.  I would also set the record straight by mentioning that the ONLY country in the world that has used a nuclear weapon against another is the U.S.  I could educate these people on the exposure of secret Israeli nuclear weapons programs since the 1970’s, and the fact that Israel even attempted to illegally sell this technology to Apartheid South Africa:

I could try to clear the air by reminding the uninformed that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently admitted that Iran has no nuclear weapons capability.  And, that this fact was repeated by an Iranian nuclear scientist, Sharhram Amiri, who defected to the U.S. in 2010 with the help of the CIA in the hopes that he could be used to disseminate propaganda on “secret” nuclear weapons programs in his former homeland.  Instead, he only reinforced the assertion that there are no such programs:

With the CIA made to look foolish, they have now decided that Amiri is “peripheral” to the Iranian nuke programs, and is no longer a solid source of information.  I could follow by pointing out how decidedly convenient this is…

What about all the similarities between the lies on WMD’s in Iraq and the rhetoric against Iran today?  What about the disinformation put forward by the IAEA and its cadre of foreign policy yes-men?

What about the fact that back when Iran was run by our own puppet leader, the Shah, an iron-fisted sociopathic dictator, we were more than happy that the country was developing nuclear power plants:

Sorry, but sharing this information with the warmongering percentage of our American culture is futile.  None of this data means a thing to them.  For these people, it’s not about facts; it’s about foggy perception, uncontrolled emotion, and false identity.  Understanding the situation only complicates their pursuit of the next collectivist high; that frenetic freak frenzy that takes hold of a population and makes them swarm like mad bees, or hungry piranha, poisoning and devouring everything in their path.

With this in mind, the only recourse I could possibly think of to wake them up to their philosophical and moral folly is to expose them to very real and debilitating consequences they will face in their everyday lives in the wake of expanded conflict on the part of the U.S.  That is to say, you may hate Iran, you may hate Iranians, you may despise Muslims, you may be driven by a childish need to live vicariously through the exploits of your government, or, you might actually believe the hype that Iran is in league with Al-Qaeda, that they really are after nuclear weapons in a diabolical plot to harm Americans, and you might truly believe that Israel is that “beacon of freedom” in the Middle East and that all its neighbors must be pacified for the sake of democracy.  At bottom, whatever your deepest intentions, and whatever you might think, this is irrelevant in the face of the inevitable costs of war.  If you support such a war, here is how it will affect you when it breaks loose:

Exploding Oil Prices

The U.S. has had a ban on Iranian oil imports since 1979, however, Iran still supplies about 5% of the global oil market.  This might not seem like much, but Iran also has the means and ability to shut down the Straight of Hormuz, which is one of two major petroleum choke points in the world.  Around 17 million barrels of oil per day are shipped through the Straight of Hormuz, or about 20% of all oil traded worldwide.

In 2006, during the last major Iran war scare, experts predicted gasoline price increases in excess of $10 a gallon if Iran was invaded.

(Click here for that story.)

This would devastate the U.S. economy, which is already hanging by a thin thread. Iran has announced this past weekend it will cease all oil shipments to Britain and France in protest of their support of economic sanctions. This alone is causing oil to spike today. A global energy crisis will financially decimate average citizens who will have their savings sapped by extreme price inflation, not just in gasoline, but in all goods that require the use of gasoline in their production and shipping. If you like this idea, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

War Domino Effect

In January of 2010, I wrote an article for Neithercorp Press entitled “Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War”. In that article, I warned about the dangers of an invasion of Iran or Syria being used to foment a global conflict, in order to create a crisis large enough to distract the masses away from the international banker created economic collapse:

In 2006, Iran signed a mutual defense pact with its neighbor, Syria, which is also in the middle of its own turmoil and possible NATO intervention.  Syria has strong ties to Russia, and even has a revamped Russian naval base off its coast, a fact rarely mentioned by the mainstream media.  Both Russia and China have made their opposition clear in the case of any Western intervention in Iran or Syria.  An invasion by the U.S. or Israel in these regions could quickly intensify into wider war between major world powers.  If you like the idea of a world war which could eventually put you and your family in direct danger, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

Dollar Collapse

Make no mistake, the U.S. dollar is already on the verge of collapse, along with the U.S. economy.  Bilateral trade agreements between BRIC and ASEAN nations are sprouting up everywhere the past couple months, and these agreements are specifically designed to end the dollar’s status as the world reserve currency.  An invasion of Iran will only expedite this process.  If global anger over the resulting chaos in oil prices doesn’t set off a dump of the dollar, the eventual debt obligation incurred through the overt costs of war will.  Ron Paul has always been right; it doesn’t matter whether you think invasion is a good idea or not.  We simply CANNOT afford it.  America is bankrupt.  Our only source of income is our ability to print money from thin air.  Each dollar created to fund new wars brings our currency ever closer to its demise.

This combination of disastrous economic policy and disastrous foreign policy has actually been used before.  Great Britain once sat in the position of economic authority that the U.S. sits in today, and the pound sterling was once considered the world reserve because it was required in the global trade of oil, just as the dollar is now.  However, British intrigues in the Middle East, and more specifically in Egypt, led them into extreme debt.  In the 1940’s and 1950’s, international banks led by America and France threatened to dump British Treasury Bonds in response to their efforts to dominate Middle Eastern oil.  Does any of this sound familiar?

This ultimately led to considerable devaluation of the pound.  In 1967, the death blow was finally delivered when Prime Minister Harold Wilson artificially reduced the British exchange rate by 14% overnight!  Meaning, in the span of a single evening, British citizens lost 14% of their buying power, and every product they went out to buy the next day would cost them 14% more.

It would be practical to mention that the move to destroy the British pound came right in time for the implementation of new programs for the construction of the European Union, and the Euro, the new supranational currency which would later become the standard.  The EU and the Euro never could have come about while the Pound Sterling remained a world reserve.  Just another amazing coincidence I’m sure, and one that couldn’t possibly have any relation to what is happening to the dollar in 2012, right…?

So, if you like the idea of losing 14% or more of your buying power overnight, and having that financial loss blamed on the tides of war, rather than on the corporate bankers who actually created the mess, then by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

Civil Liberties Destroyed

Do you like being able to walk down the street without having to suffer through constant pat-downs by low wage brain-dead cretins in blue gloves?  Does it make you feel good to know that if you are ever arrested, whether you are guilty or not, you are guaranteed by law to receive a fair trial by your peers in a civilian court with a lawyer by your side?  Do you enjoy taking a long drive with the family without facing check points, and predator drones constantly overhead every time you put the top down to feel the wind in your hair?  Don’t get too comfortable, folks!  These “luxuries” will soon be a thing of the past, especially as the U.S. financial situation deteriorates and war escalates.  Think of all the new threats the elites in our government can use to rationalize the usurpation of Constitutional protections when war with Iran, or Syria, or Russia, or China, or all of them at once, breaks out.

The term “terrorist” will take on a whole different dynamic.  Great national dangers often facilitate broader definitions of who is and who is not an “enemy of the state”.  Crisis gives wings to legislation like the NDAA.  In this kind of despotic environment, no one, even those citizens who support the state in nearly all of its enterprises, is safe.  Maybe you love the idea of war with Iran, but at the same time, hate the idea of having a TSA goon manhandling your wife or daughter in a train station or on a street corner.  Good luck with that.  Speaking out could be treated as disruption of national security measures.  Off to the gulag with you!

The “greater good” somehow always entails the dissolution of civil liberties for the common man.  Invariably, the establishment in power favors no one, save a highly connected few.  Being pro-establishment does not necessarily protect you from a government given free reign to do whatever it pleases in wartime.  In the end, everyone is fair game.

If this is the kind of America you want to live in, by all means, support an invasion of Iran.

If You Can’t See The Big Picture, You Can’t See A Thing…

The relentless drive for war in the Middle East is not about “spreading democracy”.  It is not about terrorism.  It is not about oil (at least for the most part).  It is not about Israel (at least, not the Israeli people).  It is not even about corporate profiteering by the Military Industrial Complex.  War in the Middle East is about changing the way our country and our world operates, culturally, socially, financially, and politically.  War opens doors to social re-engineering that could never be accomplished otherwise.  War creates fear, panic, rage, and allows dystopian fallacies to reign supreme.  War, unjust and dishonorable war, makes countries weak, and ripe for violent change.

Iran is not a threat to our way of life, and never has been.  But, war in Iran could easily upset the core of our entire country, and leave us wayward strangers in the land we were born.

While much of the rhetoric of preemptive invasion that America has been awash in these past few months is carefully crafted and disseminated by government entities whose intentions are far from honest, its effectiveness is mute without the helping hand of a thoughtless subsection of the public.  Every decade or so, a new generation of idiot spawn comes of age to be willingly sacrificed on the chopping block of globalist conquest.  This new decade brings with it the promise of not just more of the same, but perhaps the most costly tithe to the gods of war ever made in our country’s history.  This is not our fight.  This is a fight we are being conned into undertaking for the profit of others, and thus, it is a fight we cannot win.  Perhaps when the blind mobs of this nation feel the abrupt sting of their foolishness in their narrow day-to-day existence, they will finally understand…

You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]  (To go to Alt-Market.comclick here.)

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  1. jack alderson

    I figured you were a gutless POS and seems I was right!

    • Greg

      jack alderson,
      I think everyone should be under no illusion what what will bring and for that you think I am a POS? So, informing people of coming consequences is gutless? What is your view? Please show us all how many guts you have. By the way, I don’t appreciate you coming on this site and using some grade school language in the form of the letters POS. Really, that’s all you could come up with?

      • Scott Vines

        Thanks for posting this. You are spot on.

    • g. johnson

      greg, pretty cool that your very first response is from one of the exact types mentioned in the story above. and he couldn’t even connect those two simple dots.

      god bless out (so called) education system.

      • Greg

        g. johnson,
        You make me laugh and think. Thank you!!!

  2. Denarius

    “Brandon Smith from, lays out the case for not going to
    war and highlights the dreadful consequences of a conflict with Iran.”

    “Every decade or so, a new generation of idiot spawn comes of age
    to be willingly sacrificed on the chopping block of globalist conquest.”

    Awesome, Greg, simply awesome. Thanks.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and your support.

  3. jay

    This is one of the best, yet long, and full of facts.I want to be called guttless if it means i love life, liberty, and a longing to see my friends happy.I must question if jack alderson even studied this artical before posting. Its a shame so many refuse to think.
    As for me i greatly thank you for standing.

  4. Ken

    This is simply an awesome explication of whole War Ideology that has permeated our culture in recent years. I intend to send this out to everyone I know. Most of my chest thumping “conservative” friends think that “war banging” (as I call it) is a natural extension of conservative thought.

    I keep pointing out to them that, in fact, prior to the late 80’s and 90’s it was considered by most conservative thinkers to be tantamount to communistic to suggest that the U.S. should go around the world messing in everyone else’s business.

    Yes we opposed communism, and yes we looked after our national interest here and there, but meddling without a damned good cause was considered to be internationalism, tantamount to Trotskyism.

    Then the Trotskys (neo-cons) took over the conservative movement and magazines like National Review and the American Spectator took on a muscular pro-war attitude because it made their neo-con donors happy.

    Now the Republican idiot children think that it has always been this way, and we lonely pro-peace conservative/libertarians get shunted off to the hinterlands of the Web.

    Laser Guided Looige

  5. Jerry Frey

    Greg: In my view, the Iranian theocracy has a world view whereby they regard themselves as heirs of a lost Persian Empire. They desire hegemony over what they perceive to be their sphere of influence. In order to achieve this goal it would seem they are willing to create an apocalypse whereby their 12th prayer leader returns.

    NO ONE will win this coming war, even though these zealots have been asking for it since 1979.

  6. Steve

    “None of this data means a thing to them. For these people, it’s not about facts; it’s about foggy perception, uncontrolled emotion, and false identity. Understanding the situation only complicates their pursuit of the next collectivist high; that frenetic freak frenzy that takes hold of a population and makes them swarm like mad bees, or hungry piranha, poisoning and devouring everything in their path.”

    Seems to me, this is a description of the human race.

  7. Barry

    Greg, I’m going to check PC at the door and tell you what I really think (PC is a tool of Satan to stifle the spread of Gods’ word). I think what is happening in the World is simply this; the war between good and evil (a continuation of the war in Heaven that resulted in Satan and a third of the host of Heaven being cast down to Earth). I’ve been amazed at the venomous hate I’ve seen in so many people lately towards Israel (so much of it seems so irrational). Just listen to the speech of Ahmadinejad and the ruling Iatolas of Iran. They WILL destroy Israel in order to hasten the coming of their Messiah (the 12th Imam). They are swimming in oil and DO NOT NEED nuclear power for electricity. They only need nuclear power for weapons. They WILL NOT leave Israel in peace. Each of us come down to this Earth for a very short spell to test our faith in the Father and his plan. I don’t want to be found on the wrong side of this fight.

    • dshevlin

      Barry, good flip side of the argument. I’ve said it myself. Iran will nuke Israel if and when it can reach them. If Iran could reach the U.S. it would nuke us too. Because their war is a war on the west, not just Israel. We are the west, Israel represents U.S. I also agree with Greg that America can not afford another war especially one of this magnitude….. It makes me think of that mini series that was on t.v. just a few short years ago, Jericho. Do you remember that? It was very similar to our current situation, a presidential election year, news talks about Iran getting nukes, low presidential approval ratings. Then one day in Sept. prior to Nov. elections, U.S. gets hit by nukes. Many nukes. The people were lead to believe it was Iran that nuked us, however it was just a cover up to make it look as if Iran was the one who nuked us. It turned out to be an elite group inside the U.S. who nuked the States. Creepy familiar….don’t ya think?

  8. Jon

    Isn’t it ironic that the first comment would come from the one of the very Ignoramus’s that you so eloquently described in your piece. USA! USA! USA!
    It gives me no comfort to know that I will be able to say “I told you so…” to a lot of folks. I have given up on trying to warn folks. I simply go about my business and keep learning to garden and fend for my family. This is going to be a Depression for the text books.

  9. FredInChina

    This is a great article Mr Brandon Smith, thank you & thanks to Mr Hunter too for bringing it to us all. 🙂


  10. Christopher

    Beautiful Greg and thank you in advanced for letting me sound off a bit on your platform.

    Iran refusing weapons inspectors is like Deja Vu or UN Security Council Resolution 1441, 2.0. The Persians see the ‘words of the prophets’ written in the front page news and the endless fear mongering porn. The Technocratic Keynesians and their Itchy Trigger Fingers need a Safety Lock. That or according to the most well-known Keynesian Economist Paul Krugman says, ‘fake an alien attack to build up weapons (stimulate economy) , and unify the world, like they did in the twilight zone’

    I don’t believe Iran has a nuke or an ICBM for that matter. Certainly don’t have an Airforce. Furthermore it’s preposterous to believe Iran would bomb their own people in Israel @ Al Aqsa Mosque. However, Iran has adequate navy equipped with stealth boats, smart torpedoes (you previously pointed out) and other naval ballistics capable of destroying a destroyer. These are quite sophisticated compared to something such as a Scud Missle is like the difference between an iPad 2 and a Antikythera mechanism.

    I know several Persian people, one friend in particular i met when I first moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. He is a good man who is a duel citizen and loves America. But he can bring his dollars there and get more bang for the buck and he recently went back to his homeland. I fear for him. I fear for the Persian Jews and Christians who will suffer and potential be run out of the country like happened in Iraq. I fear for our Service Men and Woman and the potential escalation that will lead to a draft. Maybe worst of all I fear the future blowback.


  11. Steve

    “Every decade or so, a new generation of idiot spawn comes of age
    to be willingly sacrificed on the chopping block of globalist conquest.”

    I guess this refers to our brave young men and women who serve our country. Shameful anyone would so characterize them. My father served during the Cold War, I served during Vietnam and my son is a serving combat arms soldier today. People like my family preserve your right to utter this nonsense.

    • Greg

      I think Smith is talking about our leaders not the men and women in uniform. God bless our military people at home and especially abroad.

  12. josh

    thanks for the great bill moyer’s clip. nothing like that would run on the petroleum broadcasting company these days…

  13. Tim B.

    Very well stated Greg. I would be interested to see what our chest pounding Presidential canidates and President would have to say about it. Unfourtnatley they are probably too busy pondering the consequences of “real issues” like deciding whether or not American Business’ should be required to pass out condoms with every pay stub.

  14. Navy91


    Don’t let Jack Alderson’s rant get your goat! He is exactly the type of person Brandon Smith was talking about in his article. Jack isn’t interested in hearing about any consequences to an attack on Iran, he just wants to hear about us “kicking butt”.

    I don’t know what the answer to the situation is. Personally, I think we’re in a no win situation. If we attack there will be very serious and immediate repurcutions. If we don’t attack and Iran does develop a nuclear weapon, then what? I am truly afraid that Ahkmadenijad is crazy enough to actually use them on Isreal or the US.

    Lord, bless us all. Whichever way this all turns out.


  15. Barry

    Feb. 22, 2012 TEHRAN: Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. “We are not after an atomic weapon. We want to break the supremacy (of the world powers) that relies on nuclear weapons. God willing, the nation will reach this goal.” All the MSM is reporting is the first part: “We are not after an atomic weapon.” Does anyone see the obvious contradiction of the two parts of the statement? How do you “break the supremacy” without developing your own nuclear weapons?

    • Greg

      Iran can be and is dangerous and they have super power backers. I think right or wrong people have consider the consequences and plan for them.

      • dshevlin

        Greg, How do you plan for them? Seriously. If the currency collapses, how do you plan for that? Have a 45 day stock pile of food & water…then what? Money is no good? What about wealthy people. All their money goes bye bye too? So no money, no work, no pay, no banks? What happens to all homeowners with mortgages if they no longer have money in the bank, no longer have an income. Hyper inflation, devaluation. What the heck are we supposed to prepare for? You all write all this stuff like it’s a script for a new movie. The monster is coming, but no one tells you how to escape, get through it, or what to prepare for. It is making me crazy with worry. I’d appreciate an elaboration of events after the main event actually occurs according to all the predictions. Thanks much! Dawn

        • Greg

          I do not have all the answers but 45 day supply of food is a great start. Many folks here have talked about buying gold and silver coins that will be able to store wealth and also be used in transactions. I think the Government will be forced into some sort of gold standard, but this will be very painful to the 99%. The 1% has gold and silver and I am not talking about ETF’s. What is going on now has never happened on this scale before. This is huge and the very definition of money on every continent is going to be questioned and revamped. The rich are buying physical gold and silver and I would follow their lead. By the way, you are way ahead of the pack. You have already put yourself in a better position. There is also still time to prepare so don’t give up.

  16. Kenny

    Pretty much sums it up. I keep asking myself, why? The answer always seems to come back to greedy, power grabbing a-holes that can’t see the forest for the trees. Greg, thank you again for your website. You are doing a great service to those of us who see the reality of what’s going on in the world.

    Oh yeah, Jack Alderson, you sound like one of those “Pudgy armchair generals”, open you eyes man and take off the blinders.

    Thanks again Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Kenny.

  17. slingshot

    “No one hates War more than the soldier”.

    I had to reread the article to find out exactly what would warrent such a comment. The guest writer did lay it out for all to read but found nothing to be “Gutless” or to be called “Piece of Skat”. Only that the article was meant to be informative by both writers. Let us be frank and understand that “We” are not calling the shots and the decision to make war is well above our paygrade. Once the rifle trigger is pulled, you can not recall the bullet.
    From the birth of our nation we have been engage in war with someone. The Indian, Mexico, Canada, Spain,Germany and North Korea.
    Remember the Maine. Remember the Alamo. Remember Pearl Harbor were the slogans of the day. We were spared the desolation of war because we were of two large bordering oceans and friendly neighbors to the north and south. The opponents war machine was incapable to deliver
    the raining down, mass destruction on our homeland.
    Today that is a different story. The German creations of the V1 and V2 are the grandfathers of the cruise missle and the ICBM only the payloads have changed and the delivery of these vehicles takes minutes and not hours. One must see the effects of biological and chemical warfare to know fear as the Mustard and Chlorine gas of WW1, the 1918 influenza out break or as far back as the almost annialation of the Indians by smallpox, a byproduct of “Manifest Destiny”. Add to all this the effects of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. With the removal of the draft to an all volunteer miltary, we are less prepared for any type of attack. Have many of us have relyed on our military training to get us out of a jam?
    I have talked to surviors of Pearl Harbor, USS Indianapolus, Khe San. A German infantryman, B24 bombadier, infantryman from Inchon, Sailor from the USS Forrestal fire and an armorer from the American Volunteer Group. One man went through WW2, Korea and Vietnam. God Bless him. They Know War.
    I wanted to provide some insight, using history. A subject they do not teach enough of in our schools.

    “Walk softly, but carry a big stick’.
    Theodore Roosevelt

    • Greg

      Great stuff Sling.

  18. Nathan

    Greg ,

    Jack Alderson is EXACTLY the person you just described in the above article . He doesn’t take the time to think about anything you just wrote . “If you aint with us yer against us” “Just Nuke em” , I guarantee you thats his mentality . This is why Ron Paul got booed in South Carolina and why have lost faith in 50% of America . I laughed out loud when i read his comment but at the same time want to cry . Keep up the good work you horrible truth telling POS 🙂 ….

  19. TJ Jackson

    This article sums up the situation very well. I have been preaching and practicing preparation for many years. When (not if) these people plunge the US into chaos, the results will be far worse than disastrous. The sheeple have no idea what they are being led to believe and it’s consequences. The future belongs to the prepared and I hope that I have prepared enough.
    This is one of my favorite sites. Blessings upon you and your’s.

    • Greg

      Blessings to you TJ Jackson

  20. Hector

    Thank you Greg, this was very informative.

    • Greg

      Thank you Hector for the feedback.

  21. Bruce Stebbing

    I am in Asia for 2 months. I’m in Thailand now, where the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar and other currencies are worth more than the American dollar, so it is obvious to everyone else in the world that America is failing fast. If there was another war, America and it’s allies would lose, because we are so weak economically. Look at the failure in Iraq and Afgan wars.

    Germany never paid Greece and other European countries the war reparations it owes for both world wars. If Germany was forced by the IMF and the world court to pay the war reparations for the first and second world wars, then there would be no Greek debt crisis. Germany and Japan got away with murder, and destruction and never had to pay anything. In fact, we rebuilt their countries for them and now they are stronger than America.

    • Greg

      Bruce Stebbing,
      Good stuff Bruce. This is really good information and real time feedback on the dollar with a global view. Love the reporting man!!! Thank you.

      • Dave Walters


        You might enjoy reading Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahmad sp?


        Brandon well equates a new war as the smokescreen to cover the dollar collapse already baked in the cake by the banksters and the ISDA. Its a shame Ron Paul did not get elected last time around. I fear the worst under our current administration. Thank you for providing the excellent articles.

  22. droidX-G

    I go to a Quaker College where I read, “War is not the answer”…it really depends on what the question is. Sometimes, war is the only answer. Does any today believe we could have not gone to war in 1940’s? If we had stayed out and allowed Hitler to consolidate and rebuild we would have been the first country with a nuke dropped on it.
    The Jews remember going like sheep to the slaughter as they misjudged the evil of their fellow man.
    Do you really believe that the Iranians are not trying to build nukes?
    The Jews believe the Iranian when they say they want to be destroy Israel. If you don’t understand the Iranian leadership want to destroy Israel, I suggest drug rehab.
    Truth is we wasted lives and money in Iraq and Afganistan. You can’t fight a war with PC rules. We went into Iraq without a plan to implement when we won. We tried to talk a little too much. We were greeted as liberators but we didn’t keep the lights on and the services. We made the people say, “well, Saddam hurt my cousin but my children were feed and it was safe. And I didn’t even like my cousin ”
    We work with corrupt people and even pay the Taliban not to attack.
    Then we announce the date of our surrender…I mean exit.

    Another war, we can not afford financial. But can we afford to allow a crazy group to acquire nukes. Do you think one would not be used on the Great Satan? Forget ICBMs, think fishing boat in new York harbor or San fran.
    CIA missed collapse of Russia…think they can predict how close Iran is to getting a nuke?

  23. droidX-G

    Neville Chamberlain would be proud

    • Greg

      We should be under no flag waving illusion and everyone should be ready. Nobody in the MSM is warning of any S—storm on the horizon.

  24. Ben Davis

    As for WAR! I’ve been in that scenario in Vietnam. The US has been at ‘war’ every single day since ‘Nam ended March 28, 1975! You just don’t realize it when the MSM is told to broadcast lies, by the corporate factions that own them, who are told what to report, by the politicians running our country! Can you imagine what our leaders would do if Americans discovered the TRUTH?

    Are we so blind to NOT SEE why over 1,000,000 online visitors have read the article by David Wilcock, “FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the greatest cover-up of all time” and still have yet to see that information in the MSM?

    Now you know why a WAR is on the horizon! And why the US will get involved!

    If you don’t mind Greg, once again I urge EVERYONE to read it at:

    It is my opinion that once 2,000,000 visitors read that article… then you will see the ones behind it all… RUN LIKE HELL… and HIDE!

  25. jay

    What if we go to war with Iran/russa/china. It would destroy the euro,and the dollar, but Iran could rebuild in a few short yrs to be the worlds super power. They have the oil. they will not be the big loser,because they dont have as much to lose. however there gains will be great.

  26. Fred

    Big fan, love ur work. Plz keep fighting the good fight.

    Send a very similar post to Celente’s trends site and posted recently on another article as well because there is something I’m seeing that’s being surprisingly underplayed, even in the Alternative News Media. While I agree with pretty much every word you say (and am also a fan of Celente, AJ, SGTReport, Max Keiser, et al-of course taking some of the more extreme with several grains of salt, worn down by histrionics), I’m seeing a disturbing trend of not calling a spade a spade-at least from my viewpoint.

    On one of your recent interviews, although you mentioned the disparity between the amount of nuclear warheads possessed by Israel, estimated at between 300-400 vs the questionable potential of one by Iran (disputed by Ron Paul, Panetta, and higher ups in the military) I’m seeing a suprising lack of either willingness to call it like it is or an unbelievable inability to connect the dots to see that much of the impetus for war with Iran is coming from Israel.
    Iran is maintaining REMARKABLE restraint considering what has been done to them today and thru the years by us in this country. And while I’m not sure I buy all of the Zionist leaning theories on the web, I find it concerning to see a lack of comment within Alternative News in general pointing at least an accusatory finger at Israel.

    Am I off base here? I hope so, but from what I see there hasn’t been a willingness to bring this concern of mine to too much of a light, unless it’s Pat Buchanan…

    Understand that I am a loyal reader and believer in you and your work and this is not meant to put you or anyone in a defensive posture in any way. And having several dear friends of the Hebrew persuasion I cant buy the typical web argument that its all being engineered by the ‘evil Jooooooz’…


    • Greg

      I try not to point the finger at anyone. What I try to do is tell people what is going to happen, and what to look out for no matter who is at fault. Plenty of blame to go around on all sides. That said, we are headed for war no matter who is to blame, and the consequences will be devastating for most people at a $700 trillion debt ball of derivatives will surely explode, wiping out much wealth for most on the planet. War in the M E will be like lighting a match in a room full of natural gas. Thank you for your comment and support.

  27. Anon

    Great article. There is another factor you guys may not know about that is very important.

    What this means is we are screwed regardless of what happens.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and link.

  28. dude from germany

    very cool, article esp the old youtube features.

    great stuff!

    how can we disable the ticking middle-east bomb?

    this might also be interesting to you: Was Arafat assasinated with Polonium by Israel/US-Intelligence, just as Putin did some years later?

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